Wednesday, July 22, 2015

1MDB: Task Force Showing Seriousness

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE, July 24 – The 1MDB Special Task Force made its third arrest on Thursday night. The suspect is a 28-year old company owner. He is expected to be remanded. – The Star SMS.


I BELIEVE the chips are falling in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal.

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I believe too, albeit with slight reservation, that the 1MDB Task Force is serious about uncovering the truth and acting, without fear and favour, against the guilty parties.

My slight reservation is based on my observation of media statements that suggest a certain member of the Task Force is still playing "kayu tiga".

But with two arrests in two days, the Task Force cannot be engaging in play acting or an act of deceit involving the Attorney General, the police, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency and Bank Negara. They have to be serious.

On July 20, an executive director of a publicly traded construction company was arrested at KLIA as he was about to board a plane bound for Taiwan.

The 39-year old is believed to be a Chinese Malaysia. He has been variously identified as Jerome Lee Tak Loong and his company is Putrajaya Perdana Berhad.

If the information is correct, his arrest has another twist to it. According to the company’s official website, its chairman is (Datuk Panglima) Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, the Barisan Nasional MP for Baling and the chairman of Tabung Haji. Tabung Haji is one of the many government agencies embroiled in the 1MDB debt saga.

The 39-year old must be a very important person in the 1MDB saga because his lawyer is the high-profiled (Tan Sri) Muhammad Shafee Abdullah. Not every Dollah, Tong and Harishan (the Malaysian version of Tom, Dick and Harry) can afford or would need his services.

So logically Lee’s arrest must have been very significant to the case so as to warrant Muhammad Shafee’s services.

Media reports quoted Muhammad Shafee as saying that his client was remanded for fours day for investigation under Section 17 (a) of the MACC Act. He said he did not know the grounds for his client's arrest but was told it was on "investigation on national grounds". 

Then yesterday afternoon a high level executive identified as (Datuk) Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman was also arrested and was this morning remanded for five days in relation to the same investigation.

He is the managing director of Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd, the company that undertakes corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes for 1MDB's charity foundation, the Yayasan 1MDB.

Ihsan Perdana was one of the entities mentioned in the Wall Street Journal expose of July 2 as being part of the money trail involving billions of ringgit that led to Mohd Najib's personal accounts.

The MACC prosecutor Ahmad Sazilee Abdul Khairy today said  that Shamsul, 54, was met at The Curve and taken to the agency's headquarters where he was arrested under Section 17 (a) of the MACC Act.

Is the PM’s Propaganda Backfiring?

Sources said the arrests were partly hastened by the heightened campaign to discredit the investigation by Mohd Najib’s propaganda machine.

Mohd Najib’s propaganda outfit, led by his Strategic Communications Chief, MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan, had gone on high gear to discredit the Prime Minister's critics and to create doubt about official and unofficial investigations into the 1MDB scandal and its link to Mohd Najib.

The latest to be rolled in the offensive was a little known Sarawak reporter by the name of Lester Melanyi who “confessed” that he knew about the “falsification and adulteration” of 1MDB documents by Sarawak Report (SR), a claim which had since been rubbished by the latter. In addition, SR is taking legal action against Abdul Rahman, the New Straits Times and others for malicious falsehoods.

The emergence of Abdul Rahman and the rolling out of Melanyi and other unknowns coincided with the news that the high-profiled public relations man, (Tan Sri) Lim Kok Wing had hastily resigned as Mohd Najib’s media adviser.

Lim’s resignation is telling. It appears that even he could not burnish Mohd Najib’s sagging reputation. I have known Lim since the 1970’s. He was involved in the advertising aspect of Barisan Nasional’s election campaign over several general elections. In my days, editors did not always agree with him or his role. Some barely tolerated him.

In joining Mohd Najib he must have thought he could repeat and replicate what he did for (Tun) Dr Mahathir. But even in the worse of circumstances, Dr Mahathir’s problems were pale by comparison to what Mohd Najib is going through now. Even the flamboyant Lim could not burnish Mohd Najib’s image and reputation.

Lim is wealthy and has reputation to protect. He could easily say no to Mohd Najib’s money or, maybe, he was doing it for free.

