Sunday, February 08, 2009

Karpal Wants New Leader For Pakatan

A Kadir Jasin

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[UPDATE, Feb. 10] -- PKR V. Arumugam has resigned as Bukit Selambau State Assemblyman. Anwar Ibrahim said another Indian is likely to represent the party in the by-election.

UPDATE, Feb. 9]

1. Malaysiakini reported that the DAP secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, has backed Anwar Ibrahim as Parliamentary opposition leader as well as the leader of Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

2. The Pas Bukit Gantang Member of Parliament, Roslan Shaharum , died this morning at 50. In last March general elections, Roslan defeated the Barisan Nasional heavyweight, the Umno Treasurer Abdul Azim Zabidi, by a majority of 1,566 votes, polling 20,015 votes against Azim’s 18,449 votes.

3. Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak today announced that Exco member V Arumugam of PKR has relinquished his Exco post but will continue as Bukit Selambau state assemblyman.

[Original Post]

THAT the DAP’s strongman, Karpal Singh, lashed out at the Barisan Nasional and blamed the BN for practising the game of defections is only to be expected.

But when the DAP Chairman and Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament up his ante against the de facto head of Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim, the final outcome could be devastating to the informal three-party coalition.

The independent news portal Malaysiakini described Karpal’s latest diatribe as “an outburst” and said it could have deep implications for the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

Karpal, according to the Malaysiakini, openly urged Anwar to step down as the leader of the alliance. He blamed Anwar for the disarray in PR by his continuous rhetoric about forming government with the aid of defectors from Barisan Nasional.

Karpal also had harsh words for his colleagues, especially party’s supremo Lim Kit Siang and secretary general Lim Guan Eng for their inconsistent stand on party hopping.

According to Malaysiakini, Karpal did not mince words. He accused Anwar of causing trouble to PR.

"He (Anwar) has created enough trouble and it is time for him to bertaubat (repent)."It's time Pakatan got itself another leader," he said.

Karpal's biggest complain was Anwar's support for defections of elected representatives. Soon after the 2008 General Elections, Anwar had claimed that he had enough defectors from BN to form the federal government.

However, despite his repeated assurances, the takeover did not materialize.

Talking to reporters at his office in Penang, Karpal reiterated this stand that party hopping could never be justified.

He said he was somewhat confounded by how Anwar could have openly espoused and encouraged crossovers after the people gave a resounding mandate to the Pakatan on March 8 last year.

In the interest of the public and, in particular, the Pakatan, Karpal said Anwar has a lot to answer for creating the woes that the Pakatan is in now.

Karpal also blamed the BN for practising the game of defections – giving examples of how the ruling coalition had pinched DAP leaders in 1979 and 1982. In the latter instance Anwar was in Umno and the BN.

"I only hope Anwar did not learn of the morality, or rather immorality, of political kangaroos hopping form the opposition to the BN during the time he was in the BN.

"Be that as it may, the intelligence of the rakyat should not be underestimated by politicians from either side of the divide.

"The trust of the people cannot and should not be taken for granted by elected representative," he said.

As for the ongoing crisis in Perak, the DAP chairman said the solution lies squarely on the shoulder of the judiciary, given that the Sultan of Perak had appointed a new BN Menteri Besar and is poised to appoint a new Exco on Tuesday.

"The predicament faced by the rakyat in Perak is the consequence of political treachery and large scale deception and commission of fraud on the voters by the assemblypersons who have deserted the party, the strength of which placed them in the state assembly," he added.

The Perak PR government collapsed last week when two assemblymen from Anwar’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and one from DAP defected and pledged support for the BN.

The sole BN assemblyman who defected to the PKR days earlier made an about turn and returned to Umno’s fold.


Reformasi said...

Salam Dato,

Who do you think should be the new leader of Pakatan Rakyat?

Anonymous said...

The questions now remain: fWho will the Pakatan Rakyat take down and when will the Pakatan Rakyat collapse?

Reformasi said...


Karpal Singh tu boleh ke jadi Ketua Pakatan Rakyat yang baru?

BlueMoon said...

Karpal is an angry men and so does Anwar. Karpal blames Anwar and Anwar on the other hand blames Najib. The blaming game continues and this's what politic all about.

Anonymous said...

Letih la Datuk. Anak Karpal Singh, Gobind Singh Deo ni pun sama naik jugak dengan Anwar dan Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng.

Sekarang dah terkena batang-hidung sendiri. Baru terasa pedihnya.

Apa-apa pun, respect dengan Atok Karpal, cakap mesti serupa bikin.

al-Balingi said...

Come on BN!! Stage another power 'hijack' in KEDAH. We'll see what will happen.

antubiul said...

I watched Karpal fiery outbusrt demanding Bro AI to resign and warning certain quarters that lodge police reports against him and also his readiness to sue the Sultan.
We know whos Karpal is aint we. He should stop making fun out of himself or else go and join the Raja lawak reality series. We knew DAp aka Karpal knows about Bro AI sodomy legend since there are the one who first brought it up.
Seeing him today is just like the making off series and his movie 'The Making of 'KARPAL the man who WARN AND YAWN' stariing Karpal SIngh.
Please lah Karpal!We want to 'puke'

Ab Razak Hj Ahmad said...

Rakyat Malaysia dah lupa penderitaan Palestin... Boikot memboikot pun dah tak jadi kudis.

Rakyat juga lupa akan kehilangan pekerjaan beberapa bulan akan datang. Pak Menteri yang bertanggung jawab pun leka.

Semua tertumpu dengan pertunjukan Sarkas di Negeri Perak....

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

What's goes around, comes around. Macam tulah, terkena batang hidung Anwar sendiri.

Pesanan saya pada Anwar dan Najib, gunakanlah saluran yang betul untuk membentuk kerajaan. Bukan dengan cara lompat-melompat.

Apapun, marilah kita sama-sama fokus untuk menyelamatkan negara kita dari kegawatan ekonomi.

Biarkan siluncai tu terjun dengan labu-labunya.

Anak Bayan

Unknown said...

We need an alternative to the BN, but it has to be a good alternative.

Otherwise we are just trading one bunch of crooks for another.

Anwar is charismatic, but he is a 100% politician...ask him to choose between power and principle, he will choose power every time (see his website with all the photos of him posing, you can tell it is all about HIM, not about his principles).

But he can still be a useful leader, as long as we have people like Karpal to keep him in check.

