Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What It Takes To Be Perak MB

A Kadir Jasin

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[UPDATE] – MALAYSIAKINI reported that the DAP Perak State Assembly Speaker, V Sivakumar (apologies not PKR as earlier stated), had suspended Dr Zambry from the Assembly for 18 months and his six Excos for 12.

This latest development plunges the state into deeper crisis. Can’t blame me if I see the spectre of 1977 Kelantan. I thought the Speaker should allow Dr Zambry, his Excos and BN Assemblymen to enter the Assembly and entrap them with a no-confidence motion.

Since PKR is holding the Speaker’s chair, there shouldn’t be any hindrance for the PR to table such a motion and, who knows, it may get rid of Dr Zambry for good.

[Original Post]

I THINK we can afford to let the sensational news of PKR Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos marinate a while longer before we joint the cookfest. In the meantime feel free to let your imagination be as creative as you like.

For now, I would like to post the 2nd part of my kopitiam conversations with several veteran politicians – ex-Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen -- and lawyers, who are familiar with the Constitution and past political crises.

In this post, we’ll talk about the Menteri Besar, Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, and the things he should and should not have done as he hangs on to power and tries to defend the legitimacy of his government.

Zambry is an intellectual with a PhD after his name. When Anwar was in Umno, Zambry was a very strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, like Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. But both stayed on when Anwar was sacked.

He has the great opportunity to introduce changes to new government and lead these changes in BN.

He could inspire the voters in Perak with an inspiring policy statement as to how he proposes to take Perak forward and what changes he has in mind.

So far, however, he has employed the same old tired style, which people have rejected.

Saying, “I am the MB for all” sounds like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi saying “I am the PM for all Malaysians.” Of course you are the MB for all.

Reducing the number of Exco members to six was good but when media asked for the reason, the reply was very disappointing. He said he could have between four and 10, and chose six.

If he had said, bearing in mind we are facing a very serious economic recession: “I decided to reduce the size of government to save money. I think seven of us can manage” would have been brilliant. Period.

We just have to be efficient. This will show to the public the beginning of change.

Then next day he appointed four advisors and gave the posts to MIC, Gerakan and UMNO, and said these advisors are as important as Exco members. So he is creating posts for BN component parties. Therefore, nothing has changed.

The Perak voters unequivocally rejected both the MIC and Gerakan in the 2008 general election. Why then brought them in by the backdoor? The MIC and Gerakan should have been principled enough to reject the appointment.

They should have the honour to tell their respective communities that “you rejected us in the election, so you do not have the right to have representation in government. If you want us to represent you, you must vote us in.”

Instead MIC got the cheek to be demanding and asked for the Speaker’s post.
Even if he wants to win back lost seats and must show that he is the MB for all, he surely can choose other more outstanding Chinese and Indian representatives.

Surely there are enough outstanding, honest and intelligent Indians and Chinese outside MIC and Gerakan in Perak who would be willing to make sacrifices and perform public service.

Approach them, offer them these advisory posts but salaries and allowances must be less than that of Exco members. Then people will see that the new MB really means what he says, i.e. being the MB for all.

Then why did he leave out the Orang Asli who are numerous in Perak and representatives of the NGOs? The MB must reach out to everybody.

He must come out with a policy statement to say he is against corruption, cronyism and only those who are clean and with integrity will be called upon to serve the state.

He wants his Exco to declare their assets. But he must make the rakyat believe that the declaration of assets is serious and transparent.

He should be visiting all districts and as many villages as he can to listen to the problems faced by the rakyat. If he can’t solve them within two weeks, he must give them reasons. He should promise efficient and prompt service.

He must insist that District Officers live in their respective districts and not in Ipoh. He said he wants to see projects implemented on time with no cost over-run.

His office is open to all – to those who voted for BN and those who voted against. He should try to solve all the rakyat’s problems. He must promise actions. Promises alone are not enough. He wants to be judged by results.

If he does all these, the voters will know that this BN MB means business when he says he wants to bring changes to the state.

Only change can help ensure BN’s survival. Failing which the voters will send BN back to the Opposition’s bench in the coming general election or even sooner.


Unknown said...


memang menghairankan saya tentang cara orang UMNO menjawab setiap isu yang dikemukakan. contohnya kes di perak, saya amat gelihati apabila segelintir pemimpin kita memberitahu wartawan yang RAKYAT MAHUKAN PERUBAHAN ATAU SUDAH MAHUKAN BN KEMBALI apabila sudah menubuhkan kerajaan dengan hanya mendapat sokongan tiga adun BEBAS.

ini menunjukan bertapa pemimipin umno rendah MENTALITI berbanding kaum lain. saya amat malu pada kawan2 saya dari bangsa lain, dengan jawapan2 yang diberikan oleh mereka

sepatutnya pemimpin mestilah dapat menjawab dengan bpenuh berhemah tanpa sebarang emotional dan dengan jawapan yang LOGIK


Anonymous said...

Dato, thanx for the valuable advices. I will surely look into it. Thanks.

azlishukri said...

saya tidak menafikan kenyataan Datuk..namun demikian masyarakat telah melihat UMNO dengan wajah yang sangat jelek dan kotor. Apakah Zambry berjaya membersihkan imej ini, khususnya UMNO Perak?

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Dear DKJ,

Sangat bersetuju dengan pendapat Datuk. MB untuk semua bukan untuk sekadar kiasan semata-mata, tetapi harus dipraktikkan. Mata rakyat (bukan Pakatan Rakyat) akan memandang bagaimana cara MB baru melakukan perubahan untuk rakyat (sekali lagi bukan Pakatan Rakyat).


mad said...

datuk, most of your suggestions for yb zambry have been implemented by pr states, i doubt yb zambry would want his government seen as another pr clone.

as with other umno/bn supporters you seem to miss the big picture that the majority had lost trust in the current government, in a big way, no matter what good bn is seen to be doing. people power against the authority is so huge and mighty all over the country. if i were a bn mp or dun i'd pray there wouldn't be any elections on my constituency any time soon.

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

I sense this posting bears some skepticism towards the new MB? But, I couldn't agree with you more.

Bluntly put, and judging from last week's live telecast on the MB, it seems the new MB, so far, doesn't have the qualities to be the MB.

In that telecast, he kept on bombarding the phrase of "saya yakin", if I'm not mistaken about twenty times or probably even more, that made his all of responses looked completely unconvincing.

Who are the people that the MB wanted to "fool"? The school children? The less fortunate uneducated people?

Aren't the electorate nowadays are more sophisticated now that poorly prepared statement like that would embed negative image on him as far as the public's opinion is concerned?

Perhaps, the live telecast should have not been made at all in the first place. Instead of giving "a new change policy address" for the Perak people in particular, and the whole of BN supporters in general, the telecast was a complete let down.

Your posting title is perfect Datuk. For me, unless some substantial changes are made by the MB, I can only pray for this present Perak Govt to last long.

Azman Mohd Isa

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

panjang list dato utk mb haram ini buat, jgn mimpi dato, be realistik

kalau ada mb mb yang nak pratikkan apa yg dato listkan memang tak sayang nyawa, sure pendek jangka hayat perkhidmatan mb tu....

tapi tidak mustahil suatu hari nanti akan ada mb mb yg dato impikan itu, sebelum itu dato, kena tukar, kena buat perubahan, kena buat pembersihan total KERAjaan yg ada sekarang!!

p/s : chedet nampaknya semakin ceria akhir2 ini....


Anonymous said...


Bagi saya, DrZamry melantik hanya enam exco kerana sukar untuk mencari ADUN BN yang berkualiti seperti komited dengan tugas, tidak mempunyai kepentingan peribadi, pentadbir yang baik, berperibadi tinggi dan sebagainya.

Situasi yang sama dialami oleh Parti Keadilan dimana siapa-siapa yang tidak suka BN/UMNO boleh menjadi calon Keadilan seperti MP Kelana Jaya dan Bukit Lanjan (mempromosi ikatan tanpa perkahwinan?)

Bye/Roti Planta

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk KJ,

I have just finished my posting with regards to Elizabeth Wong's sexual predicament by courtesy of Malaysian insider reported this morning. As one of your blogging buddies, I am also tempted to express my comments on your blogging today entitled "What it takes to be Perak MB".

Needless to say, I do share some of your critical views though it may sound like a political sermon to our friend Dr. Zambry, our own Obama of Perak in the hot seat of the Menteri Besar.

However, I am not sure whether it is timely for you to impose so much pressure on Zambry, as he has just taken office for less than two weeks. Be fair lah Datuk even if we have to guide him in his difficult task to revive the BN state government after an absence of more than 11 months of administrative uncertainties under the previous short-lived PR government.

The majority of Perakians are fully aware today that the previous PR government was under the microscope of the DAP majority, who had called the shots by remote control from their DAP strong hold in Penang.(I am not suggesting that former MB Mohd Nizar was a weak administrator but his hands were tied by the DAP cables)

Looking at Zambry's impressive credentials and his new team of Exco members, I am confident that he will be in a better position to bring more and sustainable developments to the silver state of Perak.

Given your criticism that a few of the newly appointed Exco members may look haggardly worn out, I am of the view that whoever leads the state administration matters a lot. Perakians today are lucky to have Zambry as their MB, who is politically acceptable to Najib, our prime minister designate.

