Saturday, February 06, 2016

What Now Brown Cow?

A Kadir Jasin

OH Lord the Almighty, who are we to believe now?

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Fine, many of us the non-dedak eaters have ceased to believe in the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak a long time ago.

He told the heavens and earth that the US$681-million in his private accounts was a donation from the Saudi royal family or something like that.

His handpicked Attorney General (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali concurred and unilaterally absolved him of all wrongdoings (in relation to that donation and another “donation” from SRC International Sdn Bhd).

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) corroborated the story saying the amount was donated by the Saudi royal family.

Adel al-Jubeir: Saudi has a different story
But now the Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir, was quoted by the New York Times newspaper as saying that he “does not think that the US$681-million which made its way into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s bank account was from the Saudi government or that it was a political donation.”
Between BBC and NYT, I would give greater credence to the latter. Its series of expose on 1MDB-related shenanigans have been largely accurate - accurate enough so as to discourage Mohd Najib from suing it despite making several threats.

The NYT quoted the Saudi minister as saying the money went to an “investment in Malaysia”.

“It is a private Saudi citizen, I believe, and the funds went to an investment in Malaysia,” he said in an interview with the American newspaper.

Mohd Najib and his storytellers claimed that the money was for use during the 2013 general elections and for fighting terrorism.

So what now brown cow?

Would the hypothetical brown cow advise the Prime Minister and his number one lawyer, (Datuk) Mohd Hafarizam Harun, to issue another legal threat against the paper?

I expect Mohd Najib’s handpicked Deputy Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri) Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to complain vigorously to the Saudi Government for making such a statement to the Press and not directly to him.

He must. Otherwise he will be accused of lying too because he had repeatedly swore that he knew the Arab donors and had met them in Saudi Arabia.

Between the Saudi minister and Ahmad Zahid, I would give greater credence to the former because I don’t know him and he has not said anything before that raised my suspicion.

The NYT also quoted a member of the Saudi royal family and a close associate of the family, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as saying that the money had come from a Saudi prince, but that it was not a donation. The associate also reportedly questioned the sum, but said the funds were part of a business deal.

And what would Apandi do now?

Would he stick to his gun or would he make discreet checks to see if he has been lied to?

Who knows those tonnes of papers submitted to him by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and Bank Negara may not all be works of fiction?

Just to refresh Apandi’s memory, on Jan 26 he told the Press the US$681-million deposited into Najib’s personal accounts was a donation from the Saudi royal family given without any consideration.

Footnote: Dedak is bran. It is usually used for feeding chicken, ducts and pigs.



kusufian write said...

Can u deny the fact...
Everyone is talking...
Wheres the proof...
Arent we supposed to be smart and mature?

sukasamasuka said...


"Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir, was quoted by the New York Times newspaper as saying that he “DOES NOT THINK that the US$681-million which made its way into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s bank account was from the Saudi government or that it was a political donation.”

THIS IS AN OPEN LETTER TO HIS EXCELLENCY Mr. Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Rashid, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Malaysia.

Please kindly inform your Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir that we are NOT INTERESTED WHAT HE THINKS about the US681 million. What he thinks has not political, let alone legal basis. Please just tell us the fact, if he has one.

Thank you, Your Excellency.

sukasamasuka said...


It is time for us to shut down the Saudi Embassy in Kuala Lumpur for slandering our Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the MACC.

The Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir must be schooled in international diplomacy for making open statement about Malaysia. Malaysia is an independent and Islamic country. His statement violated the sovereignty of Malaysia and we take exception to such statement and demanded our Foreign Ministry to issue strong protest, failing which we must withdraw from OIC.

Pergerakan Merah and Perkasa must stage protest in front of Saudi Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Josefharrys said...

Yes protest jgn tak protest kalau boleh saman NYT and the minister...but for your info this tuesday is public holiday and Najib can only sue NYT next tuesday.

ayah said...

Apparently dedak from Kedah has not arrived in KL yet. With Mukhriz out of the way, the plentiful dedak in Kedah will be made freely available to those who carve for it.

Fortunately the Saudi Foreign Minister does not know what dedak is. And the best thing is he does not need it unlike some people here!

Suka tak suka lah tu.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I am speechless.

Not only that the world thinks we are corrupt, they now think we are fools. What is worse than a corrupt fool?

Mustapha Ong said...

Dear bro AKJ,

It has been quite some time that I go into your news porter The Scribe.
Today being an exception as I sat down for a cup of tea before my dinner at 8 PM tonight. You have followed the issue of the cash donation amounted to USD681.00 which was credited into PM Najib's account, not sure as someone told me yesterday it was credited to the joint account with DS Rosmah Mansor.

However, Saudi FM came out with an official or personal media statement today that the money was not a donation from the Saudi government as stated by PM Najib. Indeed we are all a bit confused that if it's a personal donation for Najib to fund UMNO's fight in the PRU13 in 2013 it is perfectly acceptable but then should have credited to UMNO's account. If it's a loan as claimed by the Saudi FM, then the way the money was channeled into Najib's personal account is simply not correctly executed. The money as claimed was for payment in some kind of investment in Malaysia, and therefore it is an official business transaction. However, can the PM get himself involved in this kind of business which is not personal in nature because Najib is a public official elected by the people and never a corporate or businessman. Now, the annointed new appointed AG has got himself into the mud shit! Who should we believe now, the PM, the AG, MACC or Najib hidden hands in the whole suspicious deal?

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

It does not matter if the 24-hour replacement has 1,000 files of 100% certain evidence that Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is guilty. Even if he had 1 million pieces of evidence, he would never find Mappadulung guilty.

The 24-hour replacement is there purely to kabberap Mappadulung's sins.

