Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Nonpartisan Way of Saving Malaysia

A Kadir Jasin

THE DEDAK-eating** supporters of (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak had gone overdrive condemning and belittling the Save Malaysia People’s Declaration of March 4.

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They could not confront the declaration, especially the part on the alleged wrongdoings of the Prime Minister, so they attacked and maligned the signatories and those who spoke in support of it.

Mohd Najib’s immediate response was brief, superficial and weak. Soon after the People’s Declaration became public a government spokesman issued the following statement:

"Today, Tun Mahathir and his former enemies have demonstrated the depth of their political opportunism and desperation.

"There is an existing mechanism to change the government and Prime Minister. It’s called a General Election. And it is the only mechanism that is lawful and democratic that fulfils the people's will.

"In 2013 Malaysian people expressed their will and elected the current government led by the Prime Minister Najib Razak. If Tun Mahathir wants to change the government, he must follow democratic process and wait for the election in line with Malaysia's laws and Federal Constitution."

In the comment section of my posting on the declaration, I made the following remarks on PMO statement, in my capacity as one of the signatories:

(i) That being the case, Mohd Najib's premiership from 2009 to 2013 was illegal and unconstitutional because Tun Abdullah was removed without a general election being held.

(ii) In many democracies around the world, Presidents and Prime Ministers were removed from office legally without elections being called.

(iii) Yes, the rakyat may be willing to wait for the general election to decide the fate of the Prime Minister but investigations concerning 1MDB, the Prime Minister's RM2.6-billion private account and the alleged misused of the RM42-million SRC's money must continue to be carried out and the guilty party punished.

(iv). It is to their credit that former enemies, as the PMO’s statement puts it, have now come together as concerned citizens of Malaysia to call for the ouster of Mohd Najib through non-violent and legally permissible means.

[Please continue to sign the declaration online at

The Counter-attack Backfires

Mohd Najib’s subordinates in the Cabinet, Umno, the Barisan Nasional and the media may be showing a strong face and making belligerent statements in the media, but I sensed that they are worried and desperate.

Their maligning of the declaration and its signatories in the online media – the blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagran accounts quickly backfired.

A battle ground among pro-PM cyber troopers
According to Aljazeera, a public relations drive on Twitter by Mohd Najib to defend his position in corruption scandal has turned into a criticism tool. Just days after facing a political call to step down as Malaysia's prime minister, Najib Razak now faces more pressure from the public.
The hashtag #RespectMyPM was supposed to support Mohd Najib. However, said Aljazeera, that turned into a criticism tool against the Prime Minister.

Worse still, Mohd Najib’s own cyber troopers are at each other’s throat. His #RespectMyPM hashtag and other pro-Umno and pro-Government sites had been turned into battlefields by his cyber troopers. They calling each other names.

Having failed to gain traction in the propaganda warfare, there is nothing to stop the Prime Minister from acting more sternly and directly against his detractor, including the use of police power.

A former Attorney General, who was consulted on the People’s Declaration, had privately warned that there was nothing to stop the police and the AG from initiating criminal action against the supporters of the Save Malaysia movement.

The Challenge of Nonpartisanism

As for the non-partisan and people-oriented nature of the declaration my hunch is it will take some time for Malaysians to understand and embrace the new wisdom.

I noticed from the line of questioning at the post-signing press conference that even members of the media were unclear about the new concept. They kept coming back to “why is Tun Dr Mahathir cooperating with his former enemies”.

The media and young Malaysians have to understand
They could not grasp the idea of nonpartisanism and the fact that the signatories were affirming the declaration as individuals – as caring Malaysians who want the country saved.

For nonpartisanism to take root and national interest to take precedence over party politics, the mindset of the media practitioners and the young Malaysians must change. They have to be more open-mined and inclusive.

We have been so deeply partisan and communally divisive in our politics for such a long time that to digest and understand this new development will take time.

I won’t blame the reporters if the they were shocked seeing Dr Mahathir sharing the stage with individuals who are members of the DAP, PAS, PKR and Amanah. It was not an everyday scene.

But the people who signed the document at the March 4 gathering had been in conversations for months, if not years, since it became clear that Mohd Najib was being less than truthful and sincere in his personal affairs and the affairs of the country.

Be it tomorrow or years into the future the repeat of what’s happening today cannot and should not be allowed. The country and its people have suffered so much in the hands of one person. No future Prime Minister should be allowed to wield so much executive power and to act unilaterally.

It is for this purpose that the declaration in its concluding paragraph states:

We call upon all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion, political affiliation, creed or parties, young and old to join us in saving Malaysia from the Government headed by Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, to pave the way for much needed democratic and institutional reforms, and to restore the important principle of the separation of powers among the executive, legislature and judiciary which will ensure the independence, credibility, professionalism and integrity of our national institutions.”

**Dedak eater or its Malay origin “pemakan dedak” was popularised by pro-Umno cyber warriors in the aftermath of last year’s Umno General Assembly. It came about when Umno vice-president (Datuk Seri) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced on Dec 11 that Umno would beef up its online propaganda by appointing more cyber warriors. This had apparently caused the displeasure of the existing operators who resorted to calling the potential new arrivals “pemakan dedak”.



Ahmad Zaki Ismail said...

Datuk, perhaps the only plus about 1MDB scandal is that it has resulted in the maturing of our democracy via the embracing of non-partisan politics.

The statement issued by the 'pemakan dedak' government -

"There is an existing mechanism to change the government and Prime Minister. It’s called a General Election. And it is the only mechanism that is lawful and democratic that fulfils the people's will"

- is not only incorrect, it treats Malaysians as uneducated and ignorant.

As for the other methods - I believe a no-confidence motion has been moved by the opposition but has been suppressed and not been called for a vote. The other method of removing a PM by impeachment is also unavailable since police reports made against the PM have not been acted upon.

I would urge the opposition to continue filing motions for a no confidence vote and further to publicise such motions to the Rakyat through alternative media.

Zalman A said...

"A former Attorney General, who was consulted on the People’s Declaration, had privately warned that there was nothing to stop the police and the AG from initiating criminal action against the supporters of the Save Malaysia movement."

Salam Datuk

If this happsns, then the relevant barua2 will be yet again committing a gross abuse of power.

There is NOTHING undemocratic about asking a Prime Minister to step down. It has been specified already, by permissible & non-violent means.

Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone thinks he cannot be "insulted" by balloons and cartoons.

But he & his henchmen can freely insult our intelligence by telling us 40 lies on the donation, and then refuse to answer questions in Parliament.

That is WHY he needs to step down.

We do not want our system and intelligence insulted any further.

theprofessor said...

