Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Last Hurrah Before The Election Reckoning

A Kadir Jasin

LATEST, Dec 7 - In response to query on the withdrawal of the Istana Negara invitation to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the oath taking ceremony of the new King and his Deputy scheduled for Dec 13, the following is the reproduction of the letter. Thank you.

"No chair" so the invitation is withdrawn

COMMENTING in the last posting on Shahrizat’s mesospheric praising of Umno President, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, debater Joe Black said:

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“It is customary in UMNO for Pemuda and Wanita leaders to Bodek the Prime Minister in order to strengthen their positions. However, the latest statement by Sharizat is bordering on idiocy. It is the bodek of the extreme kind and ahe hopes that it will make her wanita head for life (if Najib still survives the opposition's war of attrition that is).”

My feeling is this. Najib has so far survived the opposition's war of attrition because he is willing to abuse his executive and legislative powers although internationally his reputation is in tatters. He is one of the world’s biggest kleptocrats (rulers who use their political power to steal their country's resources).

But if and when a clean and fair general election is held, and he continues to lead the Barisan Nasional, the apple polishers in Pemuda, Wanita, Puteri and the rest of the lot know that their own position is akin to the proverbial “telur di hujung tanduk” – an egg at the tip of bull’s horn.

Praises Take Her Palaces

To me, Shahrizat declaring that Najib is the best President ever for the Wanita (women) Movement and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi demanding 101 per cent loyalty for Najib because “he was put there by Allah” are signs of growing desperation among Umno’s “pembesar” (dignitaries).

(I think it’s more appropriate to call them “pembesar” than the customary “pemimpin” (leaders) because they have lost the legitimacy to lead the country as a whole.)

People like Shahrizat, Ahmad Zahid and Khairy Jamaluddin are not fools. If they are, they would not be where they are today. On the contrary they are well-versed with Umno politics and are taking advantage of Najib’s folly to serve their own personal interest.

To Shahrizat, everybody is “the best” if he or she serves her purpose. I know her long enough - starting from the day she marched into my room at the New Straits Times back in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s and blurted out “you’re not a Mamak?”

She had marched into my room to complain about a picture of one of our Chinese photographers being set upon by her supporters at a Kepong Umno meeting that was published in the NST. She was shown in the picture trying to break up the melee. She was then the Kepong Wanita Chief if I am not mistaken.

I believed she thought I was a Mamak (Indian Muslim man) because of my name. Abdul Kadir or Qadir are common Indian Muslim names. And being of the Indo-Pakistani heritage herself, she would know. Maybe because I was not a Mamak but a Melayu, we went on to become good friends.

She was featured regularly in the NSTP’s newspapers, more so after she was elected the MP for Lembah Pantai. She became “our” MP. Two of my daughters did internship at her service centre when they came home from abroad on semester holidays and one of them ended up working as her Press Secretary for a while. For that I am still grateful to her.

She sang the same sweet complimentary words to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Abdullah Ahmad when they were Prime Ministers. Let me put it this way. Dr Mahathir tolerated her despite “stories” being told about her by her adversaries.

During Abdullah’s era her family was awarded the RM250-million National Feedlot Project that would later to become a major controversy and she was forced to resign from the Cabinet. NFCorp chairman Datuk Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail, who is her husband, was charged in court but was acquitted and discharged in November last year.

She is so lucky that despite the controversy Abdullah appointed her Advisor on woman affairs with ministerial status and Najib keeps her on.

Today it is Najib’s turn to enjoy her lavish praises and undying devotion. Her family is so richly endowed that one of her sons received a Khazanah Nasional Berhad scholarship to do a master degree at the Harvard, USA.

Obviously Najib is the best for Shahrizat, Ahmad Zahid, Khairy and the rest of the lot, but I am not sure if most Malaysians feel the same way.

The Last Hurrah

Granted that the unfavourable external factors are slowing down our economy, the domestic factors are also to be blamed. There is a serious confidence crisis. The ringgit has tumbled to its lowest against the US dollar since the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crises.

Stock market has been discounting almost all of Najib’s economic programmes including the budget. The Bursa has been declining steadily since Najib presented his 2017 Budget on Oct 21. As of Dec. 2 the composite index had fallen by 3.75 per cent. In the economic parlance, the market has discounted Najib’s economic planning.

The people like Ahmad Zahid, Sharizat and Khairy know that this year annual general assembly could very well be the last hurrah for the party. But they have to put up a strong face and pretend that they are brimming with confidence.

This is the last pit stop before the dash to the finish line. If the opposition parties continue to build up momentum and fight the coming GE as a unified force, Umno and the Barisan Nasional would be finished.

So the likes of Khairy, Ahmad Zahid and Shahrizat don’t care much about the economy and the welfare of the people. Whatever that they do from now on is to make sure that the rural and Felda votes remain with Umno. They don’t bother anymore what the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the nominal PPP can do. They have ceded the non-Malay votes to the opposition. There’s no more BN, only Umno.

They are not even sure of Sabah. The ground is always shifting in the land below the wind and the autonomy-minded Sawarakians are almost sure to side with the winners in the Peninsula.

That’s on the surface. Away from the glare of the spotlight, they are mindful of the fact that Najib is a liability to Umno and to their quest to stay in power.



Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Let us call Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil the “Master Of The Failed Acronym”.

Suddenly Tamadun Najib 50 (TN50) is launched, from nowhere. (The key components will be inventing fake Arab sheikhs, stealing money, and Advanced Bodek Skills.)

What happened to Vision 2020?

This is taken from the EPU website:

“The Eleventh Malaysia Plan, 2016-2020, is the final five year plan in the journey towards realising Vision 2020. Launched in 1991, Vision 2020 envisions Malaysia as a fully developed country along various dimensions - economics, political, social, spiritual, psychological, and cultural - by the year 2020. Emboldened by the great strides made in the last half decade, the Eleventh Plan reaffirms the Government’s commitment to a vision of growth that is anchored on the prosperity and wellbeing of its rakyat.”


Vision 2020 was alive and kicking, even this year, AS A GOVERNMENT OBJECTIVE, until the minute that Mappadulung realised that he would fail miserably to achieve its objectives.


Because Mappadulung has destroyed Malaysia in all dimensions - economics, political, social, spiritual, psychological, and cultural.

So tiba2, Vision 2020 is scrapped and replaced by Tamadun Najib 50 (TN50), in order to complete the corruption and destitution of the Malays. Cantik lah tu.

Does Mappadulung know Aesop? That is where the expression “sour grapes” comes from.

Here is the Aesop fable of the fox:

“Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked 'Oh, you aren't even ripe yet! I don't need any sour grapes.' People who speak disparagingly of things that they cannot attain would do well to apply this story to themselves.”

Wawasan 2020 is Mappadulung's sour grapes.

Like GITP, ETP, TRX, and all other failed Najib Failed Acronyms (there are many), TN50 is a pure puffery. Of course along the way, someone will get rich. That’s all that matters.

Wawasan $$$$$$, a la Najib.

sukasamasuka said...


1. Buat semakan nama anda, di Semakan Daftar Pemilih...


2. Aku masih mengundi di ADUN yang sama...nama aku tidak ditukar ke kerusi ADUN yang baru....ini kerusi ADUN 99% Melayu...UMNO akan menang disini sebab ini kerusi orang kampong2 Melayu...90% warga taraf miskin benda, kais pagi makan pagi...rumah2 kayu...sampan kayu...kereta 2nd hand yang buruk2...kebanyakannya, orang tua2, orang pencen, nelayan, buroh2 kasar, pekerja2 kilang sawmill Cina dan juga kilang kelapa sawit...tempat ni kotor, bau busuk dan banyak habuk dari jalan raya...ditengah2 rumah setinggan haram ada satu Masjid yang dibuat olih UMNO yang sangat indah dan besar makan berjuta2 ringgit...surau kayu yang sudah lama dan burok, warna hijau, masih dipakai juga olih orang tua2.

3. Tetapi undi aku untuk kerusi Parlimen sudah kena tukar daripada "mixed" seat ke kawasan Parlimen baru 99% Melayu untuk PRU14. UMNO kawasan sedang mendesak UMNO negeri untuk mendapatkan kerusi Parlimen baru ini tanpa mengira "sharing formula" antara komponen BN.

4. Kita jangka "Mixed" Parlimen sebelum ini memang 100% BN (bukan UMNO) akan tumbang.

5. Tetapi, di Parlimen baru aku ini pula, BN (iaitu UMNO) akan tetap menang sebab "saudara" aku orang PAS akan pecah undi...PAS belum pernah menang tetapi dapat undi yang terbanyak selepas UMNO di PRU13 yang lepas.

Walaupun, kerusi Parlimen lama jatuh, kerusi baru jadi gantinya...UMNO akan tetap menang pada PRU14 ini untuk tubuh kerajaan UMNO di peringkat Negeri Sabah sebab ada kerusi baru...dan, akan terus menyumbang kerusi Parlimen untuk BN federal.

Checker said...

TYPO in article...

"Rackoning" in HL should be "Reckoning"

Zalman A said...

Walaupun sudah dapat dijangkakan apa yang bakal Najib Razak perkatakan dalam ucapan dasar dalam PAU tahun ini; mengulangi jerit tempik yang sama dengan "meneran-nerankan" suara, tetapi ternyata ucapan kali ini sangat teruk dari sebelum ini dan menggambarkan beliau sudah kehabisan idea dan modal.

Bukan sahaja pemerhati di luar kecewa dengan persembahan Najib hari ini, perwakilan dalam Dewan Merdeka juga kecewa dan kelesuan mendengar titah Najib.

Tidak ada apa-apa kejutan dan pembaharuan yang dapat dikutip untuk dijadikan bahan renungan. Tidak ada gagasan besar yang diberikan kepada perwakilan untuk diisi ke dalam kepalanya. Perwakilan Umno sekadar pulang ke kawasan masing-masing membawa perut yang sedikit terisi kerana dibelanja ketua bahagian masing-masing, tetapi minda tetap kosong.

Tidak ada bekalan baik berupa ilmu dan semangat waja yang logikal diberikan presiden parti untuk dibawa pulang. Apa yang ada hanya permintaan lirih oleh Najib supaya terus menyokongnya untuk berkuasa sekurang-kurang satu penggal lagi. Rakyat dan orang ramai yang menunggu-nunggu kepulangan perwakilkan diharap meleraikan masalah yang tersendak di benak mereka, kecewa.

