Friday, December 19, 2008

IJN: For The Health of The People Or Sime Darby?

A Kadir Jasin

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THE Star online reported that the Cabinet has decided to defer its decision on the proposed privatisation of the National Heart Institute (IJN). Sources told The Star that this was decided at the weekly Cabinet meeting today.

In a related development, the IJN doctors said they are happy to serve the institute in its present form and do not want to be made a scapegoat in the proposed privatisation of the institute.

In a statement signed by 33 of the 35 medical consultants working for IJN, they stressed that the proposed privatisation was not a response towards their demands for better pay.

“We would like to reiterate our commitment to serve IJN in its current form and want to stress that the move must not be seen as a response to our demands for better pay,” it said.

The doctors added that the medical personnel were not at all involved in the negotiations for the proposed takeover.


THE SUDDENESS with which the news that the National Heart Institute (IJN) may be privatised to Sime Darby appeared in the media suggests that conspiracy of sorts is at work.

It becomes even more sinister when such a promise as “guaranteeing low fees for the poor” is made by no less then the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, himself.

I read in the newspaper of the same promise made by the Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai.

We have seen this line been used before to justify selling public assets to enrich selected individuals and companies before.

We have seen how the original Pantai Hospital was allowed floated on Bursa Malaysia on condition that it continued to provide emergency treatment to all and provide assistance to poor patients.

Did it happen? Instead we heard of the hospital being awarded with long-term government contracts to screen foreign workers (Fomema) and to provide hospital services to government hospitals.

The company itself had been bought and sold several times to generate massive profits for its controlling shareholders -- the last to the Singapore-based Parkway Holdings.

Upon realising that he had allowed the company to fall into foreign hands, Abdullah, who was then also Finance Minister, hastily ordered Khazanah Nasional to buy it back at hefty premiums.

Mohd Najib, the son of the man who was in the forefront of the democratisation of health services with his Rancangan Kesihatan Luar Bandar, should start being truthful to himself and to the great legacy of his father.

As Finance Minister and the chief articulator of the Umno-led BN government he has the power to push through the sale of public assets and to justify it as he had done with the “fatal” backdoor takeover of Golden Hope and Guthrie Corporation by Sime Darby via Synergy Drive, which was the creation of his brother, Mohd Nazir.

Sime Darby was once a diversified and highly regarded company. Today, thanks to the merger and its sudden dependence on palm oil, Sime Darby is suffering.

Could the proposed sale of IJN to Sime Darby be Mohd Najib’s way of helping to prop up the (new) Sime Darby, which is essentially the product of his brother’s market-making?

Why the sudden need to consider selling IJN? We have not heard of the institute suffering any kind of financial problem. Yes, we know the institute is suffering a bit because its world-class specialists and supporting staff are being poached by private hospitals.

Surely making it another private hospital will not solve the core problem of growing staff shortage, which in the first place is caused in part by the proliferation of private hospitals.

Of course we know that some members of the institute’s top management stand to make a lot of money selling their minority shares and options to Sime Darby.

If the government makes the habit of selling premium public assets like IJN to the GLCs and private sector companies for short-term gain and narrow political consideration, the ordinary rakyat will never get to enjoy world-class services.

They will forever be condemned to poorly equipped and staffed government hospitals, which are being deprived of specialists and good doctors on daily basis.

Instead the government should impose a sort of "countervailing tax" on private hospitals and their rich local and foreign patients and use that revenue to train more doctors and build more well-equipped public hospitals.

I beg Mohd Najib to start thinking seriously about the welfare of the masses like his late father did instead of pushing the country towards exclusivity for the sake of profits and short-term gains. He should start with keeping IJN a public hospital.

The welfare of the poor is batter taken care of and guaranteed by keeping IJN public instead of making low fees for the poor a condition for privatisation.

What is low anyway? An RM300 per outpatient treatment at Petronas’ Prince Court Medical Centre is low to a BMW-driving city slicker. But RM300 is a lot of money to a poor padi farmer.

That Sime Darby is close to the government is neither a guarantee nor a comfort. Sime Darby already owns and operates the Subang Jaya Medical Centre. How many poor people are being treated there at low fees?


mn said...


1. Sepatutnya Sime Darby 'take over' Hospital Tg. Rambutan.

2. Sebab hakikatnya sekarang lebih ramai orang gila daripada sakit jantung.

3. Antaranya gila...

a) Gila nak jadi PM
b) Gila nak jadi TPM
c) Gila nak memerintah negara
d) Gila nak pegang jawatan dalam parti.
e) Gila nak jadi wanita pertama negara(isteri PM)

4. Tetapi 'gila no.1' ialah gila nak turun berkempen di Kuala Terengganu untuk jadi Ketua Wanita UMNO. Bawalah tongkat besar sikit sebab katanya..'sakit lutut'?

Anonymous said...

You're right all along. Take for example Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC)which costed Petronas RM770 million in total was built in the view that this is a social obligation by Petronas to serve the public at large. But how many people actually go to PCMC? To be honest, I don't know where PCMC is heading in the healthcare business. I have some specialist friends who are being paid in excess of RM50k a month to do visitation in PCMC and yet come back complaining about lack of patients and procedures to be performed. Well, if you want to have a corporate social responsibility, might as well build a hospital in Sudan, Chad or Somalia.

Coming back to Sime Darby. True, they might be able to manage IJN better. Looking at IJN, of course, there is always room for improvement, especially on the patient management side. But how about the treatment cost and retaining of good specialists?

Even though IJN and the rest of government hospitals does not sit under the same roof (since IJN is owned by Ministry of Finance Inc), they still have the same purpose - to serve the people. IJN is comparable to TM, TNB, Petronas etc because they're half-government. Some even say IJN have an identity crisis. Their decision making is quick (private sector mentality) but the execution takes ages (government sector mentality).

In the healthcare industry, a lot of people see good potential in IJN. They have the best specialists around and more importantly, heart treatment is always on demand, above cancer and any other diseases.

Funny thing is Sime Darby even have the audacity to say that the fees will be kept low to patients. How can they promise such a thing when they haven't even looked at IJN's account or performed a due diligence on it?

It's not just about the cost, it's about the doctors as well. When Sime Darby takes over, they will have access to these good specialists who are very hard to find these days.

The minister of health and his deputy have time and again said in parliament that Malaysia is lacking in good specialists - in fact we only have 6 pediatric cardiologists (very rare specialty) throughout Malaysia with 2 of them attached to IJN. In addition to that we also have about 8 interventional radiologists (also very rare specialty) throughout Malaysia. Yet, we want to sell them off to Sime Darby.

I think the government should take the middle path in order not to upset the public at large. Since Sime Darby claim they can do a better job at managing IJN, just let them have the management contract in exchange for a minority share and promise a minimum profit guarantee to government. From there, we see how it goes, then we can work on an earned-out structure if there's any potential increase in the value of IJN. After all, anything that comes out from Sime Darby at this point of time is just a promise with no real guarantee to it.

It's extremly important for the government to have a controlling stake in IJN. We don't want it to turn into another Pantai. We have to learn from our mistakes in the past.

Anonymous said...

Dear AKJ, I fully support your comment. When the government reduced the price of petrol, the government urged traders to reduce the price of their products and services.How many traders heeded what the government said?.May be 1%. So, what guarantee is there that the low and middle-income earners would not be deprived of getting IJN services,other than a press statement by the DPM?.

Pak Nujum said...


inilah masalah pemimpin kita sekarang tak mahu langsung mendengar pendapat rakyat - dan ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa Najib juga mempunyai budak tingkat empat - tapi cuma belum masuk pejabat je lagi - nampaknya mereka tidak lagi belajar dan tidak mahu belajar dari pengalaman

Anonymous said...

After ordering EPF to loan RM 5Billion to Valuecap,this latest episode confirm my suspicion that the govt of UMNO and BN is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY.Pak Kadir Jasin do not worry as I am trying to get a lawyer to file an injunction to stop this nonsense once EPU sign the agreement with Sime Darby.

Tok Mila said...

