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Staring At Possible Systemic Economic Failure

A Kadir Jasin

COULD we be facing a systemic economic failure of a more dreadful magnitude than the 1997/98 crisis?
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The telltale signs are many. But whereas the 1997/98 crisis was brought about largely by an external factor, that is the Asian Financial crises, the current meltdown could be domestic.

Granted that the whole world is facing economic slowdown due to the fall in commodity prices, especially petroleum, our predicament is two-prong.

We suffer the effects of falling commodity prices but more dangerously we are also facing a serious trust deficit due to the poor leadership and corruption of the ruling party – the Barisan Nasional.

When we were once the darling of foreign direct investors, we are today lagging far behind the regional countries. Even the powerhouse China, which is being so desperately coaxed and favoured by Putrajaya, is not favouring us as a manufacturing site.

A recent survey by the Standard Chartered Banking Group published by the Edge Financial Daily says that while Asean remains the preferred destination for China manufacturers looking to relocate their production facilities, Malaysia is, however, not their popular choice.

The report notes that the growing intention to move out of the mainland reflects the rapid rise in wages in the inland China cities.

Among those opting to move capacity overseas, Cambodia and Vietnam are the most favoured destinations. Up to 25 per of the respondents favour the two countries while just about two percent favour Malaysia.

China companies do not favour Malaysia
Of course our “loyar buruk” ministers and their dedak eating mouthpieces would argue that we are way too advanced for cheap China manufactures. Sadly we are also losing the interest of high end manufacturers from Japan, the US and Europe. They are leaving our country after decades of fruitful presence.

The trust deficit in our scandal-ridden government, especially in the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, is so bad that almost all confidence indicators are down.

By the way, the longish tiresome title preceding Najib’s name is the Bugis warrior title awarded to him in 2005 by the remnants of the long defunct Gowa Bugis Empire in Sulawesi in honour of his Bugis hereditary.

Although the exchange rate of the ringgit is on the mend – after falling to almost RM4.50 to a dollar in September 2015 – it remains the weakest currency among Asean countries. Its 90-day historical rates to June 21 ranged between RM4.24 and RM4.43 to a dollar.

Even the inflow of short term capital into Bursa Malaysia remains tentative – amounting to RM4.7 billion until end of March this year. This is pale in comparison to the whopping outflow of RM19.5 billion in 2015.

All Is Not Well...

On the socio-welfare front, we are also heading towards a meltdown. The bad news keeps piling up. The RM20-per kilogram ikan kembung (Indian Mackerel) is now a norm. The weak ringgit and the GST are beating the consumers to pulp.

Even the much touted increase in retail sales is contributed largely by the higher prices consumers have to pay due to the falling ringgit and the GST. In real term they take home much less goods.

More recently it was reported that as many as 500 clinics run by general practitioners (GPs) had been closed between 2014 and 2016 due to poor business.

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) President, Dr Ravindran R. Naidu, said a study involving 1,800 GPs revealed widespread concern over the financial sustainability of their clinics.

The findings showed almost 70% of clinics saw fewer than 30 patients a day, while the operating cost of a clinic in an urban area ranges from RM50,000 to RM60,000 a month. He is worried that the situation may worsen.

It already is getting worse. A doctor nephew of mine, who works at a government hospital in Selangor, told me a month ago that more and more patients, who hitherto, visited private clinics are now flocking the already clogged government hospitals and health centres.

Public hospitals are getting more crowded
He and his colleagues are overworked and they are seeing less and less patients when they do the locum at private clinics to supplement their moderate government income.

This is bad news all around because budget allocations for health and other welfare services, including the all critical education, have been drastically reduced. A case of double whammy for the public social services – getting less money but having to cater to a larger number of clients.

Even middle and upper level private sector retirees are abandoning the private medical services in favour of the cheaper government and semi-government medical centres like University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM) and the National Heart Institute (IJN). The queues are getting longer at these facilities.

Sadly, while the rakyat’s hardship keeps mounting and the country’s reputation is going down the chute, the BN ruling elite continues with their shenanigans.

In the most recent case, a minister’s newly acquired spouse is accused of inappropriately using the standard issue government calling cards to publicise herself as quasi-Tourism Malaysia representative in Paris.

