Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cash is King In Sg Besar and K. Kangsar

A Kadir Jasin

THANK you debaters for discussing the outcomes of the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar parliamentary by-elections without waiting for my prompting.
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The results did not come as a surprise to me because as I had said in the May 24 posting that the Bugis warrior who is known for his "cash is King" strategy would succeed in retaining both seats.

I had also elude to the fact that in the 2014 by-election in Teluk Intan the Barisan Nasional's carpet bombing had led to the ouster of the incumbent DAP. The BN has always had the upper hand in a by-election.

Also I should be the last to be surprised by the difficulty of changing the mindset of the voters away from the Umno/BN hegemony.

The burden of responsibility is mine too. For nearly four decades I inculcated in the minds of the Malays that Umno is their protector and the BN is the best party to rule.

What surprised me is that despite the revelation of the wrongdoings of the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, with the collusion of the BN, the people still gave their votes to him and his party.

Sadly, their decision would only embolden him not only to continue defending his wrongdoings but to commit new ones if he so wishes.

But the blame is not on Mohd Najib and his cahoots alone. Those who voted for the BN must also feel ashamed that they had allowed his handouts and promises to influence them. They literally sold their votes for pittance.

Apart from "cash is king" there are other reasons for the BN's victory. Among them are:

1.There is the pervasive climate of fear. There were still many Malays who feared that if they did not vote for the BN they would be penalised. These are people who directly depend on the government like civil servants, policemen and soldiers, and those whose children are enjoying scholarships or are hoping for one, or who are waiting for government jobs.

2. The racial card played by BN by demonising that DAP and the Chinese, and whoever working with them. Unfortunately for Pakatan Harapan (PH), some Chinese had played a trick on them. Many who voted for the opposition during the 2013 General Election changed side on June 18.

There is a reason for this. With the pouring of cash and the promise of development projects, the Chinese, being traders and businessmen, would stand to gain. The Malays would spend the cash at Chinese shops and the Malay contractors would cede their contracts to the Chinese tauke.

3. The splitting of votes between PH and PAS gave the BN the boost. Had there been no vote splitting, the BN could have been defeated or at least not winning so handsomely.

4. Umno and the BN are not strong but the opposition due to the inter- and intra-party rivalries had literally shot themselves in both feet.

5. Hopefully things would not be the same at the General Election. The BN resources would be dispersed and the peer pressure among voters would be stronger. But the opposition must be prepared to be more united.

6. The stumbling block is PAS. Mohd Najib had succeeded in turning PAS into its mercenary soldiers. They are doing the fighting for him.

The Togo Syndrome

If we still fail at the coming General Election to make the changes, we must be prepared to suffer the Togo syndrome and run the risk of moving even closer to becoming failed state.

Togo in West Africa is the most unhappy country in the world, according to the annual World Happiness index produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), an initiative under the United Nations. It is also one of the poorest in the world.

But in less than three after the report was released, its president, Faure Gnassingbe, was overwhelmingly elected for the third term.

His family has been in power since 1967, when his father Gnassingbe Eyadema led a successful military coup d’etat. At the time of his death in 2005, Gnassingbé was the longest-serving leader in modern African history, after having been president for 38 years.



Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

Winning the 2 recent by-elections in Sg besar and KK is not an indicator that BN have the support of the majority Msians.

As i wrote earlier, these 2 areas are mainly kampung folks who only cares that water and electricity are availble 24 hours a day, paved roads, free schooling in Government schools for their children. They not interested nor care what is 1MB, Sovereign Wealth, Forex, etc.

They only care what is enough for them to continue living They not interested for Pavilion, Curve or Sogo in their areas.They more interested to have more suraus and mesjids.

During the campaigns these folks not only were given Cash but various household products and items that they could not afford with their meagre incomes.

Msian politics follow the way of Indonesian politics. Voters are being showered with cash and gifts just to get that extra votes.

But all these investments must have returns. In any form of investment or even aids there must be a good ROI.

Hence Msians should now be prepared for new form of taxes, increase in public utilities, goods and transports. Recently the MOH was mulling about imposing a ' Sugar tax ' The reason is Msians consume too much sugar.

Malays by and large are easily corrupted compared to other races. They can be corrupted in many forms beside money. Giving goodies or providing new suraus or mesjids can be considered corruption too. So I am not surprised at all that BN win in these 2 majority populated areas.

UMNO is becoming worse and worse by the day as they look upon Money as their saviour for a better future. Dignity or Maruah is being kept aside and is not important anymore in the Malay culture.

No thanks to Anwar Ibrahim who introduced Money Politic when he first joined UMNO. Today Najib re-brand it as Cash is King.

Fendi Ahmad said...

Apalah nasib ...
Kalau PRU14 Najib dan Partinya menang lebih bergaya maka baiklah kita semua tutup borak2 politik, biarkanlah nak jadi apa asalkan periuk nasi kita berasap. Sebabnya kalau dah majoriti sokong, kita membisingpun hanyalah macam nyamuk semata :(

Melayu Selangor said...

I may not like Najib but to vote for DAP or PKR or PAN would seem like I am betraying my Bangsa Melayu.

