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Sandakan Video Has Become Creature of the Netherworld

A Kadir Jasin

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From Four Points, Sandakan: If only we enjoyed the beautiful sunset
ALL indications point to the Sandakan homosexual video having assumed a life of its own.

It has been immortalised in scores of YouTube uploads and has spilt into the larger political arena with Datuk Seri Mohd Azmin Ali supporting the call for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to stay as Prime Minister for the full term and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim assuring that the Pakatan Harapan remains strong.

Azmin enthusiastically endorsed the call by Pas leader, Datuk Sri Abdul Hadi Awang, for the Prime Minister to stay on instead of handing over power to Anwar midterm as promised.

Neither Abdul Hadi nor Azmin is a great fan of Anwar. For the Umno-Pas combine, breaking up the Pakatan Harapan is a key objective.

The scandalous video is now a living breathing creature of the netherworld of conspiratorial politics.

It will haunt its players irrespective of whether they are the confessors, the deniers or the plotters, probably for the rest of their lives.

For the rest of us, we have several choices. Number one is to be part of the unholy. Number two is to ignore them if we are not bothered by their eerie cries. Number three is to exorcise ourselves of their haunting.

I choose the latter – exorcising myself.

Let us concern ourselves with the more pressing issues and affairs of the country – the hardship of Felda settlers, the fishermen, the padi farmers, the rubber tappers and the Felcra smallholders.

Let us address the concerns of the business people like the petroleum industry players who are waiting for the resolution of the petroleum royalty demand by Sabah and Sarawak.

Let us give a boost to the new shared prosperity economic agenda, the Visit Malaysia Year 2020 campaign and the resolution of government debt.

Dr Mahathir had said repeatedly that cabinet reshuffle is not on the card and he would keep his promise of transferring power to Anwar.

But this is not an excuse for ministers to feel assured and continue with their moribund ways.

Maybe this is the Prime Minister’s way of saying, you chaps better shape up or get shipped out when l am no longer around to defend you.

So any minister who feels the uncontrollable urge to act in a movie or video clip please make sure that it is G-rated.

Thank you.


A Malay Dah-Lah-Lama said...

Surely the question in the mind of the man in the street of Bangsar to the street of Kodiang that begs for answers is,” was it him?”

admin said...

If implicated candidate was not meant for the higher post, what say u?

PKR is a party formed on misorientation with an objective to bash up Mat Det?

Or a call to conduct DNA testing on "implicated candidate"'s daughter to justify her biological papa?

Or u just cant settle with reality and fact, it is better to have mat det around.

Manora Pokok Sena said...

Orang kampung saya di Pokok Sena, Kedah are as confused as ever with the latest political tactical moves, to outdo their enemies. The vidoe spread like wild fire. Is it him or is it not. Orang atas main wayang, yang di bawah tak cukup makan. Harga getah skrap masih di takok lama RM2.40 tak naik naik. Bila depa beralih dari BN ke PH, nak la rasa perubahan ekonomi keluarga, tapi kecewa masih di takok lama. I wish to speculate, we will not see any improvement in most areas until two more GE. I hope i am wrong. Orang atas main wayang, yang bawah tak cukup makan

Law and justice said...

Those "fun and frolics" in the Sandakan Video have been immortalised, naught what can anyone do now.
The ones caught in the sessions were "begging" to be caught, otherwise why participate in secret, non-secret trysts in the country, especially in the light of so many previous video scandals.
If they cannot control their urges, go out of the country and dip their toes in whatever orgies they want.

Seriously, support you Datuk, the focus for our govt and rakyat should be on the economy and other ills and challenges facing the country.
Have already rubbished into trashcans of history the red hot images, not interesting at all lah.
As the IGP said, don't waste our time! We have better things to do.

wansee c said...

If the accused was really one of the 'actors' in the video, then it is as true as the Malay proverb sounds, 'guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.' No wonder they both could cling together so well for so long, as they originated from the same brood that carry the traits and share the inclination alike for the taste of some unusual carnal pleasures, until the greed for power crops up and triumphantly tears them apart. Only this time, the guru had gone overboard and made a blunder, trying to entrap and shred the murid into pieces, but had overlooked he himself was caught in the raw, doing the disgraceful acts under the watchful eye of God. Well, he who digs hole for another may fall in himself. Divine intervention has its unexplained mysterious ways to reach out for the incorrigible impenitent beings. Now, the table has turned, hasn't it?

Whoever were involved in the production and scheme of Sandakan video, please be prepared to take the consequences. What goes around comes around. The people just want to live a peaceful life and are struggling hard to make ends meet in order to put food on the table, far from loitering around to watch the so-called top-leaders play the endless-throne-game. Next time, admit your errors before everyone else exaggerates them, just because you are YB. Suppress your uncontrollable desires of lust before you take control of our beloved nation if you are the chosen one, God willing.

Aku said...

Kadiag, “السلام عليكم ورحمة الله”
Hang nulih :
”Neither Abdul Hadi nor Azmin is a great fan of Anwar. For the Umno-Pas combine, breaking up the Pakatan Harapan is a key objective.“
Benda ni aku rasa ramai dah tau dah. Tapi basa hang munkin telembut sikit, orang sepikin gomen kata ‘understatement’ pasai bagi aku nampaknya bukan saja ‘ not a great fan ‘
tapi macam tengok muka pon tak mau...
Dgn gabungan geng Azmin, geng Hadi dan geng UMNO (baca Zahid,
MOI dan bini yg bedepan dgn keh2 mahkamah yg berat sakan) ini munkin jadi isu hidup mati.
Tapi aku setuju dgn cadangan hang, kita kena tumpu pd kerja2 membangkitkan ekonomi, kerizqian
dan aku tambah pembaikkan dasag dan jentera pemerintah. Dlm hai ni munkin ucapan2 calon presiden Amerika, benama Andrew Yang
bulih bagi contoh perubahan paradigma.
Macam mana pon,aku yakin mesti dikukohkan ataih kelestarian kehidupan, dunia dan aqirot.
Maghap Kadiag no.

Seri Arief said...

"Surely the question in the mind of the man in the street of Bangsar to the street of Kodiang that begs for answers is,” was it him?”

It is him. Period.

Otai... said...

Simple jer nak tau why PH has failed to deliver much of anything so far.So far off.
Go and drive around Putrajaya n u can see or observe how the tree branches by the roadside at some areas towards Alamanda is now midway protruding into the middle of the roads. Other areas the pokok2 bunga are left untrimmed.

kusufian write said...

Salam DAKJ
Let's c what's NEAC producing today. Hope a trillion dollar trigger economy in the picture. That's Azmin to show n proof his abilities to remain relevant. Despite performing Haji is what's he needed noW..

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