Thursday, January 24, 2019

An Unlikely WhatsApp Message

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

AS a writer, I received a fair bit of untypical and unsolicited messages though the telephone, via this blog and in the email.

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With the proliferation of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, messaging becomes as commonplace as the “keloi”, the beating of the drums and the smoke signal of the bygone era.

But one WhatsApp message I received on January 21 from an unrecorded number took me by surprise.

It was from a person who could be described as well-known in the sense that his exploits have become the media staple.

He was once believed to be a member of the inner circle of the former Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

Their association became quite a sensation because, according to media accounts, it involved all the elements of a hot story - money, power, projects and many more.

But some time ago news broke out about an acrimonious break-up between this man and Najib.

For the above reasons I decided not to respond to the man’s WhatsApp. He was being presumptuous when he wrote: “I would like to discuss an important matter which is of mutual interest.”

I can’t image what “mutual interest” I could possibly have with him. We have never met or communicated in whatever manner.

Then I received a phone call from an unlisted number and the caller turned out to be him.

So I was forced to respond. I told in not so many words that I do not want to get involved in whatever that he is doing and as such no further communication is unnecessary.

I wasn't being rude or "unjournalistic". As a reporter I should have jump at the opportunity to listen to the inside story about Najib and his gang.

But there are people and things that even a hungry news hound are well advised to keep away from.

My reason for posting this cryptic news is to avoid the two brief exchanges from being used to implicate me in whatever that is happening between this man and Najib.

As for the friend who gave my telephone number to him, I must say that I am upset. He should have asked me first.


Monarchy said...

The new Agong is from Pahang!
Previous Agong was from Kelantan.
Both are from non PH states.
Great ! Some sort of “check and balances” in the system is good for the country and people! By the way, is petrol reimbursement a corruption?

Frog said...

can comment ? Let us know please who this minion is, this jumping frog.

New Pardons Board said...

the composition of the Pardons Board must be reviewed and reconstructed.
No more yes-men, no more signing off on pardons even before all the board members submit their recommendations.
No more, no more of the legacy of the previous govt.
The Pardons Board must be staffed with people of impeccable integrity, able to withstand pressure from all quarters.

wansee c said...

Salute your highly professionalism and impressed with your stern and impromptu refusal to deal with the dubious matter that could get yourself embroiled in an uncalled-for situation. You are indeed a man with principles to react aptly for not to entertain such a negotiation of mutual interest. To be honest, not many people have the tendency to resist the temptation of 'mouth-watering' first-hand-inside-out true story that would make everyone's hair stands on end and dumbfound the whole world. So it was rather tactful of you to sagely follow your instinct for not succumbing to the scheming stratagem. Somehow, you prevailed.

Both the persons who had given and received your phone number, must be hailed from the same brood of crooks with devious motives in mind, I suppose. People of this sort are no stranger to resort to 'detour' to get things done atypically, their crooked way, to attain a so-called win-win state of affairs. Perhaps, that was the only crux of survival skill for this revolting politician whose fate is now hanging by a thread.

It was a futile attempt after all. Serve him right, isn't it?

rahman2 said...

Salam Datuk

The caller is Jho Low, no?

The description fits JL more than an umno ex friend of najib

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam Tok
Happy to see you truly malaysia.. beratur dengan datin makan beli nasi lemak tangling.. romantic dalam kesibukan media..
I love tok .. you my hero



Oghang perak said...

Bagus datuk..."Raja" yang itu memang sembang saja kencang.Lebih molek Raja Petra.Karangannya walau banyak yang hayalan namun sangatlah menghiburkan hati hehe

Zalman A said...


This is indeed a big mystery.

Is the caller someone who used to own a very big yacht? Perhaps?

In any case, Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak is still quite relevant to national politics.

His future is a combination of Tun Dr M and Anwar.

He will take a 2-year or less break in Sg. Buloh Holiday Resort (if there are numerous appeals, maybe even less.)

Following BN's victory in PRU15, he will simply apply and obtain a pardon.

Then he will become the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia, or 9th if promises are kept.

Well, we are assuming that BN will get a victory in PRU15.

With the current clown-like performance of Pakatan Huru-Hara, it's entirely possible.

Even the biggest pessimists never thought a Pakatan Huru-Hara gomen could be this bad.

Nobody is steering the ship.

I think some of them don't even know there is a ship.

(Not a luxury yacht, of course!)

Peter said...

...more like a certain carpet seller cycling in kampung trying to sell his carpet to the village folks

JL said...

Jo Low was rumoured to have married a top ranking politically connected Chinese police officer’s daughter.

So Malaysia won’t be able to get him ! Lets focus on things that within Malaysia’s capability.

budak jawa said...

Good move datuk. What on earth was he thinking when he mentioned mutual interest. Hmmm.

Zalman A said...


