Monday, December 01, 2008

Anwar Sets Another Moving Target

A Kadir Jasin

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COULD the parliamentary Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim, have spoken too soon or could he have been merely posturing?

Did the Sept. 16 deadline come and go because he was betrayed by the Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament who were supposed to shift allegiance to his Pakatan Rakyat coalition?

Or was it due to the refusal of the Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to meet him to discuss the handover, as he repeatedly claimed?

These and other posers relating to the botched Sept 16 deadline – to borrow the term used by the independent news portal Malaysiakini – were on the minds of a lot of people as the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) held it annual general assembly over the weekend.

But as Malaysiakini put it, the PKR supremo was only able to tell his audience that it is not easy for him to explain the debacle.

Malaysiakini quoted Anwar as saying: "It is not easy for me to explain it. There are so many things that I cannot say. There are people who agreed to cross over but with a condition – reveal it only when they are ready."

The news portal notes: “Breaking into a song and drawing laughter from the some 3,000 people gathered, Anwar rendered cakap salah, tak cakap salah, jadi semua serba salah.”

That, to me, is untypical. Anwar is seldom lost for words. Anwar that I know since early 1982, when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad proudly presented him to the Press as the newest member of Umno, is never lost for words.

Eloquence is his middle name!

To listen to Anwar is to believe in the lyric of the popular song “Killing Me Softly” written in 1971 by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel.

[Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song...”]

This I have said many times before. To listen to him is to be killed by him.

[I heard he sang a good song
I heard he had a style
And so I came to see him
And listen for a while
And there he was this young boy
The stranger to my eyes….]

His sweet words may no longer mesmerise the old and the jaded – those he led up the garden path and into the wilderness during his 16 glorious years in Umno.

But to his newer followers who voted the PKR/Pakatan Rakyat in the March 8 polls and the younger disciples who throng his ceramah, Anwar is still the Pak Sheikh, the Brother Anwar and the messiah.

So, if Anwar was lost for words to explain the botched Sept 16 deadline, I could only think of two reasons.

First, there was never really the support that would allow him to topple the BN government via a parliamentary vote of no confidence.

Second, if the Sept. 16 battle cry were mere political posturing to force the BN government to capitulate, Anwar would find it most difficult to explain and to make his starry-eyed youthful supporters understand this ruse.

These young people and new followers were utterly convinced that their idol would become the Prime Minister on Sept. 16 and they would be able to thumb their noses at Umno and the BN.

Thus Anwar’s admission that it is not easy to explain the Sept 16 issue could be to his detriment and to the detriment of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat. Their youthful supporters do not have the patience of seasoned voters.

Upon failing to meet the Sept. 16 deadline, Anwar said his priority was to work with the government to save the economy. But the BN government has rejected his overtures.

Now he told his audience that he has a back-up plan, which he will start with winning over of the Sarawak voters in preparation for the coming state elections.

Malaysiakini quoted him as saying: "When (will the new government be formed)? Just wait. For the time being, we will tackle Sarawak... and Sarawak is our new front line (to take over the government)."

The Pakatan Rakyat may stand a fairly good chance of rattling the Sarawak BN but winning the key state is still a tall order.

Even if, by a stroke of good luck, it is able to unseat the growingly unpopular state BN, it can hope to rekindle its takeover of the federal government only if the Sarawak BN MPs crossover en masse, which is unlikely. Even if they do, he still does not have the number.

In the meantime, what Anwar has is oratorical panache to continue to kill his eager listeners softly with his song by telling them their whole life with his words.

To borrow the lines from Dan Seals’ song “Everything that glitters” – “ …and, oh the crowd will always love you, but as for me, I’ve come to know, everything that glitters is not gold.”

And to be somewhat more classical – remembering that Saudara Anwar also loves theatre – allow me to recall the lines from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice as a poser.

”All that glitters not gold;
Often have you heard that told:
Many a man his life hath sold
But my outside to behold:
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
Had you been as wise as bold
Young in limbs, in judgment old
Your answer had not been inscrolled
Fare you well, your suit is cold.”

So, in a situation like this, I shall resist the temptation of asking Anwar “o, where art thou my brother” but instead re-quote the lines from Bob Dylan’s song – “the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.”

Or shall I say, que sera sera, whatever will be will be.


Anonymous said...

Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming alone.

That was the last lines taught by Mr. Tay to my Std5 class back 1957 Ismail School Muar.

Anonymous said...

Drawing parallels to the story in the Quran which related how Prophet Muhammad engineered the opening of Mecca to Muslims through the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah, he pointed out that change did not happen overnight.

Anwar bid the rakyat to be patient for Pakatan Rakyat's manifesto for change to be realised.

"The success that was achieved certainly did not happen in the blink of an eye. Two years before the Opening of Mecca, a treaty known as Hudaibiyyah was sealed between Rasulullah S.A.W. and the Quraisy clan.

"None doubted the treatise. Yet clearly there were advantages behind the readiness and patience of Rasulullah S.A.W. in accepting the contract...As soon as the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah was sealed, Allah issued a commandment:

'Truly, for your struggle (O Muhammad) We have opened a path to victory that is clearly to be seen,'" Anwar highlighted.

"The change that we desire to implement is based on solid blocks of stones, a distant cry from the empty rhetoric based on hate and dispute," he said.

He added: "We must ensure that this country is not swallowed up by the fires of partisanship and sunk with reckless dogmatism. Remember 'who sows the wind will reap a hurricane’." PKR has turned its guns on Sarawak, its latest target to wrest control from Barisan Nasional in the next elections. But questions remain about its plan to take over the Federal Government through crossovers.

“Pundits and cynics say ‘what is PKR without Anwar?’ But what I see before me is a good line-up of leaders. There is no shortage of great leaders.
“In the six years that I was ‘resting’ in prison reading books, it was Azizah and this line-up that rose and did the work despite being sprayed countless times (with tear gas by the FRU),” he said in his oratorical best. even when Anwar was Deputy Prime Minister, he was the sort who always went down to the ground to win people’s hearts and minds.
And the PKR de facto leader did manage to do so with voters during the March 8 general election.dramatic change in the party’s fortunes. From a miserable one parliamentary seat in 2004, PKR now has a whopping 31 parliamentary seats, 42 state seats, a PKR Mentri Besar (Selangor) and the Opposition Leader in Parliament.
By sitting with delegates, he says Anwar wants to show that PKR is egalitarian, it is not feudal, the hierarchy is not all that strict, and that the party is very different from Barisan Nasional

Dr Ahmad Nidzamuddin believes that Anwar did have the number of MPs to cross over. But the PKR leader made the mistake of making public his plans, which of course gave Barisan time to counter them and many of the would-be defectors backed out.
This probably explains why PKR is now less vocal on its proposed takeover.
Perhaps, it is like the nondescript white shirt Anwar was wearing. He could have worn it and just kept.BN ALMOST lost the war on the 8thof march., If not for aborting the use ink and unfair with postal votes
datuk explain to me run away to
TAIWAN with53BNMPS and almost lost them to the hurricane. the operation lalang style ISA arrest, racial remark by their members.
SEPT16 has came gone,.PA LAH despite the challenges is still P.M
Najib is still in support of the of the plan for power transition says zubaidah NST,
‘Today is Sept16 and B.N remain in power,’ said Nazib they seeing the light at the other end of the tunnel what a relief for them, but the light they saw is no ordinary light it is the powerful headlight of the bullet train. They will be crash into pieces cried Rosmah
The next few months will continue to be interesting times in the country’s political landscape.
It would be a mistake to underestimate Anwar and PKR just because they have...........
you remember me the same taxidriver we met 10years ago the main steam media will never change so i have my owm news portal on line please visit headline-news-online I HOPE YOU ARE NOT SCARED ANYMORE ABOUT ISA THIS IS WHAT YOU TOLD ME TEN YEARS AGO

Anonymous said...

