Sunday, August 07, 2016

New Party To Be Part of the Multiracial Opposition Coalition

A Kadir Jasin

SEVERAL negative and erroneous comments have been made about the proposed new Bumiputera-based political party, particularly its communal centric.

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If I may, let me state the following.

1. It wasn’t that the promoters of the new party didn’t think of forming a multi-racial party.

2. They did. They even discussed the pros and cons of the two formulae in many meetings of the Save Malaysia People’s declaration (Deklarasi Rakyat).

3. As debaters and readers may be aware, the core members of the Deklarasi Rakyat are made up of individuals from many walks of life.

4. Some of them, understandably, are politicians. They come from such political parties as Umno, the DAP, PKR, Amanah and PAS. Those from Umno were later sacked or left the party voluntarily. 

5. Although they come as individuals, their views are, inevitably, influenced by their political background and association.

6. It was partly their wish that the former Umno leaders form a political party that takes on Umno but limit the possibility of a conflict with other Malay/Muslim-based parties.

7. While those who come from multi-racial parities, principally the PKR and DAP, would not like to see another multi-racial party vying for support and, worse still, stealing their members.

8. But they were unanimous that the new Malay/Bumiputera-based party would play an important role in the existing opposition coalition.

9. On their part, the ex- and axed-Umno leaders have been aware from the outset that any political role they are expected to play has to be based on providing the Malays with an alternative to Umno.

10. Preliminary discussions between leaders of the proposed new party and their counterparts in the PKR, DAP, Amanah and PAS had yielded positive indications.

11. Over in Sabah, the former Umno vice president, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal is organising a new Bumiputera party based on the former United Sabah National Organisation (USNO). USNO handed power to Umno in 1991 and went into hibernation.

12. The ultimate goal of the formation of the new party is to challenge and put an end to the Barisan Nasional hegemony by strengthening the existing opposition coalition.

13.Thus it is incorrect to accuse the initiators of the new party of ignoring multiracialism. The new party pledges to give full recognition to multiracialism and political reform while minimising potential conflict with the existing opposition political parties.

14. The objective is to take on the BN one-to-one in the coming general elections and win. Insya-Allah.


sham said...

I fully support the whole idea of the new coalition which share the same important agenda that is to save our beloved country from further damage made by UMNO/ BN. At least i can breath a little bit now and able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is an inspiring moment to see that all the leaders are so committed, open minded and matured in their political strategy in win win situation for the sake of the country and the people. It's a gift for all Malaysian in conjunction with our independence day that is just around the corner. Well done to all our truly leaders.Proud of all of you. Thank you.

Zalman A said...

"9. On their part, the ex- and axed-Umno leaders have been aware from the outset that any political role they are expected to play has to be based on providing the Malays with an alternative to Umno."

Salam Datuk,

That is the crux of the matter.

The Alliance model of Tunku, that became Barisan under Tun Razak, is dead. It is now merely a corrupt shark called Parti Dedak Najib, and the MCA and MIC are like the remora fish that travel with the shark, waiting for the shark to finish feeding, then eating the crumbs.

GE14 is very much a Malay battle to reclaim the maruah, values and dignity of the Malays from the bunch of lying thieves called Parti Dedak Najib. Hence a united Malay front with this new party, PKR, Amanah and (hopefully) PAS is the key to victory. DAP should concentrate on the Chinese vote, in Chinese areas, and stay away.

If too many agendas become entwined, then the effort will fail.

BN is easy to manage, because the only agenda is money. The elites in Parti Dedak Najib want the easy kontrak2, GLC money, corrupt kickbacks, huge bungalows, properties in London, and fancy cars to continue. We can understand that. It is an easy life. Get rich with no effort. But it is not Islamic and not a reflection of Malay values.

Wan Azizah must accept what every Malaysian can see very clearly - she cannot lead the opposition. And because she is merely a puppet of Anwar, then it is up to Anwar to see whether he will sabotage the whole of Malaysia's future, merely for his dead dreams of power.

