Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kamjat, Macai and Balaci to the Defence

A Kadir Jasin

FORMER deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam had recently prescribed three ways of getting rid of Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

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First through Umno, second foreign intervention and third the general election. But he qualified that the first is nearly impossible, the second is only remotely possible.

I am not sure if Musa is joining the get-rid-of-Najib bandwagon by making that statement. Even if he is, he has little or no political influence to do so. In any case, his anti-Mahathir sentiments are stronger than his disdain for Najib.

In comparison, Musa’s longstanding nemesis, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has a clearer stance towards Najib. Having failed to topple his protégé via the vote of no confidence, Ku Li – as he is fondly called – appears to have gone back to accepting Najib’s leadership. His excuse was loyalty to Umno.

But that doesn’t stop him from annoying his party boss. The latest being his demand that the government reveal the identity of the “Malaysian Official 1” mentioned by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) in its civil suit in Los Angeles against the “thieves of 1MDB”.

Then as if to give Najib a moment of peace, Ku Li predicted that the new party being jointly promoted by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin – Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) - would face an uphill battle for survival.

Other Umno dignitaries are also saying the same thing about the proposed new party – that it is bound to fail and Umno has nothing to fear.

One of the more outrageous Najib’s defenders – Mohd Nazri Aziz – even challenged the “kutu” (louse) in Umno to leave and join other political parties.

While another dedak-standard backer, the Langkawi Member or Parliament, Nawawi Ahmad, was reported as saying that the King was the “Malaysian Official 1” as mentioned in the US Department of Justice (DoJ) civil suit.

Nawawi, Langkawi MP allegedly implicates the King
Understandably, in the true tradition of a dedak-type politician, he blamed others for allegedly twisting his statement and went on to make a police report. But that was after the Inspector-General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, had said that the MP would be interviewed for making the alleged statement.

In spite of belittling the proposed new party, Najib’s backers have started to engage in all sorts of attempts to sabotage its registration.

It appears that they are no longer sure that Umno is as strong and cohesive as they have been claiming.

Khairy’s Game

With the Rio Olympics coming to an end and the Malaysian contingent doing pretty much okay, the Umno Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin, has to up his ante.

Just before leaving for Rio de Janeiro, when declaring open the joint session of the Putrajaya Umno Women, Youth and Puteri wings on Aug. 2, he urged Umno members to defend the leadership and truth even at the risks of being called “macai” and “balaci”.

And who could be a bigger macai than the Malacca Chief Minister, Idris Haron, who openly proclaimed that Najib has to be supported because he is “the gift of God”.

Idris: "Najib is God's gift"
Khairy’s pledge of loyalty came in the midst of the controversy created by his immediate deputy Khairul Azwan Harun.

The latter had lodge a police report accusing the former Attorney General, (Tan Sri) Abdul Gani Patail, former Bank Negara Governor, (Tan Sri) Zeti Akthar Aziz and former Chief Commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, (Tan Sri) Abu Kasim Mohamed of conspiring to topple the Prime Minister and the government.

The report had since been dismissed by Khalid as hearsay while Najib and Khairy had described it as the work of an individual.

If it is a hearsay Khalid should investigate Khairul Azwan for making a false report. Lodging a false police report is an offence.

Instead the number one policeman arbitrarily closed the case whereas in one or two other cases people who made police reports against Najib and 1MDB were investigated and charged in court.

If indeed the IGP is truly professional and acts without fear and favour he should get his officers to investigate Khairul Azwan and clear the name of his three former civil service colleagues. After all they were once members of the task force investigating the 1MDB.

Despite having his report thrown out, Khairul Azwan is adamant that his action represents the view of the Umno Youth and that he had saved Najib from being ousted.

“The Balachi-in-Chief”

I have a nagging suspicion that Khairy’s gallant defense of the leadership has something to do with the talks that there is an internal conspiracy to remove Najib as party President and Prime Minister.

Hidden somewhere in the loyalty rhetoric is the widening acknowledgement that Najib’s position as party leader and Prime Minister is becoming increasingly untenable. He is not only a liability to the country but more so to Umno and to his own backers.

The Boss and the macai: Looking in opposite direction
But to musk the festering discontent, Khairy has to resort wayang kulit (shadow play). He is willing to be given the uncomplimentary titles of macai and balachi.
In the contemporary social media lexicon, macai and balaci refer to lowly helpers and runners. The former is from Chinese and the latter is believed to be of Indian origin.