Political loyalty, patronage and acceptability to the incoming federal leadership will guarantee a better governance of change in Perak. Being a partial Perakian, I fully support Zambry and his team players to deliver BN's promises and commitment to the people of Perak based on his motto of unity government.

Mr. Smith said...

"He must come out with a policy statement to say he is against corruption, cronyism and only those who are clean and with integrity will be called upon to serve the state."
How could he when this illegal government is born out of corruption, trickery, deceit and blatant manipulations and trampling of the rule of law?

Can a toothless man talk about dental care or a divorcee talk about marital harmony? Can one rape a woman and then ask for her hand in marriage?

If he wants legitimacy then go back to the people?

Unknown said...

Salam Dato'

Wa... semakin menarik suasana politik dnegara kita Dato'.

Lepas Bukit Gantang diPerak, merebak ke Bukit Selambau diKodah,
Kona kut Bukit Lanjan Selangor pulak...lopeh ni menghala ke Bukit Bintang KL pulak kot... takpun celapak pi Bukit Jelutong PP ka, Bukit Bendera ka... tapi kompom tak pi Bukit Mat Insun kt Pendang.

Saya pemilih dan pembayar cukai bagi kawasan Kajang memberi 9.999 markah kepada semua 'PELAWAK-PELAWAK' yg terbabit samada secara langsung atau tidak dalam 'TRAGEDIK' ini. TAHNIAH.

Juraimi Zainal said...


Seronok gak sembang2 Dato' yg santai dlm Awani 2hari lepas...

Anyway... cam tu la Dato' UMNO is UMNO, nothing change their style...

Hanya masa menentukan....

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

Great piece of advice to the new MB of Perak. Just like you, I am also dissappointed with the way MIC and GERAKAN were brought through backdoor way.

alrawa said...

There were too many 'he should'as proposed by you to be undertaken by 'MB' Zambry.
One 'he should' should be enough; he should dissolve the DUN (I'm sure the Sultan will agree).

kluangman said...

MB Tangkap Muat dan Bidan Terjun - Nampaknya UMNO dan BN perlu ada guru mengajar Menteri2 Besar, Ketua2 Menteri dan Menteri2 serta Timbalan mereka bagaimana membuat kerja dan apa kerja yang hendak dibuat.

Dato' lensing MB Perak - tapi rupanya sebijik sama di tempat lain.

Anonymous said...

Setuju sangat. Bubar jer DUN, tengok rakyat Perak pilih siapa. Inilah baru dikatakan demokrasi yakni kerajaan oleh rakyat, untuk rakyat.

Zanie said...

Setuju sangat. Bubar jer DUN, tengok rakyat Perak pilih siapa. Inilah baru dikatakan demokrasi yakni kerajaan oleh rakyat, untuk rakyat.

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure either I should agree or disagree with you.

1.I agree that all MBs must be intelligence and they ALSO have to prove that they are academically intelligence:-.e.g; Dr, DR, Ir, professor,PHD or Master at least. Perhaps, we should set up an accreditation committee and all the candidate who want to contest in the election should pass the accreditation committee.

2.We should not judge someone base on his early statement. Not everybody is born to be a leader or good in communication skill. It needs time and practice, than only we will get the good result. We should judge someone after we analyze the results. If the result is not up to the standard, then we should terminate him prematurely.

3.It is impossible to visit all kampungs and listen to all comments. It is also impossible to satisfy everybody. To become a good MB, he should have ‘long and details task list’ and starts implement one by one ACCORDING to the priority. (and the priority must be correct)

Unknown said...

"His office is open to all" -

this is the hallmark of the PR state government; but sadly now the state secretariat building is like a war zone!

Iskandar PT said...

Salam Dato',

"Kata Dulang Paku Serpih".. begitulah BN/UMNO..kalau dah rampas hak orang..beranikah MB ni menjenguk tempat-tempat yang dah dia rampas..ataupun kalau jenguk pun dengan 10 trak FRU dok ikut..MB untuk semua amende....Dato' hanya boleh menasihat jer..kalau MB tu nak ikut...baiklah..kalau tak..mungkin sekadar bahan lawak jer tulisan Dato ni pada MB tu...
Jawaban pada press pun dah mencerminkan ke "intelektualang" nya...

Anak_Parit -memerhati dengan penuh minat setiap gerakan buah catur MB baru...a

Anonymous said...

commercial break sikit..

Semua calon PR yang akan bertanding di kawasan bukit di minta berhati-hati berikutan semua PRK adalah dikawasan BUKIT,BUKIT,BUKIT.

1-Bukit Gantang
2-Bukit Selambau
3-Bukit Lanjan

Ini adalah kemungkinan BOMOH UMNO akan datang dari BUKIT AMAN!

zorro said...

Datuk, who is this guy Mustapha Ong. He publicly claims to be your blogging buddy. If he owns a blog, how can his icon does not show here.

Most of your commenters are professional and mature. This guy was so condescending, so patronising from the word go. I can tolerate many things but never those who kiss ass, shine apples and lay pipes.

MalayMind said...

I couldn't agree more.

YB Zamry should know the drill when he is in a very hot seat. The expectation is high, the tension is high and the reward will also be high.

BN rebranding is a very difficult but not impossible to do. The people wants to see it fast!

Anonymous said...

Dear DAKJ,
My suspicion is Zambry keeps the 4 Exco posts vacant in order to pay for the remuneration of the 4 appointed advisers. On the appointment of the Chinese and Indian Affairs Advisers, what is their job scope? Is not this a continuation of BN racial approach to administration?. Sound like the Chinese and Indians in Perak are categorised like the American Indians in the US or the Aborigines in Australia, where they have the Office of Indian Affairs and the Commision of Aboriginal Affairs respectively.Why not each Exco and the MB himself deals directly with whatever problems faced by the rakyat of whatever race without going through these so-called advisers?.That is a true MB for all people.Otherwise the appointment means nothing but just a political ploy to please GERAKAN and MIC which have lost their credibility among the Chinese and Indians.Your comment that the MB should appoint a better Chinese and Indian for the posts is good, but then, how to get one when all the good ones are in PR or friendly to PR?
To me the test of a true leader who has guts and believes that he is right is whether he is willing to make a brave , bold but ethical decision in the face of geat odds and uncertainties. Here in Perak a very substantial percentage of the rakyat have questioned the legitimacy of the UMNO dominated state government; many have also questioned the Sultan's wisdom in making the now contentious decisions;the State Assembly Speaker is still a PR man and he has directed the MB and his Exco to face the Assembly's Privileges Committee; the status of the independent but BN friendly ADUN's is in the Court for decision; and the legal status of Zambry as an MB is in the Court also.In view of all these uncertainties and if Zambry and Najib really believe that UMNO/BN is the legally insituted government of Perak, I dare Zambry to immediately seek an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah and get his royal consent to dissolve the State Assembly and get a fresh mandate from the rakyat through a state election.
If he does not have the 'teloq' (excuse my nice language) to do it, it really proves that he does not have one( or is it two?).Accordingly,I declare that the MB's post is vacant.

Raison D'etre said...

You are talking about a precarious appointment where you are at the mercy of your so-called mandate, Datuk AKJ.

Zambry has no real choice but to succumb to "political pressure" from the BN cahoots (Can I can hem this?)

Likewise, I am surprise to see Gerakan take up a post as I had thought they were made of more principled and sterner stuff.

Well, politics do make strange bedfellows.

PS: Do you know the nickname the Ipoh journos give the former BN MB of Perak? KM.

Tajol was ok but Perak was very lacklusture under him.

As I have posted before, my trips back to Ipoh reveal a whole new vibrancy I have never seen before.

It was a fresh start that the three frogs took away from Ipohites, to say the least.

Ponder on that Zambry.

Unknown said...

Well said Dato'.

But his statement in front of the you know what is democracy...this is true democracy (or something to that effect) was a bad start. There were many ways to deflect the question but he decided to be stubborn and defensive.

Personally, I think what BN did is technically legitimate. I seriously don't think the Sultan's decision should be challenged in court regardless of whether it is constitutional or not. Even if the Sultan does not have the power to sack, PR still have to hold a sitting and they will eventually lose. The fact is that they don't have the necessary numbers. So they should stop trying to argue over technicalities.

However, it is the manner in which which the takeover was engineered which (I think) many people disagree with. In my opinion, nothing that the MB can do will justify the change in government (although his words in the first few days surely did not help). The damage is done and will be hard to undo.

Personally, I was sitting on the fence until this occured. People can say the DPM did this and that but I never believed because there is no proof. But this is just not acceptable. (Had Anwar Ibrahim succeeded in taking over the Govt via frogjump and NOT called for a GE, than he can be sure he would never get my vote)

Anonymous said...


seriously, with all the drama minggu ini that is being played out on national stage, it makes me wonder if anyone is taking care of the country at all...

personally, i just hate UMNO it its current form and i totally concur with you if they dont clean up their act, they will be looking at another round of trashing in the next GE, not to say that i am fond of the position either especially with DSAI at the helm..

scanning at all the blogs for today...are we so bad that we have a big dearth of leaders at both the GLCs and political arena that has integrity and leadership qualities?

susah sangat ke nak dapat khalifah yang mempunyai sifat kempimpinan yang fatanah, amanah, sadiq dan tabligh? inilah dia semua tak ingat akhirat. bukan nak membebel, inilah hakikatnya orang melayu kita dah tak duduk atas track islam which is "supposedly" to be the base of our iman/aqidah.

