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The Litmus Test of the “Sandakan Video”

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

The beautiful Christine Keeler ended political career of Lord Prufumo
WHEN you are a writer and are as old as I am, you carry with you the benefit of knowledge and the baggage of history.

You can choose to be arrogant and reckless because you know other people’s skeletons or be humbled by the fact that you are yourself a human being.

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It was the latter that discourages me from commenting on the Sandakan video.

Quite a number of people asked about my silence. One even posted in the Facebook, questioning my silence and that of fellow commentator, Tamrin Abdul Ghafar.

Less than a week ago, a very senior member of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) leadership, who represents the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), also commented on my silence.

I told him that I had been badly burnt for taking position on a similar incident a very long time ago – 1997-98 to be precise.

My reputation as a journalist and editor was put into question and the newspapers I edited suffered.

Although I no longer have a newspaper – not since I resigned as Group Editor-in-Chief of the New Straits Times Press (NSTP) in 2000 – a fair number of readers still pay some attention to my comments.

For that reason I feel that I should not abrogate my responsibility. As such I continue to take position on matters of national interest.

The following is my stand and my views on the Sandakan video:

1. It is a test to the promise of the PH government to be open, transparent and accountable;

2. It is a test to the professionalism, independence and impartiality of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) under the leadership of the new Inspector General, Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador;

3. It is a test to the promise of PH to respect the rule of law and uphold the Constitution;

4. It is a test to the ability of the PH leadership to stay above the fray and to put the interest of the country above personal likes and dislikes;

5. It is a test to the humanity, humility, morality and dignity of PH leaders collectively and individually.

6. The question that every PH leader must ask is, do I use my party and my government position to shield me from my wrongdoing or I shield my party and my government from shame by doing the right thing?

The news from far far away lands: Last year, the UK Small Business Minister, Andrew Griffiths, resigned over the expose that he sent sexual messages to female constituents. That's all.

In India, also last year, the Junior Foreign Minister, Mobashar Jawed Akbar, resigned despite not doing anything wrong. He stepped down simply because he is embroiled in a defamation suit against a journalist.

Over in Canada, Economic Development Minister for the state of Ontario, Jim Wilson, resigned (also last year) over sexual misconduct allegations.

Of course I could never forget the Prufomo Affair when the British Secretary of State (Junior Minister) for War, Lord John Dennis Prufumo, was sacked and later jailed for having an affair with a call girl, the beautiful Christine Keeler.

He was jailed not because he slept with Keeler but because in doing so he jeopardised the security of the UK because she was a girlfriend to a UK-based Soviet spy. It was my favourite Utusan Melayu report for many months.



cikminah said...

Agree with you Dato'. From your list of stands, the following is the gist of my understanding of it. First and foremost, the person involved in the affair must quit. He should not hide behind anyone becase it is not fair to expect people to hide his problem. Second, the video is A test to the governmen's integrity. How transparent and FREE is the polis. And lastly, to the governmen ie PM himself, to do the right thing, to protect the party as in John Performo's case, to protect the country.

Yg bosan said...

Dato..berapa mudah nya pakatan ph-dap utk berlaku double standard dlm tindakan mereka. Dulu mereka sentiasa menekan bekas2 pemimpin2 bn yg terpalit dgn kontroversi utk berundur walaupun belum terbukti d mahkamah. Sekarang bila berlaku pada azmin, semua nya senyap sepi. Tun M pun cuba utk mempertahankan sesuatu yg tidak boleh d pertahankan. Kita sedia maklum, semua benda ini berlaku atas perancangan dalam pkr. Bukan susah utk rakyat menghidu tangan ghaib siapa yg bertanggungjawab utk mengenakan si azmin. Tentulah d kalangan org yg rapat dgn azmin yg tahu kelemahan beliau. Ini ibarat sejarah berulang kembali utk pkr. Sedih bila d fikirkan..adakah parti pkr ni dipenuhi dgn mereka2 yg bernafsu songsang?? Dari pemimpin2 yg no 1 hingga hingga ke no 2 pun mempunyai selera nafsu yg songsang..waallahuaklam...ini kan pimpinan Masa depan utk Malaysia..Semoga Allah pelihara negara Kita daripada Bala yg menimpa umat nabi Lut dahulu..Aamiin

Mat Bon. said...

Sandakan video. Taktik budak budak yang dah tak ada idea yang bernas. Cara orang yang malas nak fikir atau memang tidak bijak.

Selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin.

azhar said...

Thank you....your message is loud n clear

DPM in-waiting said...

Salam Dato,

Malaysia is an official Islamic state and a conservative Asian society, we should strictly uphold our values. Any leader who is proven to have involved in immoral sexual activities should be barred from holding any important position in the cabinet and government entities, period.

As reported in the press, many people were trying to link this sex scandal to the issue of PM succession. To me there is another equally important issue that is so far not mentioned. I meant the issue of who will be the next DPM when a new PM is decided. This is important because DPM is actually PM-in-waiting.