But he is destroying the legal system in the process, and making a mockery of the MACC Act 2009. Already, people are using the "donation" logic as a defence in corruption cases.

So, to save just one man, the 24-hour replacement has thrown the entire legal system into disarray. (Tahniah, 24-hour replacement.)

But he is exceeding his authority in 2 ways:

a) He has no legal right to direct the MACC to close a case.

b) He has no legal right to deny the MACC mutual legal assistance from international investigations.

The MACC, if they contact the Swiss, Singaporeans and the FBI, will be able to produce a full and detailed money trail into and out of the Mappadulung's accounts, including the 2.6 billion (but there was more than 2.6 billion in total.)

The 24-hour replacement does not want the MACC to get this evidence, for very good reasons.

The MACC must then contact these bodies directly.

To repeat: The 24-hour replacement has no legal right to direct the MACC to close a case.

The MACC Act itself creates a PRESUMPTION OF GUILT if money is given to a public official.

The 24-hour replacement concluded it "was a donation from the Saudi royal family given “without any consideration”.

Well, that has just been denied by the Saudis. Any business transaction involves consideration to even be binding. Hence, it is NOT a gift at all, hence it falls within the MACC Act.

Hence Mappadulung must be charged.

There is no running away from this.

The more blatant the 24-hour replacement becomes in his cover-up attempts, the more strongly the Conference of Rulers must step in,

The 24-hour replacement holds office at YDPA's pleasure.

If he deliberately fails the rakyat, the 24-hour replacement must be dismissed from office.

Daulat Tuanku.

ku_seman said...

Ada orang kata di mana Apandi dan Najib nak letak muka? Saya kata, mereka mana ada muka. Kalau ada muka mereka tidak memperbodohkan rakyat sedemikian rupa. Tetapi malangnya ada juga pemakan dedak yang masih percaya dengan mereka. Datuk Kadir, saya syorkan KDN tarik permit The New York Times kerana melaporkan suatu yang buruk kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Unknown said...


this post is dedicated to sukasamasuka...

'WE' are not interested what he thinks about the US681 million

who are 'WE'??? my guess is you, najib and his camp. one thing for sure, i AM DEFINITELY NOT PART of that 'WE', coz i am interested to know. n i'm sure the rest of the 53% popular voters + tun's support camp are very much interested too.

i guess u'll be saying;

'WE' are the government n so we have every right to put our stand on any matter pertaining to the country.

my answer is

'WE' the rakyat also have every right to get interested on any matter pertaining to the country :p

you want to shut down the Saudi Embassy and withdraw from OIC??? i challenge and i dare you and 'WE' to do so!

janganlah asyik cakap je, bang berdegar2. habuk pun tarak. macam mak nenek...

Pakcik said...

To sukasamasuka

If you have so many to say, why don't you start your own blog..takkan selama lamanya nak menumpang blog org lain..then you will know you cakap ada isi atau byk merapu je

jawipekan said...


Depa ni semua ada pangkat dan kaya raya tapi malangnya tak ada kelas langsung.Buat malu Orang Melayu dan Rakyat Malaysia keseluruh dunia.

Zalman A said...


The 24-hour replacement and his only client, together, are making our country the laughing stock of the whole world.

Investment is flying out. Fund managers are marking Malaysia "to avoid".

There is no doubt that the truth will emerge eventually. And painfully.

There are now seven countries with possession of the evidence.

Rather than waiting for the world to expose us to even more ridicule, let's sort our own mess out.

The Conference Of Rulers should decree that an RCI is set up with a 6-month time frame to make final report.

Call Zeti, MACC, obtain the overseas evidence that 24-hour replacement is trying so hard to block.

Let the truth be known.

But let it be Malaysians, not omputih, Arabs and Chinese who expose the whole ugly mess and investigate our own cases fairly.

Our maruah as a nation is almost gone.

Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone has destroyed it.

Whatever we can salvage, let us salvage.

Unknown said...

Mat mazlan tgh atur strategi...jom kita tumpang perhabis dedak seguni....boleh gitu pakcik??

arizmaya said...

i thought sukasamasuka's is a sarcastic posting..

Halim M Sham said...

The most stupid plot ever by umno leaders...can you guess why we're in deep trouble financially?

RD. said...

Dear sukasamasuka.

Please do not slander or tell lies about Perkasa. Perkasa had nothing to do with 'Baju Merah' or PM Najib. Perkasa, just like other NGOs such as Hindraf and Dong Zhong, are only defending Malays Rights as stated in the Federal Constitution. They have no intention of denying the rights of other monorities.

Nota: Pemfitnah dan troll yang menyamar sebagai 'sukasamasuka' adalah subversif yang anti-Melayu.

Mungkin ID yang digunakan adalah ilham dari mendiang Karpal Singh, peguam Dato Ser Anwar Ibrahim dalam Sodomy II. Karpal cuba mempertahankan anakguamnya dengan mengatakan bahawa perbuatan sumbang itu adalah atas dasar suka-sama-suka.


Alhamdulillah for the Clarification from Saudi Arabia -Let's have a new PRU, eh, Scribe?

Or Have we awaken a sleeping monster, I wonder?

Would BN now call for EGM and UMNO?

But, Scribe, AG was one step ahead.
Careful, AKadirJ.

Tread with care.
If DAP n friends wants a demo step back and run.

Have we awaken a monster. This is not Star Wars, Kadir.
AG was one step ahead.

Salam takzim


How now brown cow?
Really, Kadir on reading the report Najib is let off the hook.

Better explanation then a donation and no money laundering committed, dont you think.

AG was one step ahead.

Salam takzim

father of four said...

salam datuk,

at first i thought that the brown cow was k-ijat ...