Karpal on the other hand would make a terrible PM or Mentri Besar etc...he can't shut up even when he should. Typical of that race, I presume.

But each person's weakness is his strength when used correctly, and THIS is politics!

Now lets see the tale from the state with 'two' MBs...

Source from Malaysia Insider today....rather tickling;

Devotees on their way to attend Thaipusam festivities and members of the public cheered and called out to the man who still considers himself the legitimate mentri besar of Perak.

Datuk Seri Nizar handed out free drinks to the public from a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) stall at the entrance of the temple. He paused frequently to pose for pictures with members of the public.

Flanked by Sungkai assemblyman, A. Sivanesan, and Ipoh Barat Member of Parliament, M. Kulasegaran, Nizar wished the crowd a Happy Thaipusam and urged the public to be calm.

“Please do not overact or do anything which can harm society,” he said in what was an obvious reference to the widespread public dissatisfaction over the manner in which Barisan Nasional (BN) has now taken over the state.

On Friday, while Sultan Azlan Shah swore in BN’s Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir as the new mentri besar, violence broke out outside the palace in Kuala Kangsar when police fired tear gas and forcibly put down a demonstration by more than 5,000 mainly-Malay protestors.

Nizar contends he remains the Perak MB as he has not resigned, and the issue is set to end up in the courts.

In the battle for hearts and minds – at least here in Ipoh, the capital city – the sympathy is clearly with Nizar.

Zambry continues to fight an uphill battle to win over the public. The BN camp knows that the only way they can overcome the negative perception of the new government is by performing well and working hard.

So far, Zambry has been promising money wherever he goes and sticking to a scripted line which bears similarities to Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi oft-quoted “I am the prime minister for all Malaysians.

This morning, Zambry also went to the same temple as Nizar, in an attempt to pull the rug from under Nizar, and became, according to locals, the FIRST MB from Barisan to ever step foot in the temple.

He announced an IMMEDIATE allocation of RM100,000 for the Thaipusam celebrations.

Zambry arrived at the temple at 8.30am, accompanied by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister Department, T.Murugiah, and temple officials.

After being garlanded, Zambry made it a point to stop at stalls which lined the road leading to the entrance of the temple, before finally addressing a small crowd from a small stage.

Besides announcing the allocation, Zambry who greeted the crowd IN TAMIL, reiterated that he was MB for everyone, a message he has been repeating at all official functions.

“I want to tell all Indians, here, that I am the MB of all races and I am here for you.”

A day before, Zambry attended a Chinese New Year party organised by BN and said the same thing.

Yee Sang sudah, Kavadi sudah,
bila Zambry nak 'masuk' masjid buat sembahyang hajat dan doa selamat pulak?

Dan Najib tak hadir malam tadi untuk majlis ramah mesra di Sekolah Yuk Choy Ipoh. Ketua Polis Perak kata bukan sebab keselamatan Najib tak hadir.

makin kelakar....seeing them 'pleasing' that 35% of the malaysian population...he...he..he..

Anonymous said...

Siapa pula akan mengetuai Pakatan Rakyat di mata Karpal? Mustahil dia nakkan Haji Hadi, dia juga tal mahu Lim Kit Siang dan Guan Eng. Jadi kalau Karpal nak pimpin PR dan dibantu oleh anaknya maka dia perlu balik ke Uttar Pradesh.

Saya rasa kemalangan dulu bukan sahaja merosakkan kaki Karpal tetapi 'kepala hotak' dia sekali dah rosak.

Bye/Roti Planta

abe MIE 'TERJAH' said...

karpal singh dah kena penyakit..

sakit hati atau sakit jiwa datuk?

Anonymous said...

Lion of Jelutong sudah mengamok dan nampaknya lebih berprinsip daripada ahli ahli politik lain semasa ini.

Harimau Belang

Anonymous said...


Saya tak dapat menahan perasaan utk baca berita minggu depan.
~Apa kata Anwar?
~Apa kata puak Pas Erdogan & bukan?
~Apa kata team DAP?
~Apa kata BN?
~Apa komen Tun? Ada 'hehehe' lagikah di dalam blog Tun?
~Dimana DS Nizar mahu duduk sebegai MB Perak V1.0? Bawah pokok beringinkah?
~Apa lagi keputusan mesyuarat 'exco' V1.0?
~Tidak adakah kenyataan dari istana?

Makin lama, macam tonton drama korea.

Anonymous said...


Simple. Karpal tired of being no2 behind Lim Kit Siang. He wants his son to be DAP no1. LKS of course wants his son, Lim Guan Eng.

Nepotism while in power. Pak Lah + KJ, Karpal n son, Lim Kit Siang n son, Anwar n wife n daughter, and the list goes on and on.

Same species.


kluangman said...

Seseorang yang nampak ber'karisma' seperti Anwar rupanya tin kosong yang sedang dipalu oleh Karpal. Sebagai Melayu, saya turut sedih bila Anwar begitulaku.

Karpal menterjemahkan apa yang ada di kotak fikiran Tun Dr Mahathir tentang Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Kali ni saya sokong karpal.

Kalau boleh sumbat aje anwar masuk dalam penjara. Aman sikit malaysia.

Sejak anwar keluar penjara, yg kita biasa dengar adalah demonstrasi, merusuh, melompat, meliwat, dan tah apa lagi tak larat nak hurai.

Tapi sebelum kasi anwar masuk penjara, Pak Lah kena turun dulu la. Dia pun kasi havoc kat malaysia ni.. he he he..

Rasanya kalau Pak Lah takde, Anwar takde, aman damai tenteram Malaysia tercinta.

yg benar,
rakyat cinta negara.

Anonymous said...

A'kum Dato'

The circumstantial evidence is very damaging, convincing and Non-repudiated indeed pointing TPM to have given bribes to the 4 defectors irrespective of what Karpal wants. Besides, Karpal wanting a new Pakatan Leader is his personal wish/opinion NOT shared by prominent figures of PR, the likes of Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Ustd Hadi, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz etc.

With all due respect, I strongly feel that UMNO is a GONE CASE if there's ever to be a State re-election; Let alone, in the next general election.

Moslem 1st

Anonymous said...

this is another proof of democracy in PR.everyone is open to critic and express their opinion.i could not imagine if this happen in UMNO that someone(let say Najib ) ask pak lah to resign openly.i think all umno members would condem,angry ,etc.certainly this is a very progressive political move.


