Sunday, July 26, 2009

1Malaysia: "Walk the Talk"

A Kadir Jasin

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THE STAR newspaper yesterday (July 25) reported my presentation at the at the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies Malaysia (IAIS) public forum on 1Malaysia under the headline “Kadir: It’s not just a slogan -- IMalaysia is of greater importance”.

Its brief report said:

“The 1Malaysia concept must not be a mere slogan as the implementation is of greater importance, said Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

“The Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd editor-in-chief said the people wanted to see the Government making changes such as good economic management, guaranteeing law and order, as well as tackling corruption.

“He said if the results of last year’s general election were to be an indication, it was clear the people were rejecting political slogans put forward by the ruling party.

“Bear in mind that people are becoming sceptical and cynical of slogans. They (slogans) are cliches,” said Kadir.

“He was one of the four speakers at a public forum entitled “1Malaysia Concept” at the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies Malaysia here yesterday.”

Yes, I did, more or less, said all that. On the panel with me were Mohamad Dahan Abdul Latif, Executive Director, Tabung Amanah Muhibah (Tamu), Dr Chandra Muzaffar, Chairman, Yayasan 1Malaysia, Dr K J John, Executive Director, Oriental Hearts & Minds Study Institute and Dr Asma Abdullah, Specialist, Intercultural & Cross Cultural Matters.

To put The Star report in perspective, allow me to publish in full the text of my speech at the July 24 forum.

“Ladies and gentlemen, with your indulgence, allow me to be the devil’s advocate – if not the devil himself – figuratively speaking of course – and look at the subject at hand from the public relations and propaganda point of view.

“The opening statement in the flyer announcing this afternoon’s forum issued by this institute says, and I quote:

“The 1Malaysia concept has been a favourite topic of discussion among Malaysians ……..”

“In the journalism parlance, something which is a favourite or is popular is not necessarily of high quality. Thus a favourite or a popular newspaper is not necessarily a high quality newspaper. The opposite is often the case.

“So let me start by asking:

“(1). Do we need another slogan or branding? We’re, as it is, already replete with slogans;

“(2). Or are we saying, yes we have slogans, so we need another slogan to lead all other slogans – like mother ship or a mother of all slogans.

“(3). Bear in mind that the people are becoming skeptical and cynical of slogans and sloganeering. They are clichés.

“(4) If the results of the 2008 general election were any indication, it is clear that the people are rejecting political slogans put forward by the ruling party – remember Sejahtera, Aman dan Makmur?

“I dare not say that the opposite is true in the 16 months after last year’s general election.

“(5). Therefore, is 1Malaysia, people first, performance now slogan a re-branding exercise or is it an altogether new concept and direction?

“Even if it’s not a cosmetic job, the majority of the people will, at least in the initial stages, think it is. We can’t blame them.

“The last few years had seen so many slogans, brands and mantras being spun by the media – the likes of openness, transparency, accountability, the level playing field, liberalisation, meritocracy, towering Malays and so on. So to the masses, this is another slogan.

“(6). Having said that, we now ask the question “what can be done to enhance the understanding and acceptance of the slogan?

“Maybe nothing. Just do nothing. Instead go ahead and do what the people expect from the Government of Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

“What are they?

(i). Good economic management;
(ii). Guaranteeing law and order;
(iii). Fight corruption and all forms of power abuse; and
(iv). To borrow a mantra made famous during the last administration, walk the talk. Kota apa yang dikata!

Thank you.”

Then, in responding to my fellow speakers and the floor, I made the following points:

1. That there cannot be genuine unity if economic growth is not accompanied by fair distribution;

2. That some components of the economy were already exclusively franchised to the non-Muslims long before the New Economic Policy was implemented. These included gambling, alcoholic beverages and other non-halal and non-Syariah compliance businesses;

3. That deaths in custody received different public and official treatment when members of the different races were involved. But I must explain that I put forward this last point in a sarcastic and cynical tone.

I think my fellow panel members made many very good points that should draw the attention of the government and those tasked with promoting 1Malaysia.


Keylee Daud said...

walk the talk..kata kata semacam chua dalam keadilan :)

Roti Planta said...

Slogan yang dibuat semuanya cantik, maklumlah dibuat, direka dan dirancang oleh pemikir-pemikir yang hebat (bukanya ahli politik). Ahli politik cuma tukang lancar, 'promote' dan rasmi sahaja.

Bagi pemimpin, mereka mahu rakyat 'buat apa yang mereka suruh buat tapi jangan buat apa yang mereka buat'. Nampaknya sekarang pemimpin dari semua parti (UMNO, DAP, PKR, MIC, MCA dsb) bersikap perkauman. Siap ada MP DAP (India) nak jadi Bumiputra!. Hey Tambi, engkau boleh Islam tapi tak boleh masuk Melayu atau masuk Bumiputra.

Mereka (kerajaan dan pembangkang) sokong 1Malaysia tetapi bercakap dan berjuang atas isu perkauman. Sekarang dah tiada MP pembangkang India dan Cina bising pasal ISA sebab dah tidak ada India di Kemunting!

Kalau macam ini watak parti kerajaan dan pembangkang, nampaknya PRU 13 nanti lebih ramai yang tidak mengundi.

Bye/Roti Planta

dan kajang said...

As'kum Datuk,

1. I totally agree with you that the present goverment need not have to invent new slogan.We have had enough slogans,especially during the previous goverment.And in the end it leads us to no where.As an example, the "Islam Hadhari" slogan which the goverment had spent so much to promote the idea and sad to say till now we are still not sure what is it all about.And to make matter worst the non-Muslim understood it as being a new teaching of Islam.

2. So the goverment have to stop inventing new slogans and just concentrate to deliver "apa yang dijanjikan dan apa yang sepatutnya diberikan kepada rakyat".The most important thing and the bottom line is that the rakyat are happy with the present goverment and it must be done genuinely and not just a superficial slogans.

3. Whatever plans the goverment had to unite the rakyat,it has to be practical and simple.As example,I saw recently the event in Astro,when the ESPN anugerated an award to Mr. Nelson Mendela for his great contrubution to the unity of the people of South Africa through Sports.Mr. Nelson Mendella, throuhg his great courage and risk his political career when he bit the South Africa to be the host of Rugby World Cup in 1997,though he knew rugby was then the game of the "Whites".However with his courage he was able to unite the people of South Africa from two rival enthnics.We saw the South Africans celebrated their success when becoming the Champion with a simple slogan "One People One Country".

4. So I think for Malaysia,this is what the new goverment should do.Unite the rakyat through sports.For the start why not the goverment try again to bit to host the Asian Games which we had turned down when Pak Lah took over the PM's leadership in 2003.I am very sure the rakyat will unite to support the success of the Games.

furydose said...

“Bear in mind that people are becoming sceptical and cynical of slogans. They (slogans) are cliches,” said Kadir.

Very true, and I am one of them. As far as I am concern, slogans cannot do change. It's policies, change of laws, and etc. These are the things that make permanent change. Slogans are irrelevant.

Sure, slogan can be used, propagated but popularistic minds nevertheless. But make sure they are followed by policies.

Doing such 'branding' initiative is good, bu the opposite efecct will happen if the gov does not deliver it's 'brand promise', Malaysian Youths are already feeling disconnected from politics.

Click here to see the merdeka youth poll result

Detguaq said...

Salam Dato',

Tu dia! From that long of your speech they chopped it till the bottom and seems it is not your bottom line too.

Was it practiced during your time either?

Razali Razman said...

Salam Dato'

My opinion of the current Govt

(i). Good economic management - Not Bad
(ii). Guaranteeing law and order; - Not Good
(iii). Fight corruption and all forms of power abuse - Very Bad
(iv). To borrow a mantra made famous during the last
administration, walk the talk. Kota apa yang dikata! - Not good but maybe improving

I seriously DO NOT think that the opposition leader can manage the country better economically, especially based on his decisions during the Asian Economic Crisis, when he actually at one time had some power to do something, and also based his populist decision to fight the reduction of petrol subsidies. (In fact, Lim Guan Eng actually called the reduction of subsidies inefficient!)

If only the current administration can improve the other three, especially your third point, which is crucially important to me, and I believe to many other poeple, than they will get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

"If the results of the 2008 general election were any indication, it is clear that the people are rejecting political slogans put forward by the ruling party."

I would like to share my thoughts concerning the last general election. In the last election I voted for the opposition purely because I wanted to make a statement to the ruling party. Those were the days of sleeping-and-sleepwalking Pak Lah, his countless flip flop decisions, IJN, AirAsia-Sime Darby Labu terminal, lavish projects that are of not much use to the rakyat, the wheelings and dealings of his family members and friends, the uncouth and arrogant antics of KJ, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I honestly cannot recall all those slogans, but the one that grabbed my attention was "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang". This was because after their dismal performance at the ballot box, some smart aleck aptly fine tuned it to "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Kerusi Hilang".

When I go to the ballot box, the slogans do not have influence on my decison-making because oh, well, slogans are just slogans. Past experience have thought me not to expect too much and that they are mere lip service.

