Saturday, December 01, 2018

Good Governance Is For All

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

The headline says it all
I COULD not agree more with the Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah, when he said dishonest leaders hurt the people.

The Ruler of  Perak, who is now performing the duties of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, said so when speaking at the national level Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration in Putrajaya on November 20th.

According to a Bernama report of November 2, the Sultan would be exercising the functions of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong from that date to December 31.

The King is reported to be “resting following treatment”. Not much is known about the nature of the King’s illness but there had been international media reports claiming that his majesty is in Russia.

When asked about it by the media yesterday, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said: “I don’t know. I don’t have any official confirmation so I can’t say anything.”

The Star reported that speculation is rife that the 49-year-old Ruler has married a former Russian beauty queen.

On my part, I am told by the chairman of a media organisation that journalists who contacted the media officer of the Istana Negara were told that he could not reveal anything but acknowledge that there had been many queries from the media.

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Back to Sultan Nazrin, he was reported as saying that the many problems confronting the people today are caused by leaders who lacked integrity.

He said: "Material wealth that is earned through suspicious means will make someone rich instantly.

"And sudden wealth without the enrichment of the mind, intellect, knowledge and the soul is not the true meaning of being wealthy, and wealth that is earned this way does not last.

"This would only give birth to boastfulness and a culture of showing off which will then lead to unnecessary wastage."

Gods and Goddesses of the Gods

Does it not sound familiar to you?

It does to me – the US$27.3 million (about RM113.7 million) pink diamond necklace, hundreds of Hermes Birkin handbags, super expensive wrist watches and stacks of cash.

If this is not boastfulness and an extreme case of showing off, then what is it?

Such a culture, said Sultan Nazrin, would lead to the wastage of precious resources, poor development and unemployment in the country.

This sobering reminder, coming as it did from an intellectual Ruler, is refreshing and should be accorded recognition and be put into practice.

I don’t think that leaders – elected and hereditary – who took the oath of office in the name of God - should be scrambling for wealth.

In our country, irrespective of whether leaders are elected by the people or inherited their thrones, they are sufficiently provided for by the people.

There is no need for them to scramble to earn an income like a padi farmer, rubber tapper, fisherman or Grab driver.

They are not in the business of amassing wealth and competing with the people. Their duty is ruling and administering the country.

They are not expected to be involved in launching IPOs, owning IPPs or meddling in political affairs.

Intellectual Ruler

In recent years, Sultan Nazrin has emerged as a royal articulator and voice of reason. Rightly since his assumed royal title “Muizzuddin” in Arabic means the defender of the faith.

I had said the same thing in my Sinar Harian column on Sunday, November 18. He could be considered a royal intellect and thinker based on his speeches and statements. There is idealism in his voice.

It is not an easy task for a young ruler, who ascended the throne only four years ago, to position himself as "spokesman" of the royal institution. monarchs.

Educationally he is well equipped. He received a bachelor degree in philosophy from the Oxford University, Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard University and PhD in Political Economy also from Harvard.

If what has been articulated by Sultan Nazrin is put into practice we would have constitutional rulers who could fulfill the expectation of the people and be in sync with the new millennium.

I had the opportunity of reading and quoting from his late father Sultan Azlan Shah’s landmark “without fear or favour” rulings and speeches on many court cases and public speeches.

I even had the honour of being summoned to the old Istana Negara and lectured on proper “royal reporting” when the New Straits Times’ report on his visit to the Asian Defence Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur sometime in the late 1980’s caused his displeasure.

In leadership, therefore, irrespective of whether one is a lowly Ketua Kampung (village head) or a mighty King, good leadership is supreme.

Just as a reminder to all of us, during the October 22 installation of the Sultan of Kedah, Tuanku Sallehuddin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah Al Aminul Karim, the doa (blessings) included a Quranic quotation from the chapter Al-Imran (The Family of Imran) - verse 26

قُلِ اللَّهُمَّ مَالِكَ الْمُلْكِ تُؤْتِي الْمُلْكَ مَنْ تَشَاءُ وَتَنزعُ الْمُلْكَ مِمَّنْ تَشَاءُ وَتُعِزُّ مَنْ تَشَاءُ وَتُذِلُّ مَنْ تَشَاءُ بِيَدِكَ الْخَيْرُ إِنَّكَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

“O Allah, Lord of all dominion! You give dominion to whom You will, and take away dominion from whom You will, and You exalt whom You will, and abase whom You will. In Your Hand is all good. Surely You are All-Powerful.”