Sdr Roti Planta,

1. Salah tu menyuruh Karpal balik negeri. Seperti sdr juga, dia warga negara Malaysia.

2. Negeri orang Sikh (Singh) di India bukan Uttar Pradesh, tapi Punjab.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Soon there will no more glass because all politician are throwing stone.

samurai melayu said...





mad said...

karpal is just giving out his personal opinion, we all know too well his openness, usually sparking public anger. he can say all he wants about anwar or other pr leaders, this is democracy pr style. no hush hush behind closed doors, no kidnapping of the other party's aduns...

Anonymous said...

Saya maksud post saya terdahulu, kalau orang macam Karpal dan anaknya nak membayangkan dirinya pemimpin terbaik pembangkang (mungkin kerajaan, jika PR menang) maka dia perlu membayangkan dirinya berada ditempat lain bukannya Malaysia.

Masyarakat majmuk seperti Malaysia tidak dapat menerima pemimpin yang perkauman, tidak menghormati agama dan bangsa lain terutama golongan majoriti Melayu/Islam, kurang ajar dengan Raja/Sultan dan 'berkawan' tetapi tidak ikhlas dengan parti pakatan lain.

Karpal mula menunjukkan sikap sebenarnya untuk menjadi pemimpin 'utama' DAP dan membuang pengaruh Kit Siang. Dia nak jadi Pengerusi DAP dan anaknya Setiausaha Agong. Saya yakin lepas ini DAP akan berpecah kepada kumpulan DAP(I) dan DAP(C) dan malangnya ada juga yang sanggup jadi DAP(M). Malang sungguh Melayu ini, dalam banyak-banyak pilihan parti politik Melayu, DAP juga yang dipilih.

Bye/Roti Planta

Mohis said...

Sejarah Malaysia bermula dengan PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU-gabungan negeri-negeri di semenanjung Tanah Melayu sebahagian besarnya masing-masing diterajui oleh Sultan/Raja kecuali PPinang dan Melaka. Barang diingat PERSEKUTUAN wujud dari PERSEPAKATAN dan ianya boleh diRUNGKAIkan jika perlu.

Anonymous said...

Datuk, parn me for saying that this is the beginning of the end of PR. As you put it, PR is informal alliance. It is yet to be formally formed. I think the DAP, Pas and even PKR are not confident in PR that's why they are slow in formalizing it.


Anonymous said...

Sistem Yang Pincang
(adakah keadilan samawi di dunia ini)

Saya nak tanya anda sdr A Kadir Jasin sekiranya YB Karpal Singh atau orang perseorangan lain ada hak menyaman sultan di negara ini dan apa hak kita untuk menghalang dia daripada menuntut keadilan di kamar makhkamah? Manis dipandang saya rasa tak masuk kira; perbuatan si musyrik pun ada yang manis dipandang - apa kata dia bina masjid?

Kenapa nak minta tindakan ISA dilakukan keatasnya? Apakahkah salah tindakan itu dan tindakan si-karpal? Dan bagaimana pemikiran kita boleh menerima perbuatan ini?

Kita sungguh pintar berbicara tentang 'immorality', korupsi dan wang politik sapertimana kita bangga dengan perbicaraan kita tentang ekonomi global dan negara.

Hanya ngomelan tanpa jawapan, scribe.

Apakah tindakan sultan ambil putter dan pukul caddy berbeza dengan tindakan bercelaru di Perak?

Apakah ini pemikiran orang moderen atau orang lama yang berprinsipikan kalau anda benar anda tidak perlu gentar atau takut. Kalau anda tahu apa yang anda buat maka berani terima akibat amalan anda - adakah itu memikiran orang melayu lama atau moderen, Sdr Kadir?

Terima kasih.

orang lama mencari keberkatan, keredhaan dan perkenan tuhannya malangnya orang jahil menduakan dia dalam kerja hati dan kerja zahir mereka - bagaimana ya orang yang bersolat itu melakukan syirik dan ketika dia bersolat?

Anonymous said...

People who are predicting doomsday for PR are overstating the significance of Karpal's comments, similar to those who had overstated the significance of BN's KT-election defeat to Najib's and BN's popularity. With or without Anwar Ibrahim, there are more than enough resolve and unity among PR members and supporters to ensure its survival.

I've been thinking about this for quite a while. If Pakatan Rakyat would really want to expedite its rise in national politics, they should have people without much political baggage as nominees for the PM and cabinet positions. Dinasours like Anwar, Hadi Awang and Kit Siang should clear the path for people like Husam Musa, Khalid Samad, Amiruddin Hamzah, Nik Nazmi, Tony Pua, Anthony Loke etc to rise. The seniors can stay in their party positions (and helm the various parliamentary committees) but government positions should be given to people with academic & professional qualifications. A model adopted in India where Manmohan Singh is not the congress party leader but is the country's PM.

All-in-all, we are tired looking at the same old faces both in BN and PR. But BN's dinasours are a lot more resistant to extinction hence the still strong and growing support to PR despite its recent setback.

Anonymous said...


Nampaknya akan ada pilihanraya di Bukit Gantang..

Dalam tempoh 60 hari ni dapatlah kita tahu rakyat perak marah pada siapa sebenarnya.

AlFatihah untuk MP Bukit Gantang.

Unknown said...

Someone here has commented thats the beginning of the end of PR.

BTW, the race for Bukit Gantang would start soon. Bye-election again for BN?

Alfatihah for Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shaharum .

'Bertuah' betul bumi Perak ini, sebab Najib akan datang lagi, Mesti ramai kontraktor kelas F hepi,
sebab dapat projek dan cabutan bertuah lagi,
bila nak mula tumpu perhatian kat ekonomi,
Supaya tak tunggang langgang kehidupan kami ini.

p/s: ada jugak orang Melayu malu nak pakai nama samaran hulubalang/pahlawan/pendekar.

Nak jugak nama pemjajah 'samurai' tu.

Anonymous said...

Karpal is known for his constant cravings of cheap attention. He thinks that everytime he speaks the world beneath us shook with fear. Media pun satu. Tak payah lah layan Karpal ni. All he's good at is suing this suing that. Sampai naik wheelchair pun nak sue everybody.

Though he may be right about the hopping party thing but there are times he just need to shut up.

