Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Show Us Genuine China Money

A Kadir Jasin

MUTAKHIR, 3 November – Najib berhutang RM55 bilion lagi. Kemungkinan negara bankrupt semakin menakutkan. Kantung kerajaan semakin kosong. Peruntukan pelajaran, kesihatan dan kebajikan dikurangkan, dibekukan dan ditarik balik.

Dalam lawatan ke China sekarang, Najib gembira dapat pinjaman   mudah RM55 bilion dari China untuk Projek Kereta Api Pantai Timur. Kontrak sudah tentulah dibagi kepada China.

Hutang 1MDB pula dipercayai telah naik melepasi RM50 bilion kepada RM53 bilion. Johari sila nafi atau jelaskan. Kemudian Projek Kereta Api Laju Kuala Lumpur-Singapura dijangka makan belanja RM50 bilion.

Campur semua jadi RM158 bilion. Kita pun tak pasti hutang 1MDB lebih RM50 bilion itu sudah masuk buku atau belum. Yang kita tahu hutang itu sudah dipindahkan kepada Kementerian Kewangan. Bank Negara Malaysia kata pada akhir Jun lalu, hutang kerajaan RM655.74 bilion. Garis waktu (timeline) hutang kerajaan macam ini: Akhir zaman Dr Mahathir RM189 bilion, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi RM306 bilion dan Najib sekarang RM655.74 bilion. Hampir 55 sen daripada setiap RM1 ekonomi yang dijana adalah untuk tanggung hutang. Najib layak diberi gelaran “hutang king”.


IN the spirit of inclusiveness – that every Malaysia has a say and the right to be heard – I would like to challenge the International Trade and Industry Minister, the Finance Minister 2 and the Bank Negara Governor to prove to us that China is actually bringing in the billions it promises.

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In case we have forgotten, inclusiveness is the cornerstone of the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak’s New Economic Model.

I challenge Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani and Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim to show us the pay-in slips to prove that the China companies are actually bringing in the capital.

According to Malaysian media reports, RM143.64 billion worth of deals were signed during Najib’s this week’s visit to China.

Let us see that the Chinese capital is really flowing in and every sen is accounted for to avoid the repeat of the 1MDB-type corporate manipulation for illegal purposes.

There’s a lot of commission and consultancy income to be made on that amount of money. Here the role of Bank Negara as the gatekeeper is paramount. It cannot allow itself to be tricked once again after that shameful 1MDB episode.

We do not want the China companies, most of which are state-owned, to come to Malaysia on the pretext of investing in huge projects but raise the capital from the local market.

This has been the trick of many so-called foreign investors. They came to Malaysia as foreign investors but borrowed working capital from local banks.

Just a few days ago, Bloomberg news service reported that China General Nuclear Power Corp, which bought 1MDB’s power assets for US$2.3 billion (RM9.2 billion) this year, is considering listing the business as early as 2017.

The state-owned company could raise as much as US$400 million (RM1.6 billion) from a Malaysian initial public offering of Edra Global Energy Bhd.

Who would be the buyers of its IPO shares – PNB, EPF, KWAP and the local banks?

Why should we be funding foreign companies to buy our domestic assets?

Yes, 1MDB is so toxic that very few local companies would dare buy its assets. But not all assets that are being sold or franchised to China companies are related to 1MDB.

But since Najib had committed us to these massive China-led investments and had even aligned us to China militarily, we must raise our vigilance to ensure that we do not end up becoming the 21st century vassal state of China.



safiai saad said...

Salam Sdr Kadir. I agreed with your concern, but lets us unveil the mask.
1.We need china as forign direct investment that can help us in overcoming our country balance of payment.

2.If China can buy huge debt instruments from USA, be it bond, treasury bill,corporate bond, surely China has the funding needed to inject such cash to our economy.

3.Our trade deficit with china, I think is getting bigger and to the Chinese advantage,and surely we need to close the gap. otherwise our ringgit will definitely spiralling downwords.

4. The only things that I am most concerned, is our business culture of giving commission to the proxy of the power that be.

5. No doubt we need technology from China for us to move at the higher level but I predict that is something outright strategic games be executed.
What is in my mind?

6. Could this be the move by our Najib, to give signal to the US, that unless you are friendly to me,you will not be given any economic benefit,
afterall the Phillippines has give up on you.

7. Could this be used by Najib to diffuse the DOJ legal proceeding.
I am just thinking aloud Sdr Kadir, look to me the rakyat may be loosing focus on the real issue.
Thanks sdr Kadir for your inspiring writing.

Man pen said...

Najib extreme hunger for China's massive pile of cash to plug in his humongous debts from the state development fund is in full display in this trip. 'You can take whatever you want to take, own whatever you want own, just give me the bloody money...'

Show us the money bro! said...

absolutely correct, while the PM, Minister of Finance, his stepson and lots of other persons etc. are gallivanting between here and China, and one after another huge multi million dollar deals are signed for this highway, that low-way, no-way, and which way, where's the money bro ???
Show us the money!

And in the meantime, our rakyat are suffering literally from lack of medical attention, lack of hospital facilities /defective medical and hospital equipment, shortage of doctors and staff. Well, does the govt want the rakyat to die first before remediating the above? I watched the video and was heartbroken that the govt could be so uncaring of its own rakyat but pushing for this $$$billion dollar deals.
Watch this video here:

The rakyat cannot and will not allow the govt to be so uncaring anymore.

No to JLow said...

Chinese Malaysians are totally against the corrupt regime of the current govt.
Do you think the Chinese Govt does not know this? The Chinese govt knows in order to be on our good side, it will not do deals with JLow and his team of nefarious thieves. JLow is not useful anymore, to everyone he's a loser. He dreams of getting back into the picture, but his time has passed.

Tit for tat said...

Najib tells West to stop lecturing as he embraces China.
Excellent, this now allows the DOJ and US to publicly name the MO1 official.
Earlier, they held back but now they are free as Najib shows the finger to Loretta Lynch. Do not hold back, just do their job to prosecute and bring the criminals to justice.
For the DOJ and the US, enough is enough of Najib's silly antics in China.

Sulaid said...

As Salam Datuk,

Biasa nya bila manusia dah terbuat kesalahan atau kesilapan besar, biasanya dia tidak mengulangi lagi kesalahan atau kesilapan besar samada mengulangi yang sama atau yang lain, lebih lebih lagi kalau ianya orang Islam.
Melainkan jika ada unsur unsur " ketagih " yang susah nak diubati secara scientific atau sehingga ada "devine intervention". Rasanya Najib bukan dlm kelumpuk ini kut. Tak tahu lah yang lain-lain tu.
Oleh itu rasanya tak perlu lah kut bersikap bersangka buruk berlebih lebih.

Nothing to hide said...