The macais and balacis are the lowest of the dedak-eating party operators. Dedak-eaters generally refer to these people.

Since Khairy is not an ordinary macai and balachi I had suggested that he be given a special title that distinguishes him from the ordinary dedak-eaters.

In my earlier postings I had proposed the term "kamjat" because I consider him to be the "capo de tutti capi" of the macais and the balacis. In the Mafia hierarchy, capo de tutti capi, is the boss of all the bosses.

Kamjat is a Penang street term. One former mainstream newspaper editor, who originated from Penang, once told me that kamjat was a good-for-nothing layabout.

In my days as a cub reporter in Penang in 1969-70, kamjat was used in a mocking and dismissive manner rather than contemptuously.

Readers and debaters are welcome to shed additional light on the term and propose other titles that can be awarded to Khairy and other higher-placed macais and balacis.

Khairy may be willing to be Najib’s chief macai for now and, as a consequence, suffer the contempt of the thinking Malaysians because in the long run he has a more important personal agenda.

He has no intention of sinking with Najib and he is pragmatic enough to work with other Umno leaders to entrench his position. He may even be willing to look beyond the wobbly Umno/Barisan Nasional.



Be a man! said...

there's nothing good or nice to say about the "heir presumptive". To most people, he has become a parasite of the tallest order, grabbing onto people's coat tails, hisses a few words here and there, retreats, emerges, retreats to his hole in the hill. What is the term to describe these actions, a possum, a skunk? If wanna leave a good and honourable legacy in his now twilight years, this is not the way to go about it, unless there is a secret agenda with you-know-who to inherit the MO1 position!

Kampong man said...

Assalam DAKJ,

1.Any opposition attempt by creating walls 'Melagakan' the UMNO heads will not work for a start.In fact it will work the opposite.It will enhance the UMNO unity itself as the various heads is now going round the country pledging unity to UMNO and also their president despite the onslaught by ANC.Believe me.

2.Your last article by Zaid Ibrahim is equally interesting but predictable,his attempt to seek recognition and relevence in local politics.I don't trust this 'katak lompat'man as we all know him. However,Zaid Ibrahim,Awang Adik,Idris Jusoh,Anuar Musa and me have one thing in common that is we are all alumni of same school in Ipoh.Sekolah untuk budak kampong cerdik terpilih.All have to call me abang Long lah kot.

3.Zaid had wanted DSMY to lead the opposition to be effective in the absence of DSAI with his new BERSATU when formed.But then when DSMY was in UMNO he actually has no interest to contest the presidential post and was happy to play the second fiddle under Najib.He did it well though until disciplinary action taken against him to his surprise. Realistically speaking,DSMY is not a PM material to many.

3.In the absence of good leaders from the opposition and with no solution provided for improvement it is becoming obvious the support for PM will continue as proven by the last three elections.Agree that PRU 14 can be different.Though we all know UMNO and BN will still win.

4.All these are made possible through the various political TRANSFORMATIONS made by UMNO under the UMNO election process itself no longer entirely dependent on the perwakilan alone you see.

5.Najib should continue focussing to develop the nation,enhancing unity amongst Malaysians by creating harmony and maintaining political stability and national security as priority.We are all worth one vote each anyway.Select your candidate and your party next election.

Salam Kemerdekaan Malaysia.Jangan lupa kibarkan jalur gemilang.

safiai saad said...

Salam Sdr Kadir, I remember you used to admire KJ, I hope you still do, because KJ the only decent and smart potician we have . He is the millienial man.

The rest as you said,dedak eater,macai,balachi and the new group is kamjat,but still can be transformed into better leader with proper motivation and incentives.

I believed there are so many way to skin the snake ( not cats) because snake can be slippery and choked you to death withou you realize it.The snake gestation period is almost 3 months to digest its victimbefore he is lurking for new victim.

To me KJ is our only best bet to change the Malaysia to a better world. After all he is the only one graduated from cambridge or oxford. The rest come from at the most obsecured British or inhousse University.That is why our professor still has a long way to get nobel prize.

We can see our ustaz trained leader,as you can see from the past they are not up to the level to understand sophistication of managing the country in global environment.

