Monday, July 27, 2015

Hard to Sabotage 1MDB Task Force Now

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE, July 28, Putrajaya - Home Minister and Umno Vice President (Datuk) Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister replacing (Tan Sri) Muhyiddi Mohd Yassin who is Umno Deputy President and Education Minister. 

Can Muhyiddin Mobilise Umno or the door is closed shut?

LATEST, July 28 - PETALING JAYA: (Tan Sri) Abdul Gani Patail’s  tenure as the Attorney-General was terminated with effect Monday due to health reasons.
Announcing this Tuesday, Chief Secretary to the Government  (Tan Sri) Ali Hamsa said Gani Patail was replaced by former Federal Court judge (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali with immediate effect. (The Star Online).

Don’t despair. Just take good care of yourself because, from now on, if your majikan knows you are not well he can sack you.

In any case we need a healthier Attorney-General to pursue the 1MDB case. Surely as a former Federal Court judge he knows as much, if not more, about the law, than his predecessor. InsyaAllah.

The Cabinet may be reshuffle some time today.


CLOSING down newspapers, attacking websites and the IGP’s failed mission to interrogate Xavier Andre Justo in Thailand and the emerging attacks on 1MDB Task Force members are the distractions – a subplot from the movie “Wag the Dog”.

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In the movie, starring Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman, the President of the United States was caught making advances on an underage girl less than two weeks before election day. Conrad Brean (De Niro), a top-notch spin doctor, is brought in to take the public's attention away from the scandal. He decides to construct a diversionary war with Albania with the hope that the media will concentrate on this instead. Brean contacts Hollywood producer Stanley Motss (Hoffman) to create the war, complete with a theme song and fake film footages.

I would not put the Prime Minister’s communication chief, Abdul Rahman Dahlan in the same league as the film’s director Barry Levinson but the plot is near enough – to drive attention away from the tightening noose of 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s Task Force.

But what a slap in the face it was for the government when the Thais refused access to Justo to the IGP team but allowed a journalist of the Singapore Straits Times to interview him instead (Read here). As if the Thais were telling our government, if you want to know about Justo read the Straits Times.

Clearly the Thais are more willing to work with Singapore than with Malaysia on this matter. Secrets and blackmails are an evil necessity in international relations.

The IGP could have sent a wrong signal to the whole national by his instance to interrogate Justo and his dismal failure. It gave the impression that he was more interested in the Justo sideshow than in the matter at hand – the Task Force investigation – and was not influential enough with the Thais.

It may have been too late for any one member Task Force to sabotage or pervert the investigation in favour of any party. They have to play the team game or risk being exposed as renegade.

The police sudden shift of attention from the 1MDB investigation to the allegation of conspiracy to topple the PM and the role of Justo had raised concern that it was more interested with the political rather than criminal aspect of the case.

The suspicion arose out of the fact that among the four members of the Task Force, the police are the easiest to the influenced because its ultimate boss, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, is seen as the last few remaining supporters of the Prime Minister.

In fact Ahmad Zahid is seen as the man most likely to be promoted should Mohd Najib Abdul Razak decide to reshuffle the cabinet in the coming days and the most likely casualties are the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin and Rural Development Minister Shafie Apdal.

Could Attempts Have Been Made?

Attempts might have been made to force the police to act contrary to the interest of the Task Force but could not be executed because the force itself was against such an interference or because the investigation had gone to far ahead to be effectively sabotaged.

The test to this theory is to see whether the police will work with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Bank Negara to track down and arrest the people wanted for the Task Force.

The Police are yet to make their own arrest. That could be because the investigations expose abuse of power and corruption rather than crimes that the police are familiar with. The MACC has more expertise in handling abuse of power and corruption cases.

Sources said one of key suspects whom the police “were supposed to hide from the MACC” was handed over to the Commission soon after he was located. It means that political influence is waning as the noose tightens on the 1MDB perpetrators.

It might have been too late for any single person, including the Prime Minister, to divert the direction of the investigations.

A former top law officer told me a couple of nights ago that he believed the Task Force had discovered and established more than sufficient evidence to charge those responsible for the crime.

He said, the law on corruption as it applies to public servant is pretty straight forward. What he or she earns that is not her salary and allowance raises the spectre of corruption and abuse of power. Mohd Najib is a public servant.

He noted that PM has not denied that he once had a personal bank account at AmBank that, which at one point, held RM2.63 billion.

The 1MDB is no longer in the political realm and the telltale signs are clear. Mohd Najib’s defenders are reduced to junior spokesmen like Abdul Rahman and Salleh Said Keruak, Lester Melanyi and Ramesh Rao.

The video man: Lester Melanyi
Ramesh Rao: Bankrupt has money to fund Melanyi

The likes of Puad Zarkashi, Musa Sheikh Fadzir and Ahmad Maslan have not been heard from for quite some time while the heavyweights like Hishammuddin Hussein and Mohd Nazri Aziz have been largely silence. Or are they preserving their last silver bullets?

Attacks On Task Force

This does not mean that Mohd Najib’s propaganda war has come to a halt. The suspension of the Edge group newspapers could be the beginning of kill-the-messengers strategy.

The attacks can be expected to become more vicious and might even target members of the Task Force. This could be the hara-kiri act of devotion by Mohd Najib’s cyber troupers – the very people he last year called “bangang” (stupid). In fact they have started.

