Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The PM Does Not Need You

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE - ON political ground and, for political reason alone, Mohd Najib would not step down as Umno President and Prime Minister. But he would be forced to step down if it is proven in the court law that he is implicated in criminal wrongdoings relating to 1MDB and other institutions. The arrest and remand of a 39-year old executive director of a Bursa Malaysia-listed property company, believed to be a Chinese Malaysian, could (I repeat COULD) be the beginning of that legal process. The company’s chairman is believed to be an Umno MP and an ally of the Prime Minister.


 THE BLOCKING of the whistle-blowing UK-based Sarawak Report by the Malaysian Communication and Multi-Media Commission (MCMC) on July 20 is another example of the many faces of Mohd Najib Abdul Razak as Prime Minister.

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He may be weak and ineffectual, but there are still enough people – the latest being the once sensible Ahmad Shabery Chik – clamouring to serve him for power and cash. Cash, said Mohd Najib, is king.

The Prime Minister is a man of many policies, programmes and slogans. He is, by his own reckoning, a transformational leader. So he transforms.

It is his ability to transforms that makes it hard to pin him down and shoo him away from the Prime Minister’s office. He is unlikely to pack up and go anytime soon.

Let us consider the following:

1. He started his transformational initiatives by launching the 1Malaysia concept soon after he became Prime Minister in 2009 with the slogan “people first and performance now.”

2. On that basis he declared himself Malaysian first and attached the 1Malaysia label to all things possible. So there were the “salam 1Malaysia” greeting, 1Malaysia shops, 1Malaysia clinics, 1Malaysia people’s housing and, last but not least, 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

Has not lived up to people first, performance now
3. Then there was the New Economic Model, his answer to the New Economic Policy (NEP), which was founded on inclusiveness - hence the declaration “I am the Prime Minister for all” and “the  government does not know all."

4. To replace (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Islam Hadhari he launched the  Wasatiyyah or "middle of the road" concept - the Arabic version of his "moderation”.

The Transformation of the PM

I had been speaking in past tense because that is what has become of Mohd Najib. He had transformed. Consider the following:

A. His 1Malaysia slogan of “people first, performance now” has been rendered hollow as a result of the sputtering economy and the burdensome Goods and Services Tax (GST). Now it looks more like “Mohd Najib first rakyat later.”

B. From being Malaysian first he had transformed himself into a “Pahlawan Bugis” (Bugis warrior). In his April speech at the presentation of the Government Transformation Plan (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) 2014, Mohd Najib alluded to his Bugis ancestry saying that a Bugis would not abandon his ship even though it was battered by giant waves, its rudder broken, its sails torn to shreds and the ship is finally swallowed by the ocean. A Bugis would toil on instead of returning to the harbour. (In 2005, as Deputy Prime Minister, he was bestowed the Bugis highest award of the “I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil”).  

The making of a Bugis Warrior
C. From being one of us via his inclusiveness, he distance himself from us by bragging about his blue blood. When speaking at a gathering in Kuching on June 4, he declared that he would not be disheartened because the blood in his body was no ordinary blood.

D. From the Prime Minister for all he has become the Prime Minister for members of the Cabinet, the Umno Supreme Council, the Umno Liaison Chairmen and the Umno divisional heads. They number less than 300.

He thrives on love
E. His inclusiveness has change into exclusiveness. He is concerned only with those who support him.

So, since Mohd Najib is concerned with only these few people, why should he want to step down even if the majority of the rakyat want him gone?

Mohd Najib is not concerned with the majority, especially the 52-per cent who voted for the opposition in the 2013 general elections.

His position now is determined by the 300 or so Umno warlords and Cabinet members. Only the Umno Supreme Council, the state liaison chairmen and the divisional chiefs can remove him. If he loses their support he loses the privilege to remain Prime Minister. But they are unlikely to revolt because they are beholden to him.

Fighting Separate Battles

So (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the bloggers, Sarawak Report, the opposition, the Whatsapp chat groups, the Instantgramers and the Facebookers can shout and scream, and even claim victory but Mohd Najib will stay.

We are fighting two different battles in two separate battlefields.

Those who want the truth about 1MDB, a stronger economy and a respectable country are fighting in the battlefield of public opinion.

They may be winning but they do not have the power to remove the Prime Minister – at least not until the next GE.

Mohd Najib and his exclusive club of supporters may not be winning the public opinion battle but they have the political power – at least until the next GE.

Unless there is a revolt by Umno akin to the storming of the Bastille by the hungry and angry Frenchmen and women in 1789 that saw King Louis XVI and his inconsiderate wife, Marie Antoinette, being sent to the guillotine, Mohd Najib will stay.

He does not need the teeming nation to support him. He only needs the Cabinet ministers, the Umno chiefs, the mainstream media and the hangers-on to be loyal to him, even superficially.

Pemuda Umno is making sure he does not fall
And with the power vested in him by the 48-per cent Barisan Nasional voters during the 2013 GE he can continue to rule come rain or shine until the next general polls.

That’s the reality for now.

Footnote: This is my 1,000th article since I started this blog in 2006. Thank you for your support.



Abu said...

Hmm.. Rosak malaysia ni..

mr.cukup said...

Tahniah kepada Saudara pada blog posting ke 1000th

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Biar hari ni saya bodek Dakj.

Terima kasih, tahniah dan syabas atas kejayaan bertahan sejak 2006 hingga telah melahirkan 1000 posting berkualiti di blog ini.

Sekarang adalah masa Najib, menteri dan ketua2 bahgian tunjuk hebat.

