Saturday, March 25, 2006


A Kadir Jasin

IT's sad and it's unforunate that, despite reasonably good education, good pendidikan akhlak and continuing efforts by the Government to inculcate "budi bahasa", many Malaysians continue to be unable to be civilised and courteous.

Thus, despite my repeated appeals to participants of this Weblog not to be abusive and vulgar, some continue with their maki-hamun, vulgarities and indecorum. One such participant goes by the pseudonym "survivoritas".

It's fine that he or she should call me names. I am used to being damned and maligned. I use my real name and I even post my mugshot. You know who I am. How can you then accused me of hiding behind my byline? I am standing by my byline, unless, of course, you don't know what a byline is.

It's utterly unfair and ungentleman for the likes of "survivoritas" to throw stones and hide the hands. What transparency and accountability are we talking about? Only a lowly kembiri would do such a thing. So dear "survivoritas", please take your venom and your vulgarities elsewhere!

And to those who have contributed positively to this little endeavour, I thank all of you very much. Please no maki-hamun. You can criticise the Prime Minister and call upon him to resign. That's your democratic right. But please so without malice and, if possible, with finesse.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

To the likes of 'survivoritas', lets not maki hamun or call names like some editors in the main stream papers did...sebenarnya Datuk ini contoh org sakit jiwa yg makin menjadi-jadi skrg.

tambah pula dgn keadaan sekarang. rasanya pemimpin yang ada sekarang seperti sudah hilang rasa perikemanusiaan dan pertimbangan kepada rakyat biasa. Dahlah masalah sosial makin teruk, minyak naik, inflasi bertambah, kemiskinan tak sudah-sudah...jiwa makin tertekan..pembunuhan, kecurian..molotov koktil..don't our PM & Ministers have any conscience at all?

Anonymous said...

Can't blame Survivoritas, he doesn't read the Quran!

Anonymous said...

apa nak buat Datuk? zaman ini maki hamun sudah seperti makan nasi campur. maka campur lah apa saja kata nista secukup rasa. saya tidak setuju penggunaan bahasa maki hamun walaupun ada tokoh ulama yang menyatakan bahawa Tuhan kita juga memaki hamun. memang betul tapi kita hambaNya maka tak salah dimaki hamun olehNya. tapi jika sesama manusia? apa hukumnya? justifikasinya?
blog Datuk ni memang secara tersendirinya mengundang konflik tapi saya tetap mengikuti blog Datuk untuk mencari apa-apa cetusan idea yang mungkin saya boleh dapat. bukan semua setuju dengan pendapat orang lain. itu perkara biasa tapi elok lah memberi pendapat dan bukannya kata nista.

Anonymous said...

Is the pot trying the call the kettle black?

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with you and i will not forget what you did during your reign in the nst but i will not call you names. i respect what you express.

Anonymous said...


i second on the maki hamun thing

but, we need to remember that

yes, betul, kita semua gi sekolah
and ada kempen itu ini..

but, sekolah dan kempen tadi
perlu dan diadakan
oleh kerana fitrah manusia sendiri
yang mudah lupa...
perlu ingat mengingati..

usia saya mungkin setahun jagung
usia datuk jagung yang dah masak
oleh itu, kita berbeza

and i bet, masa datuk sendiri
berusia setahun jagung
pemikiran datuk tidak sama
seperti sekarang ini..

in short,
we cant force people to think
as how and the way we are thinking

but, we can meet in the middle
that's why there is such a word
called discussion
where A and B meet
agree on C..

i said we can,
but it's not an assurance..

Anonymous said...


Kalimullah's got a stinger in his column today.

"Those were the days when lesser politicians and the media had developed a surreal skill for survival, and to please their masters, were shamelessly sycophantic and brutal in their treatment of those deemed as political foes of the establishment.

Abdullah was such a foe, ignored by the mainstream media, and harangued and insulted by these people.

Many of them, including some editors, were rewarded, some with positions, others with privatisation projects and management buyouts of their companies."

Any idea who he is referring to?

Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad said...

Biar mati anak... Jangan mati adat...

It's sad to see the pioneers to behave in a very childish manner...


Anonymous said...


Kali was talking about himself!

AZLAN A M said...

The future of our next generation lies in our hands today. We need to handover this beloved country to them in good manner, one day. For most, they have no other place to go, good or bad this is the place they belong to until the day the die.. We (ALL OF US) are holding the responsible upon them now. The point is, lets us together fix whatever we can fix now so that our children will be proud of us, their beloved parents. Don’t ruin their future…stop the fight and let’s work together. Kita harus belajar memaafkan kesalahan orang dan cari jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik. Itu saja. Tak sampai sepuluh patah perkataan pun.Ingatlah, Tuhan tak Bantu umat yang berpecah belah.


Anonymous said...

your blog quite interesting. but i have one complaint. how about blogging in english for the benefit of those who are not well versed in bahasa. thank you.

mob1900 said...

I agree Blogs should be treated with good courtesy and manners as this our 'window' to express our views.

We might not agree on everything but that's democracy in action, keep our window of debate alive and well for all.

Please treat this blog with respect and express your views diligently as Mr. Kadir himself had put alot effort in making this blog available.


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