Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Has Tengku Razaleigh Eaten the Dedak?

A Kadir Jasin

APART from a brief reference to Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s 360-degree about-face in the update to the March 23 posting, I had said nothing openly about that event.
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On March 24 the Gua Musang Member of Parliament effectively broke ranks with the people who are seeking the removal of Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

[SIGN the People’s Declaration Here]

For months he was in the forefront of the movement. He was leading a campaign to remove Mohd Najib via a vote of no confidence.

He met and received the endorsement of his former Umno rival, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The latter even made a trip to Sarawak to canvass the support of the state Barisan Nasional members of the Dewan Rakyat.

Tengku Razaleigh is known to have met several Malay rulers to inform them of his plan. But over the same period he also met Mohd Najib secretly at home and abroad. It is understood that Mohd Najib had offered him positions in the government.

Lo and behold, on March 24 he signed a so-called Kalantan Declaration that pledges support to the Prime Minister.

Singing off loyalty to Mohd Najib
The spontaneous reaction is to accuse him of betrayal of the highest order; of eating the dedak.
But his about-turn did not come as a complete surprise to me for two key reasons.

Firstly, I have known Tengku Razaleigh and his modus operandi since the early 1970’s when he was the Chairman of Fleet Group (the original Malaysian owner of the New Straits Time Press) and President of the Malay Chamber of Commerce. I was then an economic reporter for Bernama. I visited him regularly in Kota Bharu in the late 1970’s when he was spearheading the development of the state after the 1977/78 takeover by Umno.

Secondly, I have been warned by many people, including those who have dealt with him over a long period of time, that for him self-preservation comes. Crudely put, he could not be trusted to march with the masses.

One of his former operators said he could not get rid of his princely habit of always wanting to be served and waiting to be “crowned”. 

The Possible Trigger

But what could have caused this Kelantan prince to make an about-turn?

Consider the following possibilities:

1. The admission that his no confidence-vote against Mohd Najib has come to naught. He could not get enough commitment from Dewan Rakyat members, via statutory declarations, to convince the House and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to act against Mohd Najib.

2. That he has found other ways of removing the Prime Minister.

3. That he has become the latest and the most significant dedak eater to pledge loyalty to Mohd Najib.

But there could be another reason - something less sinister. As unlikely as it would appear to a lot of people, he could have entered into a secret agreement with Mohd Najib.

This agreement would allow Mohd Najib to make a safe exit and enable Tengku Razaleigh to become the Prime Minister – something that has eluded him for so long.

In return Tengku Razaleigh would guarantee that Mohd Najib is given safe passage and no charge is brought against him for the various crimes that he has been alleged of committing.

Mohd Najib makes an escape. Tengku Razaleigh becomes the Prime Minister. And the Barisan Nasional remains in power at least until the next general election.

Tengku Rarazeigh the Reformist?

Or if indeed Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is serious about finding “a quick settlement to the current problems of governance and leadership,” as was reported by The Star newspaper today, he would do one of the following two things:

1. He would form a national unity government comprising all political parties and representatives of civil society organizations, or

2. Call for an early general election so that the people can choose a new government that is capable of quickly and amicably settle all problems pertaining to governance and leadership.

The Gua Musang MP said that when it came to governance, no one could accuse him of inconsistency.

Responding broadly to allegations that he has betrayed public confidence by pledging support to Mohd Najib, Tengku Razaleigh was reported saying:

“I am confident that nobody can accuse me of inconsistency in my stand on governance, public responsibility and the need for change.

“This has been the theme of my struggle nationally and in Umno since 1987.”

In a meeting I had with him at the height of his no-confidence campaign against Mohd Najib, he shared his vision for the future, which is revolutionary to say the least.

Among other things he wants the Prime Minister’s post to be universally decided and for the Parliament to be answerable directly to the people.

Although he does not participate in the Deklarasi Rakyat, the same ideals are broadly embodied in the declaration which, inter alia, says:

“We call upon all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion, political affiliation, creed or parties, young and old to join us in saving Malaysia from the Government headed by Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, to pave the way for much needed democratic and institutional reforms, and to restore the important principle of the separation of powers among the executive, legislature and judiciary which will ensure the independence, credibility, professionalism and integrity of our national institutions.”

So which Tengku Razaleigh are we talking about – a saviour, a reformist, a traitor, a dedak eater, a wolf in sheep’s skin or simply a prince who craves for the crown?

Only time will tell.



Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Ku Li is a gentleman, of the mould of Tunku.

Tunku however was a man of action, as you know from the history of Saberkas in Kedah, and his alliance with Khir Johari, Senu Abdul Rahman and others to rise against the Japanese and protect the Malays.

But politics now is no place for gentlemen.

There are none left in Umno except for him. He feels out of place. He does not want to embrace the corrupted culture, but his refined arguments fall on deaf ears in Umno. It is purely a party of brutes, kaki bodek and con-men now.