So King and pauper let us all be reminded.


It's for all, idiots ! said...

so heartening to read this article first thing in the morning.
Good governance is not only for a segment of the rakyat whether applying only to the rulers or down to the lowly populace. It is for ALL.

Honesty, transparency, truthfulness and sincerity in carrying out our tasks are heavy responsibilities on the govt and rulers, and the rakyat expect no less from them, no prissy pussyfooting and foolish and "stupid heroic" statements and actions.
Follow Tun's examples and you will do no wrong. If there is something amiss with what he or you all said or did, or the handling of the currrent situation , then bring it out and discuss among your fellow cabinet members and come out with a common statement and intention. Don't clique in batches, don't play heroes or you will be caught out.

While on the subject of transparency, it's high time the palace informs/clarifies to the govt what has been the written in overseas news sites complete with wedding pictures and others.

budak jawa said...

Aslm Dakj,

Peringatan yang sangat baik dan boleh dikatakan tepat. Yang berkenaan ambillah peringatan. Orang yang berusaha mencaei kekayaan dengan susah payah akan menghargai kesenangan yang mereka perolehi dan tidak akan membazir atau berbelanja dengan boros kerana sedar dan insaf betapa sukarnya mencari kekayaan. Sebaliknya orang yang kaya dengan cara mudah dan tidak sah, pastinya akan boros dan membazir kerana mereka tidak sedar dan menghargai nilai wang yang dibelanjakan walaupun mengetahui kesukaran rakyat marhaen mencari sesuap nasi dan mendapat tempat perlindungan, apatah lagi pentingnya memajukan bangsa dan negara untuk bersaing dwngan negara lain dalam era globalisasi ini. Yang menyedihkan lagi, mereka ini berada di kedusukan yang sangat penting dalam hirarki pemerintahan dan pentadbiran negara yang mana perbuatan mereka dan keputusan mereka diperhatikan oleh rakyat dan pihak luar serta membawa kesan kepada rakyat dan negara.

Apa yang lebih penting daripada peringatan datuk ini adalah supaya rakyat celik mata, buka minda dan jangan menjadi penyokong sesetengah pihak secara membuta tuli. Yang baik disokong, yang salah mestilah dibendung. Barulah pemimpin-pemimpin ini tidak berani dan sewenang-wenangnya melakukan kesalahan kerana mereka tahu mereka disokong dan punya penyokong untuk melakukan kebaikan kepada rakyat keseluruhan dan negara. Bukan beramai-ramai melakukan kesalahan atau jenayah untuk kesenangan kumpulan tertentu sahaja. Kalau rakyat yang menyokong bijak, berfikiran terbuka dan mempunyai nilai yang benar dan amanah, pemimpin tidak akan dapat menipu dan mempergunakan mereka dan akan kuranglah pemimpin bobrok yang dapat menjadi pemimpin.

Untuk memandaikan rakyat, haruslah masyarakat dididik dan berdakwah. Perlu ada pihak yang turun padang menyantuni masyarakat. Tidak boleh dibiarkan rakyat dengan kesusahan hidup mereka tanpa ada yang prihatin. Ini merupakan tugas pemerintah dan juga tugas individu. Oleh itu kerajaan haruslah berganding bahu bekerjasama dengan tokoh masyarakat untuk tujuan ini. Perkara seperti ini tidak boleh diinstitusikan secara formal seperti menubuhkan satu badan kerajaan kerana tidak akn berhasil dek akibat tugas dilaksanakan atas dasar makan gaji.

Memang negara sedang berada di peringkat kritikal dan ketandusan pemimpin sejati yang amanah, penyayang dan kuat untuk memimpin masyarakat dan negara. Banyaknya pemimpin yang bermuka-muka di depan cakap lain perbuatannya pula lain, banyak pula dustanya.

Semoga Allah rahmati negara malaysia dan rakyatnya dan memenangkan yang hak dan menewaskan yang batil. Semoga kita ditetapkan sentiasa di pihak yang hak dan berusaha untuk memnangkan yang hak bukan memenangkan kelompok tertentu tidak kora ia batil atau hak.

Unknown said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

Ayat Quran dari Surah Al Imran Ayat 26 di atas tu telah tersalah susun aturnya Datuk. Dah jadi tonggang-terbalik susunan ayatnya.

