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Time to Re-evaluate the Civil Service, GLICs and GLCs

A Kadir Jasin

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

FAA downgrade could affect our MRO activities
THERE is no harm evaluating the motives and reasons for the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) downgrading the ratting of the Civil Aviation Commission of Malaysia (CAAM) from Category 1 to Category 2.

But the more urgent task is to understand the implications of the decision and how CAAM can claw its way back to the top.

The commission was quoted as saying that it would get back the Category 1 rating in 24 months.

I don’t know what is going on in the heads of the CAAM people. Unless they are high on “ketum” (Mitragyna speciosa) they would have known that we don’t have 24 months. In fact, we don’t have a minute to spare.

This downgrade sabotages the government’s latest effort to make the aviation industry one of the key drivers of the economy.

It affects not only the access of Malaysia-registered aircraft to US airports and airspace. It could also cause negative effects on our MRO services, pilot licensing and flight training, aircraft registration, code-sharing, air travelers’ confidence and aircraft insurance.

We are not in the mood to wait or tolerate the inefficiency of the CAAM or, for that matter, any department, agency and government-linked company (GLC).

In very simple language, heads must roll. The entire board and top management of the CAAM must be held accountable. Even the Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, must assume responsibility.

This is no laughing matter. Even the opposition parties, who are laughing at us, have a strong reason to do so. For 60 over years under their watch, the CAAM (previously the Civil Aviation Authority), did not get downgraded.

The saving grace is we still have friends in and outside the country who are willing to help and have offered their assistance.

We must treat these offers positively and urgently because unless we are seen to be doing the right things, the CAAM may face scrutiny from other international and national aviation regulators.

In a broader sense, the government must seriously examine itself and its machinery. It has been more than 17 months that the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is in power.

Even if ministers feel secure in their jobs because the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had repeatedly dismissed rumours of cabinet reshuffles, it doesn’t mean that the people are fully satisfied with their performance.

Scrutiny must now be made of top-ranking civil servants, chairmen and women of the government-linked investment companies (GLICs) and GLCs, their board members and top management.

The non-performers, laggards and the “gunting dalam lipatan” type must go.

Most of these people were appointed by the new government. So, it is its prerogative to remove them if they don’t measure up to its expectation – starting with those in the aviation sector.



Anees Khan said...

Salam DAKJ,

I am with you on this. Its about time we reevaluate all these. To tell that we need 24 months sound incapable enough. They are riding on taxpayers money, so they must be accountable for their low performance. The government must be very serious in this issue. Put the right person for the right job or wait for a disaster like this.

BTW, I believe that there is a specific department evaluating this, what have they done? make a wake up call to them DAKJ...or perhaps somebody in the cabinet should.

could there be a sabotage within the said department? lets pray not...

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ Kadir Jasin

Saya ni berasal dari kg je tapi saya rasa saya boleh baca fikiran Dato’ sekarang. Sebenarnya, Dato’ cuba alih topik sebab takut kalah di Tg Piai sbb kesannya amat dalam pada BERSATU…….. Tapi akhirnya seperti yg diramalkan dan ditakuti Dato’ dan Tun terjadi, BN memang lagi.

Yg lebih teruk terkesannya ialah Tun Mahathir sendiri. Beliau cakap besar sblm PRK kata UMNO takut kalahlah sebab itu letak MCA, tapi semua orang tahu realiti sebaliknya sehingga beliau turun berkempen dan siap tulis surat lagi.

Ini menandakan masa Tun memerintah dah di penghujung. Saya tahu, Dato’ tahu dan Tun sendiri pun tahu. Cuma Tun dalam dilemma nak serah ke Anwar ke tidak. Apa-apa pun saya nasihatkan Tun supaya ingat balasan Allah di akhirat. Saya ingatkan sekali lagi, seperti Tun kata dulu, kalau pergi haji dgn duit curi yg kita tak tahu, tak apa, tapi kalau dah tahu tak bolehlah, HARAM. Inikan pula pilih pemimpin yg Tun sendiri dah tahu. Jangan main main balasan di akhirat nanti, berat tu.

