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The Game of Thrones: Constitution is Supreme

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

The King swears by the Quran
I HAVE read somewhere in the social media of somebody praising the Prime Minister "for his bravery against the rulers".

I would like to put it slightly differently.
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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is brave in the face of adversity and challenges.

He is brave not because he is foolhardy but because he believes in doing the right thing.

He is a very practical person and is able to work with just about anybody for the good of the country.

It is for this reason that he was able to put together a coalition of former adversaries and won the May 9 General Election.

Many had tried for six decades or more to unseat the Alliance/Barisan Nasional government but failed. He successfully did it in less than three years.
In as far as the Rulers are concerned, I think I can state with some authority that Dr Mahathir is not anti-monarchy.

On the contrary he has established, over his very long political career, cordial and productive working relationship with almost all the Kings that he served under.

Even the one King, with whom he had unhappy relation - the late Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail of Johor - they ended up being "good friends".

It is recalled that twice he amended the Federal Constitutions over matters directly related to the Sultan - the first was in 1983 and the second 10 years later.

In both instances the Rulers put up a spirited challenge. But armed with a strong mandate from the people, he managed to put through the amendments and patched up with Sultan Iskandar and other Rulers.

The Gomez Affair
I was fortunate to be there when these amendments were pushed through. In fact in some ways I believe I was partly responsible for causing the second amendments be made.

It started rather harmlessly as a daily routine of running a newspaper when the New straits Times’ correspondent in Johor Bahru, Yusof Taib, told me that he heard rumours of the Sultan "roughing up" a Johor hockey coach by the name of Douglas Gomez.

I told him that if he could get the confirmation from either the police or the hospital, I would consider publishing the news. He did and I published the news.

It immediately became a hot topic and compelled the government, in particular Dr Mahathir, to take notice.
It was a trying moment for me as editor and a risky one for Yusof. He was harassed and threatened by people claiming to represent the palace. It forced me to call him back to Kuala Lumpur and closed the new NST office temporarily.
The Constitution was amended to limit the immunity of the Rulers to the performance of official duties only.
They would no longer be immune from prosecution if they harm other people or cheat their business partners.
In so doing, we protect the people from abusive Rulers and restrain them from doing things that would harm the respect for the monarchy.
We did not take away the Rulers’ power as being claimed from time to time by ignorant people or by people who want to suck up to the Rulers.
All that we took away way was their power to harm their own subjects and other people. Interestingly they were known to have caused harm to their own kind.
The Throne
Recently the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia erroneously described me as being critical of the Malay Rulers.
I am not.

Like all Malaysians I respect the Constitution and the Rukun Negara. The constitution acknowledges the King and the state Rulers as constitutional monarchs. I have no problem with that.

What I am critical of is the "unroyal" conduct of the monarchs and their close family members.

The Federal Constitution is supreme and, therefore, it is above the State Constitution should any state proclaims to have its own constitution. We are a federation and the Federal Constitution is the supreme constitution.

As I have said before, the place of the King, and by the same token the state Rulers, is on the throne.
The national anthem, Negaraku, clearly states:
“Rahmat Bahagia
Tuhan Kurniakan
Raja Kita
Selamat Bertakhta.”
Our King will be safe only if he remains on the throne.
Our King and state Rulers should not destroy their dignity by competing with their subjects for contracts and concessions, annexing state lands and taking part in IPPs and IPOs.
Least of all they should not allow themselves to be made used of by unscrupulous businessmen and hangers-on.
I don’t think Malaysians in general mind having so many constitutional monarchs around.
They don’t even mind providing a reasonable sum of money to keep the King and Sultans and their royal consorts happy and comfortable.
In fact I myself enjoy the pomp and pageantry associated with constitutional monarchs as often seen in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Incidentally, I had audiences with both the Japanese and English monarchs, not once but twice.

As I had said in my earlier writings, we should emulate the English and Japanese monarchs as examples of what the 20th century constitutional monarchs should be.

Thank you.


budak jawa said...

Aslm DAKJ,

Saya percaya dan setuju dengan apa yang datuk tulis. Saya percaya tun m adalah seorang negarawan seperti yang datuk tulis. Tetapi ramai yang tersalah tafsiran termasuk pengikut2 di dalam parti umno menyebabkan mereka tersalah andaian dan melencong dari landasan yang benar.

