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Dawn Or Dusk For Multiracial Parties?

A Kadir Jasin

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PARDON me for saying that despite the best of efforts, many debaters of this blog regularly missed some very important historical points.

This could be due to the fact that the older ones (the present company included) have forgotten them and the younger ones are not deeply informed about history.

I have this sad, disquiet feeling that history is no longer the priority in our education system and in our everyday life. Or that we are simply “mudah lupa” – forget easily.

With that in mind, I would like to share with esteemed visitors and debaters an article entitled “A New Dawn For Multiracial Parties?”

This article is relevant especially in the light of the collapse of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat government following the defections of two Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) state representatives and one from the DAP, and the failure of Anwar Ibrahim to topple the Barisan Nasional government via defections.

The article was published in July 1, 2008 issue of the Malaysian Business magazine. I wrote:

SOME weeks ago a businessman asked me if there is a future for race-based political parties in Malaysia. He's a Chinese and obviously apolitical.

He must have been influenced by the emergence of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) or People's Justice Party, as a key player in national politics following the March 8 polls.

The credit has to go to the party's adviser and de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. His spirited efforts to entice a sufficient number of Barisan Nasional (BN) Members of Parliament to cross over to his Pakatan

Rakyat (an informal coalition of three parties), or to side with it, is keeping public interest alive.

To date, his success has been limited and tentative. Only the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has openly shown some interest.

But instead of leaving BN to join Pakatan Rakyat, SAPP had proposed its own vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in Parliament.

Even that did not materialise when on the appointed date - June 24 – the party's two MPs went absent on claims that `they were threatened'.

Instead, an indirect confidence motion seeking support for the Government's action in tackling rising food, fuel and commodity prices tabled by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad, was carried, with 129 voting in favour and 78 against.

Even if SAPP's two MPs were to join Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar is still very far away from getting 29 or 30 crossovers to topple the BN government and to form an opposition minority government.

Anwar continues to claim that he will have a sufficient number of BN turncoats joining him by Sept 16 to enable Pakatan Rakyat to topple Abdullah and form its own government. Sept 16 would be the anniversary of the proclamation of Malaysia in 1963.

With the Abdullah government using its financial and legal might to keep the BN component parties and MPs in line, Anwar's backdoor attempt to take over Parliament may backfire.

Abdullah has already poured more money into Sabah and Sarawak where Anwar is concentrating his efforts. And out of the blue, the pro-government newspapers started to publish news that the SAPP president and former Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Yong Teck Lee, might be investigated for corruption.

Abdullah's carrot-and-stick tactics could thwart Anwar's attempt to get further support from BN MPs either individually or en bloc.

A failure to do so can greatly affect Anwar's reputation and the relevance of PKR as a multiracial party in the multi-party Pakatan Rakyat.

Back to the Chinese businessman, I told him that it is the multiracial parties that have an uncertain future in Malaysia despite PKR's strong showing at the March 8 polls.

I am not against multiracial parties nor am I against multiracialism. I grew up in a multiracial environment, living side-by-side with our khinzir-rearing Chinese neighbours, attended a Roman Catholic school and worked in multiracial companies.

For those not familiar with contemporary Malay language, khinzir is supposed to be the politically correct word for `pig'. Instead of babi, which supposedly has dirty and unhygienic connotations, khinzir, which is an Arabic word, sounds cleaner and more palatable although no less haram (forbidden).

In all that time, I saw the multiracial parties, despite their lofty ideas, high ideals and encouraging initial support, come and go. What survived are coalitions that bring together communal and regional parties as typified by BN and its predecessor, the Alliance.

But in the case of the fledgling Pakatan Rakyat that proposes to formally bring together PKR, the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (Pas) and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) in a BN-like coalition, its success depends very much on Anwar's leadership.

Without a strong PKR, Anwar may not be able to convince its more established and larger coalition partners to stick around with him given their vast ideological and policy differences.

Success at the polls alone will not guarantee that the PKR-Pas-DAP collaboration will survive and evolve into a permanent coalition that can rival BN and give birth to a true two-party system.

The idea of a multiracial party is not new. The first to promote it was the founder president of Umno, Datuk Onn Jaafar, a Johor Malay aristocrat.

He founded Umno in May 1946. In 1951, at the behest of the British, he proposed opening Umno membership to the immigrant races. At that time, the Chinese and Indians, most of whom were indentured labourers, were yet to be accorded Malayan citizenship.

The Malays objected and Onn, being an honourable person, left Umno and Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra took over the fledgling party.

Onn went on to pursue his dream of a multiracial party by forming the Independence of Malaya Party (IMP). The IMP became the first political movement to oppose the concept of Malay dominance.

Ironically, neither the Chinese nor the Indians, despite the promise of equality and citizenship, found the IMP convincing. Instead, the Chinese-based Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) and the Indian-based Malayan Indian Congress (MIC) opted to form an alliance with Umno.

In 1952, Umno and the MCA contested the Kuala Lumpur Municipal election and won 11 out of the 12 seats. The Alliance was formalised in time to contest the 1955 Malayan Legislative Council elections with the MIC as a third member. It won 51 out of 52 seats. Pas won a solitary seat.

Undeterred by the dismal failure of IMP, Onn started another multiracial party called Parti Negara in 1953. He found some success among the Malays but again failed to get Chinese and Indian support.

The only parliamentary seat ever won by Parti Negara was by Onn himself in the 1959 general election in Terengganu. With his death in 1962, Parti Negara came to a natural end.

Since then, numerous attempts have been made to forge multiracial parties that draw membership from the various racial groups but with little success. Most of them failed while those that survived degenerated into communal parties.

Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia or the Malaysian People's Movement Party started off as a multiracial party in 1968. Its first chairman was the late Professor Syed Hussein Alatas.

In its early days as the opposition state government of Penang, Gerakan made quite widespread use of the services of its Malay members.

But many of them, especially the prominent ones, went back to Umno when it joined BN. Today the Malays form a tiny fraction of the party's membership. Some 80% of its members are Chinese and 15%, Indians.

Other attempts at promoting multiracial politics at the organizational level were Parti Keadilan Masyarakat Malaysia (Pekemas), Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia (PSRM) and the DAP.

When in 1972 Gerakan co-founder Tun Lim Chong Eu led the party into BN, the late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon opposed it.

He soon left Gerakan because he felt that by joining BN, the party was endorsing the race-based politics of the new coalition. He went on to form Pekemas or the Social Justice Party of Malaysia as a non-communal party.

Despite his non-communal stance, Dr Tan supported the New Economic Policy (NEP) because he believed that an affirmative action plan was required to address poverty, which was then rampant among the Malays and the rural population.

Despite his best efforts and his idealism, Pekemas did badly in the 1974 general election. Dr Tan was the only Pekemas parliamentary candidate to win. When he retired in 1977 due to poor health, most of Pekemas' members defected to the DAP.

The DAP itself, which was the product of the “Malaysianisation” of the Malaysian operation of Lee Kuan Yew's People's Action Party (PAP), started life as a multiracial party in 1967.

But today it has lost its Malay representation. Despite winning the most number of seats in the Perak State Legislative Assembly in the March 8 polls, it was unable to lead the State Government because the State Constitution requires that the Menteri Besar be a Malay and a Muslim.

The last of the maverick post-colonial multiracial parties to survive was Parti Rakyat Malaysia or Malaysian People's Party.

It was founded in 1955 by nationalist Ahmad Boestaman and counted among its leaders Ishak Haji Muhammad or better known as Pak Sako, Abdul Aziz Ishak, Datuk Kampo Radjo, Tan Kai Hee, Tan Hock Hin, Dr Rajakumar, Hasnul Hadi and Tajuddin Kahar.

Under the leadership of academician Syed Husin Ali, the party supported Anwar's 1998 reformasi movement that led to the founding of Parti Keadilan (Justice Party). In August 2003, the two parties merged to form Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Thus the question arises whether PKR can sustain its multiracial representation or it too will degenerate into an ethnic-based party like the DAP and Gerakan.

Already, several key founders of the party have resigned while others have gone back to Umno.

Still, PKR may stand a better chance of surviving thanks to its strong leadership and its success in leading the opposition coalition in the March 8 polls.

Its chances of surviving may improve further if Pakatan Rakyat is formalised and becomes a viable long-term alternative to BN.

Of course, PKR will become stronger if, by Sept 16, Anwar is able to coax enough numbers of BN MPs to switch their allegiance and side with Pakatan Rakyat.

So we may yet see Anwar as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.


azlishukri said...

nampaknya cita2 Anwar boleh berjaya juga Datuk.

Stephen Doss said...

Dear Dato,

As a member of Gerakan, I am not convinced that if it were the Chinese in the majority, they would be as benevolent as the Malays today, for even in the party MERIT plays second fiddle to race.

Anonymous said...

Salam buat Datuk AKJ,

Your views and response to call for a multiracial system are politically correct but it's easier say than do. Being a staunch supporter of Perikatan and now Barisan Nasional for the last decades since 1963, I share your thoughts that all BN component parties should undergo a series of political indoctrination and awareness courses, that will enable them to understand the spirit of unity and solidarity in line with the inspirations of our past leaders from pre Merdeka era.

As I see it during the course of my small personal contribution in a number of by-election campaigns, none of the speakers from the younger generation, could convince the audience on the essence of political multiracialism party.

The long struggle to promote absolute unity among the people in whatever we do, must be clearly advocated and understood by the younger generation of today. If we can all achieve a certain level of compromise in our our national endeavors, politics, economics, education, social and culture, then Malaysia will be on the right track to walk the line of multiracialism parties, or at least aim for a two party system to reduce the current political polarisation among the people of all races.

However, God knows when we can proudly identify and call ourselves as "Malaysians" rather that clinging to "orang Melayu, Cina, India, Bengali, Sarawakian or Sabahan". All true Malaysians of my and your generation must be sad to share the current political mistrust created by our political players of all parties for the sake of sustaining their power through greed, selfishness and the might of money politics. Let's hope the MACC will be effective in their efforts to cleanse all political parties, without fear or favour the the hardcore members of BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

As a closing note, while I was waiting at the airport for my flight in Penang this morning, a Singaporean couple of Indian origin was offended, when I acclaimed that "they are Indian or Sri Lanka and immediately they replied that they are Singaporean lah". Needless, to say I felt embarrassed and apologise to them with an honest remark that,"if only we in Malaysia regard ourselves as Malaysian and be truly proud of our national identity". What say you datuk?

abe MIE 'TERJAH' said...

semua jadi sejarah...
termasuk melayu dan karpal hina sultan pun jadi sejarah..
sultan dan TUN bergaduh pun jadi sejarah...

hidup perlu cabaran..barulah lahir dunia baru


Generasi dulu banyak dah mati.Generasi kini banyak dah tak makan belacan.Sekurang2nya dah ambil SPM.Pandai berkomunikasi cara baru,boleh dapat berita terkini dengan cepat.Dan lagi,lagi ....semuanya datuk tau.