Masa yang diambil Najib selama 1 jam 22 minit menyampaikan ucapan itu, dengan 12 kali sapu mulut (11 kali menggunakan sapu tangan dan sekali menggunakan jari kiri), dan lima kali meneguk air, lebih banyak merintih dan mendayu-dayu kepada ahli agar wala' taat setia kepadanya. Najib cuba menghurai mengenai definasi wala' dalam falsafah Islam. Penggunaan perkataan ini mungkin atas nasihat parti agama (Pas) untuk menunjukkan Umno ke arah assosiasi dengan Pas.


Zalman A said...

Kononnya pemimpin itu perlu ditaati dan disokong selagi dia tidak melakukan dosa-dosa besar dan kefur kepada Allah. Apakah bagi Najib yang didakwa menyonglapkan wang 1MDB, menerima dana asing RM2.6 billion itu, atau memberi kesempatan kepada anak bini menggunakan kemudahan kerajaan bukan merupakan dosa besar? Apakah sikap itu sikap Umar Abdul Aziz atau Umar Khattab yang menulis menggunakan lilin dan tidak menggunakan lampu kerajaan?

Kekufuran seseorang pemimpin atau umat Islam yang bersyahdah itu tidak payah tunggu seseorang itu menjadi murtad atau kafir, tetapi menyangak harta dan khazanah negara juga termasuk dalam perbuatan mungkar. Perbuatan rasuah juga sebahagian daripada perbuatan kufur, kerana engkar kepada arahan dan tuntutan agama. Menggunakan agensi kerajaan untuk kepentingan diri hatta parti memerintah juga, yang boleh dianggap kufur kerana ia melanggar prinsip demorkasi.

Ingat, Najib tidak menjawab dan menjelas segala tuduhan-tuduhan itu dengan tuntas. Sampai kini ia berlegar dalam benak orang ramai dan juga kepala orang dalam Dewan Merdeka, cuma mereka tidak tergamak untuk bertanya kerana mempunyai sifat "malualah" sebagai ahli politik parti Melayu. Selagi isu-isu tersebut mendindiungi kepala orang ramai maka Najib masih ada hutang dengan rakyat.



Kau cukup cekap, Kadir: Demoralising the Wanita.

Pada hemat kau adakah AG berani dakwa Mokhzani dan Lim Guan Eng? RoS pula tegas akan haramkan DAP?

Ataupun Najib berani isytihar darurat sebelum PRU14?

Apakah UN akan bertindak?

Bagus, Kadir kerana dapatkan mahasiwa bersama kau. Youth audience. Sepatutnya ini kerja Boboi yang kau buat dan Pemuda engkau yang berlidah petah.

Enjit enjit semut siapa sakit naik atas, kan Kadir?
Ya, dan tahniah laskar laskar siber kau telah mencederakan aku, Kadir.

Namun, saperti kata YAB Presiden UMNO, sehingga titisan darah terakhir.

Aku fikir Najib peminat setia PRamlee, Kadir. Apa kata kau?

Maka, tunggu sebentar, ya Kadir, nanti aku calling-calling Ahmad Maslan until bantuan.

Tunggu sabentar...
Oh Sharizat aku cinta pada mu
Pray for me, woman.

Tahniah Kadir dan laskar-laskar kau.

Ya Allah bantulah aku atasi mereka yang fasik dan kafir.


sukasamasuka said...


" If the opposition parties continue to build up momentum...."

1. I don't see this is happening right now.

2. Muhydin is too weak as a leader...Mukhriz is almost the same.

3. Tun will have to lead the way to woo the rural Malays.

4. This is the Last Battle for the Malays...either "more of the same" UMNO or the new "Unity Government".

5. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”...Sun Tzu.

So, if the Oppositions don't know about themselves, but only know about the enemy...don't go into the battle!

Stay home, cook rice!

Spilt milk said...

interesting reading, Myanmar's response to the silly act of the PM to attend the Rohinyas rally..

The Myanmar Times report quoted analysts on Najib’s actions and the consequences on relations between the two nations.

Bangkok-based expert on Asean affairs, Kavi Chongkittavorn, said Najib’s action was an attempt to gain votes from the Malaysian Muslim community. He said Najib could have made known his concern more effectively through discreet diplomacy.

Advisor to former Myanmar president U Thein Sein, U Ko Ko Hlaing, was quoted as saying Najib’s action was aimed at diverting public attention away from corruption allegations levelled against him.

He said such “inteference” was not good for Asean unity.

The Myanmar Times reported that a group of Muslim organisations in Myanmar had released an open letter to the Malaysian government expressing their disapproval of Putrajaya’s response.

In the letter, which was delivered to the Malaysian Embassy yesterday, they said Najib’s remarks and actions would do more harm than good for the Muslims in Myanmar.

No wonder our Army chief was hurriedly sent to Mynamar to mend relations, already soured by our PM.

Unknown said...

All politician nowday stupid daamm


Harap kau tak marah aku tanya sikit. Malu bertanya sesat jalan kata orang Melayu Totok.

Kadir, siapa target audience kau?
Besarkah audience kau.

Bukan apa, aku heran siapa pula target audience Malaysia Today.
Betulkah cerita Petra dan Jessy Reggy? Kalau bohong pasal apa mereka tak disamanmalu?

Apa kata kau ide Raja Petra Kamaruddin bertanding di PRU14?
Kuli kata dia nak pencen.

Itulah, Kadir, aku risaulah Raja Petra dapat dedak besar; kau jadi pecacai Muhyiddin tak dibayar upah langsung oleh dia. Aku ada komen aku kata Petra 'ashamed of his Malay genes' sebab itu dia lari balik pada mama dia.

Kadir betulkah China ada hackers hebat? Russia? Snowden masihkah di Moskow?

Auf Weidesehen?


Maaf Kadir pasal aku ganggu kau.

Aku lupa nak tanya kau pasal hal cukur rambut lepas haji dizaman sahabat Nabi Ahmad saw mereka pakai apa? Kalau kau tak tahu boleh kau tanya Mahathir atau Muhyiddin untuk aku?

Dan bulu kemaluan mereka.

Teruskan menggasak Najib.
Aku tak pasti cerita kalau dia pakai besi kuning yang mungkin diperolehi Rosmah dari kiai Bagan Dato'. Aku tak pasti, Kadir.

And teruskanlah laskar-laskar kau yang hebat lanyak aku.

Mana tahu ada orang kasihankan kita bagitau saham apa nak beli pada harga berapa dan bila nak jual. Apapun aku takut bursa kita kena lanyak dah betul tak, Kadir. Aku sangkut Ranhill banyak. Beli 92sen 10 lot sekarang 85 sen. Ranhill ada untung cuma takut pengurusan tak amanah.

Dan aku nak tanya kau apa Lim Kit Siang nak buat dengan PTPTN? Aku rasa itu akilis hil Najib. Kau cuba tanya DAP, Kadir.

Dan teruskanlah lanyak aku sambil aku wirid Tiada bursa melainkan bursa kl.

Kau tetap hensem, Kadir dan Sharizat gila sama kau. Tak percaya tanya Saripah Aminah bouncernya.

Over and out.


Maaf Kadir pasal aku ganggu kau.

Aku lupa nak tanya kau pasal hal cukur rambut lepas haji dizaman sahabat Nabi Ahmad saw mereka pakai apa? Kalau kau tak tahu boleh kau tanya Mahathir atau Muhyiddin untuk aku?

Dan bulu kemaluan mereka.

Teruskan menggasak Najib.
Aku tak pasti cerita kalau dia pakai besi kuning yang mungkin diperolehi Rosmah dari kiai Bagan Dato'. Aku tak pasti, Kadir.

And teruskanlah laskar-laskar kau yang hebat lanyak aku.

Mana tahu ada orang kasihankan kita bagitau saham apa nak beli pada harga berapa dan bila nak jual. Apapun aku takut bursa kita kena lanyak dah betul tak, Kadir. Aku sangkut Ranhill banyak. Beli 92sen 10 lot sekarang 85 sen. Ranhill ada untung cuma takut pengurusan tak amanah.

Dan aku nak tanya kau apa Lim Kit Siang nak buat dengan PTPTN? Aku rasa itu akilis hil Najib. Kau cuba tanya DAP, Kadir.

Dan teruskanlah lanyak aku sambil aku wirid Tiada bursa melainkan bursa kl.

Kau tetap hensem, Kadir dan Sharizat gila sama kau. Tak percaya tanya Saripah Aminah bouncernya.

Over and out.

Rawa-Tosai-Lanun-Biadap-Bahasa-Bebal said...

Salam DAKJ....Mohon laluan...

Ish! Dasar manusia mereng tak beradab!

"Masuk rumah orang" lepas tu buat perangai sakai!

Komen nya fuhhh! Intelek lah konon nya..

Tapi lebih banyak merepek merapu meroyan..

Penyokong2 Si Kelepet Najib Munafik ni semuanya lebih-kurang je!

Tutur bicara persis penghuni wad gila..

Orang Asal@Gua.Musang mungkin lebih manis budi-bahasa nya..

Dasar muka bontot kobau! Ada hati tuu minta doa pada Tuhan.. Munafik sungguh!

Pegangan agama jenis apa ni? Ala-ala PAS-PIS-PUS ke???

APA NI??? -> "..Ya Allah bantulah aku atasi mereka yang fasik dan kafir.."

SEDAR LAH OI! Tuhan TAK AKAN bantu manusia2 yg menyokong kepimpinan yg zalim lagi sesat!

*Pelajar2 pun kena GST*

*Pesakit2 pun kena GST*

*Warga tua pun kena GST*

*OKU pun kena GST*

"Rahmat dari langit" takkan turun pada pemimpin2 zalim & agamawan2 menyeleweng - Ini FAKTA! Tunggulah walau seribu tahun pun!

Yg pastinya AZAB BALA yg akan turun - Ini confirm FAKTA!

*Sorry DAKJ & everyone....Dah lama tahan isi hati ni, its high-time to say it..

Rawa-Tosai-Lanun-Biadap-Bahasa-Bebal said...

Muslim/Muslimah SEJATI mustahil akan menyokong KEZALIMAN YANG NYATA - Ini juga sah-sah FAKTA!

Waghih said...

AsSalam Datuk ...

Joe Black finally talk sense ...
When you are down and out .. you are nobody . Jadi hampeh . Takdo yang nak peduli .
Zahid , Sharizat , Waghih KJ dan otai2 Ku Li , Sharir dll dalam ikatan umah faham impak sobab dan akibat tu .
Itu sobabnyo mendokong pemimpin merupokan tungak kekuatan umah .
Nabi kito pun ngatokan gitu .

