Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mukhriz: Separating Grain From Chaff

A Kadir Jasin

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THE Umno Youth executive council member, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, who is now the punching bag of the Prime Minister’s supporters, does not need sympathy.

He knew what he was getting into when he mildly criticised Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s speech at last week’s Umno General Assembly.

He is a politician and he knows the price he has to pay. If he is not willing to take the risk, he should not be in politics. It’s still not too late for him to make an exit.

Or he can be like everybody else in Umno – toe the line. Umno should be more than happy to accept his apology. But that would render his political career unremarkable and, possibly, very brief.

But if he perseveres, he may yet prevail. Today’s Umno may not be made up of Einsteins of the Malay community. But it has enough politically astute members to realise that prolonging the debate could be counter productive.

At stake is not Mukhriz’s political future. He is almost alone and he’s only an Umno Youth Executive Council member. At the centre of this little controversy are the Prime Minister, his advisers and speechwriters.

A continuation of the debate will not only attract more attention to his Nov. 15 address but also risk greater scrutiny of his amanat (message). An independent assessment may not be as guarded as the one Mukhriz made.

Umno cannot also be seen to be pounding too hard on Mukhriz as this may give rise to suspicion that that it is picking on him because he is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s son --- a case of beating the son to spite the father.

One important element that Mukhriz’s critics must think very carefully is his standing in the Youth Movement. His position in the movement is tested and proven.

Unlike the Youth Chief, Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein, and his deputy Khairy Jamaluddin, Mukhriz contested and won the executive council post with the highest number of votes despite attempts at sabotaging him. Hishammuddin and Khairy won uncontested.

Although the party election is still some years away, Mukhriz could continue to build and strengthen his core support, which neither Hishammuddin nor Khairy could claim to have.

Acting harshly against Mukhriz will offend his supporters – something that all the “menang tanpa bertanding” Umno VIPs, Hishammuddin and Khairy in particular, can ill afford.

Still he has to play his card and make use of his newfound “notoriety” judiciously. The political, economic and media “machines” are against him.

And being the son of the recalcitrant Dr Mahathir is not necessarily advantageous at the time when all efforts are geared towards demolishing his (Mahathir’s) legacy.

When he commented on Abdullah’s speech, only The Star reported it. But when he was criticised, the mainstream media pounced on him like a pack of hungry wolves.

This is the turning point for Mukhriz. He either takes that penultimate dive and swims out of the tsunami created by his famous father or remains a mere thorn in Umno’s fat rear.

This is when the struggle calls for courage and sacrifice, and when the political mill will separate the grain from the chaff.


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that time and time again, Pak Lah said that he is open to critisism and teguran. But the moment someone critisizes him, the pack of wolves are always ready to over react on the critic.
The irony of (Malay)sian politics i suppose...

Anonymous said...

I will stand behind Mukhriz all the way even if it the last thing I do, if it would mean getting rid of UMNO the chaffs, the freeloaders, the 'close-one eye' MPs, the yesmen and women, the 'back door' unelected leaders, the temple demolishers, the AP Kings and Queens, the little and not so little 'Napoleons', the Zakaria Deroses, the actresses chasers etc etc.
What I dont want is to trade one set of all those to another.

nightcaller said...

believe what Mukhriz says is right. And UMNO should be addressing bigger issues such as reminding the Malays to take chances etc., and taking chances is not equivalent to "bodek"ism which is prevalent in UMNO.
And UMNO should learn to look inside and do a self-assessment on their actions - not pointing fingers at others when UMNO is the one who raised the sensitive issues first, and this has been a tradition in UMNO to supposedly "warn" others not to overstep the sensitive boundaries.
Year in and year out, UMNO feels that what is approved during the assembly is the Government's decision, UMNO should learn to differentiate the party and the Government.
So, who says that this years President's speech is not the same?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

Anonymous said...


Mukhriz has crossed the rubicon, there is no turning back.If there is such a thing as a defining moment in one's life then for Mukhriz his defining moment was when he commented that there were nothing new in AABs opening speech, which I am in total agreement with.

I must say that It is a sad reflection of the just concluded UMNO AGM that the it is now mainly remembered for what Mukhriz had said rather than what the UMNO President said in his opening and closing speech.

Well UMNO is still UMNO i.e U Must Not Oppose. If U Do then expect to be Blasted and Grinded into Submission. But Mukhriz, just a friendly advise from your silent majority friends HAVE FAITH IN GOD and be strong you will need large doses of these in the coming months. BUT if you are patient and steadfast, don't worry everything will be alright in the end.

Anonymous said...

Sejauh mana ketinggian keperibadian dan kepimpinan Mukhriz? Bagi kita yang dok jauh-jauh ni bukan kenal sangat nama-nama besar ni! Sama juga dengan Khairy, sejauh mana ketinggian keperibadian dan kepimpinan Khairy?

Yang ada persamaan adalah,kedua-duanya adalah teramat rapat kedudukan keluarga dengan PM & ExPM.

Kalau kedua-duanya tiada pertalian kekeluargaan tersebut, apakah keteguhan peribadi dan kematangan,kecekapan dan karismatik masing-masing mampu melonjakkan diri ketahap ini?

Menyentuh ucaptama AAB, saya kira banyak perkara yang baik diucapkan. Tiada salahnya mengucapkan perkara lama kiranya ia mampu memberi impak positif kepada ahli. Cuma gaya penyampaian yang monotonus tidak sehebat DrM. Kekuatan vocal,ketepatan ayat dan sebutan,penggunaan bahasa yang mudah difahami, body language dan segalanya DrM mendahului AAB, namun begitu intipati AAB juga berkualiti. Cuma,apabila seseorang itu memang dah tak suka, dah benci dll maka apa yang dibuat serba tak kena, dan kerapkali mereka meletakkan emosi mengatasi akal pemikiran yang waras!

Apa yang "baru" yang Mukhriz harapkan?

Setahu saya Mukhriz sewaktu belajar di Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kota Bharu, tidak pernah diangkat menjadi pemimpin pelajar pun!

Jadi, apa kehebatan Mukhriz (selain dari kritikan keatas AAB)?Saya tak tahu! Kalau sapa tahu,minat juga saya nak tahu!

Namun kalau satu lawan satu Mukhriz lawan Khairy, saya pilih Mukhriz walaupun tak tahu dimana kehebatan beliau.....sebab Khairy tu tak sehebat mana pun!

Anonymous said...

Well, time will tell what God's willing and what he chose...

Malay - Melayu
mudah lupa...
Instead of continued criticism from you, I'm looking forward a realistic suggestion from you. Cheers. :)

twolooks said...