Before Lim jumped onto Mohd Najib’s media bandwagon, many seasoned media and PR personalities had tried to build and burnish his image. They failed and gave up. (Tan Sri) Jalaluddin Bahaudin aka Jalal was one of them. He was Dr Mahathir’s former Press Secretary and Special Assistance.

Medium Is The Message

Now the PM and his protectors (the likes of Abdul Rahman and Ramesh Rao Naidu) had to rummage through the woodwork to find people who would be willing to play the roles once performed by Jalal and other seasoned media people like (Datuk) Khalid Mohamad (former editor-in-chief of Utusan) and (Datuk) Hardev Kaur (the former group editor of NST).

Mohd Najib’s predicament reminded me of the final days of Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman in the early 1970’s when chief editors, news editors and senior journalists progressively stopped covering his functions and leaving the task to junior reporters.

I was one of those greenhorns assigned to cover him. It was an honour for me to cover him although I was once threatened with a sack by his Political Secretary, the late Tan Sri Shariff Ahmad, for not following his instruction on how to report Tunku’s speeches.

What is happening to Mohd Najib’s media campaign today defies the very core of journalism and communication as taught by the great journalism guru, late Marshall McLuhan.

This Canadian writer, communicator and philosopher was the originator of the terms “Medium is the Message” and “The Global Village” back in the 1960’s.

He argued that the message is embedded in the medium. If the medium is credible, the message it carries will be believed. On the other hand, if the medium is not credible, even a truthful message will not be believed.

So who is a more credible medium, Dr Mahathir or Abdul Rahman, Melanyi or Clare Rewcastle-Brown, Ho Kay Tat or Ramesh Rao Naidu?

FOOTNOTE: I am  sorry I forgot about the Singapore Police freezing two bank accounts relating to an investigation into 1MDB in the republic. In a statement today it said: “On 15 July 2015, we issued orders under the Criminal Procedure Code to prohibit any dealings in respect of money in two bank accounts that are relevant to the investigation.” I think the door is also closing in Singapore.



Mustapha Ong said...

Dear DAKJ..Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin and pray that you are in the pink of health.

Although occasionally I have glanced through your blog, I have not posted any positive or negative comments in response to your stories, both credible or non credible issues based on hear say and social media postings, here and there on the internet highway. I am also monitoring postings by Malaysiakini, Malaysian Outsider and Malaysia Chronicle. However, your current posting under the lead story: "1MDB: Task Force Showing Seriousness" some how has caught my attention to share my few cents worth of comments.

As you are aware, 1MDB is a hot issue and a boiling potato too. Probably many politicians, corporate figures and other machais are being implicated, including DS Najib. Not sure who started to turn and twist the 1MDB hot potato...was it Tun Mahathir and those who hate DS Najib and Datin Rosmah or other scapegoats? On record, I still respect the Statesmanship of Tun Mahathir, who had done so much for the nation and country for more than 22 years of his premiership. Honestly, I love Tun Mahathir as a personal friend and individual, having known him since the 70s. I do respect DS Najib and I have no reasons to dislike him. Najib has not done any favours for me, although I had only requested one personal favour in November 2015...but "Boh La Yan" until today. I have not met DS Najib since then until today, Raya dan dalam bulan Syawal.

I would not like to speculate on the ongoing public interest on 1MDB issues related to so and so based on aspersions, etc. However, as an amateur blogger, I like share with you and our readers about the antics of our politicians of the day: "A politician running for office was incensed at remarks which had been made about him by the paper of the town. He burst into the Editorial Room and exclaimed, "you are telling lies about me in the paper, and you know it!"

"You have no cause to complaint," said the Editor. "What would you do if we told the truth about you?". The rest is history and as a journalist, you are free to form your own conclusion, with or without response to my humble thought of the day. Thank you and best regards DAKJ.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Allah yg lebih tahu.

Akan tetapi menurut gerak hati saya penangkapan Lee dan Datuk Shamsul Anwar hanyalah wayang kulit untuk mengalih perhatian kepada agenda yg lebih besar.

