Friday, May 22, 2015

The Final Script in 1MDB's Saga

A kadir Jasin

I WOULD like to start by once again thanking Prime Minister’s special officer, Encik Rizal Mansor, for his allegation that all facts in my writing were picked up from the roadside.

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I continue to pick up information from the streets, the coffee shops and stalls where the rakyat jelata – the people like the angry Angela and the steady smiling Michael, the disappointed Lim and cynical Khaeruddin gather to talk about this beloved land.

But respecting Encik Rizal’s advice, I have started pursuing the more vigorously information from the cabinet room, the Umno headquarters, the executive suites and the Prime Minister’s media office although they mostly ignored my enquiries.

So, combining and aggregating information that I picked up from these sources, I would like to pose the following questions for your consideration:

1. Could the penning of the final script of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s saga have started?

The PM: The money will be brought back to Malaysia
[The Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak finally admitted to the Parliament that 1MDB did not deposit any money in the Singapore branch of the Swiss-registered private bank, BSI. It “deposited” what he called US dollar-denominated assets. But 1MDB had earlier confirmed reports that it parked US$1.103 billion proceeds from investments in Cayman Islands in the bank. This was further reinforced by Mohd Najib in his TV3 interview on April 10, when he said: “Time will determine but at a certain time, the money will be brought back to Malaysia.” Now he said there was no money in Singapore but only asset certificates.]

2. Does this not amount to misleading the public and “lying” to the Parliament?

[He had publicly said or indicated that 1MDB parked its Cayman Islands money in Singapore. Now he said it wasn’t cash but assets.]

3. What assets is the Prime Minister talking about?

4. Is it true that some members of the PAC are trying hard to sabotage the committee’s investigation of the 1MDB’s affairs?

[Here are members of the committee – Nur Jazlan, Chairman (BN), Deputy Chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw (DAP), Reezal Merican Naina Merican (BN), Abd Aziz Sheikh Fadzir (BN), Mas Ermieyati Samsudin (BN), Liang Teck Meng (BN), Madius Tangau (BN), Hasbi Hasbollah (BN), Wee Jeck Seng (BN), Kamarul Baharin Abbas (PKR), Leong Jee Keen (PKR), Kamaruddin Jaffar (PAS) and Tony Puah Kiam Wee (DAP)].

PAC Members - The Star

5. Is it true that members of the 1MDB board have been told by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to step down?

[The MoF is the sole shareholder of 1MDB. Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Umno President Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, speaking at the Umno Training Centre (Ilmu) in Janda Baik a couple of days ago called for the resignation of the 1MDB board. (“….seluruh lembaga pengarah 1MDB harus dipecat dan polis dipanggil untuk menyiasat mereka.”)The first to go is likely to be its Chairman, Lodin Wok Kamaruddin. As a face saving device, it will be made to appear that he voluntarily steps down. Other board members, according to 1MDB’s official website, are Arul Kanda, Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi, Ismee Ismail, Ong Gim Huat and Ashvin J. Valiram.]

Muhyiddin at Umno Training Centre, Janda Baik
6. Is it true that at least one former top executives of 1MDB faces eminent prosecution for offences relating to the company’s operations?

[Two presidents and group executive directors of the company, who had resigned were Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman and Shahrol. The latter resigned early this year.]

7. Is it true that the MoF is mulling or is already on the verge of nominating Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) as key rescuer of 1MBD and to facilitate the exercise TNB will be taken private?

8. Is it true that the management of TNB and its controlling shareholder, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, are against TNB being made to bail out 1MDB and for it to be de-listed from Bursa Malaysia, but the TNB board is in favour?

[It is unthinkable that after the Tabung Haji-1MDB land deal fiasco, Mohd Najib dares to take an even bigger risk by forcing TNB to rescue 1MDB. TNB has already taken over the 2,000-MW coal-fired project, dubbed 3B, that 1MDB could not implement due to lack of money. But Khazanah sources swore that the national power company would not bail out 1MDB or compensate it for the 3-B takeover. The sources told me via SMS: “We have no intention to take TNB private (prohibitively expensive to begin with) …, secondly TNB and/or Khazanah will not bail out or cover up for 1MDB or its assets. We are, thankfully, not involved, to date at least.” We should all make sure that it stays that way. TNB is the biggest company on Bursa Malaysia by way of market capitalisation. It is valued at RM97 billion.]

9. Since the Umno Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin, has been extremely vocal about the need for PAC to get hold of Jho Low, what is he going to do about it?

Picture tells a thousand words: In Monaco they met

10. Has he not had in his possession incriminating evidence about Jho Low’s role in 1MDB that he could present to PAC?

11. Is it true that since the death of Jamaluddin Jarjis on March 4, the running of Mohd Najib’s propaganda office has been taken over by a member of his household with the assistance of a controversial Umno operator?