Zalman A said...

'Dasar bangsa pariah, RM50 ringgit dan sekampit beras bolih menghalalkan perbuatan haram pemimpin. Gelap masa depan anak cucu tidak dipedulikan. Fakir membawa kekufuran memang tepat untok menerangkan sikap kufur mereka. Berketayap, berjubah, berjanggut dan bertudung, cuma babi arak tidak disentuh.. yg lain halallun... Ini sudah besar punya haram.'

That was one assessment.

Harsh? Maybe, maybe not.

"6. The stumbling block is PAS. Mohd Najib had succeeded in turning PAS into its mercenary soldiers. They are doing the fighting for him."

The agreement of Hadi & Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone is quite simple:

PAS = Vote Splitter.

PAS is not campaigning on any platform any more. It is passive. It has nothing to say. In return, some north and eastern states will see "I help you, you help me" by BN. I would not be surrised if there is already a map to show the "deal".

However, there is a natural "fault line" in BN, which will occur if PAS and UMNO undergo an official akad nikah - it will cause a split across East Malaysian parties, which are worth more than Hadi to UMNO. PAS simply cannot deliver as many seats as the Borneo states.

However, will PAS lend a helping hand to future gerrymandering? If BN has a 2/3 majority, it can redraw election boundaries easily.

So the sequence will be:

a) Hadi Hudud Bill Wayang No 2 (In October)

b) Umno will find a way to worm out, due to Borneo pressure

c) Hadi will mutter about fate but as a "thanks for trying", will support BN in redrawing election boundaries "demi bangsa dan negara" konon. The Cina towkays in the MCA will remain silent, as long as they make money. The MIC does not matter any more.

d) PAS will then accept much dedak to act as "spoiler" in GE14 by competing in 3-way fights. That was their role in both KK and Sg Besar. Note the complete silence of the PAS President after their defeat.

But now the PAS situation gets interesting, as the PAS No.2 is not such a big dedak eater as his President, and we do not know if the PAS grassroots will pretend not to know what is going on. Many are currently confused.

Hence this pact between Hadi & Mappadulung is also a lose-lose proposition for Hadi in the long run.

Unknown said...



manusia bukan kucing, atau kera, atau orang utan, atau bukit dan pasir, yang tidak dibangkitkan di mahsyar nanti, apatah lagi dipersoal akan tindak-tanduk mereka di dunia ini. manusia itu sewajarnya 'KHALIFAH'. di atas bahu manusia itu terpikul tanggungjawab.

rakyat Malaysia harus sama-sama memikul tanggungjawab menjaga negara dan rakyat negara ini. konsep kau-kau, aku-aku yang merupakan budaya 'INDIVIDUALISM' yang terhasil drpd sistem kapitalisme dan pemodenan bertentangan dengan budaya 'COLLECTIVISM' atau kekitaan yg menjadi sebahagian drpd budaya Timur dan Melayu itu sendiri. malah Islam melalui Rasul S.A.W juga merupakan agama 'COLLECTIVISM', yg mengutamakan kepentingan ramai (kolektif) berbanding individu. baginda sanggup MENGORBANKAN SEGALANYA termasuk harta,
pangkat, darjat malah nyawa sekalipun demi mempertahan umat dan negara.

sifat individualistik yg kuat dlm masyarakat yg hanya memikirkan tembolok sendiri serta keluarga masing2 sahaja tanpa memandang kepentingan negara dan masyarakat umum menyebabkan masyarakat saling terpecah mengikut aliran dan sokongan yg diberi berdasarkan keuntungan peribadi yg mampu diraih.

nilai buruk sebegini lambat-laun akan memusnahkan negara dan bangsa itu sendiri. yang dibangunkan Rasul itu bukan kondominium atau menara atau gedung mewah. yang dibangunkan baginda adalah NILAI, dan itulah erti ketamadunan yg sebenar. nilai yg mulia itu sebahagiannya bersifat jagad. sebab itu antara negara paling maju, paling rendah korupsi, paling aman dpt dicapai negara2 Scandinavia yg memiliki paling ramai penduduk atheis dan agnostik. meski tanpa agama, mereka menjunjung dan mendukung tinggi nilai2 jagad seperti kejujuran, cintakan alam sekitar dan haiwan, mementingkan ilmu, disiplin, etc. berbeza dgn komuniti kita yg meski mengakui beragama, amalan agama lebih tertumpu kpd yg berbentuk ritual (solat, puasa, zakat, haji, tudung), sedangkan agama itu melangkaui ritual. bahagian dr agama itu adalah NILAI.

apakah NILAI yg dipegang dan menjadi dukungan rakyat???


PutraKraken said...

Salam Datuk

Memang seperti diduga. BN menang atas ketidak sepakatan parti lawan. Dalam situasi satu lawan satu...pasti majoriti tidak sebanyak itu. PAS dan Amanah pecah undi dan BN menang selesa. Sekali imbas kita lihat pegundi BN kekal dengan BN walau apa pun keadaan. PAS semakin layu dan Amanah yang serpihan dari pas jua belum berjaya menambat hati pengundi. Kalau kita lihat diperingkat nasional tak jauh keadaannya.