But perhaps we can give him the benefit of the doubt.

This video is interesting:


Perhaps his friendship with Tun Razak means he wants to see Najib leave without going behind bars.

But now, Nur Jazlan is making noises about arresting Tun.

Another example of quality not flowing from father to son?

Anonymous said...

Assalam Datuk

I find it difficult to imagine that Ku Li has become a dedak eater. I have always thought that he is quite well off and has no need for it.

If its true that he has reached a secret agreement with Najib then his actions are quite logical.

He need not sign the Deklarasi Rakyat because he has in a way manages to bring Najib down, which is what the Deklarasi Rakyat wants. Those who support the Deklarasi Rakyat should be thankful to him and should show him support.

Then by showing his support for Najib he is making sure that all those who are supporting Najib now especially in MT and those divisional leaders will have no ground to reject him later. He can argue that Najib himself wanted to resign to make way for him.

UMNO is so weak and divided now that it makes sense for him to garner whatever support he can to win PRU 14. It would be very difficult to do a good reformation job if he doesn’t have the time. To do it well within this 2 years before PRU14 may not be possible. He needs more time which he can only get if he wins the next election. We want reformation but we don’t want chaos.

It is also perhaps better that he breaks rank with Dr Mahathir now so that he can remain independent as the prime minister.

FMZam said...

No surprise if he has indeed eaten the dedak afterall he has all these while only been floating and flirting around as a political hungry ghost he is. And I'm not surprised at all if, of all the people, Anwar Ibrahim too would take the dedak, when he sounded his disagreement with Deklarasi Rakyat, he sounded so dispirited and soulless so unlike that Anwar we know, he sounded more a discontented and restless bird wanting out of its cage, his voice indicated a tone of a condemned man begging for his pardon and that pardon board is now postponed for whatever reasons except for this reason I now think of - the administration of the dedak serum into his blood!

Tia Rosa said...

Who doesnt want to be a PM? Maybe he gets the opportunity to be one with the help of Najib.

All for nothing said...

don't know how his mind works, didn't Tengku Li now refer to the Kelantan D as an attendance card, a silly document anyone can sign, no legal standing.
Ouch, ouch to the UMNO people who orchestrated his signing and made a big event.
Tengku Li's signature is not worth anything? What about his word?

Beyond repair said...

It really looks like just one stroke of his pen, Tengku Li has irreparably damaged his own reputation.
He says he's not interested to be a PM, too old, can anyone believe him now?
Is his strategy to console Zahid while wheels are turning in his favour?
Najib's secret meetings with Razaleigh the best indicator?
If Zahid teams with Tun M now, cards open, no secret deals?
Or he still want to listen to sweet nothings from his boss?

JohorMali said...


And the story goes on and on which never lack the suprises, the sudden entry of veteran actors for cameo roles, the twist and turns that left audiences gasping and wondering what's the story is all about?

It's the story teller/writer like you Dato', who will be having a field day concocting new story lines for all of us audiences to savor.

Juni said...

Malaysian would not agree with the idea to let Najib off lightly. After plundering and impoverishing us, we want him to pay for his crime and return all the monies he stole. Ku Li has no right to make that kind of decision even if he becomes the next PM.


Mali Bin Muyung said...

Salam Datuk.
Between TR n Hishanuddin, i think Najib is more comfortable with his cousin not withstanding the fact that TR was najib x father in law.
Of all options, i m inclined to believe that TR has difficulty shedding his royal image as Datuk mentioned.


Debater Mali Muyung, Ku Li is not Nasib's ex-father-in-law. Thank you.

lat said...

Salam Datuk,

These people of dedak eaters are like zombies.At first they live among us behaving as humanly as possible waiting for time to reveal their true selves.When that time comes we would all be caught by surprise...so beware of zombies among us.

Unknown said...


saya menyeru kepada para pemakan dedak,


seandainya ditakdirkan suatu saat najib jatuh dan KERAJAAN BARU AMBIL ALIH, tidak mustahil segala fail anda sekaliannya akan dibuka kembali dan anda akan diheret sama ke PENJARA...

tak kiralah kakitangan awam, hatta MENTERI sekalipun, jangan sekali2 fikir diri anda kebal...

sebab itu jgn sekali2 sombong mendongak ke langit...

k, bai...

Nenekghuffran said...

Salam DAKJ...semoga dirahmati Allah.

Walau apa pun muslihat Ku Li ...Najib mesti dinyahkan. Saya percaya majoriti rakyat mahu Najib dihukum atas perbuatannya yg durjana. Rakyat dah bosan dan meluat kepada semua pemimpin yg bersekongkol dgn Najib. Sama ada Ku Li ke...Zahid ke...yg dlm MT UMNO ke...yg dlm Kabinet kayu ke.. tidak layak jadi PM sbb rakyat dapat menilai mereka melalui watak-watak dlm drama bersiri yg episod akhirnya amat dinantikan...