But what really count when I go to the ballot box are the candidates' proven working track record and the way they carry themselves in public and private. I think most candidates forget that when they make a run for the bully pulpit, they bring along their party's and personal "halos" and "baggage".

I agree with you that the focus right now ought to be the economy, law & order and corruption. I can't speak for the others but these are exactly my primary concern.

In Malaysia as in other heterogeneous countries in the world, racial, religious and to a smaller degree, cultural issues will always be there. Thus, the concept of One Malaysia just does not cut it with me. Anyway, if my memory serves me right, the one nation or one race concept had been thrown out of the window many, many years ago due to its failure. It was replaced by the melting pot or rainbow nation concepts to celebrate diversity. Obama made one nation concept fashionable again during his presidential election. However, cracks are beginning to show even in good, old America. Just look at Obama's and Gov. of Massachusetts present skirmish with the Police Unions in Massachusetts over the arrest of a black Harvard professor by a white police sergeant. Nelson Mandela's rainbow nation has also failed in South Africa.

Malaysia has to come up with its own concept that is specifically tailored to the needs of Malaysians. But as of now, I'll be happy if the ruling and opposition parties just focus on the economy, law & order and corruption.


pakbelalang said...

1.The "One Malaysia Concept" is a very vague concept.

2. That is why the concept is being ridiculed and manipulated by the opposition parties.

3.The oppositions are aware that the rakyat are rather confused with the concept and take full advantage to further confused the minds of the rakyat for their political gain by giving all kinds of sarcastic interpretations.

4. Instead of the concept being as simple as ABC to understand, it has now become a controversial issue and now you have to have several forums to discuss about the concept.

5.In my opinion, without the slightest shadow of doubt this concept propagated by Najib is certainly a political slogan.

6.This new slogan is a common practice and an "old" political game to reflect a new leadership thinking of Najib's new administration.

7. Najib is applying a new "marketing strategy" to promote and introduce his new stlye of running the government in order to revitalise the already dwindling popularity of Pak Lah's "haprak and HP6" old administration he is inheriting.

8. So in order to create attention and awareness of his new administration he has to develop a "product or slogan", something that will generate "new" interest among the rakyat and make it more exciting.

9. Najib is hoping that with this "One Malaysia " slogan will help him extend the "product life cycle" curve to a higher level, provided if he manages to position his new product concept correctly and market it at the right time and place.

10. Whatever it is I think for the last 100 days, his "marketing campaign" seems to be working quite well.

11. He needs to continuously adjust his campaign to make it successful.

12. It will be a long haul marketing campaign until PRU13 and he must always be concious of his competitors strategy to derail his effort.

Nik said...


I truly believe that the opinion that you presented reflected that of the general public. Our utmost thanks to you for trying.

At the rate the sloganeering is proceeding, they will eventually run out of Slogans. Then What? Recycle the old ones again??

I have no doubt that those employed by the PM are trained Advert Specialists... But DS Najib should realise that pronouncing a policy is not the same as selling Coca Cola or Croc Shoes (of which I am no fan of!).

We are not getting anywhere if all we do is go from slogan to slogan whilst the implementers watch and do nothing (some may even do the opposite in spite of all the slogans...).

raja2u said...

YBhg Dato'


1 Malaysia is indeed a very interesting topic to discuss. Do we honestly know what exactly it is all about . Even our PM said it is not all encompassing because certain provisions of our Constitution and policies need to be safeguarded for harmonious and wellbeing of the nation as a whole.

So 1 Malaysia will have to be clearly spelt out first ,that is by listing all the components of what is 1 Malaysia all about or listing out all the exclusions.

As a Malaysian I only want to know who make up the Federal Government and the State Governments. There should not be a BN or PR Federal or State Governments.The Federal Governtment should be professional and not selective in dealing with the State Governments.The Prime Minister should be the Prime Minister for the whole of Malaysia and all Malaysians should be treated equally without considering their racial , religious ,or political standing. The same apply to the State leaderships.After 52 years of independence we should be mature enough and not to be taken for a ride by anybody.We have to understand our role whether as a citizen ,people representative or the government.Only when we can put aside our political affiliation and act as a citizen of Malaysia can we love the nation and fellow Malaysians and whole heartedly contribute to make this nation of ours great.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain
Petaling Jaya.

pakbelalang said...

Just to highlight the meaning of "Walk the Talk" so that people would understand what you mean.

Nordin Selat said...

Dear Dato.

Konsep 1Malaysia Najib merupakan double edge sword.Nanti takut senjata makan Tuan.

Konsep 1Malaysia lebeh sesuai untok DAP dan Keadilan.Nampaknya akhir ini Keadilan lebeh mirip dengan 1Malaysia,terutamanya dengan kemasokan S.Subramaniam dan Chua.

Susah bagi orang Cina dan India nak percaya dengan UMNO kerana rekord UMNO yang lepas amat lah burok.

Di Kelantan tahun 1971 dia telah memperkudakan PAS dengan untok kekuatannya.

DiSabah dia juga telah memperkudakan Berjaya demi untok menghapuskan USNO dan untok ia menguasai Sabah dengan kemasokan UMNO.

DiMalaysia MCA,MIC dan Gerakan sedar yang selama ini mereka merupakan kuda tungangan UMNO.Mereka pun cuba menyelamatkan diri.

Najib pun didalam UMNO maseh tak kukoh kerana ramai pemimpin UMNO fedup dengan Rosmah yang mencampor dengan terus pentabiran Najib.

Saya ingat UMNO salepas 50 tahun telah tidak relevant lagi.Ramai gulongan Muda telah tidak segan2 menolaknya.

saya ingat elok konsep ini di tukar menjadi "Satu Tuan satu Malaysia."

pakbelalang said...

Nik Aziz Willing To Forget Political Fued With Federal Government

KOTA BAHARU, July 25 (Bernama) -- Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said he was prepared to forget the political fued and make peace with the federal government in the interest of the people and Muslim unity.


"Walk the talk", Tok Guru!

Apa amalan dan prisip utama Nik Aziz sebagai pemimpin Islam?

Haprak dan HP6 !!

Tidak consistent. Serupa macam Pak Lah. FLIP FLOP !!!!!!

berasiam said...

Salam Datuk AKJ

Slogan yang bagus seharusnya disusuli dengan kesungguhan untuk menterjemahkannya dalam bentuk polisi dan seterusnya pelaksanaan. Jika 1Malaysia disebut-sebut sedangkan tidak kelihatan usaha untuk menterjemahkannya sebagai polisi, jangan salahkan rakyat yang meraguinya sebagai pemanis bibir semata-mata. Sejak 1Malaysia diwarwarkan, terbina sedikit harapan supaya kerajaan melakukan sesuatu yang konkrit dalam pembinaan negara Malaysia. Polarisasi kaum yang kian melebar harus diberikan sentuhan khusus dan di antara langkah yang diharapkan oleh sebahagian masyarakat ialah pelaksanaan satu jenis sekolah. Selagi kerajaan meneruskan sekolah pelbagai aliran yang diguna pakai selama ini, jurang perkauman akan terus mendalam. Bukankah sekolah pelbagai aliran sepertimana yang terdapat selama ini mirip kepada dasar apahtheid di Afrika Selatan yang dirobohkan oleh kepemimpinan Nelson Mandela? Yang berbezanya, tidak ada penguatkuasaan larangan namun hasilnya tetap sama iaitu pembahagian kaum menurut aliran sekolah yang diikuti. Selagi kerajaan tidak bersungguh-sungguh memulakan usaha menghapuskan aliran sekolah yang berbeza, 1Malaysia hanyalah slogan kosong yang bertujuan untuk menunjukkan perbezaan di atas kertas dan papan tanda semata-mata. Tindakan kerajaan membenarkan kembali pengajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa ibunda adalah langkah ke belakang yang menyongsang daripada slogan 1Malaysia yang dipromosikan. Benarlah isu ekonomi perlu diberikan tumpuan pada masa ini tetapi isu yang melibatkan kesan jangka panjang seperti pendidikan perlu terus ditangani untuk mencapai matlamat sebagaimana yang dislogankan.

Anonymous said...
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el-Barokhas said...

'..there cannot be genuine unity if economic growth is not accompanied by fair distribution'

Simply said and to the point, unlike the way the government tried to justify the NEP. It was trying too hard to put too much emphasis on the correlation between poverty and ethnicity such that it appeared to be an instrument to favour the Malays at the expense of the others.

They could have just attacked poverty where they occured, pure and simple. The end result could have been better since the Malays constituted the largest number of the poor. Further, it would not have clouded the issue by racial undertones which easily excited primeval responses from each ethnic component of our society.

And Malays, being the world's foremost gentlemen that they are, had been receiving and will continue to receive the short end of the bargain.

The slogan 1Malaysia, if the new administration is really desperately in need of one, does not sound like a genuine piece, not after coming on the heels of such commercial jewels as 1Utama, etc.

Anonymous said...

