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To the PM Everything Is Misunderstanding

A Kadir Jasin

THE Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) has not been is session for a while. I had not been in a pink of health for sometime. When I got better, the “Deklarasi Rakyat” took a bit of my time. And for the next one month it is the Ramadhan fasting.

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To all Muslim members of the KKA and debaters, readers and followers of this blog, let me extend my Ramadhan Kareem greeting.

Given the above circumstances, I am grateful that a regular participant of the assembly called me to ask if he could submit a letter on the Haji Hadi Private Member’s bill.

With a bit of editing, here is his letter:

On the last day of Parliament, everybody was caught by surprise when the minister in charge of Parliament, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, moved a motion to give priority to a member’s bill.

“Normally priority is given to government’s bills. Members’ bills are unlikely to be given opportunity to be tabled.  This time it was exceptional.

“This shows how close UMNO and PAS have come together.  The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, did not inform the Barisan Nasional component parties that he was supporting the tabling of the Bill.

“They all complained that they were not told that the government has agreed with PAS to allow the bill to be tabled. They expressed anger as the matter was not discussed with them.

“I am sure this is not the only matter PM did not bring to the Cabinet.  Why are they so upset with the “Hudud” Bill when, in the case of 1Malaysia Development Berhad they never uttered a word in spite of questions being asked by the sacked Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and former Rural Development Minister, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal?

“None of the non-Malay ministers ever raised anything about it.  The whole world read the reports about 1MDB and Malaysia had been raised to the second most corrupt country in the world and the ministers did not question PM on this.

 “Do they accept this description of Malaysia and it looks like it as they don’t read foreign newspaper reports let alone criticize the PM?

“But we only read what the bloggers wrote and the government’s response was all those reports in the blogs were lies and the same with reports in foreign papers.

“If all these reports were false, why PM didn’t sue? And why the ministers didn't question the PM on the RM2.6-billion donation?

 “When you questioned the PAS’ Bill, people are cynical and believe all these are orchestrated for cheap publicity and would soon blow away.

“PM’s response is that all these are misunderstanding.  It is not Hudud.  It is only increasing the Syariah sentence and the law is already in existence.

“The MCA counters by saying is it unconstitutional and goes against Article 8 of constitution. The Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, said even if amendment is passed, it would not apply to non-Muslims.

“Many believe that this Private Member’s Bill is just for the by-elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar and once PM explained to those who had threatened to resign, they would be happy to accept that it is all a misunderstanding and everybody lives happily ever after.

“Actually, if MCA Ministers resign, it makes no difference to the government and the country as after last elections, they stayed out of the government and in any event, many Chinese don’t support MCA.

“As far as the government is concerned, they are just misunderstandings. 1MDB is a misunderstanding. The donation is misunderstanding and when the Deputy Speaker of the Kedah State Legislative Assembly and his son allegedly roughed up a young man and his girlfriend, it was a misunderstanding.

“So why get excited about the motion?  It is just a misunderstanding and after by elections, all will be resolved and all go back to status quo.”



FanTun said...

To him it's all misunderstanding
All he paints turn black ink
The whole world is now laughing
Country's reputation is on the brink

Come what may I don't care
Billions in account I'm not aware
Its my luck its just there
To remove me is just not fair

Say what you want for all I care
What's important dedakians are there anyhow I'm getting worried everyday
Because of that man Tun Maha-There!

awang batuburok said...

Satu lagi episod sandiwara bangsawan PAS AND UMNO(PAU).

Kita perlu bersabar untuk melihat apa kesudahan sandiwara ini.

Assumptions assumptions said...

this BN "disease" has spread among its leaders.
When Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah reportedly fainted, his condition which some then assumed to be more than just a fainting spell was said to be from stress/stomach upset/or whatever.
Then he was transferred to the Penang GH, and suddenly underwent intestinal surgery at the Penang Hospital, and is reportedly in stable condition.

His political secretary Datuk Shaiful Hazizy Zainol Abidin said Ahmad Bashah underwent the surgery from 10pm last night to 3am today.

