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PM's Undemocratic Streak Sets to Continue

A Kadir Jasin
IT has been a while that I have not dedicated a posting based on the Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) discussions. Several coffee shop assemblies were held before, during and after the December 8-12 Umno General Assembly (PAU) involving a varied group of participants.

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We had a couple of former ministers, including (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, Malay business executives from Prowaris, communications and journalism students of a public university and the usual likeminded bloggers.
As such this posting will be lengthy and I do not blame readers if they find it laborious and boring. But we have to put things in their proper perspectives.

The consensus among participants was that this year’s PAU was different compared to previous assemblies. The most glaring was that Muhyiddin, the party’s Deputy President, and Vice President (datuk seri) Shafie Apdal, were not allowed to address the assembly on excuse that it is not provided for in the party constitution and it is only a convention.

The two lost their Cabinet posts and the right to speak at the assembly for questioning the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak on the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6-billion “Arab donation” in 2013 that went into his private accounts.

Participants agreed with the former Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Umno President, (Tun) Musa Hitam that barring Muhyiddin and Shafie, who were elected by members, represented the beginning of dictatorship in Umno.

He cited his own experience when he ganged up with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to topple Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1987. They both lost. But he was allowed to address in the assembly. This time, Musa commented, members were told not to raise lMDB issue and the RM2.6-billion donation. They were only allowed to talk about party, the collaboration with PAS and to praise the President.

The Gist of President’s Speech

1. UMNO is a Malay party but as the leader of the Barisan Nasional it looks after interest of all races. But Mohd Najib's speech confined to Malay unity. This upset other races since Umno President is also BN’s Chairman and Prime Minister. This contradicted his earlier claims the he was the PM for all Malaysians. What has happened to his 1Malaysia?

2. On the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), he said we were not apologetic on the Bumiputera agenda but he never told us how long the exemption in favour of the Bumiputeras would be? He aspires to make Malaysia the top 10 most competitive nations in world by 2030 and while at the same time tells the world that we need to protect Bumiputera interest?

3. He pointed out that his subordinates were appointed to assist him run the party. But when they pointed out to him 1MDB’s issue is causing problem to government and party, he sacked them from the Cabinet. Those two were just pointing out to him that these two matters were dragging down government and the support for the party.

4. All that he wants is blind loyalty at expense of losing the support of the masses and yet he claims that he is a gentleman and does things transparently. Then secretly he created 1MDB and accepted RM2.6 billion worth of donations that nobody knew about until the Wall Street Journal newspaper exposed it. He originally denied it and some of his people claimed that he inherited it. The lies were exposed when his brothers denied the inheritance spin. When it was exposed that the money was in his personal accounts, he and his spinners started concocting all kinds of explanations, which changed from time to time. He said he would sue the WSJ but until today no such action has been taken. And until now we don't know who the donor is although the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s Chief Commissioner, (Tan Sri) Abu Kassim Mohamed, was reported to have interviewed him.

5. Mohd Najib blamed his deputy for allegedly breaching collective responsibility by asking questions about 1MDB and his RM2.6-billion. He has every right to sack them from the Cabinet and he does not have to give any reason. But he can't sack them from party so he stopped them from speaking at assembly. Why can’t the PM be a gentleman, have a big heart and be magnanimous? Is he not a WOG?

6. At end of assembly, Mohd Najib and his supporters managed to control delegates and got them to say what he wanted them to say but he did not get a true picture of support for himself and the party. Had he allowed an open debate, he would have received correct feedback and this would give him time to address issues that the Rakyat are not happy about. Instead he left the PWTC with superficial support and delegates went home with some cash and no answers about IMDB, the RM2.6-billion donation, inflation and why prices of houses are so high. Before this, Rakyat found it difficult to make ends meet but now they find it difficult to survive. To make things worse, many have lost their jobs. Before the present crisis, an income of RM3,000  monthly was barely sufficient for a family in Kuala Lumpur. Now even those earning RM5,000 can't survive. 

7. He has the audacity to claim that “he made Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the Prime Minister”. He must be a serial liar. Where was he when team A and B were holding their final campaign on the night before voting in 1987? He disappeared. He was a coward. He run away and hid with his wife somewhere in town, and later claimed credit when Dr Mahathir won.

8. He said he is a gentleman and is magnanimous. He proved it by bringing back Muhyiddin to the Cabinet. Dr Mahathir offered both Tengku Razaleigh and Musa, the rivals he defeated, to come back to the Cabinet. He also brought back Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

9. Mohd Najib is big on promises. Where are the houses he promised the 2014 flood victims? Many of his promises went undelivered. But delegates were not free to raise such touchy issues.

