Monday, February 01, 2016

Mohd Najib and the Geopolitics of 1MDB

A Kadir Jasin

THE British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) might have corroborated the narrative that the US$680-million credited into personal accounts of the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak, was donated by Saudi royal house.

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The mainstream media and the pro-Umno cyber troopers might have gone on a feeding frenzy devouring the “good news”.

Let us quickly recap. There are three intertwining issues involving the PM’s namely the alleged US$680-million donation from Saudi Arabia, the 1MDB scandal and the transfer of funds from SRC International Sdn Bhd to his personal accounts.

But the relief provided by the Attorney General (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali and the endorsement by the BBC proved to be short-lived. Mohd Najib’s bad luck is far from over. Bad news is piling up.

Global backlash to Apandi's gallantry
Soon after Apandi Ali’s generous gestures of absolving the PM of all charges, two pieces of bad news made their way into the global media.

One was the indictment in France of the former Asian boss of French weapon maker Thales, Bernard Baiocco, 72, for allegedly paying kickbacks to Mohd Najib’s former aide, Abdul Razak Baginda, in relation to the purchase of two Scorpene submarines for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

The other, the office of the Swiss Attorney General, on January 29, issued a press statement saying, among other things, that as much as US$4 billion might have been misappropriated from 1MDB and transferred to Swiss bank accounts.

It said various former Malaysian public officials and both former and current officials of the United Arab Emirates were involved.

Michael Lauber: Swiss Attorney General
It appears that Apandi’s decision to absolve the PM of all wrongdoings has made things worse for him. Now foreign governments and their enforcement agencies are tightening the screws on Mohd Najib and companies and people linked to him and to 1MDB. It signals that they do not give much credibility to Apandi’s decision.

Investigations into suspected crimes relating to 1MDB have either been completed or are progressing in such jurisdictions as Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the USA.

Mohd Najib and wife being welcomed in Zurich, Switzerland, last year
A Grand Jury has been establish in the USA to investigate suspected money laundering offences in the purchase of expensive real-estates in New York by the PM’s associate, Jho Low, and his stepson Riza Abdul Aziz. Riza is the son of (Datin Seri Paduka Puan Puti Reno) Rosmah Mansor from her previous marriage.

The Swiss AG had requested the assistance of his Malaysian counterpart who happens to be Apandi. It is interesting to see how he is going to wrangle out of this one.

(When the case of alleged corruption involving the late (Tan Sri) Eric Chia was being investigated by the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed himself appealed to the Swiss authorities to cooperate. Chia was charged but found not guilty).

Would Mohd Najib dare to do the same? Would his AG extend the fullest cooperation to the Swiss and other foreign authorities?

Geopolitics and Diplomacy

What is not often discussed is the geopolitical and diplomatic implications the alleged RM2.6-billion donation and the 1MDB money trails.

Apart from decimating our credibility and national esteem abroad, these and other related scandals are affecting our geopolitical standing and stance.

The claims by Mohd Najib’s supporters and the endorsement by the BBC that the Saudi donation was to help Mohd Najib win the 2013 general elections and to fight the Ikhwanulmuslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) are particularly disconcerting.

Late Saudi King also supported Mohd Najib
If these claims are true, two extraordinary events had taken place – the involvement of a foreign entity in our domestic affairs via election funding and our clandestine involvement in fighting Muslim Brotherhood.

The BBC report might have strengthened the claim that the money was indeed a donation from the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud and, possibly, other members of the Saudi royal household.

But it raises question about the legality and appropriateness of the donation.

One, does the acceptance of the donation mean that Mohd Najib has clandestinely allowed a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process?

Two, is it the policy of Umno-led Barisan Nasional government to join Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations in the fight against the Brotherhood?

As of last year, the Brotherhood was considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. On the other hand, the Brotherhood is seldom mentioned as a terrorist organisation in Malaysia and the extent of its presence here is not widely known.

Some sources also linked the Saudi funding to the fight against ISIS or Daesh. But ISIS a recent phenomena and was not a major force at the time when the donation was supposed to have been made.

Assuming that both are correct – joining Saudi in fighting the Brotherhood and ISIS – the implications of the donation to our geopolitical stance, diplomacy and security are wide-ranging and potentially explosive.

Consider the following:

1. Our election is funded by a foreign sovereign entity (the House of Saud) and our geopolitical stance is influence by it.