("I regret and wish to state that I did not intend to hurt any one's feelings, especially Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi's with my remark on his policy speech as reported by some media," Datuk Mukhriz's statement said.)

Don't worry Datuk Mukhriz, the wolves will not leave you after noticing that you are brave enough to 'call a spade a spade'.

The real battles will start from now on and you must be prepared at all times against attacks, personal ones in particular.

The spineless 'creatures' would harp on anything and everything possible.. so be extra careful on what you say and to whom you are saying it.

Speak your mind.. but be very, very careful of 'fixers' and 'framers'.

God Bless You Datuk Mukhriz! Remember that the Silent Majority of MALAYSIANS are WITH YOU!

p/s Everyone wonders when the SILENT majority would speak up... trust me, the TIME is getting CLOSER.


apanama said...

You may be on the right track but you'll get run over if you just stand there.

Anonymous said...


I heard that this YBhg Mukhriz is a typical hero Hindustan.

abdul rahman and twolooks said something which is close to my heart.

Staying ahead of the curve and from the cattle train is the thing you need to do to survive.

I like your humility.

Anonymous said...


Ah well...I hope Mukhriz has the patience to go through this. This is going to be long, long road. Full of sharp turns, narrow roads and all. One really has to be a true politician to survive all this.

Left to me, I would probably tell them UMNO Youth boys to fly a kite and fly with it...


Anonymous said...

Untuk komen langit biru, saya ingin pula memberi pandangan bahawa performance masa sekolah tak banyak mencerminkan performance sekarang.
Mungkin Mukhriz tak sehebat TunM tapi bagi saya sekarang ini, sesiapa sahaja yang memang berada dalam UMNO dan mempunyai risiko utk kehilangan sesuatu, berani berkata sesuatu yang tak sealiran dengan AAB, sudah cukup berani dan hebat.
Ketua Pengawas sekolah saya,salah satu dari sekolah berasrama penuh yang tua di Malaysia, (bukan Sekolah Menengah Sains) dari tahun saya tingkatan satu, 1979, sampai sekarang, tak ada pun yang menonjol.
Adakah orang lain yang bukan pemimpin pelajar pun semasa sekolah menengah tidak berkaliber untuk menjadi pemimpin?

Anonymous said...


I'm all for Mukhriz and TDM. One can be a good leader once he's brave enough to stand and fight! Hopefully, we can hear more from him in order to be proven worthy.

As Pak Lah wants us to think he’s a moral crusader with his Human Capital Development at heart. His devotion to that cause could surely explain his regularly boring statements right? So after his latest ‘speech’ contained more than a few very poorly repetitive statements, I personally believe that he's not the right man to lead Malaysia.

Come to think of it, may be the late Endon Mahmood could be the real person behind Pak Lah's story of political success?

Anonymous said...

Datuk, saya amat terkilan dengan persidangan UMNO kali ini yang saya rasakan amat lesu dan membosankan dengan hujah yang entah apa-apa, dengan hunusan keris tapi tak kenal musuhnya siapa dan dengan puji-pujian yang entah untuk siapa. Nasib baik ada seorang bernama Mukhriz yang masih lagi berpijak di bumi nyata, berpaksi semangat asal UMNO dan punya deria Sulaiman Palestin.

Looks like he is the last man standing in UMNO. Bravo Mukhriz, go ahead, dont worry, we, the younger UMNO men will back you up. Afterall we are desperately looking for a MANLY umno man to lead....

shar101 said...

DMM made an honest and sincere assessment of AAB's speech.

Perhaps, personally, he had expected more from the UMNO president because he's(DMM) so accustomed to his father's hard-hitting and inimitable oratory skills. TDM can speak on the most mundane of matters and still draw a captive audience.

AAB can have the best of speech writers and will still fail to deliver the message. He has no passion, no conviction and did not exude any self confidence throughout his speech. You'd think that, at least, for once, in an immensely important occasion such as the UMNO GA which was televised live, ABB will make the effort to drop his lackadaisical attitude which is legendary in his administration.

And yet, a simple opinion from DMM has been made out to be a traitorous
deed by HH. Has UMNO's stature sunk so low and it's self-prestige so fragile that no 'corrective' dissenting views are allowed? If so, how does UMNO stay relevant with the ever-changing realities of groundroot support.

DMM's statement of regret will go the same way as the pope's statement of regret. It is neither here nor there. To me, it is political double-speak.

I am cautiously hopeful that DMM can be the panacea to the ills of UMNO. His political pedigree, by virtue of TDM, puts him in good standing. However, we have also seen others like NTR, SHA and HH failing to maintain high standards of integrity their respective fathers have achieved. On KJ, the less said of this pretender, the better for us.

DMM will have to run the political gauntlet by himself if he so decide and prove his mettle to gain our undivided support. The last thing UMNO need at the moment is a 'reluctant' saviour.

A Voice said...

Hidup perjuangan Dato Mukhriz
Hidup perjuangan Tun Dr Mahathir
Hidup perjungan memartabatkan Melayu
Hidup Melayu agar tidak hilng di dunia!

Sekiranya kita hilang kemerdekaan, maka berakhirlah perjuangan orang melayu! Kerana kemerdekaan orang melayu bersatu padu.

So leader of mentaliti kelas pertama (which I doubt), semangat melayu kelas ke 3, what do you say?

Memang lembik, tak payah try ... jelas lembab!

Anonymous said...

Terimakasih neurolept.....Jadi apa lagi kehebatan Mukhriz? Saya yang tak tahu, perlu diberitahu!

neurolept said "I will stand behind Mukhriz all the way even if it the last thing I do..." seolah olah neurolept kenal benar dengan Mukhriz. Jadi kalau dah benar-benar kenal tentu banyak rahsia Mukhriz yang neurolept tahu....

Ketua Pengawas tu cuma Boneka Pengetua/Guru Besar....sebab tu tak ada yang menonjol!

Kami di Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kota Bharu, ketua pelajar dilantik melalui pilihanraya "Badan Perwakilan Pelajar" dimana setiap calon dikehendaki menjawab pelbagai soalan dari pelajar2 sewaktu berkempen di dewan besar maktab....perwakilan pelajar seangkatan Mukhriz ramai yang menonjol hinnga kini.....boleh tanya ANSARA (anak-anak sains mara).

Saya tidak kata, mereka yang tak jadi pemimpin peringkat pelajar/universiti kurang layak jadi pemimpin, tetapi hakikatnya,mereka yang dipilih menjadi pemimpin samada peringkat menengah/universiti yang melalui proses demokrasi tulen selalunya memang berbakat besar dan menonjol kemudian hari.

