Monday, September 14, 2015

Can DPM Lend Credibility to the Economy?

A Kadir Jasin 

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful".

LATEST, 16 Sept - Body is that of Kevin Morais, confirm police. SUBANG JAYA: The body of deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais has been found, and seven people have been arrested, including an army medical officer. - The Star Online

SUBANG JAYA: The special CID task force investigating the abduction of DPP Anthony Kevin Morais came upon a major lead early Wednesday.

It is learnt an oil drum filled with cement said to contain a body was found in a swamp area opposite SK Chee Wen in USJ 1 in Subang Jaya. Fire and Rescue Department staff are now trying to cut open the drum.

Sources revealed that the task force has been probing the area since 6am Wednesday. – The Star Online.



Can cheery Abdul Wahid perk up the economy?

I WISH I could have the same measure of enthusiasm, joy and confidence about the economy as is so animatedly shown by economy minister, (Datuk Seri) Abdul Wahid Omar, in the above picture.

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Abdul Wahid who is the chairman of the recently established Special Economic Committee appears to be full of confidence that the economy is better than what we are saying and experiencing.

Abdul Wahid is a good man and was a good business executive before the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak brought him into the cabinet soon after the 2013 general elections.

He could have become a good economic minister had the circumstances been different – like Tun Daim Zainuddin under Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tunku Razaleigh Hamzah under Tun Hussein Onn.

But he isn’t that lucky. Like other well-meaning people who came forward to serve the present government, Abdul Wahid has been tainted by the 1MDB scandal and the leadership crisis that it spawned.

Today, a lot of people who are involved in the economy or who are informed about it have lost confidence in the way it is being managed or the lack of it. Official assurances have failed to assuage their concern.

As recently as Aug.8, Abdul Wahid was reported as saying that “the weakening of the ringgit does not reflect the country’s current economic fundamentals”, adding that the banking system was sound, economic activities “still” intact and country was on track to achieve a Gross Domestic Product growth of between 4.5% and 5.5%.

He went on to compare the present situation to that of the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crises. Then he said, many factors affected the country’s economic performance including a trade deficit, reserves falling below US$30 billion and a high gearing level among companies, with some exposed to foreign currency borrowings.

He Spoke Too Soon

When Abdul Wahid made that statement, the ringgit was hovering at around RM3.9220 to a dollar. Now it well above the psychological barrier of RM4 and the critical Bank Negara foreign reserves had fallen below US$100 billion – the lowest in five years. The ringgit closed at RM3.290 against the dollar on Friday.

Surely he knows that the famous RM42-billion 1MDB debt could have risen to as much as RM50 billion now due to the depreciation of the ringgit. A larger portion of 1MDB's debt is denominated in US dollar.

It takes more than Abdul Wahid’s animated enthusiasm and the formation of the SEC to fix the economy and bring back confidence.

The 1MDB crisis and Mohd Najib’s multi-billion ringgit private accounts have caused informed people to lose confidence and trust in him.

Consider the following:

1. We are in a dire need of a credible, trustworthy and trusted government. We may have that if Abdul Wahid is the Prime Minister. But sadly he is not.

2. The ringgit is in a state of freefall. It has fallen to as low as RM4.39 to a dollar. Clearly attempts of the past several months to halt its slide via foreign exchange intervention by Bank Negara had not succeeded. The ringgit continues to weaken and Bank Negara’s reserves fell drastically. As a former banker, surely Abdul Wahid knows that the lower the reserves, the weaker the ringgit becomes.

3. Abdul Wahid and his team can burn the midnight candle, but the informed public and the investors are more likely to be looking at lighthouse. Unfortunately the lighthouse is not shinning brightly either and the base is in darkness. In that state, not only our economy is in danger of floundering but also the whole country could sink.

4. I am not being an alarmist and a prophet of doom. I don’t have to. What we fear is already happening. Consumer prices have risen. Consumers confidence is falling. Businesses are cutting costs by closing down branches, letting go of staff and reducing overtime and cutting back on recruitment.

5. The June consumer price index (CPI) rose 2.5% from a year earlier due mainly to costlier food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and health care. The falling ringgit and the GST were the culprits. On July 2, The Star reported that the Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) had lowered the projected retail sales growth rate for the current year for the third time from 4.9% to 4.0% as consumers hold back spending due to higher costs of living, a weak ringgit and higher cost of doing business.