2. It is the first time in history that Umno and the BN officially acknowledged that their election campaigns are funded by a foreign entity.

3. It is now known to the whole world – including to the terrorist organisations – that we are being funded by the Saudi royal family to fight them.

4. Is it the policy of the Saudi royal family to publicise its funding of foreign leaders in its global fight against terrorism?

Our sovereignty and security could be in jeopardy as a result of these expose and the continuing investigations around the globe.

Apandi’s extraordinary decision is doing more harm than good to Mohd Najib and, more importantly, to the country.

As another effort to savage the PM’s tattered image and prove his innocence, Apandi should charge those involved in “clandestinely” transferring RM42 million (plus another RM27 million) from SRC International Sdn Bhd to his personal accounts and helping to pay his credit card spending. After all it was Apandi himself who “revealed” these facts to the Press.



Josefharrys said...

Assalammualaikum DAKJ

As I said in my ealier posting few months ago hanya pihak2 luar yg akan membongkar semua trajedi yg dilakukan oleh 1MDB dan tidak mustahil selepas ini akan ada yg menyusul spt pihak dari HongKong, Singapura, UK dan FBI kerana saya pasti mereka sudah ada cukup bukti hanya menanti keputusan dari AG Apandi dan kes ini yg pasti akan berlarutan sepanjang tahun ini dan sama2 lah kita nantikan kerana segala bala ini akan dtg dan kita juga nak dengar dan lihat apa pula spin yg akan Najib dan konco2 beliau akan hidangkan.

INDIGO said...

Obama needs Najib for the worthless TPPA a pact just to help the Australasians, Kadir. The fact is Jho Low and Prince Turki are doing immense pr to stay out of Levenworth prison.

Najib could be the first Malaysian PM given same honor as two Pakistani President by the Saudis.

One did Whatsapp that SM Salim song Tak Seindah Wajah is popular with the Kelab Akar Umbi UMNO Kedah to Mukhriz's loyal Major. Your scribbling should bring a smile to them.

PAU 2017.

kusufian write said...

Salam Datuk
IMPP to counter these pyschpaths

Treason said Alice said...

Datuk, the first time in history that Umno and the BN officially acknowledged that their election campaigns are funded by a foreign entity. This is treason, no more no less. You know what happens to traitors, all countries are in consensus on the punishment.

Bugis said...

Mintak MKN masukkan AG Swiss kedalam tong drum dan simen beliau kerana berani membuat pengakuan yg menentang yg dipertuan Bugis seantero dunia

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Could it be that the A-G 'mamai' when he held up the other supposed to be hush hush flow chart. Or, could it be a deliberate 'mamai' a slip of the hand by him...he is still a human and must still have some of that inner sense of what is right or wrong. Something only the A-G knows.

Apa-apa pun Malaysia sudah jadi perhatian dunia...termasuklah jadi perhatian pengganas. Semua gara-gara mappadulung. Sekarang puan puti reno, ekau jawablah.

Terima kasih Datuk Kadir Jasin.

RD. said...

Saya rasa FBI tidak akan siasat selagi Malaysia belum sain TPPA. Mungkin juga FBI tidak akan siasat pengubahan WANG haram yang dilakukan Jho Low bersama anak-tiri Najib di Negara Uncle Sam itu, selepas Malaysia menanda-tangani TPPA untuk 'menjaga-hati' Malaysia sebagai sekutu-kuatnya yang 'baru'.

Sama seperti Amerika 'tutup-mata' terhadap segala apa yang Arab Saudi lakukan. Contoh terbaik adalah apabila hukuman bunuh/pancung keatas 47 Rakyatnya, termasuk seorang Ulama Syiah baru-baru ini, kononya yang alasan 'jenayah terorisma'. Amerika mengebom Negara Arab lain seperti Iraq & Libya atas dasar 'menegakkan demokrasi' tetapi tutup-mata kepada Arab Saudi yang diperintah oleh Keluarga diRaja Saud. Malah 'Saudi Arabia' adalah nama keluarga Raja. Maklumlah, Amerika mempunyai Pengkalan Tentera di Arab Saudi. Mungkin satu hari nanti, Malaysia akan di 'picit-telor' supaya membenarkan Amerika membina Pengkalan Tentera di Sabah untuk mengekang pengaruh China di Lautan China Selatan.