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

The 24-hour man is now making threats:

"He said the Attorney-General’s Chambers is looking to amend the Official Secrets Act 1972 to include life imprisonment and 10 strokes of the rotan as punishments. "In some countries, the leaking of official secrets is a serious offence, like in China where it carries the death sentence" he says.

The reason he is in a hurry to do this is very obvious.

There is going to be a huge surge in the reporting of the 1MDB saga when all investigations overseas kick into high gear. While international coverage is futile to block, he hopes to intimidate local whistleblowers into remaining silent.

There is also the need to keep cases hidden like YAPEIM, MARA, the true, audited situation of Tabung Haji for the last 3 years, the side-deals that are being done (illegally) for Petronas subsidiaries. And much, much more besides.

If you lift any rotting log in the jungle, you will see all kinds of creatures exposed to the light. Often, you can see snakes, scorpions, lipan, entah apa lagi.

The Mappadulung's forces want to keep the log from being lifted.

They want to frighten civil servants into accepting the corruption in silence. They want to intimidate brave voices.

The appointment of an A-G cannot legally be made via false representations to the YDPA.

If the current A-G is replaced under false pretences, for an invalid reason, in order to prevent justice from being done, then his removal is null and void, as is the appointment of a replacement. If the replacement in turn obstructs justice, then the wrong is doubled.

I trust TS Gani finds the courage to finally speak.

The desperation of the Mappadulung's forces is showing.

Someone has compiled a list of 40 lies told so far on the "donation".

Today, we have Number 41.

It will not be the last.

TOK BISU said...

Yes Najib will saman. And he will win big time.

TOK BISU said...

Maafkan saya, Ku Seman; tetapi saya mohon Utusan anda pecat anda.

Maaf kerana kena ada kambing hitam kerana gagal bawa Najib ke Makhamah untuk dibicarakan pelaku jenayah walhal dia akan menang saman malunya.

I will request your removal but that decision will be with Utusan stake holder.

Salam Hormat

mok said...

Dah masuk 7hb..more drama will come..

adion said...


Now this is the real hikayat 1001 malam.
They just finish chapter 299 and have another 702 chapter to go in order to escape.
Get more popcorn please...

joetamchi said...

Eehhh...! Brrape banyak slase daa.?

Anak Kelantan said...

So much for sovereignty of the country. Had it been someone from mainland China and God forbid from Israel, who gave money to help finance our national election, we would be marching to their embassy building by now. But again, it came from some in Saudi Arabia, so it is OK? Mustapha Ong, is that what you alluded to?

Nevertheless, shame on us for allowing others to interfere and influence our elections.

INDIGO said...

How do you think Israelis move their funds for black ops and do you think there will be a Paris attack in Switzerland by ISIS linked militants, Kadir?

Should there be more stringent screening for Hajj pilgrims and would the cost now be more to do Hajj and umrah?

Would it be enough just having Turkish and Saudi boots on the ground fighting ISIS?

Will there be more rate increase by the Feds and China, too and more QE in EU? What about Russia?

Will there be a smooth transition of YDPA in a Darurat when a YDPA has completed his term or dies?

Will it be better to declare a Darurat on a non working day when the bursa is close?

Just rhethorics, Kadir?

Surah Yaa Siiin is the Qalb of AlQuran some say - why?
Am I wrong to say it is Surah AlAnaam?

recite I.

Wanita said...

Dengan kenyataan adri Adel ini memang sepatutnya Najib ditangkap dan dibicarakan dimahkamah. Sudah terang bahawa ini bukan derma. AG sudah tidak ada alasan lagi, semua sudah tidak boleh elak lagi. Jgn smpi buat rakyat terlalu marah, kami diam xbermakna kami setuju. Kita sayangkan Malaysia, msih mahu hidup aman. Isu ini ptut diselesaikn segera. Malu hendak mngaku rakyat malaysia bila diluar negara. Makin stress dibuatnya. Xfhm dgn Najib ni, kemaluan dia letak dimana?Common sense dia xade ke?kata berjiwa besar.. dia faham agaknya makna jiwa besar tu. Jgn smpi rakyat ludah muka dia n paksa dia ltak jawatan.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Semakin hari semakin banyak cerita dah keluar.

Dahulu tak dinyatakan siapa sebenarnya Tok Arab yang derma, rupa-rupanya orang tersebut seperti yang dimaklumkan oleh Apandi adalah Putera raja saudi yang lepas.

Raja Abdullah yang sudah meninggal dunia ada beberapa orang Putera. Kebetulan salah seorang namanya adalah Putera Turki Bin Abdullah Al-Saud.

Kebetualan pula Putera Turki adalah khabarnya dalam media sebagai Chairman dan antara tuan punya syarikat PetroSaudi.

Kebetualan pula PetroSaudi ada membuat urusan perniagaan dengan 1MDB.

Sekarang ini ada banyak kebetulan.

Adakah Putera Arab Saudi yang dimaksudkan kebetulan adalah Putera Turki?

Dalam sistem di Raja Arab Saudi. Tahta diRaja diwarisi bukan kepada anak raja tetepi kepada saudara lelaki yang berikutnya.

Selepas Raja Abdullah meninggal dunia, Adiknya Raja Salman mengambil alih.

Selepas kematian Raja Abdullah, Putera Turki tidak lagi memegang jawatan Gabenor Bandar Riyadh dan diganti oleh keluarga raja yang lain.

Kerajaan Arab Saudi dibawah Raja Salman mengatakan perkara yang berbeza dengan apa yang dinyatakan oleh Apandi.

Mungkin kalau derma Arab Saudi RM5 tidak menjadi isu besar, tapi kalau RM2000 juta lebih, saya rasa macam macam cerita bakal keluar.