Dulu berpolitik banyak jenis guru-guru.Guru tak berkepentingan diri.Dia mau muridnya lebih cerdek dan hebat darinya.Dan mereka pernah hidup susah.Anak orang kampong.Anak pegawai2 tak jadi guru.Lebih baik jadi kerani.

La ni yang berpolitik bukan jenis guru.Jenis nak duit.Jenis nak pangkat.Anak orang ternama.Anak datuk,anak tan seri.Anak depa tak banyak yang jadi guru.Masih anak orang kampong juga majoriti guru.

Guru lebih kenal dosa dan pahala.Lebih kenal.Dan guru la ni dah tak berminat jadi orang politik.Politik dah nampak kotor,kerana tangan2 durjana.Bila guru lari dari politik,politik akan rosak.Politik pas tak rosak kerana banyak guru sokong.Banyak jenis ustaz pula tu.Depa lebih takut pada dosa.Depa lebih minat mencari pahala.

tu sikit saja,memadai untuk membuat otak berjalan.

Anonymous said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin,

It is not impossible for multiracial party to survive but given the economic disparity between the major ethnic groups it may be quite a while before it becomes a reality.

Another hindrance to multiracial party is the existence of BN. BN is a formal coalition of racial parties and for as long as BN forms the government, its component parties would continue to fan racial sentiments.

Fanning racial sentiments by leaders from UMNO, MCA or MIC is a very clever strategy to maintain control within their respective parties. Those who fight for their ethnic rights would continue to gain support from members.

Anwar Ibrahim is an opportunist and is determined to be the Prime Minister at all costs. His party, PKR, consist of disgruntled ex-UMNO members.

PKR's survival depends on:
(1) Anwar Ibrahim; and
If Anwar Ibrahim is no longer there to lead, the loose coalition of Pakatan Rakyat would fail. Without Anwar, DAP and PAS ideals are too way off tangent to seek a common ground. This is partly due to PAS' failures to explain the whole concept of Syariah laws and DAP's refusal to thoroughly understand the Syariah laws.

(2) UMNO
If UMNO reforms and rid itself off arrogant, "out-of-touch", greedy and corrupt members irregardless of their seniority, it may once again be accepted by the rakyat. So far, unfortunately UMNO has failed miserably to reform itself and has remained a very much despised party largely because of history. E.g. Just because Tun Razak was the PM that did a good job, it does not mean that Najib would, too, become a good PM! The same goes for Hishamuddin!

The taste of power is too sweet and addictive that UMNO elites would do anything possible (whether morally, ethically or legally acceptable is of no consequence) to remain in power. The current generation of UMNO leaders were born with silver spoon in their mouth and they would do anything to remain in power. For non-elite once, marrying into the powerful elite is the next best option. Do anything except practice and adopt more humility into their approach to life!

On the hand, Anwar tasted this position of power once and his craving to it seems to be getting the better of himself. Having tasted it once and recollecting the fond memories must be a bitter nightmare for him and his close associates now. That, I think, is the main reason why he is bent on becoming the PM at whatever costs including forming a multiracial PKR as well as pulling two extreme sides (DAP and PAS) together!

It took the United States more that 200 years to elect their first black President. If Malaysia can achieve its "real" ruling multiracial party in the next 20 years, it would be miracle!

My 5-sen worth of thoughts.

Dari Borneo ke Minang

mananbuyong said...

Dear Dato',

I am a 'kerat sebelas pun akan tetap bersama UMNO.. kind of person. I believe UMNO has done our part to make Malaysia a country that it is today - a country that has progressed beyond reasonable doubt. There are not a few shortcomings, I have to admit, but we have done good.

Dato' Onn Ja'afar, the legendary founder of UMNO, however, is revered BY UMNO even though he has to leave the party in 1951.

Why, this reverence? This unconditional respect?

I believe it was not only because he led the opposition against the setup of The Malayaan Union. I believe it was because he had a vision... He was also right!

He was right in that the future of the nation is not only the prerogative of the Malays. He was right - in 1951 - that the future of the country must be shared by all the races! That was his vision.

Alas, the Malays then were not ready for such a concept. Among other things they were not convinced of the loyalty of the non-Malays then. They were also sceptical about what would be their situation when they were put at par with the foreigners..

( The debacle of 1969 in many ways proved what they were so concerned of)

But now - and this is the point that I really want to put accross - after more than 60 years, is the loyalty of the non-Malays still askance? Have not the constitution which was in effect after Onn left took care of much of the Malay worries? i.e. The Malay Sultans; the position of Islam; The national language; the special positions of the Malays have all been spelt out in the constitution.

After 1969, The New Economic (NEC) further stamped the 'Hak Hak Istimewa orang Melayu.. Therefore, the situation when Onn was rejected by the Malays in 1951 is no longer the situation now.

Having said that - I remain loyal to UMNO - but I think the parties like PKR, Gerakan, DAP is actually on the right course if only they can get their act right.

Sdra Anwar Ibrahim is the most on course guy vis-a-vis Onn's vision... But I am not too sure.

I would greatly wishd that BN will evolve and blend in one way or another towards being NOT seen as racially based parties joining together to form a party , but more as a Malaysian party per se.

Thank youmananbuyong.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato A Kadir Jailani, hello and hi,

For fifty years Malaysian are racist. This was the direct consequence from the policy in adopting immigrants to be accorded with citizenship of Malaysia. If on day one we were in same school, with same language and on same value, multiracial parties won’t exist.