Salam Datuk Kadir...with all due respect, I think you should stop supporting Tun Mahathir and his mad, motley crew. Otherwise you will be contributing to the destruction of Malaysia. If you cannot see the Big Picture...I can enlighten you over glasses of teh tarik at Bangsar Baru.

safiai saad said...

We need the new mind set to face the present political delima.
1. the trust between the rakyat and government seemed to be at the lowest.

2. The institutional body created by the act of parliment and in accordance with constitution has been marginalised and helplessly destroyed, no civil society and right thinking persons will accept thees kind of governance.

3.The declaration is appropriate because all others effort seemed to fail. No body give a damn about the whole episode.

4. Seperation of power is and absolutely irrelevant to law abiding citizen. All the apparatus seem fail or made to fail to operate.
5. these ghost 2.4 billion gone without any single decent Malaysian has a clue what is really going on
6. are Malaysian simply give up and let the next worlds decide for us.
I rest my case Sdr kadir.

Zalman A said...

Datuk Kadir is obviously far wiser than you, "Professor".

Najib is contributing to the destruction of Malaysia every day he remains in power.

Enlighten yourself, please.

tebing tinggi said...

Salam Datuk,

Pada Jumaat YAB Tun mengumumkan dan menandatangani 'Deklarasi Rakyat ' ,menuntut petukaran puchuk pimpinan kerajaan yang ada sekarang ,dan disokong olih barisan pinpinan pembangkang yang juga menandtangani deklarasi itu .

Pada Ithnin ,basisan pembangkang yang diterajuai olih Wan Azizah dan Lim Kit Siang ,mengumumkan satu lagi 'deklarasi rakyat' ,bagi menuntut pembebasab Anuar Ibrahim.

Tiada kesepakatan dalam tujuan ,bolih membuatkan rakyat lebih keliru ,satu kesilapan dipehak Tun ,membenarkan puak-puak ini duduk berasama .

PutraKraken said...

Salam Datuk

Malaysia was formed 53yrs ago..more than 5 decades have already passed...If we were born at that time..by now our hair would be grey..remembering the days where the Beatles hairstyle, Elvis sunglasses, mini skirts and bell bottoms were the craze of the day..By now with our grey hair we look matured and wise not yet old man...

Malaysia at her age now...are not matured enough...especially in politics. Our politics are so engrossed with racial partisan that we fail to act and see as citizens of a nation.and lately religion became another partisan that will further divide our political splits.

Hopefully now...with this "Citizen Declaration" we will act as "ONE CITIZEN" against the tyrant.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

While I agree that the campaign from PM Najib's side has been a disaster, I also believe that there is room for improvement on the "Save Malaysia" side too.

Specifically you need to explain better to the kampung Malays why you are taking this action.

It is no longer about one new revelation of wrongdoing after another. I think the kampung people are smart enough. They already know who is right and who is wrong. A crook stealing one extra billion after taking a couple would make no difference to their view about him. Yet they are still unconvinced that they must take an active participation in the Save Malaysia movement.

I know the 'peninjaus' are also reading this but my suggestion to you is to appeal to people's hearts as well as their minds. Give them reasons to believe that getting involved is the right choice.

Kalisi said...


SO we should support Najib instead? you must be out of your freaking mind.

Labu8455 said...

Dato, I don't think you need to waste your precious time sitting "over glasses of teh tarik at Bangsar Baru" with this "dedak's" eater ("theprofessor") Dedak's eater only suitable to be among their species because they seem still could not understand any human language.

sukasamasuka said...


1. Be it tomorrow or years into the future the REPEAT of what’s happening today cannot and should not be allowed.

2. No future Prime Minister SHOULD BE ALLOWED to wield so much executive power and to act unilaterally.

3. We need democratic and institutional reforms, and to restore the important principle of the SEPARATION OF POWERS among the executive, the legislature and the judiciary for a better Malaysia of tomorrow.

4. The Interim Government upon the resignation of PM Najib will still be headed by new UMNO PM, but, it MUST comprise DAP, PKR and members of Civil Societies too because IT IS NOT UMNO that demand the resignation of PM Najib, but the voices of the non-partisan Malaysians.

Though the new PM is from UMNO, being the largest party, the new guy must respect the need to quickly restore the key government institutions and institute democratic and institutional reforms to avoid REPEATING THE SAME MISTAKES.

The new PM is to call fresh General Election in 2016, not 2018.

Unless he signed in public the "Save Malaysia People’s Declaration", Zahid cannot become the new PM at all cost!!!!


RD. said...

Asalkan BN tetap menjadi Kerajaan sehingga diadakan PRU14, saya SOKONG 'Deklirasi Rakyat'. Malah dah sign pun.

BN mesti terus memerintah dan ia adalah lebih baik untuk Negara. Tetapi mesti buang Najib dan geng penjilat-tegar dikalangan Menteri Kabinet. Lebih-lebih lagi yang mulut celupar, berantai di leher dan terlampau kaya tanpa sebab munasabah. Jika BN terus memerintah, sekurang-kurangnya kroni-kroni UMNO sedia-ada, kebanyakannya sudah diketahui dan mereka semua sudah 'kenyang-kenyang' belaka. Oleh yang demikian, peluang untuk mereka pelahap dengan lebih rakus lagi, mudah dikesan, dipantau dan dibendong.

Tetapi, kalau diganti dengan 'Geng' lain seperti PAS, DAP/PAN atau PKR, saya khuatir mereka juga punyai ramai kroni-kroni yang kesemuanya, sudah tentu 'lapar & dahaga' kerana tidak perolehi sebanyak peluang kontrak dan habuan seperti yang diperolehi kerajaan BN. Rakyat sedia maklum, mungkin sebab itu Najib tidak mahu berengang dengan jawatan Menteri KeWANGan. Kroni-kroni ahli politik PH pun Rakyat belum kenal sepenuhnya, lebih-lebih lagi dari PAN. Sudah tentu mereka juga ber'kiblat'kan WANG. Oleh yang demikian, wujud kebarangkalian besar, kroni-kroni PH akan merampok dengan lebih rakus, seperti kera mendapat bunga, mempelahap segala peluang yang ada depan mata, tanpa disedari Rakyat marhean. Maka bertambah tertutuplah peluang Rakyat yang tiada 'kabel' dengan ahli politik.

Saya berkata demikian kerana saya sendiri mempunyai seorang adik-ipar yang pernah buat 'kerja' ini. Bila di depan saya dan ketika bercakap melalui HP dengan sesaorang, dia akan menyebut orang di hujung talian, sebagai Dato.