Rather funny of Najib telling the west not to lecture him but 1MDB cash is strewn all over Europe. Maybe he prefers to forget that to the west he is a pariah not able to set foot on US territory.
Thank you.

sukasamasuka said...


"There’s a lot of commission and consultancy income to be made on that amount of money. Here the role of Bank Negara as the gatekeeper is paramount. It cannot allow itself to be tricked once again after that shameful 1MDB episode."

1. Who on earth whispering to Datuk's ear that BNM had been tricked on the 1MDB episode?

2. Who is that person/s Datuk?...who??...can you please tell us so we can sleep tonite in peace? least on this one issue, Datuk.

3. BNM had been tricked?????? mean that poor woman she your "secret lover"?...ptuiiih!

4. BNM is part and parcel of 1MDB...the mirror image, if you will, of 1MDB...without which, there is no 1MDB scandal...BNM allowed it to's no trick job in here, please.

5. Specifically, we would like to highlight the "internal weaknesses"...or, rather made to appear as weaknesses because someone on the very top was giving direct supervising and controlling the money outflow...when it was loud and clear that the 1st trench submitted by 1MDB was faulty and didn't follow the banking procedures...and, yet the 2nd one and subsequent trenches were approved by BNM as if Zeti was blind...harazamjadah kamu...

Look at the minutes, if they still have it.

This was a deliberate act of treason, not worthy of someone with many fancy titles...but, anakharamzadah punya kerja!

Please don't tell me BNM had been tricked!

sukasamasuka said...


"There’s a lot of commission and consultancy income to be made on that amount of money (RM143.64 billion worth of deals were signed during Najib’s this week’s visit to China.)...Here the role of Bank Negara as the gatekeeper is paramount."

1. As reported by MK on the 1 Nov 2016....The Minister of Finance has granted a commercial bank licence to China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (CCB Malaysia), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Construction Bank Corporation Ltd...Bank Negara Malaysia in a statement today said CCB Malaysia’s predominant focus on infrastructure project financing...(

2. Regarding the commission and consultancy income Datuk is referring has nothing to do with either local BNM or its subsidiary office in China.

3. Such "illegal incomes" shall be deposited at China Construction Bank Corporation Ltd in China to other destinations in offshore accounts somewhere...this time very legal...because it is China...not Swiss banks or American banks.

4. That is why "Chinese Government was dying to meet" his son and his stepson...someone said that from PMO...not to make films...but, to collect and arrange the bribes.

5. But, don't be surprised and naive...that couple of hundred of million in Malaysian notes could be transported by the Government jet itself for two reasons...night delivery...second, Malaysia/China has Renminbi/Ringgit money foreign exchange transaction...literally, the bribes in Reminbi can be converted to Ringgit in China for physical night delivery...BNM will never know this type of "black money" transactions.

Please note: BNM- Malaysia could consider renminbi-ringgit framework...KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1 2016 ― Malaysia could consider a framework for the renminbi-ringgit cross currency market as it looks to boost the use of the Chinese currency in its market, a central bank official said today....

Sulaid said...

As Salam Datuk,
Tahniah kerana dilantik menjadi salah seorang anggota kepimpinan tertinggi PPBM.
Akhirnya Datuk menyertai PPBM, saya masih ingat pertanyaan saya sebelum ini, Datuk berkata Datuk bukan ahli PPBM.
Diharap Datuk dapat mengambil peluang ini menengahkan soalan soalan yang dibangkitkan di ruangan ini sebelum ini iaitu sebelum kami sebagai pengundi membuat pilihan dalam PRU 14 nanti.
Ini adalah kerana sebelum ini terlalu banyak retorik sahaja.
Antara lain harap PPBM dapat sinaraikan anggota kabinet bayangan pakatan, mana lah tahu kalau nasib menyebelahi pakatan dlm PRU 14 nanti.
Nyatakan juga samada akan dibuat pindaan Perlembagaan Persekutuan bagi menyekat atau mengurangkan kuasa institusi Agong dan Sultan2. Samada hak keistimewaan Melayu akan dikekalkan. Samada Malay Reserved Land akan dihapuskan. Samada sekolah2 Jenis Kebangsaan Cina dan Tamil akan ditambah. Samada DAP akan diberi jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Samada pelajar2 bukan Bumiputra akan dibenarkan belajar di UITM.
Samada harga minyak petrol akan dikekalkan dibawah RM2.20 satu liter disepanjang pemerintahan pakatan walaupun harga minyak mentah dunia naik melepasi USD 70.00 satu tong.
Samada subsidi barangan keperluan saperti gula, tepong gandum, minyak masak dan susu akan dinaikkan semula bagi menjamin harga kpd pengguna yang lebih rendah drp sekarang.

kluangman said...

Apa yang Datuk pancing.. Bank Negara had been tricked" menepati sasaran sampai emosi seseorang sudah tidak dapat dikawal.

Syor BNM kepada AG supaya tidakan di ambil kepada pihak yang berkepentingan dan relevan dengan 1mdb ditolak, bukan sekali, dua kali.

Benar, BNM tidak di tricked tetapi dimalukan hidup hidup.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Sulaid,

Komen Saudara,

Biasa nya bila manusia dah terbuat kesalahan atau kesilapan besar, biasanya dia tidak mengulangi lagi kesalahan atau kesilapan besar samada mengulangi yang sama atau yang lain, lebih lebih lagi kalau ianya orang Islam.
Melainkan jika ada unsur unsur " ketagih "

Komen Saya,

Kalau saudara tercicir duit RM5 hilang. Itu boleh kita takrifkan sebagai kesilapan.

Kalau duit berbillion hilang, itu bukan kesilapan namanya.

Dalam bidang psychology, ada terma namanya Kleptomania, dalam bahasa melayu mudah dipanggil panjang tangan.

Pelakon Hollywood terkenal Winona Ryder dikenal pasti mengidap menyakit kleptomania. Sekarang ini berlakon semula setelah berapa lama berhenti kerana ditangkap.

Orang yang mengidap penyakit Kleptomania perlu menjalani rawatan (Therapy) kerana “Compulsive stealing”, dia tidak boleh berhenti perbuatannya. Pakar Phychology akan cuba ubahkan pemikirannya supaya pengidap penyakit dapat kawal perbuatan.

Kalau di Kelantan, rawatan sebat sahaja tapi sampai sekarang, tak tahu bila hendak bahas di Parlimen.

Kalau di Amerika, masuk email kerajaan dalam email peribadi sudah jadi masalah besar sekarang ini, seperti mana yang berlaku pada Hillary Clinton.

Kalau di Malaysia, masuk duit RM berbillion dalam akaun peribadi, pun ada yang kata ok. Tidak jadi masalah.

OldFriend said...