Kek P.Pinang BN are down and out .
Makno UMNO jadi hampeh ...
So... Apo jadi kek oghang melayu ?
1) Dari 1500 gerai dan warung yang dah dirobohkan olih Ultrakiasu DAPig ..90% adolah dipunyo ofhang melayu .
2) Dari 24 kampong tradisi melayu ..13 dah dimusnahkan untuk tokey bosar.
3) Peruntukan projek perumahan untuk bumiputra hanyo 30% sajo walhal kadar penduduk melayu adolah 41% . Makno ehh tiap tahun 10% oghang melayu akan dihalau keluar dari nogori.
4) DiHypermall dan supermarket warung makan halal tak sampai 30% .

So ...jangan jadi hampeh .
Penunjuk dah ado ...

Bilo jadi hampeh macam2 bolih berlaku.
Misalan ...
Tun M terpakso nyombah tokong DAPig ..
Bang Din terpakso reveal Nika ..
Boboi kono tunjuk RM billion dio ...

So .. NEVER EVER put yourself down .
Your enemies will play ball out of you.


BTW ... any new story on PPBM ?
Kek tompek den .. hidup sogan mati takmau .


Kadir, aku dah minta cerita Mahathir segan nak tolong kaum Rohingya disebarluaskan.
Harap pelarian disini faham.

Would daesh move into Arakans.
Apa intel kata, Kadir?

Saya tak tengok temubual Suu Kyi dengan Mishal Husin di BBC. The Independent Mar 26, 2016 mahu tahu pendirian Nobel Laureate ini.
Aku nak tahu sangat apa Bob Dylan nak kata pasal illegal immigrants ke Europa.

Harap Mahathir tahu reaksi Rohingyar di sini, Kadir.

Tot ziens

Ps: do you think Najib will be a dictator like Marcos?

sukasamasuka said...


"Obviously Najib is the best for Shahrizat, Ahmad Zahid, Khairy and the rest of the lot, but I am not sure if most Malaysians feel the same way."

1. None of them is actually coming out very strongly in the past to defend PM Najib in public, the way of the Dahalan and the Keruak...except, praising him during the last UMNO AGM...the safest place on earth.

2. Either Dahalan or Keruak shall become the new Chief Minister of Sabah...the best bet from "the ground gossip" is Dahalan...Keruak to become the next Dewan Speaker replacing Pandikar...all three are Sabahans from almost the same localities...hardcore ex USNO (now UMNO) heartlands...Musa, the current Chief Minister to become TYT of Sabah, like Mahmud of Sarawak, replacing Juhar who is retiring.

3. Seriously, the likes of Shahrizat, Ahmad Zahid and Khairy is nothing compared to the 3 giants from Sabah...Dahalan, Keruak and Musa...in terms of solid rock support from the grassroots...and, "projects"...furthermore, none of these Sabahans ever lost in any elections....as for Anipah Aman, another Sabahan who is the younger brother of Musa, our Foreign Minister...sayonara baby!

4. UMNO will rule Sabah after the PRU14 without its traditional allies hands down as the new delineation is favoring a 3-4 corner fights in Muslim seats...BN (UMNO without its allies) vs PAS vs Gabungan pembangkang vs Warisan!...UMNO is sure to win!...in the last GE13, UMNO had 31 out of 60 ADUNs, now expanded to 73 seats, almost all the new 13 ones will be given to UMNOs...so, UMNO has a minimum of 44-45 seats out of 73!

5. All the other three BN non-Muslim Bumiputra allies in Sabah: PBS, UPKO and PBRS...20 ADUNs altogether...will die natural death!...but UMNO does not depend on these "cannot be trusted non-Muslim Bumiputras" to form the next government...as a rule of thumb, some will be appointed as nominated assemblymen to represent their communities as per the Constitution of Sabah.

6. UMNO Sabah alone, without its allies, will continue to deliver at the very least 18 parliamentary seats to federal...very comfortably...no question ask.

7. Now, where is the Opposition stands?...your guess is as good as mine.

8. At the current rate you guys are going...I am going home, to cook rice!

Nenekghuffran said...

Salam DAKJ...

Nenek tumpang bertanya...pendebat Rawa Lanun-Bahasa tu suku sakat si Lanun Bugis ke?...

Bahasa lanun memang macam tu ke?

Naj said...

Kaedah saudara RAWA berbicara ialah lumrah sebuah parti politik tertentu; rosakkan kredibiliti dan pecahkan isu sebanyak mungkin. Komen diberi berbentuk cadangan "salah laku" dan pengutaraan idea-idea tak bermakna dalam bentuk soalan demi soalan demi soalan.

Soalan mempunyai nilai yang amat tinggi tapi tujuan penanyaan mestilah jelas; apa yang ingin diketahui dan/atau dipelajari melalui soalan (atau soalan-soalan) terbabit? Kalau tujuan asal ialah merosakkan kredibiliti, mengelirukan (mislead) daripada isu utama atau lain-lain tujuan yang tidak baik, maka soalan akan berbunyi janggal dan tiada jawapan mampu diberi.


Naj said...

Saudara Waghih,

Yang perlu kita takuti ialah ketidakjujuran dan penyalahgunaan kuasa; andai kata siapa2 roboh warung siapa2 atas dasar tidak jujur dan salah guna kuasa, perkara ni patut jadi isu dan ditangani. Begitu juga bila pemimpin tertinggi mengamalkan kleptokrasi, ini patut jadi isu dan ditangani. Kalau saudara yakin dengan pembela yang saudara sebutkan, maka gesalah mereka untuk melakukan pembersihan (purge) ketidakjujuran dan penyalahgunaan kuasa. Jika tidak, keyakinan dan kepercayaan akan terus terhakis. Pemimpin dan pembela tidak boleh hanya pada nama sebaliknya perlu memimpin dan membela walaupun tiada nama dan kuasa.


posmen said...

Baru hari minggu lepas masa Pau berdegar degar pemimpin dan perwakilan berkata usah perdulikan mereka yg di luar yg sibuk menghentam para pemimpin umno.
Tapi belum sampai seminggu laskar bangang siber umno pula sibuk ambil peduli dgn blog AKJ.. sah nampak mereka memang sedang terdesak dan tersepit


LANUN RAWA THOSAI, perhaps an ENT surgeon can look into your deafness, blindness and deafness.

But your stupidity may be incurable, just like the hypocrisy of JIBO LANUN-BUGIS, kan?

“Kadir, aku dah minta cerita Mahathir segan nak tolong kaum Rohingya disebarluaskan.” Eh eleh, sebarlah extra-extra-luas, LANUN RAWA THOSAI. Go ahead, make Tun's day. Is your stupidity contagious, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? You have it bad. Maybe those with working brains can figure out that JIBO LANUN-BUGIS is merely making too much noise, too late, for people he cares nothing about?

Do you like gimmicks, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? Are you one?

How will you relieve your burning nafsu for bulu kemaluan, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? I suggest a marathon viewing of the Islamic masterpiece Wolf of Wall Street, made with money stolen from Kumpulan Wang Persaraan Diperbadankan (KWAP) by JIBO LANUN-BUGIS, yes, by JIBO LANUN-BUGIS and passed to his anak tiri. If you are pensioner the irony will be sweet.

What will you munch during the movie, LANUN RAWA THOSAI?

Popcorn? Too mat salleh. Kuaci? Rawa thosai? No? How about dedak? Yes? OK.

Order in advance, LANUN RAWA THOSAI. Please specify what type of haiwan you are. Then we shall match the dedak.

PS: Du bist der Dorftrottel of DAKJ’s blog, betul tak, LANUN RAWA THOSAI?

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Hang dah tulih macam2 pasai kepala2 UMNO ni. Ramai orang temasok aku pon pi nulih habag kat keturunan Ponorogo tu, ta'at tak bebelah lagi hanya bagi Allah S.W.T. dan rosulNya saja. Munkin dia tau tapi tak peduli, munkin lagu tu jugak menantu Dolah dan Mami Sg Petani(?) tu... apa nak kata....di hati kecik aku, tegamak depa. Munkin kata2 tu pon depa tak paham. Kalau kepala2 orang2 bajau diparlimen atau kepala polisi atau kepala peguam...jugak tak paham, munkin depa tak fasih lengok basa kita....kod susah sangat....

Hanyasanya berputuih arang la kita, becerailah kita...munkin seperti di gambagkan di awai suroh Baroah (ayat 3) dan di akiag suroh asSajdah, yg maksudnya lebih korang:
"Oleh itu janganlah engkau hiraukan mereka, dan tunggulah (kesudahan mereka), sesungguhnya mereka pun menunggu (kesudahanmu). "(terjemahan dari Surah.my).

Maksud aku Kadiag, tok sah dok hirau depa ni lagi. Hang teruih la kerja hang, sebagkan maklumat yg sohih ke segala cerok rantau dan Mat Tehag dan geng teruihkan jugak cuba dapat petandingan satu lawan satu, munkin samping tu sebagkan progrem2 yg bersipat 'populist'...seperti yg aku bulih ingat almarhum Tok Guru dulu buat arRahn (pajak gadai "Mesra syari'ah") selepaih tak bulih lesen bank dan tabung serambi Makkah untuk kerja2 kebajikan, terutama kalu bulih aku cadang, pd mangsa2 jinayah ganaih atau kemalangan yg semakin menjadi jadi, macam hulog sikit fulus kad Toknya budak yg mayat nya di buboh dlm tong ikan untuk kos urus jenazah, dan hulog sikit belanja sekolah taun baru untuk anak2 Shukri bin Sa'ad di Lahag Yoi, dan tubuhkan institusi "ombudsman" macam almarhum Tunku cadangkan dulu, korang2 buat di Pineng dan Selangok dulu....apa pon, paling penting jugak kena "hit the ground, sprinting".

Maghap no kod telebih tekorang,

Smarter? said...

can you enlighten please, is Sharizat a mamak? Her husband too?
They both look like mamaks.
Why did Khazanah award a scholarship to their son ? Did he top the class?
Surely others equally or smarter, whose families cannot afford overseas education should qualify for the award? What was Khazanah thinking?

John Doe said...

Semoga pihak yang bathil dihancurkan Allah.


John Doe said...

Itulah, Kadir, aku risaulah Raja Petra dapat dedak besar; kau jadi pecacai Muhyiddin tak dibayar upah langsung oleh dia. Aku ada komen aku kata Petra 'ashamed of his Malay genes' sebab itu dia lari balik pada mama dia.

Pendedak akhirnya mengakui mereka muncul demi dedak. RPK pun diakui dapat dedak besar, patut berpaling arah sakan ja.