Contoh: Ok Dato. Kita jump esok, Dato. Terima Kasih Dato dan sebagainya.

Beliau seorang kontrakor, punyai banyak kabel-politik, baik BN atau PR, berwatakan alim & warak, manis dibibir, cari lobang ambil keuntungan atas angin, dapat kontrak - jual. Kehidupan beliau teramat mewah ketika itu; beli MPV mewah, datang KL - bermalam dirumah saya, shopping di KL, beli 2 HP beribu-ringgit......ketika itu PR memerintah Perak selama 11 bulan, 2008.

Malangnya selepas PR Perak tumbang, langsung 'terputus-kabel', kehidupan beliau kembali seperti sebelum PR menangi Perak. Kereta MPV mewah kena tarik kerana tak mampu bayar ansuran bulanan.

Harap maklum.

sukasamasuka said...


= I (DAKJ) won’t blame the reporters if the they were shocked seeing Dr Mahathir sharing the stage with individuals who are members of the DAP, PAS, PKR and Amanah. It was not an everyday scene.=

Please give everyone time and space in the pursuit of this noble endeavor...we are in a difficult and dangerous time...have patience and sympathy...ITS GOING TO BE A VERY DIFFICULT JOURNEY.

LaM said...

A holder of any public office cannot indulge in bribery and corruption. That is the fundamental principle in public services. Otherwise public services will degenerate into personal or crony services. And to ensure the high standard of integrity in the public service, our country has enacted a law since the British rule that a public officer who secretly receives any gratification including any donation with or without consideration from anyone in which he has official business is guilty of a corruption act. Najib has done that & he has broken the cardinal principle in public service and he has to face the law for his corrupt misdeeds. He has to face charges for both the RM2.6billion receipt and the RM42million bribe from SCRI.

Any person who supports a corrupt criminal from prosecution is a criminal himself, including Apandi. Only stupid and self interested people will support a corrupt leader like Najib.

And only criminals in the police force or AG Chambers will find any criminal wrongdoing in the drafting and signing of the people's declaration, of which the main aim is to remove a corrupt person from the premier public office of PM. He should be charged in court in the first place and with it part of the aims of the declaration would have been achieved.

Wan I said...

My wishlist includes:
1.AG appointed by Parliamentary special committee and reports to Parliament.
2. MACC also reports to Parliament, works independently without any meddling from the executive branch of the government with power to prosecute.
3. Parliamentary watchdog to monitor and ensure all institutions are run the way they should be.
4. Any revocation of publishing approval and blocking of online media outlets will only be valid with court's warrant.
5. No more PM-Finance Minister dual role, let alone the PM becoming board member of any government-owned business entity.
6. To scrap political appointments to government-linked institutions and companies.
7. To ensure every minute of parliamentary setting aired live without any censorship.
8.To limit the use of Official Secret Act only to sensitive defence-related matters.
9.To amend minimum wage policy in accordance with the standard of living (different amount for urban and rural)
10. To abolish multi-tiered GST and only charge SST if necessary at the maximum rate of 3%.
11. To ensure any corrupt office holders to be tried in court directly without the need to inform or request blessing from anyone in executive and/or legislative branch.
12. To disallow political institutions from holding shares in media companies.
Thank you and Wassalam.

Zalman A said...

According to polls, Najib holds 23% approval rating overall and 31% among the Malays.

Let us make a list of those who wish him to stay:

a) 190 KBU & their "dedak downliners"

b) MTU (all hand-picked yes-men)

c) Bloga2 yg makan dedak

d) Direct business cronies & "donors"

e) Sponsored dedak NGOs

f) Mat Salleh "PR Guru" & expensive con-sultans.


These people - do they love our country, or do they love money?

The answer is very clear.

Ali said...

I can smell what's in ur mind..it's racial definitely. Further more,u don't think other races are human,only muslim to ur eyes are human.prove me wrong.

BiruBiruan said...

Salam DAKJ,
Apa dah jadi dengan Malaysia sekarang... NGO2 tumbuh macam cendawan... Dah ada gabungan naib ketua bahagian pulak dah.... Tak lama lagi...ada la gabungan setiausaha,, gabungan bendahari, gabungan ahli mesyarat tingkap.... Nampak sangat berpecahnya...bos sibuk berjalan2 sangat kot...meeting pon boleh pulak membazir masa dan tenaga tengok netflix(bukan saya kata, Panglima Nazri yang kata) ada ke patut...diharap ngo sukarelawan2 keyboard worrior tak berbayar jangan la pulak senyap2 dapat derma, projek, trip umrah, makan free, tiket wayang free, langganan astro, langganan internet or notebook baru pulak ya..

P/s: notakaki buat geng2 pakatan.... Mula lah berbaik2 dengan geng2 bakal pengundi baru next election- rakyat malaysia keturunan Bangla dan indon..... dengan penerangan yang betul, mereka pon IA tau bezakan yang mana betul yang mana salah.....

Yiiituuuuu ic sudaaa dapat.tarak payah rasa terhutang budi....

jamil said...

Jangan kelirukan diri anda. Dalam deklarasi rakyat yang ditandatangan pada Jumaat tidak ada agenda untuk bebaskan Anwar. Simple as that and very clear. Agenda untuk bebaskan Anwar adalah agenda Pakatan Rakyat sejak lama dahulu

guanokito said...

Assalam Datuk,

Saya nak cadangkan supaya mana-mana rakyat yang menyokong deklarasi ini dan berduit agar menyewa papantanda digital billboard gergasi sepanjang laluan highway kita untuk memaparkan keputusan petisyen deklarasi rakyat ini..biar semua tahu kemarahan rakyat yang tidak dapat menerima lagi DSN dan karenah tikus-tikus dalam kapalnya yang merosakkan negara Malaysia tercinta ini.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Saya setuju dengan pandangan yang mana "Nonpartisan" atau gerakan warganegara tanpa parti agak asing bagi rakyat Malaysia.

Kalau saya berikan contoh,

Ada pencuri dalam sebuah kampong, Tun M nampak, begitu juga Mahyudin, Azmin, Lim Kit Siang, Rafizi, Mustafa Ali, Ambiga, dan kesemua pergi kejar pencuri.

Soal parti BN, PAS, DAP, PKR, tak perlu pikir dahulu dan tangkap pencuri yang menjadi utama untuk selamatkan kampong.

Ada juga orang kampong yang agak pelik tengok Tun M dan Lim Kit Siang sama-sama kejar pencuri. Tetapi, untuk sebab kejar pencuri , apa salahnya bersatu tenaga. Lagi pun, pencuri ini memang terkenal susah hendak tangkap. Sampai polis pun tak dapat tangkap.