Kesimpulan yang saya dapat ialah...pengundi luar bandar dan suburban akan tetap memihak BN. Bukan kerana mereka percaya sepenuhnya kepada BN tapi kerana kelemahan parti lawan yang kurang wibawa. Selain DAP tiada parti yang kredibel dipihak pembangkang. DAP yang dilihat sebagai parti chauvinis kaum cina dan UMNO yang selama ini menjadi tonggak orang melayu tetap mendapat sokongan padu dari kaum mereka.

Saya juga masih berpegang bahwa UMNO adalah platform terbaik untuk orang melayu...tapi masaalahnya sekarang ialah UMNO jauh terpesong dibawah pimpinan Najib. Masaalahnya bukan UMNO tetapi Najib. Najib ternyata rasuah dan menjahanamkan UMNO. Itulah sebabnya Deklarasi Rakyat menuntut Najib undur. Malangnya melayu gagal melihat situasi ini. Kalau dalam UMNO itu sendiri gagal melihat bencana Najib ini, kini pengundi melayu juga sama.

Kita kebingungan...kalau dulu selepas PRU 2013 melayu bertanya apa lagi cina mahu...kini kita melayu bertanya apa lagi yang melayu mahu? Apa yang Melayu mahu sebenarnya? Adakah melayu mahu menerima mala betaka yang dibawa oleh Najib dan sama sama menaggung akibatnya atau melayu takut bertindak kerana ketiadaan parti alternatif yang cukup berwibawa? Saya lebih menjurus bahwa melayu takut bertindak kerana tiada parti alternatif yang berwibawa. Gabungan PKR, Amanah (PAS) dengan DAP tidak berjaya meyakinkan Melayu kerana melayu masih melihat DAP sebagai ultra cina dan memggugat Melayu dan Islam. PAS nampaknya sekarang melangkah bersendirian dan mula berjinak kembali dengan UMNO...bukan sesuatu yang diherankan...kerana PAS perlukan rakan seperjalanan. Amanah sepihan PAS terlalu muda untuk diduga. PKR, walaupun dianggap senior tapi berpecah diantara pihak yang masih berpaksikan kepada Anwar dan satu pihak yang lebih liberal.

Jadi sebagai Melayu...kemanakah halatuju kita? Nostalgia kepada UMNO tetap menebal disebalik keburukan pimpinan UMNO yang melumpuhkannya. Parti alternatif...siapa?

Kalau diserah kepada pengundi di PRU akan datang...tidak jauh bezanya dengan PRK KK dan SB ini. Harapkan UMNO sedar?...munkinkah? Dedak telah menular dalam darah daging UMNO...pemimpin UMNO akan lebih rakus untuk mengumpul dedak dan mengekalkan kuasa.

Nampaknya kita gagal untuk menyelamatkan diri kita. Satu harapan saya...pihak penguasa luar negara akan terus mengambil tindakan terhadap salah laku dan rasuah yang melibatkan 1MDB dan juga Najib. Biar terbentang dimata dunia bahwa kita ini bodoh dan merelakan rasuah dalam kepimpinan negara kita.

Melayu merelakan segala kemunkaran dan salah laku pemimpin kalau pemimpin itu juga Melayu. Malunya Melayu!

zari said...

haha yo lah tu loser

SeriMuka said...

"I had also elude to the fact that in the 2014 by-election in Teluk Intan the Barisan Nasional's carpet bombing had led to the ouster of the incumbent DAP."
I think you meant to say "allude".
Sorry Tok, bukan nak tunjuk pandai.... tapi sheer force of habit. Dulu ngajo Ingriss, juga kerja proof-reader.

nothing to hide said...

Salam datuk.
I can say for certain this liar cheat and thief wont be around for ge14. He has other matters to attend to.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

In the end, the numbers are all that mattered in a Democratic Election.

The outcome of the election will be dependant not only on the decision making of voters but also how the political parties gather themselves to face the incumbent either collectively or separately.

During the GE13, there was a three cornered fight in DUN Kota Damansara. The outcome was BN 16,387, PKR 14,680 and PAS 7,312. BN won although not with the higher majority in Sg. Besar and K. Kangsar. This was likely due to Kota Damansara being an urban locality and other demographic factors.

BN won nonetheless in the three cornered fight in year 2013.

Voters probably were confused to decide which opposition party to vote since there were more than one alternatives. By now, the opposition should have approach an election under one logo, Pakatan, rather than individual party.

I do not why, there are still resorting to PKR, DAP or Amanah. Who are actually governing Selangor. Is it Pakatan or a hybrid of Pakatan and PAS.?

Pakatan should clearly define themselves to the voters.

I agree with Dato’ that the biggest stumbling block is PAS.

In the media, members of PAS had said that although they had lost, they still won in hereafter (akhirat).

With this kind of primitive thinking and mindset, it will be a challenge for Pakatan to reason and have a working pact with PAS.

During the time of TGNA, PAS motivation was to replace the government. This no longer the case under the helm of Haron Din.