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous said...

We cannot judge a book by the cover, and we should not judge a person by his personality.

A leader must prove his worthiness, and that itself is a tall order.

The previous MB tried and is still trying, even at the expense of overuling convention.

The new MB by fluke must therefore show results. And the electorate only wants to see money in their pockets, and on a sustainable term.

Forget the rich. The poor folks are the ones suffering without proper sanitation, education, homes and utilities.

These poor rural folks can be easily convinced to revolt, because of the poverty stricken nature they live in.

PKR knows it well. Just sweet talk the poor, throw in some gossips and promise them the world if they vote for them. They will swallow the bait hook, line and sinker.

So, in essence, the MB has the unenviable job to please the electorate.

By the way, he also has to make sure he wears a mask when he goes to bed, in case an intruder with a camera creeps in.


Anonymous said...

Dato, hari ni,pada pandangan saya... semua orang berkehendakkan kpd 100% 'perfection' dalam semua hal & mungkin dlm semua bidang,sebabnya 'we are the tax payers'.

Persoalannya yang buat kerja tu adalah manusia (insan yang lemah &kadangkala PELUPA lebih-lebih lagi bila telah diduga dengan KUASA dsbnya)

Kita tengok saja dsebuah negeri pantai timur yang dulunya telah dtadbir oleh seorang MB yg memang dsebut-sebut rakyat sebagai bagus,berfikiran 'futuristic',dengan banyaknya pembangunan yang terlaksana d seluruh daerah.Orang parti sendiri suka manakala yang bangkang pun sokong beliau....

Tapi hari ni apa dah jadi...MB baru jadi pilihan (katanya pilihan Istana/Perlembagaan)apa dah jadi kepada pembanguan negeri...saya rasa dato pun tengok bila pusing-pusing dalam PRK P36 dulu. Semua yang ada trerbangun tu adalah hak 4 tahun dulu, kini dah hampir setahun pemerintahan baru dengar khabar ada buat zoo(nak bubuh berok,buaya,ular bkali).

SUSAH DATO..sebab puak kita ni suka ampu dan cucuk sana dan sini dgn tidak fikir akhirat (NO FRAME OF REFERENCE).tQ


yeah zambry and his amno exco can play around till next election. they can pretend all perakian love them.

oh dont forget to cancel all the programs, project, policy or whatever the former government have done. good luck to zambry on next election.

sawit futures trader said...

Salam Dato',

Zambry lantik penasihat dari MIC dan Gerakan tu saya faham; berkait rapat dengan komposisi rakyat di Perak.

Harap-harap penasihat dari UMNO tu dilantik berkait dengan isu ekonomi. Saya tidak nampak keperluan lain.

Hj Mustapha Ong kata masih terlalu awal untuk menilai Zambry. Saya kurang setuju.

Dalam jangkaan saya, kredibiliti Zambry akan di bedah siasat pada PRK nanti. Beliau perlu bersedia.

Ada sesiapa yang boleh update tentang lantikan JKKK di Perak?

irsh said...

Saya setuju. Untuk MIC dan Gerakan, mereka mesti mendapatkan semula keyakinan Rakyat untuk diterima. MIC sendiri mesti mencermin diri sendiri sebelum meminta apa-apa jawatan. Buat masa ini sentimen masyarakat India terhadap MIC khususnya kepada Presidentnya masih belum meyakinkan. Oleh itu jangan membuat keputusan yang hanya untuk memenangi hati segelintir masyarakat India sedangkan majoriti daripadanya masih menolak MIC.

amoker said...

I like your posting. In fact, my thoughs are exactly that Zamry does not fit being an MB. Your description of a good MB fits more of Nizar. Yes, both men is not perfect but one did not come in by illegal way.

And, when grilled by press.. Zamry rattled of like the liverpool manager. And that is only the first week. And so far, this 'MB' does not dare to come down to see the rakyat. He is in photos only with BN big shots. He seemed to be the MB for the rich and powerful.

Anonymous said...


Bekas peguam UMNO yang kini menjadi Ketua Hakim Negara tergugat!

Karpal Singh mendedahkan bukti Zaki mengamalkan rasuah!!!!

Dato' Kadir takde komen ke??

GEMPAK GEMPAK! Baca, jangan tak baca, eksklusif, di sini!!

Anonymous said...

Dato Scribe,

I think you and your veteran buddies are over-imaginative and too harsh on Zambry. His controversial MBship aside, Dr Zambry is the better of the new crop of Umno leaders. This is a rural chap, with rural constituency and fairly good understanding of the ordinary Malaysia.

Please can you old and experienced guys be more kind and tolerent towards young leaders like Dr zambry and give your invaluable advice instead of criticizing him.

I stand by my conviction that Dr Zambry is the crop of future Umno and Malay leaders that we as Malaysian can count on. His goodwill towards the Chinese and Indian constituents is a further prove that Malays are tolerant and thoughtful people.

As a young Malay from the kampung but lucky enough to be educated in both the Malay and English languages local and abroad I am ashamed at the quality of debate in your blog Dato'.

Very few seemed to appreciate and understand what you're trying to achieve via your thoughtful and intellectual writings.


Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Datuk AKJ,

What is sorely missing is wisdom in the new MB. I reckon he should take a crash course from people like Datuk on how to talk to the media. Again, if he is not very comfortable with the way he was made MB no matter how much coaching he receives his inner feelings will be heard loud and clear by the wise and clever rakyat. Obviously he is resonating an inner conscience that is perhaps not truly at peace.

Anonymous said...


MB Zamry dan exco digantung dari menghadiri sidang DUN selama 18 dan 12 bulan. Bila sidang dibuka April nanti Pakatan akan membuat undi tidak percaya. PR (28) dan BN (24). Nampaknya Perak akan ada lagi rekod baru selain Nasarudin lompat tercepat lepas ni Zamry pula akan menjadi MB terpendek.

Bye/Roti Planta

Anonymous said...

amoker said...
I like your posting. In fact, my thoughs are exactly that Zamry does not fit being an MB. Your description of a good MB fits more of Nizar. Yes, both men is not perfect but one did not come in by illegal way.

And, when grilled by press.. Zamry rattled of like the liverpool manager. And that is only the first week. And so far, this 'MB' does not dare to come down to see the rakyat. He is in photos only with BN big shots. He seemed to be the MB for the rich and powerful.

4:48 PM

Too bad you're not an MB. Or else I would've voted for you. I think you have more charisma than the Perak MB. You seem to know all about his weakness. I think you are more than fit to replace Anwar Ibrahim when he retires in the future.

Tan Wee Hwa said...

Dear Datuk, we are fortunate to have men like you. Very insightful analysis and advices. I beg to differ on one point, though, that is your mention about Dr Zamry being intllectual. He may have lots of knowledge, eg philosophy of democracy, acquired through the years of education but he is certainly not intellectual. From his first press conferencec Q&A with the press reveals how shallow his thinking and mentality are. An intellectual possesses quality thinking and the right mentality. Without that, the person is probably, at best, an educated person.
You are an intellectual, Datuk Kadir.

Anonymous said...

salam Dato'..

Saya teruja dengan vision Dato'..di manakah kesulitan untuk mengamalkan saranan Dato ini..?bukankah ianya sangat positif ..?kenapa terlalu bebal..?

Anonymous said...

Ooooo Scribe!

(sastera kekasihnya israil)

Tahniah, tahniah!
Cool title Komedi & Tragedi

Cool Cover:
jangan hukum buku
dengan kulitnya


mahai tak pa, scribe
ada autograph kah?

(sekarang baru boleh baca posting)
(jugde a book by its story?)

matdeboq said...


Buat masa sekarang kami masih belum pasti..siapa atau parti mana yang harus di pangkah bila tiba hari nya kelak...April 07hb.2009 nanti pada PRK P059 Bkt.Gantang..!!

(kami..!!maksudnya disini keluarga saya..!! Tak banyak pun..3 undi saja yang memang pasti..!)

Kini masih dok pantau tengok, sapa depa nak buboh pi...tawan puncak bukit tuu..!!

Laa ni, tak nampak laa lagi..depa nak taboq apa-apa kat di sini..!! Mungkin awai lagi...tengah dok peghaangat...kut !!

Tapi kalau nak taboq apa-apa pun.. sila lah mai..!! Terutama kami yang dok di Rumah Awam Bt2 1/2, Kawasan JKR dan Larut Tin...cuba lah mai jenghoq tenghok...dan taboq-taboq lah apa yang patut..!!


ab said...

Salam Dato'

Saya fikir Perak ni kena adakan:-

1.Pilihanraya negeri untuk semua DUN.

2.Gantung dewan undangan negeri sampai semua ADUN muak duduk kat kedai kopi murah atau mahal..kena leter olih isteri dan mertua sebab pokai sangat,dapur ta berasap, bil tak bayar,petrol tak mampu beli..dsb.

3. Sultan ikhtihar..DAHRURAT...

Biar sultan perintah sampai semua
muak dan termuntak dan pengsan tak dapat `projek' lepas tu meniarap jilat kaki sultan dan buat apa pun yang disuruh sultan seperti merangkak dalam istana,korek longkang,cuci baju sultan dsb untuk melayakan diri jadi `ADUN'...

