Saturday, November 26, 2016

Signs of A Morally Dysfunctional Society

A Kadir Jasin

THE attack on the Shah Alam Amanah Negara’s Member of Parliament, Abdul Khalid Abdul Samad, in the Parliament House on Thursday by rowdies is symptomatic of a morally dysfunctional society.
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And since the alleged attackers are Malays, their uncivilised action brings bad name of the whole race. It’s the case of “kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga” (because of a drop of indigo, the whole pot of milk is spoilt). The English equivalent is one bad apple spoils the barrel.

According to media reports, the rowdies were members of the Pasir Salak, Perak, Umno Youth division. Since then, the police have ordered Firdaus Tajuddin, 34, the son of the Pasir Salak Umno MP and deputy agriculture minister, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, and nine others to surrender.

The nine are Mohd Rizal Shafie, 37, Ariffin Mohamed Ali, 32, Hasnah Md Razali, 48, Erwan Halmi, 36, Sapiah Aini Sulaiman, 48, Norfirdaus Ahmad Zanian, 30, Azmir Ahmad, 41, Mohd Saffek Mohd Saleh, 28, and Mohd Faizal Saidina Omar, 34.

Khalid being attacked by Tajuddin's supporters
But a Singapore Straits Times online report says the police had arrested 12 individuals to assist in the probe. They roughed up Khalid for damning Tajuddin by calling him “sial” (damned).

Apart from being Malays, these mature people are also Muslims as their beautiful Arabic names suggest. And they are no ordinary Arabic names either. Firdaus in the Quranic language means heaven and Norfirdaus means the light of heaven.

But together they had wreaked havoc, insulted the sanctity of the House of Parliament and brought bad name to the Melayus.

It appears that neither their bangsa (race) nor agama (faith) helped them to act in a civilised and rational manner – in a budiman way.

The Malays, by the virtue of their race are supposed to be imbued with “budi” (courtesy) while their religion is supposed to inculcate in them “iman” (piety) thus making them “budiman”. But the attackers had not exhibited these redeeming qualities.

What took place tells me that the society has gone back to the time when differences were settled with the use of raw muscles instead of the grey matter.

The Thursday incident brought my memory back to my village in Kedah during the 1950’s and 60’s, when petty quarrels and differences often degenerated into duels to the death.

That was what happened to a family friend of ours – a pendekar we called Pak Su Salleh. He was the younger brother of the local State Assemblyman.

He and his son-in-law duelled with another pendekar and his son-in-law on a market day using kris and golok. Salleh was stabbed to death a stone throw away from my father’s rubber dealership.

But the people who attacked Khalid at the Parliament were no brave pendekars. They were more like “kawar” (cowards) and ruffians – some 20 young men and women pouncing on a solitary middle-age MP.

They had taken power into their own hands and shown total disregard for the sanctity of the august House. If Khalid’s intransigence broke the parliamentary order, it would be for the Speaker to punish him.

And Tajuddin is no angel either. He is known for his foul-mouth. He had just made fun of the name of the Seputeh DAP MP, Teresa Kok.

Tajuddin is no paragon of civility and propriety
It is for thing like this that I keep saying that Malaysia can never achieve the status of a developed country. We do not have the quality and characteristic of a developed society.

Far too many people in the position of power are rude and crude. They lack civility and wisdom. The Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, had been reported to called Felda settlers who opposed the Barisan Nasional as “haram jadah” (bastards/illegitimate child) and the quarreling Umno bloggers “bangang” (stupid).

We might one day become rich like Mohd Najib had envisaged in his recently launched T50 vision, but still not developed.

Cash may be king but having a lot of money does not automatically make a country developed and its society civilised. There are many rich countries that are undeveloped and uncivilized.

Ayam teruna belajar berkokok
Tidur tinggi di atas pokok
Apa guna berkopiah bersongkok
Kalau pekerti tidak elok.



rahim said...

Tahniah Y.Bhg Datuk. Satu catatan tersangat baik. Terima kasih

posmen said...

Kapal korek didalam tasik
Bapa borek anak rintik.

Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,

Saya sangat sedih bila melihat seorang yang boleh dikatakan "lebih makan garam" atau "orang lama" seperti Tajuddin mengeluarkan statement yang bagi saya sangat tidak patut dikeluarkan dari mulut individu yang dipilih oleh penduduk kawasan Pasir Salak. Such a disgrace. Dan yang paling pelik, ada orang yang menyokong statement dari mulut Tajuddin ni, menyatakan betullah apa yang dia cakap tu..padahal terang lagi bersuluh double meaning. Sengaja bermain dgn sentimen racist adalah satu move biasa dari UMNO.. Please choose other trick guys. Enough with this racism.

Old friend. said...


Melayu bersikap sedemikian rupa setelah berpuluh tahun berdendam dengan sesiapa sahaja yang bersekongkol dengan parti chauvinis DAP.
Khalid Samad sanggup menghina bangsanya sendiri demi mempertahankan si perempuan cina DAP dalam dewan yang mempunyai "KOK".
Ini telah mencabar kedaulatan bangsa Melayu yang dimartabatkan oleh Tun Mahathir.
Tetapi hari ini, Mahathir Iskandar Kutty Mohammad adalah HIPOKRIT PALING AGUNG.
Selama 22 tahun memerintah negara dan memimpin parti Melayu, orang2 Melayu diracun fikiran mereka supaya membenci DAP dan Lim Kit Siang.
Tetapi sekarang dia salahkan Melayu kerana tidak mahu menerima LKS.
Bingai betul mamak ni.

