Sunday, April 05, 2009

"I'm Never Not Ok"

A Kadir Jasin

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WHEN friends and acquaintances ask me how I am, I’ll always tell them “I’m never not okay.” It means I’m always okay.

I sometimes wonder if I’m telling them the truth. But I always come to the conclusion that I was not telling them a lie.

Either I’m being practical, cynical or philosophical, that answer sums up my general attitude towards life.

I’ve lived long enough not to believe that my sadness and uncontrollable anger will change anything. So, if I’m angry or dislike something, I make a point of not saying too much about it. Or, better still, not saying anything at all.

So, when I did not comment in this blog about the personalities in the new Umno Supreme Council line-up, a long time friend remarked: “So you’re not to happy with the line-up.”

Well, does it matter whether I am happy or not? Supposing I’m not, would the delegates care? Would the Umno President care? Would the Supreme Councilors themselves care?

The chances are they don’t. So what do I do? First, I don’t sing praises for them. Not all of them of course. Many are fine gentlemen. Good enough to be country squires.

I can’t say much about the ladies because there aren’t that many of them. Despite the importance of the Wanita Wing to the party, the delegates seemed not to place too much importance to electing them to the Supreme Council.

So, with a solitary Supreme Councilor and the Wanita and Puteri Chiefs as ex-officio members, there are only three women in the council, if I am not mistaken. I think the new party president, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, should appoint few more to the council.

Second, I damned them. When I was asked on RTM’s TV1 on April 3 if Mohd Najib has enough capable people in the Supreme Council to fill his Cabinet, I said (in bahasa Melayu):

Ada sesetengah mereka kalau mandi limau, mandi bunga dan mandi sintuk sekalipun masih tidak layak dilantik menganggotai Kabinet.”

I can’t possibly translate that literally into English. The statement is too Melayu (Malay) and, probably, too harsh.

But I did not damn them to purgatory either. I said they could be used for partisan purposes like out-shouting the oppositions and defending Umno’s partisan agenda like the special rights and privileges of the Malays.

Rightly so because Umno has to respect the dichotomy between being the dominant party in the Federal Government and the party that represents the interest of the Malays. The two do not always go together.

In short, I am never not okay with the delegates’ choice but I have my reservations about the integrity and ability of some of the Supreme Councilors to be appointed to government posts.

Cabinet appointment is the Prime Minister’s rights and prerogative. He can bring in non-council members. He can even bring in non-politicians. That’s what he should do to. But he should be careful not to bring in people of questionable reputation.

A small lesson history is always useful. Politics is full of surprises and ironies. Take Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s application to rejoin Umno.

To whom did he hand over his application? To Mohd Najib on the morning after he was sworn in. Very symbolic.

But if we look back into history, we could feel a sense of déjà vu. It’s like we’ve been there before and seen it.

In the post-May 16, 1969 racial riots, Dr Mahathir wrote a stinging letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, blaming the marginalisation of the Malays and the rising chauvinism of the non-Malays as causing the Alliance’s dismal performance. That letter precipitated Tunku’s downfall.

Who benefited from it? Not Dr Mahathir because he was promptly branded Malay Ultra and sacked from Umno.

The beneficiary was the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, Mohd Najib’s father. Dr Mahathir’s rebellion hastened Tunku’s retirement and speeded up Abdul Razak’s ascent.

As a sign of gratitude and respect for his action, Abdul Razak reinstated Dr Mahathir’s membership of Umno, made him a Senator and soon after appointed him Education Minister. The rest is history.

Fast forward to 2008. Disillusioned with Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership of Umno, Dr Mahathir left the party.

Months earlier, in the aftermath of the general election, his son, Mukhriz wrote an equally stinging letter to Abdullah blaming him for the Barisan Nasional’s disappointing performance.

His letter precipitated the opposition against Abdullah, forcing him to schedule his retirement to 2010 but was later brought forward to this year.

This time around, the beneficiary of the father-and-son rebellion against an Umno President is Mohd Najib, the son of the second Prime Minister.

So what Mr Mahathir did four decades ago to speed up Abdul Razak’s ascent to power, he and his son did it again four decades later to hasten and ensure Mohd Najib’s rise to the same power spot.

But the role of the new Umno Deputy President, Muhyiddin Yassin, has to be given full recognition too. It was he who gave the Umno face to the rebellion.

He was the most senior party leader to risk his future to save the party from further deterioration by speaking up and, in doing so, incurring Abdullah’s wrath.

In the end he prevailed in a contest that pitched him against two Abdullah’s diehards – the money politics offender, the Malacca Chief Minister, Mohd Ali Rustam and the National and Regional Development Minister, Muhammad Muhammad Taib.

In the process, Muhyiddin has “regained” Dr Mahathir’s confidence and respect. Muhyiddin is expected to play key role in rebuilding the party, starting with leading the charge in the three ongoing by-elections.

As for Mohd Najib’s walkabout in the City on his second day in office, I hope it will not be another case of “hangat-hangat tahi ayam.”

The people are watching and many of them remember his late father’s famous walkabout more than four decades ago. They are sure to make comparison. I will.


Abgbent said...

Harap-harap PM baru akan berjuang untuk kepentingan rakyat keseluruhannya, terutama sekali membela nasib rakyat.

Kalau pun beliau sukar melakukannya, sekurang-kurangnya berusahalah agar tidak membebani kesemua kami sebagai rakyat biasa ini.

kluangman said...

Tun bersama Najib lebih kurang 2 jam adalah sesuatu yang perlu kita faham maksud tersirat dan akan diterjemahkan dengan lebih banyak lagi selepas ini.

Sebaik sahaja Tun menjadi PM, dia membebaskan 21 tahanan ISA dan kini Najib membebaskan 13 pada hari pertamanya sebagai PM dan Abdullah mengambil langkah yang lebih bersejarah dengan membebaskan Anwar.

Suasana harmoni perlu diujudkan ke atas kedua dua bekas PM kerana Najib mampu mendengar nasihat yang diberi untuk terus memacu negara.

Najib perlu segera mengumumkan cadangan pembinaan semula Jambatan Bengkok pada masa hadapan sebagai satu pemangkin ekonomi jangkapanjang dan derma dari rakyat perlu dibuat sebagai satu simbolik semangat kebangsaan dan kemerdekaan - Kembali memartabatkan maruah bangsa dan negara yang pernah tergadai.

Unknown said...


Peace be with you, and when you are angry or sad always say to yourself the mantram, may I be at ease; or may I be happy.

Yes, I agree with you, history seems to repeat itself.

Looks like this country will be embalmed with the families of the "formers".
Muhyideen? I believe, like Abdullah Badawi he is only a caretaker.

wandererAUS said...

As a Malaysian living overseas for the last 30 years, I observe that nothing ever changes in Malaysia. The nation future is in the hands of a few elites in UMNO.
The party situation is pathetic, stagnant with old methods and ideas.... look how Anwar was charged with the same sodomy crime, helped by the tainted Institutions. Playing dirty politics is what UMNO does best next to corruption.
Don't the people of Malaysia ever want to advance with high morality and integrity?
That is only possible, if they kicked out this evil regime once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Dato', you OK so I am OK and I think the rakyat all are ok, enough to eat la...can survive.
"I'm never not Ok" macam "See you when I see you". dh9753

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk K,
Your succint and matter of fact comment on the leadership changes that have taken place within the Govt.including the UMNO Supreme Council really hits the nail on its head.
The Cabinet line-up scheduled to be announced on Wed 08 Apr is anxiously being awaited by most if not all Malaysians. A vital test for Najib's leadership qualities.
Will Najib proves that he has the moral and poltical courage to place the interests of the Nation above everything else, particulalrly UMNO, to lead an ailing economy to recovery or play partisan politics and continue to sweep problems underneath the carpet. There are qualities among those not elected at the UMNO Assembly. Some of those elected coiuld white wash themselves even but will stiil retain their true colours. The delegates have no sense of value at all.
As DPM he lost most of the by elections. Hopefully Muhiyuddin can recover the losses at least in Bukit Gantang.
The presence of Tun M should allay any doubt as to whether there is going to be a repeat of the flip-flop policy of the past.
The Malay voters in Bt Selambau should be shaken up to realise that their votes are being exploited by others against their interests.
Dzulman of Shah Alam.

pakbelalang said...

I would like to suggest to Najib and Mahyuddin to include in their working schedules to visit all the Pejabat Daerah and get briefing from the DOs on the current status of every district development projects. This will help them to get the real situation what is happening on the ground. I remember Tun Razak did that when he was the Deputy Prime Minister to monitor the progress of rural development. My father was a penghulu during that period and when Tun Razak dropped by to visit Pejabat Daerah the DO called all the penghulu kampong to meet Tun Razak. I remember how excited my father was to be able to meet Tun Razak and listened to the briefing given by the DO and dapat berbual dengan Tun Razak untuk mengadu hal dikampong masing-masing.

Secondly, I think there should be a budget to upgrade all the Balai Raya. I would suggest that the government build a multi-purpose hall as big as Dewan Sekolah in every Mukim and provide with all the facilities like ATM machine, counters to pay utilities, zakat and cukai tanah, badminton court, sepak takraw court, football field, basketball court etc.

The community hall or Balai Raya could be utilised "fully" for social activity programmes in the Mukim. For example, the hall can be used for belajar agama untuk orang dewasa once a week (bukan ceramah agama), buat majlis kahwin,belajar silat, senaman, belajar main kompang,belajar masak-memasak,belajar bermacam tarian seperti kuda kepang termasuk lion dance, klas tuition, belajar main music ghazal , adakan kumpulan nasyid dll.

Disamping itu digalakkan penduduk kampong adakan berbagai persatuan sosial seperti marhaban, team bola sepak, team takraw dll.

Macam-macam boleh buat kalau kita nak "berubah" dan mesra rakyat. I think this is the most effective way to be close to the rakyat.

There must be active participation for the kampong folks to interact among themselves especially the youngsters supaya mereka tidak berkeliaran di simpang jalan atau di tembok jalan atau di kedai kopi tanpa membuat sesuatu yang berfaedah.

All these activities must NOT have any political inclination towards any party. The objective is strictly for the well being of the community.

nstman said...

Muhyiddin will pay for his treachery. Dollah;s men will get him, sooner or later. He will have to look over his shoulder day in day out. This quisling will get his come-uppance one day. Najib will now have look over his shoulder as well.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

I felt the same way on reading about Najib's walk-about but what went thru my mind was Pak Lah's visit to the Immigration Dept. I was 15 when Tun Razak died so do tell us about his walk-about.


mekyam said...