Yet another nice piece, thanks DKJ. Most of my friends and I were `introduced' to Sdr. Anwar early in his political career i.e. when he was the leader of ABIM. He had presented a talk at our boarding school in Seremban about "The Rising Tide of Islam". A lot of us girls actually fell in love with him then.

He really has the gift of the gabs but one starts to wonder after a while whether there is any/much substance...I'll not go on because God knows best.

Anyways, I do so enjoy your writing style on this one, you had me humming to the oldies, or rather the retros.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Senang cakap Dato, dia dah perasan kata org tua:

Takut kot
yg dikejar tak dapat
yg dikendung habis terbarai..

Saya selalu ingatkan anak2/mentee2 - TUNJUKKAN DULU PADA KITA METHOD STATEMENT KAMU

camno ko nak buek kojo yg ko kato ko buleh buek tu jang

Kita semua ada otak. Kalau kena gaya benda kau boleh menjadi, baru le kita bagi kunci, bagi kereta, bagi duit minyak

Tapi kalau roadmap pon kau belum ada, main nak redah tak makan saman > apa ke jadahnya kalau hasil yang dapat kot benda yg tak dirancang!!?

Main tawakal je ke lagi kita ni tok?

~ budak seberang

Anonymous said...

You can use Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, you can quote Shakespeare and even you can say que sera sera but the reality remain that Anwar name and his movement will sent shivers to the UMNO scumbags.
UMNO can continue in the state of denial and the ground swell and the hatred that is brewing among present generation will be unstoppable. I am sorry for you Dato', instead of cautioning the UMNO leaderships of the real trap but you too are propagating the denial syndrome.
A bye election will be coming soon, let us see what will happen or will it be a foregone conclusion for the BN or will it be "killing me softly" version.
Actually I am tempted to ask you, "What trade art thou, Dato"? dh9753


Sdr dh9753,

Thank you for the thought.

I've said enough about your "Umno scumbags."

So, let me on this occasion say something about Anwar and the Oppositions.

Que sera sera, one day he may be my PM too.

If you are of my age and have been where I have, I am sure you know the man well too.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salam buat Datuk,

tulisan datuk kali ini mungkin bermaksud bahawa Anwar tetap dgn keunggulannya menarik audience w/pun berbau propaganda ataupun Datuk tetap merasa bahawa anwar adalah manusia yg mampu mendebarkan hati dan perasaan datuk setiap saat.

Bagaimanapun sejuta kejadian yg telah berlaku pd anwar atau sejuta perkataan yg dihamburkan olehnya serta sejuta bahasa tubuh yg dipamerkan oleh anwar tetap ada yg mempercayainya dan ada juga yg semakin menjauhinya, itulah takdir Allah yg diberi kpd kita di msia ini. Mau atau tak kita kena mengulas ttg makhluk Allah ini.

Namun bagi sy cubalah kita imbau kisah anwar dari dulu sampai sekarang, anda akan dpt lihat siapakah anwar ini sebenarnya. Bagi pendokong perjuangan yg berpaksikan 'Islam' anda cubalah bandingkan anwar semasa dia dlm ABIM dgn sekarang (foundation masa depan), cuba tengok balik ucapannya tentang Islam dan cuba cari ulasan beliau tentang nasib umat Islam yg ditindas selepas Sept 11. Akhirnya cuba anda semua belek hadis2 rasul serta sirah rasul dlm perjuangan baginda, insyallah anda dapat membuat kesimpulan dimana duduk anwar saat ini, tapi semasa buat kajian ni buangkan semangat partisan dlm diri anda, buangkan perasaan benci sesama makhluk.

Orang mukmin takkan melakukan kesilapan yg berulang-ulang kalu itu yg dikatakan kesilapan kecuali itu memang sudah menjadi tabiatnya.

Melati Desa

Anonymous said...

Dato', I am just six years behind you. Those days the only article in a newspaper that I was craving to read was the one written by you. Reading remain as my hobby but that newspaper you were with before is no more in my monthly bill-surely you know why?
Received two awards of the equivalent for whatever good or misdeeds I had done and never in any political parties except sympathizer.
Lately I am getting nervous of what this nation and future generation is going to be. Leadership, Political will, Ketuanan Melayu, Ketuanan Rakyat and all the messes.
Do we have the answers? What are the best options? Are they serious addressing the issues? I don't know!!!.
My youngest son who will be eligible to vote come next PRU told me that what happen in Malaysia is well described in the George Orwell "Animal Farm". Surely you are concern Dato'? I am glad that you keep on trying and may you be in the best health.dh9753

mad said...

anwar is the hope of the people against injustice and corrupt government. say what you will of him datuk but he is the best hope the rakyat have at this moment of our lives. if it's not him, there will be others who will stand in his place. the big issue is that the current government must be ousted from power. it's the hope of the people. you've seen people's will manifested in the march 8 polls, and you will see it again in much higher pitch come pru13, Allah's willing.

fendy_ahmad said...


Cukuplah ANWAR !
Contohilah John McCain Yang partinya Republikan tewas di tangan Demokrat di PEMILU Amerika.

McCain meminta penyokongnya menerima kekalahan parti mereka dan terus bekerja memajukan negara bersama sama dengan Obama.

McCain memang pejuang kepentingan negara bukan seperti Anwar yang BERMIMPI tidak berpenamat !


Anonymous said...

Dato', it's bacause of a Malay like Anwar that the rest of the Malays are being challenged and insulted today. THe PKR and PR gave the passport for the Malays and the majority to be challenged and insulted by the monority.

Bad enough that we have a Penangite PM who opens doors for Malays to be challenged, belittled and insulted.

Now we have the spectre of another Penangite becoming the PM, God forbid.

I challenge Anwar to state that he supports the following statement by Mukhriz Mahathir to show that he's a Malays, a Malaysian and a former education minister, who because of his pseudo Islamization has caused many Muslim students to shun sciences, sports and socializatioin.

If he speaks against this proposal, I dare him to renounce his special position and privileges as a Malay.

The Star reports;

Mukhriz: Implement single structure in school to enhance unity

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth chief aspirant Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has called on the Government to abolish the vernacular school system to enhance unity among the people.

He said a single school system was the only way to check racial polarisation.

“The Government should consider introducing only a one school system with Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction, except for the teaching of Science and Mathematics, which is already in English,” Mukhriz told reporters at Parliament House yesterday.

“Of course, pupils should then be given the option to study their mother tongue. Under this system, the Malays will also have the option of studying other languages like Chinese and Tamil, and this will further boost unity among the races,” the Umno Youth exco member added.