Apabila Najib dpt dinyahkan.... dia dan semua mereka yg telah disenarai hitam oleh rakyat mesti digulungtikarkan....

P/S Taklupa juga Speakar Dewan yg tak mulia tu pun masuk dlm senarai!

Postman said...

Actions speak louder than words
RM speaks louder than pride.
Power speaks louder than principle.

lat said...

Salam Datuk,

These people of dedak eaters are like zombies.At first they live among us behaving as humanly as possible waiting for time to reveal their true selves.When that time comes we would all be caught by surprise...so beware of zombies among us.

Zalman A said...


This is Ku Li's "semi-official" response:


Reading "between the lines":

a) He knows that Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone has been a major mistake for the country.

b) He cannot accept anything other than election or no-confidence vote or SD as a method to kick Mappadulung out.

I do not think that election is useful.

By then, Mappadulung's goons will lock everyone up; and there is the NSC Bill as well. No, GE14 will not be a real GE. Democracy will be 100% dead by 2018.

I think a lot of facts about the Mappadulung's financial hanky-panky will come to light soon.

I trust the "orang kat atas tu" will do the right thing.

This normally happens behind the scenes. We will not see it.

Ada cara lah.

I hope Mappadulung gets the message. Fast.

tebing tinggi said...

High flavored dedak produce by Najib is hard to resist .

Zalman A said...

The FBI's ongoing case on various aspects of Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone's alleged recent activities is being led by an Asian American called Preet Baharara.


"In recent days, as news of Mr. Zarrab’s arrest circulated here, Mr. Bharara became a social media sensation among Turks who have increasingly lost confidence in the independence of their country’s institutions, particularly the judiciary, after a Tuesday morning post on Twitter:

“Reza Zarrab to soon face American justice in a Manhattan courtroom.”

Since that message was posted, the number of Mr. Bharara’s Twitter followers has soared to 245,000 from a few thousand. An anonymous poem written in Turkish about Mr. Bharara, which notes his reputation as a fearless prosecutor of Wall Street malfeasance, gained traction online and begins, “There is a prosecutor in America, he is unshakably loyal to the law, now it is the turn of Reza, what a great man you are, Preet Bharara.”

Countless Turks have sent Mr. Bharara messages on Twitter, congratulating his efforts, and he responded to one post in which the writer offered any number of gifts from Turkey: raki, a Turkish liquor; a carpet; kebab; or Turkish delight."

We can offer nasi lemak, sambal belacan, roti canai banjir, teh halia, and a few private jets that may need new owners.

Good luck, Saudara Preet.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

I am sure, deep inside, many of us feel embarrassed for believing that Ku Li was fighting on our side when in fact he was simply taking time to weigh his options on who will give him the better chance to power.

We were made to believe that the meetings with Najib was about the PM seeking help from Ku Li for an exit strategy but instead they were probably bargaining. In the end he probably got an offer he couldn't refuse.

My only hope is that Ku Li do not hold any secrets of our strategy because I have always been suspicious how Najib seems to always be a step ahead of Tun M.

At the very least Ku Li is now out in the open. No more closed door, behind curtain deals for the wily politician. Two press conferences in consecutive days is highly unusual for him these days.

Back to your question on dedak. I think that once you reach a certain age, dedaks do not appeal to you as much anymore. You crave for other, more valuable, things.

awang batuburok said...

Hebatnya penangan dedak, semua jadi mamai dan celaruharubiru

Unknown said...


The title of your posting here - "Has Tengku Razaleigh Eaten the Dedak?" - itself shows that you didn't know Tengku Razaleigh well enough to comment his signing of the Kelantan Declaration.

Definately not a brilliant idea, Datuk.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Aku frust menonggeng teringat perangai orang ni dlm kes royalty minyak kelantan yg depa songlap... Aku stop tangkat ni.


adion said...

TR is not a dedak beggar like the rest.
And even if he become a pm, he has no right to let najib to go off lightly.
Malaysia has rules and law, which najib or TR are subject to.

Waghih said...

Folks ...

Tun M have just admitted recently he was a Dictator during his 22 yrs reign.

A PBS minister accused Tun M of being a Bully .

Ku Li just now mentioned Tun M a conmen.

Kak Pah have said Tun M cannot be trusted .

The DAPig gang said they forgive Tun M for all the misery they suffered of being jailed during Tun M reign .

Really , i'm not sure wheather to laugh or to cry ...

Pakatoon Time ...


hihwag said...

@ waghih:

"Really, i'm not sure whether to laugh or to cry..."