10. Najib wanted members to remain loyal to him and said this was Umno’s tradition. He has very short memory and he thinks he could lie to all party members. During Dato Onn's time, members went against him when they disagreed with him, and being a great man and a true democrat, he left the party. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra was forced by Tun Abdul Razak’s supporters to retire when the party did badly in the 1969 elections. Abdullah faced same fate after the 2008 GE. Members decide when they want their leaders to quit but in the case of Mohd Najib, though he did worse than Abdullah, he is still around and there can be only one explanation that is cash is king and UMNO members who used to sacrifice their money and jewelry for party now won't support party unless they are rewarded and this can be shown from their audited account.

11. The answer is simple. Mohd Najib would make all kind of excuses and use all political, legislative and executive means to stay in power because he has so many things to hide and so many loopholes to cover. Even for his traditional year-end foreign holiday, he had to hide it from the rakyat.


FOOTNOTE: In a future installment, I hope we will be able to discuss Mohd Najib’s courting of (Datuk Seri) Abdul Hadi Awang, the PAS President.


adion said...

As TDM said.. umno now became as United Mohd Najib Organisation...

zizan said...

Datuk,says fikir Najib Sekarang ini tidal mampu berfikir secara bebas.Mungkin ada sesuatu kuasa yang membelenggunya membuatkan beliau nampak sangat dungu.Bual bicaranya hanyalah mengulang ulang apa yang diutarakan oleh penasihatnya yang sekian ramai.Hujah hujahnya tidak realistik membuatkan kita sakit hati.Dalam pertandingan debate bolehlah kita hujah macam macam tanpa perlu risau samada hujah itu boleh diaplikasikan dalam dunia nyata.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

The Mappadulung Caralalai will live in a small and decreasing circle of kaki bodek.

He will live in fear, because he cannot sabotage overseas investigations like he sabotaged local ones.

I would estimate that realistically, he is being kept in power by less than 20,000 individuals in total, all of whom are bonded by the $$$$ that comes freely from the Bugis ATM machine.

His first line of defence is the institutions he has corrupted by placing corrupt yes-men in place to cover his many misdeeds.

The second line of defence is the KBU, who receive the unaccounted millions by personal cheque and pass the crumbs and kontrak2 to the cawangan heads.

The financial lifeline is again the corrupt yes-men he has placed in GLCs and GLICs, some of them who have profited since the MOD days.

This "power structure" then herds the ordinary members of Umno like cows. A cow's only function is to produce meat and milk; the ordinary members of Umno have only one function, and that is to vote so that the system continues.

Unless the Malays learn to become less weak-minded, less in love with easy money and shortcuts, we will just become weaker and weaker and stupider and stupider.

No longer do the Malays believe in integrity, honesty, justice or hard work.

The Age Of The Bugis has killed all those values.

Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn were not ATM machines.

They had no $$$$ to pay for loyalty.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,
Very good explanation who is this Mappadulung the coward. Pity the true UMNO members which had been "gelembung" by him and his cohorts. Just wonder why Hj Hadi is still not been picked as Minister?

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

If the recent WSJ report is to be believed, it is clear that 1MDB was setup as a fund for UMNO and BN elections.

This explains why UMNO delegates chose to back their President on the issue during the PAU. They had all unknowingly (we assume) used the cash he handed them during PRU13. So to put it simply, they have suddenly found themselves guilty by association.

We have to admit though that funds for elections in Malaysia have always come from obscure sources. UMNO is not the only political party who have practised this. Najib's camp inadvertently admitted it too when they tried to justify his use of 1MDB funds as the better evil than Mahathir's, alleged, use of funds from crony businessmen in the past.

However they failed to point out a couple of glaring differences between the two practices.

Firstly, funds from cronies does not add risks on the government, the economy and the rakyat like the funds from 1MDB. 1MDB had no wealth of its own. It would have to loan money to provide. Loans that were guaranteed by the Malaysian government and thus, indirectly by the Malaysian people. When it failed to manage its finances, the impact is like a tsunami on the government, the trust on our economy (due to the size of the mess) and to the Malaysian people as prime national assets had to be sold to foreign interests to bail out 1MDB. Sure, technically, those assets were 1MDB's but they bought them at prices much cheaper than market price from the government.

A bail out is a bail out every which way you look at it and it fooled no one.

Second glaring difference is that the funds went directly into the prime minister's personal account and not recorded as donation to UMNO. If we are to believe Tun M, all donations during his time were accounted for in UMNO's accounts. The funds from 1MDB, or any rich Arab for that matter, had no records in the party's books.

