Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Clear and Present Danger For PH

A Kadir Jasin

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold

The BN retained Cameron Highlands with larger majority
SEMANTICALLY speaking, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) did not lose the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat in the January 26 by-election.

The seat did not belong to it in the first place. The results were a status quo. The Barisan Nasional (BN) retained the seat.
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What is significant is the ruling PH lost to the opposition BN with a larger majority.

In the last May 9 General Elections the PH candidate, Manogaran Marimuthu (from the DAP), lost to BN’s Sivarraajh Chandran (MIC) by 597 votes (2.45%) in a 79-per cent voter turnout and a 5-way fight.

Sivarraajh subsequently lost the seat after an election court on last November 30 found him guilty of vote-buying.

On January 26, Manogaran, who was contesting the Pahang seat for the third time, was unequivocally defeated by the BN’s novice candidate, retired police officer Ramli Mohd Nor, 61.

Ramli is "first" on at least three counts. He is an Orang Asli. He does not belong to any political party. He successfully contested on behalf of the BN.

He polled 12,038 votes against Manogaran’s 8,800 to earn a majority of 3,238 votes or 15.11 per cent on a turnout of 68.79 per cent.

There are several factors that contributed to BN’s larger victory.

Choice of candidates

The BN’s high stake poker game paid off. Taking away the traditionally MIC seat and giving it to an independent Orang Asli had minimised acrimony between Umno and the MIC.

Being an Orang Asli, it was easier for Ramli to garner the support of his community that makes up 21.56 per cent of the electors.

No one ethnic group is in majority in Cameron Highland. Apart from the Orang Asli, there are the Malays (33.5 per cent), Chinese (29.48 per cent) and Indians (14.91 per cent).

Ramli, being a Muslim Orang Asli, was naturally favoured by the Malays as well. Since Pas opted out, he also benefited from the party’s votes.

In the nutshell, the BN got a boost from three sources namely the Orang Asli, the Felda Malays and the Pas supporters.

Post-Cameron Highlands

It is wise for the PH strategies and planners to take note of the readiness of Umno to innovate and its growing friendship with Pas.

Taking away the seat from the MIC and giving it to an independent Orang Asli candidate was a master stroke. In so doing it reduced the disenchantment among its minority Indian supporters.

The PH, on the other hand, started the race with a disadvantage. For a start Cameron Highlands was not its seat and its candidate wasn’t exactly everybody’s first love. Twice defeated he wasn’t also a fresh face.

The highland seat has always been a BN stronghold dedicated to the MIC. It is said that whenever an MIC leader felt unsafe he would run up the mountain to seek refuge in Cameron Highlands.

Additionally, the PH suffered what all government parties went through after a successful general election – the honeymoon ended and the dissatisfaction set in.

The PH record in the last eight months has fallen short of the expectation of even its most realistic and  loyal supporters.

Granted that it took over from the kleptocratic BN government a crippled economy and a corruption-riddled administration, the people are yet to feel the real fruits of their labour.

They had expected former Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, to be jailed months ago.

They were upset seeing him behaving as if he is still the Prime Minister. His supporters are regaining their confidence and are urging him on – the latest being with the “apa malu bosku” campaign.

Without depriving him and his co-conspirators justice, the people will be happier if they are assigned to the prison for their offenses as soon as possible.


Then there are the more fundamental things like the prices of goods and services, unemployment and affordable homes.

The complaints are familiar. Ministers, deputy ministers and their political aides are not as friendly and as hardworking as when they were in the opposition.

Now that they are in the government, they are bureaucratic, distant and unfriendly. Some even picked up fights with their own supporters. This is suicidal.

After promises upon promises being broken, the people don’t anymore buy the “akan kaji” (will study) excuses and blaming the last government.

I am forced to give poor marks to minsters responsible for food production, supplies, transportation, pricing, monitoring and enforcement. Affordable food is becoming an issue. Old people had been reported dead fighting for free food!

Ministers responsible for national unity, rural development, education and tourism too must roll up their sleeves or continue to face the call for their removal.

During the Cameron Highlands campaign I saw Ministers and their deputies crowding around the VIP’s tables instead of mixing with the people.

PH leaders must be seen mixing with the rakyat more often if they want to continue to stay in power.

As a government, they must be united and act decisively against racism and extremism being openly instigated by the oppositions.