Takpelah bro, ko makan dedak jer (aku x pernah nampak itik ketawa atau nangis : )

zainal abidin awang kechik said...


waghyu said...

No need to cry nor laugh..
Just ask your master which 1 need to be trusted.
All the money has been spent.
Or spent a few only the rest were returned.

Pak Zawi said...

Salam Datuk,
Ku Li will not be able to do much for this nation even if he were to become PM. He will inherit a Cabinet that are comprised of members who are corrupted to the core. On top of that the leaders at the Division level who will decide on many things including the election of their President and MT whenever the circus comes to town are all dedak eaters who may not be able to survive without their monthly RM50K purported to be doled out by The Chief. Remember one of them admitted to have received 1M! Will Ku Li be able to continue doing that without a RM2.6 billion? I for one doubt it.

Nenekghuffran said...

Salam DAKJ...

Kepada Waghih..

Orang yg macam Waghih ni lah yg nenek rasa kesian sgt....sbb ekau celaru siapa yg sebenar sdg jahanamkan Negara ini.

Kita ni berdepan dgn salahguna kuasa dan penyelewengan wang rakyat oleh PM sekarang....lepas tu bercakap bohong....putar belit. Ditambah lagi menjadi Tok Dalang mcm Wayang Kulit yg gunakan patung2 dia mengadu domba rakyat dgn menanam kebencian antara kaum...menggertak rakyat...mengheret rakyat untuk sama2 memikul beban dan kemaluan dia. Najib ni bacul duduk belakang tadbir hanya gerakkan patung2 dia macam Wayang Kulit.

Kalau Waghih tak puas hati dgn Tun M bongkarlah lagi semua salahlaku dia dan heret dia ke mahkamah. Jangan berani kutuk aje..Kalau Tun M diktator kenapa selepas 22 tahun dia yang letak jawatan ? Dlm dunia ni ada ke diktator yg letak jawatan? Semua kena guling nak ooi....
Baca betul2 pengakuan Tun M tu jgn ambil sekerat je...

Ekau ni waghih mano la nak oooi...Nenek raso ekau ni waghih dari guo tempurung...

Maafkan nenek ye DAKJ...lepas geram pagi ni...

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk

Tun M reign of 22 years dictatorship has brought prosperity and harmony to this countey. The Malays has veen respected and praised for being good managwrs abd administrators.

It takes only 22 months for Najib to make his iwn race the Malays a laughing stock in the world. Now everybody and everyone knows Malays can easily be corrupted just with a nasi vungkus..tshirt and RM50 as pocket money.

As for T.Razaleigh I have nothing much to say except some 30 years ago I knew that this guy just cabnot accept that Tun M is more smarter and intelligent than him. He always believed his stock and roots are more superior than the Nusabtara Malays and Indo Malays.

Rakyat sees and hears said...

Looks like as far as the rakyat is concerned, TR with the help of his new "boss" discredited himself, so he will depend on his new boss to resurrect him, hidden pledges, promises, guarantees.
Najib should not wait any longer in handing over the PM post to TR as the DPM
standing in the background has still miles to go on his own.
So it's who will push the button first, team of PM/TR or DPM/Tun?
For now the rakyat finds it easier to accept DPM/Tun, later is another day.
Grasp the opportunity with both hands.

Mana Seditious said...

for going around getting signatures to the Citizens Declaration is "out of the box" for Tun M. But how is it going against the constitution? Then even getting opinion polls is seditious, hahaha.
Nur Jazlan is belittling himself to say PDRM will probe if there is any seditious or treachery behind Tun M, this is ludicrous.
Nur Jazlan you are representing the HOme Ministry and PDRM, pls be professional.

Harris H said...

Salam Dato,

If you go 360 on an issue you end up facing the same situation/opinion. Technically,it should turn 180,where it is the opposite of ones prior actions/opinion.To quote ;

from "the Last Action Hero"

Tony Vivaldi: What is this, Benedict? First you're my friend; now you turn a... 360 on me!

Benedict: 180, you stupid, spaghetti-slurping cretin - *180*! If I did a 360, I'd go completely around and end up back where I started!

Tony Vivaldi: What?

Benedict: Trust me!

[shoots him]

Ali said...

Ku li ni ular 2 kepala...lebih bahaya..dpt sapu tak dpt..gigit

suhaimi said...

Saya kurang ingat bila masa yang sebenarnya. Yg pasti, ketika itu Ku Li bersekutu dengan Musa Hitam. Sebelumnya, Ku Li berlawan dengan Musa Hitam.
Semasa kedatangan Ku Li ke Segamat pada waktu itu, beliau ditanya oleh Setiusaha UMNO Bahagian Segamat tentang pendiriannya terhadap Musa Hitam.
Jawab Ku Li: Inilah politik. Semalam lawan, hari ini kawan!
Nah, itulah Ku Li, politikus yg berprinsip kononnya! Dan setiausaha UMNO Bhg itu ialah arwah bapa saya.