At time KJ can be pain in the push,but let us give him time to mature politically, remember his cabinet position is hanging from Najib beard. If Najib decide to shave in the morning, KJ will be jobless, and not a single Malay Umno would want to get closer to him.
From my experience, when Paklah was dropped from cabinet, less than 50 people come to his hari raya open house in kepala batas,except for some kampong friends.When he got back his cabinet position, the next hari raya, a big crowd suddenly appear. Why, Why? That is the essense of Malaysian politics.
You may ask Anuar, Musa Hitam and ,farid Ariffin to confirm this.
Let us give time to KJ,what ever label he deserved,it will soon forgotten when he is at the top. By then everybody will kiss his hands and whatever is kissible.
I rest my case ,sdr Kadir, I sincerely admire your stamina in writting.keep it up sdr Kadir.

joe black said...


Itu lah... Bahasa Melayu ni terlampau Halus sampai tak memberi gamgaran yang tepat.... Bahasa Inggeris walau pun kasar tepat pada hala tuju nya ......"asshole" sering digunakan untuk memberi gambaran yang amat menjejekkan.

Zalman A said...

"First through Umno, second foreign intervention and third the general election. But he qualified that the first is nearly impossible, the second is only remotely possible."

Salam Datuk,

Even via general election is nearly impossible.

I have had to explain this many times to various mat salleh over the last 12 months. Of course, they cannot understand how a PM like this can still retain power. To them, tak masuk akal. They point out that in their countries, Mappadulung would be eating jail food by now. I reply "yes, I know this". So I patiently explain how all the top civil servants who are paid by the rakyat to protect the rakyat, actually only protect Mappadulung and cover up his wrongdoings.

"Why"? I was asked.

Then I explained that they will eventually get Tunships or something close, and also huge sums of money from crony contracts. I illustrate my point with the case of the RM2.2 billion highway in Selangor. (And they can also look forward to gaji buta GLC directorships).

So it's all about greed, they asked. Yes, I replied. One Iranian chap in the group said "But Malaysia is an Islamic country!" I replied - "yes, in theory. But we do not practise the values of Islam any more".

Zalman A said...

The fixed deposits of East Malaysia, gerrymandering, Opposition infighting, and - above all - the usage of Hadi Awang to split votes.

These four factors can still ensure another five years of misrule under Bapa (or Mak?) Klepet Negara.

I suspect that the mark-up from the CCCC railway deal with China will also be used as the dedak fund for GE14. But the Chosen One can also steal from many other sources.

It is ironic that Hadi Awang uses words like "broker" and "barua" and yet seemingly has become one himself.

sukasamasuka said...


Kami bilang durang durang ni macam "koyok".

sukasamasuka said...


"Tun Musa Hitam had recently prescribed three ways of getting rid of Prime Minister Najib...First through Umno, second foreign intervention and third the general election. But he qualified that the first is nearly impossible, the second is only remotely possible."

- The fall of Malacca Sultanate...1511...that led to the 500 years of colonialism...due to general election?

- The fall of Saddam Hussein...the fifth President of Iraq from the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party...from 1963 Ba'ath Party coup d'état to the execution of Saddam Hussein by hanging in less than 43 years, minority Sunni Muslims lost power to majority Shiite...after US invasion because the international community, especially the U.S., continued to view Saddam as a bellicose tyrant who was a threat to the stability of the general election.

- The fall of the Shah of Iran...the darling of the West especially the American...the Shah played golf, polos, gambling endlessly, ball dancings, throwing lavish 1979 the Shah was sent to exile...the end of the 2,500 years of continuous monarchy since the founding of the Persian Empire by Cyrus the general election.

- The fall of Ottoman Empire...1299 to 1922...623 years!...the fall of the Ottoman state was often attributed to the failure of its economic structure...mounting debts...high taxation...Sultans becoming less sensitive to public general election!

- The fall of Marcos...US-backed rule...martial law from 1972 until 1981...involved with the murders of many innocent lifes...started an unprecedented number of infrastructure projects and monuments (known colloquially as an "edifice complex'" and at great taxpayer cost)...Philippine national debt grew from $2 billion to almost $30 billion...used to fund development projects, of which the Marcos family had plundered $5-10 billion USD...considered Marcos as the quintessential kleptocrat, having looted billions of dollars from the Filipino treasury...this money went to the Marcos family and friends in the form of loans...these loans are still being serviced by taxpayers, to this day ( 30 years later!) because they are part of macroeconomic practices known as deficit spending...claim to have been "the most decorated war hero in the Philippines", a claim which was later proven to be false...(Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone???)......People Power Revolution in February 1986 removed him from power...again no election.