The people who took the risk voting for the PH during the last general elections deserve better than what is currently being offered.

As I put it in my Facebook posting on January 27, the Cameron Highlands results suggest that there is a clear and present danger for the PH. So be forewarned.

If the people could vote the PH in, they could also vote the PH out.



AkuMelayu said...

Datuk Panglima Jasa Negara (PJN) second class Abdul Kadir bin Jasin you wrote...

“They were upset seeing him behaving as if he is still the Prime Minister.”

Hmmm... I thought you was the one who is upset. How naive of me. :))

Zalman A said...


I think the rakyat are seeing Pakatan Huru-Hara for a bunch of incompetent clowns.

That's not the problem.

Here is the problem:

a) PH are fully AWARE that they are a bunch of incompetent clowns.

b) They do not care.

Here is a basic fix.

The Manifesto of Lies that PH sold the public for PRU14 needs to be revisited.

This may shock you.

It contains many, many promises to the Orang Asli.

Yes, it's all there, in black & white. Yet not a single one has seen any movement. So why should Orang Asli have any trust in PH?

Ditto, all the other manifesto promises.

What happened? What is the status? What is the plan?

There is no plan.

PH is hopelessly and chaotically adrift.

Where is the leadership?

What is the plan?

Zalman A said...

We can laugh at Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, but he's winning the perception war.

The biggest kleptocrat in modern history understands the power of communication.

The "BossKu" campaign and his photo on a motorbike - deeply fake, a bangsawan pretending to be a common man - are examples of a clear and concise thought.

PH is all over the place.

It has no messaging.

Mappadulung is still a hero to many FELDA settlers.

That is truly amazing.

The victims welcome the robber with open arms.

What does this mean?

It means the actual facts have not been told in a clear way to FELDA settlers.

The multiple thefts and scandals are not understood.


Because PH has failed to engage and failed to communicate.

aziz yusof said...

Assalam Datuk,

It took 61 years for an ORANG ASAL bumi bertuah ini untuk masuk Parlimen Malaysia sebagai Ahli Parlimen. Why?

Raja-raja kita dan politikus bangsawan langsung tak kesah atau mereka tak mahu ORANG ASAL ini masuk parlimen selama ini?

Inilah 'hasil tuai' kewujudan PH yang kita tak perasan. Kalo tidak SAH calun MIC vs Calun DAP dari bangsa India sahaja bertarung di Cameron.

Lepas Najib Gor gone, Zahid also gone, barulah Umno under Tok Mat Hassan (bagi saya dia bukan tergolong dalam kategori politikus bangsawan melayu) berani buat perubahan. Bukan saya rasis terhadap MIC dan calun DAP berbangsa India tetapi saya lebih kasihan kepada ORANG ASAL yang sudah di MARGINALISED berkurun itu.

It is PH that has 'started' this change Datuk, never forget that!

Hantu Gigi Jarang said...

Except for the PM and another one or two ministers, all the ministers are below average. What they are doing now are simple, easy to do and sometimes plain stupid. Installing smoke detector in toilets is one of such stupid initiatives...

Anees Khan said...

Salam DAKJ

Sad to say almost all PH leader suddently became 'Nobles', not only MPs or ADUNs, even their staf are also no more as friendly as before.

i believe that applies to you too, DAKJ.

Zalman A said...


Some interesting points from an article by Rosli Khan in FMT.

"However, if the governing party cannot defeat a weakened BN-Umno, what sort of "harapan" do we have here?

After all, BN-Umno was outrightly rejected and almost thrashed by the majority of voters in GE14 and the subsequent by-elections.

Not only did they lose the credibility to govern, they also lost the moral ground and political platform on which they once pretended to stand.

Let’s examine PH’s severe defeat at the hands of a “hopeless” party with no leadership to speak of – a party almost deflated by its own members departing in droves, including its own elected MPs."

Well, let's see.

Assume that PASUMNO is one party from now on.

Hence they will have very roughly 60 seats in total.

Assume that MCA and MIC are dead & buried.

So the PASUMNO party is less than 1/2 of the way to a majority.

In PRU15, they will need to swing most of the Malay vote away from PH.

They cannot achieve majority without East Malaysia.

That brings up the next point.

Zalman A said...

Will PH lie & cheat to East Malaysia, as they have lied & cheated the Orang Asli?

As Rosli says.......