Unknown said...


saya baru buka fb kelab chedet bertarikh 30.3.2016. terdapat perkongsian catatan ANINA SAADUDIN di 'wall' fb tersebut yg antaranya tertulis;

Anina Saadudin

saya kata "najib mencuri wang negara" .....

di antara ratusan komen2 yang menyentuh isu ini, saya kongsikan satu buat renungan kita semua. terdapat seorang pengguna facebook yg saya kira menggunakan pseudonym Ar Abdul yg telah menulis;

"Dinasihatkan kepada perempuan2 semua

kepandaian yang ada pada kamu bukan untok menderhaka kepada pemimpin.
suara pon tak boleh meninggi. apatah lagi berdiri di atas pentas di khalayak ramai.

sejujurnya, saya x pasti akan kesahihan 'hukum' ini. betul ke Islam mengharamkan wanita berjuang menentang pemimpin??? saya bukan agamawan, tp masa PMR dan SPM dulu agama saya A. tp saya x pernah dengar hukum ni. klu benar, mungkin elok juga kita hebahkan, tp seandainya tidak, hmmm...


dengan METODOLOGI DAN NIAT yang amat DIRAGUI....

apakah kerana Allah/Rasul???

atau kerana rakyat dan negara???

atau mungkin kerana...... DEDAK???

@-@??? :(

kusufian write said...

Salam semua.
RAHMAN... Huruf pertama semua permulaan nama nama PM. Camna boleh sesat huruf N kerana semua tahu nama penuh PM bermula huruf M.... Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak.
Agaknya next PM seorang putera raja juga dengan nama bermula huruf R...
Tan Sri Tengku Razalegh Hamzah. Barulah kita dapat melengkapkannya dengan RAHIM.Semoga mendapat kasih dan sayang serta ehsan Allah swt untuk negara ini terus kekal maju, aman, makmur dan sejahtera. InsyaAllah.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RD. said...


"Kak Pah have said Tun M cannot be trusted ."??????

Who is 'Kak Pah'? Is it Pak Lah. If it is, well Pak Lah himself cannot be trusted. If he had conscience, he would not have hiis SIL to run the government through 'Tingkat 4' then.

If the DAP have forgiven Dr.M, that means they are very sure that Najib is far worst and a threat to Malaysian.

To me Najib is plain hopeless and a dimwit. UMNO today is lack of bravery, selflessness, sacrifices and loyalty. What's left is just loyalty to Najib as President.
The President too, can be easily fooled or manipulated by mischievous and fraudulent people like Jho Low, Deepak Carpet and Razak Baginda. His habit of picking sycophantic characters to elevate his diminishing reputation would only make the party he reign, irrelevant, then collapse into oblivion.

I don't Najib have the intention of having GE14. He postponed UMNO's election. He made defunct the Special Task Force, PAC, AG and SPRM. Now he seems to be 'buying' the loyalty of the Police and Arm-forces. The recent 'solidarity campaign', held in Kuantan's Air-Force Base was a sure sign to this fact.

With the revised NSC bill, he wield too much power, rendering the YDP Agong, practically a lame-duck, hence a threat to our Constitutional Monarchy Rule. All he needs to find is an excuse to postponed GE14, indefinitely if possible, to safe his skin. That's why he 'wants to stay in power', as long as he possible could.

sukasamasuka said...


Sorry, out of topic as I was reading the letter available online.

"Do as you please with US$375m gift, Saudi prince says in letter to Najib" (http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/335716)

1. I failed to understand why the Letter was not published by the Prime Minister himself at the height of the crisis as I could not find a word to suggest that the donor CATEGORICALLY did not want his name to be known "as the donor", as previously suggested by the Prime Minister.

2. Why the Prime Minister did not want to publish the Letter was still a mystery unless he wanted to use the money personally, which he did in several occasions for luxury purchases.

3. The Letter was very clear that the money ("gift") was given to Mohd Najib in his capacity as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, NOT as an Islamic Crusader, the like of Saladin. As such, it is incomprehensible he accepted the "gift" and wired it to his personal account. As a responsible Prime Minister, it took a blink of an eye to set a up a public fund to receive the money. MOHD NAJIB, KAMU TIDAK AMANAH.

4. Mohd Najib...you are the most irresponsible Muslim and Malay Prime Minister. Your behavior is not acceptable by any standard...NONE whatsoever, as a person who hold the highest public office in any country as you know you are suppose to record any "gift" to government. It is not for your personal pleasure. YOU ARE WRONG, MOHD NAJIB...IT IS NOT A PERSONAL GIFT!

Pompuan said...

