Friday, February 27, 2015

A Cabinet Snub For 1MDB?

A Kadir Jasin

A BIG thanks and kudos to the Cabinet if indeed it had rejected a request by 1Malaysia Development Berhad for an RM3-billion financing from the government.

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Reports by online media said it had rejected the proposal at its weekly meeting on Wednesday by not approving the minutes of the previous week's meeting on the subject.

The Malaysian Insider news portal quoted sources as saying that the Cabinet rejected the proposed RM3-billion cash injection.

It quoted other unidentified sources as saying the rejection was a blow to the wholly-owned government strategic investment company.

I am yet to receive response to two SMS messages I sent to a minister and press secretary to a senior minister seeking confirmation on the Cabinet decision.

If the online media reports are true, the Cabinet action could be seen as signalling that the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak no longer holds sway, at least not on the issue of 1MDB.

This is a huge setback for him. I would not, at this point, speculate that there is an emerging revolt against his leadership.

1MDB is his creation. He is the chairman of its advisory board. The company is owned by Finance Ministry and Mohd Najib is also its minister.

This could add further burden on the already beleaguered Prime Minister. Only weeks ago he gloated in a special TV3 interview about the soundness of 1MDB’s investment.

In a separate development, the chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament, (Datuk) Nur Jazlan Mohamed, has called upon the Auditor General's Department to carry out an immediate audit of 1MDB.

He was reported as saying that audit should be made to determine the source of the RM2-billion 1MDB used to settle loans with the local banks (Maybank and RHB Capital), its proposed plan to borrow RM3-billion from the Treasury, its dealings with PetroSaudi International (PSI) and whether the money it parked in Cayman Islands has been brought home.

Meanwhile, Mohd Najib Razak is reported to be taking legal action against PAS party organ Harakahdaily over a report that linked his stepson, Riza Abdul Aziz, to 1MDB.

The Utusan Online reported that a letter of demand was handed over to Harakahdaily's managing editor Dr Rosli Yaakub yesterday. Mohd Najib was quoted as saying that he was suing to protect his family.



master said...

Najib should bear the responsiblity for all the messes he created. Seems he is willing to sell this country at a cheaper price. It is a huge scandal that cannot be neglected for a very long time.

Meanwhile Bank Negara deafening silence is extraordinary and Bank Negara Zeti Aziz credibility is at stake. It is surprising that Zeti Aziz still defending a weak and dooming financial and economic progress. But we will not be surprise should Malaysia get C+ for financial and economic ratings in the future. Zeti Aziz is working on behalf of a scandalous government or in the interest of the public? It is huge question mark. Should she resign?

Sir Wenger said...

Not bad for TMI to get such an explosive scoop. The 1mdb issue has been exposed exclusively on social media with the mainstream press following in the footsteps. Even Reuters is quoting TMI in their latest report. The question that is playing on the mind
1. Why is the police so slow in concluding their investigation.
2.Why did Nur Jazlan suddenly ask for the AG do conduct a special audit. Did he get wahyu after the cabinet meeting
3. Why is the star playing up the upcoming meeting between the pm and the Ketua Bahagian umno. Signs of stress?

Unknown said...

i would rather have ministers w/ balls who is willing to sacrifice their jobs to do the right thing then a group of YesMen surrounding our PM.

better that somebody tell him what is really going on then telling fairy tales about how everything is hunky-dory.... said...

Salam Dato,

IF it is true:

-It is bad for the nation when the company and related banks/ investors are on `demand'fronts'/ bad books issues.

-It is good for the nation.

Stop A ringgit rots further.

Whether it is good or bad....the nation still needs to `nurse' this bastard child from unwannted marriage, at the expense of 29-30 millions people present and the future livelihoods/income.

Whether it is good or bad, somebody head needs to roll.

BUT is there a head in the first place?

`Beheading' ada ka?.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

IT.Scheiss said...


Congrats to the Cabinet for saying no.

Fence Sitter Voter said...

Malaysia'sdebt-laden state fund 1MDB faces a fresh test of marketconfidence in coming weeks when a bond coupon payment falls due.Failure to pay could trigger a sovereign downgrade.

1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), a property-to-energy fundwhose advisory board is chaired by Prime Minister Najib Razak,has built debt of nearly 42 billion ringgit ($11.73 billion) tobuild a portfolio of power plants.

Investors have been edgy since the fund struggled to repay a2 billion ringgit (about $563 million) loan to local banksoriginally due at the end of last year, prompting a selloff inits benchmark 2023 bonds.

