Saturday, January 04, 2014

Many Agencies but Economy is Moribund

A Kadir Jasin

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THE Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) continues to sit at various locations and with different groups of members throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The economy was a big issue. The members were unanimous that the opposition parties do not have to work very hard to garner the support of the Malays. Being poor, they suffer the most when prices of goods and services increase. The RM500 BR1M is chicken feed compared to the quantum of price rises. In the last May 5 GE, these were the people who saved the BN from defeat.

Apart from highlighting their successes in Penang and Selangor since taking over the rich states in 2008, they need only to continue to accuse the BN of corruption, abuse of power and extravagance to gain support.

He pointed out the example of a recent statement by the new Selangor DAP chairman, Gobind Singh Deo. The Puchong MP was confident that more Malays, who are opposed to corruption, will join the DAP or vote for the Pakatan Rakyat, which was the subject of my most recent posting.

The KKA noted that the deafening silence of the Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak on corruption is not the only the issue that is disheartening and driving away the Malays from Umno and the BN. The KKA acknowledge some talks by the new leadership of the MCA about fighting corruption.

If the Chinese and Indians are unhappy with the so-called pro-Bumiputera policies, the Malays are unhappy with the lack of seriousness in implementation of these policies.

Judging from past programmes, the KKA members doubt that anything significant will come out of the Pemerkasaan Ekonomi Bumiputera (Bumiputera Economic Empowerment) announced by Mohd Najib on last Sept 14. Of course in Mohd Najib’s style of doing things, there will be commission and consultants appointed to handle it.

They noted that the government had created so many agencies in the past to help Bumiputeras. Some we have been forgotten. Yet government wants to create more. This is how yearly budget for salaries goes up.


A KKA kaki lawak, interjected: “Hopefully UMNO does not think that these agencies belong to it since Najib recently said that UMNO is a party for rakyat.”

Government employs 1.5 million civil servants and pay them bonuses. Another 10,000 will be recruited this year. Then it created Pemandu and spent billions of ringgit engaging consultants because civil servants are not good enough. No wonder civil servants are upset and some are secretly sabotaging the government.

New Measurement for  Success

TO many Umno leaders, the measure of the party’s success is big cars, big houses and expensive watches whose names they can’t even mention.

During the time that my late father was a delegate to the Umno general assembly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, outstation delegates stayed at friends house, cheap hotels around Batu Road or at public halls. They travelled by train and stage buses. Now they came by air and expensive cars, and stayed at 5-star hotels.

They do not bother about corruption, wastage of public funds and extravagance. They pay lips service to the suffering of the people due to high cost of living, unaffordable housing and a slew of price increases. The houses are getting smaller, the buildings are getting taller and the density higher.

Not every Umno leader is doing well. But most are. The ones who follow the straight and narrow are viewed with disdain - little wonder that the rakyat feel that Umno leaders are doing well financially and are out of touch with the reality of the rakyat’s everyday life.

Because of their extravagant lifestyle, these leaders do not question why government had to spend RM180 million on executive jets. They see nothing wrong to it. They don’t even care that the PM was away from the country during the New Year two years in a row.

Do they know that even the Queen (of England) uses train and charters planes when travelling overseas? They should because many like the PM studied in the UK. Air transport for the British Royal Family and the government of the UK is provided, depending on circumstances and availability, by a variety of military and civilian operators. But most often they fly using scheduled commercial flights, normally the British Airways.

Here in Malaysia, people with no formal appointments and duties are known to use government on pretext of serving the country. But when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim leased a private jet to travel to East Malaysia, the BN-controlled mainstream media condemned him as extravagant.

But the KKA noted that one or two young ministers were known to have voluntarily “downgraded” themselves from first to business class on long flights to save cost. Kudos.

We pride ourselves with being an example to the developing countries. Our development model is copied by them. But we should be truthful by also telling them that our national debt has risen by over 100% since Mohd Najib took over from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi less than 5 years ago.

The kaki lawak interjected: “But Pak Lah was sleeping and Najib is not. Pak Lah is now the advisor to MAS. It is not a big thing if he is not aware of losses MAS is making. Of course the Umno General Assembly made no mention of MAS. They were not bothered to complain about loss-making GLCs. They are only interested in profitable ones.”

President Defending the Wrong Things

 THE President defended his wife in the assembly? Delegates were shocked. The journalists who had to praise Mohd Najib were even more shocked.

We are not complaining about the good things his wife does. Many wives of VIPs, including the royal families, are also doing good things.

We are complaining about the wrong things he is doing in accommodating the wishes of his wife. We are asking the government to be accountable. The PM should answer these allegations. The way he bragged about his wife in public, he was in fact saying that his wife has more influence than him with foreign leaders.

Umno's way of getting support is to give cash. The joker butted in: “Some people gave private jets to keep the wives happy.” Mohd Najib’s way of making people happy is giving money. First there was the BR1M. Now cash is given to flood victims.  Yes we can give cash but when the rakyat’s houses are inundated, they need food, water, blankets etc. Use the money to buy things victims need and to repair their houses later.

The KKA doubts that the condemnation against the Selangor PR government for raising State Assembly Member’s salaries and against Lim Guan Eng for buying a new Mercedes was serious and would last long. Ministers and MPs too are longing for salary increases and new cars.

To keep the people happy, another BR1M and announced austerity drive that is too little and too late. The KKA noted that the poor small time Bumiputera suppliers, contractors and caterers who will bear the brunt of the spending cuts.

He mentioned Mandela at the Umno Assembly, but he did not attend his funeral. Obama, Clinton, Bush and other world leaders went. Does he not know how close South Africa is to Malaysia? Fortunately he had the sense to designate Tun Dr Mahathir as his personal representative.

What did the Umno Assembly achieve? To the outsiders, they see the same old things – praises and standing ovations for the el presidente. But some Wanita Umno delegates noticed that the President’s future son-in-law was seated in the area meant exclusively for women and they didn’t like it. 

The only thing that was out of the ordinary was the open acknowledgement that Umno could not expect help from MCA and Gerakan. Chinese voters will take the money and the goodies, but will not give the votes to the BN.

KKA’s Unplanned Sessions

MY apologies to those who have requested to join the KKA, but have not been invited to one yet. Several had, however, joined me in unplanned sessions when they saw me at the coffee shops. All are welcome to join if my face is not buried in the computer.

One delegate noted that the rakyat might have been spared the burden of higher toll rates had Mohd Najib agreed to a private sector proposal some years ago to buy all toll highways in the country for RM50 billion and not raising rates ever again. The proposal was submitted soon after Mohd Najib became PM in 2009, but was not entertained.

Another “bidan terjun” delegate (from Kelantan) asked me when would the Malays be united. I said maybe when the DAP rule the country.


XERONINE said...

datuk ... that was a thunderbolt of a last sentence ... bidikan tepat seumpama panah Sayyidina Sa'ad Ibn Abi Waqqas ...

May Allah SWT forbid the "when" ... and that our people understand that "if" is too late ...


Anonymous said...

Yes Kadir Jasin,
I seriously felt that all the sultans should take heed of what Queen Elizabeth II doing. She paid income tax. Open Buckingham Palace to generate revenues for the repair. This is the kinda monarchy we want & respect

Anak Bentan said...

