Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fight Kleptocracy or Democracy is Dead

A Kadir Jasin

WE are living in a time of great ironies. In a mismatched world - of the holier than thou robed mullahs and suited men preaching all things good and godly but together stole billions of ringgit from the people.

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Of newspaper editors unashamedly told you that they towed the line because the money was good. At the same time they complained noisily about having to cope with too many “wahyus” (instructions) coming from Putrajaya and Seri Perdana.

They slavishly complied with every instruction and duly published every statement that came from the same PMO spokesmen that they said were power crazy and silly.

On Thursday one of them said to me that it was okay for me to be critical of the government because “datuk ada banyak duit.” Has it always to be about money?

But should we be surprised by such an attitude when an elected representative unabashedly told the Press that he did what he did because he too “cari makan”?

So we have cari makan editors, webmasters, bloggers and faceys. Cari makan ministers. Cari makan members of Parliament. Cari makan mullahs and spiritual leaders.

And going by the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) against five individuals for allegedly stealing RM4 billion from 1MDB, we even have a certain “Malaysian Official 1” (MO1) who apparently carted away billions of ringgit meant for the development of the country and her people.

No, this is not "Malaysian Official 1". This is Mr Krab.
Editor’s Note

The editor told me that a veteran Umno MP, who was once a minister, had told him that not a single Cabinet member “truly support” the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, and that the BN would lose the coming general elections.

But the problem is, said the editor, the GE might not be held as “a situation would be created” so that a nationwide emergency could be declared and a Mageran-type administration takes over.

The “situation” prompted my memory to race back to the 1977 Kelantan Emergency that toppled the PAS-led government. One of the elements of the “situation” was some gedebe (hooligans) burnings discarded tyres in Kota Bharu and protesting noisily at the State Legislative building.

These events were used to justify the declaration of the emergency. I was there when they happened. So PAS beware of the Umno trap. The Umno-linked Red Shirts are already planning to hold regular rallies in Kuala Lumpur.

Mageran – short for Majlis Gerakan Negara (National Operations Council) was the Tun Abdul Razak-inspired supreme body that took over the country in the aftermath of the May 13, 1969 race riots.

The spectre of the Akta Majlis Keselamatan Negara (2015) becames crystal clear. Since its hasty adoption by the Parliament last December, the Act is widely feared for its possible unpleasant and dangerous consequences.

But life must go on and those of us who believe in the power of good must continue to struggle. We must hold the Constitution and Rukun Negara dear to our hearts and fight any attempt to turn this beloved country into a dictatorship.

We must continue to humbly appeal to our King, Sultans and Rajas to use their royal privileges and moral authority to come to the nation’s rescue. Please help us fight the dedak eaters. Daulat Tuanku.

It is no joy for us to read that even the White House has called for “Malaysian transparency” in the wake of the 1MDB fund scandal bearing in mind that Mohd Najib believes that its occupant, President Barrack Obama, is his best friend.

My Thots

On Thursday too Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad held a press conference in Putrajaya on behalf of the Deklarasi Rakyat to give the movement's reaction to the US lawsuit. I was there.

My own thoughts on the subject is as follows:

1. The signatories of the Deklarasi Rakyat condemn the act of kleptocracy by Mohd Najib’s government.

2. The stealing of the country's money by his government is an act of treason.

3. His action, supported by his government, had impoverished the people and brought shame to the country. We have become a pariah nation.

4. While the 1.4 million over Malaysians who had so far signed the Deklarasi Rakyat take note of the lawsuit by the DoJ to recover US$1 billion worth of assets from the kleptes (thieves), we must not rely on foreign governments to act on our behalf. We must do much more on our own.

5. We must identify and expose the true identity of the person identified as "Malaysian Official 1" in the DoJ lawsuit for he is the chief kleptes.

Riza Aziz: Najib may feed him to the wolves
6. This person must be brought to justice for betraying the trust of the people and bringing shame to the country.

7. The Deklarasi Rakyat must urge all political parties to unite and condemn this act of robbery.

8. The Deklarasi Rakyat further urge all political parties to make the recovery of the stolen assets and the punishment of those involved in the theft, their election promise.

9. The Deklarasi Rakyat urge all political parties, NGOs and individuals to band together and sue the government for the theft of the country's assets.

10. Action and punishment must also be initiated against political parties, government agencies and civil servants, who colluded with MO1 to siphon billions of ringgit from 1MDB.

MY Humble Appeal

The DoJ lawsuit vindicates the 1.4 million Deklarasi Rakyat’s signatories. We are proven right. Please help get more Malaysians to sign up here.



Jebat said...

you must be crazy to believe whatever you said is all truth nothing else but the truth unless you're crazy enough to conspired with ANC lead by TDM to topple the PM for TDM personal gain. We are Malaysian.. so we know TDM well too when he was PM for 22 years not just you. We know DSN too for so long since he beginning of his political career. I'm one of the many against ANC and it will be my 1st time ever to joined RED shirt to go against ANC.

aziz/46Sekupang. said...

Datuk, harapan supaya rakyaat Malaysia mempunyai kesederan diatas lapuran ini dan tinggalkan dedak yang mengkabori mata semua.Tegakan keadilan jangan jadi pak sangup bagi menglangsaikan hutang yang dibuat oleh mereka-mereka ini.Syabas atas perjuangan Datuk AK!.

Fendi Ahmad said...

For the past 2 days, none of the mainstream medias especially the electronic one (TV3, RTM) gave a proper coverage on what had happened to 1MDB in US.

Surprisingly (hmmm not actually !), Bulettin Utama just propagated "rakyat jangan terpedaya dengan pembangkang." They never mentioned words such as US Attorney General, money used to pay casino, FBI, etc

sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang amat aku kasihi,

"4. While the 1.4 million over Malaysians who had so far signed the Deklarasi Rakyat take note of the lawsuit by the DoJ to recover US$1 billion worth of assets from the kleptes (thieves), we must not rely on foreign governments to act on our behalf. We must do much more on our own."

1. I am just a faceless and voiceless little man on the street, like millions of us Malaysians, but I am not here to represent anyone, but me and me alone...there is no one else here, but me..

2. Malaysia is a failed nation....a nation with broken institutions, without any exception whatsoever...hijacked by extremely corrupt officials disguising themselves under Islamic masks and rhetoric...fear them not, for they are nothing.

3. To the American people, you are my only rescue this broken nation, not for me, as I have nothing...but, do it for my children. My children are like your children too, please help them... please... please, I am begging you from my not stop from helping them. My children deserve the help of the good people of the world...and, I know the American people will rise to the occasion.

4. To my fellow is, right now, we are at the bottom of the pit...there is no more institution...NONE... that can help us...and do not be fooled by lies and lies that such and such an institution exist...there is none!

5. I am sorry Datuk, we have to rely on the American institutions to help us...not, because I enjoy saying it...BUT, I BELIEVE IN IT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART...MY GUT TELLS ME THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IS DOING THE RIGHT THING...DON'T DENY IT, PLEASE!

Joe Black said...


It is Ironical that the Radical and Semi Radical Muslim Malays are the ones that condone these acts of "Dosa Besar" whilst the Kafir people and governments are the ones taking action against these robbers.

Joe Black said...


In a way the US Government is holding Najib Razak to Ransom....Should he happen to misbehave (i.e. not follow US Instructions) they may oficially declare to the whole world who MO1 is !! So UMNO now has a US puppet leading them.

Mr.Taipan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk "Maestro" AKJ & Sahabat3 MY Semua2..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Pengkhianat Melayu -aKa- Prime Munafiq)"


Malaysia 2K16 - Daulat Tuanku

-Syukur Alhamdu'Lillah! Congrats DAKJ & all 'Our Prominent Veterans & Proactive Icons' of Our Motherland for being sturdy & solid in championing The Rakyat's Struggle... Salute!

-'Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu' should now "realize" the situation in MY & "hasten" Our Beloved SPB YDP Agong to do the next thing.. To do "The Right Thing".. Before things gets even worst..

-This is OUR ONLY Nation & We Rakyat must defend it AT ALL COST... PERIOD!

-Time for 'Istana Negara' to "make a move"...

Malaysia 2K16 - Persona Non Grata ?

-Semakin jelas "Kebenaran dibelakang tabir" berkaitan '1MDB Saga' yg amat amat amatttttttttT (Ya ada 10 'T') meMALUkan SEMUA WargaNegara MY...

-Semua ini atas hasil usaha gigih 'Mr. 117' aKa 'MY Official 1' aKa 'Panglima Bugis'...

-Seorang Melayu yg mungkin "pertama kali dlm sejarah tamadun manusia" menjadi seorang 'Billionaire' melalui "hasil derma"... Layak masuk "World Record Book"!

-TAPI Kita Rakyat Marhaen dapat apa??? MALU !!

-Kita yg berada dlm negara menanggung keperitan GST & segala 'Polisi3 Mengarut2'...

-Yg berada diluar negara pula LAGI TERUK terkesan TERUTAMA kita yg terlibat dlm bidang berkaitan 'Urusan3 Kehidupan2' seperti Bidang kewangan, perniagaan, pelaburan, keselamatan, penyelidikan & akademik etc. bilamana 'nilai integriti' mereka terdedah kepada "spekulasi keyakinan" & "keraguan" masyarakat serata DUNIA...

-Apa akan jadi pada nilai 'Harga Diri' Kita??? pada nilai 'Maruah Diri' Kita??

Malaysia 2K16 - RM = Righteous Malaysian

-Jika tiada 'affirmative action' dari Kita Rakyat Semua maka akan hancurlah negara.. Slogan "MY Boleh" akan jadi "MY Boleh Jahanam".. This country WILL GO to the dogs.. CONFIRM!