Yang penting Dakj masih takut Allah berbanding sesetengah orang Melayu yg lebih takut pd Najib atau kak ros atau wang ringgit.

Kepada org yg tak mahu berfikir walaupun mereka belajar tinggi maka apa jua yg pemimpin UMNO kata mereka akan angguk tertalu2.

Rakyat amnya dan org Melayu khususnya yg terkenal dgn kepercayaan songsang mengenai konsep bersyukur jarang mahu membantah secara terbuka.

Tambahan pulak Najib ada senjata bapak segala rasuah iaitu BRIM yg boleh menyejukkan hati berjuta manusia.

Empat lima billion rgt wang BRIM dah cukup tutup mata rakyat majorit isi rumahyg beumlah 7 juta orang.

Bandingkan beberapa kerat waris walak dan kawan2 yg merembat berpuluh billion kalau tidak beratus billion dari harta rakyat atau kekayaan negara.

Itulah hebatnya PM Najib. Bapa Slogan.

Akan tetapi beliau lupa sejarah. Dalam perseteruan antara rakyat dgn ketua belum pernah rakyat kalah selamanya.

Tunggulah bila rakyat rasa duit BRIM dah tak cukup untuk tampung GST atau kos sara hidup atau ramai Melayu tak mampu beli rumah atau makan cuma sekali sehari.

Dulu pernah ke kita terfikir, Suharto, Marcos, Sadam Hussein, Mahathir , Muhammar Ghadaffi dan Hosni Mubarak akan tersungkur atau terpelanting?

Kalau rakyat tak berjaya, malaikat pencabut nyawa belum pernah gagal.

Sayang berdegah degah kata Islam. Tapi curi harta macam boleh bawa masuk kubur.

Kaeduang said...

Not 'us' pakcik.. but 'u'...

Bling bling said...

Kadiaq Congrats for reaching a thousand articles. It shows hang is a consistent and disciplined blogger. No hangat-hangat tahi ayam one. Some people start a blog because everybody does it. After a while, they lose interest and move on to something else. Their blogs are left unattended and died premature death.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad truth that you wrote dato. It is very sad to see how rotten UMNO has become. Is there no one among these UMNO leaders who have a bit of honour or shame left in them? I have no pity or respect left for this bunch of spineless hypocrites and crooks. Perhaps its really time that UMNO is buried. What hope is there left?

joe black said...


In their attempts to Fend off Attacks on Najib and 1MDB from accusations of Gross Mismanagement and Breach of Trust(which is really what it's all about), the Government backed Media (MSM and paid bloggers) backed by the Disinformation Ministry has successfully alienated the public, invoking the danger of casting Najib and (by Proxy) UMNO into the role of Public Enemy (is that why Lim Kok Wing Resigned as Chief Propoganda Strategist?).

Although Najib may survive any efforts to oust him in UMNO, it still does not change the perception of the Public that Najib is overstaying at their expense. This backlash will inadvertently affect support for UMNO. The only way for UMNO to continue staying in Power will be by invoking the North Korean Model of Government (Malays are after all, by nature, similar to North Koreans). But of course, this can only be done with the Cooperation of the Military.

vasantha said...

Dear Dato,
Congratulations Dato. I am also an aspiring writer . The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. In my childhood days, I was much inspired by writers like Solzhenistyn and isaac Asimov. Writers played a pivotal role in the French Revolution.I think they formed the Fourth Estate. Some politicians are not afraid of such dire circumstances because they are in a deluded state of euphoria. The lessons of history are lost on them. They speak pretty allright, thanks to affluent private school education. In reality, they lack real intelligence and substance. They are more interested in how they sound than what they say. The real objective of any language is when the listerners understand what is being said. Thus it is not necessary to speak in the Queen's language or speak down to your audience in a pompous and patronizing tone. Fluent language does not maketh the man.
Well, now we come to people like you and Tun Mahathir. You do not hesitate to call a spade a spade.When I listened to his comments on the conspiracy theorey, I could only say, Wow! What a guy? His arguments are lucid.He does not mince works. He is too busy a person to beat around the bush or sugar-coat his words. He is a man with an mission - to set the country right before meeting his Maker! Now the question is, "Do we hear him, Do we understand what he is saying?"

nothing to hide. all well hidden. said...

In other words he is a shameless person who has brought nothing but shame to his father and the country. UMNO will be torn to bits in PRU 14. Go to hell with Najib and umno. The corrupted umno leaders will know their fate then.

hazleezaiton@yahoo.com said...

Salam Dato,

The next step is cancellation/postponement of the next general election.

I just wonder why Lim kok wing can not stays in the camp anymore, too hot may be.

Perhaps he has found that the ship is wired to explode.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Unknown said...

The problem is Ahli UMNO tidak akan revolt. The Malays will revolt if being accused of stealing a Handphone. Najib knows the weakness of the Malays..Toleransi..

Praxis said...

Brilliant reporting of the truth, without compromising on the conclusions, however paradoxical or unpleasant they may be. We shouldn't compromise or distort the truth, which truth should direct one's steps, according to our loyalties, be it the devil or the LORD.

Wahi Wahub said...

You're spot on Kadir. The thing is, when he is bogged down by issues concerning his administration, he wasted no time rushing to Umno HQ to meet all the KBUs to explain the issue himself. That is quite strange an and unsual. Didn't he realize as prime minister who is in charge running the country, he owed an explanation to the public rather than KBUs? After each meeting, Ku Nan then emerged and sit down in front of the media with a statement that all KBUs are satisfied with PM's explanation. And then business as usual.

Kaninna said...