"Janji or Promise 38 in the manifesto is crystal clear about what the PH government recognised and wished to undertake for the Orang Asli.

It is rather unfortunate that after eight months in power, nothing, save for the appointment of the Jakoa director-general, has been done to implement the manifesto pledges.

The Suhakam inquiry into the plight of the Orang Asli and its recommendations have not been taken up in Parliament, hence no implementation, either.

None of the one-sided agreements that involved Orang Asli land have been revoked or redrawn. No funds have been allocated for the official demarcation and eventual gazette of Orang Asli land reserves.

What about the allocation of funds to upgrade Orang Asli villages, with roads, power supply, clean water and other utilities and amenities? Schools for Orang Asli are another issue which has received scant attention from the two responsible ministries.

Last but not the least, the PH government made a promise to give due recognition to Orang Asli culture and their heritage.

It was clearly mentioned that funds would be allocated for programmes to promote their art and culture to the rest of Malaysians. Did we ever hear anything from the tourism ministry to this effect?"

Pendek kata, PH promised a lot to the Orang Asli.

Didn't deliver.

And were caught by surprise by the Cameron election.

"If there had been no by-election for Cameron Highlands, the plight of the Orang Asli would probably have gone unnoticed and quite likely swept under the carpet again."

Seeing as PASUMNO's race & religion games won't play well in East Malaysia, it might be time for the always-sleeping PH "leadership" (ha ha!) to wake up.

Don't repeat the same mistakes.

After all, if PH fails East Malaysia, and East Malaysian MPs are quite cheap to buy, who's to say that all those MPs won't return to BN?

Time to wake up.

Time to deliver on promises.

Zalman A said...

Rosli concludes:

"As much as one would like to believe that Najib was a factor in BN’s victory, the underperforming PH leaders contributed to their party’s big loss.

Perhaps our prime minister could and should seize this opportunity to let go of the underperforming ministers that form part of PH’s ministerial team. Obviously, their performance, or lack of it, has begun to take its toll on the popularity of the PH government.

It’s about time we replaced the underperforming players. Considering what happened in Cameron Highlands, it would be disastrous if PH loses in Semenyih next."

Well, this part I don't agree with.

A cabinet reshuffle solves nothing.

It just puts new faces up who will eventually fail as well.

PH lacks two things:

a) A master strategy

b) Effective communications

A cabinet reshuffle solves neither of those.

salam sayang said...

Kelemahan Melayu

1) duit

semua orang suka duit, tak kira Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Arab malah Yahudi sekalipun. yang membezakan Melayu dan bangsa lain khususnya kaum Cina ialah dalam kecintaan mereka pada duit, mereka sanggup tolak kepentingan jangka panjang malah menggadai prinsip dan hak kebenaran sekali pun.

lihat saja bab tanah/harta pusaka. sanggup Melayu berparang sesama saudara sedarah-sedaging demi memperebut harta yang kadang cuma sekangkang kera. belum lagi bab menjual tanah pusaka nenek-moyang. dicampak sedikit duit melompat kegirangan tak sabar nak menggadai tanah pusaka pada kapitalis-kapitalis Barat, China dan Cina. lepas tapak tanah dibangun, dibina kompleks perumahan dan kondominium mewah, Melayu pun marah, kenapa harga hartanah terlalu mahal sebanding harga Yahudi? lagi-lagi Yahudi yang salah, walhal kalau nak harga rumah terkawal, tanah puluh ekar tu jangan dijual pada kapitalis, pakat-pakatlah usahakan dan bangun perumahan sendiri dengan kontraktor tempatan yang dikenali. ekonomi negara diserah pada orang, jadi percaturannya bukan lagi dalam tangan kita. akhirnya, Yahudi dan Cina juga disalahkan.