It's quite tempting to relax and think that the era of the Bugis Worrier is over.

It is not.

As Dennis Ignatius says:

"And it was not just Cameron Highlands. In the last few months, despite multiple corruption charges hanging over his head, (Najib) has been more visible and more vocal than many PH leaders, dishing out advice, skilfully exploiting local grievances and hammering away at PH’s perceived failures. He even managed to steal the show at the Thaipusam celebrations at Batu Caves.

He’s also proving adept at taking credit for everything good and blaming PH for everything bad, never mind that PH is struggling to clean up the colossal mess he himself left behind. But memories are short and the more gullible are already pining for “the good old days” under Najib.

In Cameron Highlands, he even had the audacity to tell voters, “Don’t allow them [PH] to cheat us… don’t trust them… how long do we want them to continue cheating us?” And this from the man who stands accused of cheating the people of Malaysia of billions of ringgit!"

What lessons can we draw?

Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil is consistent and on-message.

PH would have been better off if Zahid had remained, as he is quite incompetent.

Now with a more stable Tok Mat as the "quiet anchor" and with Mappadulung as the "batu api", and with their new accomplices in PAS becoming "Umno Hijau", the unthinkable can happen.

Quite easily.

Zalman A said...

Dennis Ignatius continues....

"If he succeeds in convincing the Malay-Muslim electorate, in particular, that he is but a victim of a political vendetta or worse still, a non-Malay conspiracy (something that unfortunately all too many will be quick to believe), his influence will only grow.

After all, nothing can be ruled out in politics; if Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim can rise again from the ashes, so can he."

This is the whole point.

PH is stumbling and listless.

The Bugis Worrier is in a fight for his life.

As are Umno.

Normally, energy comes from those with the most to gain.

Dennis Ignatius concludes....

"If PH ever hopes to win the support of Malay-Muslims, it must persuade them that they will be better off in every respect under a clean and responsible government led by PH than a corrupt one led by Umno."

Hence my theory that fire must be met with fire.

PH needs a better communications strategy.

IT'S ISA ! said...

let me hazard a guess, ISA SAMAD for sure.

Moc said...

Maybe the carpet seller.

Kelapa Matag said...

Salam DAKJ, tu yang bagi nombor tu bukan kawan, yang tu haiwan. Hati2 DAKJ.

AkuMelayu said...

Pg 3 NST, 26 Jan 2019... Barisan and Umno as good as gone, says Dr Mahathir

A wishful thinking of a desperate old man. I wish he will live to see when it happen... if it happen, which I doubt it.
Because BN will kick start it’s comeback with winning the P.078 i.e. if SPR is not bias.

anon said...

If that is so the true extent of 1MDB would have been know long before GE14 lah.

malaysia dilanggar todak said...

Majlis Raja-Raja perlu cermat dan berhati-hati dengan penangan si Ketua Penyamun ini,agar institusi itu tidak menerima nasib seperti mana UMNO dan BN.Jangan melukai hati rakyat.Ingat Kedaulatan Undang-Undang!

Corrupt agreemen t said...

just reported by Azmin that the ECRL has been cancelled. Great news.
Just the right moment to disavow Malaysia's compensation to CCCC.

Why should Putrajaya pay compensation to the cancellation of a heavily tainted agreement?
Follow the proposals made by the US law professor in getting out from under from this scheme made by the previous corrupt govt..

Publish all the recently revealed minutes between the then govt of Najib and his chinese counterparts. It looks like a criminal case

Malaysia should present the evidence of corruption to the courts, no court will countenance agreements or payment compensation in the circumstances.

Knave of trolls said...

on the ECRL cancellation, it is the absolute right of the current govt to cancel.
So, Azmin and LGE should not handle any misinformation or misunderstanding publicly.
We don't want to hear them talking across us.
Zip up gentlemen, you should know better.

Najib, the knave of trolls, why should we refer him as the king of trolls, is poking fun at you both.

Get tough said...

why are the courts accepting delays after delays in getting on with the trial of Najib?
The rakyat is in a foul mood because PH lost in Cameron Highlands. Why did PH lose?
I will dissect in a later article.

Make up our loss by getting the criminals to trial. We will not accept any more delays. Najib must not be allowed to crow like a parrot.
Get the judges to clear their docks pronto.
Don't they know justice delayed is justice denied?
Najib is having a field day because the PH govt is and has been too lenient with him.
Never allow him to do that. The PH govt by bending over too much to be seen as to be fair and just, is doing just the opposite. Let Ambiga, Lateefa and Bersih yell their lungs out, so what. They cannot have the cake and eat it too.

PH manifesto of getting the criminals behind bars must be done fast.
At times one has to be tough and push ahead irrespective of being accused of being "undemocratic".

OKJ said...