Setelah pencuri dapat tangkap, kesemua orang kampong bersetuju untuk letakkan pagar dan security guard dan juga kamera.

Selepas itu, setelah kampong selamat, kesemua yang pergi kejar pencuri boleh balik semula bergaduh semula dalam politik.

Gerakan warganegara ini baik dan patut disokong oleh semua pihak. Tidak kiralah apa parti pun, yang penting "Selamatkan Malaysia".

RD. said...

To me Najib is a fraud and a dimwit at the same time.
He once boosted that TPPA was signed on 'our terms'.

If it's on our terms, why do we need to rectify 26 of our own laws to accommodate the TPPA.

Therefore, just like 1MDB, the TPPA will be the next major blunder in 2 years' time. And that is when we are supposed to have GE14. By then too, our boys in that dubious Saudi's Northern-Thunder military exercise, might have engaged in skirmishes with Yemen's warriors. May God forbid.
Maybe Najib could not say no to Saudi Arabia's Coalition of Islamic Country Against Terrorism. If not, the Sauds might officially deny that 'donation' claim.

Whatever the reason Najib decided, on-behalf of the Rakyat, to join that stupid and senseless Arabic war, I really hope the life of our boys would not be sacrificed, just to save the Saud's Kingdom from Yemenis warriors.

Saudi Arabia, as a matter of fact, is initiating an all-out sectarian war between Sunnis & Shias, literally around the world. When Muslims are killing each other, the ones who would benefits most are 'kafir' countries who are arms and weapon manufacturers. They have huge advantage to test the accuracy of their weaponry and fine-tuning it in real-life war zone too. At the same time, depleting their old and redundant stock of armaments.

While the Arabs are wasting resources, killing each-other. How stupid can the Arabs be? And.....now Najib want us to be stupid like the Arabs?

adion said...

I think by looking at the comment in Najib FB and twitter acc since the beginning of 1mdb issue, TDM move to start the save Malaysia campaign will gain momentum and support from the marhaem soon.

But to invite those opportunist to join him is a BIG mistake.

Zalman A said...


Interesting scene in Terengganu, it seems.

"The motion of no-confidence against Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman by his Umno colleague on Tuesday shows just how precarious the balance of power is in the state.

With Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, a former mentri besar, pushing for the motion, it leaves the 32-seat assembly split in half – 16 (excluding Ahmad Said) for Barisan Nasional and 15 for the Opposition (14 PAS and one from PKR.)"

As usual, Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone does not practise what he preaches.

The Perak takeover was never put to the will of the people, as he now claims is "the only way to remove" him. Not was Mukhriz's removal. Nor, for that matter, did Mappadulung become PM by election. In his only election, he lost the popular vote!

The Speaker of T'ganu does not seem to understand that a no-confidence vote is completely democractic. He also does not understand that to gelabah biawak when presented with a motion of no-confidence, run away, and presumably "wait for instructions", is not how democracy works.

However for DS Mat Said, the answer is simple:

Use the SD method.

Mappadulung cannot complain.

Bak kata pepatah omputih, "what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander".

And he just did it Kedah.

How to complain?

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam DAKJ,

Another FREAK the so call professor in this page hoping to be provided with dedak, may I suggest we give him HAMPAS NYOK instead.

panglimo potaseh said...

RD 6.29.

RD cerita apa tu .. kecian adik ipar kamu, mpv mewahnye kena tarik. Pada saya adik ipar kamu tu baru "lightweight" dalam alam rasuah .. ye lah apa pun ia tetap salah.

Rasuah ni impak negatif nya terlalu besar. Mungkin rompak secara fizikal kita nampak .. impaknya hanya pada individu atau institusi yang kena rompak.

Tapi rasuah, melibatkan generasi secara horizontal dan vertikal .. ala-ala bom atom gitu, kesan radiasi makan puluhan dan ratusan tahun. Tengok je lah apa yang berlaku disekeliling kita hari ni. Utusan pernah tulis lebih 95% penjawat awam pernah rasuah .. mak oii.

Ramai kengkawan saya yang berjawatan professional dengan kerajaan .. kita tahulah berapa gaji mereka, tapi mereka ada banglo/SD di KL, kondo mewah lagi, kereta mewah, jetski pon ada. Boleh belikan kereta baru untuk anak-anak, main golf oversea saja, boleh lagi hantar beberapa anak belajar oversea tanpa bantuan kewangan .. phuuh.

Kalau penjawat awam dah begitu apa lagi pihak yang lebih tinggi lagi .. kita boleh lihat dan rasa sendiri .. katanya kalau tak di ambil peluang yang terhidang orang lain akan sapu juga, begitulah falsafah mereka.

Memang betul RD kata, orang sekarang ni trampilnya lebih nampak alim .. ruang belajar ugama dimana-mana dan berlumba-lumba pula .. perlakuan keagamaan dah jadi semakin terpeinci dan tak mudah lagi seperti dulu. Akibatnya sekarang ni, untuk dilihat alim seakan jadi pakaian atau alat untuk kemudahan menipu.

Untuk mengubah perlakuan seperti yang disebutkan .. ia melibatkan keseluruhan sistem kehidupan itu sendiri .. sudah tentu amat sukar .. ia bukan sekadar rujuk pada ayat dan riwayat, lepas tu semua masalah akan selesai secara magik .. tidak semudah itu.

Pendekatan untuk berubah pun perlu di ubah secara keseluruhannya. Adalah diharapkan, mudah-mudahan diklerasi yang baru ini akan jadi langkah permulaan untuk kita bersalin sistem. Tahun depan insyaallah kita nyambut merdeka ke 60 dengan permulaan sistem baru .. amin .. horay.

Praxis said...

So we have this problem we can't do anything if Cash-is-King becomes more oppressive and undemocratically dispenses with democracy.

In previous times we did dispense with democracy following May 13 riots, which I think was legitimate.

Seeing the alignment behind the CD I see some shifts, but still the same old kind of arrogance which that led to My 13 both in Cash-is-King and one or two in Opposition's camp.

Kelapa Matag said...

The destruction of Malaysia? Could the good professor enlighten us(the visitors of this blog) as well.

Geng Mamak said...

Datuk, it seems a good opportunity has struck in the Najib vs Harakahdaily suit. From what I read, Harakahdaily will be calling you and TunM for their defence. I cannot wait for this to happen BUT then, will the trial proceed as planned ? Note that the Judge has said better to settle it before the trial. Hope Not !

Geng Mamak said...

