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Spies, Spooks and Treasonable Act

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

Illustration only: Signing of ERCL Contracts

EXPOSE that Research Division in the Prime Minister's Department had written a letter to then director designate of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Gina Haspel, five days before the May 9 General Election does not come as a surprise to me.

Haspel had since been confirmed as CIA director and the letter to her could be one of the documents that the police were looking for when they raided the house and office of one officer by the name of Hasanah Abdul Hamid soon after the Barisan Nasional’s defeat.

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The letter that is making the round in the online and social media bears her name and signature. The letterhead used introduces this Hasanah as Director General, Research Division, Prime Minister’s Department.

The content of her letter can be read in the online and social media accounts. In short it appealed for CIA's assistance just in case the BN won the GE narrowly.

To justify that extraordinary request, the letter writer ran down the Pakatan Harapan and its Chiarman, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Sadly this Hasanah did not even get the Prime Minister’s name correct. The name of Dr Mahathir's father was spelt as Mohammad. She, among other things, told the CIA that Dr Mahathir is anti-West and anti-Semite.

Her purported letter, reminds me of the many stories I heard from reliable sources that the ousted PM, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, had the support of many foreign embassies in Kuala Lumpur and their governments.

This is not surprising. Embassies and countries whose governments were super friendly with Najib and had committed billions of ringgit in his cost-inflated mega projects surely did not want to see him defeated.

So the story goes that almost all major embassies and foreign missions in Kuala Lumpur reported to their governments that Najib and the BN would the GE comfortably.

There’s a lot of hypocrisy in diplomacy. Many experienced diplomats knew the BN would lose. Some of them were even sympathetic towards the opposition. But they had to predict the BN’s victory because that was what their governments wanted to hear.

I was told that a few of them were called back to their respective capitals to explain how they got it wrong.

Again it is hypocrisy and play acting. Actually their bosses back home knew what exactly happened and wanted to make sure that their own tracks were covered.

I would not dare accuse them of interfering on behalf of the BN but their generosity towards Najib was a bit too much to be a coincidence.

But the new Pakatan Harapan too has engage in some degree of play-acting itself. This is diplomacy.

Illustration Only: Signing of HSR agreement at Sri Perdana
I am sure the PMO and Wisma Putra knew countries and foreign leaders that consorted with Najib but they would not do things to embarrass these leaders and their people.

So the new PH Government has to send special representatives and envoys to calm things down before the Prime Minister and other political leaders make a visit to these countries.

As for past public servants, including former ministers and diplomats, action will certainly have to be taken if there is evidence that they consorted with foreign government and agencies.

I am not accusing them of treason or anything like that. But seeking foreign help in what is essentially a domestic and internal affair - like the General Election - is unpardonable.



Mohd said...

Kalau Nurul Izzah yang hanya bergambar dengan Jacel Kiram boleh dikatakan pengkhianat, apakah makna surat ini. Penulis surat ini perlu disiasat dan didakwa di bawah SOSMA.

Unknown said...

salam pak kadiaq..najib adalah seorang penkianat nagara.

AzrinTaufik said...

Apa status Agensi ini? Masih beroperasi atau tidak?

Not so old friend. said...

Alahai Datuk, kenapa busuk sangat hati Datuk? Najib telah pun tewas tetapi Datuk masih lagi persendakan gelaran darjah ada pada Najib.
Malu lah sikit Datuk... kalau masih terus memukul musuh yg telah jatuh tertiarap.

dt rahman pekan said...

'diplomacy is d contnuation of war by other means' - clausewitz.

if i remeber correctly, d main function of d researh dept in d PMO is 2 alert n report constantly d happenings in d countries where they r stationed (usually n extention of d embassy) that wil hv n impact on d country.

while stationed in country, they wil work n liase closely wth d police n d armed forces.

in countries where there r many malaysians (especilly students), their tasks bcomes more crucial. I hv seen how they operate while serving as a student attache' in london 4 5yrs.
hats off 2 them.

but when d real purpose of thier existence is being subverted by officers who purposely misuse their positions other than 2 serve 'king n country', then something drastic has 2 b done.

i 4 one wld strongly support d contd existence of d unit but wth major rebuilding n restructuring.

Treachery and treason said...

anyone reading the letter from Najib's intelligence dept to the CIA will arrive at the same conclusion. That it was a highly treacherous and treasonous request to a foreign power to help the former regime retain power, post GE14.