If that is the case, then PKR will need to choose sides.

CinaMauLuMati said...

You and your racist friends can go to hell.
We don't need your party and your Ketuanan Melayu.
Just crawl back to UMNO and die with them.

safiai saad said...

I heard you loud and clear,sdr Kadir.I totally agreed with your explaination.Good luck also to YB Shafie Afdal.
Thats is the way to go forward,Malaysia need choices and good governance is in top of our mind.

Unknown said...

Those who oppose werewmost likely are umno goons or BN goons and those who think they are smart but actually stupid in politic.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Pada pandangan saya, dalam PRU 14 nanti, perkara perkauman menjadi perkara utama yang dimainkan oleh BN. Ini diikuti dengan hudud.

Kita tidak boleh lari dari realiti sebenar politik di Malaysia.

Yang paling penting, bagi saya, parti baru berbincang dengan PKR, DAP, Amanah dan PAS supaya strategi terbaik dicapai. Saya tengok mereka yang ada dalam kumpulan deklarasi rakyat pandai-pandai belaka. Sudah tentulah, pilihan dan keputusan yang terbaik boleh tercapai.

dt rahman pekan said...

salam d kj.

yes I support d strategy of confining d party only 2 malays/bumi.

this wil make it easier 2 get members return 2 UMNO when najib is deposed.

my take is that najib's days r numbered.

once he is gone a complete 'spring cleaning ' must b done. all those in cohorts wth najib's subtle 'robbery' must b identified (politicians n civil servants) n must b brought 2 book.

Zalman A said...


Drug addicts are given chance to rehabilitate and return to society.

The new party should be for dedak addicts from Umno to rehabilitate.

Position it as the "Umno Detox Centre" and let the grassroots begin a new life.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.
Sekali lagi aku nak habag mai, cadangan hampa untuk ujudkan parti Melayu/bumiputra- peribumi ni ada baiknya, terutama kalu macam hang tulih usaha ni dalam konteks perjuangan multi parti atau pelbagai parti. Selain dari tu, hampa bulih tumpu pada satu taged (target) yg terhad ('restrained scope') lantaih buat sasaran tu munkin dapat di capai dgn lebih mudah lantaran suntok masa, kewangan dan guna tenaga yg terhad (bebanding), yg aku jangka dgn tumpu untuk nak tarik ahli2 UMNO yg masih ada murwuah dan Pi'e pulak cuba hidupkan sentimen Sabah untuk rakyat Sabah. TMJ (Johog) pon dah lama dok main lagu yg sama....

Pada orang2 yg marah kad aliran2 yg semakin membuak ni, tanya kad depa apa depa buat masa anak Rahah tu hered dan rejam Malaya dlm tangki najih. Pada '"ulama'"2 dlm Malaya, yg munkin tak peduli duit yg begitu banyak depa kelepiag, dia jugak pinjam bilion bilion melalui bon Bank Goldman Sachs ka apa ka, dgn kadag riba (dan 'kamsen') yg sangat tinggi, jelaih sekali menunjukkan dia ridho atau tak peduli dgn amalan riba' secara mutlak, selain dari apa yg hampa dok pompang2 selama ni yg dia dok mohong sini, putag sana, bebelanja dan risyuah tahap lucah dan macam2 lagi.

Mintak maghap dan terima kasih, wa sallam

Mujahid said...

I have no problems with this new party being an alternative to UMNO. In fact, that is its strength, and keeps it from competing with established multiracial parties, particularly PKR, thereby sabotaging the alternative coalition.

(As opposed to "the opposition", I prefer using the term "alternative coalition" - the original Barisan Alternatif - which ought to be popularised to drill into the public's minds psychologically that someone other than BN can govern Malaysia).

Reading the proposed constitution, I am heartened. Curtailing the powers of the president with oversight committees, balancing it out with other mechanisms, limiting th eterm of office, etc are great ways to update politics in Malaysia in line with the 21st Century.