Dear DKJ
Anyone in the right frame of mind (i.e. that which considers the interest of the rakyat) would not proceed to even talk about privatizing the IJN. I feel sad that you (on our behalf), have to beg the DPM. I really wonder why this Administration have this knack of rubbing us rakyat the wrong way. Do they not have any grey matter at all or is it that the grey has gone black with greed?!
God helps us all.

Anonymous said...

Sebelum jadi PM,
Nak jual IJN ke Sime Darby, lepas ni mungkin jual pula Felda kat Sime Darby.
Bila dah jadi PM, privatisekan pula Jabatan Perdana Menteri kepada Sime Darby, Lepas tu, jual Negara..pada Sime Darby, baru cantik. He..He..

Anonymous said...


orang orang kaya di Malaysia ni even kalau kena resdung pun pi berubat di Perth.

kalau nak buat bypass, pi aje ke spore.

so, apa lah sangat mereka peduli dengan tujuan sebenar IJN di tubuhkan oleh Mahathir untuk membantu rakyat yang tak mampu.

Anonymous said...

Dato KJ,

agaknya berapakah harga rakyat Malaysia sanggup membida jika saya baling terompah ke muka manusia yang mula mula mencadangkan idea yang bengong ini.

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

amat mengecewakan, kenapa sime darby begitu tamak??? bukankah mereka sudah ada SMC!!!sudah hilangkah nilai2 murni sempati kpd rakyat marhean dlm diri sang korparat dan pemimpin MELAYU negara!!!

walaupun term n condition akan digubal diolah kononnya tidak akan membebankan rakyat, mampukah KERAjaan mengambil tindakan sekiranya sang korparat melanggarnya nanti???efisien ke KERAjaan ini melayan rintihan rakyat bawahan nanti??berdasarkan track record KERAjaan, saya tidak yakin...sudah sudah la,pulangkan hak rakyat kepada rakyat, jgn lagi menghimpit rakyat....rakyat bawahan sudah terpicit sepit!!!

p/s : bila KERAjaan hendak mengambil tindakan menghapuskan 30%surcaj bas express, minyak dah turun 7 kali!!!pak menteri buat2 terlupa!!!maklum la pak noh tak naik bas balik kampung, kalau begini la perangai KERAjaan jgn harap nak menang PRK36....TAKBIR


dan kajang said...

As'kum Dato',

1. Saya tidak tahu samada cadangan DS Najib itu adalah cadangan bijak atau cadangan bodoh atau cadangan yang akan memakan dirinya sendiri.Belum pun jadi PM dah nak buat keputusan yang kontroversi yang tidak memberi manfaat kepada rakyat berpendapatan sederhana dan rendah.

2. Kita tidak tahu apa agendanya.Kalaulah ia dibuat semata-mata untuk kepentingan adiknya itu maka tidak tanduk DS Najib tidak jauh bezanya denganPak Lah yang melibatkan kaum keluarga serta anak menantu dalam urusan kepentingan Kerajaan.Rakyat akan memerhati semua ini dan kemuncak kemarahan rakyat akan diterjemahkan semasa PRU 13 nanti.

3. Kita cukup sedih jika apa yang dicadangkan itu menjadi kenyataan.Kita harus ingat bagaimana IJN yang diilhamkan oleh TDM dulu.Ia adalah ekoran dari pembedahan by pass yang dijalankan ke atas beliau oleh Pakar2 HKL yang rata2 adalah orang Melayu.Beliau sanggup mengadai nyawanya demi untuk membuktikan bahawa Doktor2 Pakar Hospital Kerajaan adalah yang terbaik.Akibatnya selepas itu ia bukan sahaja tertubuhnya IJN sebagai antara hospital jantung yang terbaik didunia tapi juga Doktor2 Pakar (khususnya Doktor Melayu) dari hospital Kerajaan diiktiraf sebagai yang terbaik.Rakyat Malaysia berbangga dengan pengiktirafan ini.Sekirannya cadangan DS Najib itu menjadi kenyataan segalanya ini akan musnah.

4. Dengan mengswastakan IJN maka jangan harap rakyat miskin mampu memijak kaki mereka disini.Walaupun dijanji bahawa ini tidak akan terjadi, namun seperti rekod lampau,janji akan tinggal janji.Harap difikir semula cadangan ini.

Anonymous said...


Saya suka kacamata Chua Soo Lek sebagai rakyat yg bimbang kenaikan kos IJN (bantah) tapi kalau dia masih Menteri Kesihatan pasti kacamatanya berbeza. Harap dapat dengar Shahril Samad bagi ulasan dalam kacamata macam sebelum jadi Menteri dulu.

Tiong Lai pasti sokong Najib sebab Najib akan berkuasa lantik Menteri Mac nanti.

Rasanya nanti pesakit jantung yang sembuh di IJN, sakit kembali bila tengok bil semasa discharge


Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

I thought being treated in Malaysia is considered second class which is why those who can afford prefer to seek medical treatment aboard. Fortunately Dr. Mahathir did not share the same tunnel vision that those people had. He trust and believe the capabilities of Malaysian doctors and the facilities of Malaysian Hospital. Thus, why do we need to privatise IJN just to provide the so call " first class facilities" which only a few of malaysian can afford. Why not let it be so that it can continue to provide services to masses that cant afford to pay expensive fees. Those who have the financial means have many choices. Maybe in america, australia,united kingdom or european countries.Unlike the people who have financial means, the only choice that majority of malaysian has is IJN .

Anonymous said...


What is price tag on IJN are we talking about here?

Who is funding the take over?

Will there be another government hand out to Nazir's ideas -not that they are really despicably bad his ideas- but just that we had been told by Najib himself of more transparent transplant of less corruptive values in negotiating government jobs, had we not just recently?

Will the Government be building a another new IJN once this IJN is sold off? Where? How many?

I was wondering what Mahathir meant by political instability in Malaysia has anything to do with resuscitating her economy well being soon. Do we need a political bypass in this matter later on?

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

I agree with you.

To me, the ‘privatization’ of IJN shows a blatant disregard by the Govt towards their own roles & responsibilities in providing medical & health care to the people. It is totally unacceptable. It is a total infringements of the peoples’ right to get their basic needs fulfilled.

I do not oppose to general concept of privatization because it liberalizes industries from any monopolistic nature. But can this particular privatization of IJN be seen as one? I think it will lead to the opposite.

The people want better medical & health care services provided by the Govt. Of course we cannot get them for free, but we surely want them for practically and relatively cheap. By monopolizing IJN, it will surely not leading to cheaper rates.

Government guarantees it? This is merely politician talks -- an empty mantra!

Perhaps, it’s about time for the Govt to introduce a policy/law enforcing highly paid specialists to devote little bit of their time doing pro-bono, as what lawyers do? We would then be the only country in the world to have a statement like “if you cannot afford a doctor, we will provide you one”…:-)

Then Govt's guarantees mean something....

Azman Mohd Isa

panglimapitas said...

Kite kalau nak bermadah, mestilah good comment u know..

Anonymous said...

some believe its an effort to wipe out dr mahathir legacies, one by one...

sad to note that even our government failed to establish the logic and motive behind such a move.

what paklah and najib said was more towards protecting sime darby's interest.

its not logic to say that such a move will improve the services at ijn when in fact it has already got international recognition.

of course sime darby would seek a good returns for its 'future' investment in ijn. like it or not, the only way is to hike fees and other charges.

politically, to whose purse will some of this cash go to? definitely those who mooted the idea...

Anonymous said...

salam dato,

it is not a sin to be sick but it is a sin to be penniless when we are not well and cannot pay the bills.

conversely, when patients are ready to be discharged from hospitalization, it is hopeful that he/she need not be hospitalized again when seeing the expenses incur during the 1st instance.

i still remember that the time when I was hospitalized in a hospital for dengue for close to 8-9 days; the bill rang up close to RM5k.

i remembered before being hospitalized; I was being turned away from a government hospital for the fact that my blood count was not seriously low-enough (platlet below 30-40)

But if it were that serious; probably I will have to bid you bye-bye for delay in treatment.