“Right now, the mentri besar is in stable condition and is resting on the advice of doctors,” he said in a statement.

Ahmad Bashah was transferred to the Penang Hospital from the Kedah Medical Centre in Alor Setar yesterday as the former has the latest and complete equipment to attend to his ailment.

The mentri besar was admitted to the KMC when attending a meeting of Kedah state assemblymen at the Grand Alora Hotel in Alor Setar at about 7pm last Saturday.

Well, what to believe, who to believe? That he underwent intestinal surgery is a fact. Was it a misunderstanding of his medical condition earlier?
It would definitely clear the air and can the public get more facts from the medical authorities instead of making its own assumptions?

majid smsp88 said...

Salam Ramadhan Datuk...

"if amendment is passed, it would not apply to non-muslims."

Sangat kemas ayat itu. Mirip 3.85 "orang miskin tak kena gst" ➕ "malah harga barang akan lebih murah".

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Sorat member hang tu satu lagi contoh, ringkaihnya, kaber ap dlm bentuk 'nafiah' kata orang Arab, atau 'denial' kalu basa Mat Saleh. Pola dlm tindak laku ni, berubah ubah atau berpindah pindah dari cuba aleh tumpuan dari isyu yang mendesak kepada isyu2 ciptaan. Dan gejala ini bulih diuruih cara sistematik dgn konsultan2 bergaji tinggi dan dgn ambik maklum antara lain Kem. Penerangan ada jabatan depa pangge 'Bhg. Gerak Saraf dan Pengurusan Isu'. Ini belum lagi ambik kira gerak kerja atau pengurusan agenda di Kementerian2 lain.

Episod kali ni jugak miliki unsog2 standad dan biasa dlm scenario2 seropa sebelum ini. Antaranya, mempelekeh daya berpikiag rakyat. Lagi satu ialah tindakbalaih luag wajaran dan penekanan berpilih pilih. Pepatah Melayu ada sebut ...kuman seberang laut, depa nampak....

Aku petik sebagian sorat member hang:

"I am sure this is not the only matter PM did not bring to the Cabinet. Why are they so upset with the “Hudud” Bill when, in the case of 1Malaysia Development Berhad they never uttered a word in spite of questions being asked by the sacked Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and former Rural Development Minister, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal?

“None of the non-Malay ministers ever raised anything about it. The whole world read the reports about 1MDB and Malaysia had been raised to the second most corrupt country in the world and the ministers did not question PM on this."

Antara lain sindrom kelepiag ni dilayan lagu ni (dari Encyclopedia of mental health):

"Denial can also be exhibited on a large scale— among groups, cultures, or even nations. Lucy Bregman gives an example of national denial of imminent mortality in the 1950s: school children participated in drills in which they hid under desks in preparation for atomic attacks....

Treatment of denial

Denial is treated differently in different types of therapy. In psychoanalytic therapy, denial is regarded as an obstacle to progress that must eventually be confronted and interpreted. Timing is important, however. Psychoanalytic therapists wait until clients appear emotionally ready or have some degree of insight into their problems before confronting them. In the humanistic and existential therapies, denial is considered the framework by which clients understand their world. Not directly confronting denial, therapists assist clients in exploring their world view and considering alternative ways of being. In cognitive-behavioral therapies, denial is not regarded as an important phenomenon. Rather, denial would suggest that an individual has not learned the appropriate behaviors to cope with a stressful situation. Therapists assist individuals in examining their current thoughts and behaviors and devising strategic ways to make changes."

Aku buboh ni mungkin nak habag mai berapa jauh Malaya dah telajak ni... dan munkin pengundi di :-):-):-)Big Riba dan Kola Kangsa akan bagi sikit petunjuk kok mana kita nak pi lepaih ni... Anak Rahah dan geng, kalu ikut depa kata tahap waraih dia, celop pekasam biag sampai ke ketiag kod.... munkin aku silap, tapi depa ni nampak macam ...'not emotionally ready to...'