Assuming the consensus from PH leadership is that DPM’s position should go to a party other than Bersatu because Bersatu is a smaller party in term of parliamentary seats compared to other parties. Should that happen, I foresee Bersatu will be badly hit politically. Bersatu will struggle to recruit new talents because Bersatu will not have the pulling factor anymore. Very few talented Malay talents will want to join Bersatu knowing that they will not have a chance to be the future PM. The new talents will join a party that has the strongest possibility of offering them the PM post. Is this what is bothering Tun in term of succession plan ?

Aldeenor said...

Salaamun alaikum Pak Kadiaq,

You were just giving general statements that this scandal is a test. But what is your stand in this matter? Apa pendirian Pak Kadiaq?

Of course, you are worried your stand in this scandal might cause you to be "badly burnt" again as it was in 1997-1998, but we need the truth and good opinion/stand from a veteran like you.

On top of that you are part of the PPBM top leaders, you must have a strong stand in this matter.

Jojo said...


1. Do you seriously think that the minister in question would resign ? No way it's going to happen in this country. Someone has to sack him and that's going to be his boss.

2. Tun Mahathir will forever be seen as the bad guy sacking and getting rid of bad people including Najib the "islamic" penyamun. I hope there won't be another stupid "reformasi" on the streets by easily fooled people like the otai reformasi and the "malu apa bossku" gang.

3. Honestly, I'm disturbed by all these videos by our "tak tahu malu" politicians. One even can't wait to become PM. Ya Allah please help us all.

4. I am also disturbed by DAP who still wants their "pendatang china" legacy, the vernacular schools. I don't understand why can't we have the same school system like every other country in this world? We can still learn mandarin in the same school can't we ? What's with your "pendatang china" legacy lah oi! When you're in rome do as the romans do. Di mana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung.

5. There's news that there'll be a global recession in 2020. Please don't let Tun Mahathir go just yet. We need him in time like this. Please don't let Anwar takes over. Remember what he did during the 1997/98 recession? Ya Allah, please save Malaysia from evil people from becoming our PM.

Wawh said...

Take a high moral ground, else we'll be Sodom & Gomorrah. Enough is Enough!

TUN PERAK said...

Ahli POLITIK mlysia ni tak ada kerja lain ke dato?

Suke sangat "menyembur" BENIH..


Hud Hud said...

Many people say that tun was returned as PM for the 2nd time to rectify all his past mistakes. That may well be true. But it is also true that his return as the PM is for others who had wrongfully accused him of wrongdoings to have their own karmic retributions.
Firstly they are forced to accept him as a leader and admit that he is no dictator. They are forced to accept that he is indeed a great leader, good for the country.
Secondly they are now faced with exactly the same situation as tun did in 1998 in the anwar debacle. They accused tun of menzalimi anwar etc. Are they now brave enough, truthful enough, sincere enough, honest enough to do the right thing as tun did before. If they do not do the right thing, then they are hypocrites. If they do the right thing then it's an admission that they had wronged tun in the past by their accusations. Either way its a bitter pill to swallow.

Zalman A said...

"4. It is a test to the ability of the PH leadership to stay above the fray and to put the interest of the country above personal likes and dislikes"


So far the PH govt has shown zero ability to "put the interest of the country above personal likes and dislikes".

The rakyat are not stupid.

They can see selfish power struggles, and nothing else, from the govt.

That has not stopped since Day 1.

Meantime, nothing is being done to address their suffering.

Anyway, if Azmin is knocked out, then Tun Dr M has even less excuse to prevent Anwar from becoming PM.

At this stage, it really does not matter.

It seems 100% certain that Rosmah will regain the position of Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2023 or even sooner.

The Birkin handbag company and many KBU are very happy about that.

Even PAS is being trained to embrace corruption and the material world.

Unknown said...


Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

I hope you are well and in good health.

Regarding the video,

First of all, in this age and with the current state of technology, anything is possible.

You were writing about spy and the secret service at the last part of this blog.

In the film Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise can change his face completely to different person.

In the James Bond film, Roger Moore managed to disguise as a Cuban Air Force General.

So, the question is, using the technology in Mission Impossible, can somebody like Tom Cruise change his face to a Malaysian Minister.?


Slandering (in Malay Fitnah) had been going on since the beginning of time and is all over our history book.

Hang Tuah was slandered. So was the wife of Laksmana Bentan, Tun Mutakhir the Bendahara of Melaka, Mahsuri of Langkawi and great many more.

So, are we going to expect that the slandering is going to stop now?

At this time, we have to use our head and evaluate.

We have to assess the matter to include the current technology that is possible to fabricate fake videos and slandering which is prevalent is our culture.

Anees Khan said...

Salam DAKJ

mohon maaf mencelah,

rasanya pendirian kerajaan perlu tegas dalam bab macam ni, mana boleh ada pemimpin yang boleh ada skandal lagu ni, tambah pula songsang.

Kalau kerajaan tak serius lepaih ni maknanya seks sonsang is becoming part of of culture Dato? boleh ka lagu tu?

betui atau dak itu perlu disiasat oleh pihak yang dipertanggungjawab tapi pelaku harus berundur, sekurang-kurangnya bercuti.