Contohnya, dimana kepimpinan Khairy sebelum ini...tiba-tiba saja namanya meletup naik, dan orang yang memilih beliau sebenarnya langsung tak kenal beliau....beliau lahir dari proses "demokrasi pyramid" yang telah ditentukan kemenangan tanpa melalui proses pemilihan yang adil. Begitu juga di Universiti2 IPTA sekarang yang gagal melahirkan pemimpin yang benar-benar berwibawa.

Budaya UMNO, sesiapa yang rapat dan kenal dengan "somebody" tentu dapat naik cepat....tengok sajalah pemilihan UMNO, tukang kebun lawan bekas pengetua sekolahnya pun boleh menang....di Kelantan seorang pengasas Universiti pun boleh kalah.....menjadi railway gate keeper pun boleh menang asalkan kenal "somebody" dan masuk network/rakit/pyramid kumpulan "somebody" tu.Dan mereka ke perhimpunan agung tu sebenarnya dok try tengok kot kot boleh naik rakit "somebody"....tak gi tu?

Itu yang saya tanya, kalau semata-mata berasaskan nilai keperibadian yang tinggi,ciri kepimpinan unggul dan karismatik, apakah Mukhriz mahupun Khairy mampu berada ditahap sekarang?

....tak suka sokong membabi-buta tanpa bukti-bukti kukuh...bukan setakat pandang-dengar saja!!!

InMine said...

From NST:
'Responding to Mukhriz’s statement of regret, Abdullah said: "Oh, he regrets. Never mind. Let him say what he wants to say. It’s up to him." '

What kind of response is that?

Truth said...

Asalamualaikum and greetings Datuk and friends.

Coming out fresh from this year's UMNO General Assembly, I'd like to share some of my thoughts and experience, from the special prayers held for Tun, the Mukhriz saga to the very atmosphere from within the Merdeka Hall, which represents the true sentiments of the delegates, and also issues relating to the concerns over the live telecast of the proceedings on Astro. To save the trouble of special branch officers cooking up reports to send up, consider this, "The confessions of an UMNO delegate."

On the 14th of November 2006, the public were invited to attend the special prayers held for the former PM who suffered a heart attack a few days before that.

The local newspapers couldn’t even get the dates and time correct. Such is the intelligence level of our reporters. (And we are wondering why our leaders and component members of BN are at odds with each other). Delegates staying at that particular hotel where it was held received personal invitations.

I was informed that originally, the venue was reserved for a gathering which was to be attended by Tun that would include his speech to UMNO delegates. That would have been quite controversial and unprecedented. I would have been in two minds going to it but considering the latter was for a good cause to pray for Tun’s health, I decided without a blink of an eye to attend, despite the warning from friends in politics to stay away.

I despise the hypocracy of UMNO friends who stayed at that particular hotel who decided not to go, out of fear for the establishment. I told them, I would go even if the situation was reversed and it was held to pray for Pak Lah’s health, while they would just fly a kiss to Pak Lah just as they did for Tun in the current circumstance.

These people need to be reminded that they might succeed in bloughing Pak Lah by complying (not concurring or even coforming) to what is perceived to be his wishes, but they can’t blough God Almighty, and by the will of Allah, may He expose those pretenders in front of the PM before the coming General Elections. I use the term “comply” because I know these people and they talk of support for Tun while wanting to live a lie to fool Pak Lah. Proof of this is these people prefer not to attend the function, yet they ask their supporters who come from their divisions to fill the hall to the brim. Bloody hypocrites I’d say.

This is the same with UMNO leaders who come out in full blast smashing Mukhriz for his statement regarding the Presidential address.

Pak Lah had repeatedly said that he doesn’t mind people with deferring views yet the UMNO leaders who are faking their support for Pak Lah are turning him into a liar by running down the first guy who differs. I don’t think there were harsh words used by Mukhriz as anyone who knows him would agree that he is a soft spoken person. However the way the press went to town with him through statements from other leaders made it look like he was vulgar.

Datuk, from what I gathered at the pre council meeting prior to the Assembly, the UMNO Information Chief started by praising Pak Lah while viciously running down his criticizer signalling what was to be expected in the days to come.

On the day of the Assembly, when Tun Siti Hasmah’s name was mentioned, the sound of hands clapping were deafening, the same happened when the PM asked everyone to pray for Tun’s health, although saying “Amin” would have been more appropriate.

In the afternoon, the first few speakers tried Mat Taib’s (UMNO information chief) style of praising Pak Lah while smashing Tun without mentioning his name but it wasn’t appreciated by the delegates. Even praising Pak Lah without smashing his predessessor didn’t get much response from the crowd either. Then, they discovered that the undercurrent isn’t exactly how they thought it to be, and the following speakers in the days ahead trodded on the Tun subject very delicately. I’m describing the atmosphere in the hall because this cannot be seen or felt on television. Everytime a speaker either attacked Tun or praised Pak Lah, there were murmurs of discontent. This was rather astonishing as I had thought in there, delegates would fake their support as the UMNO leaders do in public.

The final test was when the very raw Puteri Chief drew the courage (under instruction I suspect, as even seasoned speakers wouldn’t do it unless they are sure they have the crowd eating out of their hands), to ask us all to stand up in exhibition of our support for the President. The response was so cold that the Puteri had to plead a second time to the delegates to stand. I noticed at least one State Assemblyman near me who didn’t bother to get up, even at my request as it was live on TV and it wouldn’t be nice to show others outside that we were not in total support of our President.

This not so overwhelming support for Pak Lah is not only felt inside but also outside as it made me a direct witness of this sorry state of affairs on the very last day. I had noticed a peddler selling Pak Lah’s badges everyday for one Ringgit each. This chap was hard working as I saw him in different places doing it and even at 10:30pm at the bridge linking Dewan Tun Dr Ismail to PWTC after the dinner with the Deputy President. On the last day, I opted to leave late to avoid the traffic and the rain. As I was leaving and everyone else was getting ready to close shop this peddler was loudly talking to himself. As I got closer he engaged me and started complaining about not being able to sell the badges even for a meager one ringgit, continuing his grievance saying that if Pak Lah was a popular leader he would’ve been able to sell more than nothing that afternoon. He even asked me to listen to his hoarsed voice, the result of trying to convince people to buy the badges to no avail. That very moment Datuk, I looked at Pak Lah’s picture on the badges and my eyes swelled with tears feeling for him and wondering whether he is aware that his ministers and so called supporters from the Supreme council are all pretenders who just lend their blind support without conviction but will be very quick to abandon him when he is no longer a force.