PKR ni memang menuju hancur. Anwar is a tiger who has lost his teeth and Karpal himself has lost his stand (and I could mean that literally).

Bubarkan je PKR ni. Perjuangan out, management hancur. Nak kata UMNO bagus sangat tu tak jugaklah but PKR is a joke. And Karpal will become the JOker of the Century if he also would consider repent (bertaubat).

Pak Mat Tempe said...

Salam sejahtera Dato'
Pada pendapat saya Karpal ni bukan seorang politician sebenar. Keperibadian, tindakan,cara berfikir banyak dipengaruhi oleh latarbelakang sebagai peguam yang berprinsip tingi. Beliau tidak peduli siapa(kawan atau lawan) jika pada pandangan beliau berlaku perlanggaran peruntukan undang2,moral atau ketidakadilan beliau akan melenting. Statement beliau selalu pedas dan ada masanya sensitif bagi orang melayu termasuk perkara menyaman Sultan Perak. Orang melayu tidak akan sanggup mengeluarkan statement seperti itu kerana risiko nya besar kepada individu atau parti tersebut.Tetapi Karpal lebih memandang dari sudut undang2 sahaja.

Kerana tidak mahu menghadapi
risiko, dan sebagai orang melayu mungkin Anwar tidak mahu menyokong Karpal dalam misinya menyaman Sultan dan ini mendatangkan kemarahan Karpal sehingga keluar kata2 keras sehingga minta Anwar letak jawatan secara terbuka.
Masalahnya didalam beroganisasi cara menyampaikan rasa tidak puas hati, kritik hendaklah dilakukan secara berhemah dan tidak menyinggong perasaan pemimpin lain kerana setiap pemimpin ada pengikutnya dan setiap pengikut akan mengatakan pemimpin mereka betul.

Saya rasa dengan sikap Karpal ini didalam politik atau pemimpin DAP beliau hanya layak menjadi Pembangkang sahaja kerana kurang toleransi. Mungkin beliau lebih rela jadi begitu atas dasar prinsip yang dipegang.

Perlu dilihat kebelakang walau apa pun pendapat kita tentang Anwar, tetapi telah dibuktikan beliau seorang Politician yang berkarisma, mempunyai pengikut dan boleh menyatukan parti2 pembangkang sehingga mencapai kejayaan diluar dugaan BN walaupun beliau telah melalui bermacam2 pengalaman pahit(kena aibkan, kena tahan, kena pukul, kena kurung semua sudah tapi umur masih panjang) tetapi keluar tak berapa hari (tu pun tak dapat bertanding PRU12) tetapi dapat mengembeling ,menyatukan parti2 tidak sehaluan menghadapi BN.
Oleh itu Karpal kena semak2 pencapaian DAP mau pun PAS tanpa Anwar dan selepas mendapat sentuhan Anwar.(Saya bukan penyokong Anwar) bolehkah dibayangkan PR boleh mencapai kejayaan sebegini.
Oleh itu jika ada sedikit masalah hendaklah diselesaikan dengan berhemah, bersopan. Ini adalah cabaran biasa bagi orang politik. Jangan cepat melatah

jika DAP (Karpal) betul2 tak mahu Anwar tak jadi masalah .Anwar kena lah mengubah strategi nya mungkin kaji semula halatuju parti banyak ada pilihan. Usahakan masuk BN bersama PAS kerana perkongsian kuasa sekarang tidak dihargai. Rakyat mungkin lebih gembira(terutama melayu) jika ini dapat dilakukan. Dato' Najib pun dapat membuktikan kehebatannya dan mencipta sejarah dan boleh mengulangi kehebatan ayahandanya menyatukan parti2 tak sehaluan selepas 13 mei demi kestabilan politik dan pembangunan ekonomi rakyat dan mengurangkan politicking. Masalah kita sekarang adalah ekonomi rakyat, pembuangan kerja dan harga barang . Saya rasa ramai pemimpin akan setuju bahawa agenda ekonomi adalah priority sekarang ini. Pakailah falsafah politik yang pernah diutarakan Tun. Dr.M. Musuh politik hari ini mungkin akan jadi kawan hari esok, begitu juga sebaliknya.
Fikir2 lah. Wassalam.

Anonymous said...

Saya rasa terkilan, masa Anwar kena tendang daripada UMNO 10 tahun dahulu, kenapa dia takmau masuk parti PAS? Kenapa nak tubuhkan parti sendiri? Apa salahnya berjuang di bawah banner PAS? Bukankah PAS berjuang untuk Islam yang secara tidak langsung juga memperjuangkan orang Melayu?

Memang lah Pakatan Rakyat menang besar pada pilihan-raya lepas. Tapi, kita kena terima hakikat rakyat sebenarnya membuat undi protes.

Saya berasa amat kecewa, semenjak 2-3 tahun ni, pimpinan PAS umpama tenggelam punca setelah kehadiran Anwar kembali dalam pentas politik. Nampak sangat berlaku perpecahan di dalam kalangan PAS; yang menyokong Anwar dan yang tak menyokong Anwar.

Apa salahnya memperjuangkan Hudud? Bukannya suatu kesalahan. Islam ialah cara hidup. Siapa yang tak buat salah tak perlu berasa takut kepada hudud. Ini hakikatnya.

Kenapa dulu kita boleh bercakap isu ini tanpa berasa takut? Tapi kenapa sekarang kena rujuk kepada orang yang beragama lain tu?

Kita tahu rakyat tidak menentang Tuanku Sultan, rakyat hanya menentang BN, cuma ia dipermainkan oleh TV dan Surat Khabar. Tapi, kita tak dapat menerima sesetengah pemimpin di kalangan Pakatan yang mempertikaikan Sultan secara terang-terangan.

Malah ada juga Exco-exco Selangor yang berbangsa Cina yang ada blog sendiri membenarkan komen-komen menghina Sultan kita.

Pimpinan PAS harus lakukan sesuatu. Di mana prinsip perjuangan yang kita ada dahulu? Buat apa kita menyertai mereka hanya kerana nak duduk di kerusi kerajaan yang empuk tu, tapi kita tak boleh menegakkan Islam di tempat kita?

Wahai saudara-saudara ku, kembalilah kepada perjuangan kita. Janganlah kita terbuai-buai dengan permainan Anwar Ibrahim yang UMNO sendiri menolaknya.