Saya percaya ianya disebabkan "cut & paste" dari mana mana sumber yg tidak compatible Arabic fonts nya di Blog Datuk.

Mohon diperbetulkan Datuk. Berdosa "menulis" Ayat Al Quran sedemikian.

Mohon maaf.

Dr Azman Mohd Isa

p/s anyway, it is a well written article. Well done.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

I hope Baginda Sultan Kelantan recuperate well in Rusia. Perhaps in Rusia, there are better medical facility and etc.

I also hope that Baginda will the find the most compatible consort that would make the Kelantanese people proud and all of us proud.

I could not agree more with you the pursuit of unimaginable magnitude of wealth by the leaders , elected and inherited had caused trouble and hardship to the country.

Greed is the problem. It will continue to be a problem until knowledge and light overcome it.

The pursuit of wealth should go along with the pursuit of knowledge, as advised by the Sultan of Perak. Only then, we can reap the reward of wealth and become a better country.

Unknown said...

Assalam Dato,

Its good timing that Dato has brought up this good governance topic.
For all followers of this blog and contributors of SOCSO(employers and employees).
As IT staff of SOCSO, I would like to disclose that an extravagant SOCSO project called ASSIST at a hefty price of RM217 million has been failed to be delivered as per schedule on August 2018. Only 15% of the project delivered but at least RM134 has been paid to the vendor. There is ongoing dispute between SOCSO and vendor on the scope of project and it imposes a huge risk that project may just be abandoned and RM217 will go up in smoke. FYI the same project previously only cost RM 33 milllion and even then that has been failed to be delivered. RM33 million with much smaller but the price has been ratcheted up RM217 miilion.
As far as SOCSO’s good governance concerned this is red flag and it involves all our hard earned contribution to the fund. The CEO and Senior Management has to be hold accountable.
Hope the Minister and our new chairman of SOCSO to take action against culprits hence saving our money.

Gemini said...

Corruption can take in many forms and acts such as bribery, fraud, extortion, falsehood, nepotism, deceit, vote rigging, calculated neglect, abuse and cheating. These acts are used to extort unethical gain for some at the expense of others. In the process, power is abused or discharged inappropriately.
On the other hand, people have an inherent greed for five things: food, material wealth, status, power and pleasure. And they succumb to corruption primarily in the process of feeding their greed.
Therefore greed triggers or accelerates corruption.
Power is the most dominant force in the realm of corruption.
Therefore, all institutions must ensure that no one has absolute power when assuming a public role. This necessity implies that we put strong checks and balances in the institutions to save the institutions from corruption and subsequent degeneration.
Good governance is the way to go and applies to all.

RD. said...

Salam Saudara Budak Jawa.

Memang benar apa yang Saudara tulis; "Sebaliknya orang yang kaya dengan cara mudah dan tidak sah, pastinya akan boros dan membazir kerana mereka tidak sedar dan menghargai nilai wang yang dibelanjakan..."

Sikap tidak sayang pada WANG yang dipamerkan Jho Low sejak 2009 lagi, telah menyebabkan scandal 1MDB terbongkar.

Paparazzi yang memburu-berita sensasi artis-artis Hollywood seperti Lindsay Lohan dan Megan Fox, naik hairan dan curiga dengan sikap Jho Low berparty-mabuk di club-club exclusive secara extravagant, seolah-olah duit jatuh dari langit. Inilah yang menyebabkan New York Times membuat 'investigative reporting' mengenai punca kekayaan Jho Low yang menjurus kaitan beliau dengan anak-tiri Najib, Riza Aziz dan 1MDB.

Patut pun sejak dulu lagi mereka cuba padam kaitan Jho Low dengan 1MDB.

wansee c said...

A good governance derives from a good quality and well-versed cabinet lineup to run the administration of government according to the rules and regulations imposed. So, the topmost head plays a vital role to lead by example as for others to follow suit.

Honesty is one of those qualities that a leader must be blessed with in order to attain unconditional trust, support, loves, respect, confidence etc from the people. Oftentimes we hear people say, honesty is the best policy to achieve everything. It should be wholesomely pure from within one's heart.