Unknown said...

This boils down to "Money is king"!!!..

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato,

Kalau seorang suami ditangkap oleh isteri kerana main kayu tiga, dalam drama TV biasanya jawapan suami adalah "This is a misunderstanding" atau "Isteri Salah faham"

Ini adalah kerana tidak ada jawapan yang sesuai yang dapat diberikan.

Kalau dekat sekolah, semua murid tidak paham maka cikgu tak tahu mengajar.

Berkenaan dengan Bil persendirian PAS, setahu saya bil persendirian PAS sudah diperam sekian lama di Parlimen. Tiba-tiba dinaikkan oleh menteri BN pada hari terakhir persidangan Parlimen. Kalau orang yang kepalanya berjalan secara betul, sudah tentu persoalankan "timing" dengan PRK yang akan berlangsung.

Untuk PAS bertanding, modal apa yang hendak digunakan untuk berkempen?

Sekarang ini, dengan tindakan menteri BN di Parlimen, PAS ada modal untuk berkempen dengan modal hukum hudud dan hentam DAP walaupun DAP tak bertanding.

Orang dah bahas, wajib,halal, haram hukum hudud di waktu pilihanraya lepas tapi sampai sekarang tak ada hukum hudud. PM pun kata ini bukan hudud dan macam-macam drama oleh MCA, MIC dan lain-lain.

Akhirnya, (bottom line) undi pembangkang dibagi 2.

Ada pepatah orang putih/yahudi kata, "The end justify the means"

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

I haven't posted in your last few articles so I hope you won't mind if I put all my comments in here.

But firstly I would like to wish you good health. Hopefully you have recovered well.

It is sad when one sees UMNO / BN (and PAS?) resorting to the age old tactics of Race and Religion in their campaigns for the coming PRKs. One would hope that they would be focusing on real and pressing issues in 2016.

It is sadder though that the opposition is weak and gullible that they have not responded well. I question the motivation of Rafizi's report of wrong doings in Azmin's Selangor government just before an important election in the state. I applaud his intentions but the timing stinks of internal politics.

Worst though is to put trust in Mat Sabu's Amanah to represent the opposition in both PRKs. Mat Sabu was an 'Ayam Sabung' used by PAS to pump up the crowd in their campaigns in the past. He was never seen as a visionary leader. In my view, to pick him and his new party at the forefront of both PRKs is a mistake. Kampung UMNO voters has long memories of him and his past deeds. I don't think they will listen to what he has to say.

I also question why Amanah is chosen for both PRKs instead of PKR. It is a new party without grassroot support. It is seen as a DAP-friendly, PAS splinter group. While the non Malays will probably vote for Amanah, the Malays will not be convinced.

Nevertheless Datuk, what do I know about politics. There could still be hope. I think the opposition should at least highlight the strong credentials of the Kuala Kangsar candidate over the ones chosen by PAS and BN. I also heard that Rafizi will be releasing one exposè per day leading to the elections. I hope he brings with him compelling anecdotes that are directly relevant to the voters in both constituencies as otherwise people will not feel engaged.

Lastly, I think these elections will be tough for the opposition to win unless they are genuinely united. They need to make use of each others strengths to cover their apparent weaknesses.

Husin lempoyang said...

Nobody except the dedak beggars cares about him anymore. Who cares to understand him. He is lucky to be the pm in Malaysia since dedak beggar are abundance. If he is the leader in other country, he's in sg buluh by now.

Silent silent Tapioca said...

Nice FanTun!

panglimo potaseh said...

Semalam dalam berita, UMNO dalam janji mereka untuk PRK K.Kangsar, bahawa kalau menang UMNO nak jadikan bandar ini sebijik macam kota pusat Kristian Eropah ia itu Kotaraya Venice Itali. Kalau betul UMNO menang nanti, adakah janji ala Hikayat Puteri Gunung Ledang ini akan di kategorikan sebagai 'misunderstanding' juge ke. Sampai bila UMNO nak lihat Melayu ni macam makhluk tak de otak .. bila-bila boleh didedakan .. atau sememangnya begitu kaum kita ni.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

The timing of PAS pushing the Hudud bill is to ensure BN win with a bigger majority in Sg Besar and KK.