Barangkali negara kita perlu ada sebuah tempat, macam muzium, untuk kumpul semua slogan, tagline dan moto yang telah dicipta di negara ini bagi tatapan orang ramai. Barangkali juga, satu kajian atau analisis patut dibuat tentang semua slogan ini. Universiti juga patut adakan kursus pengajian slogan memandangkan slogan begitu penting di negara kita.

-- Balanglama

saji said...

Salam Dato',

Bagi saya, jika konsep 1 Malaysia yang seadanya itu dikaji dari sudut pengurusan projek secara sinektiks, ia merupakan dokumen terma rujukan pelaksanaan projek yang dinamakan 'beief projek' yang sedang disediakan oleh pihak perunding arkitek atau PMC bersama2pemilik projeknya.

Sekadar nota kaki, 'brief projek', antara lain, mengandungi penjelasan dan penetapan mengenai skop kerja dan tanggungjawab pihak pemilik projek, disatu pihak, dan di pihak lain, kumpulan juruperunding yang diketuai oleh arkitek atau PMC yang sediakan dalam bentuk apa yang dipanggil kehendak2 umum dan khusus pemilik projek sebagai terma rujukan masing2.

Di mana yang dimakudkan kehendak2 umum pemilik projek ialah, kehendak2 biasa pemilik projek melibatkan bentuk seni bina yang diinginkan serta sasaran pencapian piawai projek yang meliputi aspek kualiti, kos dan tempoh siap.

Manakala kehendak2 khusus pemilik projek ialah, sasaran pencapaian projek yang dianggap luar biasa atau sukar dipenuhi seperti permulaan awal kerja pembinaan atau memendekan tempoh pembinaan, mencantumkan beberapa projek kecil untuk menjadi projek besar atau mega dan pengelibatan beberapa syarikat pemilik projek dalam kerja pembinaan dsb.

Maksud saya, kedudukan kehendak2 pemilik projek tersebut dan konsep 1 Malysia ketika ini masih dalam bentuk 'perkataan2' yang bukan sahaja tidak semua orang mampu memahaminya, malah akan ditafsirkan dalam pelbagai bentuk.

Yang mana, dalam dalam kes kehendak2 umum dan khusus pemilik projek tersebut, ia hanya mampu difahami oleh semua orang setelah pihak arkitek menterjemahkannya kepada bentuk lukisan2 konsep reka bentuk dsb.

pakbelalang said...

Betul cakap Nordin Selat tu.
Najib kena jaga bini dia, Rosmah. Dah melalut !! Ramai dah meluat dengan dia. Saya dah berulang kali buat komen tentang Rosmah. Rosmah is really a liability to Najib "politically". Saya dah pun mengadu tentang hal Rosmah kat laman supaya Tun nasihat Najib jangan bagi Rosmah over-exposed herself as if she is running the government. Seolah-olah dia tu menteri cabinet.

Rosmah, will you please listen, listen and listen !!! Take heed what the people are saying about you if you want your husband to survive as Prime Minister and yourself as the "First Lady".

We know you are an intelligent lady just like Hillary Clinton but Hillary never before get herself involved in the affair of her husband's administration.

Now Hillary is the Scretary of State to Obama's administration. She can now talk with authority.

Likewise Obama's wife, Michelle. She always remains low profile as a first lady and seldom make statements.

Come on Rosmah. Sedarlah diri. People don't really appreciate what you are doing. There is a limit to your term of reference as a first lady, you know !!!

syukri A. said...

Saya menjemput PakBelalang berkunjung ke Kelantan. Kalau berkesempatan, hadirlah di kuliah pagi Jumaat disampaikan oleh Tok Guru.Diharapkan beliau mendapat sedikit ilmu yang bermanfaat dan pengalaman yang berbeza.

Ryzal72 said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Kadir dan semua,
Saya orang bendang, orang kampung. Pagi-pagi sebelum kebendang pekena secakir kopi di warung tepi jalan. Bila bersembang kami hanya tahu mahu insentif untuk kami bagi membesarkan anak yang diharapkan dapat peluang kerja yg lebih baik dalam persekitaran ekonomi yang baik. Saya tak faham konsep-konsep begini. Tiada ka ...apa ke nama tu...slogan....yang lebih mudah. Kesianlah kami....kami tak belajaq tinggi....kami jadi keliru. Pada hemat kami orang-orang kampung ni....apa yang penting ialah bentangkanlah PLAN TAKTIKAL EKONOMI YANG MUDAH YG TIADA KONSEP-KONSEP BOMBASTIK. Too many slogans/concepts can show that we are brilliants and great but to whom?. And remember sometimes its will killing ourself silently. Looked at Pak Lah......Err, Tun dulu pakai slogan apa yea?. Tak ingat la pulak, tapi yang pasti kita semua-org kampung ka, orang bandar ke, orang sabah ka, orang kelantan ka tahu apa yang kita nak capai pada 2020 hehehhee...

saji said...

Salam Dato' dan balanglama,

Saya cadangkan Prof Dato' Muhamad Abu Bakar di UM mengetuai kajian slogan 1Malaysia kerana pengalaman beliau mengkaji dan menulis mengenai slogan Islam yang terkenal iaitu, ISLAM SEBAGAI 1 CARA HIDUP.

wishediwaswrong said...

In 1Malaysia administration, one thing, so far, had been consistent: A lot of events revolved around the First Lady.

Hardly a day passed without her appearing in the media for some function or other.

And within the few months of the present administration, two top-notched Singapore teams had paid curtesy calls on her. Do our neighbours know a thing or two that we don't?

Or, does '1' in 1Malaysia denote something more than meets the eye?

dinturtle said...

Salam Dato'

Setuju dengan dato'. Saya dah muak dengan slogan2 tiap kali ada pemimpin baru. Belum campur slogan2 baru bagi kementerian2 yang dapat menteri baru.

Agak2 berapa juta dibelanjakan untuk promosi setiap slogan ?

Malaysia DarulSlogan !

Zainuddin Haji Sulaiman said...


I am obliged to give my opinion regarding this 1 Malaysia: Walk the Talk

What I want to stress here, is that why we as "rakyat" cannot change our attitude and our leaders as well, either the ruling party or the opposition party to work for the progress of our nation.

Maybe all of you are wondering what I am going to say here.

What I am trying to say, is that do not dare to critise of anything if you have never been experiencing it.

For example, we as people must try hard or harder to read inside our ruling government's leaders first before trying to critisize of what Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is trying to do.

For example, I have learned something from my nation building course or "kursus bina negara" which I have attended a long time ago about ten years ago in Kem Bina Negara Pasir Panjang, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, which are dated from 20th to 25th of March of 1998.

I really learn a lot from the course, but from many lessons which I gained there, this is one thing that I think is related to what I mentioned above, about trying hard or harder to read or imagine what our ruling government's leaders are thinking.

I want to ask all the visitors to this website, are they, ruling government's leaders want to spoil our nation or otherwise.

The lesson that I learned from the nation building course is that our leaders, I mean the ruling party leaders can foresee what will happen in the next ten years to come or twenty years to come or more than that, but the problem is, they do not have the language or method to deliver their vision or idea/"gagasan" in order to make their people understand what is inside their beautiful mind.

Now, have all of you got of what I want to say.

Okay, let's see what I have been experiencing in the nation building course, which I finally have made decision of what I have explained above of our leaders can envisage what will happen in the future.

I mean, what is the module that I have undergone.
In the afternoon, we all the members of the group included me, are blinfold but at the same time aren't dumb/mute.
All of us, walk in the dark cannot see of anything, because have been blindfolded but keep talking and nagging among ourselves.
Our action are similar to our nation people who keep criticizing to our leaders but at the same time we forget we do not foresee anything. We only know to talk and to nag but we not ever see or foresee what is happening or going to happen.

In the module, my group leader are not blindfolded but he/she is made dumb/mute, because to illustrate how our leaders are facing during their leadership, I mean while they are ruling their "rakyat"/people. His/her situation can be related to our ruling government's leaders where they can envisage of what will happen to our nation if we do not have IT know how, if we do not master the foreign language especially English language, if we do not have the technology in automobiles, if the bumis expertise or skills in enterpreneurship or commerce or business aren't par as the foreigners or at least the chinese in our own country. But they only can tell some part of it, the more in-depth or the more details or what is inside their minds or brain can only be comprehended after we the "rakyat" or the people further it/their ideas/"gagasan".

I want to finish my explanation of the module. In the module, our group leader is in the front of us with rope in his/her hand, but he/she cannot tell or direct vocally to his/her members if his/her members are going to fell off from the small bridge, for instance. We, all the members, since we cannot see, whenever somebody in front of us screaming because he/she step on the big holes or whenever he/she's going to slip or fell from the bridge we also screaming because of scaring(scaring due to the lack of knowledge)

Dato' and all the bloggers and all the surfers.
That is my response to the topic of "1Malaysia: "Walk the Talk""

Man Memali said...

Shabas TG Datok Nik Aziz,

Sunggoh berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul.