With “billiyon” around hopefully you don’t teaming up with those “bought out” bloggers and writers.Dont let Tun M alone.Its rakyat struggle.Remember there’ll be cover-up, spinn- up , buying-up, threatened-up and block- up operation going on.

Rakyat Tertindas said...

Salam Aidil Fitri kpd Datuk sekeluarga. 2-3 bulan lalu pandangan saya tak mungkin Najib akan kekal sebagai PM memandangkan skandal2 sebegini teruk diketahui umum.

Tetapi anggapan saya salah, salah sekali. Rupa2nya seluruh kabinet, ketua2 UMNO termasuk ketua parti2 sekutu BN begitu "beholden" - terhutang, terikat kpd pahlawan Bengis, opps, Bugis ini.

Entahlah, saya dan ramai kekawan pun tak tahu jalan keluar, sebab kalau bukan Najib, siapa pengganti dari UMNO yang berkebolehan, adil dan berjiwa rakyat. Tiada siapa daripada UMNO sekarang yang mempunyai salah satu daripada ciri2 tersebut. Yang ada pun mungkin ahli2 biasa saja, yang masih percaya "spirit" UMNO 1946.

Tak apalah, biar Najib tinggal supaya seluruh BN ditumbangkan PRU kelak. Rakyat ada 2-3 tahun untuk merasa betapa periknya hidup dibawah pemerintahan pahlawan bengis ini.

Datuk sepatutnya tulis lebih satira macam artikel ini. Paling kurang ianya hiburan untuk kita melupakan perasaan marah seketika.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Dah cemuih tok, biaq pi kat dia..
Bila jeruluih nanti, pakat pakat tengok...
Tengok jemuan mana pi angkat dia..
tak kelapaq dah nak ambik tau

AZAM anak Sarawak said...

Salam Tok AKJ.

First of all, congratulations on your 1000th article...

Secondly, unfortunately I have to agree with you that Najib is here to stay and does not give two hoods what the rakyat says because he has UMNO, BN, and cabinet members backing him. Najib does not us the rakyat to stay in power and that is a difficult fact to swallow.

Thirdly, the rakyat may reduce BN/UMNO Parliamentary seats further in GE14. Highly unlikely to be replaced by the opposition though because of BN/UMNO's stronghold over rural seats especially in the interiors of Sabah and, more importantly, Sarawak.

Fourthly, I don't think WSJ or SR would be sued by Najib or his people. Najib would not have the guts to do that. He and his people would continue and intensifies efforts to discredit WSJ and SR. Just discredit but not sue hoping that is done frequent enough people would disbelieve WSJ and SR. UMNO definitely is going on overdrive from that angle.

Whatever it is, I sincerely hope it would end soon. Let us move on to address the issues that we are facing, from forex to debts to whatever.

AZAM anak Sarawak

Saraly said...

Salam Dato. It is done. R.A.H.M.A.N. What we can do now is making sure those would replaced UMNO are not like these warlords who stuffed themselves with money and the blood of the rakyat. If not. Syria would manifest in our midst.

krenggge said...

Saya lebih prefer kepada hazleezaiton punya pandangan.
Saya lebih cenderung mengatakan TIADA PRU14!

Unknown said...

Your articles sound more like the defeat is near for najib

devan1310 said...

your article sound like najib had been defeated

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Krengge,

PRU14 pasti ada kerana kerajaan yang ada sekarang ini ada had tempoh iaitu tidak lebih dari 5 tahun.

Soalnya adalah samada orang melayu tahu atau sedar bahawa selain dari kedudukan istimewa, orang melayu juga ada hak lain yang sangat penting, iaitu hak untuk memilih kerajaan.

Ramai orang terutamanya orang kampong berfikiran feudal, mereka tidak tahu apakah hak mereka sebagai rakyat malaysia.

Zaman sebelum merdeka orang melayu tidak ada hak untuk memilih pemerintah. Sekarang sudah kuasa untuk memilih pemerintah, orang melayu harus gunakan hak mereke dengan bijaksana..

Unknown said...

Salaam DAKJ....
Kurang setuju. Sbb betul kah rakyat malaysia benar2 bangkit menentang beliau? TIDAK. Cuma bergegar d media sosial je.....d hidangkan dgn berita pelbagai.....akhirnya BASI.
1MDB dan pembohongan d parlimen sudah cukup menjatuh kan beliau. Tapi apa kesinambungan nya? TIADA. Maka ramai lah berserah dgn hukum.....malah lambat laun beliau akan mati juga. Tatkala tu keadaan rakyat dan ekonomi entah mcm mana....kan?

Unknown said...

Datuk, actuallz najib hires con- sultan to think for him . This frees him from actual work of governing the nation and he could accompany his minangkabau blue blood wife on shopping spree

Unknown said...

Sdr krengge.

Pemilihan umum dalam parti UMNO boleh di tangguh hingga maksimun 18 bulan.

Terimakasih dan berkat kepandaian Mahathir waktu berkuasa gara2 penakut drpd dicabar.

Bab ni tentu Najib berterima kasih.

Dalam kes PRU , Najib tak boleh tangguh melepasi 5 tahun drpd PRU 13 yg lalu. Najib terikat dgn kehendak perlembagaan.

Kecuali Najib dengan persetujuan Agong mengistihar Malaysia diperintah secara dharurat.Kalau Najib nak suka2 tangguh PRU 14 selepas terbangun dari mimpi atau atas nasihat ketua2 UMNO spt Ahmad Maslan? Jawabnya tak boleh.

