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The Magic of the Internet and the 1MDB Report

A Kadir Jasin

AS I stated in my July 7 Facebook entry, in this era of Internet-driven communication, truth is hard to hide and what is blocked can be unblocked.

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I was referring to the extensive expose by the UK-based Sarawak Report (SR) of the “Laporan Pengauditan 1DDB” by the office of the Auditor-General.

Access to SR in Malaysia was blocked by the government and the Auditor-General’s report was classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) – both are lame attempts to stop Malaysians from knowing the truth.

It is an offence - punishable with mandatory jail sentence - to reveal information that had been OSA-ed. So be very, very careful not to reproduce what you saw and read because it is an offence.

What I am saying here is this. It is impossible to stop the information from reaching the public especially when the report was tabled in the Parliament. It will somehow leak out.

Ambrin handing over report to then PAC chairman Nur Jazlan
Apparently SR had either got or seen a copy of the report or sections of it. On July 6 it published what it claimed to be excerpts of the report. That item is widely disseminated via the Internet.

SR is free to report what it knows about the “Laporan” because it is out of reach of the Malaysian laws. Not that the government of Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone Mohd Najib Abdul Razak had not tried to impose its will on SR. It did.

In July last year it did the Keruak on SR. It blocked the Internet access to SR in Malaysia. Then in August the Malaysian police requested the Interpol to arrest SR’s gritty editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown on charges of colluding with opposition lawmakers in a conspiracy to topple Mohd Najib using the controversy surrounding 1MDB, but was turned down.

Although SR was blocked, it can still be accessed. All that an interested reader has to do is to install one of several web and mobile applications (Apps) freely available online. They are not only free but their kindly inventors claims that they provide a faster, private and more secure Internet.

They offer a form of virtual private network services to their users through what is called a peer-to-peer network that Salleh Said Keruak and his trigger-happy snoops at the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia cannot interfere.

My university-going niece installed one for me. So I continue to have access to SR and other Keruak-ed sites like OutSyed The Box.

This is the beauty of the digital world as opposed to the atomic one - reads Nicholas Negroponte’s Being Digital. Never mind that the atomic NST and Utusan do not publish the news your want to read, the digital SR, OutSyed The Box and the online version of the Wall Street Journal do.

So OSA no OSA, blocked or unblocked the inquisitive computer-literate readers can still read what the Auditor-General had exposed in the OSA-ed report.

Go online, look for virtual private networks (VPNs) and download one of them onto your computer or smartphone and there’s nothing Salleh Said Keruak can do to keep you in his information gulag.

Happy cyber hunting.

The Secrets in OSA Vault

When Mohd Najib, on March 4 last year, ordered the Auditor-General (Tan Sri Ambrin Buang) “to verify” the accounts of 1MDB and pass the report to the bipartisan Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament, he might have thought that the Auditor-General would merely rubber-stamp the company’s ledger.

Maybe that was the reason that he dared to promise that actions would be taken if wrongdoings were found.

He might have wanted it to be the magic key that set free all the trapped souls and the antidote that heals the 1MDB venom.

But when the report is locked away in the OSA vault, it raises suspicion that what the Auditor-General discovered and penned down was not what Mohd Najib had expected and wanted. There wasn’t a magic key or an antidote. Instead there are more venom and toxin.

And if enforced, as he had promised, the cheats, the corrupt and the corruptors named in the report would eventually find themselves in jail.

As the whole world knows, Mohd Najib himself is the ace in this game of strip poker (where the nation’s assets were stripped and sold), ahead of the likes of Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, members of the 1MDB board, ex-CEO Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi, the current CEO Arul “Azrul” Kanda Kandasamy and the PM’s sacred cow Jho Low.




1. Anon dari Yan tanya macam mana nak roboh dinding yang KLM dirikan.
2. Pi ke Google atau Yahoo dan taip list of VPN .
3. Pilih yang mana suka dan daftar.
4. Selamat mencuba. Anak cucu saya pandai hal ini.
5. Terima kasih.


1. Anon dari Yan tanya macam mana nak roboh dinding yang KLM dirikan.
2. Pi ke Google atau Yahoo dan taip list of VPN .
3. Pilih yang mana suka dan daftar.
4. Selamat mencuba. Anak cucu saya pandai hal ini.
5. Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

1. Bukan YouTube...
2. Type how to access blocked websites
3. Jika desktop, laptop perlu tukar setting
4. Jika android/Mac perlu free download VPN application.
5. X smpai 5 minit, selamat belayar...

LaM said...