A former ambassador today claimed a letter purportedly written by the top intelligence officer under the previous Najib Razak administration to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hints at plans for an “extra judicial power grab” in the aftermath of the 14th general election (GE14).

“I find it very strange, even bizarre, that our intelligence agency, a government department, would send such a letter to their US counterpart,” Dennis Ignatius told

Our authorities have no option and must investigate and charge the writer and her dept of conspiracy, complicity, treason and high treason. And it would be reasonable that Hasanah's boss would know of the existence of such a letter as it would be incredible that she would write to the CIA in the context it was written.

Harakiri said...

Hasanah's letter to the CIA is a real eye opener for the rakyat and especially for the monarchy.
Now the rulers can read and understand how close our country came to be sold out to a foreign power by the former govt.
If PH had not won with a big margin, the scenario is too dark to envisage.
Even royal seats can be lost once foreign powers take control of our country.
Now the rulers understand that throwing in their lot with the former govt would be akin to committing hara kiri on themselves.

Zed-85 said...


Dalam kandungan surat itu, dia menuduh Tun M "anti semite", atau bermakna "anti-yahudi".

Surat yang dinyatakan itu dari Jab. Perdana Menteri untuk ketua perisik CIA Amerika.

Biarkan orang melayu baca sendiri dan membuat penilaian.

Kalau zaman dulu, orang putih masuk campur kerana pelawaan orang melayu. Tapi antara sebabnya kerana khuatir atas penaklukan negara Siam.

Sekarang ini, orang-orang ini pelawa Amerika masuk campur kerana apa? kerana Tun M anti yahudi?

Saya teringat kalau tak silap saya , Najib berkata, orang melayu akan menjadi bangsat kalau pilih UMNO.

Siapa-siapa percaya, saya harap baca dulu surat ini.

Saya tengok macam-macam kerenah yang dibuat oleh Kerajaan dahulu.

hari said...


This alleged letter was sent from the Prime Minister' Department and surely the Home Ministry too would be a party to this issue as it also involves the police.

Todate there is no denial of this letter by both the sender and the recipient.

How come everyone is so silent on this. So the leader of the biggest party in Malaysia is actually a stooge of America and relies on their support. Based on the same letter, the biggest party in Malaysia is please stop using all those scarfs and the saddest truth is...the biggest party does not care about the Palestinians...they just use their misfortune to rob and plunder our country...NOW WE ALL KNOW WHERE THE REAL ZIONIST LIVE...

Crankster said...

Najib is seriously a shame to this country, almost as bad a traitor as Donald Trump is to the USA.

We let this problem fester for far too long. We should have cut off MO1 at the knees back in 2013, but we didn't. He hasn't merely been toadying to the Americans, he has also extended his thievery and kleptomanic tendencies to China, and it looks like they have helped him.

Now China assisting with money laundering of 1MDB funds may be beneficial to China, but China needs to practise what it preaches about corruption, if it wants to be taken seriously as a global force.

Labu8455 said...

If this is to happen in China, Hasanah for sure will be facing the firing squad. She and Najib must be thankful because they are only subjected to the Malaysian laws which is so much lenient as compare to the Chinese.

Jojo said...

Datuk Kadir,

That's an act of treason and whoever wrote/support the letter should be punished.

On a different topic, now that MECD is back, MARA should be put under MECD not under the ministry of rural development.

panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

Musuh ada bermacam musuh.. musang yang curik ayam tu pun musuh. Najib yang cekik rakyat dan negara hingga tergadai 1 trillion pun musuh.

Mungkin usTaT ceramah di mesjid boleh saja kata ..dengan sekali Haji je semua dosa langsai.. itu usTaT yang jual pakej Umrah/Haji kata.

Kata usTaT yang niaga ngapal surah tentu ngata.. hapal surah-surah tertentu ..terus dapat one way ticket to heaven.

Jadi kita nak balon yang mana dulu.. musang ke.. Najib ke atau usTaT.

Kalau Najib di balon dulu.. adakah kita akan terus balon .. walaupun dah tertiarap setengah mati.

Najib dah pon haji di Mekah ..malah dapat direk lagi dengan Nabi. Kok balon sampai mati pon no hal.. dia sekali dengan suaminye akan terus ke syurga.

Mungkin ada juga rasionalnye.. ngapa TK terus balon walaupun Najib dah tertiarap.. supaya dia dapat rasa gimana sakit nye sekarang ini rakyat dan negara.