Salam Dato Kadir

UMNO menang & kerajaan sepenggal

1. Saya malas nak komen tentang gossip terbaru Dato’ ni. Entah betul entah tidak. Jadi, eloklah kita jauhi daripada prasangka seperti dipesan di dalam Quran. Lagipun kalau asyik layan gossip, tak habis-habis jadinya. Buat habis beras saje.

2. Alhamdulillah, UMNO menang di Cameron dengan peningkatan undi 6 kali ganda, dari 500 jadi lebih 3000. Ini bermakna orang Melayu telah mula sokong parti Melayu semula. Mereka lebih cenderung untuk memilih pemimpin Islam daripada pemimpin kafir jika diberi pilihan, juga seperti di dalam Quran. Jangan Dato’ cuba nak nafikan ye.

3. Mula2, saya takut juga sebab Najib tak berenti berkempen, tapi Alhamdulillah, orang Melayu sifatnya mulia lagi terpuji. Mereka kata, Najib dah dihukum dgn kehilangan pangkat dan jawatan dlm sekelip mata, kenapa kita nak mengunkit-ungkit lagi. Itulah sifat mulia orang Melayu yg begitu pemaaf.

4. Jadinya, Dato’, cukuplah sentiasa mengungkit-ungkit kesalahan Najib tu. Apa yg Dato’ dapat lagi??? BN pun dah tumbang pun !!!!!

5. Akhir kata, jika trend in berterusan, nampaknya kerajaan PH hanyalah kerajaan 1 penggal jelah. Ingat, Dato’, PH memang PRU 14 dulupun sebab orang UMNO seperti saya yg bukan sahaja tidak sokong UMNO tapi pangkah pembangkang masa tu semata-mata utk jatuhkan Najib. Bila keadaan reverse balik, Dato’ boleh agaklah apa akan terjadi. Jadinya, jangan eksyen sangat ye.

Sekian, TQ.

Frank Labu said...

Salam Dato,

Bedasarkan analisis PRK CH, adalah strategi yang amat sesuai PH meletak calon melayu-islam di dalam PRK DUN Rantau jika diadakan.

Dua-dua parti kena bekerja keras. Baik untuk rakyat.

Gemini said...

Beware,some people will sell you a dream and deliver a nightmare.

Zalman A said...


The mat salleh have an expression, "Nero fiddled while Rome burned".

The Pakatan Huru-Hara gomen is doing the same.

If the Finance Minister and Economy Minister don't know the correct status of a major railway project affecting our economy, then it's time for "Save Malaysia, Part 2".

The difference being, Malaysia now needs to be saved from Pakatan Huru-Hara.

How ironic that is.

People are seeing a gomen that is coming off the rails, just like ECRL.

A united circus said...

A house divided when Tun is not there, how long can it stand?
Anwar and his barking dogs fight over a bone, childish DAP and the loose lips, don't get their act together fast, so when?
Bersatu should take in as many ex-UMNO without strong stench of corruption (the untouchables like the former MB Melaka remain untouchables) and buttress up its PH Parliament strength. If these turn traitor and vote against PH bills, then out they go!
Tok Mustapha should have a ministry, he knows what to say, when to say and can screen the wannabe new recruits. He knows their dangerous intents and possible treasonous behaviour.
And for goodness sake get on with Najib's trial, do not accept any further delays.

No. 2 waiting her turn said...

Anwar's special emissary DPM Azizah visited the sultan of Johore.
Gauge their intent, if PM did not agree to give in earlier, probably they have to try with number two who is a novice at negotiating, bargaining and prone to doublespeak and waffling.

budak jawa said...

Najib's trial is a judiciary process. If the government wish to uphold rule of law, it shall not interfere in the judiciary process as to ensure the separation of power between executive and judiciary takes effect. The only way the executive could do in the trial process is to provide more evidents and solid one including to have a strong witness which could testify against najib.

Let the process takes it due course.

The more important things for ph is to work hard to put the nation in the right sociodevelopment trajectory, care for the well being of the rakyat in terms of putting in place proper policy to raise rakyat's income, tackle issue of ever rise in cost of living, employment and business opportunity, better integration among races starting as early as in primary education, upholding constitution and handle religious and racial provocative issue fairly and firmly.

Seafield temple riot incident reflected government weaknesses in managing racial or religious issue.

I am Malaysian first minister/deputy minister making official statement in mandarin or tamil and even launching bsn micro credit scheme for chinese only is not helping in gaining support of the silent majority.

Incompetencies of ministers and deputy ministers in running their portfolios as well as public relation also score a negative effect to ph government.

Please do your job diligently, honestly and humbly. Dont make stupid statement. Work well with the civil servant. Gain the trust and respect of thr civil servant and the rakyat.

Else i wish ph government all the best in pru15 and the next prk.

Unknown said...