4. APA KATA DOLAH DAN NAJIB dua orang yang `pandai' lebih ni?..

Semakin hari saya lihat keduanya
dua kali lima saja....PANDAI CAKAP saja...habuk pun tarak.

`Pandai' lebih cakap kat TV dan surat khabar sendiri.....

KEAMANAN NEGARA SEDANG SANGAT TERGUGAT........dari semua sektor dah ni...

Ya allah, selamatkan kami...

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Anonymous said...

Only Tun M has the unique way of answering questions that other leaders are sorely lack of.

Saya rasa MB Zambry ni tertekan dek berbagai pihak. Expectations on him are so high that the only words he dares to utter are "saya yakin, saya yakin, saya yakin" up to a point that it really gets into your nerves.

Typical la Datuk... BN tak habis2 yakin this yakin that. PR pulak hentam this hentam that. Dah naik muak. Action? Enforcement? Yilek!

To rule Perak is very very difficult. Too big and too multiracial. Zambry has a hell lot of things to do especially when it comes to memuaskan hati boss dia i.e. Najib.

I wish to see Zambry as a standalone maverick rather than a proxy yes-man. He's still young and vibrant but lets hope it shows in his ruling credibility and not just his baby-faced "innocent bersih" looks.

Anonymous said...


Kalau dibiarkan krisis di Perak tu makin lama makin menjadi-jadi nampaknya. Eloklah dibubarkan saja DUN Perak tu.

Ada berani?

Anonymous said...

Salam DAKJ

Izinkan saya bercerita.
Setelah MB yang baru dan 6 exconya tidak dibenarkan memasuki sidang dewan, ada kemungkinan YB Ir Nizar akan mengadakan sidang khas untuk undi tidak percaya kepadanya. Dan keputusannya adalah kemenangan ditangan YB Ir Nizar disebabkan 7 ADUN termasuk MB yang baru tidak dapat hadir dan memberi undi.
Apabila ditanya kepada pemimpin PAS, mereka akan menjawab ‘Walaupun kemenangan ini dari sudut moral (rohani) tidak betul, tetapi dari segi jasmaninya (physicalnya) ianya boleh dilakukan. Mereka juga akan memberi contoh yang terkini iaitu mengenai YB Eli Wong di Selangor seperti yang dikiaskan di dalam Harakahdaily. Katanya ‘ Pemimpin sepatutnya mempunya akhlak yang mulia dari segi rohani dan jasmani. Tetapi bagi kes YB Eli yang diambil gambarnya dan kemungkinan ianya diambil oleh bekas teman lelakinya, walaupun ianya salah dari segi moralnya, tetapi ianya tidak salah dari segi jasmaninya. Mereka juga turut mengingatkan kepada semua rakyat Malysia. Katanya ‘Janganlah kita menjaga tepi kain orang lain,’
Sekian terima kasih.

xan said...

this is like a Never Ending Story.. after one state, then another state, then next.. bila mau habis berpolitik mcm ni.. negeri is only luas kangkang kera.. kalau asyik dok berpolitik.bila masa nak tumpukan soal ekonomi, soal rakyat susah, soal rakyat nak tambah pencarian..

Anonymous said...

Dato' AKJ,

Saya 2 kali Undi Pas sejak tahun 70. PRU lalu saya undi DUN Pas yang lawan Umno. Parlimen saya protes dengan bagi undi rosak. Saya tak suka MCA dan DAP.Mereka tidak peduli orang Melayu malah anti Melayu. DAP tak ada Melayu langsung tapi kata parti berbagai kaum.

Tahun 78 kalau tak salah saya pun undi Pas juga di Ulu Langat sebab saya benci Lee Kim Sai calon MCA yang perkauman.

Tapi kalau ada pilihan raya lagi di kawasan saya sekarang, saya mesti tidak undi Pas lagi. Pas sudah jadi boneka DAP dan PKR macam di Perak. Kerana hendak jadi MB boneka, Pas sanggup gadai maruah jadi tali barut dan baruah DAP dan PKR.

Pas kena keluar Pakatan Rakyat. Pas tak rugi sangat. Pas dah lama perintah Kelantan dengan sendiri. Sekarang kongsi dengan parti lucah dan tanpa prinsip, PKR.

Tak apalah hilang Kedah tapi Pas jadi pembangkang yang kuat di Kedah asalkan maruah dan pegangan Pas terhadap Islam tidak dikotorkan oleh PKR dan DAP.

Saya mohon pada Tuan Guru Haji Hadi dan Tok Guru Nik Aziz, tolonglah jangan subahat lagi dengan DAP yang hina Islam dan dengan PKR yang tidak hirau Islam.

Parti Pas tak akan mati kalau tak ada Pakatan. Pas lagi lama, lagi tua dari Pakatan, DAP dan apatahlagi PKR. Tolong jangan cemarkan Islam kerana hendak berkuasa hingga sanggup bersubahat dengan parti-parti yang tidak hiraukan agama dan moral.

Pengundi Islam

Unknown said...

Sorry topic

Just wondering how this TNB chap named Che Kalib was named Malaysia CEO of the year?

A 'monopoly' company loosing so much? Look at the BT report below:

Business Times,
Thursday, February 19, 2009.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) (5347) reported its second straight quarterly loss yesterday and warned that its full-year performance for 2009 would be worse than in 2008.

The national utility expects to be hit by lower demand and higher foreign exchange losses and operating costs this year.

It posted a net loss of RM944 milllion in the first quarter to November 30 2008 owing to weak electricity demand, higher coal prices and a weak ringgit.

Read the second para "loss due to weak electricity demand" and compare this to his statement made on December 08 when TNB and Khir Toyo were fighting tooth and nail with the Selangor state goverment on the issue of the Central Area Reinforcement (CAR) project in Rawang

This Khir Toyo, the UMNO Youth leader finalist said the Selangor MB's (Tan Sri Khalid) attitude on this CAR project was immature.

Look what these 'matured' person said earlier in Dec 2008:

Khir Toyo:
"We don't want a situation where just because of 20 people,
Selangor residents will face a big problem of power supply shortage,"

TNB president and chief executive Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh had voiced the utility company's concern that if the project was not completed, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and a large part of the peninsula's southern region would be facing power supply disruptions for three to four months.

and this man has got the award for Malaysia CEO of the year.

What a joke of the year!

BT should pick ppl like Hj Samuri -satay icon from Kajang, or Hj Tamin the kicap icon from Kuala Kangsar.

No protectionism, No favours or direct aid from government, pure entrepreneurship ability!

ChengHo said...

A typical Malay always apologetic the same for Anwar ,PakLah ,Najib and even you datuk
Why don't Malaysia have no nonsense leader color blind in the mould of Tun M and Lee Kuan Yew ?

Anonymous said...

commercial break..

Heard that there’s a new Disneyland Theme Park in Asia, in PERAK !


Syeikh Akram said...


Dengan izin Dato' saya nak ketawa puas2...

I told you before didn't I? Tanpa berpihak pada mana2 PR atau BN, saya tegaskan pendirian saya bahwasanya the best way to sort all this nonsense is to give back all the mandate to Perak people by dissolving the State Assembly, full stop, period.

This drama is indeed better than watching the economic drama in our stock exchange!

Who would have thought that the Speaker post that "supposely" dominated by BN-new-ruled-state government and “equipped” with such a power would one day fall into the hand of opposition and in turn being used to embarrass the BN instead?

Of course the most unfortunate thing was that the traitor former DAP Jelapang assemblywoman Hee Yit Foong who betrayed her party was not the Speaker, else it would be almost game-over for PR, right Dato'?

It’s funny that the architect (Najib Razak) who plotted the downfall of PR government in Perak could miss out this important aspect...stupid mistake again by the PM-in-waiting I presume? he.he.he

Hear me again Dato, give the mandate back to the People and Dissolve the State Assembly, we can then all live in peace!

Unknown said...


Whatever good things that Zamry and company should do (but did not do) makes little difference if he has no time to do it....

Time is not on BN's side, on top of it all there is the Party elections due in March and in fact all members are more concerned with that than what is happening in Perak or Selangor.......

BUT...Dato', What is sadly obvious now is that UMNO is only interested in Lembus for Korban...Camryies for MP's and opposition's ladies underwears rather than Taking Care of the Country!! Can they blame the rakyat for feeling worried?

Anonymous said...


Zamry's statement "saya yakin, saya yakin, saya yakin" sama dengan Lingam's "correct, correct, correct" mirip pun dekat sama?

Politikus Bandar


Sdr Nik,

If I understand you correctly,

1. The Lembu Korban is by the PKR Mb of Selangor;

2. The Camray cars are by the PR state governments of Perak and Selangor. Penang too?; and

3. The oppoisition lady's underwear belongs or does not belong to a PKR Exco;

4. I hope when Najib becomes PM, Insya-Allah, all Ministers and BN MBs and Excos will REALLY buy Malaysia and give jobs to Malaysian by using Proton Cars;

5. It's ok to pay a bit more for our own products;

6. Kalau nak bergaya, jangan jadi YB dan jangan bergaya guna duit rakyat/pembayar cukai.

7. Nak tanya MB PKR, yang mana lebih baik, guna duit negeri untuk bagi lembu korban atau lembu pawah?

8. Kalau tak tahu, tolong tanya TG Nik Aziz.

Terima kasih.