2) agama

Melayu secara umumnya percaya Tuhan dan percaya Nabi. dah percaya Tuhan, mestilah percaya kitab. tapi sebab Al-Quran bukan dalam Bahasa Melayu, sebaliknya bahasa Arab, Melayu secara rawaknya tak faham pun apa yang mereka baca. di sinilah besarnya peranan ustaz dan guru-guru agama sebab mereka rata-rata belajar bahasa Arab dan mendapat didikan agama, jadi ustaz-ustaz dan guru-guru inilah menjadi rujukan orang Melayu. tapi orang Melayu kadang lupa, ustaz pun Melayu dan manusia macam kita. ustaz bukan nabi yang maksum. jadi tak semua fatwa-pujangga ustaz tu terpakai atau benar-benar dibuat atas landasan yang hak. di celah-celah kelompongan inilah ada insan-insan mengambil jalan 'cerdik' menangguk di air keruh. sekian banyak 'fatwa pujangga' saya baca di facebook yang menulis, tidak apa kita memilih malah mempertahan pemimpin pencuri, asal saja dia Islam, sebab dia saudara seagama dan kedudukannya tetap lebih mulia di sisi Allah berbanding seorang kafir. tak tahu nak menangis atau nak ketawa bila baca 'fatwa pujangga' ni.

3) malas membaca dan berfikir

di sebalik kebijaksanaan orang Melayu, mereka ini secara umumnya malas membaca, apatah lagi berfikir. melamun mereka suka. disebabkan sifat malas membaca ini, orang-orang Melayu banyak menjadi mangsa sistem dan doktrin ikut-ikutan. misalnya, mereka kata peguam Negara itu mesti orang Islam sebab ini negara Islam, tapi mereka lupa atau boleh jadi tidak tahu Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menjadi dasar tunjang pada undang-undang negara ini telah ditulis oleh sekumpulan manusia yang salah seorangnya Lord Reid. Lord Reid bukan Melayu, dan bukan juga orang Jawa, atau Bugis, atau Minang. dan paling perlu diingat, Lord Reid juga bukan orang Islam, tetapi dia salah seorang yang bertanggungjawab menulis undang-undang dasar Perlembagaan Persekutuan kita. cerdik tak orang Melayu??? protozoa di Pulau Jawa dia nampak, sedang T-Rex di tanah sendiri dia kelabu mata tak nampak, atau mungkin tak tahu???


Rabbana aatina fiddunya hasanah
wafil aakhirati hasanah waqina a'zabannar

wasallallahu a'la saydina Muhammad wa a'la aali Muhammad

Unknown said...

Very loud and clear Dato'. Hope some of the ministers read this and to discuss in their Cabinet meeting. Next is Semenyih .
The People has spoken in the May 2018 General Election and surely the People that already tasted the the fruit of these change is not up to expectation, surely the People is not afraid to change again

banggoi petai said...

Totally agreed especially on last paragraph . No more no less , well written dato !

Kelapa Matag said...

Salam DAKJ,
Menteri sibuk main politik tak putus putus! Tengok saja menteri ekonomi! tak habis habis dengan politik!

Pemerhati Setia said...

Salam dato..

Saya nak simpulkan seperenggan saja, majoriti kabinet PH sehingga kini macam kartun yang hilang arah mentadbir. Lebih teruk, ada bagai beruk mendapat bunga. Sekian.

Inuendo said...

Spot on Dato. We have enough of BN style government mindset.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

*SOAL Pengelaman saya mengenai kontrak KERAJAAN*


Ianya akan membawa mala pertaka kepada pasaran Bond & sukuk.. MALAYSIA



dt rahman pekan said...

according to records, d chinese n indians gave their votes to PH candidate in CH.

the same wil more or less
happen in semenyih.

its the malay votes that will decide the winner.

my take is that the malay PH leadership must work doubly hard to convince the malay voters to remain steadfast and loyal at all times.

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ Kadir

Saya tujukan khas untuk pejuang-pejuang Melayu termasuk perikatan UMNO dan PAS

Anak kecil main api
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
Air mata darah bercampur keringat
Bumi dipijak milik orang

Nenek moyang kaya-raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat haloba pemimpin kita
Dan pengkhianat Melayu, muncul di akhir zaman

Indahnya bumi kita ini
Warisan berkurun lamanya
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
Kita kan merintih sendiri

Kita jangan buang masa
UMNO & PAS masih gagah perkasa
Hapuskan sengketa, teruskan usaha
InsyaAllah, Melayu akan kembali berkuasa

Akhir kata, kepada pengkhianat Melayu. Cis !!!!!!!!
Sekian TQ.

Aku said...