Old friend. said...



dt rahman pekan said...

bpak borek anak rintik

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.
Dan maghap Kadiag, aku rasa tajuk hang "a morally dysfunctional society" tak berapa tepat. Lebih tepat munkin "a morally bankrupt and criminalised society"...dan paling tak kena bila hang sabit Islam dgn 'melayu'.
Perangai ragud, merempit, menjerit jerit hambog maki hamun, isap fit, amphetamin, pecaya tahyul, assobiah, bunuh bayi ( lepaih tu boh dlm tong ikan), tipu kering, risyuah tahap satu donia...Islam ka...?
Dlm bab assobiah saja, aku rasa lama dah Rosulullah S.A.W. tolak depa....
Maksud Hadith:
"Bukan dari golongan kami orang yang menyerukan kepada 'ashabiyah (fanatisme kesukuan), bukan dari golongan kami orang yang berperang demi 'ashabiyah, dan bukan dari go­longan kami orang yang mati mempertahankan 'ashabiyah". (H.R. Abu Daud).

Beliau juga merubah pemahaman "Bela-lah saudaramu, baik ia berbuat zhalim, atau dizhalimi" dari jahiliyah kepada Islam, yaitu dalam hadits yang diriwayatkan oleh Al-Bukhari, bahwa beliau bersabda kepada orang di sekitarnya pada suatu kali:

"Bela-lah saudaramu, baik ia berbuat zhalim (menganiaya) atau dizhalimi (dianiaya)". Maka orang-orang yang mendengar sabda beliau itu terkejut, dan mereka lantas bertanya penuh keheranan, "Ya Rasulullah, ini kami bela ia dalam keadaan ter­aniaya, bagaimana pula kita (kami) membela orang yang menga­niaya?" Beliau bersabda, "Kamu mencegahnya dari berbuat zhalim (aniaya), maka yang demikian itu adalah berarti kamu membelanya".(dari wikiislam).


Zalman A said...

Two women journalists were reportedly sexually harassed by the red-shirts during the group’s counter-rally against Bersih on Nov 19.

“(I felt) really terrified and was momentarily unable to do (my) job,” said Malay Mail Online senior correspondent P Yiswaree, who added that one of the red-shirts followed her after she was heckled by the group, as reported by the Southeast Asian Alliance (Seapa).

This incident occurred at Padang Merbok, where the journalists said they were “harassed and almost groped” by the red-shirts.

Yiswaree said the red-shirts also harassed another journalists, though concerned bystanders stepped in and prevented the incident from escalating.

It was also reported that a woman photographer immediately left the area after several members of the red-shirts crowd shouted racial slurs such as “Chinese pig” at unspecified persons.

“Government authorities must condemn and investigate these incidents of harassment and intimidation against women journalists covering red-shirt rallies,” Seapa executive director Edgardo Legaspi said.

In October, the red-shirts had also roughed up a group of media personnel, demanding them to delete their videos and pictures, after they got into a small altercation with a Bersih convoy.

The red-shirts, led by Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos, also held a protest outside the Malaysiakini office building on Nov 12.


The "leadership" of Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil has led to the breakdown of Malaysian society in three ways:

a) Breakdown of governance - the world's greatest living kleptocrat runs free while mere cartoonists are persecuted for pointing out his many wrongdoings. The 24-hour replacement is a global laughing stock but is happy to sell off the integrity of the legal system to please his master.

b) Breakdown of morality - the dedak-fed structure of Parti Dedak Najib will not rock the boat, as long as their share of stolen public funds trickles down to them. Now the favoured tactic seems to be sponsored violence, anf of course those responsible will be cleared later by the 24-hour replacement - if they are charged at all.

c) Breakdown of religion & race - we can see that both have become cheap political weapons. All the leaders of Parti Dedak Najib can speak about is the "struggle" of the party. There is no struggle except to grab as much money as fast as possible.

What has caused all this?

The moral degradation of the Malays. And meanwhile a blinkered and selfish attempt to make political capital out of religion, but we cannot see the massive corruption and injustice around us.

majid smsp88 said...

Salam subuh Datuk...

Laa ni payah dah nak dengar kokok kan ayam sebelum subuh dalam bandar. Pelik pulak dalam Parlimen ada 'ayam jantan kampung' berkokok. If bunyinya menarik tak apa gak. Ini sumbang sangat & sangat pelik la bila ayam bersongkok berkokok "aku jantan, aku jantan, aku jantan"...

Sulaid said...

As Salam Datuk,

What Datuk write " Far too many people in the position of power are rude and crude " is also very much applicable to the leaders in the opposition parties. It is clearly noticeable during parliament and state assembly meetings.
It is just normal that opposition will wait for any new issue, big or small involving BN/UMNO/ federal government to surface then they will capitalise on it.
Khalid Samad also is someone with rude character and sometimes "kurang ajar" in the parliament. I think any parliamentary action taken on him by the speaker will not change him to a better person.