Setakat ini rakyat betul2 blurr motif tahanan reman terhadap mereka dan apa kaitan mereka dgn Jho Low atau kehilangan wang berbillion dalam IMDB.

Yg semakin jelas pahlawan negara Rafizi dan Tony Pua pulak nak dihentam sebagai penjenayah.


Bravo TOK,

I believe things cannot make themselves impossible...Stephen Hawking

For one, Tun make the right choice in you TOK..Jaga diri jaga kesihatan..forever sharp and young.


Zalman A. said...


In my view there are two competing forces.

One part of the Task Force is trying to get to the actual truth, and some other forces are trying from within to frame the whistle-blowers as soon as possible - in order to conceal the real truth.

In view of the fact that a highly unsuitable and unethical person may soon assume the mantle of A-G if & when TS Gani retires, I think time is of the essence here.

I would remind the Task Force that their sacred duty is to the rakyat of Malaysia, 30 million of us, and not to cover the wrongdoings of politicians.

The cancer that is killing our country must be cured.

Thank you.

Fendi Ahmad said...

Saya agak emosi di sini tapi saya mula menyampah dah terus geram sama PM apabila dia "meluluskan" TV3 untuk bertubi2 hentam DR M dan legasinya. Lagi naik angin bila PM keluar kenyataan di bulan Ramadhan dengan egonya hentam DR M sebagai bersekongkol dengan pihak asing untuk jatuhkan dia. Najib kurang ajar ! Saya undi BN sudah 3 PRU sejak boleh mengundi tahun 2004. Jadi saya ada hak untuk tidak mempercayai PM lagi dan mahu TS Muhyiddin ambil alih demi negara !


Para Pembahas yang saya hormati,

1. Putrajaya Perdana, Low & Low dan Utama Banking Group (UBG) adalah syarikat-syarikat yang dibeli menggunakan peruntukan awal RM5 bilion kepada 1MDB. Pembelian itu diatur oleh Jho Low.

2. Jadi penangkapan Jerome Lee ada kaitan dengan Jho Low.

3. Penangkapan Lee dan Shamsul Anwar dibuat oleh MACC dan bukan oleh PDRM. Ini menarik kerana unsur pecah amanah dan salah guna kuasa menjadi unsur utama apabila berlaku pendakwaan.

4. Kalau Jerome Lee pecah di mulut, beliau mungkin menjadi sakti pendakwa dan ramai lagi “pemudah” di sekeliling beliau berkemungkinan ditangkap.

5. Begitu juga dengan Shamsul Anwar. Mereka ini bukan calon tertuduh tetapi saksi pendakwa. Tetapi kalau mereka enggan memberi kerjasama, mereka akan menjadi sasaran pendakwaan.

6. Saya dimaklumkan oleh beberapa sumber Umno bahawa andaian saya iaitu semua menteri Kabinet Umno, ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri dan Ketua Bahagian Umno menyokong Mohd Najib adalah tidak tepat.

7. Sumber-sumber lain pula berkata, kecuali seorang dua Menteri yang lain semuanya tidak mahu bertanggungjawab melindungi 1MDB atau mengesahkan (validate) urus niaga yang tidak dimaklumkan kepada Kabinet selama ini.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

red said...


setuju dgn dato....tidak semua mt umno dan menteri kabinet umno dll menyokong najib....tapi masih berdiam diri dan tidak mahu bertanggungjawab adalah bagi saya lebih teruk....bukankah itu menunjukkan mereka ini mementingkan kepentingan diri sendiri dari rakyat...sedihnya

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Seeing what you said in points 6 and 7 gives me hope but what are they waiting for? We should be ashamed of ourselves that a 90 year old man and a Mat Salleh lady is leading the fight for the nation.

Unknown said...

Aslkum dan tkasih Dakj atas pencerahan penahanan Lee dan Shamsul Anwar.

Sekarang baru saya yakin sedikit terhadap kesungguhan kerja pasukan petugas khas siasat IMDB.

Sebelum ni saya hanya mengukur kesungguhan mereka atas dasar mereka tiada pengerusi dan setiap kali mereka buat kenyataan akhbar maka kesemua Tan Sri tu akan sama2 turun tanda tangan.