If in Thailand the IGP was refused access to Justo, over in Singapore two bank accounts related to1MDB were frozen.

A former Singapore state minister told a former Malaysian minister in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago that that while Singapore “loves” Mohd Najib, it would not compromise on anything that smells money laundering.

The former law officer said everyday that passes and no charge is laid against the suspect or suspects, the Task Force is making a mockery of the law.

A point of history. When he was Deputy Prime Minister, Mohd Najib outlined six approaches that the civil servants must practise and he stressed that top level civil servants should “reduce their discretionary power in their action in order to avoid corrupt practices.” (Read here)

Yet what has been made known so far about 1MDB shows just the opposite. The PM runs the Finance Ministry, which owns 1MDB, and he is also its de facto chief by the virtue of his chairmanship of its advisory board – the highest policy making body.

And as Muhyiddin was quoted of saying on Sunday night at the Umno Cheras division’s annual general meeting that no one know about 1MDB other than Mohd Najib. (Read here)

A footnote of history: Almarhum Sultan Azlan Shah, when sentencing Allahyarham (Datuk) Harun Idris for corruption in 1976, said, inter-alia:
“It is painful for me to have to sentence a man I know. I wish it were the duty of some other judge to perform that task. To me this hearing seems to reaffirm the vitality of the rule of law. But to many of us, this hearing also suggests a frightening decay in the integrity of some of our leaders. It has given horrible illustrations of Lord Acton's aphorism 'power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely', and has focussed concern on the need of some avowed limitations upon political authority.
“...the law is no respector of persons. Nevertheless it will be impossible to ignore the fact that you are in a different category from any person that I have ever tried. It would be impossible to ignore the fact that, in the eyes of millions of our countrymen and women, you are a patriot and a leader. Even those who differ from you in politics look upon you as a man of high ideals. You had every chance to reach the greatest height of human achievement. But half-way along the road, you allowed avarice to corrupt you.

“It is incomprehensible how a man in your position could not in your own conscience, recognise corruption for what it is. In so doing, you have not only betrayed your party cause, for which you have spoken so eloquently, but also the oath of office which you have taken and subscribed before your Sovereign Ruler, and above all the law of which you are its servant".
Full article by Sultan Nazrin Shah (Read here). Harun was given royal pardon in 1981.


51 comments: said...

Salam dato,

WHY PM involves in a business company?

He will not be able to act without conflict of interest because he is also a finance minister, as well a president of a political party,and a chairman of so many political parties as well.

I do not believe, as it it now, that he will `explains' or `elaborates' on IMDB,because his words will later on determine the duration of his `sentence'.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Praxis said...

Agree with conclusion. Few lowly and hara-kiri threat unlikely to contain momentum. Fortunately we have in our midst enough upright people who act properly despite the betrayals of trust and undue pressure at the highest levels.

Thank you for the daily world class journalistic fare!

sy5 said...

salam raya & salam hormat Datuk

semakin hari sy lihat penyokong UMNO semakin dalam kerisauan dan dilema.

Dr Mahathir, memang wajar lonjakan issue utk betulkan situasi politik negara. ada org kata dia hero. sy anggap dia political magician, itu pasal ada org kata dia bole jln atas air. ada baik dan buruknya. but he is rare local breed.

pimpinan semasa menampilkan quality yg begitu rendah dan kini kebanyakan baru yakin perkara ini betul betul berlaku.

hilang sikit kecewa , bila tpm bersuara. siapa yg ada justifikasi yg serupa, wajar baris di belakang tpm dan tindak.
kepala parti silih ganti. perkara biasa. kadang pemimpin rasa bijak kalu tunggu dan lihat. but Najib is proven very very weak with his stupid mistakes . so, make a move please A.S.A.P !. NOW!

bg sy, entiti UMNO masih relevant. episod ini penuh dengan pengajaran dan sempadan. Ia perlu di fikir dan di post-mortem .method dan sistem review perlu di lakukan lebih bijak dari dulu, lebih bertanggungjawab dari dulu.

UMNO jika berusaha, boleh muncul dengan penampilan yg segar , jujur dan meyakinkan. Dasar di lebar dan segarkan supaya lebih pintu boleh dibuka tidak hanya terhad kepada kumpulan tertentu. Lagi luas pintu dibuka, lagi yakin dan lapang hati rakyat.

disebalik petaka ini ada peluang untuk berubah. Jika UMNO bersungguh ,mungkin masih ramai yg sokong. memang banyak yg perlu diubah, tapi usaha itu tentu berbaloi. sikap ,tabiat dan kebiasaan buruk membawa keji yg membudaya dlm UMNO tidak boleh tidak, perlu diluruskan dgn tegas . UMNO boleh berubah demi malaysia hebat.


Josefharrys said...

Salam Datuk,

Love your a footnote of history and hope dapat membuka minda semua ahli majlis tertinggi dan pemuda Umno utk berfikiran lebih matang dan terbuka kerana nobody is above the law dan dgn statement yg dibuat oleh TPM kelmarin menunjukkan ramai menteri dan ahli mkt umno tak tahu menahu berkenaan 1mdb kerana sebagai org no.2 dlm kerajaan pun tidak diberi akses berkenaan perkara sebenar maka tidak hairan lah dlm masa terdekat ini akan ada kejutan tsunami dalam Umno dan kerajaan lebih2 lagi dgn info yg ada di tangan pihak Thai dan Singapore dijadikan satu isu maruah dan integriti.InsyaAllah dgn perkembangan terbaru ini dgn pihak task force terutama MACC dan BNM yg saya yakin mempunyai integriti mereka sendiri akan ada suatu jawapan yg sebenar tentang isu ini.