Awang Goneng said...

Syaitan sedang berpesta,
Kuasawan menipu dan berdusta,
Agamawan mengangguk bermuka muka,
Demi kuasa, harta dan wanita.

Syaitan sedang berpesta,
Si Jahil berfatwa merata rata,
Si Alim tersengih dan ternganga,
Tercekik dedak tak mampu bersuara....

Tit-for-tat said...

what that infamous Tajuddin "without the Kok" said in Parliament was not only vulgar and crude, it also showed how he was brought up, it also brought a black mark unwittingly onto his parents who surely didn't teach him how to misbehave towards women. It is also fair to ask if he wants to teach his children to "misbehave" in the same manner. So if he wants the rakyat to drop his new name "w-t-k", he has to do the right thing and apologise to Teresa.

Out of control said...


From the "attack'' on Khalid, now on to Zunar.
DPM, Home Minister, IGP please show to the rakyat what action you will take against these "outlaws".
Khairy, these are UMNO youth members, are they going out of your control?

PakSogo said...

Pelik sungguh negara Malaysia sekarang. Orang mencarut pun salahkan Dr Mahathir? kerana ajaran Mahathir?
Sepanjang 22 tahun memerintah tak pernahpun saya dengar Mahathir mencarut.

John Doe said...

MP Pasir Salak low class dan kemuflisan idea untuk berhujah sehingga dihinanya nama orang lain dalam bentuk kelucahan.

Kemudian apabila dipanggil sial dibawanya anaknya dan konco2 untuk menunjukkan kesamsengan.

Standard MP longkang.

Zalman A said...

Umno will go all out to drag PAS out of the hopeful grand coalition of the Opposition that will include PAS, PH and PPBM. It’s not that Umno desires PAS to be part of BN, but it’s purely a political ploy to debilitate PAS and the Opposition. Umno knows that a united Opposition will see BN lose the next general election. Umno is cognizant of the fact that if it’s going to be a one-to-one electoral battle, BN will lose the general election.

Umno is also mindful that PAS still commands a considerable support from the rural and semi-urban electorate. This is what Umno fears most before calling for a general election anytime soon, until PAS and the Opposition are derailed.

PAS will be played out again.

Sad to say, PAS under its present leadership will be played out again and again by Umno. The present enfeebled PAS is Umno’s main target now. As such, the onus is for PAS to make a wise political decision. And PAS has three choices to choose prior to the general election:Firstly is to swallow their undeservedly pride and be with PH and PPBM to form a strong coalition to take BN on a one-to-one electoral battle.

Zalman A said...

The battle should be based on a common policy framework that can convince the electorate into voting for the Opposition. This course will rattle BN and the Opposition will have a better chance to win the next general election. No doubt that PAS presently may not be a popular party with its ambiguous approach to politics but at least a one-to-one fight in the next general election and the prevailing negative sentiments electorate have against the BN government, the Opposition can make a huge stride and win big in the 14th general election.  

Secondly, PAS can be a political partner in BN by merging with Umno or be a component party in BN. This however will be a sore to BN, Sabah and Sarawak. The move will not favour Umno either. Only the political heads in PAS will approve to this move expecting for some recompenses in case BN wins with this strategy, but majority of the grassroots from both Umno and PAS will object to this. Apparently, Umno’s sincerity in bringing PAS into its fold is doubtful and suspicious.

Thirdly, PAS may decide to do it alone with its three member coalition. This will be a very weak entity that will see PAS losing big in the election. It will tantamount to a three-corner electoral battle just like how it happened in the recent by-elections for the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar seats.

With split votes for the Opposition candidates, BN turned out victorious in those by-elections. If truth be told, this strategy is actually Umno’s and BN’s dream.  And with such a move in all electoral seats, Umno and BN will win big in the 14th general election.  Can this also be PAS’ plan?

Zalman A said...

The grand coalition must embrace East Malaysia too, but not via Peninsula parties.

Adenan's discomfort is palpable.

There is no progress on MA63 and the "BN Consensus" on Hadi's bill is a mirage.

So why not negotiate better terms with someone else?

old lady said...

This old guy surely was born after 1969. He knows nothing about DAP.

tauhid said...

Kepimpinan melalui teladan,till now just seen rasulallah can be follow.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Parlimen adalah satu tempat di mana undang-undang negara dibuat atau digubal oleh ahli Parlimen (Lawmakers) dalam negara.

Parlimen juga adalah pusat kuasa yang tertinggi dan merupakan simbol demokrasi dalam negara.

Ahli Parlimen sepatutnya mempunyai karakter, berhemah dan moral yang tinggi kerana merekalah yang akan menentukan undang-undang negara untuk manfaat rakyat.

Orang yang menentukan undang-undang negara sudah tentulah sepatutnya bermoral tinggi dan tahu yang mana salah dan yang mana betul.

Kita tengok ahli parlimen dalam negara kita bercakap pasal alat sulit wanita ini bukan baru. Berapa tahun yang sudah ada yang menghina perempuan dengan berkata pasal haid di Parlimen.