-Fikirkan tentang 'Generasi Hadapan'.. Jadilah Insan yg Amanah.. Segala yg kita ada sekarang ni sebenarnya adalah "milik mereka".. Kita 'Generasi Kini' sebenarnya hanya sekadar "menguruskannya" sahaja!

-Apa akan jadi pada nasib keturunan kita? Keadaan kehidupan sekarang ini pun dah teruk... Keadaan mereka nanti pula agaknya bagaimana?

Malaysia 2K16 - H A R T A L !

-Kita Rakyat sePATUTnya sedar dimana "kita berpijak" sekarang ni.. Jika AhJibGO terus berkuasa maka akan lebih PARAH 'State of Our Union' ni...

-Jika kita kasih pada nasib diri kita, pada nasib keluarga kita, pada nasib masyarakat kita, pada nasib tanah air kelahiran kita... KITA RAKYAT MALAYSIA PERLU BANGKIT!

-Melawan kemungkaran & kezaliman adalah FARDU bagi seorang Muslim.. AND to "Uphold Righteousness" IS A MUST for any human-being.. Young & Old, Rich or Poor, Black or White, Male or Female..

-Time to CONSOLIDATE Our Motherland... Lets do what must be done.. SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA!

-May God Almighty guides all 'Righteous People' towards victory... Ameeen! :-)


"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything"
-Malcolm X

"God allows something BAD to happen so that GOOD can prevail from it."

"Having 'Knowledge' will give you power,
but having 'Character' will grant you respect"
-Bruce Lee


"Fight The Battle AND Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless & protects KITA SEMUA from Iblis & Dajjal**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: Stay Righteous Malaysia... BANGSA MALAYSIA BOLEH! :-)

P/S DAKJ: Sampaikan my salam to His Excellency TDM... "Forward".. NOW OR NEVER!

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

A few years back I did write in this blog that when Najib is pushed to the corner and in desperate position, he will then create a chaotic situation in this country. He will then declare an emergency and introduce a Mageran style government with him STILL in charge. This is because those in charge of security are already in his pocket.

Same time he encourage UMNO members to continue harping to the Malays that DAP want to take control of the government.

Sadly majority of the Malays are too emotional and refuse to use their brains.Its just impossible for a Chinese based DAP to take over the government when the total Chinese population is just 6 million compared to the 22 million Malays and with Chief of Police and the Military being Malays.

And I will not be surprised too that he and his family will quietly continue to stash money abroad should they being forced to flee the country.


dt rahman pekan said...

tpm mana? tpm mana?

zahid mana? zahid mana?

mungkin beliau masih bercuti atua masih d arah utk mewakili Malaysia d luar negeri.

banyak mesej pesanan rengkas (sms) saya tidak mendapat respon akhir2 ini.

mungkin beliau berada dlm keadaan serba salah :-

mengatakan perkara yg benar sekarang - tumbang;

menyokong kemunkaran sekarang - credibility terhakis.

apa keadaan sekali pun rakyat terbanyak menuntut kemelut yg melibat kan pimpinan Negara (Malaysian official 1) dpt d selesai kan dlm masa terdekat.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk.

I must immediately correct the outrageous and misleading lies told by the 24-hour replacement (who seems to think he is Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone's personal defence lawyer, rather than a public servant).

As reported:

"Malaysia's Attorney-General said on Thursday (Jul 21) there has been no evidence from any probe conducted by law enforcement agencies across the globe that show funds were misappropriated from state-fund 1MDB. No criminal charges have been made against any individuals for misappropriation from 1MDB, Malaysia's Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi said in a statement.

Apandi also expressed "strong concerns at the insinuations and allegations" of wrongdoing made against Prime Minister Najib Razak in relation to the lawsuits." 

Let's be accurate:

a) BNM investigation: Led to request for prosecution of 1MDB not once but TWICE. Blocked by 24-hour replacement. We now know that BNM also exposed the link between Jho Low and PSI, where US$700 million was stolen from the ralyat.

b) MACC investigation: Clearly there was a case, otherwise the MACC would have closed the files on their end. Blocked by 24-hour replacement. MACC request for MLA, not granted by 24-hour replacement. MACC panels wanted to ask for review of decision, but were disbanded before this could be done.

c) PAC found that up to US$7 billion is unaccounted for in 1MDB, BNM evidence (deleted by the Carimakan Chairman) that US$700 million was siphoned to the wrong people.

So let's be accurate:

Mappadulung "aku sain buta2 jer" Karaeng Sanrobone's only talent seems to be appointing very hungry people who are "looking for lunch" to oversee, edit and block these investigations into himself.

But to say there was "no evidence" or that "local investigations had completely cleared the PM and 1MDB" is wrong.

Let's be accurate:

Both MACC and BNM and Ambrin found plenty of evidence of wrongdoing, but a bucnh of dedak-eating barua swept it under the carpet.

That is accurate.

The people must be made to understand this, Datuk.

We have been cheated by the very people PAID WITH OUR OWN MONEY!

PutraKraken said...

Salam Datuk

Sedih..memang sedih....perasaan sedih dan kecewa dengan segolongan rakyat Malaysia sendiri yang memandang ringan isu "Kleptocracy" ini. Yang menjadi "epicenter" dalam isu ini ialah "Malaysian Official 1 who has power over 1MDB". Adakah ianya satu "Misteri" siapa dia "Malaysian Official 1" ini? Ditambah lagi..."Malaysia Official 1 yang menerima USD 681million kedalam akaun peribadi AMBANK"....masih samar samar lagi?..."The court documents also say Riza is a relative of Malaysian Official 1."...

Berapa banyak "Malaysian Official 1"?...Siapa dia?....sudah terang tanpa bersuluh! Malang bagi Malaysia...negara "Kleptocracy". Orang kita tak akan paham apa dia "Kleptocracy" ni sebab belum ada dalam Kamus Dewan...Sedidit sedutan dari wikipedia:

"Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, (from Greek: κλέπτης - kleptēs, "thief"[1] and κράτος - kratos, "power, rule",[2] hence "rule by thieves") is a term applied to a government seen as having a particularly severe and systemic problem with officials or a ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats) taking advantage of corruption to extend their personal wealth and political power. Typically this system involves the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service."

Apa jadi dengan negara kita Malaysia?...dari sebuah negara "Moderate Islam Democracy" kepada "Kleptocracy". Ini semua gara gara Chief Kleptes dan bahtera 1MDBnya...Malaysian Official 1.




Adakah kita benar benar menghayati lagu "Negara Ku" ini?

Mohon sembah kebawah Duli Raja Kita Yang Selamat Bertahta
Rakyat memohon perlindungan dari kleptes yang merosakkan Negara Malaysia kita yang tercinta ini.

Ampun Tuanku.


1. In my comment, I said: "4. While the 1.4 million over Malaysians who had so far signed the Deklarasi Rakyat take note of the lawsuit by the DoJ to recover US$1 billion worth of assets from the kleptes (thieves), we must not rely on foreign governments to act on our behalf. We must do much more on our own."

2. We are a sovereign nation and free people. We must not surrender our sovereignty to others.

3. Also it is dangerous to rely on foreign governments, especially the US. They can capitulate. They could be bribed and lobbied.

4. What happened with Goldman Sach in the business realm could happened with the political lobbyists. There's nothing to stop Najib to lobby the State Department to intervene in the DoJ lawsuit.

5. For instance Najib's lobbyists could promise the continuation of Malaysia's pro-US policy to Candidate Hillary Clinton plus a hefty "donation" or the promise to purchase US-made military equipment at a later date.

6. We need to monitor the movements of members of Najib's legal team like Mohammed Shafie Abdullah. These people may already be lobbying for no prosecution
against the plaintiffs, in particular Riza Aziz and Jho Low.

7. We must always temper our enthusiasm and bear in mind that conspiracy, bribery and blackmail are part and parcel of international business and diplomacy.

8. So let us move forward with our eyes wide open. This is no Alice in Wonderland. This is conspiracy to defraud of a colossal scale and at the highest level.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Zalman A said...

Next, the 24-hour replacement talks of "strong concerns at the insinuations and allegations" of wrongdoing made against Prime Minister Najib Razak in relation to the lawsuits." 

How do we know that ‘Malaysian Official 1’ and the Bugis pirate are the same person?


The 24-hour replacement HIMSELF has identified him.

The DOJ says that the AG of Malaysia conducted an inquiry into the US$681 million payment and confirmed that the money was transferred into the "personal account of Malaysian Official 1" between Aug 22, 2013, and April 10, 2013.

The DOJ also said the Malaysian AG declared that in August 2013, US$620 million was returned by Malaysian Official 1. It added: “The Malaysian Attorney-General ultimately characterised the payment of US$681 million as a ‘personal donation to Malaysian Official 1 from the Saudi royal family’.”

So please ask the 24-hour replacement:

"Who else did you discover with US$681 million in his bank account, if not the Bugis pirate?"


The DOJ also knows that the US$731 million siphoned out of 1MDB went into the bank account of ‘Malaysian Official 1’, US$20 million from Good Star Limited via a Saudi prince in 2011; US$30 million from Aabar Investments PJS Ltd (British Virgin Islands) in 2012; and US$681 million from Tanore Finance Corporation in 2013.

Who else fits this pattern?


"Malaysian Official 1" is 100% certain to be Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone, and he will be named in open court soon.

Zalman A said...

"4. What happened with Goldman Sach in the business realm could happened with the political lobbyists. There's nothing to stop Najib to lobby the State Department to intervene in the DoJ lawsuit.

5. For instance Najib's lobbyists could promise the continuation of Malaysia's pro-US policy to Candidate Hillary Clinton plus a hefty "donation" or the promise to purchase US-made military equipment at a later date."


