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NST and Rosmah’s Date with Justice

A Kadir Jasin

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Rosmah and Azeez: The cozy old days of kissing hand are about over
DATIN Seri Rosmah Mansor must be in real big trouble.

What could be worse for her than being announced “exclusively” by the New Straits Times newspaper that she is on the verge of being indicted to face up to 20 criminal charges.

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The news that she would be charged for her part in the 1MDB scandal does not come as a big shock. That has been widely speculated.

The situation becomes increasingly more desperate by the day. Today, Rosmah’s and her husband’s close collaborator, Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim – the former Tabung Haji Chairman – had been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Malaysia (MACC).

The fact that the NST should headline Rosmah’s impending date with justice is sensational. I am used to being surprised. But on this particular occasion, I am super surprised.

This is because Rosmah is no ordinary woman and NST is no ordinary backer of the former government.

She was feared by the NST (and other media organisations). I was told a long time ago that her “wahyu” - directly or indirectly transmitted – were treated with greater urgency than those of her husband.

“Wahyu” was the term used by editors and journalists to describe instructions from Putrajaya.

Editors were more afraid of her than Najib. Her pictures were closely scrutinised.

Only the “most beautiful” would see print. The glossy magazines airbrushed them to make her look young and beautiful.

So, for the NST to publish an exclusive story stating that she would be charged with up to 20 criminal charges is hugely significant.

NST Changing?

It could signal that the NST has finally unshackled itself from the past and acknowledged that the world around it has changed since the Pakatan Harapan victory on May 9.

It is possible that the NST executives and editors finally realised that Umno isn’t anymore in power. In fact, for some time, ceased to be the largest shareholder of Media Prima Berhad – their corporate owner.

Maybe they now realise that if they don’t change their pro-Umno/BN editorial stance to something more balanced, the paper risks losing its relevance and they risk losing their jobs to further cost cutting.

Has the NST changed?
So what better way to mark the departure from the past to the present than by headlining Rosmah’s impending arrest and her date with justice.

It is also possible that the source of the NST report had deliberately chosen the paper in order to drive home the message that Rosmah would indeed be arrested and charged.

What better way to do that than to use the NST that is known for its loyalty to Rosmah and Najib.

Rosmah is indeed in trouble. NST report on her impending date with the law was corroborated by Bernama.

On September 24, the national news agency, quoted the Chief Commissioner of MACC, Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull, as saying that the investigation on Rosmah has been completed and the report has been submitted to the Attorney-General.



Zalman A said...


“The Billion Dollar Whale” is interesting reading indeed.

The finer details may elude even the two WSJ fellas.

For example, a strange connection between Azeez Baling, 1MDB, Jho Low and…the ECRL project.

This was revealed by accident by Apandi Ali in the infamous press conference where he held up charts that some clever camera guy zoomed in on.

One of the charts clearly shows that SRC International transferred RM35 million to Putra Perdana Construction Sdn Bhd, which then transferred RM34.99 million to Permai Binaraya Sdn Bhd, which then put RM27 million into Najib’s private bank account ending with “880”.

All this took place on July 8, 2014.

From the sum transferred to Permai Binaraya, RM5 million was also channelled to Putra Perdana Development Sdn Bhd a week later, on July 14, 2014.

Here is the link:


To quote:

“…the complex money trails give an appearance that money borrowed from SRC was eventually returned by the Jho Low connected Putra Perdana Berhad (Chairman: Azeez Baling), shortly after that buy out in November 2014. Pua has therefore asked the question whether Tabung Haji, which is controlled by some of Najib’s closest cronies, including Chairman Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, was in the end used to bail out the entire theft?”

Why did SRC International advance RM140 million to Putra Perdana? Who authorised the advances? Why did Tabung Haji acquire 30 percent of Putrajaya Perdana and how much did they pay for the stake?

I hope the MACC has not forgotten this strange connection?

Zalman A said...

But it gets even stranger.

Today, Tom Wright of WSJ claimed that Jho Low is free to roam China because he knows the inside details of the corrupt deals that China made with the Najib government.