“I’m never not okay.”

the double negative forces in the listener an extra nano-second of reflection... ah the subtlety! ;D

saya tabik spring, tok scribe.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what make UMNO leader so difficult to curb money politic. The very first step is to allow thier 3 millions member to choose all the important position in the party instead of by few hundreds delegates.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


While it's a good thing to walk the talk
Pray let both talk and walk be without fault
Otherwise they will end up as empty thoughts
Without any solid back up to what had already been taught

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050409
Sun. 5th Apr. 2009.

Apanama said...

Classic piece, Sir! Thank you.

usabukata said...

dato kj,

pm yang baru lepas pun buat yang sama turun pekan turun kampong turun padang lepas tu hangathangat aje. cakap jangan buat sambutan kalu dia turun tapi lagi banyak belanja untuk pelancaran itu dan ini. cakap tak serupa bikin.
saya harap pm baru dan tpm baru serta barisan kabinetnya nanti bikin serupa cakap. bagi tahu kat pegawai-pegawai dari pegawai khas, pegawai am atau pegawai-pegawai lain jangan tunggu menteri turun baru sibuk nak turun.


Donplaypuks® said...

“Ada sesetengah mereka kalau mandi limau, mandi bunga dan mandi sintuk sekalipun masih tidak layak dilantik menganggotai Kabinet.”

I think this translates as "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ears!"

And is it no eerie that the 1st thing Dr.M did when he became PM was to release ISA detainees! Hope this sense of deja vu will not come to haunt us!!

TuCO said...

YBhg Dato Kadir

Jika kita tidak mahu dibayangi oleh seseorang, kita perlu buat kelainanan Dan antara kelainan yang mudah dilakukan ialah dengan menyongsang jangkaan orang lain.

Sewaktu Najib diambang kuasa, ramai yang jangka bahawa lebih ramai akan menjadi tahanan ISA. Najib dikatakan akan menjadi lebih tertutup dengan mengawal blog-blog dan akhbar pembangkang. Tetapi apa yang berlaku adalah keterbalikan. Pemimpin HINDRAF dibebaskan. Kaedah menyongsang jangkaan diguna oleh Najib.

Tindakannya ini tidak mendapat sebarang pujian terbuka dari mana-mana pihak. Para penyokong menganggap Najib terlalu memberi muka kepada HINDRAF, manakala pembangkang melihat tindakan ini sebagai satu kepura-puraan.

Saya sangat mengharapkan seorang yang tegas, berwawasan. Pemimpin yang tahu akan terminal akhir perjuangan.

Memang seronok kena puji, memang seronok jadi popular.
Bukan kita tidak tahu bahawa memang mustahil untuk memberi kepuasan kepada semua orang.

Jangan pula yang dikejar tidak dapat yang dikendong berciciran.


Anonymous said...


"Months earlier, in the aftermath of the general election, his son, Mukhriz wrote an equally stinging letter to Abdullah blaming him for the Barisan Nasional’s disappointing performance."

I beg to differ.
It's again Mahathir who coordinated the so-called rebellion, in my humble opinion.
Can Mukhriz do something original for a change?
Perhaps Mukhriz is not getting enough media space, but even when he does, like in Hujah, he sounds like his dad.
How is he adding value?

K Das said...

Back stabbing is a common denominator amongst the high octane power obsessed politicians like Mahathir, Tun Razak (a wolf in sheep's clothing), Najib (carries the traits of his father) and Muhideen (a sheep in sheep's clothing). You mention that Mahathir did not benefit from his revolt against the Tengku. No, you are wrong. He knew he will and he did benefit the most by becoming the PM albeit with paucity of time. Compared to these people, Tengku, Badawi and Razaleigh are gentlemen angels.

zaidonn said...

Evening Datuk,

At least good thing has happened to Malaysia and the peoples. No matter who is the dalang or who get all the kebaikan. The most important is good thing happened and all malaysian are look forward for more other good things perhap may come to our doorstep.

I am very agree with you jika yang berlaku sekarang ini akan membawa rahmat kepada Malaysia dan penghuninya, Malaysia owe honor and thank you to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for his brave move by asking Tun Abdullah to expedite the process of peralihan kuasa.

If you ask me wheather I'm ok or not I dare to say I naver not ok because I love this country and will always pour my support no matter what ever end it will bring me.

pakbelalang said...

Melayu dah setengah semput dah nak hampir malap dah nak hampir di pinggirkan masih lagi tak nak bersepakat dan bersatu. Masih lagi bertelagah satu sama lain. Syabas! Syabas!

Itulah bangsa yang bernama MELAYU !!

Melayu takkan hilang didunia ! kah, kah, kah

sf said...

this is karma....

good or bad... its another karma...

lets hope the New PM....walks the street n listen n take actions... not just walk the streets

Dr Nik-On X-Ray said...

Dato' AKJ,
your story shows how good is your memory. History may not repeat with the same cycle. In the past the people depended solely on the news aired by RTM, or published by NST or Utusan.
Current situation is totally different, when most of the news are accessible via virtual space, to the extent every single event is reported on the internet portals. The people are more open, thanks to open-policy during Pak Lah's era. People tend to compare whatever appears in BN-controlled media with the alternative channels.
This is the beauty that should be maintained. We are happier to express our views eventhough it might be against the BN government, but this may serve as mirror to the BN government to evaluate their performances.
I hope Dato can always and still continue to express without fear or favour of any parties. May AlLah Bless you

Chairman Kaga said...

Dear Dato'
As of today which major foreign power has given the customary congratulations to this new Prime Minister. Don't let your fondness for the father cloud what the rest of the world sees cleary, the apple has fallen far far away from the tree, in fact its somewhere near Ulan Bator.

Malaysia is soon well on its way to be an international pariah, by 2020 of course, for electing a leader with so much baggage

UMNO Forever said...

Sebab tu laa Datuk kita nampak orang yang macam ada karisma tu kadang-kadang bukan boleh percaya. Ada antara yang menang Majlis Tertinggi tu yang dulu mati-matian sokong Pak Lah, sekarang dah declare sebagai saf Najib, termasuklah salah seorang ahli wanita di dalam Majlis Tertinggi tu.

Sebab tu saya rasa jijik bukan kerana calon-calon sokongan tak menang, tapi kerana wang-ringgit masih menjadi agenda di dalam pemikiran perwakilan. Saya setuju YAB Presiden nak ubah perlembagaan, biar sekurang-kurangnya pemilihan jawatan tertinggi dilakukan oleh perwakilan di peringkat bahagian. Mungkin boleh kurangkan gejala rasuah ini.

Ahli UMNO ataupun pemegang-pemegang jawatan MT ni tak boleh demand nak jawatan kabinet pada YAB Presiden, kerana yang penting adalah survival parti seiring dengan survival bangsa. Masalahnya semua nak reward. Banyak beza betul zaman dulu dengan sekarang.


Sdr K Das,

Either you did not read my comment in entirety or you missed my point. I did not say Dr M did not benefit from his rebellion. Did I not mention that Tun Razak brought him back and rewarded him?

Sdr Pakbelalang, adakah sdr ada membuat komen yang disudahi kah kah kah?

Atau ada otang lain curi nama samaran sdr>

Terima kasih.

Tinta Hitam said...


UMNO is getting worse day by day..Now we havde the worst PM Malaysia ever had.His image tainted inside as well outside of the country..Malaysia image was never any badder before..

I shouls say "Cry for our beloved country Malaysia"

pakbelalang said...

Yes, ada Dato'.kadang,kadang. It depends on what message I want to convey. Mungkin secara berseluruh!

pakbelalang said...

Elderly Chinese Convert Treated With Cruelty By Cabbie

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 (Bernama) -- A kindly old gentleman lost his wallet, pouch and important identification documents when the taxi he had hired sped off before he could retrieve his belongings as he was getting out.

Omar Yong Teong Loo, 80, a Chinese Muslim convert from Lumut, Perak, told Bernama that the unknown taxi driver also did not turn on his meter and when he pointed it out received a scolding instead.


If the story told by Omar is the whole truth then it reflects how bad our taxi system is.It is very cruel indeed.

I had commented on this issue earlier. Indeed, it is very disgusting and sickening to hear this thing happening practically everyday.

Bila lagilah nak diperbetulkan keadaan ini. Takkanlah tak ada cara yang terbaik untuk menangani masaalah ini.

Sdra Noh, apa yang sdra nak buat untuk mengatasi situasi pemandu taxi yang berperangai seperti perompak besar ni.

Yang menghairankan macam mana boleh diberikan lesen taxi kepada orang begini rupa.

How the screening exercise is done for a persan to be eligible to get a taxi licence? Something is really not right in the system.

Anonymous said...

Kalau Tun Razak bayangannya Najib. Mukhriz pula melakukan tindakan serupa bapanya, Tun Mahathir.

Siapa pula Tun Hussein? adakah antara orang Johor juga, anaknya Hishamuddin atau Muhyiddin?

Siapa pula Tun Dr Ismail? TPM yang meninggal ketika bertugas.

Satu lagi Dato, Siapa yang pegang watak KJ ketika itu? Apa pula nasib orang itu hari ni...?

Misteri sungguh suratan Ilahi..


pakbelalang said...

Ministry Offers 128,295 Places For IPT Students

JOHOR BAHARU, April 5 (Bernama) -- This year 128,295 places would be offered to students for pursuing their higher education at public institutions, polytechnic and community colleges starting July, said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

He said his ministry had received 400,996 applications for degree, diploma, polytechnic and community college certificates from students throughout the country.

"From the 128,295 places offered, 40,559 are for those with Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) and matriculation while 28,000 are for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia holders.


So Khaled, what is your alternative plan for those applicants who miss the boat to further their studies? Almost 70% will be "mengangur". It is mind boggling indeed. Kemana nak di "campakkan" muda mudi ini? Ini bermakna 272,701 keluarga "pening kepala" bagaimana nak uruskan perjalanan hidup anak mereka yang tentunya akan melepak di rumah tanpa buat apa-apa pun. Dah lah keadaan ekonomi merudum dan hasil pendapatan tidak menentu, macam manalah keluarga ini akan menghadapinya.

Apa yang dapat kerajaan tolong? Mungkin ada yang dapat berkerja dengan kerajaan tapi berapa ramai yang boleh ditampong?

Ini adalah satu masaalah besar kepada kerajaan dan jika tidak dapat ditangani dengan berkesan maka akan timbullah masaalah sosial yang buruk akan menimpa.

pakbelalang said...

Rais Expects Clean Cabinet Lineup

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 (Bernama) -- Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim today said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is free to determine his Cabinet lineup and will surely choose those with clean records.