Pengalaman TG Datok pada akhir 70an sangatlah pahit bagi TG Datok. Mahfuz, Sallahudin Ayub dll tak pernah merasai sebegitu.

Wajarlah kalau TG Datok keberatan untuk bersama UMNO buat kali kedua.

Tapi TG Datok masih tidak menutup pintunya terus. Dia masih sanggup berbincang.


Anonymous said...


There must be something unique about our PM's wife. I dare not saya magical or evil. Even here in Datuk' blog when we are discussing 1Malaysia, she becomes 1 Malaysian to get the most mentions.

She gets more publicity in the MSM than many ministers, Sultans and even Agong. That is a fact. Everyday I open my newspapers, I see color pictures of her everywhere.

I think editors are more afraid of her than they respect her husband and other ministers. This is also the way the MSM sabotages the PM,like they did with AAB when they gave so much face and space to KJ,Kamal and Jeanne over more important and newsworthy people and events.

One commentator said even Singapore leaders called on her. THat is okay because in Singapore, wives are important too. Lee Kuan Yew and his sons rule Singapore with their wives. But that is also okay because Singapore is a government of anak beranak and bini like during AAB's time in Malaysia.

But in Malaysia kerajaan anak menantu AAB caused the BN to lose badly in PRU12. In Singapore it's ok because there's only one party, PAP. Maybe the SMS joke that Malaysian men are not so afraid of H1N1 but are more afraid B1N1 (bini) is correct.


Ijam said...

I believe 1Malaysia can success. But, all Malaysia citizens must to sacrifice.

abikhsan said...

I Malaysia.... "Pencapaian Diutamakan Rakyat Didahulukan..." Yang rakyat dapat:-
a. Tambang bas awam naik
b. Tambang bas sekolah naik
c. Tambang bas express naik
d. Tambang bas awam naik
e. Tambang teksi naik
f. Premium insurans naik
g. Bil elektrik NAK NAIK
h. Harga barang masih tak turun
i. - isi sendiri-

p/s - Rakyat mana yang diutamakan. Buat la forum ke, dialog ke, poster, banner, lagu.... ada pemimpin kisah bila dapur rakyat tak berasap...????

saji said...

Salam Dato'


Komen saya, hanya yang faham dan buat-buat faham yang akan menyokongnya. Begitulah Islam Hadhari.

saji said...

Sdr Roti Planta,

Slogan merupakan cara mudah dan cepat golongan kemanusiaan menonjolkan idea atau pemikirannya. Malah itulah yang dilakukan oleh golongan ulamak kita.

Sama ada sasaranya faham atau tidak serta boleh diterjemahkan kepada realiti yang diinginkan atau tidak itu soal lain.

Yang penting bunyinya cantik, senang diingat sampai bila-bila dan mudah dilambangkan. Seperti slogan 1 Malaysia yang dilambangkan dengan no 1 yang dihiasi dengan bendera Malaysia itu.

Dalam Islam, slogan adalah lambang atau Arabnya Syiar.

abdullahngah said...

saya setuju satu malaysia merupakan slogan.

Sesetengah mengatakan slogan itu cantik dan menarik.

Demikian perkataan rakyat didahulukan dan presatasi diutamakan.

Saya berani mengatakan rakyat didahulukan mampus dan prestasi diutamakan untuk kroninya.

mengapa saya kata demikian? pertama rakyat hari ini telah dibebaskan dengan insuran body kereta dan motosikal yang teramat tinggi miskipun cukai jalan rendah.

Ada munasabah rakyat didahulukan mampus.

Bagi saya slogan yang dianggap menarik oleh sesetengah yang mengampu itu hanya janji kosong yang dipernah diumumkan oleh mana mana perdana menteri sebelum ini.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad pernah membebaskan ISA ketika menjawat jawatan timbalan perdana menteri yang membuat Datuk Seri Hussein Onn tidak puashati dengan tindakan itu.

Kini Datuk Seri Najib Razak pula yang ikur jejak langkah itu.Memang betul ramai yang memuji, malah tiada sesiapa yang marah.

tetapi apa pula dengan pengumunan yang dibuat sejak menjawat jawatan perdana menteri pada 3 April.

sejak hari pertama Najib dikatakan terus bekerja kuat.

Antaranya memperkenal 1 Malaysia, rakyat didahulukan dan preastasi diutamakan, membebaskan 13 orang tahan ISA, melakukan tinjauan mesra kejalan Petaling,pengsapura Vista angkasa kampung Kerichi,jalan Tun Sambanthan di Brickfields,jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,jalan misjid India pudu raya pasar besar Kota Konabalu, kampung Bintawa di Kuching dan pasar malam sibu.

Yang paling menarik ialah pengumuman kebenaran penyewa perumahan rakyat di wilayah persekutuan membeli rumah yang disewa jadi hak milik.

Sesiapa yang naik memang suka membuat pelbagai janji, tetapi janji hanya tinggal janji.

Sebagai contoh, Mantan menteri besar Terengganu Tan Sri wan Mokhtar Ahmad, pada tahun 1978 pernah berjanji untuk memberi hak milik tanah pinggir dan mantan menteri besar Perak Tan Sri Ghazali Jawi pernah berjanji dengan rakyat bahawa kampung tersusun akan diberi hak milik.

Tetapi hingga sekarang ini janji itu tinggal janji. Rakyat Terengganu diberi hak milik semantara dan rakyat perak yang diberi hak semantara sehingga hari ini kekal status qua yang sama.

Demikian juga dengan janji Datuk Seri Mohd najib Razak pada rakyat di seluruh negara yang mendapat kepercayaan rakyat pelbagai kaum.

Kajian yang dibuat oleh merdeka center bahawa apa yang dilakukan oleh perdana menteri itu mendapat sokongan sebanyak 74 peratus dari orang melayu, 74 peratus dari orang India dan 48 peratus dari orang China.

Bermakna semua kaum di negara ini berpuashati pada janji yang dibuat oleh Najib.

Ini dikatakan UMNO BN mendapat sokongan semula rakyat dan dijangka akan pulih dalam musim pilihanraya akan datang.

pakbelalang said...

Dr M says Pas insincere in wanting to work with Federal govt

MUNYONYO (Uganda):

Tun Dr Mahathir said the best solution to the problem was to have a good government that had the people's support.
On assumptions by some parties that he was a racist leader because he was seen as fighting for a certain community as posted in his blog, he said he had long been labelled as a racist leader.
"Before I became prime minister, some viewed me as an ultra Malay. But when I became prime minister, I found the other communities did not complain.
"When I was prime minister, they received their rights. Whatever views I post in the blog are facts. If there are facts that I gave that are incorrect, prove it...whatever I said were facts," he said.
Tun Dr Mahathir said it was a fact that there was a racial imbalance in terms of wealth in the country.
"If necessary, this can be audited. For example, under the New Economic Policy (NEP) we have succeeded in producing more doctors among the Malays to create balance...what's wrong with that? If they say I'm racist...they can actually be called racists too," he added.


Well said, Tun. They simply refuse to accept the facts and the reality. It all boils down to greed, selfish and not willing to share. What more they want? They have literally everything under the sun and yet it is not enough for them.

It is time for them to reflect and be sincere and stop being HYPOCRITE !!

As what former President Bush said, " Either you are with us or you don't, period." Make no mistake about it !!

Anonymous said...

The real meaning of walk the talk:

First, don't talk rubbish. Example: we don't want the new taxi fare to be a burden to low income group. And we increase the taxi price because it is about time we do it.
(even a taxi driver can say this sort of things)

Second, think before you talk.
Example: It is not true that the govenment is not doing anything about the haze. We have many meetings with other asean counterparts this year.
(if you don't have results to show, just keep quite).

Third, plan your thinking, plan your execution, monitor your results, and lets the results do the talking. Habis cerita.


thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth said...

Salaam, Dato'

What exactly do you mean by "fair distribution"?

Define this phrase and we will have the basis for a logical and pragmatic discussion.

And by referring to your "fellow PENAL members", are you making one gigantic Freudian slip? Are you even implying that the said members are products of the penal system or should become targets of the penal system?

Or is it just an innocent typo?

saji said...

Salam Pakbelalang,

Dalam ajaran Islam, komponen AKIDAH dan AKHLAK Islam wajib konsistent.

Sebaliknya, Komponen ajaran SYARIAH Islam yang dikategorikan sebagai boleh diijtihadkan mahupun digalakkan yang meliputi bidang muamalat atau sosio-ekonomi, politik dsb tidak wajib dikonsistentkan, dalam erti kata keharusannya mengenai sesuatu perbuatan, tindakan umat Islam dsb yang menyentuh bidang2 tersebut masing2 boleh diubah2 atau disesuaikan mengikut kehendak atau tuntutan sesuatu masa/ zaman, keadaan dan tempat, dengan syarat perubahan2 yang dilakukan itu adalah demi menjaga kepentingan dan kemaslahatan umat Islam, khasnya.

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

Allow me to share some excerpts taken from a book written by Steve Cone -- "Powerlines: Words That Sell Brands, Grip Fans, and Sometimes Change History".