Note: Imelda Marcos, First Lady...her role in the presidency was controversial...orchestrated public events using national funds to bolster her and her husband's image...initiated social programs... purchased property in Manhattan in the 1980s, including the US$51 million Crown Building, the Woolworth Building in 40 Wall Street, and the US$60 million Herald Centre... whose excesses during the couple's kleptocracy made her infamous in her own right, spawned the term "Imeldific"..."Rosmunafik"??...February 25, 1986 when protestors stormed Malacañang Palace shortly after Marcos' departure, Imelda had left behind over 2,700 pairs of shoes in her closet.

Imelda...or Malaysia self-proclaimed "First Lady"...sound very familiar too.

Musa are so weak and shallow in your thought...luckily you never became the 5th are an embarrassment to Sabahan Muslim bumiputra! embarrassment to Sime Darby as its Chairman...not to mention Memali...but, just because you are a Malay...that's all...banyak sejarah hitam!

Unknown said...

Idris Haron, who openly proclaimed that Najib has to be supported because he is “the gift of God”.

My comment on the above statement is which GOD? DEFINITELY NOT THE GOD OF MUSLIM FAITH.

sukasamasuka said...


"Since Khairy is not an ordinary macai and balachi I had suggested that he be given a special title that distinguishes him from the ordinary dedak-eaters."

Please invite him to join Bersatu...and, his immediate deputy Khairul Azwan Harun well as all the other young people like Mat Tinju and Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos...Organisers of the #TangkapMalaysianOfficial1 rally...invite our young.

I believe these young people don't like corrupt government too.

awas said...

there's few words for these type of penang.
hap sere..
ma'arop sintok...

good luck to the macai ...

safiai saad said...

salam sdr Zalman, I like your explaination.right on target,concise and perfect.

Mali Bin Muyung said...

The ideal option is to dump BN for good.
They have been given ample time to govern.
Lets put in a new government.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Idris Haron said that DS najib is a gift from God. Some said that Tun Mahathir is a gift from God.

Maybe there should be a poll or something to see who is right.

My personal view is that I find that it fascinating that someone at the age of 91 can set up a new party and go around the country making speeches with his mental faculty still intact and sharp. How is that even possible?.

I agree with Zalman, if an Arab Prince made a donation to a head of state in US, EU or UK and it end up in his or her personal account, it will be all over within days.

Something is very wrong with our system of Governance.

An analogy would be if someone get ill or sick but the body do not have the mechanism to counter attacks the bacteria or virus that cause the illness. Eventually the body will die.

About the new party (Bersatu), if I am not mistaken from what I had read, it took Abdul Kadir Sheik Fadzir more than a year to get the approval for setting up Parti Ikatan. He even resorts to take the matter to the court until finally he got the approval.

I do not think setting up a new Party within a year will be within the time-line road map of the opposition. Most observers agreed that election will be soon.

I think Bersatu should consider taking similar approach by Amanah, using the existing registered Party if creating a new Party will take too much time.

James Labu said...

Salam DAKJ,

Saya makan dedak juga tapi makan dedak kuih raya.

Anak cucu tak nak usik, tak nak makan.

Saya tak suka membazir.

Kalau dedakah 90 juta, saya ambil. Kalau 9 juta saya ambil juga.

Orang memberi, kita merasa. Pandai makan, pandailah simpan.

Maaf kalau lari dari topik.

Unknown said...

And so you think that najib is a good presidential material? Where are amanah and jujur materials in najib and other umno leaders?

How come personal criminal problems become umno problems? Why umno members could not differentiate between personal criminal problems and umno problems. How come an umno president could say that CASH IS KING? In other words he encourages and practices corruption.

It is time for the rakyat to put umno to rest forever. Umno members are fighting for their interest and not the interest of agama, bangsa and negara if we view the actions of its leaders particular in the case of 1mdb.

Unknown said...

Do you think that an oxford graduate is better than the other uk universities' graduates? Are you a uk graduate? This is a bullshit mentality.

Is KJ a good leader??? Ha ha ha. What is his track record as a minister? I will definitely give below 3 marks (out of 10) for his performance.

1280 K Tmn Malik said...

God Damm it...

sukasamasuka said...


