Thursday, December 06, 2018

Poser to the Johor MB on Island Transfer

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

Kukup Island is now "tanah raja"

UPDATE, Dec. 10 – KUDOS to the Johor Menteri Besar,  Datuk Osman Sapian, for declaring that he was nobody’s puppet and his masters were the people of the state.

He said it was they who voted in his administration in and he would never betray them. Read HERE.

So “orang Joho” if you are indeed democratic and brave, you should make sure that Osman takes charge of the running of your state and reinstate whatever that belongs to you that had been taken away – be they islands, hills, forest, seas or rivers.

I leave Osman to you. Thank you very much.


TO politicians, civil servants and businessmen who are being investigated or are already in the docks, this is what I have to say to them. You harvest what you sowed.

If you sowed good seeds and you tended to your garden well you will harvest a good crop. But if you sowed bad seeds and you sold the subsidized fertilizers, your crop will wither and all that you have to harvest is weed.

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And if you sow the wind and you must be prepared to harvest the storm and the roiling seas.

So much for being philosophical. Now for the hard stuff.

Tanah Raja

I would like to ask the Menteri Besar of Johor, Datuk Osman Sapian, if he was telling me the truth when he told me before the start of the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Supreme Leadership Council meeting on November 28 that the Palace did not interfere with the administration of the state.

I asked him if there is truth to the rumours that the Palace was taking state lands – even those measuring as little as half an acre.

He said no. But said he wouldn’t know if such a thing happened during the last (Barisan Nasional) state government.

I reminded him that he was a member of the BN state government for three terms - from 1999 to 2013. It was only in the May 9 general elections that he contested as a candidate of Pakatan Harapan.

So I am surprised to read media reports that quoted the Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, as saying that the Kukup Island had been taken over and is now the sultanate land – tanah raja.

There is no need to beat around the bush. I would like to ask Osman and his PH colleagues if this is true and legal.

If the PH state government under Osman approved this deal then it is no better than the last BN government.

If Osman can’t explain to the satisfaction of the people who voted him and the PH in seven months ago then he should consider resigning.

Paid to Protest

As for the Kelantan “Islamic” government declaring a public holiday this Sunday so that the people of the "Serambi Makkah" can participate in the anti-ICERD demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, I have already stated in my Facebook that the federal government should deduct it financial assistance to the state by one day.

The weekend in Kelantan is Friday and Saturday. The action by the Pas government amounts to paying its civil servants to participate in the demonstration.

The federal government should not be a party to it. The taxpayers must not be made to waste money on the Kelantan state civil servants.

According to reports, without subsidy from the federal government, the Pas government of Kelantan can’t even pay the salary of its civil servants fully or on time.

In Islam there isn’t such a thing as weekly holiday or Sabbath (like in Christianity and Judaism). Muslims are supposed to work hard, pay the zakat and be thankful to Allah.

But in the growingly “Arabic” Malaysia it seems that the people work very little and have more holidays than most non-Muslim countries.

Finally, no matter who you are and what station you occupy in life, if you play with fire sooner or later you will get burnt.



This land is our land! said...

fully agree with you, one reaps what one sows! To the bad asses (and more to come) who have been hauled up, charged and now face numerous investigations and court hearings, these are the ones who planted the bad seeds.

And on the matter of transferring parklands from the state govt to "Sultanate land", this is absurd and ridiculous.
Thus the rakyat fully supports and endorses the Pakatan Harapan-controlled Johor Legislative Assembly which passed an urgent motion for the state government to review the de-gazetting of Pulau Kukup's national park status.

Khairudin A Rahim (Amanah-Senggarang) moved the motion this morning. More than 10 assemblypersons stood up in support for the matter to be debated...

The PH Johore govt must be on their toes to protect the sovereignity of the parklands.
Why surrender them over to royalty, today it may be promised to be maintained as a natural park, but many years down the road, the park may be surreptitiously coverted to agricultural, commercial or even industrial lands.

The transfer must be cancelled and the land taken back by the state govt.
And this applies to the rest of the parks. So Johore PH Govt, be on your toes and protect and preserve nature's lifelines.

Act of treason? said...

looks like the two cousins Najib Razak and cousin Hishammuddin Hussein may have committed an act of treason of the highest order for unlawfully sending our military under Ops Yemen 2. For what reason they had to help Saudi Arabia ?

Can we also presume that the “Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King)”, who is the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces, was not consulted at all before the deployment of the military to the Middle East. It is certainly a betrayal and an insult to the Commander-in-Chief if he wasn’t consulted on the military operations despite being the highest-ranking officer in the military chain of command.

More to the point, Armed forces veterans group Patriot wants former defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein to explain how troop deployments abroad can be sanctioned by the National Security Council (NSC).

"We seek Hishammuddin to explain where it is stipulated in the NSC Act that the NSC is empowered to deploy forces overseas and be part of a force engaged in a war with another country?" Patriot president Mohamed Arshad Raji said in a statement today.

"Is he implying that the NSC is the authority to sanction the deployment of armed forces troops overseas?" Arshad added, asking if Hishammuddin also meant that cabinet, parliament, and the armed forces chief committee can also be bypassed.

Yesterday, Hishammuddin told reporters that Malaysian armed forces' involvement in Yemen for Ops Yaman 2 was approved by the NSC.

He said this when asked whether cabinet had approved the deployment.

The authorities must investigate and charge the duo for treasonous acts.

RD. said...