Akhir kata, jika Tun nak selamat dunia dan akhirat, samada teruskan jadi PM sehingga habis tempoh atau bubarkan parlimen jika ditekan. Sekian TQ.

Yg bosan said...

"Even if ministers feel secure in their jobs because the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had repeatedly dismissed rumours of cabinet reshuffles, it doesn’t mean that the people are fully satisfied with their performance"..Well dato, i guess the rakyat has spoken by giving bn a thumping victory in tg piai. I can see that all ph component parties were hoping that pbbm will lose in the by election. Once the result was announced, syed husin and ng ah weik did not wait a second to "hentam" tun m. PBBM should seriously consider their position in the govt. Looks like other component parties are trying to cut ties with pbbm. Dont let pbbm be like PAS who has been thrown out from pakatan rakyat by DAP. Big brother DAP is slowly showing its true colors. They cannot wait for tun m to hand over the premiership to anwar as anwar will be easily kow tow to DAP even though anwar is a weak leader who cannot even control his own party. If anwar succeeds in becoming the pm, DAP will be able to fully controll the puppet pm as they wish.

RD. said...

Salam Dato Kadir.

Pada saya, disebalik kelemahan piawaian keselamatan oleh CAAM atau mereka sedang berdengung-ketum... penurunan taraf oleh FAA Amerika dari kategori 1 ke 2 kemungkinan-besar ada kaitan dengan keengganan Dr.M/Kerajaan Malaysia menerima dan memperakui dua laporan penyiasatan JIT (Joint Investigation Team) keatas trajedi MH17 ditembak-jatuh.

Pertama kali Dr.M mempertikaikan laporan JIT itu di Jepun dan mendapat liputan meluas media dunia, pada penghujung May 2019.... sambil berkata, tanpa bukti lengkap, laporan itu seolah-olah mahu menunjuk-jari (pointing fingers) kepada Russia.

Pada Sept. 2019 pula, di Vladivostok Russia, ketika menghadiri Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), sekali lagi Dr.M mengulangi kesangsian beliau terhadap Laporan JIT yang di ketuai Belanda itu, kali ini apabila ditanya oleh media Russia, Sputnik.

Terbaru, dua hari lepas, setelah FAA menurunkan penarafan CAAM, sekali lagi FIT mengeluarkan laporan bahawa mereka ada bukti 'audio-perbualan' pegawai Russia sedang 'mengarah' pemberontak-Ukraine untuk melepaskan tembakan.

Bezanya kali ini... setelah taraf CAAM diturunkan, kita belum lagi dengar apa-apa komen Dr.M terhadap laporan terbaru JIT itu... ataupun, belum ada pemberita yang bertanya Dr.M mengenainya.

Walaubagaimana pun, saya bersama Dr.M dan saya amat yakin:-

1. Kehilangan MH370... didalangi US dan Barat untuk mengalih perhatian dunia dari pergolakan di Ukraine, setelah campur-tangan US menumbangkan Kerajaan Pro-Russia dan mencetuskan pemberontakan di Timur Ukraine yang menguntungkan Russia... termasuk referendum kelolaan Russia untuk 'mendapatkan Semenanjung Crimea.

2. Sebulan selepas itu, MH17 ditembak-jatuh dengan sengaja untuk meletakkan kesalahan keatas Russia.

dahalmi said...

Salam Datuk KJ,
You have knocked the nail right on the head. Congratulation for writing such an excellent article, very nationalistic and all for the good of the country. I often wonder how at your age you can still focus and produce such an incisive article in a way that no other writer can.

Aku said...

