Friday, September 15, 2017

Don’t Make Monkey of the Country

A Kadir Jasin

IF you haven’t yet been sufficiently entertained by the PM’s Mat Jenin offer of assistance to President Donald Trump to strengthen the US economy during his recent trip to the White House, allow me to share with you the story of a lonely male monkey and his desperate quest for love.

(For illustration purposes only)
As fate would have it, Sam, the male kera (long tail macaque), lost a fight for dominance and was banished from his troop. He had to escape with his life to a monkeyless forest. 

Life of solace and solitude wasn’t bad in the beginning. He had all the fig trees in the forest all to himself. He was the monkey king of the forest.

[REMINDER. Anonymous comments will not be published.]

But soon his longing for the company of female monkeys – the very reason leading to his banishment - overtook the joy of having the canopy all to himself. 

His sperm sac was filled to the brim and his libido started to drive him nuts.

He lost all inhibition – in the Malaysian protocal parlance, kesipuan – and begged every creature he bumped into to give him a chance to release his overflowing love juice.

Not every animal refused his advances politely. He was nearly ravaged (buggered) by a boorish drunken boar.  Some wild fruits, when naturally fermented, could lead to drunkardness among forest dwellers.

A female elephant, likewise lonely, took pity on him and invited him to “ride” along as she took her daily trudge to the river, through a lush coconut grove, to drink and bathe.

The grateful sex craved kera jumped onto her back and immediately did what a sex craved kera would do. He engaged himself in an impossible inter-species copulation.

When he was hard at work, the female elephant gave a thunderous scream. The whole forest reverberated with the sound. The kera was himself startled and immediately ceased his amorous activity.

He walked across to the elephant’s ear and romantically whispered: “I’m sorry if I was a bit rough!”

“No worry,” said the elephant nonchalantly.

“I did not know what you were doing back there, but that falling coconut did hurt my head a lot.”

The moral of the story is, if you are monkey don’t dream of making love to an elephant and even if, by the smallest of chance, you do, please don’t think that elephant would be screaming in ecstasy.

End of the story.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hehehehe....Faham, faham, faham, Datuk.
Ada orang begitu bangga dapat masuk White House, bersalaman dgn Trump,
menawarkan duit KWSP dan Khazanah untuk tolong Trump bangunkan ekonomi
US. Penyokong-penyokongnya di Malaysia scream with ecstacy macam baru
capai orgasm di atas pertemuan ini. Exactly macam kera di belakang
gajah tu. HEHEHE, so funny.

Anonymous said...
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dt rahman pekan said...

Good story wth deep meaning dato.

but who cares? mission accomplished (photo shoot!).

a hero's welcome n possibly dissolution of parliament once tun m is implicated by d forex RCI will follow soon.

this Machiavellian approach (cooked up by his strategist)may still bare fruits.

'scheming, deceptive n cunningness still produce wonders in d Malaysian political context'.

my sincere observation is that everything seems rosy at top of d PH leadership structure, but it has yet 2 b translated effectively at d working/ground levels.
if this is not addressed n remedied quickly, then success in d pru14 is but a 'pipe dream'.

let d PH leadership b warned abt this deficiencies.

dt rahman pekan said...

as predicted, najib's mission 2 d white hse is accomplished.(photo shoot)

he will b welcomed home as a 'national hero'.

once they r able (hopefully not) 2 implicate tun m in d forex RCI, dissolution of parliament will b announced.

so folks, b ready 2 experience 'd mother of all battles'.

4 people like me this is d 'last throw of d dice'.

Wonderful said...

wonderful tale, wonderful lesson!

HELP ! said...


now both the "venerable" institutions have scrambled and trotted out their responses to PM's offer of help to USA by having Khazanah and EPF invest in Trump's country.

Khazanah said it practised a strict process of origination and evaluation of investment proposals, involving detailed due diligence and multiple investment gates, before submission to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval.

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) today reassured that its decisions are made according to due processes and governed by relevant stakeholders.

In a statement, the EPF said any investment decisions would first be deliberated by an internal management investment committee.

Good gracious, these statements demean the efforts of Malaysia to help strengthen the US economy. Help, help, help!

sukasamasuka said...


Pedihnya komen Datuk nie...sakitnya disitu.

PutraKraken said...

