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More Image Makers for Mohd Najib

A Kadir Jasin

IF you have the bad luck of being in a leaking boat, you should try to stay calm. Being born and raised in a riverside village, I can say one or two things about surviving a leaking boat.

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Start by knowing your boat (or sampan). Even if your sampan is leaky, you can still safely make a journey to your destination if you know how. First, determine the location and size of the leaks. Second, gather materials that you can use to plug the leaks. Coconut husk, old cloth and mud are useful.

The mud can be used as temporary sealant. But you must know the type of mud to collect.

Last but not least, have one or two coconut shells or tin cans to scoop the water out.

The Umno pinisi (Bugis sailing ship) under its captain, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, is leaking and listing.

A stranded Bugis pinisi
Many things have been done to keep it afloat and steady. The latest being the removal of its Information Chief, (Datuk) Ahmad Maslan and, in his place, the appointment of (Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima) Annuar Musa. Ahmad was given a new job – the head of Umno’s cyber troopers.

As Information Chief, the 49-year old Ahmad was intended to be the fresh face of Umno and its NEP-poster boy. He is the son of a Felda settler and, by his own admission, was a high-achiever.

Ahmah Maslan cooking up storm
 He did his undergraduate studies at New Zealand’s Victoria University and scoring CGPA of 3.85 when doing an MBA at the National University of Malaysia (UKM).

But he proved to be too clever for his own good. His unflinching support for the Prime Minister and his penchant for lecturing of the public have made him a favourite target of lampooning by the online media.

So his latest job of promoting Umno in the cyberspace looks like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

How he is going to fit into the party’s ongoing plan to acquire and control the independent online media has to be seen.

Apart from Annuar, he has other propaganda operators to compete with – among them the Cabinet’s chief communication strategist, (Datuk) Abdul Rahman Dahlan and PMO’s media handlers like (Datuk Seri) Farid Ridzuan, Habibul Rahman Kadir, (Datuk Seri) Tengku Sharifuddin Tengku Ahmad and Encik Rizal Mansor. He also has to contend with outside operators at home and abroad.

The Lover of Rome

The appointment of Annuar as Information Chief is the reflection of the growing desperation of the party.

In recent years, this 59-year old Kelantanese is better known for his involvement in football than politics.

He is the Kelantan Football Association President and recently stole the limelight when his team received the sponsorship of celebrity businesswoman, (Datuk Seri) Hasmiza Othman aka Vida.

Smitten, Annuar went pink for Datuk Vida
It does not surprise me if his sharing of the limelight with the voluptuous businesswoman has raised his profile in Umno and, thereby attracted Mohd Najib’s attention.

In it current sad state of affairs, Umno needs every bit of a boost no matter how insignificant or absurd. Thus Mohd Najib’s 40th anniversary in politics was celebrated on grand scale by the mainstream media. Some said the 40th anniversary was Annuar’s handiwork.

Annuar wasted no time in going full throttle praising his boss. He was reported as saying that Mohd Najib’s stewardship of the party had been the most peaceful, adding that there was no shake-up until after six years, unlike during Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s era.

That sideswipe of Dr Mahathir is no accident. He has an axe to grind with his former boss. Annuar rose during Dr Mahathir’s era.

He was widely recognised for his “I love Rome more” speech at an Umno General Assembly at the height of the Anwar Ibrahim crisis in late 1990’s.

Dr Mahathir made him Minister of Youth and Sports Minister in 1990 and in 1993 promoted him to the post of Rural Development Minister where he served until 1999. In 2002, while no longer a minister, he was investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency, the forerunner to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), in relations to the alleged misappropriation of RM36.5 million fund for the hardcore poor (PPRT) in his home state Kelantan.

Poverty is widespread in Kelantan
He was not charged. Instead the ministry’s Secretary General, (Datuk) Dr Abdul Aziz Muhammad, was tried, found guilty and jailed for five years but was later acquitted by the Appeal Court. Abdul Aziz was widely seen as a scapegoat in the case.

Having seen the record of Umno’s information and propaganda campaign in recent years, especially after the 2013 general election, the task ahead for Annuar and Ahmad Maslan would be monumental.

It is hard to expect the Annuar-Ahmad Maslan partnership to do wonder for Umno and its beleaguered President.



awang batuburok said...