Ketika itu, Arab Saudi tidak lagi penting kepada dasar-luar Amerika. Sekarang ini pun Amerika telah mula berbaik-baik dengan Iran dan Iraq. (Amerika jatuhkan Saddam untuk menegakkan democracy. Maka hari ini Iraq dikuasi Syiah. Di Libya pun sama).
Amerika pun tidak lagi mendesak Hafez Assad berundur seperti yang mereka lakukan, sebelum Rusia campur-tangan untuk mempertahankan Assad. Tanpa bantuan Amerika, mustahil Arab Saudi akan 'menang' dalam misi perang keluarga Saud keatas Yemen. Sebab itulah Malaysia dijemput untuk menganggotai 'Pakatan Memerangi Pengganas' yang diilhamkan Arab Saudi. Indonesia curiga dan tidak menyertainya kerana Arab Saudi dan Amerika lah, pada asalnya membiayai kumpulan Daesh di Syria untuk menjatuhkan Assad.

Bebalik kepada TPPA; Dalam masa 2 tahun lagi, jika Malaysia dapati TPPA mengancam dan tidak-baik kepada dasar dalaman/politik Negara atau TPPA terbukti indah khabar dari rupa, maka '1MDB' akan dijadikan Amerika, sebagai senjata untuk menjerut leher Najib dan Malaysia supaya tidak keluar. Maknanya, lebih banyak lagilah Rakyat ditipu demi kelangsungan politik Najib.

LaM said...

Apasal siKhairuddin pi buat repot terhadap Apandi kat polis??? Polis bawah Khalid akan NFA repot tu. Pi lah buat repot kat SPRM dan lps tu umum kat press.

SPRM memang siasat Najib kerana terima rasuah RM42+27million sebagai dorongan utk arah Pension Funds keluar RM4billin pd SCRI. Khalid dgn persetujuan Apandi pi kacau siasatan. Saksi2 cabut lari dan tak mahu mengaku Najib ada mintak RM69million. Najib pun ada masa prepare defence dgn mengatkan tak tahu duit 69million masuk akaun dia. Apandi tolong kot?? Cakap tak tahu siapa masukukkan RM69million. Tapi dia pi balun duit tu sampai habis.

SPRM pun tak bodoh. Tak bolih charge Najib kes rasuah,recommend Najib didakwa bwh sek.403 Kanun Keseksaan kerana secara jenayah menyalahgunakan duit yg bukan kepunyaannya tanpa berusaha mencari dan menentukan siapa empunya duit. Duit pensioner's fund. Ini straight forward kes. Apandi kencing satu Msia cakap Najib tak melakukan kesalahan. Sebab: Dia diberi jawatan AG sebagai dorongan untuk melindungi Najib dari pendakwaan. Ini juga straight forward kes rasuah dibawah sek,17 Akta Sprm; selain melakukan jenayah melindungi Najib dari pendakwaan.

Kalau Khairuddin buat repot kpd Sprm, Sure SPRm akan siasat Apandi. Mana dia ada kuasa utk membersihkah Najib. Dia Mahkamah ke?? Hakim ke??? Apandi memang baruah kelas bawahan. Sebenarnya dlm kes2 jenayah bawah Kanun Keseksaan, Sprm hantar kertas siasatn utk maklum dia shj siasatan mendapati Najib telah melakukan jenayah s.403 Kanun Keseksaan dan tindakan akan diambil. Apandi telah terlebeh. Bukan shj dia declare no criminal case tapi arah Sprm tutup kes yg mana dia tak de kuasa. Memang jenis setan dia ni.

adion said...

Our beloved PM did not attend the annual world economy forum in Davos recently.... he used to attend important events worldwide before as advised by his pr consultant to boost his international image....but not anymore.

ku_seman said...

Kalau mengikut mengikut logiknya, mungkin tidak ada seorang pun yang percaya dengan apa yang telah, sedang dan akan dilakukan oleh napuh-napuh peliharaan Najib Razak. Sepatutnya orang sudah tidak percaya lagi kepada Perdana Menteri, Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan beberapa mamat lagi memegang tombak mempertahankan Perdana Menteri mereka. Tetapi apakan daya dengan tahap pendidikan yang tinggi pun masih banyak yang percaya dengan auta untuk menyelamatkan Najib.