Salam Datuk

Such hilarious tale Datuk....but it is exactly what is happening.
I am sure the monkey is a malay sub-specie whose ancestors come from far off island of ........
I am told that this monkey is also riding a hippo.....but on the sideline he also offered his personal riding services to another Low specie and also to the arabias....these sideline jobs are bringing him billion of dollars.

So successful were his ventures in elephant much so that he managed to transform the once respected club into his own club...United Monkeys National Organisation.

He made a come back on the back of an elephant and proclaim himself as King Cash.

Long live the King!


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2. It's ok to praise the Prime Minister, Umno and the government. It's also ok condemn me. But please use a name. Even it is a pseudonym.

3. I hate not being able to publish your comments. Actually some of your responses are legitimate but we do not publish anonymous comments in this blog.

Thank you and please.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Maybe the monkey want to impress the other monkeys that it can manage inter-species intercourse an animal 500 times bigger than the monkey.

The other Ape species, Chimpanzee, Baboon, Gorilla dan Orang Utan probably had a good laugh about the whole thing.

Our PM want to strengthen the US economy and help the US built their infrastructure...

the state of Texas alone, their GDP is 1.6 Trillion dollars, 5 times the size of our nation economy, the state of California GDP is about 10 times our economy.

How many states America has? ...... Total of 50 states.

The total GDP of USA is nearly 20 Trillion US dollars.

Our GDP is about US300 billion, not even half of 1 Trillion.

It is our economy that need the strengthening, not America.

Melati Wilayah said...

Good cerita Dato`... Lingkuplah Malaysia tak lama lagi. Duit orang ramai ( Khazanah, EPF, KWAP etc ) bagi pada Amerika Syarikat. Nak develop local infra structures pula pinjam banyak2 dari Cina Komunis. First class business performances by PM Najib.. he he he.

Aku said...

Kadiag, السلام عليكم (assalāa/mu/'alaikum),
Hang dapat cerita ni dekad Jln Riong ka..?
Dari timbai balaih peserta blog hang, nampak depa tehibog jugak no...hang bawak depa ke a'lam metafora buat sementara,
Baguih la, terutama dlm suasana muram laa ni...
Dgn 'janji' MOI nak bayag 'ufti' kad Amerika, lepaih tu budak2 tahfiz korban...
Zaman Rosulullah S.A.W., dia di bawa ke Masjidul Aqsa, paih tu mi'raj ke Siratul Muntaha,
yg mengikut sesetengah orang a'lim, untok menghibog Rosulullah selepaih pulangnya Pak Sedara dia Abu Tolib dan orang romah
dia Siti Khatijah r.a.
Aku du'a kita yg masih hidop ni, jalanlah sisa2 hidop kita dgn penuh iman dan a'mal solih yg diridhoi Allah S.W.T. jua ada nya.

sukasamasuka said...


1. Datuk masih ingat macam mana trick Najib pinjam wang RM4 bil dari KWAP sebelum PRU13?

2. Dia akan buat cara yang sama dengan "pelaburan Trump" bernilai RM17 bil, kali ni dari KWSP pula. Najib perlukan duit untuk PRU14.

3. Najib buat pinjaman dari KWAP...RM2 bil pada tahun 2011 dan RM2 bil pada tahun 2012...untuk SRC International, anak syarikat Kementerian Kewangan...konon untuk pelaburan arang batu di Mongolia dan negara2 tertentu yang dirahsiakan kerajaan hingga hari ini.

4. Pinjaman RM4 bil itu sudah lesap entah kemana, tetapi ia dijamin olih kerajaan...jadi pembayaran bunga dan principal kepada KWAP tidak ada masaalah.

5. Sebahagian dari duit dari SRC International itu masuk balik ke Malaysia melalui beberapa akaun diluar negeri hingga ke akaun Najib di AmBank..bukan RM42 juta seperti yang selalu kita dengar, tetapi sebanyak RM69 juta.

6. Najib terpakai sikit duit itu untuk bayar credit cardnya sendiri. Ini Apandi yang kata masa press conference.

7. "Pelaburan Trump" RM17 bil ini akan keluar dari Malaysia...dengan approval dari BNM...melalui berpuluh2 akaun offshore...dan, tidak akan sampai ke AS...tetapi, akan balik ke Malaysia untuk PRU14.

8. How fast can he arranged all these transactions?

9. Less than a week....because the modus operandi has been in place. Jho Low will be behind it.

Bukan aku yang cakap, bilal surau kampung aku yang cakap....dia ni tukang sapu dewan bandaraya.