The trouble in Msia is that we have a lot of not so smart malay Judges who interpret laws not based on the intention or purport of which the laws were designed in the first place but merely on the letters of the law.

What is the purport and intent of the Official Secret Acts. It is to protect state secrets so that it wld not fall into the hands of the enemies which may use it to the detriment of the security of the country. OSA is not designed to protect the corrupt activities of a corrupt PM or corrupt Ministers. This the malay Judges failed to appreciate...a gross failure which leads to further and more serious corruption in the administration of the country...and more brazen corrupt activities of members of the cabinet.

The YDPA is still not aware of what is going on in this country...I presume????? And nobody I presume had ever told him that u/d article 107 Federal Constitution, the Auditor General Report must be submitted to him and not to that corrupt & crooked Najib. And the same article also state, ' he shall cause them to be laid bf Parliament' and not hidden by Najib through the misuse of the OSA. I hope the Agong doesn't unlawfully and unconstitutionally dismiss the Auditor General based on Najib's recommendation. Someone has got to explain to him that the Auditor Gen can't be simply removed on Najib's recommendation.
This not so smart malay judges say as long as a document is classified OS, then it must remain so although the document contains damaging evidences of corruption of the PM or administrator.

By Najib classifying the Auditor's Report which contain damaging evidences of theft of 1MDB monies by him and his cronies, it is a clear case of a corruption offence u/d s.23 of the Macc Act. What the hell...Pandi charged Guan Eng u/d section 23 eventhough Guan Eng made no monies out of his official acts. US$7billion and not 1 or 4 billion is reported missing by the Auditor General under dubious circumstances.

kluangman said...

Teknologi sekat menyekat ini tidak akan berjaya bukan sekadar era digital dan internet, ia sudah lama berkembang, sejak kita belum lahir.

Teknologi itu disimpul bahasakan " bangkai gajah tidak boleh ditutup dengan nyiru " - beGitulah bijaknya pemerhatian orang Melayu

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

An even easier method......without using VPN......

In 3 minutes, the entire Internet will be unblocked.

Bad news for those who try and fail to cover up the truth.

Keruak claims the OSA leak will compromise national security.

No, it will compromise Najib's security by exposing him as a liar and thief.

Najib and Nation are very different things.

Laguhati said...

The 7 billion question is WHO would be the chosen one to advise to brief and to update his majesty the YDPA on the 1MDB saga. We can rule out the PM the FM the HM the AG or the IGP. The chronology of important and telling events about 1MDB should be summarised and commented upon be brought to the YDPA's attention.It has to be someone with constitutional legitimacy to approach his majesty. Anybody Datuk ??

Shaz said...

You can also use
Just type the web address in the box and you will get the report or any other blocked site.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Ni aku tempek apa yg hang tulih:
"So I continue to have access to SR and other Keruak-ed sites like OutSyed The Box."

Hang atau member hang munkin dah olah satu perkataan baru. Nak tegelak pon ada....nak tahan diri pon ada, sebab tu nama Pak dia kod, tak pasai2 nama orang tua tu jadi mangsa...tapi aku rasa salah anak dia pon ada, munkin jadi pendorong pada 'inovasi' bahasa hampa. Kalu benag la macam dlm banyak laporan yg aku dok baca, perangai "menteri" ni menjadi jadi sangat...tak payah la aku nak komen...aku pon cukop perig natijah depa dok sekat2 maklumat pada orang ramai...OSA tu pon satu hai lagi.

Bukan apa Kadiag, di negeri2 yg Dewan Bahasa depa sikit 'progresif', inovasi macam ni bulih masuk kamus dan munkin jadi bahasa standar, kata orang Indonesia. Jugak, lalu tak salah, dari segi lexikologi (dan nilai onomatopik kod) memang bulih pakai kod...untuk menjelaihkan kelakuan sekat2 pengaleran maklumat. Tapi pasai pakai nama Pak dia tu...jadi dak berapa nak syog.
Aku rasa laa...
Maghap no.


jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Who stabbed Najib's back by leaking this OSAed document? A witch hunt is probably well under way.

A clear sign of a dictatorship is when the leaders spend most of their time chasing shadows instead of working to feed the people. A great example is North Korea. One wonders if Malaysia is heading the same direction.

Pemerhati Setia said...

Salam DAKJ..

Dan selamat hari raya. Benar, saya juga gunakan laluan bebas-tol Tuan Zalman cadangkan. Setakat ni ok je.. Jadi, mana-mana sahabat yang takut tertinggal kapal tu, cubalah laluan ni. Moga kita beroleh sebanyak mungkin maklumat kiri dan kanan supaya kita dapat membuat keputusan dengan lebih saksama.