The cabinet has also rejected a proposed cash injection into1MDB of 3 billion ringgit ($830 million), reducing the financingoptions for the firm, the Malaysian Insider news websitereported on Friday, citing unidentified sources. 1MDB declinedto comment on the report and the finance ministry did notimmediately respond to a request for comment.

Read more here:;_ylt=AwrTWfyvTfBU73sAtgroPwx.

Joe Black said...


The action taken against Harakah by Najib revealed that he is more concerned in protecting Rosmah's side of the family than Tun Razak's reputation? This behaviour is common in families where the wife is in control.

Looks like his brothers are fighting a losing battle!

K-DEAN said...

Kalau Mohd Najib masih mahu kekal jadi President UMNO itu bukan perkara ganjil tetapi kalau Muhyiddin Yassin masih membisu maka tak ganjil dia elok di minta pencen juga. Tak faham kita marhaen UMNO beban FGV dan kesan Terbubarnya 1MDB pada badan kuatkuasa koporat negara - securities commission. Dengar khabar orang bunian FGV itu white knightnya 1MDB bila lepas IPO anak syarikatnya.


Unknown said...

Aslkum DAKJ.

1. Biar betul Tuk Kadir. Susah nak percaya . Sebab sejak bila menteri lain ada teloq lawan cakap PM.

2. Bukan ke doktrin yg terpakai sesiapa yg tak setuju dgn PM , dgn segala hormatnya berhenti atau bakal dipecat.

3. Kalau selama ni kerajaan melalui kabinet dah setuju beri macam2 undertaking atau jaminan terhadap hutang syarikat kepunyaannya, boleh ke tiba2 kabinet seolah2 mau lari drpd memenuhi janji terdahulu.

4.Apa2 pun demi kebaikan rakyat dan negara lagi cepat UBN tumbang lagi baik.

Sebab ada pun yg baik sedikit macam Tok Pa
tak pernah menang Naib Presiden UMNO.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Apakah setiap PM menyimpan sampah di bawah karpet dan setakat ini Najib yang paling banyak menyimpan... lebih banyak dari sampah kat luar (?)

Statement macam ni boleh kena "permulaan undang-undang ke tidak.."


Pembahas Umar Abdul Aziz, antara lain, berkata: "1. Biar betul Tuk Kadir. Susah nak percaya . Sebab sejak bila menteri lain ada teloq lawan cakap PM.

2. Bukan ke doktrin yg terpakai sesiapa yg tak setuju dgn PM , dgn segala hormatnya berhenti atau bakal dipecat."

3. Sebab itulah saya guna ungkapan "if it had rejected". Kalau ia menolak.

4. Dan kerana sebab itu juga yang menghantar SMS kepada seorang menteri dan seorang setiausaha akhbar menteri minta pengesahan.

5. But after almost 24 hours, my request for conformation has yet to receive a reply.

6. The Press Secretary responded almost immediately to say “not privy to the info but will ask the boss.” No further communication after that.

6. The minister does not respond. Maybe he has changed his cellular number or he is somewhere in the alam buana.

7. This is the sort of communication problem that makes promoting and defending the image of 1MDB difficult.

8. Or maybe the official stand is to ignore the non-mainstream media and the online media like ours.

9. They only communicate through the mainstream media.


Joe Black said...


Apabila Tiada Penafian Dari Kementerian berkenaan itu tanda bahawa berits tersebut adalah benar.

Senang saja Dato'

Jika Kerajaan ingin berita tersebut di sebarkan kenasantara terutama kepada pelabur pelabur Asing mereka patut terus berdiam sahaja.....

Kesan dari berdiam itu akan dirasai mereka nanti apabila pelabur pelabur asing bertindak...

Baru lah Mengelabah Zeti!

Unknown said...

Tqvm Datuk Kadir.

Kalau benar2 kabinet Najib berontak saya yakin masa depan Najib suram.

Dan ini satu rekod baru yg sangat baik untuk rakyat demi menghapus budaya diktator.

Tapi adakah saya bermimpi?


1. Sdr Joe Black, antara lain,mengulas:"Kesan dari berdiam itu akan dirasai mereka nanti apabila pelabur pelabur asing bertindak...

Baru lah Mengelabah Zeti!"

2. Kesan itu sudah pun dirasai. Walaupun FDI terus mengalir masuk tapi modal yang mengalir keluar lebih besar. Hatta 1MDB pun bawa keluar modal (ke Cayman Islands).

3. Kita sudah lama jadi negara defisit modal. Modal keluar lebih besar daripada modal masuk. Berat tugas Tok Pa dan Mida.