Stand together said...

those cabinet ministers who crave to be "one day wonders" please inform PM Tun Dr Mahathir so that he can decide who's in or out. Those for the long run, who can work smart and hard, will be the ones we will choose to form the next govt in the next election. Make it easy, boys and girls.
Give up your childishness and churlish attitudes, knee jerk reactions in speech and action, and wanting to be seen as the nice guy or girl in your neighbourhood.
We will judge you by how well you perform your responsibilities. If you are new, it's already been more than 9 months gestation, and don't tell us you have not lived through the dark days of the Najib govt and understand why we elected you.
If you have experience under your belt already, you don't have to join the idiots who keep goofing off.
If necessary Tun Dr M can engage a top PR consultant to work out the magic.
Suggest Paul Stadlen as a candidate (hahaha), you hate him but he gives out a consistent message to the rakyat on govt policies instead of you idiots blurting this out, doing this and that and pointing fingers and disavowing your real intentions.
We want to be proud of you PH govt, so stand together and work together.

dt rahman pekan said...

my take is that u shld meet him dato.

however, all proceedings wth him must b recorded.

who knows,he may open up d Pandora's box on things that are of interest 2 d public prosecutors n d public.

salam sayang said...

jenis-jenis kumpulan Melayu

1) berpendidikan dan teguh jati diri
2) berpendidikan tapi menyongsang jati diri (pro Barat, pro ajaran sekularisme, liberalisme, LGBT, etc
3) Melayu mendapat (kurang sumbangan pada negara, cukai tak bayar, tapi hati besar pengharapan untuk mendapat projek, elaun, paling minimal BRIM. mengundi bukan pikir apa yang terbaik untuk bangsa dan negara, tapi apa aku boleh dapat kalau aku undi Parti A atau B. ini golongan boleh dibeli dengan wang.
4) Melayu cinta agama. ini golongan yang secara umumnya baik kalau dikurniakan 'pencerahan' yang benar. mereka ini umumnya bercita-cita untuk mendapat redha Allah dan syurga. yang timbul isunya bila mana landasan ilmu mereka lemah, jadi agama mereka lebih pada ikut-ikutan siapa yang mereka percayai. di sinilah pentingnya 'pencerahan' yang benar, sebab nabi dah sebut akhir zaman ada ulama-ulama buruk yang berjalan di muka bumi menyesatkan umat. kalau golongan ini terikut ajaran ulama buruk, maka boleh terjerumus pada doktrin sesat. pengebom berani mati contoh puak-puak yang sudah terjatuh dalam lubang doktrin sesat.
5) Melayu tak peduli. ini pun golongan yang secara umumnya baik, tapi larut dalam dunia dan kehidupan sendiri. dia berfikir asal aku tak mencuri, tak merompak, tak kacau hidup orang, dah kira oklah. kalau aku sembahyang insyaallah masuk syurga. dunia nak terbalik ke, perang ke, bukan urusan aku. ahli politik nak bergaduh, bergumpal ke, berebut pangkat dan kuasa ke, aku tak campur dan aku tak mahu tahu.

kalau nak memenangi hati Melayu golongan 3, tambah BRIM jadi RM5000 ke RM10000, insyaallah, golongan ini akan mengundi parti tersebut meski pemimpinnya bercium-mulut dengan Netanyahu. dalam sejarah, si Kitul, Raja Mandilir sanggup menggadai negeri dan tanah kelahiran demi habuan dunia yang tak seberapa.

golongan Melayu 4 ini lebih payah nak dipujuk sebab mereka lazimnya ada golongan agamawan yang mereka lebih percayai. usaha pencerahan berterusan perlu dilakukan supaya mereka tidak terjerumus dengan doktrin sesat, misalnya pangkah Parti A masuk syurga, Parti B masuk neraka.

golongan 1 dan 2 ini disebabkan lazimnya mereka ini golongan berpendidikan, tarbiyah secara biasa kurang berkesan kerana ilmu yang kadang-kala dilapisi ego membuatkan mereka sangat skeptikal terhadap segala perkara yang di luar pengetahuan dan kepercayaan mereka. golongan 2 yang ada di kalangan mereka agnostik misalnya, berbuih mulut kita terangkan kewujudan Tuhan pun mereka tetap ragu (sebab itu mereka agnostik). apa pun, kerana mereka ini golongan yang berfikir, 'action speaks louder than words' akan bisa menambat hati dan kepercayaan mereka.

golongan 5 pula lazimnya merupakan kelompok pengundi atas pagar yang kecenderungan mengundinya lebih fleksibel untuk berubah, meski di saat-saat akhir hari pengundian. sekali lagi, 'action speaks louder than words' kerana golongan ini lazimnya lebih mementingkan urusan kesinambungan hidup (kos sara hidup,harga minyak,kestabilan politik,etc)

Ahli Nujum said...

Sounds like HR.... am i right ?

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