Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump’s Policies Could Trounce Ringgit Further

A Kadir Jasin

Bernama/NSTP Report, Nov. 11

 MY preliminary thoughts on yesterday’s election of Donald John Trump as the US 45th President and its likely impact on our country is this.

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If Trump decides to use monetary policy as a key element of his economic management when he takes office on January 20 next year, we may see the interest rates and inflation rising.

Higher interest rates will push the US dollar up, draw more savings and investment to the US and making import cheaper.

Trump had allegedly said Najib is his number 1 PM
If that happens, we can expect to see the ringgit gets bombed once again. On 12 August, the ringgit fell to RM4.0025 to a dollar,  the lowest in 17 years.
It had seen been creeping up.

An interest rates increase will strengthen the dollar further and cause havoc to the currencies of the developing economies.

But if he revises the rates downward, which is highly unlikely, our currency may be spared provided there is no further erosion in confidence towards the government of Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

Any strengthening of the US dollar is likely to affect us more drastically than  other emerging economies because the ringgit is among the developing market's currencies that declined the most against the greenback.

We could be badly affected by Trump’s economic policies and his Islamophobia irrespective of whether Mohd Najib is his “favourite PM” or not.

Najib is Trump's golfing buddy.
A New York Times analysis by Niel Irwin notes that the bond market is, as a rule, a more reliable guide to what global investors believe the future will look like than the erratic stock market. He wrote:

“And on Wednesday, bond markets sent one signal loud and clear: The Trump years are likely to feature higher inflation and higher interest rates than have prevailed in recent years.

“The interest rate on 10-year Treasuries soared to the highest level since January, rising 0.22 percentage points to 2.07 percent. And much of the rise was attributable to investors’ belief that inflation will be higher than had seemed to be the case before the election surprise.

"Bond market data tells us that consumer prices are on pace to rise 1.7 percent a year over the next half-decade, up from 1.61 percent Tuesday. The jump was even larger for longer-term expectations, with expectations of annual inflation over the next 10 years rising 0.13 percentage points and over the next 30 years rising 0.15 percentage points.”

I will reserve my comments on Trump’s other likely policies but debaters are free to discuss. Maybe someone would like to crystal-ball on the ongoing Department of Justice (DoJ) kleptocracy case against the alleged thieves of New York.



Hudhud said...

The new AG to will very likely be Rudy Giuliani who has been part of the Trump inner circle supporting him all the way. Giuliani served as mayor of New York City from 1994 through 2001. He was a tough United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York during the 1980s and prosecuted pivotal cases against the American Mafia, and against corrupt corporate financiers.

I think he will go after Hillary first. There are 2 cases ,the private email server case and the Clinton foundation pay for play case. Maybe they will just target one that is much easier to prosecute. I think Hillary and the Clintons are finished. Even the Democrats will not support them anymore. They have made the biggest blunder in choosing such a flawed candidate for the election.

If Giuliani go after the Clintons, I see no hope for Najib despite being Trump’s best PM. I guess he is best PM because he is the only billionaire leader of a country in this world. Even Trump doesn’t have that honour. But he can still claim that title if Najib is charged and convicted!!

sukasamasuka said...


1. Congratulation Mr. Donald Trump for winning the presidential the next 45th President of United States.

Fantastic performance...winner takes all... and securing control of both the upper and lower houses of Congress...brilliant!

2. Mr. Donald Trump is a good news for Muslims...if you are a good Muslim, that is...and a good Malay...especially if u are a good Malay, there is nothing to worry about.

3. He is a bad news for Muslims too...those who carried out acts of terrorism in whatever forms...anywhere, in the it bombing and maiming innocent lives...or a more sinister form of financial terrorism by Muslim groups...and, by the way, money laundering is a serious crime in let's have some fish head KARI, shall we?

4. Mr. Donald Trump...I love you, Sir and it is my hope that you will become the greatest President of US...because I know you will look up to small guy like we nowhere to turn to...please help us, Sir!

5. May God Bless you, Sir.

God Bless America!

sukasamasuka said...


1. Mr. Donald Trump was a businessman...a successful billionaire in property...before he is elected as the 45th President of US come January 20th, 2017.

2. As a businessman, his role is different...he played golf with anyone...he likes women one cares about that because it is a private matter.

3. As a President...he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Most Powerful Nation on earth...he is now a public protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not just his Trump's Towers and the way, money laundering is a crime against the state and against the Constitution of the United States.

4. Obama played golf with Najib when Obama is the President of US.

5. Trump played golf with Najib when Trump was a businessman...if it's true as claimed by BBC...I want to see it again after the 20th of January 2017!

Oh dear!...what a sight!...I can't wait...sorry, I can wait for the nest 4 problem..

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Pentadbiran di Amerika tidak sama dengan Malaysia.

Parti Republican bukan sahaja menang Presiden tetapi 2 dewan rakyat iaitu Congress dan Senate.

Oleh itu, Republican akan pastikan Parti itu terus kekal menguasai kedua-dua dewan rakyat itu.