Dato, I like your expresso :`When would the Malay be united.May be when DAP rule the country`. It will be partly so comes GE14 and completely after GE15 and thanks to Ah Jibb Gor (GE14) and full thank to UMNO (GE15) and meanwhile UMNO is betul betul tong kosong.....UNLESS kaum Melayu cepat sedar dan buang Najib dan semua millionaires UMNO ministers and cronies before it is too late.

Cahaya Al Majid said...

Salam. Alhamdullilah Dato'. Terbaik semoga Najib dan Kronis cepat-cepat terjun tingkap kerana takut dihambat isteri. Bukan takut bini, tetapi bini tak takut kat dia.

Cahaya Al Majid said...

Salam. Alhamdullilah Dato'. Terbaik semoga Najib dan Kronis cepat-cepat terjun tingkap kerana takut dihambat isteri. Bukan takut bini, tetapi bini tak takut kat dia.

merlimau9 said...

Lagi satu tulisan murahan dari Dato.
Ini semua telah diketahui ramai oleh rakyat Malaysia.
Kita skrg berada dlm era mengurus kejayaan dan kekayaan Malaysia.
Kejayaan dan kekayaan ini perlu ditangani dgn memberi idea idea dan bukan dgn dok mencari salah org.
Sebagai contoh Tun memberi idea kpd akitek utk tangani masalah banjir.
Sebagai wartawan yg berpengalaman curah idea idea kpd anak Melayu Malaysia supaya menjadi wartawan ekonomi.. teknologi.. sains.. kewangan dan pelbagai lagi yg berkaitan kewartawan.
Boleh ke Dato terbit majalah spt the econimist..fortune..time.. dan byk lagi jurnal jurnal yg bertaraf internasional.
Kumpulkan wartawan kenalan Dato...
ini lebih bermanafaat.
Sekali lagi sy nak pesan..politik murahan ini bersepah sepah diluar sana.
Sy cabar Dato terbit satu majalah yg bertaraf antarabangsa..Dato buktikan yg Dato bertaraf internasional.
Sy suka THE EDGE.

Esperalzi said...

I like your views though I may not agree with all of them. I hope you continue to write. I never miss the opportunity to read your views.

msh said...

Salam Dato..
Dlm Paper Utusan 4hb Jan 2014 - PMO buat statement menangkis sedikit sebanyak komen/tulisan dari 'Blog' Dato agaknya...tentang kewajaran dan cara pengunaan jet olih Gomen. kira mereka ambil berat juga tentang 'Scribe'.
Jawab? sudah tentu. Orng kata...'just a diplomatic way of answer'tapi tetap defensif.
Apa pun.. kira jawablahtu. Harap2 isu selesailah..huh

Berbalik pd Topik diatas...
sy nak kongsi dan tambah sedikit sahaja..Agensi banyak..memang.. dan ada yg 'moribund" tapi Ekonomi sy kira tidak lesu atau slow. Perjalanan Ekonomi Negara tetap rancak kerana sudah dibajetkan dan menunggu untuk dibelanja..dan ada pun yg telah dibelanjakan..cuma yg 'moribund'.adalah Syarikat2 Bumiputra dan kontraktor2 Melayu yg sederhana dan kecil dan yg bukan kroni.

PETANI said...

Looes 74,

Who really care what you think when it comes from a typical DAP Red Been Army like you.. What relevance is there to the topic that you must quote our Sultan?.The more reasons why all Malays must not support DAP.DAP tidak hormat Raja Raja bila ahli DAP sprt looes 74 biadab dan kurang ajar.Jalan menuju ke negara Republik.Mwnyesal aku undi PR.

Din Kalut said...

Din Melaka akan bersemangat balun ketua-ketua UMNO.
Yang disanjung hanyalah penaja poketnya ketua-ketua Dap dan sekutunya Paspkr.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Teruskan teguran yg baik , ikhlas dan bernas.

Persetan pd yg tak de hujah balas tapi nak cabar itu ini.

Sepatutnya pengemar the edge lebih hebat dan faham ekonomi Melayu di mana.

Man said...

Hai Datuk,
Bila nak komen pasal kes rampasan Bible oleh JAIS tu? DAP dah minta mansuh enakmen 1988 yang menghalang penggunaan Allah dalam agama lain. Speaker DUN orang Kristian.

PAS dah jadi kerajaan yang dapat 2/3 majoriti. Apakah langkah PAS sebagai kerajaan seterusnya? Maklumlah, kerusi sama banyak dengan DAP.

Asyik komen pasal Najib saja. Takkan parti PAS sokongan Datuk tu maksum sangat?

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk,

With all due respect, perhaps the next KKA can be dedicated to a discussion on what needs to be done. Seems like it is now just a complain session.

Urang Awak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Urang Awak said...

Salam Dato

I have watched and read all kinds of comments being posted in your blog lately. As expected, this time around you will receive ton of nasty and annoyed comments from those people who are having irreconcilable differences with you. Dato, just be prepared ….

Now do you clearly see their true colour and ever notice the difference? I mean the difference between UMNO die-hard supporters and the group of people (Seeking Change) like myself and others you may know.

Dato, we only whacked our LEADERS and not the WRITER but these morons whacked you “kaw kaw” if you write something that they disagree with and in reality this is UMNO legacy.

Dato, UMNO and its people could not change and don’t expect UMNO now to change over the next few years. I absolutely agree with you when you said “Malay may change when the DAP rule the country".


din klang said...

Salam Dato

Bercerita tentang pelbagai isu pembaziran PM yang semakin hangat serta korum KKA Dato yg semakin mendapat sambutan.

Saya mencadangkan agar blog Dato ini serta beberapa lagi non partisan blogger fokus untuk bergabung untuk mengumpul seberapa banyak bukti yang lebih jelas TENTANG PEMBAZIRAN yang sedang berlaku atas tanggung jawab PMO.

Ambil contoh isu jet executive di mana pihak Bigdog dan Rocky Bru telah mengumpul pelbagai maklumat yang konkrit dan sahih dan kemudiannya Dato pula dengan pelbagai network yang ada cuba mendapatkan pengesahan dari pihak yang berkenaan bagi kita lihat bagaimana response yang mereka berikan

Dan ini pula di "pick up" pula oleh blogger dan online news yang lain sebagai tekanan kepada PMO dan para penasihat PM agar jangan bermain main dengan isu yang melibatkan rakyat.

Saya merasakan sudah tiba masa kita = blogger dan pengikut, berhenti mengutarakan pelbagai isu hampir setiap hari tanpa bukti yang konkrit yang boleh memberi tekanan kepada mereka untuk memberi penjelasan yang transparent.

Kita harus fokus bila berbincang mengenai pembaziran yang sedang berlaku kerana ia lebih jelas untuk di buktikan dan di bincangkan berbanding dengan isu rasuah kerana ia agak complicated.

Memang pengundi telah memberi mandat kepada PM dan BN untuk memerintah negara tetapi tidak semestinya mereka boleh berbuat keputusan sesuatu tanpa rasional yang lebih kepada mementingkan hak rakyat.

Dan kita sebagai rakyat non partisan pula WAJIB menubuhkan sendiri AGEN PEMANTAU ke atas isu isu besar yang melibatkan PMO dan kita harus ingat untuk tidak terlalu berharap kepada pembangkang untuk memanaskan isu kerana mereka sama seperti pemerintah memmpunyai kepentingan agenda peribadi mahupun parti seperti din melaka.

my 2 sen tot

pengundi Putrajaya. said...