It's UMNO 3.0. Well done and Godspeed. I have never been a member of any political party, but I will be signing up for this new party just to give it a push.

Next chapter said...

This is the correct strategy, after all political successes are based on adopting and implementing the strategy that the rakyat accepts.
Unfortunately for UMNO and BN, they are only following the will of just one man and that will bring down the fall of their parties because they did not do the will of the rakyat. Stupid strategy (call it no strategy) is already on its way out, the rise and fall of UMNO and BN is the next chapter of Malaysian history.

Come again? said...

Pandiman doing a great favour to the new party!
Aug 7 ― The Attorney-General's Chambers have submitted an appeal against dancer Bilqis Hijjas acquitted of insulting behaviour by dropping yellow balloons during an official event attended by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife in a mall August last year. - See more at:

Stupid non-issues like these are blown up and kept in spotlight, and reinforces the people's opinion that we really have no-brains people running the country.

Kampong man said...


I have no problem with Tun M and UMNO rejects to form a new alternative party to defeat UMNO and BN next election.Not that i love Najib more but kecelaruan tidak membantu PERJUANGAN parti tunjang orang Melayu.By all means go for it.Come to think of it politics are in their veins and blood and they need a platform to fight their cause.I wish them good luck again.
The UMNO members are mostly loyal members who pertahankan 'Institusi Presiden'.With all due respect ,siapa lagi yang Tun M nak turunkan huh ?.They want Najib to step fown over 1 MDB undemocratically.I disagree.

samurai melayu said...




whatever strategies and reasons to form the new party the main focus is to ensure UMNO ( used to be my beloved party) be toppled for the sake of our future generations ( anak cucu cicik semua Rakyat negara tercinta ini)

So may we call on all grandparents, parents and siblings irrespective of our colour, race and belief support the new party coalition to save our beloved country from 'KLEPETOKRASI' Government..

Let us send those Deranged Useless Mental Blockheads (DUMBs) to the dumps to Rot!

Semoga segala usaha murni sdrku sekelian di cucuri rahmat dan Kasih dan Sayang Allah Swt Yang Maha Pengasih dan Maha Penyayang


RD. said...

No wonder the Melayoos are increasing adamant on the KeTuanan Melayu thing. Its because of assholes like 'CinaMauLuMati' and shuzeng that made the Malays more steadfast on their demands.

I just hope 'CinaMauLuMati' is not the usual troll.

Mali Bin Muyung said...

Mudah2an BN dpt d tumbangkan.kali ini.
I just turned 55 n its my wish to c the end of BN before I meet my maker.
No words are apt enough to describe how filthy umni has turned to.

Praxis said...

9 Correct statement of problem.
12 Correct objective.
1 All parties serve a community of interests, ethnic or justice. Being a member doesn't stop one from being good, but challenge is remain good when one becomes rich, which applies to all parties.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Ada yang mengatakan bahawa sudah terlampau banyak parti politik, parti yang baru tidak akan bertahan lama.

Kalau kita bandingkan dengan negara jiran Indonesia, selepas kejatuhan Suharto muncul berapa parti politik baru yang bertahan sampai sekarang.

Antaranya, Parti Demokrat Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) yang ditubuhkan oleh Megawati (1998). Kemudian Parti Demokrat yand ditubuhkan oleh Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (2001), dan juga Parti Amanah Nasional (PAN, 1998).

Kesemua parti-parti yang baru ini ditubuhkan semasa era reformasi dan dapat bertahan sampai sekarang.

Parti yang memerintah di Indonesia sekarang ini adalah gabungan antara 7 parti politik.

Parti-parti politik dalam keadaan tertentu terpaksa bergabung untuk menambah kekuatan untuk hadapi lawan.

Saya tidak nampak masalah untuk kalau PH bergabung dengan parti baru asalkan agendanya adalah sama.

Untuk satu Parti Baru bertahan lama secara sendirian mungkin susah tetapi kalau dalam satu kumpulan, boleh bertahan lama.

