Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Red Shirts Way of Preserving Power

A Kadir Jasin

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful".

WHEN the Yellow shirts had their demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur on 29 and 30 August, the purpose was to continue their demand for free and fair elections.

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Additionally they wanted to save the country from what they perceived be a bad government under Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Matti­mung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

Then, on Sept 16, almost out of the blue, came the Red shirts, whose purpose was purportedly to save the Malays from being “bangsat” (immigrants) in their own land.

At first Mohd Najib and his panglima Umno (Umno worriors) and srikandi (female warriors) were coy about admitting the party’s affiliation and sympathy with the protestors.

But when it became apparent that the gathering might match or even surpass that of the Yellow Shirts, they started to openly align themselves with the demonstrators. By now Mohd Najib and Umno appear to have conclusively embraced the Red shirts.

There are a few things to consider in the post-Yellow and Red Shirts demonstrations. Among them:

1. That armed with money and political support, the organisers of Red Shirts had been able to corral enough participants in a span of a few days using the Malays greatest fear – being overwhelmed by the non-Malays. They portrayed the Bersih protests as a non-Malay conspiracy to take over the county.

2. This was what Umno had done in the past, albeit more subtly, and that’s what they are likely to do at the next general election. They will use money and political power to garner votes while instilling fears among the Malays that they are in the danger of being swept away by Chinese Tsunami. The latter term was Mohd Najib’s own creation.

3. There are enough people around the Prime Minister who believe that with money and political power, they can continue to marshal enough rural votes in the name of the survival of the bangsa (race) to cling on to power.

4. Mohd Najib’s emotive use of “bangsat” is bound to find currency with many rural Malays. Mohd Najib himself believes that if he could hang on to power until the next GE to lead the Barisan Nasional to victory.

5. So those who think that Mohd Najib will be done away with soon and the BN will be gone in the next GE better think twice. For as long as he can get half of the pak cik, mak cik, the Orang Asli, the rural folk and Felda settlers to side with him, Umno would be returned to power and his position would the be unassailable. He would be vindicated.

6. All that he has to do in the interim is making sure that no criminal action is taken against him and BN legislators are kept in a tight grip to avoid defections and a vote of no confidence.

7. If the red shirt organisers could, within less than two weeks, put up such a show by bussing the people from faraway places that knew neither the rhyme nor the reason for joining the protest, there is nothing to stop them from using the same modus operandi to win the next GE.

8. Mohd Najib’s motto – money is king - sells well with the poor Malays in the villages and Felda settlements. With continued depression in commodity prices and rise in the cost of living due to the fall of the ringgit and the imposition of the GST, the power of money is even stronger among the rural poor. Impoverishing the people has its merit.

9. Mohd Najib does not need the clever Malays and the urbanites. He knows he cannot spook them with his “bangsat” slogan or threaten them into submission by spreading fear that their every move is being watched. The arrest and detention of (Datuk Paduka) Khairuddin Abu Hassan (KAH) and the expulsion of Aninah Saadudin from Umno have the effect of proving that intimidation is now a strategy.

10. But Mohd Najib, Umno and the government are losing on the media front. The mainstream media, the mainstay of their propaganda campaign, is losing grips of the audience and is in dire financial situation. Their integrity and reporting standards have fallen so badly that they lost literally every legal suit brought against them by Mohd Najib’s opponents. Their defence of Mohd Najib, Umno and the government crumbled when they lost these suits.

11. Readers, viewers and listeners are rapidly declining. Take the once mighty Utasan Malaysia newspaper as an example. The official website of Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) Malaysian puts its circulation at 173,000 copies a day when back in 2003 it was selling around 320,000 copies. It peaked in the 1990’s around 350,000 copies. Its publisher, Utusan Melayu Berhad is in dire financial position. Bernama reported that for the 2014 financial year its losses increased four-fold to RM82.64 million. The same trend is seen at Media Prima Berhad and, to a lesser degree, at the Star Publications Berhad.

12. The influence of the independent media like the Malay language Sinar Harian and the Edge is increasing so is that of the media platforms like blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Attempts by Mohd Najib and his backers to use these platforms, starting from the 2013 GE, had not been a sterling success. Instead their sites are being used by the people to pour scorn on them. 

13. Having said at that, the immediate concern remains the direction the country is heading. We have lost international respect, our economy is tittering on the brink, welfare of the rakyat is getting worst and the country is becoming less safe.

14. Akhirulkalam, if Khairuddin is a liar and the documents in his possession were fake or doctored, why should the Prime Minister fear him? Being a good friend of the US, he should have faith in the US justice system and allow Khairuddin to provide the FBI with the fake and doctored documents. Let the US arrest and prosecute him for lying. Lying to a US Government agency is a criminal misdemeanour.



Unknown said...

Ada beberapa rakan saya dalam kalangan peguam sangat terkejut apabila Khairudin Abu Hassan yang memiliki "dokumen palsu" mengenai 1MDB dan diberikan kepada pihak berkuasa di Amerika dikenakan tindakan undang-undang di bawah SOSMA. Saya tidak arif tentang undang-undang tetapi mereka memberitahu SOSMA untuk mengekang perbuatan yang menjejaskan keselamatan negara bukannya digunakan untuk tujuan politik.

Kata mereka "bahaya" Khairuddin tidak perlu diperbesarkan sedemikian rupa dengan menggunakan SOSMA. Banyak akta lain yang boleh digunakan kecualilah memang ada tujuan untuk menunjukkan Khairuddin sebagai seorang wira rakyat. Tambahan pula yang dimiliki Khairuddin adalah "dokumen palsu", walaupun ada pula yang bertanya dari mana mereka tahu itu dokumen palsu? Adakah mereka sudah membaca dokumen asli?

Saya fikir menggunakan SOSMA untuk melenyapkan Khairuddin adalah memurahkan satu akta yang digubal untuk tujuan yang lebih besar iaitu mengekang ancaman kepada keselamatan rakyat. Saya tidak fikir Khairuddin menjadi begitu bahaya kepada rakyat hingga ada pihak memperemehkan SOSMA.

Seperkara lagi yang menjadi bualan sekarang ialah penahanan Jamal ikan bakar yang banyak orang tahu dia sebagai penggerak perhimpunan baju merah. Bagaimanapun akhir-akhir ini dia tidak mengaku. Saya fikir penahanan Jamal tidak lebih untuk meredakan reaksi balas bukan Melayu termasuk daripada MCA. Jamal ditahan sehari sahaja.

Mustahil orang yang memainkan peranan dalam perhimpunan untuk kelangsungan hayat politik pemimpin utama tidak dikenang jasanya. Ketika komen ini ditulis, Jamal dilaporkan telah dibebaskan. Sebenarnya ditahan polis pun memberi manfaat kepada Jamal yang kini Ketua Bahagian UMNO.

Zalman A said...


The Umno circular to the Ketua2 Bahagian on the Himpunan ProRasuah ProBugis (a real circular, as admitted by the Umno Sec) had listed about 171,000 members, all ready to mobilise, broken down by division.

Hence, about 60% did not show up, if the turnout was 45,000 (the circular listed projected FELDA attendance as 30,000.)

The detailed breakdown is here:

I think, if 60% did not mobilise, that Najib has fewer friends left than he thinks.

The "quality" of his defenders also speaks volumes:

Jamal, Ali Rustam, Annuar Mara and so on are all tainted, even by the low standards that Umno has descended to.

Zalman A said...