Di negara maju, seperti di Singapura, dan negara di Eropah, perkara ini tidak berlaku.

Perkara ini berlaku sebab utamanya adalah pembangkang adalah lemah.

Pembangkang adalah lemah kerana tidak bersatu.

Pembangkan tidak bersatu kerana PAS.

Apakah akan terjadi sekiranya RUU355 PAS ditolak di parlimen?

Pada pandangan saya, kalaulah RUU355 PAS ditolak, akhirnya hukuman di Mahkamah Syariah masih juga akan ditingkatkan juga oleh kerajaan sepertimana yang terjadi di 1986.

Kalaulah Jamil Khair mengetuai usul mahu meningkatkan hukuman mahkamah Syariah, saya yakin MCA, Gerakan dan Sarawak tidak jadi masalah.

Saya yakin 70%, RUU355 akan menjadi satu tema di PRU14 memandangkan perkara ini tidak akan selesai untuk masa yang terdekat.

Kemungkinan besar, menjadi “win win” senario. Win win maknanya 2 pihak yang menang dan mesti ada satu pihak yang kalah.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk

Anak Dato buat kalut sebab dlm Parlimen Dato Tajuddin dah kena dgn Khalid Samad.
Di Parlimen ni tempat berbahas utk cari jalan membina Negara bukan utk mencabar bertumbuk.
Apa pun perkara sudah terjadi sbg satu babak yg memalukan Bangsa Melayu.
Semoga perkara ini dpt dielakkan pada masa akan datang.
Persoalan yg timbul ialah kenapa zaman Najib aja berlaku mcm mcm perkara dan peristiwa pelik?
Mungkin tiada keberkatan?

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Ramai yang marah dan tidak faham kenapa Tun Dr Mahathir bersedia bekerjasama dengan DAP sekarang berbanding dengan pendiriannya masa lalu.

Saya percaya ramai yang marah sebab mereka tidak terdedah keoada pelbagai pandangan politik samada pro atau kontra dengan media kerajaan.

Mereka hanya menumpu pada satu sumber maklumat sahaja, tv3 contohnya.

Setakat saya tahu dan berulangkali saya nyatakan, Tun Dr Mahathir terpaksa bekerjasama pada masa ini kerana sudah ada pengganti yang lebih teruk dari DAP, yang lebih teruk itu adalah Najib.

Jom kita bandingkan pula antara DAP dan UMNO, dan bandingkan juga antara Najib dan Lim Kit Siang dalam contact bangsa, rakyat, ugama dan negara.

Nilailah dengan fikiran terbuka, sokong siapa, letak tepi sat.

Harap Dato dapat hasilkan satu tulisan khusus kenapa Tun terpaksa (bukan suka suka) bekerjadama dengan DAP sekarang.

Dynamic Hijrah said...

Kalau Speaker bertindak matang dan non-partisan beliau sepatutnya "censor" perkataan "unparliamentary" yg d keluarkan oleh MP P.Salak terhadap MP Seputih.Sikap tidak profesional Speaker menyebabkan isu ini menjadikan keadaan tidak bertamaddun dlm dan luar parlimen.

sukasamasuka said...


1. Tajuddin Abdul Rahman adalah dari jenis kaum2 Melayu yang sudah termakan Sumpah Sial.

2. Anak dia, Firdaus Tajuddin, 34, dan kawan2 dia...sudah terkena tempias Sumpah Sial yang sama.

3. Kesialan kaum2 Melayu yang jenis ini adalah akibat termakan Sumpah Sial ketua mereka sendiri, Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil, yang pernah melabelkan peneroka2 Melayu Felda yang tidak sebulu dengan dia sebagai “haram jadah”.

4. Ingat la kamu...bukan aku yang cakap...tetapi, dari Hadis sahih Anas r.a....dimana Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda

"Hendak la kamu waspada terhadap doa orang yang dizalimi sekali pun dia adalah orang kafir. Maka sesungguhnya tidak ada penghalang diantaranya untuk diterima olih Allah Taala"...Hadis Riwayat Ahmad- sanad Hasan.

5. Nampak sudah kesan2 nya...the Signs of A Morally Dysfunctional Society...sumpah jangan dimain2.

sukasamasuka said...


"...“kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga...”

1. Tidak sekali kali Datuk!

2. Melayu2 sial ini adalah dari suku-suku kaum Melayu UMNO...tidak ada kena mengena sedikit pun dengan Melayu macam kami.

3. Sebab, ketua kami bukan nya Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil.

4. Sesiapa diantara kamu yang masih mau dengan dia...ambil la anak haramzadah itu...nanti kami bungkis dia dengan surat kabar lama seperti Utusan yang tak laku dijual...

5. Sorry, Datuk...kami bukan susu yang sebelanga dengan anak sial itu!

adion said...

Orang Melayu kini melihat para pemimpin Umno sepertimana mereka melihat pemimpin DAP. Tiada ada bezanya

Unknown said...

Old Friend 9.32......Dr.Mahadir and Lim Kit Siang
has grown old and mellowed gracefully. They no longer
see things in black and white.Now they realize that
when black are mixed with white, the color is GREY.
Hence now they can work together for the better
future. Hope God will grant them both with good
health to see the last fruit of their labour.
Now, who is the SICK OLD MAN....???????
The sick old man, my dear friend Old Friend, is
U. Jiddu Krishnamurti said, "It is no measure of
health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick

What sedition? said...