In an immediate response in his blog (, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat made a very short posting on the subject.

“Datuk Mukhriz is just one of the many who are now repeating the same polemics that are a few decades old, simply because of the advent of their party’s poll.

“It is saddening because politicians cannot think out of the box,” he said.

Earlier, Mukhriz said it was time Malaysia did away with the dual school system, which was practised by only a handful of countries in the world.

He expressed hope that the leaders of Barisan Nasional component parties would not view his suggestion in a negative light as it was meant to resolve once and for all the problem of racial polarisation.

“If they reject this suggestion, then they should explain why they are against it,” he said. “If you want equal rights then you cannot have a different school system. You cannot have your cake and eat it too,” said Mukhriz.

He also urged all parties to stop harping on issues that could create tension among Barisan component parties, including talk of Malay supremacy.

He said there had been many statements made by leaders of component parties that had the potential to create anger among the Malays and Umno members.

“If they insist on making such statements, then do not be surprised if the Malays start talking about the economic supremacy of the non-Malays,” he added.

“Despite all that has been said on the issue of Malay supremacy, the Malays do not feel in any way superior or that they are the masters when it comes to the country’s economy.”


Anonymous said...


How can Anwar rule Malaysia when PKR is going back on all its promises of justice for the people. Look at how the PKR government of Selangor is raising rent on government flats when poor people are suffering from inflation. This is why I say Pas government is better like in Kedah where the poor Malays are given more chances of owning houses.

I hope Pas will stop cooperating with PKR and DAP.

This is the report from the star about PKR government increasing the rents on council flats.

SHAH ALAM: Eight members of Gerakan Reformasi Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) will stalk Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and strip naked when they come face to face with him.

The men, aged 33 to 50, are from the movement’s Dare to be Nude Squad.

They have decided to go ahead to bare all in protest against the state government’s decision to raise the rental of low-cost houses.

“Our struggle is to keep the rental rate for government low-cost houses under the People’s Housing Scheme from going up.

“We wanted a police permit to strip in front of the State Secretariat as a sign of protest but we were denied it, so, now we will stalk the Mentri Besar and go butt naked when we get the chance,” said movement president Ramlan Abu Bakar.

He said the movement could not accept the state executive council’s decision in July to raise the rental from RM124 to RM250 a month for about 6,200 homes.

Student Leader

dan kajang said...

As'kum Dato',

"Killing me softly" memang tepat untuk mencerminkan stretegi Sdra. Anwar.Beliau memang hebat bermain dengan perkataan.Siapa sahaja yang mendengar tentu terpengun dan terpengaruh.

2. Kalau dalam sarkas beliau diibaratkan penghibur yang membuat persembahan memusing pingan.Beberapa pingan akan dipusing.Jika salah satu pingan itu mula menunjukan akan terhenti si Penghibur itu akan memusingnya lagi untuk diligat semula.Begitulah seterusnya hingga habis persembahanya dan penonton akan terpengun dengan kecekapannya.Penonton akan bersorak dan bertepuk tangan atas kehebatannya.Itu sahaja persembahannya tanpa matlamat lain.

3. Begitu juga dengan Sdra. Anwar.Beliau akan mengeluar sesuatu isu untuk menarik perhatian ramai dan beri keyakinan kepada mereka walau isu itu hanya elusi sahaja.Jika didapati pengikutnya mula reda dia akan bangkit semuala isu itu dengan cara yang lebih sensasi lagi.Begitulah cara beliau tageh sokongan.Tapi sebenarnya tiada matlamat dan tiada penghujungnya.

5. Itulah Sdra.Anwar yang orang-orang lama seperti saya kenali.Hanya orang muda dan mereka yang malas memikir sahaja yang akan terpengaruh dengannya.

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

seorg pemimpin yg hebat akan senantiasa memikirkan nasib ugama, bangsa dan negaranya, seorg politision yg dikagumi akan senantiasa menjadi mimpi ngeri parti lawan.....strategi mesti disusun mengikut keadaan semasa, bukan mengikut hati dan nafsu peribadi, kalau kami para refomis 98' boleh menunggu DSA hingga dibebaskan, oleh itu tidak menjadi masalah bagi kami menunggu dan janganlah hanya berharap sahaja, kita yg inginkan perubahan kita patut tanya diri kita sendiri apakah sumbangan yg kita telah beri untuk merealisaikan perubahan ini!!!!

p/s : ugutan murahan ariff shah utk join PKR (@_@)


Economist Kampong said...

The so called Anwar factor contributed to internal UMNO pressures on Dolah to go. BN itself is creaking under this same pressure as well. How else can you justify the Taiwan education trip - that was no education at all.

So it must be appreciated that Anwar's direct or indirect pressure had produced much needed and long overdue changes to the Government and UMNO. So as opposition leader Anwar had been very effectice.

PERHAPS - Anwar can best serve the country as opposition leader. BUT be a very good and effective leader of the opposition UNTIL the groundswell of support sees the Pakatan in parliament with enough seats to form the next government.

There is no need to 'masuk pintu belakang bila mintu depan luas terbuka'

Anonymous said...


KiSiang minta diambil tindakan keatas Mukriz atas dasar menghasut penutupan sekolah Cina dan Tamil. Lihatlah sekarang, apabila Melayu bercakap dituduh menghasut tapi apabila Cina (SoLek MCA) dan India (Kapias PPP) menghasut dikatakan kebebasan bersuara. Nampaknya mereka dah menjadi little Israil yang tidak boleh disentuh tetapi tamak merompak hak orang lain.

Adakah kita perlu mengharapkan Anwar dengan kawan2 majmuknya atau kembali kepada Umno yang masih tidak mahu berubah?

Saya tidak mahu melihat 'amok' Melayu tetapi jika sudah tiada pilihan lebih baik kembali kepada feudal memerintah... hanya Raja yang Adil.

Bye/Roto Planta

Anonymous said...

Dato' kalau Anwar masuk penjara nanti, macam mana ye?

ab said...

Salam dato',

I notice that your recent writings
are much sentimetal. I like it the way you write, and i enjoy reading them.

I have no idea how to write actually...a standard excuse from
a prolonged `exposure' in science
streamed school. If i have a second choice now, i would rather study art and politic... bolih kaya raya kat malaysia ni dato!!.

But until now, despite waiting for long long time i have not seen a nobel price winner in any dicipline of science in malaysia as yet!... are we studying or repeating rather than innovating?

The same thing apply to this anwar, if he is a `stronged religious' mamak, sure he has been an ulama' by now,if he is a new idealist, sure he has been a new nobel price winner for hids idealism by now...

I am afraid he has to accept the fact that he is no match for
the late Tengku Abdul Rahman,Tun Abdul Razak and TDM as well...

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Anonymous said...

Datuk, Sdr Rocky (bukan Rocky's Bru) ni asyik sebut fasal korporat Melayu dan firma Melayu.

Dia tak sebut pula fasal monopoli gula dan gandum oleh Robert Kuok. Judi oleh Vincent Tan, Genting, Ananda Krishnan dan ENE. Dia tak cakap pula bailout Khazanah ke atas Kim Yew. Atau tauke-tauke Cina yang bankrupkan Sime Bank.

