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Make State of the Nation Known to the People

A Kadir Jasin

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Saving the country: Dr Mahathir did it twice before
COULD the Pakatan Harapan (PH) have promised too much to the people during the May 9 general elections?

The answer is yes and no. Yes after it had known the extent of the rot left behind by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government and no had the situation been better.

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The authors of its manifesto could be blamed for underestimating the depth of the problems generated by the BN. But then again how could they know when the whole world was being lied to.

The Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had lamented at this week’s meeting of the supreme leadership council of Parti Primbumi Bersata Malaysia (PPBM) in Petaling Jaya that the government might find it hard to fulfil all the promises it made.

Those with elementary understanding of the economy would, by now, know that the ousted kleptokratic BN government had left a much greater mess than most of us had dared to imagine.

The financial market, already spooked by the US-China trade disputes, reacted negatively to the news of the BN’s plundering.

There’s no way that the new government could or should hide these bad news from the investors.

My attitude is, let us be as truthful as we could. After all, the PH had promised transparency and accountability.

What has been discovered so far shows that the former Prime Minister, who was also Finance Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, had wantonly and systematically crippled the country’s economy.

The institutional damage his government did was systematic and systemic. Literally there wasn’t an institution, including the monarchy, that hadn’t been usurped and perverted using bribery and intimidation. Cash was truly the supreme king.

It started with the formation of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) in 2009, the year he became Prime Minister, and gotten worse with every subsequent get-rich-quick scheme he launched – anything from the commercialisation of Felda assets via the Felda Global Ventures IPO to the launch of a slew of debt-funded mega projects.

Moving Forward

My feeling is the government must share the truth with the people. Let them know comprehensively the situation the country is in and what plans it has to put it back on track.

The government should use the first sitting of the Parliament, starting July 16, to address these issues. A new budget or, at the very least, a supplementary one may be necessary.

Surely the people want to hear from the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister (Lim Guan Eng) and the Minister in charge of the economy (Mohd Azmin Ali) about state that the economy.

It’s timely for the Prime Minister to make his first “state of the federation” address.

The people must be told the truth no matter how unpalatable it may be. The new government cannot perpetuate the lies and pretense of the previous administration.

It would appear that in many cases we may be forced to start all over again. So many institutions, agencies and corporations had been so badly corrupted and perverted that they are literally financially insolvent.

Dr Mahathir and his team had saved the country twice before. They did it in the mid-1980’s and during the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crises.

I am sure the people would give them a chance to do it again.

God willing.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. No more BN corruptions & kleptocracies!

budak jawa said...

Aslm dakj,

PH should not promise the moon and the star to the people. Neither any political party should promise a very specific promise with financial impliation. This is irresponsible act.

Only responsible government who knows it financial capacity could make well informed promise with financial implication. Manifesto should only be limited to policy matter not specific things.

Ive mentioned that abolishment of gst without first knowing the extent of financial commitment the government is facing was a bad move. At least when economyis expecting to face another price hike once sst is reinstated.

Another thing is there are still many najib apple polishing and strong supporter in the strategic position in government agencies. They are so well connected between one another. PH should do a one round clean up through rotation to break the chain and make them powerless so that they could not do the same thing to the new administrative member. Remember, power corrupts.

Last but not least, people has expectation, dont play the same song too frequently. Rakyat want a solid planmoving forward, not the inherit problem. We already knew how bad bn is doing thus we removed them. Please understand the pain people has suffered. And please no more political stunt like government statement in mandarin. That was really2 unnecessary thing at this moment.

All the best.

Forward said...

Dear Kadir,

Malaysians voted PH to solve problems and improve the country's situation. I am sure Malaysians already know pretty well the extend of corruption in the previous government. Put it this way : (a) Corruption started long back even since Tun Mahathir's first term as PM; we are talking about 30 to 40 years duration (b) The oppositions, the "un-licensed news portals and the NGOs have done a good job in keeping Malaysians informed about episode after episode of corruptions over the years (c) Almost all Malaysians have personal first-hand experience with corruption in the country. So, in other words, nothing is shocking any more as far as corruption is concerned.