Putrajaya must stop making up new interpretations to the Sedition Act just because of criticism, jokes, cartoons, etc. etc. It just shows the ignorance of the laws and the protection accorded to all the rakyat under the Federal Constitution.

" Cartoonist Zunar's arrest under the Sedition Act over cartoons lampooning the government is against amendments made to Act last year, said anti-Sedition Act group Gerakan Hapus Akta Hasutan (GHAH).

Section 3(1)(c) of the Act, which had considered criticism against government as an act of sedition, was removed in the amendments passed on April 10, 2015, and gazetted on Jun 4 last year. "

Read more:

Lee Watt said...

One of the reasons is because of influence by thugs in PKR. Copied by Bersih, which is supported by Mahathir and Bersatu. Calling for demonstrations to overthrow the government is thuggish behaviour. But Kadir tries to sit on a high horse and trying to insinuate this behaviour is limited to those Pasir Salak people. In reality, his Bersatu and Bersih are like that too.

Failed to connect said...

no matter warm, hot, cool, cold, Trump has just too many problems to want to cozy up with our PM. Look, so many days have passed, now only this telephone call got through.

It was reported that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak reconnected with US President-elect Donald Trump through what he described as a "warm" telephone conversation.

The Prime Minister's Office spokeperson earlier told the BBC Najib has a autographed picture with Trump on his desk, and that the duo had golfed together.

"Great to reconnect with President-elect Donald Trump following his outstanding win," Najib said after the phone call today.

Undertones show that situation is so desperate to get the DOJ to close down their investigation. President elect Trump with his group of advisors should know very well that Malaysia no longer supports its current leaders. Malaysia has just shown its finger at good old USA and teamed up with China.

sukasamasuka said...


Petition to White House to reveal MO1's identity...

Some 10,000 people have signed an official online petition to the White House seeking details on "Malaysian Official 1 (MO1)" that was named in a civil forfeiture suit initiated by the US Depart of Justice.

The petition...

said that the court documents had claimed that US$681 million was illegally transferred to the personal bank accounts belonging to MO1 and yet there was no investigations in Malaysia.


Unknown said...

En.Sulaid 7.01am........It depends on whose side U are.
If U are on the umno's side, Nothing wrong with Tajuddin's
crudity. In fact, U even consider his double meaning on
the word 'Kok' as intelligent, shrew, ape or just a joke.
Same goes to Khalid Samad's 'SYAL'.
Now, all the youngsters in cyber forums used 'SYAL'
when they reffer to Jamal Jamban, Tajuddin, Zahid,Najib
Hishamuddin, etc. Hilang sudah gelaran like Hishamuddin
Pondan tukar jadi SYAL, Zahid Komidi jadi Zahid SYAL.
'SYAL' is now synonyme to umno heroes!!!

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Sebenarnya budaya samseng...bongkak dan besar diri sudah sebati dgn Ketua2 Politik negara...Tidak kira dari BN atau Pembangkang.

Untuk bersikap adil pd Tajuddin dan anak dia...kita lihat juga kelibat Guang Eng...Kit Siang....Sabu...
Rayen...Tony Pua dan lain2...kita dapat melihat persamaannya.

Cuma...Ketua2 Melayu kelihatan lebih menonjol terutama dlm komen2 lebih2 lagi terhadap wanita ...dgn komen2 berbaur 'sexist'....lucah...menghina dsb.

Tetapi ini tidak bererti sy menyokong Tajuddin..malah sy menyokong Khalid yg cuba mempertahan Teresa.

Apa pun...kerana Tajuddin seorg Timb Menteri ...berbangsa Melayu.. bersongkok...dan dari Parti Umno...diterajui oleh Mappadulung HZ...ianya menguatkan lagi sentimen ramai betapa 'sial' nya Ketua2 Melayu dari Parti Umno.

Lihat Jamal tongkol...Nazri Aziz...Bung Mukhtar...Jawa totok dan ramai lagi pun sudah jelas terpancar betapa bongkak...besar diri serupa samseng sahaja mereka2 ini.

Tetapi...apa alasan sekali pun perbuatan Tajuddin cukup memalukan bangsa ..tidak mempamerkan sikap org Melayu yg berbudi dan berbahasa malah kelihatan cukup menjengkilkan.
Paling berat pula bila dia bersongkok...kelihatan seolah2 spt seorg yg alim (boleh dibahaskan).

Apa yg 'Demi Bangsa dan Ugama' disini...bila Ketua2 Melayu Umno saban waktu dan hari nengkhianati slogan tersebut.

Sebenarnya perkerti org2 yg alim dan berilmu tidak mungkin begini.
Mereka selalu mengawal mulut dan pekerti kerana takut pd kemarahan Allah SWT...tetapi buat Ketua2 hipokrit Umno ianya perkara biasa.

Bagi mereka..dlm bab ugama...minyak dan ayer tidak bercampur.....buat onar hari ini....pergi Umrah dan Haji esok lusa.
Makan dedak sepuasnya2....menderma serba sedikit...tanda ibadah.