[It was after this changeover that attacks on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other critics of the PM picked up tempo. Their latest target is Muhyiddin. JJ and the more seasoned journalists in the PM’s media outfit would not have recommend such a strategy because they knew Dr Mahathir well. But the new team is inexperience and their method mimics that of Anwar Ibrahim that is, alleging the former PM of practising cronyism and nepotism, and was involved in many corporate rescues. It appears that this new group regards the PMO’s media operations with disdain. Encik Rizal and his mentor, Datuk Farid Ridzuan – formally from TV3 – and Fuad Zarkashi are said to be key members of this new group. With this new set of propaganda agents and the emergence of PR maestro, Lim Kok Wing, as Special Programme Co-ordinator to PM, we can expect some very interesting psychological warfare activities in the mainstream media and the cyberspace.]

The calling card says it all
12. For instance, would the PM be made to appear on TV3 or at another Tawau-like gathering and shed crocodile tears while at the same time blaming others for the 1MDB debacle?

In the meantime, we must pay full attention to PAC investigation. There could be attempts to sabotage it. PAC is our best hope for now.



Unknown said...

I live in Dubai since 16 years ago.

Nowadays, many friends, local businessmen keep asking, what is happening to Malaysia?

The 1MDB fiasco involved abu Dhabi sovereign fund (the chairman has been sacked).

First time I met jho Low was in Abu Dhabi 3 years ago during a PM's trip for investment event or something like that, together with then the CM of Sarawak.....interesting stories from the officials on jho low's power as the gate keeper....however, didnt know about 1MBD or jho low, I guess everything has been exposed and I can recall how even our then ambassador has to queue to meet the PM....

Ahmad Kamil said...

ruangan pojok Kunta Kinte dah tak ada kat Berita Harian. Itu kolum favourite setiap Jumaat.

Harap Datuk tak kena ban di BH.

Anonymous said...

If I were an opposition strategist, yes I would want to expose the wrong doings of 1MDB and put Najib under tremendous pressure. The purpose is of course to distract him and Umno so that time resources etc will be spent on this shit.

But I would not go so far as to get him to step down now. For what?! So that he can be replaced by someone who then have enough time to undo the damage and prepare Umno/BN for PRU 14? That is kind of stupid isn’t it. I want Najib to continue for as long as possible, best of all till PRU 14. Then he and Umno/BN will certainly get whacked and will be shipped out of Putrajaya. Woo Hoo! I am already drooling right now just thinking of it.

So as far as PAC is concerned, I will dig as much as possible to use as ammunition but I will also prolong it as long as possible so that it would not be concluded too soon. If need be I will sabotage it enough just to make it go on and on, till PRU 14, that is.

I will support TDM’s effort to dislodge Najib. But at the same time I will also encourage his bangang supporters to show more support and create an impression to Najib that he still have widespread support. Best if he and his supporters can be lulled to continue with this fantastic bangang dream all the way till PRU 14. I am drooling like a dog right now!

Anti_lanun said...

Kalau tak menipu, tak namanya Lanun...

Biasa tengok cerita Pirates of the carribeans..

Deliberate Liar said...

Second Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah yesterday said that only “units” existed in the BSI Bank Limited Singapore account. “There was a mistake in the sense that, the impression when they (1MDB) said they have redeemed and saved in the Singapore bank, the impression is that there’s cash. Actually, that is savings,” Husni had said. “They are units, backed by sovereign wealth funds. We hope that we can bring it back as soon as possible.”

When asked what form of units existed in the account, Husni replied: "Units. Just units".

APA ITU "Just Units"?

This is not a mistake but a deliberate lie !!!!!

maae said...

He..he.. I can't answer your questions, Datuk. Hope Rizal Mansor realises that the roadside is a risky place to stand tall !

And Nur Jazlan has the gut to survive long enough for his audit-forensic-report. At least to help out AG to mend the discrepencies..

Pity with the TNB now. Delisting means your "tabung" will be in a great mess, if you do the bail out...

a lame advice from a layman, re - evaluate all the IPPs under 1MDB transactions, recover and get all the "overpaid" sum, then start "jana duit." ( AK is willing to do that since Tun M is still around..)

Hopefully, later in the day TNB could lower the tariff and absorb that GST. That's what you are being privatised for. DS Adenan Satem already did that. Ok jer...

Yes, we wait for PAC's findings. So is PM Najib.. hmm...

Personnel question Datuk : Is Rizal Mansor, adik Rosmah ?


1. Debater Deliberate Liar, I think Ahmad Husni is an unwilling player. He is too smart to think that he can fool people with such answer. I think he is forced to defend something that is that could not be defended.

2. What unit was he talking about? Unit of shares? We have not heard of 1MDB being listed anywhere. Is there such a thing as unit of assets? Yes if 1MDB has a REIT. But we know 1MDB does not have income-generating real estate assets to launch a REIT.

3. Sdr Rawa Lanun Bahasa, sorry can't post your comment. Reference to the Rulers and the Constitution could be seditious.

4. Sdr Ahmad Kamil, ya, Kunta Kinte tidak terbit hari ini. Saya hantar tapi BH kata ruangan itu diambil oleh teks ucapan RMK-11.
Hanya zaman Anwar, Kunta Kinte diberhentikan oleh sidang pengarang BH waktu itu.


Thank you. said...

Salam dato,

The script is very clear.

Only to decide who will `go in' first and who will follow him `going in'...