Of course, that goes without saying. We expect the best candidates to be in the Cabinet line-up nothing less. Candidates with wisdom and integrity of the first order.

We want polished technocrats to run the government, not the haprak, HP6and dah bodoh stupid type of candidates who talk "cock".

zainal abidin awang kechik said...


inzin kan saya guna perkataan...


saya rasa ramai yang terbang ..kali tok..

salam perjuangan..

Sejahtera Abadi said...

My prediction is Najib will not last as PM for more than 5 years. He may be able to stay more than 5 years (i.e. longer than Pak Lah) only if he can bring change in the govt and UMNO. However, I don't think with his capability and dirt in UMNO he can do what he is expected to do. His excess baggage are also too heavy to bear morally and politically. No need for further comments on this.

The new breed of rakyat are educated and able to think. They cannot be deceived by mere gimmicks i.e. walking in the streets to see rakyat for few minutes or releasing 13 ISA detainees (who expected to be released anyway). These gimmicks were working 20 or 30 years ago. Sorry, now not anymore. People want to see substance. Let us see what can he do for the coming months...1. Economy 2. UMNO 3. Corruption....endless...

Sani said...

Datuk KJ,

It baffles me why Mahathir is revered so highly by many people today. For those who do not have any living memory of Malaysia pre-Mahathir, I understand where this come from. But for someone like you Dato'... surely you are capable of being more objective.

Mahathir was good and effective no doubt but he had absolutely no inkling for sportmanship and fairness. In his own words, he said "he had bludgeoned people to submission", and one of his heroes in history was Peter The Great who build St Petersburg with the bloods of Russians.

Mahathir was a stauch backbencher of Tunku's govt in the 60's, even crossed swords a few times with Harry Lee in parliament to defend Tunku's policies. But when he lost his seat in 69, he blasted the Tunku accusing the old man senile and mad in many public speeches. While I don't believe in the theory that Mahathir was one of the instigators of May 13, he was certainly one of those opportunists who used the tragedy to condemn the Tunku to a most dishonourable political exit. I believe Tunku is the only former prime minister who do not have a Tun-ship. Talk about respect...!!

Though I may not be around long enough to see it, I firmly believe if there ever will be a truly objective analysis of Malaysia's political history, Mahathir will be judged accordingly as the person who was responsible for rupturing the democratic system of this country.

Badawi said many unwise things as PM but his parting words as UMNO President wasn't one. If Najib believes the way 'forward' is to revert to the ironfist methods of Mahathirism, go ahead and he may just permanently make his mark in history as the last UMNO prime minister.

Maybe that's what UMNO needs...... lose power and clean itself thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

saya sokong sepenuhnya apa yang disarankan oleh pakbelalng. kalau di uk, tiap-tiap county ada council yang mengambil berat hal-ehwal penduduk di daerah-daerah county tersebut. harapan saya semoga majlis-majlis daerah di malaysia mengambil berat aktiviti-aktiviti penduduk setempat. jangan nanti balai raya atau dewan kosong tiada aktiviti. semoga ada budget untuk membina kelab-kelab renang di setiap daerah supaya renang dapat digalakkan di malaysia dan menjadi salah satu ko-kurikulum di sekolah-sekolah bermula dari sekolah rendah.
yang menghairankan saya kebanyakan menteri di malaysia berpendidikan oversea tapi bila balik malaysia semua memetingkan duit masuk kocek sendiri. cubala implement benda-benda yang membawa kemajuan di negeri kita berpandukan negara-negara maju semasa mereka melanjutkan pelajaran dulu. harap najib dapat membawa kemajuan, beliau sendiri mempunyai pengalaman bertahun-tahun di england.
arkitek, surveyor pun banyak yang lulusan luar negeri tapi kalau buat jalan di kampung-kampung maupun di bandar, cubala buat jalan untuk laluan basikal dan pejalan kaki. kalau di uk, pasti ada laluan utk pejalan kaki dan basikal. ini secara tak langsung menggalakkan masyarakat melakukan riadah dengan berjalan kaki, berjogging dan berbasikal. sebaliknya di malaysia, kampung-kampung telah maju dengan jalan berturap tapi laluan berbasikal dan berjalan kaki takada. kesudahannya, anak-anak kita tidak dapat berbasikal enjoy macam kita dulu sebab jalan dah jadi merbahaya untuk mereka berbasikal.
haih, kalau nak tulis, nak tertulis, banyak sangat benda nak tulis, ini saja yang mampu ditulis setakat ini. semoga ke depan, kalau pejabat daerah nak majukan kampung-kampung, harap dibina jalan-jalan untuk laluan basikal dan jalan pintas untuk pejalan kaki yang mana dapat mengelakkan kemalangan.
kali terakkhir saya balik kampung di kulim, kedah, banyak kemalangan budak-budak berbasikal dilanggar kereta. sudah tak selamat untuk berbasikal di kulim, jalan dah jadi sibuk dan tak sesuai lagi untuk berbasikal ke pekan kulim.

rindukan suasana kampung yang damai,
anggerik desa

numero_uno said...

salam dato'

tolong komen pasal gambar id baru saya ni boleh tak datuk..

gambar lama ni..bukan daulat tuanku tapi daulat TUN chedet....hebat orang tua ni dulu2 no, tu saya ambik jadi pic id saya ni datuk..salute

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

TIGA dekad menyusun langkah, pendakian Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dalam dunia politik akhirnya membawa beliau ke kemuncak.

Pelantikan beliau sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia keenam tanggal 3 April lalu meneruskan legasi bapanya, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein sebagai pemimpin negara.

Pun begitu, pendakian Najib tidak bermula di atas dulang emas. Benar pada awal kemunculannya di pentas politik, Najib menumpang tuah nama Tun Abdul Razak.

Laluan Najib untuk bertapak dalam dunia politik terbuka setelah Tun Abdul Razak meninggal dunia pada 14 Januari 1976.

Ketika itu, Najib yang baru berusia 22 tahun tujuh bulan dipilih untuk menggantikan bapanya sebagai Ahli Parlimen Pekan.

Namun politik bukanlah sesuatu yang mahu diceburi oleh Najib, sekurang-kurangnya ketika bapanya masih lagi menjadi Perdana Menteri. Bagaimanapun, takdir menentukan segala.

Najib akur menggalas amanah yang diberikan dengan harapan untuk meneruskan apa yang telah dirintis oleh bapanya. Dengan tekad itu, Najib membuktikan kehadirannya dalam politik adalah berlandaskan kepada kesungguhan, kebijaksanaan dan kesabaran.

Kisah sempurna pendakian Najib ke mercu kuasa itu antara intipati yang melatari buku tulisan Chamil Wariya ini.

Buku setebal 268 muka surat ini juga merupakan dedikasi ketiga Chamil terhadap Najib selepas buku pertama, Najib Razak 30 Tahun Dalam Politik diterbitkan pada Februari 2006. Ia disusuli dengan edisi bahasa Inggeris berjudul In His Own Rights, Najib Razak and Malaysian Politics.

Sebagai bekas wartawan yang pernah bertugas dengan pelbagai organisasi media, Chamil berada dalam dimensi masa dan ruang yang sangat dekat untuk mengikuti perkembangan politik Najib.

Bagaimanapun, permulaan awal kerjaya Najib dalam dunia politik tidak begitu diamati dengan rapi oleh Chamil.

Ini kerana sewaktu Najib dipilih sebagai ahli Parlimen Pekan pada 1976, Chamil berada di London kerana bertugas dengan British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) di London.

Sehinggalah pada 1986 iaitu ketika Najib merupakan Menteri Kebudayaan, Belia dan Sukan, sementara Chamil bertugas sebagai wartawan rencana di Utusan Malaysia selepas pulang dari London dua tahun sebelumnya, hubungan Najib dan Chamil mula terbina.

Chamil juga beberapa kali berpeluang membuat liputan mengikuti rombongan rasmi Najib ke luar negara.

Kesempatan itu menukar hubungan yang pada mulanya terbina atas tuntutan kerjaya, kepada sebuah jalinan yang lebih mesra, meskipun masih dalam konteks berkerja.

Keakraban itu juga menjadikan buku Najib Razak, Pendakian Ke Puncak Kuasa ini berbeza daripada kebanyakan buku biografi lain.

Chamil tidak hanya menghidangkan fakta sejarah, latar belakang atau pencapaian serta kejayaan Najib semata-mata.

Sebaliknya membawa pembaca mengimbau dan berkongsi pengalamannya mengenali Najib dari kaca mata seorang wartawan.

Pastinya dengan kelebihan itu, Chamil mempunyai banyak catatan mengenai Najib yang mungkin tidak begitu diketahui oleh umum sebelum ini. Antaranya, Chamil menyentuh mengenai Najib yang pernah hampir-hampir ditahan di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) pada 1987.

Semuanya kerana kelantangan beliau mempertahankan ketuanan Melayu. Ketika itu, dalam semangat yang berkobar-kobar selepas mengambil alih kepimpinan Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO, Najib dan beberapa pemimpin Pemuda lain menggerakkan satu perhimpunan raksasa.

Tujuannya untuk menzahirkan penentangan kepada pihak yang mencabar hak dan keistimewaan kaum bumiputera.

Meskipun dalam hujan lebat, perhimpunan itu berjaya menarik kira-kira 20,000 anggota Pemuda yang berhimpun menyuarakan bantahan di Padang TPCA, berdekatan Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Pada tahun sama, Najib turut tersepit antara menyatakan sokongan kepada Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dalam perebutan kuasa yang sangat getir dan sengit dalam sejarah UMNO.

Pendirian tidak memihak kepada sesiapa kerana menganggap kedua-dua tokoh itu sebagai mentor, menyelamatkan Najib daripada perebutan antara Team A (Tun Dr. Mahathir) dan Team B (Tengku Razaleigh).

Ia juga merupakan satu titik perubahan yang sangat besar dalam kerjaya politik yang semakin menyinar apabila dilantik mengetuai Kementerian Belia dan Sukan.

Sejak itu, pendakian Najib menuju ke puncak kuasa berlangsung sangat mudah. Najib bersilih ganti mengetuai kementerian utama iaitu Pertahanan, Pendidikan dan Kewangan.

Kesemua portfolio dalam kerajaan itu memberi petunjuk jelas bahawa beliau sememangnya sedang dibentuk untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri. Bayangan itu semakin jelas saat Najib dilantik sebagai orang nombor dua di bawah kepimpinan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Walaupun baru berusia 50 tahun sewaktu dilantik sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri kesembilan, namun Najib melangkah sebagai ahli politik dengan pengalaman dan ilmu yang penuh di dada.