Salam Dato AKJ.

Syabas Dato.

Nampakgayanya, Dato sudah mula bersuara agak keras dan tegas demi masa-depan anak-cucu Bangsa, Agama & Negara yang jumlah penduduknya semakin meningkat, tahun demi tahun.
Masa untuk cakap berlapit, seolah-olah lembut lidah dari gusi, demi menjaga air-muka pembesar, sudah berlalu. Tiba masanya kita bertegas demi memastikan tanah-pusaka Rakyat yang sangat bernilai, demi kelestarian alam sekitar dan masa-depan anak-cucu kita tidak 'terlepas' ketangan Warga atau Negara Asing, dalam jangka-masa panjang.
Sejarah-lampau telah banyak jadi pengajaran kepada kita.

Mengenai kenyataan Dato... "The taxpayers must not be made to waste money on the Kelantan state civil servants."... saya sangat setuju.

Sudah la cuti di Negara-Islam kita ini terlalu banyak, melebih apa yang dinikmati Rakyat di Negara Kapir, nak bayar-gaji pun tak cukup, secara membuta-tuli ditambahnya lagi cuti yang sudah tentu merugikan pendapatan Negeri.
Sepatutnya, demi meningkatkan ekonomi Kelantan, dipotong satu hari Cuti Raya Puasa dan Tahun Baru-Cina di Kelantan. Cukup hanya sehari berhari-raya. Krismas pun orang Christian hanya cuti satu hari.

Elok dipotong saja gaji-sehari penjawat awam di Kelantan. Saya pun hairan... mengapa perlu galak Rakyat bazir wang, buat pejalanan-jauh untuk menyertai bantahan terhadap sesuatu perkara yang sudah pun dibatalkan oleh Kerajaan. Demi kelangsungan politik, pemimpin PAS tergamak galak Rakyat bazir wang-ringgit, buang-masa tak tentu-hala dan sia-sia mendedahkan mereka kepada risiko-kemalangan jalanraya. Malangnya, yang paling untung adalah stesen-minyak, syarikat-bas, pengendali Tol dan hotel-hotel yang kebanyakkannya dimiliki oleh Cina-DAP di KL. Benci pada DAP, malangnya tindak-tanduk mereka membazir diri-sendiri dan menguntungkan musuh-politik.

Pelik betul. Tindak-tanduk mereka lebih laju dari otak, gamaknya?
Ataupun, ada sesiapa yang akan dapat 'keuntungan' dari demo ni kot?

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Saya orang Johor.

Pada bulan Mei yang lepas, kita ada pilihanraya di Johor dan rakyat Johor memberikan kuasa kepada kerajaan yang baru.

Adalah menjadi tanggungjawap kerajaan yang baru ini mentadbir negeri Johor termasuk Pulau Kukup..

Pasal apa Pulau Kukup diberikan kepada Raja?. Saya tak paham. Pada pandangan saya, kalau Menteri Besar yang baru in tak ada kebolehan (incompetance) dan tak mampu untuk tadbir negeri Johor, sepatutnya dia resign atau berhenti supaya ada orang yang lain yang berkebolehan untuk tadbir negeri Johor.

Saya harap, perkara ini dapat diperbetulkan kerana Johor dan Malaysia ada negeri dan negara yang mengamalkan sistem demokrasi, bukan sistem pemerintahan Raja mutlak sepertimana negara-negara Tok Arab di timur tengah.

TRS said...

Nothing change under Malaysia Baru.What we have are more talk and politicking like before GE14.The lesson to learn,never trust politicians and keep changing them hopely one day wr can find somebody we can rely on.If we still dont learn about the psychopathic politicians,we really deserve what we get.

budak jawa said...

Aslm dakj,

Tanah raja ni kira tanah kerajaan ka tanah individu, maaf bertanya.

Bagi tujuan pemeliharaan dan pemuliharaan, mana lagi selamat? Status sebagai tanah kerajaan atau tanah individu.


Jojo said...


1. If it's going to remain a national park why is it being degazetted and change to sultanate land ?

2. What if the rest of the sultans want the same privilege as the sultan down south ?

3. TMJ says it's the practice in the UK that the parks belongs to the monarchy. But the British monarchy doesn't interfere with the government and don't talk politics or take sides.

4. I believe the national park belongs to the rakyat. Please return it back.


ISKANDAR PUTERI, Dec 6 — The Johor State Assembly has today approved an emergency motion to urge the state government to review its decision to degazette Pulau Kukup as a national park.

The motion was supported by all Pakatan Harapan (PH) members of the State Assembly.

PH’s Senggarang assemblyman Khairuddin A. Rahim, who proposed the motion, said he was shocked to learn that the degazettement was done without public participation or discussion.

He also cited the National Policy on Biological Diversity 2016-2025 as stating that Malaysia is committed to preserving at least 20 per cent of hinterland and 10 per cent of coastal land.

“Malaysia is one of the signatories of the United Nations (UN) Convention on Biological Diversity and we should put an effort into Pulau Kukup as a national park,” said Khairuddin.

Speaking in support of the motion, Tenang assemblyman Mohd Solihan Badri and Bukit Naning assemblyman and Md Ysahrudin Kusni said the island is a tourism enclave and a national asset.

State senior executive committee member Aminolhuda Hassan said the matter will be brought to the state executive committee on December 12.

Malay Mail had learnt that Pulau Kukup’s degazettement was actually approved by the previous Barisan Nasional (BN) government on March 7 this year but it was never formalised.