Apandi telah mengarahkan MACC supaya tutup siasatan berkenaan derma RM2.6 billion dan SRC.

Oleh kerana jumlah wang bukan Rm5 tetapi RM2000 juta lebih, siasatan masih terus berjalan di Switzerland, Singapore, Hongkong dan America Syarikat.

Apa lagi agaknya cerita yang akan keluar.

Tak lama lagi pilihan raya akan berjalan di Sarawak. Pembangkang seronok berkempen.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Saya rasa kalaulah Orang Arab nak derma, ikut hukum akal derma mengikut keperluan yang terima derma.

Kalaulah derma untuk pilihanraya cuma sekitar RM100 juta, masukkan derma sikit-sikit RM100 juta dan tahun depan masuk lagi RM100 juta, barulah orang terima akal sedikit.

Ini kalau masuk derma terus sampai RM2000 juta lebih dalam masa yang singkat, lepas tu pulang balik. Ini menimbulkan tanda tanya.

Umpamanya dalam pembinaan masjid.

Kos paling banyak pun RM10 juta.

Kalaulah ada orang berikan derma buat masjid sampai RM2000 juta., Orang akan tanya, masjid macamana yang dibuat dan berapa tingkat yang dibuat?

Kalaulah kebetulan pula derma masjid tidak dimasukkan ke dalam tabung pembinaan masjid tetapi terus masuk dalam akaun Tok Imam. Sudah tentu ini menimbulkan tanda-tanya dan tanda soal.?

Mae_Northmen said...


Operasi black-ops Israel tak ada kena mengena dengan derma dari Arab.

Ehud Olmert, Perdana Menteri Israel dibicarakan di Mahkamah Israel dan didapati bersalah kerana rasuah walaupun wang rasuah yang terima tak sampai satu juta pun.

Dia dihukum penjara 6 tahun tidak kira seperti samada black, blue or red ops macam engkau cakap.

Di negara Israel pun ikut undang-undang, kalau buat salah masuk jel.

Apabila orang dah mula makan dedak, timbang akal dah berubah. Yang salah di jadikan betul. Yang betul dikatakan salah. Sama juga kalau terbalikkan polariti bateri. Positif jadi negatif, negatif jadi positif.

Al-Capone, seorang kepala Mafia di Amerika pernah mengatakan "I am a public benefactor" , walaupun dia kepala gangster dan penjenayah.


Kadir don't you think this investment from Saudi can happen again?

Thank you, Kadir.
Just back from Tesco caught BBC Hard Talk Lisa Ducet with King of Jordan about unemployment in Jordan and Syrian refugees.

And I read the comments here and I had a good laff.

msh said...

Sy percaya sdra Ku Seman tidak bimbang kena pecat.
Berani kerana benar.....Rezeki ada mana2.

msh said...


sy sokong.
tak kan nak menempek saja.

1280 K Tmn Malik said...

To sukasamasuka,

To shut down n to stage a demonstration in front of saudi embassy obviously will lead to G2G turmoil btwn msia n saudi. Whos gonna issue umra n haj visa? U? WE? Or bugis ponen? Our umra n haj pilgrims wl perform their umra n haj at putrajaya ka?

Kindly use your unused brain to comment. If you hv one. Brgds

INDIGO said...

Betul kata kamu.
Tapi bila kasus Olmert itu bermula dan bila dibicarakan?
Anda tahu macam mana duit fundings ISIS berlegar dan black ops negara kuasa besar? Apa yang nak diceritakan pula selective persecution?

Cerita RM2.6b ada besar kemungkinan ada reasonable doubt dan lemah. Suasans politik difaktor sekali. Pernah kasus penjual jet Tornado UK ke Arab Saudi hendak di bawa ke makhkamah UK tetapi tutup kes.

mae northmen, anda rasa boleh tak satu melayu satu cina dan satu arab bikin a perfect crime?

Terima kasih bawa cerita AlCapone. Al Capone didakwa atas jenayah apa?

Ironinya, dalam kes Presiden UMNO siapa nak pi cari mat-mat SRCI yang terbabit?

Altruism - cuma saya marhean UMNO kena weigh all the pros and cons. Che Det suka ide proactivism tetapi nasib menyebelahi Najib buat masa ini dan mungkin sampai di lepas kerusi Prrsiden UMNO.

Ya, saya yakin kalau Che Det cabar Najib untuk jawatan Presiden dan ada sokongan Pemuda Najib boleh kalah.

SNAFU - Kerajaan Saudi sokong Najib. This is as far as i must go. I thank you Che Det for your brave efforts.

I have submitted my defeat to Najib's loyal aide and a friend. Fortune favors Najib hendaknya.

Yes nak hambat kasus SRCI?
Silakan. OAG Swiss pun akan shelf this case.

Pendekkata objektif PRU14 bukan altruism. Sarawak test kes.

Quo Vadis Malaysia tanya Che Det. Maka lagu Bocelli berduet Celine Dione bermain di kepala. The last ayat of surah al baqarah.

How now brown cow?
Salute you Mr Presiden.
Can we nego for a malaypeacekeepers base north of madinah instead of riyadh, Dato Sri?

Thank you mae northmen, che det and his army and you Datuk A Kadir Jasin.

UMNO jemaah ku. Alhamdulillah.

ps mana valuecap bermain is my main concern for now.

Salam takzim.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam tok
Hari Hari yang mendatang

Semakin bercerlaru

RD. said...

Saudara INDIGO..

"Would it be enough just having Turkish and Saudi boots on the ground fighting ISIS?"