This is how Najib and Hadi made the pact.


sukasamasuka said...


"Dr M to speak at DAP's 1MDB events at twin polls..."Special Colloquium: 1MDB & Najib's Donation: The Straw that Breaks the Camel's Back?""

Date: 11th June 2016, Saturday.
Venue:Dewan Restoran Hao Xiang Chi in Sungai Besar, Selangor.
Time: 9.30 am- 2pm

Date: 12th June 2016, Sunday.
Venue:Dewan Restoran Chun Ji in Kuala Kangsar.
Time: 9.30 am- 2pm


For information only.

Aku sentiasa berdoa moga2an Tun sentiasa sihat walafiat.

For DAP, terutama sekali pada angkatan yang muda, belajar la macam mana kalau mau memerintah negera ini dari Tun selagi "ayahanda" yang kita sayangi ini masih ada....belajar la...masa kamu masih banyak untuk memperbaiki apa yang kurang.

Besar juga harapan orang macam aku ini, mungkin aku seorang saja, bukan untuk sesiapa pun, kalau Tun sanggup membawa kami "cross the Rubicon" untuk masa hadapan politik negara. Yang lalu, biarkan la berlalu, Tun...sudah juga kita nampak.

Hanya Tun saja harapan kami buat ketika ini sebab Tun tau macam mana untuk memerintah negara....sudah terbuki kebolehan Tun...memang ada kekurangan nya, tetapi itu perkara biasa...kita hanya manusia biasa saja.

Sepatutnya PM selepas Tun memperbaiki kelemahan dan kekurangan yang ada, bukan merosakkan system hingga ketahap sekarang ini. Dari sini kita dapat buat pengiraan bahawa kalau sebuah party yang sama terlalu lama memerintah...dan terus memerintah... maka jelas sekali system negara dan institusi-institusi tidak dapat berfungsi dengan baik. Kita kena ubah...hanya Tun saja yang tau cara mengubahnya.

Tun, bring us to "Cross the Rubicon" untuk menubuhkan dua party system di Malaysia...hanya Tun saja yang mampu membuatnya sebab Tun tau macam mana memerintah negara ini.

Kepada DAP dan party-party pembangkang yang lain...belajar la dari orang orang tua kita seperti Tun....Datuk AKJ...Lim Kit Siang...belajar la...please.

Aku tetap berdoa supaya system kerajaan di Malaysia berubah....bukan untuk aku, usia aku sudah tidak mengizinkan...tetapi, demi untuk anak-anak kita. Kesian tengok durang ni...



Unite to End Violence against Women said...

Tidak ada salah faham dalam pindaan RUU oleh Hadi.

Kita orang Melayu selama ini disogok kan oleh Presiden UMNO tentang keadilan tetapi yang berlaku adalah ketidak adilan. Sebab itu semua orang Cina dan India dan Melayu liberal tidak setuju dengan RUU.

Malah kumpulan G25 telah menjelaskan dengan terang enakmen dan perbuatan kerajaan negeri mengintai perempuan melayu atas alasan untuk menguatkuasa syariah islam adalah palsu. Tidak ada dalam quran.

Malah quran mencegah berburuk sangka, menfitnah dan mengintip sesama jiran.

Dosa orang Melayu tidak boleh dihapuskan oleh Najib dengan RUU 355 nya.
Hanya Allah yang boleh mengampunkan kita.

Allah memberi manusia membuat keputusan jika tidak semua orang dah jadi wali.

Semua orang jelas RUU UMNO adalah penyiksaan dan penghinaan keatas perempuan melayu.
RUU UMNO menjatuhkan maruah perempuan Melayu dan merotan perempuan Melayu jelas adalah satu bentuk keganasan terhadap wanita.