The Bugis lanun I am very sure has already made extensive deals with China, who bought the worthless power plants and land purely so they can squeeze him later.

But do bear in mind that the Swiss are also bringing criminal charges on 1MDB and they are in contact with the USA and the other nations.

We have no strategic importance to the Swiss.

"While the 1.4 million over Malaysians who had so far signed the Deklarasi Rakyat take note of the lawsuit by the DoJ to recover US$1 billion worth of assets from the kleptes (thieves), we must not rely on foreign governments to act on our behalf. We must do much more on our own."

What we can do locally is very limited.

Barua2 have been placed in the enforcement agencies and the law offices.

Dedak by the billion has been scattered.

People have sold their souls for money.

And still the MTU & Cabinet keep their "elegant silence", hoping their dedak is not affected in the future.

Zalman A said...

"Di mana ulama dan mufti berjubah panjang"?

Ketua Amanah Terengganu Datuk Raja Bahrin Shah mempersoalkan sikap membisu pemimpin dan agamawan Islam negara ini terhadap dakwaan berkait akauntabiliti dan pembaziran wang di kalangan pemimpin tertentu seperti yang kerap dilaporkan.

“Di mana para ulama dan mufti negara yang berjubah panjang? Adakah mereka hanya menjadi penyeri majlis rasmi dan penghias pandangan untuk penonton TV sahaja?” tanya ahli Parlimen Kuala Terengganu itu.

Beliau turut membidas golongan yang selama ini mengaku pembela bangsa, tetapi masih tidak memberikan respon berikutan pendedahan Jabatan Kehakiman Amerika Syarikat Rabu lalu berkenaan salah guna wang melibatkan syarikat milik negara, 1MDB.

“Di manakah pembela ‘orang Melayu’ yang pernah berdemonstrasi kerana mendakwa hak dan harta Melayu ditipu dan dikhianati?

“Bukan hanya para ulama ulama tidak bersuara seperti sepatutnya, pejuang hulubalang ‘hak Melayu’ pun membisu seribu bahasa,” katanya.

Raja Bahrin turut mengingatkan Putrajaya nasihat Majlis Raja-raja Melayu pada tahun lalu yang mahu siasatan telus terhadap 1MDB.

Beliau berharap pihak istana akan menggesa suatu siasatan bebas diadakan susulan perkembangan terkini.

sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang aku hormati,

"2. We are a sovereign nation and free people. We must not surrender our sovereignty to others."

1. I used to believe that all my heart.

2. I also know Datuk is a good man...and, that statement above, is an expression of your hope because Datuk is an honest man, rightly so.

3. But, this IS NOT about what Datuk is hoping for in this nation...and, it also not about what I used to believe either.

4. I am sorry to say that the statement "We are a sovereign nation and free people. We must not surrender our sovereignty to others." is as empty as a broken vessel.

5. We lost this nation...her sovereignty...her moral values...her right to exist...the very moment when other nations tell us, right on our faces, what we did is simply not acceptable any longer by the very minimum of human decency and civility. The American people tell us rather softly and nicely that the behaviors of the "Malaysian Official 1" is no longer tolerable.

6. But, then again...Malaysia IS NOT one nation...but, three separate regions, totally alien to one another...separated by thousand miles of sea...we can still go our separate way as there is nothing holding us back...nothing...and we SHALL BE FREE ONCE AGAIN AS PEOPLE!

7. We have surrendered our sovereignty to others because our institutions are broken and failed. Period. Are we still in the state of denial?

Did the American people the cause of our predicament?

8. If we have to part way, not because of hatred, but on the principle of goodwill as a free to to to seek happiness.

There is nothing better to feel free...BUT, WE ARE NOT A FREE PEOPLE, yet!

Zalman A said...

Bak kata pepatah omputih, "there is no honour among thieves."

The "leadership" of Parti Dedak Najib do not care even 0.00001% that the rakyat's money has been stolen. Some are actively defending "MO1", the rest are silent, just counting their dedak, kontrak and kickbacks.

If MO1 is removed, they will flock to a new MO2, MO3, etc. The corrupt Malays of Parti Dedak Najib know nothing but $$$$$. And they keep the rural folk backward, fearful and ignorant, using MAP control, and fake claims of protecting race and religion.

That is what Parti Dedak Najib has done to the Melayu mentality.

We are almost 60 years old as a nation, and we are ruined.


sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang aku hormati,

"3. Also it is dangerous to rely on foreign governments, especially the US. They can capitulate. They could be bribed and lobbied.

4. What happened with Goldman Sach in the business realm could happened with the political lobbyists. There's nothing to stop Najib to lobby the State Department to intervene in the DoJ lawsuit."

1. Please tell that to the "Malaysia Official 1".

2. Please tell that to the Sultans, Datuk...I can't do that as we Sabahans have no sultan...god lord, we have none!

3. Please tell that to UMNO!

4. Please tell that to our Muftis!

5. NEVER EVER TELL THAT TO ME! I have nothing.... nothing... and, nothing... even if the Americans were to land here to rule, so what?

Do I lose anything?...very I have nothing...but, perhaps they can give me job cleaning long as it is a halal job, its's halal money...that's matter a lot, don't you think?

6. Of course, Najib can lobby the American Government...who doesn't know?

7. Who doesn't know about AIPAC?...anyone?

There are as many political lobbyists in the US Government as there are hairs on our head. So what if we know?..they are up for grabs, if you will.

Having say that, ONLY the US Department of Justice, the FBI and the IRS can do the job of cleaning the 1MDB, no two way about it.

8. To the American people, thank you very much for looking up to us little man on the street...thank you once again...God Bless America!

Nothing to hide said...

I heard Tun has postponed the setting up of a new party because something may happen by 1 august.
Since you are in the kelambu, anything about this?

sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang baik hati,

"9. The Deklarasi Rakyat urge all political parties, NGOs and individuals to band together and sue the government for the theft of the country's assets."

I don't know how, Datuk....except I had already signed the Deklarasi Rakyat, the second it was uploaded onto this blog.

Please tell us how to do it.

Perhaps...there is hope...I don't know.

RD. said...

Sebagai seorang Muslim, saya teramat malu.
Sudah la Islam dikaitkan dengan keganasan. Sekarang Kerajaan Pemerintah Negara Islam-Wasatiah saya dikaitkan pula dengan Kleptocracy. Di perintah oleh segerombolan pencuri?Kabinet Najib pencuri?

Yang paling saya malu, pemimpin yang dituduh itu pula buat nama Islam lebih dipandang serong, lebih-lebih lagi oleh bukan-Islam.
Bila dia tersepit dengan berbagai tuduhan salahlaku, mulalah memperagakan pakaiaan keagamaan dan mendekati Agamawan. Beri Zakat pada asnaf dan salur wang untuk bina Masjid dan Surau. Jadi hero pengajian pondok pulak lagi.

Lebih kurang sama, kita lihat dalam TV;-
Gelagat Orang-Kena-Tuduh liwat, rogol anak-kandung, merompak, pembunuh dan lain jenayah keji, memakai ketayap atau tudung, diiringi Polis/warden, naik-turun Mahkamah. Imej & maruah Islam yang pertama sekali terjejas. Pasal itu Agama kita sering dipandang serong, dipersenda dan dihina.

Mana la nak letak muka.
Besok-besok nak berucap di PBB atau mewakili Negara ke Persidang antarabangsa di Negara Kafir.....mana nak letak muka?

LaM said...

Correct..correct D.KJ. Malaysian authorities must do it to solve the country's problems.

Najib, although is the PM, is powerless under the malaysian law. Right now, he only has and uses Pandi Dobi and Khalid tweeter who have powers of prosecution and investigation, to act as buffer against any prosecution.

If Abu Kassim & Macc have the balls and courage, they shld begin by arresting and charging Pandi Dobi. Unlike Pandi dan Khalid, Abu Kassin has more powers. He has powers of investigation as well as prosecution as clearly stated in section. 5(6) Macc Act. That section giving him prosecutorial powers was created to deal with rogue AGs like Apandi. Apandi cld be charged u/d s.212 Penal Code for protecting Najib from criminal prosecution against the advice of the Macc and under s.218 for 'ordering' the Macc to close the RM2.6billion case, monies which is now confirmed as stolen from 1MDB by declaring it is Arab donation.

Once Apandi is being charged...I think the Macc has a ready & water tight case to go against Najib for criminally misappropriating the RM42million SCRI monies which they had earlier recommended and another offence u/d s.165 Penal Code, where he as a public servant received RM2.6billion from JLow through Tanore Finance whom he as 1MDB Chairman has official dealings. His case whld me much easier than the RM2.8million Guan Eng bungalow case. This is the only way to recover every penny of the 1MDB monies stolen from Najib since on conviction he could be fined 5 x RM2.5billion...& 5 x 42 million which are still not enough to recover the US$7billion reported missing by the Auditor General.

Abu Kasim has to do this to restore his image and credibility. By agreeing to resign on 1 August, he is now deemed to be a coward who behaved like a war General who abandon his battle- field front line position just because the enemy ask him to do so. He will be remembered as just another coward like Gani Patail, who is contented on enjoying his pension and benefits whilst the country is burning and falling apart. It would not matter much if they were low ranking public servants. But if you hold very top high office, it carries with it certain responsibilities to the nation and its people.

RD. said...

"7. We must always temper our enthusiasm and bear in mind that conspiracy, bribery and blackmail are part and parcel of international business and diplomacy."

Betul Dato.
Ini yang paling saya takut. Tiba-tiba nanti kes in senyap-sepi dan kita menjadi sekutu-baru Amerika.

HusinNS said...

Maaf, kleptocracy itu apa?

Unknown said...