I think these excerpts have some valuable lessons that can be learnt:

"Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?" -- Ronald Reagan, 1980

"The 1976 election had been a close one between Democrat Jimmy Carter and Republican Gerald Ford, who had become president in 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace over the Watergate mess. Now, four years later, the country was in a different kind of mess. By 1979, infaction was out of control, mortgage rates were sky high, and Carter's ratings were so low that the joke around Washington was that Carter's approval ratings were lower than the prime interest rate. Plus Carter, in televised speeches, constantly reminded America about its "crisis of confidence." To tell a nation whose core value is a strong sense of optimism that it needed a collective self-help session to "find itself" was just plain dumb."

"Enter the Republican candidate: former Hollywood actor and governor of California, Ronald Reagan."

"Reagan was an optimist from head to toe who could not and would not focus on being down and out in mind or spirit. He understood exactly what Carter's weak points were: blaming everybody and everything for the poor health of the economy and the supposed mindset of Americans. For example, Carter answered the problem of high winter heating costs by appearing on nationwide television in a V-neck sweater and rather strongly suggested that Americans turn down their thermostats and "sweater up." Not exactly what the populace wanted to hear from the most powerful leader in the world.
Reagan hit his stride and, in hindsight, knocked Carter out of the race during their single live televised debate on October 28, 1980. The debate centered on two issues: the state of the economy and national security, the major issues debated by candidates ever since."

"Reagan used his poise and acting acumen to great effect every time Carter attacked his lack of experience as a world leader or his simplistic views on righting the sickly economy. After each of Carter's verbal assaults, Reagan would simply shake his head a bit and with a chuckle quip: "There you go again!" Millions of Americans had the same exact thought. It was a brilliant powerline and maybe the first political-putdown powerline to capture the fancy of the entire nation."

"The knockout blow was Reagan's summation at the end of the debate:
Are you better off than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less employment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is safe, that we're as strong as we were four years ago?"

"Reagan went on to say in a deliberate and understated way that if the viewer agreed that America was not as well off as before, Reagan offered a very clear choice in his vision and commitment."

"The line "Are you better off than your were four years ago?" was so well received that, immediately after the debate, the Reagan camp adopted it as their slogan for the closing weeks of the campaign."

"Reagan won in a landslide that stunned the pundits in both parties, pulling in 489 electoral votes to Carter's forty-nine."

Now, I wonder whether 1Malaysia slogan would give the people of Malaysia a better deal as compared to what we had four, five or ten years ago?

Thank you

Azman Mohd Isa

Thibbs_kid said...


Yang ni org Cina ckp Mandarin, kita melayu mulut melopong je la..dia maki mak bapak kita..kita diam je la..xpaham. Nak kerja skrg kena tau bahasa Cina sbb tokeh semua Cina...jadi Melayu terpaksa kerja Gomen atau merempit...nak beli simen, batu, pasir, besi, gula, kayu, tepung, ikan, sayur, ayam...semua Cina control.

Kawasan perumahan baru sedah dijadikan new Chinese Resettlement area. Sebab tu dia orang jual dengan harga mahal. Dia org tau Melayu tak mampu beli walaupun dah diberi 7% diskaun utk Bumi.

90% produk Halal M'sia yang diusahakan oleh Cina, Melayu cuma tolong dapat Sijil dari JAKIM.

Kalau pasal kaum, DAP, Gerakan, MCA boleh bersatu. Issue Islam dan agama, Melayu sanggup keluarkan Fatwa mengkafirkan sesama sendiri sehingga sanggup kata Tuhan & Rasul pun mencarut...

Jadi kesimpulannya...apa yang nak dibanggakan jadi Melayu ni? Nothing special pun...cuma ada Raja, Sultan dan Islam. Sampai bila la nak banggakan sangat dgn Sultan & Raja...? Bila kaum lain dapat control negara ni...habis la semua tu...Raja, Sultan, Bahasa Melayu dan agama Islam cuma tinggal kenangan je la. Time tu baru la Melayu nak mengamuk..jadi may 13 lagi sekali... baru padan muka bangsa ku sendiri..

Tapi semua ni belum terlambat..oleh yang demikian, bersatulah bangsaku dahulu sebelum nak ada niat bersatu dengan bangsa lain.
1 Malaysia ni cuma satu gimik je nak tutup kelemahan kerajaan BN.

pakbelalang said...

syukri A,

Insya'allah! Saya akan kunjungi Kelantan. Takkan Lee Kuan Yew sahaja dapat kunjungi Kelantan. !!
Saya memang teringin juga nak dengar kuliah Tok Guru. Apa keistemewaannya.

Maklum sahajalah saya orang Johor, mungkin pandangan saya terhadap Tok Guru ada bias sikit kerana tak pernah dapat mendengar isi kandongan kuliah beliau.

Di Johor pun ada ramai juga Tok Guru memberikan kuliah Jumaat. Tapi di Johor kita tak panggil mereka Tok Guru. Biasanya kita panggil Cik Gu je.
Cik Gu-Cik Gu ugama negeri Johor pun ada yang berkelayakan seperti Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Mungkin perbezaannya ialah dari segi penyampaian dan pendekatan tentang hal agama Islam. Walallahualam!

pakbelalang said...


I take note of your comment. Thanks.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sdr Teadrinker,

1. Thank you for pointing out the typo in the concluding paragraph. I have made correction.

2. I can't say with certainty what is fair distribution. But it cannot be fair when the minority has a lot more than the majority.

Thank you.

Pangdam merbok said...



One Malaysia slogan is incomplete because even one simple problem of having ONE SCHOOL for all races still unresolved.The Chinese and the Indians are very upset and angry if anybody talk about abolishing their vernacular school.

The Government must get its priority right first before embarking into 1 Malaysia .

pak mat tempe said...

Salam Dato',

Pada saya slogan itu tak ada salahnya asalkan tujuan dan matlamatnya baik. Setiap pemimpin yang baru naik akan menunjukan sesuatu yang baru lain dari pemimpin sebelumnya.

Yang menjadi masalah adalah penerimaan rakyat terhadap konsep 1Malaysia itu. Adakah bermaksud semua rakyat mempunyai hak yang sama dalam semua perkara . Jika ia, ini tidak ada beza dengan konsep malaysian malaysia yang diperjuangkan oleh salah satu parti yang diperkenalkan oleh LKY yang ditentang kuat oleh orang melayu sehingga terpaksa berpisah dengan Singapura. sedangkan Perlembagaan kita sendiri memperuntukan tentang batas2 hak tersebut.

Walaubagaimanapun konsep ini baik jika ia mengarah kepada perpaduan kaum, sikap toleransi yang tinggi dalam menghormati hak2 yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan, sikap tolong menolong antara kaum, tidak mengungkit hak2 bumiputra yang telah dipersetujui didalam social contract dengan konsep saya bagi awak satu (kerakyatan secara blok), awak bagi saya satu(hak istimewa) masalahnya satu pehak dah ambil bahagian dia tetapi selepas 52 tahun merdeka generasi baru mungkin terlepas pandang, atau pura2 tidak tau dan mengungkit perkara tersebut sebagai diskriminasi.

Oleh itu konsep 1Malaysia ini hendak lah diperjelaskan lagi oleh kerajaan dan menekankan serta merangkumi sikap toleransi didalam menghormati hak2 didalam perlembagaan dan hendaklah jangan disalah tafsir sebagai persaman dari segala2nya kerana boleh mengundang rasa kurang senang puak majoriti. Ingatlah pesanan pemimpin kita yang lahir sebelum merdeka yang terlibat dalam proses kemerdekaan dan tahu pahit maungnya didalam menyatukan rakyat berbilang kaum sehingga digubal perlembagaan negara sedemikian rupa demi mencapai perpaduan. Tidak lupa kita pada jasa Tunku, Tun Razak dan lain2 yang berpandangan jauh untuk kelangsungan pemerentahn dinegara ini dalam keadaan stabil dan aman. Apabila Tun Mahathir bersuara baca lah dengan hati yang jernih tanpa prasangka apa yang ditulisnya. Itu adalah pendapat yang jujur lahir dari isi hatinya. Beliau layak bercakap bukan kerana beliau seorang bekas PM tetapi beliau adalah generasi yang menyaksikan perjalanan sejarah negara terutama sekali tentang hak2 yang telah dipersetujui oleh semua bangsa didalam Malaysia ini. Beliau seorang yang berani menyatakan fakta sebab beliau tidak ada kepentingan politik lagi cuma mengingatkan rakyat kita supaya melihat kepada fakta dan elakan dibuai sentimen untuk memelihara perpaduan.

Sekian , Wassalam

pakbelalang said...

Change Warrior Day Campaign Approach - Rosmah

KUALA LUMPUR, July 27 (Bernama) -- The Warrior Day campaign approach should be changed to prevent it from being associated with a donation drive or begging for alms, said Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the prime minister.

She said the donation drive approach would not reflect the actual message intended.