Si Rawa Lanun ni pun sudah tentu dapat dedak juga.

Malah dia sendiri akui Pak Kadir buat kerja ni tanpa dibayar upah.

Itulah bezanya orang berjuang dan pendedak. Seorang buat kerja demi perjuangan, seorang lagi buat kerja demi dedak.

John Doe said...

Tak berapa nak cerdik rupanya komen dia ni.

Siapa sebenarnya PM hari ni? Kenapa nak tanya Tun M pula? Tun M PM ke Najib yang PM ni?

Siapa pula yang hantar PAT ke Myanmar untuk perbaiki hubungan selepas bersandiwara jerit dalam stadium? Takkan Tun M juga yang hantar.

Waghih-Dungu-Otak-Kobau said...

Salam DAKJ....Mohon laluan sekali lagi...

Si-Mamat-Tiga-Suku-Sakat ni kalau bab karut-mengarut memang DIO LAH!

Dongu nyo mencanak-canak! CGPA 3.8 leemoo jugak kot..

"..Itu sobabnyo mendokong pemimpin merupokan tungak kekuatan umah .
Nabi kito pun ngatokan gitu.."

Tuu laa! Doeluu waktu kocik skolah monteng, dah bosa ni jadi kuat koncing..

Kalau nak rujuk hal Nabi jangan main TEMBAK JOO!

Nabi TAK PAKAI 'ngatokan' wahai waghih dungu, Untuk Nabi kito pakai 'SABDO' (Sabda)..

Itu bukan jiran kito belakang umah, ITU NABI... Darjat nyoo laen! Respect la sket..

Melayu kek Penang skarang susah??? Udah-udah lo dongan nyebain domba fitnah... Suko sangat tolan daging bangkai yo?

Melayu kek Penang ALHAMDULILLAH joo, Melayu yg 'sakit' ONLY melayu UMNO... Melayu laen okay joo... Ini info sahih dari Melayu Penang..

Yg doeluu buek jahanam Penang tuu GERAKAN & UMNO! Poie lindung peniago2 gerai haram..

Sebonar nyo yg buek semuo oghang susah KEK MANO MANO NOGHOIE PUN iolah GST! Itu baru boetul fakta!

Nak koncing pun steady ahh siket jang, poie ngaji laie kek Zizan Osman PHD si penyokung Najib Maleng nun..

Waghih Waghih! Ese sian kek ekau, dah tuo-tuo pun masih laei dongu...

Apo la nasib anak cucu ekau yo...

Berhenti la menyokong kepemimpinan yg zalim lagi sesat - Itu tuntutan sebenar Islam!

P/S: Islam sebenar TIDAK RACIST! Nabi SAW walaupun sayangkan bangsa arab quraisy nya, namun baginda sendiri bukan seorang rasis - Ini FAKTA!

*Sorry again DAKJ & everyone....Yg ini pun dah lama tahan isi hati, kena juga luahkan...

banggoi petai said...

Poie samak mulot ko waghih oii...bertokak udah bontot badak yang ekau poie jilat tu

Zalman A said...

Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil is also the master of making cheap political capital out of the suffering of others.

The Rohingya suffered far worse atrocities in 2012 and after than the recent violence of 2016. In fact, they have been fleeing their shores due to this violence for the past 4 years.

How did Malaysia respond?


"Malaysia’s deputy home minister, Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, however, said his country would use tough measures, including turning back asylum-seeker boats and deportation in order to send the “right message”.

“We don’t want them to come here,” the deputy minister said. His ministry oversees the police and immigration agencies.

“We are not prepared to accept that number coming into our shores and those people who are already in, we are sending them home anyway.

“I would like them to be turned back and ask them to go back to their own country. We cannot tell them we are welcoming them.”

Mappadulung duk senyap jer, Hadi duk senyap jer, cuma a few NGO that raised the issue.

But now that people need "Islamic Photo-Op for GE and To Cover Scandal"...suddenly we care.

Perhaps Mappadulung should stop being a hypocrite, but it's part of his DNA I fear.


Kau memang berani, Kadir; namun kau ingat berselindung dibelakang catatan @joe black boleh main angel of death and let you of the hook dan tidak boleh dibicara atas tuduhan menghasut dan berniat malukan seorang Perdana Menteri?

Boleh aku tahu apa death wish kau, Kadir?
Mampus terhina atau mati terhormat dunia akhirat?

Orang cerdik dan waras macam kau boleh cerita apa Boboi Pribumi parti kau mahu dan apa kehendak Mahathir bapanya?
Apa betul cerita Mahathir hilang berbilliun ringgit?

Kalau kau nak mampus hina teruskanlah tetapi kalau kau nak mati terhormat dan Mahathir nak jumpa balik duit dia yang hilang apa kata kau kita duduk berbincang?

Aku tahu aku nobody tetapi are you somebody special and is Mahathir super special?

Aku akan minta kawan-kawan agar posting kau kali ini diperhatikan. Terpulanglah kalau Ahmad Maslan mahu mulakan prosiding atau tidak atau dia fikir blog kau harmless.

Namun, kau masih belum jawab soalan Marcos aku, Kadir atau kau mahu so nenek yang jawab.

Aku hormat kau dan masih sayang Mahathir dan Siti Hasmah dan kalau boleh berusaha agar Tuanku semua memerintah negara dengan tenang hati.

Kalau betul cerita Mahathir hilang berbillion maka apa kah dia super special?

Tepuk dada tanya selera, Kadir.
Kalau sedia nak berbincang just say so.

Apapun do your job well, Kadir; Mahathir is counting on you.

Salam hormat


You seem to be exploiting your host's generous patience with your drivel, LANUN RAWA THOSAI.

Are you super special, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? Oh, but the Ketua Wanita is. After the Court of Appeal directed her case to be tried fully, the bearded mamak lawyer sent one secret letter to the new A-G and the case was dropped. Are you that special, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? Do you enjoy the new A-G's performance so far? JIBO LANUN-BUGIS does. So that's RM250 million of feedlot money gone to buy condos. Corruption is good, kan, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? You like it. You get a few crumbs and you are happy. Have you tried making rendang daging with condo concrete rather than beef? It is good for the teeth, LANUN RAWA THOSAI. Do try it. Then post a photo.

Do you know a good dentist, LANUN RAWA THOSAI?

Should everyone descend to your level of Bugislicking, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? Do people have a choice? Yes.

Where is your review of Wolf of Wall Street, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? We sent dedak ayam to your house. It is cheap and filling, so the chickens say. Did you ficken deine Tochter afterwards? Don't worry if you did. Moral dissolution is OK, it starts from the very top in this country. Yes, while the budak2 Melayu enjoy their humble PTPTN loans, the budak Umgnok are in Lundang, spending our money on drugs and mat salleh women and cars and shopping and luxury apartments.

"One for you, nineteen for me".

Who wrote that, LANUN RAWA THOSAI?

Shall I translate it into German for you? Ja? Nein?


Waghih said...

Finally a sane reply ...

Terimo kasih banyak2 sedaro Naj.
Den amek setuju dongan hujah sedaro .

Dalam kontek menjana perubahan ini..den lobih pado usoho dalaman dari luaran .
Kona pastikan pemimpin2 yang berwibawo dan dokong mereko untuk menerajui kumpulan .
Perkuatkan saf untuk mereko ni .

Untuk kleptokrasi tu ... istilah ni diguno olih mereko yang memang nak membangkang jo .
Fakta yang diambik dari Justro ,oghang yang ngaku sajo buek penipuan untuk dapek imbuhan Rm2 juta dari penamo Rewcastle dan Edgy Tong.
So... tak dapek kesohihan tu .

Den masih percayo pado sistem kito yang ado sekarang ni ... walaupun tak perfect ...but still better and credible dari others.

Thanks bro.


panglimo potaseh said...

Molayu Kolantan dan Ganu apo corito.


Take your time, Kadir.
Aku tunggu kes Lim Guan Eng mula dan selesai.

Aku faham, Kadir, there is no turning back for Mahathir and you.

Is there a Laksamana Cheng Hoe now in Beijing, Kadir, or a Mad Dog in Pentagon?

Would Hilary do any better than the Donald, Kadir; and would Al Qubaisi and Reza turn State Evidence?

Interesting times, don't you think so, Kadir?

Good day to you, Kadir.

ymase said...

Situasi yang di hadapi oleh balaci-balaci Si Muka Tembok sorang tu persis 'ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak'.

Kalau tak ampu boleh miss soru/terlepas beberapa potong pai. Lagipun 'if you can't beat them, join them'.

Habis-habis buat-buat buta, bisu dan pekak - don't rock the bugis boat nanti semua tenggelam.

Bila cuba nak mengelak dari terjebak/bersekongkol, terimalah nasib seperti Husni, Tambun. Bukan apa 'a little toooooo late, damage done'.

Minta maaf saya tak dapat terima alasan Husni atau Muhyidin - nak cuci tangan from the whole crime.

At the end of the day, aaaaaall were complicit jadi jangan pura-pura buat terkejut baru nak dedah atas dasar errr apa? Oh saya dah insaf? Buat malu kaum keluarga sendiri saja.

Aaah but then the above-mentioned woman satu famili langsung tak tahu malu - sickening!

Rawa-Tosai-Lanun-Biadap-Bahasa-Bebal said...

Salam DAKJ....Sekali lagi mohon laluan...

Siapa lebih teruk - Marcos or Najib?

ANSWER = Both are EQUAL tyrant & kleptocrat!

Kedua-duanya PENGKHIANAT BANGSA & NEGARA masing2..

Kedua-duanya punyai ISTERI yg GILA KUASA.. (Sorang gila kuasa & gila kumpul kasut, sorang lagi gila kuasa & gila kumpul handbag)

Kedua-duanya diSUMPAH-SERANAH oleh bangsa mereka sendiri..

CUMA ADA SATU persoalan sahaja disini..

1986 Marcos MATI DALAM BUANGAN di Hawaii & hanya berjaya dikebumikan (Rakyat Pinoy masih lagi bantah besar-besaran) di Filipina baru-baru ini (18 November 2016) itupun setelah sekian lama (30 tahun!) jasadnya 'di-awet-kan' & 'di-sejuk-beku-kan'..

Najib Si Pengkhianat Munafik ni nanti "kesudahannya" macamana agaknya?

Rawa-Tosai-Lanun-Biadap-Bahasa-Bebal said...

Salam DAKJ..

Mohon maaf, ada typo berkenaan Marcos..

Marcos mati dalam buangan pada 1989, NOT 1986..