Back then, there was a case involving one of the PH leaders. Despite having the facts and evidence 99.9% proven, yet and sadly that leader opted for dishonest denials to resolve the despicable scandal to refrain from further assailed and disgraced by the society. Well, there is no smoke without fire. That leader should have owned it up to seek for mental peace rather than being encroached in guilt and lost all the privileges of trust of the people. Anyhow, some claimed that the leader is a changed person ever since the 'acquittal' and be activated in the political arena. But to me, there is not one iota of change at all. Instead, the intact attitude permits the continuity of manipulation of the second chance to hurl hurt at others including Tun M, implicitly. Truthfully, leopard cannot change its spots.

Money talks. That makes money begets money until it gets out of control that the accumulation of wealth has to be done in a dishonest way. Worse still, if the greed sets in. As a result of that, God willing, everything can be wiped out in a contemptible manner in just the blink of an eye. It is important for us to live within our means. Thus, as cliched as it sounds, money is literally the root of evil.

Well, Sultan Perak, Sultan Nazrin is unquestionably the pride of all Malaysian. Not only is he handsome, smart and charming outside as well as inside but a charismatic intellectual Royal Ruler. Every word utters from his mouth has its profound meaning, be it subtly or otherwise, for the rakyat to ponder upon. This is the King that I am looking forward to witnessing him to succeed to the throne in the near future. Daulat Tuanku !!

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Cadangan kpd Tun Mahathir

Prinsip penulisan saya adalah Adil. Kalau Dato’ kata benar, saya sokong, kalau terpesong saya tegur. Kalini artikel Dato’ saya setuju. Siap ada ayat al quran lagi. Macamtulah.

Semalam Tun Mahathir ada meminta cadangan bagaimana nak kurangkan harag barang. Saya ada beberapa cadangan yg boleh Dato’ tolong sampaikan kpd Tun. Pertama, sistem cukai amat jauh dari Islam dan terlau banyak riba. Bunga, bunga dan bunga. GILA !!!! Tiada langsung ke mufti-mufti yg menyemak system tax kitani dan at least beri sedikit pandangan. Selagi tidak mengamalkan Ad Din di dalam kerajaan termasuklah percukaian islam, selagi itulah kita tidak akan ke mana.

Kedua, Dalam islam ada PAHALA dan dosa bukannya dosa sahaja. Jadi, Please, tolong amalkan system REWARD and punishment. Masalahnya sekarang, kerajaan kita hanya mengamalkan prinsip punishment sahaja kpd rakyat. Mereka anggap rakyat jahat sampai KP LHDN kata akan memburu peniaga macam haiwan masa Najib berkuasa dululah. JPJ demerit, Polis Demerit, LHDN Bunga, Bunga, dan bunga Tak terfikirkah kerajaan nak buat reward juga kpd rakyat jelata yg baik. Barulah adil. Siapa bayar tax banyak, rewardnya pun banyaklah juga. Barulah adil kan. Lebih banyak pembayar tax, hasil lebih banyak, hutang kerajaan dapat dikurangkan dan subsidi akan bertambah. Harga akan turunlah. Logik je.

Bagaimana pelaksanaannya? Simple, wujudkan system ala-ala bonuk link. Setiap kebaikan dibalas dgn ganjaran reward yg matanya boleh dikumpul dan boleh ditebusguna kemudian. Bila mata banyak, boleh digunakan utk dpt priority seperti boleh bawa kereta laju sikit ke. Takkanlah bawa kereta Porshe Panamera tapi bawa 110 km/H. Ini satu contoh je. Banyak lagi contoh yg boleh saya beri. Mungkin kita menjadi negara pertama manggunakan system ini dan akan diikuti oleh negara lain.

Baru 2 cadangan dah panjang sangat pulak. Saya ada beberapa cadangan lagi yg akan diberi dilain waktu. Sekian TQ.

Zalman A said...


The warning is wise and timely.

Also remember that the "dishonest politicians" are not always the big shots in Putrajaya and Parliament.

Their arms and legs are in every kampung in Malaysia, living off leftover dedak stockpiled by the previous regime.

This article by Serina Rahman is an eye-opener:

One excerpt:

In Johor, the new Pakatan Harapan state government confronted similar challenges. Even as public announcements were made on changes to state administration—with new benefits made available to the poor—these were met with incredulity.

Campaign promises to FELDA settlers are yet unfulfilled, and the Malay poor outside of FELDA settlements have little means or understanding of how to access new offerings from the government.

Instead, they hear of job losses among civil servants, increases in cigarette prices, clampdowns on the sale of smuggled cigarettes (cheaper, untaxed versions of the product many rural people are still addicted to), and an upcoming ban on smoking in open spaces; all adding to the perception that they are being unfairly targeted."