Zalman, will not happen. Pas wants to stay out and has gone a step further to say no sacking leaders, but to correct them. I don't really know what this is supposed to mean except to ask is this part of the Hudud law ? Because if it is, then why the caning, stoning and cutting ?

QalamQabut said...

"A former Attorney General, who was consulted on the People’s Declaration, had privately warned that there was nothing to stop the police and the AG from initiating criminal action against the supporters of the Save Malaysia movement."

Salam Datuk,

Jika kenyataan ini menjadi nyata, jom kita semua serah diri di balai polis berhampiran. Biar famous lagi AhJib Go! ni mengendong prinsip demokrasinya. Memalukan bila jabatan2 kerajaan diperkuda untuk pertahankan penyelewengannya.

Tetapi yg pastinya UMNO semakin terdesak. Itu padahnya bersetia membabi buta hingga agama, bangsa dan tanahair diletakkan ketepi. AhJib Go! yg sarat dengan berbagai skandal buatan sendiri itu pula dijadikan keutamaan perjuangan.

Unknown said...





yuhoooooo.... dedak easters.... what do you have to say to that when a marhaen like me writes that??? ekeke :p

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Bagus juga adanya deklarasi rakyat ini, sekarang kita dapat lihat di mana sebenarnya kedudukan PAS.

Sebenarnya, setelah tidak bersama dengan Pakatan, bagi saya PAS berjuang untuk survival Parti dan hadi awang, bukan lagi kepada rakyat malaysia dan Islam.

Mengikut ceramahnya terbaru, Hadi mengatakan bahawa adalah mustahil untuk PAS menang jika bergerak sendirian. PAS memerlukan undi orang UMNO.

Saya lebih setuju sekiranya PAS masuk BN daripada tidak menjelaskan pendirian.

Sekarang ini, PAS sibuk memperkenalkan hukum sebat dan lain-lain yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan permasalahan yang ada sekarang.

Sejak dari PRU13, saya tidak nampak apa-apa sumbangan dari Parti PAS yang ketara untuk kesejahteraan rakyat Malaysia.

Zalman A said...

Entahlah, bro gengmamak.

Actually bukan saje Umno yg dlm keadaan bercelaru, tapi Pas jugak. From what I see, Dato' Tuan Ibrahim = "voice of reason", TGHA = we are unsure of motive. But the Harakah suit can be fatal to Najib, because PAS can now do what the MACC could not - subpoena evidence from overseas to show movement of funds; iaitu, from Swiss, US (FBI and DOJ) & S'pore mainly.

Not only that, but PAS can ask for discovery of all the MACC documents and even summon the MACC to court, e.g. "what was discovered on Najib's credit cards?"is it true that you recommended prosecution"?

Kalo hakim tu nak kabberap hancur lah, but let's hope that at least 1-2 judges in M'sia are still honest...sigh...tu la masalahnya.

NajibNazak said...


Unknown said...

Salam datuk,

Hope you in good health

Gus Dur the former President of Indonesia was forced to step down by the Indonesian people with the help of the Indonesian military because they found out that he received a donation of USD2 million from the Sultan of Brunei. That money was straight put into his personal account.

If I am not wrong, the DPR equivalent to MPs here demanded that Gus Dur either returned the money to the Sultan or to put it into the Government coffers. He refused both and thus was charged with impeachment.

Najib is worse than Gus Dur. Beside the 2.6 billion in his account he has also lost 42 billion of the Government's money - Sovereign Debt Fund.

Yet e denied his involvement in this heist and his corruption of the 2.6 billion ' Donation ', even though the WSJ, New York Times, Sarawak Report, etc,etc has exposed it in a more detailed picture of his treacherous wrong doings.

Tun M, TSMY, and the Rakyat in general has demanded his resignation but he refused. Instead UMNO members defended him all out and Najib took the opportunity to crush and silent his critics in many ways such a blocking websites, police actions against those that make police reports, replacing government servants that he feels will act against him and replacing corrupted officials that owed him a lot. Changing laws that can benefit him more than others. He even I believed mislead and misinform the Agong. And lately he blocked a young man from giving talks and speeches in the universities.

All these news can be read in various social medias like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc,etc. And of course Najib's cyber troopers were busy deflecting and denying all allegations that comes from those who want Najib to step down.

But what I noticed through these social medias are the mind set and mentalities of the Malays.I think majority of the Malays are easily being brainwashed by the issue of Race and Religion. The Malays are being frightened that the opposition especially the DAP will rule the country and all Rights of the Malays will be taken out,that the Royalties will be abolished and that the country will eventually be turned into a Republic like Singapore. Not satisfied with that, Najib even use religious clerics or ustads to come out with various edicts that this country should not be allowed to be ruled by Kafirs like what happened in Penang.

Malays being Malays are a tolerant race and the comments that I noticed being most written by Malays in the social medias are ' Allah will punish him in the hereafter if he has done wrong to the Rakyat and country... Allah is Merciful and Forgiving...Dosa besar memfitnah sesama kaum tanpa bukti..etc..etc ' Najib is most happy when he reads these kind of comments from the Malays which translate that he will not be charged according to the laws of the country. By that he can continue to crush his opponents at will. I will not be surprised that anytime he will even arrest Tun M, you, TSMY,etc,etc.

Najib has even went to the extend to showcased himself performing the Umrah, paying a courtesy call on the Saudi King and giving full support to the Saudi government in fighting against IS. Before that he has already made a pact with a few Super powers for his protection.

I am sad that the Malays, no matter how highly educated they can be, they still retained that mental siege and the attitude of " Tolerance, Forgiving, Suppressing of Race and Religion, All will be judged in the Hereafter, etc,etc."

Datuk, I believed you have to address this Malay mentality problems in your blog. You have to try to make them open their eyes or even to wake them up and say ' Hey, you living in a real world friend. And here there is this guy named Najib robbing, plundering and raping your beloved country and your hard earned money. He must be stopped. He must answer his wrongdoings and he must be convicted if found guilty. We cant wait for the Hereafter to seek justice "


Joeharry said...