What Is Ahmad Zahid’s Role?

This brings me to the question of what really is the role of the newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

[I thank him for showing camaraderie during the Sept. 10 Tokoh Wartawan Negara award ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. But he needs more than just goodwill and charm to make his mark as the country’s new Deputy Prime Minister.]

If he was appointed to replace (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin in order to strengthen Umno and the government and not merely to prop up Mohd Najib, he must do a couple of things:

1. He must prove that he is capable of bringing back credibility and trustworthiness to the government.

2. He must show that his years as a banker and a successful business executive had earned him the stripes needed to participate in managing the economy.

3. He has to tamper his “political animal” image with a more smoothening temperament of a DPM and national leader.

4. As Home Minister, he must realise that deporting and seeking arrest of foreign journalists who write negative things about the country do not help to convince the world that we are a democratic, civilized and moderate country. It does not help convince visitors and investors that we are a safe place to be.

5. He must admit that whatever political narrative that Mohd Najib uses to justify the 1MDB's existence and his billion ringgit political funds, the company is a good example of bad corporate governance – flouting so many rules, regulations and standards.

6. Investigations by monetary authorities in Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong against 1MDB and the freezing of bank accounts associated with the company cast aspersion on our integrity and dependability as an investment destination.

What is Ahmad Zahid Priority?

I would like to assume that Ahmad Zahid acknowledges that saving the economy is as much his priority as showing undivided loyalty to Mohd Najib.

He could very well be holding the key to the survival of not only Umno, but also the entire nation. It may sound like an overstatement, but may not be far from the truth.

Who else after Mohd Najib if not him? Muhyiddin might have blown his chances by being indecisive and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah might not be going anywhere with the unity government proposal. Mohd Najib might never be toppled in a no-confidence vote in the Dewan Rakyat.

Members of the Umno inner circle, either out of altruism or selfishness, have clearly bought into the story that 1MDB is the party’s goose that lays the golden egg - the new way for Umno to raise funds.

They had been told that their President does not want Umno to depend on Malay, Chinese and Indian tycoons for donations. But it’s still okay to accept RM2.6-billion “sadakah” (donations) from some wealthy Arabs!

But that story does not find credibility with the majority of informed Malaysians and has become a favourite joke around the world.

Thus it hard to sell the story that the economy is being managed well when the principal bearer of the message – the Prime Minister - is suffering from an acute case of trust deficit.

The news has it that he will soon announce a new economic recovery package based on the recommendations of the Abdul Wahid’s committee has largely been discounted. 

FOOTNOTE: Now that Mohd Najib aka the Bugis Warrior is in a war mode, I suggest that he moves from the Bugis pinisi to a Bugis jajab – the Bugis warship.



Joe Black said...


Wahid is a Sheep in Sheep's Clothing. A Sheep in the Company of Wolves can only afford to Bleat and Bleat....(Mercy Be!).

For Najib, he is certain that his friends are becoming his enemies (hence the appointments of those unknowns and not formerly friends to minister positions).
He is certain that his grocer, garbage man, ustazs, sister in laws and his cat are all of the opinion that he has put on weight, looks haggard, has lost his touch and have lost his mind;

Furthermore, he is convinced that everyone spends two thirds of everyday commenting on his disintegration, denigrating his work, plotting his downfall (hence the constant public reminders that he intends to stay on regardless what happens.. and constantly asking the police to investigate those plotting his downfall).

I promise you Sir, NOBODY is thinking about you.

They are thinking about THEMSELVES (you mean, they are thinking? My god, how are we going to cope when this fool messes up everything and the country collapses!?)

- Just like you!

AZAM anak Sarawak said...

Salam Tok AKJ...

Wahid is a nice guy. He is very smart, very humble and very hard working, so I was told and I believe that. Only had a chance to meet him once or twice.

Unfortunately he is in a ship that is sinking. Too many holes to plug. The main hole needs to be plug and it is beyond Wahid to do that.

Then there are the other committee members. AMokh is a smart guy, so is Nazir. The committee is not without brains but I am skeptical on their ability to steer the economy around. The reason is simple... it is beyond the committee...

The key lies with the person that assembled and created the committee. There is nothing Nor Mohamed could do, or AMokh, or Nazir, or Govin, or whoever else is there, for that matter.