I had chances working personally with him and he was so humble, considerate but wise, visionary and firm. And yes practical. And most importantly he always think of the country and its subject like a father who always care about his children.

These could be evidenced during his previous administration and even what forced him to came out of retirement and now leading the nation once again. And because of his pragmatic approach he could work with pkr, dap and others to topple bn and now governing the country with many incompetent minister and deputy minister.

I could not see anybody replacing him currently. A leader who are malaysian but still a malay.

May Allah bless him, the rakyat and the nation.

Mutual respect and rule by law said...

you hit the nail on the head.
It is not that the rakyat is against the monarchy, but that the rakyat respects and expects the rulers to live up to their roles and responsibilities as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Back to you Anwar said...

PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali has been told to use proper channels when raising party matters instead of going to the media.

President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said although his deputy was entitled to his personal views, party matters should be discussed within the organisation.

Anwar was asked to respond to a statement by Mohamed Azmin earlier Saturday (Dec 29) urging the former to review the appointments to the party's central leadership council (MPP) line-up.

Mohamed Azmin had claimed that the appointments did not reflect the member's principle of "fair and just representation" and would not help the party to move forward.


Why didn't Anwar follow his own advice, did he reprimand Rafizi who went public in criticising the PH govt, and publishing dubious survey results on the popularity of our PM. Pot calling the kettle black? If Anwar does not play by the rules, don't expect the same in return as he will receive double doses back.

Yeop Nazri said...

I firmly believe that respect is a lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity.

Julius Erving

Azul said...

Strongly support ur hujah. Tun M is a true leader in every sense of the word. When he sees injustice, he acts on it. It doesnt matter who. Unlike the normal people we can only wish we could say or do something but afraid of repecursions

Zalman A said...


Full agree with you and with Dato'Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan, whose recent statement I have taken parts of below:

"Ampun Tuanku,

Sekiranya tuanku rasa tuanku hebat berpolitik dan gemar buat kenyataan-kenyataan berbaur politik; patik dengan rendah hati serta penuh tawadduk ingin sarankan kepada tuanku untuk turun takhta seterusnya libatkan diri dalam arena politik secara penuh masa!!

Tuanku harus ikut jejak langkah mulia dan terpuji ybm tengku razaleigh hamzah dan ym tengku azlan sir abu bakar yang mencemar duli melibatkan diri sebagai tokoh politik sepenuh masa!!

Tuanku jangan berada di atas takhta serta berselindung di belakang perlembagaan yang mana rakyat marhein akan dikenakan tindakan undang-undang sekiranya menjawab tohmahan tuanku secara kritis!!

Perlembagaan dan undang-undang melindungi tuanku dari menerima kenyataan-kenyataan kritis dari rakyat jelata di peringkat akar umbi!!

Bagi patik ianya amat kurang enak kerana tuanku boleh kritik rakyat marhein tetapi rakyat marhein tidak boleh mengkritik tuanku kerana keistimewaan perlembagaan untuk memagari tuanku!

Teladani lah jejak langkah ybm tengku razaleigh hamzah dan ym tengku azlan shah sir abu bakar!!

Jejak langkah ini barulah tuanku akan lebih dihormati dan dipandang mulia oleh sekalian rakyat marhain!!"

This is a very respectful and positive message from Khairuddin.

Indeed, politics is nothing more than service to the rakyat, after all.

Hence, TMJ can emulate the example of Ku Li, who gave up the full "shield" of a royal connection in order to serve as an MP, and to openly make political statements in service of the people.

Better yet, when TMJ finally decides to join a political party, he will have the full guidance of Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, and (on his eventual return) Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

They will both be superb mentors, and TMJ can then continue to campaign freely, while protecting the dignity of the royal institution.

The mat salleh call this a "win-win situation."

Daulat Tuanku.

Zalman A said...


The ongoing multiple sandiwara in Pakatan Huru-Hara have attracted international attention:

Let's ignore the paras attributed to Saudara Rafizi and Saudara Ramkarpal, who can both be loose cannons.

This, however, does ring true:

"What is disturbing to many, however, is the sheer amount of arguing going on, which is clearly detrimental to both a sense of unity and direction. Given the disparate and contradictory nature of the parties in the Pakatan Harapan alliance, I warned that this could be the result were they to win. After their victory, however, I did not expect to see the levels of vitriol, viciousness and aggression the country has witnessed."

