Tuesday, July 09, 2019

PH Parties Should Take Responsibility for Action of Their Leaders

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

Anwar must be pro-active in matters involving his party
IF I were to listen (or read) and believe what some segments of the mainstream media was saying about the Pakatan Harapan (PH), the only conclusion that I could sanely draw is that it had broken up a long time ago.

As an example, only a few days ago, a columnist of the MCA-controlled The Star newspaper, had speculated that yesterday’s meeting of the coalition’s Presidential Council (Majlis Presiden) would see its Chairman, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, torn to shreds for inviting all Malays to join his party – Bersatu – in the name of Malay unity.

Again, listening to the mainstream media and reading from it, I didn’t get the sense that Dr Mahathir, who is also the Prime Minister, was pressured by fellow council members.

I could be wrong because I didn’t have firsthand information and the media today are free to report as they like - no more “wahyu” to guide or spook them.

Instead, also picking from the media, I got the sense that the meeting was pretty normal in spite of the continuing homosexual video scandal and the more recent alleged plot by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (Bersatu) and Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Umno) to topple Dr Mahathir and install Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister with immediate effect.

Both men denied that they were involved in the so-called statutory declarations demanding immediate resignation of Dr Mahathir and the appointment of the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as his replacement.

Instead the news that came out of the meeting was of a more sedentary nature, but no less exciting, i.e. the agreement on the lowering of the voting age and the election candidacy to 18 and the automatic registration of voters. I hope nothing significant was swept under the carpet.

As for the homosexual video, the latest from the Home Ministry and the police is that investigation is progressing. My feeling is, it should not take too long because the longer it takes the less believable it becomes.

Shared Burden

Some two weeks ago, in a chance meeting at the Prime Minister’s office, I told Anwar that he should not leave the homosexual video thing entirely to the Prime Minster.

When I said that he was about to knock at the Prime Minister’s door while Datuk Seri Mohd Azmin Ali had just existed the room after accompanying Dr Mahathir in a meeting with the International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Christine Lagarde.

Incidentally, it was also the day – June 23 – that I published in this blog my first and only comment so far about the Sandakan homosexual video under the title “The Litmus Test of the ‘Sandakan Video’”.

No matter how long you have been a journalist and writing about follies and foolishness of politicians, it was still awkward riding in the same lift and sitting in the same meeting with the subject of your commentary.

Although I published that article many days after the Sandakan video was distributed in the social media (and was picked up by the mainstream media), the response was swift, brutal and unforgiving. Truth hurts.

I told Anwar that this is an affair of his party – Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) – and it concerns a very senior person in its leadership. The party has to take responsibility and advise the Prime Minister accordingly.

PH is a coalition of equals. So member parties must play equal role and take equal responsibility, more so in a matter as sensational as this.

It was different when Dr Mnahathir was leading the Barisan Nasional (BN) of which Anwar was once a key member. In the BN, Umno is supreme. In the PH everybody is equal. In the BN, the Umno Supreme Council decides and the rest merely “angguk” (agrees).

It was that Umno hegemony that saw Anwar himself being sacked in 1998 and Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik removed as the Chief Minister of Malacca before that.

I think it’s better for member parties of the PH to act on their recalcitrant, wayward or non-performing ministers, menteris besar, chief ministers and deputy ministers instead of leaving everything to the Prime Minister.

This should be the case because they were the ones who recommended to him the candidates from their respective parties for him to consider.

Hell-Bent on Acting

On the lighter note but no less relevant was the question by a fellow journalist last night on the proliferation of sex videos involving politicians.

The best answer I could think of is this: Most Malaysians, irrespective of race, RELIGION and creed were born with crave to become film stars.

But in the past, unless you were cast for a role in a film or TV drama, the chances of having yourself filmed were rare. Film making was costly and cumbersome.

Today all that you need is a smart phone, a partner (or partners) and a steady hand. You can film yourself with one hand while freeing another for acting.