The BN government is now down, beaten and out. Malaysians want to see how things can be improved by the new government. This should be PH government's main focus. People is tired of the blaming game! No one forced PH to promise what it did in its Manifesto ! It is a good learning experience for PH because we are living in an unpredictable world, never ever try to plan things based on perfect scenario, always leave some buffer somewhere for contingency purpose!

Swanky Man in Suit said...

Mr. Kadir,

An analysis of Anwar's support for Erdogan, in an international newspaper (Australia).

I don't think this man is fit to be our next prime minister. His role models are flawed.

Swanky Man in Suit said...

I fear the day the old man steps down.

Now this, now that... said...

in the recent Reuters interview Najib came across loud and clear that he did not know what transpired at 1MDB. This invited a lot of valid netizen comments because according to the 1MDB constitution HE and only he had the sole authority to approve to sign off on the financial transactions, ooops shenanigans!
Subsequently his press statements contradicted his stand again when he attempted to rebut his earlier statements.
Then the self-serving interview with Malaysiakini where he was allowed to re-intepret his claims:
Najib Abdul Razak has claimed that his recent interview with Reuters was “intentionally misinterpreted” by others to give the impression he was in the dark about 1MDB-related transactions.

In an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini, the former premier said he was aware of 1MDB's transactions, which the board would have vetted before he signed off on them.

However, he claimed that he was not aware of any alleged misuse of funds after 1MDB had paid its joint venture (JV) partners.

Najib also said the 1MDB board would have had to follow and be satisfied with its corporate due diligence processes before its officials asked him to formally sign off on proposed investments or transactions.

“What I meant is I was aware of the major investments and transactions, yes, but once the transactions and investments have taken place, subsequently, I was not aware, because that is the implementation stage, as well as some of the investments, were done overseas...

Meaning, don't blame him, it was the the board and management of 1MDB who did him wrong.
Wow, Malaysiakini being used as Najib's tool?

Where's the follow up interview with the then 1MDB board for them to respond to his accusations?

Anonymous said...

Telan mati tercekik. Luah mati kelaparan. Akhirnya terkulai menunggu pertolongan. Mungkin membawa lebih banyak musibah atau ada penawar untuk kembali kebah saperti setelah diserang demam kura-kura. Menggigil kesejukan menunggu penawar tiba.

Pengundi Pekan said...

The Malay especially in the gomen services has been pampered for too long. Since their childhood until pencen day - no survival mindset. Everything waiting for the umno gomen to spoonfeed them, which umno leaders are more than happy to do it using the tax payer money. Its time for us to change or otherwise we will be stuck in the post british colonial era and the Malay majority will be labeled as short cutter forever. It should be done based merit first and gomen support second and not the other way round.

May Allah bless Malaysia.

Zulkifli Ahmad said...

Dear Datuk,

Thank you for the room to give this comment. My personal opinion, this is the time we must learn and relearn, look back at the real rootcause because the damages not only to our country, but it has gone way deep in our way of thinking and conducting our live. We have became a nation that need a life support.

Just give an example, there are voices from our people, who is scared when there is no longer BRIM, we have became so non indipendent. We are mumbling when so many people lost their govt related jobs, but unable to realize that, so many opportunities to work in the plantation, factory, service industries that we willingly sub it to Indonesian, Myanmar, Bangladeshi, they transfer back the money to their countries Millions every month. But not blaming them, its rezeki for hardworking people.

I wanted to stop blaming others and myselves and wake up with strategy to structure back this fractured life system starting on our self and family. Japan rosed up after the huge damages in world war, they learn and relearn, same as South Korea.

One more thing I learn, we need to improve our relationships with God.

May Allah bless us all.
Thank you,
Zulkifli Ahmad

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Pentingnya KETELUSAN.

Jika kita betul2 menelaah setiap cakapan/hujah Tun M didlm negara...diluar negara...semasa mematah hujah2 Kerajaan dulu dan semasa berkempen....kita akan dapati kebenaran...ketelusan dan kejujuran dlm mesej yg hendak disampaikan.
Tiada elemen populis atau 'lips service' .
Dan bila kebenaran....kejujuran dan kesungguhan yg beliau lontarkan.....maka rakyat dari pelbagai bangsa mahu beliau sbg PM. ...bukan Sabu...Muhyiddin....atau Guan Eng.