Anonymous said...

askum dato,

walau apa sekali pun mengenai perbalahan parti pembangkang.. Jgn pemimpin BN ambik port. biarkan mereka pukul gendang & menari sendiri. jgn pulak mereka pukul gendang pemimpin BN yg menari.

byk kejadian yg boleh dijadikan contoh.. dia org ni.. kalau terdesak apa saja mereka sanggup buat. PR biasa perangai mcm tu. sebab tu tak berkat perjuangan mereka. letak la siapa pun.. ulama ka..ular dlm semak ka sama saja. Qada & Qaadar pun depa tak boleh terima.. tak payah la nak bercakap pasal perjuangan.

yg penting ini masanya BN proof kat rakyat yg BN mampu melakukan sesuatu bagi menarik hati rakyat.
tapi dengan 1 syarat.. Paklah & gerombolan dia kena make a move dulu. baru segala yg kita perjuangkan akan menjadi kenyataan.


ab said...

Salam Dato,

Maaf kalau posting ni buat orang marah...

Saya lihat orang melayu yang dulu dulu lebih cerdik berpolitik, tapi dah tak pandai lagi dah sekarang ni.....tak tahu lah perumpamaan
yang betul samada `you have lost your marbles' atau pun `you have lost your balls'!.

SEDANGKAN 2+ juta tau 3 juta orang melayu jadi ahli parti-parti politik terbesar dinegara ini....

Yang lain tu paling tinggi 1-2 juta sahaja jumlahnya...

Orang bukan melayu sudah `catch-up' dengan melayu didalam bidang politik Malaysia dan kini sudah `overtaken' kecerdikan orang Melayu dipersada politik ie chinese, indian,sabahan, serawakian , sikhs,siams etc

Saya rasa malu pun ada,sedih pun ada, insaf pun ada nak marah pun ada bila lihat images orang melayu:-

1. Pi masuk mesjid sembah tuhan
2. Keluar mesjid ajak gaduh.
3. Orang melayu gaduh dengan orang melayu
4, Orang India,Chinese tukang `kipas' supaya lebih kuat gaduh ni..

5. Beberapa bulan lepas suka sangat kat kesultanan melayu...kelihatan macam orang yang sama..

6. Minggu lepas benci kesultanan melayu...Saya nampak kelihatan macam orang yang sama juga.

Adakah orang Melayu ni sudah betul-betul hilang kompas dunia dan kompas akhirat?..atau pun dah menjadi species LALANG..

KALAU DIGANTI `images' orang palestine dengan orang melayu kat `images' GAZA tu nampak macamana ya?...tak lama lagi bolih jadi reality kalau semuanya berusaha
bersungguh sungguh kearah itu....

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Anonymous said...

al fatihah....

apa komen Datuk tentang nizar derhaka

macam mana pula dengan bapak Tajol Rosli dulu enggan letak jawatan MB bila Sultan Idris suruh...bukan derhaka juga ke UMNO waktu tu

jangan la camni...lupa sejarah... adakah UMNO saja yang boleh derhaka manakala yang lain tidak

Anonymous said...


- Aisul. KG Changkat. Gombak.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

Apa macam Osman Jailu, ada berani bertanding di Bukit Gantang ka?

Lebih elok lagi kalau Dato Seri Nizar bertanding juga. Baru kena buku dengan ruas.

P/S : Ada pula tukang sorak yang tergadai kampung nie. hehehehehe..

Anak Bayan.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Al-Fatihah. Takziah buat keluarga Allahyarham Roslan Shaharum.

Saya menjangkakan kemenangan di PRK Bukit Gantang kelak akan mempunyai signifikasi moral yang lebih besar di Perak berbanding peristiwa semasa; baik untuk BN mahupun untuk PR.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

Pilihan raya kecil Bukit Gantang rasanya PKR akan menang besar. Ini saja protes secara senyap rakyat Perak terhadap cara BN merampas kerajaan.

Pepatah melayu ada mengatakan "Menang sorak, kampung tergadai".

Media-media utama saluran kerajaan tak henti-henti bersorak diatas kemenangan BN merampas Perak. Ini sebenarnya memberi kelebihan kepada PKR untuk menang besar pada pilihanraya ke13 akan datang.

Tun Mahathir dan KuLi pun kata begitu juga.

-Anthoy Russel-

Anonymous said...


Saya nampak Dato dan ramai lagi kawan Dato di Utusan Malaysia,Berita Harian,SRAT dan NST terkejut besar dengan kenyataan Karpas yang meminta Anwar berundor sabagai Ketua Pakatan Raayat.

Itu suara Karpal Singh dan bukan suara kesemua orang dalam Pakatan Raayat.Bagi Anwar ia anggap itu sabagai amalan demokrasi yang sehat.Ini dibenarkan dan merupakan satu amalan yang sehat dalam Pakatan Raayat.

Adakah amalan ini terdapat dalam BN.Saya tak akan dapat gambarkan apa akan terjadi kapada Samy Vellu atau Ong Tee Keat(MCA)jika mereka membuat statement meminta Pak Lah berhenti salepas kekalahan dalam Pilehan Raya lepas.

Lihat apa yang terjadi kapada Mahayuddin yang bagitu lantang mahu Pak Lah berhenti.Dia di pandang serong dan mungkin kalah dakam pertandingan Timbalan President.

Bagitu juga dengan UMNO sekarang.Ia mengambarkan saolah2 mereka lah yang membela nasib Sultan dan Raja2.Ha Ha Ha Pii raaah.?.UMNO zaman mahathir lah yang menghina Sultan dan Raja2.UMNO lah yang meluchutkan kuasa Sultan yang mutlah.Mahathir juga telah menggunakan Sultan Johor yang menjadi agong waktu itu untok meluchutkan kuasa Tun Salleh Abas Lord President.Khairy yang pada waktu terjadi krisis dengan Raja2 maseh lagi beringus dan maseh hisap putin getah mana dia tahu apa yang terjadi pada masa itu.

Bagitu juga dengan Dato yang pada masa itu di NST telah menyiarkan berita yang berat sabelah yang menghina kududokan Sultan dan raja2.Tak usah saya pamjangkan lagi cerita ini.Kita pergi ka archive NST dan lihatlah keratan2 akhbar waktu itu.Jadi Dato Kadir tak lah berpura2 dan buat nampak terkejut.Orang Peneng kata "akai Keling".

Anonymous said...