Another statement from One Malaysia "Secretary of State" Hillary Rosmah Mansor !! kah, kah, kah !!

dato Shamsul said...

Dato .

This 1Malaysia policy was announce by Najib without consulting the cabinet and UMNO/BN Supreme council,only Rosmah know.A lot of confusion on the ground.The civil servant ,the UMNO.MIC.MCA,the teacher,the penghulu are having different intrepetation.Meanwhile the goverment propanganda organ BTN have to adjust their orientation ang programm 180 degree.

Good luck to you Najib and Rosmah.My friend at Media Prima have to take penadol everynight.Everyday he have to spin the news.from Manek Urai to Teoh death to street crime and new economic policy.

sujini said...

Salam Hormat Datuk Hj A Kadir,

Eventhough your speech was short,I think PM Datuk Seri Najib got the message.

Yesterday,27 July,infront of the Civil Servants and Ministers,at PICC,Putrajaya,he qouted, saying..."saya insaf...."

He is going to "Walk the Talk" by setting the foll:-

1. 6 National Key Result Areas( NKRA)

2. 6 Lead Ministers appointed, one Minister for each NKRA.

3. Date Targetted: End 2010

Ok, fine.

Let us all draw up a score list to evaluate the "Walk".
The goals to be achieved are stated in the local daily today.

Next,let us see the Govt.'s 2010 Budget.
Will it go to these 6NKRAs?
If it does, is the amount suffice?

Now if everything else is ready, as implied by the PM,we should not tolerate any excuses along the "Walk" by the Ministers when they keep changing their goal posts.

"Kata mesti dikota".
"Lembu berpegang pada tali, manusia berpegang pada janji".
"Rumah sudah siap, pahat berbunyi".

Thank you.

Datuk,if it's not a trouble,could you help in producing a list of these goals set in the 6NKRAs.We want to KPI Datuk Seri Najib's Admin.You said so, or rather you typed it in one of your postings. Let us not forget that.

eddy said...

Salam Dato'.

1. I totally agree with you that there can never be genuine unity if there is no fair distribution of wealth and yes it cannot be fair if the minority has a lot more than the majority.

2. I totally agree with you that some components of the economy were already exclusively franchised to the non-Muslims long before the New Economic Policy was implemented. These included gambling, alcoholic beverages and other non-halal and non-Syariah compliance businesses; I would also like to add a few more BIG components namely, distribution of sugar and flour and in heavy construction like construction of bridges and highways, ports and airports and also dredging.

3. Your point on the deaths in custody received different public and official treatment when members of the different races were involved. I agree Datuk also the intensity of response directly proportional based on which political party the deceased were a member of. Also Not just death in custody Dato', I think everyone remembers about the purportedly squatting Chinese woman incident highlighted by the DAP which almost broke into a diplomatic spat between Malaysia and China and turn out later that the woman is actually a Malay. DAP kept real quiet after that no apologies from them or any words of sympathy to the poor Malay woman. How so arrogant they are,I shiver to think if they are in Government after PRU13.

Betul Dato', this country needs Good, capable and decisive leadership:

a. For Good economic management;
b. To Guarantee law and order;
c. To have the political will to Fight corruption and all forms of power abuse; and
d. To walk the talk. Kota apa yang dikata!

PM Najib tenure after PRU13 depends on it.

Anonymous said...


Pakbelalang Said;

"Betul cakap Nordin Selat tu.
Najib kena jaga bini dia, Rosmah. Dah melalut !! Ramai dah meluat dengan dia. Saya dah berulang kali buat komen tentang Rosmah. Rosmah is really a liability to Najib "politically". Saya dah pun mengadu tentang hal Rosmah kat laman"

Saya langsung tak bersetuju dengan Pakbelalang....

Rosmah adalah "Perfect Lady" untuk Memimpin UMNO. UMNO perlu pemimpin yang Kuat, Tegas serta Yakin Diri. Rosmah boleh memenuhi semua kelayakan yang perlu untuk memimpin UMNO....

Joe Black

pakbelalang said...
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pakbelalang said...
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pakbelalang said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MANTOL said...

Sikap bangsawan terdapat pada semua kaum.

Sebagai permulaan, saya beri 2 contoh.

Bila dah kaya, sekolah yang dulunya tempat si kaya menuntut ilmu sudah tidak lagi dirasakan layak untuk anak2 sendiri. Bahasa Melayu, Tamil, Cina dan lain-lain yang bukan bahasa Inggeris dianggap boleh membodohkan. Pelbagai alasan dan andaian diberi.

Bila dah jadi PM, parti yang membawanya ke martabat itu telah menjadi tidak layak untuk mendapat keistimewaan.


Anonymous said...

Salam Dato'

Ni semua bagi saya hanya retorik orang politik. Penuh dengan slogan. Apa pencapaian slogan pemimpin utama negara sebelum ini? BERSIH, CEKAP DAN AMANAH...dah memberangsangkan sangat ke pencapaiannya? CEMERLANG, GEMILANG DAN TERBILANG....dah tercapai ke? Duit cukai membazir kat kempen je dato'. Kan ke bagus diteruskan dasar lama yang tak sampai lagi tujuan asalnya tu dari asyik melancarkan slogan.Malaysia oh Malaysiaku!

Malik Klang.

pakbelalang said...

Cuepacs urges bonuses for public sector staff

JOHOR BARU: Cuepacs will appeal to the Government to pay bonuses to 1.2 million civil servants nationwide in the upcoming 2010 budget as a gesture to “honour their services.”


Macam mana nak bagi bonus kepada kakitangan kerajaan kalau pekerja-pekerja dalam sektor swasta dalam keadaan tidak menentu. Dahlah kebanyakan dari syarikat-syarikat tidak ada bonus diberikan untuk mereka, malahan gaji mereka pun ada yang dah kena potong. Yang lebih mendukacitakan ada diantara pekerja swasta tidak bernasib baik ada yang telah pun diberhentikan kerja.

Jadi dari segi moral dan lojiknya adalah tidak munasabah bagi Cuepacs untuk merayu kepada kerajaan supaya diberikan bonus.

Tidak kena pada masanya untuk menuntut bonus bila keaadaan ekonomi negara masih belum lagi pulih sepenuhnya.

Fikir-fikirlah dengan rasional wahai pemimpin Cuepacs. Janganlah cuba nak "acah-acah" kerajaan dengan tuntutan bonus.

mtgbertam said...

Slogans after slogans invented purposely to show that the ruling party is working hard for the rakyat.

However, the rakyat can't be cheated anymore.

pakbelalang said...

ISA Support And Abolishment Gatherings Illegal

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 (Bernama) -- Large gatherings by two groups - the Abolish the Internal Security Act (ISA) Movement (GMI) and the Muslim Cooperation Council of Malaysia (Pewaris)- the former to support abolishment and the latter to retain the act are illegal.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman stressed that they are illegal under Section 27(5) of the Police Act 1967 as no permits had been issued.


1. The police must act now.
2. Tangkap semua kepala yang nak cuba memporak perandakan negara.

3. Prevention is better than cure.

4. Things will definitely become ugly, no doubt about it, if the police just do not act now without fear and favour.

5. Public order must be maintained without any compromise.

6. Jangan menyusahkan orang ramai yang inginkan keamanan dan menjalankan urusan harian tanpa ganguan demonstrasi jalanan.

7.Tidak ada faedah dan merugikan semua orang.

8. Negara kita sedang dalam proses pemulihan ekonomi dan kalau beginilah caranya kita sibuk dengan hendak berdemonstrasi, akhirnya hancur negara.


Dear pakbelalang and all debaters,

1. My deepest apology and regret to pakbelalang for having to delete his comment which I posted at midday today.

2. I also apologised to all debaters who commented on pakbelalang's lengthy comment.

3. After reviewing pakbelalang's posting and the response from the readers, I thought it is for the good and safety of all that we limit the discussion to the subject in hand which is 1Malaysia - Walk The Talk.

4. I'm doing this to avoid our discussions on this subject going astray and out of hand.

5. I also have to reject a number of comments, including one about the goings-on at Bukit Aman as I have no way of varifying them.

6. It is my sincere hope that debaters do not take advantage to use this blog to make allegations and to publish the untruth.

7. So please stick to the subject at hand and to issues relating to points raised herein.

Thank you.

pakbelalang said...

Umno Leaders Lament Nik Aziz's Statement

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 (Bernama) -- Several Umno leaders have expressed regret over the statement "Pergi Jahanamlah Umno" (Go to Hell, Umno) by PAS Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat because it came from a political leader who was not only a religious scholar but also a "tuan guru" (respected teacher).

They were also upset by Nik Aziz's complete dismissal of reconciliation efforts by Umno, which they interpreted as a display of arrogance on the part of the Kelantan menteri besar.


Just leave him alone. That's the best policy. There is nothing much to expect from Tok Guru.

Let Najib continues with his economic agenda rather than wasting time to discuss about uniting the Ummah.

The Ummah will be more than happy and appreciative if Najib could make every effort to uplift their living standard.

All this unity talk is just political gimmick to score political gain. All rubbish !!

saji said...