Chanting of all the statistics and telling a good grandfather story cannot and will not convince that public at large that everything is rosy and well.

It is no rocket science that the first step is to manage perception. Managing perception is crucial, critical (or whatever superlative words one wishes to use) and it is something the committee cannot do. It is beyond them. Or Zahid Hamidi for that matter.

I do not know Zahid Hamidi. Never had a chance to hear him speak in person nor had I had the opportunity to be in the same meeting as he was so I cannot give any insights to his ability.

HOWEVER, if I were to use what have been reported by the media (both mainstream or alternative), I would say he sounds more of a "bully" than anything else. He appears to believe in intimidation and does not sound anything a "PhD" holder should sound, I would imagine. In other words, he does not sound or appear "intellectual", not one bit!

Now, where do go from here?

Sekian, terima kasih.
AZAM anak Sarawak

Zalman A said...

What exactly is Zahid's area of "expertise"?

What solid contribution can he make - to any part of national governance?

He seems to be king of rhetoric and school bully threats only.

From "Gred B Syiah evidence" against Mat Sabu to his promise to get Scotland Yard to extradite Clare Brown, the overwhelming impression is one of lingering embarrassment.

He also claimed to have met the Arab "donor" and seen the original documents.


1280 K Tmn Malik said...

Salam DAKJ,

Sy setuju dgn tulisan Dato, tp yg part Zahid tu minta Dato tlg translate ke Bahasa, senab Zahid bkn faham sepatah haram pun.


1. Like Abdul Wahid, Idris Jala also spoke too soon or being fooled by Mohd Najib's rhetoric. If only he knew. But that's hard because Idris lives in his own utopian world of Transformation).

2. In a June 30, 2014 article entitled “Corruption – taking the beast by its horns” published by The Star, he, among other things wrote:

“All political financing meant for political parties must be held in party accounts, not individual accounts.”

3. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt that he did not know that, a year earlier, one or several very generous Arabs had credited RM2.6 billion into his boss’ private account/s at AmBank.

4. Bad luck for Idris. He is the architect of transformation but his boss Mohd Najib cannot lend weight to "trasformasi".

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Saja saja... said...
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Othaman Ahmad said...

I remembered very well a pop yeh-yeh singer used to be popular with his song "Bibir merah jiwa parah" in the 60's and sadly....that song has turned into reality.

Praxis said...

Truly the quality of the top governor determines or limts our potential and achievements.

Assurances that do not respect momentum dynamics will fail to assuage concerns.

If the same set of governance systems and institutions prouduce a Dr Mahathir and then a Najib, then the system cannot be at fault. All the genius of Dr Mahathir's innovations have been systematically abused for private gain. Such abuse also a problem in China and our Opposition also not foolproof. Additionally, Opposition here blinkered by ideologically driven greed for quick power.

Country will sink and the wise and righteous will sink with it.

Anyone who obstructs justice and truth disqualifies himself from high office. It is not in their genes.

nothing to hide said...

dont give him a warship. he'll sell it and collect a hefty commission. this idiot cannot be trusted.

yana said...

Salam Datuk A. Kadir.

Macam mana hebat pun pegawai-pegawai seperti Abdul Wahid dan Idris Jala merancang serta mengatur ekonomi tetapi sebab orang yang berada di atas itu ialah Najib, semua akan menemui kebuntuan dan kegagalan. Blame it on the kelembai effect but Najib seems to be that centre of negative energy or curse in simple language.

Whether the malays like to admit it or not, Umno today is not the Umno of yesterday. Perjuangan Umno hari ini sudah jauh tersasar. Umno sudah jadi organisasi yang 'berkarat' dengan teruk dari dalam ke luar, luar ke dalam. If something is terribly corrupted from within, merely replacing the body or skin will be useless. Within and without must be addressed, replaced and cured. Only then a new life could be revived.

Sekadar pendapat saya yang hina dina dan kerdil Datuk. Apa pun all geared up to face the week. Bukan baju merah.. tetapi menghadapi minggu ke minggu yang biasa. Take care Datuk AKJ. said...

Salam dato,

I really do not think any of those peoples presently in Putrajaya capable of correcting the `wrongs' in the nation's economy.

Politicians are good with their `mouths'.

Economy requires alot of sellers and buyers in all trades, locally as well cross border trades.