Osman Jailu pon ade cerita dia dah masuk ICU kat Spital Selayang.. Tak tau la betul tidak...atau helah nak dapat MC esok boleh tuang gi mahkamah..hehhe

samurai melayu said...


CLEAN said,

p/s: ada jugak orang Melayu malu nak pakai nama samaran hulubalang/pahlawan/pendekar.

Nak jugak nama pemjajah 'samurai' tu.




Anonymous said...

saya pernah menjadi pemerhati Dewan rakyat pada tahun 1974.

Apa yang saya dapat sepanjang menjadi pemerhati dewan waktu itu.

Baru baru ini kita kecuh dengan ahli dewan pasal tidak ada disiplin.

Itulah sikap ahli dewan kita sejak dahulu hingga sekarang.

Karpal Singh tidak terkecuali. Lebih lebih dia seorang peguam yang handal dan hebat.

Dia tahu apa yang dia cakap dan buat.Itulak feel yang ada pada karpal dan itulah apa yang dilakukan semasa berbahas dalam dewan. pernah kena gantung dewan pernah kena ISA.Cuma kerakyatan sahaja masih belum dilucutkan.

Mengapa dia jadi begitu? ada yang tahu dan ada yang masih tidak tahu.

Karpal seorang manusia panas baram. Orang panas baram memang ada sadisme, termasuk Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali.

Oleh tidak hairan jika beliau bertindak sedemikian rupa sehingga menyebabkan orang melayu Marah dan benci.

Karpal dan Nizar dianggap derhaka kepada sultan.

Yang peliknya Datuk Idris Jusoh dan penyokongnya yang kata pada sultan Terengganu tempohari bebas dari dianggap derhaka.

Apabila sampai giliran karpal dan Nizar dituduh derhaka wajar dilucutkan kerakyatan dan ditarik balik gelaran datuk seri.

Fikir fikirlah.Kita kena ingat kita buat tak salah sedangkan itu jelas salah.

Unknown said...


Karpal adalah Karpal...Dia tidak akan jadi Karpal jika dia tak ambil tindakan yang sebegitu. Sama juga dengan Jaafar Albar dulu masa beliau aktif dalam politik.

Watak political extremist akan tetap berada dilandscape politik dimana mana negara. Yang Penting Ahli Politik lain tidak terbawa olih pandangan extreme mana mana pihak dan jangan nampak terlalu memberi laluan kepada mana mana pihak yang extreme di mana mana party UMNO, PAS atau PKR.


Dear Readers and debaters,

I would like to make the following points to clerify my position:-

1. I have never supported party hopping in this blog. So please do not confuse it with the past;

2. I stated clearly that those elected representatives who left their parties (BN or the de facto Pakatan Rakyat) should vacate their seats and return the mandate to the voters;

3. I stated that party hopping without vacating the seat is immoral;

4. I stated that if PR Aduns are men and women of integrity, they would not betray their parties even if they they were offered money and other inducements;

5. I stated that in the current situation, it was Anwar Ibrahim who started the party hopping culture. He promised to bring down the BN government by getting BN MPs to join PKR or support PR;

6. I think BN and Umno should stop accepting turncoats from PKR and other PR parties and stop accepting their support;

7. These turncoats are unreliable. If they can play out PKR and the DAP, what guarantee there is that they will not play out Umno and the BN;

8. I urge Haji Hadi, Karpal Singh and Anwar Ibrahim to formalise the Pakatan Rakyat into a formal coaltion like the BN before the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau by-elections so that it can contest under a common (PR) symbol;

9. This will also help overcome the problem of leadership of PR; and

10. Surely after almost a year the PKR, Pas and the DAP are confident enough to formalise Pakatan Rakyat into a real alternative to the BN.

Thank you.


Dear Readers and debaters,

I would like to make the following points to clerify my position:-

1. I have never supported party hopping in this blog. So please do not confuse it with the past;

2. I stated clearly that those elected representatives who left their parties (BN or the de facto Pakatan Rakyat) should vacate their seats and return the mandate to the voters;

3. I stated that party hopping without vacating the seat is immoral;

4. I stated that if PR Aduns are men and women of integrity, they would not betray their parties even if they they were offered money and other inducements;

5. I stated that in the current situation, it was Anwar Ibrahim who started the party hopping culture. He promised to bring down the BN government by getting BN MPs to join PKR or support PR;

6. I think BN and Umno should stop accepting turncoats from PKR and other PR parties and stop accepting their support;

7. These turncoats are unreliable. If they can play out PKR and the DAP, what guarantee there is that they will not play out Umno and the BN;

8. I urge Haji Hadi, Karpal Singh and Anwar Ibrahim to formalise the Pakatan Rakyat into a formal coaltion like the BN before the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau by-elections so that it can contest under a common (PR) symbol;

9. This will also help overcome the problem of leadership of PR; and

10. Surely after almost a year the PKR, Pas and the DAP are confident enough to formalise Pakatan Rakyat into a real alternative to the BN.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',
Do Karpal understand meaning "taubat"?! Bila pulak dia nak bertaubat dengan perkara2 yang dia hanya "TAU BUAT"

Anonymous said...

The threesome, PAS, DAP and PKR are criminals,historians and futurists put together.

Karpal Singh defends criminals by using technical faults and petty administrative matters to throw off cases and the criminal uses the loot to pay him the fees.

Anwar is a history expert, specialising in blame past issues and looking back all the time. He likes to cry over spilt milk, instead of getting a new cow.

Nik Aziz has been to heaven and hell and back to know what happens after death. Everything will be sorted out in the hereafter.

Together, they call themselves Putar Rakyat (PR).

You be the judge.


samurai melayu said...





Anonymous said...

banyak bunyi pulak Karpal ni.cuba kalau PR yang dapat menang negeri lain dengan cara Anwar semestinya Karpal akan turut menumpang gumbira.lagi satu kalau Pakatan Rakyat tak wujud,UMNO lah yang sebenarnya memegang Perak sebab mereka paling banyak mendapat kerusi berbanding MCA,DAP dan PAS.

Anonymous said...

Anwar dulu kata dah ada cukup MP untuk buat kerajaan baru.siap kata jumlah bertambah dari semasa ke semasa.tapi bila BN dapat buat takluk semula Perak dengan cara dia maka terkejut beruklah Anwar.