A New Official Title?  Spouse-Minister
Her husband’s response to the social media bombardment was meek at best. He said he did not give her the permission but added that not all officers listen to him.

Of course this is pale in comparison to the alleged gift of a US$27-million pink diamond locket by 1MDB point man Jho Low, to Najib’s wife, (Datin Paduka Seri Puan Puti Reno) Rosmah Mansor. The Puan Puti Reno bit is her top-notch Minangkabau royal award.

What we are witnessing today is symptomatic of a rudderless leaderless government. It’s sad but it’s also true.

Wallahuaklam - only God knows.


Alifbata said...

Inilah akibatnya bila rakyat memilih pemimpin yang mempunyai isteri yg tidak takutkan suaminya.

Diluar rakyat berebut mencium tangan pemimpin tetapi di rumah sang pemimpin sibuk 24 jam menjaga hati si isteri.

Selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin.

Lee Watt said...

After the failure to sustain any momentum on the civil suit in the US, and trying to pile pressure on Najib, now this purported 'economic meltdown'. Yes, Malaysia had suffered a couple of years ago due to the falling ringgit. Contributed by selfish traitors who don't care about the people's welfare. As long as they can pressure Najib to resign and they put their man as PM. So that the new puppet PM will give them concessions and contracts to Ali Baba. Like during Mahathir's time.

But they failed the last time. Instead of Najib being greatly weakened, he became even stronger! Especially after sacking the enemies within... Muhyiddin Yassin and the no-talent Mukhriz Mahathir. What a master stroke!

Bersatu as alternative to Umno? Not even of mosquito class. Bersatu's class is just like the useless PAN. Even if combined, they are still small fry.

The writer doesn't know much about economics. Companies from China not moving to Malaysia?? Of course not! These are of the low cost model that squeezes workers. Do you want to bring Malaysia back to the 70s??

No wonder Bersatu is getting nowhere --- its information and propaganda unit is incompetent and sucks big time. You need much better writers.

nehru said...

Suffering is only only unjust when the innocent and virtuous are inflicted with it - when its the not-so-innocent and the not-so-virtuous suffer, it is not unjust - heck, at times, it can be even said to be just.

If 500 virtuous doctors who chose the medical profession out of a desire to dedicate their lives to the art of reducing the physical suffering of other find themselves unable to keep their clinics open, thats a tragedy, and we would feel like empty impotent fools if we do not come to their aid.

If 500 doctors who chose the medical profession not because they have to interest or desire to reduce the physical suffering of other, but because they thought it was a prestigious high paying job that affords security and status, find themselves unable to keep their clinics open, that is really their personal problem la - if their inability to keep the clinics open is causing the rest of us difficulties, then i think we should just get foreign doctors to get the job done, just like how we are getting foreign labourers for other jobs in the service or construction business...

As for whether malaysia is facing a systemic economic failure, i think the decisive answer lies in whether the malaysian people and its leaders can be considered virtuous ? Are malaysian and their leaders, in other words, people who can be expected to not trouble others for their own benefits of profits, who love the work or practises they are engaged in, who want less things than they can afford, who prefer minding their own business and only reluctantly mind the business of others ?

If yes than we i suppose are virtuous people, and if we face an economic trouble, then i am sure it will be temporary problem, and we will come back stronger from the setback.

If we are not a virtuous people, on the other hand, who have vices like wanting more than what we can afford, or liking to mind other people's business even when we are not invited to mind their business, or working and practising only for the sake of money, or troubling others for the sake of our comfort and ease , then i am sure that the economic trouble we will be facing will cause even more problems - like social and political problem - and the lower we find ourselves, the more creative we will be in digging new holes to lower ourselves further.

So, what sort of people do you think Malaysian and its people are Datuk?

Aku said...