Apporopriately I gave the peddler some money and purchased a few badges in support of our current President whom I’m sure did not wish this upon himself but is a victim of circumstance.

What escapes me is if the Supreme Council members truly support the President as they have barked that way all the while, they could have purchased a hundred badges each to give to there supporters who have come from their respective divisions. This peddler was hard to avoid as he was truly doing his job.

Finally, about the live telecast of our proceedings. The majority of the delegates were not so against it until the Chairman kept reminding the speakers to mind their words as we were being watched by the whole nation, namely the non-Malays. We felt that this was a once a year meeting where the speakers can say what is exactly on their minds representing 3 million odd members. Why should we preserve a respectable front when others prefer not to show us the same respect? In my experience as a delegate many times, all the speakers have kept a certain level of discipline. They may be emotional at times, but never have they used foul language in their speeches. How are the leaders to know how the grassroots feel if we are not able to express our thoughts without fear or favour?

Malays have been proven to be good masters in that they are fair to others. We have seen how one particular race dealt with us when the Japs surrendered while waiting for the Brits to come back. We have never been that vicious.

Malays do not usually initiate an act, but you can wager your last dollar that they will almost always react.

This is the case here. There are several topics that are sensitive to us, most important of them being religion and race. When we see that they are not being defended accordingly by our leaders, namely the UMNO ministers, naturally there will be strong words used to warn the offenders.

We are appalled at how the IFC topic was able to grow in an open debate. It should have been smacked down right from the beginning. Also Lim Keng Yaik’s query on the methodology employed in calculating Malay equity in our economy, and his insistance for a Bangsa Malaysia.

This is what triggered the reaction by UMNO members at this year’s assembly. What we want to know is why wasn’t the Gerakan chief who sits in the Cabinet hauled up for going public on the issue relating Govt policy without going through the proper channels. Why are the UMNO leaders cowed into silence everytime this old baggage opens his mouth? Where is Hishamuddin on this? Isn’t Bangsa Malaysia a term first promoted by the DAP initiated by the PAP from Singapore at one time? Why is Gerakan allowed to adopt it? Are they sleeping with the DAP, together dreaming of PAP?

Indeed, in his winding up speech, the Deputy President dismissed it as a State of the mind thing. I want to remind our good leader that THEY do not want it to remain as a state of the mind but continue to press for it to be the state of the nation.

My heart goes out to our MCA friends who loyally respect our social contract. However, they are made to look like they are not doing enough for the Chinese community while Keng Yaik is allowed to proudly shoot his mouth off trying to be the sole champion of his people. If this is not stopped, MCA will have to join the bandwagon and then, all hell will break loose.

I urge those assisiting our good Prime Minister, namely the UMNO ministers; while constantly praising Pak Lah to clock up points to maintain your positions and by doing so becoming a liability to him, please don’t forget your duty to Islam and the Malays.

Too much freedom will affect national unity. While it is a noble effort by a gentleman politician, it is also evident that we are not quite ready for it.


Anonymous said...

Saya fikir kontroversi kenyataan Mukhriz adalah sesatunya penyeri PAU kali ini. Tanpanya, PAU ini lesu dan tawar.

Perlukah mengancam hendak amok dengan keris lebih hebat dari 13 mei? Itulah yg dicari oleh musuh islam dan menjadi berita muka depan media masing-masing.

ahm said...

sdr hishamuddin was actually the one who "memperlekehkan"(couldnt find the most accurate word in english) AAB speech not mukriz. but it was spinned and put as such and blame mukriz for that.

sdr hishamuddin purposely did it with intention to gain popularity by stepping on others' head.

sdr hishamuddin hentikanlah sandiwara ini kerana ianya tak relevan lagi. election akan datang sdr hishamuddin tak ada tempat lagi bahkan dalam umno pun tiada ke mana nak pergi lagi dah. ketua pemuda pastinya menjadi rebutan antara sdr mukriz dan khairy... setakat sdr hishamuddin nak bertanding mt usah mimpilah calon-calon sedia adapun cukup hebat dan sentiasa menunggu masa untuk jadi mt.

oleh itu sdr hishamuddin berusaha mendapatkan sokongan pemuda untuk melonjakkannya... namun barang perlu diingat kemenangannya tempoh hari atas dasar menang tanpa bertanding(kalau bertanding belum tentu lagi..). manakala mukriz menang besar dan meraih antara undi terbanyak...

so, sdr hishamuddin tak perlulah nak berpolitik ala bebudak kecik sebab taktik tersebut dah basi, zaman dulu-dulu bolehlah sekarang ni zaman ict. rakyat di luar sana bijak menilai dan rami dah jadi penganalisis politik tak rasmi especially golongan bloggers.

untuk sdr hishamuddin dan konco-konconya, selamat turun ke bawah dan rasalah peritnya apabila dijatuhkan... at least TDM walaupun dikutuk tapi beliau step down in style dan bukan dijatuhkan, kah.. kah.. kah..

buat mukriz. you enemy has laid over for you the red carpet.. step on it, the path is opened wide, move forward and never look back. khairy is not a threat for you as no one like him (if not for favour of AAB).

2006 umno assembly akan berlalu sebagai sekadar satu lagi assembly, tetapi keberanian mukriz mengkritik presiden akan kekal tercatat dalm sejarah assembly, sama impaknya seperti assembly razaligh menentang TDM.

Mohamed Zamberi Jaffar said...

Assalam, Datuk dan para pemnulis dan pembaca sekelian.

Sesiapa yang di duduk di kerusi Presiden UMNO dan PM untuk menerajui kerajaan pada hari ini akan hadapi masalah yang sama dihadapi oleh Pak Lah.

Yang jelas, tidak ada sesiapapun boleh menandingi Tun M. Tun M adalah sama seperti P.Ramlee. One of a kind!

Memang sukar bagi sesiapapun untuk melakunkan watak seperti Tun M. Kebetulan Pak Lah diberi kepercayaan oleh Tun M untuk mengambil alih. Kita terpaksa terima hakikat bahawa sebarang kepincangan yang terdapat di dalam pemetintahan Pak Lah, juga boleh disabitkan dengan Tun M yang meletakkan beliau di sana.