I am sure, Datuk, as you have your ear to the ground, would have detected this exasperation among the rakyat marhaen as well. Just hang around any mamak stall. People are rolling their eyes at the gomen.

The article continues:

"This is thoroughly dismaying to all who wished the new government well – which was, actually, just about everyone after the election, since no one wants the country to fail. Instead, such is the orgy of infighting that both the "hope” that the new alliance offered (which is the literal meaning of “harapan”) and the “new Malaysia” they said they were building are in danger of being lost.

Above all this disunity, Dr Mahathir appears calm and unflappable. But beneath him is turmoil. The coalition he led has not succeeded in forging itself into a united force with a clear vision for the country. Its members have not even succeeded in learning how to disagree with each other in a civilised manner. They will have to do so if, having won the war, they wish also to win the peace."

Well, Dr Mahathir appears calm and unflappable because after nearly 70 years in politics, he knows that Malaysians have a very, very short memory.

However, the daily dramas in Pakatan Huru-Hara are not lessening.

At this rate, they will be quite fresh in people's minds when they vote.

That is the danger, and if Pakatan Huru-Hara wants more than just one term in power, they need to sort their mess out fast.

Bumihijau said...

Datuk Kadir,

Kita mengamalkan sistem demokrasi, rakyat yang memilih kerajaan yang memerintah.

Dalam cerita omputih terbaru, “The Lion King”. Anak Singa ditabalkan sebagai raja di dalam hutan.

Omputih kata, “Lion is the King of the Jungle” iaitu Singa adalah Raja di hutan.

Dalam filem terbaru Lion King, dalam upacara pertabalan anak Singa, kera menjulang anak Singa di atas bukit, maka segala haiwan dan binatang di hutan tunduk dan akur kepada Raja yang baru.

Realitinya, walaupun Singa itu besar dan gagah, manusia masukkan Singa dalam sangkar dalam Zoo.

Ini adalah kerana manusia adalah lebih pandai dari Singa.

Zaman sekarang adalah zaman moden, zaman handphone, zaman Wasap (Whatsapp) dan Youtube. Orang melayu dah masuk university dan belajar tinggi bukan lagi macam dulu orang melayu timba air dari perigi.

Apabila manusia sudah semakin pandai dan terpelajar, sistem pemerintahan beralih kepada sistem demokrasi, sepertimana di England, Sepanyol, Peranchis, Jepun dan majoriti negara bertamaddun di dunia.

Seperti di England Malaysia mengamalkan sistem demokrasi dan constitutional monarchy iaitu raja berpelembagaan. Yang memerintah adalah kerajaan pilihan rakyat manakala raja mempunyai kuasa yang terhad sepertimana dalam perlembagaan.

Saya setuju dalam AGM parti Bersatu, agenda Bumitputra Melayu baru diadakan. Sistem pelajaran kita patut digubal semula supaya lebih sesuai dengan keadaan sekarang.

Saya cadangkan supaya sistem demokrasi dan raja perlembagaan dimasukkan ke dalam sukatan pelajaran yang sedia ada supaya generasi betul-betul faham berkenaan sistem pemerintahan dalam negara.

Saya setuju dengan Tun, supaya orang melayu patut diberikan perhatian kepada ilmu sains dan matematik yang amat penting untuk kemajuan.

Hanya dengan kepandaian dan ilmu pengetahuan orang melayu akan maju sepertimana bangsa-bangsa lain di dunia.

panglimo potaseh said...

Tok Kadir.

Kata2 TK di perengan terakhir .."kita perlu ikut contoh Raja Inggeris dan Jepun .. " menarik perhatian saya.

Berupaya ke kita Tok, ikut cara mereka. Kedua Raja ini mashur dengan jati diri, semangat bangsa dan kenegaraan.

Sejak berabad dulu ..Raja Inggeris dan Jepun sangat hormat dan memilihara asal-usul keturunan bangsa mereka. Bila perang ..Raja2 ini sentiasa berada dibarisan hadapan.

Lihat pada perang dunia yang lalu ..dalam keadaan negara di bom musuh mereka tetap bersama rakyat ..bertahan dan sengsara bersama rakyat.

Saya pun masih terpingga ..dengan bilangan Raja kita yang cecah dua angka ..apa kah mekanisma yang TK fikirkan terbaik untuk meneladani mereka.