Parti Gerakan setahu saya hanya menang berapa kerusi sahaja sejak hampir satu dekad tapi masih bertahan lagi kerana berada dalam BN.

Agenda Pakatan Harapan adalah sama dengan Parti baru, menukar kerajaan kepada yang lebih baik dan juga pembaharuan untuk kepentingan rakyat.

Yang menjadi masalah bagi saya adalah PAS kerana agenda PAS hanya untuk “Survival parti”. PAS akan menimbulkan masalah nanti dalam pembahagian kerusi dan lain-lain.

Unknown said...

Senario spt di sg besar dan kuala kangsar tidak akan berlaku dlm PRU 14.PERCAYALAH.sakit UMNO kerana ahli2nya mpertahankan najib dan todak melindungi institusi presiden walaupun baru baru ini Presiden sendiri menasihati ahli utk mempertahankan institusi dan bukannya individu.

Dapatgajibukanpengorbanan said...

Najiblis Bapa Klepet Negara amal Sebattiyyah dan Sebatjelah. Hadi Wang pun ikut sama. Ulamak dan Mufti kita Cari Makan sudah jadi days. Polis kita layak urus kes pecah rumah. Pecah amanah berbilion mereka tidak tahu kerana banyak sangat angkanya.

Waghih said...

AsSalam Datuk ...

Now let's see the stat base on PRN KK n SB.
Amongst the malay voter , 60% with Umno , 30% with Pas and 10% with Pkr/Pan.
Knowing the supporter of Umno and Pas are hardcore , what is left is the lalang in Pkr/Pan supporter .
With the new Tun M party , the fight is for the 10% malay vote .

So , there you are folks , the oghang kampong maths .

Datuk RD rightly said Tun M is no more relevant . A done things ...

Over to you Datuk ...


Unknown said...

Salam Datuk

I saw in the Facebook today that the name of the party iniated by the 4M is Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

Kita berharap RoS akan meluluskan secepat mungkin.

Apa pun ingin saya menyarankan perkataan ' Patriot atau Patriotik ' di masukkan kerana majoriti rakyat Msia sayangkan negara ini dan tidak mahu di jajah oleh kuasa asing dgn berproxi Najis.

earthcaliph said...

'Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia' lebih elok pakai nama Parti Bumiputra Bersatu Malaysia (BUMIPUTRA/BERSATU), Bumiputra lebih menyeluruh dan mudah difahami, boleh masukkan sekali Bumiputra Sabah dan Sarawak sebagai ahli, sekaligus TSAA boleh diangkat jadi pimpinan tertinggi.

Zalman A said...

Hendak suruh sokong UMNO, serulah atas sebab2 yang siuman sedikit. Najib kata dia dianiayai kerana enggan di bosskan oleh Mahathir. alasan tak siuman apa ini? Bukan Mahathir yang suruh Najib bantai berbilion billion. jangan salahkan orang lain, kalau kita sendiri melakukan kejahatan.

Sehingga kita USD7-8 billion tidak dapat dikesan. Kita melihat dalam akaun2 yang salah agak nya?

Orang2 yang mengaitkan musibah yang melanda negara kita ini dengan Dr mahathir, apa kena otak mereka? bukankah antara Najib dengan Mahathir sudah berlaku dua kali pertukaran- Pak Lah dan Najib sendiri? dan mengaitkan musibah yang kita lalui sekarang dengan Mahathir, adakah ianya menyelesaikan musibah itu? Atau mengurangkan salah laku Najib TUn Razak? pelaku dan penyebab musibah hari ini ialah Najib, BUKAN Mahathir.

jangan beri alasan menyokong yang gila. Idris Haron hendak gila seorang diri, kita persilakan. Tapi jangan seret orang melayu jadi gila dengan menuduh langkah yang diambil oleh DOJ sebagai membunuh orang Melayu.

Melayu jahat mesti dihukum.

Zalman A said...

UMNO hanya parti orang Melayu. Ianya bukan bangsa Melayu. tidak ada bangsa dan agama yang melindungi pesalah dan perompak.