If talks fails, I think the only way to reason with PAS is to threaten its very survival which is Kelantan. Pakatan should focus in establishing grounds in Kelantan so that PAS “third force” strategy will only ensure their demise in Kelantan where they rule for decades. This will force PAS to come back to their senses and start talking rationally minus all the nonsense.

Cash is king, yes but it a democratic country, it will be difficult to buy everybody out.

Porak Den said...

As salam datuk, Bukan datuk Saja yg berdukacita di atas mentaliti pengundi di SB & KK ini, malahan kami yg lebih terdedah dgn maklumat2 pun turut kaciwa dgn sikap pengundi2 yg maseh 'bertuhankan' dedak walaupun rm50 .Walaupun pengundi ini 'kaki masjid', bila bab dedak, semua amanat ustaz2 di masjid di lupakan/diabsikan, tidak takut akhirat, agaknye.
Betul datuk, sejak saya muda lagi ,bila tiba praya gurkha2 umno akan mula menebar berita2 yg menakutkan. Jika undi pembangkang tanah di rampas, biasiswa ditarik,kerja anak2 dgn gomen akan di buang dn mcm2 lagi.

Tuan Punahsihat said...

Salam Dato,

Selagi 2 fahaman khurafat dlm dunia politik orang orang melayu tidak mansuhkan, selama itulah perubahan tidak akan berlaku.

Khurafat 1 - majoriti orang orang melayu beriman sungguh sungguh bahawa hanya umno yang mampu membawa pembangunan.

Khurafat 2- orang orang melayu beriman sungguh sungguh hanya PAS yg memperjuangkan islam. Kumpulan selain dari PAS adalah jebon, barua dan pengkhianat kapada agama islam.

Masa semakin suntuk untuk melakukan perubahan....

abdul said...

Tidak perlu berteori banyak banyak. Yang menang tetap menang dan yang kalah tetap kalah. Tidak bolih di ubah. Untuk PRU yang akan datang kita pakat keluar berkempin atau sendiri jadi calun untuk lawan UMNO/BN. Tidak guna orang bijak macam kita keluarkan teori hebat bila keputusan telah di umum. Kalau kita turun di lapangan baru lah tahu pahit getir untuk menang. Kalau setakat tekan keyboard sahaja harapkan orang untuk kalahkan UMNO/BN lebih baik dilupakan saja angan angan dan cita cita kita.

el halim said...

Katalah DAP (dibaca PAKATAN HARAPAN), berjaya memenangi PRU 14 dan memerintah, adakah Dato akan lebih gembira dengan situasi ini? Adakah kita semua akan meraikannya dengan sujud syukur dan membuat kenduri besar-besaran? Dan selepas itu apa? Saya masih kabur..

Anonymous said...

Well there is also enough revelation of the wrong doings of Mahathir, but why are you still supporting him? This reason alone is enough to show that whatever allegations are just a smoke screen for a subtle political ambition. It shows nothing but the ANC are just plain hypocrite. And this is the reason why they lost in the by election, not because cash is king.

sukasamasuka said...


1. Kepada pembangkang cari la rakan perjuangan kamu. Jangan berlengah mengatur strategy macam pandai, tetapi bodoh. Cukup lah berhujah dengan alasan siok sendiri hingga kamu tidak bolih bersama.

2. UMNO dan BN bukan organisasi sembarangan selepas 60 tahun menerajui negara. Kamu pembangkang ada apa?

3. Mana satu modal kerajaan kamu yang akan menggantikan BN elepas PRU14? Kerajaan DAP Pulau Pinang? Kerajaan PKR Selangor atau kerajaan PAS Kelantan?

Kalau tiada di Malaysia, ada modal dari luar negara?

Nampaknya tidak ada. Kalau kamu pembangkang tidak ada, maka hidup la kamu terus jadi pembangkang. Itu pun kerja juga. Jangan la berhawa nafsu besar kalau kamu tidak ada apa-apa mau ke Putrajaya.

4. Siapa pemimpin kamu yang akan menggantikan PM Mohd Najib atau PM dari UMNO? Jangan berpura-pura kalau tidak ada. Kalau tidak ada, maka 100 tahun dari sekarang pun kerajaan BN tetap memerintah dengan kuku besi dan korup. Hanya di negara Islam sahaja perkara sebegini bolih terjadi.

5. Kerajaan selepas BN mesti lah kerajaan sekular. Jangan malu dan takut dilabelkan sekular asalkan kamu jujur dan tulus ikhlas.

Olih itu kamu mesti tunjukkan ketegasan bila buat kerja.

Kamu masih "sayang" pemimpin macam Azmin walaupun prestasinya diPRK Sungai Besar sangat burok sebab dia Melayu. Ini lah kesilapan kamu. Jadi jangan tuding jari pada pemimpin besar yang tidak berakhlak kalau kamu sendiri tidak bolih buat pada pemimpin kamu yang sama.

Begitu juga Lim Guan Eng. Kalau didapati rasuah, kamu kena turun.

Ini kalah di PRK DB dan KK, tiada seekor pun yang mau bertanggung jawab. Tetapi kamu mau orang lain bertanggung jawab sedangkan kamu lepas tangan.