Now come to a standstill, who do you want to blame for the outcome, and what can be done to change it?
I was taken aback when I heard the former DAP’s Senior Exco member talked in broken Malay language, after 50 years odd living in a country he calls his own! And worse he was elected by the locals to be representative.

Iskandar PT said...

Salam Dato',

Jika dilihat pada keputusan PRU 12,parti pelbagai kaum seperti PKR mendapat pertambahan undi tetapi parti seperti Gerakan dan PPP mengalami penyusutan yang ketara bila hilang banyak kerusi di peringkat DUN dan Parlimen.
Keputusan PRU 12 tidak mencerminkan arus pilihan rakyat Malaysia yang sebenar kerana ia lebih kepada PROTES secara besar-besaran kepada BN kerana tidak mengotakan janji yang dibuat sewaktu PRU 11.
Parti satu kaum seperti MIC,MCA dan UMNO juga merosot sokongan disebabkan "mungkir janji" bila tak mengotakannya pada penggal PRU 11.
Pada PRU 13, gambaran secara kasar akan dapat dilihat apabila lebih ramai pengundi muda (21tahun-40tahun) membuang undi mereka dan mungkin akan memperlihat satu kerajaan Pusat yang baru.
Sekiranya BN terus menggunakan strategi "carpet bombing" seperti mana digunakan di PRU yang lalu dan menabur wang , nescaya BN akan jadi notakaki sejarah kerana strategi sebegitu tidak lagi terpakai untuk golongan muda yang lebih mengutamakan kerajaan yang bersih dan boleh dipercayai.
tindakan provokasi melampau yang sering digunakan adalah cara kuno serta tidak lagi relevan untuk golongan rakyat yang semakin terpelajar.
Parti pelbagai kaum akan lebih diminati oleh golongan muda kerana perjuangan hak samarata merupakan perjuangan global,parti perkauman semakin dipinggirkan dan akan tidak mendapat tempat di hati mereka.


Anonymous said...

akm dato..
saya baca blog che det dia citerr pasal org ulu...Gajah putih tak ulu sangat kut dato?


Anonymous said...

Dari Borneo ke Minang said ...*It took the United States more that 200 years to elect their first black President. If Malaysia can achieve its "real" ruling multiracial party in the next 20 years, it would be miracle!*

As long as our children attended vernacular schools, as long as we have "Malaysians" who cannot speak BM, it will indeed be a miracle.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

I make a living by speculating financial markets. Never tire me out.

Speculating politics? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....opps! where was I just now?...

al-Balingi said...

Salam Dato',

Is there a future for PAS Dato'? A multiracial party but unite in the of Islam. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Datok ,
tak ada yang pelik atau mustahil dalm multipolitik racial,pepatah melayu menyebut "nak seribu daya tak nak seribu dalih".di US ,seolah-olah satu dongengan orang black boleh jadi presiden ,tapi obama manafikan dongeng tersebut,di malaysia,semacam dongeng juga BN boleh kalah dalam pilihanraya,tapi pru 12 membuktikan sebaliknya.samalah juga multiracial parti akan muncul apabila rakyat memilih meritokrasi bukan berdasarkan ketuanan bangsa (contoh :ketuanan melayu)dimana yang hebat akan naik dan yang terok walau melayu tidak akan diterima oleh massa nanti.saya amat yakin rakyat bergerak ke arah tersebut.jika BN masih tak insaf ,BN akan menjadi dokumen sejarah.

Anonymous said...

As long as there is SJKC and SJKT, Malaysia can never achieve the unity that this country crave for.

I agree when Mukhriz Mahathir suggested for the abolishment of SJKC/SJKT but a lot of people politicise the matter. When the Malays talk about Malay this Malay that, we are labeled as being prejudiced and racist but when non-Malays talk about their issues, its equality. Woith this kind of mindset there is no way this country can evr unite its people.

As for our lack of hoot about History knowledge, the teaching and learning History in schools nowadays is downright too boring. There's no creativity at all to make History learning more fun. If teachers themselves are not passionate about it, what can you expect from the students?

Anonymous said...

Dato' Askm

Pagi ni saya tengok dalam Internet, saya tengok semua yang kena tuduh merusuh di KK tu orang Melayu, nampak macam lebai-lebai Pas.

Mana Melayu, Cina dan India PKR macam Si Anwa tu Tok? Mana Cina dan India DAP Tok? Asyik-asyik Melayu saja Tok? Ni lah Melayu bila fanatik sanggup jadi hamba Cina dan India.

MB Umno tu pun terhegeh-hegeh lantik Cina dan India yang tolak MCA, MIC dan Gerakan dalam PRU 12 Tok. Umno tak boleh perintah sendiri ka?

Saya terima kasih pada mahkamah kerana tidak bebaskan pengganas Hindraf haram itu dari Kemunting. Sumbat mereka lama-lama Tok. Mereka ini tak sedar diri. Tak abis-abis menyusahkan orang. Dia marah pada Samy Vellu, polis kita yang kena.

Di Teluk ni tok bangsa ini ramai Tok. Jadi kuli. Pak Arab tak bagi chance kepada mereka Tok. Kita saja terhegeh-hegah bagi citizenship pada tok nenek mereka. Padan muka kita.

Salam Tok.

Perantau Melayu


Sdr Al-Balingi bertanya: "Is there a future for PAS Dato'? A multiracial party but unite in the of Islam. What say you?"