Nick JTK said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk dan Salam sejahtera..

1. Negara Malaysia sudah semakin hilang kehormatannya di mata dunia. Bagi saya agak sukar untuk memulihkan dan sekaligus mengembalikan 'kehormatan' tersebut walaupun PM Najib ditukar dengan pemimpin lain di kalangan parti pemerintah sekarang lebih-lebih lagi di kalangan pemimpin UMNO yang selama ini menjadi tunjang kerajaan.

2. Ini adalah kerana tiada ada seorang pun daripada kalangan pemimpin UMNO itu yang menunjukkan keberanian dan ketegasan pendapat apalagi tindakan dalam menyelesaikan krisis 1MDB serta yang lain-lain yang menjadi isu hangat dipercakapkan rakyat dimana mana juga seluruh negara.

3. Bukan saja kreadibiliti pemimpin UMNO yang semakin dipertikaikan dan nampak seperti 'tidak boleh diharapkan' ibarat pagar yang makan padi atau haruan yang makan anak. Tetapi kreadibiliti agensi kerajaan juga lebih-lebih lagi PDRM telah hilang dan telah pun di cop sebagai sentiasa saja cuba menegakkan benang yang basah melalui kenyataan media dan tindakan mereka tidak seperti yang sepatutnya yang diharapkan oleh rakyat Malaysia.

4. Amat memalukan apabila wartawan dari Singapura diberi kebenaran membuat temuramah dengan Xavier Justo di dalam penjara Thailand tetapi permintaan Ketua Polis Malaysia yang berada disana ditolak dan diminta dibuat mengikut saluran yang sepatutnya.

5. Mungkin Ketua Polis Malaysia tidak langsung berasa malu tetapi saya yang hanya rakyat biasa saja amat-amat berasa malu dengan tindakan pihak polis Thai tersebut.

6. Maka teringatlah saya kepada ungkapan, "mereka-mereka yang membuat onar mana ada rasa malu dan segan". Mereka akan sentiasa saja cuba memberikan alasan kepada kewajaran setiap tindakan yang 'tidak wajar' yang telah mereka lakukan walaupun semua orang dah tahu itu adalah tindakan yang salah.

7. Setiap hari yang berlalu selagi tidak ada tindakan penyudah daripada pasukan Task Force 1MDB mendakwa dan menyabit ke mahkamah 'dalang-dalang besar' dan bukan hanya sekadar 'ikan kecil' sahaja maka negara akan terus terusan mendapat kerugian dari segi ekonomi dan juga kehormatan.

8. Ringgit Malaysia yang semakin hilang nilainya dengan kuasa membeli rakyat juga yang semakin berkurangan dari hari ke hari adalah amat dikesali kerana pihak yang melakukan onar itu masih lagi tidak mahu mengaku bersalah bertanggungjawap dan mengambil tindakan yang betul bagi segera memperbetulkan keadaan yang semakin meresahkan rakyat dan sekaligus ekonomi negara.

9. Bukan politik dan ekonomi negara sahaja yang semakin tergugat tetapi krisis 1MDB serta lain-lain yang melibatkan wang pembayar cukai ini juga telah menggugatkan juga keharmonian hidup majmuk masyarakat berbagai kaum di Malaysia. Telah timbul bait-bait perkauman seperti yang telah terjadi di Low Yat sebelum Aidilfitri dahulu.

10. Oleh kerana 'M' yang ada pada UMNO itu merujuk kepada Melayu maka semakin ramai rakyat yang bukan Melayu telah pun melabelkan seluruh orang Melayu itu sebagai bersekongkol mempertahankan 'ketuanan Melayu UMNO' sekarang walaupun terdapat bukti nyata bahawa telah berlakunya penyelewengan, korupsi dan juga kesalahan pentadbiran di kalangan pemimpin UMNO yang memerintah kerajaan Malaysia sekarang.


Ibarat kudis yang telah pun menjadi kurap dan telah mula merebak ke seluruh anggota badan tetapi tangan-tangan yang berkuasa masih juga tak mahu berubat untuk menyembuhkannya.

Terima kasih...

Zalman A. said...


Hopefully your analysis is correct.

Task Force must stand firm despite "internal sabotage".

I suggest Interim Report of Task Force is required SOON, plus they and the PAC should both be cross-referenced to each other. Nur Jazlan should take initiative.

Avoid the PMO at all costs.

They are not working for the rakyat.

This must not go unpunished.

Kawanlama said...

Thank you so much Datuk AKJ for the brief caption of the Judgement made by our late distiguished Raja Azlan. I really appreciaite it Datuk.

nothing to hide said...

until today no word about bringing wsj to court. delay as long as possible. maybe the thief 's lawyers cant understand simple english. they dont even know the difference between has and have.