Anwar mungkin memandang rendah pada BN dan menyangka BN takkan mampu buat seperti yang Anwar mahukan untuk PR.tapi Anwar silap.

sekarang dia dah kalah dalam permainan yang dia mulakan.

PR tak perlulah nak salahkan BN.pihak didalam PR yang memulakan idea lompat-melompat ini.bila dah kena pada batang hidung sendiri mulalah kata "tak adil" dan "mencabul demokrasi".tapi sekiranya jika PR yang berjaya adakah pihak PR akan melaungkan kata-kata tersebut? :)

Anonymous said...

Najib ingat by re-capturing Perak thru main belakang boleh promo dia dlm Pemilihan UMNO bulan March nih...tapi InsyaAllah dgn dua kekalahan yg bakal menimpa beliau sebelum UMNO General Assembly nanti akan memuramkan lagi harapan dia untuk jadi PM dgn bergaya dan least Pak Lah jd PM in 2004 with respect and support from the rakyat but Najib with all harted from the rakyat.

As much as we hate Karpal for his word against Raja kita, we should curse and hate Tan Sri Ghazali Jawi, DrM and Pak Lah for their move against Sultan and Raja Melayu decision before...isn't that fair Dato?

Now your comment make more sense and you have my respect back for being neutral and professional...

Hussein Tokia (bukan Nokia)
Tokai, Kedah

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said (boleh pulak anonymous Dato' siar?)
'Nik Aziz has been to heaven and hell and back to know what happens after death. Everything will be sorted out in the hereafter'.

Nik Aziz never been in heaven or hell but we have Al-Quran Kalamullah for our reference.

Dato', saya hanya kata Karpal perlu berada di Uttar Pradesh kalau nak jadi Ketua PR tapi KJ yang lepasan Oxford minta Karpal ditarik kerakyatan. Nampaknya orang lebih cerdik lebih tak rasional.

Bye/Roti Planta

Anonymous said...

samurai melayu,

Why are you yelling (all capital letters) in this blog? Many who follow Dato's blog are intellectuals (clean seems like one) and have manners. We may be from the opposite sides of the political divide, but we have the decency to debate respectfully and at times enjoy a little bit of sarcasm. The quality of our comments will bring attention to us. There is no need to shout to be heard. Sakit kerongkong nanti.

Calling other dumb is kind of crude. Don't think you are at the same level as clean. Just my opinion. Thank you.

Born in Taiping, Perak


1. Sdr Roti Planta, pembahas itu pakai nama samaran "A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING".

2.Sdr Hussein Tokia, Pindaan Perlembagaan pertama mengenai kuasa Raja-Raja bertujuan melancarkan pentadbiran.

Kalau Raja-Raja enggan atau terlambat memperkenankan sesuatu undang-undang yang dibuat oleh Parlimen atau DUN, ia menjadi undang-undang yang sah dalam masa 60 hari.

Pindaan kedua menghapuskan kekebalan Raja-Raja kecuali dalam menjalanjan tugas-tugas rasmi.

Pindaan dibuat apabila Sultan Johor memukul seorang jurulatih hokey kerana tidak menurunkan anak Baginda dalam satu pertandingan.

Sdr Born in Taiping, thank you for your thoughts.

Terima kasih

Pak Tuo said...


Silap haribulan Perak jadi macam Cyprus,Tok

Utara Greeck control,selatan Turkey controk.
Talkig about Greek and Turkey,depa oklah ada NATO,EEC,G3,

Kita apa ada?
Pulau Batu Putih yang secok'it tu pun tak dapat selamatkan.
Do something Tok!

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Food for thought;
Kalaulah kejahatan dan kebaikan itu dinilai dengan akal, seluruh kebaikan dan kejahatan tidak akan dapat dinilai dengan tepat, akan berlakulah sebahagian kebaikan dianggap kejahatan, dan sebahagian kejahatan dianggap kebaikan, dan berlakulah krisis nilai yang akan membawa krisis moral dan masyarakat. Oleh itu ukurlah dengan neraca iman dan syariat. Wallahua'lam.

Anonymous said...


Bolehkan tulis topic baru pasal contoh-contoh tindakan dan kelakuan pemimpin politik di Malaysia terdahulu yang melambangkan mereka mempunyai kualiti, maruah, penyumbang pembangunan negara dan sebagainya. Ramai generasi baru tidak kenal dan tahu siapa contoh yang perlu mereka ikut untuk menjadi pemimpin yang berkualiti. Faktor ini juga menyebabkan mereka terkapai-kapai dalam arus politik negara.

Bye/Roti Planta

zainal abidin awang kechik said...






Anonymous said...

Salam Dato' AKJ

Selepas satu permatang dan satu kuala menghadapi pilihanraya, kini dua buah bukit pula bakal menerima nasib yang serupa. Sebuah bukit, wakilnya meletak jawatan, sebagaimana di permatang dulu, satu bukit lagi kerana wakilnya meninggal dunia, seperti di kuala dahulu. Mengikut sejarah, yang letak jawatan akan kekal di pihak yang sama, manakala yang dijemput Illahi akan bertukar tangan kepada pihak lawan. Kalau demikian keadaannya, akan serilah jadinya.

YG Nik Aziz dah sebut, Nizar tak wajar bertanding kerusi Parlimen. Mungkin rezeki Idris Ahmad yang lawan Mukhriz di Jerlun dulu bertanding di tempat asalnya kot. Siapa pula pilihan BN. Jangan letak Kayveas sudahlah. Kayveas ni lebih kurang aja dengan Karpal tu. Sama2 loyar, semua nak disamannya. Kalau dalam neraka nanti, mungkin dia pakat nak saman Tuhan pulak.

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Datuk AKJ,

Just an observation and my own personal experience. As we age we become more sensitive. It comes to a point that we can't keep it within ourself. Perhaps that is what Karpal is feeling. Being sidelined by his own people, he just wants to be heard and stay relevant. Ahhhh such is life. The comedy of errors shall continue.

ChengHo said...

BN do the unthinkable invite Karpal and Deo to join BN
Karpal and Deo will inject honor and integrity to BN
Appoint Deo as deputy minister of home affair to asst Syed Hamid ( the weakest minister in Pak Lah cabinet )

Anonymous said...

Bang Dir

Abang pernah rapat bangat dengan si peliwat Anwar.
Can you tell us do you still idolise him?
Is he the same man you once knew?
Menyesal ke you guys kat NST and TV3 dulu mengampu amat sangat dia?
Kenapa you pecah kongsi dengan dia.