Kadiag, السلام عليكم
Sebelom aku lupa, aku nak Insya'Allah hang selamat sambut hari I'd fitr dgn keluarga dan kawan2 hang, dan mintak maghap pasai banyak buat silap dan tulih macam nak ajag orang (macam la aku ni tera sangat).
Dan tajok hang kali ni buat aku tarek napaih panjang "staring-at-possible-systemic-economic failure". Orang miskin yg ramai di Indonesia, dikatakan "suffering in desperate silence", munkin dlm basa melayu "nanggong derita melarat sampai tak tekata/dlm kebisuan". Payah nak luah dlm kata2. Wajah2 yg layu pasai lapag, munkin lesu kerana korang darah dan paling haru adalah kecelaruan bepanjangan. Dan di Malaya, ini banyak belaku di kalangan masyarakat pribumi, dlm suasana pengangguran dan pengangguran tersembunyi ('disguised unemployment ") dikampong2 dan tanah2 rancangan, dan pekampongan orang sali....hang pi buboh pulak dlm ramuan ni atau "paradigma" ini duit 'BRIM' yg mai nya dari kantong rakyat, pada orang2 bawahan dan duit hutang 1MDB, dan duit SRC dll pada kaum elit.. dan kontrek2 yg dialibabakan, natijahnya munkin keta'atan yg tak 'bebelah bagi'.
Tapi munkin hang telepaih pandang, semua ni dok terima atau tepaksa terima satu lagi unsog baru iaitu "kebanjiran" pendatang asing, yg dlm keadaan sangat tedesak, seperti pendatang Arab dari Suria sanggup terima upah serendah RM300 ke 400 se bulan sebagai pembantu tadika/pusat asohan atau kedai dobi. Sebagai bertarap pelarian depa ni tak bulih bekerja secara 'sah'. Aku dengag kata dimasjid masjid di Kolumpo yg sedia makanan bukak posa, orang bebarih panjang. Punya laa ramai pendatang asing ni Kadiag, depa macam nak kuasai "pasag romadhon" di bandag2, sampai pemintak sedekah pon macam terdiri dari Myanmar/Bangladesh. Jugak masaalah gelandangan, sampai Hisham Jolobu (tukag tiup) dah lama dah dok rayu fulus nak beli van tepakai untok nak edag makan dan minum kat puak2 gelandangan ini.
Ngeri jugak aku tengok perbandingan (olih kumpulan Stanchart) daya tarikan pelabog asing keMalaysia di tahap 2% bebanding Kemboja dan Vietnam 25%. Dan dlm setaun dua ni 500 kelinik swasta bungkuih.
Sebagai bandingan dan terasingnya depa dgn rakyat, pagi tadi, 23 Jun, MOI masa berucap di satu majelih Geely/Proton tu dok kutuk lagi 'pimpinan lama',
Katanya depa jugak dah putuih nak siasat habih rogi niaga tukaran asing taun 90'an. Rasa2 betoi macam Mat Tehag nulih baru ni, depa lebih tumpu nak balaih dendam, bukan sangat nak selesai isu2 semasa. Laa ni tepulang la untok rakyat Malaya pikiag sendiri....
Orang veteran kata, tepok dada tanya selera.....

Zed-85 said...

Memang betul Dato’

Itu hari saya beli Peti Ais Toshiba, saya selidik dulu buatan dari mana, rupa-rupanya dari Vietnam.

Aircon sekarang dah banyak dibuat di Thailand.

Saya tukar tayar kereta Bridgestone, sekarang ini dibuat di Thailand, begitu juga jenama Yokohama dan Michelin.

Barang-barang elektronik canggih toksah cakaplah, smartphone dan komputer semua dari China.

Kereta Nasional kita sekarang pun sudah 49% dijual kepada China.

Dulu kita bangga sangat dengan slogan “Buatan Malaysia” tapi kalau kita pergi ke Tesco atau Aeon, sekarang ini yang banyak adalah “Made in China”

Yang buatan Malaysia kebanyakkan kicap masin dan manis dan perencah sup dan tom yam.

Orang melayu masih tak sadar dan tak nampak yang semakin hari semakin lama kita makin ketinggalan ke belakang.

Negara-negara seperti Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia semakin lama semakin ke hadapan.

Saya ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Ailfitri kepada Dato’ dan semua pembahas.

saksama said...

No more BN regime.......enough is enough....

Unknown said...