Pelik tapi ada sedikit tanda kelegaan..

InshaAllah kedudukan Najib sebagai PM dan Rosmah sebagai FLOM sukar dipertahan.

Saya sedang menunggu agar semua Tan Sri berkenaan mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar bahawa memang ada kes salah guna kuasa atau rasuah oleh Najib dan semua Tan Sri berkenaan memaklumkan kpd Agong bahawa Najib akan ditahan reman sebelum didakwa di mahkamah.

Apa nak dihairankan. Najib pun manusia biasa. Tak ada kuasa ajaib macam Sang Kelembai. Tiada tangkal sakti dari bomoh.

Kalau berdasarkan pengalaman Datuk Mazelan di kerat 18 gara2 terlebih percaya pd bomoh Mona Fendy, tiada bomoh termasuk bomoh hindu yg boleh pertahan kalau Allah dah takdir seseorang itu akan turun kuasa.

Secara otomatik TSMY akan menjadi pemangku PM sementara menunggu mahkamah membuat keputusan muktamad terhadap kes Najib.

Yg pasti waktu itu, Najib dah bukan PM lagi.

Hanya Tan Sri2 berkenaan boleh mengembalikan sedikit maruah negara di kaca mata dunia bahawa Msia masih ada kedaulatan undang2 yg masih diamalkan. Bukan setakat rethorik untuk dihafal terjerit2 oleh kanak2 sekolah.

Dan waktu itu jika TSMY mahu dikenang sebagai seorang reformis dan progresif maka beliau sebagai langkah segera mesti meminda perlembagaan agar seseorang itu hanya boleh memegang jawatan PM maksimum dua penggal atau 8 tahun yg mana lebih pendek.

Saya mohon agar perjuangan Dakj tak terhenti setakat hendak Najib berhenti sahaja.


There wont be much of a criminal case without the incriminating testimony from other parties involved. Only the Penang land deal will hold, Scribe.

All just show from UMNO. MCA was better but still failed. No meat for the 52 percent of the voting rakyat; and the yanking Malaysian economy.

BN must undergo a major overhaul. Not just UMNO

Salam hormat

Hanezam said...


Tidak adakah lagi menteri Kabinet UMNO, ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri dan Ketua Bahagian Umno yang masih sayangkan rakyat dan dasar perjuangan parti ? Kenapa mereka diam membisu ?

AZAM anak Sarawak said...

Salam Tok AKJ,

Saya berdoa kehaderat Illahi agar tanggapan/persepsi saya terhadap 3 daripada 4 Tan Sri dalam jawatankuasa khas adalah salah dan kebenaran dapat diketahui secepat mungkin.

Sesiapa disyaki terlibat atau disyaki bersalah mesti meletak jawatan yang disandang dan dibawa ke muka pengadilan secept mungkin.

Let us move on. Banyak lagi tanggungjawab yang belum selesai. Banyak masa dah wang Ringgit dah terbuang. Usaha seterusnya mesti tertumpu kepada masalah rakyat dan ekonomi negara.

AZAM anak Sarawak

safiai saad said...

Salam Sdr Kadir.I agreed with your analysis. it is similar to the EDGE chief editor. That there was a scheme designed by fellow Malaysians and some foreigners to siphon the bulk of the money to their benificiaries.

Thus with more arrest. we will get a clearer picture, and the crime linkages will be crystalised soon.

Well Done.Good reporting and research work sdr Kadir.
selamat hari raya to you,well from your biodata you are almost 69 years old. may God bless you with good health.

Zalman A. said...

@ jumbeaux 4:42 AM

"Seeing what you said in points 6 and 7 gives me hope but what are they waiting for? We should be ashamed of ourselves that a 90 year old man and a Mat Salleh lady is leading the fight for the nation."

I fully agree with your views.

But a 90 year old man and a Mat Salleh lady is leading the fight for the nation because it seems no-one in UMNO has the moral courage to speak up. TSMY did so behind closed doors, but has become silent since then.

Now it seems up to 8 people have been barred from leaving the country. In desperation Najib may just launch a mass crackdown to prevent any further info from coming to light.