Sdr Clean,

Abdout the award to the TNB Head Honcho, this is what I commented in Rocky's Bru Blog:

"1. He is a friendly sort of chap. No problem with that;

2. But on what criteria did the organisers judge a GLC manager for such an award?

3. Isn't TNB a state-controlled and regulated monopoly? MONOPOLY!

4. Even its rates are determined by the government.

5. How can you award a GLC manager who makes profit based on government mandated rates hike at the expense of the consumers?

6. How can the organisers awarded a GLC manager who makes profits from rates increase when there's so much idle generating capacity?
(Want to blame the IPP again?)

7. I think GLC managers should have the honour to reject such an award because they not gambling with their own monet. They are gambling with other people's money;

8. Let the Government awards them woth the GLC version of Khidmat Cemerlang;

9. I was told these GLC managers are also very well paid and rewarded with months of performance bonuses at the time when are struggling for survival."

Footnote: My SME company was once "voted" for some award to be handed over by a Menteri.

Then we were asked to buy tables. Later we were asked to pay for the trophy.

So I said thank you to them and asked them to eat the food and keep the trophy.

There're so many award rackets going on by some seedy organisations and conference organisers.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Syahbukit: BOMOH UMNO akan datang dari BUKIT AMAN!

dipercayai bomoh nie ada kuasa untuk "menghilangkan" orang.

terbaru/now showing;
bf eli hilang.

akan datang/next change;
Sivakumar (waiting for approval from "Lembaga Penapis Filem FINAS" kot)

macam tgk movie lah..he..he..he..

Anonymous said...


Saya sekadar orang kecil yang lahir di tanah terpencil dalam negeri Perak. Riuh-rendah dan lintang-pukang politik perak hari ini turut memanggil saya untuk turut sama berbagai rasa sebagai orang kecil.

Apakah isu sebenar yang perlaku di Perak.

Kenapa UNMO BN sanggup menggunakan teknik lompat untuk membentuk kerajaan. Jika alasan Anwar yang memulakan, apakah UMNO/BN perlu mengikut contoh buruk tersebut.

Kenapa UMNO/BN tak sanggup menunggu hingga PRU 13 untuk kembali membentuk kerajaan di Perak. Apakah kerana terlalu banyak kerugian yang akan dialami oleh melayu jika terus membiarkan Pakatan rakyat memerintah.

Jika UNMO/BN berusaha mengambil alih kerajaan perak dengan niat kerana Allah, akan ada balasan di bumi mahsyar. Namun jika ada niat tersembunyi, ingat balasan Allah amat pedih.

Cucu Anjang Hussain
Mukim Saiong.

Unknown said...

"6. Kalau nak bergaya, jangan jadi YB dan jangan bergaya guna duit rakyat/pembayar cukai."

Move Mercedes and Camry...
here comes the VOLVO.

The Star | Feb 19, 2009
The Sabah government is replacing part of its Proton Perdana official cars with Volvo cars because they will be cheaper to maintain.

Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said the Volvo cars, to be acquired by state government-linked Angkatan Hebat Sdn Bhd, would be used by the 12 ministers and 16 assistant ministers.

Anonymous said...

Datuk ,

Nampaknya datuk masih sayang UMNO dan yakin hanya UMNO yang dapat memperjuangkan nasib bangsa Melayu . Fikirlah datuk .. Walaupun MPdan MB dan ADUN BN guna kereta nasional untuk tujuan rasmi tapi .. takkan datuk tak kerumah mereka . Dengan hasil apakah yang mereka dapat hingga mampu memiliki kereta2 Merc , BMW , tengok gaya kehidupan mereka. Terus terang lah taknampk pun cara membela rakyat . Jauh dari kehidupan2 wakil PR .. tambahan MB Nizar .. apa harta yang dia bawa balik kepada anak dan keluarganya ?

Pergi rumah Tajul Rosli .. kalau tak jadi MB adakah rumahnya seperti hari ini ...

Rakyat sekarang dah celik boleh melihat dunia luas ... bukan rakyat TV dan UTUSAN ... Dato ...

Anonymous said...


Bila tengok the latest news on Perak, dah nampak dah macamana DAP yang baru control satu negeri melalui PR nak tunjuk macamana Malaysian Malaysia akan di perintah.

Dengan bayang konsep Malaysian Malaysia dalam negeri Perak, kedaulatan Sultan yg menjadi tunggak kepada orang Melayu sudah tidak dihormati.

Saya boleh bayangkan Kalau DAP melalui PR memerintah Malaysia,
tahap orang Melayu akan diperlekehkan seperti yang berlaku di negara jiran.


mimai said...

salam dato'

byk2 artikel, inilah artikel dato yang intelektual.. yang lain tu biasa2 aja.

tp apa nak buat... kalau saya jadi MB pun, mcm dato juga saya boleh buat bermacam2 benda dan beri kenyataan yang bijak pandai..
- kenapa ambil mic dan gerakan sedangkan mereka telah ditolak?
- saya ambil 6 kerana ada ditengah2 antara 4 dan 10. sttement bodo.
- ambil org yang bijak pandai untuk bantu saya membina perak - idea yang bijak
- statement utk buang rasuah, declare aset dsbnya - idea yang patut

tp apa nak buat.. orang pandai walaupun ada tilte Dr. akan jadi bodo kalau masuk umno.
apa naka heran kalau kebanyakan kenyataan yang keluar dari pemimpin umno sama level mcm budak sekolah rendah..

Anonymous said...

"ChengHo said...
Why don't Malaysia have no nonsense leader color blind in the mould of Tun M and Lee Kuan Yew ?"

Excuse me. Where were u when both of them in power? Your mother's womb? Read history.

For instance, y did Singapore never allowed a Malay military officer? Policy to keep Malays out of sensitive areas?

To most Chinese, be it Malaysian or Singaporean, there always this perception of a second-class status towards Malays. Meritocracy my foot!

"Syeikh Akram said...
Dengan izin Dato' saya nak ketawa puas2...

I told you before didn't I? Tanpa berpihak pada mana2 PR atau BN, saya tegaskan pendirian saya bahwasanya the best way to sort all this nonsense is to give back all the mandate to Perak people by dissolving the State Assembly, full stop, period."

Satu lagi Melayu (or Arab) taknak fikir. Cakap tak serupa komen.Tak berpihak tapi komen jelas berpihak. Samada memang kau ni lemah kefahaman masa di sekolah atau sengaja taknak faham.

Masa majoriti ADUN sokong PR, BN tak ganggu pun. Tubuhlah kerajaan PR.
Bila majoriti ADUN sokong BN, kenapa PR nak ganggu pulak? Kenapa perlu perabih duit nak pilihanraya? Pujuklah ADUN2 supaya sokong PR. Kalau. Kalau angan2 PR boleh dapat majoriti bila pilihanraya semula jadi kenyataan, TAKPAlah. Kalau seri? Pilihanraya lagi?? Perabih duit lagi??

Nasib baik Melayu Arab yg pegang jawatan Menteri. Kalau Melayu jati dah lama penderhaka ni kena ISA.


Ibn Arifin said...

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.

Segala puji-pujian hanya bagi Allah, Tuhan semesta alam. Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. dan ahli keluarga serta sahabat-sahabat baginda sekalian.

Amma ba’du.

Sudah terang, lagi bersuluh.

Hakikatnya kerajaan baru Perak adalah dibentuk hasil daripada rampasan kerusi (walau apa pun yang mereka gelarkannya), bukannya menerusi pilihan raya. Jadi, rakyat marah kerana ia adalah rompakan menerusi pintu belakang di siang hari, tanpa mereka sedari atau restui. Lalu, ia bukanlah kemenangan yang hakiki.

Tidak faham-faham lagikah mereka bahawa rakyat sedang marah? Tidak faham jugakah mereka bahawa kekuasaan itu tidak boleh dipaksakan ke atas umat? Khulafa al-Rasyidin sendiri takut apabila diminta menjadi pemimpin.

Allah s.w.t. telah berfirman:

"Katakanlah: Wahai Tuhan yang mempunyai kerajaan, Engkau berikan kerajaan kepada orang yang Engkau kehendaki dan Engkau cabut kerajaan daripada orang yang Engkau kehendaki. Engkau memuliakan orang yang Engkau kehendaki dan Engkau hinakan orang yang Engkau kehendaki. Di tangan Engkaulah segala kebajikan dan sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu." (Ali Imran: 26)

Lalu apabila ditanyakan, kerusi-kerusi itu dirampas atas perbuatan siapa? Ia dilakukan oleh mereka yang berpaling tadah. Carilah sendiri apa yang Islam katakan tentang pembelot. Manusia itu cuma ada tiga: mukmin, munafik ataupun musyrik. Agaknya dalam golongan manakah tergolongnya pembelot-pembelot ini?