Presiden Trump, yang baru ini tidak boleh mentadbir Amerika macam tadbir syarikatnya. Parti Republican akan pastikan Trump “in check” selama 4 tahun.

Di Amerika, kuasa bukan sahaja terletak pada Presiden sahaja, tetapi parti ada kuasa yang besar. Presiden tak boleh buat sembarangan.

Setahu saya, Attorney General (Peguam Negara), kemungkinan ditukar yang baru. Tetapi kes Kleptokrasi DOJ ini sudah pun bermula dan telah mendapat liputan dunia. Mengikut media, kes Kleptokrasi yang paling besar dalam sejarah.

Saya tak fikir Trump akan kata mengikut pepatah Mat Soleh, “Let by gone be by gone.”

Buat masa terdekat ini, mungkin Trunp akan sibuk hendak bina projek tembok besar dengan Mexico.

Tembok di German telah dirobohkan, Trump hendak bina tembok baru dengan Mexico sejauh 3100km

Tembok yang akan dibina sejauh 3100km bernilai US25 billion atau RM100 billion. Projek ini sudah tentunya dibuat oleh syarikat tempatan, bukan oleh kontraktor negara China.

Mengikut Trump, Mexico akan bayar kos pembinaan tembok sejauh 3100km. Saya pun tak tahu macamana Mexico hendak bayar, boleh jadi Mexico akan bayar menggunakan “Tequila”.

Sekarang ini, beribu orang berdemo di seluruh Amerika membantah Trump sebagai Presiden. Setakat ini, belum ada lagi penyokong Trump yang mempamerkan rentak silat untuk menakut-nakutkan penyokong Demokrat.

sukasamasuka said...


1. Mr. Trump is a brash straight talking white man businessman turned politician...whereas, Mr. Obama was a soft spoken blackie professorie turned politician.

2. Obama is a total disappointment.

3. Obama is a black President elected by the whites majority...a very awkward, he doesn't know whether he is black or something else...which caused great anger and frustration with his core supporters...the very young people that voted him to the office.

4. That is the greatest lesson for PPBM and other Oppositions in Malaysia.

5. Do you have young Malaysian voters with you?...if not, forget's not yours.

Hudhud said...

In the 90s with the collapse of the Soviet Union, US has been the sole superpower in the world. And they really acted like one, bossing others around. They could have helped Russia during those difficult times when its economy collapsed. Instead they broke their promise to Russia and began the expansion of NATO eastwards, each time irritating the Russians. The Russians of course couldn’t retaliate.

But there is a huge difference now after 20 years. The dragon has arisen in the east. China is fast becoming a superpower. During these times when Russia was isolated by the west, and the US were preoccupied in the ME, China has been taking advantage by coming up with great initiatives such as reopening the silk road belt together with the maritime version of it. They are now the major force in Africa, ensuring the supply of raw materials. And in Latin America too. The geopolitical strategies of the US are in total mess. They are outmoded and makes no sense anymore.

Trump is a businessman and he is definitely more pragmatic. He perceives rightly that its not Russia that is the threat to US but China. Thus it makes sense to befriend Russia and use that to contain the dragon. With a friendly Russia, what need is there for Nato? How much cost can you they save from that?

With China growing they will want to extend their presence further out into the pacific to protect their own security interest. It is inevitable. If the US is smart they will reciprocate by withdrawing further and further away. China is not interested to attack Taiwan. For what? They can afford to wait. One of these days when they have made enough economical as well as politically progress it would be in Taiwan’s interest to return to them. Can Japan afford to take on the dragon? For what? Again it makes more sense for them to tap into China's progress and prosperity. The same for S Korea.

Trump is also not really interested in waging these stupid wars against the so called Islamic terrorists. Actually these terrorist could be destroyed very easily. Where did they get their weapons? Who supplied them? Who financed them? Wikileaks just revealed the they were actually financed by the Qatar and Saudi governments with the full knowledge of US. If the US were to work closely with the Russians, they could destroy these kuching kurap terrorists in a matter of months.

Most US elites have not really come to term with the fact that soon the dragon will be a force that can not only rival but actually overtake them. Its difficult for them to accept this since they have been the superpower of the world for so long. But the sooner they realise this and start to make changes to their geopolitical strategies the better it is for them. I think we will get to see these pragmatic changes during Trump’s term. And it will do a lot of good to the rest of the world too.

Slip sliding away said...

the ringgit has started to tank.
Against the USD, it is now 4.30, against the AUD it is 3.30.
Slide, slide, slide, it puts pressure on Bank Negara to go for another rate of interest cut.

sukasamasuka said...


"Penangkapan Jufazli dan masa depan Sabah...November 10, 2016...Jufazli bersalah kerana cuba mendedahkan kepincangan dalam pentadbiran Sabah yang sering dianggap deposit tetap BN...Malam tadi, Jufazli Shi Ahmad memuat naik status di laman Facebook berkenaan penahanannya di Balai Polis Travers, kuala Lumpur.