Wayang sebenar yang terpapar di PAU baru-baru ini bukan untuk menjilat Pak Lah sebenarnya. Para pelakun kesemuanya tahu kelemahan Pak Lah, maka masing-masing yang dapat peluang untuk bercakap akan berusaha untuk menonjolkan dan menjual diri masing-masing sebagai calon terbaik untuk mengganti Pak Lah nanti, sehingga melonjak kata-kata petriotisma Melayu yang melulu dan kurang beradap. Justeru janganlah kita semua melatah di atas wayang UMNO ini. Tulis menulis, kata mengata, memaki hamun tidak akan membuatkan kita lebih baik daripada para perwakilan UMNO yang hadhir.

Kita kena bertindak seraca rasional dan beradab, saya yakin Pak Lah akan menimbang semula tindak tanduknya. Mengapa tidak Datuk tulis satu surat rayuan dan bentangkan untuk kita semua teliti dan sama-sama kita tanda tangan, 1,000,000 tt akan sedarkan Pak Lah! Do this before things get out of hand, as Datuk Mufti puts it, "when the plane crash, everyone, big or small will go down together with her."

DMM dan KJ are ambitious young men trying to step into the shoes of their mentors, whomever they may be. It is up to us to decide who will succeed.

Politics is only a game and without rules too, everyhing goes.

Let's be sensible and do the proper thing - confront Pak Lah with facts dengan cara beradab.


Anonymous said...

Datuk Mufti,wakil dari Umno Selangor berkata tentang mentaliti kelas satu,semangat kelas tiga. Datuk Mukriz,yaa setakat ini nampaknya hanya Datuk Mukriz terkeluar dari kumpulan itu. Beliau berjaya membuktikan nilai yang ada pada dirinya sendiri,MENTALITI KELAS PERTAMA, SEMANGAT MELAYU KELAS PERTAMA "and not least,unlike other Umno Youth Exco Members,Mukriz has FIRST CLASS BALLS".

Anonymous said...

Petikan dari Langit Biru

Cuma,apabila seseorang itu memang dah tak suka, dah benci dll maka apa yang dibuat serba tak kena, dan kerapkali mereka meletakkan emosi mengatasi akal pemikiran yang waras!
- datuk setuju??

Anonymous said...

Untuk penjelasan lanjut Langit Biru, saya tak kenal dan tak pernah jumpa pun Mukhriz. Mungkin hari-hari saya turun kebandar KB tu hari dia tak keluar pekan.Entahlah.
Yang saya tahu, hanya dia sahaja yang tak bodek AAB, mungkin diantara ayah dan masa depan beliau memilih ayahnya. Itu pun satu sifat yang hebat bagi saya..
Sehaluan juga pandangan saya tentang Khairy, tidak ada sedetik waktu pun yang akan dibazirkan, utk saya membuat pilihan jika saya berhak memilih antara Khairy dengan Mukhriz.
Punca masalahhnya,sehebat mana pun kaliber pemimpin yang Encil Langit Biru atau saya sokong, kita tidak lagi mempunyai hak untuk memilih kerana semuanya telah dipilihkan untuk kita.
Inikah dasar hormatkan ketua yang kita semua dipaksa ikut? Kalau ya, saya dengan ini mengisytiharkan para pemimpin UMNO sekarang ini bukan lagi ketua saya.Yang ada di saf depan UMNO sama bersalah dengan kehilangan sokongan saya kerana tidak bersuara..
Sejak 1990 saya mengundi UMNO diKelantan, walaupun ianya satu tindakan sia-sia, tetapi pilihanraya 2008 ini,UMNO telah pasti kehilangan satu undi saya, walaupun tidak berharga.
Saya mengharapkan,terlalu mengingini, seseorang yang telah berada didalam UMNO (seperti Mukhriz, mungkin ini harapan kosong tapi buat masa ini itulah saja yang saya ada), dapat membawa perubahan dalam proses 'pendangkalan' yang berlaku sekarang kerana saya sendiri, seperti yang En Langit Biru tahu, tidak berupaya. Saya yang berkelulusan tinggi, seorang profesional pun akan kalah dengan penjaga pintu pagar keretapi,tukang kebun ataupun jaga sekolah yang mempunyai 'connection' dan 'patron', kerana itulah lumrah UMNO dekad ini.

Denise said...


Could it be that Dr M was so angry all this while because KJ has superseded Mukhriz in UMNO Youth... looking back at history of UMNO's presidency and their sons, Najib is up there(son of 2nd PM), Hisham is up there(3rd PM), and suddenly the flow is disrupted by KJ who is only a son-in-law, ( and not Mukhriz)?

I dont think it could be that petty, tho!

drmuzi said...

apa ke halnya jadi pemimpin di maktab rendah sains mara atau sekolah menengah sains hatta di universiti pun menjamin kepimpinan utk masa hadapan.

tanya bill clinton dia dulu ketua sekolah ke, tapi berjaya menjadi antara pemimpin Amerika yg paling disukai dan sekarang bertanggungjawab mengepelai serangan bersam isterinya hillary utk menjatuhkan BUSH.

this thinking that u need to be a leaders frm early childhood to be a great leader is pathetic.

to me great leader are those who willing to come forward when his or her leadership are most wanting.

Anonymous said...


Many people under-estimate Mukriz. This young man may not appear flamboyant, and certainly not like his brother Mokhzani who likes fast cars and good coffee. Mukriz is the quie
ter type, and this is where he is less noticed than the other Mahathir children.

But in his quiet ways, Mukriz has been observing and listening. Hence, when he made his comments on the Umno president, he didn't just blurt things out without carefully evaluating the speech. In truth, many UMNO members feel the same - that the speech had more rhetorics than substance. When Mukriz gave his assesment, he was just being truthful, or at least he was just giving his views. As you know, you don't have to agree with other people's views. In this case, Mukriz didn't quite share the views of other Umno members and made known his feelings. Surely there's room for alternative views and freedom of speech in UMNO! I was told that this is the mantra in today's leadership.

Or is this just window dressing?
One wonders whether or not there's a denial syndrome in UMNO..

bujang senang said...


Langit Biru punya kenyataan ada juga benarnya dan ada juga yang boleh di pertikaikan contoh yang paling nyata ialah antara si Khairy (menantu PM)dan Mukriz (anak Ex PM)

Khairy - menonjol semasa Pak Mertua jadi PM dan menang tanpa bertanding jawatan Naib Ketua Pemuda.

Mukriz - menonjol selepas bapa beliau TDM meletak jawatan dan menang jawatan Exco Pemuda secara undi.

Kalaulah Langit Biru tengok kedua2 cara kenaikan mereka pun kita sudah faham yang mana kaca dan permata tak payah dok berkait zaman dulu2 sekolah punya cerita, soal pengawas ka, ketua darjah ka, ketua pengawas ka ?