Apa lah nak jadi kepada mereka ini sampai dah terlalu bengap untuk berfir mana yang perlu dan mana yang tidak perlu....

Dan najib seperti biasa buat tak tahu sahaja.

Berita penuh :

Pengumuman Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat bahawa Perbadanan Putrajaya akan membenarkan pembukaan Hard Rock Cafe di bandar pentadbiran negara sangat mengejutkan dan menimbulkan tanda tanya sama ada pusat pentadbiran yang direka berasaskan seni bina Islam akan dicemari dengan pelbagai imej-imej perniagaan arak dan hiburan.

Tiada siapa menafikan keperluan kelab-kelab berjenama besar seperti Hard Rock Cafe kepada industri pelancongan, namun banyak lagi bandaraya di Malaysia ini boleh dibina bukannya Putrajaya.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad membina Putrajaya dengan hasrat mahu menjadikan ia sebuah lambang pentadbiran Islam di rantau ini. Malangnya, dengan pengumuman seperti ini, ia bukan sahaja akan merosakkan imej Putrajaya, malah menggagalkan hasrat menjadikan Putrajaya satu bandar pentadbiran Islam yang dikagumi.

Kita berharap campur tangan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan agar menghalang ikon-ikon arak dan hiburan keterlaluan seperti ini bertapak di Putrajaya.

Urang Awak said...

Komen merlimau9 6:22 PM dirujuk.

Komen anda yang menyifatkan article diatas adalah tulisan MURAHAN amat mengecewakan saya sama sekali.

Profession seorang wartawan sama ada wartawan hiburan, wartawan sukan, ekonomi maupun wartawan politik kesemuanya mempunyai objective yang sama iaitu menyampaikan message, idea, pandangan serta pendapat. Cara dan gaya penulisan adalah bergantung kepada style masing2 sama ada menulis secara berkhias ataupun sebaliknya dan apa yang paling penting message yang hendak disampaikan dapat difahami oleh golongan sasar.

If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. ~Toni Morrison

Saji said...

Salam Dakj

Tampalan Dato' ini seperti sudah dihidu oleh sdr OKJ dan Sdr Kampong man- terlalu pedas untuk beliau berdua membacanya.

Sdr merlimau9

"Sebagai contoh Tun memberi idea kpd akitek utk tangani masalah banjir."

Mentang2 sdr pemuja Tun (DrMahathir)macam bagus sangat idea Tun tu.

Tahukah sdr meninggikan aras lantai tingkat bawah (untuk tangani masalah banjir) mungkin hanya sesuai untuk sesetengah bangunan seperti rumah kayu tradisional di kampung2, masjid dan surau?

Tahukah sdr ia juga memerlukan kawasan tambahan untuk pembinaan tangga dan ramp bagi OKU, lantaran meningkatkan kos?


Mustapha Ong said...

Saudaraku DAKJ,

Tajuk ini amat tepat tetapi ada sedikit sensitif dan mungkin orang yang senggit akan rasa tidak selesa dan akan membuat akan tindakan tampil lojik.

Pada hakikat nya sudah ramai orang2 Melayu yang terasa tertekan selama ini. Mereka tidak dapat mengambil tindakan yang proaktif mahupun yang lebih tepat untuk membantah segala usaha Kerajaan dan swasta. Mereka bertindakan tanpa fokus kepada sasaran nya. Ia hanya tinggal "batuk di tangga untuk melepas kan geram.

Disini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan nya untuk mempelawa sesiapa yang ingin menyertai BER-HAK yang telah menjalankan kelulusan ROS, BER-HAK adalah sebuah NGO yang terbaru untuk menjaga kepentingan orang Melay dan Bumiputras dalam segi segi pembangunan insan, termasuk, politik, ekonomi, pendidikan, kewangan, perumahan dan sebagai. Namun demikian BER-HAK bukan merupakan satu persatuan yang mengutamakan soalan politik.

Sesiapa yang ingin menyertai NGO ini, perlu berhubung dengan saya secara tertulis dan hantar ke Butir2 penting yang dikehendaki termasuk nama, umur, taraf kejayaan, kefahaman dan persokongan politik untuk menyertai BER-HAK. Setelah dilulusakan permohonan, mereka akan menerima maklum dan sesalinan perlembagaan persatuan demikian dengan matlamat nya.

Lahuma said...


PM Najib cuma ada tidak lebih 53 bulan lagi untuk PRU 14.
Kabinet PM Najib belum mantap.Menterinya umpama sekeru yang longgar.
Manakala MB kerajaan PM Najib juga umpama kebun yang malap macam kurang baja.
Inilah puncanya memberi modal bahan mudah untuk santapan dan ratahan Pakatan Rakyat terutama DAP.

Agensi-agensi yang Dato maksudkan itu semua agensi yang amat dibenci oleh DAP kerana bantu Melayu .Tak ada pun tolong Cina.

Bukan tak ada menafaat.Memang ada hasilnya.Selepas berpuluh tahun penubuhan agnesi ini dia telah bertukar jadi pembunuh masa depan Melayu.Perlaksanaannya telah menyimpang jauh.

RISDA contohnya.Kata nak tolong pekebun kecil kebanyakan Melayu luar bandar.Benih yang diberi tak kualiti.Ada unsur rasuah dan penyelewengan.Benih getah RISDA adalah benih maca merba.Pekebun kecil jahil lagi.Inilah rintihan pekebun kecil.Kenbapa benih getah RISDA mutu rendah.Mungkin tak amanah.RISDA beli benih getah dari Cina jugalah.Melayu jadi mangsa.

Ini adalah contoh umum.Kalau mahu benig kualiti kena beli sendiri.Taraf bantuan itulah jadinya.

Sebenarnya Kerajaan dengar masaalah tetapi tak ada tindakan selesai.Pegawai pun ada kepentingan.

PM Najib dan menterinya kena kerja kuta turun padang jumpa rakyat.Bukan masuk dewan jumpa rakyat.Laporan pegawai kena semak semula asal semua bagus dan harapan baik dari rakyat.

Asalnya murni.Terpesong bila lama sedikit.Lupa hala tuju.

Terima kasih Dato.

Unknown said...

yes merlimau9, tq merlimau9, ok merlimau9, pendapat yg benar dan sebenarnya, akj suka tulis yg murah2,.. dia 'bughah'.

Tapi, akj rasanya minat kepada pendirian jebat. 'Bughah' juga ka?...

Anonymous said...

If you read Syed Albar's debate in the parliament, you would realise that they are like the snake oil peddler in the street. Me, I got differences of opinion with Kadir but then it doesn't mean we got to be ultimate nemesis. hehehehe

safiai saad said...

