Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dear Sdr Asri,

Thank you for your comments. I had not posted your first comment becuase I feel (deeply and sincerely) that while you complemented the Sultan of Selangor for his concenrn for his subjects, in particular the recent Shah Alam flood vinctims, you made a rather uncomplimentary remark about your Sultan.

Although you did not indentify the Sultan or mention the name of the state to which you belong, I feel that it is not wise and proper for me to publish your remark. I am sorry. My only hope is, my comment on this subject and the responses I received from readers like you would be read by our leaders, the Palaces included.

I would also like to inform readers that I will be unable to post comments which contain "links, website addresses and weblogs" that deal with businesses like making quick money and so on, as these may contravene laws and regulations.

Let use use this Weblog as a site for friendly exchanges and for intellecutal discourses.

Thank you.


Desmond Douglas Jerukan said...

Datuk, I would be grateful if you can put some of your thoughts on the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP). The Parliamentarians made a visit to Sarawak last month (its in my blog for February but I cannot link it as you do not encourage links). Their argument is that the success of the 9 MP depends on the effectiveness of the Government machinery especially those in the administrative level. If the deadwoods who were obstacles to the success of the 8 MP are still placed in influential positions, the chance of 9 MP succeeding would be another failure.

On another viewpoint, the administrators sometimes complain the failure to implement is due to the interference by politicians. What would think can create a win - win situation rather than the two pointing fingers at each other.

beedee06 said...

Talking about Government efficiency. The PM has always stressed to the Civil Service to upgrade the delivery system. And he has been talking about it for as long as I can remember. But what is the use of instructing the Civil Servant on the need of Efficient delivery system if there is no enforcement.It just shows that there is no political will and earnest endeavour to really implement it. The Malaysian Civil Service are like kings. They will just ignore and nothing can be done about it. In the private sector there is the buzz word KPI. What about the Civil Service? What if they are not performing. Can action be taken against them? Yes action can be taken but look at the process of firing them out of the service. To them, performing or otherwise does not matter because they will still receive their salaries at the end of each month and beuracracy will set in to help them. No incentives really for them to slog like we do in the private sector.

Talking about enforcement on implementation of the delivery system. Who is to check and whip them into shape. The helpless Rakyat? There will always be an excuse for every complain. "We have alredy institute the changes and have taken the neccesary action" will always be the answer to all these complains. But where? NGO will always be blamed for having hidden agendas. What about the Government Backbenchers Club.Where are the elected reps? What are they doing sitting pretty in their suit and posh offices?. Maybe Datuk Shahrir can do something about it. Appointing his members to observe and monitor the implementation and making reports without fear or favour to Parliament. Let the civil service and the ministry concerned be accountable in Parliament. I don't have high hopes but at least some action can be done. We, the rakyat have been suffering for too long.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

I will continue visiting your blog site. Lots of anger and frustration here - it seems - but anger is a good sign in order to seek out the truth. stand up and be heard.
Thank you for enlightening my humble self.

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