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. berkata, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda:

"Lagi akan datang kepada manusia tahun-tahun yang tandus (kemarau panjang). Dan pada waktu itu orang yang berdusta dikatakan benar dan orang yang benar dikatakan berdusta. Orang khianat akan disuruh memegang amanah dan orang yang amanah dikatakan pengkhianat. Dan yang berpeluang bercakap hanyalah golongan 'Ruwaibidhah'. Sahabat bertanya: Apakah Ruwaibidhah itu hai Rasulullah? Nabi s.a.w. menjawab: Orang yang kerdil dan sebenarnya hina dan tidak mengerti urusan orang ramai." (Ibn Majah)

Sudah terang, lagi bersuluh.

Memanda MB yang baru ini juga bukanlah Melayu. Masih tidak nampakkah?

Jadi hakikatnya, segala kekalutan yang berlaku dalam Kerajaan Negeri Perak ini, sehinggakan orang orang Melayu sendiri sudah melulu mengecap orang-orang Melayu yang lain sebagai penderhaka kepada rajanya dan tambah memecahbelahkan lagi umat Melayu itu sendiri, hanyalah semata-mata untuk membolehkan orang yang bukan Melayu untuk bergelar sebagai Memanda MB Perak yang baru.

Maka sudah termaktublah dalam sejarah bahawa orang pertama daripada keturunan bukan Melayu itu sudah berjaya bergelar sebagai Menteri Besar, bukan sahaja di Perak tetapi juga di negara ini.

Dari Abu Hurairah, bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. pada suatu hari sedang ada di kalangan orang banyak, lalu didatangi oleh Jibril a.s., lalu berkata:

"Tetapi saya hendak memberitahukan kepadamu tentang tanda-tandanya (Hari Kiamat), iaitu... dan juga apabila orang-orang yang tidak beralas kaki, telanjang dan pengembala kambing telah menjadi pemimpin-pemimpin manusia." (Ibn Abu Syaibah)

Maka sudah terang, lagilah bersuluh.

Akan tetapi kita tidak akan nampak ini semua seandainya kita hanya melihat dengan menggunakan sebelah mata sahaja, sepertimana al-Masih al-Dajjal melihat, dan tidak pula dengan kedua-dua belah mata, yakni dengan mata kasar dan juga mata hati.


Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah...akhirnya saya dpt melihat Datuk sudah mula berfikir secara rasional seperti kebanyakkan rakyat marhain yg lain..Kalaulah Pemimpin2x UMNO yg terdahulu, Almarhum Tunku, Allahyarham Tun Razak, Tun Dr Ismail, Tun Hussein Onn dll masih lagi hidup...pasti mereka akan kecewa dgn sikap pemimpin2x BN dan UMNO skrg yg rata-rata sudah "jauh" dari mendampingi rakyat, they are too the best word to describe them.

Secara peribadi, saya masih sayangkan BN tapi jauh di hati saya yg mereka ini akan berubah...lihat shj gelagat media K'jaan masih lagi double standard dan tidak mahu memberi ruang utk rakyat menilai sendiri cerita yg sebenar...dan kita tidak boleh salahkan rakyat jika mereka terpaksa memilih PR dan media internet sbg pilihan alternative...

Apa yg BN masih lagi tidak sedar, pengundi tua spt kita semakin sayup...pengundi muda yg petah IT semakin bertambah...walaupun ada sayap pemuda, putera & puteri namun...persepsi rakyat terhadap parti2x komponen BN masih jauh dari hendak diperbetulkan...fikir-fikir sekali, macammana nak betulkan BN kalau mereka sendiri enggan nak muhasabah diri dan berubah...the word "change" uttered by Barack Obama seem to far from all BN leaders...the BN leaders nowadays always think that they are smarter than anyone else..

Hussein Tokia (bukan Nokia)
Tokai, Kedah

amoker said...

Really salute you!

No I can't. There are better people around to be MBs and even Anwar replacements.You could be one of them as well.

Anonymous said...

Mengapa, seorang penel yang menghadiri majlis angkat sumpah tidak dikenakan tindakan sama (YB Dato Hasbullah)

mohsein shariff said...

SalaMs Dato AKJ,

Pertama sekali terima kasih atas satu pandangan analitikal mengenai ketokohan yang perlu ada untuk bergelar MB. Saya percaya antara sedar atau tidak Dato cuba mengambarkan bukan suatu kerja yang mudah untuk menjawat jawatan paling penting dalam kerajaan negeri. Sebagai tonggak kerajaan, idealisme dan realisme harus sama-sama diketengahkan dalam usaha memberi yang terbaik kepada rakyat. Ini merupakan satu tanggungjawab besar digalas oleh YB Dr Zambry.. berjaya atau tidak yang pasti YB Dr Zamri harus mengenalpasti pendekatan terbaik untuk mengembalikan imej BN yang tercalar.

Tindakan hentam kromo dan ikut selera tidak boleh digunapakai sama sekali dalam situasi di Perak kerana rata2 rakyat memerhati terutama mereka yang memberi undi kepada parti2 PR.

Dalam masa yang sama, peluang harus diberikan kepada YB MB dan exco untuk membuktikan mereka tidak akan menjadi seperti kerajaan Perak terdahulu. Retorik dan opportunis harus dielakkan. Apa yang penting barisan pimpinan baru PERAK BERANI mengaku kesalahan dan berusaha untuk berubah demi kestabilan rakyat perak.


p/s: Dato', jika tidak silap saya jawatan speaker yang disandang adalah dari parti DAP bukan dari parti PKR seperti dinyatakan. Harap maklum

terima kasih


Sdr Mohsein Shariff,

Terima kasih atas maklumat. Sudah diperbetulkan. Kadang-kadang tersasul. Maaf.

Anonymous said...


Bagi menjawab manletih, saya ingin mencadangkan satu cara bagi menyelesaikan kemelut di Perak, once for allmana-mana tempat yang sesuai . Kita selesaikan cara anak jantan tanpa mengadakan pilihanraya sekali lagi.

Apakata kita adakan satu majlis lompat parti secara rasmi samada di DUN atau dengan disaksikan oleh Paduka Seri Sultan Perak.

Dalam majlis tu kita biarkan ADUN melompat parti secara anak jantan dan secara rasmi. Yang nak join BN, pi belah BN dan sebaliknya.

Bila dah settle, kesemua ADUN diminta menadatangani surat yang mereka tidak akan melompat parti lagi sehingga PRU 13 dan akan dianggap derhaka kepada Sultan jika berbuat demikian. Mereka secara otomatik dianggap telah meletak jawatan dan PRK untuk DUN tersebut akan diadakan. Incumbent tidak dibenarkan bertanding semula.

Kepada Pakatan dan BN dikenakan syarat, jika terdapat bukti atau unsur-unsur nak membeli ADUN, pihak yang terlibat akan dikira kalah dan semua ADUNnya kena letak jawatan ADUN. PRK akan diadakan.

Jadi bila semua dah sign surat, jumlah ADUN bagi setiap pihak akan dikira untuk menentukan majoriti. Pihak yang mempunyai majoriti dilantik menjadi kerajaan.

Agak-agak pihak mana yang akan bangkang cadangan ini?


Syeikh Akram said...

Saya rasa terpanggil melihat kebijaksanaan kenyataan saudara “Manletih” yang kuat kefahaman nya di sekolah:

Masa majoriti ADUN sokong PR, BN tak ganggu pun. Tubuhlah kerajaan PR.
Bila majoriti ADUN sokong BN, kenapa PR nak ganggu pulak? Kenapa perlu perabih duit nak pilihanraya? Pujuklah ADUN2 supaya sokong PR. Kalau. Kalau angan2 PR boleh dapat majoriti bila pilihanraya semula jadi kenyataan, TAKPAlah. Kalau seri? Pilihanraya lagi?? Perabih duit lagi??

Malas nak komen orang bijak pandai macam ManLetih nih…agaknya letih sangat kot? Saudara mungkin mempunyai kefahaman lebih, tapi kurang menggunakan akal yang Allah bagi tu untuk melihat dengan hati.

Saya malas nak ungkaikan full list peristiwa-peristiwa selepas pilihan raya umum 8 Mac tahun lalu. Tell me, siapa ganggu siapa? BN tak ganggu?? Haha..kelakar! sungguh bijak and tinggi sungguh kefahaman ManLetih!

Antara susupan2 kecil peristiwa/headlines yang berlaku susulan PRU-12 lepas (sebagai pedoman buat ManLetih yang terlebih faham kat sekolah atau tak mau faham!):

1. UMNO Perak Sekali Lagi Melamar PAS Bentuk Kerajaan
2. Umno offered PAS to jointly rule S'gor
3. Khir Toyo: Talks with PAS aimed at wresting Selangor, other states
4. PAS-Umno secret talks on power-sharing
5. Rombongan PAS untuk mendengar tawaran BN, kata Khalid Samad
6. PM: PAS ditawar kongsi kuasa
7. Umno Perak kini semakin gelabah - Mursyidul Am PAS
8. 'Don't blame Anwar, it's you, Khir

Jadi siapa ganggu siapa? Lu pikir lah sendiri!
Apa BN tak cukup duit ka mau buat pilihanraya buat rakyat Perak? Awat takut sangat nak dapat “fresh mandate” dari rakyat? Siapa perabih duit siapa? Huhh…pathetic...

Cak Kun Cak said...

BN should be sent to oblivion - let them be a weak opposition. Only then they will feel the pain. This applies especially to UMNO.

samurai melayu said...