Economy requires alot of planning and execution of many programmes, and some will fail.

The politicians so far, think economy follow their mouthing, which is not at all...

I do not believe they will ever blink event if ringgit drops to event 5.00 ringgits per US dollar, and will never except that the economy downturn indicates their collective fault..never.

THEY WILL all keep on babbling until the last of their audience leaves.

Meanwhile, we have to endure the difficult life and the sufferings.

The end of a nation of Malaysia is real,perhaps.

We will never know the `nature' of the next nation.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Saja saja... said...
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Eunuchs perhaps said...

Pity the fools like Idris and Wahid, they have been taken in by the rhetoric of the PM. They are both supremely optimistic, and even when Titanic is sinking, I can bet you they will still sing the Negara ku without a care in the world.
These are people with blinkers on, first accidentally, then later intentionally because they are aware if they take them off, the real world will be too cruel to them. So continue to make believe guys, the Titanic, country and ringgit are nevertheless still sinking! Another cuppa tea to watch the sunset and sunrise?


1. More problem for Mohd Najib and insult for Malaysia ..."UK joins inquiry as cash scandal mires Malaysian premier" - The London Sunday Times.

2. But Mohd Najib was proudly educated in the UK.

3. According to the paper, "the Serious Fraud Office is examining evidence, uncovered by a British campaigner, of an alleged money-laundering scandal that threatens to topple the Malaysian prime minister.

Clare Rewcastle Brown, a former television producer based in London and the sister-in-law of Gordon Brown, the former prime minister, obtained hundreds of thousands of confidential documents on the activities of the Malaysian state investment fund 1MDB earlier this year."

4. Ahmad Zahid's IGP Khalid asked Interpol to issue warrant of arrest against Brown but was rejected. Khalid wanted to interview Justo and was rejected by the Thai police. Don't they have any shame?

5. If Ahmad Zahid still hasn't got the massage, he has to be blind and deaf. If Mohd Najib is not careful, he might get arrested if he leaves the Malaysian shores.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.


Do you think the proxy from Bagan Dato can do something noticeable with a Democrat President in the White House.

Do you think Wall Street acceptance of Malaysian businesses would be any different with Hilary as President and Senator Jho Low as FLOM's Minister of Finance II?

It is a BN's game the PRU14, you know, Scribe, with the drive of a very intuitive woman. Well you can't blame BN winning with a tokong Guan Eng deciding things for the PR. Idol worshipping an idol with clay feet rich with excuses is a sin worse than pandering to Lazy Susan improvised.

Jho Low has that uncanny resemblance and look of a jovial Chinese idol, don't you think, Kadir?

Best wishes to wishful thinking is what Rosmah and I bid you, O great Scribe.

Ssalam hormat.


Do you think the proxy from Bagan Dato can do something noticeable with a Democrat President in the White House.

Do you think Wall Street acceptance of Malaysian businesses would be any different with Hilary as President and Senator Jho Low as FLOM's choice as BN Minister of Finance II?

It is a BN's game the PRU14, you know, Scribe, with the drive of a very intuitive woman. Well you can't blame BN winning with a tokong Guan Eng deciding things for the PR. Idol worshipping an idol with clay feet rich with excuses is a sin worse than pandering to Lazy Susan improvised.

Jho Low has that uncanny resemblance and look of a jovial Chinese deity, don't you think, Kadir?

Best wishes to wishful thinking is what Rosmah and I bid you, O great Scribe.

Ssalam hormat.

Saja saja... said...
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yana said...

Salam Datuk.

DPM Zahid has no role other than to prop up PM Najib. At least right now while the latter is still in power. Because of this he has to be blind and deaf. He has to push aside his dignity and integrity, if ever he still has them. Except for his 'courage' scolding and hammering around DPM Zahid has little probability in toning down or smoothening his 'political animal' image or shall I say instinct.

I am more sad than anything else for Najib. I really hope his natural conscience as a human being will stop him to step back and truly think why he has to leave.

Thanks Datuk. Have a good day.

kampong lad said...

1. al-wahid - dia ni orang yg ke2 dari maybank jadi menteri ekonomi, dah jadi trend kot?
2. 'Members of the Umno inner circle, either out of altruism or selfishness, have clearly bought into the story that 1MDB is the party’s goose that lays the golden egg - the new way for Umno to raise funds'.

betoi ka ni? 1mdb pinjam duit rm42b guna tanah sapa, umno (baru)?