Ahli akar umbi tahu menilai ahli-ahli exco yang layak menerajui mereka, yang menjadi masalahnya ialah segelintir pemimpin2 UMNO yang ada unsur2 bodek sebab nak jaga periuk nasi beryani mereka jadi naiklah anak2 menantu PM dan menang tanpa bertanding. Alasan mereka macam selalu la nak mengelak perpecahan.

Saya nasihatkan Langit Biru baca dan fahami artikel dlm 'Malaysia Today' Tajuk Putera Oxford ke Putrajaya' The Khairy Story.


Anonymous said...

Hanya satu komen mahu saya berikan....

Respon Pak Lah terhadap apa yang dikesalkan oleh Mukhriz adalah amat MALU tuk SAYA BACA.....

Saya cuma berharap agar Pak Lah menemui semula hemahnya yg wujud dahulu (ketika jadi Menteri Luar di era 1990-an)....

Semakin lama, hemah PAk LAh semakin menipis...Hemah tutur kata dan bahasa yg terkeluar drpd mulutnya......

Saya tetap berasa bahawa hemah kata kata Pak Lah mmg wajib di kelas yg terpuji dan bijak kerana status label yg dicop masyarakat sebelum ini di atas nama PAk Lah itu sendiri (Mr Clean, keturunan ulamak, pemimpin berjiwa ISlam....).....

Anonymous said...

Sebagai seorang anak, tentu mukhriz cuba membela bapanya dengan cara seperti ini. tiada siapa yang tahu apa yang ada dalam fikiran beliau. Tapi memang pelik kalau the star sahaja yang melapor "tegurannya" tapi apabila dah jadi isu semua akhbar perdana (akhbar perdana = akhbar prokerajaan)melaporkan "reaksi" kepada hal yang tidak ada (atau sikit tapi tak jitu) pun dilaporkan sebelum itu. Tidakkah itu jelas satu petanda? Bagi yang tidak membaca the star mungkin menganggap berita ini suatu yang baru, dan kerana tiadanya "kelangsungan yang berpatutan" untuk seseorang memahami isu ini kerana berita primer tidak wujud, senang saja khalayak percaya yang mukhriz telah berlaku salah. Sama seperti yang media Barat buat masa hal-hal pasca-9-11.

Kebal betul politikus kita sampai asyik kena amaran saja. Kalau RTM agaknya dah kena gam. Tapi RTM dulu...

Ucapan AAB memang sehala sahaja. Bosan. Sekarang bukan isu yang membetulkan Melayu sahaja kerana yang lebih penting ialah isu nasional. Sudah banyak kali orang Melayu cuba dibetulkan melalui politik tapi akhirnya MCA juga berjaya atasi masalah ecstacy dalam kalangan remaja Cina.

Tak perasan ke?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the current Pembesar UMNO and all aspiring ones within UMNO read the observation made by Truth.

But again, even if they read I wonder if there is any impact at all. I am quite certain it will not impact the Selangor YB/Klang Municipal councilor. He will continue to shout the Rakyat still want him. 1,000 of them turned up for a feast at his house, and he gets 1/2 a page coverage too!

So all we Rakyat have left is to pray for Malaysia...


Saudara/Saudari dihormati,

Untuk makluman, Datuk Ahmad A Talib, bekas Pengarang Kumpulan New Straits Times Sdn Bhd telah memulakan blognya -- Pahit Manis -- di ahmatatalib.blogspot.com.

Selamat datang ke alam blogger Saudara.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...


I read what the Truth comment. It is very informative and argumentative. If u dont mind, i would like to suggest that u put the Truth's comment on the front page of your blog. U just give a suitable title. So all the perayap or netter can give their comment on the related issues and at the same time we do not have to wait for a long time to read the new article. I'm just giving my opinion and i dont have any intention to perlekeh tulisan datuk. This is not a coup of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Datuk A Kadir Jasin dan lain-lain Datuk/Tuan/Puan/Encik/Cik.

Orang-orang yang melawati blog datuk ini bukan sebarangan orang. - hebat-hebat belaka.
Dari gaya bahasa & penyampaian maklumat mengambar siapa mereka.
Malangnya rata-rata berani dalam blogger sahaja. Apa tidaknya rata-rata gunakan nama samaran. Takut orang tahu siapa mereka.

Datuk Mukriz berani bercakap pun kerana dia anak TDM. Dia tidak heran sangat jika apa-apa berlaku pada karier politik & kehidupan hariannya. Dia ada TDM, Mokhzani dll.
Orang lain ada siapa? Semua berani sokong dalam blogger sahaja!!! Bila di luar nak sebut nama TDM pun takut.
Takut tak dapat projek – jaga periuk nasi,
Takut dikutuk kawan-kawan yang tidak sehaluan,
Takut diskriminasi di tempat kerja
Takut pada bayang-bayang sendiri….

Perasaan takut tidak dapat dielakkan selagi berada dalam kumpulan minoriti yang tiada siapa yang membela. ( disebut kumpulan minoriti kerana tak tahu berapa banyak pun yang menyokong)

Walau siapa pun Datuk Mukriz ni – tanpa peduli anak siapa & latar belakang kepimpinannya, semangat & sokongan harus diberi. Setidak-tidaknya ada juga orang dalam UMNO yang boleh bersuara dengan nada berbeza.Orang yang boleh beritahu tahi ayam itu busuk & bunga tahi ayam itu wangi.

Saya cadangkan Datuk Mukriz ni cuba-cubalah dekati warga blogger secara terus – apa nak takut?? ((Rakan-rakan diblogger bukan anti kerajaan.))
Datuk A Kadir jemputlah dia. Kalau dijemput TDM, mungkin kurang sesuai pasal TDM perlu masa untuk rehat. Datuk Mukriz tu masih muda belia.

Sekian . Wassalam

skali skala said...


The analogy of Pak Lah is very simple. Just read 'Death of A salesman'. A man obsess with his American dream. A perfect family and being nice and hardworking is the key to success. Indeed, he did not know his children. A very sad story but sound soo too familiar. A local version of Willy Loman.

Anonymous said...

Ni sibuk-sibuk pasal MRSM ni apahal pulak? Hangpalah yang banyak menghabihkan duit orang Melayu. Sekarang hanya tahu jadi bang jilat di bahagian-bahagian UMNO!

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Anonymous said...


Could not get Dato A Ahmat Talib's blog.

Did you get the url right?

Unknown said...


"Zulmie Saffri said...

Datuk A Kadir Jasin dan lain-lain Datuk/Tuan/Puan/Encik/Cik.