Dia tahukah backdoor bailout sedang dibuat ke atas AirAsia milik Tony Fernandez yang rugi besar kerana spekulasi/hedging Jet Fuel? Siapa di depan dan belakang AirAsia kalau bukan kawan baik Abdullah Badawi, Kalimullah Hassan dan member baik dia dari Tanjong?

Siapa yang bailout? Tanyalah Menteri Kewangan Najib Razak. Takkan dia nak sembunyi belakang bini? Takut-takut EPF lagi.

Sdr Rocky kena mengaku. You have to admit. Not only crooked Malays rob the country. Crooked Chinese and Indians also rob the country. Maybe more because more Chinese are in business.

Who is the Chinese behind the forced merger of PNB plantations? Who are the middlemen and the PR men? They are not all Malays. There are many Chinese and Indians.

Now Synergy Drive aka new Sime Darby is being rejected. Its shares have tumbled. Poor PNB and its unit trust investors. PNB used to have its eggs in three baskets. Now they are in one risky bucket. Bravo Pak Lah for authorising the merger behind PNB's back. This is treason.

Comprende Rocky?


Anonymous said...

Yg korang dok kutuk-kutuk dan perli-perli Anwar tuh buat apa !

Cuba pi ulas ttg pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yg lain tuh..Baguih sgt kah depa nih..? Tgk anak-bini depa dan comparelah dgn anak-bini Anwar cukuplah..

Tolong tunjuk mai mana pemimpin UMNO skrg nih yg berupaya untuk duduk sama rendah; berdiri sama tinggi dgn Pemimpin2x Negara Islam dan Pertubuhan Islam Antarabangsa di pentas dunia? Si Najib Gincu tu pun tak leh pi sampai tahap tuh lagi noo..!

Seputar-belit cakap Anwar tuh..putar-belit lagi semua pemimpin UMNO yg ada skrg nih..bila org Melayu la nie dah sedar sikap dan perangai depa dan mula memberi sokongan kpd PAS dan PKR..lalu depa tuduh pulak yg PAS dan PKR punca pepecahan org Melayu..tapi depa tak sedag yg depa tuh lah sebenarnya punca pepecahan org Melayu dan sebab kenapa org Melayu skrg ini diperlekehkan.

Ex-MCKK 1969,
Rekod dan perangai buruk pemimpin UMNO la nie lah yg menyebabkan org Melayu dipandang hina bukannya krn Anwar, PKR ataupun PAS. UMNO itself was NOT supposed to be blamed et al; it clearly their current leaders, families and cronies were the one who had tarnished the image of UMNO in front of the Non-Malays communities.


Anonymous said...

"At the PKR Congress recently, the leaders of PKR says that they want to restore the Immunity of the Royal Family. I think it has got something to do with winning the heart and mines of the Royal Family in pursuit of power and position. It has nothing to do on what is the best interest of the people. Politicians on both sides of the fence always say something that is popular at an appropriate time. This is their greatest survival skill. I shall not dwell too much into this issue since I have done so in my previous article.

Anwar also mentions that he wants to bring back BM as the medium of instruction in the teaching of Maths/Science. Again he is talking about something that is politically popular but not necessary right for the nation. For a lot things said and done by Anwar, I think this is the probably the worst thing that he has ever said in the recent times. Anwar must start talking about what is right for Malaysia and not what is correct to win votes all the time."

-diambil dari sini.

Anonymous said...

Anwar is Anwar. UMNO is UMNO. Forever the twain shall not meet.

Anonymous said...


"16th September" surely made those king kongs in UMNO pissing in their pants and gave them that extra "bananas" to kick Pak Lah out of office. (At last ...pheww)

UMNO members must thank Anwar for this heavenly turn of event because when Pak Lah is gone (and hopefully KJ very soon), then only UMNO can gather back support from its members and the people in general.

As for Anwar. He will surely banging his head on the wall and kicking himself in the ass for hastening the retirement of his main "assistant".


Anonymous said...


Kalau saya boleh nyatakan sifat Anwar di sini,ia nya sama dengan apa yang di nyatakan oleh OBAMA semalam."I am a strong believer in Strong personilities and opinion>That's whera the best decisions are make".

Sifat ini lah yang mengasing Anwar dengan Pak Lah,Najib,Mahayuddin,Ali Rustam.Hishamuddin atau lain pemimpin UMNO.

Diatas sifat ini lah kita dapati BN atau UMNO sukar untok menandingi PKR.Atas sebab ini juga saya rasa PKR akan membentok kerajaan Persekutuan pada pilehan raya ke 13 nanti.


Anonymous said...

With due respect, Anwar and his team of opposition members are going through a difficult chemistry.

It is like trying to mix oil and water.

Therefore, the only thing left to do is to criticize and specialize in 'fault finding' only.

While it may be a good political ploy to garner popularity through blame games, it can somewhat be dull and mundane if played too often.

Will the country & western song 'There Goes My Everything' apply?


Anonymous said...

Dato KJ.

Cerita Anwar dan cita citanya hendak menubohkan kerajaan Pusat sama saperti satu cerita kanak2 "Ayam Piru dengan Lembu" Ceritanya bagini.

Ayam Piru berkata "Hai si lembu aku nak terbang hanya sampai ka ranting bawah pokok ini.

Lembu berkata"Boleh tapi hang kena lah makan lah sadikit tahi. aku(bullshit).

Bila ayam piru makan tahi lembu(bullshit) tadi maka dia boleh terbang hingga ka dahan bawah.

Adoh!indahnya pandangan di keliling.Kata ayam piru kapada lembu itu.

"Aku nak terbang tinggi lagi sikit boleh tak"kata ayam piru itu kapada lembu tadi.

"Boleh.hang makan banyak sikit tahi aku"kata lembu itu.

Bila ayam piru itu makan tahi lembu(bullshit)banyak sadikit dia boleh terbang sampai pertengahan pokok tadi.

" Adoh!pandangan nya indah sekali." kata ayam piru.Tapi kerana ada pokok yang menghalang pandandannya sapenohnya,maka ia rasa ia perlu terbang sampai ka punchak pokok itu.

"Hai Lembu,aku rasa aku kena terbang sampai ka punchak pokok ini,barulah aku dapat menikmati pandangan yang lebeh jelas,tampa halangan pokok2 lain."

"OK.Hang kena lah makan tahu aku(bullshit) sampai habis."

Bila ayam piru itu makan habis tahi lembu(bullshit) tadi,maka dia pun bolehlah terbang sampai ka punchak pokok tadi.

Tiba tiba kedengaran bunyi"Boom" dan ayam piru tadi jatoh tergolek ka bawah.Lembu tadi pergi melihat dari dekat apa yang terjadi.

Alangkah terkejutnya lembu tadi apabila ia dapati ayam piru tadi kena tembakan.?

Dato.Moral ceritanya lagi banyak kita bullshit lagi bahaya diri kita.

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Dato' AKJ,

To be or not to be?
That is the question.
As said by Shakespeare

Jadi atau tak jadi?
That is the question.
As said by the 25 million rakyat of Malaysia

Kenapa kejap jadi kejap tak jadi?
That is the question.