Dari segi sosio-ekonomi ..inggeris dan Jepun dah sangat jauh kehadapan. Penduduknye cecah 100 juta dgn per kapita US39,000. Contoh ..kita ambil negeri Kelantan yang punye penduduk 1juta ..dgn per kapita hanya US3,000. Macam mana tu ..ini belum lagi angkara persaingan diantara Raja2 Melayu.

Tahap pemikiran Raja dan rakyat kita pun perlu diambil kira. Pemikiran kita tang perkara rasional dan logik dah semakin terkebelakang. Perjalanan masih jauh .. mungkin kita tak akan sampai-sampai.

Zalman A said...


This is from a report on the recent Bersatu congress:

"PPBM will champion a new Bumiputra Agenda that will elevate the position of the Malays and Bumiputra as a whole. I will propose to the PH Presidential Council to make the Bumiputra Agenda as PH’s Basic Policy and it will be accepted by the Cabinet to be implemented as a National Agenda,” said Muhyiddin.

The database would focus on Bumiputra startups, particularly those involved in new technology, digital economy, renewable energy, automated agriculture and financial technology — sectors which are in line with the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

“Therefore if focus is given only to equal opportunity instead of equal outcome, income disparity will continue to grow,” said Muhyiddin.

He also said a database to identify Bumiputra entrepreneurs who require assistance should be developed as a support structure."

Some interesting points:

a) It's quite obvious Bersatu wants to fully replace Umno, in a less diseased form. Hence, Tun has conducted a "mercy killing" rather than trying to treat the patient. Given the sorry state of Umno under the Bugis Worrier, this is 100% justified. Umno was untreatable.

b) The process of "identify(ing) Bumiputra entrepreneurs who require assistance" is quite open to the same abuse that derailed all the worthy objectives of the NEP.

c) Bersatu must get PH buy-in to make this a completely clean and fair process with enough safeguards to prevent the bad old habits from arising. Hence the Ministries in charge must COMMUNICATE effectively to the public that we will not see cronyism and leakages infect the process again.

d) "....those involved in new technology, digital economy, renewable energy, automated agriculture and financial technology" - this is good. Some good success stories in the next 3-4 years will do a lot to win more Malay goodwill for PH.

Thank you.

Jojo said...


1. I see that some royalties want to become ordinary rakyat.

2. They do businesses like the ordinary rakyat. They even fight to get projects like the ordinary rakyat, no ?

3. They get involved in politics like politicians that are mostly the ordinary rakyat.

4. They participated in the ordinary rakyat sports associations and related organisations, clubs etc.

5. They exposed themselves in social medias such as twitter, facebook, instagram, etc just like the ordinary rakyat.

6. Some even pick a fight or two (or many) with the ordinary rakyat.

7. Don't you think that these are the signs that they don't want to be royalties anymore ?

Uncle Yap said...

In this day and age do you not think hereditary monarchy is an anachronism? In Malaysia, we have not one but nine hereditary rulers; can we really afford this? Wasn't it the late King Farouk of Egypt who said when his country became a Republic "The whole world is in revolt. Soon there will be only five Kings left--the King of England, the King of Spades, The King of Clubs, the King of Hearts, and the King of Diamonds."

OKJ said...

Salam Kekanda Dato Kadir

Ahli Majlis

Pertama, kekanda tengok ke cerita lucah game of thrones tu? Rasanya tak berapa sesuai utk tontonan kanak-kanak dan kekandak-kekanda sekalian. Adinda, bila tengok cerita macam tu, adinda skip (fast forward) bab-bab lucah. Geli …….

Kedua, bagi adindalah, hubungan istana dgn Tun Dr Mahathir bukannya baik sangat pun. Kalau tak percaya, dalam buku Tun; Doctor in the House, tiada pula beliau bercerita tentang hubungan rapat beliau dgn Istana rasanya. Cuma masa dulu UMNO BN memang majority 2/3. Jadi perlembagaan negara boleh diubah bila-bila masa je. Ini menjadikan Tun lebih berkuasa dari istana. Seterusnya, adinda malas nak komen lebih lanjut tentang istana. Nanti kata derhaka pulak. Tapi adinda setuju dgn isihati kekanda.