If he had said, bearing in mind we are facing a very serious economic recession: “I decided to reduce the size of government to save money. I think seven of us can manage” would have been brilliant. Period.





Unknown said...

"So I said thank you to them and asked them to eat the food and keep the trophy."

the organisers must have been pissed off..he..he..he..

Kalau lah ramai org Melayu yang berpendirian mcm ini, saya rasa UMNO/BN tak sampai tahap 'nazak' mcm skrg ini.

Since the GE12, the sentence "eye opener for BN" has been repeated on and on..tapi keadaaan makin teruk jadinya.

More on TNB
The STar, Friday February 20, 2009

Case adjourned for TNB to get more senior lawyers

KUALA LUMPUR: A lawyer defending Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) in a suit brought by a retiree had a shock when she learnt that the retiree had engaged renowned constitutional expert Raja Aziz Addruse.

Counsel Fauziah Mustaffa then asked Magistrate Nur Nazuha Zohor Ali for an adjournment, adding that it was in the best interest of her client to engage a lawyer of similar standing.

'Mereka' masih ingat rakyat 'buta', tak tahu apa2.

Sekali bawak lawyer mcm nie, hah...baru tau..terkejut beruk!

Anonymous said...


basically kebanyakkan manusia yang bijak di zaman sekarang adalah lebih selfish,single minded samada rakyat biasa mahupun ahli politik.

Bila buat argument, semua fikir kepentingan sendiri sahaja, bukan ambil kira kepentingan dan kestabilan negara dan rakyat secara keseluruhannya.

Sebab itulah rate perceraian begitu tinggi di akhir zaman ini - kalau hidup berdua atau satu keluarga pun sudah tidak boleh berkompromi, apatah lagi nak berkongsi susah dan senang dengan masyarakat.

what say you Dato?

Anonymous said...

Dear DAKJ,
If one analyses the outpouring of postings and comments in cyber space, one cannot but come to the conclusion that a big majority of the citizens question the wisdom of the decisions that have been made by Sultan Azlan Shah.But I just wonder whether they have any effect in changing anything. Do these comments reach Tuanku? Or for that matter reach the arrogant and swaggering UMNO leaders?

Anonymous said...

Tuan-tuan sekelian,

Sedikit untuk renungan bersama : ketika UMNO makin dipandang jelek oleh penganalisa intelektual dan tidak intelektual kiri dan kanan, tepi dan tengah, belakang dan depan, atas dan bawah, UMNO sepatutnya lantik MB yang mukanya handsome sikit berbanding Dr Zambry tu. Ini adalah kerana apabila orang terpandang muka Dr Zambry yang ala ala hemoi tu, orang jadi lebih marah pada UMNO.


Cak Kun Cak said...

BN should be sent to oblivion - let them be a weak opposition. Only then they will feel the pain. This applies especially to UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Syeikh Akram said...

1. UMNO Perak Sekali Lagi Melamar PAS Bentuk Kerajaan
2. Umno offered PAS to jointly rule S'gor
3. Khir Toyo: Talks with PAS aimed at wresting Selangor, other states
4. PAS-Umno secret talks on power-sharing
5. Rombongan PAS untuk mendengar tawaran BN, kata Khalid Samad
6. PM: PAS ditawar kongsi kuasa
7. Umno Perak kini semakin gelabah - Mursyidul Am PAS
8. 'Don't blame Anwar, it's you, Khir

Memang pandai betul Pak Syeikh kita ni. Anwar Ibrahim yang mula-mula ajak lompat-melompat, yang tu tak disebut pulak? Eh, eh, pandai pulak terlepas pandang.

Tak percaya? Suruh dia sumpah laknat. Takmau sumpah laknat? Buatlah statutory declaration. Haa, yang ni takpe, ramai je ahli PKR yang suka buat. Kalau dah kantoi, lari masuk hutan macam P.I. Bala.

affendi hussain said...

Salam Dato'..

Tertarik dgn komen Sdr Clean berhubung isu kenderaan Perdana, Camry, Mercedes & skrg Volvo..

Komen saya dari beli Volvo tu lebih baik beli Toyota, Honda & Mercedes..

Kita nilai dari segi
1) Harga & kesenangan dpt alatganti
(termasuk alternative OEM)
2) Pusat servis di Malaysia
3) Local technical support
4) Fuel efficiency & performance

Biasalah Dato'.. org Melayu kita ni sensitif tak bertempat...cerdik pun tak bertempat juga..kalo yg kaya sgt tu suka beli kereta Europe mcm Alfa Romeo, Volvo, Peugeot, VW etc.. rosak kena kapurlah dgn ejen pengedar..haha..

Nak bagitau sikit kat hangpa yg taktau..Toyota/Honda tu cuma brand Jepun..yg pasang kat Malaysia UMW & DRB-Hicom..hangpa ingat sapa dia yg kerja engineer & tukang pasang kat kilang Shah Alam & Alor Gajah tu? Org Melayu kita jugaklah..pikiaq sikit no..awat hangpa kroni vendor proton ka?

So-tutup cerita kereta..teruskan cerita wayang kat Perak ni..menarik!
tu ler masalah besar kalo 'simple majority'..

.....Newton 3rd Law of Motion...

5. It's ok to pay a bit more for our own products;
- Tak OK utk Proton..kalo produk makanan keluaran usahawan bumiputera OK.. Boleh tanya TG Nik Aziz jugak bab ni.

Salam (".)

Anonymous said...


Mana letaknya kedudukan Sultan dan Raja-raja Melayu dalam Perlembagaan akibat dari tindakan terbaru Sultan Sivakumar Shah yang menggantung MB dan Exco2 Perak ni?

Dalam Perlembagaan sangat jelas, hanya Sultan dan Raja2 Melayu sahaja yang punya kuasa melantik MB. Bila Sultan Sivakumar Shah ini menggantung MB Zambry dan Exconya dari menghadiri mesyuarat DUN, bermakna dia lebih besar dari Sultan Azlan.

Kalau kedudukan Sultan dan Raja2 Melayu pun sudah boleh diketepikan dari Perlembagaan, bagaimana pula dengan kedudukan agama Islam dan hak keistimewaan orang Melayu?

Negeri Perak sudah jadi Republik???


Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

MB Perak yang baru nie pergi sembahyang jumaat pon berapa ramai polis yang cover daa...

Punyalah takut kalau orang baling selipar ke terompah jamban ke..

Eskot Sultan pon tak seramai macam tu...

Kenapa takut sampai macam tu...kan MB ni MB kami rakyat perak?

Anonymous said...


Berdasarkan kepada komen-komen di blog Datuk jelas orang-orang Melayu sudah boleh dan berani befikir. Tidak kisahlah samada pro kerajaan atau pro pembangkang.Ini jelas menunjukkan kerajaan Perikatan dan kemudiannya BN khususnya UMNO (yang jahat, keji, rasuah) berjaya memberi pendidikan yang baik disamping menaiktarafkan rakyat Malaysia khususnya orang-orang Melayu.

Kehidupan orang-orang Melayu sekarang amatlah baik dbandingkan dengan zaman kami dulu. Ini bukan propaganda BN atau UMNO. Kalau tak percaya tanyalah ibu bapa atau saudara mara yang dibesarkan dizaman darurat tahun 50an.

Saya sangat bersetuju dengan komen Paloi tentang apa yang berlaku di Perak dan apa akan jadi kalau DAP memerintah.Fikir-fikirkanlah.

Saya pernah bertugas di sebuah negara Afrika (South of Sahara) dan Eropah Timur dibawa sistem pemerintahan Komunis dalam tahun 80an. Ramai juga orang-orang Malaya yang melawat negara-negara ini. Ketika di Eropah Timur mereka terkejut dengan keadaan negara tersebut. Apa tidaknya nak dapatkan bahan makanan pun susah. Enam bulan tak makan daging atau ayam perkara biasa.

Kalau buat salah, hukuman dijatuhkan dalam masa sehari dua sahaja. Ramai yang hilang tak tahu entah kemana.

Sementara di negara Afrika ini pula, lebih 40 peratus penduduk buta huruf (tak pernah bersekolah). Hampir-hampir 50 peratus hidup dibawah paras kemiskinan. Kanak-kanak tidak ke sekolah kerana ibu bapa tak ada duit nak bayar yuran sekolah dan beli uniform. Sebahagian besar pekerja mendapat gaji kurang dari USD1.00 sehari RM3.60.

Kalau pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang ada sekarang semuanya tak guna eloklah baiki diri sendiri supaya menjadi pemimpin yang lebih baik untuk UMNO atau parti-parti lain.
Tapi yang penting dalam politik mesti punyai pemikiran terbuka. Sanggup menerima dan memberi dan bukan memberi saja tapi tidak mahu menerima.

Mungkin ramai yang marah dengan pendapat saya. Tapi saya sering tertanya-tanya, bagaimana agaknya nasib orang-orang Melayu kalaulah bukan UMNO dan Perikatan yang memerintah Malaya/Malaysia sejak tahun 57. Bagaimana agaknya kalau PKM yang memerintah. Kenapa agaknya sebahagian besar orang-orang Melayu tahun 50an memberi sokongan kepada UMNO dan tidak PKM, Socialist Front atau Pas.