Ini ke contoh pemimpin pembangkang??? Ini ke akhlak pemimpin-pemimpin pembangkang? Macam sama saja kamu dengan UMNO yang durjana.

6. If the opposition parties including those from East Malaysia cannot come together...we end our discussion, right this very minute. There is nothing to talk about.

7. The future of this country must be a Malay/Muslim Prime Minister, supported by Chinese DPM and East Malaysian Christian DPM.

Do we have an alternative choice?

Are we saying we don't have such people from among the opposition?

Present to the Malaysian public who shall be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Abdul Hamid Abdullah said...

4. Umno and the BN are not strong but the opposition due to the inter- and intra-party rivalries had literally shot themselves in both feet.

Datuk, you said it yourself. The opposition is in disarray. They can't even decide who should be a leader among themselves, let alone decide on policies.

The voters are not stupid. They're just being realistic about the situation.

Please don't, for the umpteenth time, underestimate the voters' intelligence.

Allah knows best.

Unknown said...

Cash still the king..

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Kalau kita hendak fikirkan, punca sebenar berpecah pembangkang adalah kerana Hudud.

Di saat akhir sebelum PRK Sg Besar dan KK, bil Hadi awang sengaja dinaikkan dalam parlimen tapi tidak dibahaskan.

Persengkataan antara DAP dan PAS adalah kerana Hudud.

Ramai orang bicarakan wajib, berdosa dan lain-lain tidak jalankan Hudud tetapi sebenarnya Hudud hanyalah sebangai helah sahaja supaya pembangkang berpecah.

Sampai sekarang Hudud tidak dilaksanakan walaupun diwar-warkan di pada pilihanraya 2013.

Bil Hadi Awang iaitu berkenaan seksyen 355 hanya untuk menyebat penzina dan peminum arak dikhalayak ramai. Itu sahaja. Hukum mencuri dan lain-lain tidak termasuk.

Helah hudud ini digunakan oleh kedua BN dan pemimpin tertinggi PAS untuk sebab politik.

Sekiranya Pakatan pembangkang dapat menyelesaikan masalah Hudud, dan dapat menerangkan kepada rakyat bahawa hudud hanya sebagai helah, bukan untuk dilaksanakan maka masalah lawan 3 penjuru dapat diselesaikan.

Masalah seperti kos sarahidup tinggi, rasuah pada ketika ini sudah agak kuat untuk jadikan isu oleh pembangkang menghadapi PRU14.

Zalman A said...

"Wan Saiful Wan Jan of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs too felt that the Opposition was to blame for their losses in both seats, though he indicated that the Dr Mahathir factor contributed a little to Amanah’s votes in Sungai Besar, helping them outperform PAS in the three-way battle.

“Dr M did help the Amanah candidate in Sungai Besar and he [Azhar Shukur] did do better than PAS’s Dr Abdul Rani Osman, but it was not enough for a win simply because the Opposition decided to make it a three-cornered fight,” the think tank’s chief executive told Malay Mail Online after the polls."

Some hard decisions need to be made quickly.

First is to see where Hadi Awang has vanished to.

Seems to have become invisible.

Three-cornered fights plus gomen dedak is a recipe for failure.

There must be a united front of Malay parties at the very least, and the Umno and PAS grassroots must be given an option.

Anwar must be left behind. He is now a spoiler.

There can be no one-off gimmicks like Rosmah airplanes.

Stick to the big issues, explain to the people why IPIC is asking for 6.5 billion USD, explain in detail what Najib has done wrong to ruin the country.

People are not stupid, people are just sheltered and afraid.

The work on-ground must not stop.

panglimo potaseh said...

Di Kuale UMNO dah menang bergaye .. tahniah UMNO, daripada majoriti 100 sekarang dah jadi 69 69 .. eeek lain macam angka nye .. ada ape-ape ke .. ngulang due kali ngamaknye.

Lepas ni orang Kuale hanya tunggu dan nengok aje .. memacam yang dah dijanjikan. Janji paling hebat nak jadikan Kuale cam Kote Venice .. orang Kuale tahu ke cam ne ghopenye Kote Venice tu, jangan main hangguk aje.

Lepeh ni kite nunggu pulak orang nak sukat Sunge di Manong .. iale nak buat jembatan la katekan, kata PM duit dah ada dah 42 juta katenye. Lepeh ni memacem le, tak kuasa kawan nak nyebut nye .. U ade, sekolah sains ade .. memacam le. Kata oghang Perak .. bior pape asal bergaye.

Apo lak oghang nogori jadi wakil kito .. padan muke para suami oghang Kuale, kono masuk suku. Jom kite bukak kedai reben .. ni peluang ekonomi nih. Kan ape .. reben tu buat penanda aras, supaya jangan terlebih masuk plak. Impak masuk suku ni, tenggok jelah apa dah jadi pada PM kita Najib .. sesekali nak juga rasa tak berreben?

Haklim said...

Baru je seluruh malaysia dapat BRIM sebanyak RM 250 untuk mereka yang layak sebelum mengundi hari tu , sendiri mahu ingat la , saya rasa ini juga faktor menyebabkan bugis menang besar .

Unknown said...