Aku said...

Kadiag, السلام عليكم ( Assalaa / mu / 'alai / kum.),
Sekali kali banyak terima kasih pasai maklumkan satu lagi kelakuan jijik kerajaan MOI.
Seperti dilapog....." Malaysiakini mendedahkan lima hari sebelum pilihan raya umum 9 Mei, bahagian penyelidikan Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang disebut sebagai unit risikan telah menulis surat kepada pengarah CIA, Gina Haspel.
Antara lain sorat tu tegaihkan....
"Mahathir in the past, has been anti-West, anti-semite, autocratic, silenced dissent through force, and totally disregarded human rights and the rule of law. ..."
Kita antara lain munkin bulih ambik magna bahwa Mat Tehag ni anti Semitic atau anti yahudi.... sekali guih MOI dan Hassanah yg dilapog
tandatangan sorat tu, tidak anti yahudi atau munkin lebih tepat lagi 'mesra yahudi'... sesuai dgn mesra depa dgn saudara kembag yahudi
iaitu amerika dan inggerih.

Kesempatan ini jugak Kadiag aku nak mintak kerajaan baru ni tanggoh pelaksanaan sistem cukai SST. Antaranya kerana:
1. Kesan kenaikkan harga disebabkan GST belom dapat dibendong, Sebagai contoh pisau cukog (betankai) naik dari lapan kupang
sebatang ke RM1.30 lepaih GST. Ikan kembong (temenong) sederhana/kecik masih RM20 sekilo.
2. Nilai tukaran ringgit teruih jatuh.
3. Gaji dan upah rata2 maseh ditakok lama,
4. Pengangguran tetap pada paraih tinggi.
5. Tak dak langkah2 yg ampuh untok laksana perubahan atau refomasi struktur untok merongkai sistem ekonomi kroni dan
struktur ekonomi monopoli, pebezaan pendapatan yg kaya dgn rakyat tebanyak sangat jauh (gini's coefficient) atau pada
tahap lucah melampau sepeti yg dilapog baru2 ni dlm keh TNB dan Sapura.
6. Maseh belom nampak tegaih bendong kemasokkan dan hantag pulang pendatang asing dan pencurahan antag duit keluag.
7. Harga bahanapi antarabangsa teruih diparaih tinggi.
8. Nampak macam Lim Guan Eng, Saifuddin Nasution dan menteri ekonomi Azmin tak berapa paham selok belok (inflation dynamics)
kenaikkan harga dan kempenggunaan secara tuntaih, dan menyakinkan. Maghap kalu mengata no... sejujognya aku lagi dhoif.

ingin tahu said...

Salam DKSJ,minta pencerahan antara CIA operative dan CIA agent

Facts of life said...


The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is now reconsidering its initial pledge to abolish several contentious laws, law minister Datuk Liew Vui Keong said today.

Don't let the rakyat reconsider its' support for the PH govt.
We are not led by our noses anymore, the vicious laws established by exPM Najib and his govt must be repealed, abolished. That's a fact.

Unknown said...

dahsyat pengamatan tu.

budak jawa said...

Aslm dakj,

Hampir di semua agensi yang pegawainya bersekongkol dengan kerajaan dahulu ada pengkhianat. Ketua-ketua agensi yang naik pangkat kerana bersekongkol dan menaikkan pula para pegawai yang sudi bersekongkol adalah pengkhianat. Pegawai yang bercakap benar, menasihati dan berkata no di ketepikan.

Bagaimana Kerajaan baru mahu bergerak ke hadapan sekiranya pegawai-pegawai ini masih berkuasa. Dengan cara fikir dan cara kerja mereka yang tiada pendirian, mementingkan diri sendiri berbanding kepentingan negara dan berpaut pada kuasa, adakah mereka mampu menasihati apa yang sepatutnya kepada kerajaan baru? Kenapa ksn masih tidak diambil tindakan? Boleh pula ksn menempatkan pegawai-pegawainya mengetuai kementerian dan agensi sebelum kontraknya tamat. Dialah peneraju ukas yang bermaharajalela melaksanakan projek ppp apabila berjaya keluar dari epu.


Harapnya rakyat malaysia tidak didodoi dengan kisah politik semata-mata. Sekarang waktu bekerja.

All the best to kerajaan baru.


Treason is treason said...