Sorry la bro doc pun Ada nafsu dgn harta benda Laki bini
Of course la patient tu it is our passion
If u doc u can comment la if u not just go to hospital and see life of the doc
Kalau u nak doc Yg Mcm tu jgn ambil pekerja asing ambil je robot
The problem is life was easy and peacefully lastime
But not now
And sadly our opposition politician
Not do enough their job
That u should complain

sukasamasuka said...


Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Puasa pada Datuk dan keluarga serta semua yang melawat blog ini.

mad said...

Selamat hari raya dato, semoga Allah memberi kesihatan yang baik dan panjang umur serta memberi kekuatan menentang salah laku dan ketidakadilan di pihak yang kita beri kuasa.

Zalman A said...


Selamat Hari Raya to you and all the family and fellow readers.

Perhaps it is time for Hadi Awang to reflect on the Quran, esp. 39:33 and its true meaning.

Then we may understand that the DOJ suit is not "foreign interference", it is actually "the interference of foreigners in the legal system of the USA".

If MO1, MO1's Wide (both of their identities confirmed by Rahman Dahlan), Riza and Jho want to launder money and assets in the USA, then THEY are interfering.

Nobody forced them to so do.

It is not Islamic to support the corrupt.

Perhaps Hadi Awang wants them to retain their loot?

Zalman A said...

For Hadi's enlightenment here is an open letter from Ulya Aqamah Husamudin:

Surat ini adalah respons kepada surat terbuka Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yang disiarkan di laman Facebook rasmi beliau.

Pada dasarnya saya setuju bahawa campur tangan asing tidak diperlukan dalam mengendalikan isu negara. Namun begitu, isu 1MDB tidak boleh dipukul sama rata seperti kes-kes yang lain.

Ini kerana skandal 1MDB telah melibatkan banyak negara termasuklah Singapura, Switzerland, Amerika Syarikat dan beberapa negara lain.

Tindakan badan undang-undang Amerika Syarikat atau disebut sebagai Jabatan Kehakiman (DoJ) adalah kerana wang 1MDB telah diselewengkan di dalam negara mereka dan melanggar undang-undang mereka. Oleh itu mereka mempunyai hak untuk bertindak dalam kerangka dan bidang kuasa mereka kerana kesalahan telah dilakukan dalam tanah Amerika Syarikat.

Ini bukan isu campur tangan. Ini isu hak Amerika Syarikat mengambil tindakan dalam negara demi memastikan kemungkaran tidak merebak di dalam negara mereka.

Tindakan undang-undang juga telah dilaksanakan ke atas individu-individu yang terlibat dengan penyelewengan wang 1MDB di Switzerland dan Singapura.

Jelas negara-negara ini tidak berkompromi dengan penyelewengan. Sepatutnya Malaysia sebagai negara Islam mengambil tindakan yang sama bagi mencegah kemungkaran daripada berleluasa. Namun begitu, sewaktu kes 1MDB dibuka, peguam negara. Bagaimana keadilan hendak diangkat?

Maka, saya pohon Abdul Hadi untuk bersama rakan pembangkang yang lain untuk mendesak pihak kerajaan untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini sendiri seperti saranan Abdul Hadi.

Saya juga berharap dan bersangka baik yang kenyataan Abdul Hadi ini bukan dicetuskan kerana tuduhan blogger pro-BN Raja Petra Kamarudin yang menuduh Ketua Pemuda PPBM, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman bersama-sama Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Tun Daim Zainuddin membayar DoJ untuk mengeluarkan laporan. Ini kerana perkara ini telah kami nafikan pada sidang media baru-baru ini.

Semoga Allah memberkati Abdul Hadi.

Maaf Zahir Batin, Salam permulaan Syawal.

150-watt said...

@ "Lee Watt"

You are very lucky dato AKJ allows BN trolls like you to infest his blog. At least he allows both, but you have no argument, kan?

Check back in after you can explain this:

a) The forensic trail shows the "donation" is from 1MDB. Why has your paymaster not shown any forensic evidence that the "donation" came from Saudi, and thus the DOJ have wasted their time?

b) How did Mrs MO1 get the money to buy a pink diamond for $20 million plus? Jual nasi lemak kat tepi jalan kut?

c) Over 100 newspapers globally have covered the news that the PM of Malaysia is a thief, but we are waiting for him to sue just one - the WSJ.