Daniel Noor said...

When Anwar Ibrahim was the DPM/ Min. of Finance, he put Zahid to sit on to a few public listed companies ( crony companies you can say that ).Zahid sat on to these companies just to get his directors allowances and he was busy promoting Anwar to be the next PM all over the country meeting UMNO leaders at branch levels.

So to say say Zahid is an expert on corporate governance and economy , i doubt it very much

But if talk to him about Superbikes and cars..yes he is the experts.

Part of the job said...

Dato, there's a change of PM in Australia via an internal ballot vote.
Malcolm Turnbull has targeted the Tony Abbott's unsuccessful "economic leadership" as a key driver behind his leadership ballot challenge.

"This is not a decision that anyone could take lightly. I have consulted with many, many Australians, many of our supporters in every walk of life," said Turnbull.

"This course of action has been urged on me by many people over a long period of time.

"It is clear enough that the Government is not successful in providing the economic leadership that we need."

So why all the fuss in having a vote of non-confidence for our own PM?
All the silly talk about toppling, and all that nonsense is stupid.
Leaders come and go, if they don't perform, watch out. It is all commonsense, and the citizens deserve a better leader.

doncin cai said...

apa nama lagu nya, tuan...?

doncin cai said...

posting chantik
komen2 juga chantik

Saja saja... said...
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harris abdullah said...

Salam Dato,
You are not only astute in your observations but also fair. Had you still been editor, I would have continued to subscribe to The New Straits Times, at least, to read your "Other Thots".

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam Datuk,

To layman like me putting whoever up there to stimulate our economy does not matter at all. For all I care please do it fast and put our economy back to the right footing. Price of raw material are increasing almost every month and until now there's no indications the price of everyday usage i.e bawang besar, bawang putih, daging import and so on will stop rising.

The margin of "untung" keep sliding down putting me and my family in "ikat pinggang" situation to settle monthly bills including sending money to 2 children in U.

If you happen to drop in Kuala Perlis please see for yourself the prices for all food and drink has increases by 25%.

Laksa RM 4.50 before RM 4.00
Nescafe ais RM 3.00 before RM 2.00

God bless Malaysia.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Macam pelik tulihsan hang kali ni. Yg hang kata 'good man' tu...bukan dia ka yg bantu panjangkan kalang kelibut yg landa Malaya la ni...? Kalu dia ni tak pecaya keh bilion bilion masuk akaun peribadi, keh scorpene, keh altantuya...dll atau pon dia ni peneroka tua di tanah rancangan ka, takpa la jugak.

Tapi tindakkan untok halang siasat, pecat AG, pecat TPM, selingkoh PAC dll secara luag biasa sekali dan rakuih (crude) untok gagaikan (stymie) kerja siasat tu, dia tak sedagka..? Atau pon beli jet baru, juta juta, sengsarakan rakyat dgn gst, nilai duit merudum, risab BNM melonsog, kos sara hidop mencacak naik, dan macam macam lagi, pon dia tak sedagka...?

Munkin, kalau hang nak basa kan 'good man', lebih kena kalu hang boh kad apek Lim, yg ada unibersiti ka apa ka tu. Cepat cepat masok dan cepat cepat cabut.

Mintak mangap la kalu ganggu perasaan hang ka sapa ka...bukan apa, saja rasa macam pelik sikit, tulih hang kali ni... Mintak mangap no.



TOK tok,

Zahid should just show Najib the exit door.Simple..His only chance to politically excell.

He would in time..believe me

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

The Australian replaced their PM with much less reasons then us.

Unlike in our country, the economy and well being of the Australian people is top priority.

Tony Abbot was ousted in the Liberal party polls. He was challenged and loss.

There were no issues of being disloyal to the number one, the number one post cannot be challenged and all those primitive rules that put the interest of the few above the party.

Our systems that are in place are just plainly too primitive and too far behind from the rest of the world.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

To put it simply, anyone who is connected to the PM has the same amount of credibility as he has right now. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what degree you hold and what stellar career you have had; you compromised yourself for not standing up for the rakyat.

Leaders like these exists only in name. They go home every day to their opulent lifestyles and their happy families while the rakyat struggles to make ends meet. No, there should never be an ounce of pity for leaders who, given the choice, chose the selfish option.