Berbalik kpd AGM Bersatu, adinda cukup kesian dgn ahli-ahli bawahannya yang dimarahi apabila minta kontrak. Buat kerja parti disuruh, berkempen tinggal anak bini dipinta, undi nak, tapi dapat TAHI. Yg sedap orang atas-atas saja. Jadi menterlah, jadi penasihatlah dan sebagainya. Bak kata pepatah, Pemimpin buat ahlinya macam lembu dicucuk hidung. Nasib baik ada Naik Presiden Bersatu yg ada otak sikit. Ape ke benda la……….

Macamnilah. Izinkan adinda memberi sedikit cadangan. Kekanda dan pucuk pimpinan Bersatu mestilah menghargai ahli-ahlinya. Kontrak, nak tak nak, mestilah diagihkan kpd ahli yg berkelayakan, barulah Bersatu masih ada pada PRU 15 nanti. Cuma anegerah setiap kontrak mestilah dululuskan oleh ahli majlis (council) yg terdiri drp gabungan setiap parti memerintah, bukannya atas seorang individu atau Menteri sahaja. Jadi tiadalah unsur rasuah disitu. Simple sangat solutionnya.

Akhir kata dari adinda, bukannya semua peninggalan British tu tak elok. Yg elok, apa salahnya kita guna pakai. Sekian, terima kasih. .

Zalman A said...


The chaos is being noticed and remarked on:

"KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 — The National Patriots Association (Patriot) criticised Pakatan Harapan (PH) components and politicians today for being directionless and contradicting each other during recent communal controversies.

Its president, Brig Gen (Rtd) Datuk Mohamad Arshad Raji, noted that some groups were becoming radical in their demands for Malay rights, such as the mass rally to oppose the government’s plan to ratify the United Nation International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

“PH could have spoken in unison on the decisions taken by the Cabinet.

“Either a narrative on how our nation should move forward is unclear, or each tried to be individual heroes instead of providing the leadership that our society very much needed of them,” he said in a statement today.

Another example cited by Mohamad Arshad was the Seafield temple riot that started off as a land dispute, before it was turned into a racial issue to demand the resignations of Indian ministers.

“Hate speeches have become overly fiery and often devoid of rationale.

“These are works of sponsored thuggish behaviour and hooliganism intent on creating chaos that will benefit those who have been and will be indicted for their crimes against the nation,” he said."

This is a good point.

There is value in having a common position, worked out behind closed doors.

Sad to day....Allahyarham Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim was used by all sides, not just the current Opposition's konco2 and organs.

A strong united stand can prevent free-for-alls in the future.

dt rahman pekan said...

my take is a bit off i think. d sultans n their strong 'dependents' hv d non malays 2 thank bcos of their role as bogemen.

Blessings, joy and happiness said...

with the new year 2019 just a hair's breadth away,
have taken the opportunity to send this new year greetings to you and all, adapted from an Irish blessing:

May God grant us another
12 months of happiness and blessings
52 weeks of fun
365 days of success
8760 hours of good health
52600 minutes of good luck
and 3153600 seconds of joy

Are you listening to us? said...


Did the home minister just issue a statement that the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) and the Prevention of Crime Act (Amendment) or (Poca) will be kept with some amendments?

Under Sosma, a person can be detained for a maximum of 28 days and police can delay his access to family and legal counsel for up to 48 hours after the arrest.

A person can be detained without trial for 60 days under Poca and there is a provision for a two-year extension. Poca detainees are put either in detention centres or under house arrest with electronic devices attached to them.

The government had earlier imposed a moratorium on Sosma and Poca, as well as on two other laws, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota) and the controversial Sedition Act.

Since coming to power in the May polls, the Pakatan Harapan government (PH), has assured that these four laws would be reviewed and if necessary abolished.

Poca allowed detention without trial like the Internal Security Act (ISA). It should not be used anymore.

If there are amendments, then Putrajaya should NOT keep the rakyat in suspense.
What amendments, what will be used, what will be abolished. Quickly !

If the said Acts are to be amended, then eliminate all detentions and “unfair trials”.

This the least the PH must do for the rakyat who brought you to power under the promise of abolishing the Acts.

Are you listening to us Tun Dr Mathathir and the whole cabinet ??

Aku said...

Kadiag, السلام عليكم assalāa mu 'alaikum,

Aku tesedak jugak bila hang dok nulih pelembagaan Malaya ni baguih sangat... kalimah hang ‘supreme’.