Needless to say; que sera sera; whatever will be will be ... que sera sera; whatever will be will be.

To all commentators whom are not Christian, wishing you all a happy holiday and a happy new year of 2009.


Anonymous said...


This is one way of legalising govt owns companies into public own with cronies capitalising on it. The days ahead are cloudy for many low to middle class citizens. How are they going to afford health care when private bodies are involved ? You mean they care not for their shareholders ? You mean they are running a social welfare type of business where profits are plough back into funds for the poor and needy ?

Absloutely, no way from the new owner's point of view. And where will that leave us as citizens of this nation where we are the tax payers not by choice but by decrees. Even before coming into his 'throne', so many transactions have had been rush through. I personally think that he is trying to create a power base so strong that no one can come near to dislodge him and that itself is real frightening.

We had 22 years of autocratic rule where only the govt is right and look at the damage done to the minds of our young people today ? They are produced in Uni like a product not trained to think logically like a free mind would and accept challenges of the day. They are pampered with results oriented and not taught to learn and grow as a wholesome self.

At the rate we are growing in education and political power equation, I think we will need another generation of right thinking visionary Malaysians to bring Malaysia's to the days of the old glories. Maybe after the passing away of the old guards and warlords will there be an awakening of new minds to take this nation forward again.

Anonymous said...

Datuk AKJ,
sungguh menyedihakan jika IJN di ambilalih olih Sime Darby. Saya bersetuju cakap Anak Peneroka Felda tu dah ini Felda akan dibeli Sime Darby...tunggu Mac 2009. Kan Sime Darby juga bawa anak Tun Razak. Teruk lah orang miskin Melayu, ingatkan dapat pembelaan dari anak-anak Tun Razak tapi sebaliknya.
Hai... orang Kuala Terangganu tak lama lagi pilihang raye..mari kita pangkoh bulan..BN bangangggggggggg

Anak Felda Sg Behrang

Anonymous said...

how low is low for them?

some may consider a hundred is not much but how about to a poor family of 7?

we all know that privatisation means "increase of bill payment".as far as i can recall,there have been no fuss about IJN shortage of funding when they're 99.9% under Ministry of Finance.

Raison D'etre said...


My auntie and colleague are amongst two of the many who benefitted from IJN.

I shudder as to the thoughts of a profit-orientated corporation "social responsibility" spin of keeping fee low for the poor.

Did you notice that even from the outset pre-conditions are already in their statements on the matter of "keeping fees low"?

Do their definition of the "poor" and "middle class" the realities of life.

The latest is that Cabinet has "deferred" a decision.

My fear is that a decision would be made quietly and out of the public glare.

You can beg, Datuk, but would he?

I seriously doubt a positive answer.

PS: You have not commented on the economy for some while now. A ploy to get us to read the Malaysian Business, is it, Datuk? :)

Heard from the gravepine alleging govt contracts being cancelled with the fundings going to other projects.

It's like a musical chair, where the same package is going round and round.

Are we on the edge of bankruptcy or something?

Anonymous said...

If it happens, I will personally campaign to kick out UMNO in the next PRU.
Can't PM and DPM think of the poor....Just....!!!! dh9753

Anonymous said...

Nampak gayanya PAS tak perlu kerja kuat untuk menang kat Kuala Terengganu.......

Anonymous said...

kalau dah manusia tu bernama musa bin hitam...hatinya sejak dulu tetap tak berubah...tetap hitam

apa saja tindakan yag akan memadamkan sumbangan mahathir kepada negara,si musang ini pasti akan memberi sokongan.tak habis2 dengan dendam kesumat dia pada mahathir

bawak2 bertaubat la musa hitam...

-cucu bekas pesakit IJN

affendi hussain said...

After all those recent racial/religious tension colouring Malaysian landscape favouring the UMNO/ the side of the coin is back again to the opposition..

Well..Good job Najib.. are you trying to be better than Pak Lah?
I mean, in a worse least it took Pak Lah almost 1 term to display his true nature..

Already initiating advance damage ahead of 3 months to tower of power..?

To DS Najib..4 years is not that long.. believe me.. the fall & rise of UMNO & BN will be in your legacy for history...does that trigger anything in your head?

Whatever, pls do not put shame onto Tun Abd Razak name..

Bawa2 beringatlah ..dunia dah akhir zaman..masa semua berlalu cepat..

Anonymous said...


Dato,saya sokong tulisan Sukj.Sime Darby sapatutnya mengambil aleh Hospital Bahagia.Ini kerana terlalu ramai orang yang dah Gila.Ini termasok lah CEO nya sendiri.

Masa Sime Hendak mengambil aleh plantation asset,Ahmad Sarji dan Ahmad Kamal Piah tak tahu apa pun.Mereka di panggil dan di maalumkan scehemenya.Bila PNB yang memileki hampir 75% saham Plantation itu,tiba2 lepas merger ia hanya memileki 45% sahaja.Anmad Sarji meminta di pertimbangkan samula method of Valuation asset2nya.Sedehnya Nizam memberitahu Ahmad Sarji jikalau PNB hendak 51% kena lah ia beli saham2 Sime Darby di paasaran.Maka Sime Darby terpaksa lah membelanjakan sabanyak 2.5 billion untok membeli saham2 itu.Ini satu penipuan kapada pemegang saham ASN.

Sawaktu Merger itu.CEO Sime Zubir berjanji bahawa tidak akan berlaku pembuangan kerja mana2 kakitangan Plantation Co.Lihat apa yang terjadi salepas itu.Ramai pegawai Kanan Kumpulan Golden Hope kena buang kerja dengan zalim sekali.

Saya ingat Zubir perlu berhenti menjadi CEOSime Darby.Sime telah mempunyai Subang jaya madical centre.Ia ada pakar cardalogi yang baik sekali.Apa tak bolehkan sime menubohkan sendiri pusat jantongnya sendiri.Tak sampai 100 million belanjanya.Kenapa tak ada inuisiative langsong.

Musa Hitam,asek sibok dengan allowance nya yang banyak sampai lupa tanggong jawab social oleh Sime Darby.Saya amat sedeh sekali melihat telatah Sime Darby sekarang.

Saham Sime Darby telah jatoh dari $13.ringgit sampai $5.50.Tak tahu bagaimana PNB nak bayar dividennya akan datang.

Hai kawan kawan ku dalam BTN,maseh sibok kah dengan nyanian mu yang sedeh itu.

ChengHo said...

The first and biggest mistake by Najib that why Malaysia need 2nd line up leader ready to take over if Najib fail us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato' AKJ,

IJN today government hospitals tomorrow.

Dorothy Hodgkins

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the government has deferred the decision on IJN. Hopefully it is not because of the upcoming Kuala Terengganu by-election.

Speaking about IJN. There's a whole bigger problem brewing behind this privatization deal. The doctors there are not being paid up to the their level of expertise. In the market, they can easily earn in the region of RM80k a month if we're talking about the basics. That does not include the incentive for the operations they are performing every month.

I have one suggestion to the government. Why not promote these highly skilled specialists to a, say, 'super specialist' level just like what the teachers are getting for their specialist teacher.

These specialists/surgeons will be paid at market rate. But their responsibilities are to emphasize more on training other specialists to become 'super specialists' like them. They can just focus on doing research on new treatment/surgeries method etc.

Of course, to become a good specialist does not take 1 - 2 years. At least we need about 10 years to get a highly-skilled specialists. Hence saying that, we definitely to start somewhere.

Chua Soi Lek may be happy to be quoted by the tvs and newspapers about his view on IJN privatization. He may know all the problems facing the healthcare industry in Malaysia. The thing about him is there is no real approach towards problem-solving. And his method towards regulating the healthcare industry is to put emphasize on the welfare of hospitals rather than the public at large. That's why we see a lot of overclaims problems by private hospitals.

Chua Soi Lek's way of doing things are that to just build hospitals. But what he forgot to take into account is that the cost of building and maintaining hospitals are just too expensive. What more, we don't have a preventive maintenance scheme for these hospitals. We only have corrective maintenance scheme. The result - Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Sabah is now declared unsafe.