Kalau najib dan Idris haron hendak jadi bodoh, tidak mengapa. jangan seret bangsa Melayu jadi bangsa yang bodoh dan tidak bermoral.

Allah melaknat mereka yang menyembunyikan kebenaran. Apalagi jika kebenaran itu dibawa oleh orang2 yang berkelayakan dan credible. Saya tidak fikir pegawai2 DOJ, walaupun bukan beragama Islam, orang2 yang tidak credible. Apala lagi jika kebenaran itu disokong dengan fakta dan bukti.

Lihat Al Quran 2: 159.

Bukan sahaja Allah melaknati orang2 jahat seperti ini, bahkan manusia dan malaikat. Mereka ini berdoa supaya Allah membalas mereka dengan hukuman. Rakyat Malaysia berdoa agar Najib dan orang seperti Idris Harun dikenakan hukuman dan balasan.

Jangan main2.

Allah juga melaknati mereka yang kufur dan ingkar. Lihat al Quran 2:161.

Mereka yang kufur bukanlah mereka yang tidak menuturkan kata2 terima kasih- tapi adalah mereka yang menolak2 prinsip2 kebenaran dan nilai2 mulia dalam urusan berkerajaan. Yang kufur ialah mereka yang pecah amanah, yang berbohong berterusan, yang salah gunakuasa, yang mencuri harta benda rakyat, yang rasuah, yang menzalimi rakyat.

Zalman A said...

Bila Dato Najib kata kepada ahli UMNO, ianya benar- jangan lindungi dia, lindungi UMNO daripada orang seperti nya. Jika UMNO itu terdiri dari orang Melayu dan agama mereka Islam, mereka tidak boleh menyokong pencuri, tidak boleh mempertahankan pemimpin yang sentiasa berbohong, yang pecah amanah, yang rasuah dan pemimpin yang jahat dan buruk. Parti seperti ini tidak boleh mewakili bangsa Melayu. Kerana bangsa Melayu bukan bangsa yang mencuri, tidak amanah, sentiasa berbohong dan seumpanaya.

Kampong man said...


1.Saya melihat ramai disini yang berangan angan akan kejayaan parti baru yang akan dibentuk Mohydin.Mereka membuka segala pekong kelemahan UMNO/Najib dan mahu kuburkan UMNO semata mata tidak mahukan Najib.Mereka hilang sayang pada UMNO dan mahukan perubahan dan kelainan konon mengharapkan parti baru ini akan menyelamatkan rakyat Malaysia dan mengharapkan akan berjaya mengalahkan UMNO/BN.Mereka TIDAK realistik pada saya Mereka salahkan Pas dan perkecilkan badan kerajaan saperti polis,judiciary dan lain lain badan.

2.Kejayaan PR di PRU 13 banyak kepada sokongan kaum 'Nons' pada DAP (>90%) dumping MCA/Gerakan dan mereka membantu PAS dan PKR demi ABU melalui rally jalanan dan BERSIH.Maka jatuhlah Selangor dan Pulau Pinang.Itu sahaja.
UMNO kalah disebabkan perpecahan orang Melayu dalam UMNO itu sendiri yang tidak puas hati dan juga kebijaksanaan DAP menggunakan racial card yang amat berkesan sekali dan juga kegagalan UMNO/BN mengatasi tohmahan RBA pembangkang.

3.Hari ini scenario tidak begitu UMNO punyai cara mengatasi semua tohmahan pembangkang terutama RBA.Saya cuba membuat analisa ini secara rasional tanpa emosi seberapa yang boleh.

3.Kita mesti ingat tidak mudah apa juga parti baru yang telah dan akan dibentuk boleh menundukan UMNO semudah itu.Percaya lah.

4.Pahlawan bugis tidak akan berdiam diri malah unity dalam UMMO lebih kukuh pada pandangsn saya orang lama.