The script will end with many people `going for the rest' except
the clever 2 of them i think...the john and the riza guys.

As for PM he can choose to `go' the Tunku Abdul Rahman's way or The Marcos's way..

I do hope he does not choose the gadafi's way or the morsi's way.

Anyway, the remaining slots for the remaining `takes' are almost finish,because `the director' appears happy with the shots so far...

May be somebody is preparing for the sequaele....

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

Baiklah, Dato.

Pokoknya apakah Tuanku raja-raja Melayu SEMUA setuju dengan apa yang sedang berlaku terhadap 1MDB?

Sekiranya raja-raja Melayu setuju maka rakyat harus terima padahnya, Dato - tak begitu?

nazri halim said...

Sabtu.2.ptg pm datang perlis..apa dia nak kata pulak,tak taulah...tapi jangan jakunkan org perlis...ramai dah x haca utusan dan x tgk tv3.

Unknown said...

Assalamulaikum pak kadir.
TPM mula diserang oleh ahli MT umno apakah pertembungan sudah bermula didalam kepimpinan umno pada masakini
Sila rujukhttp://www.themalaysianinsider.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dianggap sebagai menteri pemalas kerana tidak menjaga portfolionya sebagai menteri pendidikan dan meninjau keadaan sekolah yang daif di Sabah dan Sarawak, kata bekas Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan,

Ibrahim D said...

DSM telah mula diserang oleh Dr Fuad dengan tuduhan bahawa DSM jarang melawat sekolah-sekolah. Kita tunggu siapa lagi yang akan menyerang DSM.

Urang Awak said...

Salam Dato,

It is a disgrace what our once great and respected nation has become worse than most African countries. Bunch of shoe-licking-boys in our MOF and they should be brought to light and they must be removed for the sake a mankind.

I'm sure that we would be ashamed that we let things get this far out of control. Crime is contagious and if the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law and it invites every man to become a law unto himself - it invites anarchy.

Pakcik said...

Org melayu hari hari dengar ceramah agama di tv, radio, di tempat kerja lagi, di jalan raya, dlm Facebook, whatapps dan byk lagi. Nasihat ustaz dah berbakul bakul, suh amanah, jujur, berani berkata benar, tetapi berapa kerat yang buat? Berapa pemimpin umno yang sanggup pertaruhkan kedudukan dan kuasa demi mempertahankan hak kecuali DS Muhyiddin. Yang kuat bersorak memanglah ramai tapi menikus bila kena sergah.


1. An anecdote. Just before Jumaat prayer today, a person claiming to be a TV3 reporter called me using land line (0377700002). He asked me to comment on Lim Kok Wing's appointment in the PMO.

2. I told him I do not want to comment to TV3. I don't know his motive and if TV3 is serious about airing by views honestly.

3. As for LKW, if he is still the LKW that I know decades ago, then we can expect some "interesting" inputs and outputs for the PM.

4. During my time, editors-in-chief didn't like him much, especially during GEs.

5. But he has a nose for opportunity.


Thank you.

mad said...

ini pertama kali dalam hidup saya mendengar "units" boleh disimpan dalam bank menggantikan wang tunai.

kalau tak silap saya dalam bahasa melayunya units itu ialah angka.
mungkin juga units ialah bahasa code bagi matawang yg digunakan oleh penyamun-penyamun seluruh dunia utk berniaga sesama mereka. penyamun2 ini termasuklah para mafia di amerika, triad di hong kong, yakuza di jepun dan sebagainya.

kita rakyat biasa ini tak layak menggunakan units. hanya org elit seperti pm saja yg layak menggunakannya.

Anees Khan said...

Aslkm Datuk,

tak mungkin PAC boleh dipercayai...semua mereka dilantik oleh siapa?

Negara kita dah hancur sebenarnya Datuk, tunggu leboq saja dah...

dah terlambat untuk buat apa-apa lagi...

mungkin kena bagi peluang kepada pihak lain pula.

Beauty of asmaulhusna said...

Najib has another thing coming if he thinks that weirdly dressed lim cock sayap can save his sorry behind. Nothing can be done. Its like an anak derhaka who derhaka to his mom and next day leaves and his mom dies. How can you say sorry to her? You cant. But you can beg forgiveness from the Rob. But being forgiven is another thing altogether as you cant be sure on the appeal that you have put in,

If someone sees najib, tell him this anology please,


1. Seorang eksekutif Media Prima maklumkan yang nombor itu bukan nombor TV3.

2. Katanya, tidak ada "assignment" kepada mana-mana wartawan TV3 untuk menghubungi saya.

3. Apabila saya panggil balik nombor berkenaan, suara rakaman menjawabnya. Ia mungkin pejabat salah sebuah stesen TV atas talian.

4. Pembahas Anisurahman Khan,negara kita belum jahanan. Ada banyak benda baik mengenai negara kita yang boleh diselamatkan. Itulah yang sedang kita usahakan sekarang. Jangan putus asa.