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam. Perniagaan yg bersangkutan Kerajaan (GLC) ni yg libatkan bilion bilion dan trilion trilion ni bayak zakat ka dak ? Ada peraturan pantauan (oversight) ka tidak ? Mintak depa ni sirius sikit no...kalau TNB,PLUS,TELECOM, PETRONAS, BANK2 dll bayak, aku rasa masaalah rakyat dok merempat, kaih pagi makan pagi dan buruk sangka antara kaum dan pangkat, yg dok melebag InsyaAllah dapat dikorangkan. Wa sallam.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

From what I understand on how the system works, MACC will be able to conduct its investigations but it have no power to charge anyone in court.

There are 4 agencies in the task force investigating 1MDB but eventually the ball will go to only one office, which is the AG.

There is a perception in the public about selective persecution.

How long does it takes to investigate about RM2.6 billion that goes into an individual personal account.?

It would be a difficult to divert the city folks away from this issue but kampong folks are vulnerable to be distracted in a manner perhaps similar to the film, "Wag the Dog".

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Bila TSMY bersuara agak jelas maka timbul semula semangat saya. Ada selera makan.

Tapi bila RD kata UBN parti sederhana saya rasa nak muntah.

Yg paling atas kebas entah berapa billion. Yg peringkat menteri entah berapa billion pulak.

Peringkat peniaga tegar baik Cina , india atau Melayu entah berapa billion.

Peringkat UMNO dan kroni negeri mana cukup dgn buat projek bina masjid je. Bila nak setanding dgn kekayaan menteri2 pusat.

Terpaksalah tebang balak spt di Cameron Highland.

Terpaksalah halau keluar Melayu untuk persila pelabur Singapore spt di Johor. Kalau tidak gimana bapak dan anak nak berpesawat peribadi.

Ketua UMNO Bahgian merangkap bisnisman takkan la nak tenguk je.

Entah2 duit IMDB tu dah dikongsi2 bukan saja dgn Cina Jho Low tu tetapi jugak anak beranak, menteri dan ketua2 UBN yg lain.

Kalau tidak masakan semua membisu seribu bahasa seolah oleh tiada rasa bersalah langsung.

Persoalan lebih besar kalau pun Najib turun.

Apa jaminan wang rakyat dalam IMDB akan dipulang senula.

Jangan lupa jugak entah berapa billion lagi wang rakyat lesap dgn cara lain.

Analisa Dakj terhadap task force semakin menarik. Syabah Dakj atas penat lelah memerah otak mencari bahan dan menulis.

Sebagai rakyat kita mintak TSMY, TDM,;ZAM, DLL akan terus mendesak. Desakan mereka akan menjadikan anggota lebih berani dan tidak disisihkan.

Buktikan tanpa Anwar dan Hadi Awang pun yg lain tetap berbisa.

Zalman A said...


What is your take on this?

Are they confident a cover-up will succeed?

The fact that the SRC man was allowed to leave the country so easily is very strange.

I hope the MACC has not merely assembled an "alibi" for Najib with the 5 arrests.

BNM and MACC must not lose their nerve now.

Unknown said...

Dalam budaya UMNO kesetiaan hanya tertumpu pd presiden.

Terimakasih kpd ajaran ayahanda Mahathir yg pantang ditegur.

TSMY dan Shafie Afdhal lebih baik siap sedia cari kerja lain jika Najib tak turun.

Budaya inilah yg betul2 merosak negara.

Org macam Dakj kena perangi jugak budaya menyerupai syirik ni.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I admire your optimism. There must be something that you know that we don't. I, for one, am still sceptical that Najib will go down soon. There is hardly any true movement against him except in social media.

Sadly though, it seemed that the PM has decided that if he goes, UMNO, BN and the country (judging by the ringgit) will go down with him. He has missed the opportunity to leave gracefully anyway. The shit has hit the fans and respect has already been lost.

Labu said...

Dah terang lagi bersuluh.

1. Satu kampung dah tahu yang Tok imam dah salah urus tabung masjid.
2. Tok imam guna duit tabung untuk meniaga.
3. Tok imam buat senyap2. Tok imam jugak penjaga tabung masjid.
4. Orang kampung perasan Tok Imam buat meniaga duit tabung masjid.
5. Orang kampung perasan, duit tabung yang tok imam laburkan belum datangkan hasil.
5. Orang kampung tanya tok imam, ada untung ke? mana labanya?
6. Tok Imam kata ada. Tunggulah.
7. Orang kampung dah hilang kesabaran. Hutang masjid makin bertambah. Untung tak nampak2.
7. Tabung yang dulu ada RM52 dah tinggal RM7.
8. Orang kampung tak puas hati selagi tak nampak hasil pelaburan tabung masjid.
9. Orang kampung bertanya lagi. Dan lagi.....dan lagi...dan lagi....
10. AJK masjid mintak orang kampung jangan bising2 pasal duit tabung masjid yang susut entah kemana.
11. Sebab kalau terus bising, nanti Tok imam hilang jawatan....bimbang ditangkap polis.......termasuklah semua AJK masjid.
12. Tok imam dah tak tahan orang kampung mula buat bising.
13. Kali ini Tok imam akan tangkap orang kampung yang buat bising pasal duit tabung masjid.

Unknown said...