Salam sdr Kadir, I am thinking of how to solve or advice the government regarding the present economic predicament faced by the country.( emphasised is mine,unsolicited but mandatory)among others.
1. Budget deficit.... more expenditure less do you reverse it.
2. National debt.... why do we borrow money in the first place.To develop the country...but whay are we in a hurry to develop the country.Reverse the planning (reads slow it down,no need to be a so called model for others).
3. Unemployment.... why do we have a unemployment, the civil service not big enough to absorb them.private sector is not employing.or should we reverse them.Bloat our civil service perhaps by reducing salaries.Force our private sector to increase employment by sacrificing KPI,reduce profitability.possible?
5. Wastage as reported by auditor General. Recomendation after recomendation,but nobody care to take action.(Reads,who cares it is not my money,after all I dont pay any income tax)
6. Public expenditure is too fat for a small country like us.Our PM is not aware of it?,then how come after the annual budget speech every body praise him as the budget for the rakyat.
7. Our culture of hippocrates. We like to praise people when ones at the top but will shy away from him when he is on the way down.look at Musa hitam.Dr mahathir himself,Anuar,Effendy nawawi,after they are no more in pinnacle of power,cans of worms profusely out.
8.Who are the brains in governing our contry? cabinet,political party,consultants McKinssey,Actura,Peat Marwick,arthur Anderson.. NGO or kitchen cabinet.
Sdr Kadir, we look like a loss nation without any compass,we do not know how to fixed the problem and worst still where to begin.Thats all folk,I rest my case.

Raja Aceh said...

Aku nampak Najib ini memang dah mula karut.
Lepas dia announce pemotongan belanja kerajaan lepas krismas,dia dan Rosmah pergi ka Las Vagas celebtrated. New year. dah dua tahun dia tidak ada dalam negeri untok celebrate New year.

Bila belaku banjir di Pantai Timor,dia naik heli untok tinjau banjir,bukan dia nak randok ayer bah.
Nampak sangat dia tak sensitive penderitaan raayat.

Najib ini lagi lama dia jadi PM,makin lingkup lah negara kita.
Orang yang takut bini ini macam mana hendak perentah negara.
Di luar rumah dia macam anjing di dalam rumah dia maca tikus.Dia sudah tidak boleh fikir dengan betul.

Sekarang ini dia sebok hendak buat unity govertment dengan PKR.Bila kami tanya Zaid Hamidi chief Negotiator kenapa Najib hendak sangat unity govertment.Dia kata Najib memerlukan 2/3 Parliment untok tambah kerusi Parliment baru dan membuat sempadan samula kawasan Parliment.
Dia ini memang tak fikir panjang.Bila dia bawa masok musoh dalam rumah akibatnya dia nanti kena halau.
Boleh kah Najib control Anwar,Lim ksiang,Karpal dan Hadi.sikit punya anak.
Anwar ini ,Mahathir pun kalah dengan dia.ini kan najib.Dia nanti makan macam kachang goreng.

Nampak sangat Malaysia ini betul betul kelam kelibut,pertembongan antara konsultang dan civil servant.
Dulu masa Dr Mahathier buat KLIA dia hanya guna consultang Melayu daru JKR,Dr jamlus.KLIA dapat di bena dengan cepat dan Murah.

Bila MAB buat KLIA dua,campor tangan Rosmah menyebabkan konsultant yang di lantek ikut nafsu Rosmah.khidmat Dr Jamlus di tamatkan.
Mereka lantek akitek yang tak pernag design airport.
Mereka lantek engineer yang tak pernah buat airport.dan Rosmah meminta kontrek di beri kapada Geng dia BINA PURI.
Akibatnya airport KLIA dua yang hanya untok Budget airline lebeh mahal dari KLIA satu.
Runayaw nya retak kerana tanah tidak stabil.dan sudah lewat dua tahun tarikh siapnya.

Ini hanya satu contoh.

Yang kedua ,dengan khabar dari kawan kawan dalam DBKL,banyak tanah tanah DBKL telah di jual kapada Jakel,kawan baik Rosmah.ini termasok lah tanah yang di reserve untok buat apartment kos rendah.

Sekian lah coretan saya dari kedai kopi Starbuck.
Dengan kata Rosmah telah minta Tan Sri Aseh untok membuka Hard Rock Cafe di PutraJaya.
Hard Rock Cafe ini milek Syed Jojo dan Ong Beng Seng dari Singapore.Dengar kata Sultan kita pun ada shares sikit.
Syed Jojo ini anak Syed Nasir.Dia kata dia ini keturunan Rasuallah saw..Ada salasilah nya di simpan hingga sekarang.
Tapi bila aku pergi makan di Hard Rock Cafe di Concord Hotel di KL,dia ada bar untok minuman keras.
Purta Jaya ada Bar jual minuman keras.Astarfiruallah.

Lepas ini ada gang MCA akan buka resturang jual Bak Kut Teh pula,
Kemudian golongan kristian akan buat permohonan unrok buat gereja.
Apa macam.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Apalah Dakj ni. Rosakkan mood Melayu2 geng songkok tinggi je.

Berkat perjuangan ketua2 UMNO, siapa kata ekonomi Melayu tak hebat.

Dulu Syed Mokhtar tak siapa kenal sekarang billionaire.

Soal dia punya hutang berpuluh billion hingga boleh merisaukan Bank Negara itu belakang kira.

Dulu Shahrizat cuma lawyer biasa. Tapi sejak suami dpt pinjaman rm750jt mungkin dipilih atas dasar cabutan bertuah , bukan kerana Shahrizat org kanan Pak Lah dan Najib maka keluarga mereka dah masuk circle billionaire jugak.

Anak2 Mahathir dah jadi billionare atau kelompok tu. Bukan Din Melaka kata tapi majalah antara bangsa yg kata.

Tapi saya berani betting anak Mahathir ibarat kacang putih berbanting kekayaan anak2 Rosmah/Najib dan Rosmah/ Aziz. Tak lama. Max lima tahun lagi.

Din Melaka 99.99% yakin.

Senang je alasannya. Lihat saja pd pertambahan hutang negara dan kesangsaraan rakyat dalam 5 tahun mendatang.

Tapi majoriti pengundi UMNO jangan sugul sangat. Melalui BRIM berjumlah rm500 anda pun jutawan jugak. Jutawan rupiah.

Akhir sekali Dakj tiada pilihan lain. Dgn bakat yg Allah kurnia teruskan menegur rakan atau bekas rakan Dato.

Dakj tak kesaorangan. Ada org siap tak kisah pulang kan darjah kebesaran

Darjah kebesaran dari Allah lebih hebat dan kekal.

Org Melayu jangan buang masa. Tak cukup lagikah dah buang masa dgn PERKASA DAN JALUR TIGA.

INI nak tubuh BER HAK pulak. Org Melayu kan suka kenduri dan makan ftee.

Kalau Ibrahim, Hasan Ali dan Mustapha Ong boleh adakan makan free hari2 pun bagus jugak.

Macam BRIM jugak kesannya.

Competente said...

Dear Datuk,

I read an interesting article appeared in the, written by Ahmad Mustapha Hassan who was a former press secretary to second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and the writer of the book, "The Unmaking of Malaysia".

The following are the excerpts of the article:

"It is quite normal for anyone to ask this question: Where are we going and where are you taking us? Since you took over the reins of government, we seem to be moving neither here nor there. Most people are baffled because you seem to enjoy life while the country is facing innumerable critical problems."

"Your father was so different. Tun Abdul Razak’s words were meant as instructions to all, ministers, civil servants and the people. No member of his cabinet would go against what he desired for the people. All worked towards achieving that aim."

"He was very prudent and would not spend people’s money unnecessarily. He limited his overseas travel to no more than twice a year. He would cut out all non-essential expenses. He did not believe in creating unwanted and expensive icons."