Of all men ever created by His gifts...and Khalifahs to walk the earth...there are only two in Malaysia who are 100% fully responsible and accountable to this mess...PM Najib and Zeti...there is no one instructed the other to do the unthinkable...there is no one else...the rest of the "koyok" are just "koyok" it it it Kassim...they are all just "koyok"s...personally, I expect nothing from them.

And, to this very moment, I still don't understand why Zeti and BNM imposed penalty to AMBank...someone told me it's to please Datuk AKJ from making noise...I don't know.

And, to this very moment, I don't understand why Nazir as a called banker...ever accepted USD7 millions from his own brother Najib himself and yet Nazir was cleared of any wrongdoing...because he did not know the source of the that how a banker...excuse me, a Malay Is it true that's how they work, Datuk???...what if, no one expose this day, no one will know. right?...what else we don't know?

My dear, Clare Rewcastle are a "Gift of God" to millions of us, ordinary Malaysians...keep it luv...keep it day, please come back to this very land that you love so much...

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.
Banyak isu2 dan penkomen2 hang yg 'regular' bawak kali ni....
Tapi 'coretan' hang pasai kepala polisi aku rasa dapat "top prize", aku tempek :
"If it is a hearsay Khalid should investigate Khairul Azwan for making a false report. Lodging a false police report is an offence.
Instead the number one policeman arbitrarily closed the case whereas in one or two other cases people who made police reports against Najib and 1MDB were investigated and charged in court."
"Arbitrariness" ni satu aliran utama di Malaya dan yg dah lama... macam kepala pendakwa kata anak Rahah suci bersih ka apa ka...sikit sebanyak petunjuk pasai apa "undang2" kuku besi (" Draconian ") seperti undang2 'Ikut Suka Aku' I.S.A. laku diMalaya bedekad dekad. Teringat aku Almarhum Sa'id Zahari merengkok 17(?) tahun tanpa becara. Menangeh rakyat tak belagu. Macam aku masa kawad slow march perpisahan, band rejimen askag Melayu main lagu "ayag mata kasih"...'berlenangaan, belenang selalu, sebagai hujan yg merinteh, merinteh di kalbuuu...' Lebih korang lagu di Argentina tu kod....

Pasai bahasa balaci ka...kamjat ka...ada dak di kamus dewan ? Pasai 'money laundering' ka apa ka...ada la, kenun2 'penggubahan wang haram' la...pada aku memang tak bulih pakai, terutama apabila dilisankan...aku rasa asing kad lidah Melayu, munkin benag kata Duta Besag Belanda ke Indonesia, basa Riau Johog ni basa surat, bukan basa cakap...
Pasai 'balaci', kata ni aku rasa dekat dengan kata 'barua' dan munkin asai basa Indo European atau latin, yunani...agaknya laa.
Pasai 'kamjat' pulak, yg aku ingat, dia ada unsog nakai berat atau melampau dan qhiyanah, macam bila orang kata "hang jangan dok kamjat di sini...".

Mintak maghap Kadiag no, dan terima kasih.

sukasamasuka said...


31st August IS NOT Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia....there was no Malaysia before 31st August...Malaysia never exist before there is nothing to celebrate...there was a Malaya before that...there was a North Borneo before that...there was a Sarawak before that...a Singapore...and a Brunei...separate identities...separate cultures...separate what are we celebrating for?

In a similar manner, there is no "Arab donation"...all are lies...lies and lies...

Get your fact correct...otherwise bugger off!

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

What is on Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone's mind these days?

Among them are possibly these:

a) In 48 hours, the DOJ proceeds to seizure of 1MDB-linked assets. It looks like Riza & Jho are no-show. Criminal warrants will come next. MO1 may be named in open court. Will Malaysia harbour fugitives?

b) There is a big problem in the UAE. Khadem Al Qubaisi is under arrest. This impacts the IPIC-1MDB case. It's very simple - 1MDB will claim the two Arabs deceived them. But if IPIC can prove it was a conspiracy to defraud with the full knowledge of MO1, then they will win. Here is where the "aku sain buta jer" excuse (that works well in Malaysia) is likely to fail. And if Khadem Al Qubaisi confesses in full, then IPIC wins and the Malaysian taxpayer is left with a bill of RM27 billion. I believe Mappadulung's kamjat2 are in UAE and London trying desperately to offer IPIC anything under the sun.

c) Mappadulung needs to steal more public money soon for GE14. The railway deal with China's CCCC looks like the best bet. I hope he will use it wisely, as he did for 1MDB money…..