Ni lah satu2nya ketua negara yg berhubung dgn rakyat melalui wakil....baik d parlimen maupun berhujah menjawab isu2 rakyat....sambil berkata bohong.Jika beliau bertindak sedemikian rupa apa perlu rakyat kpd beliau lagi? Ada sapa2 boleh huraikan termasuk DAKJ yg saya kagum masih kekal bersemangat?
Mana arah tuju negara?

Fendi Ahmad said...

Kelemahan terbesar PM Najib ialah mengulangi apa yang PM Pak Lah buat. Tidak bijak menerang dan meyakinkan rakyat terhadap apa jua isu yang melanda. Sikit2 PMO yang menjawab.

Mungkin sebab mereka berdua bukan jenis rajin membaca sepertimana Dr Mahathir dan Lee Kuan Yew. Dua orang legen Asean ini menguasai banyak perkara kerana sikap dan minat kuat membaca mereka sejak zaman belum jadi pemimpin lagi.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

These same words of judgment from Almarhum Sultan Azlan (if ever the words could be repeated) would be just the right words to use in sentencing DSN when that moment of truth comes.

Thank you Datuk. Wishing you a fast recovery from your gering-gering, drink lots of water. Take care now Datuk AKJ.

Unknown said...

Konen sdr Fendi mengingatkan saya terhadap komen TMJ yg berkata " gimana Najib nak hadir forum Nothing to hide when he has a lot og things to hide?

Kebolehan memberi penerangan ada kaitan dgn kebenaran perkara yg kita nak terangkan itu.

Kalau dah kawan2 dan adik kita sendiri tak percaya dgn keikhlasan kita maka bagaimana kita nak yakin masyarakat umum.

Kalau kita PM baik dan jujur, biar hasil kerja beliau yg membuktikan segalanya.

Kalau dah terlalu banyak skandal yg terang lagi bersuluh penasihat hebat spt Lim Kok Wing pun berundur.

Malaysia sangat malang tak dpt PM yg bijak, bersih, cekap dan jujur dengan bukti yg tidak boleh dipertikai spt mantan PM Lee Kuan Yew.

Bila Msia gagal maju spt Korea Selatan, Taiwan dan Singapore maka tak payah nak beri alasan2 membodohkan.

Kita mahukan bukti. Bukan cakap berdegar degar macam Mahathir dan Najib.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Siapa tak kenal dengan billionaire Amerika yg mulut celupar bernama Donald Trump.

Sejak dua tiga minggu istihar mahu bersaing mewakili parti Ruplican bagi jawatan presiden Amerika maka beliau terus membuat pernyataan kontrovesi.

Selepas mengutuk sikap kerajaan negara jiran Mexico yg seolah2 lepas tangan dalam isu pendatang Mexico ke bumi Amerika, Donald Trump menghentam pulak pihak berkuasa polis Amerika yg dikatakan tak cekap dalam membendung kebanjiran pendatang haram warga Mexico.

Yg hebatnya Presiden dan polis Amerika tak pulak melenting nak tangkap Donald Trump atas dakwaan cuba menghasut rakyat agar membenci pihak polis.

Dan pihak KDN Amerika tak pulak sibuk gantung permit akhbar yg melapur kenyataan Trump atas alasan cop ayam konon kenyataan spt itu boleh menggangu ketenteraman awam dan mempunyai unsur fitnah.

Ternyata Najib gagal lagi . Gagal nak bisik pd Obama bagaimana nak tutup mulut pengkritik waktu mereka main golf hujung tahun lepas.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Sebagaimana dijangka tujuan Najib tubuh pasukan petugas siasat kes kehilangan wang rakyat dalam IMDB adalah untuk menutup ruang rakyat mengkritik.

Berita hari ini mengesahkan bahawa PMO dah beri peringatan sama termasuk kpd TPM iaitu jangan komen sehingga siasatan selesai.

Ertinya kalau 20 tahun lagi pun siasatan tak selesai semua menteri dan ketua UMNO kena jadi bisu.

Agaknya ini satu lagi kesederhanaan dasar UMNO yg difahami sdr RD.

Orang Kampung said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk,

Saya setuju dengan pendapat sesetengah pembahas bahawa najib tak akan melepaskan jawatan nya sebagai pm dan presiden umno dalam terdekat ini. Saya kira beliau mungkin akan melepaskan jawatan nya setelah mempastikan yang bakal pengganti nya bukan ts muhyiddin. Sekurang kurangnya pun seseorang yang dia yakin dapat menjadi benteng kepada dirinya dan ahli keluarga nya, sekiranya kemungkinan berlaku sesuatu yang tidak baik selepas pengunduran nya . Kita tunggu lah rombakan kabinet yang akan diumumkan nanti . Kekalkah tamu di tempat nya sekarang ? Sekiranya beliau dinyahkan saya rasa implikasi nya kepada politik negara dan khususnya umno bn agak besar . Wallahualam.

Anakuazim said...

Saudara Labu..

Siapa erk Tok Imam tu...?

Tok Imam kampung mana...?

Nak jugak tau...

Haji Mohd Ali said...

Assalamualaikum DATUK dan Pembaca yang dihormati,
Saya pun suka baca komen UAA,

Negara yang pemimpinnya bijak telah menghantar wartawan mencari berita. Malangnya Pemimpin kita menghantar POLIS konon nak korek rahsia. Orang Thai pun sedar akan perbezaan nawaitu dan apa pula kesudahan lapurannya nanti.