Datuk Kadir, malah sesetengah kawan-kawan kita di media juga banyak yang termakan dedak yang ditaburkan. Mereka melihat kita pula yang luar biasa kenapa tidak makan dedak itu. Kalau orang tinggi di Pejabat PM percaya, itu kita faham. Itu tempat cari makan, kalau tak percaya pun buat-buat percaya. Kalau tidak kena pecat macam Muhyiddin. Saya fikir orang media perlu ada tahap berfikir yang jauh lebih tinggi daripada rakyat biasa. Sepatutnya mereka tidak menyesatkan rakyat. Tetapi syukurlah rakyat sudah tidak sesat, yang sesat hanya napuh-napuh belaan. Napuh ini tak guna seduit pun kalau Najib jatuh.

i-souqa said...

Itu kerja ALLAH SWT.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk.

I am certain the 2.6 billion did not originate from Saudi Arabia, but Abu Dhabi - and it was not a gift, but an illegal kickback.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry is correct:

There has never been a secretive gift from the Saudi royal family directly into the private accounts of a foreign leader.

When the Saudis donate on a G2G basis, they do so with full openness.

This is how they gave money to Jordan:

"Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Wednesday announced that Saudi Arabia has agreed to supply Jordan with $487 million, of which $125 million will be transferred soon.

Speaking to reporters at a brief press conference at the Prime Ministry, Ensour explained that the funds would be used to finance development projects under a $5 billion fund the six-state Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has set to support Jordan.

The premier added that the decision followed talks with the Saudi side earlier in the day, when the Saudi officials endorsed projects proposed by Jordan."

Next? Morocco?

"Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf said Saudi Arabia would finance a number of development projects worth $ 1.25 billion in Morocco through Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), on the instructions of King Abdullah.

He referred to the GCC decision to extend financial support to Morocco and Jordan, adding that four GCC countries including Saudi Arabia would take part in this program. According to the GCC decision, Morocco will receive a financial aid of $ 5 billion with the Kingdom’s share amounting to $ 1.25 billion, which will be extended through SFD."

You see the point? They would not give a gift to Malaysia by banking it direct into the PM's account.

The 24-hour replacement has made the story worse by claiming that most of the money was returned.

Let us see if the Saudi govt agrees with this theory.

The Swiss A-G can ask for MLA from the FBi, Singapore, the Saudis and the UAE. He will have he needs to prosecute.

The 24-hour replacement cannot cover all these holes.

The game is far bigger than him now.

Zalman A said...

Albert Einstein once said: "God does not play dice with the Universe", which basically means that things do not happen by chance.

Now, look at the picture above.

One pendekar Bugis, two Melayu, three Pak Arab. Correct?

The Bugis you already know, and the Melayu are Shahrol Halmi and Wok Lodin, both of 1MDB - and other things.

One of the Arabs (yg pakai spec tu, kat tengah) is just there from the Abu Dhabi gomen. Ignore him. The other two Arabs are Khadem al-Qubaisi who was, at the time, CEO of IPIC, Chairman of Aabar and ex-Chairman of Falcon Bank, and the other is Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny, who was, at the time, Chairman of Falcon Bank and CEO of Aabar.

Just remember Falcon, IPIC, Aabar for now. OK?

OK, now drink some kopi tongkat ali, remember Einstein, and read this:

1. This “strategic partnership” photograph involving 1MDB and Abu Dhabi was taken on 12th March 2013.

2. On 19th March 2013, Goldman Sachs completed a hurried bond issue of US$3 billion for 1MDB. The commission rate was unheard of, at almost 8% rather than the usual 1%. They made about US$300 million, and then said "our client (i.e. Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) needed the money in a hurry." The FBI and DOJ are investigating this now.

3. On 21st March 2013, the sum of US$619,999,988 was received by Mappadulung in his AmBank account. On 25th March, another US$60 million arrived.

4. A week or so later, Mappadulung announced GE13.

5. The money transfer was from a British Virgin Islands company called Tanore. It went through Falcon Bank Singapore. Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny was a director of Falcon Bank Singapore at that time. Who created the mysterious company called Tanore? It was created by Falcon Bank Zurich. The authorities in Singapore and Switzerland are investigating this now.

OK so far? 12, 19, 21, 25 March are the key dates. Just before the election.

"God does not play dice with the Universe".

Still got coffee in your cup? OK, some footnotes:

6. Khadem al-Qubaisi and Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny have since been sacked from all positions in Abu Dhabi.

7. Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny publicly claimed he had personally funded "Wolf Of Wall Street" from his own pocket with US$100 million. That is unexplained wealth for a salaried employee.

8. There is now a further revelation that in 2011, Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited paid a total of US$170 million into the same AmBank account belonging to Najib Razak which later received US$680 million in 2013. This company was controlled by Jho Low, and it also banked huge sums directly into Khadem al-Qubaisi's accounts.

9. IPIC is now investigating all dealings made by Khadem al-Qubaisi before he was sacked. The WSJ claims that 1MDB sent US$850 million in 2014 to “Aabar Investments PJS Ltd” that was registered in the British Virgin Islands. IPIC and Aabar investigators confirmed this; 1MDB has NOT denied it. The money is therefore missing.

10. There is evidence that part of the "donation" was re-exported back to Falcon Bank Singapore and to Tanore. Where is the money now?

We can safely assume that most, or all, of this is known to the Swiss A-G.


Because in his press release he mentions that ADMIC (which is essentially IPIC) is part of the wrongdoing that covers US$4 billion in total.

That is almost 17 billion ringgit.

sukasamasuka said...


PM Najib ini "menjolok sarang tebuan". Walaupun kita tau betapa bisa nya sengatan itu...yang kita tidak tau BILA dan DIMANA kita akan disengat. Ini akan dijadikan alasan untuk menangguhkan PRU14.

sukasamasuka said...


Kalau kail panjang sejengkal, jangan lautan hendak diduga. Geopolitik Timur Tengah bukan makanan kita...jauh sekali la kalau UMNO/BN ada angan angan Mat Jenin, mau mencuba memainkan peranan apa-apa, kecuali bantuan kecil seperti selimut, maggi , ubat-ubat dan airbotol.

Unknown said...

1. Teori saya mengenai pihak berkuasa kewangan dan sektor banking di Singapore, Switzerland dan Amerika ialah mereka sangat mengerti dan tahu siapa yang menggerakkan sejumlah wang yang jumlahnya sangat besar pada skala mungkin puluhan juta Dollar(USD atau SGD) atau Swiss Franc.

2. Oleh kerana ekonomi negara2 ini bergantung kepada sektor kewangan yang mana secara teori dan amalannya harus 'telus dan bersih'. Tetapi secara realitinya perusahaan atau perorangan yang ingin 'menyembunyikan' wang dari perhatian tax authorities sahaja yang menggunakan sektor perbankan di negara negara ini.

3. Monetary authority di negara negara ini juga sedia maklum bank di negara mereka penuh dengan pendeposit 'gelap' yang ingin di lindungi oleh sistem kewangan mereka.

4. Mereka akan mendiamkan diri selagi tiada skandal besar yang boleh dikaitkan dengan 'money trail' atau jejak wang yang boleh di kesan ke dalam sektor perbankan mereka.

5. Makanya apabila pihak berkuasa Swiss telah mengumumkan tentang penyiasatan mereka tentang skandal EM-de-Bee, maka Singapore terpaksa melakukan hal yang sama. Sebagai financial center yang terkenal mapan, tiada siapa yang mahu 'terlibat' dalam jejak wang panas ini (hot money trail).

6. Dari mereka 'terkorban' gara hilang kepercayaan 'pendeposit gelap' yang lebih besar, pihak berkuasa kewangan Singapore dan Switzerland akan saling melihat 'kambing hitam' mana yang harus di korbankan dalam skandal ini sebelum 'kambing hitam' ini menyeret 'nama baik' sektor perbankan negara mereka.

7. Mari kita lihat apakah langkah seterusnya dari Switzerland dan Singapore.. Nilai 'kambing hitam' ni kecil berbanding income dan reputasi mereka...

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam tok

Di malaysia banyak sunguh perkara ajaib
Hanya Pak lah mampu turun SELAPAS Di turunkan
Mukhriz KENA

Zambry Hassan adnan
Tunggu hari
Boleh mampuihhh kata orang Kedah
MOGA Allah Selamat Kan malaysia


1. Saudara Ku Seman dan para pembahas dihormati. Terima kasih kerana tidak putus asa dan, yang paling utama, tidak tergoda dengan dedak yang ditawarkan. Terbaru dedak yang akan ditaburkan oleh Panglima Siber Umno (PaSU) Ahmad Maslan.

