Wednesday, March 15, 2006

COMMENT By dignity2u

Dear DatukI have been asked to revise my comments.... Dear Datuk,

I have been asked to revise my comments. This is the new version:

I was one of those who had criticized Tun Dr Mahathir. At that time, I begged people to tell him to shut up. Now, I beg people to tell him to keep speaking up.

When I was a student, I remember how excited I was to meet DS Anwar Ibrahim. At that time, I treated him like a hero. Now, sadly I talk of him no more.

In Tun Dr Mahathir’s government, there were officers who hid things from the Ministers or manipulated information that was relayed to the Ministers. What is more shocking is Ministers who hid things or manipulated information to deceive the PM.

In a TV interview, Tun Dr Mahathir showed documents to prove that a certain “responsible” Minister acted to confuse or deceive. This deception and betrayal continued into PM Abdullah Badawi’s government.

PM Abdullah Badawi is not sending the right message to his people. He must give us the unmistakable message that he is the CEO who is in control.

People speculate that his apparent lack of strength is caused by his family ties. If there is dirt in his backyard, he has to clean it. Hopefully the dirt is not in his house too.

His moral duty and obligation is first and foremost to this country and its people.

Where my family is concerned, this country comes first and the family comes second. We have proven ourselves - we sacrificed one of us, our own flesh and blood, so that conscience and morality is not sacrificed. It is painful but after it is done we can walk tall with dignity.

And, when death comes, there will be no remorse - only peace.

A Kadir Jasin Replies

Dear dignity2u,

I would like to make a qualification to your opening statement. You said: “I have been asked to revise my comments. This is the new version.”

I would like to make it clear that I don’t know who you are and the instruction to revise your earlier comment, therefore, did not come from me.

All comments to this weblog are published unedited as the security features do not allow editing or interference with whatever materials sent to me.

My ONLY choice is either to PUBLISH or REJECT them. Thus, once again, I appeal to participants to be thoughtful and to respect decorum.

However, for the benefit of the larger audience, I am taking the liberty of publishing your comment in the main blog.

Thank You.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk

When I got into your website, I almost fell off my chair!

On the matter of revising my comment, it was my family who advised me to do so.

After sending my first comment, I edited and resent. Now I realize that you did not receive my first comment. Sorry for the confusion.

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