Ministry of Health takes pride for being the most caring healthcare provider in the world to the people of Malaysia. But what we forgot to see is that the budget allocation every year increases by 2 billion. Now we are spending about 12 billion for development and operating budget with more emphasize on the latter(figures can be retrieved from MoH website). Where is the money coming from? From our pockets of course. I foresee, the government will go bankrupt in less than 20 years time.

That is only the cost part. How about human resource? Chua Soi Lek complained about Specialists not wanting to come back and serve the Malaysian publics. What is the solution to that? I have mentioned in the above.

Personally, I am glad that somebody with real intention to fix the healthcare problems has taken over the helm of Ministry of Health, that is Datuk Liow Tiong Lai. It may be due to the fact that he is not a doctor, because doctors are known to be rigid and stubborn - take for example Tun Dr Mahathir himself, well this is of course for the right reason.

We are now going to see more ambulatory centers being built by the government instead of having full-fledged hospitals which would cost at least 50 million to maintain annually. We are seeing more collaboration between private and government sector which benefits the people rather than FOMEMA type of deal (who only acts like a middle-man).

Datuk Liow Tiong Lai is probably the one who can clean-up the mess left behind Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Anonymous said...


Terima kasih dengan penerangan dan komen datuk berkenaan dengan penswataan IJN oleh Sime Darby. Inilah antara banyak rancangan oleh pemimpin yang sudah hilang sentuhannya dengan rakyat. Mereka lebih fokus untuk mengayakan kroni dan kaum keluarga mereka tanpa menyedari/buat-buat lupa yang mereka hanya membilang hari......


Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,

Sime Darby hanya janji kosong.

Kalau dengan kakitangannya begitu kedekut dan berkira. Inikan pula rakyat. Sebelum dapat memang berjanji, dah dapat habuk... Ikut telunjuk dia saja. Nampak gah tapi habuk.

Matlamat dia cuma nak rampas dan belanja habis-habisan duit orang.

Itulah yang berlaku bila dulunya dia berjanji friendly merger dengan Golden Hope dan Guthrie. Rupanya bukan merger tapi takeover foc.


Anonymous said...


"THE Star online reported that the Cabinet has decided to defer its decision on the proposed privatisation of the National Heart Institute (IJN)."

6. Maybe I am biased because I owe my life to IJN. But I think as a corporatised institution the IJN has done extremely well...
8. Some of the major surgeries performed there are so costly that the IJN lost money on them. Will Sime Darby shoulder these losses?

9. There are far too many questions about this privatisation which need to be answered. Some I think cannot be answered.

10. I seldom oppose privatisation but this is one instant when I feel privatisation is the wrong thing to do.

11. Leave this institution as it is. It is our pride and it is doing a good job as it is.
-Dr. Mahathir Mohamad


Dear Scribe and Tun Mahahtir,

is this the best that we can do?
why can't there be more IJNs as good as that in Kuala Lumpur - in Langkawi, in Ipoh, in Kuala Trengganu, in Johor Bharu, in Kuching, in Kota Kinabalu for example. We do not have the funds?

Or we do not know how to make it happen?

Where does it say that Tun is not good enough to oversee the building of these IJNs or IJMal(?) or that is one human resource we do not need. Should I ask that to the Prime Minister or adress it to HM the King?

Anyway, I still be very glad to hear or read how Mahathir define political instability and his solution to it in the Malaysian context. How would he solve the IJN corporatization? - can i give you all the right reasons, Tun?

or have following the blogs made me that dull and dumb of a go-blog?

did you know that the Abdullah&MoF2Budget 2009-kerajaan Prihatin has a "third strategy": Daya Tahan Negara. (a grouchy joke: take lots of the blue pills to spew out blue ocean stategies to get to Vision2020; or "just forget it" - Tun Mahathir is never all talk and hot air, is he? We built the Twin Towers and then we stopped - we ran out of ideas and we gave up on our dream but we are saying it not because it would be politically incorrect)

It that the best we can do? If that is the case, why should I care much for this country? It is going to the dogs with corruption anyway - isn't it , Scribe. Maybe Tun needs a new pair of glasses to have Vision 2020 again, Scribe? Or do we?

Terima Kasih

ps to be free of western hegemony konon.

Berita dari gunung said...

Penswastaan bukan perkara baru. Waktu awal pelaksanaan agenda penswastaan ini di zaman Tun, banyak impak positif. Namun dicelah-celah agenda itu ada juga agenda-agenda lain.

IJN adalah sebuah hospital. Gunanya untuk mereka yang ada masalah dengan jantung. Kos berubat disitu memang mahal kalaupun tidak semahal hospital luar negara.

Kalau kerajaan mampu kawal siling kos di IJN, tak kisah la siapa pun yang milikinya.

King-Fx said...

Institut Jantung Negara
145, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : 03 - 2617 8200
Fax : 03 - 2698 2824



Merujuk kepada perkara di atas, saya merupakan bapa kepada Nur Athirah Binti Khairulnizam yang telah menjalanji rawatan pembedahan VSD 4 tahun lepas ingin menegaskan bahawa pihak saya sangat berpuashati dgn perkhidmatan yang telah diberikan oleh pihak IJN.

2. Saya tidak Nampak sebarang sebab untuk IJN diswastakan. Lainlah jika IJN sebelum ini merupakan sebuah institusi yg tidak kompeten dan berdaya maju. Isu penswastaan ini merupakan satu isu di mana ianya satu taktik oleh kumpulan KAPITALIS yg ingin menguasai semua cabang perniagaan yg menguntungkan mereka. Dan saya JAMIN bahawa jika IJN diswastakan sudah pasti ianya akan membebankan rakyat-rakyat miskin yg selama ini telah dibantu oleh pihak IJN tanpa prejudis.

3. Saya amat menghargai jasa-jasa para doktor yg tanpa jemu telah memberikan perkhidmatan yg terbaik tanpa memperdulikan tawaran-tawaran GAJI yg sangat lumayan di luar sana. Pengalaman saya ketika pra-pembedahan, selepas pembedahan dan sessi ulangan sungguh menyenangkan hati walaupun pembedahan anak saya dibiayai oleh SUBSIDI kerajaan. Sesungguhnya profesion anda semua merupakan profesion yg mulia. Dan saya amat pasti majoriti kakitangan perubatan di IJN bekerja demi memburu kepuasan di dalam profesion masing-masing.

4. Saya juga amat pasti tindakan ini akan ditentang oleh rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum dan agama. Ini adalah kerana penswastaan merupakan satu bentuk mekanisma MENCARI KEUNTUNGAN seperti mana yg berlaku kepada Lembaga Letrik Negara, Jabatan Telekom, Jabatan Bekalan Air. Nada yg sama juga kita dengar iaitu TIDAK AKAN MEMBEBANKAN RAKYAT. Tetapi akhirnya BEBANANlah yg ditanggung oleh rakyat apabila ianya telah disalahgunakan oleh pihak-pihak yg tamak di dalam mencari keuntungan berlebihan.

5. Buat pemimpin-pemimpin Malaysia yg dikasihi. Janganlah ada kiranya di dalam hati anda semua rasa tidak berperi kemanusiaan kerana anda sudah sedia maklum bahawa KESIHATAN merupakan satu perkara yg wajib ditanggung oleh pihak PEMERINTAH sebagai satu tanggungjawab dan amanah yg berat yang akan dipersoalkan oleh Allah SWT. Bukan semua org mampu. Cukuplah dgn wang PETRONAS yg dibelanjakan untuk membina PRINCE COURT MEDICAL CENTER yg dikhaskan untuk org-org kaya. Jika IJN diswastakan apakah jaminan yg ianya tidak akan mengikuti jejak langkah pusat-pusat perubatan yg lain. Biarkan SIME DARBY membina pusat jantungnya sendiri jika benar mereka hebat dan ingin menunaikan tanggungjawab sosial mereka. Kenapa perlu berpaut kepada reputasi IJN? Kenapakah cadangan mereka ini dikeluarkan ketika IJN telah mengembangkan lagi operasinya dengan membina bangunan tambahan?