Saya rasa kalau Datuk yang bijak bistari ini yang diberi pilihan, pastinya Datuk lebih rela ditemu-ramah orang surat khabar dari yang lain. kerana ..... kita sendiri tahu sebab-sebabnya. Kesannya juga berbeza. Wartawan mencari berita untuk dihebahkan, Polis nanti semuanya jadi rahsia. Tambahan pula dengan cerita sensasi VIP seperti ini.

Dan kalau Utusan yang pergi dan tidak diberi laluan ...... lagi MALU kita Tuk. Sejak bersara 14 tahun sudah, saya masih tidak mis membeli dan membaca Utusan, tak kisah pun apa orang kata.

Salam Haji Mohd Ali

Zalman A. said...

New A-G, if the Roadshow Roadside man, will be give the sole task of making sure that the Task Force does NOT implicate Najib.

Thus BNM and MACC are left as the only hopes of 30 million people. But neither has the power to arrest, prosecute or charge internationally, and now the case requires international arrests.

IGP as we know, not going to do anything without Z's approval.

The cover-up may be 100%, and TSMY may be kicked out.

The WSJ documents in Task Force will be re-altered to fit Najib's needs.

Zalman A. said...

UPDATED news report:

Apandi Ali is replacement for Gani.

I hope he will let the Task Force process complete.

Discretion to charge Najib will still be with A-G, however....

RD. said...

Mungkin 'tok Imam' itu adalah pencinta DAP, jelmaan PAP. Tidak lagi menyokong Presiden PAS dan beralih sokongan kepada puak pembelot PAS yang sekarang bercirikan Evangelist dengan kata-nama Harapan Baru atau New Hope. 'Harapan' yang juga boleh mendatangkan kemewahan dunia. Kalau bukan kerana WANG, masakan ada agama?

Dictator yang amal nepotisma dan gemar guna ISA keatas pengkritik dan menyaman mereka sehingga bankrupt pun di sanjung melangit.

Tanduk Dua said...

Tapi dah kena sabotaj oleh PMO...Gani Patail dah kena pecat...ada siapa berani nak dakwa PM?? Nak kena pecattt??

Habislah UMNO, Najib & his PMO making things worst.

Bogeyman said...

Salam DAKJ,

As they say, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Not so sure whether Najib adhere to this sayings....By getting rid of Tan sri Muhyiddin and few other fellow cabinets, he is making their voice of discontent stronger....

With the demise of Ghani Patail as the AG.. I bet Najib is inviting bigger and vicious tidal wave of restlessness... not only from the elite echelon of politicians, but also from general public...

I really feel there is going to be a massive demo about to happen as people need to vent their anger....Even warnings to civil servants not to join will go unheeded as their bosses felt there is nor reason to stop them.....Once it occur, there is no turning back...


1. Can the PM hide the rotting carcass of his sacred white elephant (1MBD) and prolong his reign with the help of the new appointees?

2. Has Muhyiddin got it takes to jolt Umno members from their slumber to fight for truth and justice?

3. Do the oppositions have the gumption and the brain power to do their part in saving the country and trouncing the Umno/BN in the next GE?

4. Can the elected members of Parliament from all sides get together to stop the country from sinking to the abyss?

5. Or is this the beginning of the end for our democracy?

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Zahid Hamidi one of the richest Minister now becomes the DPM. Zahid's mentor was Anwar Ibrahim who intro Money politics into UMNO which has now becomes cancerous.

Wasatiyah victim said...

Salam Datuk,

As they said...Now people can really see Najib's true colors....dropping and removing his ministers and top civil servants at will like flies....His mind is getting cuckoo and getting to becomee schizophrenic...Like the movie acted by Jack Nicholson- "One Over the Cuckoo Nest" (1975)...

Now I am began to doubt when he says he is innocent when he "bersumpah junjung Quran" in the case of Altatunya.....I am began to wonder maybe the curse began to take hold on him....

RD. said...

Saya harap Tuan Haji Mohd Ali tidak mudah terpengaruh tipu-daya mereka yang berselindong disebalik watak/nama, tutur-kata, perilaku berciri Islam, lebih-lebih lagi jika sesaorang itu menggunakan nama Arab. Maklumlah, dalam alam-maya ini ramai penyamar, penghasut dan putar-alam. Jika sesaorang itu berhujah mengunakan ayat suci Al-Quran pun, kita jangan mudah menganggap penghujah itu beragama Islam. Sesiapa saja boleh menggunakan apa saja nama.

Ada juga yang dibayar oleh agent asing untuk memecah-belahkan perpaduan antara kaum. Maklumlah, dalam kalangan Negara Islam di dunia ini, hanya Malaysia yang masih aman-sejahtera.

Memperaga perwatakan warak dan alim, banyak membawa keistimewaan dan kelebihan, lebih-lebih lagi jika sesaorang itu ahli politik. Kalau tidak, sudah tentu bukti video sudah cukup untuk menamat cita-cita politik sesaorang, seperti apa yang selalu terjadi di Negara Kafir.

Mengenai Najib dan 1MDB....
Jika Peguam Negara di tukar dan TPM diganti, nampak pasti Negara akan menjadi kucar-kacir. Nilai Ringgit akan terus merudum. Pertelingkahan kaum akan meningkat dan akan berterusan sehingga PRU14 terpaksa ditangguh. (PAU pun dah tangguh). Selagi tiada rampasan kuasa, selagi itulah kita akan di perintah oleh penyamun yang berselindung disebalik laungan 'Demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara'.