Aku besa betengkag dgn sorang profesor undang2 (kumudian ‘emeritus’), dizaman dolu2, aku tak berapa ingat isyu2 yg dibankit,
munkin isyu ‘jus soli’ yg maksod lebih korang kalu orang tu lahiag di Malaya dia bulih dapat kerakyatan, isyu kekai kaum feudal...
tak berapa nak ingat, dah lebih 50 tahun. Tapi profesor ni petahan habih2, sampai dia hujjah hakim2 dlm Reid Commission pakat tera2,
temasuk satu hakim ‘top’ dari Pakistan. Aku buboh balik, kalu hakim Pakistan ni tera sangat, pasai apa dia tak buat satu pelembagaan
untuk Pakistan yg selalu dok kena rampaihsan kuasa tentera (coup d’etat). Ni dari Wikipedia:

“ Military coups in Pakistan began in 1958 and there have been three successful attempts.[1] There have also been numerous unsuccessful attempts since 1951. Since its creation in 1947, Pakistan has spent several decades under military rule (1958 – 1971, 1977 – 1988, 1999 – 2008). According to experts present Pakistan Army establishment has mastered the art of ruling country even by staying away from the coups attempt. As of 2017 pakistan is ranked 110 on Democracy Index and falls in hybrid regime category. Media contents in Pakistan is controlled by ISPR of Pakistan Army.“

Ni pulak dari Tommy Thomas ( hari ni):
“ Tommy Thomas said The Reid Commission, a five-member team of experts headed by senior British judge William Reid, were not only made up of foreigners, but also people who were legally trained.
Thomas said this was a dangerous recipe for nation-building...
Thomas questioned the absence of any Malayan historian, political thinker or economist in the Reid Commission.
“With such omissions, it is not surprising that the Reid Commission Report is very much a lawyer’s document for an audience of lawyers,” he said.
He drew a comparison to the United States and India where their constitutions were the products of totally home grown talent representing diverse classes and interests.
“Thus Washington, Madison, Hamilton and Franklin in the US and Nehru, Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad and Ambedkar in India played the crucial roles in drafting their constitutions and then acted as their protectors and guardian.”

Tapi dgn rendah diri, aku nak habag mainya , pelembagaan yg hakiki tetap al Qur-an dan asSunnah.
Maghap no,

wansee c said...

Priced at RM90 after getting a 10% discount, I bought Tun M's memoir 'A Doctor In The House' on 22th November 2011. Despite it has been quite some years now, I am still very much hooked on his word of wisdom. Up till today, I had re-read the book thrice. Through the lines, I have learnt much about him. He indeed was an absolute brave man with an aura of confidence and still is. Seemingly, he has an uncanny ability to see things that nobody does. Who would dare to amend the Federal Constitutions to limit the immunity of the Rulers for the purpose of safeguarding the rakyat's rights and concurrently to secure the people's respects for the Rulers? I dare say, no one else but just Tun. Perhaps, for that reason, some younger generation of the Royals continue to go on holding grudges against him, particularly the one nearest to the Equator.

Because of his superiority and audacity, people from all walks of life regardless of their ethnic origins and religions adore and respect him to bits, and that includes his haters who can only be his secret admirers, and bedeviled themselves in silence agony with envy, as long as Tun is still sticking around.

We, Malaysian have been extremely lucky to have Tun who willingly to come out from his comfortable retirement to steer the country once again. To date, he managed to accomplish so much to put the shattered pieces of 'damaged' nation back in order, piece by piece, day after day, slowly but steadily. And yet, he never once whines with the massive workload in hand. As we all know, good things take time. So, let him govern and rectify everything to perfection or up until to his satisfactions and standards. At times, I couldn't bring myself to imagine what would Malaysia be like if it wasn't Tun readily took office in the first place.

While the whole world acknowledges Tun's phenomenal political journey, too bad, there are some unappreciated nuisances from PH itself, obstinately and persistently striving to nudge Tun out of the office by trumpeting rubbish and baseless claims. Anyone who has a slightest common sense would be able to surmise the real scum behind those flagrant motives. That is truly the work of a depraved mind. The feeling of insecurity pesters and compels him to gang up with a bunch of cowardly 'little people' to faff around to create noises. In any circumstances, why would the rakyat has to accept the nation future leader who acts out like a dummy without a hint of self-confidence and moral principles? Besides, was it Tun or his deputy who had helped rake in consequential plus-points to the country on the oversea official visits? And, why not the deputy voluntarily takes the initiative to resolve the Pulau Kukup issue since the family are on intimate terms with the Royals? They have the 'untouchable' feature in common and so should be speaking the same tones of language. I think, someone really needs mindset reforms instead of just howling void 'reformsi'.