Tahniah Kadir di atas perlantikan sebagai Ahli Majlis Tertinggi PRIBUMI. Besar sungguh cita-cita anda. Hoping to replace Said Keruak if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya is it? Dream on Kadir.

Unknown said...

Sarawak Report

The Real 'Chinese Tsunami' - Comment

... Najib has now used his own ethnic Chinese fixer, Jho Low, to go with cap in hand to mainland China to bail him out.

Jho Low again????? 😤😤😤

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Ulang tayang cerita lama...tunjok duit dulu...masa skandal 1MDB teborai dulu, depa temasok anak Kandasamy ka jawab ada 'bits' apa ka kat bank di Singapo, kod macam nak kata "don't be quwatir'. Sebenagnya, Kadiag, dah lama dah, banyak pelaburan asing (foreign direct investment) di Malaya memang kertaih saja, dlm bentuk jaminan bank dan kertaih2 janji (bonds) dll. Lepaih tu depa 'apungkan' ka 'IPO' ka, munkin macam 1MDB nak buat, tapi bila pecah skandal depa, teruih tak jadi, kalu tidak, munkin bulih depa tibai lagi. Pengurusan olih orang2 asing ni (atau 'expatriate') kerapkali dibayag gaji (emoluments) dan elaun2 kasag2...temasok biayai pengajian anak ('dependents) diChicago. Ini selain dari kamsen dan 'consultantcy' untuk rundingan ka apa ka. Kerapkali jugak depa nanti dapat pengecualian cukai ('tax holiday') untuk satu tempoh yg cukop lama selain bebaih buat 'repatriation' atau antag balik keuntongan. Kerap jugak eset2 depa bukan depa beli tapi depa 'pajak' saja (lease), dapat naikkan pulak pebelanjaan(expenditure) dlm akaun untung rugi, serentak korangkan modai "bawak" masok, dan tunjok "keuntongan" yg rendah. Mintak maghap Kadiag, banyak cerita ni hang pon munkin lebih arif, tapi nak habag mai, kesonglapan yg sudah beranak cucu diMalaya ni. Aku tanya tauke 'hardware' pasai apa rega satu batang besi y12 yg 6 miter tu RM20, pada hai di Tong San tak sampai 10 yuan(lebih korang), dia jawab besi hak pakai diMalaya, bukan diimpot, takut belaku lambakkan ka apa ka, tapi besi Malaya ni buat diKlang, dan untung 'kroni' kena jaga. Itu cerita dia, mintak maghap no, taktau betoi ka dak.... tapi aku perati inilah 'real' ekonomipolitik Malaya laani. Dan mintak jangan dok kena tipu lagi...dgn 'halwa' telinga, seperti Malaya masih aman lagi, atau "economic fundamentals ...still strong..."

Ada pulak orang bependapat, anak Rahah bila pi Tong San, macam nak ajag negara2 barat yg dok siasat dia, bahwa dia ada lagi 'opsyen' atau tempat begantung. Ada pulak yg pendapat lain, seperti aku tempek kak bawah in:

" The Thief .... should arrive anytime later today. They would roll out the red carpet, offer him handshakes then give the Mrs a bouquet. These are kampung Malay bumpkins, stepping out of a plane made by Americans, in winter fur from Harrods, while Alyaa Azhar of Malaysiakini tries emulating Reuters to impress the world with some contrived, trumped-up analysis about the finance of geopolitics when, really, all the man wanted was just some money which no western bank would lend to him — not after 1MDB. If ... is so clever, he won’t be in this deep shit he is today." Dari in Hand the Thief Arrives October 30, 2016 by rihaku

Aku nampak Li Kekiang, kepala majlih negara (perdana mentri China) muka macam baru telan cuka saja bila jabat tangan dgn anak Rahah dlm gambag masa diVientiane baru ni.

Mintak maghap no kalu basa kasag sikit, aku teringat lagi kejadian "HARI INI ORANG MISKIN MATI TUAN-TUAN" ddlm tweet TMJ, baru2 ni.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Saya terbaca dari media bahawa Syarikat dari negara china iaitu China Communication Contruction Company CCCC, yang mendapat kontrak untuk bina keretapi ke Pantai Timur telah di senarai hitamkan oleh Bank Dunia (Black listed)

Macamana Syarikat ini diberikan kontrak sedangkan ada kena blacklisted.

Adakah keretapi yang akan dibina itu selamat untuk dinaiki oleh rakyat Malaysia.

Setahu saya, keretapi yang dibina oleh China ke Pantai timur bukan keretapi laju. Bukankan syarikat tempatan seperti Gamuda boleh bina, tak payah kita panggil negara luar.

Usop said...

Sdr Old Friend,
Hina sungguh pandangan sdr terhadap dato a kadir jasin apabila menyamakan dia dengan said keruak. Dan sdr menggunakan pseudonym old friend yg mengikut pemahaman saya tentulah sdr ini kawan lama kepada dato a kadir jasin. Jadi hairanlah saya bahawa kalau sdr ini old friend takkan sdr tak kenal hatibudi dato a kadir jasin yang akalnya jauh lebih tinggi drp akal said keruak? Saya ini bukan old friend tp pernah bekerja dengan dia di NST dulu. Saya hairan juga bagaimana sdr boleh tahu yg dato a kadir jasin menyimpan cita2 hendak menggantikan said keruak. Dia ada maklumkan kpd sdr ke?

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk.

We know where the China money is going:

To the 1MDB hole and Jho Low.

“The Malaysian Government is planning to award an overvalued project to launder money in order to fill the loophole of 1MDB.

The plan is to award the East Coast Rail Project to a Chinese Company, China Communication Construction Company Limited (CCCC). The initial budget for the project is MYR 30b, but they have overvalued the project for another MYR 30b, making it MYR 60b. The extra MYR 30b will be use to launder out cash to 1MDB related companies.

The project has been proposed to the cabinet on 25/7/2016 and will be approved by the cabinet on 27/7/2016 with total value of MYR 60b.The Chinese company, which is backed by the China Government, will help pay off the 1MDB dept in advance and progressively. In return, this Chinese company will be rewarded with high profits and land, and of course extra influence with the Malaysian government”.

That was reported in July. The MO1 and fellow lanun2 basically confirmed its truth by announcing the final cost as RM55 billion.

a) Can Liow or the MO1 lanun explain how the cost went up by 25 billion in a year?

b) Can Liow or the MO1 lanun explain why there was no tender and why they chose a company with a global track record of bribery and corruption?

Because the various offices of checks and balances are filled with dedak eaters, there is no control any more. There is zero transparency.

We are in very great danger.

Zalman A said...

The mark-up of this scam is shamelessly stated in the Term Sheet as a so-called “Additional Differential” cost of RM29.85 billion. The actual cost of building the railway, has only been estimated by CCCC at RM27 billion.