Slm datuk,
Malaysia sudah tahap glokal kata PM Najib
Malaysia cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang kata Bekas PM pak lah. Malaysia kaya tiada masalah kewangan. Nampaknya target PM sudah menjadi target ahli keluarga, kebanyakan ramai layan filem bollywood bahawa penjahat guna anak dan ahli keluarga untuk menjahati HERO Malaya

Zalman A said...

Najib has not hesitated to get his paid-up bullies in Red Shirts onto the streets to threaten ordinary folk, following the DOJ’s devastating details over his thefts from 1MDB.

But it’s next week that he plans to really take charge.

On 1st August his shocking National Security Act comes into force, designed to hand him dictatorial powers wherever he likes, against whom he likes for any six months at a time. Then he can renew those powers.

The bill was introduced without warning late on the final day of the Parliamentary session at the end of last year. Surprised MPs were given no time to scrutinise it, let alone put forward amendments and the debate was cursory as it was rushed through its stages in an effective pre-planned coup by the Prime Minister against his Parliament and the democratic rights of his own people.

Even the Sultans and the Agong have been shocked into a rare refusal to sign it unamended – but rather than accept their counsel on a matter of core national security he has brushed their concerns aside and forced it into law unchanged or re-considered.

Unknown said...

Penampakan buadaya meniru teserlah
pemain bola sepak legenda tiru muhamad ali hilang (basikal/motorsikal) dan bersara kemudian ke gelangang/padang semula
PM dulu suruh ikut/tiru budaya kerja timur
artis rock tiru loudness
penulisan kini tiru film bollywood
ustaz faham bahasa bollywood.
Makna semua ini ialah tiada kreatif, jika dulu kita lukis kereta kotak, anak2 kita sekarang lukis kereta dengan eksos berapi letak sticker canggih jangan disekat. PM dahulu boleh bawa 500juta untung tapi PM sekarang yang kreatif tiada siapa dorong ibarat pencipta2 dahulu seperti cipta lampu berkali2 yg dicemuh. Support PM la ni muda tua sama2 meraikan.

Unknown said...

Masa tun mahathir cipta proton kena cemuh, rasanya PM la ni lg teruk, kredit utk NAJIB

Zalman A said...

Pendirian rasmi ialah:- Kerajaan akan berkerjasama dengan DOJ Amerika dalam memburu sesiapa yang melakukan salahlaku dan, akhirya, pencurian.

Tapi kita tahu jentera najib berkerja 24 jam 7 hari 12 bulan, menukar isu pendedahan dan langkah oleh DOJ Amerika kepada isiu:-

a) Inilah adalah serangan politik yang keterlaluan keatas 1MDB dan Malaysia

b) Inilah adalah konspirasi Yahudi yang memegang jawatan2 tertinggi Amerika

c) Inilah campur-tangan dalam hal ehwal dalaman Malaysia

d) Inilah adalah konspirasi keatas bangsa Melayu

e) Ini adalah konspirasi keatas negara Malaysia.

f) ini konspirasi keatas Islam.

g) Najib bukan Malaysian Official 1. Najib tidak bersalah. Tidak ada pun nama Najib keluar.

AG Malaysia, melompat dengan segara untuk mempertahankan Najib. Itu bukan kerja dia. Kerja dia ialah menjadi pendakwa raya untuk negara Malaysia. Yakni, mendakwa sesiapa yang telah melakukan kesalahan keatas negara. Dia patut kejar dan buru dan dakwa pencuri, perasuah, mereka yang melakukan treason, dsb nya.

Yang disiasat sekarang dan yang berdepan dengan pertuduhan mencuri wang, memindahkan wang secara haram ialah bukan negara Malaysia tapi individu2 dari Malaysia. Kerja AG malaysia bukan mempertahankan individu2 ini. hanya jika Malaysia sebagai negara terlibat, maka dia ada peranan.

AG Malaysia melindungi crook. AG Amerika memburu crook2 seperti Low teik Jho dan rakan2, Riza Aziz dan rakan2, Khadem Al Qubaisi dan rakan2 dan Badawi al Husseiny dan rakan2.

Zalman A said...

(Bhg 2)

Semua yang terlibat akan di dakwa jika kemudian nya ada kes jenayah, akan berdepan dengan pendakwaan jenayah. Malaysian Official 1 yang semua orang tahu, tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah PM Najib juga akan didakwa jika melakukan kesalahan. Semua, tidak kira bangsa dan agama.

Jika kita tankap shahrol azral dan Najib Tun Razak, kita bukan tangkap Melayu. Kita tangkap shahrol dan Najib. Jika kita tankap Jho Low, kita bukan tangkap Cina tapi seorang yang bernama Jho Low. Kita hendak tangkap Eric Tan, bukan bangsa Cina. Kalau kita tangkap Arul Kanda, kita bukan tangkap India, tapi tankap seorang dari bangsa itu.Kalau kita tangkap Khadem Qubaisy dan Badawy Husseini, kita tangkap 2 individu , bukan bangsa Arab.

Kita tangkap crooks.

Ini perkara tidak ada kena mengena dengan bangsa. Ini pencurian. Yang tidak kenal bangsa. Melayu, cina dan India- ada pencuri. Kita tangkap pencuri bukan bangsa2 tersebut.

Zalman A said...

(Bhg 3)

Jika kita menuntut mediocrity, itulah yang kita dapat. Kalau kita demand, competency, integrity, honest leaders, kita akan dapat itu semua.

Adakah ini serangan keatas Islam? Jawapan nya tidak. In serangan keatas rasuah, pencurian, salah laku, kemungkaran. Ia dituntut oleh Islam.

Kepada ustaz2 yang membei gelaran keatas diri mereka- tok guru, murabbi, dan apa2 lah saya hendak ingatkan.

Kebenaran itu tidak datang dari timur atau barat lagi. Ianya datang dari dalam diri kita sendiri. kalau kita muliakan dan mendahulukan tuhan, kebenaran itu terbentuk jika kita benar2 muliakan hubungan kita dengan tuhan.

Kalau kita Islam- ia nya melibatkan taqwa kita- melakukan apa yang Allah suruh dan meninggalkan apa yang Allah murka. Allah hendak kita melakukan kebenaran, melawan rasuah, menentang kezaliman. Apa yang Allah suruh tidak terhenti walaupun ia datang dari barat.

Ianya ditentukan setakat mana kita memelihara dan memuliakan hubungan kita dengan manusia lain. Membela golongan yang lemah, yang teraniaya, membantu yang miskin dan yang berkehendak.

Ianya ditentukan oleh bagaimana kita mengasuh dan mendidik diri kita supaya memuliakan nilai2 peribadi. Kita mensyukri nikmat Tuhan melalui sembahyang. Kita melakukan tanggung jawab membersihkan diri kita dengan membayar zakat dan bersabar dalam berdepan dengan cabaran.

NEP said...

This is the failure of NEP.
NEP created the mindset of entitlement. That the coffers of the country is the ATM for Melayu.
The father invented NEP, the son steals the money.

I feel sorry for Melayu.
Forever, the perception of Melayu will be:

- stupid
- greedy
- pencuri
- racists (thanks to UMNO and red shirts)
- lazy (NEP gives easy money, why work hard? Join UMNo steal money from country)
- corrupted

Everytime we drive past an expnsive car, my wife will say corrupt Melayu...

Nothing to hide said...

I believe Gani Patail is waiting for the right time to spit it out. He said so himself.

Waghih said...

But more than half of those 1.4 million signatories are fake .
Tun M and his gang must answer to that .

Tun M must also answer the wealth acquired by his son Mokhzani .
You just simply cannot become a billionaire in a few short years.

Tun M association with DAP only goes to show he condone corruption at highest level .
(Not a single word from him on LGE corruption scandal in Penang).

So Datuk ... which side are you in this corruption case ?


mushin noshin said...

The spectre of the Akta Majlis Keselamatan Negara (2015) becames crystal clear. Since its hasty adoption by the Parliament last December, the Act is widely feared for its possible unpleasant and dangerous consequences.

I have not the slightest doubt that (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak) AKA MO1 would use the NSC. If indeed he were to invoke it will be remembered as one of the most despicable treason in our history. As if the 3B looting is not treason enough! But I also fear that if the Rulers don’t do anything at all, they too will not be remembered favourably. On the contrary if they were to intervene and if that intervention were to result in a successful resolution of this issue, then I am sure that the rakyat will be very thankful and remember them with the greatest fondness and reverence. I sincerely hope that they intervene and help the rakyat.

We all know what the USA is capable of in the pursuit of their interest. Nothing is off limit for them, lying, bribing, assassinating, regime change, sacrificing millions of lives. They even have no issue sacrificing their own citizens as in 911, let alone the the lives of others. But at the moment though, they have too many distractions, the coming presidential elections in Nov and the current crisis in Europe. Europe have been having problems for quite sometime already beginning with the debt crisis in Greece. And then they had Brexit just last month which was a huge blow. They simply cannot allow EU to collapse. They will be dragged down too along with China and the rest of the world. Also they are still busy in the ME i.e. in Syria. So they may not have the time to focus on such a small fry like our country at least not in the immediate future. I don’t think they give a shit about Najib. We may not be as friendly to them as Singapore is, but we never give them big problems either.

Tia Rosa said...

Tia Rosa said...

Your wife is so prejudiced just like me on indonesian maids, I say they are all thieves.

panglimo potaseh said...

Tak semua melayu tu korup, malas dan bodoh. DEB ditubuhkan untuk bantu melayu tapi yang melahap DEB adalah melayu kaya dan berkuasa. Berlimpahan projek dan saham mereka terima, malangnya mereka lebih senang JVkan/jualkan projek tu dengan bukan melayu.