And thanks to social media platforms – Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – you can globally “syndicate” your blue movies or your enemies will gladly do for you, more so if you are a politician.

With that thought, I rest my case but not before urging you to be responsible for your lust, foolishness and madness.

If you think you are a better lover and blue movie actor, I urge you to migrate to Hollywood and get yourself cast by Red Granite for the sequel of “The Wolf of Wall Street” based on the real life stories of fugitive Jho Low and the money-laundering accused Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz.

Leave politics to those who are serious and sincere about serving the people.

Thank you.



herman adnan said...

"Leave politics to those who are serious and sincere about serving the people."

kusufian write said...

Regardlessly, pH is losing steam. Why OSTB SAA got angry? UR just losing the support n trust...
PKR ... Another chapter Another story. That's ANWAR!
Always ANother WAR...

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’

King crab

Saya dapat rasakan yg Dato’ memang sayang kpd Pakatan Harapan (PH) ni. Kalau boleh biarlah PH memerintah sekurang-kurangnya setengah abad lagi, betul kan. Itu memang hak Dato dan saya tak salahkan pun. Cuma macamnilah Dato’. Eloklah Dato’ melihat dari sudut pandangan yg berbeza dan keluar sekejap dari kepompong PH, sbb banyak sangak fakta Dato’ salah dan tidak tepat seolah-olah Dato’ berada dlm titik buta (blind spot) tanpa Dato’ sedar pun.

Pertama, mana ada DAP dan PKR menganggap parti BERSATU Dato’ tu sama taraf dengan mereka. Mereka anggap BERSATU ni cuma parti kucing kurap je, parti menumpang. Semalam Tun sendiri pun dibelasah mereka semata-mata nak ramaikan lagi ahli BERSATU supaya lebih kuat. Dato’. Mereka cuma nak gunakan BERSATU utk pecahkan undi Melayu je. Takkan Dato’ tak perasan kot.

Kedua, Dato’ ni macam bapak ketam yg suruh anak ketam berjalan lurus. Contohnya, dalam kes video semburit tu, kenapalah Dato’ tanya pada orang yang salah. Atau sebab Dato’ nakkan jawapan yg salah juga ke ??? Kalau betul Dato’ nak jawapan yg sempurna, sepatutnya tanyalah kpd mufti ke, imam ke, ulama ke. Saya pun boleh terangkan serba sedikit. Dato’ pernah dengar ke perkataan gibbah yang dibenarkan. Ada 6 gibbah yang dibenarkan untuk kemaslahatan.

Saya stop dulu sebab takut komen banyak-banyak nanti Dato’ terasa hati pulak. Saya cuma nak memperbetulkan perspektif ‘blind spot’ Dato’ yg orang kita kata Dato’ terlepas pandang. Diharap Dato’ dapat ikhtibar dari komen saya ini. Dan juga diharap Dato’ tidak terasa hati ye. Saya juga minta ampun dan maaf jika komen-komen saya ini terkasar bahasa dari dulu hingga hari ini. Biarlah kita berbahas secara berbudi, menghormati hak masing-masing, terutama orang yg lebih tua. Tapi yg sedihnya, Dato’ secara senyap-senyap main kasar sampai Professor tu mengadu yg Universitynya dah tak benarkan beliau tulis apa-apa berita yg sensitive terhadap PH. PH ni cuma nak dengar yg sedap sedap macam Najib jelah nampaknya. 2X 5jelah. Sekian TQ.

Otai... said...

Voting age nak turunkan.
Umur kawin minima dah ditinggikan.
Tak logik n buleh pakai pak2 menteri half past 6 ni.

Lee Watts said...

Hello again, friends, long time no see!
Mahathir's clique and cronies do not like it, of course. But many know we are in the final days of Mahathir's tenure as prime minister. It won't be long before he finally acknowledges the inevitable, that he doesn't have the numbers in parliament.