Three other things are done under the table:

a) Pay off the theft of 6.5 billion from UAE

b) Clear off Jho Low's company debts.

c) Sell the 1MDB Ayer Itam land at a fire sale price to China.

This is all listed down in black and white. Depa tak malu langsung.

The two Jho Low related companies have long been suspiciously associated with MO1’s personal plunder from 1MDB. These are Loh & Loh Corporation Berhad and Putrajaya Perdana Berhad, for which Jho Low and his partners will receive a healthy US$315 million. (If the names sound familiar, it's because they were exposed by the 24-hour replacement on his charts that were captured on zoom lens at the press conference, part of a money trail that included SRC and TH as well.)

MO1 is selling the country's sovereignty to save himself, the bini and stepson, and his overweight Chinese errand boy.

Do not expect UMNO to save us, they are corrupted beyond repair.

Do not expect our institutions to save us, they are corrupted beyond repair.

Even the Rulers, defenders of Islam and the Malays, seem quite contented.

Do we trust the ballot box? That is under UMNO control, too.

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam DAKJ,

Ha ha ha tak payah tembak sebutir peluru pun tak lama lagi komunis akan mentadbir negara ini dengan Najib menjadi boneka. Komunis China pernah dulu dan munkin sekarang pun masih membantu pergerakan komunis di Malaysia. Saya dan rakan rakan yang pernah meredah hutan rimba negara ini memburu dan menghancur komunis di negara ini menjadi suatu perjuangan yang sia sia kerana nafsu mengejar kekayaan keluarga Najib,

Saya pernah menyaksikan suasana sedih dan pilu bila dada teman seperjuangan membuak darah merah ditembak PGRS pasukan gerila rakyat sarawak satu cabang parti komunis sarawak. Saya pernah menyaksikan bagaimana kaki anak buah saya putus melambung terpijak jerangkap samar semasa operasi di sempadan Thailand dalam gerakan memburu dan menghancur serpihan PKM parti Komunis Malaya ML Marxis Lenist Group. Tidak kurang juga berapa banyak anggota tentera yang terkorban demi menegakkan sistem demokrasi negara ini.

Perjuangan yang sia sia bila dengan mudah kita menyerahkan banyak aset negara ini kepada Komunis China. Yang pasti nanti melimpah rakyat China akan menyelinap masuk ke negara ini dan menyebarkan semula idea komunisma di negara ini. Ketika itu kita tidak mampu berbuat apa apa jauh untuk menyanggah kekuatan tentera negara China.

Tak apa lah Dato' kita pun tak lama dah nak menonkat langit dunia ini paling2 pun sepuluh atau 20 tahun lagi, biarlah anak cucu kita hadapi semua ini. Pada penyokong dan pecacai Najib mereka boleh terima semua ini kerana mereka sudah tidak ada maruah lagi (they sold their soul to the devil) Kita hanya boleh berdoa dan mengharap keajaiban dari Ilahi saja demi menyelamatkan umat Islam negara ini.


kumun said...

najib is giving the middle finger to u.s.

that's about it.

this is all for show. if you're not backing me, no problem i'll find a new big bro.

the problem is, he is not only selling himself but selling this country along with its future.

najib, i have something to say to you. everyone knows you have your sweepers that comb through the cybersphere.

najib, give it a rest. you are not special. just admit that you made a mistake, cut a deal and get lost. you've sunk lower than badawi. when badawi goes to a mosque, nobody bats an eye or gives a shit. he is left to wonder and ponder for anyone willing to shake his hands. you are lower than badawi. trust me people will spit in your direction when you're done and if you are still in the country.

enough is enough. the whole world knows you are stupid and guilty. can we move on najib?

Chinese puppet said...

Malaysia has become China's puppet, and the Malaysian Chinese business community beware of the high risks in case you are branded traitors to the country.

Sulaid said...

As Salam Datuk,
Saya sentiasa mengikuti tulisan tulisan pembahas dalam ruangan ini. Terlalu banyak andaian, terlalu banyak tafsiran atas subject subject yang sama yang sebahagian nya lebih berbentuk kritikan sampai ada yang mengguna bahasa kesat walaupun berpangkat.
Sekiranya anda semua masih percayakan kepada negara ini ( saya tidak katakan percaya kepada pemimpinnya), selain kritikan, cuba bentangkan juga cadangan cadangan yang membina ( tidak sekadar mencadangkan agar Najib meletak jawatan).
Akhir sekali saya lihat sesuatu yang paling "istimewa" dengan dunia kewartawanan dimana sahaja adalah " journalist seems always has every right to ask questions BUT not to answer any".
I may be wrong but that is the perception of many when listening to radio and TV interviews involving journalist.
Harap Datuk beri pencerahan sedikit.
Saya pun mai dari Kedah jugak...hee... hee...heee.

dt rahman pekan said...

salam dato kj.

dengar kata salah satu projek yg hendak d lelong olih najib kpd Negara china ia lah 'jambatan k neraka'.

China berkata 'itu chap chap soi'. tapi utk projek ini mereka tidak langsung berminat kerana mereka sedang berhempas pulas utk menyiapkan jambatan k syurga.

jgn marah dato. hanya berseloroh saja.

hihwag said...

In return for this enormous bailout, Malaysia’s Finance Ministry is to undertake to pay billions to CCCC on top of the actual cost of the project.

The contract works thus:

Total contract value: RM60 billion

Actual assumed cost of project: RM27 billion

CCCC profit margin of 4.55 percent: RM2.729 billion

Additional differential: RM29.8 billion

sukasamasuka said...


Nak komen sikit cerita kamu Mat Bakar 12.41PM..."...Saya dan rakan rakan yang pernah meredah hutan rimba negara ini memburu dan menghancur komunis di negara ini menjadi suatu perjuangan yang sia sia kerana nafsu mengejar kekayaan keluarga Najib,..Saya pernah menyaksikan suasana sedih dan pilu bila dada teman seperjuangan membuak darah merah ditembak PGRS pasukan gerila rakyat sarawak...Saya pernah menyaksikan bagaimana kaki anak buah saya putus melambung terpijak jerangkap samar semasa operasi di sempadan Thailand...Tidak kurang juga berapa banyak anggota tentera yang terkorban demi menegakkan sistem demokrasi negara ini...Perjuangan yang sia sia bila dengan mudah kita menyerahkan banyak aset negara ini kepada Komunis China."

1. Kamu Mat Bakar bernasib baik sebab kamu masih hidup jual laksa.

2. Anak bini kamu masih nampak kamu.

3. Anak bini kamu masih dapat rezeki yang kamu bawa pulang.

4. Tetapi, Mat Bakar...aku tidak tau kamu siapa.

5. Yang aku tau, pakcik aku terkorban dalam hutan Perak melawan Komunis hingga ke hari ini mayat nya tidak dapat dijumpa...kulit nya pun tidak ada, Mat Bakar...memang perjuang dia sia sia kerana anak haramzadah dari Pekan...menyembah pada Kerajaan Komunis terminta-minta macam barua...