Kadiag: السلام عليكم,
Munkin apa yg hang nulih ni
“ Scrutiny must now be made of top-ranking civil servants,
chairmen and women of the government-linked investment companies (GLICs) and GLCs,
their board members and top management.
The non-performers, laggards and the “gunting dalam lipatan” type must go.
Most of these people were appointed by the new government.
So, it is its prerogative to remove them if they don’t measure up to its expectation –
starting with those in the aviation sector.”

ada benagnya, sebab hang kaya maglumad dan
pegaulan luaih hang dgn orang2 besag dlm gomen,
dan yg besangkutan dgn gomen (GLICs dan GLCs). Terima kasih.
Pd pendapat aku pulak yg serba dhoif dlm pegaulan dan maklumad, penilaian
jugak haruih dibuat kpd Pak2 menteri yg kepalai kementerian2 sesekali
dgn betanggungjawab ataih GLIC dan GLC ini.
Aku bagi satu contoh, isyu tambak laut di Telok Kumbag di Penang.
Isyu ni bulih cetuihkan satu lagi letupan atau cakaran pekauman,
pasai yg tersingkiag ramainya
keturunan melayu nelayan yg sememangnya miskin.
Yg munkin milik kilang2, gudang2 dan huni pangsapuri pencakag langit tu pulak munkin puak2 cukong
dari tanah besag China, Hong Kong, Singapor dll yg mampu beli kondo2 nilai juta2.
Aku tak dengag pulak pihak kerajaan ada dasag2 untuk tangani ‘kemelut’ yg munkin tecetuih ni,
tak dengag pulak projek2 ikan dlm sangkag ka apa ka, pasai laut sekitag Telok Kumbag, dan Pulau Rimau
kaya dgn bahan organik dan aku syak ‘planktons’ dan makanan ikan,
hase dari kumbahan manusia dan hayawan selama beratuih tahun.
Projek2 macam ni aku kira patut dilaksana olih jabatan perikanan/kementerian pertanisn ka
pd sekala besag, sanpai ke Pulau Jerejak, dan kalu bulih sanpai ke Pulau Kra di sebelah seberang,
yg dapat mewujudkan banyak peluang pekerjaan. dan belatag belakang setok ikan dunia di janka mula pupuih
sekitag 2040’an.
Jujog aku tak harap sangat pd menteri bekenaan, tapi timbalan dia, wake rakyat Bayan Lepaih.
Mintak maghap no pada sapa2 yg terasa hati. Seperti aku nulih di ataih maglumad dan pegaulan aku sangat terhad.

Razak said...

Siapa menteri yang incharge CAAM , apasal sekarang ni senyap dari media , kalau tak hari2 keluar muka kat media , sibuk publisiti , wayang kuat . Mesti ada team media yang ramai , nak tunjuk buat kerja , tapi result hampas. Main wayang je pandai , kerja kelaut.

Razak said...

Siapa menteri yang incharge CAAM , apasal sekarang ni senyap dari media , kalau tak hari2 keluar muka kat media , sibuk publisiti , wayang kuat . Mesti ada team media yang ramai , nak tunjuk buat kerja , tapi result hampas. Main wayang je pandai , kerja kelaut.

Law and justice said...


Food for thought
(A must read for right-minded Malaysians)

Stephen Chin: I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and think carefully. Do we really want BN to come back to power by rejecting PH?

As imperfect as PH may be, do we think BN is the better alternative? Or will we be letting the wolves back among the sheep - this time, to ruthlessly kill off all threats and then continue their stealing spree?

Stephen Chin: We have all seen how UMNO and PAS tried to destabilise the goverment immediately after the general election by turning EVERYTHING into a racial, religious or royalty issue. Note how ICERD became a racial issue when it was never one. And how the rally attracted large numbers of people. It is clear then, that the culprits were trying to create another May 13 1969 incident by polarising the public. It was only by the grace of the Almighty that it didn't happen.