Hullo DAKJ
Kesian KuLi. Tak pasa-pasal anti-Najib cohorts like that woman Mariam Mokhtar,whoever she is, and the respected DAKJ are calling him names. Turn-coat, opportunitsts, entitled. And worse is Dedak. Excuse me he oghe Kelate. Tak mainlah dedak. Budu jugak pilihan dio. Makae ikae panda dari makae dedak.
In the first place as I said in my earlier posting, Ku Li had never made any commitment to sign Tun M's declaration. He said explicitly I never knew of such declaration. He's very privileged to be sought by both Najib and Tun to join their respective gangs. As a seasoned politico, he has weighed in and knows what's best and who will be the winner. So he goes with the winner. I am really sad that Tun is even willing to meet Kipas woman Wan Azizah and daughter to be in his camp. Both are cool like not interested to be with him. Leave them be.
KuLi is realistic. Untung sabut timbul Untung batu tenggelam. If he's lucky, he can finally realized his dream of becoming PM. The only way is to be on the Kelate side with Najib.
He's also resigned to the fact that he or Anwar or Mahathir should not become PM again.
He's too gentlemanly to tell Tun that if he took him instead of Anwar, the political turmoil now will not happen.
And I still think Ku Li is the smartest strategizer in this power play now. Don't wanna be like Anwar who easily accepted Mahathir as a stepping stone to become PM.

Mr Good. said...


AR said...


FMZam said...

To sukasamasuka,
That letter raises more questions than answers - a fictitious donor prince the authenticity is yet to be determined suggesting it's a hoax letter, just like someone selling a fake masterpiece complete with fake authentication letter, it does not vindicate Najib's claim as Putrajaya said it, but Putrajaya was quick to say it without regard that the fictitious donor has been linked to Jho Low and 1MDB matters.

Anonymous said...

Firstly LOL, LO very L. Kalau Ku Li gitu pandai kenapa susah sangat UMNO tumbang PAS dan perintah Kelantan?

House of cards said...

that letter from that fake donor is just as fake! On the one hand Putrajaya says the 4 Corners video is biased, totally unreliable, and on the other hand in order to salvage PM's fairy tale said that the fake letter which the 4 Corners team included in their documentary (shows the absurdity of the document) means that the donation to Najib is genuine. How low can Putrajaya go?
Anyway, the fake letter has been been proven to be fake and how many times Putrajaya and their goons try to say the opposite does not convince the rakyat.
As one of his ministers repeated recently, the $375 million donation is unbelievable, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.
House of cards falling down.

Fake letter said...

Extract from Malaysiakini readers' comments:

Kim Quek: First, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said the letter dated Nov 2, 2011 by “HRH Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud” only “pledged” a grant of US$375 million.

Second, the letter is a fake because the British Virgin Islands-registered Black Stone Asia Real Estate Partners Ltd (no link to the US global investment giant, the Black Stone Group) mentioned in the letter did not belong to the “prince” but to Jho Low.

The signatory to this company was Jho Low’s deputy Seet Li Lin, who was also signatory to another notorious Jho Low company, Gold Star Limited, made infamous for allegedly siphoning US$700 million from 1MDB the day after signing the PetroSaudi-1MDB joint venture in September 2009.

This Black Stone company of Jho Low, which gave its address in Singapore, was liquidated in early 2013.

Further, this letter from the “prince” did not show any address or telephone number, nor accompanied by any identification document of the sender, making the letter totally unacceptable by any banking institution for scrutiny against stringent anti-money laundering and anti-terror legislations.

Finally, the name Saud Abdulaziz bin Majid al-Saud does not appear in the World’s Richest 50 Arabs, whose wealth are US$2 billion and above, as listed by Arab Busines.com. That virtually rules out the “prince” as the donor of US$1 billion to Najib.

Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/335935#ixzz44RJXveUZ

The US global investment giant, the Black Stone Group should take JLOw and his minions to court for trying to impersonate its identity and name under false pretences.

Zalman A said...


You are of course aware of the new money trail article published today by WSJ.

The Ling vs. Najib lawsuit is still on:

"Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has indicated that he would seek to expunge former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's affidavit in support of former MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik.

This comes as there are no signs of mediation to Najib's suit against the former transport minister.

Najib's lawyer Nur Emilia Mohd Izham said his client's application to expunge Mahathir's affidavit will have to be heard first."

If this goes to trial, all of the evidence held by the investigators can be called up, and the MACC etc can be summoned to testify.

Hence Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone has to either hope that there are more men & women of the 24-hour replacement's "calibre" still on the judicial bench, or else he will face complete humiliation.

If there is an honest judge, he is finished.

Are there still any honest and morally upright Malaysians left?

Tanduk Dua said...

Has Tengku Razaleigh Eaten the Dedak?