Anonymous said...

anwar dan angan-angan mat jeninnya. sekarang kita ubah kepada peribahasa moden....

angan-angan anwar ibrahim

affendi hussain said...

Anwar Ibrahim hanyalah menifestasi kisah silam kekecewaan budak MCKK yg kena buli dgn budak2 KSAH (Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid)
Malah Najib pun masih trauma juga...lg teruk kena buli dgn budak TKC..

Kahh..kahh..huhuhu... sadis


Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',
Posting dato yg ini menarik; ianya begitu mengumpan sekali. Ianya juga semakin menyerlahkan trend pemikiran dato; dlm hal2 politik negara. Itu manusia Anwar Ibrahim pada fikiran saya adalah seorang yg istimewa; a poltical force (ie, not merely a politician) to be reckoned with. Membuat kenyataan yg berbunyi memperlekeh2 Anwar Ibrahim adalah satu penafian yg boleh meruntuhkan lawannya. Mawi menjadi pujaan peminat hiburan Melayu secara mengejut kerana dunia hiburan Melayu sudah lama ketandusan idola artis lelaki yang berwatakan (maksudnya. dilihat) lelaki idaman menurut psychae Melayu. Melayu mula menolak UMNO apabila pembesar2 UMNO mula menunjukkan watak angkuh baik dari segi percakapan mahu pun tindakan. Kita semua maklum, orang Melayu ni bukannya islamik sangat tapi merasa rapat dengan islam. (Misalnya, org Melayu dah tak rasa apa2 kalau anak daranya pergi dating dgn boy friendnya; tak rasa apa2 kalau anaknya tak solat; tak rasa apa2 tak keluar zakat' tak rasa apa2 terlibat dgn riba' dan rasuah....) TAPI org Melayu yg sedang minum arak pun boleh jadi mengamuk kalau dituduh kafir. Org Melayu pantang dihina terutama oleh bangsanya sendiri. Org Melayu simpati kepada mereka yg dihina dan dimalukan. Anwar Ibrahim menepati watak yg menerima sanjungan dan simpati Melayu. Sama ada Anwar Ibrahim layak atau tidak menerima sokongan Melayu, itu bukan soalnya. Yg pasti Anwar Ibrahim dilihat sebagai seorang yg islamik dan akhbar arus perdana terus menguatkan imejnya yg satu lagi, seorang manusia yg teraniaya dan dimalukan. Saya rasa mush plitik Anwar Ibrahim malas untuk berfikir mencari jalan yg efektif menyekat kemaraan beliau. Membesar2kan cerita liwat dan agen CIA (whatever) adalah cara org malas. Seperkara lagi, membesar2kan isu (or rather, a mere notion of) ketuanan Melayu sebagai cara menarik sokongan adalah satu yang saya rasa sudah tak relevan. Apa maknanya ketuanan Melayu jika lebih 90% kedai kat bandar dimiliki org cina dan india? Semakin banyak tanah kat kampung jadi milik org cina. Hampir tak ada kilang melayu kat lot2 perindustrian. Kat penang tu Yg Dipertuan nya org melayu, adakah org melayu kat situ merasa mereka tu tuan negeri tu? Konsep ketuanan melayu yg tak berpijak dibumi nyata hanya lah satu fatamurgana yg membantu mempercepat melupuskan melayu tu sendiri. Melayu perlu yakin dengan diri sendiri untuk mengamalkan prinsip2 keadilan dan ketelusan. Kita jadi celaru sekarang kerana nenbelakangkan dua amalan ni.

Pak Hj JB

Unknown said...

tak pa lah..

at least dia tak main sumpah-sumpah macam pemimpin BN dan kuncu-kuncunya..

sorry sdr nazri aziz, you keep on reading that ayam piru story (can be found in the main stream medias nowadays, and more to come in the upcoming KT by-election) and have a good dream, no need to think or use the brain, wake up the next day to seen all are gone!

this is what the BN government is doing nowadays.

oh yes..Will ezam two face, nalla magnum, saiful sumpah make a 'come back' at Kuala Terengganu by election?

this is the sort of people BN have nowadays to explain BN's 'manifestos'.

sdr dan kajang, minta maaf sebab tak semua orang muda malas berfikir dan cepat terpengaruh dengan 'manifesto' BN yang sebegini...

Unknown said...

"Umno will draw up a mechanism that would allow sensitive issues to be discussed without offending the feelings of other parties.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said..."

The Star, Wed 3 December 08.

Boleh...tapi tak boleh.

Our HADHARI at work!

Unknown said...

and former Selangor MB DS Khir Toyo says Broom award for official a success. (The Star 3 Dec 08)

Pity this Dr...masih di dalam tempurung..

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

tok..salam adil adha dari kota suci mecca

biaq pi kat depa tok..

Unknown said...

Sdr Student Leader..

Tahukah anda bahawa cadangan untuk menaikkan kadar sewa flat itu disyorkan ketika kerajaan BN pimpinan Khir Toyo dulu?

Serupa jugak dengan pembinaan kandang babi moden diluluskan ketika kerajaan BN Selangor dulu.

Flat itu diperuntukkan untuk keluarga yang mempunyai pendapatan sehingga RM1,500. Tapi yang duduk kat flat tu ramai yang mempunyai pendapatan lebih lebih dari itu. Dan kenaikan kadar sewa itu hanya melibatkan mereka yang mempunyai pendapatan RM1,500 keatas.

Orang nak bogel pon dapat liputan media yang meluas. Siap masuk TV lagi. Orang Melayu (islam) pulak tu...Ish..ish..ajaran HADHARI ke?

tak payah lah bogel2..pi la beli baju dan suar..kan dah 'save' duit tak kena bayar bila air kalau kurang dari RM20?

Anonymous said...

YBhg Scribe,

4 Ur I-s Only: Najib Dan Anwar
(kadam parsi jolokan manja abdullah)

Abdullah dengan tonik Hadharinya, bangsa Melayu dok jual ubat Ketuanan Melayunya, kaum Islam dok jual ubat 'kuntum khairul ummnah'nya. Tidakkah membosankan semua ini, saperti cerita si-arab dengan baitul muqqadisnya.

Kuntum khairul ummah, kuntum kahirul ummah.

Susahlah kita mahu puaskan hati Sdr Pak Hj JB Anonymous kerana menjawab sebegini mabuk-mabuk bohong,

Kat penang tu Yg Dipertuan nya org melayu, adakah org melayu kat situ merasa mereka tu tuan negeri tu?

Ya, ramai kami orang melayu di penang walaupun di pulau merasakan kami Tuan di sini, khalifah tuhan di atas bumi allah ini; tetapi lebih dasyat lagi di Akhirat nanti di Aj-Jannah bersama-sama muslim yang lain yang di dunianya dulu ada yang kaya dan ada yang miskin; yang lemah dan kuat, lelaki wanita dan kanak-kanak, zalim dan menzalimi. Semuanya kerana janji allah kami akan rahmat nya dek syahadah kami yang karut-marut.