Zalman A said...

"KUALA LUMPUR: DAP’s stand has always been clear – it will support any effort to ensure straight fights against Barisan Nasional (BN) – in the next general election, said its leader Lim Kit Siang.

He, however, questioned PAS’ sudden change of stand when the Islamist party president Abdul Hadi Awang expressed willingness to open its doors to all those who wished to defeat BN.

“We have been described as satan, devil and an enemy of Islam. So we have to study the statement and we hope no one is playing games,” Lim told a press conference at the Parliament lobby here today.

“Is he trying to make a stand to (Prime Minister) Najib Razak?

Lim is suspicious that the remark from Hadi maybe just a ploy to push Putrajaya into supporting his goal of amending the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, also known as Act 355.

“Saying that if he (Najib) doesn’t push forward Act 355, that (PAS working with Pakatan Harapan again) is something he should be worried about?”

PAS Youth chief Nik Muhammad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz on the other hand accused the media of spinning what Hadi had said, adding that the president had never stated any intention to work with DAP or Pakatan Harapan."


These squabbles and drama will be endless.

They are not needed.

the DAP just needs to sat y within PH and the PH Malay parties need to align with PPBM and PAS.

Simple enough.

It's a Malay battle in GE14.

Wonder why? said...

Anyone knows why Sultan Ibrahim bans street demos in Johor?
More importantly is this allowed under our constitution, that any state ruler can ban the rakyat's right to peaceful self expression?

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ

Nampak gayanya teruk persepsi

Tanah Melayu tetap milik melayu apa ada hal. Tidak akan bertukar kepada Rohingya, siapa yang berkuasa Melayu ke Jepun, menikus ke? Yang meleret-leret kronik panik persepsi-rayu-sangkaan siapa kalau bukan pembangkang yang sentiasa kalah sejak kemerdekaan.

Unknown said...

Terima kasih pada pakcik kamu yang dicintai. Tetapi fahamilah tujuan PM adalah untuk 1Malaysia yang aman damai usah berperang lagi bersatulah. Sokonglah urusniaga yang damai.

Waghih said...

AsSalam Datuk ...

Bilo den baco komen2 pembahas ANC ni mengenai lawatan DSN ko PROC ... nampak sangat macam cacing kepanasan ...
Haru biru jadi ehhh ...

Dulu bilo 1MDB nak buek IPO ... Tun M and gang sobataj hinggo terpakso kansel.
Bilo syarikat PROC sanggup boli Edra Energy tu ... dituduh jual harto .

Sekarang bilo PROC sanggup boghi soft loan ... gang yahudi menyalak lagi.
Dikhobarlak nak jual negaro dan tunduk pado cino .

Nak tanyo ckit ... maso DrM look east polisi dulu ... banyak projek2 bosar diboghi pado jopun ( lebuhrayo2 ) dan infra2 lain ...
Kan ghamai oghang jepang ...

Samo tak cerito ... ?


Unknown said...

Malaysia itulah perlu disumbang bukan sebaliknya. Besar jasa PM Najib yang mencari peluang perniagaan untuk Malaysia bukan berpeluk tubuh.

mat arip said...

Apa Dato nak kesah hal Najib ni... Negara ni kan bapak dia yang punya.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Kalaulah kita bawak masuk 1 juta orang Bangla, kita dapat bezakan orang Bangla dengan orang Malaysia.

Kalaulah satu juta orang dari China masuk Malaysia, bolehkah kita bezakan orang China dengan orang Malaysia.

Saya pergi ke Tesco di JB, ada orang dari China pergi shopping dekat Tesco. Dia pakai seluar pendek dengan selipar jepun.

Kalau kita tengok, sebiji macam orang cina dari JB.

Sekarang ini ada projek besar Waterfront Johor, yang dibuat oleh Negara China. Ramai orang China datang ke JB.

Saya orang melayu, tapi saya sekolah rendah cina, saya boleh bezakan orang China bercakap dan orang cina tempatan, bercakap. Slang je berbeza, macam orang Indonesia cakap melayu.

Tapi orang melayu tempatan susah hendak bezakan.

Pendekata kalau orang China datang sini, senang, makan ada , tempat tinggal pun ada, macam kampong sendirilah.

Saya juga terbaca di CNN, projek keretapi dan jalanraya bukan sahaja di Filipina dan Malaysia tapi banyak di Afrika, Ethipea, Nigeria, Kenya, dan banyak lagi.

Boleh kita katakan China akan posisikan negara mereka sebagai “Superpower” dalam dunia cuba menggantikan negara barat.

Sham said...

sy setuju tang suma butiaq2 yg tuan hujahkan. lama dh dok perati tuan. teruih bg fakta tuan, bkn calang2 ilmu n pngalaman tuan. dakj tlg masuk dlm agenda ppbm

Zalman A said...

"Khalid said the Sedition Act could be used against them as they revealed things about 1MDB and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s alleged wrongdoings, although the matter is still under investigation.

"That is clearly an act of trying to incite people into thinking that the prime minister committed the crimes, even though the investigation is not completed yet,” Khalid said.

Former second finance minister Datuk Seri Husni Hanadzlah, former deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and for rural and regional development minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal have been summoned by police to give statements over speeches on 1MDB that they made in the Dewan."

This is where democracy dies.

When even Parliament is not a refuge for truth.

The courts should throw these cases out.

If there are more people like the 24-hour replacement, I will be surprised.

mad said...

sekarang ini apa saja projek yg diterbitkan oleh lanun besar 1dunia harus diamati dgn wasangka yg tinggi. lebih-lebih lagi bila ia sekali lagi melibatkan wang rakyat berbillion. amat malang masih ada suara-suara didalam blog ini yg seakan-akan tiada rasa bimbang dan rela dipatuk ular berkali-kali.
alangkah baiknya jika negara ini dapat dibahagi dua. satu utk rakyat yg menyokong lanun besar dan satu lagi utk rakyat yg menyokong pemimpin adil.

Sulaid said...

Saudara Wonder Why,
Saya sokong saranan Sultan johor yg tidak membenarkan demontrasi jalanan diadakan di negeri Johor.
Saya sokong kenyataan Sultan Johor yang menyatakan parti parti politik yang baru ditubuhkan adalah "virus" perpecahan rakyat.
Kalau tak setuju duduk diam diam, kalau tak setuju, pergi lah berdemontrasi jalanan siang dan malam.
Kalau tak setuju duduk diam diam, tubuhkan lah berpuluh puluh lagi parti politik baru terutama berteraskan orang Melayu. Biar Melayu berpecah sepuluh, Cina bercantum satu.