Tempoh 28 tahun terbabit dalam dunia politik tidak mengalpakan Najib yang sentiasa menginsafi bahawa bukan sesuatu yang mudah untuk bergelar pemimpin kanan negara.

Malah, ia turut membentuk kematangan politik Najib sebagai seorang pembantu yang setia kepada ketuanya, Abdullah.

Kerana itu juga, Najib tidak terikut-ikut dengan rentak segelintir pihak di dalam UMNO yang mengkritik pentadbiran Abdullah selepas kekalahan teruk BN dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12.

pakbelalang said...

Kengadharan Will Start Work As A Lawyer Tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 (Bernama) -- The lawyer of the illegal organisation, Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), R. Kengadharan, who was released from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) will resume his legal work tomorrow.


It is best for him to focus on his legal firm and make a decent living rather than getting involved in illegal organization.

Why make life miserable.

Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Dato' AKJ,
Satu pengamatan yang bernas sekali tentang TDM, MM, Tun Razak, Njib, pak lah & Tunku... not many of us can do that! I hope Muhyiddin will spearhead the drive to clear the "najis" and "darah" dalam UMNO semoga "susu" akan menerajui parti yang telah banyak berjasa pada bangsa Melayu ini!


Sdr Zuruch Al Qaf,

Mohon maaf hendak sahkan.

Adakah Sdr menghantar review buku mengenai PM kita yang baru oleh Sdr Chamil?

Sila sahkan.

Terima kasih.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Dato’. You have to be specific. You have to express your feeling. If you feel angry, you have to act specifically and also in your writing.

For your information, there are 12 cranial nerves arise from our brainstem. AND the cranial nerve number 7 which is called facial nerve is important in our facial expression. It innervates our facial muscle including orbicularis oculi and orbicularis oris. If you have facial nerve palsy, you are unable to express your feeling and your face will looks asymmetry. SO please use all the god creation while we can.

There is another disease which is called poker face. Have you heard of it? Poker face basically means no facial expression at all. It is very important and compulsory to all professional gamblers to mask their feeling. Poker face can also occur in a disease such as Parkinsonism. Parkinson disease is a neurodegenerative disorder where there is dopamine depletion in the basal ganglia which result in major destruction to the thalamus and motor cortex. It will leads to a cardinal symptoms or manifestations including resting tremor, bradykinesia (slow movement), rigidity and instability.

There is another condition where the facial expression is faded. It is called lion face. It occurs in lepromatous leprosy where the ‘mycobacterium leprae’ pathogen destroyed multiple peripheral nerves including the facial nerve. As a result the patient’s face will looks like a lion.

Maaf Dato’, bergurau je. Boleh ke saya berkempen sedikit lagi sebelum pukul 12.00 tengah malam. Semalam ada dua perkara yang mengejutkan saya. Pertama selepas berkawan dengan ustaz PAS, orang kafir dah boleh membaca Quran dan boleh membuat terjemahan sendiri. Terjemahan Ayat Quran pun boleh dibuat mainan oleh orang kafir. Mufti Perak pun terkejut dan menggelengkan kepala. Harap-harap tiada fatwa dari pemimpin PAS yang membolehkannya. Kedua, si petualang macam biasa memberitahu satu Malaysia ada berita terkejut.Tunggu punya tunggu rupanya kelentong je.Macam biasa beliau akan memberi alasan dan alasan kali ni berita terkejut itu akan disebarkan selepas pilihanraya.Sebenarnya saya tak terkejut langsung tapi saja buat buat terkejut.

Bak kata ASTRO; macam macam ada.Sekian TQ

Unknown said...


I am not sure that Mahathir coming strongly into UMNO is a good thing for Najib...
Mahathir says "Najib did the right thing by releasing the ISA detainees as in the past, I have done so myself".

From now on everytime Mahathir says."Najib did the right I have done so in the past....."
will be construed as...
"I told him to do that..."

I wonder what Rosmah is thinking...Competition?

The only thing good about this whole affair is that Mahathir will be keeping an eye on the happy couple.

Who's then is keeping an eye on the Country!!?

Mustapha Ong said...

Dear Datuk KJ,

"I am ok and you are ok" sounds so familiar to me as I have read the book some time ago.To me I am ok when my children and grandchildren are ok because they are the ones who will make me ok everyday of my life.

On a serious note, the recently elected supreme council members as mentioned by you did not meet up to our expections.I think the line up of most of the candidates nominated by the respective states did not reflect the wishes of the majority grass root supporters and members of the public.

The delegates had a poor choice at their disposal and thus came out with half baked council members for the next three years. Some of them were recyclced faces who were tainted with coruptions and other scandals in their previous terms, while some should not have been nominated due to age factor and under performance.

UMNO president and prime minister Najib Tun Razak will have a hard time to decide on the selection of additional 10 members to be apppointed to the supreme council.

I honestly feel that those who had lost in the election should not be appointed, with the only exception of Rais Yatim whose exemplary services as our Foreign Minister overides other consideration.

The president should exercise his power to appoint more capable members with full integrity form the the pool of UMNO MPs,Senators as well as from the private sectors.UMNO Menteri Besar should be co-opted as council members only.

Prime minister Najib's new cabinet should reflect the essence of his One Malaysia agenda to serve the people more effectively in order to redeem national confidence for the BN government under Najib's administration.

The composition of the preferred cabinet should be smaller, as some of the functions and objectives of certain Ministries should be merged due to overlapping in their responsibility and delivery systems.Both Ministers and Deputy Ministers should be delegated with separate authority and accountability,in overseeing the various functions of their ministries.

Prime minister Najib should not only be responsible to appoint the best men from UMNO as Ministers, but should also be given the prerogative to reject nominees for Ministerial positions submitted by heads of the BN component parties, if they are found to be incapable, tainted and lacking in integrity.

It is hope that the Heads of the BN component parties will not nominate their choice of ministerial candidates based on loyalty and support to them as leaders of their respective party.They should think outside the box and nominate their best candidates for Najib's administration based on the prime minister's criteria for the job.

It is counter productive if only the best men from UMNO are appointed as ministers and deputy ministers, if those from the other component BN parties are considered as below par and questionable based on their suitability.

Let us wait for the cabinet line up that will live up to the expectations of prime minister Najib as well as the aspirations and hope of the people who had elected them to office.

Congratulations to Dato' Sri Najib as we move this nation to the next level of dvelopment and success, based on the foundations and legacies left behind by our former leaders, especially Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Anonymous said...

of course you are ok physically but not your feeling.are you doubtful of line-up of new cabinet or mr prime minister himself or both?.why so sceptical.tome me Najib would be ok provided that he is not influenced by Mahathir.this time ,Najib has to prove he is totally 'anak jantan',having ideas,leadership,brave heart,etc.people is looking for his own creativity,style and approach.Najib is seen weak when he continously depends on Bkt Selambau he seeks 'mohon restu rakyat' not restu Mahathir.Najib also has to observe people around him ,avoiding those in "banyak sudu dari kuah"

Dari Borneo ke Minang said...

Sdr. A Kadir Jasin,

My minang-half commented "Is Najib for real? Or doing another Pak Lah... surprise visit satu duo je lopes tu sonyap..."

I am willing to give Najib 6 months to prove his worth, starting from his new Cabinet lineup. Hopefully it would not be another kitchen cabinet. After 6 months, if he and his cabinet are doing reasonable job, then they may get my ONE VOTE...

Otherwise, he'll lose my ONE VOTE and they'll never regain my friends' votes...

As of now, he's got a vertical cliff to climb. One misstep and we will change his seat to the opposite side of Dewan Rakyat!

The same applies to all the MPs. Government or opposition...

Dari Borneo ke Minang

Raison D'etre said...

“Ada sesetengah mereka kalau mandi limau, mandi bunga dan mandi sintuk sekalipun masih tidak layak dilantik menganggotai Kabinet.”

Memang betul kata DZulman Shah Alam: Forget all the walkabout, the speeches, the release but gag of ISA detainees (why not all of them, PM?)

(A comment: Why is it that new PM has to come in with a BANG? Macam scripted pulak and in most cases the over the top salutations from the MSM is cringeworthy. Tak bopleh ke dibuat dengan tanpa penuh fanfare benda2 ni, ye tak?)

The curx of our new PM's direction vis a vis the nation would be in his Cabinet.

This would show his mettle. All Malaysians are - I think - waiting for this one.

Your mandi limau comment was very nice, btw.

I hope (nay, pray) that those you say are in need of even more than mandi limau will not be included.

Cuma takut PM baru kita tak cukup orang je nanti.. :)

Anonymous said...

Adohai Datuk Kawan dan taulan
Mohon maaf Mat Tunjang harapkan
Lamalah sudah tidak bercakap-cakapan
Pasai Mat sebok kerja cari makan.

Mat pun dok tunggu Datuk Najib naik
Dengan niat hati yang baik
Kepada dia Mat pasang tabik
Hati rakyat janganlah diusik.

Buatlah kerja sungguh-sungguh
Jangan suka bertangguh-tangguh
Temujanji kenalah dipatuh
Barulah integriti jadi teguh.

Jangan buat orang tunggu
Masa habis kerja tertanggu
Janji nak mai pukui satu
Pukui empat belumlah tentu.

Jangan dok janji bukan-bukan
Buat lawatan kejut-kejutan
Lepas itu apa pun tak jalan
Pasai lepas batuk di tepi jalan.

Kalau nak buat biarlah tegas
Lawat mengejut bawah dan atas
Jangan bagi tau kepada petugas
Biar mereka lari bergegas.

Mai juga lawat kampung
Tapi jangan pula dikepung
Oleh pegawai dan kaki usong
Dengan kami tak bercakap langsong.

Pegawai kerajaan ni kaki ampu
Menteri mai mereka pun berpusu
Menteri balik mereka pun berlalu
Nasib kami depa tak ambil tahu.

Jangan dengar sangat cakap pegawai
Pasai putar belit depa cukuplah pandai
Nasib kami mereka tak ambil pasai
Bila Menteri mai baru nak memandai.

Dengarlah kepada iman dan penghulu
Tentang hal kami mereka tahu
Sakit demam mereka bantu
Nasihat mereka sangatlah bermutu.

Jagalah kami rakyat jelata
Undi kami sangatlah berharga
Jangan asyik perkaya keluarga
Rakyat benci hilang semua.

Sekian dulu dari Mat Tunjang
Nak pi tempat Datuk Pekan Pendang
Nak cari kontrak buat bendang
Bekai buruh yang pandai berladang.