Memang kentrampilan beliau hebat dan amat berbanding dgn mana2 ketua dari Parti Umno....Pas dan PH sekali pun.
Kini yg merisaukan saya..... dlm PH masih ada seorg personaliti yg kehulu kehilir....dgn 'suit' cantik.....senyum lebar sana sini...tetapi masih kelihatan 'phoney' serupa saja dgn ketua2 Umno.

Pertuturan dan hujah2 dia nemang hebat....lebih2 lagi bila semasa diinteriew media luar......setanding dgn Najib tetapi buat saya TIDAK LANGSUNG MEYAKINKAN ATAU BOLEH DIPERCAYAI....MASIH PENUH RETORIK DAN ELEMEN POPULIS YANG KETARA.

Justeru itu....hati kecil saya berkata....NEGARA TIDAK PERLUKAN ORG YG yg hanya pandai berkata2 tetapi tiada sekelumat pun KETELUSAN yg terpancar....hanya 'lips service dan double meaning' sahaja.
Maka saya berkata pd diri sekali lagi.... mampukah dia bekerja demi rakyat yg memilih Kerajaan Baru... dan Tun M sbg PM.
Bekerja... demi rakyat...negara dan ugama....sebab dia kelihatan serupa sahaja dgn Najib.. Zahid....KJ dan Ku Li....penuh retorik tetapi KABUR DGN KETELUSAN.

Harapnya....Muhyiddin yg menjadi 'the waiting guy'....demi bangsa dan ugama.

Abitpusher said...

Kan PH dulu dah kata m'sia nak bankrap, kenapa masih buat manifesto begitu rupa. Huhu

Jojo said...

1. I voted for PH to get rid of Najib and his gang of thieves. I also voted for PH because Tun Dr Mahathir will be our PM. Other than that, I wanted GST to be abolished. These are happening and I am happy.

2. I disagree with increasing the minimum wage. Even the current rm1k min wage is already a huge burden to small businesses. If you want to increase the minimum wage for skilled workers, I think that is possible but for non/low skilled workers, I disagree. I know even Tun Dr Mahathir disagrees on the current minimum wage. He did write about it on his blog.

3. I also disagree on not paying ptptn loan until you get rm4k salary. You may reduce the monthly repayment based on your salary but you still have to pay. Else, you should get 1st class honours

4. As for EPF for housewives, why don't you let housewives to put in whatever amount say rm10/month into their EPF accounts and let them enjoy the same benefits as the rest of EPF members. That way, you don't have to deal with crazy dumb husbands who don't even want to share their EPF money with their wives.

PL said...

Transparency and accountability are key words for the new government. The Institutional Reform Committee has been quiet and I would very much like to hear what plans it has in store for Malaysia. I have written to the IRC on Voting Process Reforms (including Electoral) and Suggestion.

Regardless of situation, the only recourse for the Public is the Election, hence it is imperative that reforms be executed as soon as possible to instil confidence of the Rakyat in the new govt.

The IPCMC is another area that needs to be set up to endure that the police force or the Home Ministry does not abuse its powers.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

Umno's rebirth will never happen under their new President.

After watching the debate on Astro Awani it became painfully clear that Zahid has no substance and no ideas.

Ah well, that is their right and their misfortune.

However, if Umno is de-registered they should blame only themselves.

The never thought they would lose control of their corrupted institutions.

Similarly if they or their leaders took 1MDB money, the rakyat must recover it.

It is stolen money.

As the mat salleh say, "let the chips fall where they may."

@mecananga said...

Assalam Datuk..