To me, yes it is.
If you cannot fight them, you better join them.
Once you lost in fighting, you would also lost your energy, money, position, influence etc.
But once you join them, you will be rich again. Why should we lose, as by a slight turning, we would be gained, dont care about other people say about makan dedak, pedulilah. Selagi belum mati, hidup mesti mau enjoy..

JMS said...


When Pompuan says 'untung sabut timbul, untung batu tenggelam', he is more or less describing that Ku Li is a desperado and completely resigning to fate to realize his dream to be the next PM.

But towards the end of his comment, he describes Ku Li as the smartest strategist.

Who and what is Ku Li now to Pompuan?

Zalman A said...


Luxembourg becomes the 8th country to investigate 1MDB.

The situation is becoming unbearable.

I think the criminal elements in UMNO will try anything to cling on.

Hence we are in a very dangerous situation.

There may be civil unrest if Tun is arrested.

Let us not allow it to get to that stage.

Najib must exit very soon.

If TRH can persuade him to, all the better.

After this and the WSJ, I think the end is quite near for him.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

salam semua.. pada
1990 Ahmed Zaki Yamani... bertembung dengan saya di lobby airport jeddah..Dengan senyuman yang manja beliau bersalam dengan saya.. lalu kami berdua berpelukan .. " seraya dia bedoa ..YA ALLAH BERIKAN KEIZINAN DAN RAHMAT SYURGA MU KEPADA DIA"...

lalu ahmed zaki yamani... berkata.." JIKA TIADA THE PRINCE RAZALEIGH HAMZAH" tiada zaki yamani..

ALLAH SAHAJA YANG TAHU ..makluk yang bernama razaleigh


salam tok

Geng Mamak said...

I have all reason to believe that Ku Li may have negotiated a deal with Najib. Of course no one is privy to the details of that deal. But as you pointed out very clearly, no trust should be placed on a man who craves for position, respect and demands service to him, just like the olden days stories of the Rajahs.

Red said...

Zainal...semua manusia pernah berbuat baik...tapi jgn lupa juga ada manusia juga lupa pabila wang dan pangkat jadi sandaran....kamu tidak susah sepertimana kami yg susah menghadapi kesusasahan...jgn kita bermegah dgn kemewahan sedangkan rela melihat org lain dlm kesusahan....bagaimana gulf stream....

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Dlm Topik yg Lepas kita berbicara tentang "Siapa itu Melayu".
Bnyk yg telah diperkatakan oleh Pembahas2 dan rumusannya...

Sikap 'flip flop' KuLi adalah suatu contoh terbaru betapa 'mengarut' dan tiada pendirian lantaran mecerminkan betapa rendah Hatidii
menguatkan lagi betapa lemahnya prinsip bngsa Melayu....dan

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Another round of spin yesterday that revealed their strategy of using half truths to claim that the whole 2.6 billion ringgit came from an Arab donor.

However, the new story is contradictory to what the AG himself said when he cleared the PM of criminal offences in February.

He said :

"The documents submitted to me by the MACC show that the sum of US$681 million (RM2.08 billion) transferred into the account of the PM between Mar 22, 2013 and Apr 4, 2013 is a personal donation from the Saudi royal family which was given to him without any consideration"

The dates are not the same as the new reports which claimed that the funds came from Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012 and in smaller amounts.

Here I quote WSJ from their latest report :

"The latest Malaysian investigation documents reviewed by the Journal contradict the attorney general’s account. They show transfers from a person in Saudi Arabia and from the country’s finance ministry, but they occurred earlier, in 2011 and 2012, and are of smaller amounts, totaling $200 million. The finance ministry didn’t respond to requests for comment"

Could it be that they are purposely mixing different transfers together and then claiming that the whole money is donation from Saudi Arabia?

My intelligence isn't as high as the players in this scheme. I just wish that in this huge, international, web that they are spinning there is someone who is willing to step out and tell us the truth.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Topik Dato tentang "Siapa itu Melayu".. dpt difahami atau dilihat dgn lebih jelas kebelakangan ini..bilamana kelakuan Ku Li dan berberapa Melayu2 'Dedak eaters' telah MEMPAMERKAN semuanya.

Sikap berubah2 KuLi bukan perkara baru tetapi adalah suatu contoh terbaru dan terbaik betapa lekeh ..mengarut...pendirian serta prinsip dia dan Ketua2 Melayu lain...kununnya Strategi Politik.

Spt yg Dato sebut...persoalan mengenai Jatidiri Bangsa yg rendah atau mungkin tiada....kini dpt dilihat terpancar dari Ketua2 Melayu spt Ku Li ..baik Bugis dan Jawa Totok dan pengikut2 tegar mereka.

Lupakah mereka tentang Amanah yg dipegang.
Tidak nmpakah mereka betapa mungkarnya sikap Ketua Melayu yg tiba2 mahu dikenali Pahlawan Bugis ini telah lakukan.
Sbgai org yg berpengaruh dan memberi impak dgn tindak tanduk mereka terhadap masa depan bangsa...mereka wajar lebih peka terhadap kehendak ramai....tetapi tindakan mereka aebaliknya pula...mementingkan diri sahaja.