1. Pas has been the 2nd largest party after Umno until the 2008 GE;

2. In the 2008 GE, thanks to the "Pakatan Rakyat", Pas was overtaken by PKR and the DAP;

3. Pas was stronger on its own because it is the alternative to Umno for the Malays and Muslims;

4. During 2008 GE many Umno members and supporters votes for Pas but not the DAP or PKR;

5. I can't see the majority of non-Muslims supporting Pas;

6. So Pas has to work with PKR and DAP. But in so doing, Pas is now the smallest PR party in the Parliament.

7. In the DUNs, it's real power is only in Kelantan and Kedah.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bang Dir

Nampaknya you suka if Anwar jadi PM.
You suka dia ke atau Najib?
What say you if Dollah decides to stay on?
I suka your transparency.
Tak macam si Rocky or Nuraina, go where the wind blows.
Must answer please, old wise Kadir.
Puan Barackah nak tahu bangat.


Puan Barackah, mengemukakan soalan dan kesimpulan berikut:-

Nampaknya you suka if Anwar jadi PM.
You suka dia ke atau Najib?
What say you if Dollah decides to stay on?
I suka your transparency.
Tak macam si Rocky or Nuraina, go where the wind blows.
Must answer please, old wise Kadir.
Puan Barackah nak tahu sangat.

1. Soal suka tak timbul. Suara majoriti yang berhak dan berkuasa menentukan siapa jadi PM;

2. Sesiapapun yang mempunyai keyakinan majoriti Ahli Dewan Rakyat boleh jadi PM;

3. Saya yakin Datuk Seri Abdullah tidak akan mungkir janji. Lagipun, konyensyennya, Presiden Umno adalah juga calon Perdana Menteri.

4. Saya kenal agak rapat dengan kedua-dua mereka.

Terima kasih

Unknown said...


Strong Winds are still blowing against UMNO. Often times it turns stormy whenever an UMNO leader does something silly.
Its hard for UMNO leaders to gauge their position as this age of internet allows their opponents to lambast them minutes or even hours after just taking their foot out of their mouth.
Even more critical is the issue of leadership credibility. Failing to be forthright is now seen to be lying, whilst pretensions the mainstay of politicians no longer works....
It must be hard for Najib....

Anonymous said...

Ybg Dato,
Walaupun kita sudah mengalami 12PRU nampaknya ketua-ketua parti politik tanahair masih lagi berfikiran zaman mula-mula negara merdeka..akibatnya:
1.Parti-parti politik semacam jadi hak keluarga atau setidak-tidaknya hak kawan-kawan yang suka dok kerumun keliling ketua.Jika pengikut tu jarang nampak muka(walaupun kuat sokong parti) akibatnya nama tiada dalam 'pendrive' akhirnya kena 'delete'.Nampaknya ketua parti le ning tak boleh cam hak mana penyokong kuat parti dengan yang ampu dalam parti.Kalau hak tua macam kita ni dato' orang parti tak berapa nak dengar doh pandangan,balik-balik hak muda tu la jadi pakar rujuk( lama-lama jadi pakar semua boleh ke dia)Akhirnya orang tua ni akan ikut jejak parti-parti lain pula.Ini la yang terjadi kepada parti UMNO khususnya sehingga ujud sayap veteran!SEBENARNYA UMNO MASIH RELEVEN TAPI....
2.Selain dari itu, UMNO suka beri kekayaan kepada penjawat-penjawat utama seperti ketua bahagian,ketua wanita,pemuda,puteri dll.Jika minta projek boleh kata 100% dapat,kononnya untuk parti..TAPI?Jika tidak sebab ini UMNO MASIH LAGI RELEVAN untuk menerajui MALAYSIA.
3.Ketua-ketua UMNO dll parti dalam BN khususya berandaian bahawa jika mereka terpilih jadi ketua..mereka akan mendapat kejayaan dalam pilihanraya(jika terpilih jadi calon).Ini satu andaian yang sangat kolot sbb yang mengundi tu bukan semua ahli parti.Pengundi sekarang dah pandai pilih YB, mereka telah diajar berfikir menilai termasuklah nilai-nilai agama,moral dan sosial.Tapi kadangkala hak nak jadi calon tu,tak nampak semua ni.TOLONG-TOLONG FIKIR LA JIKA NAK KEKALKAN UMNO SEBAGAI PARTI UTAMA NEGARA!!!


Anonymous said...

Bang Dir

Thank you for responding.
But I must say you answer like a politician.
You tak mau cakap you suka Najib atau Anwar.
I fahamlah tu.
But I don't think you've got anything to lose for stating your preference.
You bagi standard answer yang semua orang tau.

Anonymous said...


Atok lebih arif dalam mengenal antara belian dan manikam.


'adakah ianya tanda-tanda bermulanya suatu gagasan untuk mengembalikan ie. restoreration of Absolute Monachy daripada Constitutional Monachy?

Daripada fakta sejarah process campurtangan British ketanah Melayu bermula daripada Perjanjian Pangkor 1874,seterusnya hingga kepenubohan Malayan Union.
Ianya suatu process tidak begitu lama hanya 50 tahun sahaja.
Kuasa Raja2 terhakis secara beransur.
Melihat daripada issue semasa,adakah ianya suatu kemusykilan sekiranya ianya terjadi?

ab said...

Salam Dato'

Can you regress into the original reason/reasons/requirements of why UMNO,MIC,MCA,PAS,DAP,etc formed in the first place?.

Why Perikatan flopped after afew sucessful years?.

The obvious objectives of these associations were to highlight and to workout and fight for the benefit of their own members and maybe ethnics' needs of the day/period, as much as they could while gotten elected as their respective races/ethnics.

I could not find a terrible or nasty reason(s) or immorality of association representing individual racecs or ethnics in Malaysia.