On September 24, the state executive committee under PH had approved the degazettement and this time, a gazette on the decision was published on October 25.

Aminolhuda told reporters yesterday that the state government was unaware of the previous government’s decision.

The decision was met with criticism from environmental groups and politicians.

The move will nullify Pulau Kukup’s status as a Ramsar Convention ‘Wetland of International Importance’ site.

Defending the state government’s decision, Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim said yesterday that the island would become Sultanate Land, allowing it to be better protected.

He said this was practised in the United Kingdom, where all the parks belong to the Crown, but does not change the status, policies and usage of the park as it continues to retain its national park status.

Besides Pulau Kukup, Johor has five other national parks, which are Endau-Rompin Peta, Endau-Rompin Selai, Tanjung Piai, Gunung Ledang, and Sultan Iskandar Marine Park.

Pulau Kukup measures approximately 647 hectares and is surrounded by some 800 hectares of mudflats.

"its decision to degazette Pulau Kukup as a national park." Which State Government - the BN or PH?

panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

Memang senang cakap ..MB letak jawatan. Jangan mudah lupa .. MB yang ada ni pilihan PH ke. Kalau lah saya ini Bagindo Rajo ..untuk beta lantik MB ..musti lah beta carik yang tiga suku masak .. semua jadi mudah pada beta. Kok yg tiga suku ni letaknye jawatan .. mungkin yg penganti nye setengah masak ..lagi teruk kita?

panglimo potaseh said...

Di Tanah Melayu ini ..tiada Tanah yang terselamat ..semua boleh di tukar syarat .rezab utan boleh di balak ..bawah tangan payong Melayu Tanah rezab Melayu tinggal 10% ..bayangkan walaupun ada saintis UKM jaga Tasik Chini ..tapi Tasik tu dah mati ..nak dapat rezab penampan 2 km keliling Tasik pon hingga sekarang tak dapat ..

panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

Saya ingat lagi dimana kerajaan kita nak bina institut sukan di tanah rezab kawasan hijau di UK.

Melalui laporan akhbar tempatan masa tu, kita yakin sgt kita akan berjaya bina komplek tersebut ..yg akhir nye majlis tempatan UK, tak layan langsung permohonan yg dianggap "stupid" oleh pentadbir UK itu.

Tidak seperti kita yang tanah rezab rekreasi pon jika permohonan itu ADA ISI ia boleh diluluskan ..malah bangunan 44 tingkat pun boleh dicacakan diatas tanah rezab rekreasi ..mereka kata "win-win".

Maka ramai lah pemaju dan tukang lulus yang "win" ..mereka ada banyak duit ..diberi gelaran dan ternama.

Bila kawasan rekreasi dah digadaikan ..budak2 hanya main di lorong2 atau main game dipusat komputer ..yang tua main poco-poco ..itu lah harga sosial yang perlu di bayar oleh generasi akan datang?

Pemerhati Setia said...

Salam dakj.

Johor dah amalkan tanah strategik jadi tanah sultan, agak-agak kalau berlaku penjajahan semula, sanggup ke ahli keluarga raja sama-sama angkat senjata dengan rakyat marhein pertahankan tanah negeri ni..?

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ Kadir

Bagi sayalah, tak ada salahnya kalau kita mengalah sikit. Setakat tanah sekangkang kera apa yg berkira sangat. Macam almarhum Tok Guru Nik Aziz kata, kita bagi anak kita kpd menantu kita bukan sebab kita tak sayang anak, tapi sebab menantu kita akan beri lebih kasih sayang kepadanya.

Saya nampak, Dato’ dari dulu sampai sekarang terlalu rigid. Tiada give and take langsung. Anggap buah fikirannya sahaja yg betul, orang lain semua salah. Tak macam Tun Mahathir.

Mungkin Tun seorang doktor kot, sebab itulah dia lebih utamakan priority. Kalau pesakit tu ada macam-macam sakit seperti kencing manis, darah tinggi, sakit jantung, lelah, gaut, stroke, rosak buah pinggang. Jadinya, sakit yang manakah kita hendak rawat dulu untuk menyelamatkan nyawa. Nampak tak apa itu priority.

Akhir kata, saya rasa Dato’ kena belajar satu ilmu lagi dari Tun Mahathir iaitu ilmu PRIORITY. Diharap Dato’ dapat menbaca lebih banyak buku-buku perubatan ye untuk standing Tun Dr Mahathir. Sekian TQ.

Observer said...

The spirit of “Malaysia Boleh” continues!

BN or PH, sama-sama lah! Based on what we saw so far! All the dirty linens, I meant.

Anyway, if State government voluntarily gazettes Kukup as Sultanate land, it is not the fault of the Sultan. As simple as that!

Ultraviolet said...

Panglima Potaseh,

Kalau MB 3 suku ke, atau 4 suku, yang penting kalo tak buat kerja betul, tak boleh diamkan saja.

MB dilantik oleh rakyat, sepatutnya dia buat kerja adalah untuk kepentingan rakyat. Dekat mana logiknya tukar status tanah di Pulau Kukup itu. Tak masuk akal.

Masalah MB ini bukan Johor aja, di Selangor, Perlis, kalo tak silap negeri lain pun ada .

Di Perlis, Shahidan kata, dia tak tahu Murka itu apa maknanya.

Di Selangor, kalo nak kata Khalid dulu separuh masak, yang gantikan dia masak penuh, lagi bagus.