....senaraikan antara “jenayah” Jufazli:

- Mempersoal kebobrokan kritikal bekalan air di Sabah meskipun diperuntukkan belanjawan tertinggi sejak 5 tahun lalu untuk bekalan air (RM715.36 juta).

- Mempersoal kronisme projek air yang dianugerahkan selama 20 tahun.

- Menuntut Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menyiasat dengan mendalam tanpa bertolak ansur, bukan sahaja Pengarah Jabatan Bekalan Air Sabah tetapi juga terhadap Ketua Menteri Datuk Seri Musa Aman dan bekas ketua menteri, Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

- Mengkritik dengan lantang Datuk Seri Najib Razak kerana mempertahankan Musa dan pemimpin Sabah lain.

- Mempersoal sama ada SPRM dan Peguam Negara akan menutup kes skandal air Sabah begitu sahaja demi melindungi kepentingan induvidu atau kumpulan elit tertentu di Sabah.

- Mengkritik pengekalan jawatan timbalan pengarah Jabatan Bekalan Air Sabah meskipun selepas penahanan pengarahnya."


1. I would like to share some messages....quote...

"Si Safie sibuk dengan Bersatu"

"Salah perancangan"

"Suruh Safie sibuk pasal Sabah..bertanding di Sabah bukan di Semenanjung"

"Tiada orang sibuk2 pasal parti Warisan"

"Tiada Warisan, kita undi DAP"

2. Excuse me, Shafie got the message?...why don't you continue your stay in KL and...seriously...I don't think we want your shit in Sabah...just p*** off and give Warisan to younger ones, ok...comprehendi?...

3. What happen to this young Sabahan...Jufazli Shi Ahmad?

4. Can someone check his safety at Balai Polis Travers, Kuala Lumpur?

5. Please spread the news and help him...whatever you can...please help him...we can't do much being 1,500 km away from KL...please help him...someone?

Pakcik said...

Apa yg ko merepek nie setan..??!!

rahman jpc said...

white hse akan menjadi 'corporate hq' bagi business man trump.

yes,he is a business man at heart n has very little interest in politics.

to him every thing is nonsensical if it cannot b assessed in terms of dollars n cents. the rest is 'nonsense'.

so najib who has quikly made it known 2 d malaysian public that trump is his golfing buddy, may still succeed in shielding his step son n jho lo from d long arm of d American law.

just like d deals he did wth china recently, d price Malaysians hv 2 pay 2 trump wil not b cheap.

so najib, welcome 2 d USA n Europe once again. 2 rosmah ,happy shopping.

Waghih said...

Datuk ...

Nothing new dalam analisa datuk.
Infact ... laporan ekonomi antarobangso dah khobar hampir sumo dunio terimo tempias . Paling teruk Maxico .

Negaro yg berdagang dgn AS tak dapek lari dari kamelut pemilihan presiden AS. Ini jugo termasok negaro cino , perancis , german dan uk.

So ... Tun M and his gang are the most disappointed group on seeing the result of US presidential election .
Mengapo tidak ... Tun M belanjo berjuta ringgit lobby Soros untuk sokong Hiliary dongan harapan bilo Hiliary monang jawatan presiden , dio bolih proceed untuk tuduhan jenayah terhadap DSN .

Malang ehhh ..rakyat AS dah terhidu niat Tun M / Soros kek Hiliary .
So on last minute mereko bagi a big slap pado Tun M ...

So .. bye bye L.Lynch.

Life goes as is lahhh ...


sukasamasuka said...


By now it is quite clear that with the exciting prospect of different stle of leadership at the White House next year, I don't think Muhydin is up to it to become our next Prime Minister.

He is just too weak with a typical mentality of a person who is waiting with great expectation that one fine the future...that, the chair is to be given to him on a silver platter.

He is not a fighter...and, definitely not a lover like Trump.

We must play by the rule and principle, that the biggest party in terms of seats in the new Unity Government, shall be given the opportunity to become the next Prime Minister...even, if that person is still in prison.

The 2nd biggest party shall take over as the next Deputy Prime Minister...even if it is from DAP.

A 2nd Deputy PM from East Malaysia to foresee the implementation of the devolution of power in line with the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

May God bless the new Unity Government!

Zalman A said...


A report...

"It is also learnt that Muhyiddin was in favour of forming his own opposition coalition which would include Parti Pribumi, PKR and PAS. His coalition would work alongside Pakatan Harapan. However, Pakatan Harapan leaders were not receptive to the proposal.

The crux of the co-operation agreement is to ensure a one-to-one contest with Barisan Nasional in the general election.

The accord also states their stand on the Federal Constitution, Islam, the Malay rulers, the position of the Malays, the Malay language, and Sabah and Sarawak.

The agreement also states that Pakatan Harapan will continue to negotiate with other Opposition parties and that the Reformasi agenda will be respected."

This PAS, PKR and PPBM group is not a bad idea.

Simply because the intent of gerrymandering is to create pure Malay battles, and the MO1 regime is relying on PAS to split the vote.

They would be very worried to see a United Malay Front.

There is no need from a strategy POV for DAP and PAS to be formally aligned.