Salam pagi isnin Dato,

Kedudukan PM Najib semakin kukuh. Pasukan yang beliau baru bentuk akan dibantu oleh penasihat penasihat tambahan yang akan dihantar oleh pasukan UG PAS.

Cash Is King....

I think therefore I am... said...

The only way a wrongdoing leader to survive his leadership is to be surrounded by wrongdoers, so that they won't question him or her, but as long as he or she rewards them in return. The problem with wrongdoers who get caught for doing wrong stuff shows that they are not clever at all, thus all ridiculous and hilarious actions and words we are witnessing to date. Self praise is no praise and always stinks. Datuk Fadhilah Kamsah quotes in Sinar radio station (not sure to whom he addresses the quote tho) - Sejahat-jahat manusia adalah orang yang mengaku baik...

I think therefore I am... said...

Tambah sikit lagi Datuk;

Being a man in his 50s (born in 1966), Ahmad Maslan should have shown more maturity in him rather than committing self-insults. Orang selalu kata 'Orang suka dengar orang pandai bercakap tapi cemuh (orang Kedah kata cemuih) dengar orang bercakap pandai. Satu lagi, orang akan hormat pada orang yang pandai tapi meluat dengan orang yang buat-buat pandai.

pemikir said...

As Salam Datuk AKJ

Annuar Musa and Ahmad Maslan are purely Najib soldiers.

They are looking for some big target just to pleased their Boss and not to pleased the Rakyat.

Recently, Annuar Musa has made a visit to all UMNO State and Division just to ensure by next GE, UMNO win.

By this time, he will notice that UMNO has been divided into two reason being his boss RM2.6b scandal.

Of course, he will make his plan and recommendation but what the heck, you spend most of your time to rebuild UMNO. The question is, does he have the quality to do it?

This Annuar Musa then will start to realise that his task was a waste of time and almost impossible. He should know that if UMNO is united today, there is no guarantee that it will win with bigger majority nor can sustain the seat of today.

Looking back to what the damage are:-

1. Tan Sri Muhyiddin was strike off from his Deputy Prime Minister post. Will Johorean defended Najib
and UMNO?

2. Dato Mohd Shafiee Apdal was strike off from his Cabinet post. Will Sabahan defended Najib and

3. Dato Mukhriz Mahathir was strike off from his Menteri Besar post. Will Kedahan defended Najib and

And this 3 key figure in their own state has not openly go all out to criticised against UMNO however UMNO has started to self-crash.

Let us look what damage Najib and UMNO have done at Government Civil Servant

1. They have undermine BNM
2. They have undermine SPRM
3. They elected their own AG
4. They make use of Police Force.

The Civil Government realised that this Government of the day will use police force and AG to charge any man just to make that person life difficult.

What i am writing was only a little story which can be heard in any corner of the Country.

Can Annuar Musa and Ahmad Maslan defended UMNO/BN/Government? Or perhaps they should advise Najib to surrender.

The answer is Najib Must Go for UMNO to survive.

Thank you Dato AKJ for the space.

Take Care. Wassalam.



Muhyiddin is an UMNO OFFICE BEARER should pick up Anina Saadudin's High Court challenge and that should be a good test to your claim that the bugis warship is leaking and listing.

Come on, Kadir! You are slacking.

Terima kasih arigato ghosaimasu.

Unknown said...

umno / bn can only be save if pm surrender...dont understand why untill now pm still want to be pm...grassroots already show their stands..70% of them not support him as are hes waiting for??? cant he be a big heart n srrender..just like pak lah...

Leaky boat said...

Datuk, very nice analogy.
But when a person boards a leaking boat or ship, no amount of elephant glue and sticky paper or mud will hold the pieces together. Destined to leak and sink, sooner rather than later, that's because the vessel has to hold not only the VVIPSs and parrots, but also the 16 barrels,the bags, the shoes, the watches, the cash,the this and the that items, a never ending list.

Joeharry said...