But that’s not secret.

The crooked ECRL deal was also to cover 1MDB debts.

Now, the strange part!

The leaked ERCL contract (thank you, Sarawak Report from last year) reveals this.

Total CCCC (China contractor) cost of acquiring all remaining parts of 1MDB and its worthless companies and fund units: USD7.5bn or MYR30 bn.

Term Sheet, China’s obligations:

(a) End July, CCCC assumes USD4.78 bn of 1MDB (i.e. 1MDB Energy) debt to IPIC, due between Oct 2016 and 2022.

(b) Pay on 1MDB’s behalf USD850 mn to IPIC;

(c) Buys at USD315 mn, two Jho Low-affiliated companies, Loh Corporation Berhad and Putra Perdana Berhad.

(d) Acquisition of 1MDB Ayer Hitam (Penang land, at USD850 mn, payment to IPIC);

(e) Acquisition of 1MDB Global Inv. (USD940 mn);

(f) Acquisition of 1MDB Brazen Sky (USD1.56 bn); and,

(g) Acquisition of 100% of 1MDB Energy Holdings [Price (a) = USD4.78 bn]

Look again at item c.

Yes, indeed - the same companies that Tabung Haji funds were used to bail out!

Small world, indeed.

I think the full book covering 1MDB will be thicker than an encyclopedia.

Meanwhile, Azeez has a lot of questions to answer…over to you, MACC!

In the name of justice said...

we ain't got tunnel vision any more, its now 360degrees.
No matter which way the guilty ones twist and turn, the hangman's noose (metaphorically of course) is ready for them.
So let it be, justice has arrived.

dt rahman pekan said...


saya sering juga menceritakan usaha saya utk cuba mendamaikan ds najib dgn yab tun m. usaha saya tlh d gagalkan olih wanita ini.

jadi buat masa ini saya hanya mampu berkongsi 'words of wisdom' saperti berikut :-

1. julius caesar

"friends Romans n countryman,
pls lend me yr ears.
I come 2 bury caesar,
not 2 praise him.

the evil that men do leave after them,
the good is oft interred in their bones .......(william shakespear - between 1590- 1613).

2.Evil woman (song).

"evil woman how u done me wrong
but now u r trying 2 wail a different song.
Ha ha,funny how u broke me up,
you made d wine now u

I came running every time u cried,
thought i saw love smiling in yr eyes,
Ha ha very nice 2 know that u aint got no place 2 go".

song writter (lyrics) : Jeff Lynne
musicians : electric light orchestra (1975).


panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

Kedua-dua makhluk yang kena cium dan mencium seperti dalam foto yang TK lampirkan ..dah pun didakwa dengan kesalahan yang bertimbun.

Ada rezeki mereka akan dibersihkan dosa ..dengan menyumbat dalam penjara.

Dalam penjara nanti Haji Azeeez boleh lah teruskan tradisi cium tangan ..kali ini tangan Pengarah Penjara pula.

Pada (Tun yg menanti) Hajjah Rosmah .. saya tak tahu ..samaada Pengarah Penjara akan cium atau sebaliknye ..kita lah tengok nanti?

Stephen Ng said...

I am sure that not only NST but the whole nation was hoping to see her paraded in SPRM Lokap orange suit. To have her released while Azeez was brought to court this morning in orange Suit is indeed an insult to the latter. I am sure her involvement in the 1MDB scandal would be a lot greater than Azeez’s crime

AzrinTaufik said...

A'kum Datuk,

Allow me to digress from the topic. Referring to the article below on PNB's Transformation Plan, I would really appreciate if Datuk could whisper and suggest to Tan Sri Zeti on revamping PNB's own Human Capital by putting the right person at the right job with the right competencies and qualification. Only then, PNB can have rapid transformation.


Jumping ship said...

People like Michelle Yeoh who professed so much admiration for Najib and his regime are now turncoats. Heard she inked a deal with the authors of the Billion Dollar Whale to produce a movie based on the book. What a despicable action from sycophant to traitor.
Guess this is what the rest of his so-called supporters are now doing, jumping ship.