Salam Dato' dan rakan2 pembalas,

Kepada yang mengatakan Kompleks PASAR SENI, di pusat bandar Kuala Lumpur sebagai contoh tempatan projek konservasi bangunan bersejarah yang dianggap paling berjaya dan pernah mengunjunginya, bagaimana jika saya katakan bahawa, banyak persamaan yang wujud di antara strategi2 yang dipakai oleh PM, DSN dalam usahanya mewujudkan konsep 1Malaysia yang diimpikannya itu dengan strategi2 yang dipakai oleh ahli konservasi terbabit dalam usahnya mengkoservasikan bangunan CENTRAL MARKET (bangunan asal) untuk dijadikan Kompleks PASAR SENI itu.

Antara strategi2 yang saya maksudkan ialah;

1. Strategi ahli konservasi terbabit mengekalkan fungsi dan nama PASAR atau MARKET, sementara DSN mengekalkan kesemua dasar awam negara yang meliputi DEB dan
dasar mewujudkan sekolah etnik atau vernikular.

2. Strategi ahli konservasi terbabit mensesuaikan kewujudan PASAR SENI itu dengan persekitaran barunya, sementara DSN mensesuaikan dasar awam sedia ada dengan persekitaran politik baru tempatan dan era globalisasi.

3. Keputusan ahli konservasi terbabit menggunakan nilai fungsi - gunaan, ekonomi, politik dan etnik dalam melakukan intervensi (usaha konservasi) terhadap bangunan lama CENTRAL MARKET untuk menghasilkan Kompleks PASAR SENI itu, yang dianggap mempunyai maksud yang seakan-akan sama dengan 8 nilai teras yang cuba diterapkan oleh DSN dalam konsep 1Malysianya itu.

pakbelalang said...

Ulama More Concerned About Insignificant Issues, Says IKIM D-G

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 (Bernama) -- The ulama today are more concerned about addressing insignificant issues involving individuals rather than society, thus stifling the advancement of the Muslim world.

Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) director-general Datuk Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas said rather than focusing on fardhu kifayah (responsibility to society), the ulama confined their views on fardhu ain or the "dos and don'ts" of a Muslim.

"In the Muslim world, we talk about issues which have no significance whatsoever, like the dress code. What is Islamic attire, and we have all kinds of people telling us what we should wear. What we wear is not Islamic attire, according to them.

"This is nonsense and not an issue which will benefit our society. It's up to you whether you want to wear like this or like that," he told reporters after delivering a keynote address at the International Conference on Muslims and the Frontier of Knowledge in the 21st Century: Issues, Prospects and Challenges, here, Tuesday.

"People who have been given the mantle of authority speak only on "remeh-temeh" (insignificant) stuff which is within the fardhu ain framework. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying fardu ain is not important. It is very important. Both fardhu ain and fardhu kifayah are important, but fardhu ain is more about the individual," he said.

The ulama, he said, had failed to discuss things that affected society such as education and Islamic economics and finance.

"After all, one cannot simply introduce Arabic terminologies such as mushawarah (consultation), musharaqah (partnerhip) and mubaralah into a capitalist system to make it Islamic.

"Look at some of the banks here, they are all murabahah (about terms of finance/sale), with the exception of one and two, so how can you call it Islamic? You have Islamic syariah compliance apparently, yet credit card interest is 25 per cent per year. Is that not riba (usury)?".

He said the ulama's narrow-minded views had given birth to extremism in Muslim society.

"We are hypnotised by symbolism such as McDonalds, K-Mart, Disneyland, Internet...these are symbols, symbols of western technology...and we are saying this cannot, this is bad, so we must get the Islamic ones.

"As a result, we have groups in society who after listening to the so-called ulama, have become extremists. These are the ones who are causing problems, these are the ones who are killing people, these are the terrorists. They are hypnotised by the symbols, they are fighting against the symbols, not against the substance," he said.

Syed Ali also felt that the country's political leaders were ignoring the real ulama, while the West tapped into their knowledge.

"For example, where is the Nobel prize winner for physics now? At the University of California. He's a Muslim from Egypt, but they (Egypt) don't care about him, so he goes there.

"The West always depends on the Muslim world. So, if we want to advance, we have to listen to the real ulama."

However, he said, the ulama now were depending on political leaders before giving out advice.

"They shouldn't look to the political leaders, instead, the political leaders should look to the ulama...the real ulama. They (political leaders) should get advice from them, not the other way round," he added.


I feel all our ulamak lack wisdom and too introvert and dogmatic in their outlook.

Well said, Syed Ali.

wishediwaswrong said...

Dato' Cardiac (apologies)

The latest news is that Kampung Buah Pala residents have decided to make an appeal to PM. It is interesting to see how the latter will respond. It will speak volumes and in the process the 1Malaysia slogan will, to a substantial degree, be defined.

Going by experience of the recent past,in Malaysia, the bolehland, even court decisions could mean little, if at all. For a few votes, political parties and the government have been known to allow themselves to be held to ransom.

The rule of thumb is, the side that makes the most noise will prevail. As for the Penang State Government Officers' Cooperative, I don't see anybody's going to pitch in for them. As for their rights, aren't they mere civil servants? - too civil to raise a din, too lowly to make a fight of it.

pakbelalang said...

100 ex-Malaysians march to press for British citizenship

LONDON: More than 100 Malaysian British Overseas Citizens (BOCs) staged a peace march yesterday as part of their campaign to lobby for British citizenship.

Most of them are from Penang and Malacca who had renounced their Malay-sian citizenship but now find themselves stateless as they are not entitled to British nationality.

They are part of over 500 BOCs in Bri-tain who are in a quandary after being misled into giving up their Malaysian passports as a route towards acquiring British citizenship.



Abdullah sendiri berkata “the government will not reinstate the citizenship of Malaysians who have given up their citizenry (sic) of this country,”

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

Saya fikir PM DSNTR mengemukakan slogan 1Malaysia sebagai catch phrase untuk PRU13 nanti melawan slogan spt Makkal Sakthi. Saya rasa, dan munasabah pula untuk menganggap BN perlukan satu slogan yang menawan hati pengundi Cina dan India yg merasa disisihkan daripada habuan kerajaan kerana BN amat percaya sekali bahawa undi minoriti (iaitu undi Cina dan India) sebagai undi penentu. Kalau Dato' sayangkan UMNO/BN dan berharap UMNO/BN menang PRU13, maka wajiblah bagi Dato' (dan sekalian penyokong UMNO/BN) membantu DSNTR yang nampaknuya sedang terkapai-kapai memantapkan sokongan rakayat Malaysia kepada UMNO/BN menjelang PRU13.

Slogan 1Malaysia, seperti ramai pembahas telah katakan, hakikatnya adalah satu slogan. Tidak ada maknanya jika tinggal slogan semata-mata. Tafsiran rakyat terhadap slogan ini memenag berbagai dan boleh pula bebeza dan berentangan. bagi saya orang Melayu, tentulah 1Malaysia bermakna satu sistem pendidikan, aitusemua sekolah menggunakan BM sebagai bahasa pengantar (maknanya tiada lagi SRJK(T) dan SRJK(C)) tetapi bagi ramai orang Cina dan India maksudnya hapuskan kuota Bumiputera (hapuskan DEB dan semangatnya yang masih tinggal sekarang). Selagi politik kita beroperasi mengikut garis kaum (UMNO, MCA, MIC) maka selagi itulah konsep 1Malaysia tidak mungkin boleh di artikulasikan dengan sempurna. If we fail to ariculate the idea we are doomed to fail at its implementation. Maka benarlah seperti kata lelucon dinturtle, Malaysia Darulslogan. PAS tak akan kata Malaysia Darulsyiar kerana perkataan syiar, walaupun maksudnya lambang atau ikon, sudah dikonotasikan dengan syiar Islam. PAS mungkin akan gelar Malaysia Darulkhayal. Agaknya lah...


Izinkan saya berkomunikasi dengan Pakbelalang sekali lagi.

Sdr. Pakbelalang nampaknya seorang yang luas pembacaannya dan tahu serba-serbi. Syabas! Tapi mohonlah Pakbelalang tidak menjadikan Blog ini sebagai tempat newsflash. Banyak newsflash yang Sdr lepaskan disini menyebabkan saya mati stim aje.

Sebagai seorang pesara yang mempunyai kemewahan masa, bukankah lebih baik Sdr promotekan Blog Sdr sendiri sehingga menjadi sepopular Blog ini. Kalau Sdr pasti yang Rosmah Mansor akan merosakkan reputasi UMNO/BN dan Sdr seorang penyokong tegar UMNO maka gunakan blog Sdr itu berkempen menyedarkan Rosmah. Orang-orang UMNO akan berterimakasih kepada Sdr kerana perjuangan Sdr itu. Allow me to borrow your favourite line, "make no mistake about it".

Terima kasih Dato'.

Pak Hj JB

samurai melayu said...