Mat Tunjang Enterprise

pakbelalang said...

'Give Me A Chance And Evaluate My Leadership Positively,' Says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants Malaysians to be positive and have an open mind in evaluating him and to give him a chance in demonstrating his leadership.


Najib's first test of his leadership quality is how he selects his Cabinet line-up.

From his selection we could easily analyse his wisdom and which direction he wants to move the country forward. We could assess his inclination towards which sector he is going to focus most.

pakbelalang said...

Freed ISA 13 leave Kamunting

13 ISA detainees released

KAMUNTING: The 13 Internal Security Act detainees finally set out from the detention facility yesterday after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had ordered their release on Friday.


Just a word of caution to the govt. Watch out HINDRAF illegal activity. It is still having strong followers.If the the leaders continue to cause a threat to the country's security don't hesitate to reprimand them without fear or favour.

The govt. must focus on economic issues and any distraction to derail our economic recovery cannot be tolerated. Demonstrasi jalan has to stopped immediately. We cannot afford to waste our time to tackle this unproductive activity.

pakbelalang said...

Ordinary Lives For Riza, Gina & Ashman Despite Having PM As Father

By Sh.Nur Shahrizad Syed Mohd Shahrer

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 (Bernama) -- Their father may be the country's prime minister but for Riza Shahriz, Nooriyana Najwa and Norashman Razak, they say that their lives are just like any other ordinary citizen.


Just curious Dato'. Najib ada berapa anaknya?

pakbelalang said...

Datuk K Denies He And Wife Have Joined Pas

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Khalid Mohd Jiwa has denied rumours that he and his wife, popular singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, had joined PAS.


I think Siti could fit well if she could be appointed as Ambassador for Ministry of Tourism. She has the beauty and charisma to project herself as "WANITA MELAYU TERAKHIR" to replace Normala Shamsuddin.

pakbelalang said...

Joget" Number Wows The Crowd At Dubai School

By Muin Abdul Majid

DUBAI, April 5 (Bernama) -- The job of promoting Malaysia abroad seems not to be the sole responsibility of Tourism Malaysia when three Malaysian girls enthralled the crowd with a well-executed "joget" performance here recently.

Accompanied by the Malay ethnic song "Ya Maulai" by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, they performed the dance in front of the mostly expatriate audience in conjunction with the Emirates International School's "International Day".


This kind of activity would surely give a booth to our tourism industry. Our overseas students all over the world should make an effort to organise cultural shows during their semester break and Ministry of Tourism should be the coordinator. Rather than having spending a lot of money to send cultural group from here it would be more cost saving if the Ministry could utilise these students to promote its activities overseas.

Ibrahim bin Said said...

Salam Dato' AKJasin
Dalam pusingan giliran menjadi YDPA terdapat peluang menduduki takhta untuk kali kedua/ketiga(?). Saya tak faham satu hal Dato; adakah peraturan yang membolehkan rakyat Malaysia menjadi PM untuk kali ke2?

pakbelalang said...

High Achiever Undecided On University To Pursue Studies

KOTA BAHARU, 5 April (Bernama) -- With too many offers to study abroad, Nik Nurmadihah Nik Kamal, who obtained 20A in the 2008 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination, is undecided where to go to pursue her studies.

The 20-year-old former student of Sekolah Menengah Agama Maahad Muhammadi Kota Baharu, who has been offered to pursue studies in the Middle East or Europe, said the offers she received were from renowned universities.


Looking at her background I would counsel her to opt for an American renowned university like Harvard or MIT.

I have a family friend whose daughter was a Perdana scholar graduated from MIT in electronic engineering and took her masters at Cambridge University. Now she is married and working in Yamen.She was a former MRSM student.

The reason for me to suggest going to US is that I think studying in US would make her more "aggressive" in her outlook rather than going to UK. I don't know whether she is a good orator or a timid type of person. If she is a good orator then it is an added advantage for her.

pakbelalang said...

Khir Toyo denies wrongdoing in going for Disneyland tour
By : V. Shankar Ganesh

KLANG, Thurs:

Former Selangor menteri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, alleged to have spent millions belonging to state subsidiaries on holidays for his family, has denied any wrongdoing. He accused the committee set up by the state assembly to probe the financial dealings of the former Selangor Elected Representatives Wives Welfare Association (Balkis) of revealing “half truths” and trying to cover up for his successor’s problems.

“The technical visits cost is much larger than the cows and car issue but I followed the rules while he (Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim) did not.”

Dr Khir was referring to “technical visits” to Disneyland Paris and Disneyworld Florida, which cost state subsidiary Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd (PNSB) RM1.7 million. The Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) hearing heard that Dr Khir was accompanied by his wife, three children and officials.


Without the slightest shadow of doubt, I think practically all those previous Menteri Besars of Selangor were "jinx". Make no mistake about it.

This "technical visits" were just an excuse. It doesn't make sense.

I think Khir Toyo must be the second person whom Tun M regretted appointing him as Mentri Besar of Selangor.

antzz said...


setiap catatan yang telah saya baca kini dan yang terdahulu sememangya mempunyai ciri 'rasional'.

saya yang sememangya dari kecil sudah beraustatinn dibesarkan dengan suasana di mana bapa saya tidak menyukai UMNO dari dahulu sehingga sekarang..
dari catatan2 dan juga cerita2 dari kenalan dan juga bapa..saya telah membua rumusan.

bahawa perubahan 'radikal' sukar dilaksanakan apatah lagi kalau berlakunya permainan 'cucuk mencucuk'.

Jikalau pembaharuan drastik dilaksanakan,maka pasti berlakunya scenario 'lontar batu,tangan disembunyikan' di kalangan ahli-ahlinya..

dan selepas itu maka akan berlakunya pertikaman di belakang dan saling bertikam lidah.

perjalanan PM najib seperti melalui liku-liku yang tajam,kalau 'sengaja' dipijak atau terpijak nyaris membawa padah
begitulah gambarannya sekarang..

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Datuk AKJ,

Speech is silver, silence is golden. Sometimes silence speaks loudest.
Glad that TDM has joined UMNO again.
Looking forward to your postings always.

pakbelalang said...

Hospital sees more cases of jobless with mental stress

PETALING JAYA: The number of patients with mental stress due to unemployment is beginning to show an increase.

University of Malaya Medical Centre's Psychiatry Department head Prof Dr Mohd Hussain Habil said in the last two months, his department had recorded a 20 per cent increase in such patients.

He expected this to increase further in the months ahead as the economic situation is not expected to improve any time soon.

Hussain said this should be a wake-up call to the government on the need to address the mental health issue urgently.

He said it was not enough to just provide alternative jobs for the retrenched as equally important was giving due cognisance to their social and emotional needs.

One way to tackle this issue was through the formation of support groups where such workers could seek professional help, he said.


Not only the retrenched workers are having mental stress but the whole of their families are affected especially their growing up school going children.

Kesian anak-anak mereka. Mungkin akan tergangu pelajaran mereka.

The govt. must monitor the situation seriously to ensure that the children still go to school.

Secondly, I believe divorce cases must have also risen especially among the Malay community. What are we going to do with these "jandas". Hopefully, they don't end up doing immoral activities to sustain their basic personal needs like food and shelter.

Inilah masanya masyarakat Islam Melayu mencari jalan untuk menolong mereka yang tersepit kehidupan mereka.

Saya ingin cadangkan tiap-tiap hari Jumaat diadakan tabong khas di masjid dan surau untuk orang ramai memberi sumbangan ikhlas untuk membantu anak-anak dan janda-janda yang mengalami keadaan hidup yang sempit dan terdesak akibat dari hilangnya perkerjaan kepala keluarga mereka. Inilah masanya jawatan kuasa mesjid mesti memainkan peranan mengenal pasti siapa yang berhak untuk mendapat pertolongan diantara kariah mereka.


Sdr Pakbelalang, among other things, said:

"Without the slightest shadow of doubt, I think practically all those previous Menteri Besars of Selangor were "jinx". Make no mistake about it."

I had said almost the same thing in my columns and not the least to Dr Khir himself early in his tenure.

I warned him of the fact the post of Selangor MB is "berhantu."

In fact, the whole of Selangor politics whether under Perikatan, the BN and now the unofficial Pakatan Rakyat, is jinx.

Despite its material progress, Selangor has yet to produce a national leader. The best it had was the late Datuk Harun Idris.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

I have posted this question to Rocky earlier and have not got any reply yet. Perhaps Dato' care to give your two cents worth.

When will the bosses at NSTP and STAR be replaced as we all aware that they were appointed by the old regime? The sooner the better so that DSN will be able to use the media effectively to his advantage and not let the previous goons run around at their whim and fancy. Come to think of it, they should be put to pasture for hounding TDM. The same can be said with regards to Malaysian Insider but that is not possible since it is the internet media.

Appreciate your thoughts.


Pak Nujum

alrawa said...

The 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia is Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

Datuk dan para pembahas,assalamualaikum,

Saya setuju Perdana Menteri baru kita wajib berhati-hati memilih watak untuk Kabinetnya kerana Kabinet itulah yang akan memacu negara dari segala aspek. Kalau Kabinet itu terdiri dari watak-watak yang berintegriti maka wibawa dan keberkesanannya akan terjamin dan mudahlah Dato’ seri Najib menjalankan tugas.

Saya setuju dengan ramai pembahas yang rakyat jelata bukan jahil lagi. Mereka sudah celik dan media massa arus perdana serta alternatif semakin berani melaporkan yang benar.

Yang terbaru adalah laporan yang diterima oleh Lembaga Disiplin Umno yang mendakwa Ketua Pemuda YB Khairy Jamaluddin mengadakan Majlis Supper iaitu makan lewat malam beberapa malam sebelum pemilihan bertempat di Seri Perdana, kediaman rasmi Perdana Menteri di Putrajaya.

Majlis-majlis supper tersebut bermula kira-kira 11.00 malam dan berakhir sehingga 3.00 atau 4.00 pagi.

Lembaga Disiplin dimaklumkan yang para Jemputan beliau ialah Ketua-Ketua dan Naib-naib Ketua Pemuda Bahagian, serta G2. Bukan semua pemimpin Pemuda Bahagian UMNO yang dijemput, tetapi pemimpin daripada Bahagian-bahagian tertentu sahaja yang telah dijemput ke majlis-majlis supper tersebut.

Pengadu juga memberi tahu Lembaga yang kebanyakan para jemputan YB KJ tinggal di Hotel Corus, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. YB KJ melalui orang-orang tertentu, telah menempah kira-kira 150 bilik hotel tersebut menjelang pemilihan Pemuda UMNO baru-baru ini.