Tapi kalau ada kumpulan samseng yg sengaja di bela yg buat kekacauan kaum spt di Low Yat Plaza baru2 ni maka semuanya boleh terjadi termasuk pengistiharan dharurat demi curi kuasa.

Wang negara berbillion rgt pun lesap hingga polis tiba2 jadi biul tenggelam punca. Tak tahu macam mana nak siasat.

Waktu tu mungkin tentera yg perintah Msia bukan semestinya UMNO.

Kalau ketua tentera dah jadi PM, adakah beliau dengan senang nak serah balik kuasa pd orang awam?

Bersedialah untuk Msia jadi a failed state.

JV said...

Datuk, congrats on the 1000th. If the scandals continue and the rascals cling on to power, could they double to 2000 ?

msh said...

Benar seperti yg Dato katakan...Najib akan kekal berkuasa selagi Menteri2...300 ahli Umno serta 190 Ketua Bahagian Haram J masih berterusan NENJILAT KUDIS.. KURAP DAN PANAU yg dia laki bini sendiri cari dan kini makin merebak.

Lim Kok Wing pun sudah surrender kerana tidak tahan.... dgn kudis2 ini agak nya....atau dia rasa susah nak diubati lagi.

Memang tidak masuk akal langsung...190 org atau.300 org 'warlords' dari 30 juta rakyat.... yg berkuasa menentukan halatuju negara dgn mengekalkan Presiden yg penuh kudis dan kurap ini.

Tetapi inilah HAKIKATNYA.

Justeru itu Dato....apa yg boleh kita harapkan lagi dlm masa terdekat ini?

TPM Mahyuddin bagaimana?

Serupa sahajalah dia pun..
Huh....dia letih...dia tidak berminat...tetapi masih juga mahu jadi TPM?

Pelik dan dangkal sebab dia pun tahu....sekian lama Najib memerintah..Umno cuma ada Presiden tanpa Timb Presiden....dia cuma 'rubber stamp' sahaja.

Berat memang berat apa yg negara sedang lalui....krisis kepimpinan 'in the highest order'....yg lama berlarutan

'The stakes are too high'...mana mungkin dia mengalah walau pun terpaksa berbohong beribu kali.

"Gelama ikan duri.....siakap senohong...bila dah mencuri kenalah berbohong".

Terima kasih.

Awang selamat said...


Apo nak dikato
Tun M salah pilih
2 pengganti tak guno
rakyat terus merintih

1MDB bencana negara
rakyat tanggung sengsara
pelbagai skandal menimpa
Bangsat kepimpinan bangsa!

Penanya said...

RTM bawah Sabri Chik tu nampak ada buat tranformasi jugak. Sejak akhir2 ni, salam sehati sejiwa dah ganti salam satu Malaysia setiap kali berita. Ada makna ke ni?


The Scribe

How hard is it to catch someone with his dirty hands in the cookie jar and then the proofing of it in a court that is disinterested in listening to the case?

Proof that the money is illegally gained went into the UMNO Presiden's account!

MT UMNO is morally lost, Scribe. The 15 months till PAU will see more cracks in UMNO and Presiden Mohd Najib intends to be the Presiden of UMNO till the pigs take flight in a solar powered jet. And that is a long time, Scribe.

Well done on your humorous piece on Najib.

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam. Amboih, pejam celek, pejam celek dah seribu kali dah hang tulih dlm blog ni. Alhamdulillah....orang yg Allah S.W.T. bagi nikmat bakat menulih, apabila dia guna dgn baik, ikhlaih, InsyaAllah bolih dikira mensyukuri nikmat tu, dan InsyaAllah akan ditambahNya nikmatNya. Aku ingat, mungkin hang pon sedag, lagi lancag 'naratif' hang, lagi ramai orang sambut 'idea'2 hang dan sedikit sebanyak depa semakin subog dan matang, dan InsyaAllah semakin tinggi daya sedag dan pikiran depa. Semoga dikiraNya sebagai 'amal jariah kerana menebag ilmu yg bermafa'ad. Amin. InsyaAllah selamat hang.
Apa yg hang tulih kali ni aku rasalaa adalah satu lakaran trajidi yg menimpa satu gerombolan ma'nusia yg tak sedag kediri, lantaih teruih meneruih dlm kelakuan tak keruan mungkin na'uzubilah, sehingga tersumbat mulut depa dgn tanah kubog. Sejahe jahe rakyat bila tengok duit Malaya 3.82 ringgit untuk 1 dola Singapo lazim kata, mesti rasa ada yg tak kena...Hang macam masih simpan harap pada tindakkan mahkamah dan undang2 ma'nusia ataih pengarah syarikat tu...entahlah Kadiag, aku ingat sejak Salih Abas kena buang, lepaih tu breder kat sg buluh tu...Wallahua'lam.

Cikgu Warga tua pesara kerajaan said...

Thank you for your thousand articles, very few of which I have not read. You have enlightened and broadened your readers' views; you are not impartial but you are not a bigot, either. You are true to your beliefs and they do not deviate as shown by your articles. The New Straits Times lost a great editor when you left and it also lost many die-hard readers.

how to hide said...

that is why if the thief is still around umno will be buried.

Norman said...

Awak ini kurang membaca.

aku said...

Chois..! Aku Silap Kadiag, bukan satu dola Singapo, tapi 1 dola Amerika. Mangap no...

Anonymous said...

If it's true that the arrest will spark the beginning of the legal process that will bring down Najib then it is a real blessing for the country. His reign has been marked by so many disasters, man made or otherwise. The big question then who will take over, and how will this humongous 1MBD mess be cleared up. I doubt the lost money can ever be recovered. More importantly now, how to clear up the rotten mess in UMNO now. The credibility of the entire MT and cabinet has been shattered to pieces.