Kalau di Selangor dulu, nak tukar MB susah kerana ada PAS. Di Johor setahu saya tak ada PAS menyemak dekat DUN , jadi kalau nak buat kerja senang sikit.

Apa pun, kalau ada perkara tak betul, tak boleh duduk diam saja.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam tok..

Zaman ini tak ramai dari berani sembah derhaka

Unknown said...

Dato...what we need for the good of the future is a well manners and a cultured this tmj is very lucky to have many concerned peolpe to teach him a lessons,he is still at a learning curve so teach him all we can wven if he wets in his we can reap what we sow..

Ultraviolet said...

DAKJ, saya terbaca tulisan pembahas Abdullah Ngah dari post yang lepas,

"Tak malu ke mengatakan orang pas tak faham dengan ICERD, sedangkan orang pas sangat faham dengan fungsi ICERD yang hendak di ratifikasikan oleh kerajaan Pakaatan harapan agar raja raja Melau dihapuskan.

Hak Istimewa orang Melayu dalam akta 153, kedudukan agama Islam dalam perlembagaan persekutuan digugurkan apabila ICERD diratifikasikan nanti.

Inilah agenda yang tersurat dan tersirat Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad........"

Pada "Abdullah Ngah"

ICERD bermakna "International Convention on Elimination of All form of Racial Discrimination"

Terjemahannya adalah Konvensi Internasional untuk menghapuskan semua jenis diskriminasi perkauman"

Ini tak ada kena mengena langsung dengan Raja. Negara Arab beraja pun sudah tandatangan.

Umpamanya roti chanai dan nasi goreng. Roti Chanai tak ada kena mengena dengan Nasi Goreng.

ICERD dibuat kerana ada dalam sejarah, ada bangsa-bangsa yang mengatakan mereka ini lebih mulia dari bangsa lain.

Orang Arab mengatakan mereka lebih mulia dari orang bukan Arab. Orang bukan Arab dipanggil orang Ajam.

Orang putih mengatakan mereka lebih mulia dari orang hitam. Pada tahun 1950'an, kalau orang putih naik bas awam, orang kulit hitam kena bangun dan berikan tempat duduk. Pada tahun 1955, seorang perempuan kulit hitam yang bernama Rosa Parks tak mahu berikan tempat duduk kepada orang kulit putih. Rosa Parks ditangkap polis. Disebabkan keberanian perempuan yang bernama Rosa Parks ini, barulah golongan kulit hitam bangun melawan diskriminasi yang melampau di Amerika yang akhirnya ditamatkan.

Orang Jerman mengatakan mereka berasal dari Bangsa Aryan yang lebih mulia dari bangsa lain. Jutaan manusia yang mati sewaktu perang dunia kedua.

Banyak lagi hal-hal seperti ini berlaku di dunia termasuk yang berlaku di Myanmar.

Oleh itu Bangsa-bangsa bersatu menzahirkan ICERD.

Adakah ICERD itu buruk dan tak baik?

Nabi berpesan pada khutbah yang paling terakhir sebelum wafatnya. "Semua muslim adalah sama, tidak ada beza antara orang Arab dan bukan ARab, orang putih dengan orang hitam, melain yang mulia adalah orang yang bertaqwa"

Adakah ini bertentangan dengan ICERD?

Malaysia adalah sebuah negara ahli Bangsa-bangsa bersatu. Sudah tentulah PBB meminta Malaysia untuk tandatangan kerana negara-negara Arab yang beraja dan Indonesia pun sudah tandatangan.

ICERD ini adalah satu usaha yang cukup mulia dan cukup baik supaya dunia ini lebih aman dan lebih bersifat kemanusian.

Mengikut bacaan saya, cadangannya adalah untuk tandatangan secara "bersyarat" kerana adanya faktor sejarah dan artikel 153 bersabit dengan kedudukan istimewa orang melayu.

Saya harap, saudara Abdullah Ngah paham ICERD dan hentikan daripada mengaitkan ICERD ini satu usaha untuk merosakkan orang melayu.

Adalah tak munasabah Tun M dan orang-orang Melayu dalam Pakatan mahu menganiayai orang melayu.

Himpunan yang akan diadakan pada 8 Disember ini bukan kerana ICERD tapi agenda lain.

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’

Sorry sebab banyak pulak post. Maklumlah senang hati. Saya baru menonton videoclip Tun Mahathir. Beliau kata nak berkumpul esok boleh, Cuma jangan buang sampah merata-rata je. Beliau siap batalkan himpunan yg satu lagi…..

Saya bukannya pandai sangat tapi takkanlah Dato’ tak nampak dan tak boleh baca lagi apa hati kecil Tun berkata. Beliau memang mahukan orang melayu bersatu dan tunjukkan kekuatan kita kpd dunia. Ini pun Dato’ tak perasan ke ???????

Akhir kalam, w/pun Dato’ dekat dgn Tun untuk berapa dekat dah tapi Dato’ masih tak boleh baca isihati Tun. Apani Dato’. Geram jugak saya dibuatnya. Sekian TQ.

Zalman A said...


It's not just this issue.

At Federal level, there are lots of poorly thought-out decisions followed by U-turns.

I remember Tun's cabinet in the 1980s was so well disciplined.

Let's not have any more half-baked announcements from now on.

And let's have some sound policy that can help the rakyat, even in these financially difficult times.

Aku said...