1) Buying votes in the election

2) Keeping the KBU and lesser macai well-fed with dedak

3) personal allocations for berjoli, shopping, jewellery, private jets etc.

Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone can take comfort from the fact that the KBU are every bit as corrupt as he is, so in Malaysia he will feel peace of mind.

However, justice cannot be escaped forever, whether in this world or the next.

Rakyat Malaysia Biasa said...

Now i know why fools like sukasamasuka do not celebrate Merdeka.Who the hell he think he is.Bet his heart is not with the nation.Ada juga macai dan belaci macam ini.Poodah...

dina said...

hal dalaman umno pun sebok nak post. lantak pi lah. ko sebok apasal?
tun m mengamuk kat ko sbb ntah apa yg ko tuls ni labuuuuu......:)

Twist and turn said...

Did Tengku Li's demand that the government reveal the identity of the “Malaysian Official 1” mentioned by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) in its civil suit in Los Angeles against the “thieves of 1MDB” lead to the accusation by MT that Tengku Li is working hand in glove with Tun M? Looks like that "forgotten" blogger has nothing else to write on.

Zalman A said...

PDRM are not investigating MO1.

Now, PDRM just investigate what the Cabinet tells them to investigate.

Just the PAC recommendations.

But....the PAC was also fixed.

Cerita lawak pecah perut nih.....

sukasamasuka said...


Thank you Rakyat Malaysia Biasa 10.27AM...please give me a reason why I should celebrate Merdeka Day?...thank you.

Kelapa Matag said...

You should reread what he writes. He is 100% malaysian and well versed in history.

Kelapa Matag said...

Serpihan kuih raya dipanggil serdak, bukan dedak. Dedak adalah baja makanan binatang ternakan.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ.

Segala manusia yang ada sekolah di MALAYSIA memakai pakaian seragam SEDONDON adakah ia gambaran pra KOMUNIS(kesamarataan tidak boleh lain). Di Amerika pakaiannya berbagai warna-warni adakah ia gambaran sepenuhnya DEMOKRASI(bebas bergaya).

PARTI BERSATU telah pun tertubuh.
corak pemerintahan apa mungkin lain dari yang lain seperti biasa(republik,komunis,demokrasi). Pencipta atau idealogi terkini Wajar ada dengan syarat sesuai dan mesra rakyat. Mungkin spesifikasi atau perlaksanaan negara maju PARTI BERSATU melangkaui pemikiran kini, setelah asasnya dari TUN DR MAHATHIR. Kerana otak MUKHRIZ mungkin lebih DAHSYAT dari ayahandanya kerana aliran darah keturunan beliau.

Makna bersatu sangat ada bermakna dan jelas, jika tidak bersatu buruk padahnya kerana persaingan akan wujud, pertentangan idea akan bersimpul, bersetuju untuk tidak bersetuju sentiasa ada, masalah 360 darjah dan sebagainya. Sebaliknya Pemerintahan kini utuh menggunakan simbol BN, 1M sana sini, UMNO, brim, krim, dan tidak terus ditanggapi apa makna. "BN salah itu, BN salah ini" hanya simbol yang akan dicalit masa secara terbiasa untuk mengundi. PARTAI, KMM kesimbolan bahasa paling lama, lama-lama ditelah diingati mudah.

Zalman A said...

"In their suit, Najib and Rosmah said Rafizi had delivered a slanderous speech against them at a forum in Bandar Tun Razak on Nov 22, 2014 on issues relating to oil subsidies.

Najib said Rafizi had uttered offending words in respect of his office.
Rosmah said his words implied that she had committed a criminal act.
They said the recording of the speech had been uploaded Chan onto YouTube, Media Rakyat's webpage and its Facebook page.

In the suit filed in April last year, Najib said the statement meant he had unlawfully stolen the people's money in connection with the removal of oil subsidies for his personal gain.

In the statement of claim, the couple are seeking from Rafizi general, aggravated and exemplary damages for slander and libel."


Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone needs to be careful in his lawsuits.

Both Harakah and Tun Ling seem to now have excellent defences.

After the 24-hour replacement blocked MLA for the MACC, this is a good way to see the full forensic trail left by Mappadulung globally.


Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Mungkin parti baru ini, Bersatu, boleh memberikan lebih peluang kepada golongan wanita.