Paling teruk...bila anak pun ikut serta mempertahan ayah dgn perbuatan yg memalukan.
Ditarik kawan2 sekali...termasuk wanita untuk menyanggah Khalid.

Ha ha....bodoh tahap gaban.

Agaknya jika ilmu ayah separuh tong...ilmu anak suku tong lah.

Mali Bin Muyung said...

Well saod Dato. But it is not that suprising at all. This minister wad also reportrd by the media to hv punched his driver after failing to locate TSMY house in time for a gathering.
Your pantun aptly describe his character.
Should consider keeping long hair, rides a HD baru nampak mcm Hell Angel.
Baru ngam. A moron Malay, he is.

Sulaid said...

As Salam Datuk,
Dalam konflik antara Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman dengan Khalid Samad, saya melihat sekurang2nya Datuk Tajuddin mempunyai seorang anak jantan yang sanggup mempertahankan ayahnya bila ayahnya diperkatakan sedemikian walaupun tindakan itu dilihat melampaui batas.
Sebaliknya bila wakil DAP Shamsher Singh Thind semasa konvensyen DAP pada 9 Nov 2016 mengelar Dr Mahathir sebagai bapa ayam, mana anak2 jantan beliau? mengapa tidak mempertahankan ayahanda mereka? Mana ladyboy Syed Saddiq, mana Khairuddin sotong laut...mengapa tidak mempertahankan sifu mereka?

jen said...

celcom pun nampaknya ada penyakit nak puja orang luar..

apa nak jadi malaysia ni!

sukasamasuka said...


1. "cock", "cork", "kok", "kouk"...all have similar homophone, but different meaning.

2. Within the context of his speech, it was abundantly clear that Tajuddin was "biadap" to refer Theresa as "a woman with a xxxx".

3. In Malay culture, we don't insult the father of another person by calling name.

4. Obviously, Tajuddin lost...Therese won.

5. Tajuddin lost to become Melayu sial!...and, his son lost jadi anak sial!...and, his friends lost too!...semua jadi sial...What a shame!

Melayu sial 0...Therese 1.

Old friend. said...

Cik Minah 6.38pm.

You said, "Dr.Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang has grown old and mellowed gracefully. They no longer see things in black and white."

Do not bullshit yourself lah.

If Najib had followed everything that Mahathir instructed him to do, do you think the Mamak "Hipokrit Paling Agung" would have kissed the super racist LKS and embraces the Chinese chauvinist DAP??? Only stupid Malays will think so.

It is very obvious that this Mamak/LKS union is a marriage of convenience born out of the "sick old man" frustration that his plan to have his son installed as the future PM was hijacked by Najib.

Cik Minah, I'm not a fan of Najib but I can never respect a "Melayu" who works with these people... the DAP Chinese that he had asked his fellow Malay followers to hate and despise when he was in power for 22 years.

He cannot fool the Melayu all the time.

sukasamasuka said...


"The Malays, by the virtue of their race...while their religion (Islam)..."

1. UMNO made the most serious mistake by associating Malay with Islam in the Federal Constitution...which was a Malayan Constitution, but, NOT a Malaysia Constitution.

2. When we formed Malaysia, it was clear that Islam was not the official religion of Malaysia, but that of the Federation of States in West Malaysia only.

3. Al Quran would easily linked Arab with Islam, but, it's not...but, the Federal Constitution is probably the only constitution in the world that specifically mentioned race with religion...that is a mistake.

4. It is a mistake because it is against human right as spelt out in the Quran 1,400 years ago.

5. Unless this clause is removed, Malaysia will never be fully developed to her full potentials.

6. Race and religion are traded by politicians like commodity.

7. Malay is just a race...there are Pagans, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and nature worshipers among the Malays from the anthropological point of view in the, let the Malays in Malaysia be free!

8. There is nothing in the Quran which assign human being to protect Islam, save in Malaysia for political purposes...not, even in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

9. Melayus must stop pretending they can protect Islam in can never happen in the next 1,400 years!

10. But, everyone has the right to practice Islam as it see fit...that is the true Islam!

sukasamasuka said...


1. Islam is not for the Melayus only...for the Melayus, their ancestral religion was never Islam, but something else...more like nature worshiping and something like that....can see those remnants in buildings, various cultures and dress, amongst others.

2. Malay-sia is not about Malay.

3. Malaysia is not the land for the Melayus.

4. Malaysia was originally formed from 5 different regions (later minus Brunei and Singapore) Sabah alone there is a recorded more than 80 ethnic groups and hundreds of sub-ethnic groupings by languages, cultures and religions...and, Islam was never the main Sarawak too.

5. Why our Federal Constitution (which is NOT in accordance to the Malaysian Agreement 1963) is made like that?

6. Who made the unilateral change?

7. Is this the behavior of a good Muslim?

8. Hudud?...what Hudud? Malaysia?

9. Unless you are blind and stupid, then you can have your Hudud.

10. Malaysia is not Kelantan!...don't you get it?

Unknown said...