Don't you think that's taught PH a lesson that they must defuse the racial-religion-royalty rhetoric? What better way than for Bersatu to flaunt its pribumi platform? In doing so, it certainly disarmed the UMNO-PAS strategy. PH has to reassure the Malays that their rights are protected, even as reforms are put in place. Hence, the pro-Malay rhetoric. Yet, the “dan lain-lain” of Malaysia have not been sidelined. Reforms are taking place slowly and surely without much fanfare, to avoid giving ammunition to the devious Opposition.

Notice how DAP is quieter because every word that comes out is twisted into a racial-religious political issue. If they acquiesce, they are seen to compromise their principles; if they oppose, they are seen as anti-Malay... it's a no-win situation.

Stephen Chin: As long as Tun M is in power, he can take all the flak while Anwar remains sheltered as PM-in-waiting. If Anwar becomes PM today, he will be challenged to show his "loyalty" - again a no-win situation. Side the Malays and he's seen as betraying PH ideals; side all Malaysians, he's accused of betraying Malays. He's smart to let the Old Man take the heat and clean the house. That's why the Opposition is so fixated on when Anwar will take over as PM. He'd be an easier target.

Tun is already 94 years old. What the heck does he want to hold on, except to correct some of his past mistakes? Does he want more money? What's he going to do with it? Does he want more power? For what? Does he want his son to be the next PM? Mukhriz has been nothing but quiet...

Stephen Chin: right now, the biggest enemy of PH is us, for losing sight of the big picture and threatening to bring back the age of kleptocracy.

Stephen Chin: Remember how PAS threatened to create street rallies if Zakir Naik is deported?

Do you think they may do just that if ZN is sent back to India? He'd be made a martyr and a cause. Will we see a series of riots like in HK? HK has set an example of how to prolong street protests. Will the government be able to backtrack from that and recover, or will this be perpetually trotted out as a tool against Tun and PH?

Stephen Chin: Zakir Naik is just a tool that PAS is using. Hence he's encouraged to make mischief. He only has to be careful not to overtly break laws.

Again, Bersatu has to defuse this by appearing to be his friend, so that PAS cannot claim exclusive rights to him.

It is sickening to see but it is a necessity on the political chessboard.

Stephen Chin: Of course, Amanah can take up that role, but it will be painted as a small splinter party of PAS and may not be able to defuse the UMNO-PAS threat as effectively. So, Bersatu has to do the dirty job.

The bottom line is still: DO WE WANT BN BACK IN POWER? If we do not, then support PH we must and give them the full term to prove their worth. Let us not be manipulated by the cybertroopers and the psy-war strategists.

Stephen Chin: We are in danger of falling into their trap and becoming an accessory - unwittingly HELPING THEM OVERTHROW PH.

Law and justice said...

really these kind of back door deals must stop!
Yesterday, FMT reported that at least two dozen MPs including Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein, who last month denied working to form a “back-door” government, had attended a meeting at Azmin’s official residence in Putrajaya.

PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil said the party had no details about what took place at the gathering.

Besides Kamaruddin, Azmin’s ally, PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin, who is housing minister, was also seen leaving Azmin’s house later in the night.

True or not?
Azmin, Hishamuddin, 24 BN MPs, more UMNO MPs, half of PKR MPs etc are engaged in discussing a "realignment of political forces" ?

Well, the rakyat says we don't want backdoor deals, especially one that is working surreptiously to do away with PH partners, Amanah, DAP, PKR, Sarawak and Sabah friends.
If Hishamuddin is his successor, Tun Mahathir can kiss goodbye to all his efforts to charge the cousin and his gang, and sayonara to Tun's legacy. Will we see pardons coming from left and right?
That is why unbelievable for Tun to appoint or even agree to Hishamuddin. Isn't blood thicker, especially among the first cousins? Hisham can give as many guarantees as the situation warrants, however when he is in power, he does what he likes and repudiates Tun, and the kleptocrats will be resuscitated. That was how Tun was treated when his favoured successor Najib came to power. Will history repeats itself?