Realiti sebenar dalam negara kita adalah golongan wanita yang pass university adalah jauh lebih banyak dengan nisbah 7:3. (Mengikut bacaan saya 3 tahun yang lepas).

Kalau kita tengok cikgu sekolah, cikgu perempuan jauh lebih ramai dari lelaki
Saya tengok orang perempuan sekarang jauh lebih berani dari orang lelaki. (Anak jantan kurang berani dari anak betina).

Contohnya Anina Saududin, Ambiga dan lain-lain.

Undi dari golongan perempuan juga adalah sama kiraannya dengan undi golongan lelaki.

Golongan perempuan yang terpelajar saya berpandangan tidak sanggup untuk menurunkan martabatnya kepada Macai dan Balaci.

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Salam Dato.

BARUA...ini gelaran yg tepat pd semua Pentedarah2 dedak yg menyokong Bugis HZ...Hadi dan Harun Din termasuk.

Justeru itu org2 spt...Nazri..KJ..Idris..Nawawi.Osman Abdul dll..adalah Bapa Barua.
Yg perempuan2 spt Azalina...Shahrizat dll gelaran yg tepat adalah Ibu Barua.

Terima Kasih.

Unknown said...

Ku li...xtau apa yg dia nak sebenarnya.a confuse politician.

RD. said...

Untuk pengetahuan 'Rakyat Malaysia Biasa'.

ID 'suka-sama-suka' mungkin dicedok dari ungkapan mendiang Karpal Singh demi membela Anwar Ibrahim dalam kes liwat-II.
Dulu di guna ID 'saja-saja' Lepas tu...'suka-sama-suka'. Tapi ntah macam mana, bertukar menjadi 'sukasamasuka' pula. Mungkin terlampau banyak guna ID.
Dia sedang menyamar sebagai seorang Islam. Tapi...dari tulisan beliau, nampak macam seorang yang berbangsa Cina. Mungkin berasal dari Sabah kerana dia pernah bercerita mengenai bapanya, penyokong kuat USNO sebelum bertukar menjadi UMNO.

Nak kata dia ni troll, pun boleh. Masa PAS berpeluk-peluk dengan DAP dulu dia langsung tak kata apa-apa. Tapi lepas PAS berpeluk dengan UMNO-Najib, dia bertukar jadi sangat benci pada PAS, terutamanya Haji Hadi.

Saya pun benci juga pada Haji Hadi. Bila PAS tidak lagi 'berpeluk' dengan DAP, saya ingat nak sokong PAS la pulak kerana UMNO-Najib sudah bersarang dengan rasuah & klepet WANG Rakyat. Tapi malangnya, PAS seolah-olah sudah 'berpeluk' pula dengan 'Cash is King'.
Maka tiada pilihan lain, terpaksa sokong Dr.M dan parti baru yang beliau pengerusikan. Nak buat macam mana lagi. Nak jatuhkan Najib seorang saja, mereka pusing-kata nak menjatuhkan 'parti keramat Melayu pula.
Oleh yang demikian, elok saja kita sokong Dr.M demi mengembalikan mertabat bangsa, Agama dan Negara.


1.Komen “anti pemakan dedak” dirujuk.

2.Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu DBP mentakrifkan barua sebagai “1. orang perantaraan yg digunakan utk mengerjakan sesuatu pekerjaan jahat, muncikari, alku, ketolol, pinang muda, jaruman; 2. kata makian.”

3. Tetapi di India, Barua atau Baruah adalah nama biasa bagi seseorang. Catatan Wikipedia: “Barua (Assamese: বৰুৱা; Hindi: बरूवा) which is also spelled as Baruah, Barooah, Baruwa, Baroova, Barooa, Baroowa, Borooah, Boruah, Baroa; is a common Assamese surname. The surname Barua is typically associated with someone who is an Assamese or Asamiya, much like Aroras of Punjab.”

Terima kasih.

adion said...

Kj @ SiKitol.

MO1 kena ingat balik sejarah sikitol ni. Unless MO1 memang terdesak dengan sokongan pemuda umno.

The Eugenist said...

Salam Pak Kadiaq..

Politic is indeed the game of possible becoming impossible, vis a vis. What if suddenly KJ made an unexpected move by joining Bersatu?

Azlan Ismail said...

Datuk, actually balaci is a runner as in 'the vallachi papers'

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