En.Sulaid 8.30am..........Anak-anak jantan Tun Mahadir
semuanya dibesarkan dengan baik. Mereka bukan hooligen
macam anak-anak Tajuddin SYAL.Apakah menyerang orang
tua itu dianggap sebagai 'ANAK JANTAN'.......????
Nauzubillah min zalik...........!!!!!

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

In my view, it is the role of leaders to move rakyat's mentality one way or the other.

I remember during the 70s, the Malay community were very much into Arts/ Sastera to the point of distraction. Tun M changed this culture by putting more emphasis on Science and Technology. For example, the Look East policy, the opening of more Science-focused schools and more scholarships for students to study engineering overseas. After that came his "paradigm shift" effort. For the first time Malays heard the phrase "anjakan paradigma".

The Malays progressed under Mahathir. Poor kampung kids became engineers and scientists. The gap between Malay classes became narrow.

Therefore, I never thought we would one day see a Malay leader that leads the race into regression instead of progression. This is what we are witnessing under Najib.

Under him, we are seeing greater divide between rich Malays (aristocrats) and poor Malays (peasants). Najib is the poster boy of the aristocrats. Under him the nouveau riche Malays flourished even though some got where they are without much ingenuity or hard work.

The peasants, on the other hand, are being left stagnant with a mentality stuck in the 1990s. In fact, they are being kept the way they are so that they will continue to depend on the UMNO-led government for their livelihood. There is no bigger example to this than the BR1M handouts.

Datuk, having said all the above, if we are to look from purely political angle, this strategy is very effective in keeping Najib and UMNO in power. Given the almost total dependency on UMNO and the fear of losing this power to non Malays, all they need to do is to feed the feeble minded with stories that will enhance that fear. Come next election, however poor the peasants are, they will still vote for UMNO because UMNO fights against the Chinese (ie DAP). Other parties, including PPBM, cannot be trusted as they are friendly with the hated Lim Kit Siang.

Let's do a test to demonstrate what I said. Which of these 2 news items do you think disgusts Malays more.

1. Reports of corruption in Felda that wasted millions of tax payers money and at the same time puts farmers' livelihood at risk.

2. A viral video of a Chinese couple 'molesting' a Malay lady MBSA officer in a car park.

Najib and UMNO will continue to be in power until PPBM and the opposition are able to find ways to move the disgust from number 2 to number 1.

Vincent Ang said...


Anak pondan bersama puluhan pondan dan lesbian UMNO serang pakcik, itu apa? Sial lah!

msh said...

salam Sdra Sulaid.

Apa yg jantannya disini.

Ayah terkenal dgn sikap biadap...bercakap lucah ...mencaruti wanita secara terbuka...kamu pula menyokong anak yg cuba mempertahankan pekerti ayah yg menjengkilkan dan buruk ini.

Anak juga serupa ayah... tiada maruah tetapi berkopiah...kamu kata 'anak jantan'.

Konsep 'jantan' kamu agak bercelaru 'distorted'.

Bermaruah dlm tindak tanduk diri adalah amalan Islam.
Anak Tun sedar dan bermaruah dan faham akan pekerti wakil Dap yg mengelar ayah mereka Bapa Ayam.

Keraba Tun seorg yg bermaruah...justeru itu anak2 beliau tidak hirau..gentar atau rasa malu dgn ejekan2 dan kata nista ramai...bukan spt keluarga Tajuddin.

Fikirlah bila sdra menyokong org2 yg mcm ini.
Mereka tendah pekerti.. tiada malu dan setiap kali bersuara sampah yg busuk sahaja yg keluar.

Secara tidak langsung mereka telah menghina diri sendiri serta keluarga hingga anak turut terpalit...masih anda mahu menyokong dan mempertahankan kelakuan begini.

Akhirkata....sdra fahami betul2 erti jantan yg sdra tulis.

Kerana menulis dan bercakap memang mudah tetapi jgn memalukan diri dgn tulisan yg tidak cerdik.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Umno's greatest weapon is STUPIDITY. Malay stupidity. The weak-mindedness of those who swallow any propaganda that says the DAP will destroy the Malays; the weak-mindedness of those who think that Umno is the upholder of religion, as if stealing public funds for making Wolf of Wall Street is "Islamic".

The donkeys in UMNO are coming out braying for PAU. Here and there, they were elected as leaders. The most fundamental building block of excellence - demanding and insisting upon excellence, is totally absent from UMNO’s selection criteria. And so, UMNO Malays have a voracious appetite for dullards and dolts as leaders. Despite that, its paramount leader still talks senselessly about transformation. D

today, in the 21st century, UMNO want Malays to stay mute as democratic rights get assaulted because they are done in the name and on behalf of Malays. The Malay family will be told to accept that cruelty and abuse, because it is done by another Malay. That is how UMNO define government as.

UMNO likes this kind of rule- nowadays it’s called the Malay government- a kerajaan Melayu. But we want to know- what does kerajaan Melayu mean?  A government synonymous with leaders who are corrupt, abusive, mediocre, discretionary, repressive, incompetent, led by donkeys?

Zalman A said...