Jasad Marcos di-awet & disejuk-bekukan selama 27 tahun, NOT 30 years..

Maaf sekali lagi..

Sekian, harap maklum..

What? said...

a report in the media informed that the official invitation to Tun M on the new Agong's installation has been withdrawn.
The rakyat certainly trusts this is not true.
The Palace and rulers are above politics and due respect to Tun M for all his services to the country, king and rakyat during his tenure as PM can never be forgotten.
Irrespective of current events, the rakyat holds Tun M with the greatest respect and honour. Any disrespect and dishonour to him by Putrajaya elevates Tun M as the national hero by all right thinking rakyat.

The Agong and rulers are for all Malaysians, whether their policies differ from one another. The current leadership must not tarnish the installation with petty politics, and if true what utter disgrace and shame on Putrajaya.

sukasamasuka said...


RAWA LANUN- BAHASA 11:14 AM....Rawa 0 Datuk AKJ 1

Masuk gelanggang orang jangan main2...

sukasamasuka said...


Tun M terpakso nyombah tokong DAPig...so what?...tiada paksaan dalam Islam.

sukasamasuka said...


Kek P.Pinang BN are down and out .Makno UMNO jadi hampeh ...So... Apo jadi kek oghang melayu ?

Pergi la berhijrah...

Rasullulah s.a.w berhijrah...Madina Constitution...Kalender Islam... masa tu Melayu masih sembah patung2 Hindu dan buddha.

Parameswara berhijrah...Kesultanan Islam Melaka, kalau tidak Melayu ada apa?

Melayu berhijrah dari kampong2...jadi Felda...pengeluar kelapa sawit terbesar dunia.

Melayu berhijrah sekali lagi...beli Guthrie dari British...buat kereta Proton...bina Petronas Twin Tower...bina Putrajaya...

Bila Melayu stop berhijrah...

pemimpin terbesar UMNO maki hamum orang Melayu Felda...
minta duit sama Arab...konon derma...
minta duit sama China...konon pelaburan...
kutip cukai GST dari orang miskin tiada pendapatan...
hutang sana sini...
jual agama dengan janji2 kosong...slogan2 kosong...
jual Rohingya...
beli PAS jual Hudud...

Jangan salahkan DAP!...ini semua kerja Melayu UMNO.

rawa lanun merajuk said...

alahai poyo lah kau rawa lanun bahasa tak cukup sifat.

Kau bagitau dekat Ahmad Maslan suruh la hantar 1st batch cybertrooper.

DAKJ, lepas pak lah resign, tahap ni je ke cybertrooper UMNO? punya la low class. Tak mencabar langsung.

Budak budak pi main dekat tempat lain. Jangan kacau orang tua tua sembang. Syooohhhh....

Nenekghuffran said...

Nenek rasa RAWA LANUN-BAHASA tu lebih elok diganti dengan LAWAK LANUN-SASAU.....

Start well, end well said...

Came across this comment on the retraction of invitation letter to Tun Mahthir:

"It is not the installation ceremony but only the oath taking ceremony. The installation is usually held in April next year. Invitations are at the behest of the federal government and not the Agong or the Conference of Rulers.
In fact it is handled by the Ceremonial and Protocol Division of the PM's Department. "

Is this true that this is the responsibility of Putrajaya.? Then can we ask:

Can the new Agong intervene and put a stop to this "misuse" of his office?.
Is this Malay adat and custom?
As a Tun and former PM, Mahathir is entitled to receive an invitation for state functions and he takes precedence ahead of the Cabinet.

Political differences should not be used to embarrass and humiliate national leaders who have served the country well.

The new Agong's installation is for all Malaysians to participate and take joy in,
and to wish him great success when he begins his term.

sukasamasuka said...


"LATEST, Dec 7 - ...the withdrawal of the Istana Negara invitation to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the oath taking ceremony of the new King...scheduled for Dec 13"

When was the last time I elected the new king?

"Ayahnda ku" Tun...I elected you to be my Prime Minister for 22 years...I am very proud of that choice to this very moment...May Allah bless you with good health!...

Dengan ini juga aku bersumpah...demi Allah! aku haramkan duit aku yang dikutip sebagai cukai untuk digunakan untuk adat istiadat yang membazir.


Apa kata kau pasal undangan ditarikbalik, Kadir?

Mahathir peduli apa, betul tak?

Apa pun aku tak sangka laskar siber kau boleh cederakan aku sampai aku gelak dan kau pun semestinya. Tahniahlah dan terimakasih superman superman kau, Kadir.

Apapun aku kena terima hakikat Ahmad Maslan tak peduli pada blog kau sebabnya blog kau 'harmless'. Tetapi kau janganlah percaya kata-kata aku. Cuba call 03 6200 0051 dan tanyalah Ahmad Maslan sendiri.

Teruskan lanyak aku, Kadir.
Dengar berita the Donald tak peduli sangat projek regime change tetapi daesh: jadi apa kau dah boleh jawab soalan Marcos aku?

Basyar al-Assad macam Suu Kyii kah, Kadir? Apa kata kau?

Enjit enjit semut aku sakit naik atas, Kadir.

Daulat Tuanku.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.
Aku harap hang jangan ambik hati sangat pasai apa sisa2 feudal 'fantasy island' buat kad Mat Tehag.
Munkin jadi insentib untuk hang buang jolokkan 'datuk' yg hang dok pakai tu. Kalu hang kekai sebutan 'datuk' hang, sekalipon untuk cucu2 hang, masih macam ada tak kena...cara aku nengok munkin lebih sesuai (untok sebagian depa) kod kalu hang basa saja diri hang 'gramps' ka 'grandpa' ka.
Jengen maraaah aaa.

Sulaid said...

Gua caya lu lah Rawa Lanun - Bahasa. Mana bisa kita ikut cakap, terima bulat bulat cerita dongeng, cerita copy paste kawan kawan Kadir.

Waghih said...

The Last Hurrah ...

Sodih den nengok Tun M diperkudokan olih DAPig maso media conference perhimpunan 50 thn DAPig baru2 ni .

Sabolom perhimpunan , dibuek pengumuman media Tun M tak dijemput untuk hadir perhimpunan DAPig 50 thn.
Alasan PPBM bukan angoto Pakatan dan ahli DAPig tak percayo langsung kek Tun M .
Satu big slap in the face for Tun M and his ANC gang .

Lopeh video DAPig Superman Hew dimainkan pado hari akhir PAU . Tibo2 jemputan khas dibuek untuk Tun M siap dongan pemandu untuk duduk bersamo VIP DAPig di ponteh maso media conference.
Tun M mengumumkan sokongan beliau pado DAPig tontang video Superman Hew ...

Video Superman Hew ...
" sokong melayu ..SKREW melayu "
" sokong ma ha thir ..SKREW melayu "

Lopeh habih conference ..Tun M "halau" balik dongan alasan Perdebatan DAPig akan bermulo .. takut Tun M akan kono tiaw kaw kaw olih ahli2 DAPig yang bonci Tun.

Bagitulah wajah sabonar DAPig ...
Apo yang dipapar olih Superman Hew ..itu lah wajah DAPig ...
" guno melayu SKREW melayu "

Melayu P.Pinang dah kono ...

The Last Hurrah .. for DAPig lahh.



I think JIBO LANUN-BUGIS is behind this. It is the same "bravery" that he displayed in the ill-fated "Everything2Hide" forum. Tak berani face Tun, lah.

Tun was about to ask a question about Jho Low when they cut him off at "Everything2Hide".

So, LANUN RAWA THOSAI (a man who can almost equal the stellar intellect of Mat Maslan 3.85), why did Hassan Carimakan delete the PAC evidence from BNM that showed PSI was a Jho Low company? That's US$700 million gone, LANUN RAWA THOSAI. Did you complain? No. You love the Chinese too much, LANUN RAWA THOSAI. Remember that playing the passive role in liwat committed by a fat Chinese is also a sin, LANUN RAWA THOSAI. (Although you won't be charged, based on the fate of Sdr Saiful bin Scholarship-Discussion.) Bertaubatlah, LANUN RAWA THOSAI.

Mat Maslan 3.85 seems well-respected (?)


Oh, to answer your question, it is Mrs Marcos that was always the problem. Greedy, kan.

When the history book is written, who do you think will be revealed as the mastermind, LANUN RAWA THOSAI? Mat Maslan and yourself do not have the brains for it. Congratulations on your acquittal.

Allein ist besser als mit Schlechten im Verein: mit Guten im Verein, ist besser als allein, betul tak LANUN RAWA THOSAI?

Betul lah tu.

Auf dedaksehen, LANUN RAWA THOSAI.

You love the Chinese too much.

RD. said...

This is another example of how stupid the Government under Najib is.
UMNO-Najib is ruining the country and its Royal Institution.
Why the need to invite Dr.M then rescind?
Who is UMNO-Najib trying to shame?
Dr.M of the New YDP Agong?

My opinion is that... the New YDP Agong have the right or at least the courtesy to give his opinion on who should or should not attend His Highness coronation. If not, the Rakyat might think that The Agong is at the mercy and disposal of the Government, hence eroding Rakyat's trust towards the Institution.
After-all, the YDP Agong are suppose to be apolitical.

I'm definitely sure The Yang The Pertuan Agong needs the support, respect and loyalty from His subjects, including PPBM's politicians and supporters.

sukasamasuka said...


Tun M attending the DAP AGM was the most important cultural, religious, historical and political event in this country ever...far more important than any event after that for that matter...anytime.

That is the way of the Malay warrior.

Berani kerana benar!

sukasamasuka said...


1. Lets us go back to basic.

2. Atau, kata pujangga Melayu...kalau sesat di hujung jalan, balik la ke pangkal jalan...

3. It is time for us Malaysians to look back...and understand the Malaysia Agreement 1963...disitu la pangkal jalan nya!

4. Itu la "Malaysia" yang sebenar2nya.

5. Malaysia bukan pasal "the pomp and the grandeur" of the West Malaysian's past "political institution"...I am sorry if we have come to this, but, its a fact...I'm sorry...

ymase said...

Semuanya tertakluk pada niat - but the Crime Minister tak attend pun majlis perpisahan the outgoing DYMM Sultan Abdul Halim several days ago. Mungkin dia tak di undang agaknya dengan alasan mengelak kesipuan dan kerusi pun tak cukup.

No love lost from his side though, but the new DYMM - hmmm... new chapter, time to suck up to new Agung pulak.

p.s saya sudi pinjamkan sepasang kerusi kayu jati antik kepada Pejabat Penyimpan Mohor supaya Tun berdua tidak kesipuan kerana terpaksa berdiri di majlis berkenaan nanti.