Dato, satu dunia perati kita, malu kita Dato. again we become famous for another wrong reason.

Mufti kita yang dok ada pulak macam tak tau nak buat apa-apa. ada yang bagi nasihat motivasi lagi kepada pelaku seks songsang.

apa nak jadi kat anak cucu kita pun tak tau la Dato...

kusufian write said...

No doubt...
PKR is terminated either way. PH won't get through GE 15 with Anwar as PM..

raj raman said...

Bapak kan penasihat Maha Firaun.Nasihati lah Maha yang degil itu.

rajraman666.Kalau Pak Mahathir tak dengar nasihat Pak Kadir, Letak jawatan Pak Kadir saja tanda protest.Minum to menara ilham atau minum di warung air putih sama saja rasanya.
Bisa Pak?

majid smsp88 said...

Selamat Hari Raya Tuk Kadir...

Lama tak mencelah selepas 9 May 2018, sekadar memerhati sahaja cause itu attitude 'atas pagar' = benar itu benar, salah tetap salah prinsip.

Saya melihat isu 'Sandakan Video' ini dari pelbagai sudut :-
1) Itu perkara peribadi antara mereka maka biarkan Maha Esa menghukum mereka (jika tidak terdedah kepada umum).
2) Bila perkara itu terdedah, maka tak Sukar pun nak jalankan siasatan kerana Polis kita sangat terlatih dibawah Scotland. Ketulinan video itu tak Sukar pun untuk dipastikan ketulinannya.
3) Jika benar, saya ulangi 'JIKA BENAR' perkara itu berlaku, maka pihak Polis ada kuasa ke untuk mendawkwa perbuatan mereka itu yang 'suka sama suka'...?
4) Biar Polis lengkapkan siasatan, jika perkara itu memang benar then serahkan kepada bidang kuasa syariah.
5) Tak perlu berpolitik sangat dalam semua perkara or politic 24 jam = 365 & 1/4 hari.
6) Sukar apa nak siasat perkara ini yang hanya babitkan 2 orang sahaja...?

Malaysia tetap Malaysia even kerajaan 61 tahun telah tumbang.
- Kita akan siasat.
- Kita akan bentang laporan.
- Kita akan tubuhkan jawantankuasa siasatan.
- Kita akan ambil tindakan.

Sejarah sudah menjadi sejarah. Sejarah tetap akan berulang dan di ulangi kerana masing-masing ingin mencipat rekod baru umtul atasi rekod lama.

XPDC "Dan toleh kanan toleh kiri, nampak batang hidung sendiri".

wansee c said...

As mentioned before, the future of Malaysia has started becoming bleak ever since 16th May 2018. After the fateful day, the whole nation has been forced through a series of uncalled for turbulence, created by PH component parties themselves, shooting at the same side of own people, abrading each other due to inner power struggle to get to the endgame throne. It is absolutely laughable to have this kind of cohesion to rule an almost bankrupt nation. And worse still, the evil game plan has intensely evolved into even gruesome and unspeakable shape, the man-man sex scandal caught in video.

Only people who are deprived of moral principles would succumb to the temptation of lust for forbidden carnal desires, be it natural or otherwise, which at the same time fallen on their blind spot and by-passed their morality and conscience. Until the intimacy get exposed, then the tidal wave of denials ensue. This sort of 'event' happened before many times and certainly nothing strange to us. So, as usual, the best weapon to defend is to remain calm and persevere in denial state however difficult the situation is and hopefully it passes by and dies down before long. That's it.

I think, the only solution to clear the air and spare Tun's administration from being embroiled further in the ordeal, the accused has no choice but to come clean by swearing an oath of 'Sumpah Laknat' as an instant resolve to appease the public interests. That should include the impatience-in-waiting to do likewise for his past dubious doings if he craves the throne. Peace of mind is the only thing that the rakyat ask for, to ensure that our beloved nation is to be led by some morally dignified rightful politicians. I am adamant this is exactly what Tun is seeking the best for the nation and its people before he can finally call it a day.

Nyonya_Mansoor said...

Such an irony when your views are not in line with TDM.

Just go with the flow Datuk as nothing will change. In the long run, we will see the consequences later

Suu Sam Jey said...

Tok Kadir,

Diharap Tok Kadir juga tak punya rangka di dalam lemari (skeleton in the closet)...

Yang benar itu benar dan yang batil itu batil... Wallahuaklam

Chin Tu Lan said...

Don't you know they have one set of laws for themselves and one for the peasants. Fuziah Salleh, Mujahid Rawa, Wan Azizah, Anwar and Mahathir openly and unabashedly bashed gays and condemned them. And now? Do we see either of them, or whoever it was in the video, being caned in public, sent to reform camp, dismissed from their employment or imprisoned until they repent? Neah....

Zam said...

Kadir yang kononnya lantang dan cakap direct tu sekarang cakap berkias2.

Ini juga satu ujian untuk Kadir, bukan sahaja pada kerajaan.

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