Melayu cam aku ni melopong je .. akhirnya si bukan melayu kata aku malas, melayu yang dah kenyang dengan projek tu pon cakap aku malas. Tapi melayu kaya tu tak perasan yg si bukan melayu tu kata dia korup dan bodoh.

Aku berbelas tahun kerja dgn kompeni cina. Kompeni cina ini adalah subsidari syarikat GLC melayu tersohor dgn kongsi 80:20, tapi yang kawal kompeni adalah tokeh cina. Tokeh melayu yang teraju GLC tu ada 3 orang yang dilantik kerajaan, kerjanya di kompeni cina yg sebagai subdidari itu hanya lahap saham yg bernilai jutaan ringgit. Tokeh GLC tu terima bertempayan projek yg jalankan sebahagian projek adalah kompeni cina ni.

Kompeni cina tu ada beratus pekerja, nisbah melayu dan cina 60:40, mungkin sebahagian drp syarat. Kesemua 40% cina tu berpangkat, melayu yg berpangkat tak sampai 10%, selebihnya kerani biasa. Yang parahnya gaji melayu yang berpangkat diberi lebih rendah 30% hingga cecah 50% berbanding cina.

Menteliti cina dikompeni ini tak tahu berterima kasih dgn GLC melayu yg bagi projek. Mereka pula melihat melayu sebagai rasis, korup dan malas. Mereka pelat berbahasa melayu .. orang melayu dalam kompeni tu dianggap sebagai singkek dan menompang kompeni cina, walaupun kongsi syarikat 80%GLC melayu, 20% cina.

orang tua kata said...

Jebat memang keturunan pendehaka.Apart being idoitic born handicap with brain on the knees. Please by all means no one is stopping you from joining Red shirt. Bunch of corrupt folks.

Unknown said...

Kreatif adalah sesuatu yang Unik Datuk, ia luar biasa. Hasil dunia terbuka tanpa sempadan dan amat pantas.
J.K rowling, bill gates, MESSI,upin ipin.
mereka semua akan kaya dan kaya berterusan sekatlah mcmana pun ia anugerah bakat yg murni
PM NAJIB- Cuma kembangkan PIN(Pelan Integrasi Nasional) Pak Lah shj. Itu titik tolaknya dan anak didik Tun Mahathir, kerana tahu biduk gerakan langkah.
usah berpuak2 bina parti lain, ARWAH TGNA yg dulu ketua puak diteruskan puak lain. Usah buat group seperti whechat kerana kecil seperti kubang pasu. INI SOAL NEGARA

1280K Than Malik said...


Salam. Tiba2 emak Riza hidang, diam dan terus sunyi sepit

Zalman A said...


Justice Dept. Rejects Account of How Malaysia’s Leader Acquired Millions

"BANGKOK — A United States Justice Department complaint filed in federal court this week directly contradicts repeated assertions by the Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, about the origins and purpose of hundreds of millions of dollars that ended up in his personal bank accounts.

While Mr. Najib and other Malaysian officials have insisted that the money was a gift from an unidentified Saudi donor, the Justice Department said that it was stolen from a Malaysian government investment fund that Mr. Najib oversaw. Mr. Najib has said he never received any money from the fund.

The court filing, one of several complaints filed Wednesday in a federal money-laundering investigation, provides the first official public documentation of transactions that challenge Mr. Najib’s version of events in a scandal that has battered his government for the past year."

Where is the 24-hour replacement, to produce his "evidence"? He must have a verified forensic trail that proves that the RM2.6 billion came from Saudi Arabia.

It is very important to Malaysia for Mappadulung to sue immediately, as the WSJ, NYT, FT and other international media have wider global reach even than Parti Dedak Najib’s media titans - Lester, RPK, Ramesh, and the APCO Jews who charge RM77 million.

Mappadulung must clear not just his name, but Malaysia’s.

Where is his Saudi donor evidence?

Dapatgajibukanpengorbanan said...

Ya tiada siapa berani tangkap Najib yang bijaksana! Hidup Najib!!!

sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang amat aku kasihi,

"1. The signatories of the Deklarasi Rakyat condemn the act of kleptocracy by Mohd Najib’s government

2. The stealing of the country's money by his government is an act of treason."

1. Who is this "Malaysian Official 1"?

2. Mr. Lim Kit Siang was the first Malaysian to say he IS NOT the "Malaysian Official 1".

3. I AM NOT the ""Malaysian Official 1" too...making me the 2nd Malaysian to say it in public...but, no one knows me...hehehe.

4. Perhaps Datuk AKJ is the real "Malaysian Official 1"???...what about Tun M???...Tun Daim???...

6. Can some good folks around here help me...where can I buy those beautiful Red T-Shirt with a huge "1Malaysia" logo printed on the back?...want to give it to a friend in Putrajaya who lost his, few days ago...and, if you guys happen to see someone wearing it, please call the nearest Police station...most likely, that's his.

Dapatgajibukanpengorbanan said...

Najib jujur dan wang itu derma dari anak raja Arab. Zahid pernah mengaku ada berjumpa sendiri dengan penderma itu. Zahid yang diketahui ramai sangat alim tidak akan menipu! Hidup Najib!!! Hidup Zahid!!!

banggoi petai said...

Dah makan dedak @ khinzir tadi pagi ? Syukur ...

Kampong man said...


1.Kadang2 dalam keghairahan, kita terlupa tentang kuasa pemerintahan mutlak yg dimiliki hanya oleh Allah SWT.
Dialah yg melantik pemerintah atau menolak pemerintahan dimana jua. Allah yg memilih memberi kemuliaan atau kehinaan kpd sesiapa yg dipilihNya. Itu hak Allah dan semestinya kita terima kerana disitu ada semua kebaikan.

Surah Ali-Imran
Ayat 26

قُلِ اللَّهُمَّ مَالِكَ الْمُلْكِ تُؤْتِي الْمُلْكَ مَن تَشَاءُ وَتَنزِعُ الْمُلْكَ مِمَّن تَشَاءُ وَتُعِزُّ مَن تَشَاءُ وَتُذِلُّ مَن تَشَاءُ ۖ بِيَدِكَ الْخَيْرُ ۖ إِنَّكَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Wahai Tuhan yang mempunyai kuasa pemerintahan! Engkaulah yang memberi kuasa pemerintahan kepada sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dan Engkaulah yang mencabut kuasa pemerintahan dari sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Engkaulah juga yang memuliakan sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dan Engkaulah yang menghina sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Dalam kekuasaan Engkaulah sahaja adanya segala kebaikan. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu.

2.Respect Democracy and democratic process.What is all this Deklarasi Rakyat?.Najib should continue his mandated term until next GE,period

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Saya rasa ramai yang orang melayu yang agak biasa atau kurang faham makna Kleptocracy.

Saya rasa elok saya selitkan tafsiran Kleptocracy ke dalam bahasa melayu supaya lebih difahami.

Kleptocracy adalah (sumber wikipedia)

Kleptokrasi , juga disebut cleptocracy atau kleptarchy dari bahasa Yunani: κλέπτης - kleptēs , yang bermakna "pencuri "

[ 1 ] dan κράτος - Kratos , "kuasa , memerintah ",

[ 2 ] dengan itu " pemerintahan oleh pencuri ")

Kleptokrasi adalah istilah yang digunakan untuk sebuah kerajaan yang bermasalah dengan pegawai atau kelas pemerintah (secara kolektif, kleptocrats ) mengambil kesempatan daripada rasuah untuk melanjutkan kekayaan peribadi mereka dan kuasa politik.

Biasanya sistem ini melibatkan penyelewengan dana negara dengan mengorbankan penduduk dan rakyat.

Elok juga kita biasakan perkataan Kleptocracy atau Kleptocrat supaya orang ramai akan faham dan tahu masalah yang melanda negara.

Nothing to hide said...

The two prime ministers after tun did everything to unearth any wrongdoing by tun and his family. They couldn't find anything. Otherwise najib would not hesitate to throw the book at them. Until now tun has welcomed any investigation on him and his family. To date, after 13 years. nothing found.

Kampong man said...

Salam DAKj,my posting this morning is actually meant for your cuurent article and NOT for the Sept 22 2015 article.Kindly take note.Thank you.

Hantu Gigi Jarang said...

Bak kata Tun, negara kini digongong oleh anjing-anjing dan disokong oleh ayam kampung pemakan dedak haram..

Zalman A said...

Will Riza and Jho "vanish" like Suboh Yassin and Nik Faisal?

Oh, yes, Nik Faisal can easily become sought by Singapore and hence by Interpol.

"Investigations by Singapore authorities have revealed that SRC International managing director Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil approved the transfer of US$11.95 million (RM48 million) of the company's funds to Jho Low's associate Tan Kim Loong.

Tan, according to The Wall Street Journal, is the original beneficiary of British Virgin Islands-based Tanore Finance, which had sent US$681 million to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal bank accounts.

Tanore Finance reportedly received funds, through intermediaries, from British Virgin Islands-based Aabar Investments PJS Limited where US$3.5 billion of 1MDB's funds was diverted to.

Singapore’s Business Times reported that the Singaporean findings were contained in documents submitted to the Singapore state court on Thursday as part of the seventh charge against former BSI banker Yeo Jiawei.

The latest charge against Yeo was for facilitating, through fraudulent means, the transfer of US$11.95 million from SRC International to Affinity Equity International Partners Ltd, a company owned by Tan."

See how intricate the Kongsi Gelap-Songlap is?

Zalman A said...


"A few preliminary observations. First, this civil filing of asset forfeiture is only the first action following an intense and still ongoing investigation. There could be other charges later on, including criminal ones against specific individuals. The presence of senior officials from the criminal divisions of the DOJ and IRS, as well as the top FBI official, at that press conference would indicate this. Assets do not become corrupt by themselves; individuals through their corrupt acts created those assets.