Even though he is being diplomatic here, I'm sure the very experienced Datuk AKJ is aware of what's going on in the corridors of power. Particularly of some people within PPBM looking after their own interests first and foremost. They are bargaining with Anwar to sell out and conspiring when to strike. Despite the seeming calm and faked unity, they will come out with their knives when they are confident Anwar has the numbers. I'm betting before 16 September ... because Anwar has one demon to put to rest, i.e. his failure on the same date in 2008.

Mahathir's call for Umno people to join PPBM (i.e. "support him first and foremost") sounds of desperation and a last ditch attempt. A few desperadoes and opportunists like the Tak Laku Artiste Norman Hakim and such might join. But the rest ... many are actually with Anwar because they loathe Mahathir.

So, GOODBYE Mahathir. Very soon, Lee Watts will have a platform again Yahooo!!

wansee c said...

Dear oh dear! Tok Kadir, you literally cut short and utterly snuffed out my excitement in the midst of anticipation for a much-craved story happening just outside PM's office. While reading on till this particular story-line, I was elated and expecting an upcoming big thrill as you chanced to come face to face with the pathetic shonk. Unfortunately, you let me 'hang' just there, seeing that you rather meticulously gave the detail a miss than to further elaborate the reactions of your respondent without any trace of indication thereafter. What a disappointment! Too bad, you should allow us to follow through. I suspect, you intentionally did it just to make our imagination runs wild with all sorts of speculations. Anyway, I dare say, that chameleon-like-person must have again used his second-to-none-nature forked tongue to twist thing around to showcase his "potent" leadership. Shit. Perhaps, Tok Kadir should reconsider to divulge the upshot of the takdir-bump-into, someday in the future.

Rumour has it, not to judge a book by its cover. But, I just can't help to compare the outlook of the twos. At the age of 94, God has bestowed upon Tun a flawless full-round, calm, warm, ingenious, convinced...complexion. For that reason, he has romped away the attention of everyone, what more to say his stature of aptness and capability in handling everything and anything at ease. Miserably, the other bungling twerp looks so unbecoming to be seated next to Tun. He has caused his own party to be fractionalized due to his incompetency but he was quick to exercise his prerogative to re-select the losers soon after the party election. That was absolutely undemocratic but tyrannical. In the case of Sandakan video, he hesitates to take action, instead, subtly keeps Tun under pressure. From his body language and statements, one can see that he was over the moon and gloated over it when the video hog the limelight as the persona of his dearest and nearest "confidant" has been wholly demolished. However, has he forgotten his own full-frontal nudity "it looks like me but it is not me" stunt? Sad to say that it still remains vividly in our memories. I wonder the whereabouts of his look-alike or maybe his doppelganger if it wasn't him in the scandalous blue film acts. Also, where is that China-doll now? Frankly speaking, do we need someone like this to lead us?

Last but not least, wishing Tun: Happy 94th Birthday. Stay robust as the people desperately need you to safeguard the nation for a complete 5-year full term service. Long live Tun!

Yg bosan said...

Dato..kjaan ph-dap Ni d penuhi dgn puak2 songsang nafsunya. Keutamaan utk rakyat tidak dipentingkan. Asyik penuh dgn skandal..skandal..skandal. Yg seorang tu..bangun bangun tidog tiap2 Hari dah x tahan nk jadi PM...apa stmt yg keluag dari mulut dia tiap2 Hari hanyalah ttg beliau akan memgambil alih jawatan PM...x Dak Satu benda berfaedah Lain.. Yg dia pikiag...kot2 la cara2 nk membantu rakyat yg tersepit dek kesempitan hidup. Tapi saya nk puji jugala seorang mb dari parti pm in waiting forever ini, walaupun dituduh Ada skandal dgn seorang adun, paling kurang skandal yg normal tidak spt skandal org no 1 .& no 2 parti itu yg songsang.

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