Tun M kata Melayu mudah lupa. Tapi saya masih belum dapat melupakan kesengsaraan hidup dizaman darurat dahulu di negeri saya negeri Perak.

din said...

Pak Lang..memang betoi! itu AMNO dulu, AMNO la macamana pak lang? pikir-pikir la sendiri pak lang... ramai orang muda mcm kami tau apa yang depa ingat kami tak tau... dunia cyber sgt luas.. maklumat sampai cukup cepat, klu AMNO masih guna cara lama putaq belit di dlm media perdana, maknanya ajal AMNO memang tak lama dah..

Anonymous said...


Malaysians would be shamed over the latest act of betrayal to our country’s pride, dignity, and sovereignty. Umno should remember that Malaysia has long rid itself of the shackles of Western imperialists and we have valiantly withstood the efforts to bring us under a new form of imperialism - economic subjugation.

Thus for the last 50 years or so, ever since we chased away the English, we have been an independent nation holding our heads high with our numerous achievements, a nation respected and admired by every country from Afghanistan to Mongolia to Zimbabwe, except by Singapore who have always been jealous of our success.

For Umno to seek legal guidance from an English Queen’s Counsel is an affront to Malaysia’s legal fraternity. In what way are English lawyers superior to ours? And for that matter, in what way are ours inferior?

We have a worthy reservoir of experts who, being Malaysian, would understand much better the holy nuances in our legislative objectives and the judicial fortress in place to give substance and form to our aspirations; VK. Lingam and Eusoffe Chin readily come to mind.

Why is Umno being so subservient to England and Britain? The sun has long set on the British empire and, in fact, their football team struggles to beat even lesser teams from lesser countries and counties.

More importantly, this delegation to England is a direct insult and a show of disrespect to our beloved Sultan Azlan Shah. By going to London Umno doubts what the sultan did and seems to suggest that His Highness despite once being the Lord President does not know his law, constitutional or otherwise, and that he had gone afoul of the law in appointing our equally beloved Zambry as Perak’s menteri besar.

If Umno persists in this brazen act of defiance, all its principal officers must be charged with treason and sedition, and never be allowed to set foot in Perak again.


Anonymous said...

din said...
Pak Lang..memang betoi! itu AMNO dulu, AMNO la macamana pak lang? pikir-pikir la sendiri pak lang... ramai orang muda mcm kami tau apa yang depa ingat kami tak tau... dunia cyber sgt luas.. maklumat sampai cukup cepat, klu AMNO masih guna cara lama putaq belit di dlm media perdana, maknanya ajal AMNO memang tak lama dah..

12:26 AM

Betul, dunia cyber memang luas. But you can choose what you want to believe. Nak percaya P.I. Bala (akuan bersumpah ditarik balik) ke, Nak percaya Najib (bersumpah laknat di masjid) ke, Nak percaya Anwar Ibrahim (tak mau sumpah langsung) ke, atau nak percaya Sumpah-sumpah.

Jangan sumpah-seranah saya ye bang!!

Anonymous said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin,

Is there anything wrong for a Menteri BESAK to appoint his own siblings to position of power and influence?

Kalau legally ok, morally right ke?

Agaknya kenapa Suruhanjaya yang baru dapat kuasa tak siasat? Nak tunggu kerajaan BN tumbang di Parlimen baru berani siasat?

Tak tau le saya ni...

Dari Borneo ke Minang


Sdr Vijay, must a thought -- a very priliminary one.

Could it be bacause the banned Hindraf (before it was banned) sued the British Government in the English Court?

Thus Umno thought it also should seek redress by consulting a QC.

I may be wrong.

Thank you.

sujini said...

Salam Pak Kadir,

Nampaknya MB Perak adalah pelawat blog Bapak.
Saya ada satu soalan . Napa Bapak tak masuk politik?
Pemikiran Bapak 100x kali lebih baik daripada mereka yang ada dalam UMNO sekarang.
Buat kata Dr Mahathir, Malaysian politics is now gutter politics.

Anonymous said...


Saya memang dah agak yang saudara ni golongan muda Melayu "the angry young man" lah katakan. Din mesti dilahirkan dalam tahun 70an atau selepasnya. Dalam lain perkatan Din dilahirkan selepas DEB dilaksanakan ataupun membesar dalam era DEB.

Dalam lain perkatan kalaulah Din ni kelulusan universiti, Din masuk universiti kerana quota Melayu/bumiputera, kalau Din dah bekerja itu juga kerana quota Melayu/bumiputera, kalau buat business, dapat tender, kontrek dan sebaginya juga kerana DEB.

Zaman saya dan Datuk AKJ dulu tak ada quota Melayu/bumiputera. Kami bersaing dengan para pelajar bukan Melayu atas padang yang tak sama rata.

Din tau kenapa bukan Melayu marahkan UMNO/BN dan seterusnya menggundi DAP dalam pilihanraya lalu. Jawabnya kerana DEB dan hak-hak istimewa orng-orang Melayu. Sebab itu bila PR menguasai Penang pertama kali Lim Guan Eng buat ialah nak hapuskan DEB. Isu UMNO rasuah, kejam, ISA dan sebagainya cuma untuk mendapatkan sokongan orang-orang Melayu.

Ir. Mohd Nizar bekas MB Perak, dapat belajar di UK jadi engineer juga kerana DEB. Ingat dia boleh pergi belajar ke UK kalau tidak kerana DEB?. Fikir-fikirkanlah Din.

Din, UMNO adalah parti politik sama dengan DAP, PKR atau Pas. Dalam parti mesti ada apple busuk. Bukan UMNO saja bahkan dalam PKR dan Pas juga. Lebih baik jadi macam saya yang tak masuk mana-mana parti politik. Boleh hentam kiri kanan.

Din cakap tentang zaman cyber. Memang betul Din. Tapi sepatutnya gunakan kemudahan-kemudahan yang ada untuk mendapatkan ilmu dan bukan sekadar membaca berita-berita dari blog-blog dan news portal yang selari dengan jiwa sahaja. Dengar dari dua-dua belah pihak dan jangan dibutakan minda dari sebelah pihak sahaja.

Mungkin pandangna kita berbeza kerana latarbelakang kita yang berlainan. Saya dilahirkan dikampung disambut oleh bidan kampung. Mungkin Din dilahirkan di hospital. Bapa Din mungkin pegawai kerajaan atau buat business dizaman DEB. Bila celek mata saja dah naik kereta. Saya dan kawan-kawan dikampung cuma naik basikal kerana bas pun tak ada dikampung masa itu.

Nikmat sungguh dilahirkan di zaman DEB.

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

pak lang, DEB itu mmg baik amat bermanafaat kpd melayu, tapi awalnya sahaja baik, kemudian hari kehari melayu amno khususnya diera tun menjadi buruk dan menjolok mata, peluang atau kuota DEB dimonopoli sesetengah pihak khususnya anak beranak suku sakat pemimpin amno, inilah point utama point yg lain ada dimerata blogs

saya yakin pak lang percaya dasar DEB membuatkan melayu lemak dan manja, lihatlah sekarang ini lemah longlai melayu dimana2 sahaja, bab pendidikan, budaya sosial, agama dan ekonomi amat menyedihkan, semua ini kesan jangka masa panjang 10 15 tahun mungkin, kalau sekarang kita membiarkannya sahaja tanpa tekad hendak perubahan, maka isu yg sama akan kita bicarakan akan datang sedangkan bangsa lain meluncur laju menjadi lebih bertamadun dan maju

biarlah susah sedikit dan berani bersaing, lihatlah bangsa cina sebagai contoh yg secara tidak langsung menjadi mangsa DEB


Anonymous said...


Izinkan saya.

"Blogger Syeikh Akram said...
Malas nak komen orang bijak pandai macam ManLetih nih…"

Tapi komen jugak??! Baguslah kalau dah rajin.

manletih said... "Pujuklah ADUN2 (BN) supaya sokong PR."

Tidak faham ke ayat di atas??? +jgn lupa perbincangan mengenai MB Perak. Bukan Khir Toyo.

Hint: GANGGU dengan PUJUK.

"Syeikh Akram said "sebagai pedoman buat ManLetih yang terlebih faham kat sekolah atau tak mau faham!):

1. UMNO Perak Sekali Lagi Melamar PAS Bentuk Kerajaan
2. Umno offered PAS to jointly rule S'gor
3. Khir Toyo: Talks with PAS aimed at wresting Selangor, other states
4. PAS-Umno secret talks on power-sharing
5. Rombongan PAS untuk mendengar tawaran BN, kata Khalid Samad
6. PM: PAS ditawar kongsi kuasa "

1. Melamar
2. offered
3. Talks
4. secret Talks
5. tawaran
6. ditawar

Ganggu dalam komen saya ialah: baring atas jalan halang hadiri majlis Sultan, demonstrasi, tak nak terima keputusan Sultan, gantung ADUN sebab hadiri majlis Sultan. Nak saman sultan bla bla bla

Nasib baik Menteri ISA arab Melayu mcm saudara. Ataupun Syeikh ni musang berbulu ayam? Syeikh buang "ye" jadi apa anak2??? Sikh? Yang nak saman Sultan Perak tu siapa anak2??? Syeikh yang buang "ye" tu?? Anak2 jawab la sendiriiiii.

Letih r. Tapi demi bangsa, agama dan negara....

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