The DAP vote is unsplittable. They will kill any of the BN mosquitoes in the urban Chinese areas. So leave them be to win those 38 seats or whatever the number is.

Sabah can be done by Shafie, Sarawak is getting quite interesting.

I can foresee friction only between PAS and Amanah in former PAS seats.

What is important now is CLEAR THINKING and UNSELFISHNESS.

There must be a Strategy Council. One from PPBM, one from PAS, one from PH.

TSMY's thinking is right.

If you have United Malay Front, then Parti Dedak Najib's DAP card cannot be played.

DAP is not the enemy of the Malays.

MO1 and Parti Dedak Najib are the enemy of the Malays.

Please have a mature and unselfish discussion.

Some of the PKR and DAP fellas are very good with this seat mathematics.

And you have an ex EC head.

Good luck.

Ismail Hashim Pensioner said...

Chapter 4: We then touched on TN50 as according to PM, it’s our lucky charm. He now either unconsciously admits he can’t deliver Vision 2020 or wants to destroy Tun Mahathir’s legacy as other ministers too has been advocating to do so. This is really silly. How do you destroy our history or achievements and only fools can think like this and we not only have a cabinet of "thieves", but we believe Rahman Dahlan a cabinet of idiots. Only idiots can think of destruction and no idea how to build the nation. But more important, Najib does not know 80% of young Malaysians don’t trust Najib and the government so Khairi Jamaluddin can call the balance of 20% to help him to plan our country’s future which will be our lucky charm. PM forgets youth mostly are against him and the government as they oppose corruption and only the elders remain loyal to UMNO but now many are fed up too.

MOF in speech talk of moderation. He has even given a speech at UN on this topic and formed a unit to handle this favorite subject of his but nobody believes him. He has until now failed to condemn the red shirts. This is most telling. lt shows we can’t trust him and it’s same with budget full of promises to spend but won’t tell us where the money is coming from. He boasted of sending people to perform the haj but did not tell rakyat money came from 1MDB and it is stolen money. Thieves will not tell people they stole the money.

Ismail Hashim Pensioner said...

Chapter 5: As expected, the budget did not touch on 1MDB although the whole world now knows about it. lt has brought shame to the nation and in DOJ’s document, MO1 was mentioned and a minister in PM’s department has confirmed that MO1 is Najib. Budget too did not touch on corruption when DOJ has named our government as a kleptorcygovernment. There was a great opportunity for PM to put his case as he claimed no wrong doing and 1MDB is not involved in DOJ’s papers. lf 1MDB said it is not true the money in DOJ’s papers came from 1MDB, just produce its bank accounts but so far no auditor wants to audit its account. As no company wants to audit its account, what good is the extension given by ROC to 1MDB? And PM said although Deliotte has resigned, it is still auditor until another appointed. This is Najib’s logic. (This is writer's personal view).

Rakyat is very happy with rulers after HRH issued a statement on this issue as it was unprecedented. Since then rakyat has not heard anything. Rakyat believe HRH have being following the latest on 1MDB especially what has taken place in USA, Singapore and Switzerland. This is not politics which rakyat understand rulers must not get involved. But these countries are taking about crime and the government confirmed MO1 is Najib. Rakyat expect HRH to call PM to explain as this involves Malaysia's reputation and good name. It involves rakyat and the rulers. Rakyat saved rulers after Malayan Union because rakyat love the rulers and now rakyat expect rulers to protect rakyat and the country. Rakyat pray HRH will act to save all of us as we can't allow a kleptoratic government to continue to run the government.

Ismail Hashim Pensioner said...

Chapter 6: This government is confused about its role to educate the rakyat. PM can tell parliament unemployed graduates should emulate the girl engineer who now sells nasi lemak. PM insults parents who expect their children who are qualified as engineers to work as engineers and not sell nasi lemak. PM admits that our education system has failed and we produced graduates which market is not interested to employ. And PM went further to encourage others to be Uber drivers. Many at meeting said this government is quite crazy. It reminded them of British policy that discouraged Malays from going for higher learning as they wanted Malays to be just farmers to provide rice for the British and immigrants who they brought in to exploit the rich resources for the British. So Malays became fishermen and worked as peons in government offices. Now BN government is treating the Malays liked the British. They don't care about our future. They just "steal" money from rakyat. All at meeting were very angry.

Next we moved to MOF's budget philosophies. We concentrated on number two ie....upholding the constitution and law and number five... uphold national ideology which is the Rukun Negara. Those present don't think PM and government uphold the constitution or the laws. They said he retired the AG. PM has been identified as MO1. He admitted he had RM2.6billion in his personal account, another RM43million also in his account. Where did PM get this money? So far, he can't explain satisfactorily but DOJ has evidence to show money came from 1MDB. lf he respects the constitution and the law, he would go on leave and let agencies investigate all the allegations against him. As he claims he is a Bugis warrior and not scared of anybody except Allah, he must prove his bravery. Rakyat don't believe he is innocent so be a warrior and let them investigate you. Yes, Rukun Negara is believe in God and the rules of law. He said he believes in Rukun Negara and if so, does he practice what he believe?

sukasamasuka said...