Terima kasih.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

salam tok..

arwah ayah saya berpesan."jaga lah maruah dan harga diri.. kerana itu saja yang termampu ayah bekalkan untuk kamu"

dengan erti kata lain arwah ayah saya berkata.. jangan kita lakukan sesuatu yang boleh membuat manusia lain hilang pedoman serta sikap kita yang tidak tahu malu hingga kita sanggup mencuri atau ambik hak orang lain dan hilang maruah kita.

saya nak tanya. YAB PM.. apa lagi yang hendak di lindungi dan "nikmat allah yang mana satu yang YAB PM nak dustakan "

berkata benar walau pun pahit..Malaysia ni keramat bumi nya"...

salam perjuangan nya.
SAYA NAK BOOKING tok untuk buka posa di rumah saya kerana saya yakin tok masih lagi kekal sebagai A KADIR JASIN..


Unknown said...

As Salam DAKJ,

1. Perkembangan semasa makin menarik. PM pun dah tidak sembunyikan lagi dana awam digunakan untuk membantu 1MDB tidak sebagaimana TH yang dinafikan pada awalnya. Menipu di BSI juga diakui tidak dengan wang. Cuma tambah menipu dengan mengatakan unit aset.

2. TS Muhyiddin yang membuat kenyataan terbuka supaya dana awam jangan digunakan untuk bail out 1MDB tetapi tidak diacuh oleh PM.
Sekarang dah jadi viral di maya yang TPM mendesak Lembaga Pengarah 1MDB dipecat. Gesaan dibuat secara tertutup tetapi ada insan yang mulia telah merakam dan menyebarnya. Dato Zahid sedang mengesan individu ini.

3. Saya sarankan TPM menjadi lelaki sejati dalam pertembungan ini. Lawan secara terbuka. Biarlah dipecat sebagai TPM. Beliau tetap sebagai Timbalan Presiden UMNO. Jawatan yang dipilih oleh parti dan bukan lantikan. Tahun depan lawanlah Najib dalam perebutan jawatan presiden UMNO. Itulah jantan namanya.

4. Kalau TPM rasa khuatir akan kalah kalau melawan Najib, carilah regu yang sesuai. Contohnya:

a) Bergabung dengan Zahid Hamidi yang dijangka tidak dilantik oleh Najib sebagai TPM baru. Najib sudah tentu akan melantik Hishamuddin Hussein sebagai TPM.

b) Bergabung dengan TR untuk mencabar Najib. Sokongan TDM dan akar umbi UMNO saya pasti mencukupi untuk memenangi perlawanan. Ujudkan Team A dan Team B sebagaimana zaman TDM melawan TR 1987.

5. Fokuskan bahawa gerakan ini adalah untuk menyelamatkan negara kita yang tercinta dan bukannya agenda peribadi. Kalau TPM sanggup berkorban atau dikorbankan, jasanya tidak akan luput dan dikenang oleh sejarah. Lagipun untuk terus menjawat TPM yang akhirnya menjadi PM tidak akan berlaku pada TS Muhyiddin.

Ada berani ke TS Muhyiddin?


hasan said...

Kalau nilai satu unit bersamaan dengan RM1.0 juta, camna kawan?

Bersabarlah, jangan terburu-buru untuk menjatuhkan hukuman. Itu adalah tidak dibenarkan di dalam apa-apa ugama pun.

Chill kawan... chill. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata badan binasa... itu lah nasihat dari orang tua kita.

LayMan said...

7770 0002 , maybe this one :

adion said...

Mungkin 1MDB boleh buat pinjaman dengan IMF kalau Management TNB tak mahu delisted dan takeover liabiliti mereka

Li'l Abner said...

Unit Amanah Saham Bumiputra ( ASB ) lah..

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam. Ni cerita Rancangan Malaysia ke 11, taiming dia macam nak cuba alih peratian saja ni. Banyak pulak janji2 baru ...nampak gaya, selera depa tak pudak2. Media aruih perdana pon layan sakan. Barangkali, nak tunjuk depa ni tak serik2. Lepaih tu lantik Lim Kok Wing pulak...nampak macam nak buat serang balaih. Kalau dlm seni perang bawah tanah, kita mungkin
kena berjaga jaga dan kena'stepdown' buat sementara, sambe cari kaedah berbeza atau olah stratiji baru. Sekian, wassalam.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

If I am not mistaken, a month ago they said the amount money is quite substantial and that due to the restriction by Bank Negara, they had to park it at Singapore.

Now they said that it is not cash but units?

So, these units, they cannot bring back from Cayman Island directly to Malaysia but have to transit to Singapore.

Maybe PAC can clarify for the people what are these mysterious units that travel from Caymen Island to Singapore and eventually will land in Malaysia.

It would be interesting to see if the story will change again.

Senja di Kota said...

In the last Parliament session, the finance minister said all the money have been redeemed in cash and currently being parked in a bank in Singapore. BNM rules prevented it from being brought it in.
After a lull, a story broke that there was no money what so ever in BSI Singapore. New Parliament session begins, the finance minister clarified to the august house that they were actually mistaken, it is not in the form of cash but assets with added economic lingo thrown in meant to confound critics.
Second finance minister added more confusion when he said they were redeemed in units. MPs should press further on this next week. I'm fraid next time around they will say oh we've been looking into it, it is in the form of shares..