Josefharrys said...

Salam Datuk, keadaan semasa skrg ini dgn adanya media2 sosial sedikit sebanyak telah mewarnai landskap politik diMalaysia dan tak secara langsung telah membawa rakyat ke satu tahap pemikiran yg matang dgn keadaan politik semasa dan jika dahulu rakyat hanya mendapat berita dari media arus perdana tetapi skrg ini dgn adanya facebook,instagram, dan sbgnya kita dpt lihat feedback direct dari rakyat termasuk dari kerabat sultan yg rata2 mahukan perubahan dlm kerajaan. Percaturan yg dimainkan oleh Najib dgn kuasa yg ada padanya dgn mengheret parti dlm percaturan ini nampaknya telah berjaya menyelamatkan dia hingga kehari ini TETAPI ianya mungkin tak akan bertahan lama ini kerana permainan yg Najib mainkan nampaknya telah dibaca oleh rakyat dan saya percaya para pemimpin Umno yg tak sehaluan dgn Najib yg selama ini berdiam sdg memerhatikan apakah taktik yg Najib nak mainkan seterusnya dan saya yakin mereka2 ini akan membuat kejutan kerana jika mereka benar2 ingin berbakti kpd negara dan menjauhkan diri dari skandal ini nampaknya tidak mustahil Najib akan tersungkur tak lama lagi dan hanya masa dan waktu sahaja yg menentukan bila dan bagaimana Najib tersungkur. Mungkin apa yg datuk katakan mengenai kekebalan dan kuasa yg ada pada Najib dpt lah dia bertahan hingga PRU14 tidak dpt dinafikan melainkan Najib benar2 bersih tetapi dgn keadaan skrg dgn berlainan cerita setiap hari nampaknya segala kemungkinan boleh berlaku kpd Najib dan Umno khususnya oleh itu apa yg Chedet katakan dlm entri terbaru beliau sedikit sebanyak telah menyedarkan para pemimpin Umno yg waras utk difikirkan.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Memang betul Najib tak perlukan kita kecuali semasa PRU .

Kitalah yg bodoh. Hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong sorong.

Kitalah tak guna otak. Satu persatu hak istimewa Melayu dipelahap oleh kroni2 UMNO, kita tetap melaung lagu UMNO pelindung masa depan Melayu.

Pihak PR menjanjikan penghapusan PTPTN, kita tolak sebab kita lebih tergiur dengan BRIM.

Dah lebih dua tahun berlalu selepas PRU13 pd 2013 mana dia janji UBN nak turunkan harga kereta.

Mana dia janji UBN nak naikkan royalti minyak kpd Sabah dan Sarawak kepada 20%

Selepas 2013 dahlah gaji tak baik. Kerajaan sangat berani pulak tambah penderitaan rakyat dgn penghapusan subsidi dan pengenalan GST.

Memang Najib tak perlukan kita. .

Malang sungguh Msia. Selepas tidak menepati janji malah berbohong Najib boleh buat muka selamba mendakwa kerajaan tak pernah mungkir janji.

Adakah bangsa Msia ni sudah terlalu bangsat hingga tak dapat membeza peminpin jujur dgn pemimpin keparat?

Kita rakyat Msia tak perlu Najib dan UBN. Kita orang baik. Kila layak dpt peminpin terbaik.

Kita perlu pemimpin bersih dan progresif spt Anwar, Azmin, Rafizi, Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, , Salahuddin Ayub, LKS,:LGE, Tony Pua dll yg dah terbukti tak takut melawan kezaliman UBN.

Kita perlu contohi keberanian dan kejujuran wartawan spt Dakj.

Kita perlu wartawan berani spt Ho Kay Tat drpd the Edge yg dedah skandal IMDB.

Kita perlu pemimpin berani masuk penjara macam LGE demi perjuang nasib seorang wanita bawah umur Melayu yg dicabul atau dirogol oleh seorang ketua UMNO Melaka.

Kita tak perlu org sombong yg konon berdarah bangsawan Bugis.

Kita mahukan pemimpin berani yg tak lari bila ada peluang walaupun berhadapan dgn dua kali pertuduhan sodomi.

Percayalah rakyat kena ubah nasib mereka sendiri. Tak cukup lagikah 58 tahun terharap2 pada UMNO?

Awang selamat said...

Sorry, This Time We Are Going To Have To Sue!

21 JUL 2015
Sarawak Report takes a tough tone in many of its stories, especially when revealing corruption in high places. So we are generally phlegmatic about the often angry rebuttals we sometimes get.

Usually, we rely on the facts to make our case against detractors and allow readers to decide by comparing those facts with the criticisms against us.

However, over the past days, certain characters who claim to represent the government and their friendly media outlets have gone too far.

They have paraded a sick and discredited individual, who has poured out strings of lies, which none of them have sought to check out, in order to claim this as “proof” that our research was all “forged”.

This would be entertaining for being so ridiculous, given the mass of evidence that supports all we have written. But ministers have now used this character and these ludicrous libels as an excuse to order an internet ban on Sarawak Report.

BN’s so-called strategic communications chief, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, a minister for housing, has on the same grounds outrageously libelled the writer, calling her “scum” and labelled our research as “blatant lies”.

This is despite the fact that all our articles have been closely researched and substantiated.

Moreover, numerous other publications have supported our findings and repeated our conclusions in the global media.

Mr Dahlan has not produced a single shred of evidence that would lead anyone to believe the ravings of the mentally unbalanced bankrupt, Lester Melanyi.