Politics is perception vs. reality.

If the PH govt is creating a better reality, they also need to make sure people have the right perceptions they are doing so.

Zalman A said...


It's obvious the propanganda machine of Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil Najib Razak has merely gone underground and is still pumping out misinformation 24/7.

Ironically, he now sheds crocodile tears for the FELDA folks (forgetting his many scams against them) and for the B40 (even though BR1M money was allegedly used to plug the 1MDB hole.)

However, I do not see PH politicians fighting fire with facts.

Having won the hand of the bride, they are now content to sit back.

This is going to be disastrous.

As Serina Rahman concludes:

"The picture I draw here may seem to be the polar opposite of the hope that still bubbles in urban centres post GE14. But the reality on rural Malay grounds is harsh. These voters just want to see that they get some kind of assistance, that their lives improve, and that they too can access the benefits marketed by the new government. As these continue to be seemingly out of their reach, the extent of the schisms that can grow out of fear and despair vary.

At is mildest it can continue to just be the need to “look after our own kind” (jaga orang Melayu kita), or it could swing to much further extremes of hate and radical action.

The new Pakatan Harapan government needs to be seen to genuinely engage with people on the fringes to prove that they have not been forgotten. While the recently released budget details numerous benefits to the “bottom 40% percent” (B40), without concrete improvements to their livelihoods and visible change to conditions on the ground, these plans remain mere rhetoric.

For in these far-flung rural edges of Peninsular Malaysia, there is little harapan (hope) left."

It's good advice.

Sometimes victory is just the START of hard work, not a mere culmination.

Those in the relevant ministries really need to wake up.

Where is the fire to fight fire?

Manunggal Jati said...

"Kepimpinan Melalui Tauladan"
Suri tauladan dan contoh ikutan yang baik untuk semua umat manusia adalah pemimpim umat yang satu. Iaitu pemimpin pilihan Allah yang mendapat rahmat Allah. Itulah baginda Nabi Muhammad Rasulullah. Allah melimpahkan rahmatnya kepada baginda dan limpahan rahmat Allah itulah yang meliputi seluruh alam (Muhammad Rahmatan Lil Alamin).

4 Ciri Yang Perlu ada pada seorang pemimpin
1) Siddiq : Berani kerana benar
2) Amanah : Amanah menjaga dan melaksanakan amanah Allah
3) Tabligh : Lantang menyampaikan dengan kata-kata
4) Fatonah : Bijaksana dengan ilmu dalam semua tindakan

Islam akhirzaman (Tanah Melayu) akan kembali bangkit apabila 3 pemimpin pilihan Allah kembali bermuafakat mengikut pemimpin pilihan umat .. Nabi Muhammad Rasulullah
1) Pemimpin Rakyat : Arif ilmu akal (Ilmu Jasmani)
2) Pemimpin Ulama : Arif ilmu hati (Ilmu Rohani)
3) Pemimpin Raja : Arif ilmu akal&hati (Ilmu Nurani)

Itulah yang dimaksudkan sebagai "Putrajaya"
Putrajaya membawa maksud kembalinya Kejayaan kepada Tanah Melayu

Itulah yang dimaksudkan dengan Logo bunga raya dengan 5 kelopak bunga yang terdapat pada bendera salah seorang pemimpin rakyat akhirzaman
Bunga Raya membawa maksud tersirat orang yang berjaya
5 kelopak bunga maksud tersirat (Ilmu Jasmani) Manusia dengan 5 anggota tubuh utama (1 kepala, 2 tangan dan 2 kaki). Sedangkan ilmu rohaninya membawa maksud tersirat apabila 5 unsur alam(Cahaya , Tanah, Air, Api & Angin) berjaya disatukan diatas satu bendera maka akan lahirlah Insan sebaik-baik kejadian makhluk (Manusia yang diberkati Allah) Tidak akan terkalahkan dalam apa jua medan perperangan.

Abang make up said...

"And sudden wealth without the enrichment of the mind, intellect, knowledge and the soul is not the true meaning of being wealthy, and wealth that is earned this way does not last.

"This would only give birth to boastfulness and a culture of showing off which will then lead to unnecessary wastage."

-This what our society has degrading into now. A society which tolerated a culture of bragging and showing off material wealth excessively without the slightest feeling of guilt or remorse. You can see every where especially on satelite tv and social media. Gone are the days of humbleness and down to earth modesty which defined the old rich.