1. It is extremely difficult to predict what Trump would do after he becomes the President because he may change his own policies to suit his new role. His Islamophobic and racist rhetoric was to drive strong message to attract certain segments of voters...I guess that is what politics is all about.

2. Going by his campaign, one thing is sure he will bring back investments and jobs back to US at the expense of our manufacturing sectors of our economy which is very much depending on export for electronic and electrical products to US markets...we expect more layoff of Malaysian workers if the American companies decided to bring back their factories back to US.

3. As and when the US Federal Reserve increase interest rate, our foreign bond holding of some RM250 billion will see massive redemption and outflow of question about amount of golfing with Trump, much less so with Obama is of any use.

4. Our Ringgit will tumbled...making our import very very expansive considering most of our food items like rice, sugar, flour, corn feed (for your KFC), onions, potatoes and milk are all imported...small people will suffer in terms of rising cost of living...thank you UMNO.

5. But, there is nothing to worry for UMNO ministers and Division Heads...there are plenty of free money to go round...perhaps in the billions...thanks to the new "AliBaba" initiative with China...sorry, I don't mean Jack Ma, the founder of AliBaba...that's just a side dish.

Zalman A said...

The 24-hour replacement makes us a 3rd world pariah:

"Malaysia has rejected Switzerland's request for mutual legal assistance (MLA) in the alleged embezzlement and money laundering probe involving 1MDB.

“Very recently we have had the response that the Malaysian authorities will not reply to our request. They just said that under their legal framework, they can’t reply,” Swiss attorney-general Michael Lauber told UK's Financial Times in an interview published today.

According to FT, the Malaysian AG's Chambers denied it was attempting to frustrate the Swiss probe but cited the country's "continuing criminal investigation by Malaysian police in relation to matters concerning 1MDB".

Last month attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali confirmed that his office had received the request from Switzerland's Office of the Attorney-General.

This was the Swiss AG's second MLA request to Malaysia, after the AG's Chambers claimed it did not received the first application."

How embarrassing and unprofessional.

So the strategy is first to "ignore" then to "delay".

What is PDRM going to do, exactly?

What kambing hitam are even left now?

Arrest Shahrol? Nobody believes he acted alone.

Arrest Jho Low? After 15 months, PDRM has not lifted a finger to get him. And it seems that Jho Low is at heart of the ERCL deal, i.e. 1MDB part 2.

PDRM will be told to drag their feet, pura2 buat kerja, and hope that the whole thing will be forgotten.

It won't happen, because the case in Singapore (not reported locally, of course) is showing the truth quite clearly. And the Swiss will not give up. The DOJ will not either; there is nothing that MO1 can offer a Trump White House except to go against China, but now China owns MO1.

The 24-hour replacement is only ruining our international reputation, but then his master MO1 has done that already.

Zalman A said...

"PETALING JAYA: Kira-kira 3,000 ahli Umno Sabah keluar parti dan menyertai Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) yang diketuai bekas Naib Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal.

Naib Presiden Warisan, Junz Wong berkata, 3,000 ahli baharu itu datang daripada Umno Bahagian Sepanggar.

“Borang keahlian mereka diserahkan kepada Ketua Pemuda Warisan, Aziz Jamman dan saya oleh bekas Ketua Penerangan Umno Bahagian Sepanggar, Mentoh Aru.

“Mereka meninggalkan Umno kerana mahu menyertai Warisan untuk mendapatkan kembali ‘kunci’ ke ‘rumah’ kami,” katanya kepada FMT.

Wong berkata, parti itu menjangkakan lebih ramai orang akan menyertai Warisan kerana orang Sabah mahu sebuah parti tempatan yang kuat untuk menentang Barisan Nasional."

Peninsula parties are dead in East Malaysia.

Shafie wisely is staying away.

Now PKR and DAP in Sarawak need to merge with or get a local Sarawak partner.

It's really the only way.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Why did Obama play golf with MO1?

a) So MO1 would support TPPA

b) So MO1 would support efforts to curb China in South China Sea

With both factors removed, will Trump "play golf" or even "play" with MO1?

What for?

Buang masa je.

Zalman A said...

Let's look for Jho Low around town.

"Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) mendakwa hanya Malaysia tempat selamat untuk ahli perniagaan, Low Taek Jho ketika siasatan terhadapnya dijalankan di peringkat antarabangsa berhubung kes pengubahan wang haram berkait dengan dana 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Ketua penerangannya, Datuk Kamarudin Md Nor berkata pada masa ini hanya Malaysia yang masih melindungi Low atau popular dengan nama Jho Low itu dan tiada siasatan atau tindakan diambil terhadapnya.

“Satu negara lagi mencari Jho Low, semakin lama semakin berkurang negara yang selamat buat dia dan apa yang saya perhatikan, Malaysia tempat paling selamat.