We therefore accuse Mr Dahlan of criminal libel, motivated by malicious intent.

We are consulting our lawyers with a view to reporting him to the Malaysian police authorities and also issuing libel proceedings against him and other parties, including the New Straits Times and other publications which have deliberately promoted falsehoods designed to damage the credibility of Sarawak Report.

We will also report Mr Melanie’s vicious criminal libel to the local police (he’s not worth suing) and we warn him and anyone who continues to promote his present and future made up stories that we will seek appropriate damages.

Jamil said...

Artikel kali ni nampak berlain sikit. Macam banyak cuba menyambung benang yang basah...

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Says nak tunggu 1001...

Selamat berjuang..
Dengaq kata bulan lapan.. Depa berhenti..


Unknown said...

Awak ni bodoh. Sebab tu manpu tulis satu ayat pendek je.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Setelah skandal demi skandal Najib dan yg ada kaitan dgn beliau terbongkar maka bertambah deritalah hidup rakyat.


Semakin merudum nilai ringgit semakin mahal harga makanan termasuk susu bayi dan obat2 .

Dengan jumlah pendapatan yg tak bertambah maka kita menjadi semakin miskin walaupun tanpa kesilapan kita sendiri gara2 kuasa beli kita telah jatuh dgn banyak.

Kalau trend ini tidak segera diatasi maka tahap kesihatan rakyat banyak dikompromi gara2 tidak cukup obat dan makanan berzat.

Begitu juga semakin ramai bayi akan lahir sebagai kanak2 lembam yg akhirnya bukan menjadi aset pd masyarakat akan tetapi menjadi beban sepanjang hayat.

Saya lihat apa yg sedang berlaku ini ada unsur2 sabotaj tahap tertinggi yg sengaja dibuat agar anak2 Melayu terus menjadi tidak berkualiti. Hanya layak merempit, layak tunjuk samseng setelah dikumpul buat bising2 di Low Yat Plaza, layak mengambil dadah, layak jadi penggangur, layak mencukupkan bilangan mengundi berkali2 dgn upah rasuah rm50 ,layak syok sendiri bila pakai seragan Rela dan Pertahanan Awam dan layak isi borang ahli UMNO untuk tunjuk gah.

Perkara yg saya sebut ni dah lama berlaku sejak zaman Mahathir.

Cuma Najiblah yg mempercepatkan lagi proses memiskin generasi Melayu ketahap paling membinbangkan.

Suratman said...

If the current situation persist, come GE 14 Umno is in for a NASTY SUPRISE.

Unknown said...

Cuba tuan hamba 'explain' sikit apa yg tuan hamba maksudkan..hamba kurang mengerti..makaseyy ya

TOOLBOX said...


1. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir & batin.

2. Congratulations on your 1000th article.

3. When you feel discouraged or your words are misunderstood and people criticize you, just keep writing. Remember, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.


Wasatiyyah victim said...

From the ongoings on the 1MBD and Najib scandal, I began to realize certain observations and things began to take shape:

1) Most of those who came to Najib defense are junior ministers, e.g. Maslan and Abdul Rahman Dahlan, who are being told by the higher ups. None we can see coming from seniors Hishamudin, Shafie Afdal, more so by DPM Mahyuddin. Except the old hat, who felt gratitude to being pick up from political oblivion, e.g. Zahid Hamidi. Nazri is as good as becoming the party bulldog and barking whenever his master wants him to do.

2) The national media, especially Utusan, Berita, and NST, lately went into hyperdrive mode and full-scale exposing the so-call culprits, e.g. Justo and Lester, who were feeding the bogus info to Sarawak report. Coincidentally it happens right after Sarawak Report uncovering RM2Million deposited into Rosmah's account. I bet Rosmah is the currently the actual head of propaganda dishing out all the orders using all the powers and means at her husband's disposal to discredit Sarawak Report.

3) I think as far as UMNO chieftains or warlords, who are anti-Najib are concern, they are still holding to their horses. They are waiting for THE big moment, where there is an irrevocable, undeniable or strong incriminating evidence that shows that Najib is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Which meant the penultimate evidence or final reports to be produced from the special task, comprised of a consortium of agencies, i.e. AG/BN/Anticorruption/Police. That result will determine everything. Until then, they will just be good servants and lay low. My guess is once the result is there and no room for Najib to maneuver around, then they will make a swift move and DPM will consult with Agong to have Najib remove from his PM position immediately.

wankamarul701 said...

Cara selesai isu 1mdb :

1.write off hutang 1mdb
2. Bail out dgn duit petronas,

Anonymous said...

Disebabkn Najib ahli UMNO berbelah bagi untuk menyokong atau menentang.
Adakah kerana takut kehilangan Jawatan yang dipegang.
Cara berpolitik sudah mengalami transformasi.. Wang adalah Raja.
Sampai begitu sekali Aura Najib hingga tiada wakil dari UMNO berani bersuara ?
Masih tidak kedengaran puak yang berani menentang Najib.
Adakah mereka menyimpan kuku dan akan mengeluarkan kuku mereka waktu pemilihan UMNO nanti.
Bersalah atau tidak . Najib telah mencalar maruah kredibialiti UMNO sebagai parti yang membela rakyat. Najib menjadi bualan serata dunia.Najib dipenuh pelbagai skandal yang menutup segala sumbangannya pada rakyat.
Pelaksanaan GST yang menyumbang kenaikan harga barangan seterusnya perbelanjaan isi rumah amat terkesan. Bukan sahaja pengguna. Peniaga2 runcit kecil2lan juga tertekan dengan gst dan terpaksa menaikan harga barangan untuk menampung kos 6%.
Ditambah dgn isu pengurusan 1mdb, Felda, menambah keraguaan rakyat pada kepimpinan Najib.
Sikap Najib yang mementingkan diri sendiri dan tidak peduli tentang survival Parti.
Adakah Najib PM terakhir dari UBN?
Adakah UMNO selepas ini akan berkubur disebabkn keegoan Najib?
Berapa lamakah Najib boleh terus bertahan?
Pihak yang mementingkn survival dalam parti sahaja yang berani menentang. Tetapi risiko amat tinggi kerana Najib umpama Durian Musang King dan yang menentang umpama timun yg mudah hancur jika tersilap langkah.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Congratulations on your 1000th article since you started this blog in 2006. I've only discovered this blog of yours this year (am out of date) and will continue to read and follow your thoughts. I am always in awe of your proficiency in both Bahasa Melayu and especially the English language. You are one in a million Datuk.