Hence the urgency that the Task Force must move with.

However, I am hoping it is not all a smokescreen to push the blame to Jho Low and wash Najib clean.

Jho Low has nothing (?) to do with the transfer of funds to AmBank.

And please don't forget the BSI "units", that cannot be covered up by Lester or Justo either. A report was made from the MAS to BNM.

However, the Task Force must expedite matters fast.


Dear debaters,

1. The Sun reported: “Three prominent Malaysian businessmen sought to assist investigations of fraud, mismanagement and corruption in 1MDB and related companies, are no longer in the country.

Members of the investigating team of the Special Task Force have been unable to locate Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and Datuk Suboh Mohd Yassin. They were supposed to have given statements over various transactions linked to the private banking account supposedly belonging to the Prime Minister.” (Read more here:

2. They could have been hiding in the neighbouring countries, most likely Indonesia where the PM and wife are known to have many close friends and contacts.

3. They won’t go to Singapore where they could be arrested as Singapore is investigating 1MDB’s bank accounts there.

4. Other “wanted persons” may be thinking of doing the same thing. So it is important that they be arrested immediately and their travel abroad restricted.

5. As for allegation of conspiracy to topple Mohd Najib, I think it is nothing more than a ruse. What conspiracy are we talking about when the opposition to Mohd Najib happens openly and in the media?

6. Maybe some people don't even understand what conspiracy is. What is so conspiratorial when well-meaning people get together to expose wrongdoings?

7. Conspiracy, if any is when billions of ringgit of public funds and state assets are being used for illegal and undesignated purposes for the benefit of a few important people. It is a conspiracy to defraud and if punishable under the law.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Zalman A. said...


Thank you for further info.

If Opposition figures are barred from travel, yet those who are directly connected have already left the country, the D-G of Immigration and IGP must be held responsible. As the escapees are Persons Of Interest, an international Interpol arrest warrant must be issued fast. However, this extreme (or deliberate?) negligence in not barring them from travel must be explained.

The Task Force needs to inform the D-G of Immigration and IGP of all Persons Of Interest, and that surely must include the "prime subject".

I was asked whether the two recent arrests are merely of whistle-blowers. Perhaps not, but the MACC seems to be working on a "bribery" angle? It still does not add up.

"What conspiracy are we talking about when the opposition to Mohd Najib happens openly and in the media?"


If a leader topples because his wrongdoings are exposed, that is not a conspiracy. That is democracy. From Marcos to Nixon, a lot of people have discovered that.

If a crime has been committed, nobody is immune from MACC and PDRM investigation.

Is that a "conspiracy" too?


The Scribe

A conspiracy to defraud...

Do you think the wretched murderers of a Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribu has anything to do with the residents of the house of the President of UMNO?

Do you seriously think that the President of UMNO who is an aristocrat from Pahang has anything to do with 1MDB that is illegal directly and intentionally?

MAAF dan MAAF, Scribe.

So there is a good reason for this consipracy of Dr Mahathir no matter how you look at it. As you have noted, Muhyiddin Yassin is also informed of the ongoing investigation in criminal misdeeds of 1MDB but he is not convinced it is related to the Presiden.

Whose conspiracy to defraud? But no by the Presiden of UMNO and never by him is what the Presiden and his men are thinking. In fact it is a greedy Dr Mahathir that is making it a mountain f a mole hill. MAAF dan MAAF.

Only the MCA an help out in this matter and MCA is wise. Let the Malays suffer for their recklessness.

Well, you know that I want Najib replaced but the Judges do not want it done.

Maaf but dont get your hope dashed, Scribe. Without MCA cooperation it is a waste of time.

Hang Kastrui said...

Salam Datuk..the Attorney General is the Public Prosecutor in accordacnce with Article 145(3) of our Federal Constitution. It is therefore unconstitutional for the AG to be a member of the Special Task Force that is investigating IMDB for possible crimiminal offences. The AG cannot play double role : Investigator and Prosecutor. It is a serious breach of Rule of Natural Justice : ONE CANNOT BE A JUDGE FOR HIS OR HER CAUSE.