Kadiag, السلام عليكم assalāa mu 'alaikum,
Ni pasai “ Poser to the Johor MB on Island Transfer “, aku ingat cara nak selesainya hang pon tau,
Perancis buat lama dah, Rusia pon sama, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal .....
Tesentak jugak aku bila depa ambik contoh ‘tanah laman’ (‘parkland’) di England yg katanya dikuasai oleh ‘crown’ atau raja...
Ini munkin untuk nak wajagkan tindakkan depa...
Tapi pasai apa nak ‘contoh’ England...? England lain, England tak dak sembilan raja. Wa imah temasok raja kapog,
King Kong tak kira...
Takat ni kali ni Kadiag. Terima kasih. Maghap no,

panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

MB (Johor) dilantik oleh rakyat ..akedemik sangat bunyi nye ..

RD. said...

Saudara Panglima Potaseh.

"MB (Johor) dilantik oleh rakyat ..akedemik sangat bunyi nye .."

Saya pun pelik dengan Mamat yang lontarkan pendapat-tumpul sedemikian.

Jika kata Dr.M dilantik oleh Rakyat, ada logiknya juga. Maklumlah, sebelum PRU 1agi semua kepimpinan tertinggi dalam PH sudah bersetuju akan menjulang Dr.M sebagai PM.

Begitu juga di Kedah pada PRU13 dulu. Najib sebagai Presiden UMNO dan PM ketika itu, telah berjanji kepada Rakyat Kedah, Mukhriz akan dilantik sebagai MB, jika BN dapat rampas kuasa dari PAS.
Malangnya, Najib 'mungkir-janji' dan Mukhriz di'paksa' letak-jawatan dan keluar UMNO setelah skandal 1MDB kecoh satu dunia.

Maka tidak salah jika dikatakan '2 janji' diatas, telah membangkitkan 'semangat' Rakyat, keluar beramai-ramai demi memenangkan Parti yang diwakili orang yang sudah dijanjikan menjadi PM/MB.

Sebelum itu, kecuali President UMNO, yang secara atomatik akan jadi PM, Rakyat tidak pernah 'memilih' siapa yang akan jadi PM atau MB. Yang Rakyat tahu, terutamanya di 9 Negeri yang berSultan, calon MB mesti dapat 'perkenan' Tuanku Sekalian.

Namun, sebelum PRU14 lagi, Rakyat sudah boleh 'baca', siapa yang akan jadi MB Johor, jika PH menang. Sebab itu, walaupun ada acara 'tarik-tali' yang menyebabkan kelewatan menamakan calon-MB, akhirnya yang 'lembik-tengkok' dan mudah 'tunduk' terpilih... tepat dengan 'bacaan' Rakyat.

Yang paling malang adalah anak-cucu kita... 10, 20, 50, 100 tahun nanti.
Lihat saja tanah sepanjang Selat Tebrau dari Link-Kedua, hampir kesemuanya telah terjual kepada Warga atau Syarikat-Asing dari China dan Singapura.
Raja berjiwa Rakyat!... hmmm.

The state Govt is the rightful owner said...

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim yesterday published a letter from the Johor Land and Mines Office, which said the monarch had consented for Pulau Kukup to remain as a national park and that it would be maintained by the state government.

TMJ missed the point completely.
Why is there a need for the land to be transferred to the Sultanate and then have it maintained by the state govt?
Mind boggling.

The cabinet has decided Pulau Kukup's status as a Johor national park must be retained.
The state Govt must get the parklands transferred back to its rightful owner the State, pronto. And it will be maintained by the state govt.

Let's not have the MB fudge around this anymore.

Why we will not rally said...

it's a case of now you see them or don't at the anti ICERD rally.
Estimates vary from 30,000 to more than 250,000 and where's the missing one million?

Hope we get a more truthful figure.
The 30,000 seems to be about right.
Really disappointing especially Hadi and Tuah Ibrahim, their adherents simply decided to ignore them.
PAS who said more than half a million will attend, and Kelantan announced a public holiday tomorrow to persuade more to join in.

The Muslims are now more mature, who rally when there is no more to this issue.

wansee c said...

I am more than happy to oblige to the subject of you reap what you sow. It simply indicates that you will eventually have to face up to all the consequences of your own doings. Well, life is full of choices and it is up to you to choose wisely what to sow. If you sow good seeds then you will end up in reaping good harvests or vice versa.

The problematic part is, however, how to differentiate the bad seeds from the good through instincts. The so-called 'good seeds' can be deviously masters of disguise by putting on false fronts to deceive others. The pretenses conceal their true colour that make people fall for them in every respect without doubts. Thus, the supposedly 'good seeds' have then literally turned out to be as bad than what you have ever expected.

For instance, Tun M himself had hand-picked the bad/wrong seeds to succeed him. Both successors had ended in failures. The end-results had costed the country dear. We are now 15 years backward alongside an enormous of debts to shoulder. Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining. Almighty has bestowed upon us an experienced second to none and a robust aged 93 Tun M 2.0 to once again lead the country; just in time to save us from going bankrupt. The attribution of utmost appreciation towards Tun is undeniable and we are all eternally indebted to him, whether agree or not, that is the fact.