As for our dear PM Datuk, I hope DSN will step down soon while he still can do it gracefully and with dignity (can he still?). A hard lesson to learn for all the other leaders to come - to lead the country is to serve the rakyat aka to become servant of the rakyat and not vice versa!

Terima kasih Datuk A.Kadir. Saya banyak belajar daripada pembacaan tulisan-tulisan Datuk. Keep on writing and blogging. At the same time don't forget to take care of your health and safety too :)

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Kesah video pengakuan Lester Melanyi buat pelbagai tuduhan.

Konon ada jumpa Rafizi dan Tony Pua.

Konon ada pihak berkomplot nak tumbangkan kerajaan Najib.

Konon ada pihak mereka reka dokumen mengenai IMDB demi memfitnah.

Tujuannya jelas untuk menyakinkan rakyat bahawa selama ini TDM penipu.

Pembangkang penipu.

WSJ , SARAWAK REPORT dan The Edge jugak penipu.

Hari ini tiba2 IGP jadi bersemangat nak tangkap mereka2 yg namanya ada disebut Melanyi. Semudah itu?

Selama ni dah berbuih mulut TDM sebut nama Jho Low dan rakan2 Petro Saudi, yg curi wang rakyat dalam IMDB mereka buat pekak telinga.

Jelas antara cakap TDM dgn Melanyi, pihak berkuasa cepat percaya pd Melanyi.

Lucu tak?

Persis drama lakonan bila Saiful buat pendedahan di sodomi Anwar selepas berkunjung ke pejabat Najib.

Plot yg sama cuba diguna pakai dengan pelakon baru bernama Melanyi.

Orang bermasaalah kewangan spt Melanyi biasanya senang dijadikan alat. Belanjanya tak sampai rm70m pun. Tak lah semahal jumlah bekas menteri besar Selangor settle hutang dgn Bank Islam.

Banyak duit senang belanja. Terutama bila duit tu hukan duit sendiri. Najib kan selalu pukul canang bahawa duit adalah raja.

Najib melalui perkembangan pendedahan Melanyi mungkin menang di mahkamah Msia dan dikalangan persepsi rakyat Msia.

Akan tetapi hanya mahkamah Msia yg bebas dari Najib boleh mengembalikan keyakinan pelabor asing yg dah cabut lari dgn wang beratus billion.

Damage has been done.

Kalau pun semua wang IMDB yg telah lesap melalui skim penipuan yg di okestra Jho Low dan yg sekongkol dgnnya dikembalikan ke Msia ia tetapTAK CUKUP untuk menguatkan kembali ringgit kpd 3.30 settiap satu USD.

Kalau kita sayang Msia, kita jangan pertahan Najib drpd turun tahta.

Kawanlama said...

Tahniah Datuk atas pencapaian ke 1000 artikel penulisan dalam blog ini sejak 2006.

Saya berpandangan bahawa tulisan Datuk kali hanya memberikan pengajaran dan panduan bsgaimana sistem pemilihan kepimpinan negara selama ini....tiada perkara baru.

Juga dilihat tulisan Datuk yang kritikal bermula 2006 ini hanya hendak membantu TDM menguji pengaruhnya dalam politik negara ketika ini atas 'expense of rakyat'.

TDM hanya perlukan perhatian tapi DS Najib tersilap dalam menguruskan perspektif begini.

Rakyat Tertindas said...

Salam Saudara Umar Abd Aziz, saya telah mengikut komen & pendapat saudara semenjak beberapa bulan lalu. Selain daripada Datuk AKJ, saya rasa saudara adalah pembahas yang paling memahami situasi negara kita ini. Komen2 yang dibentangkan saudara penuh dgn logik dan pemahaman social-politik yg cukup mendalam. Tapi sayangnya saudara dilihat sbg penyokong buta PKR atau PR sahaja. Ini menakutkan saya kerana ia mencerminkan berapa ceteknya pemikiran pembaca2 blog disini.

Wahai pembaca2 blog ini, kita boleh menyokong apa jua parti, tetapi jgn lupa kemakmurkan negara adalah lebih penting daripada agenda sesiapa ahli politik, termasuk Pahlawan bugis lanun darat. Harapan saya kita mencontohi Datuk AKJ yg meletakkan kepentingan negara di atas kesetiaan kpd parti atau pemimpin.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj dan Rakyat Tertindas.

Terima kasih RT banyak atas komen sdr yg saya kira berpatutan dan sangat civilised sekali.

Saya penentang tegar ketua2 UMNO kerana rata2 mereka tu penyamun.