However, the fight to enforce the
possible requirements of each race MUST not ends to obliterate or abolish the other races needs, or else we will end up like peoples in the Africa..or red indians.

Worse, like the practice in the old China,when things are not infavour of the powerful, where not only the person is killed,his family members and tribes were also killed, all in the name of power and the right of the winning personality/party.

Multiple racial parties may be the actual need of Malaysia instead of
a multiracial parties.

IS THERE any writings about the need of multiracial parties to begin with in any form of `democracy'?....

Let learn to talk in simple words with other race.When everybody talk the same `language' then we move on....evolutions take eons..
Adaptation take minutes.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman


Sdr Chief Insp.(Bersara)Idris, antara lain, berkata:

"....adakah ianya tanda-tanda bermulanya suatu gagasan untuk mengembalikan ie. restoreration of Absolute Monachy daripada Constitutional Monachy?"

Saya berani mengatakan yang sistem "absolute monarchy" atau sistem beraja mutlak mustahil boleh diwujudkan di Malaysia.

Sistem Constitutional Monachy atau Raja Berperlembagaan kita bukan sahaja unik malah berkesan dan membantu mewujudkan kestabilan politik, perhubungan kaum dan keharmonian.

Hari di dunia tidak wujud lagi Raja yang berkuasa mutlak. Malah semakin hari Institusi Raja menjadi semakin demokratik dan mesra-rakyat.

Kalau tidak, rakyat akan menjadi marah dan akhirnya menghapuskan sistem beraja seperti yang baru berlaku di Nepal.

Terima kasih.

Daddy said...



Dah 50 tahun lebih masih belum selesai berjuang untuk BANGSA.. Letih penat dah.. Kenapa tak berjuang untuk negara? Untuk Kemanusiaan? Berfikirlah semua ahli politik kerja mengapi dan melaga perkauman kerja yang hina.. apalagi jika motif untuk mengumpul sokongan dan berkuasa... "MUSTAHIL MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA" selagi ada bulan dan bintang... darah keturunan Melayu terus mengalir? Apa yang akan hilang adalah "IMAN dan KEMANUSIAAN" dalam diri manusia di Malaysia... Sekarang kita berdepan dengan persaingan global bukan lagi masa untuk "takut dan risau sesama warga" Kita bukan bukan haiwan tapi manusia yang boleh berunding dan berbincang jika ada masalah... Lihatlah dengan mata hati kemanusiaan.. Zaman Melayu tolong Melayu, Cina tolong Cina, India tolong India, Dayak.. Ornag Asli.. Penan dan sebagainya DAH TAMAT. Sekarang zaman menolak perkauman dan menolong semua bangsa mengikut keperluan manusia dan kemanusiaan bukan keperluan BANGSA..
Sesiapa yang sayang sangat ketuanan bangsa mereka sila baca di sini untuk berfikir dan berbincang..
Sekian.. Wassalam

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Nik said;
"Failing to be forthright is now seen to be lying, whilst pretensions the mainstay of politicians no longer works...."

Failing to be forthright will naturally (at least) invite suspicion. A series of events that leads to more suspicion will end one up having public perception of "the boy who cried wolf".

At that point, whatever one say will fall to deaf ears. Worst, they gonna come back to you, calling you a liar.

Avoiding this is what transparent governance is all about.

A simple thing really. Unless you look down on the public's intelligence, that is.

al-Balingi said...

Salam Dato',

Tq Dato' kerna sudi menjawab. Sgt menghargainya.

Anonymous said...

Maafkan saya Dato but I just wanna highlight that part of the
missed some-very-important historical points is the fact that UMNO committed treason against Sultan(s) far greater in the past, in several occasions and yet they were never convicted for such despicable act.

My-heart-bleeds-Moslem-1st Ipoh lad.

ChengHo said...

If the chinese do not fight for their chinese school , culture and language and the Hindraf philosophies out from indian Malaysia can move to multiracial party . Malaysia can become like Indonesia and Thailand everyone spaek one language go to the same school.

gotahlantun said...

Kami tak tau apa akan jadi kat negara kita ni. Semenjak keputusan PRU 12 kuar, masih tak selesai lagi hal politik. Dari kaca TV sampai la ke surat khabar nyamuk, dari warung kopi pisang sesikat sampai la ke hotel mewah 5 bintang, dari pakcik nelayan sampai la ke Hang kebun. Cerita tadak lain, politik, politik, politik.

Wahai pejuang Rakyat, Wahai Pejuang Bangsa, tolong la berhenti sejenak dan fikirkan sekejap masalah rakyat terbanyak. Kami sekarang ni berdepan dengan kesusahan akibat kos sara hidup yang meningkat di tambah pula kesan sub prima kejatuhan ekonomi global.

Banyak kilang dah tutup, banyak premis dah lingkup, banyak kes pembuangan pekerja secara bersistematik, meningkatnya kadar pengangguran yang drastik lalu meningkatnya kadar jenayah secara automatik.

Kini ramai rakyat bawahan yang kesusahan dan hidup penuh kesulitan. Harga getah jatuh. Harga sawit jatuh. Harga besi buruk pun jatuh. Nak berniaga, pelanggan ramai tapi ramai nak masuk akaun sebab tak berduit. Jadi kontraktor kecil, projek kerajaan turun, kroni yang pulun. Masa depan kami kabur. Masa depan anak-anak kami bercampur baur.

Perut kami tak kan kenyang dengan politik. Anak-anak kami yang kelaparan tidak akan tido lena didendang pidato politik. Suara kami hanya akan kami terjemahkan di dalam Peti-peti Undi. Suara rakyat, suara keramat.

