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THE KKA’s Take On Selangor Crisis

A Kadir Jasin

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SEVERAL sessions of the Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) were held after Ramadan. Many Muslim members crazed daytime tek tarik and roti canai.

There were many subjects and issues needing an update like the slugfest over the Selangor Menteri Besar post and the Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, doing the MIA (missing in action), while on an MH17-related mission in Europe.

The KKA was told that for several days the country was without the PM and the DPM as both were abroad. Walla, we are on auto cruise again! What a blessed country.

The sessions variously involved a former minister, several businessmen and women, corporate executives, journalists, bloggers and a very important young political operator from the PMO.

The twist and turn, the rumba and samba of the Selangor MB crisis are becoming so Bollywood that fantasy and reality, the hero and the valiant have all gelled into one big blob of nastiness.

The following are among the points raised, discussed and conculed:-

1. Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (AKI) had out-manoeuvred the PKR’s Ketua Umum (General Leader), Anwar Ibrahim. AKI’s sacking from the PKR has, in effect, strengthened his position. He no longer has to listen to Anwar and has become the power unto himself, which he swiftly used to sack five Ecxo members from the PRK and DAP. He could not rule without sacking them.

2. AKI is safe until October when the state legislative assembly (DUN) is due to begin a new session, unless the PKR or the Pakatan Rakyat can use legal means (including the court) to convene an emergency sitting.

3. AKI may form a new state government with PAS (15 seats) and Umno (12). With himself, there will be 28 and he can appoint an outsider as the Speaker to make the total 29.

4. AKI may find himself a leader without supporters if PAS during its CWC meeting scheduled for Aug 17 decided to accept Anwar’s so-called apology and agreed with Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s appointment as MB. Or it may insist on another PKR candidate acceptable to Anwar.

5. Anwar is said to have apologised to PAS President, Abdul Hadi Awang, during their hotel meeting in Kuala Terengganu a few nights ago if he had done anything wrong to offend the Tuan Guru.

6. Anwar left much of the talking at the KT meeting to PKR’s Secretary General, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail and Abdul Hadi left the talking to the party’s Sec Gen Mustafa Ali.

7. There appears to be a degree of distrust and animosity between Abdul Hadi and Anwar. Could this be because of old rivalry during their leadership of ABIM and the more recent developments such as PAS’ alleged preference for Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as the PM candidate should the PR won last year’s general election?

8. There are also talks that Abdul Hadi and Pas are obligated to AKI because he gave them political funding before and during the 2013 general elections. Abdul Hadi blamed Anwar for the problem in Selangor.

9. There is fear in PAS that Dr Wan Azizah will be nothing more than Anwar’s puppet. This was borne out when Anwar wrote to the Selangor Palace to seek an appointment for Dr Wan Azizah to have an audience with the Sultan. Anwar withdrew the letter and Dr Wan Azizah wrote “her own” letter to the Sultan.

10. The DAP has had enough of AKI. AKI has proven to be a hard nut for the DAP to crack. DAP cherishes the idea of having a softer person as MB and Dr Wan Azizah fits the bill.

11. The DAP could have saved the day for the PR. Abdul Hadi and Mustafa met Lim Kit Siang (LKS) and his son Lim Guan Eng (LGE) and purportedly pledged that PAS would remain in PR. GLE insisted that the stand must be made known to Anwar, hence the KT meeting between Abdul Hadi and Anwar.

Is PR still Pakatan Harapan Rakyat?

12. For all his loyalty to Anwar, Mohamed Azmin Ali, the PKR Deputy President appeared to have been played out and forgotten.

13. The Sultan and the Royal Council take a neutral stand. They do want to be dragged into the cesspool. AKI gets to continue as MB because there is “legal” proof that he has lost the support of the DUN. And presumably that will continue to be the case until the DUN reconvenes in Oct.

14. The cancer in the PKR has reached the 4th stage and is in eminent danger of spreading to PAS. Unlike the DAP, which is essentially Chinese, PAS shares some DNA materials with the PKR – both are essentially Malay and Muslim.

15. Desperation is what provoked the move to replace AKI with Dr Wan Azizah. Anwar could be running out of time. If the upcoming Federal Court ruling on his sodomy case is not in his favour, Selangor’s wealth is key to the his future and the future of PKR.

16. Anwar needs money and power base if he wants the PKR to continue to be the matchmaker of the PR and to enhance the chances of the alliance winning the next GE. If PR wins, it can spring Anwar out of prison by seeking a royal pardon for him in the event that he is committed to prison.