Kuntum khairul ummah, kuntum khairul ummah

Kalau ada yang rasa sudah letih dan segan berkerak malu dengan ungkapan Ketuanan Melayu, eloklah lupakan juga konsep pra sejarah kahlifatul fil-aard itu bersama tuanul fil-ardu malayu sudah usang. Barang lelongan merepek saperti Al-Qur'an antik. Tak vogue!

Kuntum khairul ummah, kuntum khairul ummah

Kami Melayu di penang ramai kaum kerabat di tanah seberang selat, seberang sempadan bak di timur, barat, utara maupun di selatan.

Kami Melayu penang faham allah kami mewarisi alam ini kepada siapa sahaja dari makhluknya dengan kehendaknya dan tiada satu pun dari ramai makhluk-makhluknya yang boleh mengatasi kehendaknya, baik madani, hadhari maupun fundamentalist, setan, iblis, jin, malaikat, manusia maupun insan.

Orang Tua-tua kami melayu penang
selalu berpesan:
Sabar separuh dari iman;
Jihad itu harus;
Ilmu itu nyawa;
Mati itu pasti.

Dan bertanya mereka di akhir kata kerapnya -
Hang nak mampoih lagu mana?
kapiaq, munafiq atau muslim?

(Scribe, ini pak hj datang dari mana? hebat ceramah pr nya teringatkan kita kepada tuan haji dari singapura yang saya kenal dan pak haji singapura yang saya kenal dia terlalu bangga dengan marganya. Orang Temasek lain pe'el depa, Scribe)

Terima Kasih saya Sdr JB. Tang Pak Hj itu saya tak kenal ori ke tak ori. Anonymous punya ceritalah, Scribe.

Tang lagu tu dan bro anwar, yang ini sahaja yang bermain di kepala saya kirimkan:

He's the man, the man with the Midas touch
A spider's touch
Such a cold finger
Beckons you to enter his web of sin
But don't go in

Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can't disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he's kissed her
It's the kiss of death ...

From Mister Goldfinger
Pretty girl, beware of his heart of gold
This heart is cold

Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can't disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he's kissed her
It's the kiss of death ...

From Mister Goldfinger
Pretty girl, beware of his heart of gold
This heart is cold
He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold
He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold

Dan Goldfinger membuat kita teringat cerita che det kita berjaya meletakkan Malaysia di dalam senarai negara-negara yang paling dibenci White House -syabas Mahathir!

Former Malaysian PM Urges Expansion Of Ties With Iran

TEHRAN, Dec 2 (Bernama) -- Former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad Monday has called for further expansion of ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian news agency, IRNA, reported.

In a meeting with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here, Dr Mahathir and the president also discussed the ongoing economic crisis.

Referring to the two countries' joint projects and investments, Ahmadinejad said Iran-Malaysia extensive cooperation proved that leaders of the two countries are determined to further strengthen ties.

He further called for the materialisation of the joint projects signed by the two sides so far.

Ahmadinejad and Dr Mahathir also discussed Iran-Malaysia joint oil and gas projects.

Tang billy s itu kita kenal juga kerjanya, Julius Caesar Act 3, Scene 1:

O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
Thou art the ruins of the noblest man
That ever lived in the tide of times.
Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
Over thy wounds now do I prophesy,--
Which, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips,
To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue--
A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;
Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy;
Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quarter'd with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

Dalam semua pekara ini, yang peleknya si-anwar ini dengan si-lembek macam najib pun dia tak boleh memang, bercita-cita mahu jadi perdana Menteri. Dia sendiri set target, bila tembak tak kena-kena. Pelek.(dengar khabar anwar berusaha mahu berjumpa Obama - bagai si-khadam parsi dan Kisranya dan muhyiddin pagoh saling tak tumpah umpama tupai mati berangan - sama si anwar cuma tak serupa)

kuntum khairul ummah, kuntum khairul ummah
Mahathir dengan Mahanomicsnya.

Saya katakan saya merasa malu bersalut gelemiang dok pakai yang tak ori, Scribe;
Terima Kasih ma'a salaam.

Hidup Islam Hidup Melayu
Hidup Melayu Hidup Islam

Anonymous said...

Dato' dan pembahas,

O,kalu macam tu Sdr Clean, KERAjaan PKR Selangor ni dia turut sajalah apa yang KERAjaan BN dulu cadang?

Kalu bela babi, bela babilah! Kalu naik sewa flet pun naik sewa flet la?

Kata KERAjaan adil?

Tak heran la dah ada orang PKR Selangor kena buang pasai rasuah dan salah guna kuasa.

Pasai apa nak tiru BN? Buat la yang ori.

Pasai Tan Sri Khalid dan Anwar tu dulu orang Umno ka?

Student Leader

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

Golongan muda di bandar-bandar menyokong Anwar sebab depa dah fed-up dengan apa yang sedang terjadi dalam UMNO. Sebab tu buat masa ni depa tala ke PKR sat. Orang muda senang jatuh cinta dengan ideal. Nanti bila dah jelas bahawa Anwar dan PKR bukan penawar kepada keresahan mereka itu mereka akan kembali mencari arah baru. Baru nak sedar Anwar mahupun PKR bukanlah formula penyelesaian untuk rakyat berbilang kaum di negara ini, jauh sekali penyelesaian kepada kemelut Melayu sekarang ini. Peralihan kuasa yang diura-urakan itu pun tidak mungkin terjadi. Manalah ada si wahan yang sanggup nak cagar periuk nasi dalam keadaan serba tak menentu la ni. Kena la tunggu PU akan datang.

Kenapa la orang-orang bijak pandai dan bersih hati perutnya tak nak berpolitik ya Dato'? Kalau tidak kan senang kami semua orang kampung?


Anonymous said...

he got 5 states and wilayah.he is gona get kuala terengganu and pensiangan.dayak are upset with BN.
your wisdom is writing dude..that is easy.doing is hard.


Sdr Zurich Al Qaaf,

Terima kasih atas ucapan Sdra dari Makkah.

Doalah agar agama, bangsa dan negara kita selamat daripada segala bentuk mala petaka.

Dan bersyukurlah Sdra selamat dan sembuh daripada patukan ular tedung di Putrajaya tempoh hari.

Ceritanya, banyak ular di Putrajaya sebab banyak tikus di situ.

Tikus dan ular ni dulunya hidup dalam estet. Tapi bila estet jadi Putrajaya, mereka jadi urbanised.

Kerana banyak makanan yang dibuang merata-rata, maka tikus pun banyak makan dan bila badan sihat bayak pula anak pinak.

Bila banyak tikus banyak pulalah ular -- ular tedung, ular kapak, ulur sawa, ular tikus dan macam-macam ular lagi.