3. Inilah paradoks ekonomi kita. Abdul Wahid dan Zeti kata "fundamentals" kita kukuh.

4. Kalau kukuh, apa pasal nilai ringgit merudum, rizab simpanan luar Bank Negara merosot dan Bursa Malaysia longlai?

5. Mohd Najib cakap berkenaan trasformasi ekonomi tapi pelabur dan penganalisis ekonomi tidak yakin. Mereka nampak banyak kontradiksi dan omong kosong.

6. Zeti dalam bahaya hilang geralaran The Best Central Banker in the World and Mohd Najib hilang "plot" ekonomi.

7. Cina kuat ekonomi dan faham ekonomi, sebab itu mereka beri markah sangat rendah kepada Mohd Najib (baca laporan kajian Merdeka Centre).


Terima kasih.

youngmaya said...

senang bisnes kat malaysia ni...

agak2 nak bangkrap gomen bailout...

this what we called 'bisnes'...

Unknown said...

Menang kesian Zeti , Tuk Kadir.

Dahlah kerajaan buat macam2 blunder dgn dasar fiskal yg diluar kawalan Zeti.

Dasar monetari yg dibawah bidang kuasa BNM pun diganggu gugat oleh kroni dan politikus.

Tempuh khidmat Zeti dah hampir tamat.

Mintak2 biarlah harum kerana Zeti yg saya tau memang baik dan sangat amanah.

K-DEAN said...

Tidaklah kita tiada sabar tunggu keputusan pilihanraya negeri Sarawak. Harapnya ahli UMNO bertambahlah jumlah ADUN pembangkang dan surutnya majoriti BN di DUN Sarawak. Ameen.

Tak payah tunggu pembesar-pembesar UMNO nak memberontak bila ramai penyokong UMNO akan undi PAS. Cuma adakah pembesar PAS masih yang lama atau cerdik dipimpin sdr Nik Abduh?

Apapun biarlah kita bawa bersabar kerana hendaknya dua tiga tahun lagi baru nampak istimewa anak bertuah arwah Nik Aziz.

Rosmah bini PM pun dah nampak. Alhamdulillah.

Salam Hormat

master said...

No love for Zeti Aziz. Many high profile people will leave Najib in this 1 or 2 years. Even Ananda Krishan will leave Najib. 1MDB is not a mere Ah Chong Sdn Bhd, it is 1Malaysia Development Board chaired by the President Najib himself. Loan RM 42 billion performed under the guarantee of Malaysian government.

7 keturunan pun takkan habis bayar hutang ni.

Hope Najib will call for General Election as soon as possible and let the people decide. Could Muhyiddin resolve the 1MDB issue should he become the Prime Minister? Even the school does not not have wall.

Melayu boleh balik kampung and we want to see Melayu Kampung Baru to build a house near longkang Sg Gombak as 7 skyscrapers to be build on Tanah Melayu Kampung Baru. Chinese are not allowed to enter when accomplished. So small for Datum Jelatek. Hidup UMNO !

Urang Awak said...

Najib decides to dig a big hole in the ground and in order to make it work he keeps borrowing and borrowing...

Najib in his speech held at Malay Unity Gathering last night says as long as "the moon and stars" still shine Malay will be protected and will live a happy life.

Hahaha... Najib your belief in sky fairies will carry you far...

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Baru-baru ini PM mengaitkan perjuangan melayu dengan Bulan dan Bintang.

Zaman sekarang ini, bukan sahaja bulan dan bintang, ada beratus Satelit berpusing di angkasa termasuk space station.

Orang kampong dan orang tak sekolah bolehlah terpegun dengar bulan dan bintang.

Tak perlulah kaitkan Bulan dan Bintang, hutang 1MDB dan saham FGV yang merudum yang lebih mustahak.

Perjuangan orang melayu, orang melayu yang mana? ada ramai orang melayu gajinya Rm1200.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Setelah hampir 7 tahun memegang kuasa....dan penuh dgn 1001 permasalahan yg dia lakukan....sbgai pemimpin No 1...dia masih enggan menyerah kalah.

Kuasa masih mahu dipegang....malah memperkuatkan lagi cengkaman.

Kalau berterusan begini....rakyat menjadi lagi penat.

Semua pekong dan aib dia suami isteri telah terlondeh dan diketahui umum.

1001 kutukan....telah dilakukan oleh pembangkang...tidak payah kita bercerita lagi.

Tetapi semua terjah terhadap dia dan isteri tetap dipertahankan....seperti menegak benang yg basah.