10. Less than a week?????

Sly Trump said...

Pres Trump is even smarter.
Recalling the end of his meeting at the White House Cabinet Room, Najib said one of Trump's aides had wanted to arrange a handshake photo-op outside the president's office.

"Trump said 'No, I want to send him to the car.'

Was it because Trump didnt want any more photos than needed of them in the "unofficial" meet to surface and go viral?

M F Muhammed said...

With prices of petrol and diesel going up, with inflation rising (which consequently raises cost of living and lowers standard of living for the majority of us who are less well-off), with the economy showing signs of going on a downward path, with many in employment having been retrenched or facing the prospect of retrenchment, with many businesses in trouble (if not yet failed), and with the majority of the general population in a feel-bad rather than feel-good mood, how does meeting President Trump change the situation and consequently, generate feel good mood among the general population? Or perhaps someone have the audacity to think that, having met President Trump, US's DoJ will abandon their legal actions when it is the very thing that US can wield to coerce our PM to dance to its tune? With US currently in economic war with China, and China ready to commit billions in Malaysia already, what will happen if US "instructs" Malaysia to abandon her commitment with China but Malaysia can't do as US wishes Malaysia to do (for whatever reasons)? Malaysia really is - it seems to me - stuck between a rock and a hard place should that come to pass. What will the US do to Malaysia then? China will come to Malaysia's - or the PM's - aid? Is that the calculation? Is that a responsible calculation? I fear for us the general public, and Malaysia, for what is in store. What kind of calamity (God forbids) is in wait for us - the innocent, honest, but unfortunately poor general public - judging by the leadership shown by the people in control of our government?

Abu bin Adam said...

Couldn't believe for the life of me he could be so immature and childishly stupider than Trump. They fittingly deserve each other

nijan said...

HeHe Datuk ni bukannya tak faham apa permainan Najib,tapi nampaknya saja je nak melepas geram.Apa nak buat Datuk,Trump bukan peduli pasal moral atau maruah diri kerana yang dia pentingkan untung,untung dan untung.Untung sekupang dua pun jadi asalkan namanya untung.Apatah lagi dia bakal untung berbilion dolar kerana Najib janji nak kasi.

Memanglah apa yang dijanji Najib kecil anak dibanding keseluruhan ekonomi Amerika tapi sumbangan kecil Najib itu dapat membuktikan sedikit sebanyak janji Trump untuk menambahkan peluang pekerjaan untuk rakyat Amerika bukan janji kosongnya saja.Itu baru permulaan usaha dan kejayaan Trump sepanjang pentadbirannya yang baru 9 bulan.Yang untung Trump,Yang nampak bodoh Najib(tapi dia tak kisah),Yang stress dan risau ialah kita rakyat Malaysia.Gerun dengan janji-janji Najib yang nak membawak agensi dan badan berkanun kita melabur di sana di kala Ringgit sedang lemah.

Kata captain seademon Tun Mahathir dulu masa mula mula jadi PM pun sama macam Najib jugak.Pi Amerika janji nak tolong Reagan kukuhkan ekonomi Amerika.Maka Tun pun beli 88 skyhawk kata beliau.Saya tak lahir lagi pun masa tu tapi saya dapat agak pertimbangan Tun dalam membeli Skyhawk tersebut adalah semata-mata atas faktor cost-effective bukannya nak bodek Reagan macam yang Najib buat..Bab Tun nak ekonomi Amerika mengukuh,memang pun.Sebab bila ekonomi Amerika kukuh Malaysia boleh tingkatkan eksport bahan mentah ke sana.

Tun Mahathir seorang patriot.Apa yang beliau buat demi negara,demi maruah bangsanya.Keberaniannya kadangkala mengundang risiko.Namun bila usahanya berjaya labanya besar kepada negara.Tak jatuh hina kalau saya melabelkan Tun M as a Foolhardy Patriot daripada Najib yang bloody fool idiot....

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Apa pandangan Dato'..
Apakah janji bantuan ekonomi ke atas Trump akan ditarik balik jika DOJ meneruskan pendakwaan jenayah?

Adam Smitten said...

The United States is the world's largest economy. Why would a third world country showed up on the steps of the White House and wanted to make it even more larger? If this not to curry favour the president then I don't know what a bowl of curry tastes like.