Second, this is a civil complaint against the assets that were acquired from alleged corrupt acts perpetrated on 1MDB. Those assets are now legally tied up. There could be two possible responses. At one extreme the owners of those assets would choose not to challenge the complaint at which point those assets become US Government property and will be auctioned off. The US Government would recoup its costs and the people of Malaysia would be entitled to claim the leftover.

The other would be for their owners to challenge the order. That would incur substantial legal fees as the filings are in many courts and your adversary is the US Government with its near unlimited resources. And American lawyers are expensive. With those assets frozen, their owners could not liquidate or mortgage them to finance their defense. Knowing that should be satisfaction enough for Malaysians.

A court challenge would be very enlightening. Rest assured that the ensuing trials would reveal much of the truth."


The dedak eaters are yelling "it's only a civil case".


It's a recovery and freezing of criminally-obtained assets.

Zalman A said...


"Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today that he has met with the chief investment officer and wealth trustee representing the mysterious Arabs behind the RM2.6 billion donation deposited into Datuk Seri Najib Razak's private accounts.

According to Malaysiakini, Zahid told the Sri Gading Umno divisional meeting today that the representatives also explained to him that Umno was not the only recipient of such donations.

“When I asked them why they donated US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) to Malaysia, they said ― 'Malaysia is not the only country we are channelling our money to. There are many more friendly Muslim countries who we are donating to’.

“They want Umno and BN to continue ruling the country,” the Umno vice-president was quoted by the news portal as saying.

Malaysiakini said Zahid did not name the Arab family that made the donation but confirmed he had seen the original documents for the funds transfer."

Time for deputy to save his boss?

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk

Najis tidak akan turun !. Dia akan guna kuasa dia utk pertahan kan jawatan nya. Dia rela jual dan gadai negara dan rakyat ini ke kuasa besar seperti USA..UK..dll. Dia akan terus merasuahkan sebeberapa ramai ahli UMNO dan sekutu nya hanya utk trus jd PM. Dia akan menggunakan NSC utk mentadbir negara ini ala Mageran 1969. Dia tahu kalau dia turun atau ahli UMNO paksa dia berundur..dia ibarat Dead Man Walking. Tidak ada tempat di dunia ini dia dapat menyorok.

Unknown said...

does najib post a risk to our sovereignty as the US government have ample evidence of his corruption acts?? would the US use the evidence as a leverage to negotiate for instance, trade agreement or national security with najib and his cabinet??

Kampong man said...

Salam DAKJ,

1.1 MDB has been overly politicised with political agenda to oust PM Najib as a mandated PM by the opposition especially and those anti Najib factions towards a build up to coming GE 14 expected prior Aug 2018.

2. Whether the PM will vacate his position or not following the continuous speculations and media harrasment and now DOJ recent reports on 1 MDB,it is very unlikely he will.It will only occur through democratic process and not other ways. If pointing factors will inevitably lead to his natural exit then he should make an exit the honorable way .....

3.BUT i doubt it at this stage the PM will do so as he is yet be proven guilty of wrongdoings and the DOJ is a normal civil case and not even a criminal case so far. However,he is losing the perception war with a simple objective wanting him out and his mandated government defeated by any means.Very undemocratic i must say.

4 UMNO/BN will still be relevent with or without Najib even with Tun M and those UMNO DNAs factions forming a new party or any alliance in my simple analysis.Time is not on their side and recent Sarawak election,the Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar shows the support for UMNO and BN, where they win BIG is a good enough indicator for support of Najib leadership and BN itself that matters.The new party by Tun M,if formed,will be a failure in my view as proven in the past with some new party as the GE looming soon.It is truly embarassing to see more break up in orang kita Melayu more for political power and personal agenda and grudges,if you catch the drift.After all this is what Melayu are good at,politics and PHD.

5.What develop next from now on will be interesting and we shall follow it closely or we can choose to just ignore it.After all most of us are not young anymore and many have no ambitious political agenda.Many have grown tired of 1 MDB like nothing else matters.Welcome to Malaysia where everyday is nothing but politics and politics.Huh..
Granted, here is the right forum for discussion,it is important that opposite views be presented and understood in fairness to all parties concern and wrong perceptions corrected.The above is only my simple view ,nonetheless.I pray and doa that this issue of 1 MDB be resolved for the benefit of kita orang Melayu Islam and for all Malaysians we need to move on.

The decision is ours to vote next GE to our preferred candidate and party and we shall respect majority decision as we celebrate democracy and democratic process.I love Malaysia. PEACE. Maaf.Wallahwu'alam and terima kasih.

Zalman A said...

I have argued time and again that the greatest threat to the Muslim world is not the West, but rather, corruption and incompetence in administration in the Muslim countries themselves.

In the case of Malaysia, we are already seeing the breakdown in institutional functioning and credibility which will likely see the country join the other Middle Eastern countries in the infamous club of corrupt and barely functioning states.

Malaysia has been betrayed not so much by its institutional traditions, as by its populist Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has ridden a wave of popular support into power on the back of promises for economic liberalization, and growth and opportunity, but has seemingly wasted no time in milking the state dry for his own personal gain and the gain of his family.

Malaysian civil society must now take firm and immediate action to put the country back on track. If not, I fear that the country will tragically end up as the perfect case study into how the problems of the Islamic world stem primarily from domestic corruption.


Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

The DOJ case has huge impact on the 1MDB-IPIC arbitration on the fake Aabar company.

The recent Court of Appeal of England and Wales judgment in the case of The London Steamship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association Ltd v The Kingdom of Spain and The French State [2015] decides that evidence of criminality is admissible and can be evaluated in arbitration.

The 1MDB lawyers are going to basically say the two Arab boys are the real crooks, that 1MDB was cheated and acted in good faith, and that the Bugis pirate was "unaware" (despite Article 117 of 1MDB laws (?).

This immediately falls apart if it can be proved to the arbitration panel that there was a criminal conspiracy to defraud IPIC, involving the Bugis pirate, the two Arab boys, and one fat Chinese macai from Penang. It appears there is very ample evidence of that in several countries. It can be subpoenaed by IPIC. And let's also recall that the UAE themselves are aware of the wrongdoing and have arrested the two Arabs.

Then, IPIC would be the defrauded party.

And our govt would have to pay RM27 billion.

Meaning, we the rakyat would have to pay RM27 billion.

Also, Tun Ling's lawsuit will also succeed.

He just needs to subpoena the international evidence.

Surely not all our judges are of the "calibre" of the 24-hour replacement?

efflo said...

Looks like they have gone into hiding now

Zalman A said...

Itu benar. Malaysia tidak disaman. Tapi yang menariknya ialah penceritaan yang mendedahkan penglibatan pihak lain, termasuk pegawai 1MDB dan rakan2 kongsi nya dan penglibatan Malaysian Official 1- iaitu yang kita tidak ragu2 lagi ialah Dato najib Tun Razak.

Dengan jelas, tindakan ini ialah untuk merampas harta dan wang, hasilan dari the wolf of wall street yang dikeluarkan oleh red Granite dengan wang yang telah dicuri dari 1MDB.

Dengan wang yang dicuri dari 1MDB. 1MDB itu Malaysia yang punya. Adakah aksi peguam negara keatas Red Granite /wolf of wall street tidak terkesan keatas negara kita? 

Jho low telah menggunakan USD400 juta duit 1MDB untuk memuaskan nasfsu serakahnya, berjudi dan melakukan kegiatan2 lain. Kita mesti ingat, pegwai dalam 1MDB telah memindahkan USD1.03 billion kedalam akaun nya. Pegawai2 ini telah menipu rakyat Malaysia, dengan menggambarkan bahawa syarikat Jho Low Good Star Ltd adalah milik PSI. sebetulnya ia tidak.

Orang yang bertanggungjawab menipu perkara ini ialah Shahrol azral. Kenapa Najib melindungi seorang yang telah mencuri duit 1MDB? Apa kepentingan dia melindungi melainkan shahrol boleh mendedahkan siapa sebenarnya dalang yang meluluskan dan mengarah pemindahan wang tersebut.

pencuri akan lindung pencuri, bukan kerjasama dengan polisi.

boy said...

kpg man,
does it mean...cheating billions is also god's will?

hihwag said...

'I pray and doa that this issue of 1 MDB be resolved for the benefit of kita orang Melayu Islam and for all Malaysians we need to move on.'

Songlap duit rakyat tu 'Islamic' ke yop?

Husin lempoyang said...

Orang yang dapat habuan dedak harus ingat jugak, jika malaysia official 1 sudah tersepit, silap hari bulan dia tidak akan membiarkan mereka terlepas begitu sahaja. Alang alang dah terima, kena lah tanggung sekali.

zizan said...

"Catch me if you can" kata Najib.Itu jugak tajuk filem Leornado Dicaprio yg TV3 tayang malam jumaat lepas.Pelakon mat saleh yang jadi pujaan jho low dan riza aziz.Dicaprio ini banyak melakonkan watak2 orang jahat tapi jadi hero yang diinspirasikan dari kisah benar.Saya melihat dari sudut psikologinya jho low dan riza menjadikan filem2 lakonan Leornado Dicaprio ini sebagai dadah yang mengkhayalkan diri mereka sendiri dan membina delusi bahawa apa yang mereka buat tak salah.

Unknown said...

Dear Dato,

In malaysia it is always about the supremacy of races and religion.

With DOJ on board, it is impossible to blame other races or other political party anymore almost off DG appointees in the government are you 99.9% know who.

Not surprised some commentators relates corruption to religion, political appointee as god sent when all other justifications fails.