When is "next Tuesday"?

Looks like you Leewatted yourself, kan?

Not so bright.

Have a nice day : )

Naj said...

Lee Watt,
"Sucks big time" is such a poor argument in saying that any written piece is poor. You need to show proof to support your argument.

For example, proof that the falling ringgit and trust deficit had nothing to do with the top leadership.

For example, proof that "high-end" foreign investors are interested in Malaysia (since we are not interested in investment from China cos we don't want to go back to the 70s)


Naj said...


If we are virtuous people, is it wrong in not believing our top leadership is virtuous? His propaganda machine keeps on repeating "attempts to bring down a democratically-elected government" when in fact
1)most people just want him to step down due to his many scandals
2)he wasn't democratically elected by the rakyat. I dont recall ever voting for him.

In spinning the issue, is he virtuous?

Apa lagi Cina mau said...

Those 500 doctors are failing because they shouldn't be doctors anyway. Their degrees were issued by Kementrian Ketuanan Melayu Dan NEP.

It is a good thing that they are closing because less people will be killed.

The current developments that you describe is fantastic because it is constructive destruction. After the crash, pendatangs can buy back all the assets stolen/robbed (through NEP) from us at rock bottom price.

The father stole/robbed from us and the son give them back.

What poetic justice!!!


1. Salam Aidilfitri to all. Kepada yang berminat mendalami isu rasuah dan kleptokrasi daripada kaca mata Islam, izinkan saya menyiarkan sebuah rencara daripada Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Cawangan Elmina.

2. Rencana ini disiarkan dalam Facebook saudara Mohamed Reza Arabi pada jam 11 malam, 6 Jun lalu. Disiarkan sepenuhnya tanpa suntingan:

3. Apa kata PMIP (luckily not PIMP) and now PAS about GHULUL ???
وما كان لنبي ان يغل ومن يغلل يأت بما غل يوم القيامة ثم توفى كل نفس ما كسبت وهم لا يظلمون - ال عمران 161
(Tidak patut seorang nabi (disangka) khianat (dengan menggelapkan harta rampasan perang), dan sesiapa yang khianat, dia akan dibangkitkan di akhirat nanti bersama harta yang dikhianati, kemudian akan disempurnakan balasan atas apa yang telah diusahakan dan mereka tidak akan dikurangkan sedikit pun (balasan tersebut) !!!
1. Sebab Turun Ayat.
Ibnu Abbas meriwayatkan ayat ini diturunkan berkaitan sehelai "baju merah" yang dirampas semasa peperangan Badar telah hilang, lalu ada sahabat yang berkata..... mungkin Nabi saw telah mengambilnya.....
lalu turunlah ayat ini....
2. Huraian Ayat.
"Ghulul" (Kleptocracy) ialah satu perbuatan mengambil harta rakyat secara salah melalui kuasa yang ada padanya. Perbuatan ini banyak berlaku kepada pemimpin politik dan pegawai kerajaan yang mempunyai kuasa untuk mengurus apa-apa perkara atau perkhidmatan kepada masyarakat.
Nabi saw bersabda :-
من استعملناه على عمل فرزقناه رزقا فما اخذ بعد ذلك فهو غلول - رواه البخارى ومسلم
(Sesiapa yang kami melantiknya memegang apa-apa jawatan, dan kami telah bayar gajinya, maka jika dia mengambil habuan yang lain lagi, maka dia seorang "ghulul".)
- Hadis riwayat Al Bukhari dan Muslim.
من استعملناه منكم على عمل فكتمنا مخيطا فما فوقه كان غلولا يأتي به يوم القيامة - رواه مسلم
(Sesiapa yang kami lantiknya memegang urusan kami, lalu dia sembunyikan sebatang jarum atau yang lebih kecil daripadanya, maka dia akan dibangkitkan di akhirat nanti dengan harta yang dikhianati itu).
- Hadis riwayat Muslim.
Dalam satu hadis lain, seorang amil/pemungut zakat setelah selesai kerja kerjanya, beliau menyerahkan kutipan yang dibuat kepada Rasulullah saw dengan berkata " ini untuk kamu (kerajaan ) dan ini untuk saya", lalu Nabi saw berkata : Kalau kamu duduk cokah (menunggu) di rumah ayah kamu dan ibu kamu (tidak pegang apa apa jawatan), adakah mereka akan memberi hadiah ini kepada kamu ?
3. Bahaya "Ghulul"
"Ghulul" adalah satu perbuatan khianat dengan mengambil kesempatan untuk mengumpul harta awam sebagai kekayaan peribadi melalui kuasa dan jawatan yang dipegang, sedangkan mereka sedar, tanpa jawatan yang disandang atau tanpa kuasa politik yang mereka ada, adalah mustahil mereka akan menikmati kekayaan tersebut secara mudah.
Islam telah memberi amaran bahayanya sikap "Ghulul" ini, sebab itu bila ada sahabat nabi bersangka bahawa mungkin Nabi saw telah mengambil harta rampasan perang dalam bentuk sehelai baju pun, Allah swt terus menegurnya.
Rasulullah saw bersabda :
اياك والذنوب التى لا تغفر : الغلول فمن غل شيئا أتى به يوم القيامة
( Hindarilah kamu dari yang tidak diampun : "ghulul", sesiapa yang "ghulul" sesuatu, dia akan dibangkitkan bersamanya di hari akhirat)
هدايا العمال غلول
(Hadiah dan pemberian kepada pegawai kerajaan/pekerja (yang ada kepentingan tertentu atau kaitan dengan tugasnya) adalah "ghulul")
Abdullah bin Amru meriwayatkan ada seorang penjaga kepada peralatan nabi saw bernama Kirkirah telah meninggal dunia dan Nabi berkata: dia ke neraka, lalu sahabat-sahabat pergi meninjau/menyiasat, didapati gemulah/arwah telah sembunyikan sehelai pakaian nabi saw.
Semoga kita dijauhi dari pemimpin dan pegawai yang bersikap "ghulul"...