One shouldn't formulate or alter fiscal policy of the country just for the sake of political expediency. Instead of luring and cajoling POTUS to invest more in his home country like any other government's head of state do when make a foreign visit, our head of state who had snuck into the country without much pomp had offered The US to make its economy even more bigger? I can not brain this. Like seriously.. and using the country's penchant fund??

It looks like our prime minister is a big admirer of the retirement funds. SRC had borrowed some 4 billions before with nothing to show and now he looks to blow a few billion more. 'We've got EPF money which is a major fund in Malaysia. They've got quite a big sum of capital to be EXPORTED..'. It seems that in Malaysia now we've got in excess of capital and don't know what to do with it. They need to be ship out to foreign country. Nice..

Why didn't he use the fund of his own creation, the sovereign 'debt' fund? Despite racheting up piles of debts, it looks like it has an excess of capital to be burned by looking at how they spent the money. Sending thousands of people for pilgrimage is now become the job of sovereign wealth fund. What the use of Tabung Haji?

The fund that he had help created had become scandalous in epic proportion. The fund had been looted from within in various ways. Nothing short of imagination and creativity. Tens of billions of borrowed money were simply poured into big black hole in the name of joint-venture. Nobody knew what happened to the money. The money then dissapeared without a trace.

And the country's now plunged into huge debts. The people are being taxed to death. This prime minister has made more debts than all the previous prime ministers combined. This prime minister too has taxed more people than all the previous prime ministers combined.

All in all this guy has taken out more from the country and its people than what he has ever put in!..Shame on you..

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Mengikut berita, Najib dapat sambutan sebagai hero dari luar negara.

Beli kapalterbang sampai berbillion, nak labor duit EPF ke Amerika, nak kuatkan ekonomi Amerika, kemudian balik dapat sambutan jadi hero.

Apalah yang pelik sangat?

Ini macam katun aja.

Kalaulah Najib bawak balik pelaburan dari Amerika 100 billion, satu hal juga, ini kita pulak melabor kat sana.

Saya rasa zaman sekarang ini,banyak sangat perkara yang pelik-pelik.

Memang bagus saya rasa datuk bukak cerita monyet dengan gajah kerana zaman sekarang orang malaysia dah jadi macam katun.

sukasamasuka said...


Sebelum terlupa, nak catat sikit perbualan kedai kopi siang tadi...kawan2 pencen belanja...mee tauhu dengan kopi O kaw...aku suka dengar saja...

- seorang tanya "macam mana Malaysia bolih tolong AS dengan wang begitu sikit?"

- ada seorang tu jawab dengan selamba saja..."Trump seumur hidup berniaga nak dapatkan USD4 bil, Najib datang kasi Trump dengan sekelip mata"

- "Najib kasi duit tu sama anak Trump untuk melabur...happy la si Trump"

- "Sebahagian nanti masuk balik dalam akaun Najib untuk dana pilihanraya"

- "Sebahagian lagi bayar lobby AS dan lawyer2 pasal kes DoJ"

- "yang lain hangus masuk akaun peribadi orang2 Najib"

- "bila di tanya nanti, Najib akan jawab pelaburan saham dibursa saham New York ada kala untung, adakala rugi...kalau untung KWSP kasi banyak dividen, kalau rugi tanggung sendiri la"

- "Bank Negara akan approve pelaburan KWSP luar negari sebab paperwork sudah lama siap sampai ada abuk, tinggal sign!...duit keluar Malaysia"

- "kalau dulu Goldman Sach atur duit hutang 1MDB...hutang keluar masuk Malaysia sebagai 'pelaburan'...hujung2 masuk sebahagian darinya sebanyak RM2.6 bil ke adalam akaun Najib...pakai RM600 juta untuk pilihanraya...baki Najib kasi balik sama penderma Arab...tetapi, duit RM2 bil itu sudah sangkut di Singapura hingga saat ini...konon2nya, bebulu biji mata Arab tu"

- "Arab tak kisah, bukan duit dia pun"

Semalam, anak2 datang, dengar mereka heboh pasal 25 budak2 tahfiz mati hangus terbakar mati syahid...pasal depan rumah nenek mereka pun ada skolah tahfiz juga...tiba2, anak perempuan kasi warning..."abah jangan komen apa2 pasal isu tahfiz, ok?"...oh c'mon, I didn't say nothing...sitting quietly at a corner...smokin'...quiet as a mouse.

Unknown said...