These nouveau riche of the millenia trying to gain respect and adulation by excessively showy. They use social media and entertainment shows to boast their extravagant lifestyle with fast cars, jeweleries, huge mansions etc. But their their personality, character and attitude never live up to the mark. You could feel the pretentiousness and overbearing persona they struggle to hide.

Being loud and unruly are typical of their behaviour. Shooting off their lose canon mouth whenever they please and unable to fit in and behaving themselves when situation warrant it. This is what the Malay adage used to say “kaya harta tapi miskin jiwa..”

Aku said...

Kadiag, السلام عليكم assalāa mu 'alaikum,
Aku sikit tekejut dgn coretan hang kali ni, nampak hang ‘teruja’ sakan dgn kepala agama dari negeri puak2 Yop.
Mat bin Saleh munkin guna kalimah ‘enamoured’ gred tinggi.... atau ‘smittened’ habih.
Aku tempek sikit apa yg hang nulih :

“In recent years, Sultan Nazrin has emerged as a royal articulator and voice of reason. Rightly since his assumed royal title “Muizzuddin” in Arabic means the defender of the faith.”
“... on Sunday, November 18. He could be considered a royal intellect and thinker based on his speeches and statements. There is idealism in his voice.”
“Educationally he is well equipped. He received a bachelor degree in philosophy from the Oxford University, Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard University and PhD in Political Economy also from Harvard.”

Biasanya kalu orang ulang2 apa yg depa anggap ‘nilai2’ positip pd sesorang, sampai tak telintaih atau menidak
apa2 kejengkilan yg munkin ada, magnanya terujaan depa bulih dikira betoi2 ‘teruja’.
Mintak maghap banyak2 Kadiag, aku sikit pon tak tetarik dgn kelakuan kepala agama ni.

Satu sebab aku nampak dia ni besunggoh nak kutok MOI telambat sikit. Bila satu donia dah telah maglum,
dari macam2 sumber dan secara kerap, baru la je ni nak bukak mulut... aku tau dia ada bunyi2 sikit sebelom ni,
tapi pada aku, alahai....

Sebelom hang naik angin kad aku, dan juga yg macam orang asai Tikam Batu @ Sg Tani dan hak dari Kale Batu @ Pasir Mah,
aku berenti sini sajalah. Maghap no.

Pengundi Pekan said...

Duit dan Harta Felda, Tabung Haji dan 1Mdb milik rakyat semua nya ghaib entah kemana. Belum kira lagi akaun yg lain lain.

Cukup cukup lah kita mengharapkan pagar yang lama.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Double standard

Masih bercakap tentang good governance, saya sedih dengan kenyataan mufti Penang hari ini yg mengatakan tidak perlu asingkan duit halal dan haram oleh kerajaan. Kalau dulu Tun Mahathir beriaya-iaya marah 1MDB sebab hantar Imam pergi haji. Katanya kalau duit itu kita tak tahu halal ke haram, OKlah. Tetapi kalau dah tahu haram, tak bolehlah.

Samalah juga dengan pendapatan kerajaan. Kalau kerajaan tak tahu duit halal haram OKlah, tetapi jika memang dah tahu duit haram daripada hasil judi, arak, hasil daging babi, hasil bunga & faedah berganda yag dikenakan. Itu semua kan hukum Izhar, lagi terang dan nyata yang ianya haram. Apa yg kata tak tahu pulak. Aduh !!!!!

Inilah masalahnya bila pemimpin yg double standard. 2 X 5 je BN dan PH. Sekian pendek saja. TQ.

kampong lad said...

Pemimpin dan pemerintah tak sama. Contoh, firaun dan caesar adalah pemerintah manakala nabi musa dan nabi isa pemimpin pada zaman masing2. Adakah nabi daud, nabi sulaiman dan rasulullah pemimpin dan juga pemerintah?

Zalman A said...


From Reuters:

"A lawmaker in the ruling coalition said the initial plan to ratify the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination fed a narrative pushed by Umno and PAS that the government is out of touch with the Malay community, especially the working class.

“The Malays are more focused on socio-economic issues, and if you don’t focus on their poverty and hardships, obviously they’ll get worked up,” said the lawmaker, who asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the minister in charge of religious affairs, conceded that the coalition is struggling to convince Malays that its policies will benefit them and protect Islamic values.