Yang lebih kelakar pulak sekarang ni ada arahan dari beberapa bank yang tak benarkan staffnya bawak keluar maklumat dalaman. Mereka tak boleh ada sebarang pindahan data dan info walaupun ke pen-drive masing2 utk buat report kat laptop sendiri, nak save kat PC ofis, nak pindah ke PC sebelah untuk back-upkan data, untuk macam-macam lagilah urusan kerja. Semuanya kena guna direct pi server. Sekarang nak fotostat dokumen kena ada verification officer dok hadir tengok untuk sahihkan dokumen yang nak difoto-kopi bukan nak dibawak-keluar. Lepas tu kena tulis nama dan no staff serta butiran yang difoto=kopikan..

Malah soksek-soksek di kalangan staff tak lama lagi akan ada arahan melarang telefon bimbit ada kamera dibawa masuk ke ruang kerja. Yang boleh cuma jenis macam Nokia 3210 atau butterfly. Semuanya ini kerana bala wan-emdibi. Tapi akal manusia ni panjang, mungkin yang benar-benar berhajat boleh beli pen-camera yang dijual kat Jalan Pasar dan boleh rakam apa yang ada kat skrin PC.

Memanglah melanggar FSA tapi kalau maklumat tu boleh menyelamatkan negara, rasanya ia lebih mulia dari berintergriti membabi-buta. Entahlah... Sat lagi akan jadi budaya nak masuk majlis kenduri kena buat body-search.. Alahai... Malaysiaku indah permai..

Joe Black said...


Tak Kisah lah secara Canggih mana pun pembaca pembaca dapat mengaksess, berita yang disorok olih Najib dan Kuncu kuncunya. Mereka masih tetap kuat berkuasa kerana Tapak Kuasa Mereka berada di landasan penyokong penyokong mereka yaitu majority Melayu yang dianggap sebagai "Tribe" atau "Puak" beliau.... sama saperti diktator diktator Africa yang bergantung kepada sokongan Puak mereka sendiri.

Nothing to hide said...

To me the best and easiest way to gain access to any website in the world is by downloading TOR BROWSER. Just a few simple steps and you can surf all the blues blacks and blogs.
Selamat hari raya.

kampong lad said...

Dear LaM, what you said is factual. but what was the intent by mentioning the word malay (not so smart judge) twice?

Zalman A said...


The Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone regime has washed away all semblance of good governance in Malaysia.

He is a crook, surrounded by a ring of crooks and yes-men.

Unless the rakyat wake up and fast, the writing is on the wall.

Things will get worse - the Marcos era has arrived, or a cross between Marcos and Zia Ul-Haq (who also manipulated religion for power.)

So whoever is going to provide leadership must do so fast, must unite all parties and must go beyond Anwar's dynastic politics.

The change the dedak and "redha" mentality is not easy, but that does not mean giving up.

The future of our children is at stake, because Najib's "ideal future Malaysian" is thus:

Ignorant, corrupted, unthinking, and dosed on race & religion to keep them docile.

What a waste of 60 years, what a waste of our first 4 PMs and their efforts. Yes, even the 5th was not as bad.

We have reached a new low; do we want to sink lower?

RD. said...

Maaf Dato AKJ, kerana lari tajuk.

Nampakgayanya, kerajaan Barisan Najib seolah-olah ingin 'melepas' Guan Eng dari tuduhan sama yang pernah dihadapi Khir Toyo.
Saya mengatakan demikian kerana mereka melantik Apandi sebagai ketua-pendakwa. Maka tepatlah dakwaan DAP bahawa ada konspirasi-politik dalam tuduhan itu kerana, lama dahulu, Apandi pernah menjawat ketua bahagian UMNO Kota Baru, kalau saya tak silap.
Kalau diungkit keterlibatan silam Apandi dalam UMNO ketika perbicaraan nanti, maka unsur konspirasi-politik akan terserlàh.
Atau mungkin ini adalah satu lagi sabotag untuk menaikkan lagi kemarahan Rakyat, terutamanya penyokpng UMNO, terhadap kerajaan Najib. Maklumlah, bagi mereka Khir Toyo dijadikan 'sacrificial lamb' untuk membuktikan bahawa kerajaan tidak bertolak-ànsur terhadap rasuah. Anggota party sendiri pun UMNO sanggup heret ke Mahkamah.

Joeharry said...