Jentera PMO...bloggers bangang Umno dan jurucakap bertaraf menteri yg kuat 'bodek' tetap mempertahankan semua... walau pun penuh kontroversi.

Tun M....Tun Daim...bloggers2 seperti Zam pun ditentang dan diugut.

Hebat cukup hebat jentera dia menjaga 'tawkey'.

Persoalan disini..."Apa bedza lagi Parti Umno dgn Parti PKR dan Dap yg tidak demokratik kerana dipimpin oleh laki bini dan anak serta bapa dan anak dan org2 kepercayaan sahaja? "

Serupa sahaja gayanya...memerintah cara 'warlord' dan Dinasti.....memang jelas terpampang dan terserlah.

Timbalan dan Naib2 Presiden akur dan akur lagi.

Lain2 Menteri dan Ahli Majlis tertinggi mcm sudah dikasi.

Sayap Pemuda dan Wanita dlm Parti mcm sudah patah riuk dan dibuang dlm longkang sahaja.

Justeru itu...jika ketua No 1 masih lagi mahu 'Bermaharajalela'...lebih baik sahaja Parti ini ditukar jadi Syarikat Persendirian 'Sole Proprietorship'
atau Syarikat Perkongsian 'Partnership' laki bini sahaja.

Dan 'Partner2' lain yg pekak tuli...yg telah dikasi dan sayap yg dipatahkan...

Rakyat sudah tidak tertahan lagi dgn semua ini......lebih2 lagi org Melayu.

Kepada Timbalan Presiden Parti;

"Jika anda masih mengambil sikap berdiam diri...lesu dan bisu yg dibuat2...anda sudah dikira tidak adil pd rakyat..lebih baik letak jawatan sahaja sebab anda pun 2x5 juga".

Terima kasih.

Kamal said...

Pertama kali masuk ke blog Dato.Tolong Dato apa sudah jadi. Najib dah kelentong teruk rakyat Malaysia.1MDB masuk JV dengan Petro saudi untuk nak con kerajaan Malaysia,Najib terlibat sama.Takkan dia tak tahu,maknanya banganglah PM1M ni. Semua dalam sarkas ni semua con-man,KMPG pun sama.JV bulan Sept 2009, alih-alih batal 6 bulan kemudian.Duit lesap USD700 juta.Lepas tu ada hati nak meipu lagi terus duit yang ada tukar jadi share.Mereka ingat rakyat malaysia ni mangkuk ayun.Tok saya orang kampong pun tak pernah belajar akaun pun boleh baca penipuan licik Najib.Tangkap dia masuk penjara lagi bagus.

berasiam said...

Salam DAKJ

Nampaknya telah disebut secara jelas siapa yang membiayai pengajian anak-anak almarhumTun Abdul Razak. Utusan Malaysia hari ini menyiarkan laporan bahawa arwah Tan Sri Mohamed Noah (Beirut) sebagai datuk (sebelah ibu) kepada merekalah yang menanggung semuanya. Disebut juga kaitannya dengan mendiang Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong dan Genting.

Yang belum disebut ialah kewujudan sebuah yayasan yang dikatakan memiliki kekayaan yang bukan sedikit. Sedikit sebanyak misteri pewarisan yang disentuh oleh PMO dalam jawapannya kepada akhbar luar negara telah tersingkap. Memang pusaka yang diwarisi wujud tetapi bukan daripada sebelah bapa yang juga seorang negarawan terbilang.

Telah beberapa kali juga jasa baik DAKJ dipohon untuk mengulas mengenai yayasan berkenaan sebelum isu pewarisan ini menjadi hangat. Sebagai orang lama yang terlibat dalam kewartawanan DAKJ pasti mempunyai maklumat lebih banyak mengenai yayasan berkenaan. Dedah fakta takkan nak kena saman kot. Kalau saman pun gerenti yang kena saman tidak kalah. Boleh kan.

K-DEAN said...

Betulkah cerita Noah(Tan Sri) dengan Lim Goh Tong(Tan Sri) pandai minta tanah dari Neger Selangor dan Pahang ditahun 1964 dahulu dan Yayasan Noah masih ada 3 juta lebih saham Genting Highlands Berhad dari jumlah asal enam juta saham lebih?

Memang betul kata dalam al-Qur'an yakni orang Arab banyak yang munafik - dalam surah Al-Anfaal kalau tak silap saya.

Biar melayu mati beribu-ribu
Tiada ku hirau walaupun satu
Matilah melayu berjuta-juta
Cinta dunia tamakkan harta

Salam hormat

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