Kalau tidak silap saya, antara tuduhan ke atas Tan Sri Isa Samad pada pemilihan lalu sehingga pemilihannya sebagai Naib Presiden batal adalah beliau didapati menggunakan ruang pejabat DBKL untuk berjumpa dengan para penyokong beliau. Lembaga Disiplin telah menggantung keahlian UMNO beliau selama 3 tahun dan jawatan beliau sebagai Naib Presiden UMNO telah dilucutkan. Apa bezanya di antara TS Isa guna pejabat kerajaan dengan Khairy yang didakwa guna Seri Perdana yang juga harta kerajaan.

Jadi saya mohon DS Najib berhati-hatilah terhadap pemenang Majlis Tertinggi yang sedang disiasat oleh Lembaga Disiplin bukan Khairy sahaja. Saya yakin sebagai Presiden Umno DS Najib ada saloran maklumat untuk mengetahui siapa di antara ahli MT yang sedang disiasat oleh Lembaga. Setidak-tidaknya pun tunggulah sampai Lembaga selesai menyiasat mereka. Jangan tergesa-gesa sehingga membawa malu kemudian kelak.

Veteran Mubarak

UMNO Forever said...

Good to have Tun Mahathir back in UMNO.

samurai melayu said...


Sdr Pakbelalang, among other things, said:

"Without the slightest shadow of doubt, I think practically all those previous Menteri Besars of Selangor were "jinx". Make no mistake about it."


TiCO said...

YBhg Dato Kadir

Sisipan para 8 posting,

I can’t say much about the ladies because there aren’t that many of them. Despite the importance of the Wanita Wing to the party, the delegates seemed not to place too much importance to electing them to the Supreme Council.

Nampaknya seorang pun tidak berminat untuk bersembang tentang perkara ini di sini.

Ada tak kemungkinan Rafidah Aziz dilantik semula menjadi ahli dalam kabinet baru nanti?

Kalau dahulu, Shahrizat dilantik memegang jawatan bertaraf menteri walaupun bukan ketua wanita dan tidak pula memenangi pilihan raya. Nampak macam tidak logik. Tapi itulah politik.

Siapa yang akan ganti tempat Shahrir Samad. Mengukit rekod perkhidmatan, antara yang layak memegang jawatan ini ialah Rafidah.

Saya nampak satu saja kelemahan Rafidah. Rafidah tidak pandai tanam bunga di halaman. Rafidah tidak pandai sulam menyulam dan Rafidah tidak suka anggur masam. Rafidah tidak suka beli kain cara utang.

Rafidah... Rafidah..Rafidahhhhhhhhh.


pakbelalang said...

Mahathir Has No Intention To Be Govt Advisor

SUNGAI PETANI, April 6 (Bernama) -- Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Monday said he had no intention of becoming government advisor even if offered the post.

However, the former prime minister said he was willing to unofficially give advice or whenever asked by the government.

"When they ask for a little advice, I can oblige, but there's no need to make me (government) advisor," he said when speaking at the function, "An Evening with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Outstanding Statesman", here.


Yes, that's the best policy for Tun M not to become advisor to the government.

Being the most respected senior statesman his status is very special.

All we need to do is just continue listening to whatever statements he makes on any issues and for us to analyse those statements. It is for us to make our own assessment and judgment.

In this manner Tun M is not obligated to anybody. He is as free as a bird.

pakbelalang said...

Where is Tun Musa now?
I have not heard any statement made by him during and after the UMNO General Assembly. He seems to stick to his policy of being "elegant silence" or silence is golden.

I wonder what is his reaction to see his good buddy and staunched supporter had stepped down as Prime Minister. Membisu seribu kata .... he,he,he!!

Maybe as Chairman of Sime Darby he is still disappointed that the "Labu Labi Airport" project had been scrapped. kah,kah,kah !!

Indigo said...

is this then ok?
(In the process, Muhyiddin has “regained” Dr Mahathir’s confidence and respect. Muhyiddin is expected to play key role in rebuilding the party, starting with leading the charge in the three ongoing by-elections)

War | Peace
Shadow colonies and the 'War on Terror'
by David Stewart
April 5, 2009

The second teach-in sponsored by the IU student activist group Indiana Students Against War (ISAW) focused on the global “War on Terror” and attracted about 40 people to the four-hour event on April 2.

ISAW member and teach-in moderator Sandrine Catris said in her opening remarks that the purpose of the teach-in was twofold: to recruit more activists and to critique the War on Terror.

“ISAW believes that if people honestly and openly discuss what is happening that they will become activists,” she said.

Featured speakers at the event in Ballantine Hall included Professor M. Nazif Shahrani, who spoke on Afghanistan; journalist and IU political science doctoral student Rafia Zakaria, who spoke on Pakistan; and Bloomington resident Kadhim Shaaban, who spoke on Iraq.


"The United States needs to be talking to a wider range of people in Afghanistan."
- M. Nazif Shahrani, IU professor
Students from ISAW and other organizations had prepared speeches that they presented on Palestine, Korea, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, U.S. domestic effects and budgetary costs of the so-called War on Terror.

Question-and-answer periods following each presentation were passionate and spirited. Everyone who attended was encouraged to provide their views, which led to some fascinating discussions about varied opinions.

“I felt the teach-in was far-reaching and was struck by the devastation caused by the usage of military force used in this war,” said Radha Surya. “It made me think, ‘What would the world look like, or be, if there was no War on Terror, if the money and resources were used to grant people economic security rather than focus on controlling them militarily?’”

A Bloomington resident who goes by Apple said, “This teach-in made it very clear that the world is still reacting to the ill effects of the time when Western Europe and the United States had colonies. Now, we have shadow colonies, and we are witnessing the results of the attempt of our nation to retain control of other regions of the world. I wonder if we will ever give up trying to control the world. I am hopeful that we will give up that quest, but I really don’t know.”

After the teach-in, Catris said: “The War on Terror has lasted more than eight years, and all the speakers, especially Professor Shahrani, Kadhim Shaaban, and James Cooper all showed clearly that the origins began many years ago with U.S. policy. Also, despite the recent name change, the War on Terror is still continuing under the Obama Administration. I don’t think many students realize that the War on Terror is continuing or they would be outraged and protesting.”


Shahrani, a professor of Central Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at IU, spoke of how the United States, now under the Obama presidency, sent fact-finders to Afghanistan but returned to Washington having only spoken to the same people that the Bush Administration had spoken to.

"Our nation did not learn the lesson from the British involvement in Iraq."
- Kadhim Shaaban, Bloomington resident
“The United States needs to be talking to a wider range of people in Afghanistan,” he said. “If not, the United States will be basing its policy on the same ideas that have failed for the past eight years and more.”

Shahrani also spoke of the need to have local representation in the various regions of Afghanistan to gain local support for the government, just like the United States has elections for local representatives, as well as elections for national representatives.

He examined the cost of the build-up of military forces to “secure” Afghanistan and showed how the cost is unsustainable, unless the United States and other nations are willing to bankroll the government’s military forever.

“Imagine if, instead of building up the military, the world would create a demilitarized nation of Afghanistan, like Switzerland is in Europe, and guarantee its national security,” Shahrani said. “This approach would have a better chance of succeeding than a military build-up.”


Shaaban presented a detailed historical account of Iraq from the days of the British Occupation in the 1920s.

“Our nation did not learn the lesson from the British involvement in Iraq,” he said. “The British gave Iraq a method of governance and left. After the United States invaded Iraq, it remained, and allowed the nation to enter into chaos.”

"I don’t think many students realize that the War on Terror is continuing or they would be outraged and protesting."
- Sandrine Catris, Indiana Students Against War

Shaaban told how sectarian strife and ethnic cleansing began during the U.S. occupation. He also gave historical and personal accounts of the devastating effects of the 12-year U.N. embargo that occurred during the Clinton Administration. He provided valuable information on Iraq’s history and current events.

Linda Stewart asked, “Mr. Shaaban, you spoke of how 400,000 academics fled Iraq after the country descended into chaos. With all those teachers leaving the country, what is the education system like in Iraq?”

Shaaban told of how even basic supplies, such as pencils, were denied to Iraq during the embargo and how an entire generation of people were not given the opportunity for advanced education.

Zakaria gave a historical analysis of Pakistan and said, “If there is one thing that I want you to take from my presentation, it’s that the problems that face Pakistan must be solved using political means, not military force.”

ISAW member Walker Rhea reflected after the event, “I thought that the teach-in revealed the terrible situation the U.S. has created for itself and the rest of the world, especially those countries that have been invaded or intervened in by our military. What seems to be necessary is a real sense of understanding and compassion for the lives of people in countries affected by U.S. foreign policy on the part of the American people. Our military created this problem and we need political and economic strategies to solve them, not domination and force.”

Dave Stewart can be reached at

For More Information

Listen to David Stewart's March 31 interview with Kadhim Shaaban on WFHB’s Interchange program.


i do wonder if there are any non-malaysians reading your blog and what about the malaysian students abroad?

(in how many tongue can Muhyiddin speak on opposite ends of the dichotomy, scribe?)

terima kasih griffey

Anonymous said...

Datuk AKJ...just a few points...
1) Najib's walkabout...good gesture tapi perlukah full blown media coverage. His media boys need to polish up on their skills and strategy here...they should ask you for "other thots"

2) Release of ISA...good move but as predicted, buat kena tak buat pun kena juga...itu adalah tactic lapok pembangkang...i hope they don't get carried away with "reviewing" the ISA. If used properly according to procedures the ISA is a good a proper law...the previous administration under the current Home Minister Syed Hamid screwed it up...absolutely pathetic!

3) Dr M in Bukit Gantang...i'm sure you noticed some of the clowns on stage with him as he spoke...these, ok some, were the same people who had hit out at him...and now they are kissing his hands again! hilarious! tak dak rasa malu langsung. the AXED-MB of kedah...used to say that Dr M "memalukan orang Kedah" for criticising the Abdullah administration...and Johari baharom, remember the ingrate? is now offering Dr M a place in Kubang Pasu UMNO??? can you believe the kindof nonsense? macam ni yang dikatakan "pemimpin" UMNO kedah...10 kali pilihanraya umum pun tak dapat balik kat BN!


pakbelalang said...

Mahathir To Share Experience, Uninterested In Posts

TAIPING, April 6 (Bernama) --
Dr Mahathir said he hoped that the new Cabinet to be formed soon would reflect a clean government in which the people could place their trust.