3. After reviewing pakbelalang's posting and the response from the readers, I thought it is for the good and safety of all that we limit the discussion to the subject in hand which is 1Malaysia - Walk The Talk.



'The 1Malaysia concept must not be a mere slogan as the implementation is of greater importance..

“What are they?

(i). Good economic management;
(ii). Guaranteeing law and order;
(iii). Fight corruption and all forms of power abuse; and
(iv). To borrow a mantra made famous during the last administration, walk the talk. Kota apa yang dikata!'



Anonymous said...


I understand your nuances. So today I thought I was reading the improved NST and was very pleased about it until I came to page 12. Well Dato' you were NST editor once and I was your surbodinate.

We all agonized about what to do with Tun Dr M pictures when he was unpopular after Anwar's sacking. We decided not to use his picture on page 1. Instead we used people-friendly pictures like farmers, ordinary workers, housewives and people planting mangrove.

Now your sidekicks are all back running the NST and TV3. But they have forgotten the lessen. They are repeating tha same mistake that Kalli did with KJ. Too much makes readers fed up.

Nasi Beringin

sujini said...

Salam Hormat Datuk Hj AKadir,

With your permission,please,

Pak Belalang,

Can't help to let it go about what Tun Abdullah quoted in your recent comment about citizenless ex-Malaysians.

1. Did Tun Abdullah say this while he was in office?

2. Was he talking in his sleep or eyes wide open?

3. Any witnesses at the time?

If he actually did, May Allah swt blessed him.


pakbelalang said...

Dato' AKJ,

I take note of your advice. Thanks.

Anyway, I would like a favour from you just to accept my comment. If you feel that the comment is out of topic just don't post it. My intention is just to share my opinion with you on certain issues of the day. It has become my habit to comment on something that I feel strong about certain issues. I must admit the reason being that I am now out of touch with outside world. Maklum sahajalah orang dah retire dan kurang sihat sikit. Sambil membaca Quran I need to read something in between just to sharpen my otak. Takut nanti cepat nyanyuk!!

saji said...

Salam Dato' dan pakbelalang,

1. Apa yang dikatakan oleh Datuk Dr Syed Ali Tawfik, DG IKIM yang pakbelalang petik itu tidak lebih dari kritikan lama mengenai kelemahan ulamak moden kita yang diberikan nafas baru. Atau, ia bagaikan slogan2 lama UMNO/BN yang diberikan nama baru.

2.Saya tak nafikan IKIM banyak mengkaji isu2 masyarakat, tetapi apakah isu2 masyarakt yang sudah dikaji oleh IKIM sendiri (sejak ditubukan)yang hasilnya mampu menambat hati pemimpin2 politik kita untuk merujuk kepadanya?

3. Berdasarkan pembacaan saya mengenai artikal2 yang ditulis oleh felo2 penyelidik IKIM termasuk yang ditulis oleh Dr Syed Ali sendiri dan bekas2 DG IKIM, khasnya, bagaimana saya katakan ia tidak lebih daripada menghuraikan dan memberikan kefahaman mengenai isu2 masyarakat Islam, khasnya.

4. Tidakkah tanggungjawab menghuraikan dan memberikan kefahaman mengenai isu2 masyarakat merupakan tanggungjawab pemimpin2 politik?

5. Adakah ulamak2 di IKIM menganggap dirinya real ulamak?

6. Katakan ulamak2 di IKIM golongan real ulamak, sudahkah mereka kaji isu2 masyarakat Melayu-Islam yang berkaitan dengan muamalat Islam, khasnya yang tidak ada penyelesaiannya hingga kini seperti isu kontraktor Melayu mengali-babakan kontrak kerajaan hingga mengagalkan pencapaian DEB?


1malaysia :WALK THE TALK



For the info of SAJI,Pak Hj JB, DKJ,and other BLOGGERS,the style comment of Pak Belalang was rampant in most Kedai Kopi(now kopitiam..)in parts of Johor,in the 1960s >>>>i.e.
ONE PERSON WILL READ ALOUD FROM THE NEWSPAPER OF THE DAY..(usually Utusan Melayu)like a TV newscaster
and everybody else in the kedai kopi will listen.....

in 2009,pAK bELALANG will post news from some newspaper somewhere and post his COMMENTS TO BE READ

same scenario,different


ps>>sorry Pak!!

Eric said...


you'd do well to heed this comment:

"Race is an illusion, a construct, a convenient tool for political
domination, a pseudo-scientific idea, and a path to false nationhood."
9:50 PM Jul 23rd from web by Azly Abd Rahman.

affendi hussain said...

Look more like "crawl in the brawl" to me...

Apa2 ajelah Tok Najib..propaganda politik semata.. masalah utama tak berani nak jentik pun...habih tu macam mana nak selesai masalah..? Cakap tarak "logic & sense" kedai kopi bolehlah temberang..

Yang mana utama..yang mana dahulu..itu pun bunyinya keliru..sungguh haru biru..

Apa2 je lah...apa tengok2? ada hutang ka? hutang pusaka kita bila mau bayar?


IPOHKIA said...

Say what you like, as far as I know, I does a lot of walk the talk, being a GM which handles one of the world technological leaders in the port handling equipments and generating more than USD 700 MILIONS in terms of turnover for HQ in Finland, I dare to say, all my engineers, consist of more than 70% malays, middle management 70% and skill labours 60% malays, I dare to challenge they are all with PR and only one or two is with UMNO, I confidently says the next election UMNO will not be relevant anymore like MCA and Gerakan. The 1 Malaysia is merely a slogan but will not work and not constructive enough. See what happen to the English language, it did not last and the same will go for the 1 Malaysia. Bila buat dasar, Malaysia No 1, bila buat implimentasi No 1 juga, tapi bila sampai tahap mengukur kejayaan selalu gagal, contoh NEP, sudah lama tapi masi gagal, this is Bolehsia not Malaysia.
Just see what will happen to TBH, DNA establish, and I believe the two DAP Tan & Lee gonna be the scape goat and MACC will just walk away without further investigation, I love Malaysia so much, as I have traveled internationally, at the end of the Malaysia is a good country if the government is doing things right, but the current Government BN is " Kerajaan Haprak"
Sorry to say that, cause the thought all rakyats are stupid people.

Fooart said...

My latest Slogan......BUANG UMNO!!!

Tok Ma said...


Kita orang Melayu ni ramai yang macam lalang. Bila kerja dengan swasta tentang kerajaan oleh kerana dipengaruhi majoriti (bukan Melayu). Ada kalanya kerana nak selamatkan diri atau kerana cari makan. Yang berjawatan professional rasa cukup hebat tapi tidak pernah fikir macam mana mereka boleh menjadi engineer, doktor dan sebagainya. Kalau bijak macamana sekalipun tanpa peluang yang disediakan tidak akan sampai ke mana-mana. Dalam hal orang Melayu kalau tidak ada DEB tentu tidak ramai yang keluar dari bawah tempurung. Jangan jadi "kacang lupakan junjung".

Pada saya sejahat-jahat orang Melayu mereka masih saudara-saudara saya sekurang-kurangnya saudara muslim. Bila mati setidak-tidaknya saudara-saudara muslim akan membaca al fatihah, berdoa dan menyertai sembahyang jenazah.

Daripada menentang kerajaan BN membuta tuli termasuk kerana nak popular eloklah cermin diri sendiri. Check balik apa yang telah kita lakukan untuk masyarakat dan negara khususnya yang melanjutkan pelajaran hasil dari biasiswa atau pinjaman kerajaan. Kepada yang melanggar perjanjian bisiswsa sudahkah bayar balik penalti begitu juga dengan yang meminjam jangan lupa bayar balik. Bagi peluang kepada orang lain untuk belajar.

Datuk, "walk the talk" ini bukan setakat l Malaysia atau kerajaan BN sahaja sebaliknya sesuatu yang mesti dijunjung oleh setiap rakyat Malaysia. Bagaimana pula dengan kerjaan-kerajaan negeri yang diperintah oleh PR tidakkah mereka juga terikat kepada "walk the talk".

Anonymous said...

Saya amat menghargai analisa yang saudara buat, amat perihatin, kritikal dan mencabar. Mengapa saudara tidak membuat analisa yang sama mengenai kenyataan Dr Mahathir mengenai penggunaan B Inggeris dalam pengajaran Sains dan Metamatik. Begitu juga pandangan beliau mengenai isu isu lain.

Inter alia

Muhammad said...

As much as I am apolitical and wishing to lend support to any bona fide leader at Putrajaya, I am still not quite clear what this 1Malaysia is all about.

I saw in RTM recently clip excerpts where the reporter asked a few people in the street what 1Malaysia means, and the respondents were blank-eyed trying to fill up and glean over some lofty words to give it some peripheral meaning.

Over the years we have had so many slogans that come and go. What I find a bit amusing is we had a slogan like "Bersih, Cekap, Amanah" which we have hardly graduated out of it.

Sarcasm aside, is 1Malaysia a culmination and testimonial to all previous slogans that we have successfully lived and adhered to throughout the years?

zabri mokhtar said...


1 Malaysia.












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