I still maintain as I have in the past that an authoritarian government should forget about trying to be popular. It is a waste of time. Just be what you have become.

AZAM anak Sarawak said...

Salam Tok AKJ

Zed-85, you wrote:
"There were no issues of being disloyal to the number one, the number one post cannot be challenged and all those primitive rules that put the interest of the few above the party.

Our systems that are in place are just plainly too primitive and too far behind from the rest of the world."

While I could agree with most of Zed-85's views, I cannot help but disagree with Zed-85's view on "our system".
- The "system" is not "primitive" or "too far behind" but the "mentality" of a few people up the hierarchy sucks!
- Besides the "system" depends on whoever leads or controls the ruling party.
- The "system" is not cast in stone and could be changed.

In our beloved Malaysia, entering politics (read as "joining THE ruling party") means minting money!
- Everything else is a distant second.
- The same was true for some of our neighbours and perhaps other third world countries around the world but that is fast changing.
- Unfortunately, I do not see the change here in this country.

So, where do we go from here?

Sekian, terima kasih.
AZAM anak Sarawak



As to the Aussie reporter with her sensational documentary, she got off rather light.

I wonder if Razak Baginda will sue if he is made aware of this smear on his name.

And terrible smear of the Malaysian Mahkhamah.
But what do you think, Scribe? Twisting of facts and adding lies is good journalism?

I wonder if she is a racist at heart.

Asta la vista.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Azam anak Sarawak,

What I meant by "the system" is that, the governance of developed countries such as Australia, UK, Canada have evolved over the years so that there is clear separation of power between the three entities, (Legislative, executive and Judiciary) and nobody is above the law.

In Canada and New Zealand, the PAC is headed by the opposition party member and in UK, the Attorney General is under the Parliament.

In those countries, one cannot just simply remove important position like AG or replaced the head of PAC or transferred anti-corruption officers like what happened here.

I agree with you that there is the "mentality" issue as you had indicated.

“Mentality” issues will take a very long time to evolved, maybe one hundred years as in our country’s case. Therefore, it is important to implement reforms to the “system”.

The ultimate difference between our government and modern governance is that leaders in our existing government shall have the option to either do the right thing or remain at status quo or play safe.

Leaders in countries like Australia do not have the option to play safe or remain at status quo. If they do not do the right thing or do not perform then, they will be voted out like Tony Abbot.

berasiam said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ

Yang kaya makin kaya. Teraju di bawah pengurusan Husni baru sahaja melulus dan mengeluarkan geran berjuta ringgit kepada sebuah syarikat. Syarikat yang mendapat hak eksklusif pengangkutan itu hanya mahu membeli ratusan buah kenderaan baru untuk menambah saiz asetnya. Husni dengan murah hati memberi geran jutaan ringgit yang menyamai 15% kos pembelian. Bila geran, maksudnya tak perlu bayar balik. Bagusnya nampak kerajaan masih berduit. Tak bagusnya duit kerajaan diberi kepada syarikat yang dah sedia dapat bantuan kerajaan dalam bentuk hak eksklusif pengangkutan. Kiralah bila kos keseluruhan pembelian hampir RM30 juta, 15% adalahlebih RM4juta. Begitulah mudahnya syarikat berkenaan dapat duit rakyat sebanyak itu. Taukenya faham2 sajalah, orang politik. Mungkin begitu bentuk BR1M kepada golongan berkenaan. Husni boleh kata RM4.2 juta sahaja, bukan RM4.2 bilion.

nothing to hide said...

this idiot is a shameless 4cm thick skinned.

Saja saja... said...
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abdullah said...

Idris JAla menteri perosak ekonomi negara

raja2u said...


YBhg Dato dan Pembahas yang saya hormati.Rasanya derama yang berlaku akan berakhir tidak lama lagi. Ini kerana semua usaha telah dijalankan termasuk saluran dalam negeri dan bantuan dari luar Negara tidak berhasil menggugat kedudukan pemimpin Negara.Jalan cerita juga sudah berubah. Jika dahulu pemimpin tidak ragu-ragu menggugur ahli yang tidak sealiran tetapi sebaliknya tidak berlaku pada bulan lepas dimana tiada tindakan disiplin diambil terhadap ahli yang dikatakan tidak setia. YBhg Tun pula baru-baru ini dilapurkan sebagai berkata orang Yahudi dan Amerika ketawa melihat orang Islam berkelahi sesama sendiri. Begitu juga pihak yang mula-mula menimbulkan isu ini tidak berapa lantang menyerang lagi semenjak terhebahnya berita ada perjumpaan dengan pihak luar untuk membangkitkan isu ini.Mereka menaruh harapan bekas pemimpin kita akan meneruskan usaha ini.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategic Vision,
Petaling Jaya.

mtgbertam said...