Apa yang salah fahamnya badut?

United Nation kempen untuk mengurangkan keganasan terhadap wanita tetapi Najib dengan jelas mahu menambah keganasan terhadap anak gadis kita, isteri kita, janda, ibu tunggal.

Yang menjadi mangsa Syariah Najib adalah anak perempuan kita. Kerana orang perempuan Melayu bebas bergerak, berniaga dan belajar.. bukan macam perempuan Arab.

Waghih said...

Datuk ,

Dunio ni ponoh dongan oghang "misunderstanding" .
Oghang yang tak bolih terimo hakikat kebonaran hinggo sampai tahap tak bolih khobar an kobonaran dan tak dapek perlakukan kobonaran .

1) Isu Hadi's bil adolah untuk memperkukuhkan undang2 syariah . Kito yang ngaku umat Muhammad sepatutnyo menyokong bil tersebut saperti mano DSN lakukan . Tak nyokong samolah dah tak paham agamo .

2)Montori kabinet komponen BN dah ditorangkan bil Hadi ni tapi mereko pun mudah lupo . Osah hampeh ...
Kalau nak lotak jawatan lotak lah ...
Lagipun menghabihkan bogheh yo duduk dalam kabinet. Mereko pun takdo restu dari oghang cino.
Misunderstanding agak ehh ni .

3)Isu 1MDB , kes terbaru MAS dah khobar an WSJ menipu lagi ...
Berapo kali WSJ ni nak nipu da ...
Berapo kali gang ANC nak kono tipu ..
Nampak eh gang ANC ni suko diperbodohkan ...
Atau mungkin sumo ni misunderstanding..

4)Cukup menarik Adun Sekincang ,Dap Ng Swee Lim, mangajak meraikan kejayaan kironyo undi Pan lobih dari undi Pas .
Mereko nak raikan dongan yumseng dongan staut dan tiger . Yg terlibat mesti ahli Dap ,Pkr , Pan dan ANC gang .
Misunderstanding ko ni ...

5) Abang Din mano poie ehh ... sonyap jo . Mungkin dah dapek ilham baghu .
Atau mungkin dah dimisunderstood.

6) Tun M ...can never be misunderstood.
That is what he is ... always right everytime and all the time eventhough was proven wrong everytime all the time.


sukasamasuka said...


"Tutup aurat, jangan makan depan umat Islam pada Ramadan...June 11, 2016.

Mufti Kelantan berkata bukan Islam patut “bertimbang rasa” dan berpakaian elok untuk mengelak umat Islam merosakkan puasa mereka.

..Setakat ini, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Islam Kelantan menahan 31 wanita Islam kerana tidak menutup aurat atau berpakaian menjolok mata, sejak Ramadan bermula Isnin lalu."


1. Islam itu senang...yang menyusahkannya ia-lah orang yang beragama Islam. Terutama sekali yang menganggap diri mereka lebih dari Islam itu sendiri, lalu mau orang lain "menghormati" Islam.

2. Tiada dalam Islam memaksa orang lain menghormati orang Islam...jauh sekali menyuruh orang bukan Islam "bertimbang rasa" sebab orang Islam mau menghayati Islam.

3. Tiada satu manusia pun dimuka bumi...yang sudah mati atau yang hidup...akan tau puasa orang Islam itu rosak atau batal sebab kelakuan orang lain atau pakaian sexy perempuan. Jangan suka salahkan orang lain. Itu urusan Allah Taala...hanya Dia saja yang tau puasa kita batal atau tidak sebab kita berpuasa bukan kerana manusia. Niat kita berpuasa dan apa yang terjadi semasa kita mengamalkan ibadat puasa bukan urusan Mufti mufti..jauh sekali Mufti Kelantan.

4. Jangan dihina perempuan di bulan puasa. Sudah sudah lah dengan sikap bodoh dan zalim ini. Kenapa perempuan selalu jadi mangsa kalau orang Islam mau berpuasa??? Kenapa???