Jangan bersedih - yang menang itu bukan Najib tapi $$$$$$$$.
Dengan AIR LIUR sahaja Tun Mahadir berjaya mendapatkan undian 7,500 di Sg.Besar dan 4,300 di Kuala Kangsar. Ini undian yang betul-betul ikhlas datang dari keinginan mahu perubahan. Pedulikan mereka yang bersorak sorai.
Mereka bersorak kerana sudah dapat $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Kalau takda $$$$$$$$$$$$ takda siapa mahu sokong Najib.
Apa sumbangan Najib kepada Malaysia.........????
Janji nak buat highway Pan Borneo pun sekarang kerajaan Serawak kena
tanggong sendiri. At least pengundi Sarawak sekarang tak boleh kata,
cuma Najib yang membangunkan Sarawak!
Jangan kecewa - belum tentu PRU14 dia boleh tabur dedak macam di PRK.
Medan menjadi bertambah luas.
Mungkin dia akan guna strategi racis untuk menakutkan Melayu.
Jadi, kena cari jalan macam mana nak lawan strategi ini.

Zalman A said...

Sorry I posted as "Anon" by mistake!

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

AP lapog macam ni:
'The victory was expected due to a fractured opposition, as well as the ruling coalition’s well-oiled machinery and money. Voters in the two rural constituencies are mostly ethnic Malays, the bedrock of support for Najib’s Malay party.'

Aku rasa komen2 ni pon kira bulih pakai~ dan kalu ambik poin no. 1 saja:

"1. A fractured opposition,..." orang kata pembangkang yg hanchai bo chai, munasabah pon sebab lahiag dari masyarakat antara lain hase gerak kerja kerajaan BN yg ngambik kesempatan ("exploit") jurang2 sedia ada dlm masyarakat Malaya, seperti kepelbagaian kaum, anutan kepercayaan, ugama, ekonomi, bahasa, tarap pendidikkan dll. Depa buat ni begitu lama melalui macam2 lerah, sehingga begitu bejaya macam orang kampong (‘the bedrock') tak kata ubat gigi lagi, tapi kata 'colgate'. Munkin dari segi sejarah, ini lanjakkan dari polisi 'pecah dan perintah' zaman penjajah. Antara alat2 yg depa guna ialah jentera kerajaan, media, badan2 bukan kerajaan (NGO), sistem pembahagian peluang pendidikkan, peluang pekerjaan, pembahagian sabsidi dan macam2 lagi. Lantaran itu tumboh kumpulan pembangkang yg jugak bagai2, yg mana dgn mudah diporak perandakan. Yg 'melawan aruih', di penjarakan (contoh: Anwar), di sinkiag (Gani) atau munkin menerima nasib yg lebih burok, munkin macam Kevin. Petualang2 yg mendalamkan jurang2 ni, dihadiahkan dgn pangkat dan imbohan bagai2 seperti projek2, 'professorship', 'datukship'dan lain2 panggilan 'feudal', pinjaman2 'mudah', jadi direktor dlm badan bersangkutan kerajaan dan macam2 lagi, yg munkin hang basa 'dedak'...

Tumbohlah juga parti2 politik yg berteraihkan kepentingan 'sempit' yg di bagi peranan penting dlm sosioekonomi untuk meneruihkan agenda dan rasional ('raison d'etre') kewujudan dia. Dan mudah pula dia lagakan parti yg sama2 'sempit' di seberang sana, dipihak pembangkang, atau 'across the divide'.

Antara 'gergasi' penyatuan negara, pada pandangan aku ialah Allahyarham Bung Karno, diikuti munkin olih Almarhum Tunku, Almarhum Ustaz Fadhil dan Almarhum Tok Guru. Munkin hang tak setuju dgn aku, satu bakat atau 'genius' perpaduan tu yg masih hidop, tu la hak dok bemestautin kad bambu riber tu. Bulih kata 'tesis' yg dia 'jelmakan' untuk Malaya ialah apa depa kata gagasan kalu nak kalahkan umno/bn ialah dgn 'satu lawan satu'. Dudoknya dasag ni pulak pada berbaik baik antara kaum yg pada aku la selari suruhan tuhan dlm ayat 13 suroh'al hujurat'.

Aku ingat sesatu 'opsyen' yg masih ada ialah 'islah'kan dia dgn member hang dari Tongkang Yard tu, selaraihkan dua 'aliran' tenaga politik depa dan kalu tak bersudah dgn kemenangan politik yg lebih 'lestari' pon, yg munkin bulih kita tinggai pada anak cucu, korang korangnya kita, beteran2 ni, bulih pejam mata rapat bila sampai masa, insya'Allah. Pasai apa... pasai kita dah cuba.

Mintak mangap Kadiag, no, kalu macam nak ajag hang pulak.


wankamarul701 said...

Dalam system demokrasi, kemenangan pihak pembangkang atau kerajaan bukanlah disebabkan kekuatan mereka sendiri tetapi disebabkan kelemahan pihak lawan.

Dalam PRU 2008, pembangkang menang besar disebabkan kelemahan pimpinan Pak Lah. Bukannya factor kekuatan pakatan rakyat.