Kadiag, السلام عليكم assalāa / mu / ‘alaikum,
Terima kasih ataih coretan hang dgn tajok ‘clear and present danger for PH’ tu.
Nampak sangat macam mana rakyat teruih dimangsakan. Ropanya apa yg belaku ialah satu kumpolan ‘elit’ baru (yg kuat begadoh) gantikan satu kumpolan elit lama yg munkin telalu uzog... tekecuali munkin PM sebab dia bukan ‘baru’.
Hang nulih penyokong PH “ ... had expected former Prime Minister, .... to be jailed months ago.”
Pasai menda ni tak belaku... antara lain, munkin sebab tak dak rombakkan pd sistem kehakiman dan penguatkuasaan yg dolu tonggak utama pd MOI.
Maghap Kadiag tapi hang tak sentoh apa yg PM dilapog kata - pengundi melayu luag bandag temakan dgn politik pekauman...
munkin macam dolu2 jugak.
Depa (PH) tak belajag jugak ka dari bantahan tehadap ICERD (The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination) yg dimainkan oleh pimpinan PAS/UMNO.
Kepala mata2 dilapog kata dia nak pantau seorang ulama’ tua Indonesia (29 Jan ‘19, star online) “ Abu Bakar Bashir to be closely monitored if released from prison, says IGP,” Alahai... sb dia tak pantau ka kepala perusuh2 di kuil hindu tu sampai anggota bomba bulih dipelakukan sebegitu ropa.
Menurut laporan tu lagi “....The Inspector-General of Police said this was necessary as Malaysia was faced with on-going threats from Jemaah Islamiah (JI) activities.”
Dlm hai ni PM telah ulang2 kata sebab2 timboinya penentangan yg mesti di kaji dan diselesaikan (addressed)
... “ The causes of radicalisation today are global. We see that in the case of the Daesh as well as the global interest in the long-standing Palestinian issue. In the case of the latter, the Malaysian government, in particular under Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed during his earlier premiership, worked hard to champion the grievances of the Palestinians on the international stage.“ oleh Liew CHIN TONG,
Timbalan Menteri Pertahanan, 8 Okt 2018 (SCMP.com).
Tak dengag pulak kepala mata2 nak pantau mantau...atau pon komen pasai “ root causes of radicalisation “ ni.
Wallahua’lam. Maghap no.

Konon konon Malaysia Baru said...

New Malaysia political scenario....

In a Neighbourhood a Drain was Getting Choked so a Sweeper was Called to Clean the Drain.

Public asked Sweeper How Much Time will he Take to Clean the Drain.

Sweeper said 5 hours. Public agreed and asked the Sweeper to do it.

Sweeper Went Inside Drain Duct & Started Cleaning. When 5 hours were about to complete, public from outside the drain asked, is it about to complete?_

_Sweeper said, No. I have Not Even been able to do Half as Yet.

_So the Argument Started between public and sweeper.

Sweeper then Asked Public Since when this Drain was not Cleaned ?_

60 years & No Idea when it was Last Cleaned.

Sweeper then Told Public - *You allowed the Drain To Get Choked for 60 Years & Did Not Bother to Clean & now when I am Cleaning it You are Telling me WHY I am Slower than What I Promised to do. I came to Know How Much Muck is there in drain only AFTER I Came Inside the Drain. It is More than What I Anticipated when I was Outside*

So What you want now? Sweeper to Continue Cleaning the Drain or come out & let drain get Choked AGAIN by Same People Who Clogged It In The past.

_You Can Blame the Sweeper to be SLOW (Compared to What?), You can blame sweeper for Poor Anticipation of Muck Inside But Can you Blame him for Muck that has Deposited Over Decades or for Not Doing his Job?_

_*Worst Will be if You ask the Sweeper to Come Out & then LET THE DRAIN GET CHOKED AGAIN.*

Zalman A said...


Back to the matsal phrase "the optics".

These are bad optics for PH:

a) Media appearances by LGE. Not because he's Chinese, but because zero charisma. Let someone else "front" Finance.

b) Media appearances by our DPM. Subject to foot in mouth disease and not confident as a speaker.

c) Too much LKS whacking the Bugis pirate. Please spread the whacking evenly. By "whacking" I mean facts and figures. If Najib is welcomed by FELDA, civil servants and Muslims with TH savings, then PH has failed miserably on the communications front.


Who and where are the PHCommunications Unit? I do not mean following the endless bootlicking habits of ARD, SSK, Tun Faisal and Puad Zarkashi, but right now there is a huge void.

The public is disconnected from PH's mission (if any.)