5. Ini ke taraf orang Islam?...perkara remeh temeh di besar-besarkan.




Jangan la mau mengajar orang "bertimbang rasa" pada kamu, kalau kamu sendiri macam "ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus"...tidak tau malu.

sukasamasuka said...


Unite to End Violence against Women said..."Yang menjadi mangsa Syariah Najib adalah anak perempuan kita. Kerana orang perempuan Melayu bebas bergerak, berniaga dan belajar.. bukan macam perempuan Arab."

Tepat sekali.

Saya setuju 100%.

9 orang guru ustazah dari Malaya "memaksa" anak ku memakai tudung disekolah.... sembilan orang...ya sembilan orang begilir-gilir....non-stop...trying to convince her. Yet not one come to see her about her academic performance and well-being....NONE. It's all fake and external...that's all what Islam has been reduced to....very fake.

sukasamasuka said...


1. Orang-orang pribumi Sabah/Sarawak meraikan Pesta Menuai Padi setiap tahun dengan yumseng dengan minum Arak, Tuak, Lihing, Montoko dan Tapai. Ini ada-lah adat resam cara mereka turun temurun beribu-ribu tahun sebelum ada Tiger, Stout, Anchor, Jack Daniel dan Dom Perignon. Begini la cara mereka meraikan sesuatu...tidak kurang juga ada pemimpin-pemimpin BN yang konon nya beragama Islam yumseng.

Panggil lah mufti-mufti, ustaz-ustaz, ustazah-ustazah dan ulama-ulama datang ke Sabah/Sarawak dan kasi tau pada pribumi disini mereka ini semua akan masuk neraka sebab melanggar hukum hudud.....cuba la datang. That will be the day!

2. Maka itu tidak lah salah dari adat, agama atau undang-undang negara kalau orang yang bukan Islam meraikan sesuatu dengan yumseng. Orang bodoh tidak tau....atau pura-pura mau menonjolkan diri dia lagi baik dari orang bukan Islam.

3. Siapa berani kata tiada arak di private offices and homes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan?....YES, IN SAUDI ARABIA...ya habibi!

4. Mana pemimpin Islam dalam UMNO/BN/PAS yang tidak pernah minum arak?????....what about sultan-sultan????...anak-anak pembesar negara???...masa belajar di university dining halls di Cambridge...di Oxford???...jangan cakap la syaitan yang belajar di Nottingham University tu kan....INI BUKAN FITNAH!!!!!! Kalau tak puas hati check di private room di Genting Highland. Jangan auta la. THIS IS NOT A MISUNDERTANDING!

5. Now, let's see how a media in the UK reporting about the 26-year-old son of our Malaysian PM, Norashman Najib.

"Son of Malaysia’s hardline Islamic prime minister is embroiled in nightclub row after popular DJ is 'told to end his set early' at Singapore nightspot so he can take over the decks.....Sunday, Jun 12th 2016.

The son of Malaysia's hardline Islamic prime minister was caught up in a nightclub row after a popular DJ said he was told to end his set early - so he could take over the decks. DJ Fadi, from Egypt, was performing at the Zouk nightclub in Singapore, when he abruptly stopped to reveal he had been told to make way for another act. He then told disappointed clubbers that he was stopping so someone else could take over the booth - later revealed to be Norashman Najib, the son of the Malaysian leader Najib Razak.


6. Siapa yang mau Hudud di Malaysia? PM Mohd Najib...ptuiiiiih!!!

Jangan la cuba "menegakkan benang basah"....apa kamu mau menyokong hudud?

Aku tidak sokong hudud sebab aku tidak malu mengaku aku tidak tau pasal agama Islam...if, that make some of you happy.

7. I would like to take this opportunity to wish joy and happiness to Queen Elizabeth on her 90th birthday today. Wishing all the best to all British people for having such a fantastic and awesome monarchy who is highly respected all over the world for her kindness and charity works.

God save the Queen! Long Live the Queen!

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