Oleh itu wahai pejuang bangsa, wahai pejuang rakyat, berhentilah seketika dan ayuh duduk semeja demi kebajikan rakyat terbanyak. Makmurkan ekonomi negara,jangan biarkan rakyat hidup dalam kesusahan kerana "Kemiskinan akan membawa kepada keganasan dan kekufuran.

samo2lah kito pikirkan.


Sdr Moslem-1st Ipoh lad,

What I put it to you, for your kind consideration, that Umno saved the Raja-Raja Melayu:

1. From being sold by the British via the Malayan Union proposal of 1946;

2. By saving the Rulers from themselves by taking away their absolute immunity in 1993.

Then the Rulers could (literally) commit murder and still be immune from prosecution.

But after that the Rulers are immune only in the performance of their official duties.

They could no longer beat up or cheat people without being taken to court.

But out of respect, they would be tried only in a special court.

So, I humbly submit to you sir, that Umno saved the Institution of the Malay Rulers.

Thank you.

Iskandar PT said...

Salam Dato',

Pakej rangsangan ekonomi ataupun mini bajet akan dibentangkan oleh TPM (yang pandai buat silap mata) pada 10 Mac ini, bajet ini berkebetulan pula dengan hampirnya UMNO GA dan piliharaya DUN Sarawak.
TPM dah umumkan pakej untuk bantu rakyat Sarawak yang terkena musibah banjir dengan sejumlah wang (untuk mengula-gulakan) pengundi Sarawak.
Setiap tindak-tanduk yang di lakukan oleh BN/UMNO adalah lebih kepada sandiwara politik dan mainan politik.
Pakej yang pertama berjumlah RM 7 bilion sebelum ini kononnya telah dibelanjakan lebih kepada kroni mereka sahaja kerana impak kepada rakyat tidak dirasai sama sekali.
Berapa banyak pakej yang TPM perlukan untuk menaikkan semula ekonomi tidak lah diketahui kerana TPM kita terlalu bijak dengan kenyataannya sebelum ini menyatakan Malaysia terselamat dari kegawatan ekonomi global.
TPM lebih bijak dari TDM kerana tanpa langkah yang perlu dilakukan beliau tahu Malaysia kebal dari gawat. Malaysia sebenarnya bukan kebal..tetapi mempunyai pemimpin yang bebal mengenai ekonomi, pemimpin tak peka, pekak dan buta pasal ekonomi. TPM ni kalau jadi PM akan menyebabkan negara menjadi haru-biru dengan tindak-tanduknya yang terlalu banyak yang boleh dipersoalkan dan masih tidak terjawab.
Amat malang bagi negara kita bila berpemimpinkan seperti yang ada sekarang, tidak melihat kehadapan sebaliknya asyik leka dengan kuasa dan ketamakkan politik.
BN/UMNO makin lupa bahawa keputusan PRU 12 yang lalu dan cuba memadamkannya dengan merampas hak orang lain melalui gerakan yang biadap dan tak berakhlak.
BN/UMNO juga lupa PRK PP dan KT adalah indeks petunjuk kepada kematian mereka yang semakin hampir bila 2 kali pengundi menolak mereka, PRK BG dan BS akan menunjukkan sekali lagi pintu kearah kematian.
Strategi mengebom secara besar-besaran yang di amalkan sebelum ini dalam kempen-kempen mereka sebenarnya memakan tuan, pengundi semakin meluat dan muak dengan silap mata mereka dan akan terus menghukum.
PRK BG dan PRK BS akan digunakan seluas-luasnya oleh PR untuk mendapat undi simpati dari pengundi bila BN merampas Perak dari PR. Kita tahu bahawa perancang utama siri tersebut memang suka merampas hak orang lain kerana keperibadiannya sebegitu dan beliau mempraktikkannya dalam kerjaya politik beliau.
Pakatan Rakyat akan terus mendapat simpati bila menggunakan isu Perak dengan sebaik-baiknya dan BN/UMNO akan gagal dua kali lagi.
Semoga mereka yang merampas hak orang lain samada secara terhormat atau sebaliknya di laknat Allah SWT.
Hari pembalasan pasti akan tiba.....


Anonymous said...

Kadang tu saya tak faham, takkan lah BN takde satu pun benda baik yang dia buat? Saya hairan bin ajaib kenapa orang-orang yang kaki kritik kat blog datuk ni tahu cakap negatif je.

Najib buat stimulus bajet pun dikatakan bajet silap mata, habis tu, kalau dah hebat sangat, kenapa tak bagi cadangan bajet sendiri?

Yang pasal lompat parti, kalau Anwar Ibrahim nak buat dulu, bukan main beria-ia lagi sukanya diorang ni. Tapi bila BN buat, dikata beli wakil rakyat lah, apa lah. Walhal, bila 2 orang wakil rakyat tu kena hadap kat mahkamah dulu (sebelum lompat parti), diorang ni jugak lah yang dok defend melambung-lambung.

Saya rasa lah, kita kena bersikap rasional samalah. Sesiapa pun boleh cakap apa saja, sendiri punya mulut, sendiri punya suka. Tambah-tambah lagi main pakai nama samaran. Baling batu sembunyi tangan.

Saya berpendapat dengan kebebasan bersuara ni, perlu ada rasa tanggungjawab. Bak kata Mak Saudara Spiderman: With freedom comes responsibility.