Zalman A said...

Tun's comment:

"Pada 10 haribulan 11, 2016, saya menerima jemputan dari Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja yang menjunjung titah perintah Majlis Raja-Raja untuk menghadiri Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja Yang Ke-244 (Khas) di Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur pada hari Selasa 13hb Disember 2016 bersamaan 13 Rabiulawal 1438H jam 11.00 pagi sempena Istiadat Melafaz dan menandatangani Sumpah Jawatan oleh Seri Paduka Baginda Sultan Muhammad V, Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Al-Maghfur-Lah, Timbalan Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Saya jawab bahawa saya akan hadir kerana saya anggap acara ini sebagai acara nasional yang tidak ada kaitan dengan mana-mana parti politik.

Pada 6hb Disember, 2016 saya terima surat dari Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja yang menyebut:

“Dengan hormat saya menyusuli undangan yang dihantar kepada YABhg Tun dan memaklumkan bahawa undangan tersebut adalah dibatalkan.

Surat ini bermaksud untuk mengelak sebarang kesipuan (embarrassment) jika YABhg Tun hadir pada hari dan ketika tersebut kerana Pejabat ini tiada menyediakan kerusi kepada YABhg Tun.”

Rupa-rupanya acara negara adalah sebahagian dari politik parti.

Saya minta maaf kerana membuat anggapan yang salah. Saya akan ambil ingatan bahawa Istana Negara adalah milik Najib dan Parti Barisan Nasional.


Terima Kasih."

The Rulers are not to blame, but the Protocol Division of the PMO-1 (Penyamun MO-1) is.

Thieves are generally biadab. MO1 is a massive thief so the lack of adab is proportional.

Nenekghuffran said...

Najib is the 'KING'....long live the King... pergi jahanam dengan rakyat semua..
Rakyat jelata dah nampak 'KING' dah telanjang bulat tapi dia buat-buat tak faham dan masih teruskan lakonan di pentas bangsawannya....


Hebat Duitse taal kau, Kadir.
Tersandong lidah ku kau buat.

Jadi kau setujulah Najib akan saperti Marcos, Kadir?
Apakah cerita pasti jadi atau hanya kata hati kau?
Apa bukti kau, Kadir?
Hujah kau pastinya hebat tepat meranapkan pangkal akal hinggal gagal berfungsi.

Minority Report filem aku suka tengok. Aku tak faham sangat ertinya proaktive hanya konsep tawakkal alallah, Kadir; dan hikmah.

Cuma aku tengok juga sekarang ini ketika Duterte Presiden Marcos disanjung kembali.

Kembali ke sini, apa Lim Guan Eng tidak bersalah dan tidak akan ada penggantinya?

Joe Black yakin Najib bersalah.
Aku bersetuju dengan dia tetapi aku kata Najib mangsa kelicikan Jho Low. Apa pula pendirian kau, Kadir? Kita tunggulah bicara BSI di Singapura dan kes KARI di New York. Pastinya, wang 1MDB 1MDB dapat balik, bukan begitu, Kadir?
Dan aku yakin China tahu apa yang berlaku dan peranan Riza Aziz dalam Skandal 1MDB. Hackers mereka jaguh yang semestinya mudah memperolehi apa-apa maklumat sulit perbankan sekiranya mereka perlu. Kau mesti pandang aku naif kan, Kadir. Mana ada satu Melayu Totok sepintar Mahathir- dan Sanussi Joned saperti juga Daim Zainuddin pasti akur dengan kau.

Aku tidaklah semuda darah kau, Kadir, dan selalunya aku ketinggalan zaman dan banyak berangan tidak kenal realiti hidup. Tidak pun arif fajar subuh dari fajar palsu, tak saperti kau, Kadir.

Tabbayun program di Astro jarang-jarang aku tonton tak saperti National Geographic Channel. Tentunya bila aku lihat negara perlukan Najib terus memimpin, kau pastinya tak setuju kerana berbeza persepsi.

Maka aku mahu juga tahu siapa jaguh kau, Kadir, untuk memimpin negara di zaman kegelapan ASEAN?

Tentunya Tuanku akan berkenan Perdana Menteri yang benar-benar Bersih Cekap dan Amanah membawa negara ke TN5O.
Maklumlah, Kadir, dengarnya Tuanku arif agama cuma masih belum berpermaisuri.

Inilah teruknya aku dibelasah kau, Kadir kerana mempertahankan Presiden aku dan bukan Jho Low.

Dan harap kau kabarkan kepada Mahathir aku mohon maaf kerana tidak dapat membantunya dapatkan balik ringgit berbiliun dan bawa Boboi lebih dekat kerusi Presiden. Aku ada akal tetapi Mahathir tak sanggup terimanya kerana aku tak pandai bercerita bertapa senangnya tawan hati Najib yang tidak ada kebencian padanya. Duit itu boleh diganti dengan izin Tuhan Maha Esa tetapi Boboi kenalah buktikan kebolehannya, Kadir.

Lim Kit Siang hancur hatinya Guan Eng kecundang betul tak, Kadir?

Ingat Akhirat, Kadir.

Naj said...

Saudara Waghih,

Isu USD700mil masuk akaun peribadi ni didokumentasi dengan baik, Sarawak Report lapor kata masuk akaun peribadi, pejabat "pemimpin" kata tidak. Kemudian WSJ lapor benda yang sama, "pemimpin" kata nak saman. Kemudian "pemimpin" kata "tak guna untuk tujuan peribadi". Kemudian, "itu derma". Dan perincian (detail) berkenaan derma juga berubah-ubah; sama ada tentang penderma atau tujuan derma.

Jadi isu USD700mil ni saja dah nampak begitu banyak membohong dan berubah-ubah jawapannya. Kata nak saman pun tak saman (inipun bohong juga). Panggillah nak panggil apa pun kalau tak nak panggil kleptokrasi; apa yang terlihat ialah sama ada ketidakjujuran, atau lemah tak berani nak ambil tindakan (kalau ada isu pencemaran nama (defame) oleh WSJ), dan/atau lain2 perkara yang menampakkan "pemimpin" ni sama ada tak kompeten atau tak boleh dipercayai atau lain2 kombinasi yang melemahkan organisasi "pembela" yang kamu sayang tu.

Asalnya perkara ni ialah berkenaan "potong buang" entiti yang melemahkan organisasi; takde isu pun nak guling kerajaan, merosakkan saf, atau apa2 lagi istilah yang dah digunapakai. Ini lumrah; kalau ada bahagian lemah dalam badan dan boleh melemah/lumpuhkan satu badan, doktor akan potong buang bahagian tersebut. Masalah di sini ialah bila bahagian bermasalah ni mempengaruhi bahagian lain melalui apa cara sekalipun supaya kekal berada (malah berkuasa) di dalam badan. Akhirnya kita nampak semakin banyak bahagian yang rosak dalam jasad terbabit.

Rapatkan saf, kukuhkan ukhwah, atur strategi dan buanglah entiti2 bermasalah.


Waghih-Dungu-Otak-Kobau said...

Salam DAKJ....Mohon laluan..

Si Kelepet Najib Munafik "Berjaya Naik" lagi!

Kali ni harga SANTAN KELAPA pulak naik..

RM 11.00/kg..

Dimana kenaikan ini akan bermula??? JENG JENG JENG - Rembau, Negeri Sembilan!

Sebabnya??? Kerana bekalan santan kelapa domestik TAK CUKUP....So Peniaga2 Malaysia TAKDE PILIHAN LAIN, kena import dari luar..

Kita TERPAKSA import dari sumber paling dekat dgn Malaysia - Thailand & Indonesia..

Nilai RM dah jatuh teruk..

Rupiah Indonesia LEBIH BERNILAI dari RM..


*TERSERLAH KEBENARAN FAKTA dari Pakar Ekonomi Dunia - Prof Jomo Kwame Sundaram*

Semuanya kesan BAHANA dari skandal 1MDB..

Pelabur2 Asing & Sentimen Pasaran Dunia AMAT TIDAK BERKENAN dgn RM & Negara Malaysia..

Faktor utamanya??? Kepimpinan Kleptokrat... Dunia AMAT TAK YAKIN dgn kerajaan kleptokrat Malaysia..

Ini belum cerita lagi berkaitan EXODUS PELABURAN ASING dari Malaysia....Semua pakat tarik diri dari melabur dalam Malaysia..

Rizab BNM pun MAKIN MENGUNCUP....RM kita nilainya lebih banyak TURUN dari NAIK..

Hari ke hari Nilai RM hanya NAIK CIPUT jer....Tapi bila Nilai RM turun....TURUN nya KAW-KAW..

Kepada semua penyokong2 Si Kelepet Najib Munafik - Teruskan lah menyokong KEPIMPINAN yg ZALIM lagi SESAT....Tak mustahil tak lama lagi Nilai RM bakal jadi $5 RM = $1 USD..

Syabas diucapkan kepada semua PENYOKONG MUNAFIK....Hanya manusia MUNAFIK sahaja yg akan sokong KEPIMPINAN yg ZALIM lagi SESAT!

Anda semua adalah ""Kebanggaan"" Agama, Bangsa & Negara! TAHNIAH!

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Tiada lagi kejutan atau rasa terperanjat tentang berita penarikan jemputan pd Tun M dihari Pertabalan Agung.

Ini semua kerana perasaan gerun tidak terhingga yg telah tersemadi didlm didlm hati dan sanubari Mappadullung HZ yg berlarutan hingga kesaat ini.

Hatta...apa2 usaha yg ada akan digunapakai untuk memperlekehkan maruah dan menjatuhkan air muka Org Tua yg bernama Tun M oleh Ketua HZ ini.

Sy percaya....perkara ini langsung tidak memberi apa2 impak kpd Tun M..
malah menguatkan lagi semangat untuk beliau berjuang 'hingga ketitisan darah terakhir' menjatuhkan Ketua HZ ini.

PS..bukanlah spt 'titisan darah terakhir' yg dilaung oleh Ketua HZ ini...
kerana perjuangan mereka berlaunan.

Perjuangan Ketua HZ 'ketitisan

Dan sy percaya Tun M tetap tidor nyenyak dan tidak ambil pusing tentang perkara ini.

Hanya yg lemah dan takut pd bayang2 sahaja yg selalu bertempik...umpama tong kosong yg bergema kuat...diringi sorak dan hilai ketawa dari penyokong2 akan berkelakuan begini.