Memang nasib bagi Mohd. Najib apabila beliau boleh menang besar disebabkan perpecahan kalangan pembangkang sendiri. Ini menjadi laba yang besar kepada najib untuk terus berkuasa pasca pru-2014 nanti walaupun dihimpit dgn skandal-skandal 1MDB.

Lebih daripada itu, pengaruh Dr. Mahathir sudah merosot paca-prk ini. Najib makin Berjaya mengukuhkan kedudukannya.

Unknown said...

Yang Kalah akan cakap macam-macam yang tak masuk akal. Tak kan lah 16,000 di Sungai besar tu pemakan dedak. Mereka semua ada otak yang boleh berfikir secara waras. Hanya yang hatinya sudah hitam akan beri alasan macam-macam bila kalah. Hidup Melayu. Sampai mati pun saya tak akan percaya pada DAP.

awanggoneng2 said...

Dengan duit lebih dari rm2.6 billiong tu, mampu menampung keperluan dedak melebihi 16000 spesis pemakan dedak.

Justin said...

Salam Dato',

Why people are so easily swayed by the manipulation of media into believing BN got a big wins in both by elections.

There are closed to 48% voters vote against BN, the majority are actually merely 2000 plus if compared against combination vote from Amanah and Pas. suffice to say, it is just a swing of 1000 over votes, and I believe it is mostly come from Chinese, whom chose to repay the favor by DPM for bringing back two fishermen from Indonesian authority.

That's my two cents worth. Thank you

Karl Iskandar said...



One of the many lessons from the PRK outcome is that Tun will need to abandon the strategy of ridiculing his opponent, such as calling them ‘pemakan dedak’ and hurling personal attacks ala-RBA, name calling and such, a strategy that is already overdone, an overkill and passe.

Voters, especially in the fasting month of Ramandan, find it beneath Tun as an elderly Muslim and a statesman bearing insults, speculations, character assassinations against another person.

Tun must remember that RESPECT is not what you have, but what your listener thinks you have. Tun, in showing disrespect toward an elected PM using vile and irrational expressions, has in turn lost the respect of the people for Tun in KK and Sg Besar.

My words of consolation and advise for Tun is not to repeat mistakes and:


Terima kasih Tun.

Enjoy your Ramadan!

sukasamasuka said...


"20th June, 2016....Dr M vows not to retreat, says twin win steels resolve to oust Najib.

Amid calls for him to cease his campaign in the wake of BN’s thumping victories in Saturday’s by-elections, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the outcome only served to strengthen his resolve to unseat Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

The people and nation's dignity is in tatters... the once dignified people of Malaysia are now following the leader in this manner.

So those who ask me what my stand is must ask themselves if they no longer have dignity to the extent that they can be proud of a victory fuelled by deception, open corruption and clear abuse of power"



2. This is the best opportunity for Tun to provide moral cause to unite all the various opposition forces including those from East Malaysia for one final last push leading to PRU14.

3. Tun, no one can provide the moral cause to "Cross the Rubicon" other than one.

4. I am worried too about the National Security so many of us for the fear of massive communication clampdown which will lead to major lock down. The "Tandou Incident at Lahad Datu" was a mere political exercise which led to the formation of the National Security Council...thousand times worse than ISA!

5. Bumiputra-based parties within Sabah/Sarawak BN may be disintegrated due to 1MDB Scandal, the "Arab Donation" and the SRC Scandal during PRU14.

The recent Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak has nothing to do with UMNO, but Muslim-Bumiputra-based PBB within Sarawak BN.

If the new opposition front can offer Sabah/Sarawak:

i. 25% oil royalty,

ii. English as the medium of instruction,

iii. no state official religion, amongst others...within the context of Malaysian Agreement 1963....

we can say goodbye to UMNO/BN for good....then we shall have a new Unity Government after PRU14.

Only Tun can pull this one because Tun knows inside out how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Awak ni siapa sebenarnya ?
tak faham apa yang awak maksudkan...
cuba bagi clear sikit


bulan said...

Salam hormat Dato'

Semu ini kerana Najib berada didalam masa indah. 'Time Conquer Everything'

Bila masa indah menimpa kepada sesaorang pemimpin itu, segala yang dibuatnya akan dapat dengan mewah. Sama ada secara terang atau gelap. Mewah kuasa. Mewah harta. Mewah undi. Mewah mewah berbuat apa saja.

Jadi apa pun yang dilakukan akan tetap kelihatan baik dan manis-manis belaka. Bergemalah sanjongan dan puji pujian dari mereka yang hina dan hoduh.

Tetapi sayangnya tiada sesiapa pun dapat menguasai masa kerana Allah telah pun menentukan bahawa hanya masa saja yang dapat menguasai mereka dan akan tetap meninggalkan mereka juga.

Tiada sinar malam yang dapat menembusi siang. Suatu peringatan buat mereka yang leka dan asek.

Begitu juga janganlah salah faham dan menambahkan perangsaka yang bukan-bukan terhadap perjuangan Tun Dr Mahathir diakhir-akhir ini. Saya tetap menyokong perjuangan Tun Dr Mahathir dan juga sentiasa mendoakan kemenangan bagi pehak Umno dimuka bumiputraku. Malaysia.

adion said...