Saudara nak sokong Najib, saya tak kisah, tetapi pandangan Saudara mengenai sengketa di Timur-Tengah...tidak kena sama sekali. Jika Saudara adalah penasihat Najib, saya tidak hairan mengapa Kerajaan Malaysia boleh 'mempercayai' bahawa Arab Saudi mahu 'memerangi-pengganas'. Atau pun, Najib telah banyak 'terhutang-budi' kepada Raja Saud?

Fakta sebenar adalah:-

Turkey dan Arab Saudi mahu Hafez Assad digulingkan dan untuk tujuan itu mereka telah membantu ISIS secara diam-diam. Oleh itu, jangan harap mereka akan hantar tentera untuk memerangi ISIS. Malah Rusia pernah mendakwa bahawa anak Presiden Turkey, membeli minyak dari IS untuk dijual kepada Israel. Alhamdulilah, Russia telah memusnahkan hampir kesemua telaga-minyak yang dikuasi IS, sekaligus melupuskan sumber kewangan mereka.

Yang betul-betul menentang IS adalah Tentera/Puak Syiah yang setia kepada Hafez Assad dan Russia. Juga sebilangan kecil Tentera Kristian dan Kurdish. (Puak Kurdish tiada Negara yang diperakui, samada Iraq, Turkey atau Iran). Pada masa yang sama, Tentera Turkey juga memerangi Puak Kurdish.
Nota: Russia adalah penyelamat bagi Hafez Assad. China juga sokong Hafez secara senyap.

ISIS/IS atau Daesh (Di Malaysia kita sebut Daesh, kerana tidak mahu agama Islam tercemar angkara puak extremist Sunni) menjelma setelah Amerika dengan bantuan Barat melancarkan serang dan secara tak langsung, membunuh Saddam dan Gaddafi. Akibatnya Iraq & Libya, hari ini dikuasai Syiah. Hanya orang yang 'kejam' seperti Saddam dan Gaddafi mampu mengamankan puak Sunni & Syiah di Negara mereka sendiri. Tiadanya mereka berdua, Iraq & Libya tidak lagi aman-damai.

Arab Saudi dan Turki, kedua-dua berfahaman Sunni, dengan bantuan & sokongan Amerika, membantu pula IS untuk menjatuhkan Hafez Assad yang berfahaman Syiah-Alawaite. Pada masa yang sama, Arab Saudi, juga dengan sokongan Amerika, menyerang Yemen, yang telah dikuasai Puak Syiah-Houthi.

Yang jelas, Amerika dan Barat telah 'berjaya' menyemarakkan, dengan lebih teruk lagi, permusuhan Pak-Pak Arab, Sunni-Syiah.

Yang paling untung adalah Zionist-Israel yang dilindungi Amerika. Pada saya, pengganas sebenar adalah Arab Saudi dan Amerika (Zionist). Kita di Nusantara, tidak harus masuk campur. Sepatutnya Kerajaan Najib, ikut seperti Indonesia yang 'curiga' apabila Arab Saudi mahu membentuk 'Coalition of Islamic Countries Against Terrorist'. 'coalition' ini adalah untuk menyelamatkan Kerajaan berRaja Saud semata-mata dari serangan balas Puak Houthi Yemen dan pengaruh Iran (Syiah) dikeliling mereka.

msh said...

Salam Dato dan sdra RD.

Troll naik tocang atas ikhsan Dato diblog Scribe.
Cuba pula memfitnah Perkasa.


Orng ini kaki belit dan merapu.Main sedap mulut.
...kutuk Bugis dan kutuk Melayu dan angkat Cina serta Pembangkang....asyik tersasar dan luar topik.

Mustapha Ong said...

Dear bro AKJ,

Another furious comments from me after my discussion with y media intelligence group:

1. Our AG is in a deep shit;
2. Is AG a Judge or a law enforcer ?
3. Is a AG a politician or a DPP above the law?
4. We citizens would like to hear from AG since the international community is throwing lump of shit to PM Najib on his leadership and credibility!!!

INDIGO said...

Terima kasih, RD.

Malay Peacekeepers are modern equipped: land sea and air.

The North Africa-Middle East refugee problem is growing out of hand, dont you think?

Having ascertain the actors and the terrain and understanding Surah Al Hujurat how would go about initiating A Dr Mahathir Plan for the Middle East?

Is it easy to be custodians to the holy masjid in Madinah and Mecca, RD?

Are you afraid to swim with the sharks when you are lord of the sea with your navy seals?

Ipso facto we can twiddle our thumbs and sit it out or we can be our own masters taming a frankenstein.

Anyway we are Malay Peacekeepers assisting in the good custodians of the two holy mosques with our wise able generals.

We want peace in the Middle East; but how do you make a dream come true, RD?

Global politics is a challenge for us in the UN Security Council, isn't it AKadirJ?

Or can we turn lead into gold or deserts into gardens? Vision2020.

Salam hormat.

PS Che Det has the call now.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

The nation stands on the verge of a criminal era.

The criminals will be the govt.

The 24-hour replacement is showing his colours too soon, too clearly. Why is he making policy decisions on the law? He does not understand the basic concept of separation of powers. By making the OSA more draconian, the govt want to frighten civil servants and the media.

So his role is simple: to allow the looting to continue, and to protect the looters at all costs.

In doing so, he is making a mockery of the law and legal system.

The Saudis have been forced to deny the donation theory for the simple reason that they must disclaim that it is a G2G transfer. So it's a private citizen, and a "business deal".

Will the 24-hour replacement re-open the case?

Of course not.

He will never re-open the case, even if the new evidence is the size of Gunung Kinabalu.

But an A-G who acts unreasonably or in bad faith is not immune. Let us see whether the remaining judiciary can cure the embarrassment caused by this one man.

Zalman A said...

The A-G has denied the MACC the request for MLA.

That also needs to be overturned.