We should have learned the lesson better than the monkey.The rich middle eastern countries invested their petrol dollar in the US , forgotten to develop their on country resources. When the oil price goes against them,they panicked , raising all sort of taxes.Looks like we never learned.We should have invested in human resources ,technology just like our southern neighbour do.Instead we're keen on selling the very few companies we had on the first hiccup.We need leaders who are farsighted, not just any monkey..

Cereal said...

So who among the Internal Management Investments Committee ?

anak peneroka said...

Only Monkeys eat peanuts, elephant dont.

Please wake up monkeys.

NB : only 1000 turn up at Bunga raya VIP terminal. Where is the rest of umno members.

EPF overseas investment bring 11% return. Please specify which industry and countries. Definately infrasturcture in the US is not one of them.

Cash Is King said...

A good one Datuk....had a good extinguish my anger at the stupidity of our PM and those foolish malaysian leaders who were with him at the meeting.

Eric Sinnaya Langkawi said...

A new movie "Fooling MYself"
God will unveil
Truth will Prevail.
Soon there will a "Calm after the storm"

Old friend. said...

Seronok baca cerita dongeng Datuk. Nak tergelak ada... bukan sebab isi nya tetapi kerana niat penulisnya yg nampak desperate sangat.

Saya nak papar satu kisah dari Aesop's fable yg cukup masyur, The Fox and the Grapes.

One afternoon a fox was walking through the forest and spotted a bunch of grapes hanging from over a lofty branch.

“Just the thing to quench my thirst,” he thought.

Taking a few steps back, the fox jumped and just missed the hanging grapes. Again the fox took a few paces back and tried to reach them but still failed.
Finally, giving up, the fox turned up his nose and said, “They’re probably sour anyway,” and proceeded to walk away.

Moral: It’s easy to despise what you cannot have Datuk.

Jojo said...

This is all just monkey business.

Bad time to invest, bad exchange rate. What do we get ?

Ingat duit mak bapak duit dia ka ?

kzaman said...

True Dato. After the meeting, the US President and all his men were laughing their heads off in the coffee room over the antics of our Malaysian No.1 clown!

awang marang said...

Salam Dato,

monyet tu jadi syokkk sakan, sebab dipuji dipuja oleh musang berjanggut...ha haha ha

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Old Friend,

This fox you mentioned, does it wear chicken feathers?.

The video of the meeting at US actually went viral... Did you see it?

Najib want to strengthen the US building US infrastructure.....

Its hard not find it funny isn't it.

Even Jimmy Fallon make fun about it.

Cry Wolf said...


Special announcement by PM today:

Berita Harian tweeted that Zahid urged the people to wait for the announcement from the proper source instead of believing false news.

Zahid has cut short his working visit to Perlis in order to attend a press conference today that Prime Minister Najib Razak has called to make a special announcement.

Umno Supreme Council members, menteris besar, and chief ministers are also expected at the press conference at the Putra World Trade Centre at 4.45pm today.

Chief Ministers include from Penang and Selangor?

Old has been said...

Datuk, we thought the announcement would be equivalent to bringing back Soh Chin Aun or Santokh Singh or Shukor Salleh back to the Malaysian football team dreaming that this will relive the glory years.
What a big big anticlimax, just the return of an old has been to UMNO.
Guess there was nothing else to divert rakyat's attention away from the debacle of his visit to Trump.
Go back to sleep UMNO, " the US President and all his men are still laughing their heads off in the coffee room ...."

Unknown said...

Come on Kadir Jasin...u r too loyal to that grand old man to the extent of pretending blind to the benefits that we gonna reap from the deal with the US.

Christinatan212 said...

ada sahaja benda nak dinegatif kan. biar je laa dia nak jumpa sapa ma. why need to be like this. we just have to wait and see what will happen

si paku geylang said...

Apa salahnya jika memberi manafaat kepada negara ?

kamal adlin said...

pada pendapat sye. isu berkenaan KWSP negara kita invest ke US peluang sangat baik utk dapat pulangan dividen yang tinggi. setiap plaburan mesti ade risiko. kalau rendah risiko dan tetapi pulangan rendah ialah seperti pinjaman kepada kerajaan dan GLC. Pinjaman macam ini selalunya faedah tidak sampai 4% setahun.

kamal adlin said...

bagi sye peluang untuk KWSP dan Khazanah utk melabur pada tempat yang lebih baik berbanding melabur dalam negara kita sahaja. jika berjaya rizab mata wang asing jugak meningkat kerana dapat dalm bentuk USD. sekaligus, isu nilai ringgit juga dapat diselesaikan dalam satu pelaburan ni

Old friend. said...