Some relate meritocracy to race.

Something so wrong yet there is no one (with authority) dares to stand up to do the right thing.

This is the irony of race & religion supremacy.

Can we have hudud now? Does Hudud covers kleptocracy?

sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang bijaksana,

"It is no joy for us to read that even the White House has called for “Malaysian transparency” in the wake of the 1MDB fund scandal bearing in mind that Mohd Najib believes that its occupant, President Barrack Obama, is his best friend."

1. A friendship between nations is, we must celebrate friendship...more so, if our No.1 and their No.1 are in good term...and, that should be way to portray the goodwill of two people.

2. Ordinary Malaysians are much the same as ordinary Americans... ordinary Swiss... and, ordinary Singaporeans... the desire to live and seek happiness in life... getting a job and build own family... to be left alone enjoying what life has to offer.

3. Apparently, however, this "Malaysian Official 1", has a different set of personal agenda... creating and establishing "friendship" across nations... having accumulated a massive political power as prescribed in our democratic process... with the intention to cheat, to lie and to steal...his friends and his people.

The American people, in particular, is fully aware on the existence of this group of politicians...the Shah of Iran...the Marcos...the Suhartos...the Norieges...collectively, calling these bastards as kleptocrats or thiefs...and, their system of government as Kleptocracy.

The term itself is very degrading when apply to a nation.

4. In a place called United States... local Police and FBI deals with stolen money, robbery and such crimes on a daily basis...thus, they have local laws to deal with such crimes...very much like Malaysia.

But, when the US DOJ and the FBI and the IRS...the most feared institutions in US...classified 1MDB activities under KARI... it is neither a civil suit... nor a criminal suit...but, above and beyond.

So, those in Government, please do not waste your time to argue whether it is civil or is above that.

5. Kleptocracy IS NOT Democracy...

So, do you all understand what Datuk AKJ is trying to say "Fight Kleptocracy or Democracy is Dead"

No verse in Al-Quran can justify Kleptocracy...even if there are 1,000 the likes of Surah Ali-Imran, Ayat, please stop thinking this verse is meant for the bastards in's not.

6. Malaysians respect Democracy and its democratic process because this is what we choose to do.

One of the democratic processes is the right to speak...and, this is the reason I signed Deklarasi one force me to sign, but on my own you think you can buy that from me???


No verse in Quran can stop me from doing that...because that is what Allah Taala wants me to do!

Zalman A said...


"Several senior Umno members are contemplating defecting to the opposition after Wednesday’s civil lawsuits alleging US$3.5 billion was misappropriated from 1MDB. Najib chaired IMDB’s advisory board until recently and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces the filing of civil complaints seeking the forfeiture and recovery of more than US$1 billion in assets associated with 1MDB in Washington on July 20. Photo: Reuters
“Umno is jittery to the core … a few senior leaders have started moves to ‘discuss’ with Dr Mahathir,” said Firdaus Abdullah, former political editor of the government-owned New Straits Times, referring to former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

A source with knowledge of the investigation told the South China Morning Post that he expects criminal charges to follow.

“The DOJ wants to ensure that all these dirty money do not vanish into thin air. After this civil action, the criminal indictment commences,” said the source who did not give further details.

Political observers see Washington’s action as a game changer for the long-running 1MDB saga that has led to Najib sacking party members who questioned him about it and shut down investigative news outlets.

“The game changer is that [Najib] can’t rely on the US to keep him safe from prosecution,”said Jahabr Sadiq, former managing editor of the popular Malaysian Insider news portal which was shut down over its critical reportage of 1MDB."

I think the MTPDN (Majlis Tinggi Parti Dedak Najib) are not so principled.

The rakyat can go to hell, as long their supply of kereta mewah, their "bawah meja" percentage of gomen contracts, and lucrative projects come their way.

Dedak is very addictive.

Zalman A said...

Aset2 yang mahu disita itu bernilai hampir USD1 bilion ..... campur duit yang masuk ke akaun Najib di atas .... dekat USD2 bilion. Belum campur yang dibelanjakan ditempat lain.

Buat masa ni kita cuma tumpukan pada amaun 2 bilion itu kerana menurut Jabatan Kehakiman US, seperti yang saya garis merahkan di atas, amaun itu didapati dari PENYATA BANK.

Maknanya mereka ADA BUKTI.

Bukannya mereka pakai agak2 saja atau mereka bergantung kepada laporan WSJ atau Sarawak Report bagi membina kes terhadap Reza Aziz, Jho Low dan dua orang pak Arab itu.


Bukan apa, heran juga bila baca ada cai2 Najib yang cuba memperlekehkan tindakan pihak US itu kerana kononnya mereka bergantung kepada aduan Sarawak Report. So what ? Tak penting siapa pun yang buat laporan kerana selepas disiasat dan jika tidak ada bukti ditemui bagi menyokong dakwaan, apakah pihak DOJ akan failkan saman ? Atau buat sidang akhbar ?

Mereka bertindak begitu kerana mereka yakin dengan kes mereka. Kerana mereka ADA BUKTI.

Di US, tidak ada masalah untuk dapatkan penyata bank. Kalau hilang, pemegang akaun bila2 masa saja boleh minta salinan sah dari pihak bank. Kalau yang asal tak hilang pun, pemegang akaun masih boleh minta salinan. Berapa banyak salinan pun boleh minta dari bank.

Hanya di Malaysia saja kalau penyata bank dirampas oleh pihak berkuasa, maka tidak ada lagilah penyata bank untuk diserahkan kepada sesiapa yang mahu lihat.

Satu lagi point yang saya mahu sebut, sekiranya DOJ ADA BUKTI yang menunjukan jejak wang ( money trail ) sebagaimana didakwa, apa akan jadi kepada kes 1MDB yang dikemukakan dalam Mahkamah Timbangtara bagi menjawab tuntutan IPIC sebanyak RM26 billion?

Zalman A said...


"KOTA BARU, July 24 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed today confirmed the agency was cooperating with the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on investigations into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Abu Kassim said MACC was investigating a businessman said to have cheated 1MDB and was also involved in laundering money before taking it to the US.

On Friday, MACC in a statement confirmed it was cooperating with FBI on 1MDB investigations. However, the cooperation was only devoted to the possibility of money laundering by a businessman said to have duped 1MDB.

Najib said the government would give its full cooperation to all international investigation bodies. — Bernama"


They will try to save Riza Aziz, and push the blame solely to Jho Low.

Who else is the "businessman"? It can only be Jho Low.

Beware the wayang of Jho Low being "arrested" in Malaysia, "processed", "charged" and then "released" after a "fair trial".

I think that is the outcome the Bugis's konco2 have been told to achieve.

I think that is the script being played out now.

sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang bijaksana,

I don't want PM Najib to resign.

In fact, why I want him to resign?...I am not.. and never will...part of the so called ANC gang, if such gang did exist.

All I am asking for the Prime Minister to do is to identify who is this person "Malaysian Official 1"...that's all...if it's not too much to ask.

We all know...100% sure... that the "Malaysian Official 1"...IS my lips...IS NOT the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

How dare you, anyone of you, even to have a slightest thought otherwise. It's not very nice, you know, to think like that. He is a nice guy...loved by all Malaysian, me included Mr.Prime Minister, count me in...yes Sir.

My Beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia...Mr. Najib, Sir...please call your friend, Mr.Obama, the President of United States to issue a statement through the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur stating clearly that you are not the "Malaysian Official 1".

That's what a friend for, Mr. Prime Minister.

anti org jubah belagak alim said...

salam Dato.

Apa yg alimnya Jawa ni?
Dia 2x5 dgn Bugis HZ.

Samseng barangkali....setakat pakai Jubah dan ketayap putih belum boleh dikira alim bro.

Gempak memang kuat Jawa ni..
surat ke FBI yg dia hantar nak selamat Prompak tu kerja seorg menteri yg alim ka?

Pukul org kerja org alim ka?

Fikir dulu sebelum cakap bro.

Kampong man said...

boy,i take it that you are not a muslim to understand Ali Imran verse 26.If you are a muslim just stay away from fitnah.Thank you my boy.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Aku sangat terima kasih kad Allah S.W.T. antara lain pasai memanjangkan umog dan kesihatan hang untuk buat pencerahan serba sikit tentang bala' dan ujian2 yg bertali arih dok landa Malaya....

Tajuk tulihsan hang terbaru: "Fight Kleptocracy or Democracy is Dead", cukup baik tapi sayang hang tak hurai panjang lebag pasai apa dua gejala ni silang kecualian, atau pun "mutually exclusive". Magnanya, kalu pemerintahan yg mencuri lagu di Malaya secara leluasa dan pada sekala 'global', maka tidak akan ada 'demokrasi', dan sebaliknya, demokrasi yg tulin dan sasa (robust) bulih membanteras korupsi dan songlapan harta negara.

Munkin kalu hang bagi penjelasan seperti "juxtoposition" dlm tajuk hang dgn lebih mendalam, kod orang macam Presiden PAS tidak akan keliru masa buat kenyataan kenunnya Malaya mengamalkan demokrasi lagu dilapogkan dalam harakahdaily:

" Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang berkata negara ini mengamalkan pemerintahan secara demokrasi dan bukan dengan ‘diktator’.

Justeru, katanya segala permasalahan yang berlaku dalam pemerintahan negara menjadi tanggungjawab parti dan bukan semata-mata individu tertentu.

Menurutnya, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri --------------- juga perlu diberi tempoh hingga habis penggal bagi menyelesaikan segala masalah tersebut." (12 Mei, 2015).