Asked whether he felt it would be appropriate for Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin to be appointed to the Cabinet, Dr Mahathir said it was not a matter for him to decide.

"That is up to Datuk Seri Najib. Unfortunately or fortunately, I don't know, but I am not the prime minister," he said.


"Unfortunately or fortunately, I don't know,"

Very interesting statement.

Satu soalan cepu mas. But being "pakbelalang" ramalan saya KJ nampak gayanya terpaksa gigit jari.

shahimah said...

Malaysia's political arena is so rigid. It's like we don't know how to break free from the mould when we end up selecting the people of the same dynasty to rule the country. Maybe after this, Hishamuddin will rise to power after Najib. Isn't there any other potential leader out there who's not from the same dynasty as najib's and hishamuddin's? Maybe one from mahathir's but if that so, there we go again.


Dear Pak Nujum (Anon),

Like you, I don't know if there'll be changes in the NSTP and The Star.

What happened during the era of the previous PM may not happen during Najib's era or not so soon.

During Tun Dr Mahathir's era, it took a few year before editors were reassigned or swapped posts.

In the era of the previous PM, most incumbent NSTP editors and Media Prima news controllers were replaced by his close friends.

I hope any change Mohd Najib proposes to introduce will be based on experience and professionalism not on friendship alone.

Thank you.

pakbelalang said...

I think Najib should have 2 new very important portfolios ie Ministry of Sabah affairs and Ministry of Sarawak affairs.

The objective of the 2 ministries is to coordinate and monitor the progress of all federal funded development projects and work together with the Chief Ministers to provide support in the implementation of all socio-economic activities.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

ISU orang kafir membaca Al Quran sedangkan beliau tak beriman dan hanya untuk mempersendakan pun masih disokong orang ISLAM. Mungkin dunia dah nak kiamat kot.Persidangan mufti se Malaysia pun mengutuk, ada pula yang menyokong. Mana umat ISLAM tak berpecah belah. Ialah terang-terang salah pun nak ditegakkan benang basah Bila kata kena cucuk hidung marah. Bila mengeluarkan kenyataan salah, ramai pengikut tegarnya akan terpengaruh.Berdosa tu. Kalau tak diminta ampun dan penerangan semula yang betul sebelum padam lagi berdosa tu. Kena ingatlah seksaan di alam kubur nanti.

Bila umur meningkan apoptosis banyak terjadi. Apoptosis tu sebenarnya ‘programme cell death’ iaitu badan kita mematikan sel kita sendiri. Tujuannya supaya tiada penyakit kancer terjadi, tapi saya rasa ALLAH kata dah sampai masa untuk padam tu. Bila banyak sel tiada terutama neuron cells (sel otak) kenalah pencen bagi kat orang muda pula sebab nanti kenyataan yang dikeluarkan merapu-rapu.

Berakhirlah kempen pilihanraya pada kali ini. Diharap para pengundi dapat membuat pilihan bijak seperti diceritakan di dalam ‘Hikayat Terpijak Kulit Pisang’. Dipohon segala kejujuran mengatasi kekelentongan, ketaatan mengatasi sembah derhaka, berpakaian mengatasi berbogel di dua bukit dan satu batang ini. Adab melayu mempersilakan masuk mengikut pintu depan bukannya ikut pintu belakang kerana kepimpinan melalui teladan. Sekian TQ

Unknown said...


Says, "I hope any change Mohd Najib proposes to introduce will be based on experience and professionalism not on friendship alone."

Generally, professionalism and putar belit doesn't come together.
Depends what Najib wants....

From the last few days we can see that what can NEVER happen is giving fair coverage in the mainstream media to the opposition.

The front page in the Star this morning says " Be Critical but Fair."

The public, in this day and age are now more perceptive on "Fair Play". So, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.....

Mustapha Ong said...

Dear Datuk KJ,

I agreed with your views on the need for prime minister Najib to replace all those senior management posts in NSTP, STAR, BERNAMA as well as the private TV stations under media premia who were alligned to former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

This practice is not something unethical or new in the media circle as I find that they are still being influenced by guidelines based on the directive and wishes of the former administration.

Prime minister in his new agenda through the concept of One Malaysia, need to be focused positively on his priority of news and public information from the right perspective.

I have observed that of late that Chinese news from the private TV stations had not been properly filtered or edited in accordance with the administration's priority. Thus certain news items of national importance were not given the right slot in order to achieve maximum impact by viewers.

It is hope that prime minister Najib will personally assess the situation and appoint the right persons to the posts and assist him in his agenda. Maybe Datuk with your wide and exemplary journalism experience, Najib should consider you for the post of Bernama Chairman to replace Anuar Zaini. You will be the right man for the right job at the right time.It's national service Datuk as you are still relatively very young.

I will certainly doa for you now that we have got our beloved Tun Mahathir back to the fold of UMNO as the party's Number 1 member. I agreed that Tun Mahathir should remain outside the government and proposed that he be appointed the Joint Chairman along with prime minister Najib in the BN Supreme Council that will be revamped very soon.

Now that UMNO has changed under the new leadership of Najib, it's timely that the other BN component parties should also changed to meet the aspirations of the people. As for the new cabinet line up, I hope that prime minister Najib will be given a free hand to pick the nominated candidates submitted by the Heads of the BN component parties on a selective basis. Najib should also be given the prerogative to reject certain nominated candidates and proposed his own preference based on his own source and criteria.

Anonymous said...

salam DAKJ n Bloggers,

dulu rakyat(khasnya umno) bising dgn tingkat 4!! kelmarin CM* baru ada keluar statement beliau akan merujuk kpd chedet berkenaan barisan kabinet baru beliau, wa asal balik hasil!! nampaknya nanti ada yang kalah bertanding menjadi menteri penuh manakala yg menang di pau gigit jari kaki.....

p/s : mungkinkah malayISA akan ada menteri MENTOR?


pakbelalang said...

UMNO dah cantik molek.

Cuma kita kena cari pemimpin yang benar-benar bermaruah.

Inilah masaalahnya. Yang salahnya ialah ahli UMNO yang menghidangkan pemimpin yang haprak dan HP6 untuk memimpin kita.

Mengapa setengah daripada kita masih lagi "pekak, buta dan tuli" tidak dapat menilai yang mana pemimpin yang boleh memertabatkan bangsa dan agama?

Semuanya ini adalah kerana perwakilan yang diberi hak mewakili 3 juta ahli-ahli UMNO tidak dapat menjalankan amanah yang diberikan dengan jujur.

Mereka telah menyelewang kerana jati diri mereka lemah akibat disogok dengan wang rasuah yang begitu lumayan untuk di tolak.

Akhirnya UMNO dapat pemimpin "pariah" yang rasuah dan pentingkan diri mereka sendiri.

Apabila perwakilan haprak, maka hapraklah pemimpin yang dipilih. Merekalah yang jadi petualang bangsanya sendiri. Mereka tidak malu. Mereka sungguh menjijikkan.

Bertaubatlah kalau mereka sedar yang mereka tidak amanah. Pintu bertaubat masih terbuka besar. Allah memang penyayang lagi mengasihani!!

Anonymous said...

The Pejabat MB Selangor is Not berhantu! Perhaps it is the occupant who is....this is $elangor. Kalau isu jalan berlubang pun tak boleh diselesaikan...tak kan laaa boleh buat technical studies dengan orang orang disneyland. Dengan mickey mouse boleh la temberang..itu pun kalau mickey faham cakap jawa....Yang terpilih dalam kabinet..good luck. People are very sceptical niee...

Blackwood Hills

Unknown said...


How about guessing on who will be Our New Cabinet Ministers? Or bettr still which Ministry Should have a New Minister.
Let Me Start Off......
- Home Ministry
- Finance Minstry
- Information
- Tourism
- Rural Development

Boderline Cases?

- Education
- Entrepreneur

Eh Banyak nya!!Where on earth are the replacements going to come from?

Now for Names....
Can comment only for Two..
Still don't know what Hishamuddin is good at? Welfare? or Women's Affairs?.
The Sabahan VP should be given a Senior Post...He's got good vibes.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

PM Najib umpama memilih beras dari antah untuk membarisi kabinet beliau, calon-calon yang menang dalam MT mempunyai reputasi yang terpalit lumpur dan perlu disucikan sebelum diangkat menjadi menteri kabinet.

Kita tengok jelah nanti barisan pasukan PM Najib yang akan mengharungi kemelesetan ekonomi dan beliau masih ada 3 hingga 4 tahun sebelum PRU 13.

Atau kita kan melihat teori RAHMAN berakhir untuk BN/UMNO. Teori yang akan muncul selepas ini mungkin teori R.A.Z.A.K..


Anak Kampong. said...

Dear Dato Kajir.

Semalam Azmin Ali cakap di Bt Selambau,dia kata Tun Mahathir itu surat khabar lama,>Dato You orang surat Khabar,apa maksud dia tu.Yang saya tahu orang melayu kaya Quran burok.Maksud nya sungguh pun ia burak tapi maseh berguna.

Kalau surat khabar burak,yang saya tahu kita guna untok bungkus belacan.

Your comment please.

Nujjum PaK bELANG said...

Dato KJ.

Dengar khabar,Rosman ada list kabinet baru yang ia wish?.

Najib pun sedang susun Kabinet baru.Dia tidak boleh tidor malam karana sabahagian besar ahli2 MKT yang di pileh,macam you kata,mandi bunga dan limau pun susah nak berseh.

Zahid Hamidi,J.J.tajudin 6 millon dollars,Azez Putra UMNO,Lajim,Bung Mokhtar,Kak Chah.Latiff,semua nya dah terpalit lumpur.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

As for Mustapha Ong suggestion that you be appointed Bernama Chairman, I second that, Hear Hear!

Experienced and professional hounds like Pahit Manis, Rocky's Bru should be given the helm of some of the national media. Yes they are pro Tun but whats so bad about that? As TDM say whats so bad about Mahatirism? For 22 years the country was doing well albeit some hiccups rather than 5 years of flip-flopping and uncertainties. Let the record speaks for itself!

What say you, Dato? Is Bernama Chairmanship too tame for you?


Pak Nujum

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera Dato' A. Kadir Jasin dan sekalian warga,

Saya terpanggil sekali lagi untuk memberi sepatah dua kata berbentuk positif dalam blog Dato' A. Kadir Jasin di sini. Setelah kali terakhir saya memasuki dan melayari laman internet dengan hanya bertujuan menulis komen dalam blog ini, sekali lagi saya memasuki dan melayari laman internet dengan satu-satunya tujuan untuk menulis komentar dalam blog ini sahaja.