6. Saya dengan ini membantah sekeras-kerasnya sebarang rancangan pengambil alihan IJN oleh SIME DARBY. Contohilah Negara CUBA di dalam memberikan perkhidmatan kesihatan yg terbaik untuk rakyatnya. Semuanya FOC. Rujuk filem SICKO 2007 (Michael Moore). Betapa dahsyatnya penangan kapitalis. Syabas sekali lagi buat kakitangan IJN. Jasa anda semua tidak ternilai pada pandangan mata rakyat MARHAEN. Syabas juga kepada TUN DR MAHATHIR yg mengilhamkan kewujudan IJN untuk membantu rakyat seperti kami.


Terima kasih
Khairulnizam Mohd Kasim

Anonymous said...

I concur with your views on not agreeing to the sale. However my argument is different. You can read my views at www.rights2write.wordpress.dom

Dr Mohd Rafick

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',
Nampak nya kebelakangan ini najib, anak beranak & Co. sudah mula buang tebiat... memang gene bapaknya tak ada dalam jasad si najib... "jin" adalah kot?

Anonymous said...

tok AKJ,

soalnya kenapa syor sime darby tu hanya di tangguh? kenapa tidak dibatalkan sahaja?

adakah najib ingin bermain wayang dengan rakyat berkenaan isu sebesar ini? kerana takut BN kalah di kuala terengganu nanti?

-cucu bekas pesakit IJN

Anonymous said...

Tok dan para blogger.

Please refer to a film title SICKO by Michael Moore. Sapa cakap 1st world class treatment tak boleh dapat free? Tu semua dah dibutakan oleh sistem. Cuba tengok Kanada, Perancis dan UK.

Here in Malaysia, it's all about making money coz the rakyat is afraid of the government, not on the contrary.

Dengan sengaja, kerajaan hari ini memperbodohkan kita. Saya tak rela diperbodohkan dengan janji yang ditaburkan oleh sang pemungkir dan munafik.

Singgah abbebakar said...


Terima kasih Datuk kerana mendedahkan penyelewengan para pemimpin yang tamak haloba. Rakyat harus lebih berani membuat perubahan.

Kelompok pemimpin ni terlalu bacul untuk mempertahankan hak dan martabat bangsa Melayu. Mereka perlu diberi pendeahan sebenar nurani rakyat Malaysia.

Andakcarey said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

Apa yang pasti ini merupakan isyarat dari kerajaan yang mana rakyat MARHAEN tempat yang selayak buat mereka adalah HOSPITAL KERAJAAN.Bila prospek keuntungan lebih tinggi maka kepentingan rakyat diabaikan.Tapi bila dah nak lingkup kerajaan juga yang akan ambil alih.

Old Fart said...

If Sime Darby is truly instilled with the Christmas spirit and wants to be charitable, let them open the doors to Subang Jaya Medical Centre to the poor and needy. They don't have to first take over IJN and then show the world how charitable they are.

With the kind of lying Sime is capable of, their promise of lower fees for the poor sounds exactly like the ones they would have made to the rubber tappers in their estates. That their lives and that of their future generations would be taken care of. Adn then see what happens when rubber is replaced with Palm Oil or development or golf courses.

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Dato AKJ,

Apa lagi yang akan dijual kelak? Bukankah memberi perkhidmatan kesihatan yang baik (tidak semesti mewah) merupakan tanggung jawab kerajaan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sdr Scribe,

A Telling View
(what is the problem, doc?)

Sunday December 21, 2008
‘Mistake’ to privatise IJN

Exclusive interview with Tan Sri Dr Yahya Awang

PETALING JAYA: The National Heart Institute (IJN) should not be privatised as it provides training to develop cardiac units in all Government hospitals by 2020, says the country’s most renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon.

Tan Sri Dr Yahya Awang said this was reason enough for the premier heart institution not to go private.

Currently, there are four cardiac units in Penang, Johor Baru, Sarawak and Serdang hospitals. Even so, the units there are not as well-equipped and well-staffed as IJN.

("I am rather suspicious of the privatisation idea. It is not as if the hospital is not doing well TAN SRI DR YAHYA AWANG)

“We still have a long way to go,” he added.

Dr Yahya, Malaysia’s first cardio-thoracic surgeon, wanted IJN to remain a corporatised body and controlled by the Government.

“It (IJN) was never meant to be a commercial institute. It was meant to be a centre of research, a premier academic institute,” he told The Star in an interview at his office in the Damansara Specialist Centre yesterday.

He added that, as a pioneer who was directly involved in the setting up of the hospital in 1990, he was “taken aback” by the idea of privatisation.

“I was told that even the doctors (at IJN) were not informed of the idea (to privatise),” he said.

On the Government’s deferment to conduct an in-depth study, Dr Yahya said professional opinions should be sought as they were the service providers.

“This is to ensure the academic aspects of it are not pushed aside. However, I am sure, even as you lay all the facts and figures on the table, the right decision will be not to privatise the hospital,” he said.

Dr Yahya said IJN had done well and even generated income.

“Therefore, I am rather suspicious of the privatisation idea. It is not as if the hospital is not doing well. Ideally, a health institution such as IJN should be physician-led,” he said.

In 1989, a team led by Dr Yahya performed a coronary bypass operation on then prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. This subsequently initiated the setting-up of IJN in 1990 and the hospital was established two years later.


Sdr Scribe,
how many patients in the near furure, mid-term, long term and in very long term?

why not more IJNs in the other regions of the country? kuching for example?

Vision2020 is a goner by Dr Mahathir's standard and the economic game is changing and we still can't staff as "We still have a long way to go"?

Privatise and open two more IJNs, Scribe, that's what I say.

Terima Kasih Pulau Tuba

sekiranyalah mampunya saya lirikan
puisi suka dan duka, bukankah itu
lebih baik, Pak Kadir Jasin
berbaloi berbahagia kita Tun Mahathir
dari bertanya dari mana kerajaan
dapat uang membela rakyatnya yang
tiada mampu yang kian ramai?

Ponzi atau labu peram pak man telo?
insurans atau ehsan kebajikan

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk.

saya hairan kenapa sime darby mahu mengambil alih IJN dari kerajaan. Saya hairan kenapa PM dan TPM mengeluarkan kenyataan menyokong SD mengambil alih IJN? Suara dia orang menggambarkan bahawa kerajaan pimpinan dollah ni langsung tidak mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat. Sepatutnya dari awal lagi mereka berdua menolak sama sekali hasrat SD itu. SD kalau banyak duit tubuh dan establish lah sebuah lagi hospital swasta spt SJMC kenapa pulak sibuk nak ambil yang dah ada?

amboimak said...

"Mohd Najib,........, should start being truthful to himself and to the great legacy of his father."

Again Mohd Najib should start being fair to poor rakyat other than the Felda settlers. Billions of Felda's fund have gone under pretext of projects for the peneroka which includes the peneroka themselves and their dependents. It is not difficult to understand why Felda being pushed to do unreasonable things for the peneroka and their dependent. Houses in Felda Jaya complexes are being sold below the actual costs. And the quality of the houses are questionable. Who made the profit? You know I know. Definitely not Felda.

After so much have been done for the peneroka, and after so much said success, why they cannot look after their own children themselve?
Why this group of people are so special? Are they so special as though other people which are very much poorer are not special at all?

And now after Felda's coffer almost emptied, the subsidiaries are being taken for a ride. With the current CPO price the companies especially the staffs will suffer, not the settlers. Staffs' increment and other privileges are no longer a priority, instead are undergoing austerity drive to face the coming years.

"Mohd Najib,........, should start being truthful to himself and to the great legacy of his father."

zainal abidin awang kechik said...


Unknown said...

Kepada Muntazer, saya akan pastikan setiap rakyat di negara ini memberi sumbangan RM10.00 seorang kepada tuan.

ATAU untuk lebih berkesan just kick them out in PRU13.
Mereka bukan lagi manusia tapi hantu raya yang bertopengkan manusia.

Enam Anggerik said...