Kalu pengkomen2 dlm blog hang tak sedag yg 'demokrasi' tak wujud di Malaya sejak sekian lama, dari masa Allahyarham Tunku lepaih jawatan dan terwujudnya MAGERAN dan DEB yang cepat2 diselingkoh olih kaum elit dan kepala2 kabilah bebagai sukukaum sekali dgn 'gerrymandering' sempadan kawasan mengundi dan politik kawah daging babi (pork barrel) yg di Malaya tekenai sebagai politik wang, aku bulih paham, tapi Ustaz Hadi ni dah giat dlm politik dah berpuluh puluh tahun....

Wallahua'lam. Sekali lagi dgn menyanjung
usaha hang yg baik yg di izin Allah S.W.T. semestinya, terima kasih banyak Kadiag.


sukasamasuka said...

Datuk yang aku kasihi,

Terharu bila dengar berita ini "Let’s fight corruption together, says Maria...Bersih leader asks Jamal and Keng Liang to talk about 1MDB issues instead of chaos and violence. PETALING JAYA: Pro-reform group Bersih has extended the hand of friendship to its critic Gerakan Youth and rival rally chief Jamal Yunos to join in to pressure the government for institutional reforms and fight against corruption." (

Yes Maria...I am with you 100%.

Thank you Maria...good work.

Unknown said...

Encik kampong man:

"Kadang2 dalam keghairahan, kita terlupa tentang kuasa pemerintahan mutlak yg dimiliki hanya oleh Allah SWT. Dialah yg melantik pemerintah atau menolak pemerintahan dimana jua. Allah yg memilih memberi kemuliaan atau kehinaan kpd sesiapa yg dipilihNya. Itu hak Allah dan semestinya kita terima kerana disitu ada semua kebaikan."

Adakah Najib memiliki kemuliaan Allah itu...............????
Najib cuma ada jawatan PERDANA MENTERI tetapi Allah tidak memberi dia kemuliaan.
Di semua TV, social media dan media arus perdana luar negara seperti cnn, Aljezira,
Bloomberg, dll penuh dengan cerita 1MDB dan Najib mencuri duit rakyat melaluinya.
Di bill board di merata dunia, terutama di New York, NAJIB PENCURI DUIT RAKYAT
terpampang megah untuk dilihat dan dibaca semua orang.
Inikah yang tuan kata KEMULIAAN.....????
KEMULIAAN apa yang Najib ada bila dia malu nak menghadiri forum dan majlis pemimpin-
pemimpin dunia. Dia menyendiri, tiada siapa jemput dia dan tiada siapa nak datang
ke Malaysia, melawatnya. Inikah kemuliaan yang awak banggakan, Encik kampong man....?

RD. said...

Nampaknya, Haji Hadi sedang berusaha keras membela dan membodek Najib. Kita tahu dan sedar, hanya PAS yang boleh menyelamatkan UMNO-Najib. Oleh itu, Najib memerlukan sumber dana yang besar untuk membeli kesetiaan ahli-politik dan penyokong PAS.

Yang pasti, masih ramai Pemimpin PAS yang berintegriti, jujur dan beramanah. Sudah tentu mereka sedar, imej dan maruah Islam akan tercemar jika PAS berbaik-baik dan menyokong UMNO-Najib dalam kemelut 1MDB, lebih-lebih lagi selepas pengumuman DoJ Amerika. Jika hasil dari filem lucah dikembalikan oleh Negara Kafir, sudah tentu mereka serba-salah. PAS mesti tunjukkan kemarahan mereka terhadap WANG 1MDB yang diguna bayar hutang-judi anak-tiri Najib.

Setelah dikaitkan dengan pengganas, sudah tentu PAS tidak mahu Islam dipandang serong pula oleh bukan-Islam di Malaysia dan seluruh dunia bila Kerajaan BN yang di pimpin Najib dilabel Kleptocratic. (Klepet Wang Rakyat)

Oleh yang demikian, saya jangkakan PAS bakal berpecah lebih teruk lagi ini, selepas ini. Jika berpecah menjadi PAN tidak banyak menjejaskan PAS, perpecahan kerana ‘Cash is King’ kali ini akan lebih menjahanamkan.
Maka yang tinggal untuk ‘bergabung’ dengan UMNO, sudah tentu boleh diibaratkan kain-buruk yang hanya layak diletakan depan pintu jamban sebagai pengelap kaki. Hari demi hari akan membusuk dan bertambah buruk jika tidak dicuci, disental, diperah dan dijemur-kering.

Mungkin Dr.M tahu hakikat ini. Sebab itu beliau kelihatan, tidak terburu-buru menubuhkan ‘party baru’ yang sudah tentu, akan lebih memecah-belahkan Melayu. Lagi pun, PRU14 nampak seolah-olah akan tertangguh, sampai tak tahu bila, sama seperti PAU. (Sudah lama saya sedar hakikat ini).
Maka, adalah lebih afdal, kita tunggu & lihat. Sudah tentu, Najib tidak akan lagi pergi bercuti Krismas, seperti biasa setiap hujung tahun. Dan sudah tentu dia tidak akan letak jawatan secara sukarela. Ketika itu, amat sesuai sekali untuk keluar kejalan-raya.
Bila dekat PRU, jika ada, kita boleh saja 'hijack' Party KITA, misalnya. Lagi pun, tak tentu Kerajaan Najib akan luluskan Party-Baru itu, jika didaftarkan?

Adion said...

Andai kemelut mega 1mdb ini tidak diselesaikan dengan bertanggung jawab paling di takuti ialah kelak generasi muda terutamanya para pemuda umno akan korup etika dan minda mereka di masa hadapan.

Unknown said...

Datuk Kadir Jasin yang dihormati
Dulu Tunku Abdul Rahman ke England mendapat derma dari rakyat satu Malaya.
Wajar kini rakyat bangga derma global dari Arab Saudi. Terima kasih Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad punca dikenali Dunia Global. Dr. Zakir Naik juga global hasil dari jualan CD rakaman ceramah yang untung jutaan. DatukKJ pernah beritahu rumah usang yg pernah diduduki kini banyak jembalang. Itu hanya persepsi, kerana kenangan baik tetap ada dan Datuk KJ mesti ingat. Buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. Tanpa rumah usang itu tiada peristiwa. Nak ambil rumah usang lain sebagai peristiwa mana nak dapat bukan diduduki pun bahkan tiada satu hapah pun nilai lahiriah. UMNO adalah first owner milik orang melayu IDEA PENDERMAAN gelang emas dan pelbagai dari awal untuk kebaikan KEMERDEKAAN MALAYA nilai tinggi peristiwa itu hargailah. Jgn biar elemen Komunis Konfrontasi menumpah darah lagi tapi tetap ada darah benci yg tumpah Syaitan yg pasti mencari jalan.

boy said...

kpg man,

sorry to extend this.....i think there is no complication in d verse to debate. it says...Allah d owner of d sovereignty…n d power over all things. u r nothing until Allah gives u something or taken back everything. we r his creation…we r destined to follow His will. so everything tat’ll happen is destined to happen. like…u light up a fire it burns. if u can rob a bank u may get its money. but d later is not from Allah, as Allah has all d good will, its ur sin! wat am trying to say was dun positing immutability to legalize wrong doings. salam

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

Assalamualaikum n selamat pagi Datuk.

I like to actively involved with the new party that will soon be launched and not just giving my opinion in yr blog.

Please advise. TQ

Zalman A said...


For Najib, economic stability is crucial as he seeks the votes of rural and semi-urban areas in the next election due by 2018. At stake for Umno is the unbroken rule of its Barisan Nasional coalition since independence in 1957. He’s had recent wins in local polls in Malaysia’s biggest state of Sarawak on Borneo island and two federal by-elections.

“1MDB seems not to be the top issue for rural voters and they eye more on economic and social welfare, which could be tackled by targeted fiscal measures,” said Vincent Tsui, a Hong Kong-based economist at AllianceBernstein LP which oversees about US$490 billion.

While the 1MDB drama has raised doubts about governance and accountability in Malaysia, the structure of domestic politics likely protects Najib. His mentor-turned-nemesis Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was premier for over two decades, has repeatedly said Umno will lose the next election if Najib is leader.

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, or Bersih, is considering another anti-Najib rally similar to one that brought out an estimated 300,000 people last August. The premier’s supporters say they’ll respond with their own march to show their allegiance.

As long as Najib retains the backing of Umno’s powerful division heads — the bulk of whom have stood by him in the past year — fresh protests will carry little weight. The views of those chiefs will become increasingly important closer to an election, depending on whether they feel Najib can carry the party to another win. Some economists have said Najib may consider an early election for 2017, to take advantage of the opposition infighting.

Having early elections could “completely put to bed” any political risk premium for Malaysia, said Singh from RBS.

“The political risk premium on Malaysian assets has come down quite a bit already,” Singh said. “If there’s another election and there’s a strong showing by Umno, whatever’s left will also go away.”


a) It's not an urban battle

b) The orang kampung can easily see a bag of rice as more important than solving 1MDB

c) With Hadi Awang as an unofficial Umno minister and fed fully with dedak to split votes, the Bugis lanun can still win GE14

d) The KBPDN (Ketua Bahagian Parti Dedak Najib) are all as immoral as their party leader. As long as they get cheques for 2 million plus other illegal perks, they will never rebel.

e) Grassroots change is vital.

Pakcik said...

Will DSN appear in US court and say..No those money are not being stolen but a gift?


Pembahas Mohamad Zaidi, PERKIM bina padang golf? Saya tak faham. Maaf. Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Terima Kasih. Datuk Kadir Jasin yang telus, tulisan Datuk ringkas hebat, cuma persepsi. Tukang komen pula panjang makin salah dan terkhilaf pandangan. Ampunkan Hamba, Hamba kepada negara MAJU.

Unknown said...

jebat makan dedak

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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).