"Akhirulkalam, if Khairuddin is a liar and the documents in his possession were fake or doctored, why should the Prime Minister fear him? Being a good friend of the US, he should have faith in the US justice system and allow Khairuddin to provide the FBI with the fake and doctored documents. Let the US arrest and prosecute him for lying. Lying to a US Government agency is a criminal misdemeanour."

a) I think it will become crystal clear in the next two years (or two months, even) that the "donation" was actually a carefully-planned embezzlement of money from a 1MDB-connected deal, the most likely being one with IPIC and/or its subsidiary Aabar from 2012/13. Anyone with common sense would pinpoint that as the source, given the timing, the sacking of two Aabar executives afterwards, and the fact that one of these executives was both a board member of Falcon Bank Singapore and also claimed to have provided US$100 million for the Wolf Of Wall Street movie "on a personal basis". If it is true that IPIC cannot now locate sums of $1.4 billion and $993 million, the writing is on the wall.

The universe may work in mysterious ways, but surely not that mysterious. The co-incidence is staggering.

b) At that point, those who rushed to defend the pendekar Bugis far too belatedly with muddled anti-ISIS, anti-Jewish and anti-DAP excuses for the "donation" are all going to look exceedingly stupid.

c) I do not think the rural folks will take kindly to the fact that the PM is little more than a common thief, especially if the UAE, a fellow Muslim country, is the aggrieved party. IPIC may cut off all financial obligations to 1MDB and sue for return of the $700 million.

The standard "komplot Yahudi" spin to the rural folks will really be inapplicable, more so if the Swiss, Singapore, UK and USA also arrive at the same conclusions independently.

d) At that point, I think our standing as a nation may be irrecoverably damaged. It may take 10 years before we can convince the world that we not a terminally corrupt 3rd world country. FDI is down 41% already.


1. Notis ini ditujukan khas kepada penyokong PM, Umno dan kerajaan yang menghantar komen mengutuk saya dan mencarut terhadap saya agar TIDAK menghantar komen menggunakan "Anonymous".

2. Tolonglah guna nama sebenar atau nama samaran, nama pena, non de plume supaya saya boleh siarkan komen mereka. Guna angka pun saya boleh terima, macam 2020 atau sebagainya.

3. Sepatutnya penyokong PM, Umno dan kerajaan tidak perlu bimbang guna nama sebenar kerana tidak ada ancaman mereka akan dii ntip dan ditangkap. Yang menghadapi risiko adalah yang kritkal terhadap PM, Umno dan kerajaan.

4. Atau adakah mereka malu dan takut dikecam kerana menyokong Mohd Najib, Umno dan kerajaan?

5. Tuduhlah saya tulis tak guna akal dan sebagainya. NO PROBLEM. Tapi sila beri nama.

Wallahhuaklam. Terima kasih.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Ha ha..
Manpadulung Daeng Mantimmung Sonbrone...aka Mohd Najib.

Pahlawan Bugis yg tiada tolok bandingnya....berjaya mengalih pandangan dan 'neutralised' isu besar dia dgn Perhimpunan Baju Merah.

Tiba2 beraraklah 'Pahlawan2 Melayu' yg digembur oleh budak 'Sekinchan Ikan Bakar'...melaunglah mereka dgn;

"Hidup Melayu...Hidup Umno...Hidup Najib...Maruah Melayu jgn dicabar...Cina Babi....Mahathir Pengkhianat bangsa" dan mcm2 lagi

Hebat2 cukup hebat....dlm 1 hari sahaja Maruah Melayu telah dipulihkan oleh sekumpulan Baju Merah.

Yg sy faham budak Jamal dpt RM2j....Noh Omar dpt nama dan tempat dihati Najib....Sabri Chik...Maslan ...Annuar Musa dan berberapa org ketua2 Umno yg lain2...rasa cukup Puas dan bangga sekali.....kerana Maruah Melayu telah diMartabatkan.

Huhh dangkal sekali...tetapi Pahlawan Bugis telah berjaya memperbodohkan bangsa sekali lagi.

Yg sy nmpak maruah Melayu makin teruk bertambah2 adalah kerana perhimpunan serupa ini.

Apa hasil dan logiknya....Bugis dan TPM sahaja yg tahu.

Othman Ahmad said...

Harap2 Kejora Liberal get the message.

Fendi Ahmad said...

Pengomen yang komen tapi takut, segan atau mahu sembunyi tangan adalah pengecut dan pencacai murahan

KZSO said...

I love this part 14. Akhirulkalam, if Khairuddin is a liar and the documents in his possession were fake or doctored, why should the Prime Minister fear him? Being a good friend of the US, he should have faith in the US justice system and allow Khairuddin to provide the FBI with the fake and doctored documents. Let the US arrest and prosecute him for lying. Lying to a US Government agency is a criminal misdemeanour.

Good one!

Kawanlama said...

Terima kasih DAKJ,

Fasa gunakan media dan pengaruh para pemimpin tua negara, media tempatan dan demontrasi jalanan terbukti tidak tidak berkesan untuk lucutkan jawatan PM dan presiden UMNO.

Sekarang kempen busuk ini diteruskan dengan pengaruh dan media luar negara.

Bangsa Melayu masih belum sedar bahawa kaum Tionghua dan India masih ada negara sebangsa mereka menunjukkan sokongan dan 'perlundungan' kepada kedua-dua kaum ini.

Semasa demontrasi Hindraf dulu kebetulan saya berada di luar negara dan berpeluang membaca komen pemimpin India menyata sokongan moral mereka dalam media antarabangsa.

Semalam pula kita baca bagaimana Duta China Dr Huang melawat dan memberi sokongan dan kata2 kurang selesa didengar.

Walau di mana kedua-dua bangsa ini berada mereka sentiasa di lindungi oleh negara2 sebangsa dengan mereka.

Sememangnya saya, keluarga saya dan orang berjiwa Melayu adalah orang2 'bangsat' yang mendiami kampung dan kawasan Felda...kami bersemangat Melayu dan sentiasa memerlu duit BRIM dan kemudahan elektrik dan air yang dicatu oleh pihak berkuasa...dan sentiasa cukup menghargai jasa dan budi mereka dan terus berikan sokongan kepada pemerintsh yang tidak mencuri duit kami.


Ahmad Zharif Ahmad Zahir said...

Your obvious postulations speak of the archetypal of Malaysian journalism, focusing much on nothing more than reporting the obvious rhetoric. Such reporting could only overwhelms populace, especially Malaysian youths due to their inevitable media access - with doubt, scepticism and sarcasm.

At a period when political scene is full of uncertainty (deemed under the purview of privileged few), I can imagine that stirring sentiments can be quite self-serving since populace and politics enthusiasts (across cultures) actively seeking clues for even partial certainty. At times I'd imagine your purpose of writing. It remains arbitrary. Presumably you couldn't afford to be honest and clear about real truth - not only limited to your written subject but also your underlying motives.

I also feel the published writing lacks conviction to bring the reporting to a productive level which could potentially feed your readers with guided understanding to how Malaysian politics could be steered. It inevitably needs full participation not only through gathering enough support from critical mass - since numbers can be nimbly manipulated - but unprecedented full engagement from enlightened citizens. Such aim requires guided education hence writers at the interface of public domain should remain inferior unless they afford to write true guided report to productively challenge limitation(s) since that is needed out of them.

SeriMuka said...

Sometimes saya ada juga terfikir tentang "penderma" pak arab tu. Dia tak kesian ke tengok orng yg dapat derma tu di asak begitu rupa?
kerana "derma" dia si najib mendapat bahana. Kenapa tak tolong dengan tampil ke hadapan dgn mengaku dia lah "penderma".
Dia yg menderma makna tentu lah dia ada rasa sayang dan kagum pada orang yg dia sedekah kan tu.
Afsal dia tak muncul2 lagi?

1280 K Tmn Malik said...

Money laundering is the process of making illegally-gained proceeds (i.e. "dirty money") appear legal (i.e. "clean"). Typically, it involves three steps: placement, layering and integration. First, the illegitimate funds are furtively introduced into the legitimate financial system. Then, the money is moved around to create confusion, sometimes by wiring or transferring through numerous accounts. Finally, it is integrated into the financial system through additional transactions until the "dirty money" appears "clean"

Anonymous said...