“Kita nak beritahu Jho Low, baliklah, pulang ke negara. Dia sudah tidak selamat lagi di luar negara sebab ramai pihak cari dia sekarang ini,” katanya kepada FMT.

Unit jenayah kolar putih Singapura yang pertama sekali mengenal pasti Jho Low sebagai individu penting yang terbabit dalam siasatan pengubahan wang haram di republik itu.
Pendedahan berkenaan dibuat seorang penyiasat dalam perbicaraan kes pengubahan wang haram berprofil tinggi membabitkan seorang bekas pengurus bank swasta Switzerland, BSI di Singapura.

Kamarudin berkata beliau juga hairan dengan sikap dan pendekatan kerajaan Malaysia dalam menangani isu ini dan dengan sinis menyifatkannya sebagai perkara “hairan bin ajaib”."

For those who are following the intricacies of the Singapore court cases, very, very significant information is emerging.

The court cases have established that the WSJ/DOJ's money trails via fake Aabar and the fake Blackstone do exist.

And that Jho Low was involved in both.

Where will Jho hide?

Pekan? Seri Perdana?

Zalman A said...

What Bernama won't tell you:

"A source familiar with the discussions told Reuters that while Swiss officials publicly allude to expectations that Malaysia will cooperate, privately the Malaysians have demanded that the Swiss drop their investigation. Malaysian officials were not immediately available to comment."

The problem with the Swiss and DOJ is the same:

Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil has nothing of value to offer them, and they are principled enough not be bribed anyway (despite being kafir.)

In Malaysia, a Muslim ocuntry konon, the story is quite different.

This is what the Cash King and Parti Dedak Najib have done to the Malays.

Anti Org yg Berlagak Mcm Pemakan Dedak HZ said...

Waghih....ko tahu kah apo yg ko tulih.
Merepek2 mcm..Mat Pit saja.

Ha ha...ko lagi2 fitnah Tun M...

Fitnah dan fitnah lagi.
Kini ko berkata dia sogok Soros supaya lobi kemenangan Hillary.

Kuat sekali andaian ko.
Ko ada bukti kah.

Ini suatu fitnah tidak lojik...malah paling keji.

Ko reka2..demi mempertahankan Idola HZ ko dgn cara membusukan atau memfitnahkan Tun M.

Ini kerja paling lekeh cuma dilakukan oleh org2 yg paling hina sahaja spt ko.

Dan kerja2 hina mcm ini...memang kerap dilakukan oleh puak2 pentedarah dedak termasuk setengah dari Ketua2 Bahagian Parti.

Cukup2 lah...cari modal lain pula.
Aku faham jika ko dpt dedak yg berguni2 mcm blogger diManchester...yg tidak habis2 dgn modal yg sama dan basi bila mengutuk Tun M.

Tetapi dgn cara penulisan ko...aku rasa ko bukanlah Dapet Apo2....cumo merghoyan dan syok sendiri sahaja...mahu menulis.
Tulislah atas ihsan DAKJ...dpt dimuat disini....tetapi jfn smpai menghina diri sendiri selalu.

Serupa 'clown' pun ada.

Kini ko sama sahaja dgn idola ko..kuat bohong....merepek yg bukan2.

Cukup2lah...jgnlah menghina diri kamu sebegitu sekali.

Tulis lah dgn betul dan berfakta kecuali ko tengah lalok...mabuk mcm Mat Pit aku faham.

Satu lagi carilah modal baru...modal busuk Tun M dah basi bro.

Zalman A said...

Wang berbillion ini lah yang digunakan oleh Jho Low untuk membeli harta-harta mewah seperti kapal layarnya, membeli rumah-rumah mewah, membayar hutang-hutang berjudi di Las Vegas, membeli barang kemas bernilai jutaan ringgit, dan bermacam-macam lagi.

Rakyat Malaysia bagaimanapun, terpaksa menampung kos sara hidup yang makin tinggi, dan membayar barangan yang ditarik subsidi dan membayar GST. Tetapi rakan UMNO bernama Jho Low hidup bermewah-mewah menggunakan wang rakyat yang dicuri. Syabas UMNO kerana hidup anda ternyata hanya untuk memberi kesenangan kepada pencuri bernama Jho Low dan keldai-keldai tunggangannya di dalam UMNO. Macam ini kah perangai kerajaan yang berhemah dan bagus untuk kesejahteraan rakyat?

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Awat hang pakai kadag tukaran dolar Amerika ke duit Malaya hak awai Ogos...?
Laa ni punya kadag tak salah aku dah lebih dari RM4.50 (empat ringgit lima kupang) untuk 1 dolar Amerika, tapi Mad Brahim, ram but dah putih dan pengganti Zeti macam masih dok kata "don't be kuwatir, macam tak dak kait dgn "fundamentals".

Aku tempek kenunnya dia kata:
"We don’t want to be dictated by factors that have nothing to do with the country’s fundamentals,” BNM governor Muhammad Ibrahim told reporters.