Where are the comms units of the ministries?

There is no master strategy and no consistency of message.

Life was much simpler before social media.

The days of newspapers and radio and TV alone are over.

Now we need young, savvy brains, switched on 24/7.

Anjang Utara said...

The PH candidate can't even handle some questionares fr a malay makcik(viral video)..how to expect these politicians to be seen to be working for the people. Que sera sera!

Ida said...

Datuk sekarang ni kelihatan dah tak berpijak di bumi nyata.

Dishonest schemes said...

The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project is a dishonest scheme to cover up the 1MDB scandal, according to economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram.
Absolutely true.
Now we are informed that negotiations between Putrajaya and the CCCC allegedly on the cancellation are being held under strict confidence.
Very good too.
But the outcome must be that Putrajaya should be free to get out from the agreement without heavy penalties or compensation to CCCC.
Agreements carried out dishonestly can be rescinded by the courts without any recourse of penalty to the guilty party. That is a fact under law.

Thank you Mr. Tommy Thomas said...

thank you Attorney General (AG) Tommy Thomas for the clarification on the tribunal for the ex-EC members. Tribunal for ex-EC members is not academic.
The tribunal is tasked with investigating six Election Commission (EC) commissioners for alleged misconduct before and on polling day during the 14th general election, as the officers were in service during the period that is being probed.

He said the six commissioners, albeit having already resigned from their positions, were still subject to the outcome of the tribunal proceedings.

“The relevant period of time that the Tribunal is tasked to investigate is before and on polling day (May 9 last year).

“The members were then in office, and it is their conduct then that is being investigated,” he said

“The resignations were tendered immediately after it was reported that the government had begun the process of establishing such a tribunal, and yet, were ‘post-dated’ unilaterally by the EC members to take effect on January 1, 2019,” he said.

How greedy these ex ECs are, then of course they were taught by the then leader of the govt that cash is king. Now let them be investigated and charged accordingly.

RD. said...

Kata Dato AKJ...

"Taking away the seat from the MIC and giving it to an independent Orang Asli candidate was a master stroke. In so doing it reduced the disenchantment among its minority Indian supporters."

Tidak dinafikan, ia langkah yang amat bijak oleh Tok Mat.

Namun, pada saya, sebab paling utama mengapa 'minority Indian supporters' dari MIC tidak membantah adalah kerana mereka sedar, insiden petugas-Bomba mati akibat insiden rusuhan kuil akan menyebabkan pengundi Melayu dan Orang-Asal berAgama Islam, tawar-hati untuk beri undi pada calon India.
Maklum sajalah, sehingga kini tiada sesiapa yang dipertanggung-jawabkan atas kematian Adib. Ehmm... senang sunggoh apabila ia melibatkan nyawa-Melayu. Kalau kena kat depa, OKT atau penjenayah mati dalam lokap pun, kecoh satu dunia, lawyer-politik depa cari salah Polis.

Manakala dipihak Kerajaan, mungkin kerana bongkak dan mementingkan-diri, DAP langsung tidak peka atau sensitif dan tetap mahu letakkan calon yang sudah dua-kali ditolak pengundi.

Faktor lain yang membantu kemenangan agak besar BN adalah hakikat; pihak mana pun yang menang, PH masih Kerajaan Pusat dan urusan-tanah masih dibawah BN/Kerajaan Negeri.
Oleh itu, walaupun penyokong PH, pengundi dikalangan ahli-keluarga, sanak-saudara, sahabat-handai dan kenalan-berkepentingan dengan pengundi yang diberi TOL (Temporary Occupation License) untuk pertanian, perniagaan, kediaman dan lain-lain, akan menikmati 'kelebihan' jika Parlimen Cameron Highland terus berada dibawah Kerajaan Negeri, iaitu BN.

Lebih malang bagi PH, apabila calon India dari DAP itu sendiri, memulakan kempen beliau dengan memainkan isu-perkauman, apabila berkata; 'Melayu tidak beli kuih Orang Asli'.

Tersebar juga di media-sosial, gambar bunting calon-PH, langsung tidak mengguna-pakai Bahasa-Rasmi Negara untuk membuktikan bahawa beliau berbangga menjadi Rakyat Malaysia.
Diburukkan lagi dengan Lim Kit Siang berkempen sambil mengepalai 'sessi bertemu-pengundi' bersama trup-tarian-singa.