That shows that Madhater has no more power or KAPUT politically. Time for Najib to get rid of Mukriz

Zalman A said...

@ 6:41 PM

"....actively seeking clues for even partial certainty. At times I'd imagine your purpose of writing. It remains arbitrary. Presumably you couldn't afford to be honest and clear about real truth - not only limited to your written subject but also your underlying motives."

Truth is in very short supply, actually.

Perhaps you can answer these and then enlighten us?

If that is too challenging, then warm up first with these easy ones:

Again, please feel free to post the answers. We would love to read them.

If the government has been "honest and clear about real truth", then you will have no difficulty.

But you cannot, of course - because like the rest of the rakyat you have been denied answers to even the most basic of questions.

In other countries, this is a severe failure of government.

Zalman A said...

"Time for Najib to get rid of Muk(h)riz"?

Why stop at Mukhriz?

Get rid of TSMY, Shafie, the A-G, the PAC, the MACC, Khairuddin, as well.

He's already made good progress.

Amazing how many people he needs to get rid of, and yet he has "Nothing2Hide?"

A man with that level of paranoia evidently has Everything2Hide.

Next on the list to be sacked, arrested, transferred and intimidated:

The FBI, the US Justice Department, and the government agencies of S'pore, Switzerland, HK, and UK.

These Phase 2 removals may be harder for the pendekar Bugis, as compared to the mere locals in Phase 1.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Those pro PM Umno and government commentators who have attacked you with insults under anonymity are actually afraid if Najib loses out they will not be able to survive and leech on the new government. They are talam dua muka they will cling on to the one in power. Thus the need to shield and the reason for their anonymity.

As for KAH and Anina, I hope KAH wil 'survive' his detention alive. I have no words to express my disgust of how things have turned, predictable almost only to serve the master's purpose. Anina Saaduddin too must ensure her safety is not compromised.

Take good care Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

Saja saja... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saja saja... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fed up said...

Orang seperti Ahmad Zharif amat-amat diperlukan di Utusan Melayu Berhad, Media Prima Berhad dan Star Publications Berhad.

p/s DAKJ ada komen harga lembu di Kedah?

Masih Fed Up

adion said...

Mahathir's philosophy remind me of Winston Churchill
Najib's philosophy remind me of Prince Norodum Sihanouk

kulop lopaz said...

memang yeop ... la ni nak mengaku penyokong umno memang malu ... mereka cap kita ni kuat ambil duit ... malu yeop.

panglimo potaseh said...

Melayu ada sembilan raja, PM TPM semustinya Melayu, 90% menteri adalah Melayu, polis tentera, gabenor dan DO semuanya Melayu .. apa yang dah mereka ini buat sehingga maruah Melayu tercalar . Memaksa mak dan pakcik Felda turun KL dengan berbaju merah untuk berdmonstrasi untik mengembalikan maruahelayu.

Siapa yang meluluskan nama Notting Hill di Sungai Buloh, mengapa seorang pegawai Melayu dengan megahnya menyatakan "alamanda" di Putrajaya adalah nama Sepanyol, saya ingatkan "alamanda" itu adalah alam anda .. jadi sapa yang calar sapa.

Apa kata lepas ni kita lantik Cina jadi PM pula .. boleh kah Cina ini bawa Malaysia seperti LKY bawa Singapura. Bila dah bersih dan maju kita bawa Melayu balik jadi PM untuk maintain kemajuan yang dah ada, kalau nak majukan lagi lebih baik .. ingat kita ada 65% Melayu/bumiputra. Cubalah terai testlah dulu.

Tinta Hitam said...

Punca sebenar kemelut kemelut yang melanda negara ini adalah sikap orang orang melayu dikampung dan Felda sendiri.Saya tak tau nak panggil mereka ni apa.Idiots or who? Merekalah sebenarnya yang membenarkan orang orang yang korup saperti Najib ini bermaharajalela.Orang orang melayu kampung /Felda ni tidak bodoh tetapi malas nak jadi cerdik..Mereka tahu segala yang berlaku didlm negara

Ahli Parlimen DAP,Dato Ariff aka Sakmongkol AK47 memberi gambaran sikap orang orang melayu sebegini seolah olah jika pemimpin pemimpin UMNO masuk kerumah meniduri anak dan isteri mereka pun mereka redho,asalkan yang melakukannya ialah pemimpin pemimpin UMNO..Merreka enggan mengubah minda mereka.Semua kesalahan dan ketidakmajuan mereka disalahkan kepada DAP,CHINA Singapura,yahudi dan Amerika..

Jika Najib mempunyai pengundi pengundi sebegini tiada sebab untuk dia atau UMNO nak berubah kearah yang lebih baik..PRU14 tetap mereka menangi dgan wujudnya keadaan sebegini.Dah tentu selepas itu "business as usual".Country futures be damned..

Selagi melayu enggan berubah selagi itulah pemimpj pemimpin rasuah berterusan merompak negara ini..Jika tumbang negara ini melayulah punca sebenar permasalahan ini..

Tinta Hitam said...

Punca sebenar kemelut kemelut yang melanda negara ini adalah sikap orang orang melayu dikampung dan Felda sendiri.Saya tak tau nak panggil mereka ni apa.Idiots or who? Merekalah sebenarnya yang membenarkan orang orang yang korup saperti Najib ini bermaharajalela.Orang orang melayu kampung /Felda ni tidak bodoh tetapi malas nak jadi cerdik..Mereka tahu segala yang berlaku didlm negara

Ahli Parlimen DAP,Dato Ariff aka Sakmongkol AK47 memberi gambaran sikap orang orang melayu sebegini seolah olah jika pemimpin pemimpin UMNO masuk kerumah meniduri anak dan isteri mereka pun mereka redho,asalkan yang melakukannya ialah pemimpin pemimpin UMNO..Merreka enggan mengubah minda mereka.Semua kesalahan dan ketidakmajuan mereka disalahkan kepada DAP,CHINA Singapura,yahudi dan Amerika..

Jika Najib mempunyai pengundi pengundi sebegini tiada sebab untuk dia atau UMNO nak berubah kearah yang lebih baik..PRU14 tetap mereka menangi dgan wujudnya keadaan sebegini.Dah tentu selepas itu "business as usual".Country futures be damned..

Selagi melayu enggan berubah selagi itulah pemimpj pemimpin rasuah berterusan merompak negara ini..Jika tumbang negara ini melayulah punca sebenar permasalahan ini..

Saja saja... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Well done, Kadir. You are a well western educated Melayu Took, aren' t, you. Thank god.

Now, for the benefit of the anti BN, let see how the poor Malays of Kg Mutiara fare with the caring and passionate help of DAP and co in their plight. You must be happy, Kadir.

Don't get me wrong, Kadir - I am no fan of Najib; but I have yet to see the crimes of Najib proven. So spreading of fitnah is not part of my creed. You did start something of amal makruf nafi mungkar but now I am too sure what you are up to. I am not as well read as you, Kadir; but I see something of the blind leading the blind or even worse the arrogant leading the fools. Maybe it is the that I live in Penang and you a Kedahan socialite in KL like che det.

My god, che det is a god, isnt he. He made Najib the PM!!!? My god these Kedahans these days.

Takpe lah kami orang kampung will solve our UMNO problems in our own way in our own sweet time. Though we wonder why there should be SJKC, though - speaking of being one nation. Yes, Kadir, I emphatize with Jamal Yunos of Sungai Besar. They say he is a rapist but they can't come up with any evidence - a wikileak snafu, I guess. But then who are they, Kadir?
Friends of your's?

A season to sow and a time to reap : a lesson the Saudis will learn dearly.

Take care, bro. I am taking a long break - nak pi bertapa dalam gua sat.


Penanya said...