Ahli Bayati said...

Salam Datuk KJ.

Jika Umno berjaya menangkap dan seterusnya menghukum orang yang merakam ucapan TS Muhyiddin di Janda Baik tempohari, ingatlah bahawasanya si perakam tidak keseorangan. Rakyat dan majoriti ahli Umno ada di belakangnya.
Di mata rakyat, orang ini adalah martyr atau shahid di kalangan kita. Rakyat jelata tidak akan sesekali melupakan jasa hero ini.

Unknown said...

Salam Dato...

awal tahun lalu ada menyasikan pengerusi bank rakyat dato sabarrudin chik tidak di sambung kontrak oleh kerajaan kerana tidak ingin meluluskan pinjaman jutaan ringgit oleh seseorang yg punya pengaruh menteri..

pengaruh itu jgk mungkin di kenakan keatas org kuat bank negara agar tiada sebarang kenyataan dari BNM di keluar kan walaupun menteri of finance memperlekeh kn sistem yg dikatakan 'menyusahkan'

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk,

After I made a simple search, the number may be owned by Malaysiakini.

Unknown said...

Salam DAKJ

Teori saya: Teori RAHMAN akan tamat. Bakal tiba teori MAHATHIR pula. Bermula dengan Muhyidin agak nya, lepas PRU ganti dengan Azmin pula. Yang lain kena tunggu dulu.
Agak2 nya lah



1. Rekod dan siarkan ucapan macam Muhyiddin buat tak salah. Ia bukan di buat di kawasan larangan atau rahsia.

2. Ahmad Zahid dan Ahmad Maslan tentu rasa malu dengan sindiran Muhyiddin. Sayang sekali Ahmad Zahid yang saya telakkan harapan untuk bercakap bagi pihak orang Melayu sudah hilang jalan cerita (plot). Mengapa ya?

3. Kalau PAC serius boleh juga bisik-bisik tanya seorang Tun dan seorang Tan Sri (kedua-duanya Melayu) yang jadi pengarah syarikat-syarikat dan yayasan-yayasan Ananda Krishnan. Merekalah yang tandatangan cek-cek derma, tak kiralah RM1,000 atau RM600 juta atau (macam Ahmad Husni Hazadlah kata) unit, unit, unit.

4. Also next time Ahmad Maslan will tell the opposition MPs in Parliament that us is kept in Singapore are not units but gold bars, gold jewellery or IOU from Pak Man Telo. The real money could have gone a long time ago.

5. A Singapore-based Malay executive told me yesterday that we are now a laughing stock in the republic. We ought to thanks the likes of Ahmad Maslan, Puad Zarkashi and Salleh Said Keruak for making us a laughing stock.

6. Don't be despondent though. The PR maestro Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing will make our PM great again and our country will smell like "rose" once again.

7. He is also a music maestro. He can collaborate with the musically-talented spouse of our PM to write the ultimate " mother of all songs" for our ultimate entertainment.


Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hahahahahaha......mat jenin bagi 1juta se unit. Mimpi lah awok.
ANDA MISKIN MINDA.....rupanya...ok kita percaya.....Hahahahahaha

Unknown said...


Puad ni antara melayu hina yg berpolitik. Politik cari makan. suruh buat, buat. Sbb tu dulu tanding kalah. Mudah je. Sbb org benci....Bukan tak suka. Mcm ni nak d panggil pemimpin.....mimpi lah. Hari diri tiada

hassan nawawi said...

Takkan ASB kt Caymen island. Rasa Caymen investment pun in trust fund. Persoalan adalah, trust fund tu performance mcm mana dengan kalau dalam unit, adakah betul unit unit masih belum ditebus dan brapa value.

makcik said...

Hang ingat rakyat bodoh mcm wonder la pemimpin bermaharajalela sebab byk org bodoh mcm hang..senang sgt kena tipu dan ada otak tapi tak tau guna..

hassan nawawi said...

Boleh jadi mcm unit amanah sijil. Mcm sijil simpanan premium. Jadi sijil2 ini disimpan dalam safe deposits? Persoalannya selagi tak tebus, tak tahu brapa duit. Dgn cara kertas ni memberi keuntungan, unit trust bg dividen, sijil simpanan premium plak bagi peluang hadiah tapi jumlah duit tetap sama dengan pokok, atau setengah unit amanah boleh rugi. Entahlaaa mana satu. Tak nak diterangkan

nor ishak ismail said...

Najib akan terus berbohong dan memutar belitkan fakta. Itu sahaja yang beliau mampu lakukan untuk masa ini.

Berbohong dan memutar belitkan fakta tidak ada implikasi pada dirinya. Beliau akan terus lepas bebas semahunya. Tak ada sebarang hukuman yang akan menghukum beliau. Hukum hudud pun tak ada. Malahan fatwa tentang perbuatan seumpama itu pun tak ada.

Kalaulah (satu hari nanti) Najib berhenti dari jawatan PM, penghargaan tertinggi negara akan menanti beliau ia itu gelaran Tun.....aduh bestnya.