Cuma dengan elemen bigger cash king saja yg mampu meraih sokongan ketua bahagian dan MT Umno untuk menolak Najib keluar dari putrajaya.

Hati mereka tidak boleh di jual beli dengan setakat pelbagai rayu janji seperti mana pengundi.

Itulah hakikatnya.

dina said...

better bn then the opposition.....
Alhamdullilah berkat bulan ramadhan yang mulia ini

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I believe I have mentioned before that we haven't communicated well enough to the rakyat.

I acknowledge that new tools like powerpoints and videos are being used during ceramahs but the content remains the same. It is all about the unveiling of Najib's 1MDB misdeeds instead of how they actually affected rakyat's lives. The focus needs to be broadened from Najib and 1MDB to why Najib is not fit to be the Prime Minister.

I also believe that the only way to reach the rakyat's hearts is to show them that everything that is happening is and will affect their livelihood and those dearest to them. These can come either through presentation of facts/ data or through strong real life anecdotes. The stories has to be well presented and with compelling contents.

As far as the channels of communication goes, I like the roadshow ceramahs and interviews but they are limited and weak. Granted there are bloggers, Youtube videos and FB fanpages that are showing materials from the ceramahs but videos of someone speaking to the mike can get boring pretty fast especially if the contents are repetitive. A new approach is needed either in place or in addition to the roadshows.

I give you one example. The poverty in Baling was the talk of the town a couple of months back. It would'nt cost a lot to send someone there with a video camera to interview the affected people and, with their consent, to produce the story through multiple social media channels.

There are a lot of strife in the rakyat's life now, you are really spoiled for choice when it comes to content. Unemployment, daily cost of living, rural and urban poverty, the BR1M farce, the shrinking of the middle class, unaffordable housing are just to name a few. You can even take a religious angle and present a story about misuse of power in Islam.

The point is Datuk, so far we have learnt that the rakyat doesn't care enough about what Najib did with 1MDB. They would probably care more if we translate the stories into how his actions is affecting their lives.

These are just some of my thoughts. The PM has world class strategists working for him and we will never reach their level of capabilities but I believe we can still learn and improve.

Unknown said...

Pakatan kurang dana untuk dihidang kan kepada para pengundi,itu saja ceritanya....!!! Najib ada duit balance dari hasil kononnya derma dari Negara Arab..dan jentera pakatan pun lemah longlai.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Putra Kraken,

Komen saudara "Apa yang orang melayu mahu?"

Ini satu soalan yang amat baik dan amat penting.

Persepsi saya, orang melayu mahukan perkara yang "basic", iaitu pekerjaan, rumah, kawin, dan kesenangan.

Terdapat dua kumpulan orang melayu, yang pertama yang berada di berada di bandar, yang lebih berpelajaran dan yang lebih mengetahui hal ehwal semasa. Golongan ini faham fungsi kerajaan yang mentadbir negeri atau negara.

Ada satu kumpulan orang melayu yang berada di luar bandar. Golongan ini kurang berpengetahuan dan berfikiran cara lama. Golongan ini mahukan perkara yang sama yang basic tetapi mereka menganggap soal rasuah, soal ketirisan pentadbiran, soal duit masuk kedalam akaun adalah perkara-perkara yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan hal orang melayu. Golongan ini juga kebanyakkannya bukan pembayar cukai, oleh itu urusan mengenai tabung negara tidak ada kaitan dengannya.

Golongan di luar bandar juga lebih mementingkan soal agama dan akhirat. Oleh itu perkara hudud menjadi satu isu yang besar, walaupun sampai sekarang hudud masih tidak terlaksana.

Disebabkan gologan di luar bandar, kurang berpengetahuan, maka mereka ini lebih senang dipermainkan oleh ahli politik untuk kepentingan mereka.

Bagi saya, orang di luar bandar, perkara-perkara yang utama adalah hal-hal seperti harga barang yang tinggi, pendapatan dari harga getah yang rendah, harga hantaran kawin tinggi, ini perkara yang lebih utama. Perkara seperti 1MDB akan rumit bagi orang di luar bandar untuk paham.

Perkara BR1M adalah lebih senang untuk faham.

sukasamasuka said...

In Britian, everyone knows who will be the next Prime Minister if the Labour Party comes to power..or the Liberal Democrat.

Same goes to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Vianutu, Congo to name a few...only in Malaysia we don't is the same as 60 years ago, we don't know who will be the next PM if opposition forms the next Federal Govt.

kakigodam said...

The best strayegy forPRU14 is to unseat HH from pas and opposition regroup as one opposing force like PRU13.Next PR baru hv to go to grass root pple in all political parties especially unno to explain big problem of this nation to make them understand that BN is no more relevant to the pple.

Kawanlama said...

AsSalam Datuk dan selamat teruskan ibadah puasa Ramadhan.

Cuma nak hendak coretkan rasa simpati dan kesihan tengok tulisan Datuk.....tiada umph dah & ulangan yang biasa dibaca.

Kawanlama said...

Hah hah lagi mimpi di siang hari.,

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