This is the reason we must continue to fight UMNO. Because government as how UMNO defines it- absolute and unquestioning acceptance and subservience to UMNO Malay rule is their version of a final expression of our political will. We must never accept that. The BN government and for that matter any government, that of PKR or DAP are not the final expression of our political will. A government is a work in progress- inching and moving towards better government and better governing. That is why we fight for better and good governance, getting rid of corruption, rejecting incompetence, fighting for the rule of law until these traits get adopted fuller and fuller by a reigning government.

Our collective political will demands a government that exhibits the traits of a good government- free from corruption, clever government, efficient and productive. It must also be a government founded on the principles of the rule of law and one of these requirements is that all citizens are treated as equals before the law and the provisions in our constitution.

That’s why we hear of things like 1Melayu shouted out by a person from Penang who doesn’t even look Malay, and worse, that is accepted by the Malays; we have things repeated by normal people like only the mentally retarded do (the latter’s conduct is excusable) – like, if you don’t like things around here, migrate, leave for another country. That kind of stupidity materialises in several forms - if the price of sugar is high, consume it less, if the price of toll increases, use other roads or get up earlier.

Do the Malays want to be trapped forever by STUPIDITY?

So easy to manipulate and brain-wash. No rational thinking.

The only answer is to clean out the cancer called Umno and start again.

Why is that so hard to grasp?



Where would a morally dysfunctional society leads Malaysia to down the garden path, Kadir?

So who is the messiah you have in mind? Donald Trump? Or Lim Kit Siang? Or Anwar?

Would a Bugis worry of iceberg sinking his humble pinisi when he has a life boat in a tongkang naga China?

Is Switzerland any safer - morally speaking?

Don't you love the Istanbul Spring: the destination down a garden path?

The slip of the leg is the fault of the mind on wet floor, is it, Kadir? Do we need to fear anything but a reckless God?

Have a nice day, AKadirJ.

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam DAKJ,

Tingkah laku yang paparkan oleh anak lelaki Timbalan Menteri ini mencerminkan kurangnya kematangan UMNO Pasir Salak (Salak) buah seperti kelubi tapi manis, (salak) perbuatan anjing bila ingin menakutkan musuh atau menunjukkan kekuatan. Kenapa harus dilakukan di perkarangan Parlimen ? sebab di sana ada banyak wartawan dan juru kamera yang akan merakamkan peristiwa BODOH ini. Untuk apa, kononnya akulah anak yang akan mempertahankan bapa walaupun apa yang bapanya lakukan adalah BODOH. Harapannya warga Pasir Salak akan mengagong agongkan beliau sebagai wira. Tanpa disedari tingkah lakunya tak mudah memperdayakan rakyat negara ini.

Apakah ini tingkah laku seorang Islam Yang bertakbir ALLAH HUAKBAR setelah memaki hamun YB Shah Alam. Pada saya ini satu kemenangan moral buat YB tersebut setelah video Tim Menteri tersebut menggeeluarkan perkataan lucah terhadap MP Teresa Kok. Biarkanlah Dato' ramai lagi ahli ahli UMNO berperangai begini. sebagai cermin bahawa inilah UMNO sekarang yang sudah lari dari landasan perjuangan sebenar. BRAVO PASIR SALAK.

Tan Sri Muhyidin dan Puan Sri berkunjung ke warung saya kelmarin makan laksa sekitar jam 3.00 petang sempat berbual dan menyatakn sokongan saya sekeluarga kepada BERSATU.


Disappearing China's investments said...

Datuk, this news from FT breaking news is really eye opener..

"China's government is poised to imposed tighter restrictions on outbound foreign investment, in a bid to curb capital outflows that are putting downward pressure on the renminbi exchange rate and draining foreign exchange reserves, according to sources.

The State Council, China's cabinet, will ban outbound investment deals worth more than $10bn or mergers and acquisitions above $1bn if they are outside the Chinese investor’s core business, according to two sources who have seen a draft document outlining the new rules. State-owned enterprises will also not be allowed to invest more than $1bn in foreign real estate, according to the sources.

Let's reflect and see how and where these restrictions will eventually affect?
Johore state, and the slew of deals signed recently during Najib's visit to China?

Sulaid said...

As Salam Datuk,
Walaupun majoriti pembahas dalam ruangan ini se olah2 sudah "endorsed" pertunangan politik antara PPBM dengan DAP tapi masih ramai Melayu diluar sana yang sangsi dengan keikhlasan DAP, masih yakin DAP mempunyai agenda dan motif politik terpendam terhadap orang Melayu.
Lihat di Amerika Syarikat, kaum Yahudi yang minoriti menguasai ekonomi dan politiknya. Tidak mustahil DAP dg kaum Cina minoriti boleh menguasai politik Malaysia, sekarang pun mereka sudah menguasai ekonomi Malaysia.
Disebabkan kerusi parliament dengan majoriti kaum Cina ada 51 kerusi sahaja
maka untuk mencapai cita2 mereka, mereka sangat2 memerlukan pertolongan dan penggabungan dengan parti politik berasaskan kaum Melayu.
Kemudiannya bila kuasa politik sudah berada dalam tangan...lunyai lah orang Melayu.
Cerdik2 orang Melayu berpolitik ada bodohnya. Bodoh2 orang Melayu berpolitik ada cerdiknya. Ini bergantung lah kepada parti politik Melayu yang mana satu.

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