Kalau kerajaan nak cari duit buat lah lain2 kerja pun banyak lagi bolih buat. Kal;au swasta pun berapa sangat bolih dapat, dan berapa sangat bolih save. Ingat sama orang lain yang kerja dalam swasta, tak dapat kemudahan kerajaan, nak pergi hospital swasta mahal, jadi kami ni pergi bomoh saja ke?

Anonymous said...


Please do continue with your role in addressing issues that affect us poor citizens....Being a heart patient myself such game playing by Najib and Rich Cohorts is no comfort to us.
Can we expect a future Prime Minister who is going to Serve the People? No Hope on that....And to think that Mahathir actually believes he will be better than Badawi..Heh heh..

Politikus Bandar

Anonymous said...

Semua perancangan dan penghebahan dibuat dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa sama seperti rancangan penubuhan badan Suruhanjaya kehakiman,BPR dan pembelian Eurocopter. Sama juga dengan pengambilan IJN oleh Sime Darby.Iskandar Malaysia pun akan diambil-alih oleh syarikat swasta setelah ianya establish.

Adakah ini idea orang yang sama yang ingin mendapat keuntungan dalam masa yang singkat?Adakah akan ada pengambil-alihan lain dalam masa 3 bulan akan datang ni?Siapa yang boleh menentukan syarikat sekian-sekian mengambil-alih salah satu daripada badan kerajaan?

WAK labib.

Anonymous said...

dok perati macam makin punah ja malaysia ni...

yang dok elok2 depa pi kacau..last2 hancoq...

yang patut buat, depa pakat berenti abeh..takdak duit dia kata...

gila betoi depa ni..gila..

mampuih kita lagu ni..mampuih..

PM merapu..TPM pon dah mula tunjuk perangai..

sukan hgpa nk politikkan..agama hangpa nk politikkan..kesehatan hangpa nk politikkan..

terima kasih ye paklah..trima kasih jugak en najib..THANK YOU MUSA!!!..

jaga hangpa,jaga!!!...

-karim de kasim-

Anonymous said...

Sime Darby adalah syarikat multinasional negara. Kita tidak tahu lagi apakah strategi Sime Darby apabila IJN diswastakan. Mungkin Sime Darby ada buah tangan yang terbaik untuk rakyat.

Apa-apa pun, kita perlu dengar penjelasan dari orang-orang yang berkepentingan. BUKANNYA BLOGGER TIN KOSONG.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato AKJ.Semoga rakyat M'sia dpt menonton dokumentari `SICKO' karya Michael Moore di Astro.Pendedahan ttg insuran kesihatan menipu pelanggannya dan rakyat Amerika.Apa yg saya perhatikan pemimpin2 BN skrg sudah meniru cara2 merompak hak rakyat secara halus.
Walau apa juga rancangan kerajaan skrg pada akhirnya rakyat juga akan terbeban.`Change we need'.

Rakyat tak bodoh.

ab said...

Salam Dato,

IJN pasti dijual dan u-turn balik dibeli gomen.Jual dan beli dan segala proses berkaitan akan memberi faedah kewangan kepada
lawyers,invesment bank dan brokers,tak kira lagi lobbyists...

Silap mata cari duit.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Heical said...

Salam Datuk,
Kalau logik SimeDarby sudah ada Hosp.
kenapa perlukan IJN.
Mungkin GOV. kurang wang kena jual IJN.Beban kepada kerajaan.
Kerajaan yg dilantik olih rakyat tidak bolih berikan khidmat kepada rakyat & susahkan pula tu.
BN sudah hilang akal , sampai hendak jual IJN ,nanti rakyat pun akan tambah waras bila susah ke IJN.

DK said...

The same can be said about all these deals around Malaysia, look at the proposed Kota Kinabalu QE hospital?, why relocate when it can be rebuild on the same place? Because someone somewhere needs to generate more money in their pockets! So they relocate it out of Kota Kinabalu city. Fancy a city without a general hospital anyone?
Everything is money to them, while the people suffer from their actions.

Anonymous said...

Datuk AKJ, Mohon laluan untuk memberi komen. Tkasih

Kerajaan sewajarnya memBATALkan rancangan ini BUKAN menangguhkan.

Bagi saya, ini satu usaha untuk melenyapkan hasil usaha dan jasa Tun Dr Mahathir.

Saya tak faham, atas dasar apa kerajaan bersetuju dengan rancangan ini. Siapa yang akan mendapat manfaatnya...

Abdullah... Dasar pentadbiran kamu mengecewakan rakyat.


Rohaizat Zainal
Bandar Baru Bangi

Unknown said...

Berita2 yg tgh top skrg nie..

sime darby, air asia, labu, IJN..

Unknown said...

Sorry off topik...

mungkin cerita saya ini ada kaitan dengan pengswastaan dan duit..

Pagi ini saya lambat ke ofis, bukan salah saya tapi disebabkan perkhidmatan shuttle KTM dari Ipoh ke KL lambat!

Kat tiket tulis sampai KL Sentral 7:56am, tapi sampai KL Sentral 8:35am.

Keretapi Tanah Melayu, KTM satu organisasi yang memang lama, dulu pernah ada usaha2 untuk menamakan 'KTM' dengan nama lain, tetapi gagal kerana di KTM lah kita masih boleh nampak nama 'Tanah Melayu' walaupun namanya telah di singkatkan sekarang.

Tapi apakan daya, untuk melihat satu tahap perkhidmatan memang jauh sekali. Seringkali terbaca perkhidmatan tren yang lambat, tapi pembesar-pembesar kita buat 'dunno' sahaja.

Tiket yang saya naik 'reserved seat' berharga RM18 dari Ipoh ke KL, tapi ramai jugak yang beli tiket 'free seating' berharga RM1, ntah apa2 KTM punya sistem nie.

Ada satu family seramai 10 orang naik coach (termasuk budak2, bayi, org tua) duduk di tempat duduk disbb kan 'free seating', tapi tak sampai 10 minit kena kosongkan seat itu sebab seat itu sudah berpunya, sudah ada org beli dengan harga RM18.

cuba bayangkan satu family seramai 10 orang membeli tiket RM1 seorang, tidak bernasib baik untuk mendapat tempat duduk kerana coach penuh, dengan anak ditangan terpaksa berdiri atau duduk bersila dekat pintu keluar coach, dari Ipoh ke KL selam 3 jam!

Apalah KTM nie..nama tiket ja 'free seating', tapi seat nya mmg tak dak!

Kenapa tidak dinamakan "no seating", kan memudahkan org ramai paham?

kluangman said...

Soal harga yang berpatutan kepada pesakit yang mendapat rawatan di IJN samada ditadbir oleh swasta atau kerajaan sebenarnya bukanlah isu yang fakta.

IJN boleh ditadbir dan diambilalih oleh sesiapa sahaja tetapi 'penguasaan' sebenar haruslah berada di tangan pemimpin untuk menentukan 'harga' dan kebijaksanaan pemimpin tersebut juga membolehkan IJN lebih murah dari sekarang.

Soalnya 'mahu' atau 'tidak mahu' sahaja. Si kaya yang mendapat rawatan di IJN harus membayar dengan harga yang lebih tinggi setanding dengan kekayaannya dan ia menjadi tampungan kos untuk 'si miskin' yang mendapat rawatan di situ dengan diskaun harga.

Yang membimbangkan kita sekarang ialah negara ketandusan pemimpin yang berjiwa rakyat. Bila pemimpin sudah berjiwa 'comercial' maka bukan sahaja IJN, malah banyak lagi agenda mereka untuk menjadikan rakyat sebagai 'customer force' yang memberi mereka berpendapatan lumayan selepas hasil bumi sudah kering kontang dan bukan lagi menjadi sumber kekayaan mereka seperti dulu.

Anonymous said...

Kadir, since when have you become the champion of the poor. I worked and suffered under you for more than 13 years, and as far as I can remember, you only thought about the welfare of management, not the employees. I think you are a hypocrite. pse stop your nonsense.

Anonymous said...