Tok Buntar said...

Cost overun, direct nego, overpriced procurement etc were started in a big way in Malaysia by Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohammad, PM ke 4. Bapa borek anak rintik

ADUHAI said...

Salam Datuk,

Agak2nya lah, mati tak orang Kelantan, Terengganu dan Pahang kalau projek ECRL bernilai RM55billion ditangguhkan seketika sehinggan kewangan kerajaan bertambah baik ????

Marhein Utara said...

Dulu waktu sekolah @ mata pelajaran Sejarah, pernah dengar tentang Penyata Razak : antara dasar yang menjadi kebanggaan.

Tetapi tak pernah la tahu sangat apa itu Penyata Razak...

Tapi la ni dah faham dah dan nampak hasil Penyata Razak.... Dasar yang taraf best in world and universe.

Vincent Ang said...

We the pendatang, Cina komunis told you Malays a long time ago that you people will be the ones who will eventually drive your Tanah Melayu to its knees. Wait a minute the PRC is also Cina komunis. Now who are the ones selling out the country if not the Malays. Let me tell you people a secret. We the, pelarian, pendatang Cina do not entirely trust the PRC Cina komunis. Think about why we have such a view.

Unknown said...

Kotroversi Syarikat China

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) yang diberikan untuk projek ECRL kos anggaran RM55 Billion adalah sebuah syarikat yang bermasalah.Antara maklumat yang ditemui melalui carian atas talian adalah antara maklumat seperti berikut;

Secara Ringkasannya, pada 29 Julai 2011, Bank Dunia telah menyenaraihitamkan CCCC dan kesemua anak-anak syarikatnya dari dibenarkan untuk mendapatkan sebarang bentuk pinjaman menerusi Bank Dunia mahupun agensi berkaitan Bank Dunia kerana amalan penipuan.Amalan yang membahayakan keselamatan itu ditemui dalam projek berskala besar iaitu Fasa Satu, Penambahbaik & Pengurusan Projek Lebuhraya Nasional, Filipina.

Bank dunia telah menyenaraihitamkan (debarment) CCCC selama 8 tahun dari 12 Januari 2009 hingga 12 Januari 2017, atas dakwaan mengamalkan penipuan (fraudulent practices).Ia adalah kerana CCCC adalah entiti perlaksaana yang ditetapkan (designated successor entity) kepada China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) yang terbabit dengan pembinaan jalan raya dan jambatan.
CCCC juga disenaraihitamkan oleh Bank Pembangunan Afika (African Development Bank) dan beberapa bank lain termasuk, Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Syarikat itu juga dilaporkan termasuk dalam dua senarai hitam di Amerika Syarikat berkaitan projek landasan keretapi Iran-Armenia.Agensi berita Bloomberg melaporkan China, sejak 2007 hingga 2012, telah mengalami sekurang-kurangnya 18 jambatan runtuh yang mengakibatkan 135 kematian. Salah satu jambatan terpanjang di Utara China runtuh selepas hanya 9 bulan ia siap dibina.Suatu rahsia umum yang pahit untuk diterima adalah kelebihan syarikat-syarikat China berbanding syarikat-syarikat Barat, mereka lebih mahir dalam merasuah pegawai-pegawai kerajaan.

Unknown said...

Kontroversi Perbelanjaan Yang Begitu Besar
Mengikut laporan akhbar, kerajaan telah berjaya mendapat pinjaman mudah ‘soft loan’ sebanyak RM55 bilion daripada EXIM bank of China.Mengikut laporan lagi, ia disifatkan sebagai merupakan tawaran terbersar Malaysia dalam satu perjanjian dengan sebuah syarikat di China.
Jumlah tersebut diumumkan Najib di Parlimen pada pembentangan Bajet yang menegaskan kos ECRL sepanjang 620km dari Kuala Lumpur ke Tumpat itu adalah RM55 bilion.Maka persoalan yang ditimbulkan adalah adakah kos itu munasabah?
Kos pembinaan projek jalan keretapi adalah berbeza-beza dan bergantung kepada pelbagai faktor, umpamanya, faktor geografi, pembinaan jambatan, pembinaan terowong, pengambilan tanah dan sebagainya.
Jika dikaji secara kasar, RM55 bilion dibahagikan kepada 600km, kos per kilometer adalah bersamaan dengan RM92 juta. Sebaliknya, merujuk satu projek landasan keretapi di China, jalan keretapi Yincang-Wanzhou (Yichang-Wanzhou Railway) yang disifatkan projek landasan kereta api yang paling sukar yang pernah dibina di China.
Ia juga disebutkan sebagai antara projek landasan rel yang paling mahal di dunia. Landasan keretapi yang sepanjang 377km itu, 288km adalah di atas jambatan atau di dalam terowong. Ia boleh disemak melalu wikipedia:“
The 377 km (234 mi) long[4] railway crosses the remarkably difficult terrain of southwestern Hubei and the eastern part of the Chongqing Municipality (Wanzhou District). The region has numerous mountains and is sometimes referred to as “the eastern edge” of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.[Owing to the difficult terrain, the project involves a large number of bridges (including two over the Yangtze River: the Wanzhou Railway Bridge and the Yichang Railway Bridge) and tunnels. Out of the line’s total 377 km (234 mi) length, 288 km (179 mi) runs on bridges or in tunnels.
This made the line the most difficult and the most expensive (per kilometre) of all China’s railways to date. At a cost of U.S. $9.01 million per kilometre, the per-kilometre construction costs were twice as high as those for the Qinghai–Tibet Railway which cost U.S. $4.35 million per kilometre.
”Selain itu, Qinghai-Tibet Railway juga merupakan landasan keretapi yang sangat susah dibina kerana ia berada di kawasan gunung dan cuaca yang terlampau sejuk.Jika dibandingkan kos pembinaan jalan keretapi Yincang-Wanzhou dengan RM36 juta per kilometer, dan ‘Qinghai-Tibet railway’ yang berharga RM17 juta per kilometer, maka ECRL adalah 250% dan 540% lebih mahal daripada projek yang “paling mahal di China”.
Mengikut laporan ‘YiChang-Wanzhou railway’ adalah disifatkan antara projek yang paling mahal di dunia kerana cabaran kejuruteraan projek tersebut. Maka, adakah ECRL bakal menjadi projek termahal di dunia?
Projek ECRL yang begitu mahal, menimbulkan persoalan ia merupakan projek yang sengaja dilambung harganya? Justeru, ia menimbulkan syak wasangka lebihan wang yang sengaja dinaikkan harga itu ada untuk membayar hutang-hutang 1MDB.Kos sebenar ECRL dilaporkan hanyalah RM27 bilion sahaja!

MatRambo said...