Salam datuk.
Pada pendapat saya, pas tidak akan bergabung dengan umno/bn. Puncanya kerana kerusi. Dalam umno pun bergaduh sesama sendiri setiap kali pilihanraya (pr) sebab ada yang dapat jadi calon dan ada yang tidak. Masing2 melobi untuk jadi ketua bahagian dengan niat dapat jadi calon dalam pr. Jika pas bergabung dengan umno, bahagian mana yang nak bersedia bagi kerusi kat pas. Kalah dalam pilihanraya iti bab lain tapi tak ada orang umno yang nak bagi kalah sebelum berjuang atas tiket umno. Begitu juga dalam pas. Sebab itu usaha ini gagal sejak dulu lagi. Kecuali pas bubar parti dan masuk umno (bagi yang nak masuk la).
Pas dalam keadaan tersepit. Pas tidak bersetuju dengan pakatan kerana adanya amanah dalam pakatan. Sekarang ini pas perlu menampakan yang ianya bukan musuh umno. Tujuannya untuk menarik minat pengundi yang marah pada najib untuk undi pas.
Hadi mungkin berkira2 andainya ada penurunan pada kerusi bn dan bn tak cukup majoriti maka pas akan tawar diri untuk selamatkan bn. Maka disitu baru ada nilai tawaran untuk pas, misalnya tpm untuk hadi atau menteri kanan.
Hadi pun ada menyatakan yang pas akan jadi block yang ke3.
Dalam kerajaan negeri selangor, pas sokong khalid, dikedah pas sokong muhkriz, semuanya kerana mengharapkan jawatan exco. Dan sekarang bergesel2 dengan najib juga kerana jawatan..
Apakah prinsip dan perjuangan pas hanya pada jawatan??? Kalau pas sokong muhkriz kerana kebenaran, kenapa pula pas boleh sokong najib dengan tidak bersetuju deklarasi rakyat?? Sedangkan punca muhkriz dipecat kerana tidak senada dengan najib mengenai isu 1mdb dan 2.6b.
Isu yang sama juga termaktub dalam deklarasi rakyat.

sukasamasuka said...


"Saudi Arabia is seeking a bank loan of between US$6 billion (RM24.65 billion) and US$8 billion (RM32.86 billion), sources familiar with the matter told Reuters, in what would be the first significant foreign borrowing by the kingdom's government for over a decade." (http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/333463)

TERIMA KASIH TUN DR.MAHATHIR and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali....
Thank you Datuk AKJ and all the signatories and the rest of concerned Malaysian citizens.

The truth has been revealed.

Thank you all.

Bergentayangan said...

Last night there's some coverage on prime time news regarding the Citizens Declaration (CD) and they spent 10 minutes of their precious airtime discrediting the movement. They're referring to the declaration as Kit Siang-Mahathir's Declaration; a deliberate attempt to engender hatred, anger and to confuse the public.
They were discussing it purely in negative light, interviewing and quoting the usual suspects, promulgating how it won't suceed bla bla bla and repeatedly referring it as Kit Siang-Mahathir declaration. They never discussed what's actually in the declaration but spending their effort on something else. What a lame coverage.
They wouldn't dare to refer it as people declaration but made up a new name out of thin air. Something which gave a whole different meaning to the declaration; probably fearing it would get the support from the masses. We would like to think that they would be truthful and honest with their news reporting after blocking and shutting down blogs and news portal on the internet whom they said reporting half truth. But what they gave us last night was exactly THAT. How ironic.
What they did was a blatant disregard of ethical reporting. Where is the profesionalism? No wonder they're quickly losing trust and credibility. With this kind of behavior there's no no wonder. And the length of precious time they spent ripping up the declaration speak at length what deep down inside. They're already worried and panicking..

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Daniel Noor,

Pada tahun 2001, iaitu tahun yang sama Gus Dur turun jawatan Presiden, Indonesia menubuhkan mahkamah khusus untuk mempertahankan demokrasi.

Mahkamah Konstitusi Republik Indonesia (The Constitution Court of Indonesia). Antara fungsinya adalah :-

The constitutional court has five jurisdictions:

1. Constitutional review of legislation (law)
2. Disputes about constitutional competence between state institutions
3. Disputes about electoral results
4. Dissolution of political parties
5. Impeachment of the president or vice-president

Perkara ke 5 adalah, kuasa Presiden boleh dicabut atau dibatalkan.

Oleh itu, Presiden Indonesia yang ada sekarang tidak boleh membuat kerja yang bukan-bukan.

Kita tidak ada sistem seperti di Indonesia, malah bekas hakim mahkamah rayuan mengatakan, sekiranya AG mendakwa PM, keesokkan harinya PM mempunyai kuasa untuk memecat AG atau Peguam Negara dan menggantikan yang baru.

Oleh itu, Deklarasi Rakyat yang dibuat bukan sahaja untuk meminta PM melepaskan jawatan tetapi membuat reformasi undang-undang yang sedia ada supaya demokrasi di Malaysia dapat dikekalkan dan dipertahankan.

Zalman A said...

Saudara Zed-85 @ 2:00 PM

Sokong 100%.

Zed-85 said...


Your comment,

They were discussing it purely in negative light, interviewing and quoting the usual suspects, promulgating how it won't suceed bla bla bla and repeatedly referring it as Kit Siang-Mahathir declaration.

My comment,

They are referring to Kit Siang- Mahathir declaration.

What do you expect they do? This reaction is expected.

Citizen rights movements were never easy.

In America, in the 1960's, there were civil rights movements against the discrimination of African American citizen. Activist Malcolm X was murdered so as Martin Luther King.

People like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were very committed at their cause. Now, in US, Obama, an African American is the President.

I think we do have people that are committed to bring changes for the better in this country. That is why, they have come up to with this Citizen Declaration.

I think if there are a lot of "reaction" on the other side, it is one of the indication that the mass movement actually works.

Another thing where the CD is beneficial, is that it promote citizen to "think" on what is the best for this country, on what is right and what is wrong.

They are people who might disagree with the CD but most of these people fail to come up with any better alternatives to solve the problems in this country.

RD. said...

Respect is earn, not given.

Maybe Najib's sycophants have taken cue from Mat Sabu's Amanah or 'trust' which must be earned too, not given.

Pompuan said...

Ahlan Wasahlan DAKJ n my good friend Zed-85.
Nak tanya what is the meaning of Dedak which you guys kept hurling at Pro-Najib people like me?
Is it a Kedah staple food?
I am definitely not a dedak. Never received rice or money or anything from Najib. Just a supporter who believes Najib is doing good for our country. Fitch rating good, GDP good and PR with the people perfect - all he cared for be they orphans, poor or the rich. Kalau ada orang sakit atau mati mesti dia melawat. If tak dapat datang, kirim duit via his aides. My mama is so inpressed with his loving kindness.
I suggest you meet the wise professor and have a one-on-one pow-wow. Come back to us and tell whether you are swayed by his principle.
For regular people like me, the declaration and not Najib will bring the downfall of the Malays. I can't bear to see my kids, grand-kids and future generation cursing me if I sign the declaration. Tun takpelah hidup dah puas dengan segala nikmat. Kasilah can keturunan Melayu rasa apa beliau dan cucu cicit rasa. Tak fairlah kan, you all rasa. We all tak rasa. Hendak juga merasa. At least Najib makes us feel inclusive.
My former idol tu only friends with the creme de la creme. Kenal Daim, Halim Saad, Ananda Krisna, Robert Kuok etc.