Jangan pandang rendah pada keupayaan orang Melayu pedalaman untuk beri pelajaran pada UMNO. Rompin boleh jadi petunjuk. Juga warga emas di kampung boleh saja dipengaruhi anak2 yang menetap di bandar untuk ubah undi.

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam Datuk and Selamat Hari Raya Korban,

Well said Datuk, I just came back from my hari raya break in Perlis with few visits to my wife relatives in Kebun 500, Pendang and Kerpan near Ayer Hitam Kedah, Most hotly topic debated were GST and 2.6 bn donation. Swearing and cursing overwhelmed the pro PM Najib side even the UMNO hard core are changing their mind about voting in the next GE. With rising price of daily goods, kampong's folk are thinking twice about voting who to lead the government after next GE. Ditelan mati emak diluah mati bapa, May God bless Malaysia.

msh said...

Salam Dato.
Sy tertanya2...apa perlu kita melenting bila Duta Cina yg berpejabat disini campur tangan dlm urusan dlman negara kita.

John Mallot bekas duta Amerika pun serupa juga membuat komen sana sini tentang Pahlawan Bugis...kebelakangan ini.

Sy percaya kemungkinan semasa dia menjadi Duta dulu pun ada perkara2 seperti ini yg dia telah lakukan....cuma mungkin tidak begitu disensasikan.

Sbg rakyat pun tidak selesa dgn perkembangan begini....tetapi kita wajar melihat semua ini secara objektif dan dari berbgai sudut.

Apakah punca semua ini...kenapa terjadi begini.

Adakah kerana org Cina Petaling Street yg mengacum....atau angkara Dap...atau kerana budak suruhan Boss bernama Jamal dgn geng Melayu Baju Merah terlebih ugut Cina2 dinegara dan Cina2 diPetaling Street.

Atau pun kerana bila org Cina merasa mereka sudah kuat semasa Perarakan Bersih 4 yg membuat org2 Melayu marah dan terus memakai baju merah memprotes....siap dgn kata nista dan maki hamun dan turut disokong oleh Bugis secara terang2 menyebakan org2 Cina jadi panik....takut kalau2 Mei 13 berulang.

Sbg tindakan susulan....untuk keselesaan 'comfort'....mungkin ada yg mengacum pd Duta Cina minta tolong 'gertak sikit' Melayu2 dan Bugis sbg peringatan 'warning'.

Jadi...apa lagi yg kita boleh buat sekarang....kalau tanya Ketua Pemuda Umno....tentu dia suruh putus diplomatik dgn Cina.
Reaksi org No 2 pula...tiba2 sahaja dia membuat 'statement'...."tiada lagi perhimpunan jalanan...bukan cara Malaysia...bla bla.." merapu...mcm panik pula.

Hah...cuma kita tunggulah....mcm mana pula Bugis nak 'save water face' dia pula...yg sy faham Duta ini telah dipanggil....nak sembanglah agaknya.

Hai...inilah akibatnya bila ada pemerintah yg lemah...sibuk dgn kerja2 menyelamat diri dari 1001 pertuduhan salah laku....hingga hilang kawalan jadi merapu... melingkupkan semua yg baik...dan menyusahkan rakyat sahaja.

Betulah...kata Dato....'biak pi lah dia melingkup nak pi nana pun...pi jauh2....janji negara selamat....pi mai pun dia dah bnyk dok pelingkup'...bagilah dia...."safe passage".

Saja saja... said...
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tehtareksatubos! said...

Tq for providing a good platform for intellectual forum DKAJ
Wether it is relevant to the current problem/solution is another question.
They say street food is illegal in Madrid
Well some might argue its about state of the mind
Imagine street food is illegal here like money laundering and corruption he2

orang tua kata said...

Klu tak tau berbahasa English tulis aje dlm bahasa ibunda kita. Saya baca pun tak faham mamat ooi. For sure you are a Felda boy aren't you? Leaving under Isa Samad is havent to you right.

orang tua kata said...

Rawa..your english really sucks. Well coming from Felda i am not suprise with your longkang english. Honestly sepatah haram i dont understand and hoping you continue with your betapa as far as it can go.

panglimo potaseh said...

Pak Kadir yang budiman .. msh dan Saja saja yang dihormati.

Salah satu cara nak menang mudah adalah dengan "pecah dan perintah". Dibawah tangan Najib caranya sangat ekstrim .. mulanya dia membina arca 1Malaysia, simbol penyatuan kaum yang agak radikal bunyinya .. selepas tu kita jadi pelik apabila Najib bina pula "china town" dengan secina-cinanya, buat konsert Cina dengan kos yang besar. Najib bina pula "little india" dengan seindia-indianya .. saya sendiri alaminya semasa mengeteh di Brickfield .. tak percaya tuan-tuan boleh kesana.

Hasil tangan Najib ini kita boleh lihat sekarang ini dan diperkatakan oleh msh dan Saja saja dalam ruangan blok Pak Kadir "the scribe". Isu perkauman inilah digunakan Najib dengan semahu mahunya untuk berlindung daripada isu sebenar negara ini ia itu kes 1MDB. Perlu diingatkan bahawa kes 1MDB ini adalah "real" dan terbesar dalam sejarah kita, malahan ansuran hutangnya pun tak masuk akal besarnya kata bekas TPM dulu.

Najib tampak semakin selesa untuk berhadapan dengan lawannya yang dah pecah seribu sekarang ini? .. aku teringatkan bagaimana Pendekar Mustar tersiram air oleh Sudin dan terus mengarahkan anak buahnya naik kerumah sebab hari nak hujan.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

The Putrajaya Comedy

1. Wisma Putra has cancelled its summon to the ambassador of China, Huang Huikang, reportedly after the summon was vetoed by acting Foreign Minister Hamzah Zainuddin.
Chinese dailies reported that the summon, issued by Deputy Foreign Minister Reezal Naina Merican, was overturned by Hamzah.

2. Deputy Foreign Minister Reezal Naina Merican did not follow protocol when he summoned ambassador of China, Huang Huikang.
Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz said should Huang was to be called by Wisma Putra, it must first be by the foreign minister of Malaysia after having consulted the prime minister.

3. Chinese ambassador Huang Huikang said he learned of Wisma Putra’s summons only through the newspapers.

Huang dismissed the issue of his visit to Petaling Street on the eve of a planned red shirts rally as a hot potato, when asked if the matter has been resolved.

4. Like father like son. The half-past six standard.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Rentakan dalam UMNO pun teruk juga..1)satu kem pro najib, 2)yang satu lagi sayang UMNO tapi benci Najib ..3) yang satu lagi kaki duitderma... ada habuan.. ada sokongan.Kumpulan ini yang paling ramai dalam UMNO..
Sekarang ni pun, boleh dikatakan semua program2 rakyat yang dianjurkan oleh UMNO, hanya kumpulan 1) & 3) sahaja yang dijemput.Mereka akan datang beramai-ramai sebagai tanda sokongan kepada parti Bangsat orang Melayu.
Untuk Si-Najib menang besar pada PRU 14 diatas sokongan orang2 ' bangsat/Melayu 'di ragui.Dia perlu polisi memechah dan perintah ' divide & rule policy ' untuk mendapat
kuasa."perkuaman / racist " adalah senjata UMNO untuk terus memerintah.. kini dan selamanya.
Orang2 Melayu sendiri sudah meragui keupayaan dan kesungguhan UMNO menolong mereka..

Saja saja... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kawanlama said...

Sorry Orang Tua, saya faham juga sebahagian daripada mesej yang Sdra Rawa nak sampaikan.

Mungkin otak orang sudah tua dan mereka yang telah dilongkang sahaja tidak faham sepatah haram.

pemikir said...

As Salam AKJ,

Simpati saya kepada Khairuddin yang ditahan selama 28 hari. Entah apa salah dia diperlaku sedemikian rupa. Zalim benar DS Najib ini.