In just an hour's time, we are about to usher in 2019. New year new beginning. I hope that Malaysia will, too, turn over a new leaf, to change and progress in a true meaning for a better tomorrow under Tun's premiership. Happy New Year Tun and Sir Kadir & family.

Zalman A said...


From Bridget Welsh's article:

"International investors face unnecessary obstacles and uncertainty in the business climate, exacerbated by conflicted messaging and uneven competencies in different ministries.

Consumers have not seen a meaningful change in the cost of living and economic opportunities and this has split over into a cacophony of complaints.

There is no real sense of what are the plans for the economy and the steps that will move Malaysia towards greater and fairer prosperity. There is an urgent need for perceived achievements.

Cynicism is setting in, especially in how the government-linked-companies (GLCs) are being (mis)managed.

Old faces at the core have not offered new ideas and new arrangements to conform to the new conditions.

Elite-oriented patronage is not a solution for domestic growth and opens up the new government to the temptations of corruption.

The need for meaningful economic reform, outcomes and direction is pressing – as this poses a real threat to Malaysia’s future and democratic opening, post-May 9."

The lack of a communicated vision ACROSS all ministries and the government is hurting PH.

There needs to be a reset agenda, BEYOND party showing-off and bickering.

We used to laugh at the Bugis Worrier and his Pemandu and his con-sultans, but what has been put in place?

After so many manifesto promises are broken or U-turned, the rakyat is lost and bewildered.

"What's next? What are you doing for me? Do I still have hope?"

Nobody is communicating the answer effectively.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

1998 tengku putri Negeri 9 kawin,..
Saya di amanahkan jemput elbert Monaco,
Prince Elbert of Monaco..

Hebat tertip bila tertengur sapa dengan DYMM sultanate of Brunei.. berbahasa perancis di bunga raya subang.. anak tengku jaffar tengku naqieyuddin bersama meyambut Elbert Monaco ( saksi hidup subohan kamal). (Susk Dr Arwah affifuddin omar)..

ELBERT OF MONACO... DENGAN PENUH HORMAT... MENGUCAPKAN ... “gentleman..thank for being around “..good night..
That is Elbert of Monaco

Salam tok


1.Dear debaters, due to time constraint, I do not have the time to attend to your personal complaints and private matters.

2. To the Descendant of Mahabali, I am sorry I cannot publish the story of your family’s dispute with members of the Kedah royal family.

3. I have no way of verifying allegations you made against the Kedah Civil Service and the judges.

Thank you.

Zalman A said...


The unfortunate comment at the PPBM congress, re: contracts, brought back these memories of "the good old days".

"A former Umno MP has revealed that it was the norm for division chiefs to get projects from party leaders during Barisan Nasional’s administration, following the suggestion by a PPBM leader that party chieftains be given government contracts.

In terms of value, he added, the projects could range from several hundred thousand ringgit to even a million. Again, this depended on the individual’s popularity with the government and the people.

Sometimes, he said, the money received from these contracts was kept at home to make it easier for party members to dish out cash without leaving any trace of under-table money.

“It’s not easy being a divisional head,” he said. “Voters expect you to have money and to give them money when something happens in their lives.”

Weddings, funerals and open houses were only some of the examples of events at which Umno division chiefs were expected to give out money, he said.

“It’s become part of the culture,” he said, adding that sometimes people even knocked on their doors asking for cash.

Another former Umno MP who has left the party said leaders who wanted contracts had to know how to “bodek everyone”.

“Everyone is basically waiting for a contract,” he told FMT, adding that the culture might be hard for Pakatan Harapan to shake as the voters had come to expect help from party heads."

If anything, these comments are underplaying the scale of the problem.

The KBU used to get dedak worth millions monthly, and some worth billions over the years if the project was a big one.

So not one, but two, mentalities have to change.

One, the giver: If we get calls for the bad old Umno habits to return, then PH is no better.

More importantly, the receiver: The people must be told that the previous "handouts" of the old regime were the fruits of corruption.

Else, the whispers that "things were better under BN" may seem convincing to them.

rahman2 said...

Salam Dato Rahman jpc

I totally agree with u, Sir. Without the chinese backing....nothing change.

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