Those were the seeds he sowed in the past. So, what about next? Seed of what sort will he be sowing this time around? Is it up to his choice of pick? Or, strictly adhere to the so-called done-deal? What happen if it is yet another bad seed? Would the country be forced to go through again another round of upheaval? Or, would Tun willingly risk the people's future at stake while he has already identified the potential bad seed? The people are all agog at this matter. Perhaps and still perhaps, Tun has to do some serious deliberations before making any crucial decision, even if he has to renege a sealed promise for the sake of the rakyat.

To me, if an individual is already deemed a bad seed by nature, should stand no chance at all to lead the country. Old habits die hard, as we all acknowledge. And, if a person who has an unfortunate knack of telling lies, and is constantly in a state of denial with ulterior wicked motives in mind will continue to hoax and convince people to believe something erroneous in order to gain supports for any desires of self. That is really a cheat who sails under false colours and does not fit the bill to be a leader at any cost. The question is, does the purported 'crown-to-be' have what it takes to be one?

As such, sow a good action, reap a good habit; sow a good habit, reap a good character.

In response to the Pulau Kukup, I think, it has to be returned to the rakyat no matter what untold story lies underneath. You don't take but give, let alone if you have aplenty. A simple and forthright moral value to be implemented here to discontinue all talks, disputes and the episode.

Bumihijau said...

Datuk Kadir,

Ramai juga yang datang untuk perhimpunan ICERD tuu, sampai berpuluhan ribu dan penuh sesak orang.

Ada juga disertakan dengan doa dan takbir.

Tiba-tiba hujan yang turun sehinggakan penyokong-penyokong PAS pun terkena hujan.

Heran saya, dengan doa dan solat, sepatutnya cuaca baik dan bagus dan diberkati.

Agaknya, niatnya tak betul tak?

Khabarnya, demonstrasi ini untuk tanda keshukuran tapi nak buat demonstrasi. Lagipun ICERD dah dibatalkan pun.

Patton said...

Alexander The Great personally lead his army to expand his "jajahan" from Macedonia until India.

Along the way he defeat many enemies including the Greek army and the Persian emperor.

Such a great leader.

Man Bendang Man said...


Unknown said...

Dato' bukan tak tahu yg kerabat Diaraja Johor tu aggressive. Mana ada MB yang berani bertindak tanpa restu DiRaja? MB baru ni pun not an exception. Mestilah MB takut. Sat ni raja sumpah dia jadi peti ais. Kecutlah MB.

Bom atom said...

Sekadar bertanya je DATO..

REZAB cameron huglnd tu ad rezab RAJA ke dato???


HIMPUNAN MLAYU smlam "ramai" x yg dtg DATO??

skadar brtanya je dato


Tanjung Puteri said...


Borang mohon tanah Pulau Kukup masuk Februari 2018. Exco lulus dengan syarat warta sebagai Taman Negara dibatalkan. Raja mohon tanah, exco lulus. Syarat itu kemudinnya diperakui, maka bertukarlah syarat tanah itu. Tak tahulah syarat baru itu tanah pertanian, perlombongan, komersil atau perumahan.

Selepas rakyat bersuara, Sultan arah beri balik setatus Taman Negara, maknanya tak boleh usik. Tangkap burung, pancing ikan pun tak boleh. Tetapi tak dengar pulak Sultan serah balik hakmilik.

Untuk apa susah-susah jadi pemegang amanah - kalau betullah - bukahkah baik serah balik pulau itu kpd Taman Negara Johor/Kerajaan Negeri. Untuk apa raja mohon dan miliki 636 hektar hutan bakau kalau tak boleh usik. Biar Taman Negara Johor jaga, sesuai dengan moto Taman Negara: Pulihara Alam Demi Masa Depan.

Kalau rakyat tak bersuara, tidak siapa tahu. Bukan Pulau Kukup sahaja, katanya banyak lagi tanah dah jadi Tanah Raja. Contohnya, ada sekeping tanah di satu daerah diutara Johor, dimohon ramai rakyat tak bertanah tapi semua permohonan ditolak. Mereka ceroboh, kerjakan dengan tanaman kelapa sawit untuk menyara hidup.

Penguatkuasa pejabat tanah arah pekebun keluar, beritau pekebun, tanah itu sudah diwartakan jadi Tanah Sultan maka jadilah orang kampung ini penumpang. Kata mereka, 100 ekar pun raja hendak. Mungkin bukan raja yang hendak, tetapi orang kiri kanan dia. Tetapi atas pelan tertera Tanah Milik Sultan.

Ini semua perlu dihentikan. Jadilah raja yang baik, sudah cukup kaya, tak habis tujuh keturunan. Raja melindungi rakyat dan jangan ambik tanah rakyat. Malu pulak Tanjung Puteri dengan Sultan Perak - Daulat Tuanku!

Terima kasih.

Zul said...

Kalau begitu kita buang saja si tukang masak

budak jawa said...

Pasir yang singapura guna untuk penambakan pun katanya dari malaysia sehinggakan ada dispute sempadan. Angkara sapalah tu agaknya. Depan mata pun tak terjaga.

Ultraviolet said...

Panglimo Potaseh dan RD,

Senang cerita, kalo majoriti DUN bersetuju untuk "motion of no confidence", maka MB mesti resign.

Ahli DUN kesemuanya rakyat yang pangkah masa pilihanraya lepas. Jadi itu, setia mesti kepada rakyat.

Ceritanya pasal Pulau Kukup, pasal teknikal macamana MB dilantik, panjang lebar ceritanya nanti.

Pepatah Omputih, berkata nampak pokok tapi tak nampak hutan dekat pulau kukup itu.

org joho said...