"He was interested in uplifting the economic situation of the whole nation, not just creating a few wealthy and self-centred individuals. He believed that he should not waste the rakyat’s money by bringing those who did not matter on his overseas trips."

"Your father depended on advice from local experts, and he placed trusted people in positions, in the knowledge that their contribution would see to the success of projects. He started Mara to take over the role carried out by Rida (Rural and Industrial Development Authority) before and placed capable officers to man the various divisions in Mara. He had the late Mansor Osman (later MB of Negeri Sembilan) placed in the division to offer scholarships and aid to needy rural students."

"He trusted Tan Sri Arshad Ayub to steer the Mara College towards developing more Bumiputera professionals. He placed people where he knew they would be able to assist his goal in uplifting the professional capabilities of those who had been neglected before."


"You appear to be away from the country most of the time and it had been reported that so far your travels had cost the country RM44 million. That is a very huge amount even for a prime minister."

I would concur that the acts of our PM are indeed baffling the minds of the people.

Like what LKY has quoted, DS Najib need not remind the people of his father's good deeds; he is not like his father. The difference between he and his father is like the heaven and earth.

To aggravate the matter, DS Najib in his recent actions is more keen to remind the people of his wife's "good deeds". So, what about him, what does he do as a Prime Minister?


imlan adabi said...

Tok Kadir.. why?

Ghab said...

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a  misprint. Mark Twain 

"harus fokus bila berbincang mengenai pembaziran yang sedang berlaku kerana ia lebih jelas untuk di buktikan dan di bincangkan berbanding dengan isu rasuah kerana ia agak complicated."Din Kelang.

I am much for this argument for betterment rather than having corruption as the central issue to proof a point by bipartisan of whatever rational it might be. 

'Corruption' is indeed a complicated issue because of human being corrupt behavior. It is also a universal pronouncement of human problem by individuals. A tragic, as someone remarks, "we are living in a corrupt universe." and "corruption is one of the oldest professions, as old as prostitution." 

The scenario has changed particularly in a developing democracy. It seems the real meaning of corruption has become, for the people, by the people and of the people, indeed a doleful stigma by painting over democracy.

It is we the people who can eradicate it. What 'change' means is to change ourselves not to condone corruption. As we utter the word ,corruption, the image of the Governance comes to mind. But who is the sole responsible for this corruption? It is, we the people as individual who supports corruption and helping it to nurture in our society. 

A little touch about corruption, an endless endeavor of human behavior.

KKA has acknowledged corruption is not the only issue that keeps the Malays away from Umno and BN. I think, it is fair to disparage from bad-mouths. And I think, the sweeping statement amplifies that the Malay votes will go away because of Umno's leadership own doing is an exaggerating description.

Putrajaya Voter 2 said...

Kesian Pengundi Putrajaya because he doesn't know who is the major shareholder of Hard Rock Cafe franchise in Malaysia. He also forgets that to attract more income to Putrajaya, we must also ensure the Non-Muslims' needs are catered for. And he also appears to be unaware that the money utilised to establish Putrajaya as it is today actually comes from economic activities of Malaysians especially the non-Malays who pay most of the taxes through their economy of scale businesses.

When tax money is used, some has definitely been freshly laundered.
(Remember Carlsberg pays tax!)
So do not be too comfortable with yourself.

Competente said...


I do wonder whether the hike in the costs of living for ordinary person is of any concern to UMNO, or they are just more concerned with the survival of their master?

I believe that UMNO should start worry about their own survival rather than the survival of their master. UMNO seems to have closed both eyes that the rakyat are highly infuriated with the lack of concern of the Government on their plights. UMNO should use their heads and see that the rakyat are organising gatherings not to depose the Government, but to seek the Government's attention on their deteriorating situation. Doesn't UMNO a little bit worried that if this condition persists, UMNO might not still be the Government after the PRU14? Doesn't UMNO feel that they ought to do something, at least to alleviate the rakyat's condition in order to regain their trust? The members of UMNO should come into their senses that their master is only beneficial to his wife and his family. That their master is not competent to serve any benefit either to the rakyat or even to UMNO.

At least, Pak Lah is a gentleman to willingly stepped down. I guess their master would rather stay and let the nation crumble than losing his power and privileges. This is the kind of person that UMNO protects.


Urang Awak said...

Dear loose 74 (10:60am,

UMNO debaters all the while tend to use the same Debating Techniques by attacking the person and not the issue. Debate in front of an audience is very different from an argument between two people.

Just watch the debate between Ahmad Shabery Chik vs Anwar Ibrahim debating on fuel price issue which was watched by millions live on TV long ago. Anwar Ibrahim focused on the issue but Shabeery CHICK only interested in personal attacks.

Concerning Dato…I'm not sure what exactly has changed his mind lately and maybe he cannot swallow anymore. Just leave him alone will you? Let him speak freely and at least the TRIBE has spoken…!! (Opps sorry… THE SCRIBE has spoken)

PETANI said...

Sdra Kadir,

Sdra din Melaka antara lain menulis:

"Dulu Shahrizat cuma lawyer biasa. Tapi sejak suami dpt pinjaman rm750jt mungkin dipilih atas dasar cabutan bertuah , bukan kerana Shahrizat org kanan Pak Lah dan Najib maka keluarga mereka dah masuk circle billionaire jugak."

Fakta ini salah.Pinjaman bukan lah RM750 juta tetapi adalah RM250 juta.Pinjaman ini perlu di bayar balik Saudara din harus berhati hati dengan fakta.Saya mengikuti blog ini dari jauh dan saya rasa ada baik nya perbahasan kita fokus pada topik dan isu bukan kepada personal dan peribadi dan memburuk buruk pedebat.Kerana terlalu banyak nama disebut apabila din Melaka berbahas.Semoga Allah beri kedamaian jiwa pada beliau.

Tidak ada yang tidak baik pada PERKASA yang banyak memperjuangkan hak Melayu mengikut lunas Perlembagaan.Orang Melayu yang neutral dan non psrtisan harus dibelakang NGO daperti PERKASA.

Kajang Pak Malau said...

Melayu kalau takutkan DAP berkuasa perlu nekad beralih kepada PAS. Bila PAS kuat dan memenangi banyak kerusi, Malaysia tetap di tangan Melayu. Dan Islam tentunya lebih kuat.

Itu saja penyelesaiannya setelah UMNO dilihat tidak lagi boleh memimpin.



Datuk AKJ,

Siapa kata Melayu berpecah sehingga menyukarkan agenda melestarikan Melayu yang 'belum selesai'.

Bukankah sokongan Melayu kampunglah yang meletakkan UMNO sebagai parti terkuat dalam BN? MCA,MIC dan lain-lain sekutu UMNO umpama melukut di tepi gantang sahaja. BN yang diterajui oleh UMNOlah yang memerintah negara ini dan bukannya pembangkang.

Secara umumnya Melayu tidak berpecah. Sebaliknya, UMNO cuma hilang kawan Cinanya. Dahulu kawannya itu bernaung di bawah MCA. Sekarang bersama DAP.

Andainya etnik Cina kembali semula ke pangkuan BN, tidak akan ada lagi isu 'Melayu Berpecah'.

Ketika itu PAS dan parti Melayu yang lain tidak ada nilai satu sen pun di mata UMNO.