5.Saya sayangkan Tun M kerana beliau jiran saya di Federal Hill selama 17 tahun dan DSAI juga.Zaman Tun sudah berlalu.Kehadiran belau di pentas pembangkang di Sg Besar dan K Kangsar yang lepas membuatkan ramai orang Melayu marah kerana Tun diberi sokongan oleh ahli UMNO secara solid dulu.
Najib is not answerable to that one man, Tun M.He is answerable to the three millions or so UMNO members that will decide his presidency,period.

6.I am excited to know more of this new party and in all honestly in my view if one expects an exodus of UMNO members and majority peribumi migrate to the new party it will be just merely a wishful thinking in my analysis.Good luck to the new party.UMNO is bigger than Tun M,DSMY and Najib.UMNO perlu dipertahankan.

RD. said...

I'm very sure, 1MDB is a scheme to scam, from the very start, just as TS Muhyiddin had stated.

The fact was:-

Feb 27, 2009 – TIA was set-up.
April 3, 2009 - Najib take over Pak Lah.
July 31, 2009 - TIA rebranded as 1MDB.

I also believed that, that 'Rakyat di Dahulukan' rhetoric was coined, at about the same time, TIA was transformed into 1MDB. And that was only 3 month after Najib became PM. Therefore, Najib must have known Jho Low or his father, long before that or at least when he was DPM.

Jho Low had a hand in TIA too. That means, as soon as Najib became PM or maybe, when Pak Lah was still PM and under pressure to resign, 1MDB had already been brewed. Looks like Najib wasted no time at all, scheming.

In contrast to Dr.M's scheming of things .....2 month after becoming PM, 1981, he instructed the Navy's Paskal to set-up camp on Terumbu Layang-Layang, a speck of shoals at high-tide, about 300km North-West of Labuan. After a small shack was ready, Dr.M as the new PM even spent a night there, maybe to assert Malaysian presence there.

Long before that, as DPM, Dr.M had already suggested that we should inhabit Amboyna Cay, the thirteenth largest among the Spratly islands, but was dismissed by Tun Hussein Onn, obviously to avoid conflict with Vietnam.
However, by the time Dr.M became PM, Vietnam have occupied Amboyna Cay.

Today, if not because of Dr.M's courage & foresightedness for the benefits of future generation, Malaysia would definitely NOT had any claim over anything in the Spratlys.

Therefore, I support Dr.M New Party. UMNO-Najib klepetocratic party be replaced, whole.

Another Waghih said...

So says you, Waghih.

You can juggle, divide, multiply, add and substract the figures to your heart's content if it makes you feel good.

So you think the results of the KK and SB by-elections were a reflection of the people's sentiments countrywide.

Think again.

Did you take into consideration the operatives from Putrajaya who came in nightly with begs of cash for distibution?

Or the black-ops/psywar people sent in to create fear, discord, confusion and such, amongst the voters?

Dedak and fear-mongering played a big role.

But during the GE each and everyone of the candidates will be busy with their own constituencies. There will be no ministers setting up camps in every polling centre. There won't be enough dedak to distribute nationwide.

All these will not be possible for UMNO to repeat come this GE14, not for want of trying, but because of the sheer impracticality of scale.

So TDM is no more relevant. That is why Najib and his band of dedakmen are trying their best to denigrate the old man. Is it working? Fat chance!

Go figure, Waghih.

Another Waghih

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Now they are saying Bersatu treats non Malays as second class members. Who ever that suggested to add the "associate member" clause must have not heard the famous Arab fable "The old man, the boy and the donkey". The moral of the story is that you can never please everyone. Just do what you believe is right.

Anyway, all the best to Bersatu. I like what the party stands for.

awang batuburok said...