Selain ular, burung hantu, burung helang, burung sesewah pun makan tikus juga.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

ohh.. yess dato'..i am 46 from penang used to be his 'gurgkha' in umno division,i know him well,especially his words,u are right he will be pm soon.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',
Izinkan saya bertamu ke "randau ruai" dato' buat kali kedua. Memang topik yg ini begitu mengumpan sekali. Anwar Ibrahim satu nama yg tak boleh dianggap layak untuk menjadi notakaki saja, at least for the time being. Bekas pemimpin pelajar yg dikenali dengan slogan "mahasiswa menggugat", bekas TPM, bekas banduan. Dengan segala macam tekanan, himpitan, ugutan, momokan....dst dia masih boleh bangkit membawa citra yg boleh diterima rakyat. Itulah istimewanya! Tun Musa Hitam adalah seorang politikus dan bekas TPM yg saya rasa setanding kalau pun tidak lebih dari Anwar Ibrahim, tapi Tun Musa Hitam tak boleh bangkit macam Anwar. Sesiapa pun kalau berada dalam posisi Anwar tentu akan terus berusaha menghidupkan agendanya (lebih elok dibaca, kerjayanya). TDM berjaya memperlahankan Anwar tapi tak menghentikannya sama sekali. DSAB boleh dilihat sebagai instrumental dalam membanghkitkan Anwar semula. Bolehkah DS Najib sekat Anwar? Kalaulah PRK Permatang Pauh boleh dijadikan ukuran, saya rasa DS Najib tak ada jawapan kepada Anwar Ibrahim. Saya rasa Anwar akan betul2 jadi notakaki kalau sokongan melayu kepada UMNO pulih seperti zaman 60-90an dulu. Untuk kembali kepada zaman itu kaedahnya tak susah tapi praktikalnya teramat sukar. UMNO mesti kembali kelandasan asal berjuang untuk orang melayu. Apa yg sdg berlaku sekarang ialah UMNO bercakap dia berjuang utk melayu tapi tindakannya tidak nampak mcm yang dicakapkan. Persepsi umum (melayu) merasakan UMNO berjuang utk pemimpin UMNO. Sama ada persepi itu wajar atau tidak, itu bukan soalnya. Persepsi itulah yg akhirnya menjadi panduan semasa melayu membuang undi. Tak heranlah ramai sangat yang berebut2 "untuk berkhidmat kepada parti" menawarkan diri merebut jawatan2 parti samada peringkat cawangan, bahagian, nasional. Mcm2 cara menyekat pertandingan yg sihat, ada yg pinda tarikh mesyuarat, ada yg ubah tempat mesyuarat, kidnap ahli mesyuarat. Org melayu yg bukan dlm umno pun mulalah naik meluat dgn espisod2 semacam tu. Persepsi itu sama pentingnya dengan realiti. Tak mungkin umno menerima persepsi baik jika realitinya tak baik. Itulah yg saya maksudkan dengan kembali kpd keadilan dan ketelusan...Berikan peluang kepada yg berhak dan mampu dan dedahkan semua supaya ahli puashati...tapi nampaknya amalan sekarang dua perkara tu amatlah sukar hendak terlaksana dalam umno..
BTW dato, izikan saya relate dengan sdr Indigo. Saya memang Pak Hj, memang bekerja di JB. Saya org melayu kelahiran johor, bukan ahli umno dan bukan ahli pkr. pas pun tidak. Dlm PR12 saya undi BN (dato shahrir lah..) kerana lawanya pkr, tapi dua pr sebelum tu undi calon pas. Kenapa jd mcm tu? Saya dah tak larat tengok umno, masa Anwar Ibrahim jadi TP dlm ucapan PAU nya dia terlampau memuji2 DS Dr Mahathir, nampak sangat mengampu2..Perwakilan lain pun mcm tulah, berpantun berseloka memuji presiden (without reservation) sedangkan peluang itu sepatutnya diguna utk membahas citra melayu yg masih corot dinegeri sendiri. Org umno leka, serahkan semua kpd pemimpin yg "super bijaksana", betul2 setting zaman feudal. UMNO terlalu berkuasa dgn angkuh mengerenyam semua jentera kerajaan, hasilnya pegawai kerajaan jadi pak turut aje mcm kobau dicucuk idung...yalah, government servant. CEO GLC pun dibulldoze aje..maka teringatlah saya "hikayat pelayaran abdullah". Sdr Indigo, kalau berjalan kat JB (baik old JB, Nusa Jaya, Johor Jaya, mana2 ajelah kecuali Bandar Baru UDA, Majidee dan Pasir Gudang) saya tak rasa pun melayu tuan di bumi johor ni walau pun ada istana kat bukit serene. 10 tahun dulu saya dgn sorang kawan pernah mencari bangunan kilang di Johor Jaya utk disewa (masa tu sewanya lk RM 6-7 ribu s.b.), satu lepas satu bangunan kilang kat kawasan perindustrian tu semuanya milik bukan melayu..rasa kerdil sangat diri ini, macam koro aje. Saya percaya utk kuat melayu perlu kembali kpd islam. Memang benar ungkapan "kuntum khairun ummatun" tapi ummah yg amal ma'ruf nahi munkar. itu janji allah.
Pak Hj JB

Anonymous said...

Salam dato'..
Izinkan saya sekadar melontar buat julung kalinya tentang topik yg begitu mengumpan kali ini.

Saya ingat lagi, bila dsai dibebaskan pada akhir tahun 2004, ramai pihak lawan yg memperlekehkan tentang kerjaya politiknya yg sudah sampai ke senja. Bahkan ramai yang lantang mengatakan anwar sudah 'expired', dan rakyat takkan berpaling kepadanya lagi. Sindrom keselesaan ini boleh dilihat dgn jelas pasca pembebasan beliau.

Tetapi saya masih lagi ingat, tulisan dato' yg dimuatkan dlm Malaysian Business (rasanya), yg mengingatkan pimpinan umno, agar jangan terlalu memperkecilkan keupayaan sebenar dsai.Insan sebegini, makin ditekan dan diperlekeh, akan menunjukkan keupayaan (kualiti?) sebenarnya..

Dan benar, xsampai 4 tahun bebas, ilmu politik dsai nampak seiring bergerak dgn zaman.Keupayaan menghimpunkan network dlm dan luar negara benar2 menyesakkan sesetengan pimpinan.Keupayaan berunding ternyata kehebatan yg dipelopori dr zaman ngo lagi. Hinggakan, bukan sahaja parti pembangkang, malahan NGOs byk yg bekerjasama dlm memenangkan calon2 PR. Wpon tidak semuanya bermula drpd dsai, suara beliau nampak masih menjadi crowd puller and crowd pusher..

Hari ini, sekali lagi mungkin org awam skeptikal terhadp keupayaannya berkenaan janji pembentukan 16 September.. Nampak 1st round dia kalah, ttp sy msh lg tidak ingin merendah2kan cita2 dan keupayaan insan bernama dsai.

Manusia yg xbelajar drpd sejarah, pasti akan dihakimi oleh sejarah.

Lipatan sejarah sudah mencatatkan sejarah dsai sbg salah sebuah kisah yg penuh dgn tragik,kekalahan, kesengsaraan, kegembiraan serta kemenangan.

Apakah pengakhiran kepada cita2 beliau? Sama2 lah saksikan.

Manusia merancang, Allah Merancang. Dan perancangan Allah la sebaik2 perancangan.