Bising lah Kadiaq. Pi jaga bini-bini hang. Umoq dah senja dah ooi. Buat banyak ibadat sikit. Sudah-sudah laa duniawi.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk

This post below is circulating among some Malay groups....detect an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the apparent sellout of Malay interest:

"I share the same thought as your guru. That the Chinese will control Malaysia in the very near future. Whether Malaysian chinese or China's chinese it does not matter. To the Chinese race comes first, not state. Their clans and association are very strong.

The Lee Rubber foundation gave interest free study loans to Malaysian chinese, payable only when you have started working. I accompanied a chinese friend of mine to the Lee Rubber Foundation years back to apply for the study loans. That friend now is a citizen of New Zealand and a successful laywer there. Think back to the time of the University Merdeka issue when the chinese wants to established a chinese University. DAP and MCA stands united on this matter. EDRA, 1MDB's power plant asset has been sold log, stock and barrel to the Peoples Republic Of China. The China chinese has even declared that they will bring in 1500 chinese nationals to run the power plant when it is operational. The biggest underground city in the world to be built in Bandar Malaysia will be built by the chinese, the fast train to Singapore will be built by the chinese, and please check who are the majority investors in Bandar Iskandar, Johor, Danga Bay development, etc.

What irks me in this scenario is the mantra invented by UMNO that the Chinese/DAP will control malaysia if malays vote for the opposition.
I wonder who is Jho Low the man behind the sheenanigans in 1 MDB. Is he a javanese, a bugis or a boyan guy.

And who is the man controlling 1MDB? Is he the President of PAS, the secretary general of DAP maybe, or the president of PKR? 40% of Bandar Iskandar, Johor is malay reserve land. Who decides to build Bandar Iskandar on malay reserve land. Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, Anwar Ibrahim? The major towns of the 14 states are chinese owned. Siapa agaknya yang meluluskan penjualan tanah ini kepada bangsa cina. Can we blame the matsallehs for this. The reason why I say so is that malaysian malays are good for blaming others for the ills that the malays suffer. If not the Portuguese, the malays will blame, the Dutch, The English or today the chinese are the scapegoats. Look .... what if I am an ultra rich malay billionaire, have good contacts in the Chinese Government, I applied to buy Chinese land, in say, Shenzen city, China. My applications are approved and suddenly the rakyat of China finds that a melayu is now owning 90% of Shenzen. A question. Is it fair for the chinese to say that a malay has rampas the land from the chinese.
Mid Valley City is owned by Robert Tan, a chinese malaysian, also owner of IGB (Ipoh Garden Bhd). MVC was built on tapak kampong setinggan melayu. Are you going to blame Robert Tan for jahanamkan kampong melayu or the melayu who approves Robert Tan application to buy the land and built MVC. And don't forget. Wadihana, Johore used to be a 100% malay enclave just like Kampong Kemensah, KL. Today because of so called progress and development, by UMNO the malay party running the govt, non malays has invaded both malay enclaves. Is this the work of the chinese or the opposition parties? If I am not insane, I believe UMNO/BN (once Perikatan) has been running this country since Tanah Melayu so called independence from Matsalleh colonisation.

Unknown said...

Maaf Waghih

Projek2 besar tidak di beri ke Jepun semua. Org asing seperti Jepun, Korea, Jerman, dll di ambil sebagai PM atau Technolgy advisers. Dan itu juga hanya pada initial stage. Dan hanya projek baru dgn teknologi baru saja. Misal nya Lebuhraya Plus..tidak ada di berikan kpd kontraktor asing 100%> Semua harus ada JV dgn kontraktor lokal terutama kontraktor Bumi SME.

Malah the Twin Tower juga tidak di beri pada syarikat Jepun dan Korea 100%. Syarikat tempatan dan asing seperti dr Jerman, France,England juga melibatkan diri.

Tp projek keretapi yg Najis akan berikan ke China saya yakin akan di kendalikan 100% oleh China. Tidak beza dgn projek2 di Indonesia, Afrika dan Latin Amerika yg syarikat ini di beri projek nya. Kerana funding 100% dtg dr mereka dan wajar saja mereka yg kendalikan projek itu

Waktu Tun M, funding tidak dtg dr kontraktor tp dr Kerajaan atau Kerajaan bikin soft loan dgn kerajaan asing, World Bank, IMF, dll

Abdullah Ngah said...

binasalah di dunia dan di akhirat apabila berhutang ada niat tak nak bayar.rakyat pula bersikap ada aku kisah sama ada hutang negara ratusan bilion ke atau negara bangkrap ke.inilah yang membuat tali hayat umno BN panjang dan para pemimpin bermaharajalela

Zalman A said...


The pivot of Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil towards the Middle Kingdom is caused by the fact that really, the 1MDB scandal has only just begun.

Next phase will be court cases around the whole world.

The Singapore trials are already interesting:

"In his cross examination, Yeo’s lawyer Philip Fong tried to portray Goh as an active participant in the whole scheme, and had specifically earned referral fees for his role.

Fong asked if Goh could recall a transaction in 2014, where Yeo had sought Goh’s assistance to set up a fund for Aabar Investments PJS. Goh replied that he knew the client as Aabar, but was unfamiliar with its full name.

Back in July this year, a BVI entity with the same name – Aabar Investments PJS Limited – featured in a complaint filed by the US Department of Justice.

The US authorities noted that, in 2012, 1MDB officials and others had diverted more than 40% from net proceeds of two bond offerings, or some US$1.367 billion, into an account belonging to this Aabar.

The bond offerings were guaranteed by both 1MDB and International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), an investment fund wholly-owned by the government of Abu Dhabi.

Following the DOJ complaint, IPIC clarified that the BVI entity is not IPIC’s affiliate, even though it bore a similar name to Aabar Investments PJS, a legitimate IPIC subsidiary.

Goh said he knew about Aabar from Yeo.

According to Swampillai’s earlier testimony, Yeo worked for Low Taek Jho, and purportedly drew a salary of some S$500,000 a year.

The hearing continues on Monday, Nov 7."

Within a year or so, it will all be exposed.

And the money of the West and Middle East will not be given to Bugis crooks any more.

Hence Mappadulung has become "Mao Hu Tang".

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Dei tamby...bila beribadat mesti org yg dah berumur ka?

Ko mcm Jawa Totok jugalah...fikiran Melayu Umno.

Bila Tun M bersuara perkara salah tentang Bugis Haram Z ...dia kata..."cukup2lah...sudah bemur ingalah pd hari2 akhirat dan kuatlah beribadat".

Ini cakap2 org yg tidak berilmu.
Ko ingat beribadat bila sudah bersara atau bila sudah tua.

Kalau dah tua dan uzur mcm mana nak beribadat...bro?