Orang-orang yang melawati blog datuk ini bukan sebarangan orang. - hebat-hebat belaka.
Dari gaya bahasa & penyampaian maklumat mengambar siapa mereka.
Malangnya rata-rata berani dalam blogger sahaja. Apa tidaknya rata-rata gunakan nama samaran. Takut orang tahu siapa mereka.

Datuk Mukriz berani bercakap pun kerana dia anak TDM. Dia tidak heran sangat jika apa-apa berlaku pada karier politik & kehidupan hariannya. Dia ada TDM, Mokhzani dll.
Orang lain ada siapa? Semua berani sokong dalam blogger sahaja!!! Bila di luar nak sebut nama TDM pun takut.
Takut tak dapat projek – jaga periuk nasi,
Takut dikutuk kawan-kawan yang tidak sehaluan,
Takut diskriminasi di tempat kerja
Takut pada bayang-bayang sendiri…."

Semoga lebih ramai yang berani seperti yang tak bubuh nama samaran.

Sebagai salah seorang "penembak curi," saya bukan takut tak dapat projek, sebab nak mintak projek pun duit tak dak. Kalu ada duit pun, takkan nak masuk share dalam Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd, tak sedap la pulak nak bagi anak bini makan, takut anak-anak terkunci lidah nak merayu keampunan Tuhan untuk pak mereka yang sedang menanti-nanti dan terharap-harap seorang diri dalam kuboq.

Bukan dikutuk kawan-kawan yang tidak sehaluan sebab saya yang kutuk Pak Lah depa sampai nyaris-nyaris nak kena penampaq.

Saya bukan takut diskriminasi di tempat kerja sebab saya mengambil upah menulis dalam Harakah. Buat kerja di rumah.

Nak kata takut pada bayang-bayang sendiri, ramai juga yang kenal siapa Penarik Beca.

Agaknya memang dasar penembak curi, bila-bila tetap sedap nak menembak curi.

Sambil-sambil menembak curi, saya berharap kelaparan Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd dapat disekat dan ditahan sebelum lebih ramai yang menjerit:


Anonymous said...


Typo. Datuk Ahmad A Talib, bekas Pengarang Kumpulan New Straits Times Sdn Bhd blog site is at http://ahmadatalib.blogspot.com and not http://ahmatatalib.blogspot.com

Saya kira Datuk tertukar "d" kepada "t"


Apai said...


Untuk makluman, Datuk Ahmad A Talib, bekas Pengarang Kumpulan New Straits Times Sdn Bhd telah memulakan blognya -- Pahit Manis -- di ahmatatalib.blogspot.com.

izinkan saya memperbetulkan sedikit alamatnya:


Truth said...

En Zulmie safri,

Ingin saya ingatkan kepada saudara bahawa bukan semua pejuang yang hanya berani di dalam blog. Ada juga yang berjawatan yang menghadiri buka puasa & terawikh bersama Tun (saya berbual dengan Datuk AKJ di sana). Juga kami hadhir di Doa selamat utk Tun di waktu semua orang politik yg berkedudukan lebih suka utk menipu Pak Lah dengan cara melarikan diri sambil menyuruh org kampong mereka memenuhi dewan utk doa selamat tersebut.

Hanya satu yg ingin saya ingatkan kepada Saudara. Jangan terlalu agongkan keberanian Dato Mukhriz itu. Bukan sahaja dia anak bekas PM tetapi dia duduk di atas duit. Apa pun terjadi, dia sudah menjadi jutawan. Dia boleh mencuci tangannya dengan UMNO jika dia kalah, bila dia sudah "fed up".

Di waktu kita di bawah kepimpinan yg agak pincang ini, UMNO perlukan dia yg berani lebih dari dia memerlukan UMNO.

Dari itu, janganlah perlekehkan perjuangan orang lain sambil memuja Dato Mukhriz. Lebih baik kita, yang di dalam keadaan tidak menentu tetapi masih kedepan, dari dia yg sudah kaya baru hendak tunjuk berani. Jika dia tak main safe dahulu, dia boleh bertanding naib ketua pemuda kerana ramai yg hendakkannya bertanding.

Bukan semua perbuatan Tun itu betul, dan bukan semua perbuatan Pak Lah itu salah. Yang penting Perjuangan untuk Melayu kita letak di atas mereka di bawah naungan Allah SWT.

Anonymous said...

To Datuk and other respected commenters,

Why are we at all suprise that Umno is making all kind of threats to Mukhriz for simply stating an observation, which strictly speaking, doesnt even qualify as a criticism?

I am a person who has the highest regard for DrM but, like it or not,by commision or neglect, he, nore than anybody else, is responsible for making Umno into the morally and intelectually bangkrupt party that it is today.

It is more than tragic because ironically, he probaly more than anybody else has also been the single most effective politician in redeeming Malay dignity, not only locally but internationally.

His understanding of the major issues of the the day, like the politics behind economic ideas and trends, the game of the media and the misunderstanding of Islam by muslims and non- muslims alike is simply amazing. As an articulator of our interest, especially in economics and religion, he is simply unmatched.

His succes in overcomming the finacial crisis of 97- 98, which had fallen regional giants like Korea and Indonesia, will be recorded in history as turning point in changing the pattern of development of international economics.He has force a rethink on the way globalization is interpreted and implemented and the role of the IMF and the World Bank in that process.

These acheievments are not just there to look good on paper or unrelated to the concerns of the average guy on the street.It has direct concrete effect in the lives and fortune of millions of people in the devoloping world.

His detractors say his policis and actions simply benifits the elites of society but this simmply not true. For instance,in the past, millions have seen their invesments and savings dissapear in an instant due to currency speculation, and lives have been forever wrecked in the ensuring social chaos. Or as a Thai friend puts it" Each Thai child born, is a child born in debt to the IMF" .

By destroying the credibility of currency speculation, which is just one manifestation of the ideology of market fundermentalism he has ensured that millions in the future are spare the same fate.Because of Mahathir, people like Nobel Prize winner, Stiglitz has a much easier task in forcing a differant interpretation of globalization- an intepretation which is more fair to the poor and the underdog.

The economic crisis of 97-98 will be studied by eonomic students around the world as long as economics is offered as a univercity course, and his signal role in the dethroning of market fundermantelism as the dominat ideology ( an ideology which is anethema to the interest of the poor) of our times will be recorded.

The name Mahathir Mohamad will live in posterity and the day he dies he will die immortal. This cannot be denied regardless how hard the opptunist in the current gorverment set-up tries.Like the saying goes,truth, after all, like olive oil, has a habit of rising to the surface.