"Najib want to strengthen the US building US infrastructure....."

Only the stupid and gullible few will take everything at face value while the thinking majority can see beyond those words uttered by Najib... OK,OK by (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak... if you must insist.

I hate to even think that you belong to these few.


anak perak said...

Daripada presiden hinggalah MT, boleh tertipu dengan macai politik pemakan dedak. Mat Tyson seorang saja yg masuk umno. Tak ada adun Pkr pun..
Nampak sangat kebodohan pimpinan umno sampaikan boleh tertipu begitu sekali. Lawak Mat maslan pun tak boleh tanding lawak presiden. Harap2 rakyat sedar pelawak2 ni tak boleh lagi diberi kepercayaan menjadi pemimpin.

Zalman A said...


Then there is the kera kena belacan called Mad Tyson.

It was meant to be more than just Mat Taib re-joining Umno.
He was supposed to bring along 8 state govt lawmakers 
and cause the collapse of Azmin Ali administration.

intervention of powerful stakeholders in Selangor
end result : Najib only had Mat Taib to show at 5pm 
much-hyped press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Sources told Malaysian Insight nego for Mat Taib defection and 8 others 
handled by intermediaries and not Najib himself.

Najib informed it was a go but only Mat was there source told Malaysian Insight

deal fizzled out because it was blocked at highest levels 
when found out Mat was part of deal source told Malaysian Insight.

led to flat announcement y'day that Mat re-joining Umno
presence of entire Supreme Council 
sparked rumours of state govt change 

Mat's defection would be 8 PKR assemblymen, 12 Umno, 13 PAS 
together with Khalid Ibrahim to form 34 lawmakers 
enough to form state govt in 56-seat legislature.

Does Mat Taib merit dragging Zahid all the way from Perlis?

I don't think so.

I think Mo1 wanted to pull off a Dedak Coup on Selangor.


Perhaps Azmin should just call state election once and for all to kill off Umno Hijau.

Old Timer said...

3 atau 4 komen terdahulu mempamirkan kedangkalan ilmu ekonomi penulis penulisnya.

mad said...

kalau benar-benar ini adalah peluang keemasan untuk melabur di u.s. kenapa tak gunakan wang mak bapak dia melabur disana. kenapa duit rakyat jugak yang menjadi mangsa. tiap hari rakyat kena sembelih tak habis-habis. cepat-cepat la bubarkan parlimen wahai panglima bugis. dah tak tahan dah ni.

Hakimi Abdul Jabar said...

Frankly speaking, it's rather obvious that there's light at the end of the tunnel.

But to digress, I would pay further heed to a recent ruling of a federal judge in Los Angeles who has granted a US government request to delay its attempt to seize assets allegedly purchased with funds stolen from the 1MDB Malaysian state investment fund while a criminal investigation proceeds.

“The court is satisfied that the continuing prosecution of these civil forfeiture cases would adversely affect the prosecution of the related criminal investigation,” US district court Judge Dale Fischer wrote in the September 13 order."

Judge Fischer’s grant of an indefinite stay came a little more than a week after prosecutors filed a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent’s warning that proceeding with the forfeitures could imperil witnesses in the criminal case. 

Several overseas individuals who have provided information to US investigators have “expressed concerned for their own safety and security if their contact with the United States became known”, said Robert Heuchling, a special agent with the FBI in New York.

Mr Heuchling’s declaration also cited Malaysian press reports of individuals involved in the 1MDB case who had been arrested by authorities in Kuala Lumpur or become the victims of violence.



shah said...


By coming back to UMNO the cash carrying and deceitful Mat Taib (he is said to have lied that he didn’t speak English to the Aussie police) was certainly returning to his true spiritual home after a long journey around various other parties. However, his crestfallen comrades could barely conceal their disappointment that he had failed in the end to bring the keys to Selangor with him, in the form of a mass defection which had apparently been promised.

The planned coup represents a classic Malaysian manoeuvre, although it would cause gasps and probably lynchings in any other genuine democratic country. Eight PKR ‘frogs’ were believed by UMNO bosses to have agreed to be presumably rewarded to cross sides with Mat Taib and join the 12 UMNO state representatives.