Dato zahid ada Masterplan....kemaih backup dia.


Terima kasih Scribe.

Dan harapnya kita sapertinyalah PDRM telah menjalankan tugas mereka dalam kes Morais; pandai-pandailah ValueCap jalankan tugas dengan cekap dan amanah. RM20bilion itu HARUS mencukupi kalau pintar.

Volatility is the game of the day bukan sahaja Pn Janet Yellen pun yang tahu : wolves may hunt in packs just as sharks may hunt in a school or in a gam or herd or a frenzy or in a shiver.

Dan harapnya OAG Switzerland, polis Hong Kong, Singapore, UK serta FBI USA dan polis GCC pun cekap dan amanah menjalankan penyiasatan terhadap Skandal Najib-1MDB.

Namun kita sangsi ada precedent dalam kes ini. Maklumlah derma kepada UMNO.

Terima kasih PDRM dan ValueCap.

Selamat menjalankan tugas dan salam hormat.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Mengenai tajuk yg Dato pasti bahawa Zahid bukanlah org nya.

Najib pun tahu dan rakyat pun tahu.

Seperti kata sdra Daniel Noor..."bercerita pasal fast cars dan superbikes"...Zahid bolehlah....pasal ekonomi...kata org Kedah..."dia toksah sembanglah....dan kita sbg rakyat toksah dok haghrap apa2 dari dia".

Tapi pasal politik...dia ok.

Contohnya...dlm akhbar 'the Sun' 16 September melapur..."DPM warns red-shirt rally participants not to touch on racial issues.....they will face police action....bla...bla..."

Hah itu yg dikatakan politik...sbg politik dan Menteri Dlm Negri...ini dia ok.

Org seperti ini yg Najib mahu....asalkan 'loyal'....cerdik atau kurang tidak jadi hal...lagi kurang lagi baik.

Alahai...Umno...hancur kau berdua kerjakan.

adion said...

in the first place, can he lend credibility to Umno and their 3 million members ?

banglarocks said...

Zahid has a master plan all right he2
Just signed off 1.5m of bangla permits
@worst scenario of rm3k/permit?
At least rm4.5 b ?
Guess who's the new billionaire he2

Othaman Ahmad said...

If not mistaken, the singer is Zamzam.

Othaman Ahmad said...

Yes..troubles began ehen the sleeping pm dozing all the way with his sweet dream and let the Liberal boys run the country.

Besides equipping modern infrastructures & world class monuments, Tun M facilitates employment opportunities to school leavers & graduates with numerous influx of foreign investments. What & how many job opportunities Najib created thru his failed 1mdb? Looks like he & his wife's regular visit to foreign soils are more inclined to "Jalan2 pergi shopping", unlike Tun M who returned bringing enormous investments.

Pakcik said...

Beranikah Zahid bypass Najib? Tentu ada sesuatu dlm poket Najib yg menjamin Zahid takkan berani..


1. Debater Othaman Ahmad said: "If not mistaken, the singer is Zamzam."

2. Yes, indeed it was by Zam Zam and The Twilites.

3. He is the lyric:

Melukis kata
Nada berpadu
Menambat hati
Di dalam kalbu

Katamu hanya
Di bibr mesra
Tetapi kini
Jiwaku parah

Kasih di lara
Hati kecewa
Cinta musnah
Ditunda derita

4. YouTube link:

Thank you.

Kawanlama said...

Thank you Datuk AKJ and you are absolutely right and agreed with you. Hope that the Finance portfolio should be relinquished by PM and handed over to WahidOmar.

Do not worry and insyaAllah our country will bounce back as what we had in the past...inspite of the losses on Proton, Pewaja, MAS, Forex trading etc, our country did manage to bounce back very well.

So I believe it will to with 1MDB, insyaAllah.

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