Selama berpuluh-puluh tahun etnik Cina bersama BN adakah kita pernah dengar isu Melayu Berpecah?

UMNO-BN jangan mengkambing hitamkankan Tsunami Cina sebagai dalih untuk terus mengabaikan Melayu kampung. Melayu kampunglah yang meletakkan UMNO-BN di singgahsana kuasa. Sedemikian bantulah Melayu kampung sedaya upaya dan ikhlas.

pengundi putrajaya said...

Putrajaya voter 2 seems failed to understand a berkat income and community ..... What a pity to him and TS Aseh .......

Urang Awak said...

Dear Competente,
Allow me to respond to your comments in which among other things you say “Why UMNO should defend the survival of their master rather than worry about their own survival?”

The answer is simple; UMNO itself has failed to evolve. Tun Razak’s legacy has died ….and UMNO would never be popular like in the past. UMNO is now busy talking about how to make MONEY. They ruined their own image, corrupting the whole system, manipulate, setting certain policy for each of two different users. One for its cronies and one for ordinary citizen like you and me.

What are the achievements UMNO has brought to the Malays in the last 20 years? Elekkk...!!

Man pauh said...

Din Melaka

Hang ni tak ubah bagai jawi belang puntung. didahulukan ia menyepak,
dikemudiankan ia menanduk.

Kalau tak faham maksudnya, hang pi lah tanya Anwar Ibrahim, graduan sastera Melayu yang terulung dari UM.

Urang Awak said...

Komen PETANI 10:43 PM dirujuk,

Anda diantara lain ada menyebut "Tidak ada yang tidak baik pada PERKASA yang banyak memperjuangkan hak Melayu mengikut lunas Perlembagaan.Orang Melayu yang neutral dan non psrtisan harus dibelakang NGO saperti PERKASA"

Kenapa harus mengharapkan Perkasa, Jati dan lain2 NGO diluar sana bagi memperjuangkan nasib dan masa depan Melayu? Kemana perginya suara UMNO yang yang lahir sejak tahun 46? Saban tahun tekala bersidangnya PAU di PWTC, mereka menjerit2 seperti dirasuk hantu raya, menghunus KERIS PUAKA, menyingsing lengan baju, berpantun, berseloka, menangis teresak2 dan tidak kurang ada yang ingin menyelak kain dihadapan hadirin sekelian.

Hahaha... Pemikir2 Melayu macam anda memang lawak dan kelakar orangnya. Tahukan anda setiap NGO yang aktif bergerak diluar sana kebanyakankannya dibiayai oleh UMNO itu sendiri. Kenapa UMNO bermuka2 dan kenapa UMNO mengupah NGO2 untuk memastikan nasib2 orang Melayu dan kenapa UMNO gagal membuat sebarang perubahan dari dalam?

Hahahah... pemikir2 Melayu macam anda memang lawak dan kelakar orangnya. Diantara sebab2 kenapa mutu pembelajaran Negara kita terbelakang dari Negara Vietnam didalam kajian yang telah dibuat oleh pertubuhan antarabangsa baru2 ini adalah kerana orang2 Melayu kita sering membuat LAWAK BODOH & selalu SYOK sendiri.

Sekian wallahualam.

Jebat Melayu said...

Datuk, jom kita lepak di Restoren ZAM cafe. Sana ada banyak macai UMNO yang menyampah dengan Najib dan kita bolih dengar cerita dan fakta baru pulak he he he.

Din Kalut said...

Din Melaka cari publsiti murahan untuk majikannya.Din Melaka orang stress dan frust.

Lahuma said...


Kenaikan harga barang dan tugas Menterinya.

Harga terus naik dan terus naik.
Haro ini Menteri cakap tak naik.Esok harga naik juga.

Menteri tak buat kerja.Dia tak turun padang dalah tempat.Menteri pakai laporan pegawai bulat-bulat.
Menteri kosong sahaja.

Sepatutnya Menteri tak perlu cakap banyak.Mana dia kuasa Menteri.
Jelas Menteri dinegara kita tak ada apa-apa kuasa.Orang ramai kita tipu sahaja dengan Menteri serta pegawainya.

Yang berkuasa ialah para peniaga atau saudagar.Mereka mahu ajar sama Menteri dan kerajaan siapa yang berkuasa.

Menteri pergi beli belah sendiri dikedai atau pasar.Menteri makan free.

Orang gaji besar tak apa.Rakyat gaji kecil dan pendapatan tidak tetap terjejas teruk.

Makmal kerajaan sudah bersidang mengenai kkenaikan harga barang.
Ahli mesyuarat makmal itu mereka fahamkah atau rasaikah keperitan kenaikan harga barang.

2014 adalah permulaan kesengsaraan dengan kenaikan harga barang.

Menteri dan kerajaan kena ada pelan tindakan jangka pendek dan jangka panjang untuk atasi isu ini.Tak perlu pun lantik penasihat luar.

Pastikan keperluan harga makanan dijaga.

Tak kan kerja Menteri asyik resmi majlis sana sini.Harga barang naik juga.

Rakyat didahulukan janji ditepati pencapaian diutamakan hendaklah difahami betul-betul.

Semoga rakyat hidup sejahtera.

Terima kasih Dato.

Ghab said...

The Gasing connection was among those who were exhausted of fancies. They went through intervals of edgy nights. A gross exaggeration is in production for a display of precedence. They collectively exerted every possible effort of their central discussion much to anticipate the Government economic goals in progress will be doomed.

The the positive front they purposely deafened, what Barisan National Administration is doing – Najib is pursuing the economic agenda for progress and betterment. It is not an interim economic plan but a sound and manageable transformation one. It would be a transitional period that’s beyond us. The administration is working hard to achieve its goal besides all negative issues by aversion. No one benefits more from the success of Najib efforts than the population, and no one stands to lose more of failure than Malaysian. Failure to Najib is not an option. Najib really is doing everything economically possible to ensure the economic success for Malaysian.

We really hope that the aversive minds would refrain from any acts that may prejudice or preempt the outcome of that economic agenda. i.e. street demonstration activities and defamation to block progress which are nuisance to rapid development.

This shows they are working with great intensity, with serious purpose, with the commitment to trying to sustain the economy and still the possibility of trying to trim down the economic framework which would really lay out the end game and lay out the framework to guide from this point forward. We are making progress despite of the price hikes and we are beginning to flesh out the toughest economic hurdles yet to be overcome.

So this is hard work. Despite the negative issues; difficult, complicated years of continuing mistrust that have been built up by the opposition critiques, Najib works through and undone, and a pathway has to be laid down in which the people can have confidence that they know what is happening and that the road ahead to progress is real, not illusory.

We should remain hopeful as everybody have been, and be confident that our economy will grow along side with the recovery of the global economic growth. While the Government is resolving certain kinds of economic issues there be new economic opportunities are open up for new ventures. The name of this game, it’s a tough process, step by step, day by day for Najib's administration.

But the leaders of the democratic parties must continue to act in good faith, as their leaders should have – both the Government and the oppositions should engage in constructive criticism. The irony is both have been demonstrated against, both have been editorialized against, and both have been subjected to difficult questions from members of their own parties and bases as well as from other people. But the economy agenda must go on for progress to prevail.

But they must remain absolutely steadfast to this effort and committed to the notion progress where peace, harmony, security and political goals are worth fighting for and that the progress being made is sufficient to encourage people to keep going for their well being. This is what a good governance meant, to represent constructive voices.