Siapa yg lekeh dan takut sebenarnya...disini.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

These pembesar-pembesar UMNO has cast their names in history by saying what they did and their blind devotion to the PM.

I, for one, will have no pity when they fall. They are responsible for keeping a weak, corrupted and compromised leader in power.

My only prayer is that these people will never have the chance to rise again. Especially that young Oxford grad.

sukasamasuka said...


"Thurs, 8th Dec, 2016...1MDB Foundation offers to send village chiefs for haj...

The 1MDB Foundation will sponsor village chiefs who have not performed the haj to do their pilgrimage in Makkah, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said.

"We will pay for all the expenses and also give them a stipend," he said to thunderous applause at a seminar for village chiefs at the Putra World Trade Centre today"


1. What a joke?

2. Ini bukan cara Islam.

3. Begini la jadi agama Islam bila Melayu UMNO buat kerja.

4. Melayu UMNO jualbeli Islam untuk dapat undi.

5. Ini bukan kerja DAP...Thank You DAP...Islam untuk semua bukan untuk orang Melayu UMNO sahaja.

boy said...

now d comments seem to revolve around tat madman debater. d same physical words with vernacular tones really nothing but a medieval like scoffing. let him be....he proves nothin but himself.

Mr.Taipan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk "Maestro" AKJ & Fellow3 Sahabat2 #MY..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Pengkhianat Melayu aKa Prime Munafiq aKa Penyangak #MY)"


Malaysia 2k16 - Tempus Fugit

-Datuk Maestro & Fellow Sahabats, 1stly.. "Me, Myself & I" would like to apologize for "being absent" quite a while.. Got so many things to do with so little time.. Adoi!

-Excellent digest, Bravo Sir! For this & other Previous3 Postings2.. NOPE! Didn't missed any articles yet -ONLY- masa tak mengizinkan utk "bernukilan bersama".. My sincere apology..

-Alhamdu'Lillah Our Sahabats here are all FERVENTLY Up In Arms.. Stay True & STEADFAST.. "To Hell" with all those misguided Goons, Ruffians, Macais, & Dedakians..
BOH LAYAN JER! Tak kira la siapa pun mereka ni!

-Them & their 'Bebal Cheiftain' aKa Moron Official 1 is running out of time.. We can see how desperate they are by their nonsense maneuvers day-by-day.. "Let them play their last broken tune".. Obviously THE END IS NEAR!

Malaysia 2k16 - Alea Iacta Est

-AhJibGO may plan his KLEPTOCRAT plans to stay in power -TAPI DIA TERLUPA- Allah SWT is The Ultimate Planner! Insy'Allah Your reckoning time WILL COME!


-KDYMM SPB YDP Agong XV bakal ditabalkan -BUT- Seorang mantan PM #MY 22tahun dibatalkan jemputannya.. Walhal dlm sejarah #MY selama ni semua mantan PM #MY WAJIB DIJEMPUT utk HADIR ke Majlis Pertabalan.. AhJibGO WITH MALICE "perkudakan" Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja Raja to cancel jemputan -SEDANGKAN- watikah jemputan dah awal2 lagi dikirim..

Malaysia 2k16 - Carpe diem

-Lahanat betul AhJibGO ni! Tak cukup dia aniaya Semua3 Rakyat2 #MY dgn GST & 1MDB -NOW- Dia aniaya a veteran umur 91tahun... Rakyat Marhaen WILL REMEMBER THIS FOREVER!

-NO BALLS NO BRAINS this Klepto AhJibGO.. BULLYING a Veteran Statesman.. EXTREMELY DESPICABLE! >:-(

-Konon nya Pemimpin Islam TERPILIH -BUT- Perangai, tindakan, bicara & pemikiran dia... Macam Iblis!

-Ber "Sha La La La La" lah ke Neraka Jahanam wahai AhJibGO Pemimpin Zalim lagi Sesat... JANGAN LUPA BAWA SEMUA Penyokong2 Munafiq pujaan hati..


"If you can't just explain it simply,
means you don't understand it well enough"
-Albert Einstein

"You can discover what your enemies fears most by
observing the means they uses
to frighten you”
-Eric Hoffer

"Fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
Fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times"
-Bruce Lee

"I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don't believe in
brotherhood with anybody who doesn't want brotherhood with me.
I believe in treating people right, but I'm not going to waste my time
trying to treat somebody right who doesn't know how to return the treatment"
-Malcolm X

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true;
the other is to refuse to accept what is true"
-Soren Kierkegaard

"Do not be fooled by one who recites the Qur'an; his recitation is nothing but speech,
but look to those who live according to it"
-Umar Ibnu Khattab r.a


"Fight The Battle AND ULTIMATELY Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless & protects ALL OF US from Iblis & Dajjal Laknatullah**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion IS Dead"
"Diplomacy IS Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: DAKJ & Fellow Sahabats.. Stay Righteous.. Stay Vigilant.. NO FEAR!
Take care & W'Salam... :-)

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk



Election rigging?

A man who is under international investigation for massive theft does not worry about cheating.

I suggest some caution about the EC tactics.

Bearing in mind the "origin" of the new Chairman.

Zalman A said...


A check on the World Bank’s website shows that China Communications Construction Co Ltd (CCCC) and its subsidiaries have indeed been debarred from participating in projects financed by the development institution for fraudulent practices in a Philippine project.

Malaysia sealed a deal to build the RM55 billion East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) with CCCC in November. Work on the 600km ECRL is expected to begin early next year.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan was reported by Bernama as saying in the Dewan Negara yesterday that CCCC has never been blacklisted by the World Bank and that the blacklist involves its subsidiary China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

A statement dated July 29, 2011 on World Bank’s website, however, clearly states that under the sanction, CCCC is ineligible to engage in any road and bridge projects financed by the World Bank Group until Jan 12, 2017.
The World Bank’s sanction system states that successor organisations – through purchase or reorganisation – will be subject to the same sanctions applied to the original firm, which in this case was CRBC.

The World Bank said in its statement that CCCC is the designated successor entity to CRBC which, along with six other firms and one individual, was debarred by the World Bank for eight years, from Jan 12, 2009, following an investigation of the Philippines National Roads Improvement and Management Project by the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency.

Zalman A said...


KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) will meet next Tuesday, with political observers suggesting that a decision will be made on PKR and PPBM’s ties with PAS.

Any decision made will also indicate the influence of PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who last weekend had said that the Islamist party will be given a deadline to decide if it will join a formal alliance with the other opposition parties.

Observers say Mahathir, who has openly expressed his support for PPBM to join the PH pact, may end up cutting all ties with PAS.

This is despite PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin’s hope that PAS will support the opposition’s goal of a one-to-one battle against Barisan Nasional (BN), which many believe will increase the opposition’s chances of winning the next general election (GE14).

The political observers FMT spoke to also believe that if Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has any influence over her party members, PKR may also break its political cooperation with PAS.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man had yesterday stated his party’s refusal to work with Parti Amanah Negara and DAP, both of which now make up PH with PKR.

Political analyst Mohd Sayuti Omar said PAS’ relationship with PPBM and PKR would end officially once PPBM joined PH, something that was expected to happen after the Dec 13 meeting.

PAS, on the other hand, will work with Umno, Sayuti said.

But it is not a zero sum game.

It is possible for there to be a loose grouping of PAS / PPBM / PKR, at least.

The 3-corner fights only benefit UMNO, not PAS.

Sulaid said...

Salam Datuk,
Nampaknya Tun M akhir akhir ini " is out of control". Semua orang dikacaunya. Minta Datuk dan TS Mahyuddin control la dia sikit. Dulu Dr M mengguna pakai bahasa bijaksana tapi sekarang dah berubah... pakai bahasa terlajak tak kena pulak. Terakhir dengarnya dia kacau Johor pulak. Betoi ka Dr M kata Johor nak bagi kerakyatan kpd 700,000 orang asing.
Lepaih ni dia akan kacau negeri negeri lain pulak. Mungkin sebahagian daripada perang psychology Dr M untuk mengacau sebanyak mungkin negeri negeri dibawah BN dengan isu isu sensitive sehingga lah PRU 14. Dia nak bagi rakyat naik menyampah kut.

sukasamasuka said...


"There’s no more BN, only Umno."

1. The BN political system is not working no more...it is best we forget such a political arrangement and move on.

2. The way to go is to forge a new Unity Government.

3. Each component party in the Unity Government has the right to be in the government as well as outside the government as an opposition.

4. The largest component party by seats shall become the new Prime Minister and the 2nd largest the new Deputy Prime Minister...in principle, irrespective of race and religion.

5. Same person is automatically disqualified to hold office for more than two terms...each term for 4 years.

6. Even, if PAS and PBB (Sarawak) is not in the common opposition front to fight BN in the PRU14, they may join the new Unity Government, to form the new federal government.

7. The new Unity Government is not about hatred to each other, but to work together, to rebuild the nation based on common election manifestos...for common good...and, shall be judged as such.

8. And, yet each component party in the new Unity Government has the right to terminate its associationship at any given time.

9. Any BN component party can be accepted into the new Unity Government...including UMNO...as a whole...not as an individual...an individual should resign from his/her seat and re-contested.

10. Everyone has the right to contribute to the nation building.


Well well LANUN RAWA THOSAI. You sound old, tired and defeated. Do not fade into obscurity like Mat Maslan 3.85, who caused such massive embarrassment to MO1 and UmMO1 that the Bugis Worrier had to cold storage him. Kesian...the recipe for Nasi Goreng GST fades with him.

"Aku bersetuju dengan dia tetapi aku kata Najib mangsa kelicikan Jho Low." Betul ke? Yet when the 681 American Pies arrived from Jho's Tanore Finance into the Bugis Worrier's Ambank account, why didn't he recoil in horror and return it, and protect our banking system? Pelik, kan. Or not so pelik, if he was expecting his share of a 4-way arrangement with Jho and 2 Arabs. Muslims 3, Kafir 1. We outscored Jho in songlap. But to tell 42 lies in cover-up? There's nothing worse than an incompetent thief, kan LANUN RAWA THOSAI?

JIBO LANUN-BUGIS is Finance Minister (I). Gelak pecah perut, o. You have permission to giggle, LANUN RAWA THOSAI.

Do you like logic and facts, LANUN RAWA THOSAI, or do you prefer RPK? He's a bit more your level.

Ingat akhirat, Thosai.

Auf dedaksehen.

sukasamasuka said...


I find this comment from Tan Sri Zam's blog rather interesting...and, I would like to share it here if you don't mind...