“We have had some success in reaching out to them, but if we fail to build on that, it will affect support from Malay voters,” he said."

People are generally smart.

We now see the irony of PAS trying to divert attention from the scandal at Tabung Haji in order to focus on their chest-thumping rally (which certainly has no Islamic motivation.)

Umno and PAS are now indistinguishable, both are endorsers of corruption who have no card left to play except race (even the religion card has become merged into their racial rhetoric, so even theft is halal if done by their leaders.)

To counter this, the Malay-based parties in PH - PPBM, Amanah, even PKR - need to go to ground.

If you can do it during the ceramah season while trying to win power, why can't you do it once you've won power?

Do not take anything for granted.

Datuk, I hope the message is resonating with PH leadership. Malays do not want recycled rhetoric from PASUMNO, they want real change under PH.

Let's see some evidence, in due course.

Zalman A said...


This is more like it:

The Rural Development Ministry is a very key ministry whose role needs to be elevated and enhanced in the next 2-3 years.

At least let the FELDA folks know that they have not been overlooked by the new govt - and they will not be exploited as they were by Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil Najib Razak and his various Eagle High flying low adventures.

OKJ said...

Salam DAKJ

Jangan jadi KORO…….

TPM kita telah diperintahkan membayar kpd FELDA untuk gatirugi FITNAH daripada 2 juta kepada 70K, Tapi fitnah tetap fitnah. Apabila pemimpin tertinggi telah dibuktikan menfitnah oleh mahkamah, beliau hendaklah meletakkan jawatan serta merta.

Jadinya, saya menyeru Dato’ untuk berbuat sesuatu, samada menyampaikan terus kepada beliau atau tulis dlm blog The Scribe bagi mendesak mana-mana pemimpin yg tidak bermoral samada kaki joli ke, kaki mencuri ke, kaki fitnah ke, mestilah letakkan jawatan serta merta.

Andainya Dato’ tidak berbuat demikian, saya kira Dato’ ni hanyalah seorang lagi politician yg 2X5 je, tiada keberanian utk mengatakan sesuatu yg benar dan juga KORO. Bak kata Dato’ Hasssan; “nak cari makan je”

Akhir kata, Dato’ kena buktikan yg Dato’ bukan KORO. Sekian TQ.

Jojo said...


1. Saya nak tau jugak apa pandangan sultan bangsa johor mengenai ugutan singapura yang terbaru ni ?

2. Negara kita dah lama sangat kena buli dengan negara kaya singapura yang tak mampu bayar harga air ikut kadar semasa tu.

3. Mana boleh ruang udara kita dikawal mereka. Kita negara merdeka.

4. Sudah tambak mau ukur wilayah mereka selepas tambak. Mana boleh macam ni.

5. Sampai bila kita dok asyik kena buli dengan negara di bawah tu ?

6. Harap buat segera jambatan bengkok dalam wilayah kita.

sirahak said...

DAKJ,Tolong komen degazett pulau kukup dari kawasan simpanan kerajaan ke kawasan 'Sultanet Land'(whatever that means dgn izin).pertama kali dengar nih

Manunggal Jati said...


Manusia yang taat dan patuh mengikut perintah Allah

Binasanya manusia pada akhir-akhir ini kerana mereka berlumba-lumba ingin menjadi pemerintah. Sedangkan mereka sendiri tidak mengetahui siapakah sebenar-benar pemerintah semesta alam ini.
Itulah pemerintahan Allah.

Sebagai manusia yang percaya dan patuh kepada Pemerintahan Allah. Mereka sebenarnya hanya bergelar sebagai pemimpin yaitu sebagai suri tauladan dan contoh ikutan kepada umat manusia yang lain(Qalbi,Qauli,Fikli) bagaimana untuk mereka menjadi hamba Allah yang sentiasa taat dan patuh melaksanakan perintah Allah.

RD. said...


Duit Kerajaan atau Rakyat yang dikumpul dari kutipan-cukai judi dan arak, tidak boleh disamakan dengan duit-hutang yang dicuri dari 1MDB.

Cukai dari arak, judi, jual babi, bunga & faedah berganda, tidak apa implikasi jenayah-criminal, pecah-amanah atau merugikan Rakyat & Negara.

Oleh itu, rujukan 2 X 5 tu... tak boleh diguna-pakai jika melibatkan 1MDB-Najib & Jho Low.

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