Unknown said...

as salam dato',
kerana posting ini berpusing soal ekonomi bangsa melayu, saya tertanya tanya jugak kenapa dividen TH hanya 6% sahaja. maknanya sebulan 0.5% profit kepada pelabur2 dalam TH yang menjadi tempat utama orang Islam melabur yang 'selamat' dari riba sedangkan aset dan pelaburan TH ada di seluruh dunia. kenapa terlalu kecil keuntungan yang diperolehi oleh pelabur/penyimpan dalam TH? saya tiada pengetahuan tentang ekonomi sebenarnya tp saya melihat bhw TH buleh menjadi pemangkin utk menjana ekonomi umat Islam selain ASB dsbnya tu. Melainkan telah diperjanjikan bhw dividen utk pelabur/penyimpan mmg seciput itu, rasanya itu isu yg lain dan kalau pun ia diperjanjikan sedemikian, rasanya ia boleh diubah kepada yang lebih baik lagi. saya cuma tertanya2 shj Dato..
wallahu a'lam..

din KOLOT said...

Salam Dato

Najib dan penasihatnya dari awal lagi gagal memahami KESEIMBANGAN antara KEBAHGIAAN JIWA dan KEKAYAAN FIZIKAL.

Lebih teruk lagi apabila mereka gagal memahami antara KEPERLUAN HIDUP DENGAN KEHENDAK NAFSU

Nona81 said...

He also forgets that to attract more income to Putrajaya, we must also ensure the Non-Muslims' needs are catered for. - Putrajaya Voter 2

And how come having Hard Rock Cafe @ Putrajaya is equal to "catering Non-Muslim needs"..???

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha Ampang should ask Petani to ask himself if

1) How come 250 million can be loaned to one joker to dabble in property when it's meant for the benefits of melayu herders.

Hahahaha, I rest my case. Melayu memang pandai

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Sdr PETANI lah yg sepatutnya lebih berhati2 supaya faham kalau pun bodoh jangan pamir pd org lain di blog Dakj dan kalau nak bodohkan Melayu lain, maaf peranan tu dah di mainkan oleh Utusan dan tv3 ditempat lain.

Kalau sebut nama ketua dan kroni UMNO dalam komen di anggap personal maka tak hairanlah bawah UMNO, penyamun akan terlepas bermaharaja lela.

Itu yg PETANI mau. Tak perlu ada polis, pendakwa, hakim dan SPRM.

Dakj.....nampaknya hasrat penjilat UMNO nak cuti 4-5 tahun selepas menang cara tipu terpaksa dibatalkan.
Sebab di blog Dato saban hari mereka kena belasah kaw2 dgn isu yg sah dan berpatutan hingga tak tau nak jawap.

Termasuk oleh pembahas yg duit dah tak habis makan.

Tapi kalau UMNO hilang kuasa baru tau nasib mereka.

Dasar hidup kaya atas keringat Melayu diper bodoh yg miskin.

Tak susah jadi kerajaan bersih dan cekap. Najib dan geng sengaja tak mau. Sebab mana2 kerajaan cekap, menteri dan anak bini KURANG KAYA.

Silap2 hari bulan mudah masuk penjara.

zed-85 said...


Masalah yang utama bagi orang melayu adalah masalah kenaikkan kos barangan dan pendapatan yang ada tidak mencukupi.

Jumlah penduduk di Malaysia adalah sekitar 30 juta orang dan orang melayu sekitar 70%, maka anggaran jumlah orang melayu adalah 20 juta orang

Berikut adalah daripada Taburan pendapatan isirumah daripada Jabatan Perangkaaan, Tahun 2012.


20% (lebih kurang 4 juta orang) daripada orang melayu berpendapatan tinggi berpendapatan purata RM10,666.

40% (lebih kurang 8 juta orang) daripada orang melayu berpendapatan sederhana berpendapatan purata RM4,123.00

40% (Lebih kurang 8 juta orang) daripada orang melayu berpendapat rendah berpendapat purata RM1,686.00

Taburan pendapatan isi rumah golongan berpendatan rendah mengikut kaum,

1. Orang Melayu = RM1,686
2. Orang Cina = RM 2,455
3. Orang India = RM1,937.

Disebabkan harga rumah dan barangan makanan dan kos-kos laing yang tinggi, golongan berpendapatan sederhana dan rendah akan tertekan.

Daripada angka-angka yang sedemikian, adalah penting untuk kerajaan mengurangkan pembaziran dan juga menangani masalah rasuah supaya sumber pendapata negara boleh disalurkan dengan lebih baik kepada yang memerlukan.

Malaysia adalah negara yang kaya dengan hasil alam dan mempunyai jumlah penduduk yang agak sederhana (30 juta) berbanding dengan negara lain.

Keadaan hutang yang begitu tinggi sehingga RM500 billion menyebabkan hasil negara keluar untuk membiayai hutang dan banyak program-program untuk kebajikan rakyat tidak dapat dijalankan.

Abdul Wahid Omar yang berstatus menteri mencadangkan rakyat untuk mengelakkan kos tinggi mencari alternatif lain seperti menggunakan jalan alternative yang tidak bertol.

Untuk mengatasi kos barangan yang tinggi , ianya menggalakkan rakyat berjimat cermat. Ia sendiri akan memeriksa harga barang sebelum membeli.

Sila rujuk

Pendapatan Menteri Abdul Wahid Omar adalah seperti dilapurkan di Star adalah Rm14,970.20 campur RM4,112.79.

Sila Rujuk

Pada pandangan saya adalah penting untuk kita melantik pemimpin yang benar-benar berkemampuan dan juga ikhlas untuk mentadbir negara kita.

Sekiranya negara tidak ditadbir dengan baik (good Governance) rakyat akan akhirnya menanggung beban.

Pada pandangan saya juga, golongan seperti Perkasa hanya mempertahan golongan orang melayu yang tertentu. Nampaknya ia tidak berminat untuk menyuarakan hak orang melayu yang berpendapatan rendah yang terhimpit dengan kos yang tinggi.

Janji ditepati

Ghab said...

Istimewa kepada Kajang Pak Malau 10:43 pm. I take your proposition dengan penuh insaf.

The formation of new political order is good. The combination of Pas and Umno is better. Besides it is an assurance that Islam and Malay is prominent in the same way as it has in the past. It brings us together more and to continue practicing our rights peacefully would be the best for an option.

But if we stick too much to the old order and pattern, Malay will probably lose. We lose to the hypocrites, we might lose our legitimate power to defend, in submission freely, and possible being marginalized from those who could not accept our different of opinions and norms. We may lose the opportunity to learn the meaning of Malay brotherhood, new beauty in our congregation, new ways and new words of comfort.

As in the current situation, we should be obliged to break in order is by choice and by it's forced. We will never lose for the sake of Ummah. It is a blessing not to be in disguise and an opportunity to explore and discover what remained in the hidden order of the new path. 

Lembah Tasnim said...

Salam Tok..

Saudara Lahuma..

Menyalaklah kita kepada menteri mengenai kesengsaraan menghadapi 2014 sebab kenaikkan harga barang.. janganlah harap.. masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.. sia-sia.. naik tetap naik..