Tapi lah datuk, saya rasa, memang fitrah manusia lebih suka tengok benda buruk daripada benda baik. Tapi tu lah, Allah Taala bagi kita kepala otak untuk kawal mulut, kaki dan tangan jangan buat benda tak elok.

Tu saja lah, nak cakap panjang tak guna. Sendiri mau ingat.

Taufiq Rahman
(Betul ni nama saya ni, tak tipu)

Anonymous said...


Ada antara pembahas tidak gemar dengan isu-isu berkaitan kaum. Melayu dituduh mementingkan Melayu dan bukan rakyat Malaysia seluruhnya.Baguslah kalau berfikir secara global dan kemanusiaan. Malahan saya juga setuju dengan perkara ini. Masa sekolah dulu antara rapat saya khususnya dalam pasukan bola dan hoki sekolah (tahun 60an) ialah pelajar-pelajar China dan India.

Tapi keadaan sekarang dah berubah. Bacalah blog yang diselenggarakan oleh bukan Melayu. Jadi jangan salahkan Melayu kalau membangkitkan isu kaum.

Sejak akhir-akhir ini bukan Melayu memperkenalkan diri mereka melalui kaum dulu dan kemudiannya baru Malaysia. Pernah dengar mereka membahasakan diri sebagai "Indian Malaysian" dan "Chinese Malaysian". Kenapa tidak "Malaysian Chinese" dan "Malaysian Indian" atau Malaysian sahaja. Orang-orang Melayu tidak pula membahasakan diri sebagai "Melayu Malaysian". Apakah satu hari nanti MCA akan bertukar menjadi CMA (Chinese Malaysian Association) dan MIC ditukarkan kepada IMC (Indian Malaysian Congress)?.

Beberapa tahun lalu pernah bertemu seorang belia keturunan China di US. Dia memperkenalkan diri sebagai "chinese". Bila saya tanya dia berasal dari mana, maksud saya dari Tanah Besar China (PRC) atau Hong Kong. Akhirnya dia mengaku berasal dari Malaysia. Peliknya dia tahu saya dari Malaysia.

Multiracial parties di Malaysia bukan sesuatu yang tidak mungkin. Ianya akan wujud apabila setiap kaum mementingkan negara dulu. Rakyat fasih dan boleh berkomunikasi dalam bahasa kebangsaan. Paling penting setiap kaum berlari di atas padang yang samarata (level playing field).

Sejarah parti-parti politik berdasarkan kaum sudah lama dan bukan sekadar UMNO, MCA dan MIC sahaja. Dulu Socialist Front pun gabungan dua parti yang bedasarkan kaum iaitu Parti Rakyat majoriti Melayu dan Parti Buruh majoriti China. Malahan Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) pun berdasarkan kaum. Komunis-komunis Melayu dikumpulkan dalam satu pasukan iaitu 10th Regiment. Kenapa perlu wujud 10th Regiment. Komunis-komunis keturunan India tidak pula ditubuhkan satu regiment khas untuk mereka.

Sayangnya selepas 50 tahun merdeka hubungan kaum semakin menjarak. Bahasa kebangsaan semakin terpinggir. Setiap kaum mementingkan bahasa dan budaya sendiri. Bagaimana agaknya sebuah parti multiracial mengadakan mesyuarat kalau ada antara ahli parti yang tidak memahami bahasa yang dipertuturkan.

Datuk, minta pengesahan. Datuk kata Aziz Ishak salah seorang pemimin Parti Rakyat. Saya tak ingat. Yang saya ingat dia pemimpin UMNO dan salah seorang ahli kabinet pertama Tengku Abdul Rahman apabila Malaya mencapai kemerdekaan. Bagaimanapun, beliau meletak jawatan Menteri Pertanian ekoran perselisihan faham mengenai dasar pertanian. Beliau kemudiannya dipecat dari UMNO. Ditahan bawah ISA zaman konfrontasi. Kemudiannya menjadi ahli parti Pekemas.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

You said,

"1. From being sold by the British via the Malayan Union proposal of 1946;"

"2. By saving the Rulers from themselves by taking away their absolute immunity in 1993."

I'm shocked. Speechless.

If we, in the future, chance upon a teh tarik session, don't bring up this issue.

It does not sound like the normal, humble you.

Republican Reds said...

I believe in the vision of the Pakatan Rakyat. I think national unity is key in Malaysia being a multi-racial and multi-racial country. What disapoints me is the communities in Malaysia are fostering hate with each other. Parents talk bad things about the other race thus sub- conciously these young children are influence an become racist and extremist(race ,religion and others). Thus the task of building a truly multi-racial country is impossible as the citizens stereotype the other race. The reason why I am talking about this is because the sucess of a multi-racial party depends on the support they can gather from the people(voters)so if people are racist the concept of multi-racial party can never take off. However, the sucess of PR especially PKR is essential. If they can form the government,then they can go for a complete socio-cognitive of every facet of Malaysian soociety. This can be done through government campaigns and policy. So it is essential for the rakyat to support the PR strugle. Not that I am being partisan, but right now the practices of BN component parties using race to incite racial uneasiness to garner support and stay in power is damaging to the livelihood of the nation. Maybe by supporting PR,BN Will clean up their act seing their racist way is causing them to lose support and PR gaining support. The the rakyat will have to good multi-racial party taht will only discuss issues relevent to the success of Malaysia such as our economy rather than talk about race while the race they are supposedly represent are strugling to meet ends meet. Si is the hope and aspiration of mune taht as a start we will have a trully multi-racial party as a stepping stone to a multi-racial society in Malaysia based on justice,equality and freedom while progessing foward in terms of the country's development.

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