2. Saya faham kalau ramai sahabat media kita yang termakan dedak. Dalam suasana ekonomi sekarang, dedak pun dak boleh kira cukup ok. Ingat, beras hancur 15% pun Najib tarik balik subsidi. Macam perbendaharaan negara dah betul-betul pokai.

3. Selain dedak, mereka dibagi gelaran Datuk,Tan Sri dan macam-macam lagi. Naik kepal terbang mesti first atau business class. Saya boleh naik Air Asia, Malindo dan Firefly pun kita syukur banyak-banyak.

4. Bukan mereka tak tahu yang ramai dah tak baca, tak tonton dan tak dengar propaganda mereka. Mereka tahu tapi kerana cari makan dan pangkat mereka kena pura-pura. Ada pangkat orang hormat. Tak ada pangkat silap-silap orang ptui!

5. Jadi saya tak ambil hati sangat dengan mereka. Sebaliknya saya simpati dengan mereka. Ramai nak muncul di khalayak ramai pun tak berapa berani. Nak jumpa dengan orang macam saya lagilah. Mereka takut kena cap. Tapi saya rasa mereka lagi takut saya gugat “iman” mereka terhadap PM, kerajaan dan Umno.

6. Ada yang SMS dan Whatsapp pun dah tak layan, tapi saya hantar juga kerana perlu minta pengesahan.


INDIGO said...

Makanya, KJ seronoklah.
Kalau yang tak suka BN nak harap menang PRU14 maka kena sokong DrMahathir.

SdrRD, tiket bina pangkalan pertahanan drone USA adalah natijah TPPA membolehkan timbangtara di Makhkamah Antarabangsa kalau tidak percaya makhamah tempatan.

Najib sudah kena jerat.
Yang sedih dunia Arab tak percaya kepada dia.

sukasamasuka said...


Bravo! Michael Lauber, the Swiss Attorney General.

At last, he is coming. He is coming to repair those broken Swiss watches...anyone?

Zahid, nice try with your broken watch, but be careful, you are dealing with someone from a neutral nation that your threat meant nothing either to him or his country. Not even Hitler could break the back of that nation, let alone your Ph.D!

Trillions of assets in USD are stored in Switzerland over the centuries by their banking system, so Micheal must be quite knowledgeable about banking stuffs compared to Apandi. Micheal couldn't care less whether you want to give him cooperation or his eyes you are nothing.

Only stupid people want to use Swiss banking system to MOVE AROUND illegal money....very very's like swimming in a river full of crocodiles.

PM MOVE AROUND, not stealing, just MOVING AROUND lots of money in Swiss banking system...that's bad...Malaikalmaut sudah datang!

sukasamasuka said...


"The claims by Mohd Najib’s supporters and the endorsement by the BBC that the Saudi donation was to help Mohd fight the Ikhwanulmuslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) are particularly disconcerting."

PM Najib...please...please...please...JANGAN JAGA TEPI KAIN ORANG!

Just stick to your Bugis things here...this is not our kind of stuffs...please! Cukup la cerita bodoh yang engkau bawa, jangan terlibat dengan benda yang satu ini.

sukasamasuka said...


We have nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood.

We are Malaysian...good people, living simple life.

sukasamasuka said...


"2. It is the first time in history that Umno and the BN officially acknowledged that their election campaigns are funded by a foreign entity."


jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

It seems that the best laid plan is failing.

Everything was supposed to be perfect for PM's propaganda team. Distract people's attention with the sacking of Mukhriz. Then announce the big news that Najib will not be prosecuted and lastly close it with the revelation from a fugitive in Australia that he is innocent from that murder case. Everyone goes home happy with new BR1M cash in their hands.

What actually happened :

1. The Tabung Haji warning from Bank Negara lingered longer than needed. Actually, we are still waiting for their dividend announcement.
2. The timid Mukhriz is surprisingly making a lot of noise before he goes. In fact, he may succeed in starting a grassroot movement against UMNO leaders; at least in Kedah.
3. The stage managed photo op of Apandi holding up the investigation papers to the press had a negative effect when those papers revealed more than they should. At this point, I would pause to ponder another possibility. What if Apandi deliberately did this so that he could show the proof to the world? He may be pressured to announce Najib's innocence but at least he can get the controversy to continue by showing the charts to the media. Smart. But sadly this only happens in Korean dramas. I am also not sure if Apandi has the wits to think out the plan anyway. Let's move on.
4. Then the Swiss AG threw a huge spanner in the works. Really big. The press release was so unprecedented, the shock reverberates all over the world. Singapore now has no choice but to act. We shall wait and see if other countries will also join in.
5. The above rendered Sirul's revelation absolutely useless. For all the efforts to create that video (with skull cap and all), people barely paid any notice.