1. Our debater "Pompuan" has finally came out in the open to declare that she's for Mohd Najib. Alhamdullihah. That's fine with me. In fact I am happy having all sides debating here.

2. I have not met you, but what needs to come out, has come here via our debate.

3. As such I think it is better for all of us to debate here than to meet one-to-one in Bangsar or elsewhere.

4.Theprofessor is welcomed to convince just not me but every participant of this blog.

5. In this way also, we can avoid being accused of feeding each other dedak.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

QalamQabut said...

Sejak wujud perpisahan ideologi antara TDM dgn DSN, aku lihat kedua2 belah penyokong berbincang, bertengkar dan bergaduh di dua gelanggang yg berbeza sama sekali. Bagaikan satu puak di angkasa dan satu puak lagi di lautan. Mustahil utk bertemu utk berkongsi pandangan dan pendapat, membuat analisa atas fakta yang sama.

Pihak yg dikatakan proJib menuduh TDM ingin menjatuhkan bukan saja DSN tetapi juga UMNO, BN, bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam. TDM bersekongkol dgn LKS, DSAI, Mat Sabu dll. TDM menjual bukan saja maruah dirinya tetapi maruah Melayu dan Islam. Dia patut diperang dan diserang habis2an. Dia juga mahu anaknya Mukhriz dilantik sebagai pengganti DSN. Deklarasi Rakyat ditukarkan menjadi Delkarasi Mahathir-Kit Siang. Apa yg di katakan 'non-partisan' hanya masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri. Itu hebatnya propaganda yg dimainkan. TDM mahu jatuhkan DSN semata2 kerana dendam kesumat yg tak padam2.

Pihak yg dikatakan proTun pastinya membalas.

Dan seperti aku cakap tadi, tidak akan ada titik pertemuan ataupun titik pertembungan dua pihak ini. Yang pasti terjejas ialah rakyat jelata dan negara Malaysia yg terus hanyut di kancah yg tidak berkesudahan.

Bagi semua, terutamanya umat Melayu dan Islam yg semakin berpecah dan berantakan antara satu sama lain, aku cadangkan satu saja, google saja dua nama tokoh atau protoganis tadi dan baca apa orang luar perkatakan mengenai mereka. Bacalah untuk dibuat pedoman dan panduan, bukan utk dipercayai bulat2. Aku percaya kebanyakan orang luar tiada agenda tersembunyi, tiada pemakan dedak seperti yg ada di pelbagai corong media di Malaysia ini. Jika tak percaya satu atau dua sumber, bacalah yg lain . Jika satu bercanggah dgn pendirian anda di masa ini, bacalah lagi dua. Lihat ke arah mana penulisan mereka.

Dan datanglah semula ke sini untuk perbincangan lanjut utk cari pencerahan. Aku mahu DSN berundur, tetapi jika ada siapa boleh beri alasan yg kukuh kenapa aku perlu beralih arah, silakan beri alasan dan hujah. Aku pasti akan pertimbangkan. Aku tidak mahu negara kita hancur akibat pertelagahan antara Melayu sendiri. Aku juga tidak mahu kuasa politik Melayu terhakis di tanahair sendiri. Tetapi aku letakkan AGAMA sebagai pedoman dan panduan yg paling atas sekali.

Semoga ada yg mahu ikut cadangan aku ini. Terima kasih.

Zalman A said...

"PR with the people perfect - all he cared for be they orphans, poor or the rich."

Tapi pegawai2 MACC, SB, BNM, AGC, org Umno yg x sokong budaya songlap, etc - ahhhhhh, tu lah. PR nampak kurang sikit.

Tapi "the rich" mmg "cared for".

Pompuan said...

Thanks DAKJ for accepting me. it's not that I love you less but I love Najib and Melayu/Malaysia lots. Hehehe.
I thought sangat terang lagi bersuluh yg I dah tak idolized Tun M like I used to. Dulu dia condemn Pak Lah. Now condemn Najib pulak. Tak balik cam tu buat kat orang pilihan u sendiri.
I tau you seorang tokoh yg fair yg accept people tak sama kepala with you. That's why I only commented on your, Rocky's Bru and Zamkata blogs.. Simply because you guys print the opinions of anti your stand. I tried once on Din Merican, Sakmongkol and that so-called hebat Outsyed The Box. All deleted since I am not in the same page. Your liberty endears us to you. Infact I learn much from you though we disagree.
But you haven't answered my query as to the meaning of dedak. It's the first time am hearing the word here. Is it a vitamin? Thanks much.


1. Debater "Pompuan", dedak is bran. It is the byproduct of rice milling. It is usually used for feeding chicken, ducts and pigs.

2. As I explained in the last posting, dedak eater or its Malay origin “pemakan dedak” was popularised by pro-Umno cyber warriors in the aftermath of last year’s Umno General Assembly. It came about when Umno vice-president (Datuk Seri) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced on Dec 11 that Umno would beef up its online propaganda by appointing more cyber warriors. This had apparently caused the displeasure of the existing operators who resorted to calling the potential new arrivals “pemakan dedak”.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Dapatgajibukanpengorbanan said...

Awas semua! Akan muncul seorang lagi PAHLAWAN BUGIS iaitu KM Melaka, Idris Haron. Rupa-rupanya dia juga Bugis. Padanlah membela Najibo membabi-buta

RD. said...

Saudari Pompuan.

Sekurang-kurangnya kroni-kroni Dr.M membuka peluang pekerjaan kepada beribu-ribu Rakyat jelata. Kekayaan mereka memberi peluang kepada Kerajaan kutip cukai. Jika nak bail-out Syarikat mereka, terutama semasa krisis ekonomi, Dr.M bawa ke Kabinet untuk berbincang dan kabinet bersetuju.

Apa yang Rakyat dan Kerajaan dapat dari kroni-kroni Najib seperti Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet dan Jho Low? Cuba Saudari Pompuan fikirkan 'jasa' Razak baginda kepada Najib & UMNO. Setelah lebih 10 tahun, Altantuya dan kini, Sirul boleh menjadi bahan kempen yang amat efektik kepada Pembangkang untuk memburukkan UMNO dan BN, setiap kali PRU.

Deepak buat pinjaman RM30 juta dari Bank Rakyat, tanpa faedah; apa yang Rakyat dapat?