Perlu diingatkan bahawa kumpulan penyokong DS Najib ingin mendiamkan isu RM2.6b derma ke akaun peribadi DS Najib. Mereka juga ingin menutup isu 1MDB.

Dengan penahanan Khairudin, mereka pasti berjaya menakutkan ramai penentang DS Najib.

Kita tentang DS Najib bukan kerana di PM atau Presiden UMNO.

Kita tentang DS Najib adalah kerana gagal menjelaskan kenapa 1MDB ditubuhkan untuk meminjam wang dan menempatkan RM di luar Negara.

Kita tentang DS Najib kerana menerima wang sebanyak RM2.6 billion tanpa memberikan details fakta yang boleh diterima akal dan undang undang.

Kita tentang DS Najib kerana untuk menutup perkara derma dan 1MDB, beliau telah memecat TPM dan Menteri kabinet, memaksa AG bercuti dan digantikan, memaksa pertukaran pegawai SPRM dan Polis, mengarah Polis menyiasat pegawai BNM seolah olah mereka itu penjenayah.

Kita tentang DS Najib kerana telah tidak ternampak bersih dan berbelanja mewah.

Kenapa orang orang Melayu masih tidak mengerti?

Saja saja... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
panglimo potaseh said...

Rawa .. good for you to go betapa .. tek yor tayem and terai to write better inggelis nek tayem around .. don mek other people pening with yor inggelis .. ok der .. lagi lama lu pegi betapa lagi baik. Please don't take no mind.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Sungguh memalukan - itu saja yang dapat saya komen mengenai komedi putrajaya yang dilakonkan - dah lah salah protokol, tak ada kesepakatan dalam komunikasi dan tindakan, hantam keromo haru biru. Duta China pun tersenyum agaknya.

Terima kasih Datuk A. Kadir.

Kawanlama said...

Saya adalah orang yang tidak menentang kerana beliau hanya didapati bersalah dalam forum media sosial sahaja...bukan dari proses keadilan yang sempurna.

Pompuan said...

Salam 1 Melayu DAKJ
Happy ngat you dah kendur dengan mengutuk Najib bertubi-tubi. Finally after months of saying he will be arrested and that he will step down, you have relented. Saddest is you saying UMNO will lose power. I have stated repeatedly here none of this will happen
Cukup takut Tuan hilang kredibiliti. Juga TS Zam since you both have good names that needed to be upheld. I tak kisahlah if Din Merican or Outsyed the Box cakap macam tu. We know where they are coming from.
Najib is standing very tall and very strong. Apa yg you all nak takkan tercapai. What you want and the reality are two different thing?.
UMNO akan tetap berkuasa dalam GE akan dtg. Macam S'porelah org kutuk bagai nak rak dalam media sosial, menang besar juga. Bukan saja Mak Chik atau Pak Chik di kampung yang akan pangkah BN, kami yg duduk di bandar pun akan berbuat demikian.
What choice do we have? . Keadilan or DAP, sorry my friends. If PAS tanding, ok jugak but none in the urban areas.
Jom kita jadi Cina. Selagi ada sun and moon, selagi itu akan undi parti racist Cina. Kita je yg undi MCA dan MIC.
Ini pasal Red-Shirt, kenapa kutuk mereka? SALAHkah mereka ada protest untuk lawan Bersih yg anti-Melayu.
Why must Malays like you be apologists for the red-shirts so-calling derring-do. Sayulah baca golongan Melayu ini dan itu dan juga pemimpin Melayu yg kononnya nak sangat jadi poltically correct. Ada ke you tengok Cina mengutuk Bersih?. Tak se-ekor pun. Kita pula yg kutuk Red-Shirts. Do they appreciate you. No. Lagi lantang mereka menjatuhkan maruah
kita. Siap bawak Dubes China nak menegakkan benang yg basah.
Bersatulah wahai Melayu. Hentilanlah mengutuk sesama kita. Kita tak sedar ke si sepet ada agenda daging babi bawah chopstick. We don't have to pander to them. Cacing dah nak ke mata. Dah gah sekarang mereka menang. Isy isy Melayu ever the gentlemen. said...

Salam dato,

`Baju merah' ni pun bagus juga.

Dalam `kes' merah ini ramai yang marah,gelabah,gabra,lompat,meroyan,angau, angin,melupoq dll.

Saya lihat ada `semacam' ketakutan...kenapa ya?

Whatever it is, i still `like' it that way.

Asyik nak gomoi kita lama lama dah , sekali tunjuk pemumbuk merah dah `huru hara'...

Kalau mai `merah' seluruh negara apa macam?.. merah parlimen sekali la kut ya.

`Merah' ni DOES NOT include `bibir merah'!.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Zalman A said...

Sokong red shirts?

A failed handful of 4th rate Umno rejects, using public money and deception to herd Felda folks onto paid-for buses under the guise of a "city tour"? Not impressive.

There is not much difference between Jamal and Lester and Ramesh, really.

All are mere cheap distraction tactics.

And still the big questions remain unanswered.


Several debaters had criticised Rawa Lanun-Bahasa for his comments and his writing style.

Yes, his comments may sound gibberish, but I, sometimes, enjoy his gobbledygook. He is not totally nonsensical. His play of words and confusing flow of thoughts can, sometimes, be amusing. So I will not join the chorus calling on him to cease writing in English. I would say, bad English is better than not knowing English at all.

The following explanation by Wikipedia may help to clear the air about Rawa Lanun-Bahasa’s style:

“Gibberish and gobbledygook refer to speech or other use of language that is nonsense, or that appears to be nonsense. It may include speech sounds that are not actual words,[1] or forms such as language games or highly specialized jargon that seems non-sensical to outsiders.[2] Gibberish should not be confused with literary nonsense such as that used in the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.

The word gibberish is more commonly applied to speech, while gobbledygook (sometimes gobbledegook, gobbledigook or gobbledegoo) is more often applied to writing. "Officialese", "legalese", or "bureaucratese" are forms of gobbledygook. The related word jibber-jabber refers to rapid talk that is difficult to understand.”

After all he is Rawa the Language Pirate. A pirate lives by his own rule. In his book, everything is a fair game for as long as he wins. Sounds familiar?

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

meemamak said...

DAKJ is pointing to the moon most of the time
Some people are looking at his finger all of the time he2
Talking about the finger instead of the moon ha3

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Rawa Lanun-bahasa dgn 'gibberish and gobbledygook'.....manakala Aku...dgn 'slang' Kedah 'piau'....membuat sy terhibur bila membaca.

Asalkan ada mesej yg dilontar dan fakta yg tepat.

'Now everyone can fly'...kata Air Asia.

Didlm blog pula....'now everyone can write'.


msh said...

Ya kenapa org Melayu masih tidak mengerti....

Kurang cerdik ...malas berfikir..dan tidak mahu susah2....terima sahaja seadanya......
Hata...ketua serupa ini pun masih mahu disanjung lagi.

Cerdikkah begini.

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk AKJ n Sahabat3 Semua2..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Pemimpin Munafiq)"

"Malaysia - To Be or Not To Be"

-Adakalanya kita rasa teramat "mind-boggling" bila difikirkan about Our Nation.. Sekejap kita "macam itu".. Sekejap kita "macam ini".. Which is which ni???

-To those yg 'racist' (U Know Who U Are), mereka dah lupa 'aspirations' Pemimpin3 Kita2 Terdahulu.. Yakni SAMA-SAMA KONGSI apa yg ada.. Kita SAMA-SAMA JAGA apa yg ada.. BUT now "Malaysia 2K 15" apa dah jadi???

-Tuhan tak rosakkan alam.. Manusialah yg merosakkannya.. Weapons don't kill people.. It is 'people' that is killing people.. That's a FACT!

-'Manusia Baik & Jahat' ada dimana saja...Pergilah kemana jua.. "Walau ke hujung dunia" sekalipun!