So AG please exit now from the Special Task Force to save posssible legal debacle.Legal brains like TS Shafiee Abdullah acting for the offenders would have a field day destroying prosecution cases.

Hang Kasturi

SeriMuka said...

Kurang faham saya komen Lanun Rawa

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Only the supporting actors were arrested by the Task Force & bar a few audiences from leaving the country while the main actors + director @ Don still running around likes nobody business..behave likes nothing is happening...these people are immune to justice & law of the country...truthfully an opera for pleasing the hantus (ghost) unless they arrest/bar the director @ Don + script writers alike from leaving the country... A Task Force just a part of the opera scripts..
hairan juga macam mana seorang banduan boleh issue statements from the prison..a special privileges to VVIP banduan? so sorry.. mereka ni juga kawan lama kan? penipu & pencuri?

Wasatiyyah victim said...

I hope DAKJ can give some PENCERAHAN on the lines of investigation by the Malaysian police that is currently running.

I. I may have missed previous discussion, but as a layman person, I am perplexed with so many ongoing investigations happening at the same time…… The main one is the consortium of taskforce, i.e. led by the Attorney General, which involved the Police Force …..

II. My first question is who does this task force ended reporting to?..... Are they themselves independent and reports to no one as they are the Judiciary Branch of the Malaysian Political System?

III. What about another type investigation also, involved police trying to undermine or discredit those who accuse 1MDB of fraud……. Who do they report to?

IV. It seems we have two lines of investigation led by the police force…..One group of policeman is part of the consortium of special task force and the other group trying to find the culprits who is trying to discredit those who accuse 1MDB of fraud……. I assume the later ones, comes from the directive of the home office..

V. Simply mind boggling???….. On how these investigations are being runs and it seems they are at odd with each other….It seems one is to find the real truth and the other one is to cover up or undermine the truth???

Zalman A. said...

1:24 PM

"It seems we have two lines of investigation led by the police force… group of policeman is part of the consortium of special task force and the other group is trying to find the culprits who is trying to discredit those who accuse 1MDB of fraud…I assume the latter ones, comes from the directive of the home office."

Yes, there is a "salvage operation" underway, as always happens in Malaysia.

If the Rakyat Post is to be believed, then the IGP & PDRM are already en route to Bangkok.

But the Justo script is simply too convenient.

The clear aim is to put all those 10 conjured names (Sufi and Tun Dr M are among them) behind bars before the Task Force can complete their probe. Pua has denied meeting Justo, and shown passport as proof. Against that, there is a Mongolian case which saw tampering of immigration records. Let's see how the "gaps" are closed by the "salvage operation".

Thus BNM and MACC must NOT succumb to pressure to cover-up. It is only they who may have some semblance of fairness (I hope.)

Given the huge international attention, any blatant attempt to silence the whistle-blowers will only backfire on Najib.

And as yet, the WSJ remains un-sued.

ABC Soup said...

The Forced Task duties are - kauberup, sandiwara, wayang kulit, tai-chi & silat-ing for Pahlawan Bugis and Doremon Minangkabau

The 4 person heading the investigation , all report to the very same person who is alleged to be involved in the scandal - Apa sudah jadi ? Ini hasil Transformasi ala Alphabet Soup

Zalman A. said...

"he 4 person heading the investigation , all report to the very same person who is alleged to be involved in the scandal - Apa sudah jadi ? Ini hasil Transformasi ala Alphabet Soup"


That must not happen, unless the cover-up is already in progress.

Hence the Task Force should immediately:

a) State that the AG is playing no active role

b) Clarify terms of reference

c) Present Final Report to Parliament and DYMM YDPA.

DO NOT go through the PMO.

We do not want a whitewash.

PS: MACC has wide enforcement powers.

Little used so far against top-level.

Time to change that.


The Scribe

Allah swt maha adil maha pemaaf.
I wont be surprised to learn PAS accepting to be part of BN in the coming PRU14; that how smart Najib is. Would you be surprised then?