Oh ya... Sejak 2009, dah berapa banyak keuntungan yang 1MDB perolehi? Berapa peluang pekerjaan untuk Rakyat. Berapa banyak cukai yang Kerajaan perolehi dari 1MDB?

Najib langsung tidak bawa ke kabinet untuk menubuhkan 1MDB. Berhutang berpuloh Billion Ringgit atas nama Rakyat pun, dia tak bawa ke Kabinet untuk berbincang. Dia buat secara senyap-senyap. Sama seperti beliau sekeluarga pergi bercuti Krismas, senyap-senyap, setiap hujung tahun.

Dia bawa Malaysia menyertai 'Pakatan Negara-Negara Islam Memerangi Keganasan' yang diilhamkan Arab Saudi pun, tak dibawa ke kabinet. Begitu juga dengan penghantaran Tentera untuk menyertai 'Northern Thunder'. Juga secara senyap=senyap.
Jangan terjebak dengan perbunuhan sesama saudara-seIslam, sudah.

Baru kelmarin Najib bawa ke Kabinet untuk berbincang. Mungkin untuk tujuan 'collective resposibility', memecat Dr.M sebagai Penasihat Petronas. Dengar cerita, Dr.M dah hantar surat letak-jawatan pada Ahad lepas.

Dr.M tidak pegang Kementerian Kewangan. Ada seketika saja, iaitu ketika Daim letak jawatan dan sekali lagi, setelah Anwar dipecat. Najib pegang Kementerian KeWANGan seolah-olah ia diwarisi dari Pak Lah. Apakah tujuan dan kebaikan kepada Rakyat, untuk PM pegang jawatan Menteri KeWANGan?

QalamQabut said...

Aku nak tergelak pun ada bila tengok dan dengar apa yg AhJib Go! menyindir Deklarasi Rakyat sebagai agenda peribadi TDM yg menipu dan memperalatkan rakyat. Memang riak mukanya penuh geram sekali. Hilang sudah senyuman selekeh yg nak memperlekeh usaha2 utk turunkan dia dari tampuk pemerintahan. Memang dia tertekan sekali. Dan dia bagaikan semakin percaya loceng penamat hayatnya sebagai PM Malaysia semakin hampir.

Walau bagaimana pun sindrom denial masih kuat pada AhJib Go! dan segala peringkat penyembahnya. Memang tak ada pilihan pun, terpaksa mengatakan rakyat tak sokong, rakyat tertipu, rakyat tak tau dan tak kesah pun. Yang sebenarnya di sebelah kita pun tak dapat tunjuk sokongan yg kita ada selain dari jumlah bilangan tandatangan di Deklarasi Rakyat dan Petisyen ‘Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak: Quit’ di change.org yang kedua2nya melepasi 30,000.

Dengar kata hari Ahad depan ini ada satu perjumpaan, tetapi tertutup, hanya lebih kurang 500 jemputan saja. Tapi kalau jemput pun rasa berat jugak nak pi (bukan tak mau).

Bagaimana kalau kita tunjukkan kepada AhJib Go dan umat UMNOnya yg kita juga ada agenda peribadi, nak mintak dia turun dari takhta, serupa juga dengan agenda peribadi TDM tu, sepertimana yg kita tandatangan di Deklarasi Rakyat.

Tak. Bukan aku nak ajak buat demonstrasi jalanan, bukan nak berguling di jalanraya ataupun kencing merata. Tapi kita buat secara aman, damai, sentosa dan sejahtera. Tak perlu nak sewa bas sejuta nak bawa seluruh rakyat ke Padang Merdeka atau ke mana2. Dan tak keluar satu sen pun untuk belanja atau derma kepada sesiapa.

Caranya macam ni… TDM dah rancang buat perjumpaan pada hari Ahad 27 Mac (kalau tak silap). Kita punya Tunjuk Perasaan ialah pada hari Sabtu itu. Aku ada sebab pilih hari Sabtu minggu ke empat tu. Bukan saja2 nak potong trip aturcara TDM tu. Kalau dia nak hari Sabtu itu pun elok jugak, selari dan selaras. Ada jugak ungka AhJib Go! yg bagitau TDM saja pilih hari Ahad tu sebab Easter Sunday, cerita seolah2 TDM nak ambil berkat pulak dgn hari keagamaan Kristian tu.

Pada hari Sabtu 26 Mac ini kita akan BERKUBANG di rumah. Nak kata BERKURUNG boleh, nak kata BERKABUNG pun boleh. Tapi kita yg menyokong gerakan TDM ni akan duduk di rumah, bermesra dengan anak bini, masak sedap2 makan sama2. Kalau 3 juta rakyat Malaysia sokong TDM, aku rasa lengang jugak jalanraya satu Malaysia. Itu tanda rakyat berkabung kerana demokrasi semakin tipis di negara ini.

Kebaikannya: AhJib Go! tak boleh tuduh kita buat huruhara atau harubiru nak jatuhkan dia. Tak payah nak kerah polis dan tentera jaga ketenteraman negara. Dia juga tak boleh tuduh kita nak sabotaj ekonomi, sebab tempoh BERKUBANG kita hanya dari jam 7.00pg hingga 2.00ptg saja. Bukan satu hari atau satu minggu. Kita juga buat pada hari Sabtu, hari kebanyakan dari kita bercuti. Bagi yg bertugas dan bekerja, teruskan tanggungjawab anda. Tak ada paksaan hingga nak kena warning dari bos. Dan kita akan BERKUBANG setiap Sabtu minggu ke empat setiap bulan hingga AhJib Go tersingkir. Siapa pun tak boleh ‘deny’ bahawa rakyat Malaysia memang mau dia berundur. Semua orang boleh lihat sendiri dan tak ada siapa boleh pertikai bila lihat Malaysia semakin sunyi di hari BERKUBANG itu.

Jangan gelak ok. Aku serius ni… Kalau orang Palestin boleh lawan rejim Israel dengan baling batu, kita akan buat dengan cara yg lebih baik, bertamaddun dan terhormat lagi. Rakyat satu Malaysia boleh ambil bahagian. Tak ada huruhara dan tak ada gaduh dengan sesiapa malah anak bini pun suka.

Aku harap Datuk bagi peluang cadangan ini sampai ke pihak Tun M. Lepas tu kalau dia nak reject pun tak apa. Perbetul dan perkemas semula jika perlu sebab aku tulis ni pun spontan saja. Nak tokok tambah pun takpa selagi prinsip BERKUBANG di hari Sabtu itu kekal. Dan sampaikan salam aku kepada TDM jika sudi. Aku sentiasa berdoa perjuangan TDM dan kita semua ini berjaya mencapai matlamatnya. AhJib Go must go.


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