Isu tanah2 di Johor ni is an open secret for us johoreans.. SUK Johor sekarang pun bekas pengarah PTG johor.. hahaha.. kembara tahunan pun sebenarnya ada banyak tujuan tersirat, i.e. melawat rakyat sambil melihat tanah2 jajahan yang berpotensi *wink wink*.. kalau kesultanan johor ni nak ikut sistem English Crown dalam aspek taman negara, apa kata mereka ikut juga sistem sana yg membenarkan perbelanjaan dan budget mereka diteliti oleh dun/parlimen?

Ultraviolet said...


Bagi saya perkara ICERD ini, kalau semua negara Islam termasuk negara Arab, Pakistan Indonesia sudah tandatangan, kecuali Malaysia dan Brunei, tidaklah perlu ditakutkan sangat.

Memang orang melayu selalu sangat ditakut-takutkan oleh pihak-pihak yang berkepentingan.

Kebanyakkan negara Islam yang tandatangan ada buat tandatangan bersyarat atau "reservation" umpamanya Algeria mengatakan hal-hal tempatan tak boleh dibawa ke mahkamah luar.

Affimative Action atau, positive discrimination yang kita ada iaitu kedudukan istimewa orang melayu boleh diterima pakai dalam ICERD.

Cuma ICERD meletakkan tempoh masa, iaitu kedudukan istimewa orang melayu tak boleh sampai hari kiamat tapi sehingga orang melayu berada dalam keadaan yang cukup baik.

Tak selama-lamanya tak semestinya 10 atau 20 tahun, 1000 tahun pun boleh juga. Kalau 1000 tahun tak cukup, tambah lagi 2000 tahun. Apa yang ditakutkan sangat.

Yang jadi masalahnya orang melayu berkumpul untuk mempertahankan hak istimewa orang melayu untuk kekal sampai bila-bila iaitu hak biasiswa, jawatan untuk kerajaan, lesen dan lain.

Maknanya perkara ini sampai bila-bila iaitu sampai hari kiamat.

Tapi masalahnya, bukan sampai bila-bila, tapi hari ini pun berapa kerat orang melayu yang dapat biasiswa?

Berapa ramai orang melayu yang dapat kerja?

Ini adalah kerana duit yang boleh digunakan untuk bagi biasiswa dah hilang untuk beli kapal, dan ada yang dibawak lari oleh Jho Low.

Tapi perkara duit yang dibawak lari itu, tak sangat marahnya berbanding dengan ICERD.

Orang melayu berkumpul semalam marah dengan ICERD, marah kerana tak setuju untuk bantah diskriminasi kaum.

budak jawa said...

Kahkahkah. Spot on. Funny la. Why the need to transfer. And why transfer but to be maintained by state government. Double funny.

Stupidity at its best.

Sapian, get the park back! said...

we hate it when the MB tell lies to the rakyat.

Pulau Kukup in Pontian will remain a national park, Johor Menteri Besar Osman Sapian has stated today.

"As a result of a discussion, His Highness Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar is agreeable that Pulau Kukup retains it use as a Johor national park and be minded and guarded by the state government under the Johor National Parks Corporation," he said today...

WHAAT ??? We want Pulau Kukup to revert to the state. We do not want it to be a sultanate land.
Get it back for us, Sapian. Otherwise resign now and have another PH man take your place. You have no business trying to lie to us.

Undeserving to be MB said...

MB Johore Osman Sapian does not deserve to be the MB.
He said Pulau Kukup’s change in status as Sultanate Land was to ensure that the island was better protected.

“When an area is gazetted into Sultanate Land, it will come under the Sultanate Enactment 1934 and no development can be made in the area,” he said.

Osman, whose state portfolio also includes natural resources, land and mines, said the issue of Pulau Kukup’s status should not be prolonged as it still remains as a National Park.

What total nonsense is Osman Sapian yapping about?

Since 1997 when Pulau Kukup became a national park, it has been protected all along.
Suddenly under the former BN govt, it's status was changed to become sultanate land?
So how has it become more protected?

Therefore if Osman cannot look after the interests of the people of Johore, he does not deserve to be the MB.

TRS said...

Kalau hanya berharap jasa baik orang yang berkuasa sahaja untuk menegakkan keadilan,habislah kesemua hak kita kerana jarang sekali orang yang berkuasa akan mengambil tindakan untuk kepentingan orang lain selain dari impian diri sendiri.Sebab itu kita perlukan undang undang untuk mempertahankan kepentingan awam.

RD. said...

Gambar beruk tu... macam 'tumbuk-rusuk' ja... Beruk dapat bunga... ka apa?
Makin lingkop tanak-pusaka anak-cucu kita.

Bumihijau said...


Berkenaan dengan Pulau Kukup,

Ada yang melihat dari sudut MB Johor tidak menjalankan tugas dengan betul.

Macamana pula kalau dari sudut undang-undang?

Boleh ke Pulau Kukup ini, yang merupakan salah satu Taman Negara dan juga merupakan salah satu tanah Ramsar dipindah milik menjadi milik individu?

Negara kita bukan tak ada undang-undang.

Malaysia Baru said...

Fact 1: Anti Icerd rally has same crowd size as Bersih! Compared the aerial pictures u will know. No need to console ourselves that it is only 20,000!

Fact 2: Icerd is the Bersih equivalent for opposition. Too bad this issue is created by PH. This will be the platform which will pull down PH (a matter of when)

Fact 3: PH has performed below people expectations given the amount of dirts that its ministers churn out daily.