Salam datuk.
Kapal bugis yang semakin berlubang, air semakin banyak masuk tetapi anak kapal masih juga mengunakan peralatan yang sama untuk menimba air keluar. Hanya satu baldi kecil yang ada dan digunakan, tetapi telah mengarahkan puluhan anak kapal untuk menimba air yang melimpah masuk. Berjayakah????
Sejak isu 1mdb dan 2.6b berkumandang, berbagai alasan dicari untuk menafikannya. Kononnya ada komspirasi untuk jatuhkan pm dan justo "dinamakan" sebagai orang yang mengetahui dan terlibat dalam komspirasi menjatuhkan pm dengan memalsukan dokumen. Bekejarlah IGP kenegara jiran untuk mengambil keterangan saksi iaitu justo. Sehingga kini tidak dapat membuktikan "komspirasi" itu apatah lagi untuk medakwa pihak yang dikatakan terlibat. WSJ terus mencabar pihak yang dituduh untuk menyaman mereka tetapi tiada sebarang tindakan diambil walaupun dah berbulan.
Tetapi siasatan dari SPRM dan BNM, mendapati terdapat asas yang kukuh untuk membuat pendakwaan terhadap najib. Malangnya kuasa samada boleh didakwa atau pun tidak terletak ditangan AG, maka laporan sprm dan bnm diketepikan.
Jawapan ag, najib tidak tahu bagaimana duit 42juta dari src berada dalam akaun beliau. Dan 2.6b adalah derma dari arab manakala 2.2b telah dikembalikan kepada penderma. Pro najib bersorak kononnya najib telah didapati tidak bersalah walaupun najib belum melalui proses perbicaraan.
Kesimpulannya, emak saya yang tinggal dikampung, tidak tahu membaca dan menulis, setiap hari menonton berita ditv, terutama tv3 itu pun TIDAK PERCAYA yang duit sebanyak itu adalah derma. Dan beliau teramat percaya yang najib telah melakukan jenayah. Beliau merupakan ahli umno dan pengundi tetap bn, dan saya percaya sekiranya umurnya dipanjangkan hingga pru yang akan datang, beliau tetap undi bn sebab sayang pada parti.
Jadi adalah teramat hairan kerana masih ada sakibaki dalam umno yang mempertahankan keputusan AG, memaksa rakyat menerima yang najib tak bersalah.
Apakah akan ada jutaan pengundi seperti emak saya?? Apakah najib dan rakan2nya berani pertaruhkan nasib mereka dalam pru14???
Kebanyakan orang sekarang ini lebih tertumpu pada mencari kebenaran dari politik kepartian..

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.
Aku tekejut sikit hang guna pekataan 'voluptuous' nak rujok pada Vida ni. Antara magnanya ialah "a red hot mama". Takkaaannn kod...Kadiag ooiyy, aku ingat hang kena banyak bawak betenang, dan rendahkan pandangan. Dulu sekali hang besa tulih pasai 'Tanter2' di tanah seberang...hak tu takpa sikit, tak la menonjoi sangat...aku rasa laa. Aku ada baca jugak, katanya depa ni sabitkan khotam Qur'an dgn bayaran tunggakkan gaji. Yg aku tau laa...kalau tunggakkan gaji buleh jadi keh hutang, yg wajib kena bayag, paih tu pi letak syarat pulak....dah tu, pi sabit al Qur'an pulak tu... Kalu cerita ni benag, munkin orang yg pandai agama bulih komen sikit.

Tapi pekataan 'absurd' yg hang pakai kumudiannya, aku setuju jugak la, pasai banyak sangat unsog2 'theater of the absurd' dlm episod akiag2 ni...dua2 'image builders' ni pon nampaknya ada bagasi imej sendiri. Ah Pek Lim Kok Wing pon macam cabut lari...tak berapa hari lepaih dilantik....

Ataih apa2 kesilapan, ketelanjoran di sini aku mintak maghap.

Orang kampong said...

He has gone too deep inside ending he has no where to go or he could reverse or he lost his the end of the day..he's only hope is stay foot n wait for miracles.....

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Bercerita pasal kapal/penisi. Pasal bocor adalah satu hal, boleh jadi kayu yang digunakan tidak mengikut kualiti dalam kontrak.

Ada juga cerita kontrak beli kapal, komisen sahaja sudah lebih 100 juta. Tidak masuk harga kapal lagi.

Persoalan yang paling penting bagi saya, kemana "Hala Tuju" kapal ini.