Sudah tentu semua ini akan menyebabkan pengundi, terutamanya Melayu dan Orang Asal, merasa pelik dan curiga, seolah-olah mereka bukan berada di Negara-Sendiri.

Itu belum diambil-kira adegan memberi WANG, oleh dan kepada mereka yang berpakaian 'seragam' PH, dalam situasi dimana proses demokrasi sebelumnya dibatalkan Mahkamah akibat amalan RASUAH.

Ahli-ahli Politik Kerajaan mesti beringat bahawa kemenangan PH pada PRU14 lalu, hanya bergantung sekitar 15~20% undi Melayu.
Pada PRU15 nanti, tanpa faktor Kleptocracy yang sudah tentu dilupai, amatlah sukar untuk PH terus berkuasa jika tidak sensitif kepada kerisauan Kaum majoriti bahawa 'kepentingan' mereka tidak terpelihara atau terjamin jika DAP menjadi sebahagian dari Kerajaan.

budak jawa said...

Aslm DAKJ,

After 9 months of forming a government, it is crystal clear that ph is only good at labelling people or group of people, gossipping, quarelling be it among themselves, with other political parties or even with rakyat, blaming, talking and last but not least doing nothing. These are among the things that ph champion.

It cant be helped because they have been an opposition for so long. But, it cant be helped for rakyat to vote out incompetent ph after they votes out kleptocrat bn. It happened and it will happen again.

Dap is busy with their so called malaysian first agenda by promoting mandarin and tamil as important as national language in official mattera, they consistently focus on issues pertaining non malay community such as sjk, business assistance, fill up a strategic post in the government and etc.

Pkr of course is ever busy with their pm8 agenda to the extend that they backstab the current government instead of working hand in hand. And as always their top skill that make them survive till today, politicking, manipulating people, lying and manipulating system to their advantadge. And now they have internal fight among them. And they dare to call themselves reformist. Kahkahkah.

Amanah as always being apologetic, trying to be as kind to others as if we malay muslim is not kind enough, clueless and dont have any single idea how to govern the nation better.

Bersatu although established as new vessel for umno members cannot run away from the mentality and paradigm of umno particularly on politik cari makan instead of politik perjuangan. These are very obvious especially at grassroot level.

All in all, the ph is another bunch of self serving political party just like bn which put people and nation interest as their not so top priority. They are an incompetent lot except for a few.

I would like to suggest ph to engage more with public to have better idea how to move forward and be more progressive as it is very clear that people inside the ph are not competent. When you have a plan, please focus and pursue for the goal.

Else you are history especially in the eyes of malay community.


budak jawa said...

Siapa pengkhianat melayu?

balasingam said...

Sir, i think the voters are disappointed with PH government because of delaying to put Najib for where he should belong.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Firstly, I am, and has always been, rooting for this government to be successful.

However, fixing rasuah, fixing national debt, fixing the wrongdoings of the previous government, fixing education, even fixing health - smoking and sugar are not "sexy" issues. The PH needs to realize that they are picking boring issues in trying to gain public support.

What is sexy? Fixing the economy - at the micro level. Where people are hurting the most and a matter that is closest to their hearts.

This is what the government should have focused their energy on from Day 1. Every ministry, and I mean every one of them including the menteri besars, has rakyat-economy items in their portfolio. But they somehow chose to focus on the unimportant ones. The only question now is why? Capability? Capacity? Naivety? Or just plain laziness.

My advice to the Prime Minister is this : smack these ministers on the back of their heads and get them to work on what really matters.

hhh said...

Dear Datuk,

Thhank you for a great article and the points raised are very valid. With regards to the Ministers not friendly and engaging with the public, i had an experience recently. Living abroad for work at the moment and a Malaysian i realised the country where i reside now takes solar energy and rain water usage very seriously.

So , i wrote about my thoughts about how this can be done in Malaysia as well. I directed the email to the minister concerned with ideas as to how this can be implemented .

I fully understand the Minister may not get to read the email as probably someone must have been assigned to go through all correspondence. However , two months have passed by not even a simple acknowledgement to say that the email was received!

So much about communicating with the rakyat.........

PH when in opposition used to chide the then government for not "listening" to the people, it seems it is the same now! Arrogance and feeling superior will not take it anywhere.

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