Sdr Barackah,

1. I don't think I have feeling of personal animosity towards him;

2. I continue to maintain civilized and civil relationship with him and his family;

3. I had not always agreed with him even when he was in Umno and enjoyed the support of MSM;

4. I think we respected each other's point of view;

5. I knew him personally from the time he joined Umno in 1982;

6. I never really idolised anybody. I have difficulty with the term "idol" -- except probably my mom and dad whom I love dearly;

7. I was never really an Anwar boy. That's probably because we are of the same age and generation. I'm 13 days younger than him; and

9. Is he the same person that I once knew? Yes and no. Arwar's forte is adaptability.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Datuk dan rakan2x,

Semasa Ir Nizar dilantik atau diperkenankan oleh Sultan sebagai MB sebelum mesyuarat DUN, tapi perlu diingat semasa itu jumlah wakil ADUN adalah PR=31 manakala BN=28 kerusi sahaja.

Diatas menunjukkan secara jelas PR sebagai majoriti.

Tetapi pada 5-Feb-09, BN=28 manakala PR=28 dan terdapat 3=Bebas yang dikatakan berpihak kepada BN.

Perlu juga diingat ketiga2 ADUN Bebas telah diistihar oleh speaker DUN yang mereka telah mengosongkan kerusi masing2 tidak kiralah melalui surat-janji sekalipun.

Disebabkan beberapa faktor diatas dan beberapa faktor yg lain, jelaslah perlantikkan MB dari BN yang baru ini adalah suatu tindakan yang terburu2 dan melihatkan ketidak telusan yang ketara.

Jika benarlah option membubarkan DUN Perak untuk menyerahkan balik kepada rakyat tidak diperlukan, sekurang2nya hal2 yang disebutkan diatas perlu diperjelaskan terlebih dahulu.

Ini belum lagi nak dikira peristiwa di mana 3 ADUN Bebas yang hilang/MC beberapa hari kemudian muncul secara tiba2 di rumah Najib...dan kemudian semalam dua-dua sakit serentak pulak lalu tak leh pi court - sorang sakit jantung, sorang lagi sakit kapla.

Kalaulah pihak UMNO/BN dapat menerima ketiga2 orang ADUN Bebas yang berperangai seperti diatas, maka ini juga menunjukkan tahap moral orang UMNO/BN itu sendiri.

Sepatutnya sebagai seorang yang rasional dan bermoral, sudah lama menolak UMNO/BN ini.

Tapi macam biasalah penyokong UMNO/BN buat2x tidak nampak..

Pandangan peribadi saya, memang PR yg menganjurkan peralihan kuasa (melalui jemputan lompat) tapi BN yg memulakan rampasan kuasa (juga melalui jemputan lompat) secara tergesa-gesa dan rakus.

Hussein Tokia (bukan Nokia)
Tokai, Kedah

Iskandar PT said...

Salam Dato'

Pertukaran PR kepada BN di Perak jelas menunjukkan BN mengamalkan strategi " matlamat menghalakan cara ". walaupun di maki hamun dengan kata nista. Tindakan tak berakhlak, tak bermoral, tak beretika dan macam-macam lagi menunjukkan TPM dan BN amat terdesak untuk menunjukkan kepada rakyat kononnya mereka masih mendapat kepercayaan pengundi.
Karpal Singh seperti biasa tidak mendapat sokongan ahli DAP bila menyalahkan ANWAR menaja parti lompat.
3 ekor ADUN yang melompat dari PR dan seekor ADUN lagi dari BN ke PKR dan ke BN semula merupakan sandiwara semasa politik negara.
(YB Puad Zakarshi mengkelaskan mereka umpama binatang yang tidak berakal).
Kerajaan BN di Perak (jika diambil kenyatan YB Puad Zakarshi) tidak mempunyai majoriti kerana mempunyai 27 kerusi dan 4 kerusi lagi adalah kerusi haiwan yang melompat dan tidak boleh membentuk kerajaan.
Adalah amat malang rakyat Perak bila berkerajaankan kerajaan haiwan.
Menjadi penaja kepada fenomena lompat parti menyamai Yahudi Israel kerana Yahudi merampas tanah Palestine dan BN merampas kerajaan PR.

Anak Parit- sekadar renungan

Anonymous said...


It is easy to fall into the trap of comparing Anwar’s Sept 16 bid and BN’s immoral takeover of the Perak government by defections but they are not equivalent.

Anwar announced his intention openly. He invited MPs to defect based on principles, not on bribes to help build a better Malaysia. A snap election was to be held after oppressive laws had been repealed to return the mandate to the people.

In Perak BN did everything by stealth and deceit. The way the elected representatives went into hiding and then misled the public with lies, cunning and deceit before publicly defecting strongly indicate that bribes were behind their defections. BN did all it could to avoid a snap election in Perak.

The fact that BN went after two assembly persons who were facing corruption charges in court speaks volumes of their no-holds-barred methods. I’m not saying they are guilty but why not wait for their court cases to be settled first before accepting them?

In both cases, the aim was to be achieved by defections but the similarity ends there. The way the defections are to be secured are vastly different.

Of course Anwar failed by not being immoral enough or ruthless enough. It can also be said that luring BN people based on principles is like casting pearls before swine.

Kenny Gan

mad said...

saudara hussein tokia,

memang apa yg dilakukan umno/bn di perak tidak dapat diterima akal orang yg rasional, kecuali ahli umno. seperti apa yg berlaku di negeri saya sarawak beberapa tahun lalu bilamana api padam selama beberapa jam semasa org tengah mengira undi. ianya kini tinggal hanya sebagai urban legend...

Anonymous said...


Sorry, no such deep implications.
That is the fat fact.

I know you know YB Bukit Gelugor.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato,

Lewat-lewat ni kita lihat ramai yg dah mula menyoal raja-raja kita. Ada blog-blog yang menyokong kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Karpal.

Apa pendapat Dato? Sah atau tidak persoalan mereka-mereka ini?

samurai melayu said...

'Sdr Born in Taiping, thank you for your thoughts.'


Anonymous said...


The latest conduct of the MACC has slowly and surely moved this country towards that of MUGABELAND.
Sorry to say Dato' that Badawi and his Associates and not the Rakyat is in Delusion....
Zamry? He and NOT the Rakyat should come to his senses.

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