Ahli ahli politik parti parti pembangkang memang ramai yg pandai pandai, tetapi tidak ramai yang ada kebijaksanaan seperti DSAI, Almarhum TGNA, Almarhum Dato Fadhil Nor.

boy said...

kpg man,

sorry aaa..,every time i read ur post it irritate me a little. i dun care about ur political philosophy or not but how u defend d undependable...its too much. maybe my political std is low, as am still a college green, but it doesnt mean i cannot c d cases of illegal, immoral or unethical done by d subjects u r defending. by any stretch of imagination tat these do not imply any approval n commendation. d likeliness of 1mdb ….lying, deceiving n manipulating all d way from day one……n still trying hard for d logical ends but terribly failed.
its better for u to defend d defenseless… ur mouth to d mute , d rakyat! d ordinary, they r not very smart to defend their sake or to think much on these kinds of issues n just accept what conventional wisdom states. they wont cloud their mind when their stomach already weak.
TDM takes on umno to d good principle of democracy. maybe he was a bad person to ur opinion. but 20 yrs of his reign…. d nation was at its best. anyway who is d baddest now?
u may tell me this country ‘ll go haywire if d leaders r changed….. n we ‘ll suffer d alternative of frustration or economic failure or racial devastation so on n on…..but u r just kidding urself with such nonsense. more foolish if u recite verses from Quran or Hadis to support tat!

Kampong man said...

My boy,

1.I can quite understand your irritation because we don't share the same sweet music here now that i come into this blog as a mere passenger.Was here many years ago before you appear.You cannot accept my views it is fine with me.Young college boys nowdays don't share the experience kampong man and pre Merdeka Malaysians went through and even the May 13 tragedy.Assuming you are in college you now you probably were not here in the world ad yet.Not important though.

2.I disagree with Deklarasi Rakyat and the setting up of new party BERSATU which will further split Perpaduan Melayu, affect political stability,peace and harmony in this peaceful Malaysia just because to topple Najib and his UMNO/BN government UNDEMOCRATICALLY. Yes, undemocratically for just that silly 1 MDB issue alone.Do it next GE 14 if you will please.

3.Of course i adore that man Tun M more than you do because i lived in his time and saw his contributions.The political landscape change following the sacking of DSAI and the REFORMASI that follows just behind my house create so much instability and harmony in this country.A political havoc too.Now poor Pak Lah and later Najib has to carry this responsibility to correct the wrongs in the pas and they are too many to mention here.Many.

4.My analysis suggest that Najib will hang on to complete his mandated term.If there is no crimanal charges are made against him,it is very likely he will contest again for UMNO president and ultimately and logically will still be our PM again.We shall leave it to voters to decide.

5.UMNO/BN has gone through worst situations in the past and prevailed.Since when was UMNO/BN lost ruling the nation?.

6.This new party BERSATU will get nowhere just like the defunct Semangat 46 and some splinters since it will not attract many peribumi.Irritated still ?.

6.Sorry boy.Thank you for being honest for i hate hypocrite.The beauty is i NEVER use one sen of political money snd project.Just that i am a beneficiary of gomen policy on education for wualified kampong man like me.Hehe. .

Teman Yob said...

Teman tak kisah pun hangpa nak support siapa.Masing masing dok ada pengikut tegarq masing.Biasalah.Tapi ingat la ni Tun dok balon parti UMNO nya sendiri .Dia bukan berkuasa apa pun la ni.Awat tak jadi macam Pak Lah tak mahu campur dan beri peluang PM Najib buat kerja. Therefore,i will suppprt PM Najib and BN as usual and the new party be doomed.

Pilah said...

Excuses excuses and excuses.You seems to know what we don't know.Trump will use all his money to win any elections.Kiro nak ambik hati pengundi lah kiro nyo.

Ekau fikir pengundi semuo bodoh yo boleh diboli dongan kain pelikat dengan dedak ko dan parti lawan tak ado dedak ehh ?.Poodah.
Kalau dah kalah walau pun satu undi kiro kalah lah jang oii.Terimo hakikat parti orang kechewo tak akan sampai mano doo..

Unknown said...

5.UMNO/BN has gone through worst situations in the past and prevailed.Since when was UMNO/BN lost ruling the nation?
Tapi tak pernah dipimpin oleh pemimpin yang sangat korup

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