Salam dato dan rd,
Apa yang saya nampak tidakan umno hanyalah untuk menakautkan dan menjauhkan orang melayu pada DAP yang menganggotai pembangkang.
Najib sudah tidak berupaya untuk membersihkan dirinya dari skandal 1mdb dan 2.6b. Najib hanya boleh bercakap tapi tidak boleh membuktikan. Manakala pihak lain, seperti SR pula semakin memperlihatkan bukti yang semakin jelas. Malah negara luar yang dulu menyiasat sudah mula dibicarakan dimahkamah.
Dalam pru13, najib mendapat sunami sokongan orang cina. Dan dalam pru14, najib tidak mahu sunami melayu pula terjadi maka ditakutkan orang melayu pada DAP. seolah DAP seperti "najis yang tidak boleh disamak". Kesalahan sebesar kuman akan diperlihatkan seperti gajah. Tun yang bersama lim kit siang dalam diklerasi rakyat, dimomok-momokkan oleh media perdana milik kerajaan untuk memberikan rasa benci rakyat pada tun. Tun disiasat dan "dihalau" seperti kucing kurap. Kepimpinan tertinggi PAS "dibeli". Tindakan ini membuatkan orang melayu dalam delima. Mahu atau tidak terpaksa undi umno demi melayu walaupun sedar najib itu penyangak (ini perasaan pengundi melayu di SB dan KK).

awang batuburok said...

Salam Eidul Fitri Dato,

Sangat menyedihkan...dalam keadaan begitu banyak bahan bukti telah didedahkan berkaitan kes Altantoya dan 1MDB tetapi masih ramai kalangan yang menggelarkan diri mereka agamawan suci dan maksum diam menikus terhadap kemungkaran dan kejahatan yg berlaku...

Dedak oh dedak.

Syaitan sedang berpesta,
Si Jahil menipu dan berdusta,
Si Alim aminkan untuk bermuka muka,
Demi kuasa dan haloba harta.

Syaitan sedang berpesta,
SiJahil SiAlim bermain kata kata,
AlQuran AlHadis menjadi bahan niaga,
Rakyat tertipu semakin derita.

Zalman A said...


The urbanites are not who determines the future of the country.

For the urbanites to comment is pointless.

They can all desert the Bugis conman and he will still be in power quite happily.

It is semi and fully rural areas that make or break his fortunes.

So it is a long hard struggle to reach these people. But it must continue. And it is not hard. We know that BNM's letter showed that Petrosaudi was owned by Jho Low, and that Najib knew this from the start. So where is the rakyat's money now? And that is the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps next Raya we should each resolve to convey the truth to at least 3 other people.

Politicians cannot do it alone.

But the people can.

We are all part of the grassroots, the rakyat marhaen, after all.

The people, once united, always win the end.

sukasamasuka said...


For now, there is only one strong leader with moral authority to take us through...that person is none other than Tun Dr. Mahathir...despite his age...people listen to him...the young and the old...the urbanites and the orang kampung...locally and internationally.

He is that one voice.

He may not be able to bring us to "Cross the Rubicon" anymore, then again, there is nothing left except to wait for GE14...if, ever.

Forget about Sarawak Report.

Forget about Auditor General's Report.

Forget about the ruler and the conference of rulers....especially, the conference of rulers.

Just forget all means nothing.

If there is anything left to do...if our ego is not getting the better of us...perhaps...just perhaps...we can engage Queen Counsels to start the prosecutions, perhaps again, from outside Malaysia...based on many evidences, including but not limited to the Auditor General's Report...I will sign the petition if there is such an initiative.

Waghih said...

" ... people listen to him ..."

Nice joke ...

Just to refresh you on latest stat ... PRK KK n Sg Besar .
Average attendance during Tun M campaign for PAN is 200 peoples.
After 1 hr talking it drop to half .

International invitation for Tun M have drastically drop by 70% for the past 2 yrs .

That's how popular Tun M nowdays.

PS .. heard he ran away to Phuket during raya with his family .


Sham said...

if u regularly to turn down on cofee shop or kedai kopi and premium cofee outlet, u 11 find the real folk talks about 'italian j(i)b' vitally to be soil immediately not about wise guy who safe the world

sukasamasuka said...


Thanks for your comment sham zam 11.57PM...very impressive like Waghih 5.30 PM with his statistics..thank you once again.

Unknown said...

Ada yang lagi senang....

Dekat ''google chrome'' tu ada ''setting''

Pergi dekat ''data saver''

"On'' saja data saver tu

Sudah boleh unblock semua dlm 10 saat jer..

Sham said...

thx sukasamasuka, all of my life during the time, I only know Tun M and always be my true hero. the living legend. thx again

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