Mengikut Tun Musa Hitam, Wawasan 2020 sudah gagal. Antara sebab gagal adalah kerana Tun Mahathir sendiri.

Saya bukan penyokong kuat Tun Mahathir, tapi bagi pendapat saya, kalau tidak ada Tun Mahathir, tidak ada Wawasan 2020.

Walaupun ramai berpandangan Wawasan 2020 "Gagal". Sungguhpun begitu, ada halatuju untuk Malaysia menjadi lebih baik.

Persoalan sekarang, ke mana hala tuju kapal kita.

Kapal Santa Maria pada tahun 1492 telah meredah Lautan Biru Dalam " The Deep Blue Sea" untuk sampai ke Amerika dan sekarang Amerika sudah menjadi negara paling berpengaruh di dunia.

Adakah kapal kita akan pusing-pusing bermain di laut cetek sahaja?

Setiap tahun ada diumumkan GDP/KDNK kita berkembang. Untuk terus berkembang, 1.5 juta rakyat Bangladesh dimasukkan supaya ekonomi dirancakkan. Macamana Impak sosial akibat dari 1.5 juta rakyat Bangladesh.?

Undang-undang baru diperkenalkan supaya sesiapa yang membuka rahsia akan dikenakan hukaman yang berat.

Tan Sri Muhyidin yang berjawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO tidak dibenarkan bercakap di PAU.

Kemana Malaysia hendak di bawa oleh Pahlawan Bugis ini. Adakah kita akan menjadi negara Diktator seperti Negara Arab?

RD. said...

Patut pun menjilat tahap gaban, Mat Rome..o nih. Rupa-rupanya ada 'skeleton in the closet juga.

Terima Kasih Dato AKJ.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato,

CGPA 3.5 ke atas untuk MBA tidaklah menjadi pelik sangat kerana zaman sekarang sudah ramai yang dapat MBA CGPA 3.5 ke atas.

Memang sesuai jawatan menteri perlu ada MBA. Ini adalah kerana Menteri perlu banyak muamalah dengan rakyat. Kalau jawatan menteri besar, tidak perlu kelayakkan pelajaran tinggi, memadai SRP/LCE. Malangnya jawatan menteri besar di Malaysia amat terhad.

Yang patut kita bangga adalah rakyat kita di UK yang menemui Gelombang Graviti. Penemuan Gelombang Graviti ini kemungkinan besar mendapat hadiah Nobel. Gelombang Graviti melengkapkan Teori Relativiti Albert Einstein.

Kalau Ahmad Maslan sama-sama menjumpai Gelombang Graviti, saya akan hormat dan tabik dia. CGPA 3.5 ke atas dah terlampau sangat ramai.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Yes, you are right.

There is what they call a "charm offensive" going on to repair the image of the Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone.

I think the NST in last 2 weeks can change its name to "Najib Straits Times".

Oh well, tu hak dorang I suppose.

Whether the Mappadulung's image can be repaired is another question.

I think there is huge amount of exposure of the truth that will come from overseas investigations soon.

Never fear the truth.

Those who do, are the untruthful themselves.

tebing tinggi said...

Biarkan Biarkan Biarkan the day will come .

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Nothing good about this Annuar MUsa, kalau bagus dah lama UMNO perintah Kelantan..
Hanya kaki2 jilat sahaja layan dia di bahagian..
Dah banyak kaki2 jilat bersama spouse masing2 makan angin di luar negara tajaan ketua2 bahagian .....kita ahli biasa nampak,lihat dan meluat dengan perangai mereka.. for sure ,we will boot them out.. hidup UMNO! until PRU14..

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I bet you its the propagandist consultants who are coming up with these absurd ideas. I wonder what insignificant anniversary will they celebrate next.

Having said that, I view the push for blogger registration as a serious move that should get Malaysians who love their freedom of speech riled up. This should also be a headline news globally. People of the world should know that Malaysia is moving fast into another China or North Korea.

NajibNazak said...

Sdr Pemikir,

I beg to differ, both are not Najib soldiers but just merely Najib Guard Dogs...