On a more personal note, do you think Najib will last with Rosmah. You know, Scribe, cash is king and you cant be king or sultan without a decent saraglio.
On that note is why it not hard to understand Rosmah sees Najib as a commoner. But how do you see them, Scribe? Smarter than the Malay Rajahs of old?

Yes, MCA is morally lost and not so wise after all. Look what happened to Ong Tee Keat. Then again most MCA members are low in moral values. And I am just a poor muslim. Cash is king and Dr Mahathir is not that smart any more but surely smarter than I - Rawa Lanun-Bahasa.

Yes, Allah swt maha perkasa maha pengasih.

Salam teramat hormat.

Unknown said...

Kalau sdr Mokhtar juga banduan politik bertaraf Anwar ramai orang nak dengar dan tertunggu2 press statement dari sdr.

Tambahan pulak ps tu dibuat melalui peguam Anwar.

Tiada apa yg VVIPnya.

Anwar tu tak layak dipenjara.

Dia sepatutnya mengetuai demo menentang perompakan harta rakyat melalui IMDB.

Setakat ini belum ada penganti yg sama hebat.

Sekarang fahamlah kita kenapa ada yg mahu Anwar merengkuk dalam penjara agar mereka hanya perlu berhadapan dgn TDM sahaja.

Fendi Ahmad said...

Datuk AKJ,

Dulu sekitar 2006 sebab Datuk buat blog saya pun buat juga tapi sekitar 2011 saya dah 'pencen' sebab masa lebih banyak dekat Facebook.

Maklumlah saya generasi sekolah tahun 1990an yang cukup minat sama artikel Datuk AKJ. Sampai sekarang secara peribadi saya ni generasi kelahiran awal 80an yang cukup setia dgn Datuk AKJ dan TS Zam.

Sekarang saya mahu mula semula berblog ...


Lahuma said...


Dengan perkambangan terkini.
Bertuahlah rakyat di Baling.

Terima kasih Dato.

Zalman A. said...

From Sdr. Shahbudin, a timely reminder:

Next step, IGP will come back from Thailand, with so-called "proof", and then the arrests will begin. Oppo members first, but they may not dare to touch Tun yet. Sufi may be in the net this time.

They are hoping that the rakyat jelata will get confused.

But the WSJ, AmBank, 2.6 billion has nothing to do with Justo. That is a crucial point.

That will need to be covered-up separately.

In the meantime, Jho Low and many others involved are left untouched.

If there are any good and true Muslims left in Malaysia, let us hope that some are in the Task Force.

It is shameful.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Saya rasa IGP kita buat masa ini paling pening. Sekejap nampak nak sebelah rakyat. Sekejap nak sebelahi bos.

Terpaksa pergi Thailand pakai wang rakyat.

Apa agaknya berita yg beliau boleh bawa balik untuk menangkap mereka2 yg merompak harta negara melalui IMDB?

Justo tak rompak. Justo cuma tahu rahsia org yg rompak. Sebab itu ada logik Justo nak peras ugut org yg rompak. Nak tompang sekaki lah tu.

Cuma kerja peras ugut ni salah disisi undang2 termasuk di Thailand.

Tapi kalau IGP berfikir positif org macam Justo la dia perlu berkawan demi tangkap lanun2 yg lebih besar. Dengan syarat Justo dijadikan saksi.

Kalau itulah tujuan IGP kesana memang bijak dan berbaloi.

IGP kita ni pakai berapa banyak topi da.

Nampak macam sesuai dgn pepatah lama kalau jumpa ular dgn keling..........

Lingkup negara kalau pagar makan tanaman.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

Dah sampai ke tahap nyawa di kerongkongan pun PM kita masih juga tak beralah...dah sampai LKW pun dah quit dan dua tiga ahli gerombolan pun dah cabut lari ke luar negara...pun PM kita maseh terpacak di singgahsana alam fantasia beliau...kesian pun ada gelihati pun ada haih.

Apa pun saya doakan ceritera ini akan berakhir dengan baik. Jangan pulak nanti kita keluar dari mulut buaya masuk pulaklah ke dalam mulut naga. Pemimpin pengganti selepas ini mesti disedar-dirikan bahawasanya mereka bekerja untuk rakyat bukan rakyat yang ikut telunjuk nafsu mereka sampai muflis negara dikerjakan.