Asalkan ada dedak semua kira okay belaka.

Satu lagi contoh;
Bila Ketua2 Cawangan yg melebihi 20 ribu ahli mndpt 'percutian 3 hari 2 mlm' di Janda Baik...Melaka atau tempat2 peranginan anjuran Ketua Bahagian masing2 berserta duit poket dan 'ole' yg hanya 'seciput' sahaja...kunonnya taklimat pasal 1MDB....mereka boleh terus berubah hati dgn sekelip mata...spt 'magik' hingga Muhyiddin dan Tun digelar 'Pengkhinat Bangsa'.

Dangkal sekali..Melayu2 begini.

Kita juga dpt melihat...selain Parti Umno..Ketua2 Melayu dari Parti lawan pun 2x5 juga.
Lihat Sabu..Husam..Phahrorazi...Zaki...dll pun kita boleh buat andaian sendiri tentang prinsip yg dipegang....apanya Jatidiri yg ada.

Asal ada kepentingan...ada dedak buat diri sendiri Ugama dan Bangsa 'dijual' begitu sahaja.

Berbalik pd Ku Li...sy tidak percaya bahawa dia betul2 ikhlas untuk menyelamatkan Negara atau Bangsa....hnya sekadar menunjuk2 dan memberi isyarat bahawa dia masih relevan barangkalinya.
Atau pun...ambillah peluang yg terbaik ini...yg bergolek didepan mata.
Bukan sahaja medpt Dedak yg Tunggu kualiti 'premium' tetapi nasib Baik jadi PM.

Sy percaya bahawa Ku Li juga spt Musa..Rais Yatim...Zahid..Pak Lah....Anwar..dan segelintir lagi 'malaun2' yg marah dan masih berdendàm dgn Tun. .lantaran peluang seperti ini dimunafaat sebaik2nya untuk membalas.

Walau pun kita maklum bahawa isu2 kini adalah mengenai Bugis dan bukan Tun tetapi org2 spt mereka ini tidak peduli semua ini..janji diri rasa puas dpt 'mengenakan' Tun...disamping menunjuk sokong (walau pun palsu) kpd Bugis yg dtg dgn dedak2 bertaburan.

Sial sekali.

Inilah Melayu...sikap 'busuk hati dan dendam kesumat....telah menjadi amalan hidup.

Perjuangan mereka tidak ikhlas dan tidak memberi impak yg kuat untuk menjatuhkan Bugis dari takhta...malah bila mdpt dedak Melayu2 begini tentu lagi rakus ...menjilat Bugis.
Kelaku Ku Li pun serupa Jawa Toktok sahaja.

Sy tidak nmpak Ku Li dpt menolong Negara Bangsa mahu pun Ugama bila berperangai begini...aebaliknya ia cuma menguatkan LAGI kedudukan Bugis.

Alahai Melayu.

Terima Kasih

Zalman A said...


Two of the most important players involved the 1MDB scandal have been barred from travel by UAE and have had their assets frozen there.

One of them faces arrest and deportation to the USA.

Clearly, there is a detailed case taking shape around the world.

Mappadulung's "not for my personal use" excuse has gone out of the window. It seems clearly he has spent hundreds of millions on himself and family. The fact that one of the uses may have been RM600 million to sponsor a dirty film is not going to please many Malaysians. How can Hadi Awang sit next to him in future?

I do not think we want a criminal as PM.

There is no way that 8 countries will not solve the mystery.

It will make Mappadulung a liar and thief at the end of the day.

Either he will become a brutal, isolated dictator or he will be removed quietly.

I think we should aim for the second option.

As soon as we can.

Thank you.

Abdullah Ngah said...

Insya Allah JUN ini Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak akan letak jawatan. Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Zahid Hamidi pula jadi perdana menteri dan giliran dia pula untuk kumpul harta.Anwar Ibrahim mungkin dibebaskan

Waghih said...

Apo yg ekau dapek marahkan kek Ku Li ni ...
Dio tu oghang politik .. dan dio dah khobar an awal2 lagi.
Kan politik tu "the art of possible .." bak kato omputih.

Ku Li dah nampak kebenaran mako dio akui kebenaran tu dgn buek akuan deklarasi Kelante . Tak salah tu ...

Kan sikipas Kak Jah pun samo dan tak sign deklarasi Tun M / LKS. Makno dio dah akui kebenaran DSN tu.

Aljubori pun akhirnya menemplak Tun M dalam deklarasi tu ...

Itulah hakikat ... akhirnya kebenaran juga terserlah .

Allah Maha Besar dan Mengetahui.


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