Prihal diatas sangat berlainan yang berlaku keatas seorang yang ditangkap berbohong dan memutar belit fakta yang berkaitan biznis suami Syahrizat yang melibatkan kewangan berjumlah hanya RM sejuta lebih sahaja (drp RM250juta). Orang ini telah dijatuhkan hukuman penjara dan siap akan dirotan.....aduh sakiiitnya.

Alias Dasuki said...

Salam Datuk,

If I may chip in, investments, be it local and more so international, have become quite sophisticated yet complex in recent years with the advent of electronic devices. My understanding of what happened in relation to 1MDB's so-called assets, then said to be in The Caymans and subsequently partly transferred to S'pore, is given in response to RPK's MT article on the issue a couple of days ago.

ADUHAI said...

"hasan said...

Kalau nilai satu unit bersamaan dengan RM1.0 juta, camna kawan?

7:59 PM"

Ada ke mana-mana bank dalam dunia ini buka akaun pendeposit hanya melakukan transaksi deposit "unit" heheheheheheh

Unit Kwh untuk tariff elektrik ker Kmj nak pecut lari keluar negara ?

Seperkara lagi, apa jua unit yang diklentongkan salah ke nak bawa balik skrip unit atau sijil unit tersebut kerana menyusahkan Bank Negara Malaysia sebagaimana diberitahu dahulu?

Apa2 pun unit mesti dalam kertas saja, tak kan tak boleh courier bawa balik kertas tersebut dan simpan kat peti besi di MOF or 1MDB?

Aku nak habak mai, lawak la hang ni...

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Ahmad Husni bercerita pasal unit...bukan 'hard cash'....kesian dia terapksa merapu atas arahan Maharaja.

Sabri pun meracau......suruh Puad Zarkashi t'embak' Muhyiddin...."Menteri Pelajaran yg malas" ?

Masa dia jadi Timb.Men Pelajaran dia kata dia rajin...sebab dia melawat hmpir 70% sekolah2 di Malaysia.

Dia kira 'steadylah'...mcm tu...tetapi dia juga Bengap sebab dia lupa Muhyiddin juga adalah TPM dan bukan timb. Ment Pelajaran tetapi Menteri.

Nmpaknya kaki jilat Najib...memang betul 'bangang' mcm Najib dok kata2...sebab ada org mcm....Sabri...Salleh Keruak Maslan dan Puad Zakarshi yg bangang2 belaka....termasuk buda kanyark Rizal Mansur ini.

Kesian depa. ..pasal Zahid Hamidi dan Maslan yg berada bersama...bila Muhyiddin tenyeh 1MDB diJada Baik?

Zahid ni... bukan baru kelmarin atau minggu lepas dia hilang plot.....dah lama dah......masa dia balun Sabu yg ada bukti Syiah gred A atau gred B pun kita dah nmpak betapa melaluk dan merapu dia....bukan 'standard' Menteri pun ...level dia paling tinggi pun sy bagi ahli jawtankuasa Ketua Cawangan sahaja.

Eksyen saja dia....tapi yg keluar dari mulut dia hampas belaka.

Dato...selagi org2 bangang PR Najib dok 'hentam balik' siapa2 yg kritik Najib...lagi cepat lah kita dpt PM baru...

Sy pun dahvtak sabar tengok PM baru cakap ditv...sebab dah lama dah malas tak buka tv....asyik2 dok tngok Maharaja dan bini..

Terima kasih

Joe Black said...

Interesting that Lim Kok Wing and Rosmah both sport a "Toupee" or "Hair Headgear" (share the same hairdressers?) and both are "Educationists", Rosmah with Permata whilst LKW with his "Creative" University.

It is no surprise therefore that they will be working together to Fix Najib's Flagging Image. Unfortunately Najib himself has savaged his own image with false and incorrect statements beyond redemption. It's like asking Bill Clinton to Recant "I did not Know who is Miss Lewinsky"!

Rambling Rose said...

Salam Tok, minta maaf nak masuk campur sikit yaiut ramai pembahas serius dalam blog Tok ini dah silap besar.

Mereka silap analisa siapa yang mereka lawan, jadi mereka marah dan emo kepada pendebat yang mereka kata tak ada kelas. Ada yang minta Tok jangan layan.

Yang mereka tak sedar, pendebat yang mereka kata tak ada kelas macam Hasan, Kawanlama, Umar Abdul Aziz dan dulu OKJ bukan orang bodoh. Mereka sengaja berhujah bodoh sebab sasaran mereka adalah anggota masyarakat yang kurang pengetahuan.

Sama ada mereka diupah atau buat secara sukarela, tujuan mereka adalah mempengaruhi anggota masyarakat yang tohor ilmu dan pegetahuan. Jadi mereka guna hujah dan alasan bodoh yang orang biasa boleh faham dan percaya.

Jadi biarkan saja orang macam ini kata apa yang mereka suka. Bila kita tak layan, lama kelamaan mereka akan berhenti atau majikan mereka akan berhenti bagi upahan kepada mereka.


Kawanlama said...