(Pak Kadir Jasin Your Copy Again, please)

Salaam siber!

cerita bagus:

Perdana Menteri Di Tehran Untuk Perbincangan Dengan Ahmadinejad
Daripada Muin Abdul Majid

TEHRAN, 22 Dis (Bernama) -- Perdana Menteri Malaysia Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan mengadakan perbincangan dengan Presiden Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad di Pejabat Presiden di sini Isnin.

Pertemuan itu merupakan antara tumpuan lawatannya selama empat hari ke republik itu.

Pemimpin Malaysia itu, yang ditemani isterinya Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, tiba di lapangan terbang Tehran pada Ahad dan disambut Menteri Luar Iran Manouchehr Mottaki.

Berkenaan lawatan rasmi kedua Abdullah ke Iran sebelum peralihan kuasa di Malaysia pada Mac tahun depan, beliau diiringi beberapa menteri, timbalan menteri, anggota Parlimen Malaysia, tokoh korporat dan pegawai tinggi kerajaan.

Mereka turut disertai Duta Malaysia ke Iran, Datuk Syed Munshe Afdzaruddin.

Abdullah melakukan lawatan rasmi pertama ke Iran sebagai Perdana Menteri pada 2005 tetapi sering melakukan lawatan ke negara berkenaan sebelum itu sebagai Menteri Luar Malaysia dan kemudian Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Pemerhati berkata perbincangan Abdullah-Ahmadinejad akan lebih mendorong perkembangan dalam hubungan antara Malaysia dan Iran, yang ketika ini sangat mesra, termasuk dalam bidang perdagangan dan pelaburan.

Kedua-dua pemimpin itu juga dijangka menyaksikan majlis menandantangani beberapa memorandum persefahaman dan perjanjian, seperti dalam hal memerangi pengedaran dadah, kerjasama sains dan teknologi, program pemasangan kereta Gen-2 Proton di Iran, selain yang berkaitan sektor minyak dan gas.

Abdullah juga dijadualkan melawat Perbandaran Penyelidikan dan Teknologi pada Isnin.

Pada malam Ahad, Abdullah dan Jeanne telah menghadiri jamuan malam anjuran Syed Munshe di kediaman rasmi duta.

tahniah siber kita kepada Abdullah Ahmad Badawi kerana mengikut contoh yang mulia.

namun, siapa calun PAS di P36?

terima kasih tok bisu

nak sebut chi-kun-gunya pun susah, apa pula dengan pe-ta-da - PETA ada, petai pun ada, petah pun sudah. isyarat apa ini? orang bisu pun tak faham.

terima kasih bern, geneva, zurich

Anonymous said...


Saya setuju demgam komen sdr Rohaizat zainal,bangi.

Sime Derby Chairman Musa Hitam,Mentor Pak Lah dan Musoh ketat mahathir.

Nampak ada kaitan dengan komen Tuan.

Anonymous said...

Boleh komen sikit pasal cadangan Airport baru di Labu oleh Sime Darby & Airasia.
Terima Kasih.

affendi hussain said...

Salam Dato',

Tertarik dgn komen Sdr Clean psl 10org sekeluarga tak dpt tmpt duduk gara2 tiket RM1 & perkhidmatan KTM yg hampas..

1. Kat Malaysia tiada yg betul2 "free". Kalo free pasti ada tanda ' * ' kat hujung..itu strategi pemasaran (atau pembelitan?)..sebab utamanya berniaga ada KOS & perlu buat yg tiada kos memang akan buat untung berlipat ganda & perkara mustahil sebegini tidak pelik di negara "Tanah Boleh (Canland)" ini.

2. Tanggungjawab sosial memerlukan kos, mengurangkan keuntungan organisasi serta tiada pulangan pelaburan nyata dan nampak tidak begitu praktikal dinegara yg rakyatnya rata2 mahu perkhidmatan kelas 1 tetapi mentalitinya masih kelas 3. Orang Malaysia rata2 kalo boleh nak naik tren Shinkanzen/TGV yg 350km/j tu tapi nak bayar hanya RM1 atau "free".

3. Benda yg betul2 "free" hanya Allah s.w.t yg bagi.. itu dah pasti.. Cth: Oksigen

4. Kalo kat India orang boleh naik "free" sampai atas bumbung keretapi pasal jualan tiket sah dah pun 'cover' kos..mereka tak perlu ada Shinkanzen atau TGV yg mahal2..boleh guna taik lembu free hasilkan metana utk gas masak.. dan setahu saya juga hanya ketapi di India saja yang buat untung dalam dunia ni pasal kat sana mana ada hiway PLUS utk lori/bas ekspress laju2..

5. Kerajaan Jepun, German, France, Australia malah jiran kita Singapore semua buat yg terbaik utk sistem keretapi mereka sbg tanggungjawab sosial.. Kerajaan kita dibawah rejim Pak Lah lain pula fokusnya..bila dah terhantuk & tergadah baru nak jilat balik ludah kpd TDM..skrg masalah kesesakan di Tambak Johor pula & cadanagn asal jambatan bengkok..adakah Najib akan jilat bg pihak Pak Lah? "Damage control"?

6. Isu penswastaan IJN adalah lebih kpd dilema tanggungjawab sosial kerajaan yg sekian lama abaikan tanggungjawab hingga buat sosioekonomi melarat menyeksa rakyat kebanyakan.. ibarat tuang air garam ke luka.

7. Kalo kerajaan tak mahu ada tanggungjawab sosial dlm serba-serbi, buatapa rakyat nak PILIH & TANGGUNG org2 dlm kerajaan itu dgn bayar cukai? KERAJAAN BUKAN ENTITI PERNIAGAAN. Ini mcm kontrak sosial jugak..Takkan penjimatan kos kerajaan tu nak diguna naik elaun menteri kot..?

8. Org ramai dah sinonim dgn watak2 dibelakangnya Sime Darby, Synergy Drive etc. & reputasi2 mereka.

9. Apa saja isu yg melibatkan risiko penambahan RM kpd rakyat akan menjadi "silver bullet" utk tembak serigala jadian yg naik syeikh bila bulan mengambang..

p/s: Harap jgn keris pula diguna utk menikam diri bila bulan mengambang di T'ganu.


mad said...

oleh kerana ramai pengomen disini berkata tentang filem sicko arahan michael moore, aku berminat nak tengok filem tu dan skg tengah dload dari torrent. aku pernah baca novel michael moore bertajuk 'stupid white men' yg mengkritik pentadbiran bush dengan nada sarkastik dan penuh humor. memang sekarang dunia dijajah oleh golongan kapitalis elit dan malaysia nampaknya sedang menuju kearah itu.nurin05


Sdr Syamsul Azuar menulis: " Datuk, Boleh komen sikit pasal cadangan Airport baru di Labu oleh Sime Darby & Airasia."

1. Dalam istilah korporat dan perniagaan, para pengulas pasaran saham dan penganalisis, mengkategorikan syarikat seperti Sime Darby dan AirAsia sebagai "blue chips" dan entiti yang mendapat layanan istimewa.