Suddenly, Najib's team are no longer in control. Unless they ban access to Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter alongwith the stupid attempt to block Medium, more will be revealed to attentive Malaysians. Note : With Ahmad Maslan heading the cyberwar, this could still be a possibility. You never know what will happen next with him around.

Sempit said...

Salam Datuk

Datuk ada lubangkah untuk menjadi salaried worker PaSU?

Belanja bulanan semakin bertambah. Baby seorang lagi nak keluar.

Pendek kata saya memerlukan dedak. Tak kisahlah buat kerja apa. Harap datuk boleh maalumkan.

Terima kasih!

Unknown said...

Dato', the only person who can clear the air is the PM himself. We as Malaysian are in the dark and are only speculating on the 1MDB issue based upon foreign news. The matters has dragged too long and I hoped it must be resolved soonest. A Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up for the sake of the rakyat.

Praxis said...

No credence to this story and global media has moved on to real governance issues, which includes lack of bias at national levels.

Fortunatey global media have lent weight to our efforts at good governance, although the impetus to these investigations came from locals familar with the terrain.

We can tell who is on the side of good governance, certainly not some very public officials.

How much more has our democracy deficit to bleed?


1. Sdr LaM, mohon maaf tidak dapat siarkan komen Sdr.

2. Memanggil seseorang barua/baruah agak keterlaluan.

3. Mohon sunting dan cari gelaran yang lebih sesuai seperti "pecacai", pemakan dedak atau orang suruhan.

Terima kasih.


The Scribe

For all the effort to belittle Najib and his men, the question is where is Malaysia heading come 2020?

Racial hatred brewing in Europe; economics disasater playing out in Latin America and Africa; violent global weather pattern; war in the Middle east with millions displaced.

That is why DrMahathir is a gem. MUKMEEN problem solver.

I am just promoting the Malay Peacekeepers in Madinah new city and a mega Islam bank. And a sort of a Marshal Plan for the Middle East with Thorium nuclear plant for electricity.

KJ has to learn from Che Det. But will he? Spotting a beard to look older now.

Interesting years ahead, Scribe.
Drones robot and genetic engineering. But can we tackle Climate change? Will there be less and less mukmiin like you around?

Yes, I am Islam biased.

Salam hormat.

curiuosct said...

Too much dedak not good to our brain health..
It can cause halucination...

Shahrizal Kamal said...

Assalamu'alaikum Datuk,

Saya lebih suka membangkitkan satu soalan ini:

Bolehkah seorang penjawat awam menerima derma atau pemberian dalam apa sahaja bentuk, secara langsung atau tidak langsung dan untuk apa sahaja tujuan?

Saya ingin tekankan perkataan "penjawat awam".

Sidang media Peguam Negara mengenai laporan SPRM kepada beliau seolah-olah menggambarkan bahawa penjawat awam dibenarkan menerima derma atau pemberian. Seterusnya, jika tujuan derma tersebut adalah untuk tujuan yang mulia maka tidak perlulah penjawat awam tersebut melalui proses mahkamah.

Sekiranya betul apa yang saya rumuskan tentang keputusan Peguam Negara itu, maka selepas ini tidak salah bagi mana-mana penjawat awam untuk menerima sebarang bentuk derma atau pemberian. Sekiranya derma atau pemberian tersebut diketahui oleh pihak berkuasa serta disiasat maka, penerima derma atau pemberian tersebut hanya perlu menyatakan bahawa ianya adalah untuk tujuan yang mulia. Oleh itu, secara tidak langsung indeks rasuah di negara ini akan turun ataupun mungkin tiada lagi kes rasuah.

Saya harap kerisauan yang saya nyatakan di atas tidak benar sama sekali.

Sekian. Terima kasih.

Yang benar,
Shahrizal Kamal

Birdseye said...

The BBC source is unnamed.

It could be me or Jho Low or his plant. Why give any credence to what the BBC says?

C17H19NO3 said...

Gua setuju sama lu.
Fakta best...
Ok gua mau lepak sat.

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