Terima kasih Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

Josefharrys said...

Salam Datuk...pihak task force ni telah menunjukkan kerja yg serius kebelakangan ini kerana mereka tahu yg pihak Singapore telah tahu perkembangan 1mdb melalui penyaluran wang yg didakwa dan mahu tak mahu utk menjaga integriti dan kredibiliti mereka maka siasatan ini mesti dijalankan secara telus dan professional dan mungkin empat Tan Sri ini ada yg bercanggah pendapat tidak dinafikan dan diharapkan dgn penangkapan beberapa individu ini kes ini akan terhurai dan harus diingat siasatan 1mdb ini byk kaitannya dari byk segi antaranya ekonomi dan politik tak termasuk saman2 malu yg akan melibatkan ramai individu dan syarikat yg mungkin akan berlarutan hingga pru14 dan kesimpulannya terletak ditangan task force ini utk menjalankan siasatan dan dakwaan dgn cepat tanpa gangguan dari sesiapa dgn cara yg telus walaupun mereka ini penjawat awam yg ramai tahu mereka ini dlm kedudokan yg mencabar etika dan profession mereka.


The Scribe

IGP In Bangkok
(go play with thaksin)

IGP is a laughing stock in Bangkok.
China is in the Spratly Island
Phillipines wants Sabah.
USA needs a clean Malaysia
ISIS loves Najib.

IGP is joke and Justo laughing
The Thai police too and the say is
IGP pandai bikin blow job

Sawadikap says the Swiss
Put thai nit noi says I
The Thai PM is not smiling
Though he is laughing at IGP
Blowing hot at Justo.

Do you think the generals love Thaksin
In these age of facebook and twitter and instagram

Salam Hormat

Haikal Hakimi said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ..

Terlebih dahulu saya nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Rasanya ini semua wayang saja Dato'..sedangkan kes bunuh (gadis mongolia) pun ada 'kambing hitam'..inikan pula kes rumit ni..silap-silap yg kena charge 4-5 CEO atau MD syarikat terbabit..lepas tu kes tutup sbb dh ada yg didakwa. Klu task force benar-benar nk siasat...tngkpla dulu Nik klu tgkap dia ni, confirmla Najib kantoi ttg ada duit berbilion masuk akaun peribadinya..sbb dia ni pemegang amanah akaun2 dipaparkan WSJ tempohari..dan klu taskforce benar-benar jujur...dedahkanla hasil siasatan trhdp akaun2 dibekukan..siapa punya akaun? berani ke??

Unknown said...

Aslkum sdr Fendy.

Syabas kerana memilih berbuat sesuatu yg berguna kepada masyarakat dgn berblog.

Walaupun bukan mudah saya yakin Fendi akan berhasil.

Masyarakat kita terlalu banyak kelemahan. Sebab itu senang digoreng.

Sebagai graduan kewangan tentu Fendi tahu bon adalah hutang jangka panjang. Bila kerajaan atau syarikat jual bon kerajaan sebenarnya sedang berhutang.

Tapi sibongok2 di Utusan dengan bangga melapurkan " bon kita laris dijual" Mereka ingat jual bon macam jual pisang goreng?

Kalau Fendi tumpu pada topik kewangan yg bolehmembantu ekonomi Melayu pun dah tak menang tangan.

Untuk pengetahwan sdr saya adalah graduan perakaunan UM .Jauh lebih tua drpd Fendi. Pernah menjadi pensyarah. Kini saya buat bisnis tanpa perlu cium tangan sesiapa.

Niat mesti baik.

Jangan jual diri sebagai blogger upahan.

Barulah ada dikatakan buat amal jariah sewaktu berblog.

Selamat berjaya dunia akhirat.

Mali Muyung said...

Salam Datuk.
Always a pleasure to read your blogs. Keep up writing.

Richguy said...

Could these arrests be seen similar to Sirul and others in the past. They are made to shoulder the burden in order to protect certain powerful individuals. All these drama will eventually leave the culprits unidentified except for one thing. Malaysians will be made victims.

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