-Bila Manusia (Insan) itu dipenuhi @dipengaruhi @dikelilingi 'Unsur2 Negatif'.. Dan dikala itu 'Iman & Taqwa' seseorang itu 'lemah/tiada'.. Manusia itu akan lakukan macam2 jenis 'kerosakan' - Kerosakan Kecil mahupun Kerosakan Besar! Naa'Uzzu'Billah..

-And now Our Nation "dibelenggu" kerosakan kecil & besar...Mengapalah agaknya..???

"The Malaysian Malaise"

-In My Humble Opinion, "Yg khianati bangsa" adalah kalangan mereka sendiri - Melayu khianati Melayu.. Cina khianati Cina.. India khianati India.. Dan yg lain mengkhianati yg lain nya

-Sedih.. 'Sifat2 Kemanusiaan' dah tiada.. Yg ada 'Sifat2 Kesyaitanan'.. Cuba perhati sekeliling kita

-Bohong-membohongi dlm hal2 memimpin.. Memutar-belit dlm hal2 ekonomi.. Remeh-temeh dlm hal2 perpaduan.. Mengambil-mudah dlm hal2 keagamaan

-Generasi jenis apa yg kita sebenarnya nak "bentuk" untuk Negara Kita ni???

"The Righteous Malaysia"

-A reminder to all (terutamanya "Me, Myself & I"), kita berada dlm "Dunia Tanpa Sempadan".. Apa saja infos boleh diperolehi.. All within fingertips reach.. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

-READ & THINK as we go.. Bezakan antara Truth & Falsehood.. Jangan nanti 'tenggelam lemas' dlm "lautan maklumat yg tiada penghujung"..

-Ada baiknya kita AKUI apa masalah kita & kita SELESAIKAN nya.. We can never run from our problems.. DENYING is not going to solve anything! Dlm konteks ini.. "Ignorance IS NOT Bliss"!!!

"The Malaysian Gratitude"

-Kita sebagai sebahagian dari "Bangsa Timur", seharusnya ada sikap terpuji & salah-satu sikap terpuji ialah berSOPAN-SANTUN... Sikap yg sama that 'Our Forefathers' RESPECT & UPHOLD..

-Tiada salahnya memberikan pendapat, asalkan berlandaskan fakta... DAN Fakta perlulah benar (Dah nama pun 'fakta'..kan?)

-Amat meleset fikiran jika kita berkata "Tun Dr.M seorang pemimpin yg gagal" sedangkan seluruh dunia (ESPECIALLY dunia Islam) 'salute' dia.. Sehinggakan ada negara yg meluahkan mahu "meminjam dia" dari kita & juga ada negara yg mahukan "someone like him" untuk memimpin mereka.. Now that's Our Negarawan.. (Wow! Alhamdu'Lillah)

-Juga amat menyedihkan bila kita memaki seseorang itu "macam3" sedangkan dia itu diantara "Tokoh Wartawan Negara @ Media Maestro" yg masih lagi ada (Syukur Alhamdu'Lillah) bersama kita...

"The Writing IS On The Wall"

-Adakah kita terlampau BIADAP & DUNGU sehingga tak dapat bezakan antara "Kaca & Permata" ?

-Tidakkah kita sedar "Truth WILL ALWAYS OVERCOME Falsehood" ?

-And that God Almighty WILL ALWAYS protect 'The Righteous'...

"Fight The Battle AND Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless n protects us all from Iblis n Dajjal**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: Never give-up "All Righteous People" :-)


1. Debater Zalman A, among other things, wrote: "There is not much difference between Jamal and Lester and Ramesh, really.

All are mere cheap distraction tactics.

And still the big questions remain unanswered."

2. Thanks you Saudara. Almost forgot about Lester (the reporter) and Ramesh.

3. An Indian friend who is related to Ramesh told me that Ramesh is doing fine. He is generously dishing out "donations". Good for him.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Ini Bukan Jebat said...

Salam Hormat DAKJ,

Many of us complaining about GST. Those who read newspaper business section having massive headache on how our current economy fare.

Well folks let not despair on how how public money being spend by our leaders.

D. Najib arrived early in N.Y to prepare for a very important speech at U.N. While waiting his turn to speak, he received ICT award. Today in the Star reported our PM met PM of Democratic Republic of Sao Tome. And D. Rosmah picture delivering speech about Gender Equality at U.N Hq ( one member appears to be Michelle Obama in attendance)

The Red Shirt supporters have valid reason to be proud of our Malay leaders have achieved.

While awaiting eagerly anticipated D. Najib speech, these are some less significant news activities happening around us.

1. T. Mahathir received medal the Star of Soekarno. 
2. India PM gave Facebook Zuckerburg a bear hug. He also met Tesla CEO and fortune 500 CEOs during his visit. Did I say Modi arrived 2 days prior to his speech at UN. In India, Congress bashed Modi trip as "fashion show" and a waste of public fund
3. Singapore new cabinet announced. A transitional cabinet to identify and prepare new leaders to take over from current PM and DPMs
4. Wisma Putra to HAUL Chinese Ambassador. Latest news , China Ambassador had MEETING with Acting F.M.
5. KLCI Index near 1600 level
6. Haze come and go

Our PM must be working very hard behind the scenes with our F.M, Minister Wahid Omar and many members of entourage to plan our country. Meantime like red shirt supporters, many are waiting with abetted breath of our PM speech @ UN. May our lives will improve after our beloved PM return home.

Joe Black said...


The Cardinal Rule:

" APPEARANCE IS FREQUENTLY REALITY" (no matter what they told you in college)

Still Stands.

It seems that NONE of Najib's Entourage knows of this Rule.

The Governor of Bank Negara voiced her concern and attributed the Junk Status of Malaysia as being due to what she considered as "perception" only.

She might think so... BUT Investors still holds on to this Cardinal Rule of "Appearance is Frequently Reality", in their Investment decisions. It's called "Country Risk".

As for the Chinese Ambassador...The Appearance of Red Shirted Hooligans at the Gates of Petaling Street yelling profanities and At the Ready to attack and Burn, must have caused Panic to "The Other Race" enough to cause him to pay them a visit.

Najib Said these Red Shirts were peaceful (as peaceful as Pandas?)and non racist whilst Appearances seems otherwise! (He must be living on a Different Planet!)

As For Rawa?Lanun WhatWhat?....don't bother to even read this gobbledygook

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ.

Memang betul Dato.
Banyak 'Half-past six' dalam kabinet Najib. Kebanyakan mereka yang kuat bodek atau pengampu, pandai berlakon dan berpura-pura, diangkat kedalam kabinet. Dalam mencari populariti, orang sebegini, selalunya pendek-akal. Melakukan sesuatu atau bercakap tanpa memikirkan kesan dan akibatnya (implikasi) dalam jangka masa panjang atau dari sudut diplomasi.
Dalam semua organasasi atau kabinet pemerintah seluruh dunia, ada orang sebegini dan kerajaan China tidak terkecuali. Bezanya, berapa ramai? Yang pasti, kabinet Najib paling ramai, termasuk mereka yang mengepalai kepimpinan tertinggi Party yang beliau wakili.
Duta China ini juga 'half-past six', termasuk pemimpin MCA yang mengiringi beliau ke Petaling Street. Dengan meminta 'sokongan' Duta China, mereka hanya memburukan lagi perhubungan kaum. Kesetiaan mereka kepada Kesatuan Malaysia lebih dicurigai oleh Melayu. Duta China ini sepatutnya lebih faham kerana di Negaranya sendiri, mereka menghadapi ketidak-percayaan antara ethnic, seperti di Xinjiang dan Tibet. Malah di Hong Kong dan Taiwan yang lebih 'kebaratan', mereka juga dihantui perbezaan ideologi akibat pengaruh Evangelist.

Yang jelas Najib telah memburukan perhubungan kaum demi mempertahankan kedudukannya sebagai PM.

samurai melayu said...