To the debater "Descendant of Mahabali" who does not want his/her comment published.

1. The information you gave me is important if it is legitimate.

2. I am particularly interested in your claim that both the State Assemblymen for Kuah and Ayer Hangat in Langkawai refused to see you.

3. If you are genuine, please give me your phone number through this blog. I would like to check out your allegations.

Thank you.

Zalman A said...


Some sobering analysis (not necessarily correct):

"Awang Azman Awang Pawi noted that in the 14th general election in May, PH only garnered some 26% of the Malay vote.

He said this had decreased by at least 5% to 15% after the ICERD fiasco and PH’s response to it.

“If issues like ICERD are brought up, it will be dangerous for PH’s future as the government,” he cautioned, pointing to other “ticking time bombs” that would have similar impact such as the high cost of living, work opportunities, poverty, and housing.

“PH must now come up with a way to restore the confidence of the rakyat, the conservative Malays especially, who have doubted their leadership and administration since the beginning,” he said."

Malaysians (not just Malays) have short memories.

So this setback can be overcome.

For example, some of the VIPs on that rally stage may well become VIPs at Sg. Buloh by next year.

The point is always to remind people of the selfish MOTIVES of these people.

Otherwise a lot of damage can be done by evil tongues in the heartlands.

Ultraviolet said...

Dato Kadir,

Agak menarik dimana ada pembahas mengatakan bahawa MB bukan pilihan rakyat tapi Sultan.

Saya rasa kita perlu jelas berkenaan dengan kuasa MB. Kalau saya salah minta diperbetulkan.

Seorang MB adalah "elected" (dipilih rakyat) bukanlah dilantik seperti senator dalam dewan rakyat.

Menteri Besar mempunyai kuasa yang penuh dan besar tanpa halangan dari mana-mana entiti.

Persoalan yang paling penting adalah "kuasa" MB.

Kuasa MB adalah daripada mandat yang diperolehi daripada rakyat.

Oleh itu kuasa MB adalah daripada "rakyat" bukan daripada Sultan.

Tempoh kuasa itu juga adalah terhad selama 5 tahun. Setelah itu rakyat mengundi lagi untuk memilih kerajaan dan MB baru.

Masalah besar timbul sekiranya walaupun MB mempunyai kuasa, MB menerima arahan dari satu entiti yang lain.

Ini menyebabkan kuasa atau mandat yang diberikan oleh rakyat menjadi tidak bermakna lagi dan tidak bernilai.

Ini yang menyebabkan rakyat tidak puas hati kerana setelah rakyat pergi mengundi dan memilih kerajaan, tetapi undi rakyat itu menjadi tak bermakna, tidak dapat diterjemahkan kepada kuasa ataupun dari istilah lain, rakyat tak ada kuasa.

Ini yang tidak betul dan salah tanggapan ini perlu diperbetulkan, sebelum kita hendak berbahas persoalan yang timbul dalam kes Pulau Kukup ini.

Unknown said...

Asalam dari Iceland.

Semasa MB ini d lantik ramai juga yg terkejut (stunned).

Dia juga secara terangan tlh memaklunkan kpd beberapa exco nya yg kunci utk kekal sebagai MB ia lah utk ikut sahaja kehendak istana.

Well he is making good his strategi.

Tak tahu lah saya apa dia akan buat jika terdapat cadangan drpd pengampu2 utk mengishtiharkan semua anak dara sunti d johor sebagai milik istana.

Hi hi,parah!!!

Descendant of Mahabali said...

Terima kasih banyak-banyak.
Jika negara ingin menjadi negara Maju,kita mesti melawan rasuah heads on.

Semua pelaku,baik ahli politik,rakyat biasa,kerabat, malah raja sekali pun mesti berdepan dgn undang-undang.

Ahli parlimen Dan Adun jangan takut menongkah arus meskipun dengan kerabat yg berkuasa.

Jika tidak,semua akan sia2 sahaja.

Terima kasih.

Crude solution said...


What is needed right now to respond is someone like the vulgar and crude Nazri who figuratively threw punches at that royal personage.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Saya ini suka membaca.

Saya teringat dulu saya ada baca berkenaan sejarah Permaisuri Raja Peranchis Marie Antoinnete.

Marie Antoinnete ini sangat angkuh dan sombong, dan kata yang mahsyurnya yang terkenal "Let them eat cake"

Masa itu rakyat Peranchis susah dan makanan pun tak ada.

Kesudahannya adalah tak baik bagi Marie Antoinette dan sekarang ini negara Peranchis tak ada Raja.

Raja macamana pun adalah manusia, yang benar-benar berkuasa adalah Tuhan yang maha esa.

State land is not sultanate land said...


Even though the Johor government insists that Pulau Kukup will remain a state park, there is no denying that the status of the land has changed, Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said today.

The former Johor menteri besar said the status of the island as a national park should have been maintained instead of the land being de-gazetted after its change of status to “sultanate land”.

“The status has slightly changed. As much as they say they are going to do everything to maintain it as a state park, the ownership has changed.

“I would rather appeal to the sultan to let it go back to what it was before. You can say it’s the same but I think people can interpret it otherwise.

singam said...

Sir , so what is next , He is very stubborn wanted to leave the island. Shall the gov of the day Go by the Rule of LAW ?

budak jawa said...

Sangat setuju. Nobody is above the law.

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