Kalu betoi la dia kata, soainya, orang2 yg tetap kadag tukaran ni tak ambik kira "fundamentals" ka...? Standad "menteri duit" bukan fundamental ka...? Skandal belapek lapek bukan fundamental ka...? Tak dak "check and balance" bukan fundamental ka...? Media aliran perdana rata2 sengkek bukan fundamental ka..? Uruih tadbiag chokia bukan fundamental ka...?
Bukan nak cakap besag, aku bulih boh macam2 lagi Kadiag...

Aku hanya nak ingatkan diri aku dan yg dok sokong sangat2 orang "cash is king" tu...ayat 7, (dari suroh baqaroh tafsir dlm basa orang putih:

Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.

Takat tu saja buat masa ni, Kadiag, terima kasih banyak2. Ampun dan maghap.

banggoi petai said...

Terbaik bro ...ini waghih laki c najib memang dodak eater klas satuu...x kira apa jenis dodak waima najis laki c najib pon dia gosok ...

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Saya agak tertarik dengan kenyataan Warren Buffett berkenaan dengan Trump.

Mengikut kata Warren Buffett, target Trump untuk capai pertumbuhan GDP sebanyak 4% adalah tidak realistik.

Sekarang ini GDP perkapita untuk rakyat Amerika sudah pun tinggi iaitu RM200,000 per-kapita berbanding Malaysia lebih kurang RM45,000 perkapita.

Mengikutnya pertumbuhan GDP sebanyak 2% sudah mencukupi.

2% GDP untuk negara Amerika bersamaan dengan US350 billion iaitu keseluruhan jumlah GDP Malaysia.

Menurut Warren Buffet, 2% pertumbuhahan GDP untuk Amerika sudah mencukupi.

Mengikut Buffet lagi, yang penting bukan sahaja angka pertumbuhan GDP tetapi agihan pertumbuhan (GDP growth distribution) ke seluruh rakyat.

Yang menjadi masalah di negara kita adalah distribusi atau agihan pertumbuhan yang tidak begitu baik.

Kerapkali, kerajaan mengumumkan GDP iatu antara 4% hingga 6% tetapi sekiranya agihan pertumbuhan tidak baik maka sejumlah besar rakyat tidak dapat menikmati apa-apa.

Dalam ekonomi, GINI coefficient kita terlalu tinggi berbanding dengan negara jiran. (Malaysia : 46.3, Sweden :27.3, Germany: 30.1, Thailand :39.3, Turki:40.2).

Ini juga bermakna yang kaya terlampau kaya dan yang lain kebanyakkannya gologan sederahana dan perpendapatan rendah.

sukasamasuka said...


1. As a when the US Federal Reserve decides to increase interest rate in December this year or early next year...that rate will most likely to stay and we expect in the next couple of years we will experience a high interest rate regime...only the quantum is not known.

2. It hits your pocket and mine very badly.

3. A massive redemption of corporate and Malaysian Government bonds will make our Ringgit losing its value overnight because no body want our Ringgit no more...Government will have to pay more to service its RM700 billion debts...increase in taxes is expected across the bond...waht about a 9% GST (?)...that would be just nice in the face of falling prices for oil and other well as cheaper export price.

4. Young families and single young employed Malaysians will be the worst hit...with the expected rise in servicing loans for their cars, houses and credit cards...those constitute easily 90% of their total take home income after deducting Personal Income Tax...if there is anything left is just a bonus.

5. Pensioners, old folks, poor families, students...40% of the population???...with rising cost of living due to high interest rate regime will die standing!

Once again, thank you UMNO.

6. But, wait...did someone at the instruction PM and Finance Minister...mentioned about our strong fundamentals to withstand the recent speculative offshore transaction?...what strong fundamentals?

Zalman A said...

"SHAH ALAM: Pengerusi Parti Peribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengesahkan partinya memang ingin menyertai Pakatan Harapan.

Berucap di Konvensyen Pakatan Harapan hari ini, beliau menafikan dakwaan kononnya Presiden PPBM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin keberatan menyertai Pakatan Harapan, kerana ingin bekerjasama dengan PAS.

“Memang niat kita untuk bersama dengan parti lain dalam Pakatan Harapan. Ini keputusan PPBM.

“Tak betul sama sekali (dakwaan) yang menentang perpaduan Pakatan Harapan dan PPBM adalah Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Dia bersama-sama saya setuju yang kita akan menyertai Pakatan Harapan secara langsung,” katanya disambut tepukan gemuruh lebih 1000 hadirin.

Menurut laporan, Muhyiddin didakwa menangguhkan penyertaan PPBM dalam Pakatan Harapan yang dijadualkan diumumkan hari ini kerana ingin bekerjasama dengan PAS.

Bekas perdana menteri menyatakan kegembiraan melihat perpaduan parti komponen Pakatan Harapan yang ditunjukkan dalam konvensyen hari ini.

“Saya kagum tengok ramai yang hadir. Selepas ini, saya harap PPBM diterima dalam Pakatan Harapan untuk bersama-sama (melawan BN),” katanya."

Salam Datuk

I'm sure you will have your own update on today's event.

However, I think that an elastic arrangement is still best.