Terima kasih Datuk, dan coretan saya adalah begini-

Bukan sekadar rekod dan siarkan ucapan macam Muhyiddin buat tak salah, tapi perkara dibincangkan di antara TDM dan Pengiran Amin pun bukan rahsia dan tidak segan2 dilondehkan untuk tatapan umum.

Janji boleh walaupun ini menonjolkan mereka ini punyai keperibadian 'songsang', tidak punyai etika yang baik.

Matlamat menghalalkan semua cara...inilah cogan orang politik Melayu.

Mungkin sudah sampai masanya sistem negara ini dilihat semula agar PM bukan presiden parti yang memerintah bagi mengelakkan penglibatan politik melampau.

"Also next time Ahmad Maslan will tell the opposition MPs in Parliament that us is kept in Singapore are not units but gold bars, gold jewellery or IOU from Pak Man Telo."..

Semuanya ini boleh ditakrifkan sebagai 'cash & cash equivalents' dan kita tunggu apa yang akan dilaporkan oleh AG nanti.

'A Singapore-based Malay executive told me yesterday that we are now a laughing stock in the republic.'

Sampaikan salam pada Eksekutif Melayu itu yang kita di M'sia sudah ketawakan mereka lima tahun dahulu apabila kononnya yang apa mereka banggakan itu 'Temasik' sebuah organisasi pelaburan S'pore, di bawah kawalan PM& Bininya (CEO Temasik) nilai pelaburannya runtuh sebanyak abt S$40billion.

Terbahak2 kita ketawakan mereka. Itu pun di kalangan mereka yang tahu.

'Don't be despondent though. The PR maestro Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing will make our PM great again and our country will smell like "rose" once again.'

Mengingatkan saya semasa nak Petronas hendak wujudkan orchestra Philharmonik dan TSri YTL.


budak jawa said...

Harap2 guna duit Kerajaan (duit rakyat) bayar LKW untuk faedah rakyat dan negara, bukan faedah peribadi atau jawatan. Kalau boleh tau skop tugas dan tanggungjawab LKW ni pun molek juga.

Apapun, berkaitan final script in 1MDB's saga, soalan asas ke mana perginya wang yang dipinjam masih belum di jawab.

Jelas pemimpin UMNO sekarang tidak berkebolehan dan berkemampuan mengurus sebuah negara. Isu yang berkepentingan nasional seperti 1MDB diurus dari perspektif politik sempit dan kepentingan diri didahulukan.

Pada masa najib dan sekutu politiknya cuba bertahan, nasib mangsa banjir di pantai timur yang majoritinya orang melayu seperti tidak dipedulikan dan tidak kedengaran perkembangannya.

Memanglah melayu, menang sorak, kampung tergadai. Berperang saudara untuk mencapai kuasa, yang menang jadi abu yang kalah jadi arang, kepentingan bangsa jadi barang gadaian. Orang lain juga yang sentiasa menikmati faedah. Sejarah yang berulang untuk kesekian kalinya. Tahniah.

Budak jawa

Unknown said...

Rambling Rose.

Mulai sekarang sdr RR rajin2 la pulak menulis .

Agar bertambah meriah dan tentu penuh dgn paparan yg lebih baik.

Dan pastikan sdr tak ketara makan upah PMO.

Unknown said...

Terbaik daripada ADUHAI.

Najib dan menteri kewangan nak brp kali buat silap la.

Hanya galak budaya penipu . Selepas kantoi, beri alasan kesilapan yg tak disengaja.

Kalau begini caranya negara tak perlu polis, hakim dan penjara.

hasan said...

Err excuse me... hell-lu executive melayu Singapura... nak tanya ckit... duit apa yang dibawa masuk oleh LKY untuk memajukan Singapura? Kalau tarak duit dan pinjam duit camna nak bangunkan Singapura? Fikirkanlah kawan kawan....

tuai padi antara masak
esok jangan layu layuan
intai kami antara masak
esok jangan rindu rinduan

Unknown said...

Siapa lagi di kalangan Melayu yg Kawan Lama bodoh nak perbodoh?

Bila berlaku kegawatan ekonomi dunia akibat masaalah sub prime di AS, maka nilai saham semua pasaran saham dunia merudum termasuk Bursa Msia dan Sgapore.

Nilai pegangan saham portfolio Temasek juga susut kira2 SD40b dalam bentuk paper loss. Bodoooh.

Bukan real loss. Lagi pun Temasek tak pinjam duit untuk melabur.

Mana boleh banding dgn kerugian real dalam IMDB.

Kalau IMDB tu untung sangat mana akaunnya?

Dan kenapa nak bayar bunga pun kena pinjam lagi.

Ini bererti hutang IMDB lebih rm42b.

Kawan lama pi cari kerja lain lagi bagus.

Rawa Lanun Bahasa said...

Apa yang lebih dekat kepada kebenaran ialah 1MDB akan rugi tak kurang RM8 billion tetapi Dato mungkin kata nyata modal insan Melayu anak merdeka kita nyata tidak boleh berdayasaing dalam ekonomi dunia.

Wawasan 2020 gagal.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Si Najib ni dah mula melalut.