Lest we forget, these are the (so far) undenied facts:

1. Good Star Limited received in total about US$970 million from the US$1.83 billion that 1MDB invested with PetroSaudi Holdings Cayman between 2009 and 2011. From this amount of US$970 million, US$529 million went to the bank account of Abu Dhabi Kuwait Malaysia Investment Corp (ADKMIC) at BSI Bank in Singapore. Jho Low was the beneficial owner of that account.

2. Javace Sdn Bhd, the company that Jho Low used in the 2010 takeover of UBG Bhd, received US$260 million via a loan from PetroSaudi International Seychelles. That money was transferred from the JP Morgan bank account of Tarek Obaid which he received from the US$500 million Murabaha notes subscribed by 1MDB in Sept, 2010.

3. Besides the US$260 million, Tarek Obaid received in total another US$240 million from 1MDB. From this, US$77 million was paid to his partner at PetroSaudi, Prince Turki, US$33 million to Patrick Mahony and US$1.0 million to Nawaf Obaid.

4. Various PetroSaudi companies received around US$330 million, of which US$185 million was used to buy a drill ship.

5. Some of the money received by these individuals were used for their personal investments. For example, Mahony used US$10 million (6.5 million pounds) to buy a house in his home country the United Kingdom.

6. All these point to a clear case of fraud and international money laundering. 1MDB’s money went from Malaysia to Switzerland via US clearing banks and then to the United Kingdom, the UAE and Singapore.

7. What happened to 1MDB’s money is no longer a domestic issue but is a global fraud and money laundering matter involving the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore. Global banks like JP Morgan, RBS Coutts, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, BSI and others have all been channels for the money flow.

The Swiss A-G and numerous other people know all this.

So, let us say that the "private citizen" referred to by the Saudis

Zalman A said...

The Conference of Rulers meets in 10 days time.

If they do not intervene, the country is doomed.

This renegade son of Tun Razak is a criminal on the run. He is abusing laws and inventing new ones, just to save himself from jail. That is the situation now. He has already sabotaged local investigations to prevent justice. His new "yes-man" is a further crime against the rakyat.

The appointment of an A-G cannot legally be made via false representations to the YDPA.

If the current A-G was replaced under false pretences, for an invalid reason, in order to prevent justice from being done, then his removal is null and void - as is the appointment of a replacement. If the replacement, in turn, obstructs justice, then the wrong is doubled. A suspect in a crime cannot recommend someone who is placed there merely to clear him.

I trust TS Gani finds the courage to finally speak out. He must explain.

Then there will be no choice but for Tuanku to remove the usurper under the Federal Constitution, and for MACC and PDRM to investigate those who conspired to invent that "medical reasons" excuse in 24 hours, seal off his office, and prevent justice from being done.

These are offences under the Penal Code and also under the MACC Act.

The Conference of Rulers do not intervene, the country is doomed.

Think of what Malaysia is going to become under more Najib atrocities.

The country is on the verge of being destroyed.

TOK HITAM said...

Ok Kadir let see what the Malay Sultans decide, shall we.

Bet you most anti Najib will not be happy with the outcome.

Anti Najib best hire bounty hunters to bring back mat-mat SRCI if they want Najib's head.

I do hope anti Najib will hold a hugh demo as anti Thaksin did in Bangkok.

Ah, Kadir, then you will see a monster fully awake. I will be riding it playing my guitar.

So the Sultans will decide but will anti Najib be happy?

Take care.

Zalman A said...

11:16 AM: "So, let us say that the "private citizen" referred to by the Saudis..."

Maaf Datuk, the rest of the sentence was:

"So, let us say that the "private citizen" referred to by the Saudis is actually Prince Turki, and/or Tarek Obaid. That would make them accomplices, not "donors". And in any case, this definitely becomes an offence under the MACC Act."

To add:

Section 3 (S.3) MACC Act.

S.3 of the MACC Act defines civil servants like Najib as “officers of a public body” by virtue of them being “members of the administration” or “members of State Legislative Assembly” or “officers of Government of Malaysia or Government of a State”.

They are all prohibited from receiving any form of gratification.

Gratification has a long definition to include not just money but also donation, gift, loan, fee, office, post, dignity, employment, contracts, service, forbearance, protection.

Section 50 (S.50)

S.50 of the MACC Act clearly states that anyone of these officers of public body who gives or receives gratification is presumed to have done so corruptly.

Section 16 (S.16)

S.16 of the MACC Act provides that any of them who gives or receives corrupt gratification commits an offence punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment.

So there's nothing to talk about.

The 24-hour replacement talked initially of a gift given "without consideration".

The Saudi Foreign Minister has just contradicted that, 100%. Any business deal or investment MUST involve consideration (and even that is not needed under the MACC Act.)

The 24-hour replacement can pretend to be buta, pekak, bisu but his only client is clearly chargeable under the MACC Act.

Who now, is going to protect the MACC and the rakyat?

That is the 2.6 billion question.

RD. said...


I'm not afraid to "to swim with the sharks" in the middle-east desert. BUT, before I make any decision to meddle into other people affairs, I MUST first ascertain the truth or the root cause of the conflict. Who the real terrorist are? To me, a richest Arabic state, hand-in-glove with the Americans, bombing another most-poorest Arabic state, such as Yemen, is totally an acts of aggression and terrorism. If I were to go and fight for the Sauds, I will have to kill my own brethrens, for the American and Zionism. To the American, both Sunnis and Shiahs are MUSLIMs.

You seems were ambitious, Saudara INDIGO.

"Malay Peacekeepers are modern equipped: land sea and air.
....lord of the sea with 'your' navy seals."

Note: Guna 'your' pulak. Sepatutnya gunalah, 'our'. Macam perli je!....Are really a Malay/Muslim or just masquerading like sukasamasuka. Tapi....sukasamasuka anti-Najib. INDIGO pula pro-Najib.