Tajuk blog Datuk ni memang tepat pada masanya memandangkan Parlimen akan bersidang pada 16hb Jul 2018 ni.
Saya setuju bahawa PM kita Tun M harus memberi "State of the Federation Address" bagi memaklumkan kepada kesemua MP dan juga rakyat keadaan negara kita dari semua segi.Kerajaan PH harus berterus terang dan memanggil "A spade a spade"..dan tidak lagi menyorok sesuatu yang kemudiannya akan memudaratkan keadaan negara dan juga rakyat.

Amatlah dikesali bahawa pemimpin2 Kerajaan yang lepas telah gagal melindong dan menjaga nama baik Malaysia.Sehubungan dengan itu kami rakyat telah memilih Parti PH untuk memerintah bagi mengganti kerajaan terdahulu.Justeru itu kami menaruh harapan dan meletakkan kepercayaan kepada Kerajaan PH untuk membetulkan keadaan negara yang telah dirosakkan oleh pentadbiran pemimpin2 sebelum ini.Janganlah ada pisang berbuah dua kali.

Akhir kata sudah semestinya ini satu beban yang bukan hanya harus dipikul oleh PM seorang saja tapi kesemua yang telah dilantik kedalam kabinet baru dan juga mereka yang bakal menjadi "law maker."

Buktikan kepada rakyat yang Kerajaan PH adalah kerajaan yang Amanah Bersih dan Cekap.

Salute Tun Dr M said...

wonderful wonderful news, absolutely brilliant move by PM Tun and his team.
As reported in Malaysiakini today:
The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam), Election Commission and MACC are among several high profile government agencies which will now report directly to Parliament, in a major restructuring of the Prime Minister's Department.

According to The Star, nine government agencies are to begin operating independently and reporting directly to Parliament from today.

The Public Prosecutor's Office, Audit Department, Public Service Commission, Education Service Commission, and the Judicial Appointments Commission have also been swept up in the extensive housekeeping exercise of the Prime Minister's Department – often accused of being bloated under the previous administration.

While it was reported that the Attorney-General's Chambers would still come under the department, its prosecutorial powers have been placed under the Public Prosecutor's Office.

A source from within Suhakam confirmed with Malaysiakini the new placement and that the move came into effect today.

The Star also reported that chief secretary to the government Ali Hamsa approved the abolishment of 10 agencies in a June 26 letter to the Prime Minister's Department.

The move includes the dissolution of 19 smaller divisions or offices, as well as the merging of five agencies and the re-designation of 40 others.

Among the agencies and divisions to be culled are the National Professors Council, the National Innovation Agency, the Special Implementation Task Force, Civil Service Delivery Unit (CSDU) and the 2050 National Transformation (TN50) secretariat.

This also affects Land Public Transport Commission (Spad), the functions of which have been absorbed into the Transport Ministry.

Those to be merged include the Legal Aid Department and Insolvency Department with the Law and Judiciary Ministry.

Even the country's special envoys, a role which is accorded ministerial rank, will be scrapped.

It was reported that the services of the country's special envoy on infrastructure to India and Southern Asia S Samy Vellu would not be renewed when his contract expires at the end of the year.

I salute Tun M and his cabinet.

Full blessings and mandate said...

Tun Dr M and his team has our blessing and mandate to do whatever necessary to lift the nation up again. We do not trust anyone else no matter how sweet or persuasive his/her talk is, we escaped being serfs in the nick of time, and if this is not called miraculous, what else can you describe the total coming together of the people to vote out Najib and his gang, and to bring in Tun M and his "gang".
Sure there will be mistakes along the way, but not deadly ones like how Najib and his conmen would perform on us.
We will grow together with the current govt, learning, learning and learning and making sure there will not be a place for Najib's successors.

safiai saad said...

Salam Sdr Kadir, despite the problem that the present government faced be it institutional reform, corporate governance and perhaps huge public and national debt,surely government will need to do something closer to the rakyat needs.

1. Employment: the government could insist that the profit making companies to take more workers since it is better to have more people employed, rather than shouting the big profit but the rakyat are suffering.Banking industries keep cutting their workforce even though they continue to pile huge profit.It just does not make sense.

What are we doing to attract foreign direct investment that create more jobs,jobs,and jobs.
What about our domestic Direct Investment.We should encourage our local industrialist to operate in Malaysia.We have agreed to change the government, yet they are not responding, in fact they keep going abroad.