Unknown said...

salam datuk & all readers,

a lot has been said and done, but NOTHING has succeeded so far to make Najib to step down/removed from office.

i think R-A-H-M-A-N theory may not just be a theory.

to be frank of all of u here, i am a student of one sufi ulama who happens to be a kasyaf. i remember one hadith by Rasul S.A.W who said;

"takutlah kamu dengan FIRASAT ORANG MUKMIN kerana sesungguhnya dia melihat dengan CAHAYA ALLAH"

talking about 'firasat', the sufi ulama once said;

"PERANG BESAR akan melanda di PRANG BESAR".

after googling it up, i realized PRANG BESAR is actually an old name of a territory currently known as PUTRAJAYA.

so i think apart from trying our best to make this country a better place, we should also 'PREPARE' for the worst situation that may come and hit us all.

maybe one day datuk can elaborate further the outcome/possible worst scenario should najib refuse to back down which results in the loss/death of the much treasured UMNO party.

thank you everybody.

may Allah bless and guide us all. amin...


What did you do, Kadir?

From where I am sitting I can hear Ahmad Maslan and Annuar Musa still laughing out loud.

Why you still do that bugis doa for najib?

Che det and you are hard at it saving Najib, isnt it, Scribe?

Laa hawla wa laa quwata illa billah.

Should we propose non BN voters get later date to do hajj, Kadir, to celerbrate UMNO-BN victory in PRU14?

I can still hear their laughters.

Salam hormat.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Hehe Dato Vida could be 'voluptuous' in how she 'sells' herself through her products... she is a good businesswoman. But voluptuous not in that other sense... hehe...
And I stopped watching Mentor tv3 because she has literally hijacked the show.

And TS Annuar Musa - he's just another cosmetic tool to make-up the already tarnished face of the Mappadulung.

Thank you Datuk AKJ. Take care.

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam Dato'

Nampak sangat Najib dalam keadaan terdesak sehingga sanggup melantik Annuar sebagai Ketua Propaganda Najib, Kalau beliau memang bagus sangat dah lama Kelantan dalam genggaman BN, yang saya nampak dia ni lebih sesuai jadi Tukang Karut Dikir Barat buat menghibur pemakan dedak yang sedia ada. Sekurang kurangnya mereka terhiubur sebelum menuai pula musim PRU14. Itu pun kalau tanaman menjadi hasil derma dan macam macam skandal 1MDB. Kalau Bungkus (saya rasa pasti bungkus) Annuar bolehlah ke Australia duduk di apartment yang MARA beli baru baru ini. atau pun buka kilang budu.

Wallahhuaklam. Semoga Dato' sekeluarga sihat sejahtera.

doncin cai said...

.tak pernah lepas komen2 tuan... tapi sampai sekarang tak tau apa biji buah nya

sukasamasuka said...


Tahniah pada Annuar dan Maslan atas perlantikan jawatan jawatan kamu yang baru yang sunggoh menbanggakan kami rakyat Malaysia.

Untuk Annuar...

Anak buaya terenang-renang,
Anak kunci dalam perahu,
Hanya Najib suka mengenang,
Orang benci dia tak tahu...

Anak punai anak merbah,
Hinggap ditonggak mencari sarang,
Kalau UMNO lagikan berubah,
Inikan pula hati orang...

Kalau ada sumur di ladang,
Boleh hamba menumpang mandi,
Kalau ada umur yang panjang,
KITA TIDAK AKAN berjumpa lagi...

Untuk Maslan...

Buah berangan masaknya merah,
Kelekati dalam perahu,
Luka di tangan nampak berdarah,
Independent online media kau belum tahu.

Asal kapas menjadi benang,
Dari benang dibuat kain,
Independent online media usah lah dikenang,
Bukan nya kau punya mainan.

Kalau bocor bahtera UMNO,
Papan di Jawa pun tiada guna nya,
Kalau sungguh kau ni dungo,
Jiwa dan raga mu akan kau serahkan...

joe black said...

UMNO doesn't Need Enemies....

The Current Leadership lineup especially on the propaganda side is sufficient to "Karamkan" the Party!

Now they are proposing to turn KL into Mat Rempit Playground...

What Other Moronic Ideas are Festering in their minds?


So vote BN out PRU14.
Kadir said there might not be PRU14 cum 2018.

So what are you going to do?

Love them ideas to please some voters, dont you. Ali Tinju is another group.


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