There are the 3 PH parties, PAS and PPBM and East Malaysian parties.

The efforts of all to end BN misrule are required.

Above all, avoid 3-corner fights. With correct negotiation, it is not impossible.

The oil of PAS and the water of DAP and Amanah must be mature about this.

Even a novice can see that Umno's hudud ploy and courting Hadi has zero do to with Islam, and everything to do with splitting the opposition.

If people are mature and sincere, they will recognise that.

Hunger games said...

Datuk, here are some extracts of comments:

Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) in Johor Bahru has no funds to do blood tests? Didn't the PM and his team just signed a RM55 billion deal with China to build the East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) and buy warships from them?

Tests are critical for proper diagnosis, so why are there no funds to pay for the reagents?
First the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang has this problem, and now HSA. The government is still in denial that all is not well.

We have fires in the general hospital in Ipoh and Johor Bahru due to poor or lack of maintenance, while this government is busy signing an overpriced contract of RM55 billion to build the East Coast railway.

Our universities are starved of funding and our students and children suffer while the BN government squanders the country's wealth.

Now the sick can't even have pathological tests because the hospitals do not the funds. Let Umno and BN beware of the rakyat's anger yet to be felt, like what has happened in the US and UK.

Lesson for the opposition Harapan, PKR, Bersatu:
Look within Malaysia to help its rakyat instead of bringing foreigners in.
Scrap the mammoth projects like the ERL and warships which are white elephants no matter how much the govt and Abdul Rahman Dahlan deny.

With the ringgit plunging, all costs will only go up further. So, the worst is yet to come. One day, government hospitals will be scrapped and everyone will be on medical insurance, like in the US.

Cash Is King said...

Bro.....dont forget to thank those heartless morons leaders in BN who are still standing solidly behind M.01

Fendi Ahmad said...

Saya tak sabar nak tgk forum Dato sebagai Moderator malam ni. Saya akan datang dari Melaka. Pertama kali saya nak tengok idola penulisan kolum saya sejak kecil ni "live" !

Tuan Punahsihat said...

Jangan bimbang, harga kangkung tidak dipengaruhi oleh kadar tukaran wang USD~RM.
Rakyat masih boleh menikmati celur kangkung dengan harga yang rendah.
Jangan makan kangkung goreng sebab harga minyak masak telah naik.

All's not well said...

The Singapore Market report stated:

"Najib Razak recently received some help when he sold distressed 1Mdb assets to the Chinese. The Malaysian PM recently also visited his counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing to seal further investments by the Chinese in Malaysia. But because China is now seen as one of the biggest losers from Trump's anti-trade ideals, Malaysia's close ties with the country isn't something investors are very optimistic about, so they could be dumping the ringgit for safer bets, like the Singapore dollar. During his campaigns, Trump had repeatedly vowed to bring factory jobs outsourced to the Chinese back to the US, which could roil the fragile progress China has been making in reforming its economy. Also, with the future of the TPP now on the rocks, the prospect of more expensive trade isn't helping the currency.

Will it get worse?
Probably, if and when the Fed raises its interest rates, which will cause the USD to rise. Also, don't forget that the ECB is expected to stop its QE in March, which will make the EUR more attractive. Another reason is Malaysia's level of debt, which is close to 55% of its GDP, or some RM630 billion ($204 billion). A third of the country's debts are held by foreigners in the bond market, the highest among all the ASEAN countries. Any sudden pull of money out of the country could be disastrous for the currency. "

Just an addendum: as long as Jamal and the Red Shirts are allowed to run riot as and when they like is going to aggravate loss of confidence in the management of the country, and prevent more investments coming in. Putrajaya and the PDRM must put him and his instigators behind bars.
On the other other hand, the govt can help to instil confidence and bring back investments by allowing Bersih to hold their Bersih5 peaceably.

mad said...

i don't believe, for a second, that the people behind kennedy's assassination and the perpetrators of the crime of the century that was the 911 attacks, would let the "people" decide who would lead the most powerful nation on earth. i'm quite sure the people of america had their president selected for them regardless of the votes, which were just for show, since abraham lincoln's assassination on april 15 1865.
i don't care if people call me a conspiracy teorist, but i had done my research and my common sense tell me things are not what they appears to be. i'm extemely curious with any "official" version of events. i don't trust governments. yes governments do kill their own people to meet certain agendas. they are called false flag events. there are a lot of false flag events over the past century if you care to do your research. the most famous and atrocious being the 911 attacks.
sure you can laugh at me if you want, but i have chosen the red pill a long time ago.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

As nationalists, we should be inspired by Trump's victory. This is a man who loves his country so much that he is willing to ignore the world to do what is best for his country. Who can blame him when his people are suffering economically. Millions are even living on food stamps.

Yes. There will be major impacts on the Malaysian economy but this should make us realize that we should have made more efforts to build our domestic economy and support local industries.Something a globalist like Najib has ignored.

The way I see it, Malaysia needs its own Donald Trump. Someone who will be the bull in a china shop. Someone who will break the corrupt system for the sake of the rakyat.

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