2. Cost of Living: Now even without GST, the cost of living continue to rise up,the irony is,who is managing these economic forces. We can't let the free market economy slaughter our own rakyat.

3.Surely the business of bringing foreign workers was the best business for the past government.We need to stop this, we have enough of our own workforce.Treat our worker with respect and incentives, they are more than willing to contribute to the nation.

4. Cheap and affordable housing need to jumpstart the economy. Why the expensive houses remain unsold? We are directing our resources at the wrong direction.
So Sdr Kadir, These are not too difficult task for Pakatan Government to do immediately.

Dont bogged down with problem left by the past government.5 Years is too short a time.
No need to be perfect, but we need more rakyat will be helped during Pakatan Government rule.
thanks sdr Kadir.

dt rahman pekan said...

Yab Tun M tlh mengatakan yg beliau mengsyaki bahawa banyak agensi2 kewangan yg ada kaitan dgn kerajaan tlh menjadi mangsa melalui 'creative robbery' gang najib/rosmah.

Perbuatan2 'curang' ini wajib d tangani dgn serious olih kerajaan PH sekarang.

Dlm hal ini, sungguh pun saya bersetuju agar rakyat d maklumi tentang semua kemungkaran, namun saya lebih cenderong jika satu Kertas Putih (White Paper) saperti laporan tragedy mei 13 1969 d sediakan n d bentangkan dlm Parliament utk d bahas. Forensic auditing wajib juga d buat.

Dlm system presidential, saperti d USA n Indonesia,(n mungkin d lain2 Negara)Ketua Negara d wajib utk memaklumkan kpd Joint Session of Congress (USA) n MPR (INDONESIA)melalui State of d Union Address ( jan/feb) n Pidato Kenegaraan (Ogos).

Perkara2 yg d bentangkan termasuk lah :-

-laporan belanjawan,
-laporan ekonomi,
-outline legislative agenda,
-keutamaan national termasuk hubungan luar Negara dll.

Negara kita tiada tradisi saperti ini. Mungkin yg paling hampir ia lah Titah d Raja
seamasa perasmian sidang Parliament pd tiap2 tahun.

Mungkin sudah tiba masa nya kita memberi peluang kpd PM utk melapurkan prestasi n perancangan kerajaan utk satu thn kehadapan.

Masa yg paling sesuai ia lah semasa pembentangan belanjawan. Jika pd masa yg lepas hanya Men Kewangan d galas dgn t/jawab ini, apa kata selaku satu pendekatan kelainan yg baru, kita beri peluang utk PM meyampaikan :-

'UCAPAN PERDANA N PEMBENTANGAN BELANJAWAN' - Men kewangan bolih turuti nya dgn 'detailed budget proposal' kemudian.

Mengenai manifesto pula, saya menganggap nya hanya sebagai satu aku janji 'alternative' utk pengundi membuat pilihan. Olih demikian, adalah menjadi t/jawab utk ia nya d penuhi jika mahu mengekalkan 'credibility' serta bertahan sebagai pemerintah.

Janji 100 hari pd saya adalah semata mata 'election gimmick'. Yg penting nya ia harus 'realistic' n jika tidak bolih d penuhi dlm masa 5 thn memerintah, pengundi wajib d maklumi secara ikhlas.

Kerajaan PH d bawah kepimpinan Yab Tun M, tlh pun mengisi jawatan2 menteri n tim2 menteri. My friends n I like what we c.

Selamat berkhidmat YB2 n 4 goodness sake pls do not let d people down. Our future depends heavily on yr commitments.

"Dirgahayu Tanah Air Ku".


kashinkoji said...

Where were you when Najib is in power?

Heads off for Jakim and BTN said...

In the extensive trimming exercise of the PM's dept, why are BTN and Jakim left untouched?
Makes no sense, and our PM should already know how much harm and damage these two depts have inflicted on the rakyat.
Get rid of them, and if PM needs a beneficial version he would be better off setting up new depts rather than tinker with the old. Will not work.

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