BN terutama PM Hanya akan sedar bila kalah PRU.. itu saja yang BN hendak agaknya..

Harga Ais dah naik.. semua makanan yang memerlukan ais akan turut naik.. termasuklah ikan..

TQ TOk..


Datuk AKJ,

loose 74,

Perlukah dipanggung-budayakan Melayu kampung (saya juga berasal dari kampung) umpama ' Nasib Si Ketam' dalam peribahasa kawan kita Orang India?

Ketam-ketam yang cuba ingin keluar dari kolam akan ditarik ke bawah.

Akhirnya ketam penat dan kalau dapat menegakkan kepala di permukaan air pun sudah bernasib baik.....

Saji said...

Sdr merlimau9

"Kita skrg berada dlm era mengurus kejayaan dan kekayaan Malaysia.
Kejayaan dan kekayaan ini perlu ditangani dgn memberi idea idea dan bukan dgn dok mencari salah org. "

Tidak tepat.

Kita (Malaysia) sekarang (yang sejak merdeka ditadbir oleh kerajaan UMNObn) sedang berusaha untuk melepasi apa yang disebut dalam ilmu peracangan dan pembangunan negara sebagai titik kabur /blur point yang cara mengatasinya ialah dengan melakukan kajian komprehensif mecakupi semua bidangan membabitkan pakar2.

Tetapi, kerajaan UMNObn memilih membuat kajian secara bahagian2 atau piece -meal dalam makmal2 membabitkan konsultan2 terpilih.

SAJI said...

We must not underestimate the capabilities and the shrewdness of Najib in facing the challenges at all fronts in maintaining his grips to stay steady at the top. We can say anything we like but he knows better than us how to stay beyond our imagination when he will retire.

2. At his disposal is more than RM 200 billion annual budget of federal government. Until the next election, the total accumulative expenditure of federal government is almost a trillion ringgit. As a Finance minister himself,he can muster his resources to face any threats from opposition parties or from umno itself.

3. I don't anticipate any possibility Najib will lose his position because our democratic system adheres to the principal of a simple majority. With only one seat more than the opposition he will continue to be the Prime Minister.

4. The challenge from UMNO itself to force him to step down as happened to Pak Lah is not foreseen at the moment because all leaders at the top are united behind him. TS Muhyiddin is certainly contented with his present position and I don't see any threats from him.

5. My suggestion to Dato' is to stop focussing on negative things about Najib because whatever you write will just make him not happy with you . Why not you focus on his strenght and advise him how to consolidate his power in facing challenges of the next election.
Thank you

Lahuma said...


Ura-ura cadangan pembukaan hard rock cafe di Putrajaya.
Satu cadangan yang bagus dan relevan dengan nilai hidup kini termasuk slogan parti politik diMalaysia.

PAS for all.
UMNO for all.
PKR 100% for all

Itulah jadinya.

Muda mudi Putra jaya gembira rai.
Dikampung dan desa gembira dengan tegukan air daun ketum yang ditambah nilai.

Slogan for all cukup berjaya sekali.

Begitukah cara berfikir cerdik pandai Melayu sekarang.

Terima kasih Dato.

Mustapha Ong said...

Salam dan selamat pagi saudara AKJ,

Over the last few days, the social media have been besieged by all kinds of sensational news of public interest from the north about LGE and his new toy to central KL Marina Mahathir with her non stop media assault since her appointment to the Consultative Unity Council. Perkasa's new idol KuLi as the political Godfather. The controversy Pemandu and its current destination to somewhere or nowhere and finally to the southern tip that reported on the assault of property sales and purchases involving Tuanku Johor.

Since all of the above are of great public interest, I think the KKAs under your domain should write something extra ordinary on those issues being thrown for public discourse, particularly what Marina is doing and saying certain things that may aggravate the situation of our current fluid society. Marina could also be misunderstood to be the mouth piece of Tun Mahathir for which most of will deny in good faith.

zed-85 said...

Sdr RahimIpp,

You are somewhat correct but, if you can recall, there was a lot of anxiety in BN during to the last election.

In the last election, BN seats reduced from 140 seats to 133 seats. What would happen if this slides further? If this happened, there will be a downward trend of BN seats. There will be people in UMNO that will be very worried.

I’d say, the current PM will be in a precarious position.

In addition, facebook, and the tablets revolution only began in around 2011.

In the next election, 2017/2018, most likely even the kampong people will have tablets with 4G LTE capability.

The current BN government can no longer control the flow of information. People will be more informed and the there will be newer voters coming in to vote.
What theme will BN use then, 1Malaysia, Janji ditepati?

Sure, the next election is due only in four years time but BN cannot start to be nice to people in 2016 or 2017 and to expect that people will forget that easily.

Anonymous said...

We needed a bigger tsunami in order to drown Najib & UMNO. Yes, we do need to drown UMNO. From Onn Jaafar to Tunku & even at one time Razaleigh Hamzah himself

You are sure that Ku Li is very supportive of Perkasa? Don't be fooled by seeing him talking in Perkasa's podium.

Nobody is underestimating Najib. But best way of dealing with such leaders is to shame them & ridicule them.

Mustapha Ong said...


Whoever the above commentator is under disguise unless he dares to identify himself openly and not only to reveal to the blog administrator. Com' mon I think you don't KuLi better than myself who is distantly related to Tengku from my Kelantanese connection.

Someone SMS me whether I am aware of KuLi''s short engagement with Perkasa and had agreed to officially kick off the Perkasa AGM, while Ibrahim Ali scooted off to Europe for a rendezvous. So let someone in charge do the spin job on his behalf. Very smart Mr. grass hopper but there are smarter people than him who already smelt his agenda and plans.

NNo, I didn't mean that KuLi who is a 101% trusted UMNO leader is supportive of Perkasa's long term agenda. However, looking at the scenario, KuLi's presence was just to create a political illusion during the planned absence of Ibrahim Ali who is extremely closed with KuLi. The rest of the story cannot be shared in public but you can put 2+2 together but will not get the answer correct.

TKL said...

I don't care what looes 74 think and say as expected of a DAP Red Bean Army.We should get rid of DAP for creating turbulence on Allah and many other controversia religious and racial l issues. The Lim dynasty must be drowned.All chinese must support MCA and Gerakan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah la, you are very close to ku li just like my mum is related to first malacca post independent governor. But so what? Hahahaha!
You agree that Ku Li's speech at Perkasa's podium is just an illusion. Say that again.
Come! Come! Tell me....If this is Raleigh Hamzah

Sound like Ku Li is admonishing leaders especially your beloved najib.

Hahahaha, sound similar.....It's intended to Mahathir. The same is intended to Najib

What Did Raleigh say about Pak Turut?

Razaleigh is repeating himself over & over again

Again Ku Li & Rais Yatim collusion with DAP. Hahahahaha

Rais Yatim & Shabery Cheek lost their respective seats

Guys & Gals,
Listen very carefully what Ku Li says when he was semangat 46 leader. Hahahaha

M Nazrul H Nazirmuddin said...

Pak Kadir,

If someone asked you, who is our functional economist in Malaysia, what would your answer be?


MortalAngel said...

Salaam. Boleh tahu cerita lebih lanjut ke? Siapa contact atau rakan/kroni Rosmah atau Najib dalam syarikat Bina Puri ni ke?

email saya kalau boleh:

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