"Malay Peacekeepers assisting in the good custodians of the two holy mosques with our wise able generals.
Global politics is a challenge for us in the UN Security Council AKadirJ?" (Langsung tak ada tunjuk hormat kat Tuanpunya blog. Kawan Dato AKJ kot?)

"...turn lead into gold or deserts into gardens? Vision2020."

But, the point is; Can 'Melayus' achieve that, with Najib at the helm? With his despicable reputation, especially overseas? The 'Melayus' would be a laughing stock, even if our officials were to talk about accountability, at home or abroad. For that matter, corruption. I don't think Najib would dare talk about corruption in the UN Assembly. Don't you think so?

Najib is now struggling to safe his neck and from UMNO being swapped-away too, come GE14, if there is going to be one. After-all he is above Agong now, after that new NSC aka MKN enactment. With the ruse about Daesh nowadays, I don't think GE14 will ever come.
I don't think Najib had time, to even read about world affairs, especially about the conflicts around the world, Proxy-wars in Middle-east and Ukraine, what's the root cause of conflict in South China Seas, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa trade pact), etc. Oh, I forgot. He had too many exorbitantly paid advisers and consultants. He even trust a MatSalleh to give him advise? Or is it for overseas image prop-up, just like the recent BBC unnamed article?

He is too worried that a DAP lead opposition would not be kind to him and his wife, once BN tumbles. Therefore, I don't think he cares about "good custodians of the two holy mosques" in Saudi Arabia.

If not because of 1MDB, I don't think Najib would have dragged the country into TPPA. After-all, Russia + China seems to be on the right path of replacing the Americans as the new World's Sheriff, in the near future.

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Jangan menaruh harapan sangat dengan Tuanku2..mereka juga manusia biasa..mereka juga tak mau " rock the boat "..PM advice Agong, MB advice respective State Rulers.. all those advisers are from U(Najib)MO..


Dear Scribe

MrOAS Swiss Cheese With A Rolex

So you have all the names
all the companies
all the banks
all the figures
And a swiss Justo in jail

But not enough is it?

I guess the swiss needs more
Just to please a Zalman A
Is it the case
Zalman wants to be Prime Minister?
Now how is this for sinister?

Who is Zalman A?
What the motive and intent
Dear brothers and sister

Dear me said the white rabbit
Off with his head said the red queen
As Alice had her fun in Wonderland
Mr OAS from Switzerand is here to see a madhatter
Or the prime minister?


Dear Scribe

MrOAG Swiss Cheese With A Rolex

So you have all the names
all the companies
all the banks
all the figures
And a swiss Justo in jail

But not enough is it?

I guess the swiss needs more
Just to please a Zalman A
Is it the case precise
Zalman wants to be Prime Minister?
Now how is this for sinister?

Who is Zalman A?
What is the motive and intent
Dear brothers and sister
Where is the moral of the tale

Dear me said the white rabbit
Off with his head said the red queen
As Alice had her fun in Wonderland
Mr OAG from Switzerand is here to see a madhatter
Or the prime minister?

While in Dataran Merdeka by the fountain
A blind man sings softly

Take to a place
Guide us with your grace
To where we can be safe

Terima kasih dan salam hormat

sukasamasuka said...


"Mohd Najib Abdul Razak...told the heavens and earth that the US$681-million in his private accounts was a donation from the Saudi royal family or something like that."

PM Najib proudly told Malaysians it was a donation. Zahid met the "donor/s" in August 2015 and Apandi saw and read the letter from the "donor/s). So, only 3 out of 30 millions Malaysian who know who are the "donor/s"....only 3 Malaysian, you are not one of them Datuk AKJ.

Except Zahid, who can speak Arabic...the other 2, perhaps can read Quran only with translations. Speak Arabic and read Quran alone does not make you an Arab, let alone understand the complexity and depth of Arabic cultures.

In all fairness, an Arab who accept back part of his/her donation is "like a dog eating back its own vomits"....hence the statement from the Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir, that he “does not think that the US$681-million was from the Saudi government or that it was a political donation.”

PM Najib, why not check with Jakim or Khir or your Ustazs before returning part of the donation in August 2013?

With that statement, PM Najib is alone "licking his own pus" with the help of Zahid and Apandi. This is something the Arab can not help you.

RM2.6 billion WAS NEVER a donation. Then what it is?

Only PM Najib knows what it is. Thank you for taking us Malaysian in your rendezvous day we will find that out....until that one day, happy chinese new year.

sukasamasuka said...


PM Najib, Sir...sorry the Arab is not on your side about the donation story. Can you please tell us something else, even a less convincing story will do.

I got one for PM Najib...what about "investment loan in the form of a donation"...sounds good and very convincing too. I'm sure Datuk AKJ is ok with that.

Zahid, can you ask these "high ranking investment advisers in Saudi Arabia" whom you met in August 2015, to "re-issue" a new letter for Apandi for his filing.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Kalu ikut maglumat yg dipapagkan, kepincangan yg belaku memang teruk (dan mutlak sekali). Misainya dlm kaedah pindah duit dari 1MDB dan dari SRC International yg juga anak syarikat Kementerian Kewangan. Yg aku paham 'modus operandi' dia hampiag seropa. Pelajag kursus 'Penghantar Jinayah 101' atau kursus 'Intro to Criminal Behavior' pon aku janka tau, kalu 'modus operandi' seropa atau hampiag seropa, maka ini akan 'on'kan siasatan. Maklumlah jumlah yg telibat adalah ribu ribu juta. Ini di saringkan pulak dgn kemewahan yg menunjuk nunjuk atau 'ostentatious' atau 'opulence' yg jauh diluag kemampuan seorang pemakan gaji.