With regards to our religion, he has identified that the real problem facing Islam, is that muslims and non-muslims alike dont understand its real teachings. To alot of muslims they have reduce religious activities to prayers, rituals and certain symbolic acts. Ironically, in a sense, they are looking at Islam in a the way a christian looks at Christiannity,ie-that there exist a demarcation between religious and non-religious activities, between secular and non secular activities.

In Islamic tradion,strictly speaking there is no such thing as secularism per se. Every good endeavour if the intention is right is considered a religiuos activity-the catagorization is only whether it is fardhu ain or fardhu kifayah.That was the original teaching of our religion that alot of us has forgotten or are ignorant of.And that original understanding of Islam is what DrM tried to rekindle.

Putrajaya for instance is seen by many as a white elephant and waste of public funds. What they dont realize is that the significance of Putrajaya goes beyond its practical function as an administrative capital- it is a monument to the perminance n grandeur of Islam and a reminder of the fundermantal teachings of the religion- hence the moorish influenced architecture.

This is in line with the early tradition of the spread of Islam.After all,to merely serve the function of a place of worship, the Grand Mosques of Damascus and Cordova need not be so grand.

With one stroke, by holding the International Advisory Panel at Putrajaya, which looks like a land of mosques and minerettes, DrM has tried to break the image that Islam is incompatible with mordenity with the top technological leaders of the world.Or to put it it another way, by holding discusions on the latest trends in IT in a place that looks like a series of mosques, the non-muslim members of the IAP cannot help but qustion some of thier assumptions on Islam.At the same time it tries to give a concrete visual homage to the status of Islam as the official religion.

Putrajaya,in its intention to remind people of the fundermental teachings of the religion, which is not limited to rituals and symbols, is in many ways a most creative form of dakhwah.

But because of the dumbing down of Umno specifically and by extansion the general Malay populace what Mahathir has acheived will go by unnoticed by the Umno and the Malay masses. Ironically it is Mahathir himself who has ensured this. By allowing people like Ibrahim Ali, Othman Abdul, Nazri Aziz, Badaruddin Amiruddin to not only survive but thrive in his 22years, he has ensured that Umno has become a liability to the Malays.

Not only will it not defend Malay interest but there is a high chance that if attempts to undermined the Malays were done by certain Umno leaders, Umno will actually aid and abbete it.

Bdarauddin Amiruddin a comedian extraordanaire has had probally more air time in UMNO general assemby than anyone else barring the president.Mahathir didnt want serious discusion, he wanted a comedy.

Or else why appoint people like the above (and dont forget Tok Mat, Sabaruddin Chik, Shahidan Kassim and the list goes on and on....) into positions which can determine the fate and future of the country, when in any other profession they would have been complete failures? And to expect those same people today to defend him, proton and other areas of our collective interest is not only absurd, its suicidal!Have they ever utterd one word that indicates they are capable of serious thought?just one?

We have to admit, that the people and policies we appoint represents, in the most concrete terms the values that we want to pass on to society.And passing the baton is the ultimate test of leadership. By apointing AAB, who on the basis of current evidence, has problems speaking one coherant sentance and idea, Mahathir bin Mohamad has manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

How tragic that for the Malays,Mahathir has been, its cure and its own poison at the same time.

Sampai hati you Tun, buat kita begini.

Anonymous said...

That’s why I said the existing UMNO delegates are stupid! You want to know why? They think their fiery speech will pressure the Government to enhance the Malays or Islam. The reality now ~ more concessions will be given to the non-malays or non-muslim as conciliatory. Their thinking is similar to the thinking of the Palestinians since 1948!

Hantu Gigi Jarang

bujang senang said...

Zulmie Safri,

Saya sokong kenyataan saudara. Kita nak harapkan sapa lagi yang berani bersuara semua takut. Takut periuk nasi beryani mereka tertiarap.

Anonymous said...

I support him and if I were the ketua cawangans would rally and vote for him any MT posts. Frankly, speaking Pak Lah speech at the Perwakilan is definitely 'empty' and to say the least would have been a gross lie.Many ketua cawangans would love to say what Mukriz had said. Mukriz must not appogize.

Truth said...

Dear Hantu gigi jarang,

Your comment shows that you know very little about the mechanics of the political party that best represents the Malays.

Perhaps you were influenced by some of your friends or relatives who were “stupid UMNO delegates” in the recent Assembly, and I must agree that there are quite a number, so let me enlighten you a little if you are at all interested.

The fiery speeches were not to pressure the government to enhance the Malays or Islam. As it was common knowledge that the proceedings were carried live via Astro, the speeches like the one by the PM were directed at the non-Malays to lay off their demands touching on topics that are sensitive to us, namely the position of Islam and the Malays in this country.

That was the problem with telecasting it live. Instead of speaking as President of UMNO, representing the Malays as he should have, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi spoke rather apologetically as Prime Minister of Malaysia, representing all. It would have been dandy had it been a BN Convention, if you catch my drift.

Having anticipated this, some of the speakers whom you so easily brand as stupid, chose to use strong words to warn the non-Malays, namely Lim Keng Yaik and his chauvinistic type watching live, that although they may succeed in twirling the PM around their fingers, UMNO’s tolerance will wear thin sooner or later.

Despite what the President said about the speakers not representing the the party, those who actually do represent us will not be for much longer if they allow themselves to be so easily influenced by others who do not respect our social contract.

No more concessions will be given to the non-Malays or non-Muslims as a result of those speeches, unless our leaders want to cease leading UMNO. This is a promise to you made by a not-so-stupid UMNO delegate.

Anonymous said...

mukriz cannot have his cake and it eat it. the rule of the game is similar - either you are for the party or against the party, no two ways about it. so mukhriz, if you have the guts, leave umno. otherwise shut up and put up.

A Voice said...

How do you read yesterday's Pemuda Exco meeting? Macam jerok masam muka KJ ...

Anonymous said...


"This is the turning point for Mukhriz. He either takes that penultimate dive and swims out of the tsunami created by his famous father or remains a mere thorn in Umno’s fat rear."

Hishamuddin has artly side-stepped from this lump of a mess.

On the bright side this where Mukhriz can play the role of an effective, discreet, intelligent critic.

He is however facing a man who is proving very true of the biggest error that his father made in naming Najib as the Deputy.

This is where the grain is separated from the chaff.

There are those behind the curtain
who would like very much to see Mukhriz out of politics.

Tun is running against the wind of international politics.

However, please remember that Tun is a fighter that we are very proud of.

Anonymous said...

Dah menjadi adat manusia,siapa yang menjadi pemimpin semuanya tak betul.

Mukriz pun 2X5.

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