Out of extreme caution, I will not comment on the risks associated with huge amount of unaccounted money residing in personal accounts.

Datuk, the latest news is that MACC has handed in their investigation report and recommendations to the AG. I and most of the rakyat are not waiting with bated breaths for his decision. We are more worried of our immediate future as the economy is expected to worsen in 2016. Most middle income families will struggle to make end meets this year. As for the marhaens, the 'candu' that is the BR1M will only last them for so long. They will be craving for more as soon as they get them as the rise in cost of living will go beyond what BR1M can ever support.

Unknown said...

Assalamuslaikum Datuk,

If I am not mistaken, initially this Bugis Coward was in Team B of Tengku Razaleigh. It was only at the last minute that he changed allegiance. And on the eve of the voting, as you said he disappeared with his wife.

Not only AAB was given a cabinet position but a few of the Team B gang was appointed too like Rais Yatim,etc. Only Sharir who was a die hard supporter of Musa Hitam was not given a place in the Gment.

And when AAB became PM, it was more like a ' pay back ' thing that he rid to Tun M. All these while everybody looked at AAB as Mr Clean but I looked at him as Mr Busuk Hati. Tak sangka dendam dia pada Tun M begitu jahat sekali. Remember he blamed that Tun M spent all the Gment money and now the Gment has no money at all.

It is sad now to see practically all the 3 million UMNO members can be bought with money. I put the blame towards Anwar Ibrahim who introduced this Money Politic when he joined UMNO. He laernt from his Indonesian political friends and received funds from him Western supporters. And this Bugis Coward make giving out money as a tradition and culture in UMNO now

If the Malays want to be respected again, then they MUST collectively demand for Najib to step down NOW

Praxis said...

World class fare again; brilliant reporting of truth, our duty. God will iron out.

Urang Awak said...

Wishing you a very happy New Year Dato, May The Almighty bless

Sorry this is out of topic.

Dato what do you know about Illuminati /Freemason …. ? To this day, what I know from my readings the illuminati controls what we think, eat, and breath. They control what we know as history, economy policies and decide what is truth through the media and so forth.

Was there or is there an infiltration of the Masonic Order in our country administration and the most important thing have we long been deceived by these people..?

I also notice that many newly appointed world leaders must pay a visit to the Vatican City in order to get a blessing from Pope. Is this has to do with Freemason or just a coincidence..?

My hope this would help readers to understand, make sense of it all and I am sure a lot of readers out there would like to know more.


houdini said...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Najib's New Year Message : Malaysians should learn 'to use second hand goods'.

Now Najib Razak says if Malaysians cannot afford essentials and necessities, why not we use second hand items? I quote from the NST : 'And how about learning to use secondhand items.'

Still dont believe me? I took a picture of the paragraph on pg 14 of today's NST (Friday 1st Jan. 2016). Here it is :

Folks, for those of you who may be interested the Indonesian guys do sell second hand clothes in Chow Kit.

Have you heard of a 'bundle shop'? They sell used clothes in bundles, sometimes by the kilo. The Indons buy them I think.

This is what our Prime Minister is suggesting - that Malaysians have now reached the same status as the Indons and Rohingyas. Banglas do not buy used clothes. Depa ada class lebih sikit.

azsh said...

salam dato',

bila kita menyentuh demokrasi di dalam Umno, sewajarnya kita mesti melihat kebebasan memilih pemimpin di dalam parti itu sendiri.

Najib TIDAK di pilih oleh ahli akar umbi sebagai presiden Umno. Najib dilantik sebagai presiden selepas pengunduran Tun Lah TANPA persetujuan ahli akar umbi.

Dari situ, Najib telah menggunakan setiap saluran untuk menghalang jawatan presiden dari dipertandingkan sehinggalah sekarang.

Jika Umno itu adalah sebuah parti demokrasi, sudah tentu setiap jawatan hendaklah dipertandingkan. Ahli berhak memilih tanpa ada pengecualian.

Di sini silapnya Umno. Umno tidak berupaya untuk mengawal kronisme di dalam parti. Dan umno sekarang telah menjadi parti syok sendiri.

Saya tetap merasakan parti alternatif adalah satu pilihan terbaik bagi kami yang tidak lagi menyokong BN dan tidak mahu mengundi pembangkang.

Jika kita mahu menjaga bangsa, agama dan negara, Umno mesti di jatuhkan. Jika tidak kita hanya sekadar retorik dan mengharapkan keajaiban muncul.

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk "Maestro" AKJ & Sahabat3 Semua2..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Prime Munafiq)"


Malaysia 2016 - May The Force Be With You!