Tebaru, dilapogkan peguam negara cadangkan 'whistle blowers', atau pendedah selingkohan dan pemberita, dll dihukum penjara seumog hidop, dan rotan 10 kali.

Kalu sohih berita ni, Penulih Zalman A, munkin betoi apabila dia tulih

'So his role is simple: to allow the looting to continue, and to protect the looters at all costs.'(11.12 pagi).

Akiag sekali Kadiag, pasai apa hang tulih 'what now brown cow...'? Aku ingat biasanya orang kata 'how now brown cow'?. Sungguhpon, magnanya munkin dekat, nampak 'diftong' atau fonem/vokal yg bercampog campog. Munkin hang ada sebab sendiri...

Mangap, dan salam dari aku.

INDIGO said...

Although I have many avatars and maybe even R2D2, I will never be as smart as you, RD.

Che det is an ahli UMNO terhormat dan tersohor. Saya ahli biasa, RD.
What about you?

What can I say, Kadir; but

And I love an Usman Awang sajak, Kadir about Melayu.
Only when Najib added some more I added even more to include those Malay speaking muslims the whole world over bersongkok bersampin. Maybe not in my life time, Scribe.

Thank you, Scribe.

sukasamasuka said...


Helloooooo...Perkasa...Baju Merah...Persatuan Silat....dan lain lain lagi...Hello? are you there? It's's a long holiday...sorry!


Well, what do you have to say to that? PM Najib can still go to Mecca and UMRAH, no problem, but the Arab told the world, he is a liar. I never say that....not me.

Well...Zahid, Apandi, Khir and Azeez...any idea? We still need visa you know.

Laymen said...

Para komentator,

Kami sebagai pembaca laymen didalam blog Dato Kadir tiada masa untuk memahami segala unspinner dari beberapa pihak yang konon nya pakar dalam bidang politik dan undang undang.

Apa yg kami perlu hadapi setiap hari adalah keperitan dengan kos kehidupan yang semakin meningkat manakala para pemimpin kerajaan yang kami undi pula sibuk mahu memikirkan segala muslihat agar merek tidak di dakwa di mahkamah.

Sudah nyata slogan rakyat di dahulu kan sekadar perkataan di papan tanda dan tv dan bukan nya ikhlas dari hati mereka sewaktu kempen memancing undi suatu ketika dahulu.

Ingat lah bahwa perbuatan tidak menunaikan janji sama sahaja akibatnya nya dengan niat menipu.

Hidup mewah pun sudah tiada berkat lagi. Hati setiap hari menjadi gundah gulana dan tiada ketenangan dalam hidup.

sukasamasuka said...


"I (Datuk AKJ) expect Mohd Najib’s handpicked Deputy Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri) Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to COMPLAIN VIGOROUSLY to the Saudi Government for making such a statement to the Press and not directly to him."

Oh common! Datuk AKJ. I like you, but this statement is just a bit too hard for (Datuk Seri) Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, even for my liking. He is our Deputy Prime Minister, you know. He is big, the no.2. Home Minister, some more. That Arab is just a Foreign Minister, where is Anipah Aman, our Malaysian Foreign Minister...still sleeping?

Hello! Anipah....Saudi don't celebrate Chinese New Year.

Zalman A said...


I think I do not have to explain further what is going on, or who is the dalang here.

We all hope things will turn out OK.

The country needs Tun more than ever now.

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ dan Saudara INDIGO.

Saya ingin memohon maaf kepada Saudara Indigo kerana telah tersalah sangka, tanpa membaca sepenuhnya apa yang Saudara tulis.

Oleh yang demikian, saya ingin menarik-balik perenggan berikut ataupun ia diabaikan:-

"Note: Guna 'your' pulak. Sepatutnya gunalah, 'our'. Macam perli je!....Are really a Malay/Muslim or just masquerading like sukasamasuka. Tapi....sukasamasuka anti-Najib. INDIGO pula pro-Najib."

Walaubagaimana pun, keraguan saya terhadap penyamar 'sukasamsuka' masih kekal.

Sekali lagi, maafkan saya Saudara INDIGO. Berbeza pendapat tidak semestinya kita bermusuh.

Terima Kasih Dato AKJ.

Unknown said...

Dalam Datuk

Hope u in good health. Tak nampak u di Mesjid Negara last Friday.

Here is an interesting article for all to read:



Maaf, Scribe.
brothers and sisters
Take us to a place

And a red herring stealthy slips
Into the Gombak River lip-syncing Celine's Immortality

MAAF dan salam hormat


1. Mohon maaf kepada pembahas Zalman A kerana tidak dapat menyiarkan komen beliau (8/2). Parodi Saudara yang melibatkan isteri Perdana Menteri tidak adil dan mungkin ada unsur fitnah.

1. Komen Saudara sukasamasuka pun tidak boleh saiarkan. Hujan Saudara berkaitan "kejadian" Tuhan boleh menimbulkan salah tafsir.

3. Mohon berpatutan dab berhati-hati kerana yang terawal tanggung beban adalah saya. Tolonglah saya supaya kita boleh mengekalkan ruang bahas ini tanpa sekatan.


sukasamasuka said...


Terima kasih Datuk. Kebijaksanaan Datuk sangat saya hormati. Saya ingin memohon maaf dan tidak akan mengulangi perkara yang sedemikian rupa. Terima kasih, Datuk.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Sy minta maaf kalo "sajak/rojak" tu agak melampau sedikit. No offence intended. Apa yang lebih membimbangkan, mungkin tiada langsung unsur fitnah! "Only time will tell". Terima kasih Datuk & "keep up the good work"...

Unknown said...


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