AKJ said 'After all he is Rawa the Language Pirate. A pirate lives by his own rule. In his book, everything is a fair game for as long as he wins...

When sdrku Rawa Lanun-Bahasa writes one must not only see the stone thrown into the pool and the splashes created but also the ripples flow..

Still recalled our 'debate' on Najib anak Razak in the Scribe many many moons ago..

Take good care bro..

Semoga DAKJ sekeluarga sentiasa dirahmati Allah Swt..

Ps. Can "Lingampoops" be said a gobbledygook ... hehe

Kawanlama said...

Tolong saya berikan fakta benar apa yang sdra MSH mengerti dan faham tentang kemelut yang berbangkit ketika ini?

Kalau sudah terlalu cerdik sila sdra jelaskan di forum ini dengan fakta benar ye bukan dari mimpi sdra.

Unknown said...

Datuk AKJ,

Saya tinggal di bandar Subang Jaya dan bukan ahli UMNO atau PKR atau PAS. Saya telah lalui zaman cemas 13 Mei 1969 semasa muda dan terlibat secara langsung detik2 cemas ketika itu. Saya datang ke perhimpunan #169 bukan di paksa atau untuk menyelamatkan Najib. Saya bayar tambang bus sendiri dan naik LRT dengan dui sendiri. Bibit2 yang membuat saya ke perhimpunan #169 adalah kerana perasaan marah yang terpendam kerana kebiadapan peserta2 Bersih4 yang memijak gambar pemimpin negara dan ulamak kita TGHH. Sebagai orang Melayu apa perasaan Dato apabila orang memperlaku begitu kepada pemimpin kita. Perasaan marah ini telah terkumpul begitu lama sejak reformasi dan Bersih 1 hingga 4. Saya rasa sehabat2 saya yang lain pun berperasaan yang sama. Kadok telah naik ke junjung dan orang Melayu telah lama bersabar. Bibit pergaduhan kaum akan terjadi juga jika orang Melayu tidak menunjukkan perpaduan. Jadi anggapan Dato semua yg menyertai perhimpunan boleh dibeli adalah salah. Saya tengok ramai juga yang membeli t-shirt dengan duit sendiri dan guna transport sendiri. Tidak ada pun poster I LuV PM. Semua yang datang untuk memperlihat kepada musuh2 bangsa supaya jangan memperkotak katik orang Melayu. Walau pun dalam masa yang singkat orang Melayu boleh berhimpun jika mereka ditolak ke dinding. Jangan perkecilkan pemikiran mereka yang datang menyokong. Ada yang tua dan ada yang muda. Kami hanya berkorban masa menyatakan pendirian.

mufan said...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Untuk perhatian Utusan M dan bloga prepaid : tolong sebarkan, kiamat kecik esok

Malaysia faces another bond litmus test as contagion worries grow
Tue, 29 Sep 2015

By Reuters 

+ investors could pull billion US$ out of embattled Msia's bond markets 

+ RM11b (US$2.5 billion) govt bonds to mature Wed

+ foreigners own 45% of bonds  to pull cash out 

+ risk-reward of investing in M'sia assets unattractive for now

+ significant portion of maturing bond not reinvested

+ pushing country step closer to currency reserves crisis 

+ would send shudders across region

+ widening political scandal, tumbling currency take toll on investors

+ unnerving neighbours despite central bank's efforts to contain damage

+ M'sia's markets down since July, escalating political fallout from 1MDB

RM11 billion worth of gomen bonds fall due on Wednesday (tomorrow).  The gomen has to pay RM11 billion. 45% of this amount ie about RM5b is held by foreigners. 

With the Ringgit falling they will likely be taking this money out. They will be converting these Ringgits to buy US Dollars, Euros, Yen etc. The Ringgit will slide even further beginning Wednesday. Its already at 4:47 to the US$ now. 

MAS and Air Asia are already hurting from the Ringgit slide. They also pay for fuel in US Dollars (besides Ringgit of course). Although fuel prices are down (worldwide) the weakening Ringgit is not helping MAS and Air Asia. 

If the Ringgit/Dollar hits RM5.00 MAS and Air Asia will be in real trouble.

Utusan tak payah berterima kasih kepada Najib. Terima kasut boleh lah. Tapi Utusan faham ke keadaan negara kita sekarang?

Mr. K said...

Perhimpuan Melayu bersatu
ditukar kpd
Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu

ujung ujung Rahman Dahlan guna baju merah sbg tanda Najib masih dapt sokongan
ada tak yang sebut Baju merah memberi sokongan kepada Hadi Awang?

Melayu buta xdpt melihat hakikat sebenar disebalik Baju Merah. melihat yg tersurat shaja.80% cina dalam Bersih pun gara gara Hadi Awang mengharap hudud dari Umno. Umno bila nak buat hudud di Pahang,Terengganu dan Kedah?

selayaknyalah negara ini menjadi spt Indonesia tak lama lagi. Najib sudah pastinya dan Hadi Awang mempunyai saham besar dalam kerosakan yg sedang membesar ke kemuncak.

Mr. K said...

Kena pijak gambar dalam demo dah sentap.
Arwah Nik Aziz di gelar Najis dulu xde plak sentap.

PAS corrupted spt Umno corrupted skrg.

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ.

A. Kalau di blog lain saya pasti apa yang di 100% copy-paste oleh mufan tidak akan tersiar. Lebih-lebih lagi jika langsung tidak di beri kredit kepada OSTB, Tuan-punya asal.

B. Nukilan Saudara Esa Adam mengenai 'niat' peserta Bersih memijak gambar pemimpin Melayu, saya kira sedikit tersasar.

Saya pun pada mulanya mahu pergi ke Himpunan #169 atau Baju Merah. Tetapi setelah 'mereka' beberapa kali menukar 'nama' dan apabila ternampak seolah-olah tujuan perhimpunan adalah untuk mempertahankan dan menyokong Najib, saya batalkan niat saya untuk pergi.

Saya langsung tidak berasa apa-apa jika mereka pijak gambar Najib seorang. Bagi saya, memang patut pun, setelah terbongkar RM2.6 billion dalam akaun peribadinya dan RM2 juta lagi dalam akuan isterinya ketika sebahagian hutang 1MDB tidak diketahui dibelanjakan kemana.

Apa yang saya 'faham' dari aksi memijak gambar pemimpin Melayu 'sedang berpeluk' itu:-

1. DAP yang mula putuskan hubungan dengan Presiden PAS akibat isu Hudud di Kelantan yang di sokong semua ADUN UMNO. Pada Muktamar, PAS pula buat keputusan untuk memutuskan hubungan dengan DAP. Jadinya, PAS dan DAP sudah tidak lagi 'berkawan'. Tanpa PAS, Bersih 4 menjadi 99% Cina, tidak seperti sebelumnya.

2. DAP dan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat amat takut jika PAS 'berbaik-baik' dengan UMNO. Pasal itu mereka EDIT gambar TGHH sedang berpeluk dengan Najib. Kemudian pijak gambar itu kerana dalam fikiran mereka PAS dan UMNO akan bersatu pada PRU14 nanti.

3. Jika PAS dan UMNO bersatu, mustahil DAP dan PKR mampu merampas Putrajaya. Mat Sabu atau lebi tepat lagi PASMA, lepas tu GHB dan akhirnya PAN, tidak mungkin mendapat sokongan Melayu. Hanya kerana pemimipin tersingkir dan kemudian tubuh party serpihan atas dokongan DAP. Maklumlah, bila sudah tersingkir, hilanglah sumber rezeki. Jika ada sumber lain, mengapa lepaskan peluang.

Natijahnya, DAP amat takut jika PAS dan UMNO bersatu dan Bersih 4 menyerlahkan hakikat itu.

Unknown said...