While we are on the subject of treason, the following is also treason.
In a report carried by the Malay Mail, extracts herewith:
Industry sources told Malay Mail of strong suspicion that the operators of the illegal plants bribed Malaysian officials at both federal and state levels to turn a blind eye to their operations..

The issue was first brought to public attention following foreign media reports about Malaysia topping the list of destination for plastic waste exports from the United Kingdom this year.

The reports, citing an audit by public spending watchdog National Audit Office’s (NAO) latest, showed that a fifth of some 250,000 tonnes of plastic — used as product packaging — were exported by the UK to Malaysia in the first quarter alone.

China had been the single biggest market for UK’s exports of recyclable packaging material, the NAO noted in its report, but said the communist republic in January banned imports of various waste materials over pollution fears.

Industry sources told Malay Mail the ban forced Chinese plastic recycling companies to look to Malaysia as a potential base for relocation...
...... Malaysia was like China a bit, where you can just bribe officials to get things sorted out,” another source from a waste recycling company asserted.

Attempts to obtain the DoE and KPKT’s comments were unsuccessful at the time of writing.

It is also unclear if local companies are involved, but statements made by two ministers from the new Pakatan Harapan federal government point to possible collusion.

Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister and Kuala Langat MP Xavier Jayakumar told Malay Mail in an interview recently that he believed the crux of the plastic waste recycling issue was lax enforcement made possible by potential corruption by the previous administration.

The problem also affected several states, he said, noting that illegal plastic recycling plants were found in Kedah, Johor and possibly Penang. The PKR leader said he has since ordered an investigation.
Zuraida announced that it revoked the APs for 114 recycling companies and factories nationwide, banning the importation of the HS Code 3915 plastic waste for three months effective yesterday.

“I have brought this up with the Cabinet and I have instructed my ministry to come out with list of APs given to whom and so APs to import plastic waste from coming into the country can be stopped.

“This needs to be stopped, period.”

Yesterday, Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamarudin announced that it revoked the APs for 114 recycling companies and factories nationwide, banning the importation of the HS Code 3915 plastic waste for three months effective yesterday.

Just hours before she made the announcement, Selangor authorities ordered three plastic factories in Kuala Langat to close due to pollution and revealed in a media briefing that only three of the 35 plants inspected were found to be licensed.

State executive councillor in charge of local authorities, Ng Sze Han, in the same media conference claimed many of the plants were granted APs by the Barisan Nasional government before it lost in the 14th general election, implying corruption.

Malaysia through devious means got poisonous waste into the country, waste which no country, even China, wanted.
This is called TREASON, and must be stopped immediately and the culprits charged and given the highest punishment. Send the waste back to UK, China, or whereever they came from.
Malaysia has got enough waste of its own to deal with, human waste from traitors and citizen alike.

A new cat said...

the news that Khazanah directors resigned en masse seem to smack of pettiness, spite and venom, especially that of the Khazanah top leadership.
Not all directors are bad, some just seat warmers, some just following the lead of the head. What this move does is to strengthen our PM, Cabinet, Ministers and the rakyat's opinion that these Khazanahese think they are so indispensable, that resigning en masse will create panic and chaos.
What Lim Guan Eng says is quite true, it is a "smart" move and that will give a free hand to Tun and his team to choose another new team, without all the delays and ensuing issues that crop up. As long as the new cat knows how to "kill" the vermin and mice which is prevalent among the leftovers from the old regime.
Really smart move indeed.

Cikgu Warga tua pesara kerajaan said...

Dear Datuk, Is this Hasanah still in the Government's employ or has she been fired, retired or resigned. What is the outcome?

KhazanahMelayu said...

Urging a foreign government to intervene in Malaysia's election result is definitely an act of treason without any doubt. The issue is what are the enforcement agencies doing about it? Why is the police so silent? Did the signatory to the letter arrested or at least interrogated? The public need to know!

Unknown said...

Dsn skrgpun ligat hentam kerajan ph...kenapa ye

Unknown said...

Can someone please lock up Najib and his proxy Zahid? Rasanya dah cukup berlambak kes yang terkumpul utk masukkan mereka ke dalam penjara. Sesangat stressful untuk saya baca komen2 buat2 bodoh drp mereka. Yang lagi stressful membaca komen2 dr sesetengah pemimpin PH yg boleh (berlakon) buat2 baik kononnya. Tak boleh ke be a bit more decisive? Kenapa lembik sangat? Penat dan stress dgn depa ni.

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