-TQ Datuk Maestro for a brilliant 'starting piece' for this new year.. "Me, Myself & I" wishes that everything goes well for U & all Our Fellow Sahabats.. Stay steady & stay sharp.. We All still have a "long & bumpy journey" ahead.. :-)

-Totally in agreement with: Adion, Zizan, Zalman A, Jumbeaux, Daniel Noor.. Everything precise & "Secukup Rasa".. Lets all stay focus & maintain persevere..

-Now that All of Us are encouraged to follow the "advise" of 'mamat buat 3 kerja'.. We should all "challenge ourselves" & instead do more than just '2 kerja'.. Let us all Malaysians be "Multi-Tasker".. Lets "do it all" & go wacko ASAP!

Malaysia - What Now?

-Things are seriously not looking so great when We continue seeing 'crappy leaders' saying 'crappy things' & giving 'crappy solutions' to solve 'crappy situations' in a 'crappy era'...

-Since We Malaysians are now "infamously known" as beggars for donations & handouts.. Especially from "UFOs @ Unidentified Foreign Oligarchs".. Why don't We go 'further or beyond'.. Why not now We ask all these UFOs for help in managing Our Nation?

-Since now that We Malaysians are being "allegedly branded worldwide" as 'Incompetent Simpletons' & even willing to "sell our souls" to the highest bidder just for worldly gains.. Why not just "hand everything over" to these UFOs.. Everything! On a silver platter..

-Hey its possible! This IS the land of 'Endless Possibilities'.. Nothing is unachievable in this Great Nation of Ours - Even though now there is a wide "international corruption investigations" going on outside Our Country.. We All should just be merry & stay calm.. "Malaysia Boleh" remember?

-A billion thanks to Ah Jib GO.. "Life Is Simply Amazing" now in Malaysia.. We Malaysians are so very happy now.. kan???

-May God Almighty toughen Us All in bracing for things to come...


"I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands,
even if he's wrong; Than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil."
-Malcolm X


"Fight The Battle AND Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless & protects us all from Iblis & Dajjal**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: Happy New Year Malaysia! Stay vigilant!
Take care & W'Salam :-)

Nsarabkinah said...

You know who the real coward is? The dumb guy that gave najib malaysian of the year. Holy cow that was a new low. so sabotaging investigations and everything else he did to stay in power means that he is strong and bla bla bla.

Badawi was brought down online. One wonders had he been able to get some of these idiots on his side back then, could today be different?

Paine said...

Salam Dato,
I would like to share with you a little bit of Korean wisdom that I think can explain the ’Cash is King’ phenomena among Malaysians in general and Malays in particular.
• When you have 10 times more money than other people, they're envious and speak ill of you.
• When you have 100 times more money than other people, they get intimidated by you
• When you have 1000 times more money than other people, people flatter you
• When you have 10000 times more money than other people, they come crawling in front of you and become your slave.

Pakcik said...

Tiada makna tahun baru melainkan dapat PM baru..

kusufian write said...

Used as he likes being used makes him useless.Is Muhyiddin a khalifah Umar to lead us .....

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk

1MDB debts RM42billion

1) Najib Rationalize 1MDB debts with Debts to Asset swap total of RM16billion from International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC)

2) Najib sold the power plants for RM17billion which deal will be complete on February 2016

3) Najib sold Bandar Malaysia for RM12.35billion

= (-RM12.65)

Which the deals with IPIC not valid anymore because 1MDB no more assets to swap.

1MDB is now empty shell with total debts of RM12.65billion.

Who going to pay these debts if not tax payers money???

Najib try to fools Malaysia with simple maths. Wake up Malaysia !!

BiruBiruan said...

Salam semua,

Orang kata..don't talk unless you can improve the silence....time to talk now....kepada yang sedih tentang keadaan malaysia...ceritakan kepada ayah ibu, pakcik makcik dikampung..tinggal beberapa tahun saja lagi... Pilihan raya nanti, orang bagi duit ambik...tapi hati kena tegas dan kental....pilihlah dengan bijak....

BiruBiruan said...

Salam semua,

Orang kata..don't talk unless you can improve the silence....time to talk now....kepada yang sedih tentang keadaan malaysia...ceritakan kepada ayah ibu, pakcik makcik dikampung..tinggal beberapa tahun saja lagi... Pilihan raya nanti, orang bagi duit ambik...tapi hati kena tegas dan kental....pilihlah dengan bijak....

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ dan Pembahas sekalian.

I've posted this on Helen Ang Blog.