"zainudin maidin9 December 2016 at 19:09

Saya meminta kerjasama media troopers Datuk Seri Najib atau UMNO supaya memileh orang yang dapat menggunakan bahasa yang sempurna dan tata bahasa yang baik untuk menulis komen di blog ini (zamkata.blogspot.my) kerana bahasa adalah menggambarkan jalan pemikiran.

Saya beri contoh bahasa yang buruk tanpa punctuation yang betul dengan menyiarkan tulisan pemakan dedak seperti diatas yang tentunya tidak meyakinkan pembaca malah menyebabkan orang memandang rendah pada penyokong Najib.

Saya tidak hanya menyiarkan tulisan pro Mahathir tetapi juga yang anti Mahathir tetapi tulislah dengan sempurna jika tujuan untuk membuka fikiran ramai bagi membantu Najib."


msh said...

Sdra Sulaid.

Bila sdra menyebelahi pd pihak yg salah....maka sdra akan rasa marah dan terganggu dgn pihak yg menegur atau yg cuba membetulkan.

Justeru itu mana2 pihak terutama Tun M yg menentang Mapadullung HZ akan dianggap 'pengacau ' oleh sdra.

Semua tentang Tun M dikira tidak betul dan Tun M dari kaca mata sdra dan Pentedarah2 Dedak lain adalah seorg 'pengacau' semata2.

Sy kira pemikiran sdr agak sempit malah dangkal.... umpama seorg pencuri yg telah ditangkap polis...akan bercerita panjang lebar betapa 'pengacaunya' polis yg telah menangkap dia.

Dulu...bila Tun menuduh idola sdra Mapadullung HZ nenerima RM2.6b...belum pun Mapadullung HZ menafikan....Pentedarah2 Dedak dan org spt sdra terlebih menafikan....menuduh itu hanya fitnah...bla ..bla.

Tun M termasuk Muhyiddin dianggap 'pengacau' kerana menuduh Mapadullung HZ sedemikian.

Tetapi bila 1 dunia sudah tahu dan Mapadullung sendiri mengaku tentang kesahihan duit RM2.6b...semua sepi ..bisu dan kelu.

Apa jadi dgn tuduhan 'pengacau' terhadap Tun M dan Muhyiddin selepas itu....tiada pula Penyokong2 Mapadullung yg minta maaf dan menarik balik tuduhan yg dibuat.

Ha ha ..

Kini sy kasihan dgn penulis2 upahan..
bloggers2...Pentedarah2 dedak Umno..dan org2 spt sdra yg masih bebal...bengap dan tidak nmpak siapa ...yg dipihak benar atau salah...hingga sanggup melabel Tun M sbg 'pengacau'.

Cuba sdra guna modal lain pula.Kerana 'modal'mengutuk Tun M agak basi...lemah..dan tidak lagi relevan untuk tujuan mempertahankan Mapadullung HZ sdra.

Adakah sdra juga menanggap rakyat mengeluh dgn kos sara hidup yg tiggi...sbg pengacau.

Kebimbangan rakyat dan peniaga2 terhadap kejatuhan nilai ringgit berbanding dollar sbg karut dan 'mengacau'.

Fikirlah....menulis dan mengutuk memang senang tetapi biarlah berisi dan berfakta.

Malah...sy menanggap lontaran sdra didlm blog ini hanyalah tulisan org2 yg tiada hala tuju...tiada isi. cuma 'pengacau' semata2...serupa dgn Wanghih.'the clown'.

Itulah dinamakan 'pengacau'.

PS...Tun M yg sdra anggap 'pengacau' disokong jutaan Rakyat dan mampu menakut dan mengerunkan Mapadulullung HZ hingga dia tidak berani bersemuka bukan hanya di hari 'Nothing to hide' dan kini dihari Pertabalan Agung.

Live to fight another day said...

Malaysia is now headless, one gaffe committed after another.
Latest two being the Rohinya rally when our leaders should have used the diplomatic channels to lodge their concern. Instead their actions have now invited more and more ridicule and caused the springing up of Myanamar cartoonists.
And now the withdrawal of the invitation to Tun Mahathir for the Agong's installation.
The more Putrajaya delays in retracting the cancellation, day by day the rakyat becomes more supportive of the former PM, such a thing would not have occurred without this stupid catalyst.

For goodness sake, Putrajaya has to be more creative and re-invite Tun M for the function. Let this be a lesson to all. Don't play with the rakyat's honour and feelings.

Waghih said...

Sedaro Naj ...

USD700 mil masuk akaun peribadi memang didokumen dgn baik ...
Tapi sedaro terlopeh beberapo fakta ...

1)'Pemimpin' ngaku terimo dermo dari rajo arab tu .

2)Kemasokan derma tersebut kedalam akaun peribadi adolah ateh nasihat Gov BNM maso tu.

3)Dermo dari rajo arab tu telah disahkan olih SPRM secaro bertulis.

4)AGC telah sahkan dapatan dari BNM dan SPRM.

5)Buek maso sekarang takdo undang2 melarang terimo dermo dari luar negaro .

6)Lobih kurang USD600mil , yang tidak dipakai dipulangkan. USD100mil diguno untuk kebajikan.

Memang sah sumo didokumen dongan baik .
PAC kompom takdo salahlaku .
All transparent.

So , case close.

Jom rapatkan saf , kukuhkan ukhuwah dan MUSNAHKAN entiti yang mahu ...


Naj said...

Saudara Waghih,

Memandangkan saudara begitu yakin perkara2 ini didokumenkan dengan baik, harap saudara boleh dedahkan di mana nak dapatkan dokumen2 lengkap (terbuka kepada umum) berkenaan 1-4 dan 6 yang saudara nyatakan (untuk 1, dokumen dimaksudkan ialah dari permulaan derma lagi; permohonan dibuat untuk derma, persetujuan dari penderma dsb. Mustahil penderma RM2.6bil tak ada sebarang dokumentasi). Untuk 5, memang derma tak salah, tapi adakah terdapat dokumentasi berkenaan ini juga (yang terbuka kepada umum)? Kita juga perlu faham derma itu diterima atas kapasiti apa; perdana menteri? presiden UMNO/BN? penasihat 1MDB? dsb. Contohnya kalau kita kena tahan polis atas kesalahan lalulintas, kemudian polis minta derma untuk berkaraoke atas kapasiti pegawai terbabit selaku presiden kelab rekreasi polis, adakah itu masih derma? adakah pegawai terbabit akan berikan resit sebagai akuan memberi derma?

Saudara seakan keliru maksud transparen; kalau mata2 terpilih sahaja yang menelaah dokumen kemudian terus buat kesimpulan salah atau tak salah, itu tak boleh diterima sebagai transparen. Sebagaimana juga yang saudara lakukan sekarang; memaparkan beberapa ayat yang tak boleh disahkan (verify) kemudian terus simpulkan case close. Untuk case close, dokumen perlu terbuka kepada semua untuk ditelaah kemudian dibahaskan. Dan kalau boleh dalam proses tu, janganlah bakar balai polis.


Sulaid said...

Saudara msh,
Terima kasih, sekurang2nya saya tahu ada jugak yang membaca paparan coretan saya.
Saya yakin saya TIDAK berada di pihak yang salah. Dalam kebanyakan penulisan saya, saya tidak mengguna bahasa yang terlalu marah jika dibandingkan dengan bahasa yang diguna oleh beberapa pembahas lain yang "terlalu marah" sehingga sanggup mengguna bahasa keras, bahasa tidak sopan yang tidak melambangkan pembahas se orang yang bijak dan berilmu tambahan pula seorang muslim.
Untuk makluman saya bukan lah ahli sebarang parti politik. Belum tahu lagi dalam PRU 14 nanti saya nak pangkah parti mana. Tetapi saya sentiasa mengikuti pembahasan di ruangan ini dan mashaallah, kadang2 ada yang macam dirasuk dan ada yang berlagak macam dialah " master of all".

Sulaid said...

Sekali lagi saudara msh,
Saya bukan lah pentedarah dedak, saya juga bukan jenis bebal..bengap. Saya juga bukan ahli dan penyokong UMNO.
Saudara sendiri pun seorang yg bukan lah berbudi bahasa sangat dari penggunaan ayat dan bahasa menulis.
Mana ada bukti yg saudara katakan Tun M disokong jutaan rakyat dan mampu menggerun dan menakut kan.
Saya bukan pengacau dan bukan tidak ada hala tuju tapi ingat lah...firman Allah SWT dalam surat Al-hujurat 12...."dan janganlah kamu mengintip atau mencari cari kesalahan serta keaiban orang lain...".

Breaking up is easy said...

Prime Minister Najib claimed the opposition was trying to strain his relationship with Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
Seriously, for the PM to bring this up, does this mean his "relationship" with Zahid is already breaking up?
Nazri claimed that arresting Maria Chin under SOSMA was not Putrajaya or Cabinet's decision, that it was taken by the police. IGP reports to the DPM. So???

Waghih said...

Sedato Naj ..

Persoalan yang dibangkitkan itu sudah berjawab pado para (4) AGC telah sahkan dapatan dari BNM dan SPRM .

Ketigo2 badan ni adolah tungak perundangan negaro . Takdo laie badan2 lain yang melopehi ketigo2 badan tersebut.

Persoalan den ...
Adokah dokumen2 lain yang disahkan olih pihak bertangung jawab yang bolih menafikan dapatan dari AGC kito berpandukan perlembangaan Malaysia ?


banggoi petai said...

Ekau mabuk ketum yoo waghih oii....bilo maso ex gabenor bnm cadang masuk personal akaun c bugis bahlol tu ...makan dodak tahap dewaa ekau nii...Copat poie samak mulot yooo


The last hurrah...

Aku pernah minta Muhyiddin dapatkan agar Raja Arab Saudi nafi kenyataan seorang menterinya bahawa Najib ada terima sumbangan dari rakyat Arab Saudi tetapi dia gagal.

Apa fikir kau, Kadir?
Apakah Raja Arab Saudi berbohong?
Apakah Muhyiddin boleh buat kerja dengan elok atau seorang pribumi berotak lembu fidlot?

Aku kagum kau banyak persona yang dapat berbahas baik. Aku tak tahu schizophrenia kau sebegini istemewa semacam pembunuh di US yang juga menghadapi schizophrenia.

Kau kira BN menang kerusi Dewan Rakyat lebih 133 atau lebih dari pembangkang dengan 10 kerusi dan PAS tambah kerusi di Parlimen?

Maklumlah Tuanku kurang kerusi untuk pribumi.

Kadir, waghih ini perkataan bugis atau jawa?

Mama mia! Eloi eloi lama sabak tani?

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