Jika ko tak faham....ini sy bagi tahu..
Melakukan Ibadat of Allah SWT bukan bila sudah berumur atau tua....Ianya kerja atau amalan harian yg mesti dikakukan bila sudah baligh.

Ko faham? yg dah baligh itu bukan org yg dah tua.

Ko pergi 'check' sendiri umur mula baligh.

Mungkin ko yg tunggu bila umur senha baru nak beribadat....serupa saja dgn Jawa Totok.

Aku rasa ilmu dan amalan ibadah org yg bernama Kadiaq lagi kuat dari ko.

Lebih baik ko kuatkan ibadah ko dulu...jgn tunggu smpai senja...takut tak sempat.

majid smsp88 said...

Salam Subuh Datuk...

Tergelak bila baca ungkapan 'cacing kepanasan' ini. Cacing mana yang kepanasan yea? Rasanya cacing yang terburu-buru nak bina landasan keretapi pantai timur la kot...

Bagus projek itu untuk jangka panjang, tetapi lebih bagus jika lebuhraya yang ada diperbesarkan & diperbaiki. Kenapa terburu-buru tandatangan TPPA dulu? Sebab perlukan habuan dari US kot. Bila US londehkan fiaso 1MDB then tiba-tiba lak cacing menghala to China. Apa yang hebat sangat produk dari China ini? Sila tunjukkan contoh.

Dulu RapidKL dibekalkan 400 biji bus China 'Dong Feng' atas pertukaran dengan minyak sawit. Lihat la kualiti bus tersebut. Saya yang sangat mahir dalam engine diesel pun hanya berani beri jaminan hanya 12 bulan ketahanan engine ini lepas saya overhall. Walaupun engine Dong Feng ini asal dari teknologi Ford tetapi itu la kualiti bahan buatan China.

So, cacing mana yang kepanasan yea Datuk...?

Waghih said...

AsSalam Datuk ...

Teringat den , maso krisis kewangan 1997 . Negaro takdo duit . Tun M berpusing seluruh dunio cari penyelesaian sambil nuduh Soros sebagai penyagak wang .
Sodap dongar bahaso yg digunokan Tun M terhadap Soros tu ... Penyagak , Penyamun , Yahudi kaparat ...

Satu usoho untuk dapekkan duit iolah poi jumpo PM Singapore Goh CT untuk pinjaman RM 2B .
Result .. kono kontut kek Goh .
Lopeh tu Akhbar S'pore war2kan bagaimano Tun M merangkak jumpo Goh dan kono mainkan dongan perbagai TnC .
Mengamok Tun M dimainkan hinggo sanggup nak tembak kapalterbang S'pore yg lalu ruang angkaso M'sia .

Camtulah ... Tun M .. kutuk dopan tapi make deal belakang .

Camno nak percayo ... putar alam.


Sulaid said...

As Salam Datuk,

Saya berpendapat jawapan jawapan saperti dibawah lah yang ditunggu tunggu oleh rakyat kut....

"Bahawasanya kami kerajaan BN memang banyak membuat kesilapan dan kesalahan yang menyusahkan rakyat. Jadi kami bersetuju untuk turun dari pemerintahan:
Kesilapan kesilapan kami adalah saperti berikut:
1. Menyonglap dana 1MDB
2. Menyonglap RM2.60 billion
3. Menyalahguna kapalterbang milik kerajaan.
4. Memperkenal cukai GST.
5. Kadar bayaran incometax yang tinggi.
6. Memberi projek projek mega kepada kontraktor kontraktor dari negara China.
7. Hendak menjual Malaysia kpd negara China.
8. Menarik balik subsidi barang keperluan saperti minyak masak.
9. Menaikkan tambang bas, teksi, KTM komuter, ETS dan LRT.
10. Menaikkan kadar toll lebuhraya.
11. Menyebabkan nilai ringgit yang jatuh merudum berbanding dengan mata wang asing.
12. Penyebab kepada kadar pengangguran yang tinggi dikalangan lepasan universiti.

Rasanya itu lah contoh contoh jawapan yang rakyat tunggu tunggu dan yang mengembirakan.
Kalau tak puas hati jugak...tolong tokok tambah lagi kesalahan kesilapan yang belum disinaraikan.

Selepas PRU 14 nanti boleh lah kerajaan Pakatan Harapan mula mentadbir negara untuk memakmurkan rakyat dengan Motto "Biar Kerajaan Berhempas Pulas, Asalkan Rakyat Enjoy Life".

Anak Merdeka said...

Tahun 1997 negara tak ada wang, ada tak Tun M mansuh subsidi minyak masak? subsidi gula? subsidi beras? subsidi petrol?

Tahun 1997 negara tak ada wang, ada tak Tun M memperkenalkan satu sistem cukai baru iaitu GST untuk top up duit kerajaan?

anti pemakan dedak. said...

Komen bodoh tahap gaban.
Lagi2 Tun M.

Cari modal lain bro.
Dah basi.

Idola ko buat tahi....ko cerita pasal Tun M.

Sudahlah fakta tak tepat...MENOKOK TAMBAH MENIPU DAN MEMFITNAH...2x5 dgn idola ko.

Ko memang badut 'clown'.

Financial ruin? said...

Take out all the hoo haa and debates about the communist chinese overrunning malaysia.
Take out all the glitter and chinese money$$$ helping malaysians getting back on their feet due to the 1mdb debacle.
Take out all this, and think what if communis china's economy collapse, fails, and their own citizens wants a change of their govt because their needs are just getting too heavy to bear on their own. What if? Then malaysia falls, development plans fail, collapses because no one else has the $$$ to help malaysia. No country is invincible in the face of global chaos.

Unknown said...


Pembangkanglah berjasa menghuru-hara Malaysia dengan tersenarainya persepsi negatif yang diwujud dari otak pembangkang ia perkara benar dari pembangkan realiti negatif.

Unknown said...


Pembangkanglah berjasa menghuru-hara Malaysia dengan tersenarainya persepsi negatif yang diwujud dari otak pembangkang ia perkara benar dari pembangkang realiti negatif.

Unknown said...

Sulaid 2:07.
Dalam skandal 1mdb bermula dari tahun 2009 sehingga 2015 masih lagi menyuruh Tabung Haji membeli tanah TRX.
Kamu tahukah berapa kali dlm masa 7 tahun kesalahan besar dibuat dan di ulangi.
Oh ya dan lebih lebih lagi orang Islam.
Kamu berani kata kepada Dato Kadir tak perlu lah ikut bersikap bersangka buruk berlebih lebih.
Daripada komen kamu ini saya memang bersangka kamu ini bodoh dan bangang.

Unknown said...

dont worry all the future our block became comunist regions.. if you like or dont..

Unknown said...

dont worry all the future our block became comunist regions... either you like or dislike..

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