2. Kemunculan tiba-tiba AirAsia sebagai kuasa korporat ada kaitan dengan statusnya sebagai peneroka bidang baru;

3. AirAsia juga sangat bijak dalam hal public relations dan pandai ambil hati;

4. Ia mumpanyai sokongan politik yang kuat. Ramai pembesar politik dapat saham apabila AirAsia membuat IPO. Mereka buat keuntungan besar kerana harga naik dengan banyak bila diniagakan di Bursa Malaysia;

5. Kini AirAsia mengalami masalah perniagaan dan kewangan. Ia sudah mula mencatat kerugian dan saham sudah jatuh kepada 85 sen daripada RM1.30 bila diniagakan;

6. Sime Darby juga mengalami kesulitan, kejatuhan pendapatan dan harga saham selepas mengambil alih Golden Hope dan Guthrie. Sahamnya jatuh dari paras tertinggi RM13 Ogos lalu kepada sekitar RM5.50 sekarang;

7. Sime Darby memerlukan bantuan kerajaan melalui kontrak dan penswastaan untuk mempertahankan kedudukannya;

8. Sime Darby rugi, PNB rugi. PNB rugi, pelabur saham ASB rugi.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

IJN dengan apa jua alasan tidak boleh diswastakan. utk memperbaiki mutu perkhidmatan? Nak operate orang bukan mcm fix brg elektrik, atau wat kerja2 makmal ada turnaroundtime. Ini manusia, komplikated Datuk. Kalau nak improve tambahkan kapasiti peralatan dan sumber manusia, penswastaan bukan satu-satunya cara utk memperbaiki mutu perkhidmatan dalam perubatan. Saya rasa profesi doktor yang mulia ini akan jadi sangat hina apabila sebuah institusi yang terulung spt IJN diswastakan, akan generate income dan dapat pada manusia yang tak cukup-cukup mentekedarah spt mereka!
Depa ingat doktor2 ni kebulu' sangat ke gaji beratus2 ribu sebulan kalau sebenarnya kehidupan kami ni pun tak der life sangat mcm depa! Depa boleh la lepak2 kat cigar shop sambil baca2 laporan saham.
Adakalanya kami akan dapat sebiji betik, sebiji buah naga atau sejambak bunga orkid daripada pesakit yang berasal dari Cameron Highland sebagai tanda appreciation mrk. Ini sgt2 bermakna bagi kami, Datuk!
Saya rasa satu penghinaan apabila Pak Lah kata gaji Pakar2 di IJN tidak mencukupi jadi rasionalisasi penswastaan ini adalah nak bagi byk gaji kpd pakar2 ini.Ini alasan tidak berasas sama sekali!
Maka, kami bersama persatuan perubatan Malaysia dgn tegasnya menyatakan tidak kepada penswastaan IJN!

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih atas komen tersebut

Anonymous said...

Another Copy, Pak Kadir
(yes, you articulated your views well, scribe).

Salaam siber

Ponzi's Scheme: DrM's Vision2020 II
(kita semua kena jual hidup-hidup)

Cerita itu bagus tetapi ini cerita yang lebih menarik:

Bernard Madoff is accused of orchestrating a $50 billion fraud and was placed under house arrest as BNP Paribas became the latest European bank to be sideswiped by the scandal.

Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008
Who is Bernie Madoff? Many Investors Didn't Ask
By Robert Chew

As the haze lifts from Bernie Madoff's financial massacre, his victims are now asking the fundamental question: if we had known Madoff was behind our investment, would we have made it?

Madoff investors appear to break down into two distinct camps: the "I-know-Bernies" and "Who's-Bernies?"

For those investors like me who never heard of Madoff, privacy and propriety were the camouflage that kept his name from so many hundreds, maybe thousands, of private and public investors. Secrecy enabled him to create his global Ponzi-on-steroids scheme undercover, and helps explain why it worked so brilliantly for so long. The fact the Securities and Exchange Commission gave Madoff multiple free passes to sidestep closer inspection is even more troubling for any investor looking to put a hard-earned buck into this system. (How I Got Screwed by Bernie Madoff.)

It seems to me that many of Madoff's fund-raising generals—many close friends who were unlicensed to trade securities—down the line must have been given strict commands to avoid using the Madoff name. These generals ran many of Madoff's complex network of domestic and international feeder funds, which in turn created their own sub-funds. It was into these sub-funds many private investors, foundations, schools and other endowments poured their life savings. From the super wealthy, like Mort Zuckerman, to schmoes like me, the victim-cry is: Who the hell is Bernie Madoff? Had we known Madoff was behind all the "trades" maybe we would have made a better investment decision. Maybe. Other victims, however, with direct access to Madoff, such as those going through licensed brokerage firms like Minneapolis' Engler & Budd, knew the name Madoff and invested big because of his strong reputation and track record.

Generally, investors got into this private, no-prospectus game through a trusted family friend. In our case, the trusted friend was an affable, debonair fellow named Stanley Chais, who ran the Brighton and Popham investment groups for decades. We were in two sub-groups of Brighton, and they were msmall, 10 to 15 people — possibly so they would fly under regulator radar, victims now tell me. Brighton, it turns out, fed the money into Madoff. I'd sit next to Stanley at year-end holiday parties and, knowing my family's money was in his hands, I'd ask: "How're things going with the arbitrage?" The answer was always, "Life is good." Things have changed.

See Top 10 Scandals of 2008.

or better or worse, our decision to invest was based on our faith in him, not unlike the way one puts trust in any stockbroker or financial adviser, but more so. If Stanley's running things, we'll go with it. This trust, the history of success, made it as good, if not better than any investment out there. Had we—and the many other devastated investors I've talked to over the last week—heard the name Madoff perhaps we would have checked him out, seen some of the red-flags, and maybe made a different decision.

Nancy Silverton, the well-known Los Angeles restaurateur of Pizzeria Mozza and founder and former owner of LaBrea Bakery, was in a Chais sub-group called CMG, LTD. Some of our savings, and 50 others', were in that group, too. She's lost everything, over $5 million. CMG investors lost $80 million total, according to a class action suit filed in United State District Court in California last week. Silverton's family, in another Chais group called Caroline, also lost everything. It's unclear how many sub-groups Chais had going, but there were at least six I know of in the Los Angeles area. Stanley says he's lost everything, too, including his substantial Chais Family Foundation, which has shut down.

"I knew others were doing the trades, but I'm not sure I ever heard of Madoff," Silverton says. "You trust people that are better at investing than you, you go about building your business, doing your work, and you forget about it. You see the statements and you think you've made the best financial move of your life."

The phone call came for Nancy in mid-December when she was in Napa wine country with four friends. They were on their way to have dinner at the famous restaurant the French Laundry. "My father called my cell," she said. "He said, �We've lost everything.' I went into a kind of surreal shock."

For Silverton, 54, and the many others like her, she'll have to start over. "My entire retirement, my kids' college funds, trust funds, were all invested in this. All I have is my restaurant now. We just can't believe it."

The unlicensed Madoff generals must have had their orders: Mum's the word. Let the investors think what they want about who's placing the buy-and-sell orders. As far as the investors knew, the generals were the geniuses doing the sophisticated, proprietary trading stuff that brought such marvelous returns over the last 40 years. And, in our case, the accounting firm of Halpern & Mantovani, CPA, in Encino, Calif., Chais' chief bean counter, pumped out the quarterly statements as if it were all rock solid.

How can we stop this from happening again? How about some basic oversight and transparency for all private and public funds? How about making private, under-the-radar investment groups illegal unless registered? Is this asking too much of our regulators, when a $50 billion investment fund can be run by a little man with gray hair in baseball cap behind a curtain of secrecy and nobody knows what the trades are or who's making them?


I find it very strange that the Madoff investments failed after the Sub Prime Fiasco - if it is just a ponzi scheme even steroid driven. Yes, it is a purge but by whom? Is it the time for Team Greenspan to finally be rewarded for their short comings?

che det wrote about it and compared it with our very own pak man telo?! i was quite sad: this is no measly Madoff story...who are the investors that lost out other than BNP Paribas - in the South East Asian, East Asia and the Middle East; or was he one of those who initiated the mortgage backed collaterals and other toxic assets that TARP was created to clean up?

As for we in Malaysia, was MoF2 caught up in this hot investment scheme as well -remember the najib and mof2 trip to singapore in 2007 to meet with hot funds managers? - don't tell me mof2 was not sweet talked, too. If not why value cap recieved additional RM5 billion)

all this distraction, Puteramaya, is because your question(the last one) is even harder to answer!

terima kasih, Scribe.
ps just the tip of the iceberg? the sime darby and mutual funds - asb etc.

it is hard to convince people who have mad up their mind not to be convinced - dr mahahtir

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

I'm just wondering whether Najib and his brother's really "feel" the suffering of ordinary and poor people like his father did. It seems that his father's traits had not been transmitted properly to his sons....and the most unfortunate thing is, one of his son is happen to be "Prime Minister in-waiting"!!!

Heical said...

Salam Datuk,

Kena baling kasut nampak gaya mereka ini.
Kalau hendak hospital binalah sendiri kenapa IJN.
Hendak makan komisyen atas kesusahan rakyat ?

Anonymous said...

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