Saya kutuk ahli2 UMNO kerana tak guna nikmat akal yg Allah anugerah hingga sanggup membiar diri sokongkol dgn ketua UMNO atas alasan palsu perpaduan Melayu.

Kalau pun ketua2 UMNO sebagai insan biasa tidak SENGAJA buat penipuan dan pelbagai kemungkaran terhadap hukum Allah, mereka tetap tiada jaminan akan selamat drpd dicabar oleh parti lawan. Baik PAS , Semangat 46 dan kini PKR.

Inikan pulak fakta hari ini nak cari ketua UMNO yg baik terlalu sukar.Sudah tentu ketua2 UMNO akan dilawan secara berterusan

Kalau sdr RT nampak saya sokong Anwar dan seterusnya PKR, sdr RT memang tak silap.

Akan tetapi salahkah saya sokong org yg tak bersalah? Atau org yg belum diberi peluang dapat kuasa pegang Putrajaya?

Salahkah saya sokong kerajaan PR Selangor, PP dan Kelantan yg bersih drpd kes2 rasuah? Paling tidak pun setakat hari ini.

Sdr RT jangan terlupa bila TS Khalid Ibrahim dah mula jelas terpalit dgn kerja2 rasuah bila mana beliau berjaya selesaikan hutang berpuluh juta dgn Bank Islam tanpa penjelasan yg meyakinkan dan sejak boleh duduk semeja dgn Najib, maka saya adalah diantara yg pertama mengutuk beliau.

Saya tak pernah tutup mulut semata2 atas alasan org itu org PKR atau PR.

Saya selalu promosi sistem dua parti yg umumnya mendatangkan lebih kebaikan kpd rakyat.

Katalah rakyat beri peluang pd PR pd PRU 14 nanti. Sebaik mana pun mereka memerintah , kalau kita rakyat cerdik maka paling lambat maka PRU 16 kita kena beri balik kuasa kpd UBN.

Dan ketika itu sebaik mana pun UBN memerintah, kita mesti tukar kerajaan paling lambat PRU 18.

Nah sekarang adakah sdr RT fikir pendapat ini masih cetek?

Kerana saya seorang realis dan praktikal la maka saya hidup selesa tanpa perlu bodek UMNO.

Ini pulak nak bodek PKR. Apa harta yg mereka ada, yg saya tiada?

Rakyat Tertindas said...

Sdr Umar, mungkin sdr telah salah faham sikit komen saya. Saya tidak mengkritik sokongan dan penghayatan sdr kdp DSAI, PKR atau PR. Saya rasa sedih kekadang tgk sdr di maki hamun semata2 krn posisi sdr. Sedih krn I ingat blog ini lebih matang dari sentimen gila buta perkauman di group2 luar dan kat Fesbuk. Cam Datuk AKJ sebut, atas perpaduan palsu Melayu, keutamaan kita telah terpesong sekali.

Jadi, all is good. I'm actually very much with you bro. Dan I realis cam sdr. Walaupun kebangkitan saya agak lambat sikit. Tapi saya akan guna apa jua pengaruh dalam sfera saya untuk menumbangkan rejim lanun ini. Ini kewajipan saya sbg rakyat negara tercinta ini.

PS. Sdr lebih sabar dari saya. Bagus, kita perlu warrior sabar jika perjuangan ini memakan masa yg panjang sebab lanun bugis telah "dig in". ;-)

Unknown said...

Aslkum Sdr RT.

Saya sangat bersyukur kpd Allah kerana melahirkan umat2 yg berani menentang kezaliman.

Alhamdulillah sdr RT adalah salah seorang drpd mereka yg berani itu.

Saya perhatikan ramai umat Melayu penakut pertahan hak.

Mereka juga berhati2 takut dihentam balik.

Ada yg sangat berkelit2 demi tak mahu offend org lain.

Ada juga yg sangat selfish sebab tak mau susah2 asal " diri aku dah ok kenapa pulak aku susah2 nak kutuk apatah lagi lawan penyamun"

Ramai mereka lupa dulu UMNO zaman Tun Razak ramai ketua2 yg ok. Mereka seolah2 buta hati apa akan terjadi pd anak cucu masa depan berdasar realiti perangai ketua2 UMNO sekarang.

Mereka lupa salah satu tanda org bersyukur adalah dgn patuh pd perintah Allah. Bukan perintah ketua2 lanun.

Dan diantara perintah Allah adalah melawan yg mungkar.

Mencuri wang rakyat hingga berbillion tentulah perbuatan mungkar.

Sedangkan curi gula2 di kedai pun kena penjara 18 bulan.

Sdr RT.

Nak promote kebaikan di kalangan masyarakat rosak bukan senang.

Kita ni siapa sangat la. Sangat kerdil berbanding dgn pejuang2 besar rakyat.

Tapi kalau kita asyik nak tunggu org lain je buat maka rugilah kita mengaku umat Islam. Umat nabi. Tapi takut2 di akhirat nanti tak diakui Nabi. Sebab bertuhankan ketua2 UMNO.

Umat Islam yg baik tak cukup dgn bertasbih di masjid je.

Apa lagi kalau dgn secawan kopi berkembur berjam2 di kedai kopi sambil tunggu kalau2 ada ketua UMNO nak belanja makan free.

Jangan silap saya tak hina mereka. Malah saya kasihan mereka.

Kakau pemimpin mereka meminpin dgn baik tentulah mereka ada pekerjaan tetap yg boleh disandarkan atau dibanggakan.

Kepada sdr RT. Kita ada banyak kerja berfaedah yg tertunggak

Selamat mencari pahala.

Dan terima kasih Dakj kerana blog Datuk kami boleh menumpang.

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