Sdr Daniel Noor,

1. Wikipedia - Before venturing into politics, Ahmad Zahid was a banker for OCBC. He was also one of the directors of Bank Simpanan Nasional (1995–1998) and also Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). He was also a Marketing Executive for Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad, Executive Director for Scandinavian Motors Sdn Bhd, chief executive officer of Kretam Holding Berhad, Chairman of Tekala Corporation Berhad, Chairman of Seng Hup Berhad and Pengerusi Ramatex Berhad. In 1999 he became the Chairman of Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB).

2. He was close to Anwar when Anwar was the shooting star of Umno.

3. When Anwar was dethroned in 1998, he choose to stay on Dr Mahathir's side because the latter knew about his wealth.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Zalman A. said...

"1. Can the PM hide the rotting carcass of his sacred white elephant (1MBD) and prolong his reign with the help of the new appointees?

2. Has Muhyiddin got it takes to jolt Umno members from their slumber to fight for truth and justice?

3. Do the oppositions have the gumption and the brain power to do their part in saving the country and trouncing the Umno/BN in the next GE?

4. Can the elected members of Parliament from all sides get together to stop the country from sinking to the abyss?

5. Or is this the beginning of the end for our democracy?"

I think we must be pessimistic.

Dark and brutal days lie ahead.

Also, 4 members of the PAC are now offered Cabinat posts.

The likelihood is that both the PAC and Task Force are going to halt real probing from now on.

The least likely is:

"Has Muhyiddin got it takes to jolt Umno members from their slumber to fight for truth and justice?"

This will never happen.

They are also part of the food chain from the top.

The feasting on public wealth will only worsen from now onwards. Dissent will be crushed a la North Korea.

Dark and brutal days lie ahead.

RD. said...

Mungkin juga Tuan Haji Mohd Ali adalah orang yang sama dengan pencinta DAP itu.

ADUHAI said...

Datuk AKJ,

Does Najib has the gut to expel TSMY from UMNO Deputy President? Let's wait Friday to see what gonna happen.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

My heart sinks together with this superficial ship of DSN. Every tear my family and I and the rest of us shed will make us even stronger. The more this regime of DSN persecute the rakyat the more hatred will be sown. He will reap his fruits soon or late.

I always keep my rotten tomatoes and eggs Datuk.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato',

Additional salient things to note in the cabinet reshuffle is Dato Nur Jazlan who now have a new boss under the home ministry. According to the media, this means that he can no longer head the PAC.

Shafee Afdal also dropped.

Gani Patael also dropped.

So, the big question is, what does this new cabinet represent?

Is it to serve the people of Malaysia or to sustain the continuity of power of one individual.


Marahlah orang Johor , saya orang Johor jugak, bukan ahli UMNO, yang ahli UMNO berasap kepala agaknya.

Zalman A. said...

Confirmed, the PAC is derailed.

No more investigations for now.

Arul can sleep easy.

Will Zeti and Kassim also be forced into retirement?

This is pure thuggery.

Sedarlah, wahai Melayu... said...

Salam dato,

The better or the worse new members of the cabinet?

The warrior forgets to change the skipper of the ship.

The warrior thinks the generals will win him the war, but the bugis

warrior has lead his prior generals in consequentive battles sor far,

and they have delivered him big, big time defeats.

To win a war for the warrior,the generals need to win many battles.

Which of the general have the sklill to stop the ringgit's rot,the KLSE's rot,
the `domestic income and lifestyles rot', the likelihood of increase tax/GST,
the likelihood of poorer GDP and etc?.

WHICH OF THEM know that the present `ship' is navigated to the land of LOWER and low domestic consumptions and lower and low export incomes as well as increasing import prices and expenses?

The skipper is on both eyepadding to protect him from the scorching heat,and he is on headphone connected the apple polisher sounds of music, and a veteran in seasick.....the ship is in a huge hurricane, nearing the bull eye, and it sails without hurricane-lamp, and without hurricane-deck.

AND THEY ALL DO NOT KNOW...,and they all not in the know,and they all do not want to know..

Just be a loyal generals to the warrior.

Everybody dream to be a warrior, to have a ship with generals of their own!.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

tun razak said...

zahid can enjoy 3 years as dpm. pru14 the whole lot will be sent to hell.

RD. said...

Khabar yang paling melegakan adalah; penganti AG amat mengetahui dan memmahami niat sebenar ahli politik pembangkang, memperjuangkan pengunaan kalimah Allah untuk semua, (sama seperti PAS for All?) kebanyakannya Evangelist yang mengunakan Agama untuk meraih undi, terutamanya di Sabah dan Sarawak.

Saudara Zed-85.
Saya rasa tak perlu ahli UMNO berasap kepala.
DS Khalid Ibrahim yang diganti sebagai MB Selangor pun tidak berasap kepala. Beliau hanya istihar jadi Bebas. Jika keadaan menjadi terdesak, TS Muhyiddin pun boleh berbuat demikian bersama lain-lain Ahli Parliment yang tidak setuju dengan 1MDB. Samada BEBAS, menyokong atau TIDAK menyokong BN, masih boleh dirundingkan.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Are you still optimistic that there is light down the tunnel? Today is a particularly bad day for ordinary Malaysians. Our hopes are in tatters. TSMY, AG and PAC all gone in one fell swoop.

jebat said...