Buat kerja kumpul beribu2 penyokong sambil buang masa dan duit.

Tak cukup dgn kerajaan belanja sana sini sekarang pada peringkat nak tersingkir pun nak perhabis duit rakyat.

Mungumpulkan berpuluh ribu rakyat yg mentah yg boleh diupah dgn nasi bungkus atau T -shirt hanya merendahkan martabat Najib.

Bukankah hari tu Najib kata dah dpt sumpah setia daripada semua ketua bahgian?

Apa perlu lagi road show buang duit rakyat.

Disuruh berdebat dgn TDM takut.

Yg dia berani berucap sorang2 dpn penonton.

joetamchi said...

Unit yg unik..??

joetamchi said...

PRU13.. Nama Puad..Ramai orang dh meluat..
Mungkin juga Puad siKaki Jilat..??
Otaknya pun dah tak sihat..!!
Antara keparat keparat..!!
Itulah Puad..!

Alisedik said...

Orang rajin turun padang tak kalah pilihan raya atau aktiviti turun padang nya tak berkesan. Sama lah seperti tak turun padang. Masaalah dengan kita,selalu syok sendiri.Turun padang mesti ramai pengiring.mesti ramai yang hadir. Walhal bukan boleh mengundi pun.Macamana nak menhayati denyut nadi rakyat jelata!

Hj khanis said...

Dato Kadir
Sekarang Najib kata Sultan Pahang sokong dia.
Nampak sangat desperate?

Najib nampak macam Sudan hilang puncha
1MDB memalukan Bunkan Sahaja Kementerian kewangan tapi Najib sabagai PM.
Nampak sangat Najib kena main dengan Pak Arab Abu Dhabi Dan JLoo.

Mahayuddin kata suroh panggil police.
Saya baru main golf dengan Police.
Mereka kata dapat signal to go slow on 1MDB.

Najib Tahu Rosmah Amat dapat dengan JLoo
Dan dia Tahu Apa yang terjadi dengan wang 1MDB.
He need to buy time.
You cannot cover lies with another lies.

Datok Jalal said...

Kita boleh terima jika 1MDB ini rugi dalam perniagaan.Tapi apa perniagaan yang dia buat.Hanya beli tanah dan beli IPP.itu pun dengan harga yang tinggi.
Ini hanya melibatkan wang sabanyak $14 billion.

Apa yang terjadi dengan wNg yang salebehnya lagi $27 billions.

Sabenarnya Dato Amrin Buang dari AG hanya lah perlu buat audit macam orang kampong berniaga.
Buat cash book.Berapa wang masok dan berapa wang keluar.
Wang masok $27 billion dan wang keluar pun $27 billions.
Wang keluar $27 billion ini dia beli apa.
Beli apartment berapa,beli kapal mewah berapa,beli painting berapa,bayar Tok Arab berapa,beli Wine dan wisky berapa,bayar Paris Hilton berapa,dan bayar commision berapa.
Apa kah ini susah sangat hendak buat.
Mahayuddin kata jika dia berniaga dan CEO nya pinjam berbillion dia juga hendak tahu apa yang dia buat dengan wang itu.

Saya ingat Najib tahu,Hari dia dah dekat,sebeb itu dia pergi cari Sultan Pahang untok dapat sokongan.
Bagaimana dengan sultan negeri lain.
Perlukah di panggil majelis raja raja bermusyarat.
Jika Najib sayangkan UMNO,kita minta dia berhenti dengan baik.
Tolong lah jangan rosakkan Bangsa Melayu/ Kuasa Melayu.

Kawanlama said...

Kalau Sdra UAA terlalu tidak bodoh, pergi buat researc dan cuba dapatkan portfolio mana agaknya yang dipegang oleh Temasik telah teruk jatuh merundum?

Memang cukup bijaksana kalau boleh saudara perolehi di mana rakyat mereka juga tertanya2 soalan itu..

Kenapa pelaburan lain tidak runtuh semacam Temasik hadapi walaupun itu adalah permasalahan seluruh dunia ketika itu?

Dan cuba bandingkan national debts di antara S'pore dan M'sia as to % of GDP..

Saya berikan saudara yang nampak je macam ???? tapi agak tidak cerdik berhujah macam tin OOOOO ...maaf ye.

Kawanlama said...

...lupa hendak ucapkan tahniah kepada saudara yang akhirnya sudah faham juga istilah 'unrealised losses' tu...belajar lagi asas perakaunan yang lain kalau tidak sdra akan malu menjadi di antara ahli 'kumpulan 95% Melayu tak sekolah' yang sdra cuba war-warkan dulu.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

I hope so that the final script of this 1MDB saga has in fact started to be written down. If not we can bet that this saga will go on and on and on in synchronise with the maestro LKW orchestrated PR.

Datuk, I am sorry to admit that I have lost faith in almost all that has to do with the government - the Police, SPRM, Auditor-General, even I am not so convinced if PAC would be able to do its job without being 'molested'.

Harap doa je lah Datuk.

Terima kasih Datuk AKJ. Jaga diri dan jaga keselamatan. Doa saya buat Datuk dan keluarga.

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