These in the end never leapt. However, together with the 13 PAS members, presumed also to be under instructions to switch by Najib’s new best friends in that party’s leadership, this would have given UMNO the majority it needs to get its hands back on the state and crucially the keys to the safes holding all the money.

With one daring move the Prime Minister, who seems to live from one throw of the dice to the next, had hoped to reverse his fortunes and grab control of this last well of money left after his years of disastrous mismanagement of Malaysia’s finances.

It leaves Najib, once again mortified and without the cash he had greedily being eyeing. It also leaves PAS awkwardly exposed as a factor that UMNO clearly considers not as an opposition party (which PAS still claims to be) but as a fully fledged ally ready to join with them in BN coalitions as and when the need arises.

joe black said...


Wonder what the Chinese in China are thinking...He comes begging for China to Invest in his Tun Razak Exchange, then he goes to America to make America Great Again by sending the money we spend on him to America!!

Now we know who this nut is!!

Old friend. said...

Malaysiakini: Bank Negara has recovered from Forex loses, says Dr M

“Not only did it recover, today Bank Negara’s assets are huge – running into hundreds of billions of dollars" says Mahathir.

So the ongoing royal commission of inquiry (RCI) is not necessary.

* Mahathir is like a rapist caught 20 years later, telling the court to drop the charges because the victim now is happily married with a loving husband and beautiful children.


Zain Kuala Lumpur said...

Salaam Dato'

Najib is the first PM from Malaysia who has to announce to the world that he would invest about RM 100 billion to support the US economy, which is so much bigger than his own economy. This is the price the Malaysian Official One (MO1) has to pay to get into the White House. 1MDB has caused the country losses that cannot be accounted. Banks are refusing to deal with us. We have become known as a country run by kleptocrat and we make world news as a corrupt nation.

MAS now is forced to buy new planes after selling long haul planes as they wanted to concentrate on regional routes. We like to know when did MAS change this policy? As this will involve huge investment, surely a detailed paper was tabled to the board. For the sake of transparency can MAS publish all the papers on this sudden change of policy? Why did PM also made commitment for Air Asia? Did he consult Air Asia or is this new government policy that PM makes decision on behalf of private companies too?

EPF is to invest USD3 billion in shares listed on New York Stock Exchange. Who made this decision, PM or board? If we want to buy shares in market do we announce first? We also announce we will buy high tech companies. Why do we have to announce to the White House that we are planning to buy US assets and give advantage to sellers who now know that our PM has forced these companies to buy?

Normally in the care of aeroplanes, sellers will come and beg us to buy and offer us incentives. Here we surrender to them. All of this is because MO1 has to pay an expensive price to enter the White House. The toll was very, very expensive. We are helping to create jobs for Boeing and yet our graduates are forced to sell nasi lemak, wash toilets and drive taxis. If PM continues to offer to invest in USA, soon we may have to export our workers to Pakistan as it is already ahead of us.

None of our previous PMs were humiliated the way MO1 was as he has to read a prepared script to prove to the whole world the price he has to pay to see Trump. He was afraid to hold join White House customary joint press conference with President Trump.

Before this Vietnamese PM was there and soon Thai and Singapore PM will be in White House and we wait and see if they have to announce their investments.

Zain, Kuala Lumpur.

Travis said...

It is sad day for all Malaysians. Many share this thought, 'misrepresentation'. The speech marks to record the consequence of our independence. Democracy is dead as the government is kleptocratic-ally administrated.

Then, the five minute video transcript officially released was a condensed prologue of sufficient importance for viewers especially Malaysian to draw up their own discourses, the meaning of misrepresentation.

The audience with Trump is designated to reflect it all. Malaysia has departed from the Nation of great interest into a Nation of indifference where its demonstrated policy that cash is king took precedence and domination.

Apparently, the engagement was a misrepresentation of our foreign policy that has brought detachment to our internal relation as well as to our foreign relations to come

By inception, it did not present to reflect the inspiration of Malaysians. Rather, Malaysia is in the making of being commercially traded. The marks by which of signature our pledges and by mean of paying tributes to the kingdom of higher order.

One thing for sure that the engagement in Washington DC was not a success one as stipulated. Success is not just about the Baboon's created accomplishments. It is about the Baboon's trust of doing things in DC could have inspire Malaysian or not.

To note, Malaysia has been officially based its foreign policy on the principle of neutrality and maintaining peaceful relation with all countries, regardless of ideology or political system.