17. And one KKA member, who is fond of conspiracy theories, asked: Why did Bank Islam write off RM70 million of AKI’s borrowing when it had won the case all the way to the Appeal Court? Has this got something to do with the various water-related deals the Selangor Government entered with the Federal Government in recent months? And what was the role of Ethos Consulting in all of these?


Footnote: I am a Selangor voter since the 1970's.


Melati Wilayah said...

Apa nak di herankan Dato.Di Boleh land kita ni MONEY talks the loudest and most effective controlling machinery. Dimana ada gula maka disitu semua semut berkerumun. Ahli politik Islam pun bab duit lupa pada iman....

Zed-85 said...


Kalau kita lihat dari sudut etika dan dasar. AKI bukan ahli PAS tetapi adalah ahli PKR. PKR tidak memerlukan permohonan PAS untuk pecat AKI.

AKI tidak sepatutnya menjadi satu faktor perbalahan. PKR mempunyai hak untuk pecat beliau.

Calon menteri besar baru harus mendapat persetujuan ketiga-tiga parti dalam PR. PKR mencalonkan Dr.Wan Azizah.

Kalau tidak Wan Azizah siapa lagi yang patut ambil alih?

Sepatutnya ada sifat tolak ansur dalam gabungan PAS. PAS sudah pernah mempunyai MB di Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu dan Perak.

Realiti sebenar, kalau tidak bersama dan agenda PR, PAS tidak akan mendapat 15 kerusi di Selangor.

Ramai yang menganggap tingkah laku PAS adalah keterlaluan sehingga menyebabkan jatuhnya kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat.

Apakah tidak boleh mesyuarat Syura disegerakan. Ramai yang anggota PAS berasal dari Pantai timur. Sifat memasang umpan ini (fishing) adalah tidak kena pada keadaan.

Sifat tamak adalah bukan sifat orang Islam. Ada pepatah melayu kata “orang tamak selalu rugi”.

Kalaulah PAS hendak keluar dari PR pun, sebagai Parti Islam, perlu dilakukan dengan tertib. Bukan cara sepertimana di Selangor. Adakan semula pilihanraya di Selangor.

Anonymous said...

I suspek the debekels befallen the PR led gov in Selangor were related to bad arrangement of seats (bad feng shui) and broken promise made by animated frogs that they will never jump out of the habitat (bad karma).

din klang said...

Baik atau buruk pemerintahan nya, biarlah anak jati selangor yang menjadi pemimpin selangor.
orang negeri lain kalau selangor porak peranda, boleh jugak balik cari makan dekat kampung sendiri.

A Malay Dah-Lah-Lama said...

I have always thought there was never an entity called Pakatan Rakyat. Perhaps more of an upscale version of your KKA. Tell me whether there are any sort of unison in agreement (or disagreement) pertaining to any issues by your quorum. The same goes for BN, but at least their bickering is of an organised chaos one. The drama in Selangor is more chaotic than the traffic in Mumbai or New Delhi.
Why PAS and DAP has to factor in Nuar in any of their political aspirations leave me dumbfounded!

awang batuburok said...

Salam Dato,

Manusia yang sama telah menggunakan kaedah yg sama ketika membuat keputusan menyertai UMNO dalam tahun 1982...
Keputusan dan kehendak peribadinya mesti dituruti dan dipatuhi semua ahli organisasi yg diketuainya, tidak boleh tidak, semua orang mesti akur dengan kehendak nafsu dan cita cita peribadinya. Setiap mesyuarat hanya sebagai "Rubber Stamp" keatas kehendak peribadi beliau.
Ahli ahli PAS dan ahli ahli ABIM dlm tahun 1980an tentu mengenali manusia ini.

Jangan jadi Melayu mudah lupa.....

yoko ono said...

salam datuk,

1)pas akan cadang 2 calon pkr yg layak besok dan secara rasmi beri keputusan kepada presiden pas.
2)presiden pas akan beri kepada pakatan presidential council keputusan ini.
3)pas juga pada masa yg sama akan mempersembahkan cadangan yg sama kepada Tuanku Sultan Selangor.
4)Sultan Selangor akan membuat keputusan mengikut kebijaksanaan baginda dari semua calon yg di cadangkan.
5)tuanku akan perintah AKI letak jawatan atau dipecat melalui undi tidak percaya oleh ADN
6)tuanku akan melantik MB baru.

ini pandangan saya.


Seorang tua di hadapan komputer said...