Name of the game said...


Reported in the Malay Mail Sarawak Report's statement not an apology, Terengganu Sultanah will still sue.
Sarawak Report already issued a statement to clarify and to apologise.
If only we had seen more effort and energy during Najib's time by all parties to restrain JLow and his cohorts from "raping' the country.

Million dollar whales said...

I almost fainted when I read the report in FMT
Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said the RM175,000 salary with tax exemption given to Mokhtar Dahari Academy (AMD) director Lim Teong Kim should have been re-evaluated.

How could LTK be paid so much and this is his monthly package, nothing to show for his big big earnings.
There are lots more million dollar whales out there, all Ministers please work closely with your team to get rid of these appointees who are paid astronomical figures!

A new era said...

why can't Sultanah Nur Zahirah of Trengganu take this opportunity to show some magnanimity to Sarawak Report and Claire?
If not for SR and Claire, we would not have seen the light of day in this country.
SR has already clarified and apologised for the "offending" statement in
her book titled The Sarawak Report: The Inside Story of the 1MDB Exposé.

Surely the Sultanah feels profound gratitude to SR and Claire, just as we do.
Our local media and govt failed us in our hour of need. Only through the persistence, perseverance, dedication and sacrifice of Claire was the 1MDB scandal brought to light and the traitors exposed. That her continued exposes of 1MDB contributed to the downfall in GE14 for Najib and his govt.

So syabas to Sarawak Report and Clare Rewcastle-Brown, we Malaysians would not have got a new govt without your efforts.
Hope the Sultanah will let this unintentional "issue" go. Let us all share in the joy of a new era for Malaysians.

Shameful act said...

Read that Sri Michelle Yeoh will produce the film version of Billion DollarWhale, a book unraveling the massive 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) financial scandal under a deal with SK Global and its international label Ivanhoe pictures.

She was the very person who tried to persuade Malaysians that Najib was the ONE saviour of Malaysia, now she sings a completely different tune.
Maybe even Najib could not have foreseen such a turncoat.
Personally its a stab to his back. Even black can turn white so long as the dollar $$$ sign flashes.

Jojo said...


1. Why is is the ones kissing the hand will always get to wear orange sprm attire and being handcuffed ?

2. Up untill now we still don't get to see Najib and Rosmah being handcuffed even though there so many charges being made against them. Why is the double standard? ?

3. Those orang putih get to make money by selling books about 1MDB and we Malaysians get to pay 1MDB debts. How odd?

4. Najib supporter gets to make money by making a movie about our misery and what do we get ? We get to pay debts and more debts. How weird can that gets ?

5. On Lim Teong Kim and AMD, I agree to review his salary but not to sack him. He did such a great job at building our nation's young football teams with a whole new concept. Unlike FAM that don't want to change for the better. I think those top management in FAM and BAM need restructuring. We need new people with fresh ideas and willing to listen and change. How I hope you could let Syed Saddiq knows about this.

Hakimi Abdul Jabar said...

Memang betul firasat Isham Rais & Syed Akbar Ali & Datuk AKJ. Memang terdapat agenda menyamun khazanah Bumiputera Melayu & warga Malaysia dengan menggunakan nomini-nomini jelas bukan Bumiputera Melayu & Melayu yang tiada apa-apapun sumbangan jelas terhadap masyarakat Bumiputera Melayu & keseluruhan warga Malaysia melainkan negara-bangsa Malaysia dibebani hutang RM1 Trilliun.


Million dollar failures said...

Lim Teong Kim should be given a choice, leave freely or fire him.
No one coach or coaching director is worth that much, RM175,000 monthly remuneration.
HOw much can his salary be cut? 10% 20% we are talking peanuts here. Even a 50% cut leaves him with nearly RM90,000 per month, way way high.

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman should also look into the pay packages of the FAM board, I bet you they are just as similarly astronomical.
The annual allocation of RM20 million is going into the payment of these officials, and peanuts going into sports development. Already 10% is Teong Kim's portion.

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