Locked in, Malaysia has its obligation with Asean by which of neutralist, anti-nuclear, and to assure Asean is in a zone of peace, freedom and neutrality.

These have been the fundamentals of Malaysian foreign policies in which the obligation to reflect them into our domestic policies for realization.

Likewise, it wouldn't be justified without democratic mandate of the people. In turn, it is the duty and an obligation for the democratically elected leaders not to abuse and exploit the mandate given.

Unfortunately it is not as expected to what has happened to our country. The peoples' democratic rights is not been upheld.

As the result of misrepresentation, it has given rise to THE POLITICAL MASSCULT in association with Baboon's leadership.

The reborn leadership of BROWN SKINNED ENGLISHMAN (The Baboon) since 8 years ago.

The speech is the classic reference of a Brown Skinned Englishman kind of leadership. A reborn representation of a neo-colonial mentality is at large. Dictating the events of democracy and freedom into the dungeon of a near finance capitalism.

It must be checked for the sake of democratic good and for Malaysian communities.

sukasamasuka said...


When Najib doing monkey to Trump...not even the Adminstration was impressed, let alone the US opinion makers and media.

But, when Najib doing monkey on that day, the nation was frozen in anticipation...what he couldn't do in US, he did it at PWTC real good...except, for some strange reason this Chinese driving instructor called me up for yamcha right after 5pm, so I had to decline politely waiting for the announcement...for which, he said "itu cibai mamat taib masuk umno, lu tidak tau ke?"...i thought he was joking as none of my umno taikos knew about it.

Somewhere in between, i was switching channels tv1, 2 n 3 for the first time looking for info...when, another Chinese apek called me up asking about corn for chicken feeds???...what the #$@*...telling me sabah imported rm3.2 billion what?...then asking me if i m free for kopitiam...I SAID NO...NAJIB MAKING ANNOUNCEMENT...then he said, itu mohmad taib ex selangor mb masuk umno la, good for najib, one enemy less, bn menang don't worry la..

How come Chinese knew faster than tv1,2 n 3...malaysiakini n umno division heads???

Then, I realised those two monkeys did it to us. They can't fool the Chinese, but the Malays.

Honour is my name! said...

Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, who recently testified at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the foreign exchange (forex) losses suffered by Bank Negara in the 1990s, has resigned as deputy chairman of Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

Finally to his everlasting credit and the gratitude of Malaysians, he did not testify according to how he was supposed to, lie and deceive. He will now be regarded from now as an honourable man who with Tun Mahathir saved Malaysia during the global currency crisis. This is how one's legacy is established. With honour and dignity.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Oldfriend,

There are videos of Tun Mahathir meeting Ronald Reagan in year 1984 gone viral.

Ronald Reagan was a hollywood actor before becoming the president of US. From what I have read, he likes to record or video tape meetings of head of states. He even record audio conversations between himself and Margaret Thatcher.

Although it was in 1984, we can watch the video of Tun M visiting the white house (courtesy of Reagan library) uploaded in youtube and make comparisons.

Tun M did not need to leverage our workers hard earn pension money to gain approval from Reagan. He certainly did not buy aeroplanes to strenghthen America economy but I think, representing Malaysia, he left a better impression to the US president compared to Najib.

Those days, we rely on Tin (Bijih Timah) so he offered ours to US.

I dont remember during Tun M era , there was hero return reception with banner "Mati hidup bersama PM" at the airport every time he visited US or other parts of the world.

Are they really willing to surrender their life to the PM, "until death do us part", I think not.

kashinkoji said...

At least it is a happy ending...rather than getting knocked up then tied up with C4 and blown to smithereenes.
No pun intended..
What baffles me that the best they can do? From all the things that TDM are accused of being doing for 22 years like Corruption,Nepotism,Mismanagement...old friend or since you are Dato's old friend..pak cik..
Najib barely finish 2nd term,I think maybe he is settinng up factories in China,perhaps,manafacturing
closet to store all those skeletons.
NR could never turn 1MDB,so that he can proudly claimed what TUN now claimed in the present RCI,to another future RCI formed let's say 20 years from now..He don't even care.

1280 K Taman Malik said...

Harris Iskander... sorry now you number 2 stand up comedian in the world. The honor as the number 1 comedian cum court jester is the bugis warrior aka Jibby the 1MDB pirate

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