Najib is now making Malaysia an ally of the US. I have read foreign media, on many occasion, referred Malaysia as ‘new ally’ of Uncle Sam.
Najib’s recent stealthy vacation, or is it, official visit to Saudi Arabia is clear proof of Malaysian commitment in joining that satanic ‘coalition of Muslim Countries against terror’. (We should have followed the Indonesian, if its not for the sake of 2.6 Billions?). Unprovoked, its the Saudis who first bombed Yemen. Persuaded by the US?
By the way, its the Saudis and US that funded IS to overthrow Syria’s Hafez Assad.
Therefore, I’m very sure that this will be another blunder made by Najib, come GE14. By then Malaysia will be an enemy to Iran, Russia and China. Petronas would be first to experience the jolt.

Then came a reply by Spectre:-
"And even bigger blunder would be Najib offering the USA military bases in Malaysia. This is not some fantasy. With his support now at an all time low, to save himself and his cronies, he might well do such a thing in return for Uncle Sam’s support. After all the US has a glorious record of supporting despots friendly to their interests."

If this is the case, I don't think PAS will agree to Najib's courting them. Unless if 'MONEY is King'.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Sukar bagi sy menerima hakikat bahawa Bangsa Melayu ini...adalah satu Bangsa yg paling bercelaru...mengarut dan rendah Jatidiri.
Jika Umno mempunyai 3.5 juta org ahli ..mana mungkin majoriti bersetuju dgn kelaku Mappadulung HZ..Jawa Tok2 dan konco2 dia....mananya gerakan atau protes dari majoriti ahli2 ini?

Semasa tngah panas dulu dan bilamana Timb dan Naib Presiden dibuang kerja dari kabinet hinggalah MULUT DAN TANGAN mereka diikat dari bersuara didlm PAU....tiada ada apa2 bangkangan atau protes yg betul2 berkesan dan dirasai yg telah dilakukan oleh ahli2 yg majoriti ini.
Sebelum ini kalau ada bangkangan... mungkin cuma 10 atau belasan cawangan sahaja dari hampir 21,500 Cawangan seluruh negara (tidak smpai 5% Cawangan) dan tentunya tidak memberi apa2 impak langsung.

Adakah ini memberi mesej bahawa segala apa skandal dan kontroversi dan kemungkaran yg dilakukan Ketua dan konco2 direstui dan dikira okay?.

Mananya perjuangan 'Demi Bangsa...Ugama dan Negara' yg tidak kering dimulut dan dinyanyikan setiap kali diperhimpunan?

Atau pun bila sudah dilambung...dibuai mimpi dpt berjln bila dijemput ke 'retreat Janda Baik..diMelaka....3 hari 2 mlm....serta BarB Q...All Expenses Paid dan sedikit gula2 dan buah tangan...duit poket dan ole2 buat bini dan laki dikampung'....Semua FREE. ..BELAKA!!!!!
1 sen pun tak payah keluar duit....dpt duit poket lagi.

Hatta ...SEMUA DIkIRA BERES...Manpadullung dan Jawa Tok2 HZ adalah org2 yg bercakap Benar ...Jujur lagi Amanah.
Dan dlm masa 3 hari 'RETREAT' FREE DGN DUIT POKET DAN OLE2...DRAMA BERTUKAR PLOT.....DAN PENGKHIANAT SEBENAR ADALAH Tun M...Muhyiddin..Shafie...Khairuddin..Ainina . dan tentunya lah org2 dari Pembangkang...dan blogger2 spt Zam...Apanama...Outsyed.. The Scribe ..yg semua anti Kerajaan belaka.

Pulangnya mereka selepas konvensyen dan 'Retreat' FREE Ke kampung halaman....cerita bertukar menjadi....Manpadullung kini adalah 'Protaganis'...yg difitnah dicerca dan dihina...oleh 'Antoganis' yg dikepalai oleh pengkhianat bangsa berumur 90 tahun dan 2 Melayu yg masih lagi memegang jawatan sbg Timb dan Naib Presiden.

Alahai...ahli2...kenapa menjadi begitu keparat sekali?
Mengapa menjadi begitu lekeh dan boleh berubah hati....hanya dgn 'Retreat' ala Konvensyen 'FREE'... mata..mulut. .telinga dan hati menjadi BUTA DAN PEKAK...sanggup mendambakan diri pd Ketua HZ ini?

Bagi yg tidak termakan dgn 'Retreat' ini pula...kenapa sepi dan bisu sahaja....adakah kerana Takut?
Cuma nmpk saja Perkasa spt Pahlawan... bersongkok tinggi .berbaju Melayu dan bersampin cantik...tetapi sebenarnya KAWAR serupa Ketua juga.

Hmmmmm....Bercelaru sungguh Bangsa Melayu

Terima kasih.

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