By the way, PH does not need those goons, as long as the PH govt works sincerely for the rakyat, the rakyat will continue to support PH. It's as simple as that.
Not when there's so much backdoor and double and triple dealing all the time.
So, Tun and friends, if you are involved, stop it.

NamaSamaran said...

Anthony Like dari DAP .
Memang tampak buat kerja tapi wayang.Isu e hailing pun huru hara ,inikan pulak isu CAAM ,beliau masih senyap lagi .

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Saya setuju. Segala gunting dalam lipatan ada dalam GLC dan GLIC kita. Ini semua yang kenyang makan duit rakyat masa zaman BN dulu dan sekarang rindukan kesenangan hidup mereka dahulu. Apa mereka peduli tentang tanggungjawab?

Nur said...

Atas dasar apa nak bubar parliament? Serah kat Anwar la, itu sebahagian perjanjian.

amkay said...

Penjawat awam yang sama dizaman BN salin kulit di Zaman PH. Jika disemak tiada perubahan pun dipucuk pimpinan sesetengah GLC atau GLIC sebab PH terlalu sibuk dengan entah apa.

RD. said...

Nur @ 11:29 AM

Jika serah pada Anwar, lagi lingkop la Negara dan lagi cerah la peluang Geng Penyamun dan Geng Penunggang-Agama yang menyokong Penyamun untuk merampas-kembali Kuasa yang akan menyucikan-dosa yang dilakukan Penyamun.

Kamu ni.. jika bukan rakan seperjuangan Anwar, sudah tentu kamu masih kanak-kanak ketika beliau dipecat sebagai TPM pada 1998. Jika kamu sudah dewasa ketika itu, saya yakin kamu akan tahu serba-sedikit 'latar-belakang' dan 'kiblat' politik beliau. Oleh yang demikian, kamu akan tolak tanpa berpikir-panjang, walaupun terdengar berita-angin atau ura-ura, beliau akan mengantikan Dr.M sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Pergi baca buku 'A Doctor in The House'... terus ke Chapter 53, muka-surat 684, bertajuk Anwar's Challenge, untuk mengetahui secebis kisah-gelap beliau.

Malas saya nak tulis panjang-panjang... nanti Dato Kadir buang komen saya seperti dahulu... jika saya 'bercerita-lebih' mengenai beliau. Maklumlah, Dato Kadir adalah 'orang-kuat' Party Bersatu, rakan sepakatan PKR dalam Kerajaan. Mesti kena jaga 'belakang' kawan.

Ghazali said...

Salam Datuk,

Sekarang bukannya masa untuk reevaluate civil servants, GLC dan GLIC, it is time to reevaluate all the ministers. Sudah tentu kesemua civil servants, GLC dan GLIC ini masih mengamalkan cara kerja pemimpin lalu. Oleh sebab itu semua menteri kena lebih bijak daripada mereka untuk memberikan menterjemahkan idea dan arahan-arahan baru. Apa yang saya takuti adalah kebanyakan menteri bergantung kepada civil servant yang sedia ada sebab tak tahu nak buat apa.
Satu lagi Datuk, kerajaan PH sekarang sepatutnya sudah ada pelan jangka panjang bagaimana utk menunaikan janji manifesto bukannya kerap berdolak dalik dengan pelbagai alasan dan sibuk dengan politik dalaman. Pelan jangka panjang ini hendak didokumenkan dan dimaklumkan kepada rakyat pencapaiannya dari masa ke semasa, bukannya hanya sekadar jawapan yang stereotaip dan cakap-cakap kosong. Gambaran yang dijelaskan menteri tak sama dengan realiti. Kos sara hidup semakin meruncing tapi media dan menteri mengatakan sebaliknya. 'Denial statement' ni rakyat dah selalu dengar masa zaman kerajaan BN, nampaknya penyakit ni dah berjangkit ke PH.

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