Budak2 baru nak idup Bang Man.
Hingus tak kering lagi, tapi saya suka sakat, tgk lepas tu, madah berjela2, isi kosong selain drpd mencarut.

Unknown said...

Abang Esa Adam
Kenapa Islam dan Melayu diperkotak katikkan, dihina, dipersenda.
Sesuatu yg amat jarang berlaku dari tahun2 70-an hingga awal 2000.

Pemansuhan ISA oleh Najib menyebabkan puak2 DAP dan liberal bertali arus menyerang dan memomokkan Islam dan Melayu.

Dulu, puak2 ni mana berani angkat muka atau turun berdemo di jalanan.

Akta Hasutan pun nyaris2 dibakulsampahkan oleh Najib.

Tak lama lagi kita mungkin berdepan
dgn penjajahan ekonomi alaf baru jika Malaysia turut serta tandatangani TPPA.

Dulu, kabinet Najib yg patah2 tengkuk kononnya pertahankan pendirian takkan turut sama.
Bila timbul berita Juri Agung sedang siasat Najib dan anak Rosmah, tiba2 saja Tok Pa buat pencerahan ttg kebaikkan TPPA kpd khalayak Umno negeri.

panglimo potaseh said...

Ini lah hasilnya apabila kita bina arca 1Malaysia dalam masa yang sama kita bina "china town" dan "little india".

Pemimpin Melayu berjoget riang apabila berJV dengan China dan India merembat "malay reserve land" dalam bandar dan menjual "gomen land" pada mereka dengan harga berlipat-lipat kali ganda.

Kemudiannya apabila dikritik, pemimpin melayu ini akan bingkas gunakan ugama dan maruah melayu sebagai tempat berlindung .. dan ianya terbukti sangat selamat.

Saya tahu TV3 berkali-kali siarkan gambar beberapa ekor China pijak gambar Hadi (yang pernah kafirkan UMNO) dan Najib (yang tetiba suka hudud) yang sedang berpelukan. Provokasi ini sangat berjaya dan serasi dengan tahap minda orang kita. Hasilnya .. nah .. Duta China dah melawat "china town" untuk mendengar cerita "made in Malaysia" ini.

Tapi saya suka tonton kartun "hong kong phoee" yang sedikit masa dulu disiarkan di TV3 .. yang menceritakan persahabatan anjing dengan kucing .. anjing yang buat kerja, kucing dapat nama .. mungkin TV3 banyak belajar daripada siri kartun Amerika ini .. arios.

panglimo potaseh said...

Kita dah pun bertanya fakta pada tuan punya badan, malah dah diulangi berkali kali .. dah bermacam cara dibuat .. takan "kawanlama" tidak menyedarinya, atau buat-buat tak sedar .. tapi itulah, kita seperti bertanya pada orang yang sedang mamai .


1. Bila difikir-fikirkan, pijak atau terpijak gambar politikus bukan luarbiasa.

2. Tengok sajalah betapa banyaknya gambar orang politik terpampang di sana sini.

3. Tentulah ada yang jatuh, terpijak oleh pejalan kaki, dikencing anjing liar dan dikitar guna sebagai tinding tandas atau bumbung gerai.

4. Yang bertujuan serong pula mudah dapat gambar seumpama itu sebab ada di merata simpang jalam.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Saja saja... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kawanlama said...

Terima kasih Sdra Panglimo,

Isunya kita dan Tun Mahathir sendiri belum dapat jawapan yang sebenar bukan?

Jadi apa rumusan sdra?

Kawanlama said...

Terima kasih DAKJ,

Melayu yang tidak lagi sensitif...tak tahu lah apa nak jadi..

daduboss said...

Speaking to reporters here after submissions in chambers, Najib's lawyer Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun argued that Anina had no legal right to initiate the claim as she was no longer an Umno member.

He said Anina was suing his client on behalf of Umno, but the party Constitution dicrated that her membership cease when she took the matter to court.

Anina's lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla confirmed the details and said the court set Oct 6 for case management of the striking out application.

Teringat cerita penyamun bujang lapok di mana Brahim Pendek kata
Nombor lain semua boleh tikam kecuali nombor 2
Sebab nombor 2 saya dah booking
Ke enam2 muks buah dadu tu semua nombor 2 he3

majid smsp88 said...

Salam tuan RD... Maaf cos mencelah.

Fakta tuan itu ada benarnya terutama tentang Pas rujuk semula pada Umno. Jika lihat pada permukaannya, memang ada kemungkinan itu. Namun jika selam till dasar, seolah pincang tetap ada.

Selama ini saya tidak nampak kekuatan Pas ini terletak pada faktor apa & siapa secara menyeluruh. Rasanya lebih pada 'back-to-back' adalah. Kita andaikan pemimpin tertiggi Pas setuju bersama BN/Umno then adakah parti komponen lain dalam BN akan 'senang duduk'...?

Jika pemimpin tertinggi Pas tetap nak bersama Umno then adakah ahli akar umbi Pas akan terima dengan senang hati keputusan pemimpin mereka...? Ahli Umno pasti akan terima Pas cos Umno memerlukan Pas kali ini.

Jika Pas beri syarat pada Umno bahawa gabungan ini akan berlaku tetapi dengan syarat Umno mesti terima then laksanakan Hudud. Umno yang tersepit pasti setuju saja. MCA, MIC & Parti Pribumi Sabah & Sarawak akan terima Pas dengan senang hati ke...?

Saya melihat senario politik Malaysia masa kini as 'Hukum Karrma'. Pusing kemana sekalipun tetap tak mampu menentang takdir.

Saja saja... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RD. said...

Salam Tuan Abdul Majid.

Saya setuju. Party Komponen BN akan 'terbeliak biji mata' jika PAS mahu masuk BN kerana 'igauan' Hudud.
Pada saya isu Hudud ini hanya modal atau senjata politik.

Dulu nak buat 'Negara Islam' dan bertukar kepada 'Negara Berkebajikan' setelah 'berkawan' dengan DAP, melalui Ketua Umum PKR.

Saya bukan mahir mengenai Perlembagaan Persekutuan, tetapi saya rasa, amat mustahil impian PAS untuk melaksanakan Hudud, walaupun di Kelantan dengan sokongan UMNO, boleh tercapai.

Nota: Harus diingat, satu masa dahulu, DAP dan PAS adalah seteru. (amat bermusuhan sesama mereka). Lebih-lebih lagi, ketika PAS mengeluarkan 'Amanat Hadi' dan mengkafirkan ahli UMNO kerana 'berkawan' dengan party bukan-Islam dalam BN'.

Setelah 'tersedar', kesan dan akibatnya berkawan dengan DAP & PKR, saya rasa mereka akan lebih 'percaya' kepada UMNO, selepas ini. PAS dan UMNO tidak semestinya bergabung dalam BN untuk menjaga hati Party Komponen. Setakat berbaik-baik untuk capai persefahaman semasa PRU sudah cukup untuk menidakkan Harapan Pakatan ke Putrajaya. Sekurang-kurangnya, PAS mampu 'pegang' Kelantan, sampai bila-bila. ADUN kepada PAS dan sebanyak mana mungkin, Parlimen kepada UMNO, misalnya. UMNO pun boleh guna Hudud sebagai 'senjata' untuk dapat undi atau untuk 'gempaq' bukan-Islam.

"Takdir" ????
Saya kurang percaya pada takdir selagi ada peluang mencuba atau berusaha untuk elak sesuatu yang tidak diingini itu berlaku.
Contohnya, kalau saya mati kerana:-
- seketul tahi-bintang sebesar bola golf jatuh keatas kepala.
- dipanah petir ketika baring menonton TV di rumah.
- ditimpa pokok tumbang ketika tidur dalam kenderaan yang bergerak.
- etc.,

Yang demikian, itu "Takdir".
Itu pun bukan saya yang kata, kerana saya sudah mati. Orang lain yang kata, itu "Takdir".

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