OTAI (Otak Tenang Akal Inovatif) said...

bro anuar ni... main belakang ke atauwa belakang main....

tajuddin anak maharajalela pasir salak sudah lama menyalak dah... tapi siapa nak dengar dulu.

anuar ibrahim juga kena dengar jeritan anak babi merah di kawasan kg ambo iaitu di terbak, ketek tengah, bunuhan dll dikelantan yang diternak secara kecilan dan tradisional. janganlah dengar suara anak dayak, anak cina, anak hindraf saja. dengarlah suara jeritan anak kelantan yang miskin dan tak ada peluang kerja. tak kan nak makan pkr dan pakatan rakyat saje

tapi anuar tak dengar jeritan anak kelantan yg dulu lagi gila kat dia.kelantan yang sambut anuar di stadium bila dia kena pecat dengan mahathir. diceritakan dia bermotosikal dari rumah kamaruddin mat nor pasir putih ke stadium kota bharu. orang kelantanlah dahulu patut dibela. melayu geogetown lah dulu patut dibela. mengapa anuar selalu beralih angin dan beralih kasih. dari sabah ke sarawak pulak. suara anak kadazan adakah tak mau dengar dah?

anuar terbuat ke semua itu sebab masa jadi tpm dan timbalan presiden umno... suara siapa pun dia tak dengar. yg anuar dengar suara fulus... dollar and cent!
berapa banyak kemiskinan kelantan, sabah, sarawak, penang masa itu anuar rungkaikan atau merdekakan?

lawan tetap lawan. tanya tetap tanya. soal tetap soal. fikir tetap fikir. allah maha mengetahui...bro bekas idola ku anuar.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Dato', you said "I've said enough about your "Umno scumbags.""

I see your point.

But please do start writing again on economic issues, soon.

Buat Pak Haji JB,

Usah dilayan dia tu Pak Haji. Cerita pasal ugama bukan main tapi cakap lepas macam orang tak sekolah. Fakta tak ada.

Kalau ada fakta pun, dia cuma pandai quote orang.

Kepandaian dia hanya kutuk personaliti dan peribadi orang.

Unknown said...

Dear DKJ,
I am still hoping that anwar will become PM instead of Najib. I always pray to the god it will happen sooner and patiently to wait this historical moment. a lot of things has improve since pakatan rakyat won many seats in last election. i don't think that the fuel price decreases if pakatan do not won many seat.

Anonymous said...


Hot topic on your latest posting regarding the venacular school.

Sdr JB,

Terima Kasih.
terpulanglah kepada anda mahu mengundi parti mana. Cuma yang saya lihat anda kata

"kalau berjalan kat JB (baik old JB, Nusa Jaya, Johor Jaya, mana2 ajelah kecuali Bandar Baru UDA, Majidee dan Pasir Gudang) saya tak rasa pun melayu tuan di bumi johor ni"

maka saya tak boleh kata apa-apa kerana mungkin anda tak mengira diri anda melayu dan terlalu 'takut mati' -mengingat mati itu amalan baik.

Saya harap anda tidak silap faham: seorang yang tahu ilmu seni mempertahankan diri tak takut mati tetapi beringat-ingat, begitu jugalah melayu yang berani dan berserah diri kepada tuhan yang maha esa: keyakinan diri semacam hamba allah yang dikasihinya. Mati kena pukul putter raja pun mati juga, bukan?

Budaya Melayu itu luas, Sdr JB. Mungkin anda terlalu arif dan tidak kenal melainkan sudah yang kesemuanya, maafkanlah saya, Sdr JB; nanmun, kalautah Islam itu sudah anda kenal semuanya saperti anda boleh katakan anda telah kenal al-qur'an itu sepenuhnya? Kalau begitu baguslah dan saya rasa anda sudah kenal qur'an itu dari orang melayu.

Apakah bila anda di tempat yang sama dan anda katakan anda 'muslim' anda tak rasa yang anda 'khalifatu fil-aard'? Fikir baik-baik sebelum menjawab pertanyaan saya ini, Sdr JB.

Ad-dunya illa lahwun wa la'ib dan cukuplah saya dengan retorika saya, Scribe. Dengar khabar angin al-arqam-qadiyni berputek di johore, betulkah? Wah, Scribe, syoklah tengok 'muslim' pakai qamis hijau serban hitam 10 hasta!

Terima Kasih ma'as-salaam.

anakbuah said...

Salam Dato',

Mungkin ada betulnya Anwar sedang ditunggang dan dipergunakan oleh pihak2 berupa "rakan2" yg mempunyai agenda tersembunyi yg amat jahat dan berbahaya. Beliau mungkin sedar tetapi buat masa ini tidak dapat mengelak drp dipergunakan. Semakin hari semakin saya rasakan anasir2 ini cuba mengambil kesempatan atas ketokohan Anwar menarik sokongan awam terhadap isu2 semasa dan keadilan sejagat. Saya bimbang ianya tidak menguntungkan sesiapa kecuali mereka2 yg berkepentingan peribadi dan mengamal perkauman sempit di dalam PR yg selalu disokong oleh komponen2 BN seperti MCA dan Gerakan. Saya amat bimbang sekiranya kekuatan dan karisma Anwar terus dipergunakan utk melemahkan org Melayu dan politik Melayu (juga Islam) secara halus melalui pandangan2/tindakan2 yg dipersetujui bersama secara terbuka maupun tersirat oleh parti2 bukan Melayu.

Kalau Dato' ingat, saya pernah umpamakan Anwar seperti Maximus dlm filem epik Gladiator (2000). W/pun mungkin beliau dan PKR akhirnya berjaya dlm perjuangan tetapi parasit2 dlm PR (dan parti2 bukan Melayu lai) akan menyebabkan sokongan terhadap Anwar (terutama drp org Melayu) semakin lemah dan akhirnya mati. Rakan2 seideologi yg bakal mengkhianati kesungguhan dan pengorbanan beliau.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Saya nak kenen satu saja, orang yang bijak pandai dan bersih hati tidak berpolitik?

Siapa yang menentu dan siapa yang menilai seorang tu bersih hati? Berpolitikkah mereka?

Di negara kita, mainstream media saja yang berkuasa menganugerahkan title sebegitu. Penyangak pun boleh menjadi alim mengikut telunjuk tafsiran media. Masyarakat terpegaruh dan bersetuju dengannya. Sebab tu para penyangak boleh menguasai negara selama lebih 50 tahun.

Unknown said...

jangan terlalu taksub dengan pemimpin , kita kena ingat yang nombor satu di hati kita hanyalah "ALLAH" .. (itu pun dah jadi istilah untuk semua orang so yang aku maksudkan ALLAH orang islam , bukan ALLAH orang kristian atau hindu atau buddha dan sebagainya) .. oo balik semula ke topic tadi .. kalau pemimpin yang memimpin tu salah kita kena tegur , kalau yang dibuat tu betul kita kena ikut .. jadi jangan salahkan semua yang betul , dan jangan juga betulkan semua yang tak betul ... dari dulu lagi kita bernasib baik dapat pemimpin yang tak menghancurkan negara (rosak sikit-sikit tu adatlah kan manusia ni makhluk perosak) , ALLAH sayang kita maknanya. jadi dari kita berpecah sebab pemimpin2 nie , baik kita bersatu dan arahkan pemimpin2 kita (kanan dan kiri) tadbir negara dengan baik jangan asyik ber"drama" sebaik2nya mereka ni kena bersatu bangunkan negara bagi semua orang gembira.

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