4. Wallahuaklam. terima kasih.

sukasamasuka said...


1. I find the Hadith and the Quranic arguments about ghulul as too weak and irrelevant.

2. Weak in the sense that ghulul is ok...but, zina is not terms of punishment.

3. Irrelevant because in Islam, ghulal is 100% about hereafter...between his Maker and His what?

4. I prefer's about here...right here...on planet earth!...not There...of which, I couldn't care less what "punishment" MO1 is getting...none of my business.

5. Having say that, the last thing I want is Him to be the Punisher for us Malaysians simply because we don't have what it takes.

dt rahman pekan said...

eid Mubarak dato.

demi takut kahilangan semua kemudahan keduniaan,

semua menteri/timbalan menteri (islam) memilih utk berdiam diri n rela d label sebagai 'bodoh'.

yg paling saya rasa kecewa ia lah tok pa.

semasa d treasury saya pernah berkhidmat selaku su tender n dia selaku pengerusi.

dgn kepintaran serta professionalism nya yg tinggi, saya pernah membuat prediksi yg

sekurang kurang nya dia akan menjadi tpm.

harapan saya udah lama meleset.

olih kerana rosmah/najib n dlm bulan berakah ini saya terpaksa lah melabel mereka

sebagai kumpulan 'haram jadah''

'tiada maaf bagi mu'.

Lee Watt said...

So one person called Naj says he didn't recall voting for Najib. To his small brain, that means "Najib is unrecognised as PM". ... Because one person called Naj didn't vote for Najib. HAHAHA!

Go get a basic education on the constitution first. You are just showing your ignorance and stupidity to the whole world :-)

Hakimi Abdul Jabar said...

Very interesting piece there Tok Scribe!

Last time I wrote comments on your blog, I was a mere non-practising lawyer, writer/author and composer-lyricist.

It was nice and eye-opening chatting personally with you in a 2008 Hari Raya Open House.

I must admit that having written a few International Law Best Sellers and getting glowing 5-Star reviews from very satisfied readers is the dream of any publicist and practising international/human rights lawyer :

It's good to know that you still have GUMPTION :

Warmest regards,
Hakimi bin Abdul Jabar (A.J. Hakimi)

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