It's funny that your latest posting didn't pick up by opposition news portals. The thing is, if yo're singing according to their tune, they're more than willing to sing along with you. Talking about selective journalism. Chuckle.

berasiam said...

Salam DAKJ

Selangor sedang terjerumus ke dalam krisis politik. belum nampak jalan penyelesaian sehingga hari ini. kemungkinan dun dibubarkan dan pilihanraya negeri diadakan tidak dapat dinadikan.

namun jika beberapa orang adun pkr mengambil langkah berani, krisis ini boleh dinokhtahkan dengan cepat. daripada seramai 11 adun pkr (wan azizah dan azmin dikecualikan), hanya 3 orang yang berani dan bertanggung jawab perlu mengisytiharkan diri keluar parti dan menyokong tski sebagai menteri besar.

yang diharapkan lebih bersemangat untuk mempertahankan negeri supaya kekal ditadbir oleh anak jati Selangor sudah tentulah dari kalangan adun beragama Islam yang juga anak jari Selangor. adun Islam pkr yang berjumlah 8 orang yang mempertimbangkan kepentingan rakyat dan negeri mendahului parti perlu mengambil langkah yang wajar dalam krisis ini.

jika bekas exco pun ditolak, hanya tinggal 6 orang adun pkr beagama Islam yang boleh diharapkan untuk muncul sebagai penyelamat.

PKR: Idris Ahmad

PKR: Amirudin Shari

PKR: Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad

PKR: Haniza Mohamed Talha

PKR: Yaakob Sapari

PKR: Mat Shuhaimi Shafiei

tumpuan seharusnya diberikan kepada mereka berenam. mereka mempunyai kapasiti untuk menokhtakan krisis. siapa yang lebih bersemangat mempertahankan negeri akan menyelamatkan negerinya lebih daripada partinya. itulah patriot sebenar.

tentang ganjaran, mungkin tidak perlu diperincikan kerana semua sedia maklum. jika mereka berindak betul, kos yang diselamatkan juga perlu diambil kira. maka ganjaran untuk mereka adalah berbaloi untuk semua.

atok nujum said...

Nilai hartanah di kwasan sg buluh tentu akan meningkat bila zizah jadi MB. Mane tau pusat pusat pentadbiran akan berpindah di situ...!

msh said...

Ini yg dikatakan 'Dajal'....mungkin.

Wujud nya makhluk berwajah msnusia ..cuma membawa malapetaka dan kemusnahan sahaja.

Dia lebih kafir dari kafir dln agenda menghentam apa saja Islam dan Melayu.

Ini kenyataan...untuk kita yg Melayu Islam mesti ingat dan buat sempadan atau ambil kira didlm pemilih pemimpin dimasa hadapan kelak.

safiai saad said...

Salam Sdr kadir.
It is the pakatan affair so other intervening factors will have no significant role.
Now it appeared that PAS has called the shot as such The issue has been settled.
The main contention is who will be the MB.Pas has played its politics well by accepting the decision of PKR choice of MB but at the same time has proposed Azmin name as alternative in line with PAS majlis syura request.
The game will be playing on the next level of playing field. Which of the candidated will be accepted by the Sultan. Even though Pakatan can send only one name for the consideration but the word "PERKENAN TUANKU" conveyed the meaning of more choice will be submitted to the Sultan.
In the event of choice tussle what the state constitution will be requiredis is to be deeply interpreted.
Basically what happen to Selangor. Selangor employment, businesses,oppurtunities as such many non selangor born (Selborn) citizen came to the state.The non Selbon bring their culture,hereditary, behavior to the states. As such Selangor become the melting pot and cultural assault to the society. Perhaps this view point need to be consider in the future,where Selangor should not become the sole employment bowl for Malaysia.Perhaps development should be spread to other states.
Another thing the state constitution should clearly spelt out that only Selborn will be allowed in state election.
The Selangor has become the political barnyard in the state with a lot of shitty material.Selangor demographic pattern has changed so much, if you go to Shah Alam you wonder where are Selborn.Only migrant form other state that control the mosque and surau with message of hates spreading in the Surau.
They do not understand the state constitution and could nat care less about it.
Perhaps the SELANGOR Sultan should look at.Kuala Lumpur at one time belong to Selangor, Putrajaya once belong to Selangor now......emph emph.
Look at Klang,what happened......emph.So I hope the Selborn must look at it,if you are not careful You might be the kingmaker but you lost your own kingdom.Dont be too proud of yourself,like a cock which shout the loudest but your master hand is full of shit.
I rest my case.

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