Setelah membaca isi posting Dato' A. Kadir Jasin di sini, saya sebagai orang yang masih di luar UMNO hanya boleh menyatakan bahawa seperti ramai rakyat Malaysia memang menolak politik wang.

Dalam pandangan saya, kemampuan FM atau F.M. (segala istilah FM dan F.M. oleh saya dari dulu hanyalah merujuk kepada Finance Minister atau Menteri Kewangan Malaysia) bersama-sama BNM (segala istilah BNM dan B.N.M. oleh saya dari dulu hanyalah merujuk kepada Bank Negara Malaysia) menangani isu ekonomi amat penting.

Dalam proses demokrasi di Malaysia, kita semua harus menghormati hak-hak asasi individu mengeluarkan pandangan yang berbeza dengan pandangan arus perdana selagi tidak melangkaui sensitiviti-sensitiviti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia. Oleh demikian, saya hormati pandangan Dato' A. Kadir Jasin.

Tulus ikhlas,
Hakimi bin Abdul Jabar
Batu Pahat, Johor.


Sdr Hj Omar Ong dan Sdr Pak Nujum,

Thank you both for the thought.

FYI, I was Bernama chairman for two years in 2000-2002 just after I resigned as NSTP's group editor-in-chief.

Well, if you want to serve and do good, you can do it without official posts or jobs.

I am largely unemployed now. It could also be that I am unemployable.

Thank you.


Sdr Anak Kampong,

Mungkin yang dia maksudkan itu, akhbar lama atau old newspaper.

Dalam bahasa Indonesia, koran bermaksuk akhbar. Jadi akhbar lama dipanggil koran lama.

Quran lama kita simpan. Kita bungkus elok-elok dan letak di tempat tinggi supaya tidak dipijak atau dilangkah.

Kalau Dr Mahathir surat khabar lama tapi orang baca, susah juga kawan-kawan kita yang Dr Mahathir tahu tindak tanduknya -- macam boss Azmin.

Terima kasih.

UMNO For...ever said...

BN kalah di Semenanjung Malaysia. Terima kasih Pak Lah. Terima kasih ahli UMNO kerana memilih menantu Pak Lah. Pilihan-raya akan datang ahli UMNO tak payah turun mengundi, kita dah tau apa akan jadi seterusnya.

pakbelalang said...

If we were to analyse the personal background of those UMNO delegates who were given the responsibility to elect UMNO leaders during the last UMNO General Assembly, I can safely say that most of them I believe are Class F contractors or small time businessmen or self employed who are struggling to make ends meet.

So during this occasion they felt that it was timely for them to squeeze the balls of those aspiring candidates to get "duit rasuah" to at least cover some their outstanding "hutang" back home.

How many of them are professionals,teachers, social workers or government servants?

So I feel that the delegates were actually opportunists of the first order taking full advantage what was being presented to them on the table.

Anonymous said...


I have seen you a few times on Astro Awani. You have the "aura", the pull factor. The audiences love you.

I know Suhaimi Sulaiman reads your blog. I hope he can offer you to have your own Talk Show on Astro Awani.

Boleh la kot Datuk, cari duit lebih.


pakbelalang said...

So how is BN going to address the trend of voters going against the government. Things do not look bright for BN. I think even if BN were to overhaul its policies I think it will be an uphill battle. Best of luck to all Malaysians. We are going to see our society disintegrate sooner or later.
Everything is in a mess. I don't see any hope for a united Malaysia. We will fail as a nation. Make no mistake about it. May God Bless Us All !!

pakbelalang said...

Apa yang rakyat hendak kita terpaksa akur. BN sudah cuba buat yang terbaik dan termampu tapi masih gagal untuk diterima rakyat.
Tidak perlu dikesali kerana kuasa ditangan rakyat.

Kita mesti terima hakikat bahawa rakyat telah memilih ke jalan yang mungkin di anggap lebeh baik lagi dan terserahlah kepada rakyat menentukan tuju hala yang di kehendaki mereka.

Kita mesti terima qada' dan qadar Allah.

Roti Planta said...


Kenapa Dato' nampak terkedu dalam TV tadi bila ada pendengar telefon berkata 'antara punca kekalahan ialah Mahathir menyerang peribadi Anwar yang nyata isu yang ditolak oleh pengundi sekarang'.

Bye/Roti Planta

pakbelalang said...

Call For Civil Servants To Work Additional 30 Minutes Daily

KUALA LUMPUR, April 7 (Bernama) -- Senator Datuk Gooi Hoe Hin today suggested that civil servants work an additional 30 minutes daily to further improve productivity in order to meet the goals of the RM60 billion mini-budget announced recently.


Tidak perlu. Saya rasa 30 minit ini boleh diambil kira semasa waktu berkerja yang sedia ada, jika sekiranya kaki tangan kerajaan committed dalam menjalankan tugas mereka dan tidak membuang masa keluar ke kantin pergi minum teh, sembayang fardu zohor dan Asar begitu lama.

Sepatutnya kerajaan hapuskan waktu rehat minum teh pada waktu pagi dan petang.

Di syarikat swasta memang tidak ada waktu rehat minum teh, pagi atau petang. Cuma waktu makan tengah hari sahaja.

Solat fardu zohor boleh dilakukan ketika selepas makan tengah hari dan fardu asar ketika habis waktu berkerja.Solat hanya memerlukan masa 10 minit sahaja.

Mencuri masa ketika berkerja adalah amalan yang tidak sihat mungkin juga tidak diredhai Allah.

Anonymous said...

Salam DAKJ

1. Salah ke orang bukan Islam membaca Al-Quran? EXCO MCA Kelantan lewat tahun 70an (Foo Chong Yong )seringkali membaca ayat alQuran.Tapi tak ada pula mufti kata salah/haram/berdosa.

2. Dato' tolong ulas kemenangan 2 PR - 1 BN.


pakbelalang said...

A Vote Of Confidence For Najib - Taib

KUCHING, April 7 (Bernama) -- The Barisan Nasional's (BN) victory in the Batang Ai state by-election is a vote of confidence to the new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said.

He said that Najib's appointment and his message of change were among the factors which contributed to the BN's huge victory in the area.


Well, not so in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selembau, Tan Sri Taib. So how do we assess to what extent the level of confidence the rakyat give to our new Prime Minister. I think it will be a long haul to get that vote of confidence. I am very pessismistic now looking at the voters trend. Not so much that they are against Najib but against the whole BN policies.

Indigo said...



PAS Retains Bukit Gantang

TAIPING, April 7 (Bernama) -- PAS retained the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat when its candidate Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin won in today's by-election in the constituency with a majority of 2,789 votes.

This the second time PAS won the seat, which has been a Barisan Nasional (BN) stronghold since the constituency was created in 1986.

Mohammad Nizar, 52, who is also the former Perak Menteri Besar, polled 21,860 votes to defeat the BN's Ismail Saffian who garnered 19,071 votes while an independent candidate, Kamarul Ramizu Idris, only obtained 62 votes and lost his deposit.

PAS for the first time won the seat in the last general election held in March 2008 when its candidate Roslan Shaharum defeated the BN's Datuk Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi by a majority of 1,566 votes.

The results were announced by Returning Officer Datuk Mahmod Morsidi at the vote tallying centre at the Taiping Municipal Hall at 9.40pm.

The constituency has 55,562 registered voters including 136 postal voters.

The by-election was necessitated by the death of Roslan on Feb 9 due to a heart attack.

A total of 41,626 voters turned out for the by-election, representing 75 per cent of those eligible to vote.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Nizar in his post-victory press conference, said the increased winning majority showed the people wanted new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak to form a good and fair government without elements of corruption.

He thanked the voters for his victory and also all the authorities involved for the smooth running of the by-election.


maka UMNO mesti berusaha lebih gigih dan keras memahami fahaman generasi belia muda-mudi sekarang seiring nilai-nilai mereka selari nilai-nilai suci melayu atau perlu dilentur ketamadunannya dan hanya politik-politikan.

Anonymous said...


Tak semua penyokong PAS yang bergembira dengan kemenangan di Bukit Gantang. Saya baru habis berborak dengan kawan saya seorang jentera kempen PAS di Bukit Gantang. Menurut beliau, PAS diselamatkan oleh pengundi bukan Melayu terutama di DUN Kuala Sepetang. Kalau di tahun 2008, majoriti kemenangan di sini hanya 500+, tapi kali ini, PAS dapat majoriti 2,000+. Katanya, undi orang Melayu banyak yang lari!

Saya kata tak apalah. Sudah adat. Menang bukan menang semua, kalah bukan kalah semua.

Tapi menurut kawan saya tu, sekarang ni bukan saja UMNO dan Najib saja yang gelisah, tapi Mat Sabu pun gelisah juga sebab YB Nizar akan jadi calon "favourite" dipilih menjadi Naib Presiden PAS. Bye-bye ler Mat Sabu.

Politik..., politik ..., baru saja habis kempen PRK, dah nak mula kempen baru pula. Ha..ha...

Apa-apa pun. Tahniah kepada YB Nizar. Jangan buat sidang Parlimen kat bawah pokok Lake Garden sudahlah.


pakbelalang said...

Saya sayangkan UMNO tapi tidak sesekali taksub kepada pemimpinnya lebih-lebih lagi pemimpin yang haprak dan HP6.

Melayu yang sayangkan UMNO seperti saya marilah bersama-sama kita cuba bersatu memperbaiki UMNO yang dah hancur berderai tanpa haluan.

Tidak boleh dinafikan UMNO telah berjasa kepada orang Melayu. Saya telah menikmatinya dan bersyukur kepada Allah..

Anak-anak saya pun menikmatinya. Mereka telah dapat segala kemudahan untuk mendapatkan pelajaran tinggi dengan bantuan kerajaan.Tanpa bantuan kerajaan tidak mungkin saya mampu untuk menampong pelajaran anak-anak saya keperingkat tinggi. Kemudahan pinjaman untuk membiayai pelajaran anak-anak saya dapat sedikit sebanyak mengurangkan beban saya untuk menampong kos pelajaran anak-anak saya. Sekali lagi saya bersyukur kepada Allah diberikan kelapangan kepada saya.

Cuma kebelakangan ini kita sudah lihat pemimpin UMNO telah lalai menjalankan tanggong jawab untuk membela nasib bangsanya.Mereka sudah jadi rakus hanya mementing diri mereka sahaja.

pakbelalang said...

UMNO must get leaders who have the best brains because the rakyat now have brains to know whether the leaders are haprak or HP6 or corrupted.

Rakyat bukan lagi "pekak,buta dan tuli".

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