Salam Takzim dan Aidlfitri,

Malas saya nak komen apa pun. Keran yang membacanya kebanyakan nya mata kapak tumpul dari mereka-mereka yang bermuka tebal saoerti kulit hinzir.

Biarlah !!!




bogeyman said...

Salam DAKJ,

Not really care about the PAC anymore....Its importance when the scandal first broke and people were eager to know what happen to all the money being used..Now it becomes less important once the task force is in place....what is important now and foremost is- "Did Najib receive the haram money"....

If there is evidence he actually receives the money....I think that no doubt that the judiciary body has to play its role in stripping the PM and charge him...The thorough investigation to whatever happen to 1MDB can be done later once the python's head is in jail....

Unknown said...

Sdr Haji Mohd Ali.

Saya pun baca utusan untuk pengetahwan.

Saya juga baca Harakah untuk tenguk apa mereka kutuk UMNO.

Saya baca kedua2nya terang2 tanpa selindung.

Ada kawan yg taksub UMNO kutuk bila saya baca Harakah. Saya jawab " awak baca Utusan atau the Star saya tak kutuk pun"

Harakah saya beli untuk baca. Tanda sokongan. Walaupun dah mula meluat dgn Hadi Awang.

Utusan dan The Star mintak maaf saya tak akan beli. Baca free boleh la. Kita bayar untuk ditipu.

Lain kali tn hj jangan sebut puji UAA.

Nanti ada makhluk bernama RD tiba2 histeria.

Kalau tn hj dah bersara 14 tahun tn berhak untuk ada perasaan sayang pd UMNO terutama UMNO zaman Tun Razak.

Bagaimana pun fikir2kan jugak nasib cucu cicit.

RD. said...

Boleh pula berpura-pura berlakon seolah-olah Harakah di miliki oleh PAS dan President Hadi Awang punyai kata-putus atas apa yang di laporkan.

Macamlah Harakah yang dulunya menjadi lidah-rasmi PAS, tidak pernah memfitnah. Yang jelas Harakah memain amat bijak dalam dalam menyemai kebencian sesama Melayu dan memecah-belah kesatuan. Kita tunggu apa kesudahan saman Najib terhadap Harakah untuk mengetahui siapa sebenar dibelakang Harakah.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

I hope the earth will open up and swallow DSN and all his fellow worshippers.

To TSMY and DSSA your struggle and fight for the truth and for the sake of the people have just begun. Be that torch for us TSMY!

Terima kasih Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

Haji Mohd Ali said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk dan Pembaca semua,
Mohon laluan Datuk,

Kepada sdra RD dan UAA, saya ucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas pandangan ikhlas sdra terhadap secibis komen saya terdahulu.

Saya bukan pencinta DAP, Insya Allah, tidak mungkin ianya akan berlaku. Namun kadangkala saya kagum dengan perjuangan sesetengah pemimpinnya. Seperti kebanyakan orang Melayu lainnya, saya tetap menghargai jasa-jasa UMNO. Masakan orang kampung pekebun kecil seperti ayah saya berkemampuan membiayai pelajaran anaknya di luar Negara.

Anak kecil yang kita sayangi juga perlu dijentik jika terlanjur kesopanan mereka. Bukankah wajib memberi kesedaran agar kesilapan mereka tidak berterusan?. Kita mahu melakukannya kerana kasih, sayang dan ‘caring’ kita terhadap mereka. UMNO kini telah dewasa tentunya. Tidak mungkin kita mahu membiarkan keterlanjuran terus berluluasa. Menyedari siapa kita tanpa nama, Alhamdulillah, masih ada segelintir pemimpin kita yang berani bersuara. Diterima atau tidak, gejala PTPTN telah melahirkan anak-anak muda terpelajar berfikiran pembangkang setiap tahun.

SYABAS TSMY di atas keberaniaan diri. Sedarilah wahai anak-anak muda, usah terleka dengan ungkapan 'Money is King'. Guru atau ustaz mana yang pernah mengajar kita sedemikian ?.
Jangan pula kita dikata rasis, bila dikatakan bahawa belum pernah kawasan kami diwakili pemimpin UMNO. Kawasan sdra-sdri bagaimana?. Kalau bukan MCA, Gerakan, MIC siapa lagi agaknya ya!.

Maaf Zahir BATIN, Wassalam, Haji Mohd Ali.

East_ken_dar said...

Salam Dato'..
Baru saja td secara tak sengaja sy menonton tv3, dimana our 'belove PM' berucap, sy tak ingat dimana. Cuma apa yg diucap tu sungguh menggelikan hati sy. 'Kita tak boleh menghukum seseorg itu bersalah, selagi dia tak dibuktikan bersalah. Skrg ni dah terbalik, apabila media sosial menghukum seseorg itu bersalah dan org tersebut terpaksa membuktikan dia tak bersalah.' Pahlawan Bugis sungguh. Adakah kesalahan TSMY telah dibuktikan sehingga beliau dihukum dengan digugurkan dari kabinet? Org Melayu terkenal dgn ungkapan berani kerana benar, tp npknya Ah Jib Gor ni mmg takde telur..

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